view - Aussicht; Anblick, Ansicht, Aufruf, View, sehen


Chapter I. The Bertolini

Chapter - Kapitel, Abschnitt, Verband, Ortsverband, Sektion

"The Signora had no business to do it," said Miss Bartlett, "no business at all. She promised us south rooms with a view close together, instead of which here are north rooms, looking into a courtyard, and a long way apart. Oh, Lucy!"

Signora - Frau

promised - versprochen; Versprechen

instead - stattdessen, anstatt

courtyard - Innenhof; Hof

apart - auseinander; getrennt; beiseite; entzwei, in Stücke

Lucy - Lucia, Luzia

"And a Cockney, besides!" said Lucy, who had been further saddened by the Signora's unexpected accent. "It might be London." She looked at the two rows of English people who were sitting at the table; at the row of white bottles of water and red bottles of wine that ran between the English people; at the portraits of the late Queen and the late Poet Laureate that hung behind the English people, heavily framed; at the notice of the English church (Rev. Cuthbert Eager, M.

Cockney - Londoner

besides - Außerdem; neben, neben

further - fördern; weiter, ferner, des Weiteren

saddened - betrüben, traurig werden, betrüben

unexpected - unerwartet

accent - Dialekt, Akzent, Betonung; betonen, akzentuieren

rows - Reihen; Reihe, Zeile

portraits - Porträts; Portrait

Queen - Königin; Dame; Tunte; Kätzin

poet - Dichter, Dichterin; i ormal

Laureate - Preisträger; Laureat, Laureatin

hung - aufgehängt; hängen

heavily - schwerlich, stark

framed - gerahmt; ausarbeiten, entwerfen, einfassen, einrahmen, rahmen

notice - Bekanntmachung; Benachrichtigung, Mitteilung, Kündigungsfrist

church - Kirche; Gottesdienst, Messe

Rev - auf Touren bringen/kommen

eager - eifrig, erwartungsvoll, begierig

A. Oxon.), that was the only other decoration of the wall. "Charlotte, don't you feel, too, that we might be in London? I can hardly believe that all kinds of other things are just outside. I suppose it is one's being so tired."

decoration - Dekorieren, Verschönern, Dekoration, Verschönerung, Auszeichnung

Charlotte - Charlotte

hardly - hart, rau, kaum

suppose - annehmen, vermuten, vermeinen

"This meat has surely been used for soup," said Miss Bartlett, laying down her fork.

surely - bestimmt, sicherlich

laying down - Niederlegung , hinlegend

fork - gabeln, aufspalten; Aufspaltung, Gabelung, Gabel

"I want so to see the Arno. The rooms the Signora promised us in her letter would have looked over the Arno. The Signora had no business to do it at all. Oh, it is a shame!"

Arno - Arno

shame - Schamgefühl; Scham, Schande

"Any nook does for me," Miss Bartlett continued; "but it does seem hard that you shouldn't have a view."

nook - Nische, Alkoven, stiller Winkel, Rückzugsort

continued - fortgesetzt; fortsetzen, weiterhin

Seem - scheinen, dünken

shouldn - sollte

Lucy felt that she had been selfish. "Charlotte, you mustn't spoil me: of course, you must look over the Arno, too. I meant that. The first vacant room in the front"" "You must have it," said Miss Bartlett, part of whose travelling expenses were paid by Lucy's mother"a piece of generosity to which she made many a tactful allusion.

Selfish - egoistisch, selbstsüchtig, egozentrisch, checkegoistisch

mustn - darf nicht

spoil - plündern; ruinieren, verderben, kaputtmachen, verwöhnen

look over - durchsehen, inspizieren

vacant - unbesetzt; frei, vakant, leer, nichtssagend, ausdruckslos

whose - wessen; dessen, deren, wem gehört/gehören?

travelling expenses - Reisekosten , Reisespesen

generosity - Großzügigkeit, Generosität, Großmut, Freizügigkeit, Edelmut

many a - manch ein, manches, manche

tactful - taktvoll

allusion - Anspielung, Allusion

"No, no. You must have it."

"I insist on it. Your mother would never forgive me, Lucy."

insist - darauf bestehen; auf , bestehen

forgive - vergeben, verzeihen, entschuldigen

"She would never forgive me."

The ladies'voices grew animated, and"if the sad truth be owned"a little peevish. They were tired, and under the guise of unselfishness they wrangled. Some of their neighbours interchanged glances, and one of them"one of the ill-bred people whom one does meet abroad"leant forward over the table and actually intruded into their argument. He said:

ladies - Damen; Herrin des Hauses, Hausherrin, Ehefrau des Hausherrn

voices - Stimmen; äußern

animated - animiert; lebendig, beseelt, bewegt, lebhaft, belebt, beleben

truth - Wahrheit, Treue

peevish - mürrisch; quengelig, gereizt, verdrossen, verdrießlich

guise - Aufmachung; Gewand (fig.), Erscheinung, Gestalt

unselfishness - Uneigennützigkeit; Selbstlosigkeit

wrangled - gerungen; treiben, rangeln, streiten, Rangelei, Streit

interchanged - ausgetauscht; Autobahnkreuz

glances - blicken, Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

ill - krank, siech, übel, schlecht, Übel

bred - gezüchtet; (breed) Zucht, Art, Rasse, Sorte; (breed); aufziehen

whom - wen; wem; dem, der, den, die

abroad - Ausland

leant - angelehnt; knapp, schlank, hager, mager

forward - nachsenden, fördern, befördern, versenden, senden; dreist

actually - Ja, also eigentlich ...;eigentlich, wirklich, tatsächlich

intruded - eingedrungen; eindringen, stören, eindrängen

argument - Diskussion, Auseinandersetzung, Beweis

"I have a view, I have a view."

Miss Bartlett was startled. Generally at a pension people looked them over for a day or two before speaking, and often did not find out that they would "do" till they had gone. She knew that the intruder was ill-bred, even before she glanced at him. He was an old man, of heavy build, with a fair, shaven face and large eyes. There was something childish in those eyes, though it was not the childishness of senility. What exactly it was Miss Bartlett did not stop to consider, for her glance passed on to his clothes.

startled - erschrocken; aufschrecken, scheuen, erschrecken

generally - im Allgemeinen

pension - Rente; Pension; in den Ruhestand versetzen

intruder - Eindringling

glanced - geschaut; blicken, Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

heavy - heftig, schwer, stark (Regen)

fair - gerecht, fair, heiter, schön, angemessen

shaven - rasiert; (shave); rasiert

those - die; jene

though - aber; trotzdem, doch, allerdings, obwohl, obgleich

childishness - Kindereien; Kinderei

senility - Senilität

exactly - genau; ganz genau

Consider - überlegen; halten; betrachten, in Betracht ziehen

passed - bestanden; (to pass) durchgehen, passieren, durchlaufen

These did not attract her. He was probably trying to become acquainted with them before they got into the swim. So she assumed a dazed expression when he spoke to her, and then said: "A view? Oh, a view! How delightful a view is!"

attract - anziehen; anziehen (1; 2)

acquainted - kennengelernt; vertraut machen, in Kenntnis setzen

assumed - angenommen; annehmen, voraussetzen, vermuten, unterstellen

dazed - Benommenheit, betäuben

expression - Ausdruck; Redensart, Miene

delightful - reizvoll, entzückend, angenehm

"This is my son," said the old man; "his name's George. He has a view too."

George - Georg

"Ah," said Miss Bartlett, repressing Lucy, who was about to speak.

repressing - unterdrücken, verdrängen

"What I mean," he continued, "is that you can have our rooms, and we'll have yours. We'll change."

The better class of tourist was shocked at this, and sympathized with the new-comers. Miss Bartlett, in reply, opened her mouth as little as possible, and said "Thank you very much indeed; that is out of the question."

shocked - schockiert; Schock, Betroffenheit, Empörung, Schlag, Stoß

sympathized with - nachempfunden

comers - Kommende

reply - antworten, erwidern, Antwort, Entgegnung

indeed - tatsächlich; in der Tat, genau, allerdings, checkgewiss

"Why?" said the old man, with both fists on the table.

fists - Fäuste; fausten; Faust

"Because it is quite out of the question, thank you."

"You see, we don't like to take"" began Lucy. Her cousin again repressed her.

repressed - verdrängt; unterdrücken, verdrängen

"But why?" he persisted. "Women like looking at a view; men don't." And he thumped with his fists like a naughty child, and turned to his son, saying, "George, persuade them!"

persisted - fortbestehen; beharren

thumped - geschlagen; dumpfer Schlag, dumpf

naughty - unanständig; ungezogen, unartig, ungehorsam, dreist

persuade - überzeugen (zu);überzeugen (von);jdn. breitschlagen

"It's so obvious they should have the rooms," said the son. "There's nothing else to say."

obvious - offensichtlich; selbstverständlich; deutlich; überdeutlich; offenbar; q

He did not look at the ladies as he spoke, but his voice was perplexed and sorrowful. Lucy, too, was perplexed; but she saw that they were in for what is known as "quite a scene," and she had an odd feeling that whenever these ill-bred tourists spoke the contest widened and deepened till it dealt, not with rooms and views, but with"well, with something quite different, whose existence she had not realized before.

voice - Stimme; äußern

perplexed - perplex; verwirren

sorrowful - Traurig

scene - Szene

odd - einzeln; seltsam, merkwürdig, komisch, ungerade

whenever - wann auch immer

contest - Auseinandersetzung, Debatte, Wettkampf, Wettbewerb, Wettstreit

widened - verbreitert; erman: sich weiten, erweitern, weiten, erweitern

deepened - vertieft; aushölen, vertiefen, zunehmen, vergrößern, vergrößern

dealt - behandelt; Menge, Handel, Teil, Abkommen

views - Ansichten; Aussicht, Aussicht, Anblick, Sicht, Ansicht, Aufruf

existence - Existenz, Dasein

realized - realisiert; verwirklichen, realisieren

Now the old man attacked Miss Bartlett almost violently: Why should she not change? What possible objection had she? They would clear out in half an hour.

attacked - angegriffen; Attacke, Angriff, Angriff, Attacke, Anfall, Anfall

almost - fast, beinahe, so gut wie

violently - gewaltsam; gewalttätig

objection - Beanstandung; Einwand, Widerspruch, Einspruch

clear out - entrümpeln

Miss Bartlett, though skilled in the delicacies of conversation, was powerless in the presence of brutality. It was impossible to snub any one so gross. Her face reddened with displeasure. She looked around as much as to say, "Are you all like this?" And two little old ladies, who were sitting further up the table, with shawls hanging over the backs of the chairs, looked back, clearly indicating "We are not; we are genteel."

delicacies - Köstlichkeiten; Feinheit, Zartheit, Delikatesse, Leckerbissen

powerless - kraftlos; machtlos

presence - Anwesenheit

brutality - Brutalität

impossible - unmöglich

snub - brüskieren, rüffeln

Gross - grob; brutto; brutto

reddened - gerötet; erröten, röten

displeasure - Unzufriedenheit; Unmut, Missfallen, Verdruss

shawls - Schals; Schal

hanging over - überhängend

Clearly - Eindeutig; klar, deutlich

indicating - anzeigend; anzeigen, anweisen, andeuten, anzeigen, andeuten

genteel - vornehm; höflich

"Eat your dinner, dear," she said to Lucy, and began to toy again with the meat that she had once censured.

toy - Spielzeug; herumspielen

censured - zensiert; Tadel, Zurechtweisung, Kritik, Ermahnung, Tadeln

Lucy mumbled that those seemed very odd people opposite.

mumbled - gemurmelt; murmeln, nuscheln, mümmeln, Murmeln

seemed - schien; scheinen, dünken

"Eat your dinner, dear. This pension is a failure. To-morrow we will make a change."

failure - Versagen; Misserfolg, Ausfall, Verschlechterung, Misslingen

morrow - morgen; Morgen

Hardly had she announced this fell decision when she reversed it. The curtains at the end of the room parted, and revealed a clergyman, stout but attractive, who hurried forward to take his place at the table, cheerfully apologizing for his lateness.

announced - angekündigt; ankündigen, verkünden, bekanntgeben, verkündigen

decision - Entscheidung, Beschluss

reversed - invers, umgedreht, Kehrseite

curtains - Vorhänge; Vorhang, Vorhang

revealed - aufgedeckt; enthüllen, offenbaren

clergyman - Pfarrer, Pastor, Kleriker, Geistlicher

stout - beleibt

attractive - attraktiv

hurried - eilig; Eile, beeilen

cheerfully - fröhlich, vergnügt, heiter

apologizing - entschuldigen

lateness - Verspätung

Lucy, who had not yet acquired decency, at once rose to her feet, exclaiming: "Oh, oh! Why, it's Mr. Beebe! Oh, how perfectly lovely! Oh, Charlotte, we must stop now, however bad the rooms are. Oh!"

acquired - erworben; erwerben, erwerben, akquirieren

decency - Anstand

rose - Rosa; (rise); Rosa

exclaiming - ausrufen

Mr - Herr

perfectly - perfekt, einwandfrei, vollkommen, durchaus

lovely - schön, hübsch, wunderbar, herrlich

Miss Bartlett said, with more restraint:

restraint - Zurückhaltung; Beschränkung, Zügelung, Einschränkung, Zwang

"How do you do, Mr. Beebe? I expect that you have forgotten us: Miss Bartlett and Miss Honeychurch, who were at Tunbridge Wells when you helped the Vicar of St. Peter's that very cold Easter."

expect - erwarten

Vicar - Vikar

Peter - Peter; Petrus; (Der 1./2. Brief des) Petrus, checkPetr

The clergyman, who had the air of one on a holiday, did not remember the ladies quite as clearly as they remembered him. But he came forward pleasantly enough and accepted the chair into which he was beckoned by Lucy.

pleasantly - angenehme, angenehm

accepted - akzeptiert; annehmen, abnehmen, akzeptieren, aufnehmen

beckoned - winkte; heranwinken, herbeiwinken, winken, zuwinken, einladen

"I am so glad to see you," said the girl, who was in a state of spiritual starvation, and would have been glad to see the waiter if her cousin had permitted it. "Just fancy how small the world is. Summer Street, too, makes it so specially funny."

state - Umstände ;Status , Zustand , Stand , Staat ;staatlich;darlegen, festlegen, konstatieren, festsetzen;Bundesland

spiritual - spirituell; geistig

starvation - Verhungern, Hunger

been glad - gefreut

permitted - erlaubt; zulassen, erlauben; Erlaubnis, Erlaubnisschein

fancy - schick; extravagant, originell

specially - speziell

"Miss Honeychurch lives in the parish of Summer Street," said Miss Bartlett, filling up the gap, "and she happened to tell me in the course of conversation that you have just accepted the living""

parish - Pfarrgemeinde, Gemeinde, Kirchenkreis

filling up - auffüllend

gap - Zahnlücke; Lücke, Bresche, Leerstelle, Kluft

"Yes, I heard from mother so last week. She didn't know that I knew you at Tunbridge Wells; but I wrote back at once, and I said: ˜Mr. Beebe is"'"

Last - letzte, zuletzt, letzter, vorig; dauern, andauern

"Quite right," said the clergyman. "I move into the Rectory at Summer Street next June. I am lucky to be appointed to such a charming neighbourhood."

rectory - Pfarrhaus

lucky - glücklich

appointed - ernannt; bestimmen, festlegen, ausstatten, ausrüsten, festlegen

such - solch, derartig, so ein

charming - charmant; (charm); charmant

neighbourhood - Viertel (Wohngegend), Nachbarschaft; Nähe, Stadtteil

"Oh, how glad I am! The name of our house is Windy Corner." Mr. Beebe bowed.

Glad - Erfreut; freudig, froh

windy - windig

corner - Ecke, Winkel, in die Enge treiben

bowed - gebeugt; Verneigung (vor), Verbeugung; Bogen, Bug (Schiff)

"There is mother and me generally, and my brother, though it's not often we get him to ch"" The church is rather far off, I mean."

"Lucy, dearest, let Mr. Beebe eat his dinner."

"I am eating it, thank you, and enjoying it."

He preferred to talk to Lucy, whose playing he remembered, rather than to Miss Bartlett, who probably remembered his sermons. He asked the girl whether she knew Florence well, and was informed at some length that she had never been there before.

Sermons - Predigt

whether - ob

Florence - Florenz

informed - informiert; benachrichtigen, mitteilen, informieren

Length - Länge, Längenmaß, Pferdelänge

It is delightful to advise a newcomer, and he was first in the field. "Don't neglect the country round," his advice concluded. "The first fine afternoon drive up to Fiesole, and round by Settignano, or something of that sort."

advise - raten, beraten, empfehlen, mitteilen, informieren

newcomer - Neuankömmling; Neuling

field - Feld, Gefilde, Heide, tHeideland

neglect - Vernachlässigung; vernachlässigen, verabsäumen, versäumen

round - runden; Kontrollgang, Runde, Rundgang, rund

concluded - abgeschlossen; beenden, schließen, zu Ende führen, abschließen

sort - Sortierung, Gattung, Art, Sorte; sortieren, ordnen

"No!" cried a voice from the top of the table. "Mr. Beebe, you are wrong. The first fine afternoon your ladies must go to Prato."

cried - geweint hat; weinen, schreien, schreien, rufen, Weinen

top - oben; Oberteil, Spitze, Gipfel, Deckel, Kappe, Oberteil, Topp

"That lady looks so clever," whispered Miss Bartlett to her cousin. "We are in luck."

lady - Herrin des Hauses, Hausherrin, Ehefrau des Hausherrn

clever - geschickt; clever, ausgekocht, patent, klug, gescheit

whispered - geflüstert; Geflüster

luck - Glück

And, indeed, a perfect torrent of information burst on them. People told them what to see, when to see it, how to stop the electric trams, how to get rid of the beggars, how much to give for a vellum blotter, how much the place would grow upon them. The Pension Bertolini had decided, almost enthusiastically, that they would do. Whichever way they looked, kind ladies smiled and shouted at them.

torrent - Sturzbach, Sturzflut

burst - geplatzt; platzen, zerplatzen, bersten, sprengen, Bersten

Electric - elektrisch; elektronisch, elektrisierend, Elektro-Auto

trams - Straßenbahnen; Straßenbahn, Bahn

rid - loswerden; befreien

beggars - Bettler, Bettlerin

vellum - Pergament; Pergement, Velin

blotter - Löschblatt; Protokollbuch, Polizeiregister

upon - auf; mit

enthusiastically - enthusiastisch

whichever - was auch immer

smiled - gelächelt; Lächeln

shouted - geschrien; Schrei, Zuruf; rufen, schreien, laut schreien

And above all rose the voice of the clever lady, crying: "Prato! They must go to Prato. That place is too sweetly squalid for words. I love it; I revel in shaking off the trammels of respectability, as you know."

crying - Weinen; (cry); weinen; schreien; rufen; Weinen; Schrei

sweetly - süß

squalid - verwahrlost; schmutzig, armselig

revel - schwelgen; feiern, ausgelassen sein

shaking off - abschüttelnd

trammels - Behinderung, Hinderung, Fessel, Kesselhaken, fesseln, umfangen

respectability - Respektabilität; Achtbarkeit

The young man named George glanced at the clever lady, and then returned moodily to his plate. Obviously he and his father did not do. Lucy, in the midst of her success, found time to wish they did. It gave her no extra pleasure that any one should be left in the cold; and when she rose to go, she turned back and gave the two outsiders a nervous little bow.

moodily - launisch, launische

plate - Teller; Platte (Druckplatte); Lagerplatte, Lochstein (Uhr)

Obviously - Offensichtlich; augenscheinlich

midst - mittendrin; Mitten, Mitte, inmitten

wish - Wunsch; wünschen

pleasure - Vergnügen; Freude, Spaß, Wollust

outsiders - Außenseiter, Außenseiterin, Neuling, Anfänger, Außenseiter

nervous - nervös

bow - verbeugen; Verneigung (vor), Verbeugung; Bogen, Bug (Schiff)

The father did not see it; the son acknowledged it, not by another bow, but by raising his eyebrows and smiling; he seemed to be smiling across something.

acknowledged - zur Kenntnis nehmen, erkennen, bekennen, anerkennen

raising - Erhöhung; Erhebung; Großziehen, Aufziehen

eyebrows - Augenbrauen; Braue, Augenbraue

smiling - lächelnd; (smile); Lächeln

She hastened after her cousin, who had already disappeared through the curtains"curtains which smote one in the face, and seemed heavy with more than cloth. Beyond them stood the unreliable Signora, bowing good-evening to her guests, and supported by 'Enery, her little boy, and Victorier, her daughter. It made a curious little scene, this attempt of the Cockney to convey the grace and geniality of the South. And even more curious was the drawing-room, which attempted to rival the solid comfort of a Bloomsbury boarding-house.

hastened - beeilt; hasten, beeilen

disappeared - verschwunden; verschwinden, entschwinden

smote - erschlagen; schlagen, schlagen

cloth - Stoff, Tuch

beyond - darüber hinaus; jenseits

unreliable - unzuverlässig

bowing - Verbeugung; (bow) sich vorbeugen; (bow) Verbeugung; (bow) sich vorbeugen

guests - Gäste; Gast, Gast, Gast, gastieren

supported - unterstützt; Rückendeckung, Auflage, Unterstützung; abstützen

convey - vermitteln; befördern, transportieren, verfrachten, übermitteln

grace - Tischgebet; Anmut, Grazie, Aufschub, Fristverlängerung

geniality - Genialität; Freundlichkeit

more curious - neugierigere

attempted - Versucht; versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

rival - Rivalen; Gegner, Rivale, Konkurrent, Gegnerin

solid - fest, massiv, kompakt, deftig, solide, robust, bündig

comfort - Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit, Komfort, Trost, Tröstung

boarding-house - (boarding-house) Schülerheim ;Fremdenheim

Was this really Italy?

Italy - Italien

Miss Bartlett was already seated on a tightly stuffed arm-chair, which had the colour and the contours of a tomato. She was talking to Mr. Beebe, and as she spoke, her long narrow head drove backwards and forwards, slowly, regularly, as though she were demolishing some invisible obstacle. "We are most grateful to you," she was saying. "The first evening means so much. When you arrived we were in for a peculiarly mauvais quart d'heure."

seated - sitzend; Sitz, Sitzplatz, Sitzgelegenheit, Stuhl, Sitzmöbel

tightly - eng

stuffed - ausgestopft; Sachen, Kram, Zeug

arm-chair - (arm-chair) Sessel

contours - Konturen; Kontur, Höhenlinie, Höhenlinien-p, Isohypse

narrow - eng, schmal, knapp

backwards - zurück, nach hinten, rückwärts, rückwärts, zögerlich, gehemmt

forwards - nachsenden, fördern, befördern, versenden, senden; dreist

slowly - langsam

regularly - regulär; regelmäßig

demolishing - abreißen, niederreißen

invisible - unsichtbar; versteckt

obstacle - Hindernis, Hürde

most grateful - erkenntlichste

peculiarly - eigentümlich

quart - Quart

He expressed his regret.

expressed - ausgedrückt; bekunden, Eilzug, Schnellzug

regret - bedauern, bereuen, leidtun, Reue, Bedauern

"Do you, by any chance, know the name of an old man who sat opposite us at dinner?"

chance - riskieren, zufällig geschehen; Chance, Zufall, Gelegenheit


"Is he a friend of yours?"

"We are friendly"as one is in pensions."

pensions - Renten; Pension, Pension, in den Ruhestand versetzen

"Then I will say no more."

He pressed her very slightly, and she said more.

pressed - gedrückt; (pre) vor..

slightly - ein wenig, leicht

"I am, as it were," she concluded, "the chaperon of my young cousin, Lucy, and it would be a serious thing if I put her under an obligation to people of whom we know nothing. His manner was somewhat unfortunate. I hope I acted for the best."

chaperon - Anstandsdame; begleiten, eskortieren, bemuttern

serious - ernst, seriös, ernsthaft, schwerwiegend

obligation - Verpflichtung, Pflicht

manner - Art und Weise; Weise, Manier

somewhat - etwas, einigermaßen

unfortunate - unglücklich, unglückselig

acted - gehandelt; Handlung, Tat, Akt, Gesetz

"You acted very naturally," said he. He seemed thoughtful, and after a few moments added: "All the same, I don't think much harm would have come of accepting."

naturally - natürlich

thoughtful - nachdenklich, bedächtig, aufmerksam

harm - Schaden

accepting - zu akzeptieren; annehmen, abnehmen, akzeptieren, aufnehmen

"No harm, of course. But we could not be under an obligation."

"He is rather a peculiar man." Again he hesitated, and then said gently: "I think he would not take advantage of your acceptance, nor expect you to show gratitude. He has the merit"if it is one"of saying exactly what he means. He has rooms he does not value, and he thinks you would value them.

peculiar - eigentümlich; merkwürdig, seltsam

hesitated - gezögert; zögern, zögern, stammeln

gently - sanft

advantage - Vorteil; Vorzug

acceptance - Akzeptanz; Annahme; Vertrag

nor - weder noch, auch nicht

gratitude - Dankbarkeit

merit - Verdienst

value - Wert, Wichtigkeit, Notenwert, Tonwert, Werte, schätzen

He no more thought of putting you under an obligation than he thought of being polite. It is so difficult"at least, I find it difficult"to understand people who speak the truth."

polite - höflich

Lucy was pleased, and said: "I was hoping that he was nice; I do so always hope that people will be nice."

"I think he is; nice and tiresome. I differ from him on almost every point of any importance, and so, I expect"I may say I hope"you will differ. But his is a type one disagrees with rather than deplores. When he first came here he not unnaturally put people's backs up. He has no tact and no manners"I don't mean by that that he has bad manners"and he will not keep his opinions to himself.

tiresome - lästig

differ - sich unterscheiden

importance - Bedeutung; Wichtigkeit, Belang

disagrees - nicht einverstanden ist; anderer Meinung sein

deplores - beklagt; bedauern

unnaturally - unnatürlich

backs up - (back up) Sicherungskopie

tact - Takt, Taktgefühl

manners - Manieren; Weise, Manier

We nearly complained about him to our depressing Signora, but I am glad to say we thought better of it."

nearly - beinahe, fast

complained - beschwert; sich beschweren, klagen, sich beklagen, meckern

depressing - deprimierend; deprimieren

"Am I to conclude," said Miss Bartlett, "that he is a Socialist?"

conclude - beenden, schließen, zu Ende führen, abschließen, entscheiden

socialist - sozialistisch; Sozialist, Sozialistin

Mr. Beebe accepted the convenient word, not without a slight twitching of the lips.

Convenient - bequem, einfach, gelegen, genehm

Slight - geringfügig, leicht, unbedeutend

twitching - Zuckungen; zupfend, zupfen; (twitch) Zuckungen; zupfend, zupfen

lips - Lippen; Lippe, Auslauf, Überlauf, Schnaupe, Ansatz

"And presumably he has brought up his son to be a Socialist, too?"

presumably - Vermutlich

"I hardly know George, for he hasn't learnt to talk yet. He seems a nice creature, and I think he has brains. Of course, he has all his father's mannerisms, and it is quite possible that he, too, may be a Socialist."

Seems - Scheint; scheinen, dünken

creature - Wesen, Lebewesen, Fabelwesen

brains - Gehirne; Gehirn

"Oh, you relieve me," said Miss Bartlett. "So you think I ought to have accepted their offer? You feel I have been narrow-minded and suspicious?"

relieve - Erleichterung; erleichtern; lindern; entlasten; ablösen; seine Notdurft verrichten

minded - aufpassen; Verstand, t+Geist, t+Sinn, Bewusstsein

suspicious - verdächtig; misstrauisch, argwöhnisch

"Not at all," he answered; "I never suggested that."

suggested - vorgeschlagen; vorschlagen, vorschlagen

"But ought I not to apologize, at all events, for my apparent rudeness?"

apologize - entschuldigen

at all events - jedenfalls, auf alle Fälle, allenfalls

apparent - offensichtlich; offenbar

rudeness - Grobheit, Unhöflichkeit, grobe Bemerkung, grobes Benehmen

He replied, with some irritation, that it would be quite unnecessary, and got up from his seat to go to the smoking-room.

replied - geantwortet; antworten, erwidern, Antwort, Entgegnung, Antwort

irritation - Ärger, Irritation, Verärgerung

unnecessary - nicht notwendig, unnötig

seat - Sitz, Sitzplatz, Sitzgelegenheit, Stuhl, Sitzmöbel

smoking - rauchen; (smoke) rauchen

"Was I a bore?" said Miss Bartlett, as soon as he had disappeared. "Why didn't you talk, Lucy? He prefers young people, I'm sure. I do hope I haven't monopolized him. I hoped you would have him all the evening, as well as all dinner-time."

bore - langweilig; (to bear fruit) Früchte tragen; (bear) langweilig; (to bear fruit) Früchte tragen

monopolized - monopolisiert; monopolisieren, monopolisieren, beherrschen

"He is nice," exclaimed Lucy. "Just what I remember. He seems to see good in everyone. No one would take him for a clergyman."

exclaimed - ausgerufen; ausrufen

"My dear Lucia""

"Well, you know what I mean. And you know how clergymen generally laugh; Mr. Beebe laughs just like an ordinary man."

clergymen - Pfarrer, Pastor, Kleriker, Geistlicher, Seelsorger, Seelenhirt

ordinary - Heroldsbild; gewöhnlich, normal

"Funny girl! How you do remind me of your mother. I wonder if she will approve of Mr. Beebe."

remind - erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

wonder - Wunder, Mirakel, wundern

approve - billigen, genehmigen, zusagen

"I'm sure she will; and so will Freddy."

"I think everyone at Windy Corner will approve; it is the fashionable world. I am used to Tunbridge Wells, where we are all hopelessly behind the times."

fashionable - modisch, fashionable

hopelessly - hoffnungslos

"Yes," said Lucy despondently.

despondently - verzweifelt

There was a haze of disapproval in the air, but whether the disapproval was of herself, or of Mr. Beebe, or of the fashionable world at Windy Corner, or of the narrow world at Tunbridge Wells, she could not determine. She tried to locate it, but as usual she blundered. Miss Bartlett sedulously denied disapproving of any one, and added "I am afraid you are finding me a very depressing companion."

haze - Schleier, Dunst, Dunstschleier; schikanieren

disapproval - Missbilligung

determine - bestimmen, eingrenzen, festlegen

locate - orten

usual - gewöhnlich, üblich

blundered - verpatzt; Patzer, Schnitzer, Fehler, Fehlgriff, Mißgriff

sedulously - eifrig

denied - verweigert; leugnen, bestreiten, dementieren

disapproving - missbilligen

companion - Begleiter, Freund, Liebhaber, Kamerad

And the girl again thought: "I must have been selfish or unkind; I must be more careful. It is so dreadful for Charlotte, being poor."

unkind - grausam, lieblos, unfreundlich, hart, ungefällig

more careful - reiflichere

dreadful - furchtbar, schrecklich

Fortunately one of the little old ladies, who for some time had been smiling very benignly, now approached and asked if she might be allowed to sit where Mr. Beebe had sat. Permission granted, she began to chatter gently about Italy, the plunge it had been to come there, the gratifying success of the plunge, the improvement in her sister's health, the necessity of closing the bed-room windows at night, and of thoroughly emptying the water-bottles in the morning.

fortunately - mit Glück, glücklich, zum Glück; Gott sei Dank

benignly - wohlwollend; freundlich, gütig

approached - angesprochen; sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

allowed - erlaubt; erlauben, zulassen, akzeptieren, erlauben, zulassen

permission - Erlaubnis, Gestattung, Genehmigung

granted - gewährt; gewähren, erteilen, bewilligen

chatter - klappern, schnattern, schwatzen

plunge - stürzen; eintauchen, tauchen

gratifying - befriedigend; befriedigen, erfreuen

improvement - Verbesserung

necessity - Notwendigkeit, Nezessität, Not, Bedürfnis

thoroughly - gründlich, vollkommen, total, durch und durch

emptying - Entleerung; entleerend, leerend

She handled her subjects agreeably, and they were, perhaps, more worthy of attention than the high discourse upon Guelfs and Ghibellines which was proceeding tempestuously at the other end of the room. It was a real catastrophe, not a mere episode, that evening of hers at Venice, when she had found in her bedroom something that is one worse than a flea, though one better than something else.

handled - behandelt; Henkel, Hantel, Griff, Türklinke; abarbeiten

agreeably - zustimmen; angenehm

Perhaps - vielleicht, wohl

worthy - würdig

attention - Aufmerksamkeit, Beachtung, Wachsamkeit, Achtung, Habachtstellung

discourse - Diskurs, Abhandlung, Gespräch, reden, Rede halten

Ghibellines - Ghibellinen; Ghibelline, Gibelline, Waiblinger

proceeding - Wie geht es weiter; fortsetzend, verfahrend; (proceed); vorgehen

tempestuously - stürmisch

catastrophe - eine Katastrophe; Katastrophe, Unglück

mere - einfach; nur, schier, bloß

episode - Episode, Folge

Venice - Venedig

flea - Floh

"But here you are as safe as in England. Signora Bertolini is so English."

safe - sicher, gefahrlos, Tresor, Safe, Geldschrank

"Yet our rooms smell," said poor Lucy. "We dread going to bed."

smell - Geruch; Geruchssinn, Riechen, stinken

dread - schaudern, grauen, gruseln, grausen

"Ah, then you look into the court." She sighed. "If only Mr. Emerson was more tactful! We were so sorry for you at dinner."

Court - Hof, Hofstaat, Gericht, Gerichtshof, Platz, werben

sighed - geseufzt; Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

more tactful - taktvollere

"I think he was meaning to be kind."

"Undoubtedly he was," said Miss Bartlett.

Undoubtedly - Zweifelsohne; zweifellos

"Mr. Beebe has just been scolding me for my suspicious nature. Of course, I was holding back on my cousin's account."

scolding - ausschimpfend, zankend, scheltend; (scold); Beißzange

nature - Natur, Art

holding back - (hold back) sich zögerlich geben, zurückhalten

account - Rechnung, Bericht, Rechnung, Konto

"Of course," said the little old lady; and they murmured that one could not be too careful with a young girl.

murmured - gemurmelt; Rauschen

careful - vorsichtig, behutsam, sorgfältig

Lucy tried to look demure, but could not help feeling a great fool. No one was careful with her at home; or, at all events, she had not noticed it.

demure - zurückhaltend, ernst, sittsam

fool - dumme Gans, Dummkopf, Narr, Närrin

noticed - bemerkt; Bekanntmachung, Benachrichtigung, Mitteilung

"About old Mr. Emerson"I hardly know. No, he is not tactful; yet, have you ever noticed that there are people who do things which are most indelicate, and yet at the same time"beautiful?"

most indelicate - unfeinste

"Beautiful?" said Miss Bartlett, puzzled at the word. "Are not beauty and delicacy the same?"

puzzled - verwirrt; Rätsel

beauty - Schönheit; Schöner, Schöne, Prachtstück

delicacy - Feinheit, Zartheit, Delikatesse, Leckerbissen, Köstlichkeit

"So one would have thought," said the other helplessly. "But things are so difficult, I sometimes think."

helplessly - hilflose

She proceeded no further into things, for Mr. Beebe reappeared, looking extremely pleasant.

proceeded - fortgefahren; vorgehen

reappeared - wieder aufgetaucht; wieder erscheinen, wiederauftreten

extremely - extrem, äußerst, krass

pleasant - angenehm

"Miss Bartlett," he cried, "it's all right about the rooms. I'm so glad. Mr. Emerson was talking about it in the smoking-room, and knowing what I did, I encouraged him to make the offer again. He has let me come and ask you. He would be so pleased."

encouraged - ermutigt; ermutigen, ermuntern, empfehlen

"Oh, Charlotte," cried Lucy to her cousin, "we must have the rooms now. The old man is just as nice and kind as he can be."

Miss Bartlett was silent.

silent - still

"I fear," said Mr. Beebe, after a pause, "that I have been officious. I must apologize for my interference."

fear - fürchten, befürchten, Angst haben; Furcht, Schreck, Befürchtung

pause - Eine Pause; pausieren, innehalten, Pause

officious - aufdringlich

interference - Einmischung; Interferenz, Störung, Eingriff

Gravely displeased, he turned to go. not till then did Miss Bartlett reply: "My own wishes, dearest Lucy, are unimportant in comparison with yours. It would be hard indeed if I stopped you doing as you liked at Florence, when I am only here through your kindness.

gravely - ernsthaft; ernst, ernstlich, schwerlich

displeased - unzufrieden; missfallen

not till - nicht vor, erst wenn, erst als

till then - bis dahin, bis nachher

wishes - Wunsch, wünschen, wünschen

comparison - Vergleich, Komparation, Vergleichen, Vergleichung

kindness - Freundlichkeit; Liebenswürdigkeit

If you wish me to turn these gentlemen out of their rooms, I will do it. Would you then, Mr. Beebe, kindly tell Mr. Emerson that I accept his kind offer, and then conduct him to me, in order that I may thank him personally?"

gentlemen - Herr, Herr, Herr, meine Herren

kindly - freundlich, freundlicherweise, gütig, liebenswürdig

Accept - annehmen, abnehmen, akzeptieren, aufnehmen

conduct - Leitung, Führung, leiten, führen, sich verhalten, sich benehmen

personally - persönlich, personaliter

She raised her voice as she spoke; it was heard all over the drawing-room, and silenced the Guelfs and the Ghibellines. The clergyman, inwardly cursing the female sex, bowed, and departed with her message.

raised - angehoben; Gehaltszulage; aufsteigen, anheben, erhöhen

silenced - zum Schweigen gebracht; Stille, Schweigen

inwardly - innerlich

cursing - Fluchen; verwünschend; (curs) Fluchen; verwünschend

female - weiblich; Weib, Weibchen

sex - Alter, Geschlecht, Wohnort?, Geschlecht

departed - abgereist; verlassen, aufbrechen, verlassen, abweichen

"Remember, Lucy, I alone am implicated in this. I do not wish the acceptance to come from you. Grant me that, at all events."

alone - allein, einsam, selbst, nur, ausschließlich

implicated - verwickelt; implikatieren

Grant - gewähren; erteilen; bewilligen

Mr. Beebe was back, saying rather nervously:

nervously - nervös, erregbar, gereizt, hektisch

"Mr. Emerson is engaged, but here is his son instead."

engaged - verlobt; beschäftigen, anstellen, angreifen, anlegen, einrasten

The young man gazed down on the three ladies, who felt seated on the floor, so low were their chairs.

gazed - gestarrt; anstarren

low - tief, niedrig, nieder, leise (Stimme); muhen, blöken (Rind)

"My father," he said, "is in his bath, so you cannot thank him personally. But any message given by you to me will be given by me to him as soon as he comes out."

Miss Bartlett was unequal to the bath. All her barbed civilities came forth wrong end first. Young Mr. Emerson scored a notable triumph to the delight of Mr. Beebe and to the secret delight of Lucy.

unequal - ungleich

barbed - mit Widerhaken; Widerhaken

civilities - Höflichkeiten; Anstand, Höflichkeit, Verbindlichkeit

forth - weiter; heraus, hervor

scored - gepunktet; Spielergebnis

notable - bemerkenswert

triumph - Sieg, Erfolg

delight - Freude, Entzückung, Wohlgefallen, Lust

secret - Geheimnis

"Poor young man!" said Miss Bartlett, as soon as he had gone.

"How angry he is with his father about the rooms! It is all he can do to keep polite."

"In half an hour or so your rooms will be ready," said Mr. Beebe. Then looking rather thoughtfully at the two cousins, he retired to his own rooms, to write up his philosophic diary.

thoughtfully - nachdenklich, aufmerksam

retired - im Ruhestand; pensionieren, zurücktreten, sich zurückziehen

philosophic - philosophisch

diary - Tagebuch

"Oh, dear!" breathed the little old lady, and shuddered as if all the winds of heaven had entered the apartment. "Gentlemen sometimes do not realize"" Her voice faded away, but Miss Bartlett seemed to understand and a conversation developed, in which gentlemen who did not thoroughly realize played a principal part. Lucy, not realizing either, was reduced to literature. taking up Baedeker's Handbook to Northern Italy, she committed to memory the most important dates of Florentine History.

breathed - geatmet; atmen, einatmen, hauchen

shuddered - geschaudert; Schauder, (wohliger) Schauder, schaudern, zittern

winds - Winde; aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln, abspulen

Heaven - Der Himmel; Himmel, Firmament, Paradies

entered - eingegeben; reingehen, hineingehen, hereingehen, eintreten

realize - verwirklichen, realisieren

faded away - abgeklungen

developed - entwickelt; entwickeln, entwickeln, entwickeln, entwickeln

principal part - Hauptteil

realizing - verwirklichen, realisieren

either - auch nicht; beide; auch, ebenso, ebenfalls, entweder, entweder

reduced - ermäßigt; reduzieren, herabsetzen, vermindern, abnehmen

literature - Literatur

taking up - aufgreifend

handbook - Handbuch

Northern - Nordisch; nördlich, Nord

committed - verpflichtet; einweisen, einliefern, begehen, verbrechen

memory - Gedächtnis; Erinnerung; Speicher

Florentine - Florentiner

For she was determined to enjoy herself on the morrow. Thus the half-hour crept profitably away, and at last Miss Bartlett rose with a sigh, and said:

determined - bestimmt; bestimmen, eingrenzen, festlegen

thus - also; auf diese Weise, so, demnach, folglich, dieses

crept - gekrochen; kriechen, schleichen, schleichen, kriechen, Kriechen

profitably - profitabel

sigh - Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

"I think one might venture now. No, Lucy, do not stir. I will superintend the move."

Venture - Wagnis

stir - erschüttern, bewegen, sich rühren, verrühren; Aufregung

superintend - beaufsichtigen; aufsehen

"How you do do everything," said Lucy.

"Naturally, dear. It is my affair."

affair - Angelegenheit; Scharmützel; Ding; Beziehung, Affäre

"But I would like to help you."

"No, dear."

Charlotte's energy! And her unselfishness! She had been thus all her life, but really, on this Italian tour, she was surpassing herself. So Lucy felt, or strove to feel. And yet"there was a rebellious spirit in her which wondered whether the acceptance might not have been less delicate and more beautiful. At all events, she entered her own room without any feeling of joy.

energy - Energie

Italian - italienisch, italienischsprachig, italienischsprachlich

Tour - Tournee; Arbeitsschicht, Umlauf, Tour

surpassing - zu übertreffen; übersteigen, übertreffen, überschreiten

strove - angestrebt; erstreben, bestreben

rebellious - rebellisch

spirit - Geist, Seele, Stimmung, Schnaps

wondered - gewundert; Wunder

delicate - empfindlich, heikel, schwierig, feingliedrig, filigran

more beautiful - schönere

joy - Wonne (Freude, Vergnügen); Freude (über)

"I want to explain," said Miss Bartlett, "why it is that I have taken the largest room. Naturally, of course, I should have given it to you; but I happen to know that it belongs to the young man, and I was sure your mother would not like it."

belongs - gehört; zugehören; gehören (zu)

Lucy was bewildered.

bewildered - verwirrt; verwirren, durcheinanderbringen

"If you are to accept a favour it is more suitable you should be under an obligation to his father than to him. I am a woman of the world, in my small way, and I know where things lead to. However, Mr. Beebe is a guarantee of a sort that they will not presume on this."

favour - Gefallen; begünstigen, bevorzugen

more suitable - passendere

lead - führen, anführen, leiten;aus Blei;Aufmacher ;Anschlussdraht , Blei , Führung

guarantee - Garantie; Garant; garantieren, versichern

presume - annehmen, mutmaßen, vermuten

"Mother wouldn't mind I'm sure," said Lucy, but again had the sense of larger and unsuspected issues.

mind - Verstand, Geist, Sinn, Bewusstsein, Gedächtnis, Gedanken

sense - Sinn; Gefühl, Verstand, Bedeutung, wahrnehmen, empfinden

unsuspected - unvermutet

issues - Probleme; ausgehen

Miss Bartlett only sighed, and enveloped her in a protecting embrace as she wished her good-night. It gave Lucy the sensation of a fog, and when she reached her own room she opened the window and breathed the clean night air, thinking of the kind old man who had enabled her to see the lights dancing in the Arno and the cypresses of San Miniato, and the foot-hills of the Apennines, black against the rising moon.

enveloped - umhüllt; einhüllen, umhüllen

protecting - schützen, beschützen

Embrace - umarmen; annehmen, Umarmung

wished - gewollt; Wunsch, wünschen, wünschen

sensation - Gefühl, Empfindung, Sensation

Fog - umnebeln, verschleiern; (dicker) Nebel, Nebel

reached - erreicht; erzielen, greifen (nach), sich erstrecken; eintreffen

breathed - geatmet; Atmen

enabled - aktiviert; berechtigen, befähigen, ermöglichen, anordnen

cypresses - Zypressen; Zypresse

San - Speichernetzwerk

hills - Hügeln; Hügel, Hang, Steigung, Steigung, Anstieg, häufeln

against - gegen, mit, wider

rising - steigend, aufgehend; (rise); steigend, aufgehend

moon - Mond, Erdtrabant, Erdsatellit

Miss Bartlett, in her room, fastened the window-shutters and locked the door, and then made a tour of the apartment to see where the cupboards led, and whether there were any oubliettes or secret entrances. It was then that she saw, pinned up over the washstand, a sheet of paper on which was scrawled an enormous note of interrogation. Nothing more.

fastened - befestigen, festmachen

shutters - Fensterläden; Verschließender, Verschließer, Fensterladen; q

locked - gesperrt; Schloss

cupboards - Schränke; Schrank, Küchenschrank

oubliettes - Verließ, Kerker

entrances - Eingänge; Eingang, Einfahrt, Antritt

pinned - angeheftet; Zapfen, Bolzen, Schraubendrehereinsatz; feststecken

washstand - Waschtisch

sheet - Blatt, Bogen, Blech, Platte, Lage, Schicht, Schot

scrawled - Gekritzelt; Sudelarbeit; kritzeln

enormous - enorm, riesig

interrogation - Verhör; Befragung

"What does it mean?" she thought, and she examined it carefully by the light of a candle. Meaningless at first, it gradually became menacing, obnoxious, portentous with evil. She was seized with an impulse to destroy it, but fortunately remembered that she had no right to do so, since it must be the property of young Mr.

examined - untersucht; untersuchen, untersuchen, untersuchen, prüfen

carefully - sorgfältig; vorsichtig

candle - Kerze

meaningless - sinnlos, bedeutungslos

gradually - nach und nach, allmählich, stufenweise, schrittweise

menacing - bedrohlich; Landplage, androhen

obnoxious - unausstehlich

portentous - bezeichnend

evil - böse; Sünde, übel, üblen, Ăśbel

seized with - befallen

impulse to destroy - Zerstörungstrieb

Since - Seit wann; seitdem, seither, weil, da

property - Eigentum, Besitz, Anwesen, Grundbesitz, Grundstück, Eigenschaft

Emerson. So she unpinned it carefully, and put it between two pieces of blotting-paper to keep it clean for him. Then she completed her inspection of the room, sighed heavily according to her habit, and went to bed.

unpinned - nicht angeheftet; losheften

blotting-paper - (blotting-paper) Fließpapier

inspection - Inspektion, Prüfung

according - nach; Übereinstimmung, Einvernehmen

habit - Gepflogenheit, Angewohnheit

Chapter II. In Santa Croce with No Baedeker

It was pleasant to wake up in Florence, to open the eyes upon a bright bare room, with a floor of red tiles which look clean though they are not; with a painted ceiling whereon pink griffins and blue amorini sport in a forest of yellow violins and bassoons.

bright - fröhlich, aufgeweckt, leuchtend, klar, hell

bare - knapp, kahl, nackt, bloß; entblößen, abnehmen, freimachen

tiles - Fliesen; Kachel, Fliese; Dachziegel

ceiling - Zimmerdecke; Zimmerdecke; (ceil) Zimmerdecke; Zimmerdecke

whereon - worauf

griffins - Greifen; Greif

forest - Wald, Forst, Gehölz, Hain, aufforsten; (fore); Wald, Forst

violins - Geigen; Geige

bassoons - Fagotte; Fagott

It was pleasant, too, to fling wide the windows, pinching the fingers in unfamiliar fastenings, to lean out into sunshine with beautiful hills and trees and marble churches opposite, and close below, the Arno, gurgling against the embankment of the road.

fling - Seitensprung; Affäre (Liebesaffäre)

wide - breit, weit

pinching - zwickend, kneifend; (pinch); kneifen, zwicken, schnappen

fingers - fingern

unfamiliar - ungewohnt

fastenings - Befestigungen; befestigend, anbindend

lean out - hinausbeugen

sunshine - Sonnenschein

marble - Marmor; Murmel; marmorieren

churches - Kirchen; Kirche, Kirche, Gottesdienst, t+Messe, t+Kirche

gurgling - gurgelnd; (gurgle); gurgeln; Gurgeln

Embankment - Böschung, Bahndamm, Dammschüttung, Eindeichung

Over the river men were at work with spades and sieves on the sandy foreshore, and on the river was a boat, also diligently employed for some mysterious end. An electric tram came rushing underneath the window. No one was inside it, except one tourist; but its platforms were overflowing with Italians, who preferred to stand. Children tried to hang on behind, and the conductor, with no malice, spat in their faces to make them let go.

spades - Spaten, Schaufel (für Kinder); Pik (Kartenspiel)

sieves - Sieb

Sandy - sandig, sandfarben

foreshore - Vorland; Uferland

diligently - fleißig

employed - beschäftigt; einstellen, anstellen, anwerben, einsetzen

mysterious - geheimnisvoll; mysteriös; rätselhaft

tram - Straßenbahn, Bahn, Bim (österr.); Bim (österr.) (ugs.)

rushing - hetzend, sausend; (rush) hetzend, sausend

underneath - darunter; unten; unterhalb

inside - Innenseite, Inneres, Innen-, Inner-, drinnen, hinein, innerhalb

Except - ausnehmen, ausklammern, ausschließen, widersprechen, außer

platforms - Plattformen; Plattform, Podest

overflowing - überschwemmt; überlaufend

Italians - italienisch, italienisch, italienisch, italienischsprachig

hang - hängen

conductor - Dirigent, Dirigentin, Schaffner, Leiter

malice - Boshaftigkeit, Böse, Bosheit, Bösartigkeit

spat - gespuckt; laichen; Gamasche

Then soldiers appeared"good-looking, undersized men"wearing each a knapsack covered with mangy fur, and a great-coat which had been cut for some larger soldier. Beside them walked officers, looking foolish and fierce, and before them went little boys, turning somersaults in time with the band. The tramcar became entangled in their ranks, and moved on painfully, like a caterpillar in a swarm of ants. One of the little boys fell down, and some white bullocks came out of an archway. Indeed, if it had not been for the good advice of an old man who was selling button-hooks, the road might never have got clear.

soldiers - Soldaten; Soldat, Soldatin, Kämpfer

appeared - erschienen; erscheinen, auftauchen, erscheinen, auftauchen

undersized - unterdimensioniert

knapsack - Rucksack, Tornister

covered - abgedeckt; Deckel, Abdeckung, Deckung, Versteck

mangy - krätzig, räudig, schäbig

fur - Fell, Pelz, Fell (gegerbt)

beside - daneben; neben

officers - Offiziere; Funktionär, Funktionärin, Beamter, Beamtin, Offizier

foolish - dumm, närrisch, töricht

fierce - wild, heftig, bedrohlich

somersaults - Purzelbäume schlagen; Salto, Überschlag, Kopsibolter, Purzelbaum

tramcar - die Straßenbahn

entangled - verwickelt; verwickeln

ranks - Dienstgrade; (sozialer) Stand, Rang, Dienstgrad

painfully - schmerzhaft

caterpillar - Raupe, Raupenfahrzeug

swarm - schwärmen; Schwarm

Ants - Ameisen; Ameise

bullocks - Ochsen; Öchslein

archway - Torbogen, Arkade, Bogengang

button - Schaltfläche, Taster, Knopf, Taste

hooks - Haken, Hookline, Haken, haken, haken, einhaken, haken

clear - klar, durchsichtig, hell, frei

Over such trivialities as these many a valuable hour may slip away, and the traveller who has gone to Italy to study the tactile values of Giotto, or the corruption of the Papacy, may return remembering nothing but the blue sky and the men and women who live under it. So it was as well that Miss Bartlett should tap and come in, and having commented on Lucy's leaving the door unlocked, and on her leaning out of the window before she was fully dressed, should urge her to hasten herself, or the best of the day would be gone.

trivialities - Trivialitäten; Plattheit, Gehaltlosigkeit

valuable - wertvoll; Wertgegenstand, Wertsache

slip away - entwischen

tactile - fühlbar; taktil, q edicine, psychology

values - Wert, Wert, Wichtigkeit, Wert, Notenwert, Wert, Tonwert, Wert

corruption - Korruption; Verderbnis, Verdorbenheit, Verkommenheit

Papacy - Papsttum; das päpstliche Amt

sky - Himmel; (am) Firmament

under it - darunter

tap - Wasserhahn; Schlacke abstechen

commented - kommentiert; kommentieren; Erläuterung, Anmerkung, Vermerk

unlocked - freigeschaltet; aufschließen, entriegeln, entsperren (screen

leaning out - hinausbeugende

fully - vollständig; völlig

urge - Drang; drängen, mahnen, treiben, anspornen, provozieren

hasten - hasten, beeilen

By the time Lucy was ready her cousin had done her breakfast, and was listening to the clever lady among the crumbs.

among - unter, zwischen, untereinander

crumbs - (crumb) Krümel, Brösel; (crumb); Krümel

A conversation then ensued, on not unfamiliar lines. Miss Bartlett was, after all, a wee bit tired, and thought they had better spend the morning settling in; unless Lucy would at all like to go out? Lucy would rather like to go out, as it was her first day in Florence, but, of course, she could go alone.

ensued - folgten; folgen, ansetzen, erfolgen, nachfolgen, resultieren

wee - Pipi machen

bit - Häppchen, Gebiss, Bit

settling - sich niederlassen; (settle) sich beruhigen, sich legen

Unless - wenn nicht, es sei denn

Miss Bartlett could not allow this. Of course she would accompany Lucy everywhere. Oh, certainly not; Lucy would stop with her cousin. Oh, no! that would never do. Oh, yes!

allow - erlauben, zulassen, akzeptieren, mit einberechnen

accompany - begleiten, geleiten, beiliegen

everywhere - überall

Certainly - sicherlich, zweifellos, gewiss, freilich

At this point the clever lady broke in.

"If it is Mrs. Grundy who is troubling you, I do assure you that you can neglect the good person. Being English, Miss Honeychurch will be perfectly safe. Italians understand. A dear friend of mine, Contessa Baroncelli, has two daughters, and when she cannot send a maid to school with them, she lets them go in sailor-hats instead. Every one takes them for English, you see, especially if their hair is strained tightly behind."

troubling - beunruhigend; störend; (trouble); Ärger; Schwierigkeit; Anstrengung

assure - sichern; versichern

mine - mein, meiner

maid - Dienstmädchen; Mädchen; Stubenmädchen

sailor - Matrose, Matrosin, Seemann, Seefrau

especially - besonders, extra, speziell, außergewöhnlich, originell

strained - angespannt; Spannung, starke Inanspruchnahme, Zug; anstrengen

Miss Bartlett was unconvinced by the safety of Contessa Baroncelli's daughters. She was determined to take Lucy herself, her head not being so very bad. The clever lady then said that she was going to spend a long morning in Santa Croce, and if Lucy would come too, she would be delighted.

unconvinced - nicht überzeugt

safety - Sicherheit, Gefahrlosigkeit, Griffsicherung, Safety

delighted - erfreut; Freude, Entzückung, Wohlgefallen

"I will take you by a dear dirty back way, Miss Honeychurch, and if you bring me luck, we shall have an adventure."

shall - sollen

adventure - Abenteuer

Lucy said that this was most kind, and at once opened the Baedeker, to see where Santa Croce was.

"Tut, tut! Miss Lucy! I hope we shall soon emancipate you from Baedeker. He does but touch the surface of things. As to the true Italy"he does not even dream of it. The true Italy is only to be found by patient observation."

emancipate - emanzipieren

touch - anfassen, berühren, Berührung, Tasten, Spur

surface - Oberfläche; auftauchen; publik werden, ans Licht kommen

dream - Traum, Wunsch, träumen, wünschen

patient - geduldig; Patient, Patientin, Kranker, Kranke, Patiens

observation - Beobachtung; Bemerkung

This sounded very interesting, and Lucy hurried over her breakfast, and started with her new friend in high spirits. Italy was coming at last. The Cockney Signora and her works had vanished like a bad dream.

in high spirits - aufgedreht

vanished - verschwunden; verschwinden, vergehen, sich verflüchtigen

Miss Lavish"for that was the clever lady's name"turned to the right along the sunny Lung'Arno. How delightfully warm! But a wind down the side streets cut like a knife, didn't it? Ponte alle Grazie"particularly interesting, mentioned by Dante. San Miniato"beautiful as well as interesting; the crucifix that kissed a murderer"Miss Honeychurch would remember the story.

lavish - freigiebig, verschwenderisch, überreich, üppig, verschleudern

along - entlang, längs, weiter

sunny - sonnig, heiter

lung - Lunge

delightfully - entzückend

wind - aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln, abspulen

side streets - Gassen

knife - Messer; messern

particularly - besonders

mentioned - erwähnt; Erwähnung, erwähnen

crucifix - Kruzifix

kissed - geküsst; küssen

murderer - Mörder, Mörderin

The men on the river were fishing. (Untrue; but then, so is most information.) Then Miss Lavish darted under the archway of the white bullocks, and she stopped, and she cried:

untrue - unwahr

darted - geworfen; Pfeil, Satz

"A smell! a true Florentine smell! Every city, let me teach you, has its own smell."

"Is it a very nice smell?" said Lucy, who had inherited from her mother a distaste to dirt.

inherited - geerbt; erben, übernehmen, erben, erben, vererben

distaste - Abneigung; Widerwille

dirt - Schmutz; Erde, Boden, Dreck

"One doesn't come to Italy for niceness," was the retort; "one comes for life. Buon giorno! Buon giorno!" bowing right and left. "Look at that adorable wine-cart! How the driver stares at us, dear, simple soul!"

niceness - Nettigkeit

retort - Retorte; erwidern (scharf)

adorable - bezaubernd

cart - Pferdewagen, Wagen, Karren

simple - einfach, simpel

soul - Inbrunst, Seele, Gefühl, Herz

So Miss Lavish proceeded through the streets of the city of Florence, short, fidgety, and playful as a kitten, though without a kitten's grace. It was a treat for the girl to be with any one so clever and so cheerful; and a blue military cloak, such as an Italian officer wears, only increased the sense of festivity.

fidgety - zappelig, unruhig

playful - spielerisch; verspielt

kitten - Kätzchen, Kätzlein, Katzenbaby

treat - behandeln; bewirten, einladen, heilen, kurieren

cheerful - fröhlich, vergnügt, freundlich

military - Militär

cloak - Umhang, Pelerine, Deckmantel, verhüllen

officer - Funktionär, Funktionärin, Beamter, Beamtin, Offizier, Offizierin

increased - erhöht; zunehmen, steigen, ansteigen, wachsen, anwachsen

festivity - Fest, Festlichkeit

"Buon giorno! Take the word of an old woman, Miss Lucy: you will never repent of a little civility to your inferiors. That is the true democracy. Though I am a real Radical as well. There, now you're shocked."

repent - bereuen

civility - Anstand, Höflichkeit, Verbindlichkeit

inferiors - Untergebene; untergeordnet, nachgeordnet, unterlegen, tiefer

democracy - Demokratie, Volksherrschaft

radical - radikal; radikalisch; Wurzel

"Indeed, I'm not!" exclaimed Lucy. "We are Radicals, too, out and out. My father always voted for Mr. Gladstone, until he was so dreadful about Ireland."

Radicals - radikal, radikal, radikalisch, Wurzel

voted - gestimmt; Stimme, Votum

Ireland - Irland

"I see, I see. And now you have gone over to the enemy."

enemy - Feind, Feindin, Gegner, Gegnerin, feindlich

"Oh, please"! If my father was alive, I am sure he would vote Radical again now that Ireland is all right. And as it is, the glass over our front door was broken last election, and Freddy is sure it was the Tories; but mother says nonsense, a tramp."

alive - lebendig

vote - abstimmen; Stimme, Votum, Abstimmung, wählen, stimmen

election - Wahl

Tories - Tori

nonsense - Blödsinn, Nonsens

tramp - Landstreicher; Vagabund, Penner, Schlampe, Flittchen

"Shameful! A manufacturing district, I suppose?"

shameful - schandbar, beschämend, blamabel, peinlich

manufacturing - Herstellung, Produktion; (manufacture); Produktion, Herstellung

district - Bezirk, Kreis, Landkreis, Stadtteil

"No"in the Surrey hills. About five miles from Dorking, looking over the Weald."

Surrey - Error

Weald - wald

Miss Lavish seemed interested, and slackened her trot.

slackened - erlahmt; entspannen

trot - trotten, laufen, traben

"What a delightful part; I know it so well. It is full of the very nicest people. Do you know Sir Harry Otway"a Radical if ever there was?"

Harry - Harry

"Very well indeed."

"And old Mrs. Butterworth the philanthropist?"

philanthropist - Philanthrop, Philanthropin, Menschenfreund, Menschenfreundin

"Why, she rents a field of us! How funny!"

Rents - Mietpreis, Wohnungsmiete, Hausmiete; anmieten

Miss Lavish looked at the narrow ribbon of sky, and murmured: "Oh, you have property in Surrey?"

ribbon - Band; Farbband

"Hardly any," said Lucy, fearful of being thought a snob. "Only thirty acres"just the garden, all downhill, and some fields."

fearful - furchtbar; furchtsam, ängstlich, verängstigt

snob - Snob, Wichtigtuer, Schnösel, Schickimicki

acres - Hektar; Morgen, Acker, Joch

downhill - bergab; Abfahrt

fields - Felder; Feld

Miss Lavish was not disgusted, and said it was just the size of her aunt's Suffolk estate. Italy receded. They tried to remember the last name of Lady Louisa someone, who had taken a house near Summer Street the other year, but she had not liked it, which was odd of her. And just as Miss Lavish had got the name, she broke off and exclaimed:

disgusted - angewidert; ekeln, Ekel

size - Konfektionsgröße, Körpergröße, Format; ausmessen

estate - Nachlass; Stand; Gut, Landgut

receded - zurückgegangen ist; zurücktreten

"Bless us! Bless us and save us! We've lost the way."

bless - segnen; selig preisen

save - retten; erretten; sichern, speichern, sparen, aufbewahren (2)

Certainly they had seemed a long time in reaching Santa Croce, the tower of which had been plainly visible from the landing window. But Miss Lavish had said so much about knowing her Florence by heart, that Lucy had followed her with no misgivings.

reaching - erreichen; erzielen, greifen (nach)

tower - starker Rückhalt, Turm; emporragen, hochragen, ragen

plainly - klar und deutlich; klar

visible - sichtbar

by heart - auswendig

misgivings - Befürchtungen; Zweifel

"Lost! lost! My dear Miss Lucy, during our political diatribes we have taken a wrong turning. How those horrid Conservatives would jeer at us! What are we to do? Two lone females in an unknown town. Now, this is what I call an adventure."

political - politisch

diatribes - Hetzreden; gehässiger Angriff, Hetze, Hetzrede, Hetzschrift

horrid - schrecklich; entsetzlich, grässlich, gräulich, grauenvoll

Conservatives - Konservativer, Konservativer, Konservative, Konservativer

jeer - (to jeer) spotten, verhöhnen, sticheln

Lone - Einsam; einzeln

females - weiblich, Weib

an unknown - eine Unbekannte (Mathematik)

Lucy, who wanted to see Santa Croce, suggested, as a possible solution, that they should ask the way there.

solution - Lösung

ask the way - sich nach dem Weg erkundigen

"Oh, but that is the word of a craven! And no, you are not, not, not to look at your Baedeker. Give it to me; I shan't let you carry it. We will simply drift."

Craven - feige; Feigling, feiger Hund

Simply - einfach

drift - Drift; driften, treiben, irren, ziellos ziehen, ziellos wandern

Accordingly they drifted through a series of those grey-brown streets, neither commodious nor picturesque, in which the eastern quarter of the city abounds. Lucy soon lost interest in the discontent of Lady Louisa, and became discontented herself. For one ravishing moment Italy appeared. She stood in the Square of the Annunziata and saw in the living terra-cotta those divine babies whom no cheap reproduction can ever stale. There they stood, with their shining limbs bursting from the garments of charity, and their strong white arms extended against circlets of heaven.

accordingly - dementsprechend; logischerweise

drifted - abgetrieben; Drift, driften, treiben, irren, ziellos ziehen

series - Serie, Fernsehserie, Reihe

neither - weder; weder X noch Y; keiner, keines

commodious - geräumig

picturesque - malerisch; q

eastern - Osten; östlich, Ost

abounds - im Überfluss; in

discontented - Unzufriedenheit

ravishing - hinreißend; entführen, rauben, entzücken

square - quadratisch; Quadrat; Platz; Feld

terra - Land

divine - göttlich

reproduction - Fortpflanzung, Reproduktion

stale - fad, abgestanden, altbacken

shining - glänzen; schimmern, wienern; Schein; putzen (Schuhe)

limbs - Gliedmaßen; Schenkel (geol. Falte), Glied

bursting - platzen, zerplatzen, bersten, sprengen, Bersten

garments - Kleidungsstücke; Kleidungsstück

charity - Nächstenliebe; Wohltätigkeit; Wohltätigkeitsorganisation

extended - erweitert; erweitern, ausdehnen, erweitern, ausdehnen, ausweiten

circlets - Kreisen; Ring

Lucy thought she had never seen anything more beautiful; but Miss Lavish, with a shriek of dismay, dragged her forward, declaring that they were out of their path now by at least a mile.

shriek - schreien; Kreischen

dismay - Bestürzung; Furcht, Ohnmacht

dragged - geschleppt; Planierschleppe; nachschleppen, schleppen, ziehen

declaring - bekanntmachen, bekanntgeben, deklarieren, ausrufen, aussagen

path - Weg, Pfad

The hour was approaching at which the continental breakfast begins, or rather ceases, to tell, and the ladies bought some hot chestnut paste out of a little shop, because it looked so typical. It tasted partly of the paper in which it was wrapped, partly of hair oil, partly of the great unknown.

approaching - sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

Continental - kontinental

ceases - aufhört; aufhören, aufhören, einstellen

chestnut - Kastanie, Esskastanie, Kastanienbraun, Fuchs

paste - Paste; Teig, Pastete, Kleister, Klebstoff, Kitt, Strass

typical - typisch, gewöhnlich

tasted - geschmeckt; Geschmack, Schmecken

partly - teilweise, zum Teil

wrapped - eingewickelt; einhüllen, einwickeln, wickeln, einpacken, hüllen

oil - ölen; Ă–l

unknown - unbekannt; Unbekannte; Unbekannter

But it gave them strength to drift into another Piazza, large and dusty, on the farther side of which rose a black-and-white façade of surpassing ugliness. Miss Lavish spoke to it dramatically. It was Santa Croce. The adventure was over.

faade - Fassade

strength - Stärke, Kraft, Festigkeit, Mumm

dusty - staubig

side - Seite; Flanke, Rand, Mannschaft, Team

ugliness - Hässlichkeit

dramatically - dramatisch

"Stop a minute; let those two people go on, or I shall have to speak to them. I do detest conventional intercourse. Nasty! they are going into the church, too. Oh, the Britisher abroad!"

detest - verabscheuen

conventional - konventionell

intercourse - Beziehungen, Umgang, Verkehr, Geschlechtsverkehr

nasty - abscheulich, böse, ekelhaft, scheußlich

Britisher - Brite; (British); Briten, Brite, Britin

"We sat opposite them at dinner last night. They have given us their rooms. They were so very kind."

"Look at their figures!" laughed Miss Lavish. "They walk through my Italy like a pair of cows. It's very naughty of me, but I would like to set an examination paper at Dover, and turn back every tourist who couldn't pass it."

figures - Zahlen; Abbildung, Figur, Gestalt, Ziffer, Form

set - gesetzt; Seth

examination paper - Prüfungsarbeit

Dover - Dover

turn back - umkehren

pass - passen; (to pass) durchgehen, passieren, durchlaufen

"What would you ask us?"

Miss Lavish laid her hand pleasantly on Lucy's arm, as if to suggest that she, at all events, would get full marks. In this exalted mood they reached the steps of the great church, and were about to enter it when Miss Lavish stopped, squeaked, flung up her arms, and cried:

laid - gelegt; richten (Tisch)

suggest - vorschlagen

marks - Zeichen; Markus, Markus, Markus

exalted - erhaben; ehren, erhöhen

mood - Anwandlung, Stimmung, launisch

steps - Schritte; treten, treten (du trittst

enter - reingehen, hineingehen, hereingehen, eintreten

squeaked - gequietscht; Gequieke

flung - geschleudert; Affäre (Liebesaffäre)

"There goes my local-colour box! I must have a word with him!"

And in a moment she was away over the Piazza, her military cloak flapping in the wind; nor did she slacken speed till she caught up an old man with white whiskers, and nipped him playfully upon the arm.

flapping - flattert; Klappe, klappen, Patte (an einer Tasche); Hosenklappe

slacken - erlahmen; entspannen

Speed - Geschwindigkeit; Drehzahl, Gang, rasen, Tempo, Eile

caught - erwischt; Fang, Fang, Haken, Fang, fangen, fangen, einfangen

whiskers - Schnurrhaare; Barthaar

nipped - gekniffen; kneifen, zwicken; flitzen

playfully - spielerisch

Lucy waited for nearly ten minutes. Then she began to get tired. The beggars worried her, the dust blew in her eyes, and she remembered that a young girl ought not to loiter in public places. She descended slowly into the Piazza with the intention of rejoining Miss Lavish, who was really almost too original. But at that moment Miss Lavish and her local-colour box moved also, and disappeared down a side street, both gesticulating largely. Tears of indignation came to Lucy's eyes partly because Miss Lavish had jilted her, partly because she had taken her Baedeker. How could she find her way home? How could she find her way about in Santa Croce? Her first morning was ruined, and she might never be in Florence again. A few minutes ago she had been all high spirits, talking as a woman of culture, and half persuading herself that she was full of originality.

get tired - ermüden, müde werden

worried - besorgt sein, sich Sorgen machen, besorgen, Sorge

dust - Staub; entstauben, abstauben, ein Sandbad nehmen, sandbaden

blew - geblasen; (to blow) blasen, wehen, pusten

loiter - herumlungern; rumlungern, rumhängen, herumhängen, abhängen

public - öffentlich; Publikum, Öffentlichkeit

descended - abstammen; absteigen, niedergehen, herunterkommen, herabsteigen

intention - Absicht

rejoining - wieder beitreten; vereinigen

side street - Nebenstraße

gesticulating - gestikulieren, gestikulieren

largely - groß, weitgehend, große

Tears - Tränen; zerreißen, ich/er/sie/es riss, riß

indignation - Empörung, Entrüstung

jilted - im Stich gelassen; den Laufpass geben

ruined - ruiniert; Ruine, Ruin, Ruin, ruinieren, auf die Knie zwingen

high spirits - Lebensfreude , Ausgelassenheit , Ăśbermut

persuading - Überzeugen; überreden, gewinnen, verführen, bestechen

originality - Originalität

Now she entered the church depressed and humiliated, not even able to remember whether it was built by the Franciscans or the Dominicans. Of course, it must be a wonderful building. But how like a barn! And how very cold! Of course, it contained frescoes by Giotto, in the presence of whose tactile values she was capable of feeling what was proper. But who was to tell her which they were? She walked about disdainfully, unwilling to be enthusiastic over monuments of uncertain authorship or date. There was no one even to tell her which, of all the sepulchral slabs that paved the nave and transepts, was the one that was really beautiful, the one that had been most praised by Mr. Ruskin.

depressed - deprimiert; deprimieren

humiliated - gedemütigt; demütigen, beschämen, erniedrigen

Franciscans - Franziskaner, franziskanisch

Dominicans - Dominikaner, Dominikanerin, Dominicaner, Dominicanerin

barn - Stadel, Scheune, Baracke

contained - enthalten

frescoes - Fresken; Fresko

capable - fähig

proper - richtig, passend, angemessen, eigentlich, Eigenname

disdainfully - verächtlich

enthusiastic - enthusiastisch, begeistert

monuments - Denkmäler; Denkmal

uncertain - unsicher

authorship - Urheberschaft; Autorschaft

slabs - Brammen; Schalbrett, Roheisenblock

paved - gepflastert; mit Platten auslegen, pflastern, bepflastern

nave - Kirchenschiff

transepts - Querschiffe; Querhaus

Praised - Gelobt; Lob

Then the pernicious charm of Italy worked on her, and, instead of acquiring information, she began to be happy. She puzzled out the Italian notices"the notices that forbade people to introduce dogs into the church"the notice that prayed people, in the interest of health and out of respect to the sacred edifice in which they found themselves, not to spit. She watched the tourists; their noses were as red as their Baedekers, so cold was Santa Croce. She beheld the horrible fate that overtook three Papists"two he-babies and a she-baby"who began their career by sousing each other with the holy water, and then proceeded to the Machiavelli memorial, dripping but hallowed.

pernicious - verderblich

charm - Talisman; Charme, Zauberformel, Lieblichkeit; bezaubern

acquiring - Anwerben; erwerben, erwerben, akquirieren

notices - Notizen; Bekanntmachung, Benachrichtigung, Mitteilung

forbade - verbieten, untersagen, verweigern, vorenthalten, ablehnen

prayed - gebetet; Bitte bedenken Sie doch!; beten

respect - Achtung, Respekt, respektieren

sacred - heilig

edifice - Bauwerk, Gebäude, Lehrgebäude, Gedankengebäude

themselves - selbst; sich; sich selber

spit - speien, brutzeln, knistern (Feuer), spucken; Bratspieß

Baedekers - Baedeker

beheld - gesehen; betrachten, sehen, schauen, anschauen, ansehen

horrible - schrecklich, abscheulich, fies, makaber

fate - Schicksal, Los, Geschick

overtook - überholt; überholen, aufholen, überholen

Papists - Papisten; Papist, Papistin, Kathole, Katholin, papistisch

sousing - zu verwöhnen; eintauchend; (sous) zu verwöhnen; eintauchend

holy water - Weihwasser

memorial - Gedenkstätte; Denkmal, Mahnmal, Gedenkgottesdienst, Gedenk-

dripping - tropft; Bratenfett; (drip) tropft; Bratenfett

hallowed - geheiligt; anbeten, heiligen

Advancing towards it very slowly and from immense distances, they touched the stone with their fingers, with their handkerchiefs, with their heads, and then retreated. What could this mean? They did it again and again. Then Lucy realized that they had mistaken Machiavelli for some saint, hoping to acquire virtue. Punishment followed quickly. The smallest he-baby stumbled over one of the sepulchral slabs so much admired by Mr. Ruskin, and entangled his feet in the features of a recumbent bishop. Protestant as she was, Lucy darted forward. She was too late. He fell heavily upon the prelate's upturned toes.

advancing - fortschreitend; erhöhen, erheben, befördern, vorrücken

towards - zu, in Richtung, nach, auf, zu, gegenüber, für, um, zwecks

immense - immens

distances - Entfernungen; Distanz, Entfernung, Abstand, Ferne, Weite

touched - berührt; anfassen, berühren, rühren, Berührung, Berührung

stone - Stein; Edelstein, Schmuckstein, Kern, steinigen

handkerchiefs - Taschentücher; Taschentuch

retreated - zurückgezogen; Rückzug

saint - St. Sankt ...;Heilige {m,f}

acquire - erwerben, akquirieren

virtue - Tugend; Keuschheit

punishment - Strafe, Bestrafung

stumbled - gestolpert; Stolpern

admired - bewundert; bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

features - Merkmale; Besonderheit, Charakteristikum

recumbent - Liegerad

bishop - Läufer (Schach), Bischof

Protestant - Protestant, Protestantin, protestantisch, evangelisch

prelate - Prälat

upturned - umgedreht; Aufwärtstrend

toes - Zehen; Zeh, Zehe, Zeh, Zehe, Spur, Vorspur (5)

"Hateful bishop!" exclaimed the voice of old Mr. Emerson, who had darted forward also. "Hard in life, hard in death. Go out into the sunshine, little boy, and kiss your hand to the sun, for that is where you ought to be. Intolerable bishop!"

hateful - hasserfüllt

Death - Tod, Exitus, der Tod, Untergang

kiss - küssen

intolerable - unerträglich

The child screamed frantically at these words, and at these dreadful people who picked him up, dusted him, rubbed his bruises, and told him not to be superstitious.

screamed - geschrien; Schrei, schreien

frantically - verzweifelt

picked - ausgewählt; Foto

dusted - abgestaubt; Staub, entstauben, abstauben, entstauben, abstauben

rubbed - gerieben; reiben, reiben, abreiben, sich abreiben

bruises - blaue Flecken; Prellung, Bluterguss, blauer Fleck, Druckstelle

superstitious - abergläubisch

"Look at him!" said Mr. Emerson to Lucy. "Here's a mess: a baby hurt, cold, and frightened! But what else can you expect from a church?"

mess - Chaos; Unordnung, Kuddelmuddel, Schlamassel

hurt - weh tun, schmerzen, verletzen, quälen, verletzt

frightened - verängstigt; Angst machen, erschrecken, schrecken, beängstigen

The child's legs had become as melting wax. Each time that old Mr. Emerson and Lucy set it erect it collapsed with a roar. Fortunately an Italian lady, who ought to have been saying her prayers, came to the rescue. By some mysterious virtue, which mothers alone possess, she stiffened the little boy's back-bone and imparted strength to his knees. He stood. Still gibbering with agitation, he walked away.

melting - Schmelzen; (melt); Schmelze; Schmelzwasser; schmelzen

wax - das Wachs

erect - aufrecht; stramm (Haltung), steif; errichten

collapsed - zusammengebrochen; einstürzen, kollabieren, zusammenfallen

roar - brüllen; Tosen; Brüllen; Aufheulen

prayers - Gebete; (the Lord's Prayer) Paternoster

rescue - retten; Rettung

possess - besitzen

stiffened - Versteift; aussteifen, versteifen, verstärken, ertüchtigen

bone - Knochen

imparted - vermittelt; weitergeben, gewähren, mitteilen, vermitteln

gibbering - Kauderwelsch sprechen

agitation - Aufregung; Aufwühlung, Agitation

"You are a clever woman," said Mr. Emerson. "You have done more than all the relics in the world. I am not of your creed, but I do believe in those who make their fellow-creatures happy. There is no scheme of the universe""

relics - Reliquien; Relikt, Reliquie

creed - Credo, Kredo, Glaubensbekenntnis; (cree); Credo, Kredo

fellow - Stipendiat, Typ, Kerl, Bursche; Gefährte, Kerl

creatures - Kreaturen; Wesen

scheme - Schema; Programm, Plan, Projekt, Intrige, Komplott

universe - Universum, Weltall

He paused for a phrase.

paused - innegehalten; pausieren, innehalten, pausieren, Pause

"Niente," said the Italian lady, and returned to her prayers.

"I'm not sure she understands English," suggested Lucy.

In her chastened mood she no longer despised the Emersons. She was determined to be gracious to them, beautiful rather than delicate, and, if possible, to erase Miss Bartlett's civility by some gracious reference to the pleasant rooms.

chastened - gezüchtigt; züchtigen

despised - verachtet; verachten

gracious - gnädig, gütig

if possible - womöglich

erase - auslöschen, ausradieren

reference - Referenz; Quelle; referenzieren; sich beziehen

"That woman understands everything," was Mr. Emerson's reply. "But what are you doing here? Are you doing the church? Are you through with the church?"

"No," cried Lucy, remembering her grievance. "I came here with Miss Lavish, who was to explain everything; and just by the door"it is too bad!"she simply ran away, and after waiting quite a time, I had to come in by myself."

grievance - Kummer; Ärgernis, Missstand, Übelstand

myself - mich selbst; mich

"Why shouldn't you?" said Mr. Emerson.

"Yes, why shouldn't you come by yourself?" said the son, addressing the young lady for the first time.

"But Miss Lavish has even taken away Baedeker."

"Baedeker?" said Mr. Emerson. "I'm glad it's that you minded. It's worth minding, the loss of a Baedeker. That's worth minding."

worth - wert

minding - kümmern; Verstand, t+Geist, t+Sinn, Bewusstsein

Loss - Verlust, Ausfall; Kursverlust

Lucy was puzzled. She was again conscious of some new idea, and was not sure whither it would lead her.

conscious - bei Bewusstsein, wach, aufmerksam

whither - wohin

lead - führen, anführen, leiten; aus Blei; Aufmacher; Anschlussdraht

"If you've no Baedeker," said the son, "you'd better join us." Was this where the idea would lead? She took refuge in her dignity.

refuge - Zuflucht; Herberge

dignity - Würde; Förmlichkeit; Amt

"Thank you very much, but I could not think of that. I hope you do not suppose that I came to join on to you. I really came to help with the child, and to thank you for so kindly giving us your rooms last night. I hope that you have not been put to any great inconvenience."

inconvenience - Unannehmlichkeit; lästig sein, stören

"My dear," said the old man gently, "I think that you are repeating what you have heard older people say. You are pretending to be touchy; but you are not really. Stop being so tiresome, and tell me instead what part of the church you want to see. To take you to it will be a real pleasure."

pretending - vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun, als ob, tun

touchy - heikel, empfindlich, gereizt, reizbar, übelnehmerisch

Now, this was abominably impertinent, and she ought to have been furious. But it is sometimes as difficult to lose one's temper as it is difficult at other times to keep it. Lucy could not get cross. Mr. Emerson was an old man, and surely a girl might humour him.

abominably - abscheulich

impertinent - unverschämt, impertinent, irrelevant, unwichtig

furious - wütend, erbost, furios

temper - Gereiztheit, Laune, Temperament, Anlassen, Ausheizen

Cross - Kreuz; Kreuzzeichen; Kreuzung; Cross; Flanke; quer; entgegengesetzt

humour - Humor; Laune, Stimmung, Körpersaft

On the other hand, his son was a young man, and she felt that a girl ought to be offended with him, or at all events be offended before him. It was at him that she gazed before replying.

offended - beleidigt; beleidigen, beleidigen, de

replying - antworten, erwidern, Antwort, Entgegnung, Antwort

"I am not touchy, I hope. It is the Giottos that I want to see, if you will kindly tell me which they are."

kindly tell me - sagen Sie mir bitte

The son nodded. With a look of sombre satisfaction, he led the way to the Peruzzi Chapel. There was a hint of the teacher about him. She felt like a child in school who had answered a question rightly.

nodded - abgenickt; nicken, einnicken, Kopfnicken

sombre - dunkel, düster, finster, trübe, matt

satisfaction - Befriedigung; Zufriedenheit; Satisfaktion, Genugtuung

led - geführt; LED; (lead) führen, anführen

chapel - Kapelle

hint - Hinweis, Tipp, Wink, Fingerzeig

rightly - zurecht, zu Recht, richtig

The chapel was already filled with an earnest congregation, and out of them rose the voice of a lecturer, directing them how to worship Giotto, not by tactful valuations, but by the standards of the spirit.

earnest - ernsthaft; gesetzt, ernst; (earn) ernsthaft; gesetzt, ernst

congregation - Versammeln, Zusammenführen, Gemeindeversammlung

Lecturer - Dozentin; Lektor, Lektorin, Dozent

directing - Regie führen; direkt, unmittelbar, beaufsichtigen, inszenieren

worship - Verehrung, Anbetung, Gottesdienst

standards - Normen; üblich, standardmäßig, Standard, Standard, Banner

"Remember," he was saying, "the facts about this church of Santa Croce; how it was built by faith in the full fervour of medievalism, before any taint of the Renaissance had appeared. Observe how Giotto in these frescoes"now, unhappily, ruined by restoration"is untroubled by the snares of anatomy and perspective.

Faith - Glaube; Vertrauen

fervour - Inbrunst; Glut; Eifer

medievalism - Mediävismus; Eigentümlichkeit

taint - beflecken; verderben

Renaissance - Wiedergeburt

observe - beobachten; beachten, halten, bemerken

Unhappily - unglücklich, unglücklicherweise

restoration - Restaurierung, Wiederherstellung, Restauration

untroubled - unbesorgt

snares - Fallen; Schlinge, Falle

anatomy - Anatomie

perspective - Aussicht; Perspektive

Could anything be more majestic, more pathetic, beautiful, true? How little, we feel, avails knowledge and technical cleverness against a man who truly feels!"

more majestic - hoheitsvollere

pathetic - erbärmlich

avails - zur Verfügung; ausnutzen, helfen, nützen, Erfolg

knowledge - Wissen, Kenntnis

technical - technisch, fachlich, fachsprachlich, fachspezifisch

cleverness - Klugheit; Pfiffigkeit, Gewandtheit, Raffinesse

truly - wirklich, wahrhaft, ehrlich, echt

"No!" exclaimed Mr. Emerson, in much too loud a voice for church. "Remember nothing of the sort! Built by faith indeed! That simply means the workmen weren't paid properly. And as for the frescoes, I see no truth in them. Look at that fat man in blue! He must weigh as much as I do, and he is shooting into the sky like an air balloon."

loud - laut

workmen - Handwerker; Arbeiter

weren - wer

properly - ordnungsgemäß, ordentlich, richtig, vernünftig

weigh - wiegen, wägen, abwiegen, auswiegen, abwägen, erwägen, lasten

shooting - Schießen, Schießerei; (shoot); Schießen, Schießerei

balloon - Ballon, Luftballon, Heißluftballon

He was referring to the fresco of the "Ascension of St. John." Inside, the lecturer's voice faltered, as well it might. The audience shifted uneasily, and so did Lucy. She was sure that she ought not to be with these men; but they had cast a spell over her. They were so serious and so strange that she could not remember how to behave.

referring - verweisen; überweisen (an)

fresco - Fresko, Freske, Freskomalerei

ascension - Aufstieg, Aufsteigen

faltered - Wanken

audience - Publikum, Zuschauer, Audienzen, Audienz

shifted - verlagert; Schicht, Verschiebung, Verlagerung, Verstellung

uneasily - unbehaglich

cast - werfen; wegwerfen, hinwerfen, gießen, Cast, Besetzung, Ensemble

strange - seltsam, sonderbar, komisch, verwunderlich, fremd, ausländisch

behave - benehmen

"Now, did this happen, or didn't it? Yes or no?"

George replied:

"It happened like this, if it happened at all. I would rather go up to heaven by myself than be pushed by cherubs; and if I got there I should like my friends to lean out of it, just as they do here."

pushed - geschoben; schieben, drängen, stoßen

Cherubs - Putten; Cherub, Kerub

lean - knapp, schlank, hager, mager

"You will never go up," said his father. "You and I, dear boy, will lie at peace in the earth that bore us, and our names will disappear as surely as our work survives."

lie - lügen; (lie down) sich hinlegen

peace - Ruhe, Frieden, Friede

earth - Erde, Land, Grund

disappear - verschwinden, entschwinden, zum Verschwinden bringen

survives - überlebt; überleben, überleben, überleben

"Some of the people can only see the empty grave, not the saint, whoever he is, going up. It did happen like that, if it happened at all."

empty - leer; leeren, entleeren, ausleeren, leer machen

grave - Grab; feierlich, Gruft, massiv, würdig, ernst

Saint - Heiliger; Sankt

Whoever - wer immer, wer auch immer

"Pardon me," said a frigid voice. "The chapel is somewhat small for two parties. We will incommode you no longer."

Pardon me - Verzeihung!

frigid - frigide; kalt

incommode - belästigen, stören

The lecturer was a clergyman, and his audience must be also his flock, for they held prayer-books as well as guide-books in their hands. They filed out of the chapel in silence. Amongst them were the two little old ladies of the Pension Bertolini"Miss Teresa and Miss Catherine Alan.

flock - Schwarm; (to flock together) sich rotten, sich zusammenrotten

held - gehalten; innehaben

prayer - Gebet; (the Lord's Prayer) Paternoster

Guide - Leitfaden; lenken, führen, anleiten, leiten; Handbuch

filed - eingereicht; Kartei, File, Aktenmappe

silence - Stille, Schweigen, zum Schweigen bringen, Ruhe

amongst - zwischen, unter

Catherine - Katharina

"Stop!" cried Mr. Emerson. "There's plenty of room for us all. Stop!"

There's plenty of room - Es ist noch viel Platz.

The procession disappeared without a word.

procession - Prozession, Umzug

Soon the lecturer could be heard in the next chapel, describing the life of St. Francis.

Francis - Franz, Franziskus

"George, I do believe that clergyman is the Brixton curate."

curate - kuratieren; Hilfspfarrer

George went into the next chapel and returned, saying "Perhaps he is. I don't remember."

"Then I had better speak to him and remind him who I am. It's that Mr. Eager. Why did he go? Did we talk too loud? How vexatious. I shall go and say we are sorry. Hadn't I better? Then perhaps he will come back."

vexatious - lästig

"He will not come back," said George.

But Mr. Emerson, contrite and unhappy, hurried away to apologize to the Rev. Cuthbert Eager. Lucy, apparently absorbed in a lunette, could hear the lecture again interrupted, the anxious, aggressive voice of the old man, the curt, injured replies of his opponent. The son, who took every little contretemps as if it were a tragedy, was listening also.

contrite - reuevoll, zerknirscht

unhappy - unglücklich

apparently - offensichtlich, offenbar, scheinbar, anscheinend

absorbed in - vertieft in

lunette - Lünette; Lunula

lecture - Vortrag; Vorlesung

interrupted - unterbrochen; unterbrechen

anxious - ängstlich, besorgt

aggressive - aggressiv

curt - brüsk, knapp, kurzangebunden, barsch

injured - verletzt; verletzen, verletzen

replies - antworten, erwidern, Antwort, Entgegnung, Antwort

opponent - Gegner, Gegnerin, Gegner (1, 3), Gegenspieler

contretemps - unglücklich

tragedy - Tragödie

"My father has that effect on nearly everyone," he informed her. "He will try to be kind."

that effect - dahingehend

"I hope we all try," said she, smiling nervously.

"Because we think it improves our characters. But he is kind to people because he loves them; and they find him out, and are offended, or frightened."

characters - Figur, Person, Charakter, Charakter, Original

"How silly of them!" said Lucy, though in her heart she sympathized; "I think that a kind action done tactfully""

silly - doof, dumm, albern, Dummerchen

heart - Herz, Herzstück

sympathized - sympathisiert; mitfühlen

tactfully - taktvolle, taktvoll


He threw up his head in disdain. Apparently she had given the wrong answer. She watched the singular creature pace up and down the chapel. For a young man his face was rugged, and"until the shadows fell upon it"hard. Enshadowed, it sprang into tenderness. She saw him once again at Rome, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, carrying a burden of acorns. Healthy and muscular, he yet gave her the feeling of greyness, of tragedy that might only find solution in the night.

threw - geworfen; Wurf; werfen (du wirfst, er wirft), ich/er/sie würfe

disdain - Verachtung, Geringschätzung (disrespect)

singular - einzeln; einzigartig; ungewöhnlich; singularisch; singulär; Einzahl

pace - Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

rugged - robust, schroff; (rug); Teppich, Brücke

shadows - Schatten, beschatten, beschatten

tenderness - Zärtlichkeit

Rome - Rom

burden - Belastung; Refrain, Last, Möller (Hüttenwesen); belasten

acorns - Eicheln; Eichel

muscular - muskulär, Muskel

greyness - Grauen

The feeling soon passed; it was unlike her to have entertained anything so subtle. Born of silence and of unknown emotion, it passed when Mr. Emerson returned, and she could re-enter the world of rapid talk, which was alone familiar to her.

unlike - im Gegensatz zu; ungleichartig, anders, ungleich

entertained - unterhalten

subtle - subtil, fast unmerklich, haarfein, dezent

emotion - Emotionen; Gefühl, Empfindung

rapid - schnell; Stromschnelle

familiar - vertraut; bekannt

"Were you snubbed?" asked his son tranquilly.

snubbed - brüskiert; brüskieren, rüffeln

tranquilly - ruhig

"But we have spoilt the pleasure of I don't know how many people. They won't come back."

spoilt - verdorben; verwöhnt, verzogen; (spoil); plündern; ruinieren

"...full of innate sympathy...quickness to perceive good in of the brotherhood of man..." Scraps of the lecture on St. Francis came floating round the partition wall.

innate - angeboren, checkeigen, checkimmanent

sympathy - Mitleid, Mitgefühl, Empathie, Einfühlungsvermögen, Sympathie

quickness - Schnelligkeit

perceive - wahrnehmen

vision - Sicht, Sehvermögen, Sehkraft, Augenlicht, Trugbild

brotherhood - Brüderlichkeit; Bruderschaft; Kammer

scraps - Abfälle; ausrangieren; Abfallholz, Teil, Schrott

lecture on - Vorlesungen halten über

floating - schwebend; schwimmend, fließend, gleiten

partition wall - Scheidewand

"Don't let us spoil yours," he continued to Lucy. "Have you looked at those saints?"

Saints - Heilige; Sankt

"Yes," said Lucy. "They are lovely. Do you know which is the tombstone that is praised in Ruskin?"

tombstone - Grabstein, Grabmal, Leichenstein

He did not know, and suggested that they should try to guess it. George, rather to her relief, refused to move, and she and the old man wandered not unpleasantly about Santa Croce, which, though it is like a barn, has harvested many beautiful things inside its walls. There were also beggars to avoid and guides to dodge round the pillars, and an old lady with her dog, and here and there a priest modestly edging to his Mass through the groups of tourists.

relief - Erleichterung, Befreiung, Linderung, Unterstützung

refused - abgelehnt; Müll; abweisen, verweigern, abschlagen, ablehnen

wandered - gewandert; umherstreifen, umherstreichen, herumziehen, stromern

unpleasantly - unangenehm

harvested - geerntet; Ernte, Ernte, Frucht, qualifier

avoid - ausweichen; meiden, fernbleiben, vermeiden, entkräften

guides - lenken, führen, anleiten, leiten; Handbuch, Anleitung, Führer

Dodge - ausweichen, beiseite springen, umgehen

pillars - Pfeilern; Pfeiler, Säule

priest - Priester, Priesterin, Pfarrer, Pfarrerin; (prey); Beute; lauern

modestly - bescheidene, züchtig, bescheiden

edging - Paspel, Einfassung; (edge); Rand; Seite, Kante, Vorsprung

mass - Masse; Messe (kirchlich), Gottesdienst, Menge

But Mr. Emerson was only half interested. He watched the lecturer, whose success he believed he had impaired, and then he anxiously watched his son.

impaired - beeinträchtigt; beeinträchtigen, schädigen

anxiously - ängstlich; besorgt, bang, unruhig

"Why will he look at that fresco?" he said uneasily. "I saw nothing in it."

"I like Giotto," she replied. "It is so wonderful what they say about his tactile values. Though I like things like the Della Robbia babies better."

"So you ought. A baby is worth a dozen saints. And my baby's worth the whole of Paradise, and as far as I can see he lives in Hell."

dozen - Dutzend; Dutzende (''of'': von)

paradise - das Paradies; Paradies, Himmel

as far as I can see - so, wie ich die Sache sehe

hell - Hölle

Lucy again felt that this did not do.

"In Hell," he repeated. "He's unhappy."

"Oh, dear!" said Lucy.

"How can he be unhappy when he is strong and alive? What more is one to give him? And think how he has been brought up"free from all the superstition and ignorance that lead men to hate one another in the name of God. With such an education as that, I thought he was bound to grow up happy."

superstition - Aberglaube

ignorance - Unwissenheit, Unwissen, Nichtwissen

God - Gott

education - Ausbildung, Erziehung, Schulung, Unterricht

bound - gebunden; Sprung; (bind); binden; verbinden, konnektieren

She was no theologian, but she felt that here was a very foolish old man, as well as a very irreligious one. She also felt that her mother might not like her talking to that kind of person, and that Charlotte would object most strongly.

theologian - Theologe, Theologin

irreligious - irreligiös

strongly - stark

"What are we to do with him?" he asked. "He comes out for his holiday to Italy, and behaves"like that; like the little child who ought to have been playing, and who hurt himself upon the tombstone. Eh? What did you say?"

behaves - verhält; benehmen

Lucy had made no suggestion. Suddenly he said:

suggestion - Anregung; Vorschlag; Suggestion

suddenly - plötzlich, urplötzlich

"Now don't be stupid over this. I don't require you to fall in love with my boy, but I do think you might try and understand him. You are nearer his age, and if you let yourself go I am sure you are sensible. You might help me. He has known so few women, and you have the time. You stop here several weeks, I suppose? But let yourself go.

stupid - dumm, doof, blöd, Dummkopf

require - erfordern; brauchen, benötigen

sensible - wahrnehmbar; spürbar; der Empfindung fähig; gewahr; vernünftig

several - mehrere, einige, verschiedene, checkeinige

You are inclined to get muddled, if I may judge from last night. Let yourself go. Pull out from the depths those thoughts that you do not understand, and spread them out in the sunlight and know the meaning of them. By understanding George you may learn to understand yourself. It will be good for both of you."

inclined - geneigt; neigen, neigen, neigen, Neigung, Anstieg, Gefälle

get muddled - verhaspeln

judge - urteilen (nach), richten; Richter, Jurist

pull - ziehen

depths - Untiefen; Tiefe

thoughts - Gedanken; Gedanke

spread - verteilen; spreizen; ausstreuen, verbreiten, auftragen

sunlight - Sonnenlicht

To this extraordinary speech Lucy found no answer.

extraordinary - außerordentlich, außergewöhnlich

Speech - Sprache; Rede, Ansprache

"I only know what it is that's wrong with him; not why it is."

"And what is it?" asked Lucy fearfully, expecting some harrowing tale.

fearfully - furchtsam, ängstlich

expecting - erwarten; werdende; (expect); erwarten

harrowing - erschütternd; eggen; Egge

Tale - Geschichte, Erzählung, Fabel

"The old trouble; things won't fit."

trouble - Probleme; Ärger; Schwierigkeit; Anstrengung, Bemühung, Mühe

fit - passen; (to be fit) in Form sein

"What things?"

"The things of the universe. It is quite true. They don't."

"Oh, Mr. Emerson, whatever do you mean?"

whatever - Jacke wie Hose; was immer, was auch immer, egal, naja, nebbich

In his ordinary voice, so that she scarcely realized he was quoting poetry, he said:

scarcely - knapp, kaum, wohl nicht, gerade erst

quoting - Zitat

poetry - Dichtkunst, Poesie, checkDichtung, checkDichtkunst

"˜From far, from eve and morning,

eve - Vorabend

And yon twelve-winded sky,

winded - verschnupft; (wind) aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln

The stuff of life to knit me

stuff - Sachen, Kram, Zeug, Ding, Stoff, Material

knit - stricken

Blew hither: here am I'

hither - her, hierher, hierhin

George and I both know this, but why does it distress him? We know that we come from the winds, and that we shall return to them; that all life is perhaps a knot, a tangle, a blemish in the eternal smoothness. But why should this make us unhappy? Let us rather love one another, and work and rejoice. I don't believe in this world sorrow."

distress - Kummer, Bedrängnis, Drangsal, Bekümmerung, Not

knot - Knoten, Knäuel

tangle - Wirrwarr, Gewirr, Durcheinander; sich verheddern (verwickeln)

blemish - Makel, Schönheitsfehler

eternal - ewig

smoothness - Glattheit; Glätte

rejoice - freuen

sorrow - Kummer, Traurigkeit, Trauer, Sorge

Miss Honeychurch assented.

assented - zugestimmt; zustimmen, behaupten

"Then make my boy think like us. Make him realize that by the side of the everlasting Why there is a Yes"a transitory Yes if you like, but a Yes."

everlasting - ewig; endlos

transitory - vorübergehend

Suddenly she laughed; surely one ought to laugh. A young man melancholy because the universe wouldn't fit, because life was a tangle or a wind, or a Yes, or something!

melancholy - Melancholie, Schwermut, Wehmut

"I'm very sorry," she cried. "You'll think me unfeeling, but"but"" Then she became matronly. "Oh, but your son wants employment. Has he no particular hobby? Why, I myself have worries, but I can generally forget them at the piano; and collecting stamps did no end of good for my brother. Perhaps Italy bores him; you ought to try the Alps or the Lakes."

unfeeling - gefühllos

matronly - matronenhaft

employment - Anstellung; Beschäftigung, Erwerbstätigkeit, Arbeit, Gebrauch

particular - besonders; speziell, bestimmt, spezifisch, genau

worries - besorgt sein, sich Sorgen machen, besorgen, Sorge

collecting - Sammeln; (collect); Sammeln

stamps - Briefmarken; Stempel, Stempel, stempeln, freimachen

bores - langweilig; (to bear fruit) Früchte tragen

Alps - Alpen; (alp); Alm

lakes - Seen; Binnensee, See

The old man's face saddened, and he touched her gently with his hand. This did not alarm her; she thought that her advice had impressed him and that he was thanking her for it. Indeed, he no longer alarmed her at all; she regarded him as a kind thing, but quite silly.

impressed - beeindruckt; beeindrucken, prägen

alarmed - beunruhigt; Alarm, Alarm, Alarmsignal

regarded - betrachtet; schätzen, betrachten, berücksichtigen

Her feelings were as inflated spiritually as they had been an hour ago esthetically, before she lost Baedeker. The dear George, now striding towards them over the tombstones, seemed both pitiable and absurd. He approached, his face in the shadow. He said:

feelings - Gefühle; Gefühl, Eindruck

inflated - aufgeblasen; aufblasen, aufpumpen, aufblähen, aufblasen

spiritually - geistig

esthetically - Ästhetisch

striding - schreitend; schreiten

tombstones - Grabsteine; Grabstein, Grabmal

pitiable - bedauerlich, bedauernswert, erbärmlich, kläglich

absurd - absurd

shadow - Schatten; beschatten

"Miss Bartlett."

"Oh, good gracious me!" said Lucy, suddenly collapsing and again seeing the whole of life in a new perspective. "Where? Where?"

good gracious - oh du liebe Zeit

collapsing - einstürzen, kollabieren, zusammenfallen, zusammenbrechen

"In the nave."

"I see. Those gossiping little Miss Alans must have"" She checked herself.

gossiping - Klatsch und Tratsch; (to gossip) tratschen, klatschen

Alans - Alan

"Poor girl!" exploded Mr. Emerson. "Poor girl!"

exploded - explodiert; sprengen, explodieren, explodieren, platzen

She could not let this pass, for it was just what she was feeling herself.

"Poor girl? I fail to understand the point of that remark. I think myself a very fortunate girl, I assure you. I'm thoroughly happy, and having a splendid time. Pray don't waste time mourning over me. There's enough sorrow in the world, isn't there, without trying to invent it. Good-bye. Thank you both so much for all your kindness. Ah, yes! there does come my cousin. A delightful morning! Santa Croce is a wonderful church."

fail - mangelhaft (Zensur 5), ungenügend (Zensur 6);jdn. im Stich lassen;fehlschlagen, scheitern, misslingen, versagen

remark - bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

fortunate - glücklich; günstig, verheißungsvoll

splendid - glänzend; prächtig; hervorragend

Pray - Bitte bedenken Sie doch!; beten

waste time - Zeit vergeuden

mourning - trauern; Trauer; Trauerkleidung

invent - erfinden; ausdenken

Good-bye - (Good-bye) Auf Wiedersehen!;adieu, leb wohl, ade, lebewohl, ciao

She joined her cousin.

Chapter III. Music, Violets, and the Letter "S"

violets - Violett, Veilchen

It so happened that Lucy, who found daily life rather chaotic, entered a more solid world when she opened the piano. She was then no longer either deferential or patronizing; no longer either a rebel or a slave. The kingdom of music is not the kingdom of this world; it will accept those whom breeding and intellect and culture have alike rejected. The commonplace person begins to play, and shoots into the empyrean without effort, whilst we look up, marvelling how he has escaped us, and thinking how we could worship him and love him, would he but translate his visions into human words, and his experiences into human actions.

daily - tgl, tägl. täglich, tägliche, tagtäglich

chaotic - chaotisch

more solid - solidere

deferential - ehrerbietig

patronizing - fördern, beschirmen, beschützen, unterstützen, frequentieren

rebel - rebellieren; Rebell; auflehnen, aufbäumen

slave - Sklave, Sklavin, Sexsklave

Kingdom - Königreich, Königtum

breeding - Aufzucht, Vermehrung (biol.), züchtend; (breed); aufziehen

intellect - Intellekt

alike - ähneln; gleich; gleichermaßen

rejected - abgelehnt; verwerfen, ablehnen, zurückweisen

commonplace - alltäglich, banal, gang und gäbe, gewöhnlich, Gemeinplatz

shoots - schießt; Jagd, Spross (Pflanze), Schuss; flitzen (Auto), filmen

Empyrean - Empyreum

effort - Anstrengung, Aufwand

whilst - während

marvelling - Staunen; (marvel) Wunderding, Wunder; (marvel); wundern

escaped - entkommen; entgehen, entgehen, ausweichen, davonkommen, Flucht

translate - übersetzen, übertragen, verdolmetschen

visions - Visionen; Sicht, Sehvermögen

human - menschlich

experiences - Erfahrungen; Erlebnis

Perhaps he cannot; certainly he does not, or does so very seldom. Lucy had done so never.

seldom - selten

She was no dazzling exécutante; her runs were not at all like strings of pearls, and she struck no more right notes than was suitable for one of her age and situation. Nor was she the passionate young lady, who performs so tragically on a summer's evening with the window open. Passion was there, but it could not be easily labelled; it slipped between love and hatred and jealousy, and all the furniture of the pictorial style. And she was tragical only in the sense that she was great, for she loved to play on the side of Victory.

dazzling - schillernd; blendend, grell, umwerfend, betörend

strings - Schnur, Zeichenkette, String, Saite, String, auffädeln

pearls - Perlen; Perle, Perl

struck - angeschlagen; streichen, schlagen, prägen, streiken, scheinen

more right - richtigere

suitable - geeignet, passend, angemessen

passionate - leidenschaftlich

performs - durchführt; verrichten, Arbeit leisten, Arbeit verrichten

tragically - tragisch

easily - leicht

labelled - etikettiert; Etikett

slipped - ausgerutscht; Versprecher; Rutschen (geradeaus); Lapsus

hatred - Hass

jealousy - Eifersucht, Missgunst, Neid

furniture - Möbel

pictorial - bildhaft; piktorialistisch; Illustrierte

victory - Sieg

Victory of what and over what"that is more than the words of daily life can tell us. But that some sonatas of Beethoven are written tragic no one can gainsay; yet they can triumph or despair as the player decides, and Lucy had decided that they should triumph.

sonatas - Sonaten; Sonate

Beethoven - Beethoven

tragic - tragisch

gainsay - bestreiten; leugnen, widersprechen

despair - verzweifeln; Verzweiflung

A very wet afternoon at the Bertolini permitted her to do the thing she really liked, and after lunch she opened the little draped piano. A few people lingered round and praised her playing, but finding that she made no reply, dispersed to their rooms to write up their diaries or to sleep. She took no notice of Mr.

wet - nass, feucht, befeuchten, durchnässen, nass machen

draped - drapiert; drapieren, drapieren

lingered - verweilte; herumlungern, verzögern, Zeit brauchen, verweilen

dispersed - verstreut; zerstreuen, qualifier

diaries - Tagebücher; Tagebuch

Emerson looking for his son, nor of Miss Bartlett looking for Miss Lavish, nor of Miss Lavish looking for her cigarette-case. Like every true performer, she was intoxicated by the mere feel of the notes: they were fingers caressing her own; and by touch, not by sound alone, did she come to her desire.

cigarette-case - (cigarette-case) Zigarettenetui

performer - Darsteller; Interpret, Interpretin

intoxicated - berauscht; berauschen, vergiften, berauschen

caressing - streicheln; liebkosend

desire - begehren; Begehren, Wunsch

Mr. Beebe, sitting unnoticed in the window, pondered this illogical element in Miss Honeychurch, and recalled the occasion at Tunbridge Wells when he had discovered it. It was at one of those entertainments where the upper classes entertain the lower. The seats were filled with a respectful audience, and the ladies and gentlemen of the parish, under the auspices of their vicar, sang, or recited, or imitated the drawing of a champagne cork. Among the promised items was "Miss Honeychurch. Piano. Beethoven," and Mr. Beebe was wondering whether it would be Adelaida, or the march of The Ruins of Athens, when his composure was disturbed by the opening bars of Opus III.

unnoticed - unbemerkt

pondered - nachgedacht; grübeln, überlegen, nachdenken

illogical - unlogisch

element - Element; Bauelement

recalled - zurückgerufen; zurückrufen, erinnern

Occasion - Gelegenheit; Anlass

discovered - entdeckt; entdecken, erleben, erfahren, dabei sein

entertainments - Unterhaltungen; Unterhaltung

upper classes - Großbürgertum , Oberstufe (einer Schule)

lower - niedriger, niedrigerer, ausfahren (Fahrgestell); abdämpfen

seats - Sitze; Sitz, Sitzplatz, Sitzgelegenheit, Stuhl, Sitzmöbel

respectful - respektvoll

auspices - Schirmherrschaft; Schutzherrschaft

recited - rezitiert; vortragen; rezitieren; zu Gehör bringen; qoem also:

imitated - nachgeahmt; imitieren

champagne cork - Sektkorken

items - Gegenstände; Ding

wondering - und fragen sich; (wonder) sich wundern (über)

ruins - Ruinen; Ruine, Ruin, Ruin, ruinieren, auf die Knie zwingen

Athens - Athen

composure - Gelassenheit, Fassung, Haltung, innere Ruhe

disturbed - beunruhigt; stören

bars - Takt; Schankstube; Latte (Sport); Balken, Leiste, Stange, Strich

He was in suspense all through the introduction, for not until the pace quickens does one know what the performer intends. With the roar of the opening theme he knew that things were going extraordinarily; in the chords that herald the conclusion he heard the hammer strokes of victory. He was glad that she only played the first movement, for he could have paid no attention to the winding intricacies of the measures of nine-sixteen. The audience clapped, no less respectful. It was Mr. Beebe who started the stamping; it was all that one could do.

suspense - Hängen; Spannung, Anspannung

introduction - Einführung; Vorstellung

quickens - beschleunigt; beschleunigen

intends - beabsichtigt; beabsichtigen, vorhaben, intendieren

theme - Thema; Motiv; Theme; Stamm, Wortstamm

extraordinarily - außerordentlich

chords - Akkorde; Akkord, Sehne, Profilsehne, Tastenkombination

Herald - Herold, Bote, Vorbote

conclusion - Schluss, Ende, Abschluss, Ergebnis, Schlussfolgerung

hammer - Hammer; Schlagstück, Hahn, Schlaghebel, tMalleus

strokes - Schlaganfälle; streicheln; Stoß, Schlag, Streich, Hub

movement - Bewegung; Satz

winding - (wind) aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln

intricacies - Verwicklungen; Gewundenheit, Komplexität, Schwierigkeit

measures - Maßnahmen; Maß

clapped - geklatscht; Tripper, Beifall; klatschen

stamping - Stempeln; stampfen; (stamp); Stempel; stempeln; freimachen

"Who is she?" he asked the vicar afterwards.

"Cousin of one of my parishioners. I do not consider her choice of a piece happy. Beethoven is so usually simple and direct in his appeal that it is sheer perversity to choose a thing like that, which, if anything, disturbs."

parishioners - Gemeindemitglieder; Gemeindemitglied

choice - Wahl; Auswahl; erlesen

Direct - direkt, unmittelbar, beaufsichtigen, inszenieren, befehlen

appeal - Berufung; Revision, Wirkung, Anziehungskraft; reizen, zusagen

sheer - durchsichtig; scheren, ausreißen, gieren; rein, blank

perversity - Perversität

disturbs - stört; stören

"Introduce me."

"She will be delighted. She and Miss Bartlett are full of the praises of your sermon."

praises - lobt; Lob

sermon - Predigt

"My sermon?" cried Mr. Beebe. "Why ever did she listen to it?"

When he was introduced he understood why, for Miss Honeychurch, disjoined from her music stool, was only a young lady with a quantity of dark hair and a very pretty, pale, undeveloped face. She loved going to concerts, she loved stopping with her cousin, she loved iced coffee and meringues. He did not doubt that she loved his sermon also.

disjoined - voneinander getrennt; trennen

stool - Stuhl, Kot, Hocker

quantity - Quantität, Menge, in Klammern

pale - Pfahl, blass; bleich (vor), blass (vor)

undeveloped - unentwickelt

meringues - Baiser

doubt - bezweifeln, Zweifel

But before he left Tunbridge Wells he made a remark to the vicar, which he now made to Lucy herself when she closed the little piano and moved dreamily towards him:

dreamily - träumerisch; verträumte

"If Miss Honeychurch ever takes to live as she plays, it will be very exciting both for us and for her."

Lucy at once re-entered daily life.

"Oh, what a funny thing! Some one said just the same to mother, and she said she trusted I should never live a duet."

trusted - vertrauenswürdig; Vertrauen

duet - Duett

"Doesn't Mrs. Honeychurch like music?"

"She doesn't mind it. But she doesn't like one to get excited over anything; she thinks I am silly about it. She thinks"I can't make out. Once, you know, I said that I liked my own playing better than any one's. She has never got over it. Of course, I didn't mean that I played well; I only meant""

get excited - begeistert werden, sich begeistern, ereifern

got over - hinweggekommen

"Of course," said he, wondering why she bothered to explain.

bothered - belästigt; stören, verdammt, Mist

"Music"" said Lucy, as if attempting some generality. She could not complete it, and looked out absently upon Italy in the wet. The whole life of the South was disorganized, and the most graceful nation in Europe had turned into formless lumps of clothes.

attempting - versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

generality - Allgemeinheit; Allgemeingültigkeit

absently - abwesend, in Abwesenheit

disorganized - desorganisiert; desorganisieren

graceful - anmutig, ansprechend, elegant, graziös

nation - Staat, Nation, Volk

formless - formlos

lumps - Klumpen, Kloß, Stück

The street and the river were dirty yellow, the bridge was dirty grey, and the hills were dirty purple. Somewhere in their folds were concealed Miss Lavish and Miss Bartlett, who had chosen this afternoon to visit the Torre del Gallo.

Bridge - überbrücken, eine Brücke schlagen; Einschraubbrücke; Brücke

somewhere - irgendwo; irgendwohin

folds - falten, zusammenlegen, verschränken (Arme); Falte, gefaltete

concealed - versteckt; verbergen, verheimlichen, verschleiern, verschweigen

Del - Entf

"What about music?" said Mr. Beebe.

"Poor Charlotte will be sopped," was Lucy's reply.

sopped - eingeweicht; eintunken; Besänftigungsmittel, Pappnase

The expedition was typical of Miss Bartlett, who would return cold, tired, hungry, and angelic, with a ruined skirt, a pulpy Baedeker, and a tickling cough in her throat. On another day, when the whole world was singing and the air ran into the mouth, like wine, she would refuse to stir from the drawing-room, saying that she was an old thing, and no fit companion for a hearty girl.

expedition - Expedition

pulpy - breiig

tickling - kitzelnd; (tickle); Kitzeln

cough - husten; Husten

throat - Kehle, Rachen, Hals, Flaschenhals

refuse - Müll; abweisen, verweigern, abschlagen, ablehnen

hearty - herzlich, herzhaft, deftig

"Miss Lavish has led your cousin astray. She hopes to find the true Italy in the wet I believe."

astray - in die Irre; fehlgeleitet, abwegig, irregeleitet

"Miss Lavish is so original," murmured Lucy. This was a stock remark, the supreme achievement of the Pension Bertolini in the way of definition. Miss Lavish was so original. Mr. Beebe had his doubts, but they would have been put down to clerical narrowness. For that, and for other reasons, he held his peace.

original - ursprünglich, ur-, original, originell, Original, ext

stock - in Bausch und Bogen, Aktien, Inventar

supreme - übergeordnet; höchster, oberster

achievement - Errungenschaft, Leistung, Großtat, Heldentat, Erfolg

definition - Begriffserklärung, Definition, Definierung

doubts - bezweifeln, zweifeln, Zweifel

clerical - kirchlich; klerikal, geistlich, priesterlich

narrowness - Engstirnigkeit; Enge, Beschränktheit

"Is it true," continued Lucy in awe-struck tone, "that Miss Lavish is writing a book?"

awe - Ehrfurcht; Staunen; einschüchtern

tone - Farbton, Klang, Umgangston, Ton

"They do say so."

"What is it about?"

"It will be a novel," replied Mr. Beebe, "dealing with modern Italy. Let me refer you for an account to Miss Catharine Alan, who uses words herself more admirably than any one I know."

novel - Roman, originell

dealing - handelnd; (deal) handelnd

refer - verweisen; überweisen (an)

admirably - bewundernswert

"I wish Miss Lavish would tell me herself. We started such friends. But I don't think she ought to have run away with Baedeker that morning in Santa Croce. Charlotte was most annoyed at finding me practically alone, and so I couldn't help being a little annoyed with Miss Lavish."

most annoyed - unmutigste

practically - praktisch

"The two ladies, at all events, have made it up."

He was interested in the sudden friendship between women so apparently dissimilar as Miss Bartlett and Miss Lavish. They were always in each other's company, with Lucy a slighted third. Miss Lavish he believed he understood, but Miss Bartlett might reveal unknown depths of strangeness, though not perhaps, of meaning. Was Italy deflecting her from the path of prim chaperon, which he had assigned to her at Tunbridge Wells?

sudden - plötzlich, jäh

friendship - Freundschaft

dissimilar - unähnlich; ungleich

slighted - beleidigt; geringfügig, leicht, gering, unbedeutend, wenig

third - dritte; Dritter, Dritte, Drittel, Drittel, Terz, dreiteilen

reveal - enthüllen; offenbaren

strangeness - Seltsamkeit; Fremdartigkeit, Fremdheit

deflecting - ablenken, abfälschen, abwehren, ausweichen, abweichen

prim - steif

assigned - zugewiesen; zuweisen, zuteilen, zuweisen

All his life he had loved to study maiden ladies; they were his specialty, and his profession had provided him with ample opportunities for the work. Girls like Lucy were charming to look at, but Mr. Beebe was, from rather profound reasons, somewhat chilly in his attitude towards the other sex, and preferred to be interested rather than enthralled.

maiden - Jungfrau

specialty - Spezialität

profession - Bekenntnis; Beruf, Profession, Profess, Gelübde

provided - zur Verfügung gestellt; sorgen, den Unterhalt sichern, besorgen

ample - reichlich; groß, umfangreich, üppig

opportunities - Möglichkeiten; Gelegenheit, Chance, Möglichkeit, Gelegenheit

profound - tiefgründig; tiefgehend, profund

chilly - frostig, kalt, kühl

attitude - Haltung; Einstellung, Attitüde, Orientierung, Ausrichtung

enthralled - verzaubert; bezaubern

Lucy, for the third time, said that poor Charlotte would be sopped. The Arno was rising in flood, washing away the traces of the little carts upon the foreshore. But in the south-west there had appeared a dull haze of yellow, which might mean better weather if it did not mean worse.

flood - Hochwasser; Flut; überschwemmen, überfluten, überfüllen

washing away - (wash away) wegschwemmen, abschwemmen

traces - Spuren; Zeichen, Spur

carts - Pferdewagen, Wagen, Karren

dull - stumpf; fad, langweilig, matt, blöd, blöde

She opened the window to inspect, and a cold blast entered the room, drawing a plaintive cry from Miss Catharine Alan, who entered at the same moment by the door.

inspect - begutachten, untersuchen, inspizieren, prüfen

blast - schlagen, vernichten, sprengen; mit Wucht schießen; Bö

plaintive - traurig, wehleidig, klagend, Klage

cry - weinen; schreien; rufen; Weinen; Schrei

"Oh, dear Miss Honeychurch, you will catch a chill! And Mr. Beebe here besides. Who would suppose this is Italy? There is my sister actually nursing the hot-water can; no comforts or proper provisions."

catch - Fang; Haken; fangen; einfangen; verstehen, begreifen, bekommen

chill - chillen; Mutlosigkeit, Frostgefühl

actually - eigentlich, tatsächlich, in Wirklichkeit, in Wahrheit

comforts - Annehmlichkeiten; Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit, Komfort, Trost

Provisions - Bestimmungen; Vorrat-p

She sidled towards them and sat down, self-conscious as she always was on entering a room which contained one man, or a man and one woman.

sidled - geschlängelt; schleichen

self - Selbst

entering - eintreten; eingegeben; (enter); reingehen, hineingehen

"I could hear your beautiful playing, Miss Honeychurch, though I was in my room with the door shut. Doors shut; indeed, most necessary. No one has the least idea of privacy in this country. And one person catches it from another."

shut - geschlossen; (to shut) schließen, zumachen

most necessary - allerwenigst

privacy - Zurückgezogenheit, Privatsphäre, Privatheit

catches - fängt; Fang, Fang, Haken, Fang, fangen, fangen, einfangen

Lucy answered suitably. Mr. Beebe was not able to tell the ladies of his adventure at Modena, where the chambermaid burst in upon him in his bath, exclaiming cheerfully, "Fa niente, sono vecchia." He contented himself with saying: "I quite agree with you, Miss Alan. The Italians are a most unpleasant people. They pry everywhere, they see everything, and they know what we want before we know it ourselves. We are at their mercy. They read our thoughts, they foretell our desires.

suitably - angemessen; geeignet, passend

chambermaid - Stubenmädchen, Zimmermädchen, Zimmerfrau

burst in - hereinplatzen;hereingeplatzt

Fa - Fußballverband

contented - Zufrieden; (to be content with) sich mit etwas begnügen

I quite agree - Ich bin der gleichen Meinung.

most unpleasant - unangenehmste

pry - ausspähen; neugierig sein

ourselves - uns selbst; uns

mercy - Barmherzigkeit, Erbarmen, Gnade, Mitleid

foretell - vorhersagen

desires - Sehnsüchte; begehren, begehren, Begehren

From the cab-driver down to"to Giotto, they turn us inside out, and I resent it. Yet in their heart of hearts they are"how superficial! They have no conception of the intellectual life. How right is Signora Bertolini, who exclaimed to me the other day: ˜Ho, Mr. Beebe, if you knew what I suffer over the children's edjucaishion. Hi won't 'ave my little Victorier taught by a hignorant Italian what can't explain nothink!'"

cab-driver - (cab-driver) Fiaker

resent - zurückgesandt; verübeln

hearts - Herzen; Herz, Herzstück

superficial - oberflächlich

ave - Straße, Allee

no conception of - keine Ahnung von ...

intellectual - intellektuell; Intellektueller, Intellektuelle

suffer - leiden; erleiden

nothink - nichts

Miss Alan did not follow, but gathered that she was being mocked in an agreeable way. Her sister was a little disappointed in Mr. Beebe, having expected better things from a clergyman whose head was bald and who wore a pair of russet whiskers. Indeed, who would have supposed that tolerance, sympathy, and a sense of humour would inhabit that militant form?

gathered - gesammelt; sammeln, versammeln

mocked - verspottet; Nachahmung, Imitation, Parodie, Veralberung

agreeable - angenehm; verträglich, liebenswürdig, gefällig

disappointed - enttäuscht; enttäuschen, vorenthalten, berauben

expected - erwartet; erwarten, erwarten, erwarten

bald - kahl, glatzköpfig; q

russet - Rotbraun; Renette; rostbraun

supposed - angenommen; annehmen, vermuten, vermeinen, vermuten, annehmen

tolerance - Toleranz

inhabit - bewohnen

militant - militant, kämpferisch

In the midst of her satisfaction she continued to sidle, and at last the cause was disclosed. From the chair beneath her she extracted a gun-metal cigarette-case, on which were powdered in turquoise the initials "E. L."

sidle - schlängeln; schleichen

cause - Ursache, Anlass, Grund, verursachen, auslösen, lassen

disclosed - offengelegt; enthüllen, veröffentlichen, bekanntgeben

beneath - unter

extracted - extrahiert; Auszug, Auszug, Extrakt

gun - Waffe; Geschütz, Gewehr, Knarre, Revolver

metal - Metall; Metal

cigarette - Zigarette, Kippe

case - Fall; Gehäuse, Prozess, Kiste, Fach

powdered - pulverisiert; Puder, g

turquoise - Türkis; Türkis; aus Türkis

initials - Initialen; anfänglich, ursprünglich, anfänglich, erster

"That belongs to Lavish." said the clergyman. "A good fellow, Lavish, but I wish she'd start a pipe."

pipe - Flöte; Orgelpfeife; Rohr; senkrechter Strich

"Oh, Mr. Beebe," said Miss Alan, divided between awe and mirth. "Indeed, though it is dreadful for her to smoke, it is not quite as dreadful as you suppose. She took to it, practically in despair, after her life's work was carried away in a landslip. Surely that makes it more excusable."

divided - geteilt; aufteilen, teilen, einteilen, teilen, dividieren

mirth - Fröhlichkeit, Belustigung, Freude

smoke - rauchen; Rauch

carried away - davongetragen

landslip - Erdrutsch

excusable - entschuldbar

"What was that?" asked Lucy.

Mr. Beebe sat back complacently, and Miss Alan began as follows: "It was a novel"and I am afraid, from what I can gather, not a very nice novel. It is so sad when people who have abilities misuse them, and I must say they nearly always do. Anyhow, she left it almost finished in the Grotto of the Calvary at the Capuccini Hotel at Amalfi while she went for a little ink. She said: ˜Can I have a little ink, please?'But you know what Italians are, and meanwhile the Grotto fell roaring on to the beach, and the saddest thing of all is that she cannot remember what she has written. The poor thing was very ill after it, and so got tempted into cigarettes.

complacently - selbstgefällig

gather - sammeln, versammeln

abilities - Fähigkeiten; Fähigkeit

misuse - missbrauchen; Missbrauch

anyhow - irgendwie

grotto - Grotte

ink - Tinte

Meanwhile - In der Zwischenzeit; währenddessen, inzwischen, derweil

roaring - brüllend; Gebrüll; (roar); brüllen; Tosen; Brüllen; Aufheulen

tempted - in Versuchung; in Versuchung führen, versuchen, locken

cigarettes - Zigaretten; Zigarette, Kippe

It is a great secret, but I am glad to say that she is writing another novel. She told Teresa and Miss Pole the other day that she had got up all the local colour"this novel is to be about modern Italy; the other was historical"but that she could not start till she had an idea. First she tried Perugia for an inspiration, then she came here"this must on no account get round. And so cheerful through it all! I cannot help thinking that there is something to admire in everyone, even if you do not approve of them."

pole - Pfahl; (North Pole) Nordpol

historical - historisch

inspiration - Einatmung, Einatmen, Einschnaufen, göttliche Eingebung

on no account - in keinem Fall, unter (gar) keinen Umständen

admire - bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

Miss Alan was always thus being charitable against her better judgement. A delicate pathos perfumed her disconnected remarks, giving them unexpected beauty, just as in the decaying autumn woods there sometimes rise odours reminiscent of spring. She felt she had made almost too many allowances, and apologized hurriedly for her toleration.

charitable - wohltätig

judgement - Urteilsvermögen; Urteil, Beurteilung

perfumed - parfümiert; Duft, Parfüm

disconnected - abgetrennt; trennen, unterbrechen, trennen, trennen

remarks - Bemerkungen; bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

decaying - verrotten; Verfall, Verwesung, Fäulnis, verfallen, verderben

woods - Wälder; Holz

rise - steigen; Kursanstieg; Aufgang, Gehaltszulage, Aufschwung

odours - Gerüche; Geruch

reminiscent - Erinnern

allowances - Zulagen; Erlaubnis

apologized - entschuldigt; entschuldigen

hurriedly - eilig, hastig, schleuning

toleration - Duldung

"All the same, she is a little too"I hardly like to say unwomanly, but she behaved most strangely when the Emersons arrived."

unwomanly - unweiblich

behaved - benommen; benehmen

strangely - seltsame, merkwürdige

Mr. Beebe smiled as Miss Alan plunged into an anecdote which he knew she would be unable to finish in the presence of a gentleman.

plunged - stürzte; eintauchen, tauchen

anecdote - Anekdote

unable - unfähig, untauglich

gentleman - Herr; Herr, meine Herren

"I don't know, Miss Honeychurch, if you have noticed that Miss Pole, the lady who has so much yellow hair, takes lemonade. That old Mr. Emerson, who puts things very strangely""

lemonade - Limonade, Zitrone, Brause, Limo

Her jaw dropped. She was silent. Mr. Beebe, whose social resources were endless, went out to order some tea, and she continued to Lucy in a hasty whisper:

jaw - Kiefer, Maul

dropped - fallen gelassen; fallen lassen, senken, weglassen, aufgeben

social - kontaktfreudig, gesellig, sozial, Sozial-, gesellschaftlich

resources - Ressourcen; Betriebsmittel, Hilfsquelle, Ressource

endless - endlos, unbegrenzt, unbeschränkt, unendlich

hasty - voreilig; hastig, eilig

whisper - Geflüster, Flüstern, Wispern

"Stomach. He warned Miss Pole of her stomach-acidity, he called it"and he may have meant to be kind. I must say I forgot myself and laughed; it was so sudden. As Teresa truly said, it was no laughing matter. But the point is that Miss Lavish was positively attracted by his mentioning S., and said she liked plain speaking, and meeting different grades of thought. She thought they were commercial travellersdrummers'was the word she used"and all through dinner she tried to prove that England, our great and beloved country, rests on nothing but commerce. Teresa was very much annoyed, and left the table before the cheese, saying as she did so: ˜There, Miss Lavish, is one who can confute you better than I,'and pointed to that beautiful picture of Lord Tennyson. Then Miss Lavish said: ˜Tut! The early Victorians.'Just imagine! ˜Tut! The early Victorians.'My sister had gone, and I felt bound to speak. I said: ˜Miss Lavish, I am an early Victorian; at least, that is to say, I will hear no breath of censure against our dear Queen.'It was horrible speaking. I reminded her how the Queen had been to Ireland when she did not want to go, and I must say she was dumbfounded, and made no reply.

stomach - Magen; Bauch

warned - gewarnt; warnen, mahnen, warnen

acidity - Säuregehalt; Acidität, Azidität

matter - Materie; Masse, Substanz, Stoff, Angelegenheit, Anlass

positively - positiv

attracted - angezogen; anziehen, anziehen (1, 2)

mentioning - zu erwähnen; Erwähnung, erwähnen

plain - unscheinbar, einfach, vollständige, ehrlich

grades - Noten; Note, Note, Zensur, Grad, Sorte, Klasse

commercial - Werbung; kommerziell

travellers - Reisender, Reisende

drummers - Schlagzeuger

Prove - er/sie hat/hatte bewiesen, beweisen, erhärten

beloved - beliebt, geliebt, Liebe, Liebchen, Liebling; (belove); beliebt

rests - ruht; Ruhe, Stütze, Lehne, ein Ăśbriges; bleiben, ruhen

commerce - Handel, Kommerz

annoyed - verärgert; stören, ärgern, belästigen, nerven, verägern

confute - widerlegen

Lord - Gebieter; Herr; herrschen

Just imagine - Denken Sie nur!

Victorian - Viktorianisch

breath - Atmen, Atmung, Atemzug, Atem, Atempause

censure - Misstrauen; Tadel, Zurechtweisung, Kritik, Ermahnung

reminded - Erinnert; erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

dumbfounded - verblüfft; verblüffen

But, unluckily, Mr. Emerson overheard this part, and called in his deep voice: ˜Quite so, quite so! I honour the woman for her Irish visit.'The woman! I tell things so badly; but you see what a tangle we were in by this time, all on account of S. having been mentioned in the first place. But that was not all. After dinner Miss Lavish actually came up and said: ˜Miss Alan, I am going into the smoking-room to talk to those two nice men. Come, too.'Needless to say, I refused such an unsuitable invitation, and she had the impertinence to tell me that it would broaden my ideas, and said that she had four brothers, all University men, except one who was in the army, who always made a point of talking to commercial travellers."

unluckily - unglücklicherweise, unglücklich

overheard - mitgehört; zufällig mit anhören

deep - tief, tiefgründig, dunkel, Tiefe

honour - Ehrung, Ehre; ehren; beehren, akzeptieren, annehmen, honorieren

Irish - Irisch

badly - schlecht

on account - auf Rechnung

needless - unnötig, überflüssig

unsuitable - ungeeignet

invitation - Einladung, Einladen

impertinence - Unverfrorenheit; Unbedeutendheit, Unerheblichkeit

broaden - verbreitern; weiten

army - Heer, Landstreitkräfte, Armee, Heeresamt

"Let me finish the story," said Mr. Beebe, who had returned.

"Miss Lavish tried Miss Pole, myself, everyone, and finally said: ˜I shall go alone.'She went. At the end of five minutes she returned unobtrusively with a green baize board, and began playing patience."

finally - schließlich; endlich; definitiv, checkletztendlich

unobtrusively - unaufdringlich

baize - der Fries

board - Brett, Tafel

patience - Geduld

"Whatever happened?" cried Lucy.

"No one knows. No one will ever know. Miss Lavish will never dare to tell, and Mr. Emerson does not think it worth telling."

dare - sich getrauen, wagen, jemanden herausfordern

"Mr. Beebe"old Mr. Emerson, is he nice or not nice? I do so want to know."

Mr. Beebe laughed and suggested that she should settle the question for herself.

settle - regeln; abklären

"No; but it is so difficult. Sometimes he is so silly, and then I do not mind him. Miss Alan, what do you think? Is he nice?"

The little old lady shook her head, and sighed disapprovingly. Mr. Beebe, whom the conversation amused, stirred her up by saying:

shook - geschüttelt; (to shake) erschüttern, schütteln

disapprovingly - missbilligend

amused - amüsiert; amüsieren, vergnügen, belustigen, erheitern

stirred - gerührt; erschüttern, bewegen, sich rühren

"I consider that you are bound to class him as nice, Miss Alan, after that business of the violets."

"Violets? Oh, dear! Who told you about the violets? How do things get round? A pension is a bad place for gossips. No, I cannot forget how they behaved at Mr. Eager's lecture at Santa Croce. Oh, poor Miss Honeychurch! It really was too bad. No, I have quite changed. I do not like the Emersons. They are not nice."

gossips - Klatsch und Tratsch; Tratsche, Tratschtante, Klatschtante

Mr. Beebe smiled nonchalantly. He had made a gentle effort to introduce the Emersons into Bertolini society, and the effort had failed. He was almost the only person who remained friendly to them.

nonchalantly - nonchalant

gentle - liebenswürdig; einfühlsam, sanftmütig, gemächlich, sachte

Society - Gesellschaft

failed - gescheitert; mangelhaft (Zensur 5)

remained - geblieben; Überrest (2), de

Miss Lavish, who represented intellect, was avowedly hostile, and now the Miss Alans, who stood for good breeding, were following her. Miss Bartlett, smarting under an obligation, would scarcely be civil. The case of Lucy was different. She had given him a hazy account of her adventures in Santa Croce, and he gathered that the two men had made a curious and possibly concerted attempt to annex her, to show her the world from their own strange standpoint, to interest her in their private sorrows and joys. This was impertinent; he did not wish their cause to be championed by a young girl: he would rather it should fail. After all, he knew nothing about them, and pension joys, pension sorrows, are flimsy things; whereas Lucy would be his parishioner.

represented - vorstellen, darstellen, vertreten

avowedly - erklärtermaßen

hostile - feindlich, feindselig, gegnerisch, unversöhnlich, antagonistisch

stood for - (stand for) bedeuten

smarting - schmerzen; pfiffig, pfiffig, fesch, elegant, listig

civil - zivil, bürgerlich, zivilisiert

hazy - verschwommen; dunstig, diesig, trüb, getrübt

adventures - Abenteuern; Abenteuer

Curious - neugierig, sonderbar, merkwürdig

Possibly - vielleicht, eventuell, möglicherweise, negated: unmöglich

attempt - versuchen; Versuch, Bestreben, Bestrebung, Anschlag, Attentat

annex - annektieren, anfügen; Anhang

standpoint - Standpunkt, Sichtweise

private - privat; privat

sorrows - Kummer, Traurigkeit, Trauer, Sorge, Kümmernis, Leiden

joys - Freuden; Wonne (Freude, Vergnügen); Freude (über)

championed - verfechtet; Sieger, Siegerin, Gewinner, Gewinnerin, Meister

fail - mangelhaft (Zensur 5)

flimsy - fadenscheinig; zart, schwach, leicht, zerbrechlich

whereas - wohingegen, wogegen, während, wobei

parishioner - Gemeindemitglied, Pfarrkind

Lucy, with one eye upon the weather, finally said that she thought the Emersons were nice; not that she saw anything of them now. Even their seats at dinner had been moved.

"But aren't they always waylaying you to go out with them, dear?" said the little lady inquisitively.

waylaying - wegelagern, auflauern, auflauern

inquisitively - neugierig

"Only once. Charlotte didn't like it, and said something"quite politely, of course."

politely - höflich

"most right of her. They don't understand our ways. They must find their level."

most right - richtigste

level - Niveau; eben; auf gleicher Höhe

Mr. Beebe rather felt that they had gone under. They had given up their attempt"if it was one"to conquer society, and now the father was almost as silent as the son. He wondered whether he would not plan a pleasant day for these folk before they left"some expedition, perhaps, with Lucy well chaperoned to be nice to them. It was one of Mr. Beebe's chief pleasures to provide people with happy memories.

conquer - erobern

folk - Volk

chaperoned - Anstandswauwau; Anstandsdame, Chaperon

chief - Häuptling, Oberhaupt, Chef

pleasures - Vergnügungen; Vergnügen

provide - bieten; sorgen, den Unterhalt sichern, besorgen, beschaffen

memories - Erinnerungen; Gedächtnis

Evening approached while they chatted; the air became brighter; the colours on the trees and hills were purified, and the Arno lost its muddy solidity and began to twinkle. There were a few streaks of bluish-green among the clouds, a few patches of watery light upon the earth, and then the dripping façade of San Miniato shone brilliantly in the declining sun.

chatted - geplaudert; Unterhaltung, Plausch, Schwatz; sich unterhalten

brighter - heller; fröhlich, aufgeweckt, leuchtend, klar, hell

purified - gereinigt; reinigen, rein machen

Muddy - trübe, schlammig

solidity - Festigkeit

Twinkle - funkeln; zwinkern

streaks - Schliere, Später Ginsterspanner, schlieren, flitzen

bluish - bläulich

clouds - Wolken; verschleiern

patches - notdürftig reparieren, reparieren, einsetzen; Flicken

watery - wässrig

shone - leuchtete; schimmern, wienern; Schein; putzen (Schuhe)

brilliantly - glänzend, brillant

declining - Sinken

"Too late to go out," said Miss Alan in a voice of relief. "All the galleries are shut."

galleries - Galerien; Galerie, Galerie, Galerie, Galerie

"I think I shall go out," said Lucy. "I want to go round the town in the circular tram"on the platform by the driver."

go round - umgehen, umrunden, kursieren

circular - Kreis

platform - Plattform, Podest, Programm, Parteiprogramm, Grundsatzprogramm

Her two companions looked grave. Mr. Beebe, who felt responsible for her in the absence of Miss Bartlett, ventured to say:

Companions - Gefährten; Begleiter, Freund, Liebhaber, Kamerad, Gefährte

responsible - verantwortlich; vernünftig; verantwortungsvoll; zuverlässig

absence - Abwesenheit, Absenz, Fehlen, Absence

ventured - gewagt; Wagnis

"I wish we could. Unluckily I have letters. If you do want to go out alone, won't you be better on your feet?"

"Italians, dear, you know," said Miss Alan.

"Perhaps I shall meet someone who reads me through and through!"

But they still looked disapproval, and she so far conceded to Mr. Beebe as to say that she would only go for a little walk, and keep to the street frequented by tourists.

conceded - zugestanden; zugeben, zugestehen, einräumen, zugestehen

frequented - frequentiert; häufig; aufsuchen

"She oughtn't really to go at all," said Mr. Beebe, as they watched her from the window, "and she knows it. I put it down to too much Beethoven."

oughtn - sollte

Chapter IV. Fourth Chapter

Mr. Beebe was right. Lucy never knew her desires so clearly as after music. She had not really appreciated the clergyman's wit, nor the suggestive twitterings of Miss Alan. Conversation was tedious; she wanted something big, and she believed that it would have come to her on the wind-swept platform of an electric tram. This she might not attempt. It was unladylike. Why? Why were most big things unladylike? Charlotte had once explained to her why.

appreciated - gewürdigt; zu schätzen wissen, würdigen, zu schätzen wissen

suggestive - suggestiv

twitterings - (to twitter) zwitschern, piepen

tedious - ermüdend, langweilig, langwierig, lästig

swept - gekehrt; fegen, kehren, fegen, rauschen, auf den Kopf stellen

It was not that ladies were inferior to men; it was that they were different. Their mission was to inspire others to achievement rather than to achieve themselves. Indirectly, by means of tact and a spotless name, a lady could accomplish much. But if she rushed into the fray herself she would be first censured, then despised, and finally ignored. Poems had been written to illustrate this point.

inferior - untergeordnet, nachgeordnet, unterlegen, tiefer, minderwertig

mission - Auftrag; Mission

inspire - inspirieren; beatmen, einhauchen, einflößen, checkbegeistern

achieve - erreichen, realisieren, schaffen, erlangen

indirectly - indirekt

spotless - makellos; fleckenlos

accomplish - zu erreichen; vollenden

rushed - überstürzt; stürzen, drängen, hetzen, rasen; Eile, Andrang

fray - Gefecht (auch fig.), Schlägerei; ausfransen

ignored - ignoriert; ignorieren, missachten

poems - Gedichte; Gedicht

illustrate - veranschaulichen; illustrieren

There is much that is immortal in this medieval lady. The dragons have gone, and so have the knights, but still she lingers in our midst. She reigned in many an early Victorian castle, and was Queen of much early Victorian song. It is sweet to protect her in the intervals of business, sweet to pay her honour when she has cooked our dinner well. But alas! the creature grows degenerate. In her heart also there are springing up strange desires. She too is enamoured of heavy winds, and vast panoramas, and green expanses of the sea.

immortal - unsterblich; unvergesslich

medieval - mittelalterlich

dragons - Drachen, Drache

Knights - Springer (Schach), Ritter, Pferd

lingers - verweilt; herumlungern, verzögern, Zeit brauchen, verweilen

reigned - herrschte; Herrschaft, Regentschaft, Regentschaft, herrschen

castle - Burg, Festung, Schloss, rochieren

sweet - Süßigkeit, Bonbon

protect - schützen, beschützen

intervals - Intervalle; Abstand, Zwischenraum, Intervall

Alas - leider [Gottes]; (ala) leider [Gottes]

degenerate - entartet; widernatürlich, dekadent, degeneriert, Asozialer

enamoured - verliebt machen

vast - riesig; beträchtlich, weit, ausgedehnt, enorm

panoramas - Panoramen; Panorama

expanses - Weiten; Fläche, Ausdehnung, Weite

She has marked the kingdom of this world, how full it is of wealth, and beauty, and war"a radiant crust, built around the central fires, spinning towards the receding heavens. Men, declaring that she inspires them to it, move joyfully over the surface, having the most delightful meetings with other men, happy, not because they are masculine, but because they are alive. Before the show breaks up she would like to drop the august title of the Eternal Woman, and go there as her transitory self.

marked - markiert; Markus, Markus, Markus

wealth - Reichtum, Vermögen, Fülle

war - Krieg; Krieg führen

radiant - strahlend; Radiant

crust - Kruste, Rinde

central - zentral, mittig

spinning - Spinnen; (spinning-wheel) Spinnrad; (spin) Spinnen; (spinning-wheel) Spinnrad

receding - zurückgehen; zurücktreten

heavens - Himmel, Firmament

inspires - inspiriert; inspirieren, inspirieren, beatmen, einhauchen

joyfully - freudig

most delightful - entzückendste

meetings - Versammlung, Treffen, Sitzung

masculine - männlich, maskulin, Maskulinum; maskulines Genus

drop - fallen lassen, senken, weglassen, aufgeben

Lucy does not stand for the medieval lady, who was rather an ideal to which she was bidden to lift her eyes when feeling serious. Nor has she any system of revolt. Here and there a restriction annoyed her particularly, and she would transgress it, and perhaps be sorry that she had done so.

Ideal - ideal, bestmöglich, optimal, vollendet

bidden - verboten; Angebot, reizen, Gebot, Bieten, bieten

lift - Lüften (Bremse), Lift, Aufzug; fördern, Auftrieb geben, heben

system - System, Ordnung, Verbund, Akkolade

revolt - revoltieren; Revolte

restriction - Beschränkung, Verbot, Einschränkung

transgress - überschreiten, übertreten

be sorry - bereuen, bedauern

This afternoon she was peculiarly restive. She would really like to do something of which her well-wishers disapproved. As she might not go on the electric tram, she went to Alinari's shop.

restive - unruhig

wishers - (wish) wünschen, möchten

disapproved - missbilligt; missbilligen

There she bought a photograph of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus." Venus, being a pity, spoilt the picture, otherwise so charming, and Miss Bartlett had persuaded her to Do without it. (A pity in art of course signified the nude.) Giorgione's "Tempesta," the "Idolino," some of the Sistine frescoes and the Apoxyomenos, were added to it.

birth - Geburt; Niederkunft, Ursprung, Herkunft

Venus - Venus, Venus

pity - Mitleid; schade; bemitleiden, Mitleid haben mit

otherwise - sonst

persuaded - überredet; überreden, gewinnen, verführen, bestechen

Do without it - Verzichte darauf!

signified - bedeutet; Signifikat; (signify); bedeuten

nude - nackt, bloß, fleischfarben, hautfarben, Akt

She felt a little calmer then, and bought Fra Angelico's "Coronation," Giotto's "Ascension of St. John," some Della Robbia babies, and some Guido Reni Madonnas. For her taste was catholic, and she extended uncritical approval to every well-known name.

calmer - ruhiger; ruhig, ruhig, windstill, Ruhe, Windstille, beruhigen

coronation - Krönung

Madonnas - Madonnen; Madonna

taste - Geschmack, Schmecken, kosten, probieren

Catholic - Katholisch; umfassend, allumfassend, universal

uncritical - unkritisch

approval - Genehmigung, Billigung, Erlaubnis, Zustimmung

But though she spent nearly seven lire, the gates of liberty seemed still unopened. She was conscious of her discontent; it was new to her to be conscious of it. "The world," she thought, "is certainly full of beautiful things, if only I could come across them." It was not surprising that Mrs. Honeychurch disapproved of music, declaring that it always left her daughter peevish, unpractical, and touchy.

lire - die Lire

gates - Tor, Flugsteig, Pforte, Schranke

liberty - Freiheit

unopened - ungeöffnet

discontent - Unzufriedenheit

surprising - überraschend, verwunderlich

unpractical - unpraktisch

"Nothing ever happens to me," she reflected, as she entered the Piazza Signoria and looked nonchalantly at its marvels, now fairly familiar to her. The great square was in shadow; the sunshine had come too late to strike it. Neptune was already unsubstantial in the twilight, half god, half ghost, and his fountain plashed dreamily to the men and satyrs who idled together on its marge.

reflected - reflektiert; reflektieren, zurückspiegeln, spiegeln

marvels - Erstaunen; wundern

fairly - gerecht

strike - streichen; schlagen; prägen; streiken; scheinen; die Fahne streichen; Strike; Streik; Schlag

Neptune - Neptun, Neptun

unsubstantial - unbedeutend

twilight - Dämmerung, Zwielicht, Halbdunkel

ghost - Gespenst, Geist, Phantom, Spuk

fountain - Springbrunnen; Fontäne

plashed - geplatzt; platschen

satyrs - Satyrn; Satyr

idled - im Leerlauf; träge, nicht in Betrieb, faul, nutzlos

marge - Margarine

The Loggia showed as the triple entrance of a cave, wherein many a deity, shadowy, but immortal, looking forth upon the arrivals and departures of mankind. It was the hour of unreality"the hour, that is, when unfamiliar things are real. An older person at such an hour and in such a place might think that sufficient was happening to him, and rest content. Lucy desired more.

loggia - Loggia

triple - dreifach; verdreifachen

entrance - Eingang, Einfahrt, Antritt

cave - nachgeben, aufgeben; Höhle

wherein - worin

Deity - Gott, Gottheit

shadowy - schattenhaft; schattig

arrivals - Ankünfte; Ankunft

departures - Abflüge; Abfahrt, qualifier

mankind - die Menschheit; Menschheit, Menschengeschlecht, Mann

unreality - Unwirklichkeit

sufficient - genügend, ausreichend, hinreichend

rest - Ruhe, Stütze, Lehne, ein Ăśbriges; bleiben, ruhen, ausruhen

content - Inhalt; (to be content with) sich mit etwas begnügen

desired - gewünscht; begehren, begehren, Begehren

She fixed her eyes wistfully on the tower of the palace, which rose out of the lower darkness like a pillar of roughened gold. It seemed no longer a tower, no longer supported by earth, but some unattainable treasure throbbing in the tranquil sky. Its brightness mesmerized her, still dancing before her eyes when she bent them to the ground and started towards home.

fixed - repariert; reparieren, flicken, fixieren, befestigen

wistfully - wehmütig

Palace - Palast; Schloss

darkness - Dunkelheit, Finsternis

pillar - Pfeiler, Säule

roughened - aufgeraut; aufrauen, anrauen, rau machen, rauen, rau werden

gold - Gold

unattainable - unerreichbar, nicht machbar

treasure - Schatz; schätzen

throbbing - Pochen; klopfend; (throb); klopfen, schlagen, pochen, pulsieren

tranquil - ruhig, gelassen

brightness - Funkeln, Glanz, Helligkeit, Aufgewecktheit

Mesmerized - Mesmerisiert; faszinieren, fesseln

bent - verbogen; (to bend) sich niederbeugen, verbiegen

ground - Masse (elektrisch); Erdboden, Grund, Boden

Then something did happen.

Two Italians by the Loggia had been bickering about a debt. "Cinque lire," they had cried, "cinque lire!" They sparred at each other, and one of them was hit lightly upon the chest. He frowned; he bent towards Lucy with a look of interest, as if he had an important message for her. He opened his lips to deliver it, and a stream of red came out between them and trickled down his unshaven chin.

bickering - Gezänk; sich zanken

debt - Schuld, Verbindlichkeit, Verpflichtung, Schulden

sparred - sparren; Sparring; Holm (Tragfläche); Holm (Rotorblatt); boxen

hit - getroffen; schlagen

lightly - leichtfertig; leicht

chest - Kiste, Brustkasten, Brust, Koffer

frowned - die Stirn gerunzelt; die Stirn runzeln

deliver - erlösen, befreien, gebären, liefern, abliefern

stream - Bach; Strom; Datenstrom; strömen; streamen

trickled - getropft; Rinnsal

unshaven - unrasiert

chin - Kinn

That was all. A crowd rose out of the dusk. It hid this extraordinary man from her, and bore him away to the fountain. Mr. George Emerson happened to be a few paces away, looking at her across the spot where the man had been. How very odd! Across something. Even as she caught sight of him he grew dim; the palace itself grew dim, swayed above her, fell on to her softly, slowly, noiselessly, and the sky fell with it.

crowd - Menschenmenge, Masse

dusk - Abenddämmerung

hid - versteckt; (hide) verstecken

paces - Schritte; Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

spot - Fleck, Punkt, Pickel, Pustel, Bisschen, Stelle, Ort, Werbespot

sight - Sehenswürdigkeit, Gesicht, Visier, erblicken, anvisieren

dim - schummrig; trüb; dämmerig, dunkel

itself - von selbst, von allein, sich selbst

swayed - schwankte; Schwingen

softly - sachte; leise

noiselessly - geräuschlos

She thought: "Oh, what have I done?"

"Oh, what have I done?" she murmured, and opened her eyes.

George Emerson still looked at her, but not across anything. She had complained of dullness, and lo! one man was stabbed, and another held her in his arms.

dullness - Langweiligkeit; Unlust, Dummheit

stabbed - erstochen; Stich (Messer-); erstechen

They were sitting on some steps in the Uffizi Arcade. He must have carried her. He rose when she spoke, and began to dust his knees. She repeated:

Arcade - Arkade; Laube; Spielhalle, Spielothek

"Oh, what have I done?"

"You fainted."

fainted - in Ohnmacht gefallen; leise, schwach, undeutlich

"I"I am very sorry."

"How are you now?"

"Perfectly well"absolutely well." And she began to nod and smile.

absolutely - absolut, durchaus, total, unbedingt

nod - nicken; einnicken; Kopfnicken

smile - Lächeln

"Then let us come home. There's no point in our stopping."

He held out his hand to pull her up. She pretended not to see it. The cries from the fountain"they had never ceased"rang emptily. The whole world seemed pale and void of its original meaning.

pretended - vorgetäuscht; vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun

cries - weint; weinen, schreien, schreien, rufen, Weinen

ceased - eingestellt; aufhören, aufhören, einstellen

emptily - leere

void - nichtig

"How very kind you have been! I might have hurt myself falling. But now I am well. I can go alone, thank you."

His hand was still extended.

"Oh, my photographs!" she exclaimed suddenly.

"What photographs?"

"I bought some photographs at Alinari's. I must have dropped them out there in the square." She looked at him cautiously. "Would you add to your kindness by fetching them?"

cautiously - behutsam; vorsichtig

fetching - abholen; holen, einfangen, abrufen, apportieren

He added to his kindness. As soon as he had turned his back, Lucy arose with the running of a maniac and stole down the arcade towards the Arno.

arose - entstanden ist; sich erheben, aufstehen, entstehen, auftreten

maniac - Wahnsinnig; Irrer, Irre

Stole - Gestohlen; (to steal) stehlen, klauen, rauben; (steal); stehlen

"Miss Honeychurch!"

She stopped with her hand on her heart.

"You sit still; you aren't fit to go home alone."

"Yes, I am, thank you so very much."

"No, you aren't. You'd go openly if you were."

openly - offen, öffentlich

"But I had rather""

"Then I don't fetch your photographs."

fetch - holen, einfangen, abrufen, apportieren

"I had rather be alone."

He said imperiously: "The man is dead"the man is probably dead; sit down till you are rested." She was bewildered, and obeyed him. "And don't move till I come back."

imperiously - gebieterisch

dead - tot, gestorben, leblos, bewegungslos, regungslos, erstarrt

rested - ausgeruht; Ruhe, Stütze, Lehne, ein Ăśbriges; bleiben, ruhen

obeyed - gehorcht; gehorchen, befolgen

In the distance she saw creatures with black hoods, such as appear in dreams. The palace tower had lost the reflection of the declining day, and joined itself to earth. How should she talk to Mr. Emerson when he returned from the shadowy square? Again the thought occurred to her, "Oh, what have I done?""the thought that she, as well as the dying man, had crossed some spiritual boundary.

distance - Distanz, Entfernung, Abstand, Ferne, Weite, entfernen

hoods - Hauben; Motorhaube; Kühlerhaube; Kapuze, Haube

appear - erscheinen, auftauchen, auftreten

dreams - Traum, Traum, t+Wunsch, träumen, träumen, t+wünschen, träumen

reflection - Reflexion, Abbild, Reflektion, Abwägung

occurred - aufgetreten; passieren, vorkommen, stattfinden, vorkommen

dying - (to die) sterben, umkommen; (dye) (to die) sterben, umkommen

crossed - gekreuzt; Kreuz

boundary - Grenze; Grenzen; Rand

He returned, and she talked of the murder. oddly enough, it was an easy topic. She spoke of the Italian character; she became almost garrulous over the incident that had made her faint five minutes before. Being strong physically, she soon overcame the horror of blood.

murder - Mord, mörderisch, ermorden, massakrieren, umbringen

oddly enough - seltsamerweise, sonderbarerweise

character - Figur, Person, Charakter, Original, Buchstabe, Zeichen

garrulous - geschwätzig

incident - Vorfall, Begebenheit, Ereignis, Geschehnis

faint - leise, schwach, undeutlich, ohnmächtig werden

physically - physisch; physikalisch

overcame - überwunden; überwinden

horror - Angst, Furcht, Horror, Grauen

blood - anbluten

She rose without his assistance, and though wings seemed to flutter inside her, she walked firmly enough towards the Arno. There a cabman signalled to them; they refused him.

assistance - Unterstützung; Hilfe

wings - Flügel, t+Schwinge, Flügel, Flügel, t+Gebäudeflügel, Flügel

flutter - flattern; wedeln

firmly - sicher, fest

cabman - Taxifahrer, Droschkenkutscher

signalled - signalisiert; Signal

"And the murderer tried to kiss him, you say"how very odd Italians are!"and gave himself up to the police! Mr. Beebe was saying that Italians know everything, but I think they are rather childish. When my cousin and I were at the Pitti yesterday"What was that?"

childish - kindgerecht; kindisch

He had thrown something into the stream.

thrown - geworfen; Wurf; werfen (du wirfst, er wirft), ich/er/sie würfe

"What did you throw in?"

throw in - als Zugabe geben, einwerfen

"Things I didn't want," he said crossly.

crossly - verärgert

"Mr. Emerson!"


"Where are the photographs?"

He was silent.

"I believe it was my photographs that you threw away."

threw away - verscherzte

"I didn't know what to do with them," he cried, and his voice was that of an anxious boy. Her heart warmed towards him for the first time. "They were covered with blood. There! I'm glad I've told you; and all the time we were making conversation I was wondering what to do with them." He pointed down-stream. "They've gone." The river swirled under the bridge, "I did mind them so, and one is so foolish, it seemed better that they should go out to the sea"I don't know; I may just mean that they frightened me." Then the boy verged into a man.

swirled - verwirbelt; Wirbel

verged - der Rand

"For something tremendous has happened; I must face it without getting muddled. It isn't exactly that a man has died."

tremendous - ungeheuerlich

getting muddled - verhaspelnd

Something warned Lucy that she must stop him.

"It has happened," he repeated, "and I mean to find out what it is."

"Mr. Emerson""

He turned towards her frowning, as if she had disturbed him in some abstract quest.

frowning - Stirnrunzeln; die Stirn runzeln

abstract - Auszug, Zusammenfassung, abstrakt, trennen, entziehen

quest - Frage, Suche

"I want to ask you something before we go in."

They were close to their pension. She stopped and leant her elbows against the parapet of the embankment. He did likewise. There is at times a magic in identity of position; it is one of the things that have suggested to us eternal comradeship. She moved her elbows before saying:

elbows - Ellbogen, Rohrbogen, Ellbogenstoß, ellbögeln

parapet - Brüstung; Wehrmauer

likewise - ebenfalls

magic - Zauberei, Zauber, Magie, Hexerei

identity - Identität, Gleichheit, Übereinstimmung

position - Stellung, Position, Arbeitsplatz, Stelle, positionieren

comradeship - Kameradschaft

"I have behaved ridiculously."

ridiculously - lächerlich

He was following his own thoughts.

"I was never so much ashamed of myself in my life; I cannot think what came over me."

ashamed - schämen

"I nearly fainted myself," he said; but she felt that her attitude repelled him.

repelled - abgestoßen; zurückweisen, abweisen, abwehren, zurückdrängen

"Well, I owe you a thousand apologies."

owe - schulden, schuldig sein

apologies - Entschuldigungen; Entschuldigung, Apologie

"Oh, all right."

"And"this is the real point"you know how silly people are gossiping"ladies especially, I am afraid"you understand what I mean?"

"I'm afraid I don't."

I'm afraid - leider, ich bedaure, ich fürchte

"I mean, would you not mention it to any one, my foolish behaviour?"

mention - Erwähnung; erwähnen

behaviour - Verhalten, Benehmen, Betragen; Fahrverhalten

"Your behaviour? Oh, yes, all right"all right."

"Thank you so much. And would you""

She could not carry her request any further. The river was rushing below them, almost black in the advancing night. He had thrown her photographs into it, and then he had told her the reason. It struck her that it was hopeless to look for chivalry in such a man. He would do her no harm by idle gossip; he was trustworthy, intelligent, and even kind; he might even have a high opinion of her. But he lacked chivalry; his thoughts, like his behaviour, would not be modified by awe.

request - Anfrage; anfordern, erwünschen, verlangen nach, begehren

hopeless - hoffnungslos

chivalry - Ritterlichkeit, Rittertum

idle - träge, nicht in Betrieb, faul, nutzlos, untätig; faulenzen

gossip - Klatsch und Tratsch; Tratsche, Tratschtante, Klatschtante

trustworthy - vertrauenswürdig, glaubwürdig

intelligent - klug; intelligent

lacked - gefehlt; Gummilack

modified - geändert; ändern, abändern, modifizieren

It was useless to say to him, "And would you"" and hope that he would complete the sentence for himself, averting his eyes from her nakedness like the knight in that beautiful picture. She had been in his arms, and he remembered it, just as he remembered the blood on the photographs that she had bought in Alinari's shop. It was not exactly that a man had died; something had happened to the living: they had come to a situation where character tells, and where childhood enters upon the branching paths of Youth.

useless - nutzlos, unnützlich, wertlos

averting - abwenden, abwenden, verhindern

nakedness - Nacktheit

Knight - Springer (Schach), Ritter, Pferd

childhood - Kindheit, Kindschaft, Kinderzeit, Anfangszeit

enters - eintritt; reingehen, hineingehen, hereingehen, eintreten

branching - verästelt, Verzweigung, dendritisch; (branch); Ast, Zweig

paths - Wege; Weg, Pfad

youth - Jugend, Jugendlichkeit, Jugendzeit, Jugendlicher, Jugendliche

"Well, thank you so much," she repeated, "How quickly these accidents do happen, and then one returns to the old life!"

accidents - Unfälle; Unfall, Zufall, Unfall, Unfall, Unfall

"I don't."

Anxiety moved her to question him.

anxiety - Ängste; Besorgnis, Angst, Sorge

His answer was puzzling: "I shall probably want to live."

puzzling - verwirrend, rätselhaft; (puzzle); Rätsel; Puzzle, Geduldspiel

"But why, Mr. Emerson? What do you mean?"

"I shall want to live, I say."

Leaning her elbows on the parapet, she contemplated the River Arno, whose roar was suggesting some unexpected melody to her ears.

leaning - (to lean) sich an etwas lehnen

contemplated - in Erwägung gezogen; nachsinnen

suggesting - vorschlagen, vorschlagen

melody - Melodie

Chapter V. Possibilities of a Pleasant Outing

possibilities - Möglichkeiten; Möglichkeit

It was a family saying that "you never knew which way Charlotte Bartlett would turn." She was perfectly pleasant and sensible over Lucy's adventure, found the abridged account of it quite adequate, and paid suitable tribute to the courtesy of Mr. George Emerson. She and Miss Lavish had had an adventure also.

abridged - Gekürzt; verkürzen, kürzen, verkürzen

adequate - angemessen, adäquat, entsprechend

tribute - Tribut

courtesy - Höflichkeit

They had been stopped at the Dazio coming back, and the young officials there, who seemed impudent and dĂ©sĹ"uvrĂ©, had tried to search their reticules for provisions. It might have been most unpleasant. Fortunately Miss Lavish was a match for any one.

officials - offiziell, offiziell, amtlich, dienstlich, Beamter, Beamtin

impudent - unverschämt

search - Suche; suchen, absuchen, durchsuchen

reticules - Gitternetze; Gitternetz

unpleasant - unangenehm

match - Wettkampf, Kampf (Sport), Spiel (Sport); sich messen mit

For good or for evil, Lucy was left to face her problem alone. None of her friends had seen her, either in the Piazza or, later on, by the embankment. Mr. Beebe, indeed, noticing her startled eyes at dinner-time, had again passed to himself the remark of "Too much Beethoven." But he only supposed that she was ready for an adventure, not that she had encountered it.

none - kein, nichts, keines, keine, keiner, gar nicht

noticing - Bekanntmachung, Benachrichtigung, Mitteilung, Kündigungsfrist

encountered - begegnet; treffen, begegnen, Begegnung, Treffen

This solitude oppressed her; she was accustomed to have her thoughts confirmed by others or, at all events, contradicted; it was too dreadful not to know whether she was thinking right or wrong.

solitude - Einsamkeit, Alleinsein

oppressed - unterdrückt; unterdrücken

accustomed - Gewöhnt; gewöhnen, gewöhnen

confirmed - bestätigt; bestätigen, bestätigen, bekräftigen

contradicted - widersprochen; widersprechen, widersprechen

at breakfast next morning she took decisive action. There were two plans between which she had to choose. Mr. Beebe was walking up to the Torre del Gallo with the Emersons and some American ladies. Would Miss Bartlett and Miss Honeychurch join the party? Charlotte declined for herself; she had been there in the rain the previous afternoon.

at breakfast - beim Frühstück

decisive - entscheidend

declined - abgelehnt; Sinken

previous - früher; vorhergehend

But she thought it an admirable idea for Lucy, who hated shopping, changing money, fetching letters, and other irksome duties"all of which Miss Bartlett must accomplish this morning and could easily accomplish alone.

admirable - bewundernswert

irksome - lästig; belastend, verdrießlich, ermüdend

duties - Pflichten; Pflicht, Schicht, Arbeitszeit, Zoll, Einfuhrsteuer

"No, Charlotte!" cried the girl, with real warmth. "It's very kind of Mr. Beebe, but I am certainly coming with you. I had much rather."

warmth - Wärme

"Very well, dear," said Miss Bartlett, with a faint flush of pleasure that called forth a deep flush of shame on the cheeks of Lucy. How abominably she behaved to Charlotte, now as always! But now she should alter. All morning she would be really nice to her.

flush - Wasserspülung, Wallung, Schwall; spülen, ausspülen; rot werden

cheeks - Wangen; Backe, qualifierormal, Backe, Stirn, Mick, Pumpenmick

alter - verändern, ändern, wandeln, modifizieren, abändern

She slipped her arm into her cousin's, and they started off along the Lung'Arno. The river was a lion that morning in strength, voice, and colour. Miss Bartlett insisted on leaning over the parapet to look at it. She then made her usual remark, which was "How I do wish Freddy and your mother could see this, too!"

insisted - darauf bestanden; auf , bestehen

Lucy fidgeted; it was tiresome of Charlotte to have stopped exactly where she did.

fidgeted - Gezappelt; zappeln, herumzappeln, Zappelphilipp

"Look, Lucia! Oh, you are watching for the Torre del Gallo party. I feared you would repent you of your choice."

feared - gefürchtet; fürchten, befürchten, Angst haben; Furcht, Schreck

Serious as the choice had been, Lucy did not repent. Yesterday had been a muddle"queer and odd, the kind of thing one could not write down easily on paper"but she had a feeling that Charlotte and her shopping were preferable to George Emerson and the summit of the Torre del Gallo. Since she could not unravel the tangle, she must take care not to re-enter it. She could protest sincerely against Miss Bartlett's insinuations.

muddle - verwirren; Wirrwarr

queer - seltsam; unwohl; schwul, lesbisch, queer, Queers, Homosexueller

write down - niederschreiben, aufschreiben

preferable - vorzuziehen

summit - Gipfel

unravel - entwirren, auftrennen, aufdröseln, auseinanderdröseln

care - kümmern; Sorgfalt, Aufbewahrung, Behandlung

protest - protestieren, demonstrieren, Einspruch erheben, Einwände äußern

sincerely - aufrichtig

insinuations - Andeutungen; Einschmeicheln

But though she had avoided the chief actor, the scenery unfortunately remained. Charlotte, with the complacency of fate, led her from the river to the Piazza Signoria. She could not have believed that stones, a Loggia, a fountain, a palace tower, would have such significance. For a moment she understood the nature of ghosts.

avoided - vermieden; ausweichen, meiden, fernbleiben, vermeiden

scenery - Landschaften; Landschaft; Kulisse

unfortunately - leider, unglücklicherweise

complacency - Selbstgefälligkeit, Selbstzufriedenheit, Bequemlichkeit

stones - Steine; Stein, Stein, Edelstein, t+Schmuckstein, Stein, Kern

significance - Bedeutung, Signifikanz (1)

ghosts - Gespenst

The exact site of the murder was occupied, not by a ghost, but by Miss Lavish, who had the morning newspaper in her hand. She hailed them briskly. The dreadful catastrophe of the previous day had given her an idea which she thought would work up into a book.

exact - exakt, genau, fordern, abverlangen

site - Standort; Aufstellungsort, Lage, Ort, Platz

occupied - besetzt; in Anspruch nehmen, belegen, bewohnen, besetzen

hailed - jdm. zujubeln; (Hail to thee!) Wohl dir!, Sei gegrüßt!

briskly - zügig; forsch

previous day - vorheriger Tag

work up - aufbereiten, verarbeiten

"Oh, let me congratulate you!" said Miss Bartlett. "After your despair of yesterday! What a fortunate thing!"

congratulate - gratulieren, beglückwünschen

"Aha! Miss Honeychurch, come you here I am in luck. Now, you are to tell me absolutely everything that you saw from the beginning." Lucy poked at the ground with her parasol.

Aha - aha

poked - gestoßen; stoßen, stecken, stöbern

parasol - Sonnenschirm

"But perhaps you would rather not?"

"I'm sorry"if you could manage without it, I think I would rather not."

manage - verwalten, leiten, hinbekommen, schaffen

The elder ladies exchanged glances, not of disapproval; it is suitable that a girl should feel deeply.

exchanged - ausgetauscht; austauschen, umtauschen, tauschen

is suitable - passt

deeply - tief; zutiefst

"It is I who am sorry," said Miss Lavish "literary hacks are shameless creatures. I believe there's no secret of the human heart into which we wouldn't pry."

literary - literarisch

hacks - hacken; Hacke, Hieb, Hack

shameless - schamlos, unverschämt

She marched cheerfully to the fountain and back, and did a few calculations in realism. Then she said that she had been in the Piazza since eight o'clock collecting material. A good deal of it was unsuitable, but of course one always had to adapt. The two men had quarrelled over a five-franc note.

calculations - Berechnungen; Berechnung

realism - Realismus

material - materiell; Material, Rohstoff

deal - Menge, Handel, Teil, Abkommen

adapt - anpassen, angleichen, anwenden, einrichten

quarrelled - gestritten; sich streiten, zanken

franc - Franc, Franken

For the five-franc note she should substitute a young lady, which would raise the tone of the tragedy, and at the same time furnish an excellent plot.

substitute - ersetzen; auswechseln; Ersatz; Ersatzspieler, Austauschspieler

raise - Gehaltszulage; aufsteigen, anheben, erhöhen, heranziehen

furnish - möblieren, einrichten, ausrüsten

excellent - ausgezeichnet, hervorragend, großartig

plot - Handlung, Plot, Ausdruck, Komplott, planen, ausarbeiten

"What is the heroine's name?" asked Miss Bartlett.

heroine - Heldin, Heroine

"Leonora," said Miss Lavish; her own name was Eleanor.

"I do hope she's nice."

That desideratum would not be omitted.

desideratum - Desideratum

omitted - ausgelassen; weglassen, auslassen

"And what is the plot?"

Love, murder, abduction, revenge, was the plot. But it all came while the fountain plashed to the satyrs in the morning sun.

abduction - Entführung; Abduktion

revenge - Rache; rächen

morning sun - Morgensonne

"I hope you will excuse me for boring on like this," Miss Lavish concluded. "It is so tempting to talk to really sympathetic people. Of course, this is the barest outline. There will be a deal of local colouring, descriptions of Florence and the neighbourhood, and I shall also introduce some humorous characters. And let me give you all fair warning: I intend to be unmerciful to the British tourist."

Excuse - Wie bitte; entschuldigen, verzeihen, sich entschuldigen

tempting - verführerisch, verlockend

sympathetic - sympathisch; mitfühlend

barest - barste; Takt; Schankstube; Latte (Sport); Balken, Leiste

outline - skizzieren; Umriss, Kontur, Skizze, Skizzierung, Umrisszeichnung

humorous - humorvoll

warning - Warnung, Mahnung, Achtung; (warn); warnen, mahnen

intend - beabsichtigen, vorhaben, intendieren

unmerciful - unbarmherzig

British - Britisch; Briten, Brite, Britin

"Oh, you wicked woman," cried Miss Bartlett. "I am sure you are thinking of the Emersons."

wicked - verrucht; böse; (wick) verrucht; böse

Miss Lavish gave a Machiavellian smile.

Machiavellian - machiavellistisch

"I confess that in Italy my sympathies are not with my own countrymen. It is the neglected Italians who attract me, and whose lives I am going to paint so far as I can. For I repeat and I insist, and I have always held most strongly, that a tragedy such as yesterday's is not the less tragic because it happened in humble life."

confess - gestehen, bekennen, verraten, beichten

sympathies - Sympathien; Mitleid

countrymen - Landsmänner; Landsmann, Landsmännin, Landsmann, Landsmännin

neglected - vernachlässigt; vernachlässigen, verabsäumen, versäumen

humble - bescheiden; demütig, ergeben

There was a fitting silence when Miss Lavish had concluded. Then the cousins wished success to her labours, and walked slowly away across the square.

fitting - Anprobe; passend, geeignet, recht

labours - Arbeit, Arbeiter-p, gebären, arbeiten

"She is my idea of a really clever woman," said Miss Bartlett. "That last remark struck me as so particularly true. It should be a most pathetic novel."

really clever - oberschlau

Lucy assented. At present her great aim was not to get put into it. Her perceptions this morning were curiously keen, and she believed that Miss Lavish had her on trial for an ingenué.

aim - zielen (auf); Ziel, Zweck; beabsichtigen

perceptions - Wahrnehmungen; Wahrnehmung

curiously - neugierige

keen - eifrig, scharf

on trial - auf Probe, probeweise, versuchsweise

"She is emancipated, but only in the very best sense of the word," continued Miss Bartlett slowly. "None but the superficial would be shocked at her. We had a long talk yesterday. She believes in justice and truth and human interest. She told me also that she has a high opinion of the destiny of woman"Mr. Eager! Why, how nice! What a pleasant surprise!"

emancipated - emanzipiert; emanzipieren

be shocked - empört sein

justice - Gerechtigkeit, Genugtuung, Justiz

destiny - das Schicksal; Los, Geschick, Schicksal

surprise - Überraschung; Überraschung

"Ah, not for me," said the chaplain blandly, "for I have been watching you and Miss Honeychurch for quite a little time."

chaplain - Kaplan, Kaplanin, Seelsorger, Seelsorgerin

blandly - freundlich; höflich, sanft

"We were chatting to Miss Lavish."

chatting - Chatten; Unterhaltung, Plausch, Schwatz; sich unterhalten

His brow contracted.

brow - Stirn; Braue, Augenbraue

contracted - unter Vertrag genommen; Vertrag

"So I saw. Were you indeed? Andate via! sono occupato!" The last remark was made to a vender of panoramic photographs who was approaching with a courteous smile. "I am about to venture a suggestion. Would you and Miss Honeychurch be disposed to join me in a drive some day this week"a drive in the hills? We might go up by Fiesole and back by Settignano. There is a point on that road where we could get down and have an hour's ramble on the hillside. The view thence of Florence is most beautiful"far better than the hackneyed view of Fiesole.

via - über

vender - Anbieter

panoramic - Panoramablick

courteous - höflich

disposed - entsorgt; beseitigen, entsorgen, ordnen

some day - eines Tages, einst, irgendwann, dereinst

drive in - eintreiben (Nagel)

ramble - umherschweifen; Abschweifen; umherziehen; spazieren, bummeln

hillside - Berghang; Bergabhang

thence - von dort aus; daher

hackneyed - abgedroschen; Lohnarbeiter

It is the view that Alessio Baldovinetti is fond of introducing into his pictures. That man had a decided feeling for landscape. Decidedly. But who looks at it to-day? Ah, the world is too much for us."

fond - (to be fond of sb/sth) jemanden/etwas gerne mögen

landscape - Landschaft; Querformat

decidedly - entschieden, deutlich, bestimmt

Miss Bartlett had not heard of Alessio Baldovinetti, but she knew that Mr.

Eager was no commonplace chaplain. He was a member of the residential colony who had made Florence their home. He knew the people who never walked about with Baedekers, who had learnt to take a siesta after lunch, who took drives the pension tourists had never heard of, and saw by private influence galleries which were closed to them. Living in delicate seclusion, some in furnished flats, others in Renaissance villas on Fiesole's slope, they read, wrote, studied, and exchanged ideas, thus attaining to that intimate knowledge, or rather perception, of Florence which is denied to all who carry in their pockets the coupons of Cook.

residential - Wohnen

colony - Kolonie, Pflanzung, Pflanzstadt

siesta - Mittagsruhe, Siesta, Mittagsschlaf

influence - Einfluss; Beeinflussung, Beeinflusser, beeinflussen

seclusion - Abgeschiedenheit, Abschottung, Absonderung

furnished - eingerichtet; möblieren, einrichten, ausrüsten

villas - Villen; Villa, Anwesen

slope - Steigung, Hang, Abhang, Ableitung

attaining - zu erreichen; erreichen, erlangen

intimate - vertraut, innig, intim, vorsichtig andeuten

perception - Wahrnehmung

pockets - Taschen; Tasche

coupons - Gutscheine; Kupon, Coupon, Gutschein, Coupon, Coupon

Therefore an invitation from the chaplain was something to be proud of. Between the two sections of his flock he was often the only link, and it was his avowed custom to select those of his migratory sheep who seemed worthy, and give them a few hours in the pastures of the permanent. Tea at a Renaissance villa? Nothing had been said about it yet. But if it did come to that"how Lucy would enjoy it!

therefore - deswegen, deshalb, darum, also (folglich), daher

proud - stolz, prahlerisch

link - Verknüpfung, Gelenk, Bindeglied; verbinden, binden; Kulisse

avowed - bekennt; bekennen, gestehen

custom - Brauch, Gewohnheit, Sitte, Usus, Zoll, maßgeschneidert

select - auswählen

migratory - migratorisch

pastures - Weide, weiden

permanent - dauerhaft; permanent, ständig, beständig, unbefristet

villa - Villa, Anwesen, Landhaus, Herrenhaus

A few days ago and Lucy would have felt the same. But the joys of life were grouping themselves anew. A drive in the hills with Mr. Eager and Miss Bartlett"even if culminating in a residential tea-party"was no longer the greatest of them. She echoed the raptures of Charlotte somewhat faintly. Only when she heard that Mr. Beebe was also coming did her thanks become more sincere.

anew - von neuem; erneut, abermals, neuerlich

culminating - gipfelnd; kulminieren, gipfeln, kulminieren, kulminieren

echoed - widerhallt; Echo

raptures - Ekstase, Taumel, Verzückung, Entzücken

faintly - kaum, schwach, entfernt, leicht

more sincere - aufrichtigere

"So we shall be a partie carrée," said the chaplain. "In these days of toil and tumult one has great needs of the country and its message of purity. Andate via! andate presto, presto! Ah, the town! Beautiful as it is, it is the town."

toil - Mühe; schuften, sich plagen, sich quälen, roboten

tumult - Aufruhr; Tumult, Krach, Lärm, lautes Stimmengewirr

purity - Reinheit

They assented.

"This very square"so I am told"witnessed yesterday the most sordid of tragedies. To one who loves the Florence of Dante and Savonarola there is something portentous in such desecration"portentous and humiliating."

witnessed - bezeugt; Zeugnis

sordid - dreckig, schäbig, schmutzig, geizig

tragedies - Tragödien; Tragödie, Tragödie, Tragödie

desecration - Profanierung, Profanation, Entheiligung, Schändung

humiliating - demütigend; demütigen, beschämen, erniedrigen

"Humiliating indeed," said Miss Bartlett. "Miss Honeychurch happened to be passing through as it happened. She can hardly bear to speak of it." She glanced at Lucy proudly.

passing through - durchlaufend

bear - Bär; (to bear) ertragen, aushalten

proudly - stolze, stolz

"And how came we to have you here?" asked the chaplain paternally.

paternally - väterlich

Miss Bartlett's recent liberalism oozed away at the question. "Do not blame her, please, Mr. Eager. The fault is mine: I left her unchaperoned."

recent - jüngst, neu, kürzlich, frisch

Liberalism - Liberalismus

oozed - gesickert; sickern, strotzen vor/von; Schlamm

blame - jemadem die Schuld zuweisen

fault - Fehler; Schuld; Fehler, Charakterschwäche, Verfehlung

unchaperoned - ohne Begleitung

"So you were here alone, Miss Honeychurch?" His voice suggested sympathetic reproof but at the same time indicated that a few harrowing details would not be unacceptable. His dark, handsome face drooped mournfully towards her to catch her reply.

reproof - Verweis, Vorwurf, Tadel

indicated - angezeigt; anzeigen, anweisen, andeuten, anzeigen, andeuten

unacceptable - inakzeptabel

handsome - gut aussehend; hübsch, stattlich, gutaussehend, ansehnlich

drooped - gesunken; durchhängen, herabhängen, herunterhängen, herabsinken

mournfully - trauernd; traurig, klagend, trübsinnig


"One of our pension acquaintances kindly brought her home," said Miss Bartlett, adroitly concealing the sex of the preserver.

acquaintances - Bekanntschaft, Umgang, Bekannter, Bekannte

adroitly - gekonnt; gewandte

concealing - verbergen, verheimlichen, verschleiern, verschweigen, verstecken

preserver - Bewahrer

"For her also it must have been a terrible experience. I trust that neither of you was at all"that it was not in your immediate proximity?"

Experience - Erlebnis, Erfahrung, Praxis

trust - Vertrauen, Hoffnung, Trust, anschreiben

immediate - sofortig; unmittelbar, immediat

proximity - Nähe, Nachbarschaft

Of the many things Lucy was noticing to-day, not the least remarkable was this: the ghoulish fashion in which respectable people will nibble after blood. George Emerson had kept the subject strangely pure.

remarkable - bemerkenswert, verwunderlich, denkwürdig, beachtenswert

ghoulish - schaurig

fashion - Mode; Stil; fertigen, anfertigen

respectable - respektabel; angesehen, geachtet

nibble - knabbern; Halbbyte, kleines Stück

pure - bloß, rein

"He died by the fountain, I believe," was her reply.

"And you and your friend""

"Were over at the Loggia."

"That must have saved you much. You have not, of course, seen the disgraceful illustrations which the gutter press"This man is a public nuisance; he knows that I am a resident perfectly well, and yet he goes on worrying me to buy his vulgar views."

saved - gerettet; retten, erretten, sichern, speichern, sparen

disgraceful - eine Schande

illustrations - Illustrationen; Illustration, Illustration, Illustration

gutter press - Boulevardpresse , Skandalpresse

nuisance - Ärgernis, Ärger, Quälgeist, Belästigung

resident - ansässig; Einwohner, Einwohnerin, Bewohner, Bewohnerin

worrying - beunruhigend; (worry) sorgen, sich Gedanken machen, quälen

vulgar - vulgär, unfein, ungebildet, unanständig

Surely the vendor of photographs was in league with Lucy"in the eternal league of Italy with youth. He had suddenly extended his book before Miss Bartlett and Mr. Eager, binding their hands together by a long glossy ribbon of churches, pictures, and views.

vendor - Verkäufer; Anbieter, Vertreiber, Lieferant, Lieferantin

League - Liga, Spielklasse, Bund

binding - verbindlich; Bindung; (bind); binden; verbinden, konnektieren

glossy - glänzend

"This is too much!" cried the chaplain, striking petulantly at one of Fra Angelico's angels. She tore. A shrill cry rose from the vendor. The book it seemed, was more valuable than one would have supposed.

striking - auffällig; (strike); streichen; schlagen; prägen; streiken; scheinen; die Fahne streichen; Strike; Streik; Schlag

petulantly - bockig

angels - Engeln; Engel

tore - gerissen; (to tear) zerreißen, reißen

shrill - schrill; scharf

"Willingly would I purchase"" began Miss Bartlett.

willingly - bereitwillig; gern, gerne

purchase - Einkauf, Anschaffung, kaufen, anschaffen

"Ignore him," said Mr. Eager sharply, and they all walked rapidly away from the square.

ignore - ignorieren, missachten

sharply - scharf, scharfzüngig, spitzzüngig

rapidly - schnell

But an Italian can never be ignored, least of all when he has a grievance. His mysterious persecution of Mr.

persecution - Verfolgung, Schikane, Drangsalierung, Plage

Eager became relentless; the air rang with his threats and lamentations. He appealed to Lucy; would not she intercede? He was poor"he sheltered a family"the tax on bread. He waited, he gibbered, he was recompensed, he was dissatisfied, he did not leave them until he had swept their minds clean of all thoughts whether pleasant or unpleasant.

relentless - unnachgiebig, unbarmherzig, unnachsichtig, unerbittlich

threats - Bedrohungen; drohen; Bedrohung, Drohung

lamentations - Wehklagen; Wehklage, Klage

appealed - appelliert; Revision, Wirkung, Anziehungskraft; reizen, zusagen

intercede - bitten, verwenden, eingreifen, intervenieren

sheltered - beschützt; Zuflucht, Obdach

tax - strapazieren, besteuern; Steuer (auf); Abgabe, Steuer, Gebühr

gibbered - geschnattert; Kauderwelsch sprechen

recompensed - entschädigt werden; Rückerstattung; belohnen, zurückerstatten

dissatisfied - unzufrieden; nicht befriedigen, missfallen

minds - Köpfe; Verstand, t+Geist, t+Sinn, Bewusstsein

This successful morning left no pleasant impressions on Lucy. She had been a little frightened, both by Miss Lavish and by Mr. Eager, she knew not why. And as they frightened her, she had, strangely enough, ceased to respect them. She doubted that Miss Lavish was a great artist. She doubted that Mr.

successful - erfolgreich

impressions - Eindrücke; Abdruck, Eindruck, Impression, Werbeeinblendung

doubted - bezweifelt; bezweifeln, zweifeln, Zweifel

Eager was as full of spirituality and culture as she had been led to suppose. They were tried by some new test, and they were found wanting. As for Charlotte"as for Charlotte she was exactly the same. It might be possible to be nice to her; it was impossible to love her.

spirituality - Geistigkeit, Spiritualität

"The son of a labourer; I happen to know it for a fact. A mechanic of some sort himself when he was young; then he took to writing for the Socialistic Press. I came across him at Brixton."

Labourer - Hilfsarbeiter; Arbeiter

mechanic - Mechaniker, Mechanikerin

socialistic - sozialistisch

press - Presse (Maschine), Presse (Zeitung); drängen, drücken

They were talking about the Emersons.

"How wonderfully people rise in these days!" sighed Miss Bartlett, fingering a model of the leaning Tower of Pisa.

wonderfully - Wunderbar

fingering - Fingersatz; (finger); fingern

"Generally," replied Mr. Eager, "one has only sympathy for their success. The desire for education and for social advance"in these things there is something not wholly vile. There are some working men whom one would be very willing to see out here in Florence"little as they would make of it."

advance - erhöhen, erheben, befördern, vorrücken, Fortschritt, Vorschuss

wholly - ganz

vile - abscheulich, gemein, schnöde

"Is he a journalist now?" Miss Bartlett asked.

journalist - Journalist, Journalistin, Reporter

"He is not; he made an advantageous marriage."

advantageous - vorteilhaft

marriage - Ehe, Heirat, Hochzeit, Eheschließung

He uttered this remark with a voice full of meaning, and ended with a sigh.

uttered - geäußert; äußerst

"Oh, so he has a wife."

"Dead, Miss Bartlett, dead. I wonder"yes I wonder how he has the effrontery to look me in the face, to dare to claim acquaintance with me. He was in my London parish long ago. The other day in Santa Croce, when he was with Miss Honeychurch, I snubbed him. Let him beware that he does not get more than a snub."

effrontery - Dreistigkeit, Frechheit, Unverschämtheit

claim - Anspruch; Rechtstitel, Behauptung, Mutung, beanspruchen

acquaintance - Bekanntschaft, Umgang, Bekannter, Bekannte

Beware - Aufpassen; sich hüten (vor)

"What?" cried Lucy, flushing.

flushing - Wasserspülung (Vorgang); Spülung, durchflutend

"Exposure!" hissed Mr. Eager.

exposure - Exposition; Kontakt, Einwirkung, Lage, Witterung, Belichtung

He tried to change the subject; but in scoring a dramatic point he had interested his audience more than he had intended. Miss Bartlett was full of very natural curiosity. Lucy, though she wished never to see the Emersons again, was not disposed to condemn them on a single word.

scoring - Spielergebnis; (score); Spielergebnis, Spielstand, Punktzahl

dramatic - dramatisch

intended - beabsichtigt; gedacht; (intend); beabsichtigen, vorhaben

curiosity - Neugier, Neugierde, Kuriosität, Kuriosum

condemn - verurteilen; verdammen, für abrissreif erklären

single - einzeln, einzig, allein, einheitlich

"Do you mean," she asked, "that he is an irreligious man? We know that already."

"Lucy, dear"" said Miss Bartlett, gently reproving her cousin's penetration.

reproving - rügend, tadelnd; (reprove) rügend, tadelnd

penetration - Durchdringung; Penetration

"I should be astonished if you knew all. The boy"an innocent child at the time"I will exclude. God knows what his education and his inherited qualities may have made him."

be astonished - erstaunt sein, erstaunen

innocent - rein; unschuldig

exclude - ausschließen

qualities - Eigenschaften; Qualität, Qualität, Eigenschaft, Qualität

"Perhaps," said Miss Bartlett, "it is something that we had better not hear."

"To speak plainly," said Mr. Eager, "it is. I will say no more." For the first time Lucy's rebellious thoughts swept out in words"for the first time in her life.

"You have said very little."

"It was my intention to say very little," was his frigid reply.

He gazed indignantly at the girl, who met him with equal indignation. She turned towards him from the shop counter; her breast heaved quickly. He observed her brow, and the sudden strength of her lips. It was intolerable that she should disbelieve him.

indignantly - entrüstet

Equal - Gleichberechtigt; gleich; gleichen; Gleichgestellter

counter - Zähler, Ladentisch; kontern

breast - Brust; -brust, Entenbrust

heaved - geworfen; heben, hieven, werfen, wuchten, schleudern

observed - beobachtet; beobachten, beachten, halten, bemerken

disbelieve - ungläubig

"Murder, if you want to know," he cried angrily. "That man murdered his wife!"

angrily - verärgert, wütend

murdered - ermordet; Mord, Mord, Mord, mörderisch, ermorden, massakrieren

"How?" she retorted.

retorted - erwiderte; Retorte; erwidern (scharf)

"To all intents and purposes he murdered her. That day in Santa Croce"did they say anything against me?"

intents - Absichten; Absicht

purposes - Zwecke; absicht, Absicht, Einsatzzweck, Zweck

"Not a word, Mr. Eager"not a single word."

"Oh, I thought they had been libelling me to you. But I suppose it is only their personal charms that makes you defend them."

libelling - Verleumdung; verleumdend; (libel); Verleumdung; (schriftlich) verleumden

charms - Reize; Talisman; Charme, Zauberformel, Lieblichkeit; bezaubern

defend - verteidigen

"I'm not defending them," said Lucy, losing her courage, and relapsing into the old chaotic methods. "They're nothing to me."

defending - verteidigen

courage - Courage, Herz, Mut, Tapferkeit

relapsing - einen Rückfall; zurückfallen, sich verschlimmern

methods - Methoden; Verfahrensweise, Art und Weise, Weg

"How could you think she was defending them?" said Miss Bartlett, much discomfited by the unpleasant scene. The shopman was possibly listening.

discomfited - beunruhigt; Unbehagen bereiten, aus der Fassung bringen

shopman - Geschäftsmann; Verkäufer

"She will find it difficult. For that man has murdered his wife in the sight of God."

The addition of God was striking. But the chaplain was really trying to qualify a rash remark. A silence followed which might have been impressive, but was merely awkward. Then Miss Bartlett hastily purchased the Leaning Tower, and led the way into the street.

Addition - Zufügung, Hinzufügung, Zusatz, Addition, Summant

qualify - qualifizieren; qualifizieren

rash - Hautausschlag, voreilig, Ausschlag

impressive - beeindruckend

merely - bloß, lediglich, nur, schier

awkward - peinlich; ungeschickt, unbeholfen, umständlich, tollpatschig

hastily - hastig

purchased - gekauft; Einkauf, Kauf, Kauf, Anschaffung, Anschaffung, kaufen

"I must be going," said he, shutting his eyes and taking out his watch.

shutting - (to shut) schließen, zumachen

taking out - herausnehmend

Miss Bartlett thanked him for his kindness, and spoke with enthusiasm of the approaching drive.

enthusiasm - Begeisterung, Enthusiasmus, Schwärmerei

"Drive? Oh, is our drive to come off?"

come off - glücken, gelingen, klappen

Lucy was recalled to her manners, and after a little exertion the complacency of Mr. Eager was restored.

exertion - Anstrengung, Kraftanstrengung, Anspannung, Ausübung

restored - wiederhergestellt; wiederherstellen, restaurieren, restaurieren

"Bother the drive!" exclaimed the girl, as soon as he had departed. "It is just the drive we had arranged with Mr. Beebe without any fuss at all. Why should he invite us in that absurd manner? We might as well invite him. We are each paying for ourselves."

arranged - vereinbart; arrangieren, systematisieren, aufstellen, ordnen

fuss - Aufregung; Lärm, Wirbel, Aufstand, Gehabe

invite - auffordern, einladen

Miss Bartlett, who had intended to lament over the Emersons, was launched by this remark into unexpected thoughts.

lament - wehklagen;Klage ;beklagen, jammern

launched - gestartet; Markteinführung; anstoßen, starten (Rakete)

"If that is so, dear"if the drive we and Mr. Beebe are going with Mr. Eager is really the same as the one we are going with Mr. Beebe, then I foresee a sad kettle of fish."

foresee - vorhersehen, voraussehen

kettle - Wasserkocher, Kessel


"Because Mr. Beebe has asked Eleanor Lavish to come, too."

"That will mean another carriage."

carriage - Kutsche; Gang, Haltung, Wagen, Frachtgeld, Fracht, Fuhrlohn

"Far worse. Mr. Eager does not like Eleanor. She knows it herself. The truth must be told; she is too unconventional for him."

unconventional - unkonventionell

They were now in the newspaper-room at the English bank. Lucy stood by the central table, heedless of Punch and the Graphic, trying to answer, or at all events to formulate the questions rioting in her brain. The well-known world had broken up, and there emerged Florence, a magic city where people thought and did the most extraordinary things.

stood by - beigesprungen

heedless - rücksichtslos; unachtsam, achtlos, nicht beachtend, unaufmerksam

Punch - Kasperle; Stanze, Faustschlag

graphic - Grafik; graphisch, grafisch, drastisch, Graphik

formulate - formulieren, darlegen

rioting - Unruhen; randalierend; (riot); Aufruhr, Tumult, Krawall, Randale

brain - Gehirn, Superhirn, Intelligenzbestie, Kopf, Verstand, Köpfchen

broken up - aufgehackt

emerged - aufgetaucht; erscheinen, auftauchen, herauskommen, davonkommen

Murder, accusations of murder, a lady clinging to one man and being rude to another"were these the daily incidents of her streets? Was there more in her frank beauty than met the eye"the power, perhaps, to evoke passions, good and bad, and to bring them speedily to a fulfillment?

accusations - Anschuldigungen; Anklage, Beschuldigung

clinging to - anschmiegend

rude - grob, unhöflich, frech, unverschämt

Incidents - Vorfälle; Vorfall, Begebenheit, Ereignis

frank - freimütig, offen

power - Macht, Kraft, Großmacht, Stärke, Strom

evoke - evozieren; hervorrufen

passions - Leidenschaften; Leidenschaft, Passion, Leidenschaft, Passion

speedily - zügig; beeilt, schnell

fulfillment - Vollziehung, Erfüllung

Happy Charlotte, who, though greatly troubled over things that did not matter, seemed oblivious to things that did; who could conjecture with admirable delicacy "where things might lead to," but apparently lost sight of the goal as she approached it. Now she was crouching in the corner trying to extract a circular note from a kind of linen nose-bag which hung in chaste concealment round her neck. She had been told that this was the only safe way to carry money in Italy; it must only be broached within the walls of the English bank.

greatly - sehr; außerordentlich, großartig

troubled - beunruhigt; Ärger, Schwierigkeit, Anstrengung, Bemühung, Mühe

oblivious - vergesslich

conjecture - Mutmaßungen; Vermutung, Verdacht, Mutmaßung, Hypothese

goal - Ziel; Tor; ein Tor schießen

crouching - hockend; sich ducken (vor), kriechen; kauern, hocken

extract - Auszug; Extrakt; entnehmen, herausziehen, entziehen

linen - Wäsche; Leinen; Heimtextilien

chaste - keusch

concealment - Verheimlichung; Verborgenheit, Geborgenheit

neck - knutschen; Genick, Zapfen (Wellenhals), Nacken

broached - thematisiert; Stecheisen, anbrechen, anstechen

within - in, innerhalb

As she groped she murmured: "Whether it is Mr. Beebe who forgot to tell Mr. Eager, or Mr. Eager who forgot when he told us, or whether they have decided to leave Eleanor out altogether"which they could scarcely do"but in any case we must be prepared. It is you they really want; I am only asked for appearances. You shall go with the two gentlemen, and I and Eleanor will follow behind. A one-horse carriage would do for us. Yet how difficult it is!"

groped - befummelt; tasten, tappen, herumtasten, begrapschen, grapschen

altogether - ganz und gar, ohne Ausnahme, ausnahmslos, insgesamt

appearances - Erscheinungen; Erscheinen

"It is indeed," replied the girl, with a gravity that sounded sympathetic.

gravity - Bedenklichkeit, Ernst, Erdanziehung, Gravitation, Schwerkraft

"What do you think about it?" asked Miss Bartlett, flushed from the struggle, and buttoning up her dress.

flushed - gespült; Wasserspülung, Wallung, Schwall; spülen

Struggle - Kämpfen; Kampf, Gefecht, sich durchbeißen, sich schwer tun

buttoning up - zuknöpfend

"I don't know what I think, nor what I want."

"Oh, dear, Lucy! I do hope Florence isn't boring you. Speak the word, and, as you know, I would take you to the ends of the earth to-morrow."

"Thank you, Charlotte," said Lucy, and pondered over the offer.

There were letters for her at the bureau"one from her brother, full of athletics and biology; one from her mother, delightful as only her mother's letters could be.

bureau - Büro; Sekretär, Schreibtisch, Kommode

athletics - Leichtathletik; athletisch, sportlich

biology - Biologie

She had read in it of the crocuses which had been bought for yellow and were coming up puce, of the new parlour-maid, who had watered the ferns with essence of lemonade, of the semi-detached cottages which were ruining Summer Street, and breaking the heart of Sir Harry Otway. She recalled the free, pleasant life of her home, where she was allowed to do everything, and where nothing ever happened to her. The road up through the pine-woods, the clean drawing-room, the view over the Sussex Weald"all hung before her bright and distinct, but pathetic as the pictures in a gallery to which, after much experience, a traveller returns.

Crocuses - Krokusse; Krokus

puce - braunrot

parlour - Wohnzimmer, Stube; Sprechzimmer

ferns - Farne; Farn, Farnkraut

essence - Wesen; Essenz, Extrakt, Parfüm

semi - halb..

detached - losgelöst; entfernen, ablösen, lösen, loslösen, abtrennen

cottages - Hütten; Cottage

ruining - ruinieren; abwirtschaftend

pine - Kiefer; pineapple = Ananasa

distinct - deutlich

gallery - Galerie

"And the news?" asked Miss Bartlett.

"Mrs. Vyse and her son have gone to Rome," said Lucy, giving the news that interested her least. "Do you know the Vyses?"

"Oh, not that way back. We can never have too much of the dear Piazza Signoria."

"They're nice people, the Vyses. So clever"my idea of what's really clever. Don't you long to be in Rome?"

"I die for it!"

The Piazza Signoria is too stony to be brilliant. It has no grass, no flowers, no frescoes, no glittering walls of marble or comforting patches of ruddy brick. By an odd chance"unless we believe in a presiding genius of places"the statues that relieve its severity suggest, not the innocence of childhood, nor the glorious bewilderment of youth, but the conscious achievements of maturity. Perseus and Judith, Hercules and Thusnelda, they have done or suffered something, and though they are immortal, immortality has come to them after experience, not before.

stony - steinig; steinern

brilliant - strahlend, brillant, genial, Brillant, Diamant

grass - Gras; Rasen; Spitzel; verpfeifen

glittering - glitzernd, funkelnd; (glitter); Glitter; glitzern

comforting - tröstlich; Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit, Komfort, Trost

ruddy - rot, rötlich, verdammt, verflixt

brick - Ziegelstein; Backstein, Ziegel, externes Netzteil, bricken

presiding - den Vorsitz haben, präsidieren

genius - Genie; Genialität

statues - Statuen; Statue, Standbild

severity - Schweregrad; Härte, Stärke, Gewichtung

innocence - Unschuld; Harmlosigkeit

glorious - ruhmvoll, glorreich, herrlich, prachtvoll

bewilderment - Verwirrung; Fassungslosigkeit, Verblüfftheit, Verdutztheit

achievements - Errungenschaften; Errungenschaft, Leistung, Großtat, Heldentat

maturity - Reife

Perseus - Perseus, Perseus

Judith - Judith, Judit, Jehudit, Judit

Hercules - Herkules, Herkules

suffered - gelitten; leiden, leiden, erleiden

immortality - Unsterblichkeit

not before - erst als, nicht früher als, erst wenn

Here, not only in the solitude of Nature, might a hero meet a goddess, or a heroine a god.

hero - Held, Heldin, Kriegsheld, Hauptfigur

goddess - Göttin, weibliche Gottheit, weiblicher Gott

"Charlotte!" cried the girl suddenly. "Here's an idea. What if we popped off to Rome to-morrow"straight to the Vyses'hotel? For I do know what I want. I'm sick of Florence. No, you said you'd go to the ends of the earth! Do! Do!"

popped - gefangen; knallen

straight - gerade; aufrecht, aufrichtig, offen, ungeschminkt

Miss Bartlett, with equal vivacity, replied:

vivacity - Lebendigkeit

"Oh, you droll person! Pray, what would become of your drive in the hills?"

droll - komisch; drollig

They passed together through the gaunt beauty of the square, laughing over the unpractical suggestion.

gaunt - knochig, dünn, hager, mager, abgemagert

Chapter VI. The Reverend Arthur Beebe, the Reverend Cuthbert Eager, Mr. Emerson, Mr. George Emerson, Miss Eleanor Lavish, Miss Charlotte Bartlett, and Miss Lucy Honeychurch drive out in Carriages to See a View; Italians Drive Them.

Reverend - Hochwürden

drive out - austreiben

carriages - Kutschen; Kutsche, Gang, Haltung, Wagen, Frachtgeld

It was Phaethon who drove them to Fiesole that memorable day, a youth all irresponsibility and fire, recklessly urging his master's horses up the stony hill. Mr. Beebe recognized him at once. Neither the Ages of Faith nor the Age of Doubt had touched him; he was Phaethon in Tuscany driving a cab. And it was Persephone whom he asked leave to pick up on the way, saying that she was his sister"Persephone, tall and slender and pale, returning with the Spring to her mother's cottage, and still shading her eyes from the unaccustomed light. To her Mr.

memorable - erinnerungswürdig; denkwürdig, merkwürdig, einprägsam

irresponsibility - Verantwortungslosigkeit, Unverantwortlichkeit

recklessly - leichtsinnig; rücksichtslos

urging - drängend; (urge); Drang; drängen, mahnen, treiben, anspornen

Master - Haupt.., Grund, Meister, führend, leitend; bewältigen, meistern

Hill - Hügel; Hang, Steigung, Steigung, Anstieg, häufeln

recognized - ich/er/sie erkannte, anerkennen, erkennen

Tuscany - Die Toskana; Toskana

cab - Taxi, Fiaker

Persephone - Persephone

pick - wählen; Hacke, Pickel, Spitzhacke, Dietrich, pflücken

slender - schlank

cottage - Cottage, Häuschen, Kotten

shading - Schattierung; Schraffierung, Dunkeltönung

unaccustomed - ungewohnt

Eager objected, saying that here was the thin edge of the wedge, and one must guard against imposition. But the ladies interceded, and when it had been made clear that it was a very great favour, the goddess was allowed to mount beside the god.

wedge - verkeilen, festklemmen, mit einem Keil spalten; keilen

guard - Wächter; Parierstange; Schutz; schützen, bewachen

imposition - Auferlegung; Zumutung, Belästigung, Bürde, Handauflegen

interceded - Fürsprache eingelegt; bitten, verwenden, eingreifen

made clear - klargemacht

mount - Reittier, Berg, Lafette (Waffe); einbauen, aufsteigen

Phaethon at once slipped the left rein over her head, thus enabling himself to drive with his arm round her waist. She did not mind. Mr. Eager, who sat with his back to the horses, saw nothing of the indecorous proceeding, and continued his conversation with Lucy. The other two occupants of the carriage were old Mr. Emerson and Miss Lavish. For a dreadful thing had happened: Mr.

rein - Zügel

enabling - Freigabe; berechtigen, befähigen, ermöglichen, anordnen

waist - Taille; Rumpf

indecorous - unanständig

occupants - Insassen; Besatzer, Besatzerin, Okkupant, Okkupantin, Bewohner

Beebe, without consulting Mr. Eager, had doubled the size of the party. And though Miss Bartlett and Miss Lavish had planned all the morning how the people were to sit, at the critical moment when the carriages came round they lost their heads, and Miss Lavish got in with Lucy, while Miss Bartlett, with George Emerson and Mr. Beebe, followed on behind.

consulting - Beratung; Rat halten, beraten, beratschlagen, beraten

doubled - verdoppelt; doppelt, doppelt, doppel-, doppellagig, zweilagig

critical - kritisch

It was hard on the poor chaplain to have his partie carrée thus transformed. Tea at a Renaissance villa, if he had ever meditated it, was now impossible. Lucy and Miss Bartlett had a certain style about them, and Mr. Beebe, though unreliable, was a man of parts. But a shoddy lady writer and a journalist who had murdered his wife in the sight of God"they should enter no villa at his introduction.

transformed - verwandelt; verwandeln, transformieren, umwandeln

meditated - meditiert; meditieren

Certain - gewiss, sicher, irgendein, bestimmt

shoddy - minderwertig, billig, schäbig, schlampig, Reißwolle

Lucy, elegantly dressed in white, sat erect and nervous amid these explosive ingredients, attentive to Mr. Eager, repressive towards Miss Lavish, watchful of old Mr. Emerson, hitherto fortunately asleep, thanks to a heavy lunch and the drowsy atmosphere of Spring. She looked on the expedition as the work of Fate.

elegantly - elegant

amid - inmitten; mitten unter

explosive - explosiv; aufbrausend, Sprengstoff; Sprengmittel

ingredients - Inhaltsstoffe; Bestandteil, Ingredienz, Inhaltsstoff, Zutat

attentive - Aufmerksam

repressive - repressiv

watchful - wachsam

hitherto - bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt, bis jetzt, bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt

asleep - schlafen, schlafen

drowsy - schläfrig; einschläfernd; müde, langweilig, verschlafen, dösig

atmosphere - Atmosphäre

But for it she would have avoided George Emerson successfully. In an open manner he had shown that he wished to continue their intimacy. She had refused, not because she disliked him, but because she did not know what had happened, and suspected that he did know. And this frightened her.

successfully - erfolgreich

continue - fortsetzen, weiterhin

intimacy - Intimität

disliked - nicht mochte; Unbehagen

suspected - verdächtigt; vermuten, misstrauen, verdächtigen

For the real event"whatever it was"had taken place, not in the Loggia, but by the river. To behave wildly at the sight of death is pardonable. But to discuss it afterwards, to pass from discussion into silence, and through silence into sympathy, that is an error, not of a startled emotion, but of the whole fabric. There was really something blameworthy (she thought) in their joint contemplation of the shadowy stream, in the common impulse which had turned them to the house without the passing of a look or word.

wildly - wild

pardonable - entschuldbar, verzeihlich

discussion - Diskussion, Erörterung, Besprechung

error - Fehler; Irrtum; aussteigen; fehlschlagen, misslingen

fabric - Stoff; Bau, Rohbau, Struktur, Gewebe, Textil

blameworthy - tadelnswert; verdammenswert

joint - Gelenk; gemeinschaftlich, gemeinsam, gemeinsame, gemeinsamer

contemplation - Kontemplation; Betrachtung; Meditation; Erwarten

impulse - Anstoß; Impuls, Triebkraft, Drang, innerer Antrieb, Kraftstoß

passing - vorübergehend, verrinnend ''(poetic)'', hervorragend

This sense of wickedness had been slight at first. She had nearly joined the party to the Torre del Gallo. But each time that she avoided George it became more imperative that she should avoid him again. And now celestial irony, working through her cousin and two clergymen, did not suffer her to leave Florence till she had made this expedition with him through the hills.

wickedness - Bösartigkeit; Bosheit

imperative - zwingend erforderlich; essenziell, essentiell, notwendig

celestial - himmlisch; Himmels-

irony - Ironie

Meanwhile Mr. Eager held her in civil converse; their little tiff was over.

converse - Umkehrung, umgekehrt, Gegenteil

tiff - Kabbelei

"So, Miss Honeychurch, you are travelling? As a student of art?"

"Oh, Dear me, no"oh, no!"

Dear me - Ach du liebe Zeit!, Du liebe Zeit!

"Perhaps as a student of human nature," interposed Miss Lavish, "like myself?"

interposed - zwischengeschaltet; zwischenschalten, dazwischenstellen

"Oh, no. I am here as a tourist."

"Oh, indeed," said Mr. Eager. "Are you indeed? If you will not think me rude, we residents sometimes pity you poor tourists not a little"handed about like a parcel of goods from Venice to Florence, from Florence to Rome, living herded together in pensions or hotels, quite unconscious of anything that is outside Baedeker, their one anxiety to get ˜done'or ˜through'and go on somewhere else. The result is, they mix up towns, rivers, palaces in one inextricable whirl.

residents - Einwohner, Einwohnerin, Bewohner, Bewohnerin, Assistentarzt

parcel - Paket; Parzelle

herded - gehütet; Herde

unconscious - bewusstlos; spontan, unbewusst, unterbewusst, Unbewusstes

mix up - vermengen

palaces - Paläste; Palast; Schloss

inextricable - unentwirrbar

whirl - wirbeln, lschnell, Wirbeln, Wirbel, Trubel, Durcheinander

You know the American girl in Punch who says: ˜Say, poppa, what did we see at Rome?'And the father replies: ˜Why, guess Rome was the place where we saw the yaller dog.'There's travelling for you. Ha! ha! ha!"

Poppa - Papa

yaller - größer

ha - Das war jetzt aber ernst!

"I quite agree," said Miss Lavish, who had several times tried to interrupt his mordant wit. "The narrowness and superficiality of the Anglo-Saxon tourist is nothing less than a menace."

interrupt - unterbrechen

mordant - Beizmittel; beißend, bissig, sarkastisch, Beize

wit - Witz; nämlich, und zwar

superficiality - Oberflächlichkeit

Anglo - Angloamerikanisch; Anglo

Saxon - Sachse, Sachse, Sächsin, Non Plus Ultra, Viertelpetit, Sächsisch

menace - Bedrohung; Landplage, androhen

"quite so. Now, the English colony at Florence, Miss Honeychurch"and it is of considerable size, though, of course, not all equally"a few are here for trade, for example. But the greater part are students. Lady Helen Laverstock is at present busy over Fra Angelico. I mention her name because we are passing her villa on the left.

quite so - ganz recht

considerable - erheblich, beträchtlich, beachtlich

equally - gleichermaßen, gleichmäßig

trade - handeln (mit), eintauschen, schachern mit etwas;Handel , Handwerk , Geschäft , Trade;gewerblich {adj};eintauschen (für)

Helen - Helena, Helene

No, you can only see it if you stand"no, do not stand; you will fall. She is very proud of that thick hedge. Inside, perfect seclusion. One might have gone back six hundred years. Some critics believe that her garden was the scene of The Decameron, which lends it an additional interest, does it not?"

thick - dick; dicht; plump; mitten in

hedge - Hecke

gone back - zurückbegeben

critics - Kritiker, Kritiker, Kritikerin, Kritiker, Kritiker, Kritikerin

lends - leiht; leihen

additional - zusätzlich

"It does indeed!" cried Miss Lavish. "Tell me, where do they place the scene of that wonderful seventh day?"

seventh - siebte; Septime

But Mr. Eager proceeded to tell Miss Honeychurch that on the right lived Mr. Someone Something, an American of the best type"so rare!"and that the Somebody Elses were farther down the hill. "Doubtless you know her monographs in the series of ˜Mediæval Byways'? He is working at Gemistus Pletho. Sometimes as I take tea in their beautiful grounds I hear, over the wall, the electric tram squealing up the new road with its loads of hot, dusty, unintelligent tourists who are going to ˜do'Fiesole in an hour in order that they may say they have been there, and I think"think"I think how little they think what lies so near them.

rare - selten; rar, blutig (Steak)

doubtless - zweifelsfrei, zweifellos

monographs - Monographien; Monografie

byways - Nebenstraßen; Nebenweg, Seitenweg

grounds - Gründe; Masse (elektrisch); Erdboden, Grund, Boden, geschliffen

squealing - Quietschen; Quietschton, verratend; (squeal); Schrei, Kreischen

loads of - eine Menge

lies - Lügen; (lie down) sich hinlegen

During this speech the two figures on the box were sporting with each other disgracefully. Lucy had a spasm of envy. Granted that they wished to misbehave, it was pleasant for them to be able to do so. They were probably the only people enjoying the expedition. The carriage swept with agonizing jolts up through the Piazza of Fiesole and into the Settignano road.

disgracefully - schändlich

spasm - Krampf, Muskelkrampf, Spasmus, Anfall, verkrampfen

envy - Neid; beneiden

misbehave - sich daneben benehmen; sich schlecht benehmen

agonizing - quälend; quälen

jolts - Erschütterungen; schütteln, durchrütteln

"Piano! piano!" said Mr. Eager, elegantly waving his hand over his head.

waving - (wave) wehen, winken mit, flattern; (wave) (wave) wehen

"Va bene, signore, va bene, va bene," crooned the driver, and whipped his horses up again.

crooned - geträllert; summen, säuseln, gefühlsbetontes Lied

whipped - ausgepeitscht; Peitsche, Knute, Zagel, peitschen, auspeitschen

Now Mr. Eager and Miss Lavish began to talk against each other on the subject of Alessio Baldovinetti. Was he a cause of the Renaissance, or was he one of its manifestations? The other carriage was left behind. As the pace increased to a gallop the large, slumbering form of Mr. Emerson was thrown against the chaplain with the regularity of a machine.

manifestations - Manifestationen; Manifestation, Erscheinung

gallop - Galopp; galoppieren

slumbering - schlummernd; (slumber); Halbschlaf, Schlummer, Schläfchen

regularity - Regelmäßigkeit

"Piano! piano!" said he, with a martyred look at Lucy.

martyred - Märtyrer, Märtyrerin, Märtyrer

An extra lurch made him turn angrily in his seat. Phaethon, who for some time had been endeavouring to kiss Persephone, had just succeeded.

lurch - torkeln, taumeln

endeavouring - anstreben; sich nach Kräften bemühen; Bestrebung

succeeded - erfolgreich; nachfolgen, gelingen, geraten, nachfolgen

A little scene ensued, which, as Miss Bartlett said afterwards, was most unpleasant. The horses were stopped, the lovers were ordered to disentangle themselves, the boy was to lose his pourboire, the girl was immediately to get down.

lovers - Geliebte, Liebhaber, Liebhaberin

disentangle - entwirren

immediately - sofort, alsbald, unverzüglich, auf der Stelle

"She is my sister," said he, turning round on them with piteous eyes.

turning round - umlenkend

piteous - Mitleid erregend, erbärmlich, herzzerreißend

Mr. Eager took the trouble to tell him that he was a liar.

liar - Lügner, Lügnerin

Phaethon hung down his head, not at the matter of the accusation, but at its manner. At this point Mr. Emerson, whom the shock of stopping had awoke, declared that the lovers must on no account be separated, and patted them on the back to signify his approval. And Miss Lavish, though unwilling to ally him, felt bound to support the cause of Bohemianism.

accusation - Anschuldigung; Anklage, Beschuldigung

shock - Schock, Betroffenheit, Empörung, Schlag, Stoß

awoke - erwacht; munter, wach; erwachen, aufwachen

declared - erklärt; bekanntmachen, bekanntgeben, deklarieren, ausrufen

be separated - in Trennung leben

patted - getätschelt; Pat

signify - bedeuten

ally - Verbündeten; vereinigen, verbinden; Bündnispartner, Verbündete

support - Rückendeckung, Auflage, Unterstützung; abstützen, befürworten

Bohemianism - Boheme

"Most certainly I would let them be," she cried. "But I dare say I shall receive scant support. I have always flown in the face of the conventions all my life. This is what I call an adventure."

receive - bekommen, erhalten, empfangen, kriegen

scant - spärlich, gering, dürftig, knapp

conventions - Konferenzen; Kongress, Versammlung, Tagung, Abkommen

"We must not submit," said Mr. Eager. "I knew he was trying it on. He is treating us as if we were a party of Cook's tourists."

submit - sich unterwerfen;ich/er/sie gab ab, abgeben;ermöglichen, vorlegen, vorschlagen, einreichen

treating - behandelnd; (treat); behandeln; bewirten, einladen, heilen

"Surely no!" said Miss Lavish, her ardour visibly decreasing.

ardour - Eifer; Begeisterung, Ăśberschwang, Hitze

visibly - sichtbar

decreasing - abnehmend; abnehmen, verringern, Verringerung

The other carriage had drawn up behind, and sensible Mr. Beebe called out that after this warning the couple would be sure to behave themselves properly.

couple - Paar; einige, ein paar

"Leave them alone," Mr. Emerson begged the chaplain, of whom he stood in no awe. "Do we find happiness so often that we should turn it off the box when it happens to sit there? To be driven by lovers"A king might envy us, and if we part them it's more like sacrilege than anything I know."

begged - gebettelt; Männchen machen; etwas erbitten (von jemandem); bitten (um)

Happiness - Glücklich sein; Glück, Glücklichkeit, Fröhlichkeit

king - König

sacrilege - Sakrileg

Here the voice of Miss Bartlett was heard saying that a crowd had begun to collect.

collect - eintreiben (Schulden), sammeln, einsammeln

Mr. Eager, who suffered from an over-fluent tongue rather than a resolute will, was determined to make himself heard. He addressed the driver again. Italian in the mouth of Italians is a deep-voiced stream, with unexpected cataracts and boulders to preserve it from monotony.

fluent - fließend, flüssig

tongue - Zunge, Lasche

resolute - entschieden, entschlossen, resolut

voiced - geäußert; äußern

cataracts - Katarakte; Katarakt, Katarakt, Grauer Star

boulders - Felsbrocken, Felsblock, Fels

preserve - Konserve, Eingemachtes, Naturschutzgebiet, Naturreservat

monotony - Eintönigkeit, Monotonie

In Mr. Eager's mouth it resembled nothing so much as an acid whistling fountain which played ever higher and higher, and quicker and quicker, and more and more shrilly, till abruptly it was turned off with a click.

resembled - ähnelte; ähneln, gleichen

acid - sauer; Säure

whistling - (whistle) pfeifen; (whistle); Pfeife, Trillerpfeife, Flöte

shrilly - schrill; gellend

abruptly - abrupt, plötzlich, unerwartet, abgerissen, abschüssig

click - Klick; anklicken, zuschnappen, klicken

"Signorina!" said the man to Lucy, when the display had ceased. Why should he appeal to Lucy?

Signorina - Fräulein

display - Anzeige; Vorführung, Vorstellung, Display, Monitor, Bildschirm

"Signorina!" echoed Persephone in her glorious contralto. She pointed at the other carriage. Why?

Contralto - Altstimme; Kontraalt

pointed at - wies

For a moment the two girls looked at each other. Then Persephone got down from the box.

"Victory at last!" said Mr. Eager, smiting his hands together as the carriages started again.

smiting - schlagen, schlagen

"It is not victory," said Mr. Emerson. "It is defeat. You have parted two people who were happy."

defeat - vernichten, ablehnen, vereiteln, besiegen; Niederlage

Mr. Eager shut his eyes. He was obliged to sit next to Mr. Emerson, but he would not speak to him. The old man was refreshed by sleep, and took up the matter warmly. He commanded Lucy to agree with him; he shouted for support to his son.

obliged - verpflichtet; verpflichten, einen Gefallen tun

refreshed - erfrischt; erfrischen, erquicken, auffrischen, aktualisieren

warmly - herzlich

commanded - befohlen; Befehl, Kommando

"We have tried to buy what cannot be bought with money. He has bargained to drive us, and he is doing it. We have no rights over his soul."

bargained - verhandelt; Angebot

Miss Lavish frowned. It is hard when a person you have classed as typically British speaks out of his character.

typically - typischerweise

"He was not driving us well," she said. "He jolted us."

jolted - durchgerüttelt; schütteln, durchrütteln, einen Schlag versetzen

"That I deny. It was as restful as sleeping. Aha! he is jolting us now. Can you wonder? He would like to throw us out, and most certainly he is justified. And if I were superstitious I'd be frightened of the girl, too. It doesn't do to injure young people. Have you ever heard of Lorenzo de Medici?"

deny - verweigern, leugnen;gegen jdn. retten

restful - erholsam; ruhig

jolting - schütteln, durchrütteln, einen Schlag versetzen, aufrütteln

throw - Wurf; werfen (du wirfst, er wirft), ich/er/sie würfe

justified - gerechtfertigt; rechtfertigen, rechtfertigen, ausrichten

be frightened - sich erschrecken (über)

injure - verletzen

Miss Lavish bristled.

bristled - gesträubt; Borste, Borste

"Most certainly I have. Do you refer to Lorenzo il Magnifico, or to Lorenzo, Duke of Urbino, or to Lorenzo surnamed Lorenzino on account of his diminutive stature?"

magnifico - Grande

Duke - Herzog; Großherzog

surnamed - mit Nachnamen; Nachname, Familienname

diminutive - winzig, diminutiv, verkleinernd, Diminutiv, Diminutivum

stature - Körpergröße, Statur

"The Lord knows. Possibly he does know, for I refer to Lorenzo the poet. He wrote a line"so I heard yesterday"which runs like this: ˜Don't go fighting against the Spring.'"

fighting - (fight) kämpfen, sich streiten; (fight) (fight) kämpfen

Mr. Eager could not resist the opportunity for erudition.

resist - widerstehen, erwehren;gegen etw. bestehen

opportunity - Gelegenheit, Chance, Möglichkeit

erudition - Belesenheit, Gelehrtheit, Bildung, Gelehrsamkeit

"Non fate guerra al Maggio," he murmured. "˜War not with the May'would render a correct meaning."

non - nicht..

al - US-Bundesstaat

render - leisten, wiedergeben

"The point is, we have warred with it. Look." He pointed to the Val d'Arno, which was visible far below them, through the budding trees. "Fifty miles of Spring, and we've come up to admire them. Do you suppose there's any difference between Spring in nature and Spring in man? But there we go, praising the one and condemning the other as improper, ashamed that the same laws work eternally through both."

warred - gewarnt; Krieg, Krieg, Krieg führen, qualifier

budding - angehend, aufkeimend, im Erblühen

praising - anpreisend, lobend; (praise); Lob; loben, preisen

condemning - Verurteilung; verurteilen, verurteilen, verdammen, verurteilen

improper - unangemessen

laws - Gesetze; Gesetz, Jura, Rechtswissenschaft

eternally - auf ewig

No one encouraged him to talk. Presently Mr. Eager gave a signal for the carriages to stop and marshalled the party for their ramble on the hill. A hollow like a great amphitheatre, full of terraced steps and misty olives, now lay between them and the heights of Fiesole, and the road, still following its curve, was about to sweep on to a promontory which stood out in the plain. It was this promontory, uncultivated, wet, covered with bushes and occasional trees, which had caught the fancy of Alessio Baldovinetti nearly five hundred years before.

Presently - Gegenwärtig; sogleich

signal - Signal; Signal; signalisieren

marshalled - marschiert; Marschall, Marschall, Feldmarschall

hollow - hohl, dumpf

amphitheatre - Amphitheater

terraced - terrassenförmig; Dachterrasse, Terrasse, Terrasse

misty - neblig, nebelhaft

olives - Oliven; Olive, oliv, olivfarben, olivfarbig

lay - legen; richten (Tisch)

heights - Höhen; Höhe, Größe

curve - Kurve; Linie; Kurven; biegen, verbiegen

sweep - fegen, kehren, rauschen, auf den Kopf stellen, fahren

promontory - Landzunge

uncultivated - unkultiviert

bushes - Büsche; Buchse, Strauch, Busch

occasional - gelegentlich, okkasionell

five hundred - fünfhundert

He had ascended it, that diligent and rather obscure master, possibly with an eye to business, possibly for the joy of ascending. Standing there, he had seen that view of the Val d'Arno and distant Florence, which he afterwards had introduced not very effectively into his work. But where exactly had he stood? That was the question which Mr. Eager hoped to solve now. And Miss Lavish, whose nature was attracted by anything problematical, had become equally enthusiastic.

ascended - aufgestiegen; steigen, aufsteigen

diligent - fleißig

obscure - obskur, dunkel, vernebelt, finster

ascending - aufsteigend; steigen, aufsteigen

distant - weit entfernt; abgelegen, abstehend, distanziert, entfernt

effectively - effektiv

solve - lösen

problematical - Problematisch

But it is not easy to carry the pictures of Alessio Baldovinetti in your head, even if you have remembered to look at them before starting. And the haze in the valley increased the difficulty of the quest.

Valley - Senke, Tal

difficulty - Schwierigkeiten; Schwierigkeit

The party sprang about from tuft to tuft of grass, their anxiety to keep together being only equalled by their desire to go different directions. Finally they split into groups. Lucy clung to Miss Bartlett and Miss Lavish; the Emersons returned to hold laborious converse with the drivers; while the two clergymen, who were expected to have topics in common, were left to each other.

tuft - Büschel, Tuff

equalled - gleich, gleich, gleichen, gleichen, Gleichgestellter

directions - Richtungen; Richtung, Führung, Regie

split into - aufgeteilt in

clung to - angeschmiegt

hold - halten; innehaben

laborious - mühsam

"The railway!" gasped Miss Lavish. "Oh, but I shall die! Of course it was the railway!" She could not control her mirth. "He is the image of a porter"on, on the South-Eastern."

Railway - Eisenbahnlinie, Gleis, Eisenbahn

gasped - keuchte; keuchen, japsen, prusten, keuchen, Atemzug, Luftholen

control - steuern, kontrollieren, regeln, Kontrolle, Kontrollen, Regelung

image - Bild, Abbild, Image, Speicherabbild, Erscheinungsbild

porter - Gepäckträger, Pförtner, Portier; (port) Gepäckträger, Pförtner

"Eleanor, Be quiet," plucking at her vivacious companion. "Hush! They'll hear"the Emersons""

Be quiet - Sei doch mal still!

plucking - pflücken, abrupfen, zupfen, schlagen, rupfen, ausrupfen

vivacious - temperamentvoll

Hush - Pst; verstummen, still werden, zum Schweigen bringen, Stille

"I can't stop. Let me go my wicked way. A porter""


"I'm sure it's all right," put in Lucy. "The Emersons won't hear, and they wouldn't mind if they did."

Miss Lavish did not seem pleased at this.

"Miss Honeychurch listening!" she said rather crossly. "Pouf! Wouf! You naughty girl! Go away!"

Pouf - der Sitzpuff

"Oh, Lucy, you ought to be with Mr. Eager, I'm sure."

"I can't find them now, and I don't want to either."

"Mr. Eager will be offended. It is your party."

"Please, I'd rather stop here with you."

"No, I agree," said Miss Lavish. "It's like a school feast; the boys have got separated from the girls. Miss Lucy, you are to go. We wish to converse on high topics unsuited for your ear."

feast - Festessen; Fest, Festgelage; feiern

separated - einzeln, getrennt, separat, getrennt, separat, trennen

The girl was stubborn. As her time at Florence drew to its close she was only at ease amongst those to whom she felt indifferent. Such a one was Miss Lavish, and such for the moment was Charlotte. She wished she had not called attention to herself; they were both annoyed at her remark and seemed determined to get rid of her.

stubborn - starrköpfig; stur, dickköpfig

at ease - ungezwungen

indifferent - gleichgültig

"How tired one gets," said Miss Bartlett. "Oh, I do wish Freddy and your mother could be here."

Unselfishness with Miss Bartlett had entirely usurped the functions of enthusiasm. Lucy did not look at the view either. She would not enjoy anything till she was safe at Rome.

entirely - vollständig; ganz, total, entirely

usurped - usurpiert; usurpieren

functions - Funktionen; Funktion, Funktionalität, Funktion, Aufgabe

"Then sit you down," said Miss Lavish. "Observe my foresight."

foresight - Vorausschauend; Voraussicht, Hellsichtigkeit, Weitsicht

With many a smile she produced two of those mackintosh squares that protect the frame of the tourist from damp grass or cold marble steps. She sat on one; who was to sit on the other?

produced - produziert; produzieren, herstellen, vorlegen, produzieren

mackintosh - Regenmantel

squares - Quadrate; Quadrat

frame - ausarbeiten, entwerfen, einfassen, einrahmen, festlegen

damp - feucht; Feuchtigkeit; ersticken, dämpfen

"Lucy; without a moment's doubt, Lucy. The ground will do for me. Really I have not had rheumatism for years. If I do feel it coming on I shall stand. Imagine your mother's feelings if I let you sit in the wet in your white linen." She sat down heavily where the ground looked particularly moist. "Here we are, all settled delightfully.

rheumatism - Rheuma, Rheumatismus

moist - feucht

settled - erledigt; abklären

Even if my dress is thinner it will not show so much, being brown. Sit down, dear; you are too unselfish; you don't assert yourself enough." She cleared her throat. "Now don't be alarmed; this isn't a cold. It's the tiniest cough, and I have had it three days. It's nothing to do with sitting here at all."

unselfish - selbstlos

assert - behaupten; versichern, zusichern, beteuern

cleared - geklärt; klar, durchsichtig, klar, hell, klar, frei, klar

be alarmed - sich ängstigen (um)

tiniest - winzigste; winzig, Kleinkind

There was only one way of treating the situation. At the end of five minutes Lucy departed in search of Mr. Beebe and Mr. Eager, vanquished by the mackintosh square.

vanquished - besiegt; besiegen

She addressed herself to the drivers, who were sprawling in the carriages, perfuming the cushions with cigars. The miscreant, a bony young man scorched black by the sun, rose to greet her with the courtesy of a host and the assurance of a relative.

sprawling - ausgedehnt; ausspreizen, grätschen, sich ausbreiten, Wuchern

perfuming - Parfümierung; Duft, Parfüm

cushions - Kissen

cigars - Zigarren; Zigarre; Glimmstängel

Miscreant - Bösewicht; gewissenloser Mensch, Übeltäter, Schurke

bony - knöchern; grätig; knochig

scorched - verbrannt; verbrennen, verbrennen, rasen

greet - grüßen, begrüßen

Host - Zeremonienmeister, Hausherr, Menge; Hostie; Gastgeber sein

assurance - Sicherheit; Zusicherung, Versicherung, Zusage, Beteuerung

relative - vergleichsweise, relativ, Verwandter, Blutsverwandter, Verwandte

"Dove?" said Lucy, after much anxious thought.

dove - Taube; (dive) Taube

His face lit up. Of course he knew where. Not so far either. His arm swept three-fourths of the horizon. He should just think he did know where. He pressed his finger-tips to his forehead and then pushed them towards her, as if oozing with visible extract of knowledge.

horizon - Horizont

pressed - gedrückt; Presse (Maschine), Presse (Zeitung); drängen, drücken

finger-tips - (finger-tips) Fingerspitzen

forehead - Stirn

oozing - sickern, strotzen vor/von; Schlamm

More seemed necessary. What was the Italian for "clergyman"?

necessary - nötig, notwendig, erforderlich, zwangsläufig, geboten

"Dove buoni uomini?" said she at last.

Good? Scarcely the adjective for those noble beings! He showed her his cigar.

adjective - Adjektiv, Eigenschaftswort, Beiwort, Wiewort

noble - edel; Adeliger, Adliger, Adelige, Adlige

beings - Wesen

cigar - Zigarre; Glimmstängel

"Uno"piu"piccolo," was her next remark, implying "Has the cigar been given to you by Mr. Beebe, the smaller of the two good men?"

piccolo - Piccoloflöte; Piccolo

implying - impliziert; implizieren, zur Folge haben, implizieren, bedeuten

She was correct as usual. He tied the horse to a tree, kicked it to make it stay quiet, dusted the carriage, arranged his hair, remoulded his hat, encouraged his moustache, and in rather less than a quarter of a minute was ready to conduct her. Italians are born knowing the way.

tied - gebunden; zusammenbinden

kicked - getreten; treten, (Pferd) ausschlagen; Stoß

moustache - Schnurrbart, Oberlippenbart, Schnauzbart, Schnauzer

It would seem that the whole earth lay before them, not as a map, but as a chess-board, whereon they continually behold the changing pieces as well as the squares. Any one can find places, but the finding of people is a gift from God.

chess - Schach (Spiel)

continually - ständig, andauernd, immer wieder, immerzu

behold - betrachten, sehen, schauen, anschauen

gift - Geschenk, Präsent, Begabung, Talent, schenken

He only stopped once, to pick her some great blue violets. She thanked him with real pleasure. In the company of this common man the world was beautiful and direct. For the first time she felt the influence of Spring. His arm swept the horizon gracefully; violets, like other things, existed in great profusion there; "would she like to see them?"

gracefully - anmutig

existed - existierte; bestehen, existieren

profusion - Überfluss, Überfülle, Verschwendung, Vergeudung

"Ma buoni uomini."

He bowed. Certainly. Good men first, violets afterwards. They proceeded briskly through the undergrowth, which became thicker and thicker. They were nearing the edge of the promontory, and the view was stealing round them, but the brown network of the bushes shattered it into countless pieces.

undergrowth - Gestrüpp; Unterholz, Unterwuchs

thicker - dicker; dick, dick, dicht, dick, plump, mitten in

edge - Rand; Seite, Kante, Vorsprung, Klinge, Schneide, schieben

stealing - stehlend, entwendend; (steal); stehlen, entwenden, klauen

network - Netzwerk; vernetzen

shattered - zertrümmert; zum Zerspringen bringen, zerschmettern

countless - unzählige; unzählig, unzählbar, zahllos

He was occupied in his cigar, and in holding back the pliant boughs. She was rejoicing in her escape from dullness. Not a step, not a twig, was unimportant to her.

holding - haltend; (hold) haltend

pliant - biegsamen, schmiegsam

boughs - Zweige; Ast

rejoicing - frohlockend, sich freuend; (rejoice); freuen

escape - entgehen, ausweichen, davonkommen, Flucht

step - treten, treten (du trittst

twig - Zweig

"What is that?"

There was a voice in the wood, in the distance behind them. The voice of Mr. Eager? He shrugged his shoulders. An Italian's ignorance is sometimes more remarkable than his knowledge. She could not make him understand that perhaps they had missed the clergymen. The view was forming at last; she could discern the river, the golden plain, other hills.

wood - Holz

shrugged - gezuckt; Schulterzucken

shoulders - schultern

more remarkable - beachtenswertere

discern - erkennen, wahrnehmen, bemerken, feststellen

Golden - golden, goldgelb

"Eccolo!" he exclaimed.

At the same moment the ground gave way, and with a cry she fell out of the wood. Light and beauty enveloped her. She had fallen on to a little open terrace, which was covered with violets from end to end.

gave way - wich

fell out - (fall out) ausfallen

enveloped - umhüllt; verhüllen; Kuvert, Versandtasche, Hüllenkurve

terrace - Dachterrasse; Häuserreihe; Häuserflucht; Stehtribüne; Stehplätze

"Courage!" cried her companion, now standing some six feet above. "Courage and love."

She did not answer. From her feet the ground sloped sharply into view, and violets ran down in rivulets and streams and cataracts, irrigating the hillside with blue, eddying round the tree stems collecting into pools in the hollows, covering the grass with spots of azure foam. But never again were they in such profusion; this terrace was the well-head, the primal source whence beauty gushed out to water the earth.

sloped - Steigung, Hang, Abhang, Steigung, Steigung, Steigung, Ableitung

ran down - überrannten

rivulets - Rinnsale; Flüsschen

streams - Bach, Strom, Datenstrom, strömen, streamen

irrigating - die Bewässerung; bewässern

eddying - verwirbelt; Strudel

stems - Stängel; MINT

hollows - Vertiefungen; hohl, dumpf

covering - Abdeckung; zudeckend; (cover); Deckel, Abdeckung, Versteck

spots - Flecken; Fleck, Punkt, Fleck, Pickel, Pustel, Bisschen

Azure - Blau

foam - Schaum; Schaumgummi; schäumen

never again - nie wieder

primal - Ursprünglich; hauptsächlich

source - Quelle, Ursprung, belegen, beziehen

whence - woher; von daher

gushed - sprudelte; Schwall, Flut, strömen, herausquellen, schwärmen

Standing at its brink, like a swimmer who prepares, was the good man. But he was not the good man that she had expected, and he was alone.

brink - Rande; Rand

swimmer - Schwimmer, Schwimmerin

George had turned at the sound of her arrival. For a moment he contemplated her, as one who had fallen out of heaven. He saw radiant joy in her face, he saw the flowers beat against her dress in blue waves. The bushes above them closed. He stepped quickly forward and kissed her.

arrival - Ankunft

fallen out - (fall out) ausfallen

beat - Schlag ;jdn. bezwingen

waves - Wellen; wehen, winken mit, flattern

stepped - getreten; Steppe, Steppe

Before she could speak, almost before she could feel, a voice called, "Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!" The silence of life had been broken by Miss Bartlett who stood brown against the view.

Chapter VII. They Return

Some complicated game had been playing up and down the hillside all the afternoon. What it was and exactly how the players had sided, Lucy was slow to discover. Mr. Eager had met them with a questioning eye. Charlotte had repulsed him with much small talk. Mr. Emerson, seeking his son, was told whereabouts to find him. Mr. Beebe, who wore the heated aspect of a neutral, was bidden to collect the factions for the return home. There was a general sense of groping and bewilderment.

complicated - kompliziert; komplizieren

players - Spieler, Spielerin, Schauspieler, Spieler, Spieler, Spieler

sided - Flanke, Rand, Mannschaft, Team

discover - entdecken; erleben, erfahren, dabei sein

repulsed - abgewehrt; zurückschlagen, abweisen

small talk - Geplauder

seeking - suchen

whereabouts - Wo ist er; Verbleib; (whereabout) Wo ist er; Verbleib

heated - erhitzt; Hitze, Wärme

aspect - Aspekt, Aktionsart

neutral - neutral; erman: #German eutraler Staat g; Neutraler; Leerlaufstellung

factions - Fraktionen; Splitterpartei

return home - heimgehen

general - allgemein, generell, General

groping - Fummeln; tasten, tappen, herumtasten, begrapschen, grapschen

Pan had been amongst them"not the great god Pan, who has been buried these two thousand years, but the little god Pan, who presides over social contretemps and unsuccessful picnics. Mr. Beebe had lost everyone, and had consumed in solitude the tea-basket which he had brought up as a pleasant surprise. Miss Lavish had lost Miss Bartlett. Lucy had lost Mr. Eager. Mr. Emerson had lost George. Miss Bartlett had lost a mackintosh square. Phaethon had lost the game.

pan - Pfanne, Tiegel

buried - vergraben, verbergen, begraben

presides - präsidiert; den Vorsitz haben, präsidieren

unsuccessful - erfolglos

picnics - Picknicks; Picknick

consumed - verbraucht; verbrauchen, verzehren, verzehren, aufnehmen

basket - Korb

That last fact was undeniable. He climbed on to the box shivering, with his collar up, prophesying the swift approach of bad weather. "Let us go immediately," he told them. "The signorino will walk."

undeniable - unbestreitbar

shivering - Frösteln; schlotternde, schlotternd

collar - Kragen; Halskette; Halsband; Ring

prophesying - Prophezeiungen; prophezeien, prophezeien, prophezeien

swift - Mauersegler; schnell; Segler; Garnwinde

approach - sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

"All the way? He will be hours," said Mr. Beebe.

"Apparently. I told him it was unwise." He would look no one in the face; perhaps defeat was particularly mortifying for him. He alone had played skilfully, using the whole of his instinct, while the others had used scraps of their intelligence. He alone had divined what things were, and what he wished them to be. He alone had interpreted the message that Lucy had received five days before from the lips of a dying man.

unwise - unklug

mortifying - demütigend; abtöten, töten, abtöten

skilfully - gekonnt; geschickt

instinct - Instinkt

intelligence - Intelligenz, Klugheit, intelligentes Leben

divined - geahnt; göttlich

interpreted - gedeutet; interpretieren, interpretieren, dolmetschen

received - bekommen, erhalten, empfangen, kriegen, empfangen

Persephone, who spends half her life in the grave"she could interpret it also. Not so these English. They gain knowledge slowly, and perhaps too late.

Interpret - interpretieren; dolmetschen, übersetzen

gain - Gewinn, Zunahme, Verstärkung; erwerben, gewinnen, erlangen

The thoughts of a cab-driver, however just, seldom affect the lives of his employers. He was the most competent of Miss Bartlett's opponents, but infinitely the least dangerous. Once back in the town, he and his insight and his knowledge would trouble English ladies no more. Of course, it was most unpleasant; she had seen his black head in the bushes; he might make a tavern story out of it. But after all, what have we to do with taverns? Real menace belongs to the drawing-room.

affect - beeinflussen; beeinträchtigen, eine Vorliebe haben für, bewohnen

employers - Arbeitgeber, Arbeitgeberin

most competent - fachgemäßeste

opponents - Gegner, Gegnerin, Gegner (1, 2, 3), Gegenspieler

infinitely - unendlich

insight - Einblick; Einsicht; Gespür, Kundenverständnis, Ahnung, Eingebung

taverns - Kneipen; Gasthaus

It was of drawing-room people that Miss Bartlett thought as she journeyed downwards towards the fading sun. Lucy sat beside her; Mr. Eager sat opposite, trying to catch her eye; he was vaguely suspicious. They spoke of Alessio Baldovinetti.

downwards - abwärts, nach unten, runter, nach unten gehend, absteigend

fading - (fade away) schwinden, verblassen, zerinnen

vaguely - undeutlich

Rain and darkness came on together. The two ladies huddled together under an inadequate parasol. There was a lightning flash, and Miss Lavish who was nervous, screamed from the carriage in front. At the next flash, Lucy screamed also. Mr. Eager addressed her professionally:

huddled - zusammengedrängt; wirrer Haufen

inadequate - unzureichend, unzulänglich, unangemessen, ungeeignet

lightning - Blitzschlag; Blitz; Entladung

flash - Blitzlicht; aufleuchten, blitzen, aufflammen

professionally - professionell

"Courage, Miss Honeychurch, courage and faith. If I might say so, there is something almost blasphemous in this horror of the elements. Are we seriously to suppose that all these clouds, all this immense electrical display, is simply called into existence to extinguish you or me?"

blasphemous - blasphemisch

elements - Elemente; Element

seriously - ernst, ernsthaft

electrical - elektrisch

extinguish - löschen; auslöschen, abschalten

"No"of course""

"Even from the scientific standpoint the chances against our being struck are enormous. The steel knives, the only articles which might attract the current, are in the other carriage. And, in any case, we are infinitely safer than if we were walking. Courage"courage and faith."

scientific - wissenschaftlich

chances - Chancen; riskieren, zufällig geschehen; Chance, Zufall

steel - verstählen; Stahl

knives - Messer

current - Strömung; Strom; gegenwärtig, aktuell, zeitnah

safer - Sicherer; sicher, gefahrlos, sicher, sicher, sicher, Tresor

Under the rug, Lucy felt the kindly pressure of her cousin's hand. At times our need for a sympathetic gesture is so great that we care not what exactly it signifies or how much we may have to pay for it afterwards. Miss Bartlett, by this timely exercise of her muscles, gained more than she would have got in hours of preaching or cross examination.

rug - Vorleger; Teppich, Brücke

pressure - Druck; unter Druck setzen

gesture - Geste, Gebärde, gestikulieren, erman: (jemandem etwas) bedeuten

signifies - bedeutet; bedeuten

timely - pünktlich; zeitgerecht, fristgerecht, zur rechten Zeit

muscles - Muskeln; Muskel

Gained - Gewonnen; Gewinn, Zunahme, Verstärkung; erwerben, gewinnen

preaching - predigend; (preach); predigen, verkündigen

examination - Prüfung, Untersuchung, Test, Überprüfung

She renewed it when the two carriages stopped, half into Florence.

renewed - erneuert; erneuern, erneuern

"Mr. Eager!" called Mr. Beebe. "We want your assistance. Will you interpret for us?"

"George!" cried Mr. Emerson. "Ask your driver which way George went. The boy may lose his way. He may be killed."

killed - getötet; vernichten, totmachen, löschen, zerstören, töten

"Go, Mr. Eager," said Miss Bartlett, "Don't ask our driver; our driver is no help. Go and support poor Mr. Beebe", he is nearly demented."

Don't ask - Frag lieber nicht!

"He may be killed!" cried the old man. "He may be killed!"

"Typical behaviour," said the chaplain, as he quitted the carriage. "In the presence of reality that kind of person invariably breaks down."

quitted - gekündigt; verlassen; aufgeben, verlassen

reality - Wirklichkeit, Realität, checkRealität

invariably - ausnahmslos

breaks down - (break down) aufspalten, versagen, abreißen, zusammen brechen

"What does he know?" whispered Lucy as soon as they were alone. "Charlotte, how much does Mr. Eager know?"

"Nothing, dearest; he knows nothing. But"" she pointed at the driver""he knows everything. Dearest, had we better? Shall I?" She took out her purse. "It is dreadful to be entangled with low-class people. He saw it all." Tapping Phaethon's back with her guide-book, she said, "Silenzio!" and offered him a franc.

purse - Handtasche; Geldbörse, Geldbeutel

tapping - anzapfend, klopfend, steppend; (tap) anzapfend, klopfend

offered - angeboten; offerieren, anbieten, bieten, zeigen; Antrag

"Va bene," he replied, and accepted it. As well this ending to his day as any. But Lucy, a mortal maid, was disappointed in him.

mortal - sterblich; tödlich; Sterblicher, Sterbliche

There was an explosion up the road. The storm had struck the overhead wire of the tramline, and one of the great supports had fallen. If they had not stopped perhaps they might have been hurt. They chose to regard it as a miraculous preservation, and the floods of love and sincerity, which fructify every hour of life, burst forth in tumult.

explosion - Explosion

storm - stürmen; Sturm

overhead - von oben, darüber, Überkopf-

wire - Draht, Ader, Wanze, Geld

tramline - Fahrgasse

supports - unterstützt; Rückendeckung, Auflage, Unterstützung; abstützen

regard - schätzen, betrachten, berücksichtigen, achten; Aufmerksamkeit

miraculous - wundersam; wundertätig, mirakulös, Wunder

preservation - Erhaltung

floods - Überschwemmungen; Flut, Flut, überschwemmen, überfluten

sincerity - Aufrichtigkeit, Ehrlichkeit

fructify - befruchten

They descended from the carriages; they embraced each other. It was as joyful to be forgiven past unworthinesses as to forgive them. For a moment they realized vast possibilities of good.

descended from - entstamme

embraced - umarmt; umarmen, annehmen, umarmen, Umarmung

joyful - freudig, erfreulich, erfreut

forgiven - vergeben, verzeihen, entschuldigen

unworthinesses - Unwürdigkeiten; Unwürdigkeit

The older people recovered quickly. In the very height of their emotion they knew it to be unmanly or unladylike. Miss Lavish calculated that, even if they had continued, they would not have been caught in the accident. Mr. Eager mumbled a temperate prayer. But the drivers, through miles of dark squalid road, poured out their souls to the dryads and the saints, and Lucy poured out hers to her cousin.

recovered - erholt; wiederfinden, sich erholen, beikommen

height - Höhe; Größe

unmanly - unmännlich

calculated - berechnet; kalkulieren, berechnen, ausrechnen, rechnen

accident - Unfall; Zufall

temperate - gemäßigt; zurückhaltend

poured out - ausgegossen

souls - Seelen; Inbrunst, Seele, Gefühl, Herz

dryads - Dryaden; Dryade

"Charlotte, dear Charlotte, kiss me. Kiss me again. Only you can understand me. You warned me to be careful. And I"I thought I was developing."

developing - entwickeln, entwickeln, entwickeln, entwickeln, entwickeln

"Do not cry, dearest. Take your time."

"I have been obstinate and silly"worse than you know, far worse. Once by the river"Oh, but he isn't killed"he wouldn't be killed, would he?"

obstinate - hartnäckig, starrköpfig, stur, widerspenstig, widerborstig

The thought disturbed her repentance. As a matter of fact, the storm was worst along the road; but she had been near danger, and so she thought it must be near to everyone.

repentance - Reue

danger - Gefahr, Risiko, Bedrohung; (dang); Gefahr, Risiko, Bedrohung

"I trust not. One would always pray against that."

"He is really"I think he was taken by surprise, just as I was before. But this time I'm not to blame; I want you to believe that. I simply slipped into those violets. No, I want to be really truthful. I am a little to blame. I had silly thoughts. The sky, you know, was gold, and the ground all blue, and for a moment he looked like someone in a book."

taken by surprise - überrumpeltem

truthful - wahrheitsliebend; wahrheitsgemäß, wahrheitsgetreu

"In a book?"

"Heroes"gods"the nonsense of schoolgirls."

heroes - Helden; Held, Heldin, Kriegsheld, Held, Hauptfigur

gods - Götter; Gott

schoolgirls - Schülerin, Schulmädchen

"And then?"

"But, Charlotte, you know what happened then."

Miss Bartlett was silent. Indeed, she had little more to learn. With a certain amount of insight she drew her young cousin affectionately to her. All the way back Lucy's body was shaken by deep sighs, which nothing could repress.

amount - Anzahl, Menge, Betrag, beträgt

affectionately - zärtlich

shaken - geschüttelt; schütteln, erschüttern, schütteln, erschüttern

sighs - seufzt; Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

repress - unterdrücken, verdrängen

"I want to be truthful," she whispered. "It is so hard to be absolutely truthful."

"Don't be troubled, dearest. Wait till you are calmer. We will talk it over before bed-time in my room."

bed-time - (bed-time) Schlafenszeit

So they re-entered the city with hands clasped. It was a shock to the girl to find how far emotion had ebbed in others. The storm had ceased, and Mr. Emerson was easier about his son. Mr. Beebe had regained good humour, and Mr. Eager was already snubbing Miss Lavish. Charlotte alone she was sure of"Charlotte, whose exterior concealed so much insight and love.

clasped - umklammert; Spange, Klammer, Schnalle, Griff, greifen

ebbed - verebbt; Ebbe, ebben, abebben

regained - wiedergewonnen; wiedergewinnen

snubbing - Brüskierung; anfahrend; (snub) Brüskierung; anfahrend

exterior - Außen-; Äußeres, Außenseite

The luxury of self-exposure kept her almost happy through the long evening. She thought not so much of what had happened as of how she should describe it. All her sensations, her spasms of courage, her moments of unreasonable joy, her mysterious discontent, should be carefully laid before her cousin. And together in divine confidence they would disentangle and interpret them all.

luxury - Luxus

sensations - Empfindungen; Gefühl

spasms - Krämpfe; Krampf, Muskelkrampf, Spasmus, Anfall, verkrampfen

unreasonable - unvernünftig, kompromisslos, nicht nachvollziehbar, unklug

confidence - Selbstgewissheit; Zuversicht; Vertrauen, Zutrauen

"At last," thought she, "I shall understand myself. I shan't again be troubled by things that come out of nothing, and mean I don't know what."

Miss Alan asked her to play. She refused vehemently. Music seemed to her the employment of a child. She sat close to her cousin, who, with commendable patience, was listening to a long story about lost luggage. When it was over she capped it by a story of her own.

vehemently - vehement

commendable - lobenswert

luggage - Gepäck, Gepäckstück, Reisegepäck, etaphorical

capped - gedeckelt; Ventilkappe; Mütze, Haube, Kappe

Lucy became rather hysterical with the delay. in vain she tried to check, or at all events to accelerate, the tale. It was not till a late hour that Miss Bartlett had recovered her luggage and could say in her usual tone of gentle reproach:

hysterical - hysterisch

delay - Verspätung, Verzögerung, Verzug

in vain - vergebens

accelerate - beschleunigen; eilen, beeilen

reproach - Vorwürfe; Vorwurf; Schande; vorwerfen

"Well, dear, I at all events am ready for Bedfordshire. Come into my room, and I will give a good brush to your hair."

brush - Bürste; gloss aint-; Busch, Gebüsch, Gestrüpp, Lunte, Standarte

With some solemnity the door was shut, and a cane chair placed for the girl. Then Miss Bartlett said "So what is to be done?"

solemnity - Feierlichkeit; Hochfest

cane - Schilfrohr; Rohr; Rohrstock; Blindenstock, weisser Langstock

She was unprepared for the question. It had not occurred to her that she would have to do anything. A detailed exhibition of her emotions was all that she had counted upon.

exhibition - Ausstellung

emotions - Emotionen; Gefühl

counted - gezählt; rechnen, abzählen, zählen

"What is to be done? A point, dearest, which you alone can settle."

The rain was streaming down the black windows, and the great room felt damp and chilly, One candle burnt trembling on the chest of drawers close to Miss Bartlett's toque, which cast monstrous and fantastic shadows on the bolted door. A tram roared by in the dark, and Lucy felt unaccountably sad, though she had long since dried her eyes.

streaming - strömend; (stream); Bach; Strom; Datenstrom; strömen; streamen

burnt - angebrannt, verbrannt, brennen, verbrennen; (burn) angebrannt

trembling - Zittern, Beben; (tremble); zittern; Zittern

drawers - Schubladen; Zeichner, Schublade, Aussteller

toque - barettartiger Frauenhut

monstrous - ungeheuerlich, monströs, grotesk, monsterhaft, monsterartig

bolted - verriegelt; Riegel, Ballen, Blitz, Bolzen; durchgehen (Pferd)

roared - gebrüllt; brüllen, brüllen, Tosen

unaccountably - unerklärlich

dried - getrocknet; trocken, trocken, trocknen, trocknen, t+abtrocknen

She lifted them to the ceiling, where the griffins and bassoons were colourless and vague, the very ghosts of joy.

lifted - angehoben; Lüften (Bremse), Lift, Aufzug; fördern

colourless - farblos

vague - vage; nebelhaft, schwach, unklar, undeutlich

"It has been raining for nearly four hours," she said at last.

Miss Bartlett ignored the remark.

"How do you propose to silence him?"

propose - vorschlagen; einen Heiratsantrag machen; beabsichtigen

"The driver?"

"My dear girl, no; Mr. George Emerson."

Lucy began to pace up and down the room.

"I don't understand," she said at last.

I don't understand - Ich verstehe nicht.

She understood very well, but she no longer wished to be absolutely truthful.

"How are you going to stop him talking about it?"

"I have a feeling that talk is a thing he will never do."

"I, too, intend to judge him charitably. But unfortunately I have met the type before. They seldom keep their exploits to themselves."

charitably - karitativ

exploits - Heldentat, Exploit

"Exploits?" cried Lucy, wincing under the horrible plural.

wincing - (wince) zurückschrecken, zusammenzucken

plural - pluralisch, mehrfach, Mehrzahl-, Mehrheit

"My poor dear, did you suppose that this was his first? Come here and listen to me. I am only gathering it from his own remarks. Do you remember that day at lunch when he argued with Miss Alan that liking one person is an extra reason for liking another?"

gathering - Erfassung, Sammeln, Lese; (gather); sammeln, versammeln

argued - argumentiert; diskutieren, erörtern, streiten, argumentieren

"Yes," said Lucy, whom at the time the argument had pleased.

"Well, I am no prude. There is no need to call him a wicked young man, but obviously he is thoroughly unrefined. Let us put it down to his deplorable antecedents and education, if you wish. But we are no farther on with our question. What do you propose to do?"

prude - Prüder, Prüde

unrefined - ungeschliffen

deplorable - bedauernswert

antecedents - früher, vorausgehend, vorgängig, voriger, vorige, voriges

An idea rushed across Lucy's brain, which, had she thought of it sooner and made it part of her, might have proved victorious.

proved - er/sie hat/hatte bewiesen, beweisen, erhärten

victorious - siegreich, obsiegend, triumphierend, triumphal, siegesstrahlend

"I propose to speak to him," said she.

Miss Bartlett uttered a cry of genuine alarm.

genuine - echt, original, genuin

alarm - Alarm, Alarmsignal, Alarmstimmung, Wecker, Alarm schlagen

"You see, Charlotte, your kindness"I shall never forget it. But"as you said"it is my affair. Mine and his."

"And you are going to implore him, to beg him to keep silence?"

implore - anflehen

beg - Männchen machen; etwas erbitten (von jemandem); bitten (um)

"Certainly not. There would be no difficulty. Whatever you ask him he answers, yes or no; then it is over. I have been frightened of him. But now I am not one little bit."

"But we fear him for you, dear. You are so young and inexperienced, you have lived among such nice people, that you cannot realize what men can be"how they can take a brutal pleasure in insulting a woman whom her sex does not protect and rally round. This afternoon, for example, if I had not arrived, what would have happened?"

inexperienced - unerfahren

brutal - brutal

insulting - beleidigend; beleidigen, Beleidigung, Kränkung, Verletzung

rally - Zusammenkunft, Rallye; um sich scharen; Sternfahrt; sammeln

"I can't think," said Lucy gravely.

Something in her voice made Miss Bartlett repeat her question, intoning it more vigorously.

intoning - intonieren; anstimmend; (intone) intonieren; anstimmend

vigorously - mit Nachdruck; kräftig, ordentlich, heftig, tüchtig

"What would have happened if I hadn't arrived?"

"I can't think," said Lucy again.

"When he insulted you, how would you have replied?"

insulted - beleidigt; beleidigen, Beleidigung, Kränkung, Verletzung

"I hadn't time to think. You came."

"Yes, but won't you tell me now what you would have done?"

"I should have"" She checked herself, and broke the sentence off. She went up to the dripping window and strained her eyes into the darkness. She could not think what she would have done.

"Come away from the window, dear," said Miss Bartlett. "You will be seen from the road."

Lucy obeyed. She was in her cousin's power. She could not modulate out the key of self-abasement in which she had started. Neither of them referred again to her suggestion that she should speak to George and settle the matter, whatever it was, with him.

modulate - abstimmen, anpassen, modulieren

abasement - Erniedrigung

referred - verwiesen; überweisen (an)

Miss Bartlett became plaintive.

"Oh, for a real man! We are only two women, you and I. Mr. Beebe is hopeless. There is Mr. Eager, but you do not trust him. Oh, for your brother! He is young, but I know that his sister's insult would rouse in him a very lion. Thank God, chivalry is not yet dead. There are still left some men who can reverence woman."

insult - beleidigen; Beleidigung, Kränkung, Verletzung

rouse - aufrütteln; wachrufen, wecken

reverence - Ehrfurcht, Bewunderung, Verehrung, Hochachtung, Ehrerbietung

As she spoke, she pulled off her rings, of which she wore several, and ranged them upon the pin cushion. Then she blew into her gloves and said:

pulled - gezogen; ziehen, ziehen

rings - Ringe; Ring, Kreis

ranged - in Reichweite; Gebirgskette, Gebirge

pin - Zapfen, Bolzen, Schraubendrehereinsatz; feststecken, anheften

cushion - Kissen; Puffer, Polster, Bande, polstern, abdämpfen, abfedern

gloves - Handschuhe; Handschuh

"It will be a push to catch the morning train, but we must try."

push - schieben, drängen, stoßen

"What train?"

"The train to Rome." She looked at her gloves critically.

critically - kritisch

The girl received the announcement as easily as it had been given.

announcement - Ankündigung; Bekanntmachung, Mitteilung

"When does the train to Rome go?"

"At eight."

"Signora Bertolini would be upset."

upset - verärgert; aufgebracht, aufgewühlt, verstimmt, gereizt, nervös

"We must face that," said Miss Bartlett, not liking to say that she had given notice already.

given notice - gekündigt

"She will make us pay for a whole week's pension."

"I expect she will. However, we shall be much more comfortable at the Vyses'hotel. Isn't afternoon tea given there for nothing?"

comfortable - komfortabel, bequem, behaglich, kommod, gemütlich

"Yes, but they pay extra for wine." After this remark she remained motionless and silent. To her tired eyes Charlotte throbbed and swelled like a ghostly figure in a dream.

motionless - unbeweglich, reglos, bewegungslos

throbbed - geklopft; klopfen, schlagen, pochen, klopfen, pulsieren, Pochen

swelled - angeschwollen; Schwellen

ghostly - geisterhaft, spukhaft

figure - Abbildung; Figur; Gestalt; Ziffer; Form

They began to sort their clothes for packing, for there was no time to lose, if they were to catch the train to Rome. Lucy, when admonished, began to move to and fro between the rooms, more conscious of the discomforts of packing by candlelight than of a subtler ill. Charlotte, who was practical without ability, knelt by the side of an empty trunk, vainly endeavouring to pave it with books of varying thickness and size. She gave two or three sighs, for the stooping posture hurt her back, and, for all her diplomacy, she felt that she was growing old. The girl heard her as she entered the room, and was seized with one of those emotional impulses to which she could never attribute a cause. She only felt that the candle would burn better, the packing go easier, the world be happier, if she could give and receive some human love.

packing - Kühleinbauten (Kühlturm); Aufzug (Drucktechnik); Abdichtung (Dichtung)

catch the train - den Zug erreichen

admonished - ermahnt; ermahnen, warnen, warnen

discomforts - Unannehmlichkeiten; Unbehagen

candlelight - Kerzenlicht, Kerzenschein

subtler - subtiler; subtil, fast unmerklich, haarfein, dezent, feinsinnig

practical - praktisch; Praktikum

ability - Fähigkeit

knelt - kniete; knien

trunk - Kofferraum; Stamm, Baumstamm, Koffer, Truhe, Schrankkoffer

vainly - vergeblich

pave - mit Platten auslegen; pflastern, bepflastern

varying - unterschiedlich; variieren, verändern, sich ändern, de

thickness - Dicke

stooping - Bücken; Buckel, sich beugen

posture - Körperhaltung; Haltung

diplomacy - Diplomatie

growing old - alternd

seized - beschlagnahmt; ergreifen, fassen, greifen, packen, ergreifen

impulses - Impulsen; Impuls, Triebkraft, Drang, innerer Antrieb, Kraftstoß

attribute - Eigenschaft, Merkmal, Attribut, Beifügung, zuschreiben

burn - verbrennen; brennen, feuern, leuchten

The impulse had come before to-day, but never so strongly. She knelt down by her cousin's side and took her in her arms.

Miss Bartlett returned the embrace with tenderness and warmth. But she was not a stupid woman, and she knew perfectly well that Lucy did not love her, but needed her to love. For it was in ominous tones that she said, after a long pause:

ominous - ominös

tones - Töne; Farbton, Klang, Umgangston, Ton

"Dearest Lucy, how will you ever forgive me?"

Lucy was on her guard at once, knowing by bitter experience what forgiving Miss Bartlett meant. Her emotion relaxed, she modified her embrace a little, and she said:

Bitter - herb, rau, bitter

forgiving - vergeben, verzeihen, entschuldigen

"Charlotte dear, what do you mean? As if I have anything to forgive!"

"You have a great deal, and I have a very great deal to forgive myself, too. I know well how much I vex you at every turn."

vex - ärgern, verärgern, reizen, irritieren, beunruhigen

"But no""

Miss Bartlett assumed her favourite role, that of the prematurely aged martyr.

role - Rolle (Theater, Film), Funktion, Rolle

prematurely - verfrüht

martyr - Märtyrer, Märtyrerin

"Ah, but yes! I feel that our tour together is hardly the success I had hoped. I might have known it would not do. You want someone younger and stronger and more in sympathy with you. I am too uninteresting and old-fashioned"only fit to pack and unpack your things."

old-fashioned - (old-fashioned) altmodisch

unpack - entpacken, auspacken


"My only consolation was that you found people more to your taste, and were often able to leave me at home. I had my own poor ideas of what a lady ought to do, but I hope I did not inflict them on you more than was necessary. You had your own way about these rooms, at all events."

consolation - Trost; Trostpreis

inflict - auferlegen; zufügen, checkverhängen

"You mustn't say these things," said Lucy softly.

She still clung to the hope that she and Charlotte loved each other, heart and soul. They continued to pack in silence.

clung - geklammert; anschmiegen

pack - packen, einpacken; packen (verstauen); Bündel, Meute, Rudel

"I have been a failure," said Miss Bartlett, as she struggled with the straps of Lucy's trunk instead of strapping her own. "Failed to make you happy; failed in my duty to your mother. She has been so generous to me; I shall never face her again after this disaster."

struggled with - abgemüht

straps - Riemen, Streichriemen, Achselklappe, Schulterklappe

strapping - Umreifung; drall (Mädchen), stramm (Kind)

Duty - Die Pflicht; Pflicht; Schicht, Arbeitszeit, Zoll, Einfuhrsteuer

generous - großzügig, generös

disaster - Katastrophe; Desaster

"But mother will understand. It is not your fault, this trouble, and it isn't a disaster either."

"It is my fault, it is a disaster. She will never forgive me, and rightly. For instance, what right had I to make friends with Miss Lavish?"

instance - Beispiel, Fall, Instanz

make friends - anfreunden

"Every right."

"When I was here for your sake? If I have vexed you it is equally true that I have neglected you. Your mother will see this as clearly as I do, when you tell her."

sake - (for your sake) deinetwegen, euretwegen, Ihretwegen, dir zuliebe

vexed - verärgert; ärgern, verärgern, reizen, irritieren, beunruhigen

Lucy, from a cowardly wish to improve the situation, said:

cowardly - feige

"Why need mother hear of it?"

hear of - hören von

"But you tell her everything?"

"I suppose I do generally."

"I dare not break your confidence. There is something sacred in it. Unless you feel that it is a thing you could not tell her."

The girl would not be degraded to this.

degraded - verschlechtert; degradieren, herabstufen, herunterstufen

"Naturally I should have told her. But in case she should blame you in any way, I promise I will not, I am very willing not to. I will never speak of it either to her or to any one."

promise - Versprechen

Her promise brought the long-drawn interview to a sudden close. Miss Bartlett pecked her smartly on both cheeks, wished her good-night, and sent her to her own room.

pecked - gepickt; picken; Küsschen (flüchtig); flüchtiger Kuss

smartly - klug; schlau, elegant

For a moment the original trouble was in the background. George would seem to have behaved like a cad throughout; perhaps that was the view which one would take eventually. At present she neither acquitted nor condemned him; she did not pass judgement. At the moment when she was about to judge him her cousin's voice had intervened, and, ever since, it was Miss Bartlett who had dominated; Miss Bartlett who, even now, could be heard sighing into a crack in the partition wall; Miss Bartlett, who had really been neither pliable nor humble nor inconsistent.

background - Hintergrund

cad - Prolet

throughout - durchgehend; überall

acquitted - freigesprochen; freisprechen, für unschuldig erklären, befreien

condemned - Verurteilt; verurteilen, verurteilen, verdammen, verurteilen

intervened - interveniert; eingreifen, einschreiten, dazwischengehen

dominated - beherrscht; herrschen (über), emporragen (über); beherrschen

sighing - Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

crack - Riss, Knall, Aufbruch, Bresche; aufbrechen, knallen, platzen

partition - Partition, Zerlegung, Klasseneinteilung

pliable - biegsam, geschmeidig

inconsistent - inkonsistent

She had worked like a great artist; for a time"indeed, for years"she had been meaningless, but at the end there was presented to the girl the complete picture of a cheerless, loveless world in which the young rush to destruction until they learn better"a shamefaced world of precautions and barriers which may avert evil, but which do not seem to bring good, if we may judge from those who have used them most.

cheerless - freudlos, trostlos

loveless - ohne Liebe, lieblos, herzlos

rush - stürzen, drängen, hetzen, rasen; Eile, Andrang

destruction - Zerstörung, Vernichtung

shamefaced - schamhaft

precautions - Vorsichtsmaßnahmen; Vorsorge, Vorsichtsmaßnahme

barriers - Schranken; Sperre, Schranke, qualifier

avert - abwenden, verhindern

Lucy was suffering from the most grievous wrong which this world has yet discovered: diplomatic advantage had been taken of her sincerity, of her craving for sympathy and love. Such a wrong is not easily forgotten. Never again did she expose herself without due consideration and precaution against rebuff. And such a wrong may react disastrously upon the soul.

suffering - leidend; Leiden; (suffer); leiden; erleiden

grievous - schmerzlich; ernst, ernsthaft, schwerwiegend

diplomatic - diplomatisch

craving - Sehnsucht (nach); flehend, heftiges Verlangen; (crave); sehnen

expose - entlarven; aufdecken, offenbaren, entblößen, bloßlegen

due - fällig

consideration - Berücksichtigung; Erwägung, Überlegung, Rücksicht, Vergütung

precaution - Vorsorge; Vorsichtsmaßnahme

rebuff - abblitzen lassen; zurückweisen, abblitzen

react - reagieren

disastrously - verhängnisvoll

The door-bell rang, and she started to the shutters. Before she reached them she hesitated, turned, and blew out the candle. Thus it was that, though she saw someone standing in the wet below, he, though he looked up, did not see her.

bell - Klingel, Schelle, Glocke

blew out - (blow out) ausblasen, auslöschen

To reach his room he had to go by hers. She was still dressed. It struck her that she might slip into the passage and just say that she would be gone before he was up, and that their extraordinary intercourse was over.

reach - erreichen; erzielen, greifen (nach)

slip - Ausrutscher; Versprecher; Rutschen (geradeaus); Lapsus

passage - Durchfahrt, Ăśbergang, Gang

Whether she would have dared to do this was never proved. At the critical moment Miss Bartlett opened her own door, and her voice said:

dared - gewagt; sich getrauen, wagen, jemanden herausfordern

"I wish one word with you in the drawing-room, Mr. Emerson, please."

Soon their footsteps returned, and Miss Bartlett said: "Good-night, Mr. Emerson."

Footsteps - Fußstapfen; Fußabdruck, Schritt

His heavy, tired breathing was the only reply; the chaperon had done her work.

breathing - Atmen, Atmung; (breath); Atmen, Atmung, Atemzug, Atem, Atempause

Lucy cried aloud: "It isn't true. It can't all be true. I want not to be muddled. I want to grow older quickly."

aloud - laut

muddled - verwirrt; verwirren, Wirrwarr

Miss Bartlett tapped on the wall.

tapped - angezapft; Wasserhahn; Schlacke abstechen

"Go to bed at once, dear. You need all the rest you can get."

In the morning they left for Rome.


Chapter VIII. Medieval

The drawing-room curtains at Windy Corner had been pulled to meet, for the carpet was new and deserved protection from the August sun. They were heavy curtains, reaching almost to the ground, and the light that filtered through them was subdued and varied. A poet"none was present"might have quoted, "Life like a dome of many coloured glass," or might have compared the curtains to sluice-gates, lowered against the intolerable tides of heaven.

carpet - Teppich, Teppichboden, auslegen, bedecken

deserved - Verdient; verdienen

protection - Schutz

filtered - gefiltert; Filter, Filter, Filter, filtern, filtern, filtrieren

subdued - gedämpft; unter Kontrolle bringen, unterwerfen, unterwerfen

varied - abwechslungsreich; variieren, verändern, sich ändern, de

quoted - zitiert; Zitat

dome - Kuppel

sluice - Schleuse, Schleusentor, Siel

lowered - gesenkt; niedriger, niedrigerer

tides - Gezeiten, Ebbe

Without was poured a sea of radiance; within, the glory, though visible, was tempered to the capacities of man.

poured - geschüttet; schütten, einschenken, gießen

radiance - Ausstrahlung; Glanz

glory - Pracht, Herrlichkeit, Prunk, Gepränge, Ruhm

tempered - temperiert; Gereiztheit, Laune, Temperament

capacities - Kapazitäten; Kapazität, Befugnis

Two pleasant people sat in the room. One"a boy of nineteen"was studying a small manual of anatomy, and peering occasionally at a bone which lay upon the piano. From time to time he bounced in his chair and puffed and groaned, for the day was hot and the print small, and the human frame fearfully made; and his mother, who was writing a letter, did continually read out to him what she had written.

manual - Leitfaden, manuell, Manual, Handbuch

peering - spähen; seinesgleichen, Beaufsichtigende; schielen, starren

Occasionally - gelegentlich

bounced - geplatzt; abprallen, hüpfen, auf und ab hüpfen, platzen, hüpfen

puffed - aufgeblasen; pusten; Hauch

groaned - gestöhnt; Stöhnen

print - drucken; Druckschrift; Abdruck; Abzug; Kopie

read out - herauslesen, ausspeichern, vorlesen, ablesen

And continually did she rise from her seat and part the curtains so that a rivulet of light fell across the carpet, and make the remark that they were still there.

rivulet - Rinnsal; Flüsschen, Bächlein

"Where aren't they?" said the boy, who was Freddy, Lucy's brother. "I tell you I'm getting fairly sick."

"For goodness'sake go out of my drawing-room, then?" cried Mrs. Honeychurch, who hoped to cure her children of slang by taking it literally.

goodness - Güte, Gütigkeit

cure - räuchern (Fleisch), heilen, abbinden (Leim); Kur, Heilung

slang - Jargon, Slang, saloppe Umgangssprache

literally - buchstäblich

Freddy did not move or reply.

"I think things are coming to a head," she observed, rather wanting her son's opinion on the situation if she could obtain it without undue supplication.

obtain - erlangen, erhalten, bestehen

undue - übertrieben; unangemessen

supplication - Flehen, Bitte

"Time they did."

"I am glad that Cecil is asking her this once more."

this once - dieses eine Mal

"It's his third go, isn't it?"

isn't it? - gell, gelle, gelt?

"Freddy I do call the way you talk unkind."

"I didn't mean to be unkind." Then he added: "But I do think Lucy might have got this off her chest in Italy. I don't know how girls manage things, but she can't have said ˜No'properly before, or she wouldn't have to say it again now. Over the whole thing"I can't explain"I do feel so uncomfortable."

uncomfortable - unangenehm; unbequem, ungemütlich, unbehaglich

"Do you indeed, dear? How interesting!"

"I feel"never mind."

He returned to his work.

"Just listen to what I have written to Mrs. Vyse. I said: ˜Dear Mrs. Vyse.'"

"Yes, mother, you told me. A jolly good letter."

jolly - fröhlich; vergnügt, lustig

"I said: ˜Dear Mrs. Vyse, Cecil has just asked my permission about it, and I should be delighted, if Lucy wishes it. But"'" She stopped reading, "I was rather amused at Cecil asking my permission at all. He has always gone in for unconventionality, and parents nowhere, and so forth. When it comes to the point, he can't get on without me."

unconventionality - Unkonventionalität; Zwanglosigkeit

nowhere - nirgendwo, nirgends

"Nor me."


Freddy nodded.

"What do you mean?"

"He asked me for my permission also."

She exclaimed: "How very odd of him!"

"Why so?" asked the son and heir. "Why shouldn't my permission be asked?"

son and heir - Stammhalter

"What do you know about Lucy or girls or anything? What ever did you say?"

"I said to Cecil, ˜Take her or leave her; it's no business of mine!'"

"What a helpful answer!" But her own answer, though more normal in its wording, had been to the same effect.

helpful - hilfreich

more normal - normalere

effect - Auswirkung, Eindruck, Effekt, Kraft

"The bother is this," began Freddy.

Then he took up his work again, too shy to say what the bother was. Mrs. Honeychurch went back to the window.

Shy - schüchtern, scheu, verlegen

"Freddy, you must come. There they still are!"

"I don't see you ought to go peeping like that."

peeping - spähen; (peep hole) Schauloch; (to peep through) durchgucken

"Peeping like that! Can't I look out of my own window?"

But she returned to the writing-table, observing, as she passed her son, "Still page 322?" Freddy snorted, and turned over two leaves. For a brief space they were silent. Close by, beyond the curtains, the gentle murmur of a long conversation had never ceased.

observing - Beobachtung; beobachten, beachten, halten, bemerken

snorted - geschnieft; Schnauben

turned over - umgeblättert

brief - kurz; prägnant; kurze Zusammenfassung; briefen, instruieren

murmur - Rauschen, Murmeln, Gemurmel, Raunen, Herzgeräusch

"The bother is this: I have put my foot in it with Cecil most awfully." He gave a nervous gulp. "Not content with ˜permission', which I did give"that is to say, I said, ˜I don't mind'"well, not content with that, he wanted to know whether I wasn't off my head with joy. He practically put it like this: Wasn't it a splendid thing for Lucy and for Windy Corner generally if he married her?

awfully - furchtbar, entsetzlich

gulp - Schluck; schlucken; schlingen, verschlingen

content with - begnügen

wasn - Was

And he would have an answer"he said it would strengthen his hand."

strengthen - verstärken, bestärken, erman: stark#German

"I hope you gave a careful answer, dear."

"I answered ˜No'" said the boy, grinding his teeth. "There! Fly into a stew! I can't help it"had to say it. I had to say no. He ought never to have asked me."

grinding - reibend, Aufrauhen, Aufreiben, schleifend; (grind) reibend

stew - schmoren, dämpfen; Kohl, Stew, Eintopfgericht

I can't help it - Ich kann nichts dafür., Ich kann mir nicht helfen.

"Ridiculous child!" cried his mother. "You think you're so holy and truthful, but really it's only abominable conceit. Do you suppose that a man like Cecil would take the slightest notice of anything you say? I hope he boxed your ears. How dare you say no?"

ridiculous - lächerlich

holy - heilig

abominable - verabscheuungswürdig, verhasst, abscheulich, riesig, monströs

conceit - Eingebung; Einbildung; Konzept

slightest - das Geringste; geringfügig, leicht, gering, unbedeutend, wenig

"Oh, do Keep quiet, mother! I had to say no when I couldn't say yes. I tried to laugh as if I didn't mean what I said, and, as Cecil laughed too, and went away, it may be all right. But I feel my foot's in it. Oh, do keep quiet, though, and let a man do some work."

Keep quiet - totschweigen;Sei still!, Sei ruhig!

went away - (go away) fortgehen, weichen, verreisen

"No," said Mrs. Honeychurch, with the air of one who has considered the subject, "I shall not keep quiet. You know all that has passed between them in Rome; you know why he is down here, and yet you deliberately insult him, and try to turn him out of my house."

considered - berücksichtigt; überlegen, überlegen, halten, betrachten

deliberately - absichtlich

"Not a bit!" he pleaded. "I only let out I didn't like him. I don't hate him, but I don't like him. What I mind is that he'll tell Lucy."

pleaded - plädiert; plädieren, bekennen, (dringend) bitten, anflehen

let out - durchgelassen;ausleben, herauslassen

He glanced at the curtains dismally.

dismally - trostlos, düstere

"Well, I like him," said Mrs. Honeychurch. "I know his mother; he's good, he's clever, he's rich, he's well connected"Oh, you needn't kick the piano! He's well connected"I'll say it again if you like: he's well connected." She paused, as if rehearsing her eulogy, but her face remained dissatisfied. She added: "And he has beautiful manners."

connected - verbunden; verbinden, anschließen, verbinden

needn - brauchen nicht

kick - treten, (Pferd) ausschlagen; Stoß

rehearsing - probend; (rehears) probend

eulogy - Lobrede, Lobesrede, Traurrede

"I liked him till just now. I suppose it's having him spoiling Lucy's first week at home; and it's also something that Mr. Beebe said, not knowing."

liked him - gefiel

spoiling - plündern, ruinieren, verderben, kaputtmachen, verwöhnen

"Mr. Beebe?" said his mother, trying to conceal her interest. "I don't see how Mr. Beebe comes in."

conceal - verbergen, verheimlichen, verschleiern, verschweigen

"You know Mr. Beebe's funny way, when you never quite know what he means. He said: ˜Mr. Vyse is an ideal bachelor.'I was very cute, I asked him what he meant. He said ˜Oh, he's like me"better detached.'I couldn't make him say any more, but it set me thinking. Since Cecil has come after Lucy he hasn't been so pleasant, at least"I can't explain."

bachelor - Junggeselle; Bachelor

cute - goldig, niedlich, süß

"You never can, dear. But I can. You are jealous of Cecil because he may stop Lucy knitting you silk ties."

jealous - eifersüchtig; eifrig, eifernd, neidisch

knitting - Stricken; (knit); stricken

silk - Seide

ties - Krawatten; zusammenbinden

The explanation seemed plausible, and Freddy tried to accept it. But at the back of his brain there lurked a dim mistrust. Cecil praised one too much for being athletic. Was that it? Cecil made one talk in one's own way. This tired one.

explanation - Erläuterung, Erklärung, Ausführung

plausible - plausibel, glaubhaft

lurked - lauerte; lauern, lauern

mistrust - Misstrauen

athletic - athletisch, sportlich

Was that it? And Cecil was the kind of fellow who would never wear another fellow's cap. Unaware of his own profundity, Freddy checked himself. He must be jealous, or he would not dislike a man for such foolish reasons.

cap - Ventilkappe; Mütze, Haube, Kappe, Deckel; Laufflächenkrone

unaware - ahnungslos; unwissend, nicht wissend, unaufmerksam, gedankenlos

profundity - Tiefgründigkeit, Tiefe

dislike - Abneigung; Unbehagen; ablehnen

"Will this do?" called his mother. "˜Dear Mrs. Vyse,"Cecil has just asked my permission about it, and I should be delighted if Lucy wishes it.'Then I put in at the top, ˜and I have told Lucy so.'I must write the letter out again"˜and I have told Lucy so. But Lucy seems very uncertain, and in these days young people must decide for themselves.

I said that because I didn't want Mrs. Vyse to think us old-fashioned. She goes in for lectures and improving her mind, and all the time a thick layer of flue under the beds, and the maid's dirty thumb-marks where you turn on the electric light. She keeps that flat abominably""

fashioned - modisch; Mode, Stil, Mode, fertigen, anfertigen

lectures - Vorlesungen; Vorlesung

layer - durch Ableger vermehren, überlagern, schichten; Auflage

flue - Schornstein; Abgaskanal, Flammrohr, Feuerzeug

thumb - Daumen; durchblättern

"Suppose Lucy marries Cecil, would she live in a flat, or in the country?"

marries - heiratet; heiraten, trauen, sich verehelichen

"Don't interrupt so foolishly. Where was I? Oh yes"˜Young people must decide for themselves. I know that Lucy likes your son, because she tells me everything, and she wrote to me from Rome when he asked her first.'No, I'll cross that last bit out"it looks patronizing. I'll stop at ˜because she tells me everything.'Or shall I cross that out, too?"

foolishly - töricht; dummerweise (aus Dummheit), albernes

"Cross it out, too," said Freddy.

Mrs. Honeychurch left it in.

"Then the whole thing runs: ˜Dear Mrs. Vyse."Cecil has just asked my permission about it, and I should be delighted if Lucy wishes it, and I have told Lucy so. But Lucy seems very uncertain, and in these days young people must decide for themselves. I know that Lucy likes your son, because she tells me everything. But I do not know"'"

"Look out!" cried Freddy.

The curtains parted.

Cecil's first movement was one of irritation. He couldn't bear the Honeychurch habit of sitting in the dark to save the furniture. Instinctively he give the curtains a twitch, and sent them swinging down their poles. Light entered. There was revealed a terrace, such as is owned by many villas with trees each side of it, and on it a little rustic seat, and two flower-beds.

instinctively - instinktiv; unwillkürlich

twitch - zucken; zupfen

swinging - swingen; schaukelnd; (swing); schwingen, schaukeln, schwanken

poles - Stangen; (North Pole) Nordpol

rustic - rustikal

But it was transfigured by the view beyond, for Windy Corner was built on the range that overlooks the Sussex Weald. Lucy, who was in the little seat, seemed on the edge of a green magic carpet which hovered in the air above the tremulous world.

transfigured - verklärt; umgestalten

range - Reichweite; Gebirgskette, Gebirge, Gebirgszug, Herd, Spanne

overlooks - Übersichten; Übersicht, Überblick, bemerken

magic carpet - fliegender Teppich

hovered - schwebte; rütteln, verweilen, zögern, bewegen

tremulous - zitternd

Cecil entered.

Appearing thus late in the story, Cecil must be at once described. He was medieval. Like a Gothic statue. Tall and refined, with shoulders that seemed braced square by an effort of the will, and a head that was tilted a little higher than the usual level of vision, he resembled those fastidious saints who guard the portals of a French cathedral. Well educated, well endowed, and not deficient physically, he remained in the grip of a certain devil whom the modern world knows as self-consciousness, and whom the medieval, with dimmer vision, worshipped as asceticism. A Gothic statue implies celibacy, just as a Greek statue implies fruition, and perhaps this was what Mr.

appearing - erscheinen, auftauchen, erscheinen, auftauchen, erscheinen

Gothic - Gotisch; Gothic

statue - Statue, Standbild

refined - verfeinert; verfeinern

braced - verstrebt; Klafter

tilted - gekippt; Schärfedehnung, Höchstleistung

fastidious - Anspruchsvoll; pedantisch, manisch

portals - Portale; Portal

French - Französisch

cathedral - Kirche, Münster, Kathedrale, Dom

educated - Gebildet; ausbilden, erziehen

endowed - dotiert; ausstatten

deficient - mangelhaft; defizient

grip - packen, fassen; Griffigkeit, Heft (von Säge, Feile)

devil - dem Teufel; Teufel, Satan, Teufelin, reizen, ärgern

consciousness - Bewusstsein, Gewahrsein, Erkenntnis, Bewusstheit

dimmer - Dimmer; (dim); Dimmer

worshipped - verehrt; Verehrung, Anbetung, Gottesdienst, Verehrung, Anbetung

asceticism - Asketentum; Askese

implies - impliziert; implizieren, zur Folge haben, implizieren, bedeuten

celibacy - Zölibat, Keuschheit

Greek - griechisch; Griechisch, griechische Sprache, Grieche, Griechin

fruition - Verwirklichung; Erfüllung

Beebe meant. And Freddy, who ignored history and art, perhaps meant the same when he failed to imagine Cecil wearing another fellow's cap.

Mrs. Honeychurch left her letter on the writing table and moved towards her young acquaintance.

"Oh, Cecil!" she exclaimed""oh, Cecil, do tell me!"

"I promessi sposi," said he.

They stared at him anxiously.

"She has accepted me," he said, and the sound of the thing in English made him flush and smile with pleasure, and look more human.

more human - menschlichere

"I am so glad," said Mrs. Honeychurch, while Freddy proffered a hand that was yellow with chemicals. They wished that they also knew Italian, for our phrases of approval and of amazement are so connected with little occasions that we fear to use them on great ones. We are obliged to become vaguely poetic, or to take refuge in Scriptural reminiscences.

proffered - angeboten; anbieten

chemicals - Chemikalien; chemisch, Chemikalie, Chemikalie, Chemikalie

amazement - Erstaunen; Staunen, Verwunderung

occasions - Anlässe; Gelegenheit, Gelegenheit, Anlass

poetic - dichterisch, poetisch

reminiscences - Reminiszenzen; Erinnern

"Welcome as one of the family!" said Mrs. Honeychurch, waving her hand at the furniture. "This is indeed a joyous day! I feel sure that you will make our dear Lucy happy."

joyous - freudig

"I hope so," replied the young man, shifting his eyes to the ceiling.

shifting - Verschieben; wechseln; (shift); Schicht; Verschiebung

"We mothers"" simpered Mrs. Honeychurch, and then realized that she was affected, sentimental, bombastic"all the things she hated most. Why could she not be Freddy, who stood stiff in the middle of the room; looking very cross and almost handsome?

simpered - gesimst; verschmitzt lachen

affected - betroffen; beeinträchtigen, eine Vorliebe haben für, bewohnen

bombastic - bombastisch

stiff - steif, starr, Steifer, Zechpreller, prellen, abspeisen

Middle - Mittelpunkt; Mitte; Mittel-, mittlere, mittig

"I say, Lucy!" called Cecil, for conversation seemed to flag.

flag - markieren, beflaggen, kennzeichnen; Kennzeichen, Platte, Flag

Lucy rose from the seat. She moved across the lawn and smiled in at them, just as if she was going to ask them to play tennis. Then she saw her brother's face. Her lips parted, and she took him in her arms. He said, "Steady on!"

lawn - Liegewiese, Rasenplatz, Rasen

Steady on - Halt!

"Not a kiss for me?" asked her mother.

Lucy kissed her also.

"Would you take them into the garden and tell Mrs. Honeychurch all about it?" Cecil suggested. "And I'd stop here and tell my mother."

"We go with Lucy?" said Freddy, as if taking orders.

"Yes, you go with Lucy."

They passed into the sunlight. Cecil watched them cross the terrace, and descend out of sight by the steps. They would descend"he knew their ways"past the shrubbery, and past the tennis-lawn and the dahlia-bed, until they reached the kitchen garden, and there, in the presence of the potatoes and the peas, the great event would be discussed.

descend - absteigen, niedergehen, herunterkommen, herabsteigen

shrubbery - Sträucher; Strauchwerk, Gesträuch

dahlia - Dahlie

kitchen garden - Gemüsegarten

peas - Erbsen; (pea) Erbsen

Smiling indulgently, he lit a cigarette, and rehearsed the events that had led to such a happy conclusion.

indulgently - Nachsichtig

rehearsed - geprobt; wiederholen, erzählen, üben, proben

He had known Lucy for several years, but only as a commonplace girl who happened to be musical. He could still remember his depression that afternoon at Rome, when she and her terrible cousin fell on him out of the blue, and demanded to be taken to St. Peter's. That day she had seemed a typical tourist"shrill, crude, and gaunt with travel. But Italy worked some marvel in her. It gave her light, and"which he held more precious"it gave her shadow.

musical - musikalisch; Musical

depression - Senke; Depression, Abschwung

demanded - gefordert; Nachfrage, Bedarf, Nachfrage, Anspruch, verlangen

crude - roh; einfach gestrickt, schlicht, grob gezimmert, nackt, pur

marvel - bewundern; wundern

more precious - kostbarere

Soon he detected in her a wonderful reticence. She was like a woman of Leonardo da Vinci's, whom we love not so much for herself as for the things that she will not tell us. The things are assuredly not of this life; no woman of Leonardo's could have anything so vulgar as a "story." She did develop most wonderfully day by day.

detected - entdeckt; finden, ermitteln, aufspüren, entdecken, erkennen

reticence - Reserviertheit, Schweigsamkeit, Zurückhaltung

assuredly - Sicherlich

develop - entwickeln

So it happened that from patronizing civility he had slowly passed if not to passion, at least to a profound uneasiness. Already at Rome he had hinted to her that they might be suitable for each other. It had touched him greatly that she had not broken away at the suggestion. Her refusal had been clear and gentle; after it"as the horrid phrase went"she had been exactly the same to him as before. Three months later, on the margin of Italy, among the flower-clad Alps, he had asked her again in bald, traditional language.

passion - Leidenschaft, Passion

uneasiness - Unbehagen

hinted - angedeutet; Hinweis, Tipp, Wink, Fingerzeig, Anleitung

be suitable - sich eignen;passen

broken away - (break away) abbrechen

refusal - Ablehnung, Weigerung, Verweigerung

been clear - eingeleuchtet

as before - wie bisher, wie zuvor, wie vorher

margin - Seitenrand; Gewinnspanne, Gewinnmarge, Einschuss

clad - kaschiert, gekleidet; (clothe); bekleiden, anziehen

traditional - traditionell

She reminded him of a Leonardo more than ever; her sunburnt features were shadowed by fantastic rock; at his words she had turned and stood between him and the light with immeasurable plains behind her. He walked home with her unashamed, feeling not at all like a rejected suitor. The things that really mattered were unshaken.

sunburnt - sonnenverbrannt; (sunburn); Sonnenbrand; Sonnenbrand bekommen

shadowed - beschattet; Schatten, beschatten, beschatten

Rock - schaukeln, schütteln, rocken, sich wiegen (Boot); Geldstück

immeasurable - unermesslich

plains - Ebenen; unscheinbar, einfach, vollständige, ehrlich

unashamed - ohne Scham

suitor - Freier, Liebeswerber

mattered - von Bedeutung; Materie, Materie, Masse, Substanz, Stoff

unshaken - unerschüttert

So now he had asked her once more, and, clear and gentle as ever, she had accepted him, giving no coy reasons for her delay, but simply saying that she loved him and would do her best to make him happy. His mother, too, would be pleased; she had counselled the step; he must write her a long account.

coy - schüchtern

counselled - beraten; Beratung, Rat, Ratschlag, Anwalt, Anwältin

Glancing at his hand, in case any of Freddy's chemicals had come off on it, he moved to the writing table. There he saw "Dear Mrs. Vyse," followed by many erasures. He recoiled without reading any more, and after a little hesitation sat down elsewhere, and pencilled a note on his knee.

glancing - blickend; (glance); blicken; Blick, Streifblick, Glanz

erasures - Auslöschungen; Löschen

recoiled - zurückgeworfen; Rückstoß, zurückschrecken, zurückschlagen

hesitation - Zögern

elsewhere - anderswo

Then he lit another cigarette, which did not seem quite as divine as the first, and considered what might be done to make Windy Corner drawing-room more distinctive. With that outlook it should have been a successful room, but the trail of Tottenham Court Road was upon it; he could almost visualize the motor-vans of Messrs. Shoolbred and Messrs. Maple arriving at the door and depositing this chair, those varnished book-cases, that writing-table. The table recalled Mrs. Honeychurch's letter. He did not want to read that letter"his temptations never lay in that direction; but he worried about it none the less. It was his own fault that she was discussing him with his mother; he had wanted her support in his third attempt to win Lucy; he wanted to feel that others, no matter who they were, agreed with him, and so he had asked their permission.

distinctive - unverwechselbar

outlook - Aussichtspunkt; Aussicht, Ausblick, Einstellung

trail - Pfad; folgen, verfolgen, nachstellen, nacheilen

visualize - visualisieren; sichtbar machen, sich ein Bild machen von

motor - Motor, Triebwerk, Antrieb

vans - Lieferwagen; Van

maple - Ahorn

depositing - Hinterlegung; Ablagerung, Vorkommen

varnished - lackiert; Lack, Firnis, Firnis, Lack, deirnis, lackieren

cases - Fälle; Gehäuse, Prozess, Kiste, Fach

temptations - Versuchungen; Versuchung, Verführung, Versuchung

lay in - einkellern

direction - Richtung; Führung; Regie

Mrs. Honeychurch had been civil, but obtuse in essentials, while as for Freddy""He is only a boy," he reflected. "I represent all that he despises. Why should he want me for a brother-in-law?"

obtuse - stumpf; begriffsstutzig, beschränkt, schwerfällig, unterdrückt

essentials - Wesentliches; essenziell, notwendig, unverzichtbar, wesentlich

represent - vorstellen, darstellen, vertreten

despises - verachtet; verachten

law - Gesetz, Jura, Rechtswissenschaft

The Honeychurches were a worthy family, but he began to realize that Lucy was of another clay; and perhaps"he did not put it very definitely"he ought to introduce her into more congenial circles as soon as possible.

clay - Lehm, Ton, Asche

definitely - definitiv

congenial - sympathisch; gleichgesinnt, wesensgleich, wesensverwandt

circles - Kreis, Kreis, Kreis, Kreis, Zirkel, Kreis, Augenringe-p

"Mr. Beebe!" said the maid, and the new rector of Summer Street was shown in; he had at once started on friendly relations, owing to Lucy's praise of him in her letters from Florence.

rector - Rektor

relations - Beziehungen; Beziehung, Relation, Relation, Verwandter

owing to - aufgrund, dank, durch, infolge

Praise - Gelobt; Lob; loben, preisen

Cecil greeted him rather critically.

greeted - gegrüßt; grüßen, begrüßen

"I've come for tea, Mr. Vyse. Do you suppose that I shall get it?"

"I should say so. Food is the thing one does get here"Don't sit in that chair; young Honeychurch has left a bone in it."


"I know," said Cecil. "I know. I can't think why Mrs. Honeychurch allows it."

allows - erlaubt; erlauben, zulassen, akzeptieren, erlauben, zulassen

For Cecil considered the bone and the Maples'furniture separately; he did not realize that, taken together, they kindled the room into the life that he desired.

maples - Ahornbäume; Ahorn

separately - getrennt

kindled - entfacht; anzünden

"I've come for tea and for gossip. Isn't this news?"

"News? I don't understand you," said Cecil. "News?"

Mr. Beebe, whose news was of a very different nature, prattled forward.

prattled - geplappert; schwatzen, Geplapper

"I met Sir Harry Otway as I came up; I have every reason to hope that I am first in the field. He has bought Cissie and Albert from Mr. Flack!"

Albert - Albert, Edlerbrecht

Flack - Beschuss, Kritik

"Has he indeed?" said Cecil, trying to recover himself. Into what a grotesque mistake had he fallen! Was it likely that a clergyman and a gentleman would refer to his engagement in a manner so flippant? But his stiffness remained, and, though he asked who Cissie and Albert might be, he still thought Mr. Beebe rather a bounder.

recover - wiederfinden, sich erholen, beikommen

grotesque - grotesk

Likely - gleicht, ähnlich, wahrscheinlich, voraussichtlich

engagement - Verpflichtung; Bindung; Verlobung, Verlöbnis, Gefecht

flippant - schnoddrig; schnodderig, vorlaut, frech, oberflächlich

stiffness - Steifheit; Erstarrung, Starre, Steife, Steifigkeit

bounder - Begrenzer; Schurke

"Unpardonable question! To have stopped a week at Windy Corner and not to have met Cissie and Albert, the semi-detached villas that have been run up opposite the church! I'll set Mrs. Honeychurch after you."

unpardonable - unverzeihlich

run up - hochfahren, hissen

"I'm shockingly stupid over local affairs," said the young man languidly. "I can't even remember the difference between a Parish Council and a Local government Board. Perhaps there is no difference, or perhaps those aren't the right names. I only go into the country to see my friends and to enjoy the scenery. It is very remiss of me. Italy and London are the only places where I don't feel to exist on sufferance."

shockingly - schockierende

affairs - Angelegenheiten; Angelegenheit, Angelegenheit, Scharmützel

languidly - träge; matt, schwache

Council - Rat

government - staatlich;Regierung , Regierung , Landesregierung

remiss - verantwortungslos; nachlässig, träge

exist - bestehen, existieren

on sufferance - nur geduldet, geduldeterweise

Mr. Beebe, distressed at this heavy reception of Cissie and Albert, determined to shift the subject.

distressed - verzweifelt; Kummer, Bedrängnis, Drangsal, Bekümmerung, Not

reception - Aufnahme, Empfang, Rezeption, checkAufnahme

shift - Schicht; Verschiebung, Verlagerung, Verstellung, Gangschaltung

"Let me see, Mr. Vyse"I forget"what is your profession?"

"I have no profession," said Cecil. "It is another example of my decadence. My attitude"quite an indefensible one"is that so long as I am no trouble to any one I have a right to do as I like. I know I ought to be getting money out of people, or devoting myself to things I don't care a straw about, but somehow, I've not been able to begin."

decadence - Dekadenz

indefensible - unvertretbar

devoting - widmen

straw - Halm, Strohhalm, Stroh, strohfarben, strohgelb, Stroh-

somehow - irgendwie

"You are very fortunate," said Mr. Beebe. "It is a wonderful opportunity, the possession of leisure."

possession - Gut; Besessenheit; Ballbesitz

leisure - Muße; Freizeit

His voice was rather parochial, but he did not quite see his way to answering naturally. He felt, as all who have regular occupation must feel, that others should have it also.

regular occupation - Hauptbeschäftigung

"I am glad that you approve. I daren't face the healthy person"for example, Freddy Honeychurch."

"Oh, Freddy's a good sort, isn't he?"

"Admirable. The sort who has made England what she is."

Cecil wondered at himself. Why, on this day of all others, was he so hopelessly contrary? He tried to get right by inquiring effusively after Mr. Beebe's mother, an old lady for whom he had no particular regard. Then he flattered the clergyman, praised his liberal-mindedness, his enlightened attitude towards philosophy and science.

contrary - entgegengesetzt, gegenläufig, entgegenstehend, ungünstig

inquiring - Erkundigen Sie sich; erkundigen

effusively - überschwänglich

flattered - geschmeichelt; schmeicheln

liberal - freiheitlich; liberal; Liberaler

mindedness - Verstand

enlightened - aufgeklärt; aufklären

Philosophy - Philosophie

"Where are the others?" said Mr. Beebe at last, "I insist on extracting tea before evening service."

extracting - extrahieren; Auszug, Auszug, Extrakt

service - warten; Bedienung, Dienstleistung, Betrieb

"I suppose Anne never told them you were here. In this house one is so coached in the servants the day one arrives. The fault of Anne is that she begs your pardon when she hears you perfectly, and kicks the chair-legs with her feet. The faults of Mary"I forget the faults of Mary, but they are very grave. Shall we look in the garden?"

coached - trainiert; Kutsche, Wagen, Trainer, Trainerin, Coach, Coachin

servants - Diener, Dienerin, Lakai, Kammerdiener, Zofe, Bediensteter

begs - bittet; Männchen machen; etwas erbitten (von jemandem); bitten (um)

Pardon - Vergebung, Verzeihung, Begnadigung, verzeihen, vergeben

kicks - treten, (Pferd) ausschlagen; Stoß

faults - Fehlern; Fehler, Schuld, Fehler, Charakterschwäche, Verfehlung

Mary - Maria, Maria

"I know the faults of Mary. She leaves the dust-pans standing on the stairs."

pans - Pfannen; Pfanne, Tiegel

stairs - Stufe, Treppenstufe, Treppe

"The fault of Euphemia is that she will not, simply will not, chop the suet sufficiently small."

chop - abhacken

suet - Talg; Flomenschmalz

sufficiently - ausreichend; hinreichend, genügend, zureichende

They both laughed, and things began to go better.

"The faults of Freddy"" Cecil continued.

"Ah, he has too many. No one but his mother can remember the faults of Freddy. Try the faults of Miss Honeychurch; they are not innumerable."

innumerable - Unzählige

"She has none," said the young man, with grave sincerity.

"I quite agree. At present she has none."

"At present?"

"I'm not cynical. I'm only thinking of my pet theory about Miss Honeychurch. Does it seem reasonable that she should play so wonderfully, and live so quietly? I suspect that one day she will be wonderful in both. The water-tight compartments in her will break down, and music and life will mingle. Then we shall have her heroically good, heroically bad"too heroic, perhaps, to be good or bad."

cynical - zynisch

pet - Haustier, Liebling

theory - Theorie

reasonable - vernünftig

quietly - ruhig, leise

suspect - vermuten; misstrauen; verdächtigen; einen Verdacht haben; Verdächtiger

tight - knapp, eng, dicht, tight, fest

compartments - Fächer; Abteil

mingle - vermischen, vermengen, untermischen

heroically - heldenhaft

Cecil found his companion interesting.

"And at present you think her not wonderful as far as life goes?"

"Well, I must say I've only seen her at Tunbridge Wells, where she was not wonderful, and at Florence. Since I came to Summer Street she has been away. You saw her, didn't you, at Rome and in the Alps. Oh, I forgot; of course, you knew her before. No, she wasn't wonderful in Florence either, but I kept on expecting that she would be."

"In what way?"

Conversation had become agreeable to them, and they were pacing up and down the terrace.

pacing - Taktung; Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

"I could as easily tell you what tune she'll play next. There was simply the sense that she had found wings, and meant to use them. I can show you a beautiful picture in my Italian diary: Miss Honeychurch as a kite, Miss Bartlett holding the string. Picture number two: the string breaks."

tune - Melodie; stimmen

kite - flitzen; Drachen, Milan

string - Schnur; Zeichenkette, String, Saite, auffädeln, einfädeln

The sketch was in his diary, but it had been made afterwards, when he viewed things artistically. At the time he had given surreptitious tugs to the string himself.

sketch - skizzieren; entwerfen; Skizze; Sketch

viewed - angesehen; Aussicht, Aussicht, Anblick, Sicht, Ansicht, Aufruf

artistically - künstlerisch

surreptitious - Schleichend

tugs - Schlepper; zerren, zerren, schleppen, Ruck

"But the string never broke?"

"No. I mightn't have seen Miss Honeychurch rise, but I should certainly have heard Miss Bartlett fall."

mightn - nicht

"It has broken now," said the young man in low, vibrating tones.

vibrating - vibrieren, Vibration

Immediately he realized that of all the conceited, ludicrous, contemptible ways of announcing an engagement this was the worst. He cursed his love of metaphor; had he suggested that he was a star and that Lucy was soaring up to reach him?

conceited - Eingebildet; Eingebung, Einbildung, Konzept

ludicrous - lächerlich

contemptible - verachtenswürdig, verachtenswert

announcing - ankündigen, verkünden, bekanntgeben, verkündigen, verlauten

cursed - verflucht, verfluchte; (curs) verflucht, verfluchte

metaphor - Metapher

soaring - sich erhebend

"Broken? What do you mean?"

"I meant," said Cecil stiffly, "that she is going to marry me."

stiffly - steif, kräftig

marry me - heirate mich

The clergyman was conscious of some bitter disappointment which he could not Keep out of his voice.

disappointment - Enttäuschung, Verdruss, Misserfolg, Fehlschlag, Reinfall

Keep out - Eintritt verboten!;Betreten verboten!

"I am sorry; I must apologize. I had no idea you were intimate with her, or I should never have talked in this flippant, superficial way. Mr. Vyse, you ought to have stopped me." And down the garden he saw Lucy herself; yes, he was disappointed.

Cecil, who naturally preferred congratulations to apologies, drew down his mouth at the corners. Was this the reception his action would get from the world? Of course, he despised the world as a whole; every thoughtful man should; it is almost a test of refinement. But he was sensitive to the successive particles of it which he encountered.

congratulations - Glückwünsche; Glückwunsch, Beglückwünschung, Gratulation

corners - Ecken; Ecke, Winkel, Ecke, Ecke, Ecke, in die Enge treiben

refinement - Verfeinerung; Verbesserung, Veredelung, Veredeln

sensitive - empfindlich, sensibel

successive - erfolgreich

particles - Teilchen

Occasionally he could be quite crude.

"I am sorry I have given you a shock," he said dryly. "I fear that Lucy's choice does not meet with your approval."

dryly - trocken

"Not that. But you ought to have stopped me. I know Miss Honeychurch only a little as time goes. Perhaps I oughtn't to have discussed her so freely with any one; certainly not with you."

freely - frei

"You are conscious of having said something indiscreet?"

indiscreet - indiskret

Mr. Beebe pulled himself together. Really, Mr. Vyse had the art of placing one in the most tiresome positions. He was driven to use the prerogatives of his profession.

positions - Positionen; Stellung, Position, Position, Arbeitsplatz, Stelle

prerogatives - Prärogative, Bevorrechtung, Privileg

"No, I have said nothing indiscreet. I foresaw at Florence that her quiet, uneventful childhood must end, and it has ended. I realized dimly enough that she might take some momentous step. She has taken it. She has learnt"you will let me talk freely, as I have begun freely"she has learnt what it is to love: the greatest lesson, some people will tell you, that our earthly life provides.

foresaw - vorhersehen, voraussehen

uneventful - ereignislos

dimly - undeutlich; trübe

momentous - bedeutsam

earthly - irdisch; weltlich

provides - bietet; sorgen, den Unterhalt sichern, besorgen, beschaffen

It was now time for him to wave his hat at the approaching trio. He did not omit to do so. "She has learnt through you," and if his voice was still clerical, it was now also sincere; "let it be your care that her knowledge is profitable to her."

wave - wehen, winken mit, flattern

trio - Dreiergruppe, Trio, Terzett

omit - weglassen, auslassen

sincere - aufrichtig

profitable - gewinnbringend, profitabel, lukrativ, einträglich

"Grazie tante!" said Cecil, who did not like parsons.

parsons - Pastor

"Have you heard?" shouted Mrs. Honeychurch as she toiled up the sloping garden. "Oh, Mr. Beebe, have you heard the news?"

toiled - geschuftet; Mühe, schuften, sich plagen, sich quälen, roboten

sloping - schräg; Schmutzwasser

Freddy, now full of geniality, whistled the wedding march. Youth seldom criticizes the accomplished fact.

whistled - gepfiffen; Pfeife, Trillerpfeife, Flöte, Pfeifen

wedding - (wedding day) Hochzeitstag; (wed); trauen, verheiraten

criticizes - kritisiert; kritisieren, Kritik ausüben, abwägen

accomplished - vollendet; vollenden, vollenden, vollenden, vollenden

"Indeed I have!" he cried. He looked at Lucy. In her presence he could not act the parson any longer"at all events not without apology. "Mrs. Honeychurch, I'm going to do what I am always supposed to do, but generally I'm too shy.

act - handeln; Handlung, Tat, Akt, Gesetz, Akte, Spiel

parson - Pfarrer; Pastor

apology - Entschuldigung; Apologie

I want to invoke every kind of blessing on them, grave and gay, great and small. I want them all their lives to be supremely good and supremely happy as husband and wife, as father and mother. And now I want my tea."

invoke - anrufen; sich berühmen; aufrufen

blessing - Segen, Segnung, Segnen, Segnen; (bless); Segen, Segnung, Segnen

gay - vergnügt, schwul, homosexuell, lustig, heiter

supremely - überragend

"You only asked for it just in time," the lady retorted. "How dare you be serious at Windy Corner?"

He took his tone from her. There was no more heavy beneficence, no more attempts to dignify the situation with poetry or the Scriptures. None of them dared or was able to be serious any more.

beneficence - Wohltätigkeit

attempts - versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

dignify - würdigen; ehren

Scriptures - Die Schrift; Heilige Schrift

An engagement is so potent a thing that sooner or later it reduces all who speak of it to this state of cheerful awe. Away from it, in the solitude of their rooms, Mr. Beebe, and even Freddy, might again be critical. But in its presence and in the presence of each other they were sincerely hilarious. It has a strange power, for it compels not only the lips, but the very heart. The chief parallel to compare one great thing with another"is the power over us of a temple of some alien creed.

potent - Potente

reduces - reduziert; reduzieren, herabsetzen, vermindern, abnehmen

state - Staat, Land, Bundesland, Zustand, erklären, darlegen, nennen

hilarious - zum Totlachen, urkomisch, vergnügt, irrsinnig witzig

compels - zwingt; zwingen, zwingen, nötigen, zwingen

parallel - parallel; parallel zu; Parallele; Breitengrad, Breitenkreis

Temple - Tempel, Schläfe, Bethaus, Synagoge

alien - Außerirdische; Fremdling, Fremder, Fremde, Ausländer

Standing outside, we deride or oppose it, or at the most feel sentimental. Inside, though the saints and gods are not ours, we become true believers, in case any true believer should be present.

deride - verhöhnen, verlachen, verspotten, lustig machen über

oppose - ablehnen; widersprechen

believers - Gläubiger, Gläubige

be present - dabei sein, vorliegen, dabeisein [alt]

So it was that after the gropings and the misgivings of the afternoon they pulled themselves together and settled down to a very pleasant tea-party. If they were hypocrites they did not know it, and their hypocrisy had every chance of setting and of becoming true. Anne, putting down each plate as if it were a wedding present, stimulated them greatly. They could not lag behind that smile of hers which she gave them ere she kicked the drawing-room door. Mr. Beebe chirruped.

gropings - Fummeleien

ere - hier

hypocrites - Heuchler, Heuchlerin

hypocrisy - Heuchelei, Scheinheiligkeit, Hypokrisie, Doppelmoral

setting - Kontext; Einstellung; Vertonung; untergehend; (set); Seth

stimulated - stimuliert; stimulieren, stimulieren

lag behind - zurückbleiben hinter

chirruped - geschnattert; zwitschern, tschilpen, zirpen, Geklicker

Freddy was at his wittiest, referring to Cecil as the "Fiasco""family honoured pun on fiance. Mrs. Honeychurch, amusing and portly, promised well as a mother-in-law. As for Lucy and Cecil, for whom the temple had been built, they also joined in the merry ritual, but waited, as earnest worshippers should, for the disclosure of some holier shrine of joy.

wittiest - am witzigsten; witzig, geistreich, geistreich, witzig

fiasco - ein Fiasko; Fiasko

honoured - geehrt; Ehrung, Ehre; ehren; beehren, akzeptieren, annehmen

pun - Wortspiel, Wortspiele machen

fiance - Verlobte

amusing - amüsant; amüsieren, vergnügen, belustigen, erheitern

portly - korpulent, vollschlank, beleibt, stattlich

merry - fröhlich, heiter

Ritual - rituell; Ritual

worshippers - Verehrer; Anbeter, Anbeterin

disclosure - Offenlegung, Enthüllung, Bekanntmachung, Veröffentlichung

holier - heiliger; heilig, heilig, heilig

shrine - Heiligtum; q

Chapter IX. Lucy As a Work of Art

A few days after the engagement was announced Mrs. Honeychurch made Lucy and her Fiasco come to a little garden-party in the neighbourhood, for naturally she wanted to show people that her daughter was marrying a presentable man.

in the neighbourhood - in der Nachbarschaft

marrying - heiraten, trauen, sich verehelichen

presentable - vorzeigbar; salonfähig

Cecil was more than presentable; he looked distinguished, and it was very pleasant to see his slim figure keeping step with Lucy, and his long, fair face responding when Lucy spoke to him. People congratulated Mrs. Honeychurch, which is, I believe, a social blunder, but it pleased her, and she introduced Cecil rather indiscriminately to some stuffy dowagers.

distinguished - ausgezeichnet; unterscheiden, erkennen, auszeichnen

slim - schlank, schmal, dünn

responding - antworten, reagieren

congratulated - beglückwünscht; gratulieren, beglückwünschen

blunder - Patzer, Schnitzer, Fehler, Fehlgriff

indiscriminately - wahllos

stuffy - stickig, verstopfte

dowagers - Witwen und Witwer; Witwe von Stand, Matrone

At tea a misfortune took place: a cup of coffee was upset over Lucy's figured silk, and though Lucy feigned indifference, her mother feigned nothing of the sort but dragged her indoors to have the frock treated by a sympathetic maid. They were gone some time, and Cecil was left with the dowagers. When they returned he was not as pleasant as he had been.

misfortune - Pech, Ungemach, Unglück, Unfall, Unheil

figured - gedacht; Abbildung, Figur, Gestalt, Ziffer, Form

feigned - vorgetäuscht; vorgeben, vortäuschen, vormachen, fingieren

indifference - Gleichgültigkeit

indoors - in geschlossenen Räumen; Innen-, innerhalb des Hauses, Haus-

frock - Kleid, Kutte

treated - behandelt; behandeln, bewirten, einladen, heilen, kurieren

"Do you go to much of this sort of thing?" he asked when they were driving home.

"Oh, now and then," said Lucy, who had rather enjoyed herself.

"Is it typical of country society?"

"I suppose so. Mother, would it be?"

"Plenty of society," said Mrs. Honeychurch, who was trying to remember the hang of one of the dresses.

plenty - viel; Fülle, Überfluss

Seeing that her thoughts were elsewhere, Cecil bent towards Lucy and said:

"To me it seemed perfectly appalling, disastrous, portentous."

appalling - entsetzlich, erschreckend; (appal); entsetzlich, erschreckend

disastrous - katastrophal

"I am so sorry that you were stranded."

stranded - gestrandet; Strand, Ader, Faden, Strähne; auf den Strand setzen

"Not that, but the congratulations. It is so disgusting, the way an engagement is regarded as public property"a kind of waste place where every outsider may shoot his vulgar sentiment. All those old women smirking!"

disgusting - ekelhaft; ekeln, Ekel

waste - Abfall; verschwenden

shoot - schießen; Jagd, Spross (Pflanze), Schuss; flitzen (Auto)

sentiment - Gefühlen; Gefühl

smirking - schmunzelnd; Geschmunzel

"One has to go through it, I suppose. They won't notice us so much next time."

"But my point is that their whole attitude is wrong. An engagement"horrid word in the first place"is a private matter, and should be treated as such."

Yet the smirking old women, however wrong individually, were racially correct. The spirit of the generations had smiled through them, rejoicing in the engagement of Cecil and Lucy because it promised the continuance of life on earth. To Cecil and Lucy it promised something quite different"personal love. Hence Cecil's irritation and Lucy's belief that his irritation was just.

individually - individuell

racially - rassisch; rassistisch motiviert

generations - Generationen; Generation, Geschlecht

continuance - Fortbestand; Dauer

hence - von hier, fort, von dannen, daher, deshalb

belief - Glauben; Glaube

"How tiresome!" she said. "Couldn't you have escaped to tennis?"

"I don't play tennis"at least, not in public. The neighbourhood is deprived of the romance of me being athletic. Such romance as I have is that of the Inglese Italianato."

deprived of - beraubt

romance - Romantik; Liebesgeschichte; qual

"Inglese Italianato?"

"E un diavolo incarnato! You know the proverb?"

un - VN, UN, UNO

proverb - Sprichwort, Denkspruch, Redensart; Proverb

She did not. Nor did it seem applicable to a young man who had spent a quiet winter in Rome with his mother. But Cecil, since his engagement, had taken to affect a cosmopolitan naughtiness which he was far from possessing.

applicable - anwendbar

Cosmopolitan - kosmopolitisch, weltbürgerlich

naughtiness - Ungezogenheit

possessing - zu besitzen; besitzen, besitzen

"Well," said he, "I cannot help it if they do disapprove of me. There are certain irremovable barriers between myself and them, and I must accept them."

disapprove - missbilligen

irremovable - unabsetzbar

"We all have our limitations, I suppose," said wise Lucy.

limitations - Einschränkungen; Limitieren

wise - weise; klug, vernünftig

"Sometimes they are forced on us, though," said Cecil, who saw from her remark that she did not quite understand his position.

forced on - aufgedrängt


"It makes a difference doesn't it, whether we fully fence ourselves in, or whether we are fenced out by the barriers of others?"

fenced - eingezäunt; Zaun; qualifier

She thought a moment, and agreed that it did make a difference.

"Difference?" cried Mrs. Honeychurch, suddenly alert. "I don't see any difference. Fences are fences, especially when they are in the same place."

alert - alarmiert; alarmieren; Alarm, Warnton, Alarmruf, wachsam

fences - Zaun; qualifier

"We were speaking of motives," said Cecil, on whom the interruption jarred.

motives - Motiven; Motiv

interruption - Unterbrechung

jarred - in die Enge getrieben; Topf, Krug, Glasgefäß

"My dear Cecil, look here." She spread out her knees and perched her card-case on her lap. "This is me. That's Windy Corner. The rest of the pattern is the other people. Motives are all very well, but the fence comes here."

look here - hersehen

perched - hockt; Vogelstange; Barsch

lap - Schoß

pattern - Muster, Schablone, Modell, Struktur, Schnittmuster

fence - Zaun

"We weren't talking of real fences," said Lucy, laughing.

"Oh, I see, dear"poetry."

She leant placidly back. Cecil wondered why Lucy had been amused.

placidly - sanften, friedlichen, sanft

"I tell you who has no ˜fences,'as you call them," she said, "and that's Mr. Beebe."

"A parson fenceless would mean a parson defenceless."

defenceless - schutzlos, wehrlos

Lucy was slow to follow what people said, but quick enough to detect what they meant. She missed Cecil's epigram, but grasped the feeling that prompted it.

detect - finden, ermitteln, aufspüren, entdecken, erkennen

epigram - Epigramm, Sinngedicht

grasped - begriffen; greifen, erfassen, begreifen, verstehen, erfassen

prompted - veranlasst; Eingabeaufforderung, anleiten, antreiben

"Don't you like Mr. Beebe?" she asked thoughtfully.

"I never said so!" he cried. "I consider him far above the average. I only denied"" And he swept off on the subject of fences again, and was brilliant.

average - mittlere, Havarie, durchschnittlich; Mittelwert bilden (aus)

"Now, a clergyman that I do hate," said she wanting to say something sympathetic, "a clergyman that does have fences, and the most dreadful ones, is Mr. Eager, the English chaplain at Florence. He was truly insincere"not merely the manner unfortunate. He was a snob, and so conceited, and he did say such unkind things."

most dreadful - schauderhafteste

insincere - unaufrichtig

"What sort of things?"

"There was an old man at the Bertolini whom he said had murdered his wife."

"Perhaps he had."


"Why ˜no'?"

"He was such a nice old man, I'm sure."

Cecil laughed at her feminine inconsequence.

laughed at - angelacht

feminine - feminin, weiblich

inconsequence - Inkonsequenz; Folgewidrigkeit

"Well, I did try to sift the thing. Mr. Eager would never come to the point. He prefers it vague"said the old man had ˜practically'murdered his wife"had murdered her in the sight of God."

sift - sieben; sichten, durchgehen

"Hush, dear!" said Mrs. Honeychurch absently.

"But isn't it intolerable that a person whom we're told to imitate should go round spreading slander? It was, I believe, chiefly owing to him that the old man was dropped. People pretended he was vulgar, but he certainly wasn't that."

imitate - imitieren

spreading - Ausbreitung; Verteilen, Verteilung, Verbreiten

Slander - (mündliche) Verleumdung, Lästerung, mündlich verleumden

chiefly - hauptsächlich

owing - geschuldet; schulden, schuldig sein, schulden, schuldig sein

"Poor old man! What was his name?"

"Harris," said Lucy glibly.

glibly - flüchtig; schlagfertige

"Let's hope that Mrs. Harris there warn't no sich person," said her mother.

warn - warnen, mahnen

Cecil nodded intelligently.

intelligently - intelligent

"Isn't Mr. Eager a parson of the cultured type?" he asked.

"I don't know. I hate him. I've heard him lecture on Giotto. I hate him. Nothing can hide a petty nature. I hate him."

hide - verbergen, verheimlichen, verstecken, verdecken

petty - gering, geringfügig, klein, kleinlich

"My goodness gracious me, child!" said Mrs. Honeychurch. "You'll blow my head off! Whatever is there to shout over? I forbid you and Cecil to hate any more clergymen."

blow - (to blow) blasen, wehen, pusten

shout - Schrei, Zuruf; rufen, schreien, laut schreien

forbid - verbieten, untersagen, verweigern, vorenthalten

He smiled. There was indeed something rather incongruous in Lucy's moral outburst over Mr. Eager. It was as if one should see the Leonardo on the ceiling of the Sistine. He longed to hint to her that not here lay her vocation; that a woman's power and charm reside in mystery, not in muscular rant.

incongruous - unpassend

moral - moralisch, sittlich, Moral

outburst - hervorbrechen; Ausbruch

vocation - Berufung; Beruf

reside - residieren; wohnen

mystery - Geheimnis, Rätsel

rant - schimpfen; poltern; Geschrei, Wutanfall, Poltern

But possibly rant is a sign of vitality: it mars the beautiful creature, but shows that she is alive. After a moment, he contemplated her flushed face and excited gestures with a certain approval. He forebore to repress the sources of youth.

sign - Wert, Zeichen, Hinweistafel, Indiz; unterschreiben, signieren

vitality - Vitalität, Lebenskraft

Mars - schädigt, Mars; (Mar) schädigt, Mars

gestures - Gesten; Geste, Gebärde, Geste, gestikulieren

forebore - Vorbohrung; Vorfahr, Ahn, Vorfahre

sources - Quellen; Quelle, Ursprung, Quelle, Quelle, belegen, beziehen

Nature"simplest of topics, he thought"lay around them. He praised the pine-woods, the deep lasts of bracken, the crimson leaves that spotted the hurt-bushes, the serviceable beauty of the turnpike road. The outdoor world was not very familiar to him, and occasionally he went wrong in a question of fact. Mrs. Honeychurch's mouth twitched when he spoke of the perpetual green of the larch.

simplest - am einfachsten; einfach, simpel, einfach, simpel

lasts - dauert; letzte, zuletzt, letzter, vorig; dauern, andauern

bracken - Farnkraut; Adlerfarne

crimson - Karmesinrot; Purpur, Purpurrot, Karmesin, purpurn

spotted - entdeckt; Fleck, Punkt, Fleck, Pickel, Pustel, Bisschen

serviceable - brauchbar, nutzerfreundlich, praktisch, reparierbar

turnpike - Schlagbaum; Drehschranke; Mautstraße

outdoor - Außen-, außerhalb des Hauses, im Freien, Freiluft-

twitched - gezuckt; zupfen

perpetual - unbefristet, ewig, immerwährend, unaufhörlich

larch - Lärche, Lärchenholz

"I count myself a lucky person," he concluded, "When I'm in London I feel I could never live out of it. When I'm in the country I feel the same about the country. After all, I do believe that birds and trees and the sky are the most wonderful things in life, and that the people who live amongst them must be the best.

count - rechnen, abzählen, zählen

live out - überleben;ausleben, auswärts wohnen

most wonderful - wunderbarste

It's true that in nine cases out of ten they don't seem to notice anything. The country gentleman and the country labourer are each in their way the most depressing of companions. Yet they may have a tacit sympathy with the workings of Nature which is denied to us of the town. Do you feel that, Mrs. Honeychurch?"

tacit - stillschweigend, impliziert, unausgesprochen

workings - Arbeitsweise; (work) berufstätig sein

Mrs. Honeychurch started and smiled. She had not been attending. Cecil, who was rather crushed on the front seat of the victoria, felt irritable, and determined not to say anything interesting again.

attending - teilnehmen; Oberarzt; (attend) teilnehmen; Oberarzt

crushed - erdrückt; Schwarm, zerdrücken

front seat - Vordersitz

Victoria - Viktoria, Victoria, Victoria, Viktoriasee

irritable - reizbar

Lucy had not attended either. Her brow was wrinkled, and she still looked furiously cross"the result, he concluded, of too much moral gymnastics. It was sad to see her thus blind to the beauties of an August wood.

attended - teilgenommen; (to attend) mit etwas verbunden sein

wrinkled - zerknittert; sich runzeln, runzlig (runzelig) werden, knittern

furiously - wütend, heftig

gymnastics - gymnastisch, Gymnastik

blind - blind, unkritisch, ignorant, Jalousie, Blind, Blinder, Blinde

beauties - Schönheiten; Schönheit, Schöner, Schönheit, Schöne, Prachtstück

"˜Come down, O maid, from yonder mountain height,'" he quoted, and touched her knee with his own.

yonder - dort drüben

She flushed again and said: "What height?"

"˜Come down, O maid, from yonder mountain height,

What pleasure lives in height (the shepherd sang).

shepherd - Schafhirte; Schäfer, Schafhirt, q

In height and in the splendour of the hills?'

splendour - Pracht; Brillanz

Let us take Mrs. Honeychurch's advice and hate clergymen no more. What's this place?"

"Summer Street, of course," said Lucy, and roused herself.

roused - geweckt; wachrufen, wecken

The woods had opened to leave space for a sloping triangular meadow. Pretty cottages lined it on two sides, and the upper and third side was occupied by a new stone church, expensively simple, a charming shingled spire. Mr. Beebe's house was near the church. In height it scarcely exceeded the cottages. Some great mansions were at hand, but they were hidden in the trees.

sloping - Steigung, Hang, Abhang, Steigung, Steigung, Steigung, Ableitung

triangular - dreieckig

meadow - Wiese, Weide, Aue

sides - Seiten; Flanke, Rand, Mannschaft, Team

expensively - kostspielig

shingled - geschindelt; kurzschneiden

spire - Turmspitze, Spitze (Turm-)

exceeded - überschritten; überschreiten, hinausgehen über, übertreffen

mansions - Villen; Herrenhaus

hidden - versteckt; verbergen, verheimlichen, verstecken, verdecken

The scene suggested a Swiss Alp rather than the shrine and centre of a leisured world, and was marred only by two ugly little villas"the villas that had competed with Cecil's engagement, having been acquired by Sir Harry Otway the very afternoon that Lucy had been acquired by Cecil.

Swiss - schweizerisch

Alp - Alm

leisured - verreist

marred - geschädigt; beschädigen, verunstalten

ugly - hässlich

competed - konkurriert; streiten, konkurrieren, qualifier

"Cissie" was the name of one of these villas, "Albert" of the other. These titles were not only picked out in shaded Gothic on the garden gates, but appeared a second time on the porches, where they followed the semicircular curve of the entrance arch in block capitals. "Albert" was inhabited. His tortured garden was bright with geraniums and lobelias and polished shells.

picked out - (pick out) aussuchen

shaded - schattiert; Maifisch

porches - Veranden; Vorbau, Vordach

semicircular - halbkreisförmig

arch - Bogen

block - Kloben, Block, Klotz, Trakt; absperren, blockieren

inhabited - bewohnt; bewohnen

tortured - gefoltert; Folter, Tortur, foltern

geraniums - Geranien; Storchschnabel, Geranie

lobelias - Lobelien; Lobelie

polished - poliert; polnisch, Polnisch

shells - Muscheln; Schale, Schale, Eierschale, Schale, Hülse, Granate

His little windows were chastely swathed in Nottingham lace. "Cissie" was to let. Three notice-boards, belonging to Dorking agents, lolled on her fence and announced the not surprising fact. Her paths were already weedy; her pocket-handkerchief of a lawn was yellow with dandelions.

chastely - keusche, rein

swathed - ummantelt; einwickeln

lace - schnüren, Spitze (Gewebe)

boards - Bretter; Brett, Tafel

belonging - Zugehörigkeit; gehörend

agents - Agenten; Agent, Wirkstoff, Agens

lolled - geräkelt; räkeln

weedy - Unkraut; schwächlich

Pocket - Tasche

handkerchief - Taschentuch

dandelions - Löwenzahn, Hundeblume, Kuhblume, qualifier

"The place is ruined!" said the ladies mechanically. "Summer Street will never be the same again."

mechanically - mechanisch

As the carriage passed, "Cissie's" door opened, and a gentleman came out of her.

"Stop!" cried Mrs. Honeychurch, touching the coachman with her parasol. "Here's Sir Harry. Now we shall know. Sir Harry, pull those things down at once!"

touching - (to touch) anfassen, streifen, berühren; (touch); anfassen

coachman - Kutscher

Sir Harry Otway"who need not be described"came to the carriage and said "Mrs. Honeychurch, I meant to. I can't, I really can't turn out Miss Flack."

"Am I not always right? She ought to have gone before the contract was signed. Does she still live rent free, as she did in her nephew's time?"

contract - Vertrag, Kontrakt; ich/er/sie zog zusammen, Vertrag abschließen

signed - unterzeichnet; Wert, Zeichen, Hinweistafel

rent - Mietpreis, Wohnungsmiete, Hausmiete; anmieten; (rend); zerreißen

nephew - Neffe

"But what can I do?" He lowered his voice. "An old lady, so very vulgar, and almost bedridden."

bedridden - bettlägerig

"Turn her out," said Cecil bravely.

bravely - mutig; tapfer, artig

Sir Harry sighed, and looked at the villas mournfully. He had had full warning of Mr. Flack's intentions, and might have bought the plot before building commenced: but he was apathetic and dilatory. He had known Summer Street for so many years that he could not imagine it being spoilt. Not till Mrs. Flack had laid the foundation stone, and the apparition of red and cream brick began to rise did he take alarm. He called on Mr. Flack, the local builder,"a most reasonable and respectful man"who agreed that tiles would have made more artistic roof, but pointed out that slates were cheaper.

intentions - Absichten; Absicht

commenced - begonnen; anfangen, beginnen

apathetic - teilnahmslos

dilatory - zögernd

foundation stone - Grundstein

apparition - Erscheinung

builder - Bauunternehmer; Bauarbeiter

most reasonable - angemessenste, vernünftigste

more artistic - kunstvollere

roof - überdachen; Autodach, Dach

slates - Schiefertafeln; Schiefer, Dachschindel

He ventured to differ, however, about the Corinthian columns which were to cling like leeches to the frames of the bow windows, saying that, for his part, he liked to relieve the façade by a bit of decoration. Sir Harry hinted that a column, if possible, should be structural as well as decorative.

Corinthian - Korinthisch; Korinther

columns - Spalten; Säule, Spalte, Spalte, Druckspalte, Kolumne, Kolonne

cling - klammern; anschmiegen

Leeches - Egel, Blutegel

frames - ausarbeiten, entwerfen, einfassen, einrahmen, rahmen, festlegen

structural - strukturell

decorative - dekorativ

Mr. Flack replied that all the columns had been ordered, adding, "and all the capitals different"one with dragons in the foliage, another approaching to the Ionian style, another introducing Mrs. Flack's initials"every one different." For he had read his Ruskin. He built his villas according to his desire; and not until he had inserted an immovable aunt into one of them did Sir Harry buy.

foliage - Blätter, Laub, Laubwerk, Blätterwerk

Ionian - Ionisch

inserted - eingefügt; einsetzen, einfügen, einwerfen, Beilage

immovable - unbeweglich

This futile and unprofitable transaction filled the knight with sadness as he leant on Mrs. Honeychurch's carriage. He had failed in his duties to the country-side, and the country-side was laughing at him as well. He had spent money, and yet Summer Street was spoilt as much as ever. All he could do now was to find a desirable tenant for "Cissie""someone really desirable.

futile - sinnlos, vergeblich

unprofitable - unrentabel

transaction - Geschäftsabwicklung, Geschäftsdurchführung, Geschäft

sadness - Traurigkeit; Schicksalsschlag, Pech

desirable - erwünscht; wünschenswert

tenant - Pächter, Mieter

"The rent is absurdly low," he told them, "and perhaps I am an easy landlord. But it is such an awkward size. It is too large for the peasant class and too small for any one the least like ourselves."

absurdly - absurd; sinnwidrig

landlord - Vermieter, Hauswirt

peasant - arm

Cecil had been hesitating whether he should despise the villas or despise Sir Harry for despising them. The latter impulse seemed the more fruitful.

hesitating - zögernd; zögern, zögern, stammeln

despise - verachten

despising - verachten

fruitful - fruchtbar

"You ought to find a tenant at once," he said maliciously. "It would be a perfect paradise for a bank clerk."

maliciously - böswillig

bank clerk - Bankangestellte {m,f}, ein Bankangestellter

"Exactly!" said Sir Harry excitedly. "That is exactly what I fear, Mr. Vyse. It will attract the wrong type of people. The train service has improved"a fatal improvement, to my mind. And what are five miles from a station in these days of bicycles?"

excitedly - aufgeregt

fatal - verhängnisvoll, fatal, tödlich

"Rather a strenuous clerk it would be," said Lucy.

strenuous - anstrengend

clerk - Angestellter; Büroangestellte, Buchhalter, Bürokaufmann

Cecil, who had his full share of mediaeval mischievousness, replied that the physique of the lower middle classes was improving at a most appalling rate. She saw that he was laughing at their harmless neighbour, and roused herself to stop him.

mediaeval - mittelalterlich

mischievousness - Schalkhaftigkeit; Ăśbeltätigkeit, Schädlichkeit

physique - Körperbau, Statur

middle classes - Mittelstand , Bürgertum

rate - Wechselkurs, Devisenkurs, Kurs; Kommunalsteuer

harmless - harmlos, unschädlich, ungefährlich

"Sir Harry!" she exclaimed, "I have an idea. How would you like spinsters?"

spinsters - Junggesellen; alte Jungfer, Junggesellin, unverheiratete Frau

"My dear Lucy, it would be splendid. Do you know any such?"

"Yes; I met them abroad."

"Gentlewomen?" he asked tentatively.

Gentlewomen - vornehme Dame

tentatively - vorläufig

"Yes, indeed, and at the present moment homeless. I heard from them last week"Miss Teresa and Miss Catharine Alan. I'm really not joking. They are quite the right people. Mr. Beebe knows them, too. May I tell them to write to you?"

homeless - obdachlos, wohnungslos

joking - Witz, Scherz, Streich, Witz, Spaß, Witz, scherzen, Witze machen

"Indeed you may!" he cried. "Here we are with the difficulty solved already. How delightful it is! Extra facilities"please tell them they shall have extra facilities, for I shall have no agents'fees. Oh, the agents! The appalling people they have sent me! One woman, when I wrote"a tactful letter, you know"asking her to explain her social position to me, replied that she would pay the rent in advance. As if one cares about that! And several references I took up were most unsatisfactory"people swindlers, or not respectable. And oh, the deceit! I have seen a good deal of the seamy side this last week. The deceit of the most promising people.

solved - gelöst; lösen

facilities - Einrichtungen; Leichtigkeit, Einrichtung, Vorrichtung, Anlage

fees - Gebühren; Gebühr

references - Referenzen; Referenz, Referenz, Quelle, Referenz, referenzieren

unsatisfactory - nicht zufriedenstellend

swindlers - Schwindler, Schwindlerin, Gauner, Gaunerin, Betrüger, Betrügerin

deceit - Betrügerei, Betrug, Täuschung, Falschheit

seamy - schäbig; gesäumt

most promising - aussichtsvollste

My dear Lucy, the deceit!"

She nodded.

"My advice," put in Mrs. Honeychurch, "is to have nothing to do with Lucy and her decayed gentlewomen at all. I know the type. Preserve me from people who have seen better days, and bring heirlooms with them that make the house smell stuffy. It's a sad thing, but I'd far rather let to some one who is going up in the world than to someone who has come down."

decayed - Verfall, Verwesung, Fäulnis, verfallen, verderben, faulen, de

heirlooms - Erbstücke; Erbstück

"I think I follow you," said Sir Harry; "but it is, as you say, a very sad thing."

"The Misses Alan aren't that!" cried Lucy.

"Yes, they are," said Cecil. "I haven't met them but I should say they were a highly unsuitable addition to the neighbourhood."

highly - am Höchsten, hoch

"Don't listen to him, Sir Harry"he's tiresome."

"It's I who am tiresome," he replied. "I oughtn't to come with my troubles to young people. But really I am so worried, and Lady Otway will only say that I cannot be too careful, which is quite true, but no real help."

troubles - Probleme; Ärger, Schwierigkeit, Anstrengung, Bemühung, Mühe

"Then may I write to my Misses Alan?"


But his eye wavered when Mrs. Honeychurch exclaimed:

wavered - wankte; wanken, zögern, schweben, flattern, schwanken

"Beware! They are certain to have canaries. Sir Harry, beware of canaries: they spit the seed out through the bars of the cages and then the mice come. Beware of women altogether. Only let to a man."

canaries - Kanarienvögel; (canary); Kanarienvogel; Kanariengelb

seed - säen; Saatgut, Same, Saat, Samen

cages - Käfige; Käfig

"Really"" he murmured gallantly, though he saw the wisdom of her remark.

gallantly - galante

wisdom - Weisheit

"Men don't gossip over tea-cups. If they get drunk, there's an end of them"they lie down comfortably and sleep it off. If they're vulgar, they somehow keep it to themselves. It doesn't spread so. Give me a man"of course, provided he's clean."

get drunk - sich betrinken, sich berauschen

comfortably - bequem, komfortabel

Sir Harry blushed. Neither he nor Cecil enjoyed these open compliments to their sex. Even the exclusion of the dirty did not leave them much distinction. He suggested that Mrs. Honeychurch, if she had time, should descend from the carriage and inspect "Cissie" for herself.

blushed - errötet; Schamröte; erröten, sich schämen

compliments - Komplimente; Kompliment

exclusion - Exklusion, Ausgrenzung, Ausschluss

distinction - Unterscheidung; Unterschied; Auszeichnung

descend from - herstammen

She was delighted. Nature had intended her to be poor and to live in such a house. Domestic arrangements always attracted her, especially when they were on a small scale.

domestic - häuslich, Haus

arrangements - Vereinbarungen; Anordnung

scale - Maßstab; Skala, Kesselsteine, Schuppe; ersteigen, erklettern

Cecil pulled Lucy back as she followed her mother.

"Mrs. Honeychurch," he said, "what if we two walk home and leave you?"

"Certainly!" was her cordial reply.

cordial - herzlich; Sirup; Likör

Sir Harry likewise seemed almost too glad to get rid of them. He beamed at them knowingly, said, "Aha! young people, young people!" and then hastened to unlock the house.

beamed - gebeamt; Balken, Balken, Breite, Pflugbaum, Grindel, Strahl

knowingly - wissentlich, bewusst

hastened to - zugeeilt

unlock - aufschließen, entriegeln, entsperren (screen, Device, PC

"Hopeless vulgarian!" exclaimed Cecil, almost before they were out of earshot.

vulgarian - vulgär; Pöbel, Plebejer

earshot - in Hörweite; Hörweite, Rufweite

"Oh, Cecil!"

"I can't help it. It would be wrong not to loathe that man."

loathe - verabscheuen, ablehnen, hassen

"He isn't clever, but really he is nice."

"No, Lucy, he stands for all that is bad in country life. In London he would keep his place. He would belong to a brainless club, and his wife would give brainless dinner parties. But down here he acts the little god with his gentility, and his patronage, and his sham aesthetics, and every one"even your mother"is taken in."

belong - zugehören; gehören (zu)

brainless - hirnlos; gedankenlos, einfältig

acts - Handlungen; Handlung, Tat, Akt, Gesetz

gentility - Vornehmheit; vornehme Herkunft, vornehme Lebensart

Patronage - PATRONEN; Schirmherrschaft, Protektion, Patronat, Klüngel

sham - Schwindel; Schein., Fälschung

aesthetics - ästhetisch, Ästhetik, (stilvolle) Schönheit

"All that you say is quite true," said Lucy, though she felt discouraged. "I wonder whether"whether It matters so very much."

discouraged - entmutigt; entmutigen, abschrecken, abraten, abraten von

It matters - Es ist wichtig.

"It matters supremely. Sir Harry is the essence of that garden-party. Oh, goodness, how cross I feel! How I do hope he'll get some vulgar tenant in that villa"some woman so really vulgar that he'll notice it. Gentlefolks! Ugh! with his bald head and retreating chin! But let's forget him."

matters - zählt; Materie, Materie, Masse, Substanz, Stoff, Angelegenheit

Ugh - igitt, pfui

bald head - Kahlkopf

retreating - den Rückzug antreten; Rückzug

This Lucy was glad enough to do. If Cecil disliked Sir Harry Otway and Mr.

Beebe, what guarantee was there that the people who really mattered to her would escape? For instance, Freddy. Freddy was neither clever, nor subtle, nor beautiful, and what prevented Cecil from saying, any minute, "It would be wrong not to loathe Freddy"? And what would she reply? Further than Freddy she did not go, but he gave her anxiety enough. She could only assure herself that Cecil had known Freddy some time, and that they had always got on pleasantly, except, perhaps, during the last few days, which was an accident, perhaps.

prevented - verhindert; verhindern, vorbeugen

"Which way shall we go?" she asked him.

Nature"simplest of topics, she thought"was around them. Summer Street lay deep in the woods, and she had stopped where a footpath diverged from the highroad.

footpath - Fußweg, Fußpfad

diverged - divergiert; divergieren, auseinandergehen, auseinanderstreben

highroad - Schnellstraße

"Are there two ways?"

"Perhaps the road is more sensible, as we're got up smart."

smart - klug; pfiffig, pfiffig, fesch, elegant, listig

"I'd rather go through the wood," said Cecil, With that subdued irritation that she had noticed in him all the afternoon. "Why is it, Lucy, that you always say the road? Do you know that you have never once been with me in the fields or the wood since we were engaged?"

never once - nicht einmal, nicht ein einziges Mal, keinmal

"Haven't I? The wood, then," said Lucy, startled at his queerness, but pretty sure that he would explain later; it was not his habit to leave her in doubt as to his meaning.

queerness - Wunderlichkeit

She led the way into the whispering pines, and sure enough he did explain before they had gone a dozen yards.

whispering - Geflüster; (whisper); Geflüster, Flüstern, Wispern

pines - Kiefern; pineapple = Ananasa

sure enough - gewiss, freilich, ganz gewiss, wirklich

yards - (der) Yard

"I had got an idea"I dare say wrongly"that you feel more at home with me in a room."

wrongly - zu Unrecht; fälschlicherweise

"A room?" she echoed, hopelessly bewildered.

"Yes. Or, at the most, in a garden, or on a road. Never in the real country like this."

"Oh, Cecil, whatever do you mean? I have never felt anything of the sort. You talk as if I was a kind of poetess sort of person."

poetess - Dichterin, Poetin

"I don't know that you aren't. I connect you with a view"a certain type of view. Why shouldn't you connect me with a room?"

connect - verbinden; anschließen

She reflected a moment, and then said, laughing:

"Do you know that You're right? I do. I must be a poetess after all. When I think of you it's always as in a room. How funny!"

You're right - Sie haben recht.

To her surprise, he seemed annoyed.

"A drawing-room, pray? With no view?"

"Yes, with no view, I fancy. Why not?"

"I'd rather," he said reproachfully, "that you connected me with the open air."

reproachfully - vorwurfsvoll

open air - unter freiem Himmel, im Freiem, Freilicht

She said again, "Oh, Cecil, whatever do you mean?"

As no explanation was forthcoming, she shook off the subject as too difficult for a girl, and led him further into the wood, pausing every now and then at some particularly beautiful or familiar combination of the trees.

forthcoming - in Kürze; weiterkommend, bevorstehend

shook off - (shake off) abschütteln

pausing - pausierend; (pause); pausieren, innehalten, Pause

combination - Kombinieren; Kombination, Kombinierte, Kombinat, Vereinigung

She had known the wood between Summer Street and Windy Corner ever since she could walk alone; she had played at losing Freddy in it, when Freddy was a purple-faced baby; and though she had been to Italy, it had lost none of its charm.

Presently they came to a little clearing among the pines"another tiny green alp, solitary this time, and holding in its bosom a shallow pool.

clearing - Klärung, Aufklärung, Lichtung, Rodung

tiny - winzig; Kleinkind

solitary - einsam, einzeln

bosom - Busen, Brust, der Busenfreund (bosom buddy)

shallow - flach; q

She exclaimed, "The Sacred Lake!"

lake - Binnensee, See

"Why do you call it that?"

"I can't remember why. I suppose it comes out of some book. It's only a puddle now, but you see that stream going through it? Well, a good deal of water comes down after heavy rains, and can't get away at once, and the pool becomes quite large and beautiful. Then Freddy used to bathe there. He is very fond of it."

puddle - Pfütze, Lache, Pfuhl

bathe - baden

"And you?"

He meant, "Are you fond of it?" But she answered dreamily, "I bathed here, too, till I was found out. Then there was a row."

Row - Rudern; Reihe, Zeile

At another time he might have been shocked, for he had depths of prudishness within him. But now? with his momentary cult of the fresh air, he was delighted at her admirable simplicity. He looked at her as she stood by the pool's edge. She was got up smart, as she phrased it, and she reminded him of some brilliant flower that has no leaves of its own, but blooms abruptly out of a world of green.

another time - ein anderes Mal

prudishness - Prüderie

momentary - Momentan

cult - Sekte; Kult, Kultus, Kult-, kultig

fresh - kess (frech), frisch, frech, pampig (ugs.)

simplicity - Einfachheit

blooms - blüht; Blüte, Blütenpracht, Duft

"Who found you out?"

"Charlotte," she murmured. "She was stopping with us. Charlotte"Charlotte."

"Poor girl!"

She smiled gravely. A certain scheme, from which hitherto he had shrunk, now appeared practical.

shrunk - geschrumpft; schrumpfen, schrumpfen, abnehmen, drücken


"Yes, I suppose we ought to be going," was her reply.

"Lucy, I want to ask something of you that I have never asked before."

At the serious note in his voice she stepped frankly and kindly towards him.

stepped - getreten; treten, treten (du trittst

frankly - offen gesagt; ehrlich gesagt, um ehrlich zu sein

"What, Cecil?"

"Hitherto never"not even that day on the lawn when you agreed to marry me""

marry - heiraten, trauen, sich verehelichen

He became self-conscious and kept glancing round to see if they were observed. His courage had gone.


"Up to now I have never kissed you."

She was as scarlet as if he had put the thing most indelicately.

scarlet - Scharlachrot, Scharlach

indelicately - unwillkürlich

"No"more you have," she stammered.

stammered - gestottert; stammeln, stottern, Stottern

"Then I ask you"may I now?"

"Of course, you may, Cecil. You might before. I can't run at you, you know."

At that supreme moment he was conscious of nothing but absurdities. Her reply was inadequate. She gave such a business-like lift to her veil. As he approached her he found time to wish that he could recoil. As he touched her, his gold pince-nez became dislodged and was flattened between them.

absurdities - Absurditäten; Absurdität, Absurdität

veil - Vorhang; Schleier; verschleiern, verhüllen

recoil - Rückstoß; zurückschrecken; zurückschlagen

dislodged - verdrängt; herauslösen; außer Position bringen

flattened - abgeflacht; plätten, flachmachen, planieren, plattmachen

Such was the embrace. He considered, with truth, that it had been a failure. Passion should believe itself irresistible. It should forget civility and consideration and all the other curses of a refined nature. Above all, it should never ask for leave where there is a right of way. Why could he not do as any labourer or navvy"nay, as any young man behind the counter would have done?

irresistible - unwiderstehlich

curses - Verfluchungen; (cur) Hundesohn, Köter

navvy - Hilfsarbeiter

Nay - Nein; oder sogar

He recast the scene. Lucy was standing flowerlike by the water, he rushed up and took her in his arms; she rebuked him, permitted him and revered him ever after for his manliness. For he believed that women revere men for their manliness.

recast - neu besetzt; Umgestaltung

flowerlike - blumenartig

rebuked - getadelt; Tadel, Anschiss, Rüge, Schelte, Zurechtweisung

revered - verehrt; ehren

manliness - Männlichkeit, Mannhaftigkeit

They left the pool in silence, after this one salutation. He waited for her to make some remark which should show him her inmost thoughts. At last she spoke, and with fitting gravity.

salutation - Begrüßung; Titel

inmost - innerst

"Emerson was the name, not Harris."

"What name?"

"The old man's."

"What old man?"

"That old man I told you about. The one Mr. Eager was so unkind to."

He could not know that this was the most intimate conversation they had ever had.

most intimate - innigst

Chapter X. Cecil as a Humourist

Humourist - Humorist

The society out of which Cecil proposed to rescue Lucy was perhaps no very splendid affair, yet it was more splendid than her antecedents entitled her to. Her father, a prosperous local solicitor, had built Windy Corner, as a speculation at the time the district was opening up, and, falling in love with his own creation, had ended by living there himself. Soon after his marriage the social atmosphere began to alter. Other houses were built on the brow of that steep southern slope and others, again, among the pine-trees behind, and northward on the chalk barrier of the downs. Most of these houses were larger than Windy Corner, and were filled by people who came, not from the district, but from London, and who mistook the Honeychurches for the remnants of an indigenous aristocracy.

proposed - vorgeschlagen; vorschlagen, einen Heiratsantrag machen

more splendid - prächtigere

entitled - berechtigt; betiteln, benennen, den Titel verleihen

prosperous - wohlhabend

solicitor - Anwältin; Solicitor, checkRechtsanwalt

speculation - Spekulationen; Spekulation, Betrachtung

creation - Erfindung, Werk, Kreation, Schöpfung

steep - steil; einweichen, abschüssig

southern - südlich, Süd

northward - nordwärts

chalk - Kreide; Magnesiapulver

barrier - Sperre, Schranke

remnants - Überreste; Rest, Überbleibsel

indigenous - Einheimische

aristocracy - Aristokratie

He was inclined to be frightened, but his wife accepted the situation without either pride or humility. "I cannot think what people are doing," she would say, "but it is extremely fortunate for the children." She called everywhere; her calls were returned with enthusiasm, and by the time people found out that she was not exactly of their milieu, they liked her, and it did not seem to matter. When Mr. Honeychurch died, he had the satisfaction"which few honest solicitors despise"of leaving his family rooted in the best society obtainable.

pride - Hochmut; Stolz, Trotz, Dünkel, Machtbewusstsein, Rudel

humility - Bescheidenheit, Demut

milieu - Milieu

honest - ehrlich, aufrichtig; (hon); ehrlich, aufrichtig

solicitors - Anwälte; Solicitor, de

rooted - verwurzelt; wurzeln; Haupt, Wurzel, Nullstelle [math.]

obtainable - Erreichbar

The best obtainable. Certainly many of the immigrants were rather dull, and Lucy realized this more vividly since her return from Italy. Hitherto she had accepted their ideals without questioning"their kindly affluence, their inexplosive religion, their dislike of paper-bags, orange-peel, and broken bottles. A Radical out and out, she learnt to speak with horror of Suburbia. Life, so far as she troubled to conceive it, was a circle of rich, pleasant people, with identical interests and identical foes. In this circle, one thought, married, and died. Outside it were poverty and vulgarity for ever trying to enter, just as the London fog tries to enter the pine-woods pouring through the gaps in the northern hills. But, in Italy, where any one who chooses may warm himself in equality, as in the sun, this conception of life vanished. Her senses expanded; she felt that there was no one whom she might not get to like, that social barriers were irremovable, doubtless, but not particularly high.

immigrants - Einwanderer, Einwanderin, Immigrant, Immigrantin

vividly - anschaulich

ideals - Ideale; ideal, bestmöglich, optimal, ideal, vollendet

affluence - Überfluss, Reichtum, Wohlstand

inexplosive - unschädlich

religion - Religion

peel - schälen; Schale

Suburbia - Vorort, Vorstadt

conceive - schwanger werden; konzipieren, erdenken, ersinnen, empfangen

circle - Kreis, Zirkel, Augenringe, umkreisen, einkreisen

identical - identisch; eineiig

foes - Feinde; Feind

poverty - Armut

vulgarity - Vulgarität

for ever - für immer

pouring - gießend, einschenkend; (pour) gießend, einschenkend

gaps - Lücken; Zahnlücke; Lücke, Bresche, Leerstelle, Kluft

equality - Gleichheit; Gleichberechtigung

conception - Empfängnis; Vorstellung, Konzeption

senses - Sinne; Sinn, Gefühl

expanded - erweitert; expandieren, vergrößern, vergrößern

You jump over them just as you jump into a peasant's olive-yard in the Apennines, and he is glad to see you. She returned with new eyes.

jump over - überspringen

olive - Oliven; Olive, olivfarben, olivfarbig

Yard - (der) Yard

is glad - freut

So did Cecil; but Italy had quickened Cecil, not to tolerance, but to irritation. He saw that the local society was narrow, but, instead of saying, "Does that very much matter?" he rebelled, and tried to substitute for it the society he called broad. He did not realize that Lucy had consecrated her environment by the thousand little civilities that create a tenderness in time, and that though her eyes saw its defects, her heart refused to despise it entirely. Nor did he realize a more important point"that if she was too great for this society, she was too great for all society, and had reached the stage where personal intercourse would alone satisfy her.

quickened - beflügelt; beschleunigen

rebelled - rebelliert; Rebell; auflehnen, aufbäumen

broad - breit, deutliche, großräumig

consecrated - gesegnet; weihen

environment - Umgebung, Umwelt, Umfeld

defects - Mängel; Fehler, Defekt, überlaufen, zurückziehen

stage - Stufe, Etappe, Bühne

satisfy - befriedigen, zufriedenstellen

A rebel she was, but not of the kind he understood"a rebel who desired, not a wider dwelling-room, but equality beside the man she loved. For Italy was offering her the most priceless of all possessions"her own soul.

wider - breiter; breit, weit

dwelling - Wohnung, Behausung; (dwell); leben, verbleiben, wohnen

offering - Angebot, Anerbieten, Opfer, Opfergabe; (offer); Angebot

priceless - preislos, unbezahlbar

possessions - Besitztümer; Gut

Playing bumble-puppy with Minnie Beebe, niece to the rector, and aged thirteen"an ancient and most honourable game, which consists in striking tennis-balls high into the air, so that they fall over the net and immoderately bounce; some hit Mrs. Honeychurch; others are lost. The sentence is confused, but the better illustrates Lucy's state of mind, for she was trying to talk to Mr. Beebe at the same time.

bumble - Humbug; Wichtigtuer

puppy - Welpe, Hündchen, Hundewelpe, junger Hund

niece - Nichte

ancient - alt, uralt, antik

most honourable - ehrenhafteste

consists - zusammensetzend, besteht aus; bestehen (aus)

tennis-balls - (tennis-balls) Tennisbälle

fall over - umkippen, umfallen, umstürzen

net - vernetzen; netzartig, Tüll, Netto, Netz; einnetzen

immoderately - maßlos

bounce - abprallen; hüpfen, auf und ab hüpfen, platzen, Bounce

confused - verwirrt; verwirren, konfundieren, verwechseln, vermischen

illustrates - veranschaulicht; illustrieren, illustrieren

"Oh, it has been such a nuisance"first he, then they"no one knowing what they wanted, and everyone so tiresome."

"But they really are coming now," said Mr. Beebe. "I wrote to Miss Teresa a few days ago"she was wondering how often the butcher called, and my reply of once a month must have impressed her favourably. They are coming. I heard from them this morning.

butcher - niedermetzeln, niedermachen; Metzger, Schlächter

favourably - günstig

"I shall hate those Miss Alans!" Mrs. Honeychurch cried. "Just because they're old and silly one's expected to say ˜How sweet!'I hate their ˜if'-ing and ˜but'-ing and ˜and'-ing. And poor Lucy"serve her right"worn to a shadow."

serve - Angabe; dienen; servieren; aufschlagen, den Aufschlag haben

Mr. Beebe watched the shadow springing and shouting over the tennis-court. Cecil was absent"one did not play bumble-puppy when he was there.

shouting - Schreien, Geschrei; (shout); Schreien, Geschrei

tennis-court - (tennis-court) Tennisplatz

absent - (absent-minded) abwesend, geistesabwesend, unaufmerksam

"Well, if they are coming"No, Minnie, not Saturn." Saturn was a tennis-ball whose skin was partially unsewn. When in motion his orb was encircled by a ring. "If they are coming, Sir Harry will let them move in before the twenty-ninth, and he will cross out the clause about whitewashing the ceilings, because it made them nervous, and put in the fair wear and tear one."That doesn't count. I told you not Saturn."

Saturn - Saturn, Saturn

tennis-ball - (tennis-ball) Tennisball

skin - Haut, tHäutchen, Design, Fell

partially - teilweise, teils, zum Teil

motion - Bewegung

orb - Himmelskörper, Kugel

encircled - eingekreist; umzingeln, einfassen

ring - Ring, Kreis

ninth - neunte; Neunter; Neuntel

cross out - durchstreichen, ich/er/sie strich durch

clause - Nebensatz; Teilsatz; Klausel

whitewashing - Schönfärberei; (whitewash) tünchen; (whitewash); Tünche; Zu-null-Sieg; reinwaschen

ceilings - Decken; Zimmerdecke; Zimmerdecke

tear - zerreißen, ich/er/sie/es riss, riß

"Saturn's all right for bumble-puppy," cried Freddy, joining them. "Minnie, don't you listen to her."

"Saturn doesn't bounce."

"Saturn bounces enough."

bounces - Prellungen; abprallen, hüpfen, auf und ab hüpfen, platzen

"No, he doesn't."

"Well; he bounces better than the Beautiful White Devil."

"Hush, dear," said Mrs. Honeychurch.

"But look at Lucy"complaining of Saturn, and all the time's got the Beautiful White Devil in her hand, ready to plug it in. that's right, Minnie, go for her"get her over the shins with the racquet"get her over the shins!"

complaining - beschweren; (complain); sich beschweren, klagen, sich beklagen

plug - Stecker; Stöpsel, Stopfen, Pfropfen, Pfropf

that's right - Das stimmt. Ganz recht.

shins - Schienbeine; Schienbein; hinaufklettern

racquet - der Schläger

Lucy fell, the Beautiful White Devil rolled from her hand.

rolled - gerollt; Rolle, Roulade, Walze, Semmel; drehen, wälzen, wickeln

Mr. Beebe picked it up, and said: "The name of this ball is Vittoria Corombona, please." But his correction passed unheeded.

picked - ausgewählt; Hacke, Pickel, Spitzhacke, Dietrich, pflücken

correction - Korrektur, Berichtigung, Verbesserung, Besserungsmaßnahme

unheeded - ungehört

Freddy possessed to a high degree the power of lashing little girls to fury, and in half a minute he had transformed Minnie from a well-mannered child into a howling wilderness. Up in the house Cecil heard them, and, though he was full of entertaining news, he did not come down to impart it, in case he got hurt. He was not a coward and bore necessary pain as well as any man. But he hated the physical violence of the young.

possessed - besessen; besitzen, besitzen

degree - Abschluss; Diplom, akademischer Diplom, Grad, Winkelgrad

lashing - Tauwerk, peitschend, Geißelung; (lash) Tauwerk, peitschend

fury - Wut; Furie

mannered - manieriert

howling - brüllen, heulen, niederschreien; (howl); Heulen, jaulen

wilderness - Wildnis, Wüste

entertaining - unterhaltsam; (entertain); unterhalten

impart - übermitteln; weitergeben, gewähren, mitteilen, vermitteln

coward - Feigling

pain - Schmerzen; Qual, Stich (Schmerz), Schmerz

physical - physisch, materiell, stofflich, physikalisch, körperlich

violence - Gewalt, Gewalttaten, Gewalttätigkeiten

How right it was! Sure enough it ended in a cry.

"I wish the Miss Alans could see this," observed Mr. Beebe, just as Lucy, who was nursing the injured Minnie, was in turn lifted off her feet by her brother.

"Who are the Miss Alans?" Freddy panted.

panted - keuchte; keuchen, hecheln, schnaufen (i. S. v. keuchen)

"They have taken Cissie Villa."

"That wasn't the name""

Here his foot slipped, and they all fell most agreeably on to the grass. An interval elapses.

interval - Pause; Abstand, Zwischenraum, Intervall

elapses - verstreicht; vergehen, verrinnen

"Wasn't what name?" asked Lucy, with her brother's head in her lap.

"Alan wasn't the name of the people Sir Harry's let to."

"Nonsense, Freddy! You know nothing about it."

"Nonsense yourself! I've this minute seen him. He said to me: ˜Ahem! Honeychurch,'""Freddy was an indifferent mimic""˜ahem! ahem! I have at last procured really dee-sire-rebel tenants.'I said, ˜ooray, old boy!'and slapped him on the back."

this minute - sofort, soeben, augenblicklich

Ahem - Hm; Ahem

mimic - nachahmen, nachäffen

procured - beschafft; beschaffen, erwerben, besorgen, aufbringen

sire - Herr; Männchen

tenants - Pächter, Mieter

ooray - O.K

slapped - geohrfeigt; Klaps, Schlag, Makeup

"Exactly. The Miss Alans?"

"Rather not. More like Anderson."

"Oh, good gracious, there isn't going to be another muddle!" Mrs. Honeychurch exclaimed. "Do you notice, Lucy, I'm always right? I said don't interfere with Cissie Villa. I'm always right. I'm quite uneasy at being always right so often."

interfere - eingreifen, einmischen

uneasy - Unbehagen; besorgt, unangenehm, unsicher

"It's only another muddle of Freddy's. Freddy doesn't even know the name of the people he pretends have taken it instead."

pretends - so tut als ob; vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun

"Yes, I do. I've got it. Emerson."

I've got it - Ich hab's.

"What name?"

"Emerson. I'll bet you anything you like."

bet - Wetteinsatz, wetten, Wette; riskieren

"What a weathercock Sir Harry is," said Lucy quietly. "I wish I had never bothered over it at all."

weathercock - Wetterhahn; Wetterfahne

Then she lay on her back and gazed at the cloudless sky. Mr. Beebe, whose opinion of her rose daily, whispered to his niece that that was the proper way to behave if any little thing went wrong.

lay on - aufstreichen, anschließen, sorgen für

gazed at - angestarrt

cloudless - wolkenlos

Meanwhile the name of the new tenants had diverted Mrs. Honeychurch from the contemplation of her own abilities.

diverted - umgelenkt; umlenken, umleiten, ablenken, unterhalten

"Emerson, Freddy? Do you know what Emersons they are?"

"I don't know whether they're any Emersons," retorted Freddy, who was democratic. Like his sister and like most young people, he was naturally attracted by the idea of equality, and the undeniable fact that there are different kinds of Emersons annoyed him beyond measure.

democratic - demokratisch

measure - Maß; Messung, Maßstab, Takt, Maßnahme, messen, abmessen

"I trust they are the right sort of person. All right, Lucy""she was sitting up again""I see you looking down your nose and thinking your mother's a snob. But there is a right sort and a wrong sort, and it's affectation to pretend there isn't."

sitting up - aufbleibend

affectation - Affektiertheit; Geschraubtheit

pretend - vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun, als ob

"Emerson's a common enough name," Lucy remarked.

remarked - bemerkt; bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

She was gazing sideways. Seated on a promontory herself, she could see the pine-clad promontories descending one beyond another into the Weald. The further one descended the garden, the more glorious was this lateral view.

gazing - starrt; anstarren

sideways - seitwärts; Seitenweg

promontories - Vorgebirge; Landzunge

descending - absteigend; absteigen, niedergehen, herunterkommen, herabsteigen

more glorious - glorreichere

lateral - lateral, seitlich, Seiten-, Lateral, Laterallaut

"I was merely going to remark, Freddy, that I trusted they were no relations of Emerson the philosopher, a most trying man. Pray, does that satisfy you?"

philosopher - Philosophen; Philosoph, Philosophin

"Oh, yes," he grumbled. "And you will be satisfied, too, for they're friends of Cecil; so""elaborate irony""you and the other country families will be able to call in perfect safety."

grumbled - gemeckert; Gegrummel

be satisfied - zufrieden sein

elaborate - ausarbeiten; ausführlich, durchdacht, ausführen

call in - zuziehen (Arzt), hereinrufen, hinzuziehen

"Cecil?" exclaimed Lucy.

"Don't be rude, dear," said his mother placidly. "Lucy, don't screech. It's a new bad habit you're getting into."

screech - Kreischen, Quietschen, Kreischen, Aufschreien

bad habit - Unsitte , Unart

"But has Cecil""

"Friends of Cecil's," he repeated, "˜and so really dee-sire-rebel. Ahem! Honeychurch, I have just telegraphed to them.'"

telegraphed - telegrafiert; Telegraph, telegrafieren, depeschieren

She got up from the grass.

It was hard on Lucy. Mr. Beebe sympathized with her very much. While she believed that her snub about the Miss Alans came from Sir Harry Otway, she had borne it like a good girl. She might well "screech" when she heard that it came partly from her lover.

borne - getragen; (to bear) ertragen, aushalten

lover - Geliebte, Liebhaber, Liebhaberin

Mr. Vyse was a tease"something worse than a tease: he took a malicious pleasure in thwarting people. The clergyman, knowing this, looked at Miss Honeychurch with more than his usual kindness.

tease - erman:; kämmen, hecheln, necken, hänseln, aufziehen

malicious - bösartig

thwarting - zu vereiteln; hintertreibend, vereitelnd

When she exclaimed, "But Cecil's Emersons"they can't possibly be the same ones"there is that"" he did not consider that the exclamation was strange, but saw in it an opportunity of diverting the conversation while she recovered her composure. He diverted it as follows:

exclamation - Ausruf; Exklamation

diverting - ablenkend; umlenken, umleiten, ablenken, unterhalten

"The Emersons who were at Florence, do you mean? No, I don't suppose it will prove to be them. It is probably a long cry from them to friends of Mr. Vyse's. Oh, Mrs. Honeychurch, the oddest people! The queerest people! For our part we liked them, didn't we?" He appealed to Lucy. "There was a great scene over some violets. They picked violets and filled all the vases in the room of these very Miss Alans who have failed to come to Cissie Villa.

oddest - das merkwürdigste; einzeln, seltsam, merkwürdig, komisch

queerest - seltsam, unwohl, schwul, lesbisch, queer, Queers, Homosexueller

vases - Vasen; Vase

Poor little ladies! So shocked and so pleased. It used to be one of Miss Catharine's great stories. ˜My dear sister loves flowers,'it began. They found the whole room a mass of blue"vases and jugs"and the story ends with ˜So ungentlemanly and yet so beautiful.'It is all very difficult. Yes, I always connect those Florentine Emersons with violets."

jugs - Krüge; Kanne, Krug

ungentlemanly - unhöflich

"Fiasco's done you this time," remarked Freddy, not seeing that his sister's face was very red. She could not recover herself. Mr. Beebe saw it, and continued to divert the conversation.

divert - umlenken, umleiten, ablenken, unterhalten

"These particular Emersons consisted of a father and a son"the son a goodly, if not a good young man; not a fool, I fancy, but very immature"pessimism, et cetera. Our special joy was the father"such a sentimental darling, and people declared he had murdered his wife."

consisted - bestand; zusammensetzend, besteht aus; bestehen (aus)

goodly - gutartig; schön

immature - unreif, kindisch

pessimism - Pessimismus

et - und

darling - Liebling, Schatz, Schätzchen

In his normal state Mr. Beebe would never have repeated such gossip, but he was trying to shelter Lucy in her little trouble. He repeated any rubbish that came into his head.

normal - normal; Normale

shelter - Unterkunft; Zuflucht, Obdach, Zufluchtsort, Schutzraum

rubbish - Quatsch, Blödsinn, Unsinn, Mist, Müll

"Murdered his wife?" said Mrs. Honeychurch. "Lucy, don't desert us"go on playing bumble-puppy. Really, the Pension Bertolini must have been the oddest place. That's the second murderer I've heard of as being there. Whatever was Charlotte doing to stop? By-the-by, we really must ask Charlotte here some time."

desert - Wüste, wüst, Ă–de; verlassen, desertieren, im Stich lassen

Mr. Beebe could recall no second murderer. He suggested that his hostess was mistaken. At the hint of opposition she warmed. She was perfectly sure that there had been a second tourist of whom the same story had been told. The name escaped her. What was the name? Oh, what was the name? She clasped her knees for the name. Something in Thackeray. She struck her matronly forehead.

recall - zurückrufen; erinnern

hostess - Gastgeberin, Wirtin, Stewardess, Flugbegleiterin, Hostess

opposition - Opposition

Lucy asked her brother whether Cecil was in.

"Oh, don't go!" he cried, and tried to catch her by the ankles.

ankles - Knöchel, Fußknöchel

"I must go," she said gravely. "Don't be silly. You always overdo it when you play."

overdo - übertreiben; zu lange kochen

As she left them her mother's shout of "Harris!" shivered the tranquil air, and reminded her that she had told a lie and had never put it right. Such a senseless lie, too, yet it shattered her nerves and made her connect these Emersons, friends of Cecil's, with a pair of nondescript tourists.

shivered - gezittert; Schauder, Schauer, zittern, frösteln

told a lie - angeschwindelt

senseless - empfindungslos, ohne Gefühl, ohnmächtig, bewusstlos

nerves - Nerven; Nerv, Nerv, Nerv, Nerv, Nerv

nondescript - unbestimmbar, unauffällig, unbestimmt, unscheinbar

Hitherto truth had come to her naturally. She saw that for the future she must be more vigilant, and be"absolutely truthful? Well, at all events, she must not tell lies. She hurried up the garden, still flushed with shame. A word from Cecil would soothe her, she was sure.

vigilant - Wachsam

soothe - beruhigen, Wogen glätten, mildern, besänftigen


"Hullo!" he called, and leant out of the smoking-room window. He seemed in high spirits. "I was hoping you'd come. I heard you all bear-gardening, but there's better fun up here. I, even I, have won a great victory for the Comic Muse.

Hullo - Hallo!

leant out - hinausgebeugt

spirits - Geister; Geist, Seele, Geist, Stimmung, Schnaps, qualifier

comic - komisch; Komiker; Bildergeschichte, Comic, Strip

muse - Muse

George Meredith's right"the cause of Comedy and the cause of Truth are really the same; and I, even I, have found tenants for the distressful Cissie Villa. Don't be angry! Don't be angry! You'll forgive me when you hear it all."

comedy - Komödie

distressful - beunruhigend

He looked very attractive when his face was bright, and he dispelled her ridiculous forebodings at once.

dispelled - zerstreut; zerstreuen

forebodings - Vorahnungen; Ahnung, Vorahnung, bange Ahnung

"I have heard," she said. "Freddy has told us. Naughty Cecil! I suppose I must forgive you. Just think of all the trouble I took for nothing! Certainly the Miss Alans are a little tiresome, and I'd rather have nice friends of yours. But you oughtn't to tease one so."

"Friends of mine?" he laughed. "But, Lucy, the whole joke is to come! Come here." But she remained standing where she was. "Do you know where I met these desirable tenants? In the National Gallery, when I was up to see my mother last week."

joke - Witz; Scherz, Streich, Spaß, scherzen, Witze machen

national - national, Staats-, Staatsangehöriger, Staatsangehörige

"What an odd place to meet people!" she said nervously. "I don't quite understand."

"In the Umbrian Room. Absolute strangers. They were admiring Luca Signorelli"of course, quite stupidly. However, we got talking, and they refreshed me not a little. They had been to Italy."

Umbrian - umbrisch; Umbrer, Umbrerin, Umbrisch

absolute - absolut; rein

strangers - Fremde, Fremdling, Unbekannte

admiring - bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

stupidly - dummerweise, blöderweise

"But, Cecil"" proceeded hilariously.

hilariously - urkomisch

"In the course of conversation they said that they wanted a country cottage"the father to live there, the son to run down for week-ends. I thought, ˜What a chance of scoring off Sir Harry!'and I took their address and a London reference, found they weren't actual blackguards"it was great sport"and wrote to him, making out""

run down - überfahren;heruntergewirtschaftet

actual - tatsächlich, konkret, gegenwärtig, aktuell

making out - zusammenreimend [alt], zusammen reimend

"Cecil! No, it's not fair. I've probably met them before""

He bore her down.

"Perfectly fair. Anything is fair that punishes a snob. That old man will do the neighbourhood a world of good. Sir Harry is too disgusting with his ˜decayed gentlewomen.'I meant to read him a lesson some time. No, Lucy, the classes ought to mix, and before long you'll agree with me. There ought to be intermarriage"all sorts of things. I believe in democracy""

punishes - bestraft; bestrafen, strafen

Mix - verrühren, mischen, mixen, vermischen, versetzen

before long - in kurzem

intermarriage - Mischehe

sorts - Sorten; Sortierung, Gattung, Art, Sorte; sortieren, ordnen

"No, you don't," she snapped. "You don't know what the word means."

snapped - geschnappt; Knacken

He stared at her, and felt again that she had failed to be Leonardesque. "No, you don't!"

Her face was inartistic"that of a peevish virago.

inartistic - unkünstlerisch

virago - Flintenweib, Virago

"It isn't fair, Cecil. I blame you"I blame you very much indeed. You had no business to undo my work about the Miss Alans, and make me look ridiculous. You call it scoring off Sir Harry, but do you realize that it is all at my expense? I consider it most disloyal of you."

undo - öffnen, aufmachen, etwas rückgängig machen, annulieren

expense - Kosten; Ausgabe, Aufwand, Verlust

most disloyal - treubrüchigste

She left him.

"Temper!" he thought, raising his eyebrows.

No, it was worse than temper"snobbishness. As long as Lucy thought that his own smart friends were supplanting the Miss Alans, she had not minded. He perceived that these new tenants might be of value educationally. He would tolerate the father and draw out the son, who was silent. In the interests of the Comic Muse and of Truth, he would bring them to Windy Corner.

snobbishness - Snobismus

supplanting - verdrängen, ersetzen, ausstechen

perceived - wahrgenommen; wahrnehmen

educationally - pädagogisch

tolerate - tolerieren, dulden, vertragen

Chapter XI. In Mrs. Vyse's Well-Appointed Flat

The Comic Muse, though able to look after her own interests, did not disdain the assistance of Mr. Vyse. His idea of bringing the Emersons to Windy Corner struck her as decidedly good, and she carried through the negotiations without a hitch. Sir Harry Otway signed the agreement, met Mr. Emerson, who was duly disillusioned. The Miss Alans were duly offended, and wrote a dignified letter to Lucy, whom they held responsible for the failure.

look after - aufpassen, sich bemühen, pfleglich behandeln

negotiations - Verhandlungen; Verhandlung

Hitch - Anhalter; Festmacher; Anhängerkupplung; Haken; mit einem Ruck ziehen; festmachen

agreement - Vereinbarung, Zustimmung, Einigkeit, Einvernehmen

duly - gebührend, ordnungsgemäß, pünktlich

disillusioned - desillusioniert; desillusionieren, Desillusion

dignified - würdevoll; ehren

Mr. Beebe planned pleasant moments for the new-comers, and told Mrs. Honeychurch that Freddy must call on them as soon as they arrived. Indeed, so ample was the Muse's equipment that she permitted Mr. Harris, never a very robust criminal, to droop his head, to be forgotten, and to die.

call on - jdn. aufsuchen;heranziehen (zu Diensten)

equipment - Ausrüstung

robust - robust

criminal - kriminell; Krimineller, Kriminelle, Verbrecher, Verbrecherin

droop - durchhängen, herabhängen, herunterhängen, herabsinken

Lucy"to descend from bright heaven to earth, whereon there are shadows because there are hills"Lucy was at first plunged into despair, but settled after a little thought that it did not matter the very least. Now that she was engaged, the Emersons would scarcely insult her and were welcome into the neighbourhood.

And Cecil was welcome to bring whom he would into the neighbourhood. Therefore Cecil was welcome to bring the Emersons into the neighbourhood. But, as I say, this took a little thinking, and"so illogical are girls"the event remained rather greater and rather more dreadful than it should have done. She was glad that a visit to Mrs. Vyse now fell due; the tenants moved into Cissie Villa while she was safe in the London flat.

more dreadful - schauderhaftere

"Cecil"Cecil darling," she whispered the evening she arrived, and crept into his arms.

Cecil, too, became demonstrative. He saw that the needful fire had been kindled in Lucy. At last she longed for attention, as a woman should, and looked up to him because he was a man.

demonstrative - demonstrativ

needful - nötig, das Nötige, notwendig

longed for - ersehnte

"So you do love me, little thing?" he murmured.

"Oh, Cecil, I do, I do! I don't know what I should do without you."

do without - entbehren, entbehren können, es schaffen ohne, verzichten auf

Several days passed. Then she had a letter from Miss Bartlett. A coolness had sprung up between the two cousins, and they had not corresponded since they parted in August. The coolness dated from what Charlotte would call "the flight to Rome," and in Rome it had increased amazingly. For the companion who is merely uncongenial in the mediaeval world becomes exasperating in the classical. Charlotte, unselfish in the Forum, would have tried a sweeter temper than Lucy's, and once, in the Baths of Caracalla, they had doubted whether they could continue their tour.

coolness - Kühle

corresponded - korrespondiert; entsprechen, korrespondieren, korrespondieren

amazingly - Erstaunlich

uncongenial - unangenehm

exasperating - verärgernd; verärgern, aufbringen, auf die Palme bringen

classical - klassisch

forum - Forum

sweeter - süßer; Süßigkeit, Bonbon

Lucy had said she would join the Vyses"Mrs. Vyse was an acquaintance of her mother, so there was no impropriety in the plan and Miss Bartlett had replied that she was quite used to being abandoned suddenly. Finally nothing happened; but the coolness remained, and, for Lucy, was even increased when she opened the letter and read as follows. It had been forwarded from Windy Corner.

impropriety - Unangemessenheit; Ungehörigkeit

abandoned - im Stich lassen, preisgeben, verlassen, abbrechen

forwarded - weitergeleitet; nachsenden, fördern, befördern, versenden




"I have news of you at last! Miss Lavish has been bicycling in your parts, but was not sure whether a call would be welcome. Puncturing her tire near Summer Street, and it being mended while she sat very woebegone in that pretty churchyard, she saw to her astonishment, a door open opposite and the younger Emerson man come out. He said his father had just taken the house. He said he did not know that you lived in the neighbourhood (?). He never suggested giving Eleanor a cup of tea.

Puncturing - Durchlöchern; Einstich, Reifenpanne, durchstechen, punktieren

tire - Reifen, Pneu (schweiz.); ermüden

mended - geflickt; reparieren, flicken

woebegone - weinerlich

churchyard - Kirchhof; Friedhof

astonishment - Staunen, Erstaunen, Verwunderung

Dear Lucy, I am much worried, and I advise you to make a clean breast of his past behaviour to your mother, Freddy, and Mr. Vyse, who will forbid him to enter the house, etc. That was a great misfortune, and I dare say you have told them already. Mr. Vyse is so sensitive. I remember how I used to get on his nerves at Rome. I am very sorry about it all, and should not feel easy unless I warned you.

etc - usw

"Believe me,

"Your anxious and loving cousin,


Lucy was much annoyed, and replied as follows:



"Many thanks for your warning. When Mr. Emerson forgot himself on the mountain, you made me promise not to tell mother, because you said she would blame you for not being always with me. I have kept that promise, and cannot possibly tell her now. I have said both to her and Cecil that I met the Emersons at Florence, and that they are respectable people"which I do think"and the reason that he offered Miss Lavish no tea was probably that he had none himself. She should have tried at the Rectory.

Many thanks - Vielen Dank!

I cannot begin making a fuss at this stage. You must see that it would be too absurd. If the Emersons heard I had complained of them, they would think themselves of importance, which is exactly what they are not. I like the old father, and look forward to seeing him again. As for the son, I am sorry for him when we meet, rather than for myself. They are known to Cecil, who is very well and spoke of you the other day. We expect to be married in January.

"Miss Lavish cannot have told you much about me, for I am not at Windy Corner at all, but here. Please do not put ˜Private'outside your envelope again. No one opens my letters.

envelope - Umschlag; verhüllen; Kuvert, Versandtasche, Hüllenkurve

"Yours affectionately,


Secrecy has this disadvantage: we lose the sense of proportion; we cannot tell whether our secret is important or not. Were Lucy and her cousin closeted with a great thing which would destroy Cecil's life if he discovered it, or with a little thing which he would laugh at? Miss Bartlett suggested the former. Perhaps she was right. It had become a great thing now.

secrecy - Geheimhaltung; Geheimniskrämerei, Geheimnistuerei

disadvantage - Nachteil

proportion - Verhältnis; Teil, Proportion, Anteil

closeted - verschlossen; Schrank, Wandschrank, Kammer, Abstellkammer

destroy - zerstören, vernichten

former - erstgenannt, ehem. ehemalig, frühere, früher

Left to herself, Lucy would have told her mother and her lover ingenuously, and it would have remained a little thing. "Emerson, not Harris"; it was only that a few weeks ago. She tried to tell Cecil even now when they were laughing about some beautiful lady who had smitten his heart at school. But her body behaved so ridiculously that she stopped.

ingenuously - unaufdringlich

smitten - verknallt; schlagen, schlagen

She and her secret stayed ten days longer in the deserted Metropolis visiting the scenes they were to know so well later on. It did her no harm, Cecil thought, to learn the framework of society, while society itself was absent on the golf-links or the moors. The weather was cool, and it did her no harm. In spite of the season, Mrs. Vyse managed to scrape together a dinner-party consisting entirely of the grandchildren of famous people. The food was poor, but the talk had a witty weariness that impressed the girl.

deserted - Wüste, wüst, Ă–de; verlassen, desertieren, im Stich lassen

metropolis - Metropole, Weltstadt

scenes - Szenen; Szene

framework - Rahmen, Gerüst, Fachwerk, Bezugssystem, Gefüge

golf-links - (golf-links) Golfplatz

moors - Moore; verankern; Moor

spite - Bosheit; trotz

season - Jahreszeit, Saison; abschmecken (würzen), würzen

managed - verwaltet; verwalten, leiten, hinbekommen, schaffen, schaffen

scrape - abkratzen, schaben, scharren

consisting - zusammensetzend, besteht aus; bestehen (aus)

grandchildren - Enkelkinder; Enkel, Enkelkind

witty - witzig, geistreich, originell

weariness - Müdigkeit

One was tired of everything, it seemed. One launched into enthusiasms only to collapse gracefully, and pick oneself up amid sympathetic laughter. In this atmosphere the Pension Bertolini and Windy Corner appeared equally crude, and Lucy saw that her London career would estrange her a little from all that she had loved in the past.

enthusiasms - Begeisterung, Enthusiasmus, Schwärmerei

collapse - Zusammenbruch; einstürzen, kollabieren, zusammenfallen

oneself - sich selbst; selbst, sich

laughter - Gelächter, Lachen

estrange - entfremden

The grandchildren asked her to play the piano.

She played Schumann. "Now some Beethoven" called Cecil, when the querulous beauty of the music had died. She shook her head and played Schumann again. The melody rose, unprofitably magical. It broke; it was resumed broken, not marching once from the cradle to the grave. The sadness of the incomplete"the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art"throbbed in its disjected phrases, and made the nerves of the audience throb.

querulous - quengelig

unprofitably - unrentabel

magical - magisch

resumed - wiederaufgenommen; weiter; Lebenslauf; fortsetzen

from the cradle to the grave - von der Wiege bis zur Bahre

incomplete - unvollständig

throb - klopfen, schlagen, pochen, pulsieren, Pochen

Not thus had she played on the little draped piano at the Bertolini, and "Too much Schumann" was not the remark that Mr. Beebe had passed to himself when she returned.

When the guests were gone, and Lucy had gone to bed, Mrs. Vyse paced up and down the drawing-room, discussing her little party with her son. Mrs. Vyse was a nice woman, but her personality, like many another's, had been swamped by London, for it needs a strong head to live among many people.

paced - schrittweise; Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

personality - Persönlichkeit

swamped - überschwemmt; Sumpf, Moor

The too vast orb of her fate had crushed her; and she had seen too many seasons, too many cities, too many men, for her abilities, and even with Cecil she was mechanical, and behaved as if he was not one son, but, so to speak, a filial crowd.

seasons - Jahreszeiten; Jahreszeit, Saison; abschmecken (würzen), würzen

mechanical - mechanisch

filial - kindlich; söhnlich

"Make Lucy one of us," she said, looking round intelligently at the end of each sentence, and straining her lips apart until she spoke again. "Lucy is becoming wonderful"wonderful."

straining - anspannend, anstrengend; (strain) anspannend, anstrengend

"Her music always was wonderful."

"Yes, but she is purging off the Honeychurch taint, most excellent Honeychurches, but you know what I mean. She is not always quoting servants, or asking one how the pudding is made."

purging - Entschlackung; löschende, reinigend

most excellent - famoseste

pudding - Blutwurst; Pudding; Pudding (1; 2; 4) checkAuflauf

"Italy has done it."

"Perhaps," she murmured, thinking of the museum that represented Italy to her. "It is just possible. Cecil, Mind you marry her next January. She is one of us already."

Mind you - wohlgemerkt;Das du dich ja warm hältst!

"But her music!" he exclaimed. "The style of her! How she kept to Schumann when, like an idiot, I wanted Beethoven. Schumann was right for this evening. Schumann was the thing. Do you know, mother, I shall have our children educated just like Lucy. Bring them up among honest country folks for freshness, send them to Italy for subtlety, and then"not till then"let them come to London.

idiot - Idiot, Idiotin, Narr, Närrin

folks - Leute; Volk

freshness - Frische

subtlety - Geschicklichkeit, Feinheit, Feinsinn, Feinsinnigkeit

I don't believe in these London educations"" He broke off, remembering that he had had one himself, and concluded, "At all events, not for women."

educations - Ausbildungen; Ausbildung, Erziehung, Schulung, Unterricht

"Make her one of us," repeated Mrs. Vyse, and processed to bed.

processed - verarbeitet; weiter verarbeiten, verarbeiten

As she was dozing off, a cry"the cry of nightmare"rang from Lucy's room. Lucy could ring for the maid if she liked but Mrs. Vyse thought it kind to go herself. She found the girl sitting upright with her hand on her cheek.

dozing - dösend; eindösen, einnicken; (doze) dösend; eindösen, einnicken

nightmare - Albtraum, Alptraum

upright - aufrecht; hochkant

cheek - Frechheit; Backe, ormal, Stirn, Mick, Pumpenmick

"I am so sorry, Mrs. Vyse"it is these dreams."

"Bad dreams?"

"Just dreams."

The elder lady smiled and kissed her, saying very distinctly: "You should have heard us talking about you, dear. He admires you more than ever. Dream of that."

distinctly - deutlich

admires - bewundert; bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

Lucy returned the kiss, still covering one cheek with her hand. Mrs. Vyse recessed to bed. Cecil, whom the cry had not awoke, snored. Darkness enveloped the flat.

recessed - vertieft; Vertiefung, Winkel, Aushöhlung, qualifier

snored - geschnarcht; schnarchen, Schnarchen

Chapter XII. Twelfth Chapter

twelfth - zwölften; zwölfte

It was a Saturday afternoon, gay and brilliant after abundant rains, and the spirit of youth dwelt in it, though the season was now autumn. All that was gracious triumphed. As the motorcars passed through Summer Street they raised only a little dust, and their stench was soon dispersed by the wind and replaced by the scent of the wet birches or of the pines.

abundant - im Überfluss

dwelt - wohnte; leben, verbleiben, wohnen, verweilen

triumphed - triumphiert; Sieg, Erfolg

motorcars - Kraftfahrzeuge; Personenkraftwagen, Pkw, Auto

passed through - durchgelaufen

stench - Gestank

replaced - ersetzt; zurückstellen, ersetzen

scent - Geruch, Duft, Parfüm, Parfum, Fährte, Geruch (1, 3)

birches - Birken; Birke

Mr. Beebe, at leisure for life's amenities, leant over his Rectory gate. Freddy leant by him, smoking a pendant pipe.

amenities - Annehmlichkeiten; Annehmlichkeit, Anmut, Annehmlichkeit

Gate - Tor, Flugsteig, Pforte, Schranke

pendant - Anhänger

"Suppose we go and hinder those new people opposite for a little."

hinder - behindern, aufhalten, hindern; (hind) behindern, aufhalten


"They might amuse you."

amuse - amüsieren, vergnügen, belustigen, erheitern

Freddy, whom his fellow-creatures never amused, suggested that the new people might be feeling a bit busy, and so on, since they had only just moved in.

only just - gerade erst

"I suggested we should hinder them," said Mr. Beebe. "They are worth it." Unlatching the gate, he sauntered over the triangular green to Cissie Villa. "Hullo!" he cried, shouting in at the open door, through which much squalor was visible.

Unlatching - Entriegeln; aufklinken

sauntered - schlenderte; erman: müßig umherschlendern

squalor - Schmutz, Elend, Vernachlässigung, Ärmlichkeit

A grave voice replied, "Hullo!"

"I've brought someone to see you."

"I'll be down in a minute."

The passage was blocked by a wardrobe, which the removal men had failed to carry up the stairs. Mr. Beebe edged round it with difficulty. The sitting-room itself was blocked with books.

blocked - blockiert; Block, Block

wardrobe - Garderobe, Kleiderschrank

removal - Entfernung; Umzug; Entlassung

edged - kantig; Rand, Seite, Kante, Kante, Vorsprung, Klinge, Schneide

sitting-room - (sitting-room) Wohnstube

"Are these people great readers?" Freddy whispered. "Are they that sort?"

"I fancy they know how to read"a rare accomplishment. What have they got? Byron. Exactly. A Shropshire Lad. Never heard of it. The Way of All Flesh. Never heard of it. Gibbon. Hullo! dear George reads German. Um"um"Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and so we go on. Well, I suppose your generation knows its own business, Honeychurch."

accomplishment - Ausführung; Fertigkeit, Errungenschaft, Fähigkeit, Leistung

lad - Junge, Knabe, Bube, Bursche, junger Mann, Stallbursche

flesh - Fleisch; Haut, Leib, Fruchtfleisch, Fleischfarbe, zunehmen

Gibbon - Gibbon

German - Deutscher, Deutsche, Germane, Germanin, Achtelcicero, Deutsch

generation - Generation, Geschlecht

"Mr. Beebe, look at that," said Freddy in awestruck tones.

awestruck - ehrfürchtig

On the cornice of the wardrobe, the hand of an amateur had painted this inscription: "Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes."

cornice - Gesims, Sims, Kranzgesims, Kranz

amateur - Amateur, Amateurin, Laie, Laiin

inscription - Inschrift; Aufschrift, Münzaufschrift, Widmung

enterprises - Unternehmen

"I know. Isn't it jolly? I like that. I'm certain that's the old man's doing."

"How very odd of him!"

"Surely you agree?"

But Freddy was his mother's son and felt that one ought not to go on spoiling the furniture.

"Pictures!" the clergyman continued, scrambling about the room. "Giotto"they got that at Florence, I'll be bound."

scrambling - scrambling, kletternd, Scrambling

"The same as Lucy's got."

"Oh, by-the-by, did Miss Honeychurch enjoy London?"

"She came back yesterday."

"I suppose she had a good time?"

"Yes, very," said Freddy, taking up a book. "She and Cecil are thicker than ever."

"That's good hearing."

"I wish I wasn't such a fool, Mr. Beebe."

Mr. Beebe ignored the remark.

"Lucy used to be nearly as stupid as I am, but it'll be very different now, mother thinks. She will read all kinds of books."

"So will you."

"Only medical books. Not books that you can talk about afterwards. Cecil is teaching Lucy Italian, and he says her playing is wonderful. There are all kinds of things in it that we have never noticed. Cecil says""

medical - medizinisch

"What on earth are those people doing upstairs? Emerson"we think we'll come another time."

George ran down-stairs and pushed them into the room without speaking.

"Let me introduce Mr. Honeychurch, a neighbour."

Then Freddy hurled one of the thunderbolts of youth. Perhaps he was shy, perhaps he was friendly, or perhaps he thought that George's face wanted washing. At all events he greeted him with, "How d'ye do? Come and have a bathe."

hurled - geschleudert; schleudern

Thunderbolts - Donnerkeil, Blitzstrahl, Blitz mit Donnerschlag

ye - ja; euch, ihr, dir, du

"Oh, all right," said George, impassive.

impassive - teilnahmslos

Mr. Beebe was highly entertained.

"˜How d'ye do? how d'ye do? Come and have a bathe,'" he chuckled. "That's the best conversational opening I've ever heard. But I'm afraid it will only act between men. Can you picture a lady who has been introduced to another lady by a third lady opening civilities with ˜How do you do? Come and have a bathe'? And yet you will tell me that the sexes are equal."

chuckled - gekichert; leises Lachen, Glucksen, glucken (Henne); glucksen

conversational - Gesprächig

sexes - Geschlechter; Alter, Geschlecht, Wohnort?, Geschlecht

"I tell you that they shall be," said Mr. Emerson, who had been slowly descending the stairs. "Good afternoon, Mr. Beebe. I tell you they shall be comrades, and George thinks the same."

Good afternoon - Guten Tag!

comrades - Kameraden; Kamerad, Kamerad, Genosse, Genossin, Genosse

"We are to raise ladies to our level?" the clergyman inquired.

inquired - nachgefragt; erkundigen

"The Garden of Eden," pursued Mr. Emerson, still descending, "which you place in the past, is really yet to come. We shall enter it when we no longer despise our bodies."

pursued - Verfolgt; verfolgen, folgen, beschreiten, nachjagen, nachgehen

Mr. Beebe disclaimed placing the Garden of Eden anywhere.

disclaimed - abgelehnt; ablehnen, dementieren

anywhere - überall, irgendwo

"In this"not in other things"we men are ahead. We despise the body less than women do. But not until we are comrades shall we enter the garden."

ahead - voraus, vorne, vorn, oben, geradeaus

"I say, what about this bathe?" murmured Freddy, appalled at the mass of philosophy that was approaching him.

appalled - entsetzt; erschrecken, entsetzen

"I believed in a return to Nature once. But how can we return to Nature when we have never been with her? To-day, I believe that we must discover Nature. After many conquests we shall attain simplicity. It is our heritage."

conquests - Eroberungen; Eroberung, Conquest-Modus, Conquestmodus, Conquest

attain - erreichen, erlangen

heritage - Erbschaft, Erbe, Geburtsrecht

"Let me introduce Mr. Honeychurch, whose sister you will remember at Florence."

"How do you do? Very glad to see you, and that you are taking George for a bathe. Very glad to hear that your sister is going to marry. Marriage is a duty. I am sure that she will be happy, for we know Mr. Vyse, too. He has been most kind. He met us by chance in the National Gallery, and arranged everything about this delightful house. Though I hope I have not vexed Sir Harry Otway. I have met so few Liberal landowners, and I was anxious to compare his attitude towards the game laws with the Conservative attitude. Ah, this wind!

by chance - zufällig

landowners - Grundbesitzern; Grundbesitzer, Grundbesitzerin

conservative - Konservativer, Konservative

You do well to bathe. Yours is a glorious country, Honeychurch!"

"Not a bit!" mumbled Freddy. "I must"that is to say, I have to"have the pleasure of calling on you later on, my mother says, I hope."

"Call, my lad? Who taught us that drawing-room twaddle? Call on your grandmother! Listen to the wind among the pines! Yours is a glorious country."

twaddle - Geschwätz; Gequassel

Mr. Beebe came to the rescue.

"Mr. Emerson, he will call, I shall call; you or your son will return our calls before ten days have elapsed. I trust that you have realized about the ten days'interval. It does not count that I helped you with the stair-eyes yesterday. It does not count that they are going to bathe this afternoon."

elapsed - verstrichen; vergehen, verrinnen

stair - Stufe, Treppenstufe, Treppe

"Yes, go and bathe, George. Why do you dawdle talking? Bring them back to tea. Bring back some milk, cakes, honey. The change will do you good. George has been working very hard at his office. I can't believe he's well."

dawdle - trödeln

honey - Schatz; Honig

George bowed his head, dusty and sombre, exhaling the peculiar smell of one who has handled furniture.

exhaling - ausatmen

"Do you really want this bathe?" Freddy asked him. "It is only a pond, don't you know. I dare say you are used to something better."

pond - Weiher, Teich

"Yes"I have said ˜Yes'already."

Mr. Beebe felt bound to assist his young friend, and led the way out of the house and into the pine-woods. How glorious it was! For a little time the voice of old Mr. Emerson pursued them dispensing good wishes and philosophy. It ceased, and they only heard the fair wind blowing the bracken and the trees. Mr. Beebe, who could be silent, but who could not bear silence, was compelled to chatter, since the expedition looked like a failure, and neither of his companions would utter a word.

assist - assistieren, helfen, beistehen, unterstützen, vorlegen, Vorlage

dispensing - ausgeben, austeilen, verteilen, dosieren, ausstellen

good wishes - Segenswünsche ;Glückwünsche (für), Glückwunsch

blowing - (to blow) blasen, wehen, pusten

be silent - schweigen

compelled - gezwungen; zwingen, zwingen, nötigen, zwingen

utter - Äußerlich; äußerst

He spoke of Florence. George attended gravely, assenting or dissenting with slight but determined gestures that were as inexplicable as the motions of the tree-tops above their heads.

assenting - zustimmend; zustimmen, behaupten

dissenting - abweichend; dissentieren, Dissens

inexplicable - unerklärlich

motions - Bewegungen; Bewegung

tops - Oberteil, Spitze, Gipfel, Deckel, Kappe, Oberteil

"And what a coincidence that you should meet Mr. Vyse! Did you realize that you would find all the Pension Bertolini down here?"

coincidence - zufälliges Zusammentreffen, Koinzidenz, Zufall

"I did not. Miss Lavish told me."

"When I was a young man, I always meant to write a ˜History of Coincidence.'"

No enthusiasm.

"Though, as a matter of fact, coincidences are much rarer than we suppose. For example, it isn't purely coincidentally that you are here now, when one comes to reflect."

coincidences - Zufälle; zufälliges Zusammentreffen, Koinzidenz, Zufall

rarer - Seltener; rar, blutig (Steak)

purely - rein, bloß

coincidentally - zufällig

reflect - nachdenken; reflektieren, zurückspiegeln, sich spiegeln

To his relief, George began to talk.

"It is. I have reflected. It is Fate. Everything is Fate. We are flung together by Fate, drawn apart by Fate"flung together, drawn apart. The twelve winds blow us"we settle nothing""

"You have not reflected at all," rapped the clergyman. "Let me give you a useful tip, Emerson: attribute nothing to Fate. Don't say, ˜I didn't do this,'for you did it, ten to one. Now I'll cross-question you. Where did you first meet Miss Honeychurch and myself?"

rapped - gerappt; pochen, schlagen; Geplapper

tip - Tipp; Tip


"And where did you meet Mr. Vyse, who is going to marry Miss Honeychurch?"

"National Gallery."

"Looking at Italian art. There you are, and yet you talk of coincidence and Fate. You naturally seek out things Italian, and so do we and our friends. This narrows the field immeasurably we meet again in it."

seek - suchen

narrows - verengt; eng, schmal, knapp

immeasurably - unermesslich

meet again - wiedersehen

"It is Fate that I am here," persisted George. "But you can call it Italy if it makes you less unhappy."

Mr. Beebe slid away from such heavy treatment of the subject. But he was infinitely tolerant of the young, and had no desire to snub George.

slid - gerutscht; glitt ab

treatment - Behandeln, Behandlung, Umgang

"And so for this and for other reasons my ˜History of Coincidence'is still to write."


Wishing to round off the episode, he added; "We are all so glad that you have come."

wishing - (wish) wünschen, möchten; (wish); Wunsch; wünschen

round off - abrunden


"Here we are!" called Freddy.

"Oh, good!" exclaimed Mr. Beebe, mopping his brow.

mopping - wischen; Mopp; i

"In there's the pond. I wish it was bigger," he added apologetically.

apologetically - apologetisch

They climbed down a slippery bank of pine-needles. There lay the pond, set in its little alp of green"only a pond, but large enough to contain the human body, and pure enough to reflect the sky. On account of the rains, the waters had flooded the surrounding grass, which showed like a beautiful emerald path, tempting these feet towards the central pool.

climbed down - herabgestiegen

slippery - schlüpfrig; rutschig, glitschig, aalglatt

needles - Nadeln; Nadel, Nadel, Nadel, Nadel, hänseln

contain - enthalten

flooded - überschwemmt; Flut, Flut, überschwemmen, überfluten, überfüllen

surrounding - Umgebung; umliegend; (surround); umgeben, umringen, umzingeln

emerald - Smaragd; Smaragdgrün, smaragdfarben

"It's distinctly successful, as ponds go," said Mr. Beebe. "No apologies are necessary for the pond."

ponds - Teiche; Weiher, Teich

George sat down where the ground was dry, and drearily unlaced his boots.

dry - trocken; trocknen, abtrocknen

drearily - eintönig; trostlose

unlaced - ungeschnürt; aufschnüren

"Aren't those masses of willow-herb splendid? I love willow-herb in seed. What's the name of this aromatic plant?"

masses - Massen; Messe (kirchlich), Gottesdienst, Menge

willow - Weide, Weidenbaum

herb - Kraut; Heilkraut

aromatic - aromatisch, würzig, duftend

No one knew, or seemed to care.

"These abrupt changes of vegetation"this little spongeous tract of water plants, and on either side of it all the growths are tough or brittle"heather, bracken, hurts, pines. Very charming, very charming."

abrupt - abrupt, jäh, schroff, steil

vegetation - Vegetation, Pflanzenwuchs

spongeous - schwammig

tract - Traktat; Gebiet, Teil

growths - Wucherungen; Wachstum

tough - hart; zäh; widerstandsfähig; knifflig, schwierig, Pech

brittle - spröde, brüchig, bröckelig, mürbe

heather - Besenheide, Heidekraut, Erika

hurts - schmerzt; weh tun, schmerzen, verletzen, quälen, verletzt

"Mr. Beebe, aren't you bathing?" called Freddy, as he stripped himself.

stripped - entkleidet; Zeichenketten

Mr. Beebe thought he was not.

"Water's wonderful!" cried Freddy, prancing in.

prancing - tänzelnd; paradierend; (prance) tänzelnd; paradierend

"Water's water," murmured George. Wetting his hair first"a sure sign of apathy"he followed Freddy into the divine, as indifferent as if he were a statue and the pond a pail of soapsuds. It was necessary to use his muscles. It was necessary to keep clean. Mr. Beebe watched them, and watched the seeds of the willow-herb dance chorically above their heads.

wetting - Befeuchten; (wet) anfeuchten, wässern; (wet); nass, feucht

apathy - Apathie

pail - Eimer

soapsuds - Seifenlaugen

seeds - säen; Saatgut, Same, Saat, Samen

chorically - chorisch

"Apooshoo, apooshoo, apooshoo," went Freddy, swimming for two strokes in either direction, and then becoming involved in reeds or mud.

Involved - Involviert; umfassen, etwas komplizieren, gehen um, verwirren

reeds - Schilf, Ried, Schilfrohr

mud - Schmutz, Schlamm; Rollenspiel im Internet

"Is it worth it?" asked the other, Michelangelesque on the flooded margin.

The bank broke away, and he fell into the pool before he had weighed the question properly.

broke away - (break away) abbrechen

weighed - gewogen; wiegen, wägen, abwiegen, auswiegen, abwägen, erwägen

"Hee-poof"I've swallowed a pollywog, Mr. Beebe, water's wonderful, water's simply ripping."

poof - Puff; Schwuchtel

swallowed - verschluckt; schlucken, verschlingen, anbeißen, einstecken

ripping - zerreißen; Riss; reißen, der Länge nach auftrennen

"Water's not so bad," said George, reappearing from his plunge, and sputtering at the sun.

reappearing - wieder auftauchen; wieder erscheinen, wiederauftreten

sputtering - Stottern; plappernd; (sputter); spucken; mit feuchter Aussprache sprechen

"Water's wonderful. Mr. Beebe, do."

"Apooshoo, kouf."

Mr. Beebe, who was hot, and who always acquiesced where possible, looked around him. He could detect no parishioners except the pine-trees, rising up steeply on all sides, and gesturing to each other against the blue. How glorious it was! The world of motor-cars and rural Deans receded inimitably. Water, sky, evergreens, a wind"these things not even the seasons can touch, and surely they lie beyond the intrusion of man?

acquiesced - geduldet; hinnehmen, einwilligen, dulden

steeply - steil

all sides - allseitig

gesturing - Gesten; Geste, Gebärde, Geste, gestikulieren

rural - ländlich, dörflich

Deans - Dekane; Dekan

inimitably - unnachahmlich

evergreens - immergrün, immergrün

intrusion - Einmischung; Intrusion, Eindringen

"I may as well wash too"; and soon his garments made a third little pile on the sward, and he too asserted the wonder of the water.

pile - Haufen, Pfahl, Pulk

sward - Grasnarbe

asserted - behauptet; versichern, zusichern, beteuern, beteuern, beteuern

It was ordinary water, nor was there very much of it, and, as Freddy said, it reminded one of swimming in a salad. The three gentlemen rotated in the pool breast high, after the fashion of the nymphs in Götterdämmerung. But either because the rains had given a freshness or because the sun was shedding a most glorious heat, or because two of the gentlemen were young in years and the third young in spirit"for some reason or other a change came over them, and they forgot Italy and Botany and Fate. They began to play. Mr. Beebe and Freddy splashed each other. A little deferentially, they splashed George. He was quiet: they feared they had offended him.

rotated - gedreht; drehen

nymphs - Nymphen; Nymphe, Nymphomanin

shedding - abwerfen; vergießen; (shed) abwerfen; vergießen

most glorious - glorreichste

heat - Hitze, Wärme

Botany - Botanik, Pflanzenkunde

splashed - gespritzt; Spritzen, plätschern, platschen

deferentially - ehrerbietig

Then all the forces of youth burst out. He smiled, flung himself at them, splashed them, ducked them, kicked them, muddied them, and drove them out of the pool.

forces - Kräfte; zwingen, forcieren, erzwingen; Stärke, Macht, Einfluss

ducked - geduckt; untertauchen (in); Schiertuch, Ente

muddied - verschmutzt; trübe, schlammig

"Race you round it, then," cried Freddy, and they raced in the sunshine, and George took a short cut and dirtied his shins, and had to bathe a second time. Then Mr. Beebe consented to run"a memorable sight.

raced - gerannt; um die Wette rennen; Rasse, Menschenschlag, Rennen

consented - zugestimmt; zustimmen, einwilligen, Zustimmung, Konsens

They ran to get dry, they bathed to get cool, they played at being Indians in the willow-herbs and in the bracken, they bathed to get clean. And all the time three little bundles lay discreetly on the sward, proclaiming:

Indians - indisch, indianisch, Inder, Inderin, Indianer, Indianerin

herbs - Kräuter; Kraut

bundles - Bündel

discreetly - klug, diskrete

proclaiming - verkünden, verkündigen, erklären

"No. We are what matters. Without us shall no enterprise begin. To us shall all flesh turn in the end."

enterprise - Unternehmen; Unterfangen, Vorhaben, Unternehmungsgeist

turn in - einreichen;abliefern (ugs.)

"A try! A try!" yelled Freddy, snatching up George's bundle and placing it beside an imaginary goal-post.

yelled - geschrien; kreischen, schreien

snatching up - zusammen raffend, zusammenraffend [alt]

bundle - Bündel

imaginary - eingebildet, imaginär

"Socker rules," George retorted, scattering Freddy's bundle with a kick.

scattering - Streuung, Zerstreuung; (scatter); zerstreuen, verstreuen




"Take care my watch!" cried Mr. Beebe.

Clothes flew in all directions.

"Take care my hat! No, that's enough, Freddy. Dress now. No, I say!"

But the two young men were delirious. Away they twinkled into the trees, Freddy with a clerical waistcoat under his arm, George with a wide-awake hat on his dripping hair.

delirious - im Delirium

twinkled - geglitzert; funkeln, zwinkern

waistcoat - Weste

awake - munter, wach; erwachen, aufwachen

"That'll do!" shouted Mr. Beebe, remembering that after all he was in his own parish. Then his voice changed as if every pine-tree was a Rural Dean. "Hi! Steady on! I see people coming you fellows!"

dean - Dekan

steady - beständig; stetig; stabilisieren

fellows - Kameraden; Stipendiat, Typ, Kerl, Bursche; Gefährte, Kerl

Yells, and widening circles over the dappled earth.

yells - schreit; kreischen, schreien

widening - Verbreiterung; erman: sich weiten, erweitern, weiten, erweitern

"Hi! hi! Ladies!"

Neither George nor Freddy was truly refined. Still, they did not hear Mr. Beebe's last warning or they would have avoided Mrs. Honeychurch, Cecil, and Lucy, who were walking down to call on old Mrs. Butterworth. Freddy dropped the waistcoat at their feet, and dashed into some bracken. George whooped in their faces, turned and scudded away down the path to the pond, still clad in Mr. Beebe's hat.

dashed - gestrichelt; Bindestrich, Gedankenstrich, Querstrich, Strich

whooped - verprügelt; schreien

scudded - verschüttet; fliehen, eilen, jagen, lenzen (Naut.); Bö, Windstoß

"Gracious alive!" cried Mrs. Honeychurch. "Whoever were those unfortunate people? Oh, dears, look away! And poor Mr. Beebe, too! Whatever has happened?"

look away - wegblicken

"Come this way immediately," commanded Cecil, who always felt that he must lead women, though he knew not whither, and protect them, though he knew not against what. He led them now towards the bracken where Freddy sat concealed.

against what - wogegen

"Oh, poor Mr. Beebe! Was that his waistcoat we left in the path? Cecil, Mr. Beebe's waistcoat""

No business of ours, said Cecil, glancing at Lucy, who was all parasol and evidently "minded."

evidently - offensichtlich

"I fancy Mr. Beebe jumped back into the pond."

jumped - gesprungen; (to jump) springen, hüpfen

"This way, please, Mrs. Honeychurch, this way."

They followed him up the bank attempting the tense yet nonchalant expression that is suitable for ladies on such occasions.

tense - angespannt; verkrampft, gespannt, nervös; spannen

"Well, I can't help it," said a voice close ahead, and Freddy reared a freckled face and a pair of snowy shoulders out of the fronds. "I can't be trodden on, can I?"

reared - aufgezogen; Hinter.., hinterster, Heck, Rück..

freckled - sommersprossig; Sommersprosse, Fleckchen

snowy - verschneit; Schnee

fronds - Farnwedel, Wedel

trodden - zertreten; (to tread) betreten, schreiten

"Good gracious me, dear; so it's you! What miserable management! Why not have a comfortable bath at home, with hot and cold laid on?"

miserable - unglücklich; elend, erbärmlich, jämmerlich, miserabel

management - Verwaltung , Unternehmen , Leitung ;betriebswirtschaftlich

laid on - aufgestrichen

"Look here, mother, a fellow must wash, and a fellow's got to dry, and if another fellow""

"Dear, no doubt you're right as usual, but you are in no position to argue. Come, Lucy." They turned. "Oh, look"don't look! Oh, poor Mr. Beebe! How unfortunate again""

argue - diskutieren, erörtern, streiten, argumentieren

For Mr. Beebe was just crawling out of the pond, on whose surface garments of an intimate nature did float; while George, the world-weary George, shouted to Freddy that he had hooked a fish.

crawling - (crawl) krabbeln, kriechen; (crawl) (crawl) krabbeln, kriechen

float - treiben, schwimmen, schweben, gleiten

weary - müde

hooked - süchtig; Haken, Hookline, Haken, haken, haken, einhaken, haken

"And me, I've swallowed one," answered he of the bracken. "I've swallowed a pollywog. It wriggleth in my tummy. I shall die"Emerson you beast, you've got on my bags."

wriggleth - zappelt

tummy - Bäuchlein; Bauch

beast - Tier, Bestie, Unmensch, Biest

"Hush, dears," said Mrs. Honeychurch, who found it impossible to remain shocked. "And do be sure you dry yourselves thoroughly first. All these colds come of not drying thoroughly."

remain - Überrest (2); Überreste (3); sterbliche Überreste (3); bleiben

drying - Trocknen; Dörren; (dry); trocken; trocknen, abtrocknen

"Mother, Do come away," said Lucy. "Oh for goodness'sake, do come."

Do come - Komm doch!

"Hullo!" cried George, so that again the ladies stopped.

He regarded himself as dressed. Barefoot, bare-chested, radiant and personable against the shadowy woods, he called:

barefoot - barfuß

chested - mit Brustkorb; (chest) Kiste, Brustkasten, Brust, Koffer

personable - sympathisch

"Hullo, Miss Honeychurch! Hullo!"

"Bow, Lucy; better bow. Whoever is it? I shall bow."

Miss Honeychurch bowed.

That evening and all that night the water ran away. On the morrow the pool had shrunk to its old size and lost its glory. It had been a call to the blood and to the relaxed will, a passing benediction whose influence did not pass, a holiness, a spell, a momentary chalice for youth.

benediction - Segensspruch; Segnung

holiness - Heiligkeit

chalice - Kelch

Chapter XIII. How Miss Bartlett's Boiler Was So Tiresome

boiler - Dampfkessel, Kocher, Erhitzer; Badeofen

How often had Lucy rehearsed this bow, this interview! But she had always rehearsed them indoors, and with certain accessories, which surely we have a right to assume. Who could foretell that she and George would meet in the rout of a civilization, amidst an army of coats and collars and boots that lay wounded over the sunlit earth?

accessories - Zubehörsatz, zusätzlich, Zusatz

assume - annehmen, voraussetzen, vermuten, unterstellen

rout - Routine; Rotte

civilization - Zivilisation, Kultur, Zivilisiertwerden

amidst - inmitten von

collars - Kragen, Halskette, Halsband

wounded - verwundet; anschießen, verwunden

sunlit - sonnenbeschienen; sonnenbestrahlt

She had imagined a young Mr. Emerson, who might be shy or morbid or indifferent or furtively impudent. She was prepared for all of these. But she had never imagined one who would be happy and greet her with the shout of the morning star.

be shy - schüchtern sein

morbid - morbide; morbid; krankhaft

furtively - heimlich

morning star - Morgenstern

Indoors herself, partaking of tea with old Mrs. Butterworth, she reflected that it is impossible to foretell the future with any degree of accuracy, that it is impossible to rehearse life. A fault in the scenery, a face in the audience, an irruption of the audience on to the stage, and all our carefully planned gestures mean nothing, or mean too much.

partaking - teilzunehmen; teilnehmend; (partake); teilnehmen, mitmachen

degree of accuracy - Genauigkeitsgrad

rehearse - wiederholen; erzählen; üben, proben

irruption - Eindringen, Einbruch, Hereinbrechen

"I will bow," she had thought. "I will not shake hands with him. That will be just the proper thing." She had bowed"but to whom? To gods, to heroes, to the nonsense of school-girls! She had bowed across the rubbish that cumbers the world.

shake hands - sich die Hand geben

So ran her thoughts, while her faculties were busy with Cecil. It was another of those dreadful engagement calls. Mrs. Butterworth had wanted to see him, and he did not want to be seen. He did not want to hear about hydrangeas, why they change their colour at the seaside. He did not want to join the C. O. S. When cross he was always elaborate, and made long, clever answers where "Yes" or "No" would have done.

faculties - Fakultäten; Kollegium

hydrangeas - Hortensien; Hortensie

seaside - am Meer; Küste, Strand

Lucy soothed him and tinkered at the conversation in a way that promised well for their married peace. No one is perfect, and surely it is wiser to discover the imperfections before wedlock. Miss Bartlett, indeed, though not in word, had taught the girl that this our life contains nothing satisfactory. Lucy, though she disliked the teacher, regarded the teaching as profound, and applied it to her lover.

soothed - besänftigt; Wahrheit

tinkered - gebastelt; Kesselflicker, Kesselflickerin, tüfteln, frickeln

wiser - weiser; klug, vernünftig

Wedlock - Heiraten; Wedlock

contains - enthält; enthalten

satisfactory - befriedigend, zufriedenstellend

applied - angewendet; zutreffen, auflegen, anwenden, anlegen

"Lucy," said her mother, when they got home, "is anything the matter with Cecil?"

The question was ominous; up till now Mrs. Honeychurch had behaved with charity and restraint.

till now - bis jetzt

"No, I don't think so, mother; Cecil's all right."

I don't think so - Ich glaube nicht.

"Perhaps he's tired."

Lucy compromised: perhaps Cecil was a little tired.

compromised - kompromittiert; Kompromiss, Ausgleich, sich einigen

"Because otherwise""she pulled out her bonnet-pins with gathering displeasure""because otherwise I cannot account for him."

bonnet - Haube; Motorhaube

pins - Stecknadeln; Zapfen, Bolzen

"I do think Mrs. Butterworth is rather tiresome, if you mean that."

"Cecil has told you to think so. You were devoted to her as a little girl, and nothing will describe her goodness to you through the typhoid fever. No"it is just the same thing everywhere."

devoted - hingebungsvoll; widmen

typhoid - Typhus, typhös

fever - Fieber, Temperaturerhöhung

"Let me just put your bonnet away, may I?"

"Surely he could answer her civilly for one half-hour?"

civilly - zivilrechtlich; höflich

"Cecil has a very high standard for people," faltered Lucy, seeing trouble ahead. "It's part of his ideals"it is really that that makes him sometimes seem""

Standard - üblich, standardmäßig, Standard, Banner, Standarte

"Oh, rubbish! If high ideals make a young man rude, the sooner he gets rid of them the better," said Mrs. Honeychurch, handing her the bonnet.

"Now, mother! I've seen you cross with Mrs. Butterworth yourself!"

"Not in that way. At times I could wring her neck. But not in that way. No. It is the same with Cecil all over."

wring - abbringen, erzwingen

"By-the-by"I never told you. I had a letter from Charlotte while I was away in London."

This attempt to divert the conversation was too puerile, and Mrs. Honeychurch resented it.

puerile - kindisch; schülerhaft (abwertend), kindlich

resented - verübelt; zurückgesandt; verübeln, übelnehmen

"Since Cecil came back from London, nothing appears to please him. Whenever I speak he winces;"I see him, Lucy; it is useless to contradict me. No doubt I am neither artistic nor literary nor intellectual nor musical, but I cannot help the drawing-room furniture; your father bought it and we must put up with it, will Cecil kindly remember."

Appears - Erscheint; erscheinen, auftauchen, erscheinen, auftauchen

winces - zuckt; Zusammenzucken

contradict - widersprechen

artistic - künstlerisch, gestalterisch, kunstvoll

"I"I see what you mean, and certainly Cecil oughtn't to. But he does not mean to be uncivil"he once explained"it is the things that upset him"he is easily upset by ugly things"he is not uncivil to people."

uncivil - unhöflich

"Is it a thing or a person when Freddy sings?"

"You can't expect a really musical person to enjoy comic songs as we do."

"Then why didn't he leave the room? Why sit wriggling and sneering and spoiling everyone's pleasure?"

wriggling - zappelnd; sich winden, sich befreien

sneering - spöttisch; höhnisch, grinsend

"We mustn't be unjust to people," faltered Lucy. Something had enfeebled her, and the case for Cecil, which she had mastered so perfectly in London, would not come forth in an effective form. The two civilizations had clashed"Cecil hinted that they might"and she was dazzled and bewildered, as though the radiance that lies behind all civilization had blinded her eyes.

unjust - ungerecht

enfeebled - entkräftet; schwächen

mastered - gemeistert; Haupt.., Grund, Meister, führend

effective - wirksam, effektiv, wirkungsvoll, in Kraft

civilizations - Zivilisationen; Zivilisation, Kultur, Kultur, Zivilisiertwerden

clashed - zusammengestoßen; Scheppern

dazzled - geblendet; blenden, verblüffen, faszinieren, bezaubern, betören

blinded - geblendet; blind, blind, unkritisch, ignorant, blind, Jalousie

Good taste and bad taste were only catchwords, garments of diverse cut; and music itself dissolved to a whisper through pine-trees, where the song is not distinguishable from the comic song.

catchwords - Schlagworte; Kustos

diverse - mannigfaltig, divers, abwechslungsreich, verschieden

Dissolved - AUFLÖSUNG; auflösen, auflösen, auflösen

distinguishable - unterscheidbar

She remained in much embarrassment, while Mrs. Honeychurch changed her frock for dinner; and every now and then she said a word, and made things no better. There was no concealing the fact, Cecil had meant to be supercilious, and he had succeeded. And Lucy"she knew not why"wished that the trouble could have come at any other time.

embarrassment - Verlegenheit, Peinlichkeit, Betretenheit

supercilious - hochmütig

"Go and dress, dear; you'll be late."

be late - zu spät kommen, sich verspäten

"All right, mother""

"Don't say ˜All right'and stop. Go."

She obeyed, but loitered disconsolately at the landing window. It faced north, so there was little view, and no view of the sky. Now, as in the winter, the pine-trees hung close to her eyes. One connected the landing window with depression. No definite problem menaced her, but she sighed to herself, "Oh, dear, what shall I do, what shall I do?" It seemed to her that everyone else was behaving very badly. And she ought not to have mentioned Miss Bartlett's letter. She must be more careful; her mother was rather inquisitive, and might have asked what it was about.

loitered - getrödelt; rumlungern, rumhängen, herumhängen, abhängen

disconsolately - untröstlich

definite - Definitiv

menaced - bedroht; Landplage, androhen

behaving - benehmen

inquisitive - neugierig

Oh, dear, what should she do?"and then Freddy came bounding upstairs, and joined the ranks of the ill-behaved.

bounding - Begrenzung; Sprung

"I say, those are topping people."

topping - Garnierung, Topping; (top); Oberteil, Spitze, Gipfel, Deckel

"My dear baby, how tiresome you've been! You have no business to take them bathing in the Sacred Lake; it's much too public. It was all right for you but most awkward for everyone else. Do be more careful. You forget the place is growing half suburban."

most awkward - ungeschickteste

Suburban - Vorstadt; vorstädtisch, Vorort

"I say, is anything on to-morrow week?"

"Not that I know of."

"Then I want to ask the Emersons up to Sunday tennis."

"Oh, I wouldn't do that, Freddy, I wouldn't do that with all this muddle."

"What's wrong with the court? They won't mind a bump or two, and I've ordered new balls."

bump - Anstoß; Schlag, Stoß, Bums

"I meant it's better not. I really mean it."

He seized her by the elbows and humorously danced her up and down the passage. She pretended not to mind, but she could have screamed with temper. Cecil glanced at them as he proceeded to his toilet and they impeded Mary with her brood of hot-water cans.

humorously - humorvoll

impeded - behindert; behindern, erschweren, hemmen, hindern, vereiteln

brood - Brut; brüten, grübeln

Then Mrs. Honeychurch opened her door and said: "Lucy, what a noise you're making! I have something to say to you. Did you say you had had a letter from Charlotte?" and Freddy ran away.

noise - Lärm, Geräusch, Krach, Rauschen, Störung

"Yes. I really can't stop. I must dress too."

"How's Charlotte?"

"All right."


The unfortunate girl returned.

"You've a bad habit of hurrying away in the middle of one's sentences. Did Charlotte mention her boiler?"

hurrying - Beeilung; beeilend, eilend; (hurry); Eile; beeilen

"Her what?"

"Don't you remember that her boiler was to be had out in October, and her bath cistern cleaned out, and all kinds of terrible to-doings?"

cistern - Zisterne; Spülkasten

doings - tun, tuend

"I can't remember all Charlotte's worries," said Lucy bitterly. "I shall have enough of my own, now that you are not pleased with Cecil."

bitterly - verbittert; bitterlich

Mrs. Honeychurch might have flamed out. She did not. She said: "Come here, old lady"thank you for putting away my bonnet"kiss me." And, though nothing is perfect, Lucy felt for the moment that her mother and Windy Corner and the Weald in the declining sun were perfect.

flamed - geflammt; Flamme, q

putting away - weglegend

So the grittiness went out of life. It generally did at Windy Corner. At the last minute, when the social machine was clogged hopelessly, one member or other of the family poured in a drop of oil. Cecil despised their methods"perhaps rightly. At all events, they were not his own.

grittiness - Griesgrämigkeit; Sandigkeit

clogged - verstopft; Holzschuh, Holzpantoffel, Pantine, hemmen

poured in - eingefüllt

Dinner was at half-past seven. Freddy gabbled the grace, and they drew up their heavy chairs and fell to. Fortunately, the men were hungry. Nothing untoward occurred until the pudding. Then Freddy said:

gabbled - geschnattert; schnattern

untoward - Unerwünscht

"Lucy, what's Emerson like?"

"I saw him in Florence," said Lucy, hoping that this would pass for a reply.

pass for - gelten als

"Is he the clever sort, or is he a decent chap?"

decent - anständig, sittsam, (ganz) anständig

chap - Kerl; Bursche, Riss (in der Haut)

"Ask Cecil; it is Cecil who brought him here."

"He is the clever sort, like myself," said Cecil.

Freddy looked at him doubtfully.

doubtfully - zweifelhaft; voller Zweifel, zweifelnd

"How well did you know them at the Bertolini?" asked Mrs. Honeychurch.

"Oh, very slightly. I mean, Charlotte knew them even less than I did."

"Oh, that reminds me"you never told me what Charlotte said in her letter."

reminds - Erinnert; erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

"One thing and another," said Lucy, wondering whether she would get through the meal without a lie. "Among other things, that an awful friend of hers had been bicycling through Summer Street, wondered if she'd come up and see us, and mercifully didn't."

awful - schrecklich, furchtbar, schrecklich (1), checkfurchtbar (1)

mercifully - barmherzig

"Lucy, I do call the way you talk unkind."

"She was a novelist," said Lucy craftily. The remark was a happy one, for nothing roused Mrs. Honeychurch so much as literature in the hands of females. She would abandon every topic to inveigh against those women who (instead of minding their houses and their children) seek notoriety by print. Her attitude was: "If books must be written, let them be written by men"; and she developed it at great length, while Cecil yawned and Freddy played at "This year, next year, now, never," with his plum-stones, and Lucy artfully fed the flames of her mother's wrath.

novelist - Romanautor, Romanautorin, Romanschreiber, Romanschreiberin

craftily - schlau; listige

abandon - aufgeben; im Stich lassen, preisgeben, verlassen, abbrechen

inveigh - anfechten; schimpfen, wettern, sich in Schmähreden ergehen

notoriety - Notorität, schlechter Ruf, Allbekanntheit, traurige Berühmtheit

yawned - gähnte; gähnen, Gähnen

plum - Pflaumenbaum; Pflaume, Zwetschke (österr.)

artfully - listige, kunstvoll

fed - abgefütterte, gefüttert; (feed) abgefütterte, gefüttert

flames - Flammen; Flamme, q

wrath - Zorn, Wut, Ärger, Ingrimm, Vergeltung

But soon the conflagration died down, and the ghosts began to gather in the darkness. There were too many ghosts about. The original ghost"that touch of lips on her cheek"had surely been laid long ago; it could be nothing to her that a man had kissed her on a mountain once. But it had begotten a spectral family"Mr. Harris, Miss Bartlett's letter, Mr. Beebe's memories of violets"and one or other of these was bound to haunt her before Cecil's very eyes. It was Miss Bartlett who returned now, and with appalling vividness.

conflagration - Feuersbrunst, Großbrand, Flächenbrand

begotten - gezeugt; erzeugen, zeugen, fortpflanzen

spectral - spektral, Spektral-

haunt - spuken; verfolgen; Treffpunkt

vividness - Lebendigkeit

"I have been thinking, Lucy, of that letter of Charlotte's. How is she?"

"I tore the thing up."

"Didn't she say how she was? How does she sound? Cheerful?"

"Oh, yes I suppose so"no"not very cheerful, I suppose."

"Then, depend upon it, it is the boiler. I know myself how water preys upon one's mind. I would rather anything else"even a misfortune with the meat."

Depend - abhängen, ankommen

preys - Beutetiere; Beute, Beute, Beute, lauern, auflauern

Cecil laid his hand over his eyes.

"So would I," asserted Freddy, backing his mother up"backing up the spirit of her remark rather than the substance.

backing up - (back up) Sicherungskopie

substance - Substanz, Stoff

"And I have been thinking," she added rather nervously, "surely we could squeeze Charlotte in here next week, and give her a nice holiday while the plumbers at Tunbridge Wells finish. I have not seen poor Charlotte for so long."

squeeze - drücken, klemmen, pressen, quetschen

plumbers - Bleiarbeiter, Bleiarbeiterin, Klempner, Klempnerin

It was more than her nerves could stand. And she could not protest violently after her mother's goodness to her upstairs.

"Mother, no!" she pleaded. "It's impossible. We can't have Charlotte on the top of the other things; we're squeezed to death as it is. Freddy's got a friend coming Tuesday, there's Cecil, and you've promised to take in Minnie Beebe because of the diphtheria scare. It simply can't be done."

squeezed - ausgequetscht; drücken, klemmen, pressen, quetschen, quetschen

diphtheria - Diphtherie

scare - jemanden ängstigen, aufschrecken, erschrecken

"Nonsense! It can."

"If Minnie sleeps in the bath. Not otherwise."

"Minnie can sleep with you."

"I won't have her."

"Then, if you're so selfish, Mr. Floyd must share a room with Freddy."

"Miss Bartlett, Miss Bartlett, Miss Bartlett," moaned Cecil, again laying his hand over his eyes.

moaned - gestöhnt; Stöhnen

laying - Auflegen, legend; (lay) Auflegen, legend

"It's impossible," repeated Lucy. "I don't want to make difficulties, but it really isn't fair on the maids to fill up the house so."

difficulties - Schwierigkeiten; Schwierigkeit

maids - Dienstmädchen; Mädchen

fill up - auffüllen, betanken (Kraftfahrzeug), vollfüllen


"The truth is, dear, you don't like Charlotte."

"No, I don't. And no more does Cecil. She gets on our nerves. You haven't seen her lately, and don't realize how tiresome she can be, though so good. So please, mother, Don't worry us this last summer; but spoil us by not asking her to come."

gets on - (get on) vorwärts kommen, einsteigen, weiterkommen

lately - in letzter Zeit; neulich, kürzlich, letztlich

Don't worry - Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen!

"Hear, hear!" said Cecil.

Mrs. Honeychurch, with more gravity than usual, and with more feeling than she usually permitted herself, replied: "This isn't very kind of you two. You have each other and all these woods to walk in, so full of beautiful things; and poor Charlotte has only the water turned off and plumbers.

You are young, dears, and however clever young people are, and however many books they read, they will never guess what it feels like to grow old."

grow old - altern, alt werden

Cecil crumbled his bread.

crumbled - zerkrümelt; bröckeln, zerbröckeln, krümeln, zerkrümeln, Crumble

"I must say Cousin Charlotte was very kind to me that year I called on my bike," put in Freddy. "She thanked me for coming till I felt like such a fool, and fussed round no end to get an egg boiled for my tea just right."

fussed - aufgeregt; Lärm, Wirbel, Aufstand, Gehabe

boiled - gekocht; kochen, sieden, ich/er/sie/es siedete, sott; Furunkel

"I know, dear. She is kind to everyone, and yet Lucy makes this difficulty when we try to give her some little return."

But Lucy hardened her heart. It was no good being kind to Miss Bartlett. She had tried herself too often and too recently. One might lay up treasure in heaven by the attempt, but one enriched neither Miss Bartlett nor any one else upon earth. She was reduced to saying: "I can't help it, mother. I don't like Charlotte. I admit it's horrid of me."

hardened - abgehärtet; härten, verhärten, abhärten

recently - in letzter Zeit; neulich, kürzlich, letztens, unlängst

enriched - bereichert; bereichern, anreichern

admit - einlassen, zulassen, zugeben, eingestehen, erlauben, einweisen

"From your own account, you told her as much."

"Well, she would leave Florence so stupidly. She flurried""

flurried - leichter) Schneefall, (lkurzer) Schneeschauer, Windstoß, Bö

The ghosts were returning; they filled Italy, they were even usurping the places she had known as a child. The Sacred Lake would never be the same again, and, on Sunday week, something would even happen to Windy Corner. How would she fight against ghosts? For a moment the visible world faded away, and memories and emotions alone seemed real.

usurping - an sich reißen; usurpieren

fight - kämpfen; Kampf, Schlacht

faded - verblasst; verfärben, Ausblendung; verblassen, nachlassen

"I suppose Miss Bartlett must come, since she boils eggs so well," said Cecil, who was in rather a happier frame of mind, thanks to the admirable cooking.

boils - kocht; kochen, sieden, ich/er/sie/es siedete, sott; Furunkel

"I didn't mean the egg was well boiled," corrected Freddy, "because in point of fact she forgot to take it off, and as a matter of fact I don't care for eggs. I only meant how jolly kind she seemed."

Cecil frowned again. Oh, these Honeychurches! Eggs, boilers, hydrangeas, maids"of such were their lives compact. "May me and Lucy get down from our chairs?" he asked, with scarcely veiled insolence. "We don't want no dessert."

boilers - Heizkessel; Dampfkessel, Kocher, Erhitzer; Badeofen

compact - zusammengedrängt

veiled - verschleiert; Vorhang, Schleier, verschleiern, verhüllen

insolence - Unverfrorenheit, Frechheit, Unverschämtheit, Dreistigkeit

dessert - Nachtisch, Nachspeise, Dessert

Chapter XIV. How Lucy Faced the External Situation Bravely

external - außen-, extern, äußerlich

Of course Miss Bartlett accepted. And, equally of course, she felt sure that she would prove a nuisance, and begged to be given an inferior spare room"something with no view, anything. Her love to Lucy. And, equally of course, George Emerson could come to tennis on the Sunday week.

spare - überflüssig, frei, sparsam, Ersatz; sparsam umgehen

Lucy faced the situation bravely, though, like most of us, she only faced the situation that encompassed her. She never gazed inwards. If at times strange images rose from the depths, she put them down to nerves.

encompassed - umspannt; umschließen, umgeben, umfassen, umfassen, enthalten

inwards - innere, innen

images - Bilder; Bild

When Cecil brought the Emersons to Summer Street, it had upset her nerves. Charlotte would burnish up past foolishness, and this might upset her nerves. She was nervous at night. When she talked to George"they met again almost immediately at the Rectory"his voice moved her deeply, and she wished to remain near him. How dreadful if she really wished to remain near him! Of course, the wish was due to nerves, which love to play such perverse tricks upon us. Once she had suffered from "things that came out of nothing and meant she didn't know what." Now Cecil had explained psychology to her one wet afternoon, and all the troubles of youth in an unknown world could be dismissed.

burnish - polieren

foolishness - Torheit, Dummheit, Tölpelhaftigkeit, Narrheit

met again - wiedergesehen

perverse - pervers, abartig, widernatürlich

tricks - List, Falle, Finte, Trick, Trick, Kunststück

psychology - Psychologie

dismissed - entlassen, entlassen, abweisen, einstellen, zurückweisen

It is obvious enough for the reader to conclude, "She loves young Emerson." A reader in Lucy's place would not find it obvious. Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice, and we welcome "nerves" or any other shibboleth that will cloak our personal desire. She loved Cecil; George made her nervous; will the reader explain to her that the phrases should have been reversed?

chronicle - Chronik

bewildering - verwirrend; verwirren, durcheinanderbringen

shibboleth - Schibboleth, Erkennungszeichen, Chiffre, Kennwort

reversed - umgedreht; Revers

But the external situation"she will face that bravely.

The meeting at the Rectory had passed off well enough. Standing between Mr. Beebe and Cecil, she had made a few temperate allusions to Italy, and George had replied. She was anxious to show that she was not shy, and was glad that he did not seem shy either.

allusions - Anspielungen; Anspielung, Allusion

"A nice fellow," said Mr. Beebe afterwards "He will work off his crudities in time. I rather mistrust young men who slip into life gracefully."

work off - aufarbeiten, abarbeiten, ausleben

crudities - Grobheiten; Unfertigkeit

Lucy said, "He seems in better spirits. He laughs more."

"Yes," replied the clergyman. "He is waking up."

waking up - (wake up) wecken, aufwachen, aufwecken

That was all. But, as the week wore on, more of her defences fell, and she entertained an image that had physical beauty. In spite of the clearest directions, Miss Bartlett contrived to bungle her arrival. She was due at the South-Eastern station at Dorking, whither Mrs. Honeychurch drove to meet her. She arrived at the London and Brighton station, and had to hire a cab up.

wore on - (wear on) voranschreiten

defences - Verteidigungsmaßnahmen; Verteidigung, Abwehr

clearest - am deutlichsten; klar, durchsichtig, klar, hell, klar, frei

contrived - ausgeklügelt; ersinnen, entwerfen, bewerkstelligen

bungle - Stümperei; vergeigen

hire - einstellen; leihen, Entgelt, anstellen, mieten; dingen

No one was at home except Freddy and his friend, who had to stop their tennis and to entertain her for a solid hour. Cecil and Lucy turned up at four o'clock, and these, with little Minnie Beebe, made a somewhat lugubrious sextette upon the upper lawn for tea.

entertain - jdn. zu Gast haben;bewirten, unterhalten

lugubrious - schwermütig; düster, kummervoll

sextette - Sextett

"I shall never forgive myself," said Miss Bartlett, who kept on rising from her seat, and had to be begged by the united company to remain. "I have upset everything. bursting in on young people! But I insist on paying for my cab up. Grant that, at any rate."

United - Vereint; vereinen

bursting in - hereinplatzend

"Our visitors never do such dreadful things," said Lucy, while her brother, in whose memory the boiled egg had already grown unsubstantial, exclaimed in irritable tones: "Just what I've been trying to convince Cousin Charlotte of, Lucy, for the last half hour."

convince - überzeugen

"I do not feel myself an ordinary visitor," said Miss Bartlett, and looked at her frayed glove.

frayed - ausgefranst; Gefecht (auch fig.), Schlägerei; ausfransen

glove - Handschuh

"All right, if you'd really rather. Five shillings, and I gave a bob to the driver."

shillings - Schillinge; Schilling, alte britische Münze im Wert von 5 Pence

Bob - Troddel; tanzen (Boot); Bob (Frisur)

Miss Bartlett looked in her purse. Only sovereigns and pennies. Could any one give her change? Freddy had half a quid and his friend had four half-crowns. Miss Bartlett accepted their moneys and then said: "But who am I to give the sovereign to?"

looked in - hereingeschaut

sovereigns - Souveräne; souverän, Souverän

pennies - Pfennige; Penny

quid - Pfund (Sterling)

crowns - Kronen; Zenit; krönen; Bombage (ballige Fläche)

"Let's leave it all till mother comes back," suggested Lucy.

"No, dear; your mother may take quite a long drive now that she is not hampered with me. We all have our little foibles, and mine is the prompt settling of accounts."

hampered - behindert; stören, behindern, hemmen, hindern; Geschenkkorb

foibles - Marotten; Schwäche, Eigenheit, Marotte, Spleen, Schwäche

prompt - Eingabeaufforderung; anleiten, antreiben, anstacheln

accounts - Konten; Rechnung, Bericht, Rechnung, Konto

Here Freddy's friend, Mr. Floyd, made the one remark of his that need be quoted: he offered to toss Freddy for Miss Bartlett's quid. A solution seemed in sight, and even Cecil, who had been ostentatiously drinking his tea at the view, felt the eternal attraction of Chance, and turned round.

toss - zu werfen; Wurf; Münzwurf; werfen; verwerfen, wegwerfen

ostentatiously - ostentativ

Attraction - Anziehung, Anziehungskraft, Reiz, Liebreiz, Attraktion

But this did not do, either.

"Please"please"I know I am a sad spoil-sport, but it would make me wretched. I should practically be robbing the one who lost."

spoil-sport - (spoil-sport) Spielverderber

wretched - unglücklich; sehr schlecht, miserabel, wertlos

robbing - rauben, berauben, Raubbau treiben, ausrauben

"Freddy owes me fifteen shillings," interposed Cecil. "So it will work out right if you give the pound to me."

owes - schuldet; schulden, schuldig sein, schulden, schuldig sein

"Fifteen shillings," said Miss Bartlett dubiously. "How is that, Mr. Vyse?"

dubiously - zweifelhaft; fraglicherweise

"Because, don't you see, Freddy paid your cab. Give me the pound, and we shall avoid this deplorable gambling."

gambling - Glücksspiel; (gamble); Glücksspiel, Hazardspiel, riskant

Miss Bartlett, who was poor at figures, became bewildered and rendered up the sovereign, amidst the suppressed gurgles of the other youths. For a moment Cecil was happy. He was playing at nonsense among his peers. Then he glanced at Lucy, in whose face petty anxieties had marred the smiles. In January he would rescue his Leonardo from this stupefying twaddle.

rendered - erbracht; leisten, wiedergeben

sovereign - souverän

suppressed - unterdrückt; unterdrücken, unterdrücken, unterdrücken

gurgles - gurgelt; gurgeln, gurgeln, Gurgeln

youths - Jugend, Jugendlichkeit, Jugend, Jugendzeit, Jugendlicher

peers - Gleichaltrige; seinesgleichen, Beaufsichtigende; schielen

anxieties - Ängste; Besorgnis, Angst, Sorge, Angst

smiles - lächelt; Lächeln

stupefying - verblüffend; betäuben

"But I don't see that!" exclaimed Minnie Beebe who had narrowly watched the iniquitous transaction. "I don't see why Mr. Vyse is to have the quid."

narrowly - eng

iniquitous - Ungerechtigkeit

"Because of the fifteen shillings and the five," they said solemnly. "Fifteen shillings and five shillings make one pound, you see."

solemnly - feierlich, festlich, ernst

"But I don't see""

They tried to stifle her with cake.

stifle - abwürgen; ersticken

"No, thank you. I'm done. I don't see why"Freddy, don't poke me. Miss Honeychurch, your brother's hurting me. Ow! What about Mr. Floyd's ten shillings? Ow! No, I don't see and I never shall see why Miss What's-her-name shouldn't pay that bob for the driver."

poke - stoßen, stecken, stöbern

hurting - weh tun, schmerzen, verletzen, quälen, verletzt

"I had forgotten the driver," said Miss Bartlett, reddening. "Thank you, dear, for reminding me. A shilling was it? Can any one give me change for half a crown?"

reddening - Rötung; erröten, röten

reminding - erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

shilling - Schilling

change for - umsteigen nach

crown - Zenit; krönen; Bombage (ballige Fläche), Zahnkrone; Baumkrone

"I'll get it," said the young hostess, rising with decision.

"Cecil, give me that sovereign. No, give me up that sovereign. I'll get Euphemia to change it, and we'll start the whole thing again from the beginning."

"Lucy"Lucy"what a nuisance I am!" protested Miss Bartlett, and followed her across the lawn. Lucy tripped ahead, simulating hilarity. When they were out of earshot Miss Bartlett stopped her wails and said quite briskly: "Have you told him about him yet?"

protested - protestiert; protestieren, demonstrieren, Einspruch erheben

simulating - simulieren, nachahmen

hilarity - Fröhlichkeit, Ausgelassenheit, Heiterkeit, Komik, Witz

wails - heult; jammern, wehklagen, klagen

"No, I haven't," replied Lucy, and then could have bitten her tongue for understanding so quickly what her cousin meant. "Let me see"a sovereign's worth of silver."

bitten - gebissen; beißen, beißen, beißen, beißen, Biss, Biss, Stich

silver - versilbern; silbern, Silber; Silberbesteck

She escaped into the kitchen. Miss Bartlett's sudden transitions were too uncanny. It sometimes seemed as if she planned every word she spoke or caused to be spoken; as if all this worry about cabs and change had been a ruse to surprise the soul.

transitions - Übergänge; Übergang

uncanny - unheimlich, gruselig, seltsam, verstörend, Unheimliche

caused - verursacht; Ursache, Anlass, Grund, Sache, verursachen

worry - besorgt sein, sich Sorgen machen, besorgen, Sorge

cabs - Taxis; Taxi, Fiaker

ruse - eine List; Kniff, List, Finte, Betrügerei, Trick

"No, I haven't told Cecil or any one," she remarked, when she returned. "I promised you I shouldn't. Here is your money"all shillings, except two half-crowns. Would you count it? You can settle your debt nicely now."

nicely - nett; gut

Miss Bartlett was in the drawing-room, gazing at the photograph of St. John ascending, which had been framed.

gazing at - anstarrend

"How dreadful!" she murmured, "how more than dreadful, if Mr. Vyse should come to hear of it from some other source."

"Oh, no, Charlotte," said the girl, entering the battle. "George Emerson is all right, and what other source is there?"

battle - sich schlagen, kämpfen; Schlacht, Kampf; Gefecht (Luftwaffe)

Miss Bartlett considered. "For instance, the driver. I saw him looking through the bushes at you, remember he had a violet between his teeth."

looking through - durchblickend

Violet - Violett; Veilchen

Lucy shuddered a little. "We shall get the silly affair on our nerves if we aren't careful. How could a Florentine cab-driver ever get hold of Cecil?"

"We must think of every possibility."

possibility - Möglichkeit

"Oh, it's all right."

"Or perhaps old Mr. Emerson knows. In fact, he is certain to know."

"I don't care if he does. I was grateful to you for your letter, but even if the news does get round, I think I can trust Cecil to laugh at it."

grateful - dankbar, erkenntlich, wohltuend, zufrieden

"To contradict it?"

"No, to laugh at it." But she knew in her heart that she could not trust him, for he desired her untouched.

untouched - unangetastet

"Very well, dear, you know best. Perhaps gentlemen are different to what they were when I was young. Ladies are certainly different."

"Now, Charlotte!" She struck at her playfully. "You kind, anxious thing. What would you have me do? First you say ˜Don't tell'; and then you say, ˜Tell'. Which is it to be? Quick!"

Miss Bartlett sighed "I am no match for you in conversation, dearest. I blush when I think how I interfered at Florence, and you so well able to look after yourself, and so much cleverer in all ways than I am. You will never forgive me."

blush - Schamröte; erröten, sich schämen

interfered - eingemischt; eingreifen, einmischen

cleverer - geschickt, geschickt, clever, ausgekocht, patent, klug

"Shall we go out, then. They will smash all the china if we don't."

smash - Krachen; Wucht; zerschellen, zerschmettern, zertrümmern

China - China, Porzellan

For the air rang with the shrieks of Minnie, who was being scalped with a teaspoon.

shrieks - Schreie; Kreischen

scalped - skalpiert; Oberkopf, Kopfhaut, Skalp

teaspoon - Teelöffel

"Dear, One moment"we may not have this chance for a chat again. Have you seen the young one yet?"

One moment - Einen Augenblick bitte!

chat - chatten; Unterhaltung, Plausch, Schwatz; sich unterhalten

"Yes, I have."

"What happened?"

"We met at the Rectory."

"What line is he taking up?"

"No line. He talked about Italy, like any other person. It is really all right. What advantage would he get from being a cad, to put it bluntly? I do wish I could make you see it my way. He really won't be any nuisance, Charlotte."

bluntly - unverblümt; grob, frei heraus, stumpf

"Once a cad, always a cad. That is my poor opinion."

Lucy paused. "Cecil said one day"and I thought it so profound"that there are two kinds of cads"the conscious and the subconscious." She paused again, to be sure of doing justice to Cecil's profundity. Through the window she saw Cecil himself, turning over the pages of a novel. It was a new one from Smith's library. Her mother must have returned from the station.

cads - Idioten; Prolet

the subconscious - Unterbewusstsein

turning over - umblätternd

Smith - Schmidt, Schmied

"Once a cad, always a cad," droned Miss Bartlett.

droned - gedröhnt; dröhnen, brummen, eintönig reden, herleiern; Drohne

"What I mean by subconscious is that Emerson lost his head. I fell into all those violets, and he was silly and surprised. I don't think we ought to blame him very much. It makes such a difference when you see a person with beautiful things behind him unexpectedly. It really does; it makes an enormous difference, and he lost his head: he doesn't admire me, or any of that nonsense, one straw. Freddy rather likes him, and has asked him up here on Sunday, so you can judge for yourself. He has improved; he doesn't always look as if he's going to burst into tears. He is a clerk in the General Manager's office at one of the big railways"not a porter!

subconscious - Unterbewusstes; unterbewusst

surprised - überrascht; Überraschung, Überraschung

unexpectedly - unerwartet, unerwarteterweise

manager - Direktor, Direktorin, Manager, Managerin

railways - Eisenbahnen; Eisenbahnlinie, Gleis

and runs down to his father for week-ends. Papa was to do with journalism, but is rheumatic and has retired. There! Now for the garden." She took hold of her guest by the arm. "Suppose we don't talk about this silly Italian business any more. We want you to have a nice restful visit at Windy Corner, with no worriting."

runs down - überrennt

papa - der Papa

journalism - Journalismus, Journalistik

rheumatic - rheumatisch

guest - Gast; gastieren

Lucy thought this rather a good speech. The reader may have detected an unfortunate slip in it. Whether Miss Bartlett detected the slip one cannot say, for it is impossible to penetrate into the minds of elderly people. She might have spoken further, but they were interrupted by the entrance of her hostess. Explanations took place, and in the midst of them Lucy escaped, the images throbbing a little more vividly in her brain.

slip in - unterlaufen

penetrate - durchdringen; eindringen, penetrieren

elderly - ältere Menschen; älter, bejahrt, betagt

explanations - Erklärungen; Erläuterung, Erklärung, Ausführung, Erklärung

Chapter XV. The Disaster Within

The Sunday after Miss Bartlett's arrival was a glorious day, like most of the days of that year. In the Weald, autumn approached, breaking up the green monotony of summer, touching the parks with the grey bloom of mist, the beech-trees with russet, the oak-trees with gold.

breaking up - aufhackend

bloom - blühen; Blüte, Blütenpracht, Duft

mist - Nebel

beech - Buche

oak - Eiche, Eichenholz, Eichen-

Up on the heights, battalions of black pines witnessed the change, themselves unchangeable. Either country was spanned by a cloudless sky, and in either arose the tinkle of church bells.

battalions - Bataillone; Bataillon

unchangeable - unveränderlich

spanned - überspannt; umfassen; Spanne, Bereich, drehen

tinkle - klingeln, klimpern, Klingeln, Telefonat, Anruf, Pipi

bells - Glocken; Klingel, Schelle, Glocke

The garden of Windy Corners was deserted except for a red book, which lay sunning itself upon the gravel path. From the house came incoherent sounds, as of females preparing for worship. "The men say they won't go"""Well, I don't blame them""Minnie says, "need she go?

gravel path - Kiesweg

incoherent - inkohärent

""Tell her, no nonsense"""Anne! Mary! Hook me behind!"""Dearest Lucia, may I trespass upon you for a pin?" For Miss Bartlett had announced that she at all events was one for church.

Hook - Haken; Hookline; einhaken

trespass - Hausfriedensbruch; widerrechtlich betreten; Ăśbertretung

The sun rose higher on its journey, guided, not by Phaethon, but by Apollo, competent, unswerving, divine. Its rays fell on the ladies whenever they advanced towards the bedroom windows; on Mr. Beebe down at Summer Street as he smiled over a letter from Miss Catharine Alan; on George Emerson cleaning his father's boots; and lastly, to complete the catalogue of memorable things, on the red book mentioned previously.

guided - geführt; lenken, führen, anleiten, leiten; Handbuch, Anleitung

competent - zuständig

unswerving - unerschütterlich

rays - Schimmer, Strahl; ausstrahlen

advanced - fortgeschritten; erhöhen, erheben, befördern, vorrücken

Lastly - Und schließlich; schließlich, zuletzt

catalogue - Katalog, Liste, Verzeichnis

previously - zuvor, vorher, früher, ehemals

The ladies move, Mr. Beebe moves, George moves, and movement may engender shadow. But this book lies motionless, to be caressed all the morning by the sun and to raise its covers slightly, as though acknowledging the caress.

engender - hervorrufen; erzeugen

caressed - gestreichelt; (care for) sich akk um jemanden/etwas kümmern

covers - Abdeckungen; Deckel, Abdeckung, Deckung, Versteck

acknowledging - zur Kenntnis nehmen, erkennen, bekennen, anerkennen

Presently Lucy steps out of the drawing-room window. Her new cerise dress has been a failure, and makes her look tawdry and wan.

cerise - Kirschrot

tawdry - kitschig, geschmacklos, flitterhaft, bunt

wan - Großraumnetzwerk

At her throat is a garnet brooch, on her finger a ring set with rubies"an engagement ring. Her eyes are bent to the Weald. She frowns a little"not in anger, but as a brave child frowns when he is trying not to cry. In all that expanse no human eye is looking at her, and she may frown unrebuked and measure the spaces that yet survive between Apollo and the western hills.

garnet - Granat

brooch - Brosche

finger - fingern

rubies - Rubine; Stein (einer Uhr), rubinrot, Rubin

engagement ring - Verlobungsring

frowns - Stirnrunzeln; die Stirn runzeln

anger - Ärger, Zorn, Wut, Groll

Brave - tapfer, mutig, Krieger

expanse - Fläche, Ausdehnung, Weite

unrebuked - unaufgefordert

survive - überleben

Western - westlich, West-, Western

"Lucy! Lucy! What's that book? Who's been taking a book out of the shelf and leaving it about to spoil?"

shelf - Regal; Schelf

"It's only the library book that Cecil's been reading."

"But pick it up, and don't stand idling there like a flamingo."

idling - faulenzend, Leerlauf; (idle) faulenzend, Leerlauf

flamingo - Flamingo

Lucy picked up the book and glanced at the title listlessly, Under a Loggia. She no longer read novels herself, devoting all her spare time to solid literature in the hope of catching Cecil up. It was dreadful how little she knew, and even when she thought she knew a thing, like the Italian painters, she found she had forgotten it.

listlessly - lustlose, lustlos

novels - Romane; Roman, originell

spare time - Freizeit

catching - nehmend, fangend

painters - Malern; Lackierer, Kunstmaler, Maler

Only this morning she had confused Francesco Francia with Piero della Francesca, and Cecil had said, "What! you aren't forgetting your Italy already?" And this too had lent anxiety to her eyes when she saluted the dear view and the dear garden in the foreground, and above them, scarcely conceivable elsewhere, the dear sun.

lent - verliehen; lieh

saluted - gegrüßt; Salut, salutieren

foreground - im Vordergrund; Vordergrund

conceivable - denkbar

"Lucy"have you a sixpence for Minnie and a shilling for yourself?"

She hastened in to her mother, who was rapidly working herself into a Sunday fluster.

fluster - Aufregung; verwirren, überrumpeln, Durcheinander

"It's a special collection"I forget what for. I do beg, no vulgar clinking in the plate with halfpennies; see that Minnie has a nice bright sixpence. Where is the child? Minnie! That book's all warped. (Gracious, how plain you look!) Put it under the Atlas to press. Minnie!"

collection - Sammlung, Kollektion, Menge, Sammeln

clinking - tönen, klirren, klingen

halfpennies - Halbe Pfennige

warped - verzerrt; verzerren (Tatsache), verwinden (Tragflächen)

atlas - Atlant, Atlas

"Oh, Mrs. Honeychurch"" from the upper regions.

regions - Regionen; Gegend, Region, Raum, Gebiet

"Minnie, don't be late. Here comes the horse""it was always the horse, never the carriage. "Where's Charlotte? Run up and hurry her. Why is she so long? She had nothing to do. She never brings anything but blouses. Poor Charlotte"How I do detest blouses! Minnie!"

hurry - Eile; beeilen

blouses - Blusen; Bluse

Paganism is infectious"more infectious than diphtheria or piety"and the Rector's niece was taken to church protesting. As usual, she didn't see why. Why shouldn't she sit in the sun with the young men? The young men, who had now appeared, mocked her with ungenerous words. Mrs. Honeychurch defended orthodoxy, and in the midst of the confusion Miss Bartlett, dressed in the very height of the fashion, came strolling down the stairs.

paganism - Heidentum, Paganismus

infectious - ansteckend

piety - Frömmigkeit; Pietät

protesting - protestieren, demonstrieren, Einspruch erheben, Einwände äußern

ungenerous - knauserig

defended - verteidigt; verteidigen

orthodoxy - Orthodoxie

confusion - Verwirrung, Durcheinander, Konfusion, Verwechslung

strolling - spazieren; schlendernd, umherziehend; (stroll); Spaziergang

"Dear Marian, I am very sorry, but I have no small change"nothing but sovereigns and half crowns. Could any one give me""

I have no small change - Ich habe kein Kleingeld.

"Yes, easily. Jump in. Gracious me, how smart you look! What a lovely frock! You put us all to shame."

jump - (to jump) springen, hüpfen

"If I did not wear my best rags and tatters now, when should I wear them?" said Miss Bartlett reproachfully. She got into the victoria and placed herself with her back to the horse. The necessary roar ensued, and then they drove off.

rags - Fummel, Lumpen, Putzlappen, Unfug

tatters - zerfetzen, zerfleddern, zerfledern; Lumpen, Fetzen

"Good-bye! Be good!" called out Cecil.

Lucy bit her lip, for the tone was sneering.

lip - Lippe; Auslauf, Überlauf, Schnaupe, Ansatz

On the subject of "church and so on" they had had rather an unsatisfactory conversation. He had said that people ought to overhaul themselves, and she did not want to overhaul herself; she did not know it was done. Honest orthodoxy Cecil respected, but he always assumed that honesty is the result of a spiritual crisis; he could not imagine it as a natural birthright, that might grow heavenward like flowers. All that he said on this subject pained her, though he exuded tolerance from every pore; somehow the Emersons were different.

overhaul - Überholung, Aufarbeitung, Grundinstandsetzung, lgründlich

respected - respektiert; Achtung, Respekt, respektieren, respektieren

honesty - Ehrlichkeit; Mondviole, Silberblatt

crisis - Krise

birthright - Geburtsrecht

heavenward - himmelwärts

pained - schmerzhaft; Qual, Stich (Schmerz), Schmerz

exuded - verströmt; ausschwitzen, ausstrahlen

pore - Pore

She saw the Emersons after church. There was a line of carriages down the road, and the Honeychurch vehicle happened to be opposite Cissie Villa. To save time, they walked over the green to it, and found father and son smoking in the garden.

vehicle - Fahrzeug, Gefährt, Vehikel, Wagen

"Introduce me," said her mother. "Unless the young man considers that he knows me already."

considers - überlegt; überlegen, überlegen, halten, betrachten

He probably did; but Lucy ignored the Sacred Lake and introduced them formally. Old Mr. Emerson claimed her with much warmth, and said how glad he was that she was going to be married. She said yes, she was glad too; and then, as Miss Bartlett and Minnie were lingering behind with Mr. Beebe, she turned the conversation to a less disturbing topic, and asked him how he liked his new house.

formally - förmlich; ausdrücklich, formell

claimed - behauptet; Anspruch, Rechtstitel, Anspruch, Behauptung

Lingering - nachklingend, verweilend, zögernd; (linger); herumlungern

disturbing - beunruhigend; stören

"Very much," he replied, but there was a note of offence in his voice; she had never known him offended before. He added: "We find, though, that the Miss Alans were coming, and that we have turned them out. Women mind such a thing. I am very much upset about it."

offence - Vergehen; Angriff, Verstoß (gegen), Beleidigung

"I believe that there was some misunderstanding," said Mrs. Honeychurch uneasily.

misunderstanding - Missverständnis; (misunderstand); missverstehen

"Our landlord was told that we should be a different type of person," said George, who seemed disposed to carry the matter further. "He thought we should be artistic. He is disappointed."

"And I wonder whether we ought to write to the Miss Alans and offer to give it up. What do you think?" He appealed to Lucy.

"Oh, stop now you have come," said Lucy lightly. She must avoid censuring Cecil. For it was on Cecil that the little episode turned, though his name was never mentioned.

censuring - Zensur; Tadel, Zurechtweisung, Kritik, Ermahnung, Tadeln

"So George says. He says that the Miss Alans must go to the wall. Yet it does seem so unkind."

"There is only a certain amount of kindness in the world," said George, watching the sunlight flash on the panels of the passing carriages.

panels - Tafeln; Verkleidung, Platte, Tafel, Paneel

"Yes!" exclaimed Mrs. Honeychurch. "That's exactly what I say. Why all this twiddling and twaddling over two Miss Alans?"

twiddling - drehend; (twiddle) drehend

twaddling - quatschen; schwatzend, schwätzend; (twaddle); Gequassel

"There is a certain amount of kindness, just as there is a certain amount of light," he continued in measured tones. "We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm"yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine."

measured - gemessen; Maß

wherever - wo auch immer

do harm - Schaden anrichten

"Oh, Mr. Emerson, I see you're clever!"


eh - oder

"I see you're going to be clever. I hope you didn't go behaving like that to poor Freddy."

George's eyes laughed, and Lucy suspected that he and her mother would get on rather well.

"No, I didn't," he said. "He behaved that way to me. It is his philosophy. Only he starts life with it; and I have tried the Note of Interrogation first."

"What do you mean? No, never mind what you mean. Don't explain. He looks forward to seeing you this afternoon. Do you play tennis? Do you mind tennis on Sunday"?"

"George mind tennis on Sunday! George, after his education, distinguish between Sunday""

distinguish - unterscheiden; erkennen; auszeichnen

"Very well, George doesn't mind tennis on Sunday. No more do I. That's settled. Mr. Emerson, if you could come with your son we should be so pleased."

He thanked her, but the walk sounded rather far; he could only potter about in these days.

Potter - Töpfer

She turned to George: "And then he wants to give up his house to the Miss Alans."

"I know," said George, and put his arm round his father's neck. The kindness that Mr. Beebe and Lucy had always known to exist in him came out suddenly, like sunlight touching a vast landscape"a touch of the morning sun? She remembered that in all his perversities he had never spoken against affection.

perversities - Perversitäten; Perversität, Perversität

affection - Zuneigung; Rührung

Miss Bartlett approached.

"You know our cousin, Miss Bartlett," said Mrs. Honeychurch pleasantly. "You met her with my daughter in Florence."

"Yes, indeed!" said the old man, and made as if he would come out of the garden to meet the lady. Miss Bartlett promptly got into the victoria. Thus entrenched, she emitted a formal bow. It was the pension Bertolini again, the dining-table with the decanters of water and wine. It was the old, old battle of the room with the view.

promptly - unverzüglich; bereit

entrenched - verschanzt; graben, ausheben, eingraben, verschanzen

emitted - emittiert; emittieren, aussenden

formal - formale, formell, formal

dining-table - (dining-table) Esstisch

decanters - Dekanter

George did not respond to the bow. Like any boy, he blushed and was ashamed; he knew that the chaperon remembered. He said: "I"I'll come up to tennis if I can manage it," and went into the house. Perhaps anything that he did would have pleased Lucy, but his awkwardness went straight to her heart; men were not gods after all, but as human and as clumsy as girls; even men might suffer from unexplained desires, and need help.

respond - antworten; reagieren

manage it - es schaffen

awkwardness - Unbeholfenheit, Umständlichkeit, Ungeschicklichkeit, Plumpheit

clumsy - tollpatschig, ungeschickt, unbeholfen, schwerfällig

unexplained - unerklärt

To one of her upbringing, and of her destination, the weakness of men was a truth unfamiliar, but she had surmised it at Florence, when George threw her photographs into the River Arno.

upbringing - Erziehung

destination - Zielort; Bestimmung; Reiseziel, Bestimmungsort

weakness - Schwäche, Faible

surmised - vermutet; Vermutung, Mutmaßung, vermuten, mutmaßen, annehmen

"George, don't go," cried his father, who thought it a great treat for people if his son would talk to them. "George has been in such good spirits today, and I am sure he will end by coming up this afternoon."

Lucy caught her cousin's eye. Something in its mute appeal made her reckless. "Yes," she said, raising her voice, "I do hope he will." Then she went to the carriage and murmured, "The old man hasn't been told; I knew it was all right." Mrs. Honeychurch followed her, and they drove away.

mute - stumm; sprachlos; abdämpfen, dämpfen

reckless - rücksichtslos; waghalsig, unverantwortlich, unbekümmert

drove away - (drive away) wegjagen, vertreiben

Satisfactory that Mr. Emerson had not been told of the Florence escapade; yet Lucy's spirits should not have leapt up as if she had sighted the ramparts of heaven. Satisfactory; yet surely she greeted it with disproportionate joy. All the way home the horses'hoofs sang a tune to her: "He has not told, he has not told.

escapade - Eskapade, Abenteuer, Streich

leapt - gesprungen

sighted - gesichtet; Sehenswürdigkeit, Gesicht

ramparts - Wälle; Festungswall, Wall, Bollwerk

disproportionate - verhältniswidrig, unverhältnismäßige; überproportional (zu)

hoofs - Hufe; Huf

Her brain expanded the melody: "He has not told his father"to whom he tells all things. It was not an exploit. He did not laugh at me when I had gone." She raised her hand to her cheek. "He does not love me. No. How terrible if he did! But he has not told. He will not tell."

exploit - Heldentat; Exploit; ausnutzen, ausbeuten

She longed to shout the words: "It is all right. It's a secret between us two for ever. Cecil will never hear." She was even glad that Miss Bartlett had made her promise secrecy, that last dark evening at Florence, when they had knelt packing in his room. The secret, big or little, was guarded.

guarded - bewacht; Wächter, Parierstange, Schutz, schützen, bewachen

Only three English people knew of it in the world. Thus she interpreted her joy. She greeted Cecil with unusual radiance, because she felt so safe. As he helped her out of the carriage, she said:

unusual - ungewöhnlich, unüblich, ungebräuchlich

"The Emersons have been so nice. George Emerson has improved enormously."

enormously - enorm

"How are my protégés?" asked Cecil, who took no real interest in them, and had long since forgotten his resolution to bring them to Windy Corner for educational purposes.

resolution - Entschlossenheit, Standfestigkeit, Vorsatz, Auflösung

educational - erzieherisch

"Protégés!" she exclaimed with some warmth. For the only relationship which Cecil conceived was feudal: that of protector and protected. He had no glimpse of the comradeship after which the girl's soul yearned.

relationship - Beziehung, Verwandtschaft, Verhältnis

conceived - erdacht; konzipieren, erdenken, ersinnen, empfangen, verstehen

feudal - feudal

protector - Beschützer

protected - geschützt; schützen, beschützen

Glimpse - Ein Blick; Blick; Aufblitzen, Aufleuchten, Schimmer, entdecken

yearned - ersehnt; sich sehnen

"You shall see for yourself how your protégés are. George Emerson is coming up this afternoon. He is a most interesting man to talk to. Only don't"" She nearly said, "Don't protect him." But the bell was ringing for lunch, and, as often happened, Cecil had paid no great attention to her remarks. Charm, not argument, was to be her forte.

most interesting - hochinteressant, interessanteste

ringing - klingeln; kraftvoll, klar; (ring) klingeln; kraftvoll, klar

forte - Stärke

Lunch was a cheerful meal. Generally Lucy was depressed at meals. Some one had to be soothed"either Cecil or Miss Bartlett or a Being not visible to the mortal eye"a Being who whispered to her soul: "It will not last, this cheerfulness. In January you must go to London to entertain the grandchildren of celebrated men." But to-day she felt she had received a guarantee. Her mother would always sit there, her brother here. The sun, though it had moved a little since the morning, would never be hidden behind the western hills.

soothed - besänftigt; beruhigen, Wogen glätten, mildern, besänftigen

cheerfulness - Fröhlichkeit, Frohsinn, Freundlichkeit

entertain - unterhalten

celebrated - gefeiert; feiern, zelebrieren, feiern, zelebrieren, halten

After luncheon they asked her to play. She had seen Gluck's Armide that year, and played from memory the music of the enchanted garden"the music to which Renaud approaches, beneath the light of an eternal dawn, the music that never gains, never wanes, but ripples for ever like the tideless seas of fairyland. Such music is not for the piano, and her audience began to get restive, and Cecil, sharing the discontent, called out: "Now play us the other garden"the one in Parsifal."

luncheon - Mittagessen; Lunch, Mittagsessen, Mittagsrunde

from memory - aus dem Gedächtnis

enchanted - verzaubert; verzaubern, verzaubern

approaches - Ansätze; sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

dawn - dämmern; Morgendämmerung, Morgengrauen

gains - Gewinn, Zunahme, Verstärkung; erwerben, gewinnen, erlangen

wanes - nachlässt; abnehmen, abflauen, schwinden

ripples - plätschert; Brummspannung, Welligkeit

tideless - gezeitenlos

fairyland - Märchenland

She closed the instrument.

instrument - Instrument, Musikinstrument, Meßinstrument, Werkzeug, Dokument

"Not very dutiful," said her mother's voice.

dutiful - pflichtbewusst

Fearing that she had offended Cecil, she turned quickly round. There George was. He had crept in without interrupting her.

fearing - fürchten, befürchten, Angst haben; Furcht, Schreck, Befürchtung

crept in - eingeschlichen

interrupting - unterbrechen

"Oh, I had no idea!" she exclaimed, getting very red; and then, without a word of greeting, she reopened the piano. Cecil should have the Parsifal, and anything else that he liked.

greeting - Gruß, Begrüßung; (greet); Gruß, Begrüßung

reopened - wiedereröffnet; wiedereröffnen

"Our performer has changed her mind," said Miss Bartlett, perhaps implying, she will play the music to Mr. Emerson. Lucy did not know what to do nor even what she wanted to do. She played a few bars of the Flower Maidens'song very badly and then she stopped.

maidens - Jungfrauen; Jungfrau, Jungfrau

"I vote tennis," said Freddy, disgusted at the scrappy entertainment.

Scrappy - Abgewrackt; rauflustige

entertainment - Unterhaltung

"Yes, so do I." Once more she closed the unfortunate piano. "I vote you have a men's four."

"All right."

"Not for me, thank you," said Cecil. "I will not spoil the set." He never realized that it may be an act of kindness in a bad player to make up a fourth.

"Oh, come along Cecil. I'm bad, Floyd's rotten, and so I dare say's Emerson."

rotten - verrottet; faul, faulig, verfault, morsch

George corrected him: "I am not bad."

One looked down one's nose at this. "Then certainly I won't play," said Cecil, while Miss Bartlett, under the impression that she was snubbing George, added: "I agree with you, Mr. Vyse. You had much better not play. Much better not."

impression - Abdruck; Eindruck, Impression, Werbeeinblendung

Minnie, rushing in where Cecil feared to tread, announced that she would play. "I shall miss every ball anyway, so what does it matter?" But Sunday intervened and stamped heavily upon the kindly suggestion.

tread - Lauffläche; (to tread) betreten, schreiten

anyway - sowieso; trotzdem, ohnehin, auf jeden Fall, jedenfalls

stamped - abgestempelt

"Then it will have to be Lucy," said Mrs. Honeychurch; "you must fall back on Lucy. There is no other way out of it. Lucy, go and change your frock."

fall back - zurückfallen, herunterschalten, zurückschalten

Lucy's Sabbath was generally of this amphibious nature. She kept it without hypocrisy in the morning, and broke it without reluctance in the afternoon. As she changed her frock, she wondered whether Cecil was sneering at her; really she must overhaul herself and settle everything up before she married him.

Sabbath - Sabbat, Schabbat, Schabbes, Sonntag, Hexensabbat, Hexentanz

amphibious - amphibisch

reluctance - Widerstreben, Widerwillen, Widerwille, Zögern, Zaudern

Mr. Floyd was her partner. She liked music, but how much better tennis seemed. How much better to run about in comfortable clothes than to sit at the piano and feel girt under the arms. Once more music appeared to her the employment of a child. George served, and surprised her by his anxiety to win. She remembered how he had sighed among the tombs at Santa Croce because things wouldn't fit; how after the death of that obscure Italian he had leant over the parapet by the Arno and said to her: "I shall want to live, I tell you.

girt - Umfang, einfassen, gegürtet; (gird) Umfang, einfassen, gegürtet

served - bedient; Angabe, dienen, servieren, aufschlagen

tombs - Gräber; Grabmal

He wanted to live now, to win at tennis, to stand for all he was worth in the sun"the sun which had begun to decline and was shining in her eyes; and he did win.

decline - Sinken, Fall, Gefälle, Abnahme, Rückgang, Schwächung

shining - glänzen; Schienbein; hinaufklettern

Ah, how beautiful the Weald looked! The hills stood out above its radiance, as Fiesole stands above the Tuscan Plain, and the South Downs, if one chose, were the mountains of Carrara. She might be forgetting her Italy, but she was noticing more things in her England. One could play a new game with the view, and try to find in its innumerable folds some town or village that would do for Florence. Ah, how beautiful the Weald looked!

Tuscan - Toskanisch; Toskaner, Toskanerin

But now Cecil claimed her. He chanced to be in a lucid critical mood, and would not sympathize with exaltation. He had been rather a nuisance all through the tennis, for the novel that he was reading was so bad that he was obliged to read it aloud to others. He would stroll round the precincts of the court and call out: "I say, listen to this, Lucy. Three split infinitives."

chanced - riskieren, zufällig geschehen; Chance, Zufall, Gelegenheit

lucid - luzide; klar, übersichtlich, verständlich, einleuchtend

sympathize with - nachempfinden

exaltation - Erhöhen, Erhöhung

stroll - Spaziergang, Bummel, spazieren gehen, bummeln, schlendern

precincts - Bezirke; umschlossener Bezirk, Einkaufsfußgängerzone

split - gespalten; Riss, Spalt, Spaltung, Spagat

infinitives - Infinitive; Infinitiv, Infinitiv

"Dreadful!" said Lucy, and missed her stroke. When they had finished their set, he still went on reading; there was some murder scene, and really everyone must listen to it. Freddy and Mr. Floyd were obliged to hunt for a lost ball in the laurels, but the other two acquiesced.

stroke - Schlaganfall; streicheln; Stoß, Schlag, Streich, Hub

hunt - jagen; suchen; Jagd

laurels - Lorbeeren; Lorbeer, Lorbeerkranz

"The scene is laid in Florence."

laid in - eingekellert

"What fun, Cecil! Read away. Come, Mr. Emerson, sit down after all your energy." She had "forgiven" George, as she put it, and she made a point of being pleasant to him.

He jumped over the net and sat down at her feet asking: "You"and are you tired?"

jumped over - übersprang

"Of course I'm not!"

"Do you mind being beaten?"

beaten - besiegt; Schlag; jdn. bezwingen

She was going to answer, "No," when it struck her that she did mind, so she answered, "Yes." She added merrily, "I don't see you're such a splendid player, though. The light was behind you, and it was in my eyes."

merrily - fröhlich, lustig

"I never said I was."

"Why, you did!"

"You didn't attend."

attend - teilnehmen; (to attend) mit etwas verbunden sein

"You said"oh, don't go in for accuracy at this house. We all exaggerate, and we get very angry with people who don't."

accuracy - Genauigkeit, Sorgfalt, Exaktheit, Richtigkeit

exaggerate - übertreiben

"˜The scene is laid in Florence,'" repeated Cecil, with an upward note.

upward - nach oben; ansteigend, aufwärts

Lucy recollected herself.

recollected - erinnerte; sich erinnern an

Sunset. Leonora was speeding"'"

sunset - Sonnenuntergang; Lebensabend

speeding - zu schnelles Fahren; Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung; (speed) zu schnelles Fahren; Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung

Lucy interrupted. "Leonora? Is Leonora the heroine? Who's the book by?"

"Joseph Emery Prank. ˜Sunset. Leonora speeding across the square. Pray the saints she might not arrive too late. Sunset"the sunset of Italy. Under Orcagna's Loggia"the Loggia de'Lanzi, as we sometimes call it now"'"

Joseph - Josef, Joseph, Josef, Joseph, Josef von Arimathäa

Emery - Schmirgel

prank - einen Streich; Streich, Schabernack, veralbern, veräppeln

Lucy burst into laughter. "˜Joseph Emery Prank'indeed! Why it's Miss Lavish! It's Miss Lavish's novel, and she's publishing it under somebody else's name."

publishing - Veröffentlichung; Verlagswesen; (publish); herausgeben

"Who may Miss Lavish be?"

"Oh, a dreadful person"Mr. Emerson, you remember Miss Lavish?"

Excited by her pleasant afternoon, she clapped her hands.

George looked up. "Of course I do. I saw her the day I arrived at Summer Street. It was she who told me that you lived here."

"Weren't you pleased?" She meant "to see Miss Lavish," but when he bent down to the grass without replying, it struck her that she could mean something else. She watched his head, which was almost resting against her knee, and she thought that the ears were reddening. "No wonder the novel's bad," she added. "I never liked Miss Lavish. But I suppose one ought to read it as one's met her."

resting - basierend, anhaltend, ausruhend; (rest) basierend, anhaltend

"All modern books are bad," said Cecil, who was annoyed at her inattention, and vented his annoyance on literature. "Every one writes for money in these days."

inattention - Unachtsamkeit, Unaufmerksamkeit

vented - entlüftet; entlüften

annoyance - Ärger, Ärgernis, Verärgerung, Verdruss

"Oh, Cecil"!"

"It is so. I will inflict Joseph Emery Prank on you no longer."

Cecil, this afternoon seemed such a twittering sparrow. The ups and downs in his voice were noticeable, but they did not affect her. She had dwelt amongst melody and movement, and her nerves refused to answer to the clang of his. Leaving him to be annoyed, she gazed at the black head again. She did not want to stroke it, but she saw herself wanting to stroke it; the sensation was curious.

twittering - (to twitter) zwitschern, piepen; (twitter); Zwitschern

sparrow - Sperling, Spatz

noticeable - wahrnehmbar; auffällig

clang - Klirren; schallen

"How do you like this view of ours, Mr. Emerson?"

"I never notice much difference in views."

"What do you mean?"

"Because they're all alike. Because all that matters in them is distance and air."

"H'm!" said Cecil, uncertain whether the remark was striking or not.

"My father""he looked up at her (and he was a little flushed)""says that there is only one perfect view"the view of the sky straight over our heads, and that all these views on earth are but bungled copies of it."

bungled - verpfuscht; vergeigen

copies - Kopien; Kopie, Exemplar

"I expect your father has been reading Dante," said Cecil, fingering the novel, which alone permitted him to lead the conversation.

"He told us another day that views are really crowds"crowds of trees and houses and hills"and are bound to resemble each other, like human crowds"and that the power they have over us is sometimes supernatural, for the same reason."

crowds - Menschenmassen; Menschenmenge, Masse

resemble - ähneln, gleichen

supernatural - übernatürlich

Lucy's lips parted.

"For a crowd is more than the people who make it up. Something gets added to it"no one knows how"just as something has got added to those hills."

He pointed with his racquet to the South Downs.

"What a splendid idea!" she murmured. "I shall enjoy hearing your father talk again. I'm so sorry he's not so well."

"No, he isn't well."

"There's an absurd account of a view in this book," said Cecil. "Also that men fall into two classes"those who forget views and those who remember them, even in small rooms."

small rooms - Kammern

"Mr. Emerson, have you any brothers or sisters?"

"None. Why?"

"You spoke of ˜us.'"

"My mother, I was meaning."

Cecil closed the novel with a bang.

bang - Peng; Schlag, Knall; knallen (derb koitieren), schlagen

"Oh, Cecil"how you made me jump!"

"I will inflict Joseph Emery Prank on you no longer."

"I can just remember us all three going into the country for the day and seeing as far as Hindhead. It is the first thing that I remember."

Hindhead - Hinterkopf

Cecil got up; the man was ill-bred"he hadn't put on his coat after tennis"he didn't do. He would have strolled away if Lucy had not stopped him.

strolled - spazieren gegangen; Spaziergang, Bummel, spazieren gehen

"Cecil, do read the thing about the view."

"Not while Mr. Emerson is here to entertain us."

"No"read away. I think nothing's funnier than to hear silly things read out loud. If Mr. Emerson thinks us frivolous, he can go."

frivolous - leichtsinnig

This struck Cecil as subtle, and pleased him. It put their visitor in the position of a prig. Somewhat mollified, he sat down again.

prig - Schwachkopf; Tugendbold, Musterknabe

mollified - beschwichtigt; mildern, beruhigen

"Mr. Emerson, go and find tennis balls." She opened the book. Cecil must have his reading and anything else that he liked. But her attention wandered to George's mother, who"according to Mr. Eager"had been murdered in the sight of God and"according to her son"had seen as far as Hindhead.

"Am I really to go?" asked George.

"No, of course not really," she answered.

"Chapter two," said Cecil, yawning. "Find me chapter two, if it isn't bothering you."

yawning - gähnt; (yawn) gähnen; (yawn); gähnen; Gähnen

bothering - stören, verdammt, Mist

Chapter two was found, and she glanced at its opening sentences.

She thought she had gone mad.

mad - wahnsinnig, verrückt, toll, irre

"Here"hand me the book."

She heard her voice saying: "It isn't worth reading"it's too silly to read"I never saw such rubbish"it oughtn't to be allowed to be printed."

printed - gedruckt; drucken, Druckschrift, Schrift, Abdruck, Druck, Abzug

He took the book from her.

"˜Leonora,'" he read, "˜sat pensive and alone. Before her lay the rich champaign of Tuscany, dotted over with many a smiling village. The season was spring.'"

pensive - nachdenklich, gedankenvoll, gedankenverloren

champaign - Champagner

dotted - gepunktet; stricheln; Punkt

Miss Lavish knew, somehow, and had printed the past in draggled prose, for Cecil to read and for George to hear.

draggled - gezerrt; beschmutzen

prose - Prosa

"˜A golden haze,'" he read. He read: "˜Afar off the towers of Florence, while the bank on which she sat was carpeted with violets. All unobserved Antonio stole up behind her"'"

afar - in der Ferne; Afar, Danakil

towers - Türme; starker Rückhalt, Turm; emporragen, hochragen, ragen

bank on - sich verlassen auf, bauen auf

carpeted - mit Teppichboden; Teppich, Teppichboden, auslegen, bedecken

unobserved - unbeobachtet

Lest Cecil should see her face she turned to George and saw his face.

He read: "˜There came from his lips no wordy protestation such as formal lovers use. No eloquence was his, nor did he suffer from the lack of it. He simply enfolded her in his manly arms.'"

wordy - langatmig, weitschweifig, wortreich

protestation - Proteste

eloquence - Redegewandtheit, Eloquenz, Sprachfertigkeit, Beredsamkeit

lack - ermangeln, fehlen

enfolded - umschlungen; umfassen

manly - männlich

"This isn't the passage I wanted," he informed them, "there is another much funnier, further on." He turned over the leaves.

further on - weiterhin

"Should we go in to tea?" said Lucy, whose voice remained steady.

She led the way up the garden, Cecil following her, George last. She thought a disaster was averted. But when they entered the shrubbery it came. The book, as if it had not worked mischief enough, had been forgotten, and Cecil must go back for it; and George, who loved passionately, must blunder against her in the narrow path.

averted - abgewehrt; abwenden, abwenden, verhindern

mischief - Unfug, Unheil, Querulantentum

passionately - leidenschaftlich

"No"" she gasped, and, for the second time, was kissed by him.

As if no more was possible, he slipped back; Cecil rejoined her; they reached the upper lawn alone.

rejoined - wiedervereinigt; vereinigen

Chapter XVI. Lying to George

lying - Lügen; liegend; (lie) Lügen; liegend

But Lucy had developed since the spring. That is to say, she was now better able to stifle the emotions of which the conventions and the world disapprove. Though the danger was greater, she was not shaken by deep sobs.

sobs - schluchzt; Huso

She said to Cecil, "I am not coming in to tea"tell mother"I must write some letters," and went up to her room. Then she prepared for action. Love felt and returned, love which our bodies exact and our hearts have transfigured, love which is the most real thing that we shall ever meet, reappeared now as the world's enemy, and she must stifle it.

most real - wirklichste

She sent for Miss Bartlett.

The contest lay not between love and duty. Perhaps there never is such a contest. It lay between the real and the pretended, and Lucy's first aim was to defeat herself. As her brain clouded over, as the memory of the views grew dim and the words of the book died away, she returned to her old shibboleth of nerves. She "conquered her breakdown." Tampering with the truth, she forgot that the truth had ever been.

clouded - getrübt; verschleiern

conquered - erobert; erobern

breakdown - Betriebsstörung, Panne, Nervenzusammenbruch, Aufschlüsselung

tampering - Manipulationen; einmischend

Remembering that she was engaged to Cecil, she compelled herself to confused remembrances of George; he was nothing to her; he never had been anything; he had behaved abominably; she had never encouraged him. The armour of falsehood is subtly wrought out of darkness, and hides a man not only from others, but from his own soul. In a few moments Lucy was equipped for battle.

remembrances - Erinnerungsstücke; Erinnerung

armour - Panzer, Rüstung

falsehood - Unwahrheit, Falschheit, Lüge, unwahre Behauptung, Falschsein

subtly - subtil

hides - versteckt; verbergen, verheimlichen, verstecken, verdecken

equipped - ausgestattet; ausrüsten, ausstatten, anlegen, ausrüsten

"Something too awful has happened," she began, as soon as her cousin arrived. "Do you know anything about Miss Lavish's novel?"

Miss Bartlett looked surprised, and said that she had not read the book, nor known that it was published; Eleanor was a reticent woman at heart.

published - veröffentlicht; herausgeben, publizieren, veröffentlichen

reticent - zurückhaltend

at heart - im Grunde genommen, im Innersten

"There is a scene in it. The hero and heroine make love. Do you know about that?"

make love - Liebe machen


"Do you know about it, please?" she repeated. "They are on a hillside, and Florence is in the distance."

"My good Lucia, I am all at sea. I know nothing about it whatever."

"There are violets. I cannot believe it is a coincidence. Charlotte, Charlotte, how could you have told her? I have thought before speaking; it must be you."

"Told her what?" she asked, with growing agitation.

"About that dreadful afternoon in February."

Miss Bartlett was genuinely moved. "Oh, Lucy, dearest girl"she hasn't put that in her book?"

genuinely - wirklich

Lucy nodded.

"Not so that one could recognize it. Yes."

recognize - ich/er/sie erkannte, anerkennen, erkennen

"Then never"never"never more shall Eleanor Lavish be a friend of mine."

"So you did tell?"

"I did just happen"when I had tea with her at Rome"in the course of conversation""

"But Charlotte"what about the promise you gave me when we were packing? Why did you tell Miss Lavish, when you wouldn't even let me tell mother?"

"I will never forgive Eleanor. She has betrayed my confidence."

betrayed - verraten, im Stich lassen, verraten, verraten, verraten

"Why did you tell her, though? This is a most serious thing."

most serious - ernsteste

Why does any one tell anything? The question is eternal, and it was not surprising that Miss Bartlett should only sigh faintly in response. She had done wrong"she admitted it, she only hoped that she had not done harm; she had told Eleanor in the strictest confidence.

response - Antwort

admitted - zugelassen; einlassen, zulassen, zugeben, eingestehen, erlauben

strictest - am strengsten; streng, streng

Lucy stamped with irritation.

"Cecil happened to read out the passage aloud to me and to Mr. Emerson; it upset Mr. Emerson and he insulted me again. Behind Cecil's back. Ugh! Is it possible that men are such brutes? Behind Cecil's back as we were walking up the garden."

brutes - Bestien; Tier, brutaler Kerl, brutal, Vieh

Miss Bartlett burst into self-accusations and regrets.

regrets - bedauern, bereuen, leidtun, Reue, Bedauern

"What is to be done now? Can you tell me?"

"Oh, Lucy"I shall never forgive myself, never to my dying day. Fancy if your prospects""

prospects - Perspektiven; Sicht, Perspektive, Aussicht, Erwartung, Chance

"I know," said Lucy, wincing at the word. "I see now why you wanted me to tell Cecil, and what you meant by ˜some other source.'You knew that you had told Miss Lavish, and that she was not reliable."

reliable - verlässlich, zuverlässig

It was Miss Bartlett's turn to wince. "However," said the girl, despising her cousin's shiftiness, "What's done's done. You have put me in a most awkward position. How am I to get out of it?"

wince - Zusammenzucken

shiftiness - Verschlagenheit

Miss Bartlett could not think. The days of her energy were over. She was a visitor, not a chaperon, and a discredited visitor at that. She stood with clasped hands while the girl worked herself into the necessary rage.

discredited - diskreditiert; in Misskredit bringen

rage - Wut, Zorn, Raserei, Rage, wüten

"He must"that man must have such a setting down that he won't forget. And who's to give it him? I can't tell mother now"owing to you. Nor Cecil, Charlotte, owing to you. I am caught up every way. I think I shall go mad. I have no one to help me. that's why I've sent for you. What's wanted is a man with a whip."

go mad - überschnappen

that's why - darum, deshalb, deswegen

whip - Peitsche, Knute, Zagel, peitschen, auspeitschen

Miss Bartlett agreed: one wanted a man with a whip.

"Yes"but it's no good agreeing. What's to be done? We women go maundering on. What does a girl do when she comes across a cad?"

maundering - herumirren; (maunder) herumirren

comes across - (come across) (zufällig) begegnen, stoßen auf

"I always said he was a cad, dear. Give me credit for that, at all events. From the very first moment"when he said his father was having a bath."

credit - Kredit; annehmen, für bare Münze nehmen, gutschreiben

"Oh, bother the credit and who's been right or wrong! We've both made a muddle of it. George Emerson is still down the garden there, and is he to be left unpunished, or isn't he? I want to know."

unpunished - ungesühnt

Miss Bartlett was absolutely helpless. Her own exposure had unnerved her, and thoughts were colliding painfully in her brain. She moved feebly to the window, and tried to detect the cad's white flannels among the laurels.

helpless - hilflos

unnerved - entnervt; entnerven

colliding - kollidieren, zusammenstoßen, plauzen, kollidieren

feebly - schwächlich; schwach

flannels - Flanelle; Flanell

"You were ready enough at the Bertolini when you rushed me off to Rome. Can't you speak again to him now?"

"Willingly would I move heaven and earth""

"I want something more definite," said Lucy contemptuously. "Will you speak to him? It is the least you can do, surely, considering it all happened because you broke your word."

contemptuously - verächtlich

considering - in Betracht ziehen; entsprechend, unter Berücksichtigung

"Never again shall Eleanor Lavish be a friend of mine."

Really, Charlotte was outdoing herself.

outdoing - übertrumpfen; übertreffen

"Yes or no, please; yes or no."

"It is the kind of thing that only a gentleman can settle." George Emerson was coming up the garden with a tennis ball in his hand.

"Very well," said Lucy, with an angry gesture. "No one will help me. I will speak to him myself." And immediately she realized that this was what her cousin had intended all along.

"Hullo, Emerson!" called Freddy from below. "Found the lost ball? Good man! Want any tea?" And there was an irruption from the house on to the terrace.

"Oh, Lucy, but that is brave of you! I admire you""

They had gathered round George, who beckoned, she felt, over the rubbish, the sloppy thoughts, the furtive yearnings that were beginning to cumber her soul. Her anger faded at the sight of him. Ah! The Emersons were fine people in their way. She had to subdue a rush in her blood before saying:

sloppy - nass, klitschnass, schlampig, salopp

furtive - geheim, heimlich, tarnen

cumber - zu belasten

faded - verblasst; Mode, Trend, Modeerscheinung, Fimmel

subdue - unter Kontrolle bringen, unterwerfen

"Freddy has taken him into the dining-room. The others are going down the garden. Come. Let us get this over quickly. Come. I want you in the room, of course."

dining - Essen; Lärm, Getöse; dröhnen

"Lucy, do you mind doing it?"

"How can you ask such a ridiculous question?"

"Poor Lucy"" She stretched out her hand. "I seem to bring nothing but misfortune wherever I go." Lucy nodded. She remembered their last evening at Florence"the packing, the candle, the shadow of Miss Bartlett's toque on the door. She was not to be trapped by pathos a second time. Eluding her cousin's caress, she led the way downstairs.

stretched - gestreckt; strecken, dehnen, langziehen, dehnen

trapped - gefangen; Fallgrube, Falle, Fahrt (im Bergwerk); einfangen

eluding - ausweichen; entziehen

caress - Liebkosung, Umarmung, Streicheln, liebkosen

"Try the jam," Freddy was saying. "The jam's jolly good."

jam - Marmelade; stauen; Papierstau, Konfitüre, Stau

George, looking big and dishevelled, was pacing up and down the dining-room. As she entered he stopped, and said:

dishevelled - zerzaust; in Unordnung bringen, herumschmeißen, verwirren

dining - Essen; speisen

"No"nothing to eat."

"You go down to the others," said Lucy; "Charlotte and I will give Mr. Emerson all he wants. Where's mother?"

"She's started on her Sunday writing. She's in the drawing-room."

"That's all right. You go away."

That's all right - Es ist schon in Ordnung.

He went off singing.

Lucy sat down at the table. Miss Bartlett, who was thoroughly frightened, took up a book and pretended to read.

She would not be drawn into an elaborate speech. She just said: "I can't have it, Mr. Emerson. I cannot even talk to you. Go out of this house, and never come into it again as long as I live here"" flushing as she spoke and pointing to the door. "I hate a row. Go please."


"No discussion."

"But I can't""

She shook her head. "Go, please. I do not want to call in Mr. Vyse."

"You don't mean," he said, absolutely ignoring Miss Bartlett""you don't mean that you are going to marry that man?"

ignoring - ignorieren, missachten

The line was unexpected.

She shrugged her shoulders, as if his vulgarity wearied her. "You are merely ridiculous," she said quietly.

wearied - müde, müde

Then his words rose gravely over hers: "You cannot live with Vyse. He's only for an acquaintance. He is for society and cultivated talk. He should know no one intimately, least of all a woman."

cultivated - kultiviert; kultivieren, anbauen, kultivieren, pflegen

intimately - vertraut

It was a new light on Cecil's character.

"Have you ever talked to Vyse without feeling tired?"

"I can scarcely discuss""

"No, but have you ever? He is the sort who are all right so long as they keep to things"books, pictures"but kill when they come to people. That's why I'll speak out through all this muddle even now. It's shocking enough to lose you in any case, but generally a man must deny himself joy, and I would have held back if your Cecil had been a different person. I would never have let myself go. But I saw him first in the National Gallery, when he winced because my father mispronounced the names of great painters. Then he brings us here, and we find it is to play some silly trick on a kind neighbour. That is the man all over"playing tricks on people, on the most sacred form of life that he can find. Next, I meet you together, and find him protecting and teaching you and your mother to be shocked, when it was for you to settle whether you were shocked or no.

kill - vernichten, totmachen, löschen, zerstören, töten

shocking - schockierend; Schock, Betroffenheit, Empörung, Schlag, Stoß

deny - leugnen, bestreiten, dementieren

held back - (hold back) sich zögerlich geben, zurückhalten

winced - gezuckt; Zusammenzucken

mispronounced - falsch ausgedrückt; falsch aussprechen

trick - List, Falle, Finte, Trick, Trick

Cecil all over again. He daren't let a woman decide. He's the type who's kept Europe back for a thousand years. Every moment of his life he's forming you, telling you what's charming or amusing or ladylike, telling you what a man thinks womanly; and you, you of all women, listen to his voice instead of to your own. So it was at the Rectory, when I met you both again; so it has been the whole of this afternoon. Therefore"not ˜therefore I kissed you,'because the book made me do that, and I wish to goodness I had more self-control. I'm not ashamed. I don't apologize. But it has frightened you, and you may not have noticed that I love you. Or would you have told me to go, and dealt with a tremendous thing so lightly? But therefore"therefore I settled to fight him."

ladylike - damenhaft

womanly - weiblich, fraulich

self-control - (self-control) Selbstbeherrschung

Lucy thought of a very good remark.

"You say Mr. Vyse wants me to listen to him, Mr. Emerson. Pardon me for suggesting that you have caught the habit."

And he took the shoddy reproof and touched it into immortality. He said:

"Yes, I have," and sank down as if suddenly weary. "I'm the same kind of brute at bottom. This desire to govern a woman"it lies very deep, and men and women must fight it together before they shall enter the garden. But I do love you surely in a better way than he does." He thought. "Yes"really in a better way. I want you to have your own thoughts even when I hold you in my arms." He stretched them towards her. "Lucy, be quick"there's no time for us to talk now"come to me as you came in the spring, and afterwards I will be gentle and explain.

sank - gesunken; sinken, senken, senken, versenken, Spüle, Spülbecken

brute - Tier, brutaler Kerl, brutal, Vieh

bottom - unten; Boden, Grund, Unterseite, passiv

govern - regieren, steuern, regulieren, lenken, regeln

I have cared for you since that man died. I cannot live without you, ˜No good,'I thought; ˜she is marrying someone else'; but I meet you again when all the world is glorious water and sun. As you came through the wood I saw that nothing else mattered. I called. I wanted to live and have my chance of joy."

cared for - (care for) hegen, sorgen für

"And Mr. Vyse?" said Lucy, who kept commendably calm. "Does he not matter? That I love Cecil and shall be his wife shortly? A detail of no importance, I suppose?"

commendably - lobenswert

Calm - ruhig; windstill; Ruhe; Windstille; beruhigen, ruhig stellen

shortly - in Kürze; bald

But he stretched his arms over the table towards her.

"May I ask what you intend to gain by this exhibition?"

He said: "It is our last chance. I shall do all that I can." And as if he had done all else, he turned to Miss Bartlett, who sat like some portent against the skies of the evening. "You wouldn't stop us this second time if you understood," he said. "I have been into the dark, and I am going back into it, unless you will try to understand."

portent - Omen, (böses) Vorzeichen

skies - Himmel; (am) Firmament

Her long, narrow head drove backwards and forwards, as though demolishing some invisible obstacle. She did not answer.

"It is being young," he said quietly, picking up his racquet from the floor and preparing to go. "It is being certain that Lucy cares for me really. It is that love and youth matter intellectually."

picking - Kommissionierung; pflücken; (pic) Kommissionierung; pflücken

intellectually - intellektuell

In silence the two women watched him. His last remark, they knew, was nonsense, but was he going after it or not? Would not he, the cad, the charlatan, attempt a more dramatic finish? No. He was apparently content. He left them, carefully closing the front door; and when they looked through the hall window, they saw him go up the drive and begin to climb the slopes of withered fern behind the house.

charlatan - Scharlatan

looked through - durchgeblickte

hall - Flur, Korridor, Diele, Halle, Saal

slopes - Pisten; Steigung, Hang, Abhang, Steigung, Steigung, Steigung

withered - verwelkt; welken, verblühen, verdorren

fern - Farn, Farnkraut

Their tongues were loosed, and they burst into stealthy rejoicings.

tongues - Zungen; Zunge, Zunge, t+Lasche

loosed - gelockert; verlassen, lose, locker

stealthy - geheim, heimlich, verstohlen

rejoicings - Jubel; frohlockend, sich freuend

"Oh, Lucia"come back here"oh, what an awful man!"

Lucy had no reaction"at least, not yet. "Well, he amuses me," she said. "Either I'm mad, or else he is, and I'm inclined to think it's the latter. One more fuss through with you, Charlotte. Many thanks. I think, though, that this is the last. My admirer will hardly trouble me again."

reaction - Reaktion

amuses - amüsiert; amüsieren, vergnügen, belustigen, erheitern

admirer - Bewunderer, Bewundrerin, Bewunderin

And Miss Bartlett, too, essayed the roguish:

essayed - aufgeschrieben; Versuch, Abhandlung

roguish - schurkisch; skrupellos, gewissenlos, spitzbübisch, verschmitzt

"Well, it isn't everyone who could boast such a conquest, dearest, is it? Oh, one oughtn't to laugh, really. It might have been very serious. But you were so sensible and brave"so unlike the girls of my day."

boast - rühmen; stolz sein auf etw

conquest - Eroberung; Conquest-Modus, Conquestmodus

"let's go down to them."

let's go - Auf geht's!, Gehen wir!, Lass uns gehen!

But, once in the open air, she paused. Some emotion"pity, terror, love, but the emotion was strong"seized her, and she was aware of autumn. Summer was ending, and the evening brought her odours of decay, the more pathetic because they were reminiscent of spring.

terror - Schrecken, Grauen, schreckliche Furcht, Terror

aware - wachsam, gewahr, bewusst, checkgewahr

decay - Verfall, Verwesung, Fäulnis, verfallen, verderben, faulen

That something or other mattered intellectually? A leaf, violently agitated, danced past her, while other leaves lay motionless. That the earth was hastening to re-enter darkness, and the shadows of those trees over Windy Corner?

leaf - Blatt, Laubblatt, Platte

agitated - aufgewühlt; aufwühlen, aufrühren, rühren, schütteln, umrühren

hastening to - zueilend

"Hullo, Lucy! There's still light enough for another set, if you two'll hurry."

"Mr. Emerson has had to go."

"What a nuisance! That spoils the four. I say, Cecil, do play, do, there's a good chap. It's Floyd's last day. Do play tennis with us, just this once."

spoils - plündern, ruinieren, verderben, kaputtmachen, verwöhnen

Cecil's voice came: "My dear Freddy, I am no athlete. As you well remarked this very morning, ˜There are some chaps who are no good for anything but books'; I plead guilty to being such a chap, and will not inflict myself on you."

athlete - Leichtathlet; Athlet, Athletin, Sportler, Sportlerin, Sportler

chaps - Bursche, Riss (in der Haut)

plead - plädieren, bekennen, (dringend) bitten, anflehen, beschwören

guilty - schuldig

The scales fell from Lucy's eyes. How had she stood Cecil for a moment? He was absolutely intolerable, and the same evening she broke off her engagement.

scales - Waagen; Skala, Kesselsteine, Schuppe; ersteigen, erklettern

Chapter XVII. Lying to Cecil

He was bewildered. He had nothing to say. He was not even angry, but stood, with a glass of whiskey between his hands, trying to think what had led her to such a conclusion.

whiskey - Whisky

She had chosen the moment before bed, when, in accordance with their bourgeois habit, she always dispensed drinks to the men. Freddy and Mr. Floyd were sure to retire with their glasses, while Cecil invariably lingered, sipping at his while she locked up the sideboard.

accordance - Übereinstimmung

bourgeois - Bürger, Spießer

dispensed - ausgeteilt; ausgeben, austeilen, verteilen, dosieren

retire - in den Ruhestand gehen; pensionieren, zurücktreten

sipping - schlürfen; Schlückchen

sideboard - Anrichte, Sideboard, Büfett

"I am very sorry about it," she said; "I have carefully thought things over. We are too different. I must ask you to release me, and try to forget that there ever was such a foolish girl."

release - Freigabe, Freisetzung, Befreiung, Erlösung

It was a suitable speech, but she was more angry than sorry, and her voice showed it.


"I haven't had a really good education, for one thing," she continued, still on her knees by the sideboard. "My Italian trip came too late, and I am forgetting all that I learnt there. I shall never be able to talk to your friends, or behave as a wife of yours should."

"I don't understand you. You aren't like yourself. You're tired, Lucy."

"Tired!" she retorted, kindling at once. "That is exactly like you. You always think women don't mean what they say."

kindling - Anzünden; Anmachholz, Anzündholz

"Well, you sound tired, as if something has worried you."

"What if I do? It doesn't prevent me from realizing the truth. I can't marry you, and you will thank me for saying so some day."

prevent - verhindern, vorbeugen, etwas daran hindern (zu geschehen)

"You had that bad headache yesterday"All right""for she had exclaimed indignantly: "I see it's much more than headaches. But give me a moment's time." He closed his eyes. "You must excuse me if I say stupid things, but my brain has gone to pieces. Part of it lives three minutes back, when I was sure that you loved me, and the other part"I find it difficult"I am likely to say the wrong thing."

headaches - Kopfschmerzen-p, Kopfweh

gone to pieces - entzweigegangen

It struck her that he was not behaving so badly, and her irritation increased. She again desired a struggle, not a discussion. To bring on the crisis, she said:

"There are days when one sees clearly, and this is one of them. Things must come to a breaking-point some time, and it happens to be to-day. If you want to know, quite a little thing decided me to speak to you"when you wouldn't play tennis with Freddy."

"I never do play tennis," said Cecil, painfully bewildered; "I never could play. I don't understand a word you say."

"You can play well enough to make up a four. I thought it abominably selfish of you."

"No, I can't"well, never mind the tennis. Why couldn't you"couldn't you have warned me if you felt anything wrong? You talked of our wedding at lunch"at least, you let me talk."

"I knew you wouldn't understand," said Lucy quite crossly. "I might have known there would have been these dreadful explanations. Of course, it isn't the tennis"that was only the last straw to all I have been feeling for weeks. Surely it was better not to speak until I felt certain." She developed this position. "Often before I have wondered if I was fitted for your wife"for instance, in London; and are you fitted to be my husband? I don't think so. You don't like Freddy, nor my mother. There was always a lot against our engagement, Cecil, but all our relations seemed pleased, and we met so often, and it was no good mentioning it until"well, until all things came to a point. They have to-day. I see clearly.

fitted - angepasst; (to be fit) in Form sein

I must speak. That's all."

"I cannot think you were right," said Cecil gently. "I cannot tell why, but though all that you say sounds true, I feel that you are not treating me fairly. It's all too horrible."

"What's the good of a scene?"

"No good. But surely I have a right to hear a little more."

He put down his glass and opened the window. From where she knelt, jangling her keys, she could see a slit of darkness, and, peering into it, as if it would tell him that "little more," his long, thoughtful face.

jangling - Klirren; polternd, keifend; (jangle) Klirren; polternd, keifend

slit - Nut, Schlitz, Spalt, Schamritze

"Don't open the window; and you'd better draw the curtain, too; Freddy or any one might be outside." He obeyed. "I really think we had better go to bed, if you don't mind. I shall only say things that will make me unhappy afterwards. As you say it is all too horrible, and it is no good talking."

curtain - Vorhang

But to Cecil, now that he was about to lose her, she seemed each moment more desirable. He looked at her, instead of through her, for the first time since they were engaged. From a Leonardo she had become a living woman, with mysteries and forces of her own, with qualities that even eluded art. His brain recovered from the shock, and, in a burst of genuine devotion, he cried: "But I love you, and I did think you loved me!"

more desirable - begehrenswertere

mysteries - Geheimnisse; Geheimnis

eluded - entgangen; entziehen

devotion - Hingebung, Hingabe, Zuneigung, Zuwendung

"I did not," she said. "I thought I did at first. I am sorry, and ought to have refused you this last time, too."

He began to walk up and down the room, and she grew more and more vexed at his dignified behaviour. She had counted on his being petty. It would have made things easier for her. By a cruel irony she was drawing out all that was finest in his disposition.

walk up - hinaufgehen

cruel - schrecklich; grausam (gegen)

disposition - Neigung, Gesinnung, Hang, Veranlagung, Einteilung

"You don't love me, evidently. I dare say you are right not to. But it would hurt a little less if I knew why."

"Because""a phrase came to her, and she accepted it""you're the sort who can't know any one intimately."

A horrified look came into his eyes.

horrified - entsetzt; entsetzen, erschrecken, schockieren

"I don't mean exactly that. But you will question me, though I beg you not to, and I must say something. It is that, more or less. When we were only acquaintances, you let me be myself, but now you're always protecting me." Her voice swelled. "I won't be protected. I will choose for myself what is ladylike and right. To shield me is an insult. Can't I be trusted to face the truth but I must get it second-hand through you? A woman's place! You despise my mother"I know you do"because she's conventional and bothers over puddings; but, oh goodness!

be protected - unter Naturschutz stehen

shield - Schild, abgeschirmt, Abschirmung; abschirmen

second-hand - (second-hand) Sekundenzeiger , gebraucht, getragen

bothers - stört; stören, verdammt, Mist

puddings - Blutwurst, Pudding, Pudding, Pudding (1, 2, 4) de

"she rose to her feet""conventional, Cecil, you're that, for you may understand beautiful things, but you don't know how to use them; and you wrap yourself up in art and books and music, and would try to wrap up me. I won't be stifled, not by the most glorious music, for people are more glorious, and you hide them from me. That's why I break off my engagement. You were all right as long as you kept to things, but when you came to people"" She stopped.

wrap up - einwickeln, einpacken, packen (Paket), einhüllen

stifled - erstickt; ersticken

break off - (Therapie) absetzen, aufhören, abbrechen

There was a pause. Then Cecil said with great emotion:

"It is true."

"True on the whole," she corrected, full of some vague shame.

"True, every word. It is a revelation. It is"I."

revelation - Enthüllung, Offenbarung, Erkenntnis

"Anyhow, those are my reasons for not being your wife."

He repeated: "˜The sort that can know no one intimately.'It is true. I fell to pieces the very first day we were engaged. I behaved like a cad to Beebe and to your brother. You are even greater than I thought." She withdrew a step. "I'm not going to worry you. You are far too good to me. I shall never forget your insight; and, dear, I only blame you for this: you might have warned me in the early stages, before you felt you wouldn't marry me, and so have given me a chance to improve.

withdrew - zurückgezogen; annullieren, entziehen, abziehen, ausscheiden

stages - Stufen; Stufe, Etappe, Bühne, qualifier

I have never known you till this evening. I have just used you as a peg for my silly notions of what a woman should be. But this evening you are a different person: new thoughts"even a new voice""

peg - Wirbel; Holzdübel, Pflock, Stift, Haltestift

notions - Vorstellungen; Ahnung, Ansicht, Auffassung, Begriff, Denkbild

"What do you mean by a new voice?" she asked, seized with incontrollable anger.

incontrollable - unkontrollierbar

"I mean that a new person seems speaking through you," said he.

Then she lost her balance. She cried: "If you think I am in love with some one else, you are very much mistaken."

balance - Gleichgewicht; Ausgewogenheit; Bilanz, Saldo, Guthaben, Rest

"Of course I don't think that. You are not that kind, Lucy."

"Oh, yes, you do think it. It's your old idea, the idea that has kept Europe back"I mean the idea that women are always thinking of men. If a girl breaks off her engagement, everyone says: ˜Oh, she had someone else in her mind; she hopes to get someone else.'It's disgusting, brutal! As if a girl can't break it off for the sake of freedom."

freedom - Freiheit

He answered reverently: "I may have said that in the past. I shall never say it again. You have taught me better."

reverently - ehrfürchtig

She began to redden, and pretended to examine the windows again.

redden - erröten

examine - untersuchen, prüfen, befragen

"Of course, there is no question of ˜someone else'in this, no ˜jilting'or any such nauseous stupidity. I beg your pardon most humbly if my words suggested that there was. I only meant that there was a force in you that I hadn't known of up till now."

jilting - im Stich lassen; den Laufpass geben

nauseous - widerlich, Übelkeit erregend, Brechreiz fördernd, ekelerregend

stupidity - Dummheit

humbly - demütig

force - Kraft; zwingen, forcieren, erzwingen; Stärke, Macht, Einfluss

"All right, Cecil, that will do. Don't apologize to me. It was my mistake."

"It is a question between ideals, yours and mine"pure abstract ideals, and yours are the nobler. I was bound up in the old vicious notions, and all the time you were splendid and new." His voice broke. "I must actually thank you for what you have done"for showing me what I really am. Solemnly, I thank you for showing me a true woman. Will you shake hands?"

nobler - edler; Adeliger, Adliger, Adelige, Adlige, Aristokrat

vicious - bösartig; gewalttätig, destruktiv, grausam, aggressiv, böse

shake - schütteln, erschüttern, händeschütteln, Schütteln, Milchshake

"Of course I will," said Lucy, twisting up her other hand in the curtains. "Good-night, Cecil. Good-bye. That's all right. I'm sorry about it. Thank you very much for your gentleness."

twisting - (to twist) drehen

gentleness - Sanftheit; Sanftmut

"Let me light your candle, shall I?"

They went into the hall.

"Thank you. Good-night again. God Bless you, Lucy!"

Bless you - Gesundheit! (nach dem Niesen)

"Good-bye, Cecil."

She watched him steal up-stairs, while the shadows from three banisters passed over her face like the beat of wings. On the landing he paused strong in his renunciation, and gave her a look of memorable beauty. For all his culture, Cecil was an ascetic at heart, and nothing in his love became him like the leaving of it.

steal - stehlen, entwenden, klauen, rauben, Schnäppchen, Diebstahl

banisters - Treppengeländer; Geländer

passed over - übertrat

beat - schlagen; Schlag; jdn. bezwingen

renunciation - Entsagung; Verzicht

ascetic - asketisch; Asket, Asketin

She could never marry. In the tumult of her soul, that stood firm. Cecil believed in her; she must some day believe in herself. She must be one of the women whom she had praised so eloquently, who care for liberty and not for men; she must forget that George loved her, that George had been thinking through her and gained her this honourable release, that George had gone away into"what was it?"the darkness.

stood firm - festgestanden

eloquently - wortgewandt

honourable - ehrenhaft

gone away - fortgegangen

She put out the lamp.

It did not do to think, nor, for the matter of that, to feel. She gave up trying to understand herself, and joined the vast armies of the benighted, who follow neither the heart nor the brain, and march to their destiny by catch-words. The armies are full of pleasant and pious folk. But they have yielded to the only enemy that matters"the enemy within. They have sinned against passion and truth, and vain will be their strife after virtue.

armies - Armeen; Heer

benighted - verblendet; umnachten

pious - fromm, pietätvoll, scheinheilig

yielded - nachgegeben; hervorbringen, er/sie hat/hatte ergeben, weichen

sinned - gesündigt; Sünde, sündigen; eine Sünde begehen

vain - eitel; unnützlich

strife - Streit, Unfriede

As the years pass, they are censured. Their pleasantry and their piety show cracks, their wit becomes cynicism, their unselfishness hypocrisy; they feel and produce discomfort wherever they go. They have sinned against Eros and against Pallas Athene, and not by any heavenly intervention, but by the ordinary course of nature, those allied deities will be avenged.

pleasantry - Freundlichkeit; Scherz, Hänselei

cracks - Risse; Riss, Knall, Aufbruch, Bresche; aufbrechen, knallen

cynicism - Zynismus

produce - produzieren, herstellen, vorlegen, Produkt, Obst und Gemüse

discomfort - Unbehagen

Athene - Athen

heavenly - himmlisch

intervention - Intervention, Eingriff

allied - vereinigen, verbinden; Bündnispartner, Verbündete

deities - Götter; Gott, Gottheit

avenged - gerächt; rächen, ahnden

Lucy entered this army when she pretended to George that she did not love him, and pretended to Cecil that she loved no one. The night received her, as it had received Miss Bartlett thirty years before.

Chapter XVIII. Lying to Mr. Beebe, Mrs. Honeychurch, Freddy, and The Servants

Windy Corner lay, not on the summit of the ridge, but a few hundred feet down the southern slope, at the springing of one of the great buttresses that supported the hill. On either side of it was a shallow ravine, filled with ferns and pine-trees, and down the ravine on the left ran the highway into the Weald.

ridge - Grat; First; Bergrücken, Kamm, (3) checkBergrücken, checkRücken

buttresses - Stützpfeiler, Strebepfeiler, Gewölbepfeiler, Pfeiler, Gegenlager

ravine - Klamm, Schlucht

highway - Autobahn; Hauptstraße, Chaussee

Whenever Mr. Beebe crossed the ridge and caught sight of these noble dispositions of the earth, and, poised in the middle of them, Windy Corner,"he laughed. The situation was so glorious, the house so commonplace, not to say impertinent. The late Mr. Honeychurch had affected the cube, because it gave him the most accommodation for his money, and the only addition made by his widow had been a small turret, shaped like a rhinoceros'horn, where she could sit in wet weather and watch the carts going up and down the road. So impertinent"and yet the house "did," for it was the home of people who loved their surroundings honestly.

dispositions - Veranlagungen; Neigung, Gesinnung, Hang, Veranlagung

poised - bereit; Gleichgewicht

cube - dritte Potenz, Würfel

accommodation - Unterkunft, Übernachtung, Anpassung

widow - Witwe; Hurenkind

turret - Revolver; Tourelle, Türmchen, Türmlein, Turm

shaped - geformt; Zustand, Form, Form, Form, Gestalt, Form

rhinoceros - Nashörner; Nashorn, Rhinozeros

horn - Horn; Waldhorn; Jagdhorn; Hupe, Trichter, Blech, Muschel

surroundings - Umgebung, umliegend

honestly - ehrlich

Other houses in the neighborhood had been built by expensive architects, over others their inmates had fidgeted sedulously, yet all these suggested the accidental, the temporary; while Windy Corner seemed as inevitable as an ugliness of Nature's own creation. One might laugh at the house, but one never shuddered. Mr. Beebe was bicycling over this Monday afternoon with a piece of gossip. He had heard from the Miss Alans. These admirable ladies, since they could not go to Cissie Villa, had changed their plans. They were going to Greece instead.

neighborhood - Nachbarschaft, Umgebung, Kiez, Viertel

architects - Architekten; Architekt, Architektin

inmates - Häftlinge; Insasse, Bewohner

accidental - versehentlich, zufällig, Zufall, Versehen

temporary - zeitweilig, temporär, vorübergehend, Zeitarbeitskraft

inevitable - unvermeidlich, unabwendbar, zwangsläufig

Greece - Griechenland

"Since Florence did my poor sister so much good," wrote Miss Catharine, "we do not see why we should not try Athens this winter. Of course, Athens is a plunge, and the doctor has ordered her special digestive bread; but, after all, we can take that with us, and it is only getting first into a steamer and then into a train.

digestive - verdauungsfördernd; digestiv

steamer - Dampfschiff, Dampfer

But is there an English Church?" And the letter went on to say: "I do not expect we shall go any further than Athens, but if you knew of a really comfortable pension at Constantinople, we should be so grateful."

Constantinople - Konstantinopel

Lucy would enjoy this letter, and the smile with which Mr. Beebe greeted Windy Corner was partly for her. She would see the fun of it, and some of its beauty, for she must see some beauty. Though she was hopeless about pictures, and though she dressed so unevenly"oh, that cerise frock yesterday at church!"she must see some beauty in life, or she could not play the piano as she did. He had a theory that musicians are incredibly complex, and know far less than other artists what they want and what they are; that they puzzle themselves as well as their friends; that their psychology is a modern development, and has not yet been understood.

unevenly - ungleichmäßig

musicians - Musiker, q

incredibly - Unglaublich

complex - komplex; kompliziert

puzzle - Rätsel; Puzzle, Geduldspiel, Geduldsspiel

development - Entwicklung

This theory, had he known it, had possibly just been illustrated by facts. Ignorant of the events of yesterday he was only riding over to get some tea, to see his niece, and to observe whether Miss Honeychurch saw anything beautiful in the desire of two old ladies to visit Athens.

Illustrated - veranschaulichte, illustriert

ignorant - unwissend; ignorant

A carriage was drawn up outside Windy Corner, and just as he caught sight of the house it started, bowled up the drive, and stopped abruptly when it reached the main road. Therefore it must be the horse, who always expected people to walk up the hill in case they tired him. The door opened obediently, and two men emerged, whom Mr. Beebe recognized as Cecil and Freddy.

bowled - gekegelt; Schüssel, Kessel

obediently - gehorsam sein

They were an odd couple to go driving; but he saw a trunk beside the coachman's legs. Cecil, who wore a bowler, must be going away, while Freddy (a cap)"was seeing him to the station. They walked rapidly, taking the short cuts, and reached the summit while the carriage was still pursuing the windings of the road.

bowler - Kegler

going away - fortgehend

pursuing - verfolgend; (pursue); verfolgen, beschreiten, nachjagen

windings - Wicklungen; (wind) aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln

They shook hands with the clergyman, but did not speak.

"So you're off for a minute, Mr. Vyse?" he asked.

Cecil said, "Yes," while Freddy edged away.

"I was coming to show you this delightful letter from those friends of Miss Honeychurch." He quoted from it. "Isn't it wonderful? Isn't it romance? Most certainly they will go to Constantinople. They are taken in a snare that cannot fail. They will end by going round the world."

snare - Schlinge, Falle

going round - umgehend

Cecil listened civilly, and said he was sure that Lucy would be amused and interested.

"Isn't Romance capricious! I never notice it in you young people; you do nothing but play lawn tennis, and say that romance is dead, while the Miss Alans are struggling with all the weapons of propriety against the terrible thing. ˜A really comfortable pension at Constantinople!'So they call it out of decency, but in their hearts they want a pension with magic windows opening on the foam of perilous seas in fairyland forlorn! No ordinary view will content the Miss Alans. They want the Pension Keats.

capricious - kapriziös, launenhaft, unberechenbar, schrullig

lawn tennis - Rasentennis

struggling with - abmühend

weapons - Waffen; Waffe

propriety - Angemessenheit, Richtigkeit, Korrektheit, Ordnungsmäßigkeit

perilous - lebensgefährlich; gefährlich, gefahrvoll

forlorn - verloren; verlassen; aussichtslos, hoffnungslos

"I'm awfully sorry to interrupt, Mr. Beebe," said Freddy, "but have you any matches?"

I'm awfully sorry - Es tut mir furchtbar Leid.

matches - Streichhölzer; Wettkampf, Kampf (Sport)

"I have," said Cecil, and it did not escape Mr. Beebe's notice that he spoke to the boy more kindly.

"You have never met these Miss Alans, have you, Mr. Vyse?"


"Then you don't see the wonder of this Greek visit. I haven't been to Greece myself, and don't mean to go, and I can't imagine any of my friends going. It is altogether too big for our little lot. Don't you think so? Italy is just about as much as we can manage. Italy is heroic, but Greece is godlike or devilish"I am not sure which, and in either case absolutely out of our suburban focus. All right, Freddy"I am not being clever, upon my word I am not"I took the idea from another fellow; and give me those matches when you've done with them." He lit a cigarette, and went on talking to the two young men.

heroic - heldenhaft, heroisch

godlike - gottgleich, göttlich

devilish - teuflisch

focus - Brennpunkt, Fokus, Konzentration, fokussieren

"I was saying, if our poor little Cockney lives must have a background, let it be Italian. Big enough in all conscience. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for me. There the contrast is just as much as I can realize. But not the Parthenon, not the frieze of Phidias at any price; and here comes the victoria."

conscience - Gewissen

contrast - Kontrast; Gegensatz, Unterschied, gegenüberstellen

Parthenon - Parthenon

frieze - Friesisch; Fries

"You're quite right," said Cecil. "Greece is not for our little lot"; and he got in. Freddy followed, nodding to the clergyman, whom he trusted not to be pulling one's leg, really. And before they had gone a dozen yards he jumped out, and came running back for Vyse's match-box, which had not been returned.

nodding to - zunickend

pulling - herausziehen; (pull); ziehen

jumped out - herausgesprungen

As he took it, he said: "I'm so glad you only talked about books. Cecil's hard hit. Lucy won't marry him. If you'd gone on about her, as you did about them, he might have broken down."

broken down - schlappgemacht

"But when""

"Late last night. I must go."

"Perhaps they won't want me down there."

"No"go on. Good-bye."

"Thank goodness!" exclaimed Mr. Beebe to himself, and struck the saddle of his bicycle approvingly, "It was the one foolish thing she ever did. Oh, what a glorious riddance!" And, after a little thought, he negotiated the slope into Windy Corner, light of heart. The house was again as it ought to be"cut off forever from Cecil's pretentious world.

Thank goodness - Gott sei Dank!

saddle - satteln; Sattel, Sattelfläche [math.]; Reitsattel

approvingly - zustimmend

riddance - loswerden; Befreiung, Befreitsein

negotiated - verhandelt; verhandeln, aushandeln, überwinden

forever - für immer, ewig, unaufhörlich, auf immer

pretentious - prätentiös

He would find Miss Minnie down in the garden.

In the drawing-room Lucy was tinkling at a Mozart Sonata. He hesitated a moment, but went down the garden as requested. There he found a mournful company. It was a blustering day, and the wind had taken and broken the dahlias. Mrs. Honeychurch, who looked cross, was tying them up, while Miss Bartlett, unsuitably dressed, impeded her with offers of assistance.

tinkling - (tinkle) klingeln, klimpern, bimmeln; (tinkle); klingeln

Sonata - Sonate

as requested - wunschgemäß, wie gewünscht, nach Wunsch

mournful - schwermütig; traurig, melancholisch, trübsinnig

blustering - schimpfen; Getöse

dahlias - Dahlien; Dahlie

tying - zusammenbinden

unsuitably - unpassend

offers - Angebote; offerieren, anbieten, bieten, zeigen; Antrag, Offerte

At a little distance stood Minnie and the "garden-child," a minute importation, each holding either end of a long piece of bass.

importation - Einfuhr; lexikalische Entlehnung, lexikalischer Import

bass - Bass

"Oh, how do you do, Mr. Beebe? Gracious what a mess everything is! Look at my scarlet pompoms, and the wind blowing your skirts about, and the ground so hard that not a prop will stick in, and then the carriage having to go out, when I had counted on having Powell, who"give everyone their due"does tie up dahlias properly."

pompoms - Pompons; Pompon

prop - Stütze

stick - stich!, ich/er/sie stäche, ich/er/sie stach; Schläger

tie up - verschnüren, zusammen binden, fest ziehen

Evidently Mrs. Honeychurch was shattered.

"How do you do?" said Miss Bartlett, with a meaning glance, as though conveying that more than dahlias had been broken off by the autumn gales.

glance - blicken; Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

conveying - befördern, transportieren, verfrachten, befördern, übermitteln

broken off - abgebrochen

gales - Stürme; Wach auf!; Mädel

"Here, Lennie, the bass," cried Mrs. Honeychurch. The garden-child, who did not know what bass was, stood rooted to the path with horror. Minnie slipped to her uncle and whispered that everyone was very disagreeable to-day, and that it was not her fault if dahlia-strings would tear longways instead of across.

disagreeable - unangenehm, unsympathisch

longways - auf lange Sicht

"Come for a walk with me," he told her. "You have worried them as much as they can stand. Mrs. Honeychurch, I only called in aimlessly. I shall take her up to tea at the Beehive Tavern, if I may."

aimlessly - ziellos

beehive - Bienenstaat, Bienenstock, Bienenkorb, Beehive-Frisur

tavern - Gasthaus, Schankwirtschaft, Taverne

"Oh, must you? Yes do."Not the scissors, thank you, Charlotte, when both my hands are full already"I'm perfectly certain that the orange cactus will go before I can get to it."

scissors - eine Schere; Schere

cactus - Kaktus

Mr. Beebe, who was an adept at relieving situations, invited Miss Bartlett to accompany them to this mild festivity.

adept - versiert; geschickt, fähig, geübt, befähigt

relieving - Erleichternd; erleichtern, lindern, entlasten, ablösen

invited - eingeladen; auffordern, einladen

mild - mild, ausgeglichen, checkzahm, schwach

"Yes, Charlotte, I don't want you"do go; there's nothing to stop about for, either in the house or out of it."

Miss Bartlett said that her duty lay in the dahlia bed, but when she had exasperated everyone, except Minnie, by a refusal, she turned round and exasperated Minnie by an acceptance. As they walked up the garden, the orange cactus fell, and Mr. Beebe's last vision was of the garden-child clasping it like a lover, his dark head buried in a wealth of blossom.

exasperated - verärgert; verärgern, aufbringen, auf die Palme bringen

clasping - Umklammerung; klammernd, umklammernd; (clasp); Spange, Klammer

blossom - Blüte; Blütezeit; blühen, erblühen, aufblühen

"It is terrible, this