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Clarimonde Text

Brother, you ask me if I have ever loved. Yes. My story is a strange and terrible one; and though I am sixty-six years of age, I scarcely dare even now to disturb the ashes of that memory.

scarcely - ledwo; ledwie

From my earliest childhood I had felt a vocation to the priesthood, so that all my studies were directed with that idea in view. Up to the age of twenty-four my life had been only a prolonged novitiate. Having completed my course of theology I successively received all the minor orders, and my superiors judged me worthy, despite my youth, to pass the last awful degree.

vocation - powołanie, posłannictwo

priesthood - kapłaństwo; duchowieństwo

prolonged - przedłużony

novitiate - nowicjat

successively - sukcesywnie

My ordination was fixed for Easter week.

ordination - święcenia

I had never gone into the world. My world was confined by the walls of the college and the seminary. I knew in a vague sort of a way that there was something called Woman, but I never permitted my thoughts to dwell on such a subject, and I lived in a state of perfect innocence.

seminary - seminarium

thoughts - myśli; myśl, myśl, pomysł

dwell - mieszkać, zamieszkiwać

innocence - niewinność

Twice a year only I saw my infirm and aged mother, and in those visits were comprised my sole relations with the outer world.

infirm - niedołężny, chorzy

I regretted nothing; I felt not the least hesitation at taking the last irrevocable step; I was filled with joy and impatience. Never did a betrothed lover count the slow hours with more feverish ardour; I slept only to dream that I was saying mass; I believed there could be nothing in the world more delightful than to be a priest; I would have refused to be a king or a poet in preference.

hesitation - wahanie, niezdecydowanie

irrevocable - nieodwołalny

Impatience - niecierpliwość, brak cierpliwości

betrothed - zaręczona; zaręczony; narzeczony, narzeczona, oblubieniec

lover - kochanka; kochanek, miłośnik; zakochany

more feverish - bardziej rozgorączkowany

ardour - zapał, żarliwość

more delightful - bardziej zachwycający

refused - odmówił; odmawiać; odpadki

My ambition could conceive of no loftier aim.

loftier - wyższy; wysoki, szczytny, wzniosły

At last the great day came. I walked to the church with a step so light that I fancied myself sustained in air, or that I had wings upon my shoulders. I believed myself an angel, and wondered at the sombre and thoughtful faces of my companions, for there were several of us. I had passed all the night in prayer, and was in a condition wellnigh bordering on ecstasy.

sombre - ponury, posępny

wellnigh - dobrze

ecstasy - ekstaza; ecstasy

The bishop, a venerable old man, seemed to me God the Father leaning over his Eternity, and I beheld Heaven through the vault of the temple.

venerable - czcigodny, sędziwy

eternity - wieczność

beheld - widziany; ujrzeć

vault - skoczyć, skakać przez coś, przeskoczyć; skarbiec, krypta

You well know the details of that ceremony-the benediction, the communion under both forms, the anointing of the palms of the hands with the Oil of Catechumens, and then the holy sacrifice offered in concert with the bishop.

benediction - benedykcja, błogosławieństwo

communion - komunia

anointing - namaścić, namaszczać

Catechumens - katechumeni; katechumen

offered - oferowane; proponować, oferować; oferta

Ah, truly spake Job when he declared that the imprudent man is one who hath not made a covenant with his eyes!

imprudent - nieostrożny, nieroztropny

hath - co

covenant - przymierze; ugoda, umowa, umówić się, zawrzeć umowę

I accidentally lifted my head, which until then I had kept down, and beheld before me, so close that it seemed that I could have touched her-although she was actually a considerable distance from me and on the further side of the sanctuary railing-a young woman of extraordinary beauty, and attired with royal magnificence. It seemed as though scales had suddenly fallen from my eyes.

sanctuary - sanktuarium

Attired - ubrany; strój, ubiór

magnificence - majestat

I felt like a blind man who unexpectedly recovers his sight. The bishop, so radiantly glorious but an instant before, suddenly vanished away, the tapers paled upon their golden candlesticks like stars in the dawn, and a vast darkness seemed to fill the whole church. The charming creature appeared in brief relief against the background of that darkness, like some angelic revelation.

unexpectedly - nieoczekiwanie, niespodziewanie, niespodzianie

radiantly - pełnym blaskiem, promiennie

tapers - (tape) zwężać się, kończyć się spiczasto; taśma, stożek

candlesticks - świeczniki; świecznik, lichtarz

She seemed herself radiant, and radiating light rather than receiving it.

radiant - promienny

radiating - promieniujący; promieniować, rozchodzić

I lowered my eyelids, firmly resolved not to again open them, that I might not be influenced by external objects, for distraction had gradually taken possession of me until I hardly knew what I was doing.

lowered - obniżone; (low) obniżać; niski; niższy

eyelids - powieki; powieka

Distraction - zakłócenie spokoju, odmiana, rozrywka, rzecz rozpraszająca uwagę

In another minute, nevertheless, I reopened my eyes, for through my eyelashes I still beheld her, all sparkling with prismatic colours, and surrounded with such a purple penumbra as one beholds in gazing at the sun.

reopened - ponownie otworzyć, zostać ponownie otwartym; zostać wznowionym

eyelashes - rzęsy; rzęsa

sparkling - musujące; lśniący, mieniący się, gazowany

prismatic - pryzmatyczny

penumbra - półcień

beholds - zachowuje; ujrzeć

Oh, how beautiful she was! The greatest painters, who followed ideal beauty into heaven itself, and thence brought back to earth the true portrait of the Madonna, never in their delineations even approached that wildly beautiful reality which I saw before me. Neither the verses of the poet nor the palette of the artist could convey any conception of her.

thence - skąd; stamtąd

delineations - zarysowanie, nakreślenie, wyznaczenie, portret psychologiczny

wildly - dziko; wściekle

palette - paleta

She was rather tall, with a form and bearing of a goddess. Her hair, of a soft blonde hue, was parted in the midst and flowed back over her temples in two rivers of rippling gold; she seemed a diademed queen.

goddess - bogini

hue - odcień

rippling - falowanie; (ripple) potargać lekko, pomarszczyć się; zmarszczka

diademed - diadem

Her forehead, bluish-white in its transparency, extended its calm breadth above the arches of her eyebrows, which by a strange singularity were almost black, and admirably relieved the effect of sea-green eyes of unsustainable vivacity and brilliancy. What eyes! With a single flash they could have decided a man's destiny.

bluish - niebieskawy, sinawy

breadth - szerokość, rozpiętość

arches - łuki; wygiąć; szatan, łuk, sklepione przejście; chytry

eyebrows - brwi; brew

Singularity - osobliwość

admirably - z podziwem

unsustainable - niezrównoważony

vivacity - żywość, żywy temperament, ożywienie

brilliancy - błyskotliwość; blask

destiny - los, przeznaczenie

They had a life, a limpidity, an ardour, a humid light which I have never seen in human eyes; they shot forth rays like arrows, which I could distinctly see enter my heart. I know not if the fire which illumined them came from heaven or from hell, but assuredly it came from one or the other. That woman was either an angel or a demon, perhaps both.

limpidity - przezroczystość

humid - wilgotny

distinctly - wyraźnie

illumined - oświetlony; oświetlać, wyjaśniać

assuredly - na pewno

Assuredly she never sprang from the flank of Eve, our common mother. Teeth of the most lustrous pearl gleamed in her ruddy smile, and at every inflection of her lips little dimples appeared in the satiny rose of her adorable cheeks. There was a delicacy and pride in the regal outline of her nostrils bespeaking noble blood.

flank - flankować, oskrzydlać, bok, łata, flanka, skrzydło

eve - wigilia, przeddzień

lustrous - połyskujący

pearl - perła

gleamed - błyszczały; lśnić, błyszczeć; poświata, poblask, błysk

ruddy - rumiany, czerwonawy, cholerny

inflection - odmiana; modulacja

dimples - dołeczek

Satiny - jedwabisty, satynowy

adorable - uroczy

delicacy - przysmak; delikatność, finezja, subtelność, delikates, delicje

regal - królewski

nostrils - nozdrza; nozdrze

bespeaking - świadczyć, zamawiać

Agate gleams played over the smooth lustrous skin of her half-bare shoulders, and strings of great blonde pearls-almost equal to her neck in beauty of colour-descended upon her bosom. From time to time she elevated her head with the undulating grace of a startled serpent or peacock, thereby imparting a quivering motion to the high lace ruff which surrounded it like a silver trellis-work.

agate - agat

gleams - lśnić, błyszczeć; poświata, poblask, błysk

pearls - perły; perła, perła

bosom - łono; bliski

undulating - zafalować, falować, falisty, pofałdowany, falujący

startled - zaskoczyć, wystraszyć, spłoszyć

serpent - węża; wąż

peacock - paw, pawica

imparting - przekazując; dzielić się

quivering - drżeć; kołczan, drżenie, szelest, szmer, drganie

lace - koronki; koronka

ruff - nierówności; kreza, kryza, kołnierz

trellis - trejaż, treliaż

She wore a robe of orange-red velvet, and from her wide ermine-lined sleeves there peeped forth patrician hands of infinite delicacy, and so ideally transparent that, like the fingers of Aurora, they permitted the light to shine through them.

robe - uroczyście ubrać; suknia, szata, toga, szlafrok

velvet - aksamit; aksamitny

ermine - gronostaj; gronostaje

sleeves - rękawy; rękaw, koperta

peeped - podglądany; zerknąć, podejrzeć, podglądać; spojrzenie

patrician - patrycjusz, patrycjuszka

infinite - nieskończony

ideally - doskonale, idealnie

aurora - zorza polarna, aurora, zorza poranna

shine through - prześwitywać, przeświecać; zabłysnąć czymś, błyszczeć czymś (np. talent)

All these details I can recollect at this moment as plainly as though they were of yesterday, for notwithstanding I was greatly troubled at the time, nothing escaped me; the faintest touch of shading, the little dark speck at the point of the chin, the imperceptible down at the corners of the lips, the velvety floss upon the brow, the quivering shadows of the eyelashes upon the cheeks, I could notice everything with astonishing lucidity of perception.

recollect - przypomnieć sobie; przypomnieć, przypominać sobie

plainly - wprost; wyraźnie, otwarcie, szczerze, skromnie

notwithstanding - mimo wszystko

faintest - zasłabnąć, zemdleć; omdlenie; słaby

speck - odrobina, szczypta, plamka, kropeczka

chin - podbródek; broda

imperceptible - niezauważalny

velvety - aksamitny

floss - czyścić zęby nitką dentystyczną; jedwab, nić dentystyczna

brow - brwi; czoło, brew, grzbiet, grań

lucidity - jasność, przezroczystość

And gazing I felt opening within me gates that had until then remained closed; vents long obstructed became all clear, permitting glimpses of unfamiliar perspectives within; life suddenly made itself visible to me under a totally novel aspect. I felt as though I had just been born into a new world and a new order of things. A frightful anguish commenced to torture my heart as with red-hot pincers.

vents - otwory wentylacyjne; dać upust; ujście, przewód wentylacyjny

obstructed - przesłonić, zatarasować, zablokować

unfamiliar - nieznany

frightful - przerażające; okropny, straszny

anguish - udręka; boleść

pincers - cęgi, szczypce

Every successive minute seemed to me at once but a second and yet a century. Meanwhile the ceremony was proceeding, and with an effort of will sufficient to have uprooted a mountain, I strove to cry out that I would not be a priest, but I could not speak; my tongue seemed nailed to my palate, and I found it impossible to express my will by the least syllable of negation.

uprooted - wykorzeniony; wykorzeniać, wykorzenić, wyrwać, wyrywać

palate - podniebienie

syllable - sylaba, zgłoska

negation - zaprzeczenie, zaprzeczanie, negacja, negowanie, odmowa

Though fully awake, I felt like one under the influence of a nightmare, who vainly strives to shriek out the one word upon which life depends.

awake - obudzony; budzić się, uświadomić sobie, obudzić; przebudzony

vainly - na próżno, nadaremnie

shriek - wrzask; krzyk; krzyczeć, krzyknąć

She seemed conscious of the martyrdom I was undergoing, and, as though to encourage me, she gave me a look replete with divinest promise. Her eyes were a poem; their every glance was a song.

martyrdom - męczeństwo; męka

replete - pełny; syty

She said to me:

"If thou wilt be mine, I shall make thee happier than God Himself in His paradise. The angels themselves will be jealous of thee. tear off that funeral shroud in which thou art about to wrap thyself. I am Beauty, I am Youth, I am Life. Come to me! Together we shall be Love. Can Jehovah offer thee aught in exchange? Our lives will flow on like a dream, in one eternal kiss.

thou - (though) mimo że, chociaż; ale, jednak; (slang) you - ty

wilt - usychać, więdnąć, zmarnieć, opaść z sił; (arch.) will

thee - (dial.) ciebie, tobie

paradise - raj, niebiosa

jealous - zazdrosny

tear off - zdzierać, oddzierać; bardzo szybko oddalić się (np. odjechać)

shroud - owijać, ukryć, przykryć; całun, zasłona

thyself - ty sam, samego siebie

Jehovah - Jehowa

aught - cokolwiek; (arch.) coś

"Fling forth the wine of that chalice, and thou art free. I will conduct thee to the Unknown Isles. Thou shalt sleep in my bosom upon a bed of massy gold under a silver pavilion, for I love thee and would take thee away from thy God, before whom so many noble hearts pour forth floods of love which never reach even the steps of His throne!"

fling - cisnąć, podrzucać, rzucać; szaleństwo, przygoda

chalice - kielich, puchar

Isles - wyspa

massy - solidny, masywny

pavilion - pawilon

thy - (dial.) twój, twoje

throne - tron, sedes

These words seemed to float to my ears in a rhythm of infinite sweetness, for her look was actually sonorous, and the utterances of her eyes were re-echoed in the depths of my heart as though living lips had breathed them into my life. I felt myself willing to renounce God, and yet my tongue mechanically fulfilled all the formalities of the ceremony.

sweetness - słodycz

sonorous - dźwięczny

utterances - wypowiedzi; wypowiedź, wyrażenie, wypowiedzenie

renounce - zrzekać się (np. stanowiska), wypowiadać (np. umowę); wyrzekać się, wypierać się (poglądów)

mechanically - mechanicznie

formalities - formalność

The fair one gave me another look, so beseeching, so despairing that keen blades seemed to pierce my heart, and I felt my bosom transfixed by more swords than those of Our Lady of Sorrows.

beseeching - (beseech) błagać, prosić usilnie, błagać o

despairing - zrozpaczony; rozpaczać, rozpacz, beznadzieja

pierce - przeszywać, przekłuć, przebić

transfixed - zafiksowany; sparaliżować, porazić

sorrows - smutki; smutek

All was consummated; I had become a priest.

consummated - doskonały, wytrawny, zakończyć, skonsumować

Never was deeper anguish painted on human face than upon hers.

The maiden who beholds her affianced lover suddenly fall dead at her side, the mother bending over the empty cradle of her child, Eve seated at the threshold of the gate of Paradise, the miser who finds a stone substituted for his stolen treasure, the poet who accidentally permits the only manuscript of his finest work to fall into the fire, could not wear a look so despairing, so inconsolable.

maiden - panna, dziewczyna, dziewica

affianced - w związku; ufność

cradle - kołyska, kolebka, widełki

miser - skąpiec; kutwa, sknera, sknera, sknerus

inconsolable - niepocieszony

All the blood had abandoned her charming face, leaving it whiter than marble; her beautiful arms hung lifelessly on either side of her body as though their muscles had suddenly relaxed, and she sought the support of a pillar, for her yielding limbs almost betrayed her.

marble - marmur; szklana kulka

lifelessly - bez życia

pillar - filar, podstawa

As for myself, I staggered toward the door of the church, livid as death, my forehead bathed with a sweat bloodier than that of Calvary; I felt as though I were being strangled; the vault seemed to have flattened down upon my shoulders, and it seemed to me that my head alone sustained the whole weight of the dome.

staggered - rozłożone w czasie; słaniać się, zataczać się, chwiać się

toward - ku, do, w stronę, w kierunku

livid - wściekły

sweat - tyrać, pocić się, ciężko pracować; pot

bloodier - bardziej krwawy; krwawiący, krwawy, cholerny

Calvary - kalwaria, droga krzyżowa, golgota, Calvary Kalwaria

strangled - dławić, dusić; zduszony

flattened - spłaszczony; spłaszczyć, wyrównać, równać, położyć, kłaść

dome - kopuła

As I was about to cross the threshold a hand suddenly caught mine-a woman's hand! I had never till then touched the hand of any woman. It was cold as a serpent's skin, and yet its impress remained upon my wrist, burnt there as though branded by a glowing iron. It was she. "Unhappy man! Unhappy man! What hast thou done?" she exclaimed in a low voice, and immediately disappeared in the crowd.

glowing - świecące; jarzyć się, żarzyć się, pałać, promienieć, jarzyć się

exclaimed - wykrzyknął; wołać, zawołać, wykrzykiwać, wykrzyknąć

The aged bishop passed by. He cast a severe and scrutinizing look upon me. My face presented the wildest aspect imaginable; I blushed and turned pale alternately; dazzling lights flashed before my eyes. A companion took pity on me. He seized my arm and led me out. I could not possibly have found my way back to the seminary unassisted.

scrutinizing - przypatrzeć, przeanalizować, sprawdzić, nadzorować

imaginable - można sobie wyobrazić

blushed - rumienić się, zaczerwienić się; rumieniec, róż do policzków

alternately - na przemian

dazzling - olśniewający

unassisted - bez pomocy

At the corner of a street, while the young priest's attention was momentarily turned in another direction, a negro page, fantastically garbed, approached me, and without pausing on his way slipped into my hand a little pocket-book with gold-embroidered corners, at the same time giving me a sign to hide it. I concealed it in my sleeve, and there kept it until I found myself alone in my cell.

momentarily - chwilowo

negro - murzyn, murzynka

fantastically - fantastycznie

garbed - ubrany; ubrać się, ubierać się; strój

pocket-book - (pocket-book) portfel; książka kieszonkowa

embroidered - haftowane; haftować, wyhaftować, koloryzować, podkolorowywać

sleeve - rękaw; koperta

Then I opened the clasp. There were only two leaves within, bearing the words, "Clarimonde. At the Concini Palace." So little acquainted was I at that time with the things of this world that I had never heard of Clarimonde, celebrated as she was, and I had no idea as to where the Concini Palace was situated.

clasp - zapięcie; klamra

acquainted - zapoznać, zaznajomić

I hazarded a thousand conjectures, each more extravagant than the last; but, in truth, I cared little whether she were a great lady or a courtesan, so that I could but see her once more.

conjectures - przypuszczenie, domysł

extravagant - ekstrawagancki

courtesan - kurtyzana

My love, although the growth of a single hour, had taken imperishable root. I gave myself up to a thousand extravagancies. I kissed the place upon my hand which she had touched, and I repeated her name over and over again for hours in succession.

imperishable - nieginący, niezniszczalny

extravagancies - ekstrawagancje

I only needed to close my eyes in order to see her distinctly as though she were actually present; and I reiterated to myself the words she had uttered in my ear at the church porch: "Unhappy man! Unhappy man! What hast thou done?" I comprehended at last the full horror of my situation, and the funereal and awful restraints of the state into which I had just entered became clearly revealed to me.

reiterated - powtórzone; powtórzyć, powtarzać, powtarzać, powtórzyć

uttered - wypowiedziane; wymawiać, wypowiadać, wydawać; kompletny, zupełny

porch - ganek, przedsionek, portyk

comprehended - zrozumiane; obejmować, objąć, pojmować, pojąć

funereal - żałobny

To be a priest!

-that is, to be chaste, to never love, to observe no distinction of sex or age, to turn from the sight of all beauty, to put out one's own eyes, to hide forever crouching in the chill shadows of some church or cloister, to visit none but the dying, to watch by unknown corpses, and ever bear about with one the black soutane as a garb of mourning for one's self, so that your very dress might serve as a pall for your coffin.

chaste - czysty; cnotliwy

crouching - przykucnąć, kucać, przyczaić, spiąć, gotować się

chill - chłód; ostudzić, oziębić, zmrozić; ziąb, dreszcz

cloister - krużganek; klasztor; klauzura

dying - (die) umierać; umierający, przedśmiertny

corpses - zwłoki-p, trup, ciało

soutane - sutanna

garb - ubrać się, ubierać się; strój

mourning - opłakiwanie, lament, żałoba

Pall - sprzykrzyć się, znudzić się; całun, pokrywa, obłok

coffin - trumna

What could I do in order to see Clarimonde once more? I had no pretext to offer for desiring to leave the seminary, not knowing any person in the city. I would not even be able to remain there but a short time, and was only waiting my assignment to the curacy which I must thereafter occupy.

pretext - wymówka, pretekst

curacy - kuracyja; wikariat

I tried to remove the bars of the window; but it was at a fearful height from the ground, and I found that as I had no ladder it would be useless to think of escaping thus. And, furthermore, I could descend thence only by night in any event, and afterward how should I be able to find my way through the inextricable labyrinth of streets?

fearful - przestraszony; strachliwy

afterward - potem, później, następnie

inextricable - nierozerwalny

labyrinth - labirynt, błędnik

All these difficulties, which to many would have appeared altogether insignificant, were gigantic to me, a poor seminarist who had fallen in love only the day before for the first time, without experience, without money, without attire.

insignificant - nieistotne

gigantic - gigantyczny, ogromny, olbrzymi, kolosalny

seminarist - seminarzysta

attire - strój, ubiór

"Ah!" cried I to myself in my blindness, "were I not a priest I could have seen her every day; I might have been her lover, her spouse. Instead of being wrapped in this dismal shroud of mine I would have had garments of silk and velvet, golden chains, a sword, and fair plumes like other handsome young cavaliers.

blindness - ślepota

dismal - ponury, okropny, posępny

garments - odzież; ubranie

plumes - pióropusze; unosić się, wygładzić, pysznić się; smuga, pióro

handsome - piękny, przystojny

cavaliers - kawaler; niefrasobliwy, nonszalancki

My hair, instead of being dishonoured by the tonsure, would flow down upon my neck in waving curls; I would have a fine waxed moustache; I would be a gallant." But one hour passed before an altar, a few hastily articulated words, had forever cut me off from the number of the living, and I had myself sealed down the stone of my own tomb; I had with my own hand bolted the gate of my prison!

dishonoured - zhańbiony; hańba, dyshonor

tonsure - tonsura

curls - loki; lok, kędzior, rotacja

waxed - woskowane; wosk

moustache - wąsy

gallant - galant, dandys; szarmancki, rycerski

altar - ołtarz

hastily - w pośpiechu; naprędce, pospiesznie, pośpiesznie

tomb - grobowiec

bolted - przykręcony; rzucić się do ucieczki, zaryglować; błyskawica

I went to the window. The sky was beautifully blue; the trees had donned their spring robes; nature seemed to be making parade of an ironical joy.

beautifully - pięknie

robes - uroczyście ubrać; suknia, szata, toga, szlafrok

ironical - ironiczny

The Place was filled with people, some going, others coming; young beaux and young beauties were sauntering in couples toward the groves and gardens; merry youths passed by, cheerily trolling refrains of drinking songs-it was all a picture of vivacity, life, animation, gaiety, which formed a bitter contrast with my mourning and my solitude.

sauntering - (saunter) przechadzać się, spacerować; przechadzając się

groves - gaje; gaj, lasek

merry - radosny, wesoły

cheerily - radośnie, wesoło

trolling - trolling

refrains - refreny; powstrzymać; refren, myśl, uwaga

gaiety - wesołość

solitude - samotność

On the steps of the gate sat a young mother playing with her child. She kissed its little rosy mouth still impearled with drops of milk, and performed, in order to amuse it, a thousand divine little puerilities such as only mothers know how to invent. The father standing at a little distance smiled gently upon the charming group, and with folded arms seemed to hug his joy to his heart.

rosy - różowy; różany, kwitnący

amuse - bawić, zabawiać, rozbawić, rozerwać, śmieszyć

puerilities - połóg; dziecinada, dzieciństwo

gently - łagodnie, delikatnie

hug - uścisk; przytulenie, obejmowanie, objęcie, przytulać, przytulić

I could not endure that spectacle. I closed the window with violence, and flung myself on my bed, my heart filled with frightful hate and jealousy, and gnawed my fingers and my bed covers like a tiger that has passed ten days without food.

flung - rzucony; cisnąć, podrzucać, rzucać; szaleństwo, przygoda

jealousy - zazdrość; zawiść

gnawed - obgryziony; gryźć, głodać

tiger - tygrys

I know not how long I remained in this condition, but at last, while writhing on the bed in a fit of spasmodic fury, I suddenly perceived the Abbé Sérapion, who was standing erect in the centre of the room, watching me attentively. Filled with shame of myself, I let my head fall upon my breast and covered my face with my hands.

writhing - (writhe) zwinąć, skręcić; wijący się

spasmodic - spazmatyczny

fury - wściekłość; Furia

attentively - uważnie, bacznie

"Romuald, my friend, something very extraordinary is transpiring within you," observed Sérapion, after a few moments'silence; "your conduct is altogether inexplicable. You-always so quiet, so pious, so gentle-you to rage in your cell like a wild beast! Take heed, brother-do not listen to the suggestions of the devil. Fear not. Never allow yourself to become discouraged.

transpiring - się dzieje; parować, wydychać, wydzielać, zdarzać

inexplicable - niewytłumaczalne

pious - pobożny, nabożny, bogobojny, zbożny

heed - posłuchać; baczenie; baczyć

The most watchful and steadfast souls are at moments liable to such temptation. Pray, fast, meditate, and the Evil Spirit will depart from you."

most watchful - najbardziej czujny

steadfast - niezachwiany, niezłomny, oddany

temptation - kuszenie, pokuszenie, pokusa

meditate - medytować

The words of the Abbé Sérapion restored me to myself, and I became a little more calm. "I came," he continued, "to tell you that you have been appointed to the curacy of C--. The priest who had charge of it has just died, and Monseigneur the Bishop has ordered me to have you installed there at once. Be ready, therefore, to start tomorrow."

To leave tomorrow without having been able to see her again, to add yet another barrier to the many already interposed between us, to lose forever all hope of being able to meet her, except, indeed, through a miracle! Even to write her, alas! would be impossible, for by whom could I despatch my letter?

interposed - wtrącony; mieszać, przerywać, wprowadzać, wprowadzić, wstawiać

Alas - niestety

despatch - wysyłać, załatwić; wysyłka, depesza, meldunek

With my sacred character of priest, to whom could I dare unbosom myself, in whom could I confide? I became a prey to the bitterest anxiety.

unbosom - odczepić się

confide - zwierzać się, powierzać

Next morning Sérapion came to take me away. Two mules freighted with our miserable valises awaited us at the gate. He mounted one, and I the other as well as I knew how.

mules - muły; pantofel bez pięty, muł, rodzaj łódki

freighted - frachtowane; frachtować, ładować; fracht, ładunek

valises - walizki

As we passed along the streets of the city, I gazed attentively at all the windows and balconies in the hope of seeing Clarimonde, but it was yet early in the morning, and the city had hardly opened its eyes. Mine sought to penetrate the blinds and window-curtains of all the palaces before which we were passing.

balconies - balkony; balkon, balkon

penetrate - przeniknąć; przenikać, penetrować, spenetrować

Sérapion doubtless attributed this curiosity to my admiration of the architecture, for he slackened the pace of his animal in order to give me time to look around me. At last we passed the city gates and commenced to mount the hill beyond. When we arrived at its summit I turned to take a last look at the place where Clarimonde dwelt.

doubtless - bez wątpienia; bez wątpliwości

admiration - podziw, admiracja

slackened - zwalniać, zmniejszać prędkość, poluźnić

dwelt - mieszkać, zamieszkiwać

The shadow of a great cloud hung over all the city; the contrasting colours of its blue and red roofs were lost in the uniform half-tint, through which here and there floated upward, like white flakes of foam, the smoke of freshly kindled fires.

tint - koloryzować; odcień, szampon koloryzujący

upward - w górę, do góry; zwrócony ku górze

flakes - złuszczyć się, odpaść, odłupać, rozpaść; płatek, wiórek, płat

foam - pianka; piana; pienić się

freshly - świeżo

kindled - rozpalony; zapalić, rozpalić, wzniecić; podpałka

By a singular optical effect one edifice, which surpassed in height all the neighbouring buildings that were still dimly veiled by the vapours, towered up, fair and lustrous with the gilding of a solitary beam of sunlight-although actually more than a league away it seemed quite near.

singular - w liczbie pojedynczej; osobliwy; pojedynczy; nieodwracalna

edifice - gmach

surpassed - przewyższać, przewyższyć

buildings - budynki; (build) budować; budynek, budowanie

dimly - ciemno, blado, słabo, niewyraźnie

veiled - zawoalowany; zasłona, przesłona, welon, woalka

vapours - mgła, para, opary

gilding - złocenie

solitary - izolatka; jeden, samotniczy, samotny, ustronny

sunlight - światło słoneczne; światło

The smallest details of its architecture were plainly distinguishable-the turrets, the platform, the window-casements and even the swallow-tailed weather vanes.

distinguishable - rozróżnialne

turrets - wieżyczki; wieżyczka, wieżyczka

casements - okno na zawiasach

vanes - łopatka, wiatrowskaz

"What is that place I see over there, all lighted up by the sun?" I asked Sérapion. He shaded his eyes with his hand, and having looked in the direction indicated, replied: "It is the ancient palace which the Prince Concini has given to the courtesan Clarimonde. Awful things are done there!"

lighted up - zapalony; rozbłyśnięty

At that instant, I know not yet whether it was a reality or an illusion, I fancied I saw gliding along the terrace a shapely white figure, which gleamed for a moment in passing and as quickly vanished. It was Clarimonde.

gliding - szybowanie; szybownictwo

terrace - taras, terasa, tasas

shapely - zgrabny, kształtny

Oh, did she know that at that very hour, all feverish and restless-from the height of the rugged road which separated me from her and which, alas! I could never more descend-I was directing my eyes upon the palace where she dwelt, and which a mocking beam of sunlight seemed to bring nigh to me, as though inviting me to enter therein as its lord?

feverish - gorączkowy, rozgorączkowany

restless - bez odpoczynku; niespokojny; niezaspokojony

rugged - wytrzymały; twardy, mocny, nierówny; (rug); dywanik

mocking - kpina; (mock) wyśmiać, przedrzeźniać, pokpiwać, drwić; kpiny

nigh - bliski; blisko, niebawem

Therein - w tym, tamże, w niniejszym

Undoubtedly she must have known it, for her soul was too sympathetically united with mine not to have felt its least emotional thrill, and that subtle sympathy it must have been which prompted her to climb-although clad only in her night-dress-to the summit of the terrace, amid the icy dews of the morning.

sympathetically - sympatycznie

thrill - dreszczyk emocji; podekscytować; dreszcz emocji

icy - lodowaty, lodowy

dews - rosa

The shadow gained the palace, and the scene became to the eye only a motionless ocean of roofs and gables, amid which one mountainous undulation was distinctly visible. Sérapion urged his mule forward, my own at once followed at the same gait, and a sharp angle in the road at last hid the city of S-- forever from my eyes, as I was destined never to return thither.

motionless - nieruchomy

gables - szczyty; wzgórze, szczyt

mountainous - górzysty

undulation - zafalowanie; falistość

mule - pantofel bez pięty, muł, rodzaj łódki

gait - chód, krok

destined - przeznaczyć

thither - tam, dotamtąd

At the close of a weary three-days'journey through dismal country fields, we caught sight of the cock upon the steeple of the church which I was to take charge of, peeping above the trees, and after having followed some winding roads fringed with thatched cottages and little gardens, we found ourselves in front of the façade, which certainly possessed few features of magnificence.

weary - zmęczony; znużony; męczący; nużyć, znużyć

cock - kutas; podnosić, odciągać kurek strzelby, nastawić uszu; kogut

steeple - dzwonnica

peeping - podglądanie; zerknąć, podejrzeć, podglądać; spojrzenie

winding - nawijanie; (wind) wiać, przewijać, pozbawić tchu; wiatr; zakole

fringed - z frędzlami; ubocze

thatched - kryte strzechą; pokryć strzechą; strzecha

façade - fasada

A porch ornamented with some mouldings, and two or three pillars rudely hewn from sandstone; a tiled roof with counterforts of the same sandstone as the pillars, that was all. To the left lay the cemetery, overgrown with high weeds, and having a great iron cross rising up in its centre; to the right stood the presbytery, under the shadow of the church.

ornamented - zdobione; ornament, ozdoba, ornament, ozdabiać, dekorować

mouldings - (mould) formować; forma, foremka, pleśń

pillars - filar, filar, podstawa

rudely - niegrzecznie, brutalnie; nagle

hewn - ociosany; (hew) rąbać, ociosać

sandstone - piaskowiec

tiled roof - dach pokryty dachówką

counterforts - kontrfakty

overgrown - zarośnięty

presbytery - prezbiterium

It was a house of the most extreme simplicity and frigid cleanliness. We entered the enclosure. A few chickens were picking up some oats scattered upon the ground; accustomed, seemingly, to the black habit of ecclesiastics, they showed no fear of our presence and scarcely troubled themselves to get out of our way.

simplicity - łatwość, prostota

frigid - chłodny, zimny

cleanliness - czystość, czystota

enclosure - obudowa; klauzura

oats - owies

accustomed - przyzwyczajony; przyzwyczajać, przyzwyczaić

ecclesiastics - duchowny, osoba duchowna

A hoarse, wheezy barking fell upon our ears, and we saw an aged dog running toward us.

hoarse - chrypka; zachrypnięty, ochrypły

wheezy - chrapliwy, astmatyczny

barking - zaszczekać, warknąć; łódź, kora, szczeknięcie, ujadanie

It was my predecessor's dog. He had dull bleared eyes, grizzled hair, and every mark of the greatest age to which a dog can possibly attain. I patted him gently, and he proceeded at once to march along beside me with an air of satisfaction unspeakable.

grizzled - mazać się

patted - poklepany; klepać, poklepać, pogłaskać; klepnięcie, kawałek

unspeakable - niewypowiedziane

A very old woman, who had been the housekeeper of the former curé, also came to meet us, and after having invited me into a little back parlour, asked whether I intended to retain her. I replied that I would take care of her, and the dog, and the chickens, and all the furniture her master had bequeathed her at his death.

housekeeper - pomoc domowa, gosposia

parlour - salon, rozmównica, pokój przyjęć

bequeathed - w spadku; zapisywać, zapisać

At this she became fairly transported with joy, and the Abbé Sérapion at once paid her the price which she asked for her little property.

For a whole year I fulfilled all the duties of my calling with the most scrupulous exactitude, praying and fasting, exhorting and lending ghostly aid to the sick, and bestowing alms even to the extent of frequently depriving myself of the very necessaries of life. But I felt a great aridness within me, and the sources of grace seemed closed against me.

scrupulous - skrupulatny

exactitude - dokładność

exhorting - napominanie; namawiać, zachęcać

ghostly - upiorny; widmowy, zmorowaty

bestowing - obdarzyć, nadać, obdarowywać

alms - jałmużna

aridness - jałowość

I never found that happiness which should spring from the fulfilment of a holy mission; my thoughts were far away, and the words of Clarimonde were ever upon my lips like an involuntary refrain. Oh, brother, meditate well on this!

fulfilment - satysfakcja, spełnienie

involuntary - mimowolne; mimowolny

refrain - powstrzymać; refren, myśl, uwaga

Through having but once lifted my eyes to look upon a woman, through one fault apparently so venial, I have for years remained a victim to the most miserable agonies, and the happiness of my life has been destroyed forever.

venial - wenialny; lekki

most miserable - najbardziej nieszczęśliwy

agonies - męki; agonia

I will not longer dwell upon those defeats, or on those inward victories invariably followed by yet more terrible falls, but will at once proceed to the facts of my story. One night my door-bell was long and violently rung.

inward - do środka; skryty, wewnętrzny

invariably - niezmiennie

more terrible - straszniejsze; paskudniejsze; bardziej przerażający

violently - gwałtownie, silnie

rung - (ring) dzwonić; pierścień, kółko; szczebel

The aged housekeeper arose and opened to the stranger, and the figure of a man, whose complexion was deeply bronzed, and who was richly clad in a foreign costume, with a poniard at his girdle, appeared under the rays of Barbara's lantern. Her first impulse was one of terror, but the stranger reassured her, and stated that he desired to see me at once on matters relating to my holy calling.

complexion - cera, karnacja, płeć

bronzed - brąz, brąz, brązowy, brązowy

richly - bogato

poniard - sztylet

girdle - opasywać; gorset, pasek

lantern - latarnia

impulse - impuls

Barbara invited him upstairs, where I was on the point of retiring. The stranger told me that his mistress, a very noble lady, was lying at the point of death, and desired to see a priest. I replied that I was prepared to follow him, took with me the sacred articles necessary for extreme unction, and descended in all haste.

Mistress - pani; kochanka

unction - namaszczenie

haste - pośpiech

Two horses black as the night itself stood without the gate, pawing the ground with impatience, and veiling their chests with long streams of smoky vapour exhaled from their nostrils. He held the stirrup and aided me to mount upon one; then, merely laying his hand upon the pummel of the saddle, he vaulted on the other, pressed the animal's sides with his knees, and loosened rein.

pawing - łapanie; drapać, skrobać, obmacać, obłapić; łapa, ręka

veiling - zasłonięcie; (veil) zasłonić, ukryć; welon, woalka, zasłona

smoky - dymiący; zadymiony, przydymiony

vapour - mgła, para, opary

exhaled - wydychane; wydychać

stirrup - strzemię

pummel - okładać

saddle - siodłać, osiodłać; siodełko, siodło

vaulted - sklepione; skoczyć, skakać przez coś, przeskoczyć; skarbiec

loosened - poluzować

rein - rządzić, zatrzymać, ograniczyć, zahamować; cugle

The horse bounded forward with the velocity of an arrow. Mine, of which the stranger held the bridle, also started off at a swift gallop, keeping up with his companion. We devoured the road. The ground flowed backward beneath us in a long streaked line of pale grey, and the black silhouettes of the trees seemed fleeing by us on either side like an army in rout.

bounded - ograniczony; (bind) odbić się, skoczyć, związać, połączyć; skok

velocity - prędkość

bridle - uzdy; uzda, ogłowie, tranzelka, żachnąć się

swift - szybki; jerzyk

gallop - cwał, galop, galopować, cwałować

devoured - pożarty; pożerać

backward - tył

streaked - smugi; passa

silhouettes - sylwetki; zarys, kontur, sylwetka

rout - rutyna; rozgromić; pogrom, nielegalne zgromadzenia

We passed through a forest so profoundly gloomy that I felt my flesh creep in the chill darkness with superstitious fear.

profoundly - wnikliwie, gruntownie, głęboko, wyjątkowo

gloomy - ponury; mroczny

creep in - wkradać się

superstitious - przesądny

The showers of bright sparks which flew from the stony road under the ironshod feet of our horses, remained glowing in our wake like a fiery trail; and had any one at that hour of the night beheld us both-my guide and myself-he must have taken us for two spectres riding upon nightmares.

stony - kamienny; kamienisty

fiery - ognisty, ogniowy

spectres - widma; widmo

Witch-fires ever and anon flitted across the road before us, and the night-birds shrieked fearsomely in the depth of the woods beyond, where we beheld at intervals glow the phosphorescent eyes of wildcats. The manes of the horses became more and more dishevelled, the sweat streamed over their flanks, and their breath came through their nostrils hard and fast.

witch - czarownica, wiedźma

anon - niebawem, wkrótce

flitted - śmignąć, pomknąć

shrieked - wrzasnął; krzyk, krzyczeć, krzyknąć

fearsomely - przerażająco

glow - blask; jarzyć się, żarzyć się, pałać, promienieć, świecić

phosphorescent - fosforyzujący

wildcats - żbiki; żbik

manes - grzywy

dishevelled - rozczochrać

flanks - boki; flankować, oskrzydlać, bok, łata, flanka, skrzydło

But when he found them slacking pace, the guide reanimated them by uttering a strange, guttural, unearthly cry, and the gallop recommenced with fury.

slacking - luz; węgiel odpadowy; luźny, zwiotczały, powolny, bezczynny

reanimated - ożywiony; ożywić

uttering - wypowiedź; (utter) wymawiać, wypowiadać, wydawać; mówiący

guttural - nieartykułowany; gardłowy

unearthly - nieludzki, nieziemski, absurdalny, niewiarygodny

recommenced - wznowione; wznowić, rozpocząć

At last the whirlwind race ceased; a huge black mass pierced through with many bright points of light suddenly rose before us, the hoofs of our horses echoed louder upon a strong wooden drawbridge, and we rode under a great vaulted archway which darkly yawned between two enormous towers. Some great excitement evidently reigned in the castle.

whirlwind - trąba powietrzna

pierced - przebity; przeszywać, przekłuć, przebić

hoofs - kopyta; kopyto

Drawbridge - most zwodzony

archway - brama, sklepione przejście

darkly - ponuro

yawned - ziewnął; ziewać, ziewnąć, ziewanie

evidently - najwyraźniej; ewidentnie, zauważalnie

Servants with torches were crossing the courtyard in every direction, and above lights were ascending and descending from landing to landing. I obtained a confused glimpse of vast masses of architecture-columns, arcades, flights of steps, stairways-a royal voluptuousness and elfin magnificence of construction worthy of fairyland.

torches - pochodnie; pochodnia, żagiew, łuczywo

courtyard - dziedziniec, podwórze, dwór

ascending - wspiąć, wjechać, wznosić się

descending from - pochodzić od, wywodzić się z

arcades - arkady; arkada, pasaż, galeria, arkada, arkada, salon gier

stairways - klatka schodowa

voluptuousness - zmysłowość, pożądliwość

elfin - delikatny, zwiewny

fairyland - baśniowa kraina

A negro page-the same who had before brought me the tablet from Clarimonde, and whom I instantly recognized-approached to aid me in dismounting, and the major-domo, attired in black velvet with a gold chain about his neck, advanced to meet me, supporting himself upon an ivory cane. Large tears were falling from his eyes and streaming over his cheeks and white beard. "Too late!

dismounting - demontaż; zsadzać, zsadzić, zsiadać, zsiąść

attired in - być ubranym w; być okrytym

ivory - kość słoniowa

cane - laska; chłostać

beard - brodę; broda

" he cried, sorrowfully shaking his venerable head. "Too late, sir priest! But if you have not been able to save the soul, come at least to watch by the poor body."

sorrowfully - smutno

He took my arm and conducted me to the death chamber. I wept not less bitterly than he, for I had learned that the dead one was none other than that Clarimonde whom I had so deeply and so wildly loved.

wept - płakał; płakać, szlochać; płacz

bitterly - przenikliwie, gorzko

A prie-dieu stood at the foot of the bed; a bluish flame flickering in a bronze patera filled all the room with a wan, deceptive light, here and there bringing out in the darkness at intervals some projection of furniture or cornice.

flickering - migotanie; migotać, mienić się; błysk

bronze - brąz; brązowy

wan - blady, niewyraźny, mizerny

deceptive - zwodniczy

cornice - gzyms

In a chiselled urn upon the table there was a faded white rose, whose leaves-excepting one that still held-had all fallen, like odorous tears, to the foot of the vase. A broken black mask, a fan, and disguises of every variety, which were lying on the arm-chairs, bore witness that death had entered suddenly and unannounced into that sumptuous dwelling.

chiselled - wyrzeźbiony; wyrzeźbić, wydłutować; dłuto

urn - urna

odorous - pachnący, śmierdzący

vase - wazon

disguises - przebrania; kamuflaż, przebranie

unannounced - bez zapowiedzi

sumptuous - wystawny, pełen przepychu

dwelling - mieszkania; (dwell) zamieszkiwać, przebywać, rezydować

Without daring to cast my eyes upon the bed, I knelt down and commenced to repeat the Psalms for the Dead, with exceeding fervour, thanking God that He had placed the tomb between me and the memory of this woman, so that I might thereafter be able to utter her name in my prayers as a name forever sanctified by death. But my fervour gradually weakened, and I fell insensibly into a reverie.

knelt - klęczał; klęczeć

Psalms - psalmy; psalm, psalm

fervour - zapał

utter - wypowiedzieć; wymawiać, wypowiadać, wydawać; kompletny, zupełny

sanctified - uświęcić

reverie - zadumę; marzenia, sny na jawie, mrzonki

That chamber bore no semblance to a chamber of death. In lieu of the fStid and cadaverous odours which I had been accustomed to breathe during such funereal vigils, a languorous vapour of Oriental perfume-I know not what amorous odour of woman-softly floated through the tepid air.

semblance - wrażenie

lieu - kłamstwo; miejsce

cadaverous - zwłoki; trupi

odours - odór, woń, zapach

vigils - czuwania; czuwanie

languorous - ospały

Oriental - Azjata; orientalny

perfume - woń, zapach, aromat, perfumy, perfumować, naperfumować

amorous - miłosny

softly - delikatnie; cicho

tepid - chłodny; letni

That pale light seemed rather a twilight gloom contrived for voluptuous pleasure, than a substitute for the yellow-flickering watch-tapers which shine by the side of corpses. I thought upon the strange destiny which enabled me to meet Clarimonde again at the very moment when she was lost to me forever, and a sigh of regretful anguish escaped from my breast.

twilight - zmierzch, zmrok, półmrok, półzmrok

gloom - smutnieć, zaciemniać; mrok, przygnębienie

contrived - zaaranżować, zdołać coś zrobić

voluptuous - zmysłowy

regretful - żałować

Then it seemed to me that some one behind me had also sighed, and I turned round to look. It was only an echo. But in that moment my eyes fell upon the bed of death which they had till then avoided.

The red damask curtains, decorated with large flowers worked in embroidery, and looped up with gold bullion, permitted me to behold the fair dead, lying at full length, with hands joined upon her bosom.

damask - adamaszek

embroidery - haft

bullion - kruszec w sztabach

behold - zobaczyć; ujrzeć

She was covered with a linen wrapping of dazzling whiteness, which formed a strong contrast with the gloomy purple of the hangings, and was of so fine a texture that it concealed nothing of her body's charming form, and allowed the eye to follow those beautiful outlines-undulating like the neck of a swan-which even death had not robbed of their supple grace.

linen - pościel; płótno; bielizna, bielizna stołowa

whiteness - białość, biel

hangings - powieszenia; (hang) wisieć, wieszać, powiesić; kotara; wiszące

swan - łabędź

supple - giętki, uniżony

She seemed an alabaster statue executed by same skilful sculptor to place upon the tomb of a queen, or rather, perhaps, like a slumbering maiden over whom the silent snow had woven a spotless veil.

alabaster - alabaster; alabastrowy

skilful - sprawny, zręczny, wymagający dużej zręczności

sculptor - rzeźbiarz, rzeźbiarka

slumbering - drzemka; (slumber) zdrzemnąć się, spać; spanie

spotless - nieskazitelny; nieskazitelnie czysty, bez skazy

veil - zasłona, przesłona, welon, woalka

I could no longer maintain my constrained attitude of prayer. The air of the alcove intoxicated me, that febrile perfume of half-faded roses penetrated my very brain, and I commenced to pace restlessly up and down the chamber, pausing at each turn before the bier to contemplate the graceful corpse lying beneath the transparency of its shroud. Wild fancies came thronging to my brain.

constrained - krępować, ograniczać, przymusić, przymuszać, zmuszać

alcove - alkowa; nisza, wnęka, requent when used as a sleeping space

intoxicated - odurzony; otępić, odurzyć

febrile - gorączkowy

roses - róże; Róża

penetrated - spenetrowany; przenikać, penetrować, spenetrować, penetrować

restlessly - niespokojnie, nerwowo

graceful - wdzięczny; pełen wdzięku, powabny

corpse - zwłoki, trup, ciało, truchło

thronging - tłumy; tłok, tłum, ciżba

I thought to myself that she might not, perhaps, be really dead; that she might only have feigned death for the purpose of bringing me to her castle, and then declaring her love. At one time I even thought I saw her foot move under the whiteness of the coverings, and slightly disarrange the long, straight folds of the winding sheet.

feigned death - udawana śmierć; sfingowana śmierć

coverings - pokrycia; (cover) przykryć, nakryć, okryć, zakryć; pokrywa

disarrange - zdezorganizować; zrobić bałagan w, porozrzucać, potargać

And then I asked myself: "Is this indeed Clarimonde? What proof have I that it is she? Might not that black page have passed into the service of some other lady? Surely, I must be going mad to torture and afflict myself thus!" But my heart answered with a fierce throbbing: "It is she; it is she indeed!

going mad - oszaleć

afflict - dotykać, dręczyć

throbbing - pulsowanie; (throb) drżeć; bicie, walenie, rwanie

" I approached the bed again, and fixed my eyes with redoubled attention upon the object of my incertitude. Ah, must I confess it? That exquisite perfection of bodily form, although purified and made sacred by the shadow of death, affected me more voluptuously than it should have done, and that repose so closely resembled slumber that one might well have mistaken it for such.

redoubled - podwojona; podwajać, podwoić, podwojenie

incertitude - niepewność

exquisite - wykwintny; wyśmienity, wyborny

perfection - doskonałość, perfekcja

bodily - ciało; cielesny

purified - oczyścić

voluptuously - zmysłowo

repose - odpocząć; odpoczywać, opierać, kłaść; odpoczynek, spokój

slumber - drzemka; drzemać, zdrzemnąć

I forgot that I had come there to perform a funeral ceremony; I fancied myself a young bridegroom entering the chamber of the bride, who all modestly hides her fair face, and through coyness seeks to keep herself wholly veiled. Heartbroken with grief, yet wild with hope, shuddering at once with fear and pleasure, I bent over her and grasped the corner of the sheet.

funeral ceremony - ceremonia pogrzebowa

bridegroom - pan młody, nowożeniec

modestly - skromnie, grzecznie, uprzejmie

coyness - nieśmiałość, rezerwa

Heartbroken - bolesne przeżycie, zawód miłosny

shuddering - (shudder) zadrżeć, drżeć; ciarki, dreszcz; drżenie

I lifted it back, holding my breath all the while through fear of waking her. My arteries throbbed with such violence that I felt them hiss through my temples, and the sweat poured from my forehead in streams, as though I had lifted a mighty slab of marble. There, indeed, lay Clarimonde, even as I had seen her at the church on the day of my ordination. She was not less charming than then.

arteries - tętnice; tętnica, arteria, arteria

throbbed - pulsował; tętnić

hiss - syk; syczenie; syczeć

mighty - mocarny, potężny

slab - płyta, kawał, gruba pajda

With her, death seemed but a last coquetry.

coquetry - kokieteria, zalotność

The pallor of her cheeks, the less brilliant carnation of her lips, her long eyelashes lowered and relieving their dark fringe against that white skin, lent her an unspeakably seductive aspect of melancholy chastity and mental suffering; her long loose hair, still intertwined with some little blue flowers, made a shining pillow for her head, and veiled the nudity of her shoulders with its thick ringlets; her beautiful hands, purer, more diaphanous than the Host, were crossed on her bosom in an attitude of pious rest and silent prayer, which served to counteract all that might have proven otherwise too alluring-even after death-in the exquisite roundness and ivory polish of her bare arms from which the pearl bracelets had not yet been removed. I remained long in mute contemplation, and the more I gazed, the less could I persuade myself that life had really abandoned that beautiful body forever. I do not know whether it was an illusion or a reflection of the lamplight, but it seemed to me that the blood was again commencing to circulate under that lifeless pallor, although she remained all motionless. I laid my hand lightly on her arm; it was cold, but not colder than her hand on the day when it touched mine at the portals of the church. I resumed my position, bending my face above her, and bathing her cheeks with the warm dew of my tears. Ah, what bitter feelings of despair and helplessness, what agonies unutterable did I endure in that long watch! Vainly did I wish that I could have gathered all my life into one mass that I might give it all to her, and breathe into her chill remains the flame which devoured me. The night advanced, and feeling the moment of eternal separation approach, I could not deny myself the last sad sweet pleasure of imprinting a kiss upon the dead lips of her who had been my only love.... Oh, miracle! A faint breath mingled itself with my breath, and the mouth of Clarimonde responded to the passionate pressure of mine. Her eyes unclosed, and lighted up with something of their former brilliancy; she uttered a long sigh, and uncrossing her arms, passed them around my neck with a look of ineffable delight. "Ah, it is thou, Romuald;" she murmured in a voice languishingly sweet as the last vibrations of a harp. "What ailed thee, dearest? I waited so long for thee that I am dead; but we are now betrothed; I can see thee and visit thee. Adieu, Romuald, adieu! I love thee. That is all I wished to tell thee, and I give thee back the life which thy kiss for a moment recalled. We shall soon meet again."

pallor - bladość

carnation - goździk

fringe - ubocze; grzywka

unspeakably - niewypowiedzianie

seductive - uwodzicielski

melancholy - melancholia

chastity - czystość

mental suffering - cierpienie psychiczne

intertwined - przeplatać, splatać

pillow - poduszka, zagłówek

nudity - nagość

ringlets - kółeczka; pukiel

diaphanous - przeźroczysty

counteract - przeciwdziałać

alluring - uwodzicielski; kusić, uwodzić, wabić; wdzięk, pokusa

roundness - zaokrąglenie; okrągłość

polish - polski; język polski, polszczyzna

bracelets - bransoletki; bransoletka

mute - wyciszyć; ściszyć; tłumik; niemy, milczący

contemplation - kontemplacja, medytacja, bogomyślność

lamplight - światło lampy

lifeless - martwy, zwiędły, pozbawiony życia, bez życia, niezdrowy

lightly - lekko

portals - portal, portal, portal, żyła wrotna

dew - rosa

feelings - uczucia; (feel) czuć, doświadczać, dotykać; uczucie, wrażenie

despair - rozpaczać; rozpacz, beznadzieja

helplessness - bezradność, bezbronność, bezsilność

unutterable - nie do wymówienia

imprinting - odciskanie

faint - zasłabnąć, zemdleć; omdlenie; słaby

mingled - przyłączać, mieszać

unclosed - niezamknięte; otworzyć

uncrossing - rozkrzyżowanie

ineffable - niewysłowiony

murmured - mruknął; pomruk, mruczenie, szmer

languishingly - marnie

vibrations - drganie, drżenie

harp - harfa

ailed - chory; trapić, niedomagać, chorować, kuleć, boleć, dolegać

adieu - żegnaj, pożegananie

Her head fell back, but her arms yet encircled me, as though to retain me still. A furious whirlwind suddenly burst in that window, and entered the chamber. The last remaining leaf of the white rose for a moment palpitated at the extremity of the stalk like a butterfly's wing, then it detached itself and flew forth through the open casement, bearing with it the soul of Clarimonde.

encircled - otoczony; okrążać, okrążyć, otaczać, otoczyć

palpitated - kołatać, pulsować; kołatanie

extremity - kraniec, koniec, kończyna, ostateczność

stalk - łodyga; nóżka (np. kieliszka); dźwignia przy kierownicy (regulująca kierunkowskazy, wycieraczki oraz światła); pała, człon (penis w stanie wzwodu); podchodzić, skradać się; śledzić, tropić; nawiedzać, grasować

butterfly - motyl

detached - odpiąć, oderwać, odłączyć, odczepić, oddzielić, odkomenderować

casement - okno na zawiasach

The lamp was extinguished, and I fell insensible upon the bosom of the beautiful dead.

extinguished - zgasły; stłumić, ugasić, zgasić, stłumić, ugasić, wymazać

insensible - niewrażliwy

When I came to myself again I was lying on the bed in my little room at the presbytery, and the old dog of the former curé was licking my hand which had been hanging down outside of the covers. Afterward I learned that I had lain thus for three days, giving no evidence of life beyond the faintest respiration.

licking - lizanie; lanie, manto, cięgi

respiration - oddychanie

Barbara told me that the same coppery-complexioned man who came to seek me on the night of my departure from the presbytery, had brought me back the next morning in a close litter, and departed immediately afterward; but none knew of any castle in the neighbourhood answering to the description of that in which I had again found Clarimonde.

coppery - miedziany

complexioned - karnacji; cera, karnacja, płeć

One morning I found the Abbé Sérapion in my room. While he inquired after my health in hypocritically honeyed accents, he constantly kept his two great yellow lion-eyes fixed upon me, and plunged his look into my soul like a sounding lead. Suddenly he said, in a clear vibrant voice, which rang in my ears like the trumpets of the Last Judgment:

inquired - zapytać, pytać, dowiadywać się

hypocritically - obłudnie

honeyed - miód, laska, kolor) miodowy

rang - zadzwonić

trumpets - trąbki; trąbka, trębacz, trąbienie

judgment - wyrok; osądzanie; rozsądek, rozeznanie, wyczucie, osąd

"The great courtesan Clarimonde died a few days ago, at the close of an orgie which lasted eight days and eight nights. It was something infernally splendid. The abominations of the banquets of Belshazzar and Cleopatra were re-enacted there. Good God, what age are we living in? The guests were served by swarthy slaves who spoke an unknown tongue, and who seemed to me to be veritable demons.

infernally - piekielnie

splendid - wspaniały; arcydobry

abominations - abominacja

banquets - bankiety; bankiet, biesiada, bankietować

Cleopatra - Kleopatra

swarthy - śniady, smagły, ciemnolicy

veritable - prawdziwy

The livery of the very least among them would have served for the gala-dress of an emperor. There have always been very strange stories told of this Clarimonde, and all her lovers came to a violent or miserable end. They used to say that she was a ghoul, a female vampire; but I believe she was none other than Beelzebub himself."

livery - malowanie; liberia

gala-dress - (gala-dress) suknia galowa; galowy strój

Emperor - imperator, cesarz

lovers - kochanków; kochanek, miłośnik; zakochany

ghoul - ghul, gul

vampire - wampir, upiór, wampirzyca, wąpierz

Beelzebub - belzebub

He ceased to speak and commenced to regard me more attentively than ever, as though to observe the effect of his words on me.

I could not refrain from starting when I heard him utter the name of Clarimonde, and this news of her death, in addition to the pain it caused me by reason of its coincidence with the nocturnal scenes I had witnessed, filled me with an agony and terror which my face betrayed, despite my utmost endeavours to appear composed.

nocturnal - nocny

agony - agonia

utmost - najwyższy, największy, maksymalny

Sérapion fixed an anxious and severe look upon me, and then observed: "My son, I must warn you that you are standing with foot raised upon the brink of an abyss; take heed lest you fall therein. Satan's claws are long, and tombs are not always true to their trust. The tombstone of Clarimonde should be sealed down with a triple seal, for, if report be true, it is not the first time she has died.

brink - krawędź, stać u progu czegoś

abyss - przepaść, czeluść, otchłań

Satan - Szatan

claws - pazury; drapać; pazur, szpon, łapa

tombstone - nagrobek

triple - potrójny; trzyosobowy; potrojenie; troić, potroić, potrajać

May God watch over you, Romuald!"

And with these words the Abbé walked slowly to the door. I did not see him again at that time, for he left for S-- almost immediately.

I became completely restored to health and resumed my accustomed duties. The memory of Clarimonde and the words of the old Abbé were constantly in my mind; nevertheless no extraordinary event had occurred to verify the funereal predictions of Sérapion, and I had commenced to believe that his fears and my own terrors were overexaggerated, when one night I had a strange dream.

overexaggerated - przesadzone

I had hardly fallen asleep when I heard my bed-curtains drawn apart, as their rings slided back upon the curtain rod with a sharp sound. I rose up quickly upon my elbow, and beheld the shadow of a woman standing erect before me. I recognized Clarimonde immediately.

rings - pierścienie; dźwięczeć, dzwonić; pierścień, kółko

slided - przesunięty; (slide) zsunąć się, poślizgnąć się, ślizgać się

She bore in her hand a little lamp, shaped like those which are placed in tombs, and its light lent her fingers a rosy transparency, which extended itself by lessening degrees even to the opaque and milky whiteness of her bare arm. Her only garment was the linen winding-sheet which had shrouded her when lying upon the bed of death.

tombs - grobowiec

lessening - zmniejszenie; zmniejszyć, złagodzić, obniżyć, przycichnąć

opaque - nieprzezroczysty, nieprzejrzysty

Milky - mleczny

garment - odzież; ubranie

shrouded - zasłonięty; owijać, ukryć, przykryć; całun, zasłona

She sought to gather its folds over her bosom as though ashamed of being so scantily clad, but her little hand was not equal to the task. She was so white that the colour of the drapery blended with that of her flesh under the pallid rays of the lamp.

scantily - skąpo

drapery - draperia, kotara

pallid - blady

Enveloped with this subtle tissue which betrayed all the contour of her body, she seemed rather the marble statue of some fair antique rather than a woman endowed with life.

contour - kontur; izolinia

antique - antyczny; antyczny; antyk

endowed - wspomóc, ufundować, obdarzyć

But dead or living, statue or woman, shadow or body, her beauty was still the same, only that the green light of her eyes was less brilliant, and her mouth, once so warmly crimson, was only tinted with a faint tender rosiness, like that of her cheeks.

warmly - serdecznie, ciepło

crimson - szkarłatny; karmazyn; karmazynowy

tinted - przyciemniane; koloryzować; odcień, szampon koloryzujący

rosiness - różowość

The little blue flowers which I had noticed entwined in her hair were withered and dry, and had lost nearly all their leaves, but this did not prevent her from being charming-so charming that notwithstanding the strange character of the adventure, and the unexplainable manner in which she had entered my room, I felt not even for a moment the least fear.

entwined - splecione; splatać, oplatać, przeplatać

withered - usychać, więdnąć, zamierać, zanikać, niszczyć; (arch) gdzie

unexplainable - niewytłumaczalne

She placed the lamp on the table and seated herself at the foot of my bed; then bending toward me, she said, in that voice at once silvery clear and yet velvety in its sweet softness, such as I never heard from any lips save hers:

silvery - srebrzysty

softness - miękkość, łagodność, delikatność

"I have kept thee long in waiting, dear Romuald, and it must have seemed to thee that I had forgotten thee. But I come from afar off, very far off, and from a land whence no other has ever yet returned.

afar - daleko

whence - skąd

There is neither sun nor moon in that land whence I come: all is but space and shadow; there is neither road nor pathway: no earth for the foot, no air for the wing; and nevertheless behold me here, for Love is stronger than Death and must conquer him in the end. Oh what sad faces and fearful things I have seen on my way hither!

hither - tutaj, dotąd

What difficulty my soul, returned to earth through the power of will alone, has had in finding its body and reinstating itself therein! What terrible efforts I had to make ere I could lift the ponderous slab with which they had covered me! See, the palms of my poor hands are all bruised! Kiss them, sweet love, that they may be healed!

reinstating - przywrócić

ere - tutaj

ponderous - ciężki

bruised - siniaczyć, posiniaczyć, siniak, siniec, stłuczenie

" She laid the cold palms of her hands upon my mouth, one after the other. I kissed them, indeed, many times, and she the while watched me with a smile of ineffable affection.

I confess to my shame that I had entirely forgotten the advice of the Abbé Sérapion and the sacred office wherewith I had been invested. I had fallen without resistance, and at the first assault. I had not even made the least effort to repel the tempter. The fresh coolness of Clarimonde's skin penetrated my own, and I felt voluptuous tremors pass over my whole body. Poor child!

wherewith - czym, za pomocą czego/którego

repel - odpychać

tempter - kusiciel; uwodziciel

coolness - fajność; chłód, opanowanie, spokój, zimna krew

tremors - wstrząsy; drżenie

in spite of all I saw afterward, I can hardly yet believe she was a demon; at least she had no appearance of being such, and never did Satan so skilfully conceal his claws and horns. She had drawn her feet up beneath her, and squatted down on the edge of the couch in an attitude full of negligent coquetry.

skilfully - umiejętnie; zręcznie; umiejętnie, zręcznie

squatted - przykucnął; kucki

couch - sformułować; kanapa, leżanka

negligent - zaniedbanie

From time to time she passed her little hand through my hair and twisted it into curls, as though trying how a new style of wearing it would become my face. I abandoned myself to her hands with the most guilty pleasure, while she accompanied her gentle play with the prettiest prattle.

prattle - paplanina; paplać, bajtlować, zbajtlować

The most remarkable fact was that I felt no astonishment whatever at so extraordinary an adventure, and as in dreams one finds no difficulty in accepting the most fantastic events as simple facts, so all these circumstances seemed to me perfectly natural in themselves.

astonishment - zdziwienie, zdziwko

most fantastic - najbardziej fantastyczny

"I loved thee long ere I saw thee, dear Romuald, and sought thee everywhere. Thou wast my dream, and I first saw thee in the church at the fatal moment. I said at once, 'It is he!

'I gave thee a look into which I threw all the love I ever had, all the love I now have, all the love I shall ever have for thee-a look that would have damned a cardinal or brought a king to his knees at my feet in view of all his court. Thou remainedst unmoved, preferring thy God to me!

damned - przeklęty; (damn); przeklinać, przekląć, cholerny, przeklęty

cardinal - kardynalny; purpurowy; liczba kardynalna; kardynał; purpura

remainedst - pozostał

unmoved - niewzruszony

"Ah, how jealous I am of that God whom thou didst love and still lovest more than me!

lovest - kochasz

"Woe is me, unhappy one that I am! I can never have thy heart all to myself, I whom thou didst recall to life with a kiss-dead Clarimonde, who for thy sake bursts asunder the gates of the tomb, and comes to consecrate to thee a life which she has resumed only to make thee happy!"

woe - nieszczęście, żałość, cierpienie, niedola, biada

bursts asunder - rozerwać na kawałki; rozerwać (oddzielić coś; kogoś od czegoś; kogoś)

consecrate - święcić, poświęcić

All her words were accompanied with the most impassioned caresses, which bewildered my sense and my reason to such an extent, that I did not fear to utter a frightful blasphemy for the sake of consoling her, and to declare that I loved her as much as God.

impassioned - beznamiętny; roznamiętniać, roznamiętnić

caresses - pieszczoty; pieszczota, pieścić, głaskać

bewildered - zadziwić, zdumieć, oszałamiać

blasphemy - blasfemia, bluźnierstwo, profanacja, świętokradztwo

consoling - pocieszające; pocieszyć; konsola

Her eyes rekindled and shone like chrysoprases. "In truth?-in very truth? as much as God!" she cried, flinging her beautiful arms around me. "Since it is so, thou wilt come with me; thou wilt follow me whithersoever I desire. Thou wilt cast away thy ugly black habit. Thou shalt be the proudest and most envied of cavaliers; thou shalt be my lover!

rekindled - na nowo rozpalić, na nowo rozbudzić, ponownie napędzić

chrysoprases - chryzoprazy; chryzopraz

flinging - latanie; cisnąć, podrzucać, rzucać; szaleństwo, przygoda

whithersoever - gdziekolwiek

envied - zazdrość, zawiść, zazdrościć

To be the acknowledged lover of Clarimonde, who has refused even a Pope, that will be something to feel proud of! Ah, the fair, unspeakably happy existence, the beautiful golden life we shall live together! And when shall we depart, my fair sir?"

pope - papież

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow!" I cried in my delirium.

delirium - majaczenie, delirium, q

"Tomorrow, then, so let it be!" she answered. "In the meanwhile I shall have opportunity to change my toilet, for this is a little too light and in nowise suited for a voyage. I must also forthwith notify all my friends who believe me dead, and mourn for me as deeply as they are capable of doing. The money, the dresses, the carriages-all will be ready. I shall call for thee at this same hour.

nowise - bynajmniej

forthwith - bezzwłocznie

mourn - opłakiwać, być w żałobie

Adieu, dear heart!" And she lightly touched my forehead with her lips. The lamp went out, the curtains closed again, and all became dark; a leaden, dreamless sleep fell on me and held me unconscious until the morning following.

leaden - ołowiany

dreamless - bez snów

I awoke later than usual, and the recollection of this singular adventure troubled me during the whole day. I finally persuaded myself that it was a mere vapour of my heated imagination.

awoke - obudził się; budzić się, uświadomić sobie, obudzić; przebudzony

recollection - wspomnienie, przypomnienie, medytacja

Nevertheless its sensations had been so vivid that it was difficult to persuade myself that they were not real, and it was not without some presentiment of what was going to happen that I got into bed at last, after having prayed God to drive far from me all thoughts of evil, and to protect the chastity of my slumber.

vivid - jaskrawy, żywy, barwny

presentiment - prezentację; przeczucie

I soon fell into a deep sleep, and my dream was continued. The curtains again parted, and I beheld Clarimonde, not as on the former occasion, pale in her pale winding-sheet, with the violets of death upon her cheeks but gay, sprightly, jaunty, in a superb travelling dress of green velvet, trimmed with gold lace, and looped up on either side to allow a glimpse of satin petticoat.

violets - fiołki; fiolet, fiołek, fioletowy

sprightly - sprężysty; energiczny, żwawy

jaunty - raźny, zawadiacki

trimmed - przycięte; trymować

satin - satyna; atłas

petticoat - halka

Her blond hair escaped in thick ringlets from beneath a broad black felt hat, decorated with white feathers whimsically twisted into various shapes. In one hand she held a little riding whip terminated by a golden whistle. She tapped me lightly with it, and exclaimed: "Well, my fine sleeper, is this the way you make your preparations? I thought I would find you up and dressed.

blond - blond; blond; blondyn, blondynka, blondas

felt hat - filcowy kapelusz

whimsically - kapryśnie

riding whip - szpicruta, palcat, bat (jeździecki)

whistle - gwizdek, piszczałka, gwizd, świst, gwizdać, świstać

sleeper - śpioch; podkład, kuszetka; śpiący

Arise quickly, we have no time to lose."

I leaped out of bed at once.

"Come, dress yourself, and let us go," she continued, pointing to a little package she had brought with her. "The horses are becoming impatient of delay and champing their bits at the door. We ought to have been by this time at least ten leagues distant from here."

champing - schrupać, niecierpliwić się, chrupać

I dressed myself hurriedly, and she handed me the articles of apparel herself one by one, bursting into laughter from time to time at my awkwardness, as she explained to me the use of a garment when I had made a mistake.

hurriedly - w pośpiechu; naprędce, pospiesznie, pośpiesznie

apparel - odzież; ubrać; strój

awkwardness - niezgrabność, zakłopotanie

She hurriedly arranged my hair, and this done, held up before me a little pocket mirror of Venetian crystal, rimmed with silver filigree-work, and playfully asked: "How dost find thyself now? Wilt engage me for thy valet de chambre?"

venetian - wenecki; wenecjanin, wenecjanka, wenecki

rimmed - z obwódką; otaczać; brzeg, krawędź, obręcz

filigree - filigran

playfully - swawolnie, żartobliwie

valet - kamerdyner, lokaj, służący

I was no longer the same person, and I could not even recognize myself. I resembled my former self no more than a finished statue resembles a block of stone. My old face seemed but a coarse daub of the one reflected in the mirror. I was handsome, and my vanity was sensibly tickled by the metamorphosis.

coarse - szorstki, chropowaty, zgrzebny, ostry, gruboziarnisty

daub - bohomaz; pomazać

vanity - marność; próżność; próżność

sensibly - rozsądnie

tickled - łaskotki; gilanie, łaskotać, gilgać, łechtać, smyrać

metamorphosis - metamorfoza, przemiana

That elegant apparel, that richly embroidered vest had made of me a totally different personage, and I marvelled at the power of transformation owned by a few yards of cloth cut after a certain pattern. The spirit of my costume penetrated my very skin, and within ten minutes more I had become something of a coxcomb.

personage - osobistość; persona

marvelled - zdumieć, zachwycać się; cud, cudo, zdziwienie

coxcomb - pyszałek

In order to feel more at ease in my new attire, I took several turns up and down the room. Clarimonde watched me with an air of maternal pleasure, and appeared well satisfied with her work. "Come, enough of this child's-play! Let us start, Romuald, dear. We have far to go, and we may not get there in time." She took my hand and led me forth.

maternal - macierzyński

All the doors opened before her at a touch, and we passed by the dog without awaking him.

awaking - (awake) budzić się, uświadomić sobie; przebudzony

At the gate we found Margheritone waiting, the same swarthy groom who had once before been my escort. He held the bridles of three horses, all black like those which bore us to the castle-one for me, one for him, one for Clarimonde.

groom - oporządzić, wyszczotkować; stajenny, pan młody

escort - eskorta, konwój, świta

bridles - uzdy; uzda, ogłowie

Those horses must have been Spanish genets born of mares fecundated by a zephyr, for they were fleet as the wind itself, and the moon, which had just risen at our departure to light us on our way, rolled over the sky like a wheel detached from her own chariot. We beheld her on the right leaping from tree to tree, and putting herself out of breath in the effort to keep up with us.

Spanish - hiszpański

genets - genetyków

mares - klacze; popsuć, zepsuć, oszpecić, szpecić

fecundated - spłodzony

zephyr - zefir

wind - wiać, przewijać, pozbawić tchu; wiatr

chariot - rydwan; kareta, karoca

Soon we came upon a level plain where, hard by a clump of trees, a carriage with four vigorous horses awaited us. We entered it, and the postilions urged their animals into a mad gallop. I had one arm around Clarimonde's waist, and one of her hands clasped in mine; her head leaned upon my shoulder, and I felt her bosom, half bare, lightly pressing against my arm.

clump - kępa, grupa, bryła

vigorous - energiczny

postilions - postiliony; foryś

waist - talia, pas

clasped - zapięty; klamra

I had never known such intense happiness. In that hour I had forgotten everything, and I no more remembered having ever been a priest than I remembered what I had been doing in my mother's womb, so great was the fascination which the evil spirit exerted upon me. From that night my nature seemed in some sort to have become halved, and there were two men within me, neither of whom knew the other.

womb - macica; łono

fascination - fascynacja

halved - o połowę; połowić

At one moment I believed myself a priest who dreamed nightly that he was a gentleman, at another that I was a gentleman who dreamed he was a priest. I could no longer distinguish the dream from the reality, nor could I discover where the reality began or where ended the dream. The exquisite young lord and libertine railed at the priest, the priest loathed the dissolute habits of the young lord.

nightly - co noc; wieczorny, nocny

libertine - libertyn; rozpustnik

loathed - znienawidzony; nienawidzić, gardzić

dissolute - rozpustny, rozwiązły

I always retained with extreme vividness all the perceptions of my two lives. Only there was one absurd fact which I could not explain to myself-namely, that the consciousness of the same individuality existed in two men so opposite in character.

vividness - plastyka

individuality - indywidualność

It was an anomaly for which I could not account-whether I believed myself to be the curé of the little village of C--, or Il Signor Romualdo, the titled lover of Clarimonde.

anomaly - anomalia, nieprawidłowość

Be that as it may, I lived, at least I believed that I lived, in Venice. I have never been able to discover rightly how much of illusion and how much of reality there was in this fantastic adventure. We dwelt in a great palace on the Canaleio, filled with frescoes and statues, and containing two Titians in the noblest style of the great master, which were hung in Clarimonde's chamber.

Venice - Wenecja

rightly - słusznie, dobrze

frescoes - freski; fresk, al fresco

Titians - złotorudy, tycjanowski, tycjanowski, złotorudy, rudopomarańczowy

It was a palace well worthy of a king. We had each our gondola, our barcarolli in family livery, our music hall, and our special poet. Clarimonde always lived upon a magnificent scale; there was something of Cleopatra in her nature.

gondola - gondola

As for me, I had the retinue of a prince's son, and I was regarded with as much reverential respect as though I had been of the family of one of the twelve Apostles or the four Evangelists of the Most Serene Republic. I would not have turned aside to allow even the Doge to pass, and I do not believe that since Satan fell from heaven, any creature was ever prouder or more insolent than I.

retinue - orszak; świta, asysta, asystencja

reverential - pełen szacunku

apostles - apostołów; apostoł

Evangelists - ewangeliści; ewangelista

serene - błogi, pogodny, bezchmurny, spokojny

Doge - doża

insolent - bezczelny, arogancki, bezwstydny, hucpiarski

I went to the Ridotto, and played with a luck which seemed absolutely infernal. I received the best of all society-the sons of ruined families, women of the theatre, shrewd knaves, parasites, hectoring swashbucklers. But notwithstanding the dissipation of such a life, I always remained faithful to Clarimonde. I loved her wildly. She would have excited satiety itself, and chained inconstancy.

infernal - piekielny; diabelski

shrewd - sprytny; chytry, cwany

knaves - walet

parasites - pasożyty; pasożyt, darmozjad, pasożyt

hectoring - napaść

swashbucklers - awanturnicy

dissipation - rozpraszanie, roztrwonienie, trwonienie, wyczerpanie

faithful - wierny; wierny

satiety - sytość, najedzenie

inconstancy - niestałość, zmienność

To have Clarimonde was to have twenty mistresses; aye, to possess all women: so mobile, so varied of aspect, so fresh in new charms was she all in herself-a very chameleon of a woman, in sooth. She made you commit with her the infidelity you would have committed with another, by donning to perfection the character, the attraction, the style of beauty of the woman who appeared to please you.

mistresses - kochanki; pani, kochanka

Aye - tak; zawsze

chameleon - kameleon

sooth - ucinać, uspokajać; prawda, rzeczywistość; kojący, łagodny

infidelity - niewierność; niewiara

She returned my love a hundred-fold, and it was in vain that the young patricians and even the Ancients of the Council of Ten made her the most magnificent proposals. A Foscari even went so far as to offer to espouse her. She rejected all his overtures. Of gold she had enough.

vain - próżny

patricians - patrycjuszy; patrycjusz, patrycjuszka

espouse - popierać; poślubić, ożenić się, wyjść za mąż

overtures - uwertury; uwertura

She wished no longer for anything but love-a love youthful, pure, evoked by herself, and which should be a first and last passion. I would have been perfectly happy but for a cursed nightmare which recurred every night, and in which I believed myself to be a poor village curé, practising mortification and penance for my excesses during the day.

youthful - młody, młodzieńczy

cursed - (curse) kląć, przeklinać; przeklęty

recurred - powtórzyć, nawrócić, powrócić

mortification - zawstydzenie, zażenowanie

penance - pokuta

Reassured by my constant association with her, I never thought further of the strange manner in which I had become acquainted with Clarimonde. But the words of the Abbé Sérapion concerning her recurred often to my memory, and never ceased to cause me uneasiness.

uneasiness - niepokój, niezadowolenie

For some time the health of Clarimonde had not been so good as usual; her complexion grew paler day by day. The physicians who were summoned could not comprehend the nature of her malady and knew not how to treat it. They all prescribed some insignificant remedies, and never called a second time.

summoned - wezwany; wezwać, zawołać, przywołać, zbierać

comprehend - zrozumieć; obejmować, objąć, pojmować, pojąć

malady - bolączka, choroba

Her paleness, nevertheless, visibly increased, and she became colder and colder, until she seemed almost as white and dead as upon that memorable night in the unknown castle. I grieved with anguish unspeakable to behold her thus slowly perishing; and she, touched by my agony, smiled upon me sweetly and sadly with the fateful smile of those who feel that they must die.

paleness - bladość

visibly - wyraźnie, najwyraźniej

grieved - zasmucony; rozpaczać

perishing - ginie; ginąć, zginąć

sweetly - mile, słodko, ślicznie, gładko

fateful - fatalny

One morning I was seated at her bedside, after breakfasting from a little table placed close at hand, so that I might not be obliged to leave her for a single instant. In the act of cutting some fruit I accidentally inflicted rather a deep gash on my finger. The blood immediately gushed forth in a little purple jet, and a few drops spurted upon Clarimonde.

bedside - krawędź łóżka, miejsce przy łóżku, pora spania

be obliged - być zobowiązanym

gash - rozciąć; rozcięcie

gushed - tryskać; wylew, wytryśnięcie

spurted - trysnął; wytrysnąć; wytrysk, słup, przypływ, zryw

Her eyes flashed, her face suddenly assumed an expression of savage and ferocious joy such as I had never before observed in her. She leaped out of her bed with animal agility-the agility, as it were, of an ape or a cat-and sprang upon my wound, which she commenced to suck with an air of unutterable pleasure.

savage - dzikus; dziki, zdziczały, barbarzyński, niecywilizowany

ferocious - dziki; brutalny, bestialski, okrutny

agility - zwinność

ape - małpować; małpa człekokształtna, idiota

She swallowed the blood in little mouthfuls, slowly and carefully, like a connoisseur tasting a wine from Xeres or Syracuse. Gradually her eyelids half closed, and the pupils of her green eyes became oblong instead of round. From time to time she paused in order to kiss my hand, then she would recommence to press her lips to the lips of the wound in order to coax forth a few more ruddy drops.

mouthfuls - w ustach; kęs, łyk, porcja, trudne słowo do powiedzenia

connoisseur - koneser, koneserka, znawca, znawczyni

Syracuse - Syrakuzy

oblong - podłużny

recommence - wznowić, rozpocząć

coax - koncentryczny; namawiać, namówić, układać, ułożyć, nęcić

When she found that the blood would no longer come, she arose with eyes liquid and brilliant, rosier than a May dawn; her face full and fresh, her hand warm and moist-in fine, more beautiful than ever, and in the most perfect health.

rosier - bardziej różowy; (rosy) kwitnący; bardziej kwitnący

moist - wilgotny

"I shall not die! I shall not die!" she cried, clinging to my neck, half mad with joy. "I can love thee yet for a long time. My life is thine, and all that is of me comes from thee. A few drops of thy rich and noble blood, more precious and more potent than all the elixirs of the earth, have given me back life."

thine - twój

potent - potężny, silnie działający

elixirs - eliksir, lekarstwo

This scene long haunted my memory, and inspired me with strange doubts in regard to Clarimonde; and the same evening, when slumber had transported me to my presbytery, I beheld the Abbé Sérapion, graver and more anxious of aspect than ever. He gazed attentively at me, and sorrowfully exclaimed: "Not content with losing your soul, you now desire also to lose your body.

content - treści; zadowalać; zawartość; zadowolony

Wretched young man, into how terrible a plight have you fallen!" The tone in which he uttered these words powerfully affected me, but in spite of its vividness even that impression was soon dissipated, and a thousand other cares erased it from my mind.

wretched - nędzny

plight - trudna sytuacja, los, dola

powerfully - potężnie

dissipated - rozproszyć, rozwiać, zgasić

erased - wymazane; wymazywać, wymazać, ścierać, zetrzeć

At last one evening, while looking into a mirror whose traitorous position she had not taken into account, I saw Clarimonde in the act of emptying a powder into the cup of spiced wine which she had long been in the habit of preparing after our repasts.

traitorous - zdradziecki

repasts - uczty; posiłek

I took the cup, feigned to carry it to my lips, and then placed it on the nearest article of furniture as though intending to finish it at my leisure.

feigned - udawany; udawać, grać, pozorować, pozować

Taking advantage of a moment when the fair one's back was turned, I threw the contents under the table, after which I retired to my chamber and went to bed, fully resolved not to sleep, but to watch and discover what should come of all this mystery. I did not have to wait long. Clarimonde entered in her night-dress, and having removed her apparel, crept into bed and lay down beside me.

Contents - treść; zadowalać; zawartość; zadowolony

When she felt assured that I was asleep, she bared my arm, and drawing a gold pin from her hair, commenced to murmur in a low voice:

murmur - pomruk, mruczenie, szmer

"One drop, only one drop! One ruby at the end of my needle.... Since thou lovest me yet, I must not die!... Ah, poor love! His beautiful blood, so brightly purple, I must drink it. Sleep, my only treasure! Sleep, my god, my child! I will do thee no harm; I will only take of thy life what I must to keep my own from being forever extinguished.

ruby - rubin; rubinowy

brightly - jasno; jaskrawo, radośnie, promiennie

But that I love thee so much, I could well resolve to have other lovers whose veins I could drain; but since I have known thee all other men have become hateful to me.... Ah, the beautiful arm! How round it is! How white it is! How shall I ever dare to prick this pretty blue vein!

hateful - nienawistny

prick - ukłuć, nakłuć, przekłuwać, szczypać; ukłucie, nakłucie, kutas

" And while thus murmuring to herself she wept, and I felt her tears raining on my arm as she clasped it with her hands. At last she took the resolve, slightly punctured me with her pin, and commenced to suck up the blood which oozed from the place.

murmuring - (murmur) wyszeptać, mruczeć; szeptanie, szemranie

punctured - przebić, przekłuć, obalić, pęknąć; przebicie, dziura, nakłucie

oozed - wyciekł; roztaczać, wydzielić, ociekać, wyciekać; muł, szlam

Although she swallowed only a few drops, the fear of weakening me soon seized her, and she carefully tied a little band around my arm, afterward rubbing the wound with an unguent which immediately cicatrized it.

unguent - maść

cicatrized - zabliźniony

Further doubts were impossible. The Abbé Sérapion was right. Notwithstanding this positive knowledge, however, I could not cease to love Clarimonde, and I would gladly of my own accord have given her all the blood she required to sustain her factitious life. Moreover, I felt but little fear of her.

gladly - chętnie

accord - porozumienie; akord; zgodzić się

factitious - fikcyjny

The woman seemed to plead with me for the vampire, and what I had already heard and seen sufficed to reassure me completely. In those days I had plenteous veins, which would not have been so easily exhausted as at present; and I would not have thought of bargaining for my blood, drop by drop.

sufficed - wystarczyło; wystarczać, wystarczyć, zadowolić, wystarczać

plenteous - bogaty, obfity

exhausted - wyczerpany; wyczerpywać, wyczerpać, wyczerpywać, wyczerpać

I would rather have opened myself the veins of my arm and said to her: "Drink, and may my love infiltrate itself throughout thy body together with my blood!" I carefully avoided ever making the least reference to the narcotic drink she had prepared for me, or to the incident of the pin, and we lived in the most perfect harmony.

infiltrate - infiltrować, zinfiltrować

narcotic - narkotyk; środek nasenny; narkotyczny

Yet my priestly scruples commenced to torment me more than ever, and I was at a loss to imagine what new penance I could invent in order to mortify and subdue my flesh.

priestly - kapłański

scruples - skrupuły; skrupuł

torment - męka, udręka, cierpienie, męczyć, nękać

mortify - umartwiać się; upokarzać, zawstydzać

subdue - podporządkować, stłumić, poskromić

Although these visions were involuntary, and though I did not actually participate in anything relating to them, I could not dare to touch the body of Christ with hands so impure and a mind defiled by such debauches whether real or imaginary. In the effort to avoid falling under the influence of these wearisome hallucinations, I strove to prevent myself from being overcome by sleep.

Christ - Chrystus, Chrystus, Chrystus

impure - nieczysty

defiled - defilować, kalać, zanieczyścić, zanieczyszczać; wąwóz

debauches - zdeprawować, sprowadzić; hulanka

wearisome - nudny, męczący

hallucinations - halucynacje; halucynacja

I held my eyelids open with my fingers, and stood for hours together leaning upright against the wall, fighting sleep with all my might; but the dust of drowsiness invariably gathered upon my eyes at last, and finding all resistance useless, I would have to let my arms fall in the extremity of despairing weariness, and the current of slumber would again bear me away to the perfidious shores.

for hours together - całymi godzinami

upright - prawy, prostoduszny, wyprostowany; słupek; pionowo

drowsiness - senność, ospałość, apatia

weariness - zmęczenie; znużenie

perfidious - perfidny

Sérapion addressed me with the most vehement exhortations, severely reproaching me for my softness and want of fervour. Finally, one day when I was more wretched than usual, he said to me: "There is but one way by which you can obtain relief from this continual torment, and though it is an extreme measure it must be made use of; violent diseases require violent remedies.

vehement - gwałtowny

exhortations - napomnienie, upomnienie

reproaching - wyrzuty; zarzut, hańba, zarzucać, zarzucać

continual - ciągły

I know where Clarimonde is buried. It is necessary that we shall disinter her remains, and that you shall behold in how pitiable a state the object of your love is. Then you will no longer be tempted to lose your soul for the sake of an unclean corpse devoured by worms, and ready to crumble into dust. That will assuredly restore you to yourself.

disinter - ekshumować, odgrzebać

pitiable - żałosny, nędzny

unclean - nieczysty

crumble - pokruszyć, rozkruszyć, popękać

" For my part, I was so tired of this double life that I at once consented, desiring to ascertain beyond a doubt whether a priest or a gentleman had been the victim of delusion. I had become fully resolved either to kill one of the two men within me for the benefit of the other, or else to kill both, for so terrible an existence could not last long and be endured.

ascertain - niepewność; ustalać, ustalić

delusion - złudzenie, omam, ułuda, złuda

The Abbé Sérapion provided himself with a mattock, a lever, and a lantern, and at midnight we wended our way to the cemetery of --, the location and place of which were perfectly familiar to him.

mattock - motyka, oskard

lever - dźwignia, lewar

wended - zmierzać

After having directed the rays of the dark lantern upon the inscriptions of several tombs, we came at last upon a great slab, half concealed by huge weeds and devoured by mosses and parasitic plants, whereupon we deciphered the opening lines of the epitaph:

inscriptions - napis, inskrypcja, dedykacja

mosses - mchy; mech

parasitic - pasożytniczy

deciphered - rozszyfrowany; rozszyfrowywać, rozszyfrować, rozszyfrowywać

epitaph - epitafium

Here lies Clarimonde

Who was famed in her life-time

As the fairest of women.[1]

"It is here without a doubt," muttered Sérapion, and placing his lantern on the ground, he forced the point of the lever under the edge of the stone and commenced to raise it. The stone yielded, and he proceeded to work with the mattock.

muttered - mruknął; wymamrotać, mruknąć, mamrotać; mamrotanie

Darker and more silent than the night itself, I stood by and watched him do it, while he, bending over his dismal toil, streamed with sweat, panted, and his hard-coming breath seemed to have the harsh tone of a death rattle. It was a weird scene, and had any persons from without beheld us, they would assuredly have taken us rather for profane wretches and shroud-stealers than for priests of God.

more silent - bardziej cichy; milczący

toil - trud

panted - dyszał; dyszeć, sapać, ziajać, wydyszeć, wysapać

rattle - zabrzęczeć, zastukać; grzechotka, grzechotanie, brzęk, szczęk

profane - bluźnierczy

wretches - nieszczęśników; nieszczęśnik, nikczemnik

stealers - złodzieje; (steal) kraść, zakradać się, czołgać się

priests - księża; ksiądz

There was something grim and fierce in Sérapion's zeal which lent him the air of a demon rather than of an apostle or an angel, and his great aquiline face, with all its stern features brought out in strong relief by the lantern-light, had something fearsome in it which enhanced the unpleasant fancy.

grim - ponury, zacięty, nędzny, okrutny

zeal - zapał, gorliwość

apostle - apostołem; apostoł

stern - rufa; surowy, srogi, poważny

fearsome - straszny

I felt an icy sweat come out upon my forehead in huge beads, and my hair stood up with a hideous fear. Within the depths of my own heart I felt that the act of the austere Sérapion was an abominable sacrilege; and I could have prayed that a triangle of fire would issue from the entrails of the dark clouds, heavily rolling above us, to reduce him to cinders.

beads - koraliki; paciorek, koralik, koralik, paciorek, kropla

hideous - ohydny, obrzydliwy

austere - prosty, surowy

abominable - obrzydliwe; ohydny, odrażający, plugawy, niegodziwy

sacrilege - blasfemia, bluźnierstwo, profanacja, świętokradztwo

triangle - trójkąt

entrails - wnętrzności

cinders - rozżarzony węgielek, popiół, żużel

The owls which had been nestling in the cypress-trees, startled by the gleam of the lantern, flew against it from time to time, striking their dusty wings against its panes, and uttering plaintive cries of lamentation; wild foxes yelped in the far darkness, and a thousand sinister noises detached themselves from the silence.

owls - sowy; sowa

nestling - (nestle) wtulić się; pisklę

cypress - cyprys

gleam - lśnić, błyszczeć; poświata, poblask, błysk

dusty - zakurzony; pylisty; zgaszony, złamany

panes - szyby; szyba

plaintive - żałosny, zawodzący, płaczliwy

lamentation - lament, lamentacja, lamentowanie

foxes - lisy

yelped - krzyknął; krzyknąć, zaskowyczeć, zaskomleć

sinister - złowieszczy

At last Sérapion's mattock struck the coffin itself, making its planks re-echo with a deep sonorous sound, with that terrible sound nothingness utters when stricken. He wrenched apart and tore up the lid, and I beheld Clarimonde, pallid as a figure of marble, with hands joined; her white winding-sheet made but one fold from her head to her feet.

planks - deski; deska, deska

nothingness - nicość

utters - wymawiać, wypowiadać, wydawać; kompletny, zupełny

wrenched - wykręcony; szarpnąć, wyrwać; klucz francuski, szarpnięcie

tore - (tear) łzawić, pędzić, oderwać, drzeć, wyszarpać, rozdzierać

lid - nakrywka, pokrywka, wieko, wieczko

A little crimson drop sparkled like a speck of dew at one corner of her colourless mouth. Sérapion, at this spectacle, burst into fury: "Ah, thou art here, demon! Impure courtesan! Drinker of blood and gold!" And he flung holy water upon the corpse and the coffin, over which he traced the sign of the cross with his sprinkler.

sparkled - błyszczały; skrzyć się, lśnić, błyszczeć; blask

colourless - bezbarwny

Drinker - pijak

sprinkler - zraszacz; tryskacz

Poor Clarimonde had no sooner been touched by the blessed spray than her beautiful body crumbled into dust, and became only a shapeless and frightful mass of cinders and half-calcined bones.

spray - rozpylać; stroik, mgiełka

crumbled - pokruszyć, rozkruszyć, popękać

shapeless - bezkształtny, bezpostaciowy

calcined - kalcynowany; prażyć, uprażyć

"Behold your mistress, my Lord Romuald!" cried the inexorable priest, as he pointed to these sad remains. "Will you be easily tempted after this to promenade on the Lido or at Fusina with your beauty?" I covered my face with my hands, a vast ruin had taken place within me.

inexorable - nieubłagany

promenade - promenada; przechadzać się, spacerować

Lido - kąpielisko

I returned to my presbytery, and the noble Lord Romuald, the lover of Clarimonde, separated himself from the poor priest with whom he had kept such strange company so long. But once only, the following night, I saw Clarimonde. She said to me, as she had said the first time at the portals of the church: "Unhappy man! Unhappy man! What hast thou done?

Wherefore have hearkened to that imbecile priest? Wert thou not happy? And what harm had I ever done thee that thou shouldst violate my poor tomb, and lay bare the miseries of my nothingness? All communication between our souls and our bodies is henceforth forever broken. Adieu! Thou will yet regret me!" She vanished in air as smoke, and I never saw her more.

wherefore - dlaczego

hearkened - słuchać

imbecile - debil, imbecyl, niedorozwiniety umysłowo; imbecylowaty

shouldst - powinien

Alas! she spoke truly indeed. I have regretted her more than once, and I regret her still. My soul's peace has been very dearly bought. The love of God was not too much to replace such a love as hers. And this, brother, is the story of my youth.

Never gaze upon a woman, and walk abroad only with eyes ever fixed upon the ground; for however chaste and watchful one may be, the error of a single moment is enough to make one lose eternity.

watchful - czujny, uważny


Ici git Clarimonde

git - głupek (get) uzyskiwać

Qui fut de son vivant

La plus belle du monde.

plus - plus, dodać, plus

belle - piękność

monde - (franc.) świat

The broken beauty of the lines is unavoidably lost in the translation.

unavoidably - nieuniknione

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