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David - David, David

Charles - Karl


Chapter - Kapitel, Abschnitt, Verband, Ortsverband, Sektion

Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born (as I have been informed and believe) on a Friday, at twelve o'clock at night. It was remarked that the clock began to strike, and I began to cry, simultaneously.

whether - ob

informed - informiert; benachrichtigen, mitteilen, informieren

remarked - bemerkt; bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

strike - streichen; schlagen; prägen; streiken; scheinen; die Fahne streichen; Strike; Streik; Schlag

simultaneously - gleichzeitig

I need say nothing here, on the first head, because nothing can show better than my history whether that prediction was verified or falsified by the result.

prediction - Voraussage, Vorhersage, Prophezeiung

verified - verifiziert; belegen, beweisen, verifizieren, überprüfen

falsified - gefälscht; falsifizieren, widerlegen

On the second branch of the question, I will only remark, that unless I ran through that part of my inheritance while I was still a baby, I have not come into it yet. But I do not at all complain of having been kept out of this property; and if anybody else should be in the present enjoyment of it, he is heartily welcome to keep it.

branch - Ast, Zweig, Abzweigung, (''rare'') tÄstelung

remark - bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

Unless - wenn nicht, es sei denn

inheritance - Vererbung; Erbschaft; Erbe, Erbteil

property - Eigentum, Besitz, Anwesen, Grundbesitz, Grundstück, Eigenschaft

enjoyment - Genuss, Vergnügen

heartily - von Herzen; herzlich

I was born with a caul, which was advertised for sale, in the newspapers, at the low price of fifteen guineas. Whether sea-going people were short of money about that time, or were short of faith and preferred cork jackets, I don't know; all I know is, that there was but one solitary bidding, and that was from an attorney connected with the bill-broking business, who offered two pounds in cash, and the balance in sherry, but declined to be guaranteed from drowning on any higher bargain. Consequently the advertisement was withdrawn at a dead loss"for as to sherry, my poor dear mother's own sherry was in the market then"and ten years afterwards, the caul was put up in a raffle down in our part of the country, to fifty members at half-a-crown a head, the winner to spend five shillings. I was present myself, and I remember to have felt quite uncomfortable and confused, at a part of myself being disposed of in that way. The caul was won, I recollect, by an old lady with a hand-basket, who, very reluctantly, produced from it the stipulated five shillings, all in halfpence, and twopence halfpenny short"as it took an immense time and a great waste of arithmetic, to endeavour without any effect to prove to her.

caul - Fettnetz, Schweinenetz, Glückshaube

guineas - Guinea

Faith - Glaube; Vertrauen

cork - Korken; Cork

solitary - einsam, einzeln

bidding - (to bid) befehlen, bieten, bitten; (bid) (to bid) befehlen

attorney - Rechtsanwalt

broking - Makeln

offered - angeboten; offerieren, anbieten, bieten, zeigen; Antrag

balance - Gleichgewicht; Ausgewogenheit; Bilanz, Saldo, Guthaben, Rest

sherry - Sherry

declined - abgelehnt; Sinken

guaranteed - garantiert; Garantie, Garantie, Garant, garantieren, versichern

drowning - Ertrinken; (drown); ertrinken; ertränken; überwältigen

bargain - Angebot; Vereinbarung, Abmachung, Schnäppchen, Anschaffung

consequently - folglich

withdrawn - zurückgezogen; annullieren, entziehen, abziehen, ausscheiden

dead loss - Totalausfall

raffle - verlosen; Tombola, Gewinnspiel, Verlosung

crown - Zenit; krönen; Bombage (ballige Fläche), Zahnkrone; Baumkrone

shillings - Schillinge; Schilling, alte britische Münze im Wert von 5 Pence

uncomfortable - unangenehm; unbequem, ungemütlich, unbehaglich

confused - verwirrt; verwirren, konfundieren, verwechseln, vermischen

disposed of - (dispose of) verfügen über

recollect - Erinnern Sie sich; sich erinnern an

basket - Korb

reluctantly - widerstrebend

stipulated - vorgeschrieben; vereinbaren

halfpence - halbe Pence

Twopence - zwei Pence

halfpenny - einen halben Penny

immense - immens

waste - Abfall; verschwenden

Arithmetic - Arithmetik, Rechenkunst, Rechenkunde, arithmetisch

endeavour - sich nach Kräften bemühen; Bestrebung, Bestreben; Bemühung

Prove - er/sie hat/hatte bewiesen, beweisen, erhärten

It is a fact which will be long remembered as remarkable down there, that she was never drowned, but died triumphantly in bed, at ninety-two. I have understood that it was, to the last, her proudest boast, that she never had been on the water in her life, except upon a bridge; and that over her tea (to which she was extremely partial) she, to the last, expressed her indignation at the impiety of mariners and others, who had the presumption to go 'meandering'about the world. It was in vain to represent to her that some conveniences, tea perhaps included, resulted from this objectionable practice. She always returned, with greater emphasis and with an instinctive knowledge of the strength of her objection, 'Let us have no meandering.'

remarkable - bemerkenswert, verwunderlich, denkwürdig, beachtenswert

drowned - ertrunken; ertrinken, ertränken, überwältigen

triumphantly - triumphierend

proudest - am stolzesten; stolz, stolz, stolz, derahlerisch

boast - rühmen; stolz sein auf etw

upon - auf; mit

partial - teilweise, partiell, parteiisch

indignation - Empörung, Entrüstung

Impiety - Pietätlosigkeit

mariners - Seemänner; Schiffer

presumption - Anmaßung; Annahme; Überheblichkeit; Vermutung

meandering - mäandernd, mäanderartig, abschweifend

vain - eitel; unnützlich

represent - vorstellen, darstellen, vertreten

conveniences - Annehmlichkeiten; Bequemlichkeit, Annehmlichkeit, Bequemlichkeit

objectionable - zu beanstanden

emphasis - Nachdruck, Eindringlichkeit, Emphase, Schwerpunkt

instinctive - instinktiv

strength - Stärke, Kraft, Festigkeit, Mumm

Not to meander myself, at present, I will go back to my birth.

meander - mäandern; Windung, Flusswindung, Mäander, Flussschlinge

I was born at Blunderstone, in Suffolk, or 'there by', as they say in Scotland. I was a posthumous child. My father's eyes had closed upon the light of this world six months, when mine opened on it.

Scotland - Schottland

posthumous - posthum

There is something strange to me, even now, in the reflection that he never saw me; and something stranger yet in the shadowy remembrance that I have of my first childish associations with his white grave-stone in the churchyard, and of the indefinable compassion I used to feel for it lying out alone there in the dark night, when our little parlour was warm and bright with fire and candle, and the doors of our house were"almost cruelly, it seemed to me sometimes"bolted and locked against it.

reflection - Reflexion, Abbild, Reflektion, Abwägung

shadowy - schattenhaft; schattig

remembrance - Erinnern; Erinnerung

childish - kindgerecht; kindisch

associations - Vereinigungen; Assoziation, Verknüpfung, Zuordnung, Vereinigung

grave - Grab; feierlich, Gruft, massiv, würdig, ernst

churchyard - Kirchhof; Friedhof

indefinable - undefinierbar

compassion - Mitleid, Erbarmen, Mitgefühl

parlour - Wohnzimmer, Stube; Sprechzimmer

candle - Kerze

cruelly - grausam

bolted - verriegelt; Riegel, Ballen, Blitz, Bolzen; durchgehen (Pferd)

An aunt of my father's, and consequently a great-aunt of mine, of whom I shall have more to relate by and by, was the principal magnate of our family. Miss Trotwood, or Miss Betsey, as my poor mother always called her, when she sufficiently overcame her dread of this formidable personage to mention her at all (which was seldom), had been married to a husband younger than herself, who was very handsome, except in the sense of the homely adage, 'handsome is, that handsome does'"for he was strongly suspected of having beaten Miss Betsey, and even of having once, on a disputed question of supplies, made some hasty but determined arrangements to throw her out of a two pair of stairs'window.

whom - wen; wem; dem, der, den, die

relate - verbinden; sich beziehen, erzählen, berichten

principal - Auftraggeber; hauptsächlich, Haupt-, wesentlich, Rektor

magnate - Magnat

sufficiently - ausreichend; hinreichend, genügend, zureichende

overcame - überwunden; überwinden

dread - schaudern, grauen, gruseln, grausen

formidable - Beeindruckend; respekteinflößend, furchteinflößend

personage - Persönlichkeit

seldom - selten

handsome - gut aussehend; hübsch, stattlich, gutaussehend, ansehnlich

homely - gemütlich; heimisch

adage - Sprichwort, geflügeltes Wort

strongly - stark

suspected - verdächtigt; vermuten, misstrauen, verdächtigen

disputed - umstritten; Streit, Disput, Debatte, erörtern, bestreiten

supplies - Vorräte; Stellvertretung, Versorgung, Vorrat; liefern

hasty - voreilig; hastig, eilig

determined - bestimmt; bestimmen, eingrenzen, festlegen

These evidences of an incompatibility of temper induced Miss Betsey to pay him off, and effect a separation by mutual consent. He went to India with his capital, and there, according to a wild legend in our family, he was once seen riding on an elephant, in company with a Baboon; but I think it must have been a Baboo"or a Begum. Anyhow, from India tidings of his death reached home, within ten years. How they affected my aunt, nobody knew; for immediately upon the separation, she took her maiden name again, bought a cottage in a hamlet on the sea-coast a long way off, established herself there as a single woman with one servant, and was understood to live secluded, ever afterwards, in an inflexible retirement.

incompatibility - Unvereinbarkeit; Unvereinberkeit, Inkompatibilität

temper - Gereiztheit, Laune, Temperament, Anlassen, Ausheizen

induced - veranlasst; dazu bringen, anstacheln, bewirken, verursachen

separation - Trennung

mutual - wechselseitig, gegenseitig, beiderseitig, gemeinsam

consent - zustimmen, einwilligen, Zustimmung, Konsens, Einverständnis

India - Indien

legend - Legende; Kartenlegende

baboon - Pavian

anyhow - irgendwie

tidings - Nachrichten; Kunde; q

within - in, innerhalb

maiden name - Mädchenname

cottage - Cottage, Häuschen, Kotten

hamlet - Weiler, Dorf, Hamletbarsche

sea-coast - (sea-coast) Seeküste

established - etabliert; feststellen, etablieren, eröffnen, gründen

servant - Diener, Dienerin, Lakai, Kammerdiener

secluded - Abgelegen; absondern, abschließen

inflexible - unflexibel

retirement - Rente, Ruhestand, Lebensabend

My father had once been a favourite of hers, I believe; but she was mortally affronted by his marriage, on the ground that my mother was 'a wax doll'. She had never seen my mother, but she knew her to be not yet twenty. My father and Miss Betsey never met again. He was double my mother's age when he married, and of but a delicate constitution. He died a year afterwards, and, as I have said, six months before I came into the world.

mortally - tödlich; sterbliche

affronted - brüskiert; beleidigen, Affront

marriage - Ehe, Heirat, Hochzeit, Eheschließung

wax - das Wachs

doll - Puppe

met again - wiedergesehen

delicate - empfindlich, heikel, schwierig, feingliedrig, filigran

constitution - Verfassen, Verfassung, Konstitution, Grundgesetz

This was the state of matters, on the afternoon of, what I may be excused for calling, that eventful and important Friday. I can make no claim therefore to have known, at that time, how matters stood; or to have any remembrance, founded on the evidence of my own senses, of what follows.

excused - entschuldigt; entschuldigen, verzeihen, sich entschuldigen

eventful - ereignisreich

claim - Anspruch; Rechtstitel, Behauptung, Mutung, beanspruchen

therefore - deswegen, deshalb, darum, also (folglich), daher

founded - gegründet; gefunden, aufgefunden; begründen, gründen

My mother had a sure foreboding at the second glance, that it was Miss Betsey. The setting sun was glowing on the strange lady, over the garden-fence, and she came walking up to the door with a fell rigidity of figure and composure of countenance that could have belonged to nobody else.

foreboding - eine Vorahnung; Ahnung, Vorahnung

glance - blicken; Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

setting sun - Abendsonne

glowing - glühen, abstrahlen, leuchten, Glühen

garden-fence - (garden-fence) Gartenzaun

rigidity - Starrheit; Festigkeit

composure - Gelassenheit, Fassung, Haltung, innere Ruhe

countenance - Antlitz, Gesichtsausdruck, Miene, Unterstützung, Fassung

When she reached the house, she gave another proof of her identity. My father had often hinted that she seldom conducted herself like any ordinary Christian; and now, instead of ringing the bell, she came and looked in at that identical window, pressing the end of her nose against the glass to that extent, that my poor dear mother used to say it became perfectly flat and white in a moment.

Proof - Beweise; Beweis; polierte Platte; aufgehen lassen

identity - Identität, Gleichheit, Übereinstimmung

hinted - angedeutet; Hinweis, Tipp, Wink, Fingerzeig, Anleitung

conducted - durchgeführt; Leitung, Führung, leiten, führen, sich verhalten

Christian - Christ, Christin, Christian, christlich

ringing - klingeln; kraftvoll, klar; (ring) klingeln; kraftvoll, klar

bell - Klingel, Schelle, Glocke

identical - identisch; eineiig

pressing - auf etwas drücken, zusammendrücken, nachdrücklich

extent - Umfang, Ausdehnung, Ausmaß, Größe

perfectly - perfekt, einwandfrei, vollkommen, durchaus

She gave my mother such a turn, that I have always been convinced I am indebted to Miss Betsey for having been born on a Friday.

Convinced - Überzeugt; überzeugen

indebted - verschuldet

My mother had left her chair in her agitation, and gone behind it in the corner. Miss Betsey, looking round the room, slowly and inquiringly, began on the other side, and carried her eyes on, like a Saracen's Head in a Dutch clock, until they reached my mother. Then she made a frown and a gesture to my mother, like one who was accustomed to be obeyed, to come and open the door. My mother went.

agitation - Aufregung; Aufwühlung, Agitation

inquiringly - neugierig

Saracen - Sarazene

Dutch - niederländisch, holländisch, Niederländisch, Holländisch

frown - Stirnrunzeln; die Stirn runzeln

gesture - Geste, Gebärde, gestikulieren, erman: (jemandem etwas) bedeuten

accustomed - Gewöhnt; gewöhnen, gewöhnen

obeyed - gehorcht; gehorchen, befolgen

'Mrs. David Copperfield, I think,'said Miss Betsey; the emphasis referring, perhaps, to my mother's mourning weeds, and her condition.

mourning - trauern; Trauer; Trauerkleidung

weeds - Unkraut; (weed) aussondern

'Yes,'said my mother, faintly.

faintly - kaum, schwach, entfernt, leicht

'Miss Trotwood,'said the visitor. 'You have heard of her, I dare say?'

dare - sich getrauen, wagen, jemanden herausfordern

My mother answered she had had that pleasure. And she had a disagreeable consciousness of not appearing to imply that it had been an overpowering pleasure.

pleasure - Vergnügen; Freude, Spaß, Wollust

disagreeable - unangenehm, unsympathisch

consciousness - Bewusstsein, Gewahrsein, Erkenntnis, Bewusstheit

imply - implizieren, zur Folge haben, bedeuten

overpowering - überwältigend; überwältigen, übermannen

'Now you see her,'said Miss Betsey. My mother bent her head, and begged her to walk in.

bent - verbogen; (to bend) sich niederbeugen, verbiegen

begged - gebettelt; Männchen machen; etwas erbitten (von jemandem); bitten (um)

They went into the parlour my mother had come from, the fire in the best room on the other side of the passage not being lighted"not having been lighted, indeed, since my father's funeral; and when they were both seated, and Miss Betsey said nothing, my mother, after vainly trying to restrain herself, began to cry. 'Oh tut, tut, tut!'said Miss Betsey, in a hurry. 'Don't do that! Come, come!'

passage - Durchfahrt, Ăśbergang, Gang

indeed - tatsächlich; in der Tat, genau, allerdings, checkgewiss

funeral - Bestattung, Beerdigung, Begräbnis

vainly - vergeblich

restrain - zurückhalten

hurry - Eile; beeilen

My mother couldn't help it notwithstanding, so she cried until she had had her cry out.

notwithstanding - ungeachtet dessen

'Take off your cap, child,'said Miss Betsey, 'and let me see you.'

cap - Ventilkappe; Mütze, Haube, Kappe, Deckel; Laufflächenkrone

My mother was too much afraid of her to refuse compliance with this odd request, if she had any disposition to do so. Therefore she did as she was told, and did it with such nervous hands that her hair (which was luxuriant and beautiful) fell all about her face.

refuse - Müll; abweisen, verweigern, abschlagen, ablehnen

compliance - Einhaltung; Einwilligung, Fügsamkeit, Konformität, Compliance

odd - einzeln; seltsam, merkwürdig, komisch, ungerade

disposition - Neigung, Gesinnung, Hang, Veranlagung, Einteilung

luxuriant - üppig, geil

'Why, Bless my heart!'exclaimed Miss Betsey. 'You are a very Baby!'

Bless my heart - Du meine Güte!

exclaimed - ausgerufen; ausrufen

My mother was, no doubt, unusually youthful in appearance even for her years; she hung her head, as if it were her fault, poor thing, and said, sobbing, that indeed she was afraid she was but a childish widow, and would be but a childish mother if she lived.

doubt - bezweifeln, Zweifel

unusually - ungewöhnlich

youthful - jugendlich, jung

hung - aufgehängt; hängen

fault - Fehler; Schuld; Fehler, Charakterschwäche, Verfehlung

sobbing - Schluchzen; (sob); Huso

widow - Witwe; Hurenkind

In a short pause which ensued, she had a fancy that she felt Miss Betsey touch her hair, and that with no ungentle hand; but, looking at her, in her timid hope, she found that lady sitting with the skirt of her dress tucked up, her hands folded on one knee, and her feet upon the fender, frowning at the fire.

pause - Eine Pause; pausieren, innehalten, Pause

ensued - folgten; folgen, ansetzen, erfolgen, nachfolgen, resultieren

fancy - schick; extravagant, originell

ungentle - unzart, unsanft

timid - furchtsam, zaghaft, zögerlich, schüchtern

tucked up - zurückgestreift

folded - falten, zusammenlegen, verschränken (Arme); Falte, gefaltete

Fender - Kotflügel; Schutzblech; Fender

frowning - Stirnrunzeln; die Stirn runzeln

'In the name of Heaven,'said Miss Betsey, suddenly, 'why Rookery?'

Heaven - Der Himmel; Himmel, Firmament, Paradies

Rookery - Kolonie, Krähenkolonie

'Do you mean the house, ma'am?'asked my mother.

'Why Rookery?'said Miss Betsey. 'Cookery would have been more to the purpose, if you had had any practical ideas of life, either of you.'

cookery - kochen; Kochkunst

practical - praktisch; Praktikum

'The name was Mr. Copperfield's choice,'returned my mother. 'When he bought the house, he liked to think that there were rooks about it.'

rooks - Rookies; betrügen; Bauernfänger, Saatkrähe, Gauner

'Where are the birds?'asked Miss Betsey.

'The"?'My mother had been thinking of something else.

'The rooks"what has become of them?'asked Miss Betsey.

'There have not been any since we have lived here,'said my mother. 'We thought"Mr. Copperfield thought"it was quite a large rookery; but the nests were very old ones, and the birds have deserted them a long while.'

nests - Nester; Nest

'David Copperfield all over!'cried Miss Betsey. 'David Copperfield from head to foot! Calls a house a rookery when there's not a rook near it, and takes the birds on trust, because he sees the nests!'

rook - Turm; betrügen; Bauernfänger, Saatkrähe, Gauner

trust - Vertrauen, Hoffnung, Trust, anschreiben

'Mr. Copperfield,'returned my mother, 'is dead, and if you dare to speak unkindly of him to me"'

unkindly - unhöflich; unfreundlich, herzlos

My poor dear mother, I suppose, had some momentary intention of committing an assault and battery upon my aunt, who could easily have settled her with one hand, even if my mother had been in far better training for such an encounter than she was that evening. But it passed with the action of rising from her chair; and she sat down again very meekly, and fainted.

momentary - Momentan

intention - Absicht

committing - sich zu engagieren; einweisen, einliefern, begehen, verbrechen

assault - Anschlag, Überfall, Angriff, überfallen, angreifen

Battery - Batterie; Körperverletzung, tätlicher Angriff

settled - erledigt; abklären

encounter - mit etw. in Berührung kommen;entgegentreten, sich begegnen, treffen auf;Begegnung , Treffen , Zusammenstoß

meekly - sanftmütig, unterwürfig

fainted - in Ohnmacht gefallen; leise, schwach, undeutlich

When she came to herself, or when Miss Betsey had restored her, whichever it was, she found the latter standing at the window. The twilight was by this time shading down into darkness; and dimly as they saw each other, they could not have done that without the aid of the fire.

restored - wiederhergestellt; wiederherstellen, restaurieren, restaurieren

whichever - was auch immer

twilight - Dämmerung, Zwielicht, Halbdunkel

shading - Schattierung; Schraffierung, Dunkeltönung

darkness - Dunkelheit, Finsternis

dimly - undeutlich; trübe

aid - Hilfsmittel, Hilfe, Mithilfe; helfen, beispringen

'Well?'said Miss Betsey, coming back to her chair, as if she had only been taking a casual look at the prospect; 'and when do you expect"'

casual - lässig; zufällig, beiläufig, gelegentlich, gleichgültig

prospect - Anwärter; Sicht, Perspektive, Aussicht, Erwartung, Chance

'I am all in a tremble,'faltered my mother. 'I don't know what's the matter. I shall die, I am sure!'

tremble - zittern; Zittern

faltered - Wanken

'No, no, no,'said Miss Betsey. 'Have some tea.'

'Oh Dear me, dear me, do you think it will do me any good?'cried my mother in a helpless manner.

Dear me - Ach du liebe Zeit!, Du liebe Zeit!

helpless - hilflos

'Of course it will,'said Miss Betsey. 'It's nothing but fancy. What do you call your girl?'

'I don't know that it will be a girl, yet, ma'am,'said my mother innocently.

innocently - unschuldig

'Bless the Baby!'exclaimed Miss Betsey, unconsciously quoting the second sentiment of the pincushion in the drawer upstairs, but applying it to my mother instead of me, 'I don't mean that. I mean your servant-girl.'

bless - segnen; selig preisen

unconsciously - unbewusst

quoting - Zitat

sentiment - Gefühlen; Gefühl

pincushion - Nadelkissen

drawer - Zeichner, Schublade, Aussteller

'Peggotty,'said my mother.

'Peggotty!'repeated Miss Betsey, with some indignation. 'Do you mean to say, child, that any human being has gone into a Christian church, and got herself named Peggotty?''It's her surname,'said my mother, faintly. 'Mr. Copperfield called her by it, because her Christian name was the same as mine.'

surname - Nachname, Familienname

Christian name - Vorname , Taufname , Rufname

'Here! Peggotty!'cried Miss Betsey, opening the parlour door. 'Tea. Your mistress is a little unwell. Don't dawdle.'

Mistress - Frau, Meisterin, Herrscherin, Mätresse, Liebhaberin, Domina

unwell - unwohl

dawdle - trödeln

Having issued this mandate with as much potentiality as if she had been a recognized authority in the house ever since it had been a house, and having looked out to confront the amazed Peggotty coming along the passage with a candle at the sound of a strange voice, Miss Betsey shut the door again, and sat down as before: with her feet on the fender, the skirt of her dress tucked up, and her hands folded on one knee.

issued - ausgestellt; ausgehen

mandate - Mandat

potentiality - Potenzialität; Möglichkeit

authority - Autorität; Autorität; Behörde

confront - konfrontieren, entgegentreten, Sache, begegnen, gegenübertreten

amazed - erstaunt; verwundern

coming along - hinzukommend

tucked - gesteckt; zurückstreifen, einklemmen; Bundfalte

'You were speaking about its being a girl,'said Miss Betsey. 'I have no doubt it will be a girl. I have a presentiment that it must be a girl. Now child, from the moment of the birth of this girl"'

have a presentiment - vorahnen, erahnen

'Perhaps boy,'my mother took the liberty of putting in.

liberty - Freiheit

'I tell you I have a presentiment that it must be a girl,'returned Miss Betsey. 'Don't contradict. From the moment of this girl's birth, child, I intend to be her friend. I intend to be her godmother, and I beg you'll call her Betsey Trotwood Copperfield. There must be no mistakes in life with THIS Betsey Trotwood.

presentiment - Vorahnung

contradict - widersprechen

intend - beabsichtigen, vorhaben, intendieren

Godmother - Patin, Patentante, Taufpatin, Gotte

beg - Männchen machen; etwas erbitten (von jemandem); bitten (um)

There must be no trifling with HER affections, poor dear. She must be well brought up, and well guarded from reposing any foolish confidences where they are not deserved. I must make that MY care.'

trifling - unbedeutend; Leichtfertigkeit

affections - Zuneigung, Rührung, Zuneigung

guarded - bewacht; Wächter, Parierstange, Schutz, schützen, bewachen

reposing - ruhend; ruhen

foolish - dumm, närrisch, töricht

confidences - Vertraulichkeiten; Selbstgewissheit, Zuversicht, Vertrauen

deserved - Verdient; verdienen

There was a twitch of Miss Betsey's head, after each of these sentences, as if her own old wrongs were working within her, and she repressed any plainer reference to them by strong constraint. So my mother suspected, at least, as she observed her by the low glimmer of the fire: too much scared by Miss Betsey, too uneasy in herself, and too subdued and bewildered altogether, to observe anything very clearly, or to know what to say.

twitch - zucken; zupfen

repressed - verdrängt; unterdrücken, verdrängen

plainer - schlichter; unscheinbar, einfach, vollständige, ehrlich

reference - Referenz; Quelle; referenzieren; sich beziehen

constraint - Einschränkung, Beschränkung, Restriktion, Zwang

observed - beobachtet; beobachten, beachten, halten, bemerken

glimmer - Schimmern; Schimmer; glimmern

uneasy - Unbehagen; besorgt, unangenehm, unsicher

subdued - gedämpft; unter Kontrolle bringen, unterwerfen, unterwerfen

bewildered - verwirrt; verwirren, durcheinanderbringen

altogether - ganz und gar, ohne Ausnahme, ausnahmslos, insgesamt

'And was David good to you, child?'asked Miss Betsey, when she had been silent for a little while, and these motions of her head had gradually ceased. 'Were you comfortable together?'

silent - still

motions - Bewegungen; Bewegung

gradually - nach und nach, allmählich, stufenweise, schrittweise

ceased - eingestellt; aufhören, aufhören, einstellen

'We were very happy,'said my mother. 'Mr. Copperfield was only too good to me.'

'What, he spoilt you, I suppose?'returned Miss Betsey.

spoilt - verdorben; verwöhnt, verzogen; (spoil); plündern; ruinieren

'For being quite alone and dependent on myself in this rough world again, yes, I fear he did indeed,'sobbed my mother.

dependent - abhängig, angewiesen, Unterhaltsempfänger

rough - rau, grob, Rough

sobbed - geschluchzt; Huso

'Well! don't cry!'said Miss Betsey. 'You were not equally matched, child"if any two people can be equally matched"and so I asked the question. You were an orphan, weren't you?''Yes.'

don't cry - weine nicht

equally - gleichermaßen, gleichmäßig

orphan - Waisenkind; Waise

weren - wer

'And a governess?'

governess - Hauslehrerin, Erzieherin, Gouvernante

'I was nursery-governess in a family where Mr. Copperfield came to visit. Mr. Copperfield was very kind to me, and took a great deal of notice of me, and paid me a good deal of attention, and at last proposed to me. And I accepted him. And so we were married,'said my mother simply.

nursery - Kinderstube, Kinderzimmer, Kindergarten, Kinderzimmer

proposed - vorgeschlagen; vorschlagen, einen Heiratsantrag machen

Simply - einfach

'Ha! Poor Baby!'mused Miss Betsey, with her frown still bent upon the fire. 'Do you know anything?'

ha - Das war jetzt aber ernst!

mused - überlegt; Muse

'I beg your pardon, ma'am,'faltered my mother.

Pardon - Vergebung, Verzeihung, Begnadigung, verzeihen, vergeben

'About keeping house, for instance,'said Miss Betsey.

keeping house - wirtschaftend

instance - Beispiel, Fall, Instanz

'Not much, I fear,'returned my mother. 'Not so much as I could wish. But Mr. Copperfield was teaching me"'

('Much he knew about it himself!') said Miss Betsey in a parenthesis. "'And I hope I should have improved, being very anxious to learn, and he very patient to teach me, if the great misfortune of his death'"my mother broke down again here, and could get no farther.

parenthesis - Klammern; Parenthese, Einschub, runde Klammer

anxious - ängstlich, besorgt

misfortune - Pech, Ungemach, Unglück, Unfall, Unheil

'Well, well!'said Miss Betsey. "'I kept my housekeeping-book regularly, and balanced it with Mr. Copperfield every night,'cried my mother in another burst of distress, and breaking down again.

housekeeping - Hauswirtschaft; Haushaltung, Hausarbeit

regularly - regulär; regelmäßig

balanced - ausgeglichen; Ausgewogenheit, Bilanz, Saldo, Guthaben

burst - geplatzt; platzen, zerplatzen, bersten, sprengen, Bersten

distress - Kummer, Bedrängnis, Drangsal, Bekümmerung, Not

'Well, well!'said Miss Betsey. 'Don't cry any more.'"'And I am sure we never had a word of difference respecting it, except when Mr. Copperfield objected to my threes and fives being too much like each other, or to my putting curly tails to my sevens and nines,'resumed my mother in another burst, and breaking down again.

respecting - Achtung, Respekt, respektieren, respektieren, respektieren

tails - Schwänze; Zipfel

resumed - wiederaufgenommen; weiter; Lebenslauf; fortsetzen

'You'll make yourself ill,'said Miss Betsey, 'and you know that will not be good either for you or for my god-daughter. Come! You mustn't do it!'

mustn - darf nicht

This argument had some share in quieting my mother, though her increasing indisposition had a larger one. There was an interval of silence, only broken by Miss Betsey's occasionally ejaculating 'Ha!'as she sat with her feet upon the fender.

though - aber; trotzdem, doch, allerdings, obwohl, obgleich

indisposition - Unwohlsein; Unpässlichkeit

interval - Pause; Abstand, Zwischenraum, Intervall

silence - Stille, Schweigen, zum Schweigen bringen, Ruhe

Occasionally - gelegentlich

ejaculating - ejakulieren, ejakulieren, Ejakulat

'David had bought an annuity for himself with his money, I know,'said she, by and by. 'What did he do for you?'

annuity - Leibrente; Annuität, Rente

'Mr. Copperfield,'said my mother, answering with some difficulty, 'was so considerate and good as to secure the reversion of a part of it to me.'

difficulty - Schwierigkeiten; Schwierigkeit

considerate - rücksichtsvoll

secure - sicher, geschützt, beschützt, zuverlässig

Reversion - Umpolung, Rückfall, Umkehrung; Rückbesinnung (auf)

'How much?'asked Miss Betsey.

'A hundred and five pounds a year,'said my mother.

'He might have done worse,'said my aunt.

Those allied powers were considerably astonished, when they arrived within a few minutes of each other, to find an unknown lady of portentous appearance, sitting before the fire, with her bonnet tied over her left arm, stopping her ears with jewellers'cotton.

allied - vereinigen, verbinden; Bündnispartner, Verbündete

Considerably - Erheblich; wesentlich, beträchtlich, beachtlich

astonished - erstaunt; erstaunen

unknown - unbekannt; Unbekannte; Unbekannter

portentous - bezeichnend

bonnet - Haube; Motorhaube

jewellers - Juweliere; Bijouterie, Juwelier

cotton - Baumwolle

Peggotty knowing nothing about her, and my mother saying nothing about her, she was quite a mystery in the parlour; and the fact of her having a magazine of jewellers'cotton in her pocket, and sticking the article in her ears in that way, did not detract from the solemnity of her presence.

mystery - Geheimnis, Rätsel

sticking - klebend, festklebend; (stick) klebend, festklebend

detract - ablenken; entziehen

solemnity - Feierlichkeit; Hochfest

presence - Anwesenheit

The doctor having been upstairs and come down again, and having satisfied himself, I suppose, that there was a probability of this unknown lady and himself having to sit there, face to face, for some hours, laid himself out to be polite and social. He was the meekest of his sex, the mildest of little men. He sidled in and out of a room, to take up the less space. He walked as softly as the Ghost in Hamlet, and more slowly. He carried his head on one side, partly in modest depreciation of himself, partly in modest propitiation of everybody else.

satisfied - befriedigen, zufriedenstellen

probability - Wahrscheinlichkeit

laid - gelegt; richten (Tisch)

meekest - am sanftesten; sanftmütig, bescheiden, zaghaft, zurückhaltend

sex - Alter, Geschlecht, Wohnort?, Geschlecht

mildest - am mildesten; mild, ausgeglichen, de

sidled - geschlängelt; schleichen

softly - sachte; leise

ghost - Gespenst, Geist, Phantom, Spuk

partly - teilweise, zum Teil

modest - bescheiden, maßvoll, klein, gering; (mod); bescheiden, maßvoll

depreciation - Abschreibung; Minderung des Wertes, Wertminderung

propitiation - Besänftigung; Versöhnung

It is nothing to say that he hadn't a word to throw at a dog. He couldn't have thrown a word at a mad dog. He might have offered him one gently, or half a one, or a fragment of one; for he spoke as slowly as he walked; but he wouldn't have been rude to him, and he couldn't have been quick with him, for any earthly consideration.

mad - wahnsinnig, verrückt, toll, irre

gently - sanft

fragment - Fragment, Bruchstück, Satzfragment, fragmentieren

earthly - irdisch; weltlich

consideration - Berücksichtigung; Erwägung, Überlegung, Rücksicht, Vergütung

Mr. Chillip, looking mildly at my aunt with his head on one side, and making her a little bow, said, in allusion to the jewellers'cotton, as he softly touched his left ear:

mildly - sanft, mild

bow - verbeugen; Verneigung (vor), Verbeugung; Bogen, Bug (Schiff)

allusion - Anspielung, Allusion

'Some local irritation, ma'am?'

irritation - Ärger, Irritation, Verärgerung

'What!'replied my aunt, pulling the cotton out of one ear like a cork.

Mr. Chillip was so alarmed by her abruptness"as he told my mother afterwards"that it was a mercy he didn't lose his presence of mind. But he repeated sweetly:

alarmed - beunruhigt; Alarm, Alarm, Alarmsignal

abruptness - Plötzlichkeit, Rauheit, Jähheit

mercy - Barmherzigkeit, Erbarmen, Gnade, Mitleid

sweetly - süß

'Some local irritation, ma'am?'

'Nonsense!'replied my aunt, and corked herself again, at one blow.

nonsense - Blödsinn, Nonsens

corked - verkorkt; Cork, Cork

Mr. Chillip could do nothing after this, but sit and look at her feebly, as she sat and looked at the fire, until he was called upstairs again. After some quarter of an hour's absence, he returned.

feebly - schwächlich; schwach

quarter of an hour's - (quarter of an hour) Viertelstunde

absence - Abwesenheit, Absenz, Fehlen, Absence

'Well?'said my aunt, taking the cotton out of the ear nearest to him.

'Well, ma'am,'returned Mr. Chillip, 'we are"we are progressing slowly, ma'am.'

'Ba"a"ah!'said my aunt, with a perfect shake on the contemptuous interjection. And corked herself as before.

contemptuous - verächtlich; respektlos

interjection - Zwischenruf; Interjektion, Ausrufewort, Empfindungswort

Really"really"as Mr. Chillip told my mother, he was almost shocked; speaking in a professional point of view alone, he was almost shocked. But he sat and looked at her, notwithstanding, for nearly two hours, as she sat looking at the fire, until he was again called out. After another absence, he again returned.

shocked - schockiert; Schock, Betroffenheit, Empörung, Schlag, Stoß

'Well?'said my aunt, taking out the cotton on that side again.

'Well, ma'am,'returned Mr. Chillip, 'we are"we are progressing slowly, ma'am.'

'Ya"a"ah!'said my aunt. With such a snarl at him, that Mr. Chillip absolutely could not bear it. It was really calculated to break his spirit, he said afterwards. He preferred to go and sit upon the stairs, in the dark and a strong draught, until he was again sent for.

Ya - Ja; Yum

snarl - anschnauzen, wütend knurren, knurren

absolutely - absolut, durchaus, total, unbedingt

calculated - berechnet; kalkulieren, berechnen, ausrechnen, rechnen

spirit - Geist, Seele, Stimmung, Schnaps

draught - Tiefgang; Spielstein

The mild Mr. Chillip could not possibly bear malice at such a time, if at any time. He sidled into the parlour as soon as he was at liberty, and said to my aunt in his meekest manner:

mild - mild, ausgeglichen, checkzahm, schwach

Possibly - vielleicht, eventuell, möglicherweise, negated: unmöglich

malice - Boshaftigkeit, Böse, Bosheit, Bösartigkeit

'Well, ma'am, I am happy to congratulate you.'

congratulate - gratulieren, beglückwünschen

'What upon?'said my aunt, sharply.

sharply - scharf, scharfzüngig, spitzzüngig

Mr. Chillip was fluttered again, by the extreme severity of my aunt's manner; so he made her a little bow and gave her a little smile, to mollify her.

fluttered - geflattert; flattern, wedeln

severity - Schweregrad; Härte, Stärke, Gewichtung

mollify - beschwichtigen; mildern; beruhigen

'Mercy on the man, what's he doing!'cried my aunt, impatiently. 'Can't he speak?'

impatiently - Ungeduldig

'Be calm, my dear ma'am,'said Mr. Chillip, in his softest accents.

Calm - ruhig; windstill; Ruhe; Windstille; beruhigen, ruhig stellen

accents - Akzente; Dialekt, Akzent, Betonung; betonen, akzentuieren

'There is no longer any occasion for uneasiness, ma'am. Be calm.'

Occasion - Gelegenheit; Anlass

uneasiness - Unbehagen

It has since been considered almost a miracle that my aunt didn't shake him, and shake what he had to say, out of him. She only shook her own head at him, but in a way that made him quail.

miracle - ein Wunder; Wunder, Mirakel

quail - Wachtel

'Well, ma'am,'resumed Mr. Chillip, as soon as he had courage, 'I am happy to congratulate you. All is now over, ma'am, and well over.'

courage - Courage, Herz, Mut, Tapferkeit

During the five minutes or so that Mr. Chillip devoted to the delivery of this oration, my aunt eyed him narrowly.

devoted - hingebungsvoll; widmen

delivery - Lieferung; Entbindung, Geburt

oration - Rede

narrowly - eng

'How is she?'said my aunt, folding her arms with her bonnet still tied on one of them.

folding - Klapp-; Falten, Klappen; (fold); Klapp-; Falten, Klappen

'Well, ma'am, she will soon be quite comfortable, I hope,'returned Mr. Chillip. 'Quite as comfortable as we can expect a young mother to be, under these melancholy domestic circumstances. There cannot be any objection to your seeing her presently, ma'am. It may do her good.'

melancholy - Melancholie, Schwermut, Wehmut

domestic - häuslich, Haus

circumstances - Umstände; Umstand, Umstand

objection - Beanstandung; Einwand, Widerspruch, Einspruch

Presently - Gegenwärtig; sogleich

'And SHE. How is SHE?'said my aunt, sharply.

Mr. Chillip laid his head a little more on one side, and looked at my aunt like an amiable bird.

amiable - liebenswürdig, liebenswert, gutmütig

'The baby,'said my aunt. 'How is she?'

'Ma'am,'returned Mr. Chillip, 'I apprehended you had known. It's a boy.'

apprehended - verhaftet; begreifen, verstehen, fangen, festnehmen

My aunt said never a word, but took her bonnet by the strings, in the manner of a sling, aimed a blow at Mr. Chillip's head with it, put it on bent, walked out, and never came back. She vanished like a discontented fairy; or like one of those supernatural beings, whom it was popularly supposed I was entitled to see; and never came back any more.

strings - Schnur, Zeichenkette, String, Saite, String, auffädeln

sling - Schleuder; Armschlinge

aimed - gezielt; zielen (auf); Ziel, Zweck; beabsichtigen

blow at - anblasen

vanished - verschwunden; verschwinden, vergehen, sich verflüchtigen

discontented - Unzufriedenheit

fairy - Fee, Elfe, Feenwesen, Naturgeister

supernatural - übernatürlich

beings - Wesen

popularly - populär

entitled - berechtigt; betiteln, benennen, den Titel verleihen

No. I lay in my basket, and my mother lay in her bed; but Betsey Trotwood Copperfield was for ever in the land of dreams and shadows, the tremendous region whence I had so lately travelled; and the light upon the window of our room shone out upon the earthly bourne of all such travellers, and the mound above the ashes and the dust that once was he, without whom I had never been.

lay - legen; richten (Tisch)

shadows - Schatten, beschatten, beschatten

tremendous - ungeheuerlich

whence - woher; von daher

lately - in letzter Zeit; neulich, kürzlich, letztlich

shone - leuchtete; schimmern, wienern; Schein; putzen (Schuhe)

travellers - Reisender, Reisende

mound - Erdhügel, Erdwall

ashes - Esche, Asche

dust - Staub; entstauben, abstauben, ein Sandbad nehmen, sandbaden


observe - beobachten; beachten, halten, bemerken

The first objects that assume a distinct presence before me, as I look far back, into the blank of my infancy, are my mother with her pretty hair and youthful shape, and Peggotty with no shape at all, and eyes so dark that they seemed to darken their whole neighbourhood in her face, and cheeks and arms so hard and red that I wondered the birds didn't peck her in preference to apples.

assume - annehmen, voraussetzen, vermuten, unterstellen

distinct - deutlich

infancy - im Kindesalter; Säuglingsphase, frühe Kindheit, Anfangsphase

darken - verdunkeln

neighbourhood - Viertel (Wohngegend), Nachbarschaft; Nähe, Stadtteil

cheeks - Wangen; Backe, qualifierormal, Backe, Stirn, Mick, Pumpenmick

wondered - gewundert; Wunder

peck - Knirps; picken; Küsschen (flüchtig); flüchtiger Kuss

preference - Präferenz, Bevorzugung, Vorliebe; Einstellung

I believe I can remember these two at a little distance apart, dwarfed to my sight by stooping down or kneeling on the floor, and I going unsteadily from the one to the other. I have an impression on my mind which I cannot distinguish from actual remembrance, of the touch of Peggotty's forefinger as she used to hold it out to me, and of its being roughened by needlework, like a pocket nutmeg-grater.

apart - auseinander; getrennt; beiseite; entzwei, in Stücke

dwarfed - Zwerg, Zwergin, Zwerg, Zwergin, Zwerg, Zwerg, Zwergstern, Zwerg

sight - Sehenswürdigkeit, Gesicht, Visier, erblicken, anvisieren

stooping - Bücken; Buckel, sich beugen

kneeling - kniend, hinkniend; (kneel); knien

unsteadily - wackelig

impression - Abdruck; Eindruck, Impression, Werbeeinblendung

distinguish - unterscheiden; erkennen; auszeichnen

actual - tatsächlich, konkret, gegenwärtig, aktuell

forefinger - Zeigefinger

roughened - aufgeraut; aufrauen, anrauen, rau machen, rauen, rau werden

needlework - Handarbeit

nutmeg - Muskatbaum, Muskatenbaum, Muskat, Muskatnuss, Tunnel

grater - Reibe, Küchenreibe

This may be fancy, though I think the memory of most of us can go farther back into such times than many of us suppose; just as I believe the power of observation in numbers of very young children to be quite wonderful for its closeness and accuracy.

power of observation - Beobachtungsgabe

closeness - Nähe

accuracy - Genauigkeit, Sorgfalt, Exaktheit, Richtigkeit

Indeed, I think that most grown men who are remarkable in this respect, may with greater propriety be said not to have lost the faculty, than to have acquired it; the rather, as I generally observe such men to retain a certain freshness, and gentleness, and capacity of being pleased, which are also an inheritance they have preserved from their childhood.

respect - Achtung, Respekt, respektieren

propriety - Angemessenheit, Richtigkeit, Korrektheit, Ordnungsmäßigkeit

faculty - der Fakultät; Kollegium, Lehrpersonal, Fakultät, Vermögen

acquired - erworben; erwerben, erwerben, akquirieren

generally - im Allgemeinen

retain - beibehalten; behalten; festhalten

freshness - Frische

gentleness - Sanftheit; Sanftmut

capacity - Kapazität; Befugnis

preserved - Konserve, Eingemachtes

childhood - Kindheit, Kindschaft, Kinderzeit, Anfangszeit

I might have a misgiving that I am 'meandering'in stopping to say this, but that it brings me to remark that I build these conclusions, in part upon my own experience of myself; and if it should appear from anything I may set down in this narrative that I was a child of close observation, or that as a man I have a strong memory of my childhood, I undoubtedly lay claim to both of these characteristics.

misgiving - Befürchtungen; Zweifel; (misgive) Befürchtungen; Zweifel

conclusions - Schlussfolgerungen; Schluss, Ende

set - gesetzt; Seth

narrative - erzählend, erzählerisch, in erzählender Form darlegend

observation - Beobachtung; Bemerkung

Undoubtedly - Zweifelsohne; zweifellos

characteristics - Eigenschaften; charakteristisch, bezeichnend, kennzeichnend

Looking back, as I was saying, into the blank of my infancy, the first objects I can remember as standing out by themselves from a confusion of things, are my mother and Peggotty. What else do I remember? Let me see.

confusion - Verwirrung, Durcheinander, Konfusion, Verwechslung

There comes out of the cloud, our house"not new to me, but quite familiar, in its earliest remembrance. On the ground-floor is Peggotty's kitchen, opening into a back yard; with a pigeon-house on a pole, in the centre, without any pigeons in it; a great dog-kennel in a corner, without any dog; and a quantity of fowls that look terribly tall to me, walking about, in a menacing and ferocious manner.

familiar - vertraut; bekannt

ground-floor - (ground-floor) Parterre

Yard - (der) Yard

pole - Pfahl; (North Pole) Nordpol

pigeons - Tauben; Taube

dog-kennel - (dog-kennel) Hundehütte

fowls - Hühner; Geflügel

Terribly - Schrecklich; furchtbar

menacing - bedrohlich; Landplage, androhen

ferocious - wild, brutal, grausam

There is one cock who gets upon a post to crow, and seems to take particular notice of me as I look at him through the kitchen window, who makes me shiver, he is so fierce. Of the geese outside the side-gate who come waddling after me with their long necks stretched out when I go that way, I dream at night: as a man environed by wild beasts might dream of lions.

cock - Vogelmännchen; Gockel, Hahn; erigierter Penis (vulg.), Pimmel

crow - Krähe

shiver - Schauder, Schauer, zittern, frösteln

fierce - wild, heftig, bedrohlich

geese - Gänse

waddling - watschelnder, watscheln

stretched - gestreckt; strecken, dehnen, langziehen, dehnen

Environed - Umworben; umgeben

beasts - Biester; Tier

Here is a long passage"what an enormous perspective I make of it!"leading from Peggotty's kitchen to the front door. A dark store-room opens out of it, and that is a place to be run past at night; for I don't know what may be among those tubs and jars and old tea-chests, when there is nobody in there with a dimly-burning light, letting a mouldy air come out of the door, in which there is the smell of soap, pickles, pepper, candles, and coffee, all at one whiff. Then there are the two parlours: the parlour in which we sit of an evening, my mother and I and Peggotty"for Peggotty is quite our companion, when her work is done and we are alone"and the best parlour where we sit on a Sunday; grandly, but not so comfortably.

perspective - Aussicht; Perspektive

leading - führend; führen; (lead) führend; führen

tubs - Wannen; Dose; q

jars - Gläser; Topf, Krug, Glasgefäß

chests - Truhen; Kiste, Brustkasten, Brust, Koffer

mouldy - schimmelig, verschimmelt

pickles - Essiggurken; Essiggurke, Metallbeize; beizen

candles - Kerzen; Kerze

whiff - riechen; Hauch

parlours - Salons; Wohnzimmer, Stube; Sprechzimmer

companion - Begleiter, Freund, Liebhaber, Kamerad

grandly - großartig, großartige

comfortably - bequem, komfortabel

There is something of a doleful air about that room to me, for Peggotty has told me"I don't know when, but apparently ages ago"about my father's funeral, and the company having their black cloaks put on. One Sunday night my mother reads to Peggotty and me in there, how Lazarus was raised up from the dead. And I am so frightened that they are afterwards obliged to take me out of bed, and show me the quiet churchyard out of the bedroom window, with the dead all lying in their graves at rest, below the solemn moon.

doleful - traurig, trübsinnig

apparently - offensichtlich, offenbar, scheinbar, anscheinend

cloaks - Umhang, Pelerine, Deckmantel, verhüllen

Lazarus - Lazarus

frightened - verängstigt; Angst machen, erschrecken, schrecken, beängstigen

obliged - verpflichtet; verpflichten, einen Gefallen tun

graves - Gräber; feierlich, Gruft, massiv, würdig, ernst

solemn - feierlich; ernst

There is nothing half so green that I know anywhere, as the grass of that churchyard; nothing half so shady as its trees; nothing half so quiet as its tombstones. The sheep are feeding there, when I kneel up, early in the morning, in my little bed in a closet within my mother's room, to look out at it; and I see the red light shining on the sun-dial, and think within myself, 'Is the sun-dial glad, I wonder, that it can tell the time again?

shady - schattig; schattenspendend, Schatten, zwielichtig

tombstones - Grabsteine; Grabstein, Grabmal

kneel - knien

closet - Kleiderschrank; Schrank, Wandschrank, Kammer, Abstellkammer

shining - glänzen; schimmern, wienern; Schein; putzen (Schuhe)

dial - Zifferblatt; Wählscheibe; wählen

Glad - Erfreut; freudig, froh

wonder - Wunder, Mirakel, wundern


Here is our pew in the church. What a high-backed pew! With a window near it, out of which our house can be seen, and IS seen many times during the morning's service, by Peggotty, who likes to make herself as sure as she can that it's not being robbed, or is not in flames. But though Peggotty's eye wanders, she is much offended if mine does, and frowns to me, as I stand upon the seat, that I am to look at the clergyman. But I can't always look at him"I know him without that white thing on, and I am afraid of his wondering why I stare so, and perhaps stopping the service to inquire"and what am I to do? It's a dreadful thing to gape, but I must do something. I look at my mother, but she pretends not to see me. I look at a boy in the aisle, and he makes faces at me. I look at the sunlight coming in at the open door through the porch, and there I see a stray sheep"I don't mean a sinner, but mutton"half making up his mind to come into the church. I feel that if I looked at him any longer, I might be tempted to say something out loud; and what would become of me then!

pew - die Kirchenbank

robbed - ausgeraubt; rauben, berauben, Raubbau treiben, ausrauben

flames - Flammen; Flamme, q

wanders - wandert; umherstreifen, umherstreichen, herumziehen, stromern

offended - beleidigt; beleidigen, beleidigen, de

frowns - Stirnrunzeln; die Stirn runzeln

clergyman - Pfarrer, Pastor, Kleriker, Geistlicher

wondering - und fragen sich; (wonder) sich wundern (über)

stare - starren, anstarren

inquire - erkundigen

dreadful - furchtbar, schrecklich

gape - klaffen; gähnen; gaffe, angaffen

pretends - so tut als ob; vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun

aisle - Seitenschiff; Gang, Durchgang

makes faces - (make faces) Gesichter schneiden

sunlight - Sonnenlicht

porch - Vorbau, Vordach, Veranda

stray - verirrt; Streuverlust; abirren, vagabundieren, streunen, irren

sinner - Sünder, Sünderin

mutton - Schaffleisch, Hammel, Hammelfleisch, Schöpsenfleisch

be tempted - in Versuchung kommen, in Versuchung sein

I look up at the monumental tablets on the wall, and try to think of Mr. Bodgers late of this parish, and what the feelings of Mrs. Bodgers must have been, when affliction sore, long time Mr. Bodgers bore, and physicians were in vain. I wonder whether they called in Mr. Chillip, and he was in vain; and if so, how he likes to be reminded of it once a week. I look from Mr. Chillip, in his Sunday neckcloth, to the pulpit; and think what a good place it would be to play in, and what a castle it would make, with another boy coming up the stairs to attack it, and having the velvet cushion with the tassels thrown down on his head. In time my eyes gradually shut up; and, from seeming to hear the clergyman singing a drowsy song in the heat, I hear nothing, until I fall off the seat with a crash, and am taken out, more dead than alive, by Peggotty.

parish - Pfarrgemeinde, Gemeinde, Kirchenkreis

feelings - Gefühle; Gefühl, Eindruck

affliction - Bedrängnis; Leiden, Behinderung

sore - sauer; weh, wund, schmerzend, schmerzhaft

physicians - Ärzten; Arzt, Ärztin, Mediziner, Medizinerin, Doktor, Doktorin

reminded - Erinnert; erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

neckcloth - Halstuch

pulpit - Kanzel; i ot or just slightly raised

velvet - Samt

cushion - Kissen; Puffer, Polster, Bande, polstern, abdämpfen, abfedern

tassels - Quasten; Quaste

thrown down - hingeworfen

drowsy - schläfrig; einschläfernd; müde, langweilig, verschlafen, dösig

crash - Absturz; Zusammenstoß, Krach, Zusammenbruch; zusammenbrechen

And now I see the outside of our house, with the latticed bedroom-windows standing open to let in the sweet-smelling air, and the ragged old rooks'-nests still dangling in the elm-trees at the bottom of the front garden. Now I am in the garden at the back, beyond the yard where the empty pigeon-house and dog-kennel are"a very preserve of butterflies, as I remember it, with a high fence, and a gate and padlock; where the fruit clusters on the trees, riper and richer than fruit has ever been since, in any other garden, and where my mother gathers some in a basket, while I stand by, bolting furtive gooseberries, and trying to look unmoved.

latticed - vergittert; Gitterzaun, Gitterwerk

standing open - offenstehend

let in - hereinlassen;eingelassen

ragged - zottig, dilettantisch, struppig, zerlumpt; (rag) zottig

dangling - baumelnd; (dangle); baumeln

elm-trees - (elm-trees) Ulmen

front garden - Vorgarten

beyond - darüber hinaus; jenseits

pigeon - Taube

kennel - Gosse, Zwinger, Hundezwinger

preserve - Konserve, Eingemachtes, Naturschutzgebiet, Naturreservat

butterflies - Schmetterlinge; Schmetterling, qualifieroetic

fence - Zaun

padlock - Vorhängeschloss; mit einem Vorhängeschloss verschließen

clusters - Clustern; Anhäufung, Büschel, Gruppe, Haufen, Schwarm, Traube

riper - reifer; (riper years) in fortgeschrittenem Alter; (rip) reifer; (riper years) in fortgeschrittenem Alter

gathers - sammelt; sammeln, versammeln

bolting - Abhauen; verriegelnd, abriegelnd; (bolt) Abhauen; verriegelnd

furtive - geheim, heimlich, tarnen

gooseberries - Stachelbeeren; Stachelbeere, fünftes Rad am Wagen

unmoved - ungerührt, unbewegt

A great wind rises, and the summer is gone in a moment. We are playing in the winter twilight, dancing about the parlour. When my mother is out of breath and rests herself in an elbow-chair, I watch her winding her bright curls round her fingers, and straitening her waist, and nobody knows better than I do that she likes to look so well, and is proud of being so pretty.

breath - Atmen, Atmung, Atemzug, Atem, Atempause

elbow - Ellbogen; Rohrbogen; Ellbogenstoß; ellbögeln

winding - (wind) aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln

curls - Locken; Locke

straitening - Begradigung; beschränken

waist - Taille; Rumpf

proud - stolz, prahlerisch

That is among my very earliest impressions. That, and a sense that we were both a little afraid of Peggotty, and submitted ourselves in most things to her direction, were among the first opinions"if they may be so called"that I ever derived from what I saw.

impressions - Eindrücke; Abdruck, Eindruck, Impression, Werbeeinblendung

submitted - vorgelegt; sich fügen, vorlegen, einreichen, unterwerfen

derived - abgeleitet; erlangen, herleiten, ableiten, herleiten, ableiten

Peggotty and I were sitting one night by the parlour fire, alone. I had been reading to Peggotty about crocodiles. I must have read very perspicuously, or the poor soul must have been deeply interested, for I remember she had a cloudy impression, after I had done, that they were a sort of vegetable. I was tired of reading, and dead sleepy; but having leave, as a high treat, to sit up until my mother came home from spending the evening at a neighbour's, I would rather have died upon my post (of course) than have gone to bed. I had reached that stage of sleepiness when Peggotty seemed to swell and grow immensely large.

crocodiles - Krokodile; Krokodil

perspicuously - Scharfsinnig

soul - Inbrunst, Seele, Gefühl, Herz

deeply - tief; zutiefst

cloudy - bewölkt, wolkig, trüb

sleepy - schläfrig; verschlafen

treat - behandeln; bewirten, einladen, heilen, kurieren

sleepiness - Schläfrigkeit

swell - anschwellen; Schwellen

immensely - immens

I propped my eyelids open with my two forefingers, and looked perseveringly at her as she sat at work; at the little bit of wax-candle she kept for her thread"how old it looked, being so wrinkled in all directions!"at the little house with a thatched roof, where the yard-measure lived; at her work-box with a sliding lid, with a view of St. Paul's Cathedral (with a pink dome) painted on the top; at the brass thimble on her finger; at herself, whom I thought lovely. I felt so sleepy, that I knew if I lost sight of anything for a moment, I was gone.

propped - gestützt; Stütze

eyelids - Augenlider; Augenlid

forefingers - Zeigefingern; Zeigefinger

perseveringly - ausdauernd

thread - Thema; Faden, Garn, Zwirn, Nähgarn

wrinkled - zerknittert; sich runzeln, runzlig (runzelig) werden, knittern

thatched roof - Strohdach , Reetdach

measure - Maß; Messung, Maßstab, Takt, Maßnahme, messen, abmessen

sliding - schiebend, abgleitend; (slid) schiebend, abgleitend

Paul - Paulus, Paul

cathedral - Kirche, Münster, Kathedrale, Dom

dome - Kuppel

brass - Messingschild

thimble - Fingerhut; ein Fingerhut voll; Aufnahmedose, Becher, Buchse

'Peggotty,'says I, suddenly, 'were you ever married?'

'Lord, Master Davy,'replied Peggotty. 'What's put marriage in your head?'

Lord - Gebieter; Herr; herrschen

Master - Haupt.., Grund, Meister, führend, leitend; bewältigen, meistern

She answered with such a start, that it quite awoke me. And then she stopped in her work, and looked at me, with her needle drawn out to its thread's length.

awoke - erwacht; munter, wach; erwachen, aufwachen

needle - Nadel; hänseln

Length - Länge, Längenmaß, Pferdelänge

'But WERE you ever married, Peggotty?'says I. 'You are a very handsome woman, an't you?'

I thought her in a different style from my mother, certainly; but of another school of beauty, I considered her a perfect example. There was a red velvet footstool in the best parlour, on which my mother had painted a nosegay. The ground-work of that stool, and Peggotty's complexion appeared to me to be one and the same thing. The stool was smooth, and Peggotty was rough, but that made no difference.

beauty - Schönheit; Schöner, Schöne, Prachtstück

footstool - Schemel, Fußbank

nosegay - Blumenstrauß; Biedermeiersträußchen, Blumensträußchen

ground-work - (ground-work) Fundament

complexion - Teint, Gesichtsfarbe

smooth - glatt; reibungslos, problemlos, glätten

'Me handsome, Davy!'said Peggotty. 'Lawk, no, my dear! But what put marriage in your head?'

'I don't know!"You mustn't marry more than one person at a time, may you, Peggotty?'

'Certainly not,'says Peggotty, with the promptest decision.

promptest - am schnellsten; Eingabeaufforderung, anleiten, antreiben

'But if you marry a person, and the person dies, why then you may marry another person, mayn't you, Peggotty?'

'YOU MAY,'says Peggotty, 'if you choose, my dear. That's a matter of opinion.'

'But what is your opinion, Peggotty?'said I.

I asked her, and looked curiously at her, because she looked so curiously at me.

curiously - neugierige

'My opinion is,'said Peggotty, taking her eyes from me, after a little indecision and going on with her work, 'that I never was married myself, Master Davy, and that I don't expect to be. That's all I know about the subject.'

indecision - Unentschlossenheit, Unschlüssigkeit

'You an't cross, I suppose, Peggotty, are you?'said I, after sitting quiet for a minute.

I really thought she was, she had been so short with me; but I was quite mistaken: for she laid aside her work (which was a stocking of her own), and opening her arms wide, took my curly head within them, and gave it a good squeeze. I know it was a good squeeze, because, being very plump, whenever she made any little exertion after she was dressed, some of the buttons on the back of her gown flew off.

aside - beiseite, zur Seite

stocking - Strumpf; (stock) Strumpf

squeeze - drücken, klemmen, pressen, quetschen

plump - prall werden, prall machen; drall, vollschlank, mollig

whenever - wann auch immer

exertion - Anstrengung, Kraftanstrengung, Anspannung, Ausübung

gown - Gewand; Umhang, Umwurf, Überwurf, Kleid, Abendkleid, Robe

And I recollect two bursting to the opposite side of the parlour, while she was hugging me.

bursting - platzen, zerplatzen, bersten, sprengen, Bersten

hugging - Umarmung, umarmen

'Now let me hear some more about the Crorkindills,'said Peggotty, who was not quite right in the name yet, 'for I an't heard half enough.'

We had exhausted the crocodiles, and begun with the alligators, when the garden-bell rang. We went out to the door; and there was my mother, looking unusually pretty, I thought, and with her a gentleman with beautiful black hair and whiskers, who had walked home with us from church last Sunday.

exhausted - erschöpft; erschöpfen, dezimieren, erschöpfen, Auspuff, Abgas

alligators - Alligatoren; Alligator

gentleman - Herr; Herr, meine Herren

whiskers - Schnurrhaare; Barthaar

As my mother stooped down on the threshold to take me in her arms and kiss me, the gentleman said I was a more highly privileged little fellow than a monarch"or something like that; for my later understanding comes, I am sensible, to my aid here.

stooped - gekrümmt; Buckel, sich beugen

threshold - Schwelle, Türschwelle

kiss - küssen

highly - am Höchsten, hoch

privileged - privilegiert; Privileg

fellow - Stipendiat, Typ, Kerl, Bursche; Gefährte, Kerl

monarch - Monarch, Monarchin, Fürst

sensible - wahrnehmbar; spürbar; der Empfindung fähig; gewahr; vernünftig

'What does that mean?'I asked him, over her shoulder.

He patted me on the head; but somehow, I didn't like him or his deep voice, and I was jealous that his hand should touch my mother's in touching me"which it did. I put it away, as well as I could.

patted - getätschelt; Pat

somehow - irgendwie

jealous - eifersüchtig; eifrig, eifernd, neidisch

'Oh, Davy!'remonstrated my mother.

remonstrated - remonstriert; protestieren, missbilligen, einwenden

'Dear boy!'said the gentleman. 'I cannot wonder at his devotion!'

devotion - Hingebung, Hingabe, Zuneigung, Zuwendung

I never saw such a beautiful colour on my mother's face before. She gently chid me for being rude; and, keeping me close to her shawl, turned to thank the gentleman for taking so much trouble as to bring her home. She put out her hand to him as she spoke, and, as he met it with his own, she glanced, I thought, at me.

chid - getadelt, gescholten; (chide); schelten

shawl - Umschlagtuch; Schal

glanced - geschaut; blicken, Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

'Let us say śgood nightť, my fine boy,'said the gentleman, when he had bent his head"I saw him!"over my mother's little glove.

glove - Handschuh

'Good night!'said I.

'Come! Let us be the best friends in the world!'said the gentleman, laughing. 'shake hands!'

shake hands - sich die Hand geben

My right hand was in my mother's left, so I gave him the other.

'Why, that's the Wrong hand, Davy!'laughed the gentleman.

My mother drew my right hand forward, but I was resolved, for my former reason, not to give it him, and I did not. I gave him the other, and he shook it heartily, and said I was a brave fellow, and went away.

resolved - geklärt; auflösen, beschließen

former - erstgenannt, ehem. ehemalig, frühere, früher

Brave - tapfer, mutig, Krieger

At this minute I see him turn round in the garden, and give us a last look with his ill-omened black eyes, before the door was shut.

this minute - sofort, soeben, augenblicklich

turn round - umlenken, wenden, umbiegen

omened - Omen

Peggotty, who had not said a word or moved a finger, secured the fastenings instantly, and we all went into the parlour. My mother, contrary to her usual habit, instead of coming to the elbow-chair by the fire, remained at the other end of the room, and sat singing to herself. "'Hope you have had a pleasant evening, ma'am,'said Peggotty, standing as stiff as a barrel in the centre of the room, with a candlestick in her hand.

secured - gesichert; sicher, geschützt, beschützt, sicher, geschützt

fastenings - Befestigungen; befestigend, anbindend

instantly - sofort; unmittelbar

contrary - entgegengesetzt, gegenläufig, entgegenstehend, ungünstig

remained - geblieben; Überrest (2), de

pleasant - angenehm

stiff - steif, starr, Steifer, Zechpreller, prellen, abspeisen

barrel - Fass, Tonne, Gebinde, Barrel, Trommel, Hohlzylinder

candlestick - Kerzenleuchter; Kerzenhalter

'Much obliged to you, Peggotty,'returned my mother, in a cheerful voice, 'I have had a VERY pleasant evening.'

cheerful - fröhlich, vergnügt, freundlich

'A stranger or so makes an agreeable change,'suggested Peggotty.

agreeable - angenehm; verträglich, liebenswürdig, gefällig

'A very agreeable change, indeed,'returned my mother.

Peggotty continuing to stand motionless in the middle of the room, and my mother resuming her singing, I fell asleep, though I was not so sound asleep but that I could hear voices, without hearing what they said. When I half awoke from this uncomfortable doze, I found Peggotty and my mother both in tears, and both talking.

motionless - unbeweglich, reglos, bewegungslos

resuming - wieder aufnehmen; weiter; Lebenslauf; fortsetzen

doze - dösen; Halbschlaf

Tears - Tränen; zerreißen, ich/er/sie/es riss, riß

'Not such a one as this, Mr. Copperfield wouldn't have liked,'said Peggotty. 'That I say, and that I swear!'

swear - schwören

'Good heavens!'cried my mother, 'you'll drive me mad! Was ever any poor girl so ill-used by her servants as I am! Why do I do myself the injustice of calling myself a girl? Have I never been married, Peggotty?'

Good heavens - Um Himmels willen!

servants - Diener, Dienerin, Lakai, Kammerdiener, Zofe, Bediensteter

injustice - Unrecht; Ungerechtigkeit

'God knows you have, ma'am,'returned Peggotty. 'Then, how can you dare,'said my mother"'you know I don't mean how can you dare, Peggotty, but how can you have the heart"to make me so uncomfortable and say such bitter things to me, when you are well aware that I haven't, out of this place, a single friend to turn to?'

Bitter - herb, rau, bitter

aware - wachsam, gewahr, bewusst, checkgewahr

'The more's the reason,'returned Peggotty, 'for saying that it won't do. No! That it won't do. No! No price could make it do. No!'"I thought Peggotty would have thrown the candlestick away, she was so emphatic with it.

emphatic - nachdrücklich; emphatisch

'How can you be so aggravating,'said my mother, shedding more tears than before, 'as to talk in such an unjust manner! How can you go on as if it was all settled and arranged, Peggotty, when I tell you over and over again, you cruel thing, that beyond the commonest civilities nothing has passed! You talk of admiration.

aggravating - verschlimmernd; verschlimmern, erschweren, ärgern, verbittern

shedding - abwerfen; vergießen; (shed) abwerfen; vergießen

unjust - ungerecht

cruel - schrecklich; grausam (gegen)

civilities - Höflichkeiten; Anstand, Höflichkeit, Verbindlichkeit

admiration - Bewunderung

What am I to do? If people are so silly as to indulge the sentiment, is it my fault? What am I to do, I ask you? Would you wish me to shave my head and black my face, or disfigure myself with a burn, or a scald, or something of that sort? I dare say you would, Peggotty. I dare say you'd quite enjoy it.'

silly - doof, dumm, albern, Dummerchen

indulge - nachgeben, erliegen, frönen, hätscheln, verwöhnen

shave - rasieren

disfigure - entstellen, verunstalten

scald - verbrühen

Peggotty seemed to take this aspersion very much to heart, I thought.

aspersion - Verleumdung; abfällige Bemerkung

'And my dear boy,'cried my mother, coming to the elbow-chair in which I was, and caressing me, 'my own little Davy! Is it to be hinted to me that I am wanting in affection for my precious treasure, the dearest little fellow that ever was!'

caressing - streicheln; liebkosend

affection - Zuneigung; Rührung

precious - kostbar, wertvoll, süßlich, kitschig

treasure - Schatz; schätzen

'Nobody never went and hinted no such a thing,'said Peggotty.

'You did, Peggotty!'returned my mother. 'You know you did. What else was it possible to infer from what you said, you unkind creature, when you know as well as I do, that on his account only last quarter I wouldn't buy myself a new parasol, though that old green one is frayed the whole way up, and the fringe is perfectly mangy? You know it is, Peggotty. You can't deny it.

infer - schlussfolgern, schließen, Schlüsse ziehen, zur Folge haben

unkind - grausam, lieblos, unfreundlich, hart, ungefällig

creature - Wesen, Lebewesen, Fabelwesen

account - Rechnung, Bericht, Rechnung, Konto

parasol - Sonnenschirm

frayed - ausgefranst; Gefecht (auch fig.), Schlägerei; ausfransen

fringe - Fransen; Franse, Saum, Einfassung, Rand, Peripherie, Randgruppe

mangy - krätzig, räudig, schäbig

deny - verweigern, leugnen;gegen jdn. retten

Then, turning affectionately to me, with her cheek against mine, 'Am I a naughty mama to you, Davy? Am I a nasty, cruel, selfish, bad mama? Say I am, my child; say śyesť, dear boy, and Peggotty will love you; and Peggotty's love is a great deal better than mine, Davy. I don't love you at all, do I?'

affectionately - zärtlich

cheek - Frechheit; Backe, ormal, Stirn, Mick, Pumpenmick

naughty - unanständig; ungezogen, unartig, ungehorsam, dreist

nasty - abscheulich, böse, ekelhaft, scheußlich

Selfish - egoistisch, selbstsüchtig, egozentrisch, checkegoistisch

At this, we all fell a-crying together. I think I was the loudest of the party, but I am sure we were all sincere about it. I was quite heart-broken myself, and am afraid that in the first transports of wounded tenderness I called Peggotty a 'Beast'.

sincere - aufrichtig

wounded - verwundet; anschießen, verwunden

tenderness - Zärtlichkeit

beast - Tier, Bestie, Unmensch, Biest

That honest creature was in deep affliction, I remember, and must have become quite buttonless on the occasion; for a little volley of those explosives went off, when, after having made it up with my mother, she kneeled down by the elbow-chair, and made it up with me.

honest - ehrlich, aufrichtig; (hon); ehrlich, aufrichtig

buttonless - knopflos

volley - Salve; Volley

explosives - explosiv, aufbrausend, explosiv, Sprengstoff; Sprengmittel

kneeled down - hingekniet

We went to bed greatly dejected. My sobs kept waking me, for a long time; and when one very strong sob quite hoisted me up in bed, I found my mother sitting on the coverlet, and leaning over me. I fell asleep in her arms, after that, and slept soundly.

greatly - sehr; außerordentlich, großartig

dejected - niedergeschlagen; entmutigen

sobs - schluchzt; Huso

hoisted - hochgezogen; hochziehen, hissen, Hebezeug

coverlet - Bettdecke; Tagesdecke

leaning - (to lean) sich an etwas lehnen

soundly - solide; gründlich, ordentlich

Whether it was the following Sunday when I saw the gentleman again, or whether there was any greater lapse of time before he reappeared, I cannot recall. I don't profess to be clear about dates. But there he was, in church, and he walked home with us afterwards. He came in, too, to look at a famous geranium we had, in the parlour-window. It did not appear to me that he took much notice of it, but before he went he asked my mother to give him a bit of the blossom.

lapse - Entgleisung, Ausrutscher, Verfallen, Erlöschen, Verfall

reappeared - wieder aufgetaucht; wieder erscheinen, wiederauftreten

recall - zurückrufen; erinnern

profess - bekennen

geranium - Storchschnabel; Geranie

blossom - Blüte; Blütezeit; blühen, erblühen, aufblühen

She begged him to choose it for himself, but he refused to do that"I could not understand why"so she plucked it for him, and gave it into his hand. He said he would never, never part with it any more; and I thought he must be quite a fool not to know that it would fall to pieces in a day or two.

refused - abgelehnt; Müll; abweisen, verweigern, abschlagen, ablehnen

plucked - gerupft; pflücken, abrupfen, zupfen, schlagen, rupfen, ausrupfen

fool - dumme Gans, Dummkopf, Narr, Närrin

Peggotty began to be less with us, of an evening, than she had always been. My mother deferred to her very much"more than usual, it occurred to me"and we were all three excellent friends; still we were different from what we used to be, and were not so comfortable among ourselves.

deferred - aufgeschoben; verzögern, verschieben, aufschieben, zurückstellen

occurred - aufgetreten; passieren, vorkommen, stattfinden, vorkommen

Sometimes I fancied that Peggotty perhaps objected to my mother's wearing all the pretty dresses she had in her drawers, or to her going so often to visit at that neighbour's; but I couldn't, to my satisfaction, make out how it was.

fancied - Lust gehabt; extravagant, originell

drawers - Schubladen; Zeichner, Schublade, Aussteller

satisfaction - Befriedigung; Zufriedenheit; Satisfaktion, Genugtuung

Gradually, I became used to seeing the gentleman with the black whiskers. I liked him no better than at first, and had the same uneasy jealousy of him; but if I had any reason for it beyond a child's instinctive dislike, and a general idea that Peggotty and I could make much of my mother without any help, it certainly was not THE reason that I might have found if I had been older.

jealousy - Eifersucht, Missgunst, Neid

dislike - Abneigung; Unbehagen; ablehnen

No such thing came into my mind, or near it. I could observe, in little pieces, as it were; but as to making a net of a number of these pieces, and catching anybody in it, that was, as yet, beyond me.

net - vernetzen; netzartig, Tüll, Netto, Netz; einnetzen

One autumn morning I was with my mother in the front garden, when Mr. Murdstone"I knew him by that name now"came by, on horseback. He reined up his horse to salute my mother, and said he was going to Lowestoft to see some friends who were there with a yacht, and merrily proposed to take me on the saddle before him if I would like the ride.

on horseback - zu Pferde, reitend (auf einem Pferd)

reined - gezügelt; Zügel

salute - Salut; salutieren

yacht - Yacht, Jacht

merrily - fröhlich, lustig

saddle - satteln; Sattel, Sattelfläche [math.]; Reitsattel

The air was so clear and pleasant, and the horse seemed to like the idea of the ride so much himself, as he stood snorting and pawing at the garden-gate, that I had a great desire to go. So I was sent upstairs to Peggotty to be made spruce; and in the meantime Mr. Murdstone dismounted, and, with his horse's bridle drawn over his arm, walked slowly up and down on the outer side of the sweetbriar fence, while my mother walked slowly up and down on the inner to keep him company.

snorting - Schnüffeln; schnauben, prusten; (snort); Schnauben; schnupfen

pawing - betatschen; Tatze, Pfote, Pranke

desire - begehren; Begehren, Wunsch

spruce - Fichte; Fichtenholz

meantime - Inzwischen; unterdessen

dismounted - Abgesessen; abnehmen, absteigen

bridle - Zaumzeug, Zaum, aufzäumen, Zaumzeug anlegen, zügeln

I recollect Peggotty and I peeping out at them from my little window; I recollect how closely they seemed to be examining the sweetbriar between them, as they strolled along; and how, from being in a perfectly angelic temper, Peggotty turned cross in a moment, and brushed my hair the wrong way, excessively hard.

peeping - spähen; (peep hole) Schauloch; (to peep through) durchgucken

closely - dicht, eng, nah, nahe

examining - die Prüfung; untersuchen, untersuchen, untersuchen, prüfen

strolled - spazieren gegangen; Spaziergang, Bummel, spazieren gehen

excessively - übermäßig; exzessiv

Mr. Murdstone and I were soon off, and trotting along on the green turf by the side of the road. He held me quite easily with one arm, and I don't think I was restless usually; but I could not make up my mind to sit in front of him without turning my head sometimes, and looking up in his face. He had that kind of shallow black eye"I want a better word to express an eye that has no depth in it to be looked into"which, when it is abstracted, seems from some peculiarity of light to be disfigured, for a moment at a time, by a cast. Several times when I glanced at him, I observed that appearance with a sort of awe, and wondered what he was thinking about so closely. His hair and whiskers were blacker and thicker, looked at so near, than even I had given them credit for being. A squareness about the lower part of his face, and the dotted indication of the strong black beard he shaved close every day, reminded me of the wax-work that had travelled into our neighbourhood some half-a-year before.

trotting - trabte; traben; (trot) trabte; traben

turf - Grasnarbe; Rasen; Grassode

restless - unruhig; ruhelos, rastlos, checkunruhig

shallow - flach; q

depth - Tiefe

abstracted - abstrahiert; Auszug, Zusammenfassung, abstrakt, abstrakt

peculiarity - Singularität, Einzigartigkeit, Besonderheit

disfigured - verunstaltet; entstellen, verunstalten

cast - werfen; wegwerfen, hinwerfen, gießen, Cast, Besetzung, Ensemble

awe - Ehrfurcht; Staunen; einschüchtern

squareness - Rechtwinkligkeit; Rechteckigkeit

lower part - Unterteil

dotted - gepunktet; stricheln; Punkt

indication - Anzeichen, Anzeige, Hinweis, Indiz

beard - Bart; Alibifreundin

shaved - rasiert; rasieren

This, his regular eyebrows, and the rich white, and black, and brown, of his complexion"confound his complexion, and his memory!"made me think him, in spite of my misgivings, a very handsome man. I have no doubt that my poor dear mother thought him so too.

eyebrows - Augenbrauen; Braue, Augenbraue

Confound - verwirren; verschlimmern, verschlechtern, besiegen, verfluchen

spite - Bosheit; trotz

misgivings - Befürchtungen; Zweifel

We went to an hotel by the sea, where two gentlemen were smoking cigars in a room by themselves. Each of them was lying on at least four chairs, and had a large rough jacket on. In a corner was a heap of coats and boat-cloaks, and a flag, all bundled up together.

gentlemen - Herr, Herr, Herr, meine Herren

cigars - Zigarren; Zigarre; Glimmstängel

heap - Menschenmenge, Masse, Haufen, Haufe, Heap

flag - markieren, beflaggen, kennzeichnen; Kennzeichen, Platte, Flag

bundled - gebündelt; Bündel

They both rolled on to their feet in an untidy sort of manner, when we came in, and said, 'Halloa, Murdstone! We thought you were dead!'

rolled - gerollt; Rolle, Roulade, Walze, Semmel; drehen, wälzen, wickeln

untidy - unordentlich

halloa - hallo

'Not yet,'said Mr. Murdstone.

'And who's this shaver?'said one of the gentlemen, taking hold of me.

shaver - Rasierapparat, Elektrorasierer

taking hold - zugreifend

'That's Davy,'returned Mr. Murdstone.

'Davy who?'said the gentleman. 'Jones?'

'Copperfield,'said Mr. Murdstone.

'What! Bewitching Mrs. Copperfield's encumbrance?'cried the gentleman. 'The pretty little widow?'

bewitching - verzaubert; verhexen

encumbrance - Belastung, dingliche Belastung, Verschuldung, Schuldenlast

'Quinion,'said Mr. Murdstone, 'take care, if you please. Somebody's sharp.'

sharp - scharf; scharfsinning; spitz, -is, hoch, stechend

'Who is?'asked the gentleman, laughing. I looked up, quickly; being curious to know.

Curious - neugierig, sonderbar, merkwürdig

'Only Brooks of Sheffield,'said Mr. Murdstone.

brooks - Bächlein; Bach

Sheffield - Sheffield

I was quite relieved to find that it was only Brooks of Sheffield; for, at first, I really thought it was I.

relieved - Erleichtert; erleichtern, lindern, entlasten, ablösen

There seemed to be something very comical in the reputation of Mr. Brooks of Sheffield, for both the gentlemen laughed heartily when he was mentioned, and Mr. Murdstone was a good deal amused also. After some laughing, the gentleman whom he had called Quinion, said:

comical - komisch

reputation - Ansehen, Ruf, Klang, Bekanntheit

amused - amüsiert; amüsieren, vergnügen, belustigen, erheitern

'And what is the opinion of Brooks of Sheffield, in reference to the projected business?'

'Why, I don't know that Brooks understands much about it at present,'replied Mr. Murdstone; 'but he is not generally favourable, I believe.'

favourable - günstig

There was more laughter at this, and Mr.

Quinion said he would ring the bell for some sherry in which to drink to Brooks. This he did; and when the wine came, he made me have a little, with a biscuit, and, before I drank it, stand up and say, 'Confusion to Brooks of Sheffield!'The toast was received with great applause, and such hearty laughter that it made me laugh too; at which they laughed the more. In short, we quite enjoyed ourselves.

ring - Ring, Kreis

drink to - zutrinken, ich/er/sie trank zu

toast - Toastbrot; Toast

applause - Applaus, Beifall

hearty - herzlich, herzhaft, deftig

We walked about on the cliff after that, and sat on the grass, and looked at things through a telescope"I could make out nothing myself when it was put to my eye, but I pretended I could"and then we came back to the hotel to an early dinner. All the time we were out, the two gentlemen smoked incessantly"which, I thought, if I might judge from the smell of their rough coats, they must have been doing, ever since the coats had first come home from the tailor's. I must not forget that we went on board the yacht, where they all three descended into the cabin, and were busy with some papers. I saw them quite hard at work, when I looked down through the open skylight.

cliff - Kliff, Felsvorsprung, Klippe

telescope - Teleskop, Fernrohr

pretended - vorgetäuscht; vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun

incessantly - unaufhörlich

judge - urteilen (nach), richten; Richter, Jurist

tailor - Schneider, Schneiderin, schneidern, zuschneiden, anpassen

descended - abstammen; absteigen, niedergehen, herunterkommen, herabsteigen

cabin - Hütte, Blockhütte, Kabine, Kajüte

skylight - Dachluke, Dachfenster, Dachflächenfenster

They left me, during this time, with a very nice man with a very large head of red hair and a very small shiny hat upon it, who had got a cross-barred shirt or waistcoat on, with 'Skylark'in capital letters across the chest. I thought it was his name; and that as he lived on board ship and hadn't a street door to put his name on, he put it there instead; but when I called him Mr. Skylark, he said it meant the vessel.

shiny - glänzend; leuchtend, funkelnd, wunderbar

waistcoat - Weste

skylark - Feldlerche

chest - Kiste, Brustkasten, Brust, Koffer

on board ship - an Bord

vessel - Schiff, Boot, Wasserfahrzeug, Gefäß, Behälter

I observed all day that Mr. Murdstone was graver and steadier than the two gentlemen. They were very gay and careless. They joked freely with one another, but seldom with him. It appeared to me that he was more clever and cold than they were, and that they regarded him with something of my own feeling. I remarked that, once or twice when Mr. Quinion was talking, he looked at Mr. Murdstone sideways, as if to make sure of his not being displeased; and that once when Mr.

graver - Stichel; ernster; (grav) Stichel; ernster

steadier - stabiler; fester; (steady); stetig; stabilisieren

gay - vergnügt, schwul, homosexuell, lustig, heiter

careless - unvorsichtig, unbedacht, unachtsam, leichtsinnig

freely - frei

more clever - anstelligere

regarded - betrachtet; schätzen, betrachten, berücksichtigen

sideways - seitwärts; Seitenweg

displeased - unzufrieden; missfallen

Passnidge (the other gentleman) was in high spirits, he trod upon his foot, and gave him a secret caution with his eyes, to observe Mr. Murdstone, who was sitting stern and silent. Nor do I recollect that Mr. Murdstone laughed at all that day, except at the Sheffield joke"and that, by the by, was his own.

high spirits - Lebensfreude , Ausgelassenheit , Ăśbermut

trod - getreten; schritt, zertrat, trat; (tread) getreten; schritt

caution - Warnung, Vorsicht, Achtsamkeit, Behutsamkeit, Kaution, warnen

stern - ernst, Heck

nor - weder noch, auch nicht

We went home early in the evening. It was a very fine evening, and my mother and he had another stroll by the sweetbriar, while I was sent in to get my tea. When he was gone, my mother asked me all about the day I had had, and what they had said and done. I mentioned what they had said about her, and she laughed, and told me they were impudent fellows who talked nonsense"but I knew it pleased her.

stroll - Spaziergang, Bummel, spazieren gehen, bummeln, schlendern

impudent - unverschämt

fellows - Kameraden; Stipendiat, Typ, Kerl, Bursche; Gefährte, Kerl

I knew it quite as well as I know it now. I took the opportunity of asking if she was at all acquainted with Mr. Brooks of Sheffield, but she answered No, only she supposed he must be a manufacturer in the knife and fork way.

acquainted - kennengelernt; vertraut machen, in Kenntnis setzen

manufacturer - Hersteller, Herstellerin

Can I say of her face"altered as I have reason to remember it, perished as I know it is"that it is gone, when here it comes before me at this instant, as distinct as any face that I may choose to look on in a crowded street? Can I say of her innocent and girlish beauty, that it faded, and was no more, when its breath falls on my cheek now, as it fell that night?

altered - Verändert; verändern, ändern, wandeln, modifizieren, abändern

perished - umgekommen; verderben, schlecht werden, umkommen

instant - sofort; augenblicklich, tafelfertig, Moment

innocent - rein; unschuldig

girlish - mädchenhaft;Mädchen...

faded - verblasst; verfärben, Ausblendung; verblassen, nachlassen

Can I say she ever changed, when my remembrance brings her back to life, thus only; and, truer to its loving youth than I have been, or man ever is, still holds fast what it cherished then?

thus - also; auf diese Weise, so, demnach, folglich, dieses

youth - Jugend, Jugendlichkeit, Jugendzeit, Jugendlicher, Jugendliche

cherished - wertgeschätzt; hegen, wertschätzen

I write of her just as she was when I had gone to bed after this talk, and she came to bid me good night. She kneeled down playfully by the side of the bed, and laying her chin upon her hands, and laughing, said:

bid - Angebot, reizen, Gebot, Bieten, bieten

kneeled - gekniet; knien

playfully - spielerisch

laying - Auflegen, legend; (lay) Auflegen, legend

chin - Kinn

'What was it they said, Davy? Tell me again. I can't believe it.'

'śBewitching"ś'I began.

My mother put her hands upon my lips to stop me.

lips - Lippen; Lippe, Auslauf, Überlauf, Schnaupe, Ansatz

'It was never bewitching,'she said, laughing. 'It never could have been bewitching, Davy. Now I know it wasn't!'

wasn - Was

'Yes, it was. śBewitching Mrs. Copperfieldť,'I repeated stoutly. 'And, śpretty.ť'

stoutly - beherzt; beleibt

'No, no, it was never pretty. Not pretty,'interposed my mother, laying her fingers on my lips again.

interposed - zwischengeschaltet; zwischenschalten, dazwischenstellen

'Yes it was. śPretty little widow.ť'

'What foolish, impudent creatures!'cried my mother, laughing and covering her face. 'What ridiculous men! An't they? Davy dear"'

creatures - Kreaturen; Wesen

ridiculous - lächerlich

'Well, Ma.'

'Don't tell Peggotty; she might be angry with them. I am dreadfully angry with them myself; but I would rather Peggotty didn't know.'

dreadfully - furchtbar

I promised, of course; and we kissed one another over and over again, and I soon fell fast asleep.

kissed - geküsst; küssen

It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if it were the next day when Peggotty broached the striking and adventurous proposition I am about to mention; but it was probably about two months afterwards.

broached - thematisiert; Stecheisen, anbrechen, anstechen

striking - auffällig; (strike); streichen; schlagen; prägen; streiken; scheinen; die Fahne streichen; Strike; Streik; Schlag

adventurous - abenteuerlich

proposition - Vorschlag; Satz

We were sitting as before, one evening (when my mother was out as before), in company with the stocking and the yard-measure, and the bit of wax, and the box with St. Paul's on the lid, and the crocodile book, when Peggotty, after looking at me several times, and opening her mouth as if she were going to speak, without doing it"which I thought was merely gaping, or I should have been rather alarmed"said coaxingly:

lid - Deckel

crocodile - Krokodil

merely - bloß, lediglich, nur, schier

coaxingly - überredend; schmeichelnde

'Master Davy, how should you like to go along with me and spend a fortnight at my brother's at Yarmouth? Wouldn't that be a treat?'

fortnight - vierzehn Tage; vierzehn Tag age, zwei Wochen

'Is your brother an agreeable man, Peggotty?'I inquired, provisionally.

inquired - nachgefragt; erkundigen

'Oh, what an agreeable man he is!'cried Peggotty, holding up her hands. 'Then there's the sea; and the boats and ships; and the fishermen; and the beach; and Am to play with"'

fishermen - Fischer, Fischerin, Angler, Anglerin, Fischereiboot

Peggotty meant her nephew Ham, mentioned in my first chapter; but she spoke of him as a morsel of English Grammar.

nephew - Neffe

Ham - Schinken

morsel - ein Häppchen; Happen

Grammar - Grammatik, Sprachlehre, Grammatiktheorie

I was flushed by her summary of delights, and replied that it would indeed be a treat, but what would my mother say?

flushed - gespült; Wasserspülung, Wallung, Schwall; spülen

summary - zusammenfassend; Zusammenfassung

delights - Köstlichkeiten; Freude, Entzückung, Wohlgefallen

'Why then I'll as good as bet a guinea,'said Peggotty, intent upon my face, 'that she'll let us go. I'll ask her, if you like, as soon as ever she comes home. There now!'

bet - Wetteinsatz, wetten, Wette; riskieren

guinea - Guinea

intent - Absicht

'But what's she to do while we're away?'said I, putting my small elbows on the table to argue the point. 'She can't live by herself.'

elbows - Ellbogen, Rohrbogen, Ellbogenstoß, ellbögeln

If Peggotty were looking for a hole, all of a sudden, in the heel of that stocking, it must have been a very little one indeed, and not worth darning.

sudden - plötzlich, jäh

heel - Hinterende des Hobels, Ferse, Absatz; flitzen; Brotkanten

worth - wert

darning - stopfend, ausbessernd; (darn) stopfend, ausbessernd

'I say! Peggotty! She can't live by herself, you know.'

'Oh, bless you!'said Peggotty, looking at me again at last. 'Don't you know? She's going to stay for a fortnight with Mrs. Grayper. Mrs. Grayper's going to have a lot of company.'

Oh! If that was it, I was quite ready to go. I waited, in the utmost impatience, until my mother came home from Mrs. Grayper's (for it was that identical neighbour), to ascertain if we could get leave to carry out this great idea. Without being nearly so much surprised as I had expected, my mother entered into it readily; and it was all arranged that night, and my board and lodging during the visit were to be paid for.

utmost - äußerst, höchst, Äußerstes, Möglichstes

Impatience - Ungeduld

ascertain - festzustellen; feststellen

readily - bereitwillig

board and lodging - VP Vollpension, Unterkunft mit Verköstigung

The day soon came for our going. It was such an early day that it came soon, even to me, who was in a fever of expectation, and half afraid that an earthquake or a fiery mountain, or some other great convulsion of nature, might interpose to stop the expedition.

fever - Fieber, Temperaturerhöhung

expectation - Erwartung

earthquake - Erdbeben

fiery - feurig, Feuer

convulsion - Krämpfe; Konvulsion, Krampf

interpose - einschalten; zwischenschalten, dazwischenstellen

expedition - Expedition

We were to go in a carrier's cart, which departed in the morning after breakfast. I would have given any money to have been allowed to wrap myself up over-night, and sleep in my hat and boots.

carrier - Träger; Frachtunternehmen; Trägersignal, Überträger

cart - Pferdewagen, Wagen, Karren

departed - abgereist; verlassen, aufbrechen, verlassen, abweichen

wrap - einhüllen, einwickeln, wickeln, einpacken, hüllen

It touches me nearly now, although I tell it lightly, to recollect how eager I was to leave my happy home; to think how little I suspected what I did leave for ever.

lightly - leichtfertig; leicht

eager - eifrig, erwartungsvoll, begierig

I am glad to recollect that when the carrier's cart was at the gate, and my mother stood there kissing me, a grateful fondness for her and for the old place I had never turned my back upon before, made me cry. I am glad to know that my mother cried too, and that I felt her heart beat against mine.

kissing - küssen

grateful - dankbar, erkenntlich, wohltuend, zufrieden

fondness - Zärtlichkeit, Vorliebe

I am glad to recollect that when the carrier began to move, my mother ran out at the gate, and called to him to stop, that she might kiss me once more. I am glad to dwell upon the earnestness and love with which she lifted up her face to mine, and did so.

dwell - leben, verbleiben, wohnen, verweilen

earnestness - Ernsthaftigkeit; Ernst

As we left her standing in the road, Mr. Murdstone came up to where she was, and seemed to expostulate with her for being so moved. I was looking back round the awning of the cart, and wondered what business it was of his. Peggotty, who was also looking back on the other side, seemed anything but satisfied; as the face she brought back in the cart denoted.

expostulate - expostulieren

awning - Markise; Sonnenschutz; (awn); Granne

denoted - bezeichnet; markieren, kennzeichnen, bezeichnen, anzeigen

I sat looking at Peggotty for some time, in a reverie on this supposititious case: whether, if she were employed to lose me like the boy in the fairy tale, I should be able to track my way home again by the buttons she would shed.

reverie - Träumerei

supposititious - anmaßend

Tale - Geschichte, Erzählung, Fabel

shed - Schuppen; (to shed) vergießen, abstoßen, lsowerden


The carrier's horse was the laziest horse in the world, I should hope, and shuffled along, with his head down, as if he liked to keep people waiting to whom the packages were directed. I fancied, indeed, that he sometimes chuckled audibly over this reflection, but the carrier said he was only troubled with a cough. The carrier had a way of keeping his head down, like his horse, and of drooping sleepily forward as he drove, with one of his arms on each of his knees.

shuffled - gemischt; Mischen

packages - Pakete; Paket

chuckled - gekichert; leises Lachen, Glucksen, glucken (Henne); glucksen

audibly - hörbar, vernehmlich

cough - husten; Husten

drooping - hängend; durchhängen, herabhängen, herunterhängen, herabsinken

sleepily - schläfrig

I say 'drove', but it struck me that the cart would have gone to Yarmouth quite as well without him, for the horse did all that; and as to conversation, he had no idea of it but whistling.

struck - angeschlagen; streichen, schlagen, prägen, streiken, scheinen

whistling - (whistle) pfeifen; (whistle); Pfeife, Trillerpfeife, Flöte

Peggotty had a basket of refreshments on her knee, which would have lasted us out handsomely, if we had been going to London by the same conveyance. We ate a good deal, and slept a good deal. Peggotty always went to sleep with her chin upon the handle of the basket, her hold of which never relaxed; and I could not have believed unless I had heard her do it, that one defenceless woman could have snored so much.

refreshments - Erfrischungen; Erfrischung

handsomely - gut aussehend; hübsch, hübsche

Conveyance - Beförderung; Transport, Übertragung, Transportmittel

handle - handhaben; Henkel, Hantel, Griff, Türklinke; abarbeiten

defenceless - schutzlos, wehrlos

snored - geschnarcht; schnarchen, Schnarchen

We made so many deviations up and down lanes, and were such a long time delivering a bedstead at a public-house, and calling at other places, that I was quite tired, and very glad, when we saw Yarmouth. It looked rather spongy and soppy, I thought, as I carried my eye over the great dull waste that lay across the river; and I could not help wondering, if the world were really as round as my geography book said, how any part of it came to be so flat.

deviations - Abweichungen; Abweichung, Abweichen

lanes - Fahrspuren; Gasse, Spur, Spur, Route

delivering - ausliefern; erlösen, befreien, gebären, liefern, abliefern

bedstead - Bettgestell, Bettrahmen

public-house - (public-house) Schankwirtschaft

spongy - schwammartig, schwammig

soppy - durchweicht, schnulzig

dull - stumpf; fad, langweilig, matt, blöd, blöde

But I reflected that Yarmouth might be situated at one of the poles; which would account for it.

reflected - reflektiert; reflektieren, zurückspiegeln, spiegeln

situated - gelegen; aufstellen, unterbringen

poles - Stangen; (North Pole) Nordpol

As we drew a little nearer, and saw the whole adjacent prospect lying a straight low line under the sky, I hinted to Peggotty that a mound or so might have improved it; and also that if the land had been a little more separated from the sea, and the town and the tide had not been quite so much mixed up, like toast and water, it would have been nicer.

adjacent - angrenzend

low line - Grundstrich , Unterstrich

tide - Gezeiten, Ebbe

mixed - gemischt; verrühren, mischen, mixen, vermischen, versetzen

But Peggotty said, with greater emphasis than usual, that we must take things as we found them, and that, for her part, she was proud to call herself a Yarmouth Bloater.

bloater - Aufschneider

'Here's my Am!'screamed Peggotty, 'growed out of knowledge!'

screamed - geschrien; Schrei, schreien

growed - wuchs

'Yon's our house, Mas'r Davy!'

I looked in all directions, as far as I could stare over the wilderness, and away at the sea, and away at the river, but no house could I make out. There was a black barge, or some other kind of superannuated boat, not far off, high and dry on the ground, with an iron funnel sticking out of it for a chimney and smoking very cosily; but nothing else in the way of a habitation that was visible to me.

wilderness - Wildnis, Wüste

Barge - Lastkahn, Schleppkahn

superannuated - im Ruhestand; pensionieren

iron - eisern; bügeln; in Eisen legen

funnel - Trichter

chimney - Kamin, Esse, Schlot, Schornstein, Spalte

cosily - Gemütlich; behaglich

habitation - Wohnsitz; Wohnen; Behausung

visible - sichtbar

'That's not it?'said I. 'That ship-looking thing?'

'That's it, Mas'r Davy,'returned Ham.

If it had been Aladdin's palace, roc's egg and all, I suppose I could not have been more charmed with the romantic idea of living in it. There was a delightful door cut in the side, and it was roofed in, and there were little windows in it; but the wonderful charm of it was, that it was a real boat which had no doubt been upon the water hundreds of times, and which had never been intended to be lived in, on dry land.

Aladdin - Aladin

charmed - verzaubert; Talisman; Charme, Zauberformel

romantic - romantisch; Romantiker, Romantikerin

delightful - reizvoll, entzückend, angenehm

intended - beabsichtigt; gedacht; (intend); beabsichtigen, vorhaben

That was the captivation of it to me. If it had ever been meant to be lived in, I might have thought it small, or inconvenient, or lonely; but never having been designed for any such use, it became a perfect abode.

captivation - Gefangenschaft; Fesselung

inconvenient - Unbequem

lonely - einsam, alleinig, abgeschieden, öde

abode - Aufenthalt, bleiben, Wohnsitz

It was beautifully clean inside, and as tidy as possible. There was a table, and a Dutch clock, and a chest of drawers, and on the chest of drawers there was a tea-tray with a painting on it of a lady with a parasol, taking a walk with a military-looking child who was trundling a hoop. The tray was kept from tumbling down, by a bible; and the tray, if it had tumbled down, would have smashed a quantity of cups and saucers and a teapot that were grouped around the book. On the walls there were some common coloured pictures, framed and glazed, of scripture subjects; such as I have never seen since in the hands of pedlars, without seeing the whole interior of Peggotty's brother's house again, at one view.

beautifully - schön

tea-tray - (tea-tray) Teebrett

military - Militär

trundling - trudeln; rollen

Hoop - Reifen

tumbling - purzeln; einstürzen, hinabstürzen; (tumble); Sturz, Fall

Bible - Bibel

tumbled - getrommelt; Sturz, Fall, Überschlag, Absturz, Purzelbaum, Rolle

smashed - zertrümmert; Krachen

saucers - Untertassen; Untertasse

teapot - Teekanne

framed - gerahmt; ausarbeiten, entwerfen, einfassen, einrahmen, rahmen

glazed - glasiert; Glasur, Lasur, Reif, glasieren, lasieren

Scripture - Die Schrift; Heilige Schrift

pedlars - Hausierer

interior - inner; Interieur, Inneres, Innenraum, offener Kern

Abraham in red going to sacrifice Isaac in blue, and Daniel in yellow cast into a den of green lions, were the most prominent of these. Over the little mantelshelf, was a picture of the 'Sarah Jane'lugger, built at Sunderland, with a real little wooden stern stuck on to it; a work of art, combining composition with carpentry, which I considered to be one of the most enviable possessions that the world could afford. There were some hooks in the beams of the ceiling, the use of which I did not divine then; and some lockers and boxes and conveniences of that sort, which served for seats and eked out the chairs.

Abraham - Abraham

sacrifice - opfern; Opfer

Isaac - Isaak, Isaak

Daniel - Daniel, Daniel, Daniel

den - Höhle

Jane - Johanna

stuck - stecken; stich!, ich/er/sie stäche, ich/er/sie stach; Schläger

combining - kombinieren, verbinden, vereinen

composition - Zusammenstellung; Zusammensetzung, Komposition

carpentry - Schreinerei, Tischlerei, Zimmerei

most enviable - beneidenswerteste

afford - leisten

hooks - Haken, Hookline, Haken, haken, haken, einhaken, haken

beams - Balken, Balken, Breite, Pflugbaum, Grindel, Strahl, Balken

ceiling - Zimmerdecke; Zimmerdecke; (ceil) Zimmerdecke; Zimmerdecke

divine - göttlich

lockers - Schließfächer; Spind, Schließfach

Eked - ergänzen

All this I saw in the first glance after I crossed the threshold"child-like, according to my theory"and then Peggotty opened a little door and showed me my bedroom. It was the completest and most desirable bedroom ever seen"in the stern of the vessel; with a little window, where the rudder used to go through; a little looking-glass, just the right height for me, nailed against the wall, and framed with oyster-shells; a little bed, which there was just room enough to get into; and a nosegay of seaweed in a blue mug on the table. The walls were whitewashed as white as milk, and the patchwork counterpane made my eyes quite ache with its brightness. One thing I particularly noticed in this delightful house, was the smell of fish; which was so searching, that when I took out my pocket-handkerchief to wipe my nose, I found it smelt exactly as if it had wrapped up a lobster.

theory - Theorie

most desirable - begehrenswerteste

rudder - Ruder, Steuer, Steuerruder; (rud); Ruder, Steuer, Steuerruder

nailed - festgenagelt; nageln (derb. koitieren); annageln, Nagel, nageln

oyster - Auster; Pfaffenschnittchen, Pfaffenstückchen

shells - Muscheln; Schale, Schale, Eierschale, Schale, Hülse, Granate

seaweed - Seegras; Algen, Tang, Seetang

mug - Becher, Visage, Krug

whitewashed - getüncht; Tünche, Zu-null-Sieg, reinwaschen, schönfärben, etwas

patchwork - Flickarbeit, Flickwerk

counterpane - die Tagesdecke

ache - schmerzen; Schmerz

brightness - Funkeln, Glanz, Helligkeit, Aufgewecktheit

particularly - besonders

handkerchief - Taschentuch

wipe - löschen, abstreifen, abwischen, aufreiben, wischen

wrapped - eingewickelt; einhüllen, einwickeln, wickeln, einpacken, hüllen

Lobster - Hummer

On my imparting this discovery in confidence to Peggotty, she informed me that her brother dealt in lobsters, crabs, and crawfish; and I afterwards found that a heap of these creatures, in a state of wonderful conglomeration with one another, and never leaving off pinching whatever they laid hold of, were usually to be found in a little wooden outhouse where the pots and kettles were kept.

imparting - zu vermitteln; weitergeben, gewähren, mitteilen, vermitteln

confidence - Selbstgewissheit; Zuversicht; Vertrauen, Zutrauen

lobsters - Hummer

crabs - Krabben; Krebs, Krabbe, Winde, Nörgler

crawfish - Flusskrebse; Languste; Bachkrebs, Krebs (Tier)

conglomeration - Konglomerat; Anhäufung

pinching - zwickend, kneifend; (pinch); kneifen, zwicken, schnappen

whatever - Jacke wie Hose; was immer, was auch immer, egal, naja, nebbich

outhouse - Nebengebäude; Plumpsklo, Außenklo, Abort

pots - Töpfe; Blumentopf

kettles - Wasserkocher, Kessel

We were welcomed by a very civil woman in a white apron, whom I had seen curtseying at the door when I was on Ham's back, about a quarter of a mile off. Likewise by a most beautiful little girl (or I thought her so) with a necklace of blue beads on, who wouldn't let me kiss her when I offered to, but ran away and hid herself. By and by, when we had dined in a sumptuous manner off boiled dabs, melted butter, and potatoes, with a chop for me, a hairy man with a very good-natured face came home. As he called Peggotty 'Lass', and gave her a hearty smack on the cheek, I had no doubt, from the general propriety of her conduct, that he was her brother; and so he turned out"being presently introduced to me as Mr.

civil - zivil, bürgerlich, zivilisiert

apron - Schürze; Vorfeld; Fußsack

curtseying - einen Knicks machen; Knicks, knicksen

likewise - ebenfalls

necklace - Halskette, Collier, Halsband

beads - Perlen; Perle, Tropfen

dined - zu Abend gegessen; Lärm, Getöse; dröhnen

sumptuous - üppig; prächtig, prunkvoll, prachtvoll, reichhaltig

dabs - Tupfer; Klaps, Kliesche

melted - geschmolzen; Schmelze, Schmelzwasser

chop - abhacken

hairy - behaart, haarig, pelzartig

good-natured - (good-natured) gutartig

Lass - Mädchen, Jungfrau

Smack - Heroin; riechen nach, schmecken nach; Geschmack, Knall

conduct - Leitung, Führung, leiten, führen, sich verhalten, sich benehmen

Peggotty, the master of the house.

'Glad to see you, sir,'said Mr. Peggotty. 'You'll find us rough, sir, but you'll find us ready.'


I thanked him, and replied that I was sure I should be happy in such a delightful place.

'How's your Ma, sir?'said Mr. Peggotty. 'Did you leave her pretty jolly?'

jolly - fröhlich; vergnügt, lustig

I gave Mr. Peggotty to understand that she was as jolly as I could wish, and that she desired her compliments"which was a polite fiction on my part.

desired - gewünscht; begehren, begehren, Begehren

compliments - Komplimente; Kompliment

'I'm much obleeged to her, I'm sure,'said Mr. Peggotty. 'Well, sir, if you can make out here, fur a fortnut, 'long wi'her,'nodding at his sister, 'and Ham, and little Em'ly, we shall be proud of your company.'

fur - Fell, Pelz, Fell (gegerbt)

fortnut - Fortnuss

nodding - schlafend, nickend; (nod); nicken; einnicken; Kopfnicken

ly - Ich liebe dich!

Having done the honours of his house in this hospitable manner, Mr. Peggotty went out to wash himself in a kettleful of hot water, remarking that 'cold would never get his muck off'. He soon returned, greatly improved in appearance; but so rubicund, that I couldn't help thinking his face had this in common with the lobsters, crabs, and crawfish,"that it went into the hot water very black, and came out very red.

honours - Ehrung, Ehre; ehren; beehren, akzeptieren, annehmen, honorieren

hospitable - gastfreundlich, gastfrei

kettleful - Teekesselchen

remarking - bemerken; Anmerkung, Bemerkung

muck - Dreck; Schlamm, Matsch, Schmiere, Schmadder, Mist

After tea, when the door was shut and all was made snug (the nights being cold and misty now), it seemed to me the most delicious retreat that the imagination of man could conceive. To hear the wind getting up out at sea, to know that the fog was creeping over the desolate flat outside, and to look at the fire, and think that there was no house near but this one, and this one a boat, was like enchantment. Little Em'ly had overcome her shyness, and was sitting by my side upon the lowest and least of the lockers, which was just large enough for us two, and just fitted into the chimney corner. Mrs.

snug - wohlig; enganliegend; Hinterraum; gemütlicher Hinterraum; gemütliche Ecke; Separee

misty - neblig, nebelhaft

most delicious - appetitlichstem

retreat - Rückzug

imagination - Phantasie; Vorstellungskraft, Imagination, Einbildungskraft

conceive - schwanger werden; konzipieren, erdenken, ersinnen, empfangen

wind - aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln, abspulen

Fog - umnebeln, verschleiern; (dicker) Nebel, Nebel

creeping - schleichend; kriechen, schleichen, schleichen, kriechen

desolate - verzweifelt; verlassen; verlassen

enchantment - Verzauberung, Bezauberung

overcome - überwunden; überwinden

shyness - Schüchternheit, Scheu, Scheuheit

Peggotty with the white apron, was knitting on the opposite side of the fire. Peggotty at her needlework was as much at home with St. Paul's and the bit of wax-candle, as if they had never known any other roof. Ham, who had been giving me my first lesson in all-fours, was trying to recollect a scheme of telling fortunes with the dirty cards, and was printing off fishy impressions of his thumb on all the cards he turned. Mr. Peggotty was smoking his pipe. I felt it was a time for conversation and confidence.

knitting - Stricken; (knit); stricken

scheme - Schema; Programm, Plan, Projekt, Intrige, Komplott

fortunes - Schicksal

fishy - Fischlein, Fischchen, fischig, Fisch-, anrüchig, verdächtig

thumb - Daumen; durchblättern

pipe - Flöte; Orgelpfeife; Rohr; senkrechter Strich

'Mr. Peggotty!'says I.

'Sir,'says he.

'Did you give your son the name of Ham, because you lived in a sort of ark?'

ark - Arche

Mr. Peggotty seemed to think it a deep idea, but answered:

'No, sir. I never giv him no name.'

'Who gave him that name, then?'said I, putting question number two of the catechism to Mr. Peggotty.

catechism - Katechismus

'Why, sir, his father giv it him,'said Mr. Peggotty.

'I thought you were his father!'

'My brother Joe was his father,'said Mr. Peggotty.

'Dead, Mr. Peggotty?'I hinted, after a respectful pause.

respectful - respektvoll

'Drowndead,'said Mr. Peggotty.

I was very much surprised that Mr. Peggotty was not Ham's father, and began to wonder whether I was mistaken about his relationship to anybody else there. I was so curious to know, that I made up my mind to have it out with Mr. Peggotty.

'Little Em'ly,'I said, glancing at her. 'She is your daughter, isn't she, Mr. Peggotty?'

glancing - blickend; (glance); blicken; Blick, Streifblick, Glanz

'No, sir. My brother-in-law, Tom, was her father.'

I couldn't help it. '"Dead, Mr. Peggotty?'I hinted, after another respectful silence.

'Drowndead,'said Mr. Peggotty.

I felt the difficulty of resuming the subject, but had not got to the bottom of it yet, and must get to the bottom somehow. So I said:

'Haven't you ANY children, Mr. Peggotty?'

'No, master,'he answered with a short laugh. 'I'm a bacheldore.'

'A bachelor!'I said, astonished. 'Why, who's that, Mr. Peggotty?'pointing to the person in the apron who was knitting.

bachelor - Junggeselle; Bachelor

'That's Missis Gummidge,'said Mr. Peggotty.

missis - Fräulein

'Gummidge, Mr. Peggotty?'

But at this point Peggotty"I mean my own peculiar Peggotty"made such impressive motions to me not to ask any more questions, that I could only sit and look at all the silent company, until it was time to go to bed. Then, in the privacy of my own little cabin, she informed me that Ham and Em'ly were an orphan nephew and niece, whom my host had at different times adopted in their childhood, when they were left destitute: and that Mrs. Gummidge was the widow of his partner in a boat, who had died very poor. He was but a poor man himself, said Peggotty, but as good as gold and as true as steel"those were her similes.

peculiar - eigentümlich; merkwürdig, seltsam

impressive - beeindruckend

privacy - Zurückgezogenheit, Privatsphäre, Privatheit

niece - Nichte

Host - Zeremonienmeister, Hausherr, Menge; Hostie; Gastgeber sein

adopted - angenommen; adoptieren, annehmen, übernehmen

destitute - notleidend

poor man - Armer

steel - verstählen; Stahl

similes - Gleichnisse; Vergleich, Gleichnis

The only subject, she informed me, on which he ever showed a violent temper or swore an oath, was this generosity of his; and if it were ever referred to, by any one of them, he struck the table a heavy blow with his right hand (had split it on one such occasion), and swore a dreadful oath that he would be 'Gormed'if he didn't cut and run for good, if it was ever mentioned again. It appeared, in answer to my inquiries, that nobody had the least idea of the etymology of this terrible verb passive to be gormed; but that they all regarded it as constituting a most solemn imprecation.

violent temper - Jähzorn (im)

swore - geschworen; schwören

oath - Eid, Schwur, Fluch, erman:

generosity - Großzügigkeit, Generosität, Großmut, Freizügigkeit, Edelmut

split - gespalten; Riss, Spalt, Spaltung, Spagat

inquiries - Erkundigungen; Anfrage, Erkundigung, Abfrage, Untersuchung

etymology - Etymologie, Herkunft, Wortherkunft

verb - Verb, Verbum, Zeitwort, Tätigkeitswort

passive - passiv; leidend, leidentlich, passivisch, unterwürfig, Passiv

constituting - konstituierend; gründen, begründen, bilden, einrichten

most solemn - feierlichste

imprecation - Verwünschung; Fluch

I was very sensible of my entertainer's goodness, and listened to the women's going to bed in another little crib like mine at the opposite end of the boat, and to him and Ham hanging up two hammocks for themselves on the hooks I had noticed in the roof, in a very luxurious state of mind, enhanced by my being sleepy. As slumber gradually stole upon me, I heard the wind howling out at sea and coming on across the flat so fiercely, that I had a lazy apprehension of the great deep rising in the night.

entertainer - Unterhaltungskünstler; Unterhalter, Entertainer

goodness - Güte, Gütigkeit

crib - Gitterbett; Krippe; Spickzettel, Schummelzettel

hanging up - auflegend

hammocks - Hängematten; Hängematte, Bauminsel

luxurious - luxuriös

enhanced - verbessert; erhöhen, vergrößern, verbessern

slumber - Halbschlaf, Schlummer, Schläfchen, schlummern, dösen, träumen

howling - brüllen, heulen, niederschreien; (howl); Heulen, jaulen

fiercely - heftig, wütend

apprehension - Befürchtungen; Greifen, Ergreifen, Fassen, Anfassen

But I bethought myself that I was in a boat, after all; and that a man like Mr. Peggotty was not a bad person to have on board if anything did happen.

bethought - überlegt; besinnen

Nothing happened, however, worse than morning. Almost as soon as it shone upon the oyster-shell frame of my mirror I was out of bed, and out with little Em'ly, picking up stones upon the beach.

shell - Muschel; Schale, Eierschale, Hülse, Granate, Hülle, Shell

frame - ausarbeiten, entwerfen, einfassen, einrahmen, festlegen

'You're quite a sailor, I suppose?'I said to Em'ly. I don't know that I supposed anything of the kind, but I felt it an act of gallantry to say something; and a shining sail close to us made such a pretty little image of itself, at the moment, in her bright eye, that it came into my head to say this.

sailor - Matrose, Matrosin, Seemann, Seefrau

gallantry - Galanterie; Tapferkeit

shining - glänzen; Schienbein; hinaufklettern

'No,'replied Em'ly, shaking her head, 'I'm afraid of the sea.'

I'm afraid - leider, ich bedaure, ich fürchte

'Afraid!'I said, with a becoming air of boldness, and looking very big at the mighty ocean. 'I an't!'

boldness - Kühnheit; Verwegenheit, Dreistigkeit, Mut

mighty - gewaltig, mächtig

'Ah! but it's cruel,'said Em'ly. 'I have seen it very cruel to some of our men. I have seen it tear a boat as big as our house, all to pieces.'

tear - zerreißen, ich/er/sie/es riss, riß

'I hope it wasn't the boat that"'

'That father was drownded in?'said Em'ly. 'No. Not that one, I never see that boat.'

'Nor him?'I asked her.

Little Em'ly shook her head. 'Not to remember!'

'Besides,'said Em'ly, as she looked about for shells and pebbles, 'your father was a gentleman and your mother is a lady; and my father was a fisherman and my mother was a fisherman's daughter, and my uncle Dan is a fisherman.'

besides - Außerdem; neben, neben

pebbles - Kieselsteine; Stein, Steinchen

fisherman - Fischer, Fischerin, Angler, Anglerin, Fischereiboot

Dan - Dan

'Dan is Mr. Peggotty, is he?'said I.

'Uncle Dan"yonder,'answered Em'ly, nodding at the boat-house.

yonder - dort drüben

'Yes. I mean him. He must be very good, I should think?'

'Good?'said Em'ly. 'If I was ever to be a lady, I'd give him a sky-blue coat with diamond buttons, nankeen trousers, a red velvet waistcoat, a cocked hat, a large gold watch, a silver pipe, and a box of money.'

sky-blue - (sky-blue) himmelblau

diamond - Stern, Diamant

cocked - aufgespannt; Vogelmännchen; Gockel

I said I had no doubt that Mr. Peggotty well deserved these treasures. I must acknowledge that I felt it difficult to picture him quite at his ease in the raiment proposed for him by his grateful little niece, and that I was particularly doubtful of the policy of the cocked hat; but I kept these sentiments to myself.

treasures - Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, schätzen

acknowledge - zur Kenntnis nehmen, erkennen, bekennen, anerkennen

ease - Leichtigkeit, Mühelosigkeit, Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit

raiment - Gewand; Kleidung

doubtful - zweifelhaft; zweifelnd

policy - Politik; Regelwerk, Strategie, Regeln; Polizze (österr.)

sentiments - Empfindungen; Gefühl

Little Em'ly had stopped and looked up at the sky in her enumeration of these articles, as if they were a glorious vision. We went on again, picking up shells and pebbles.

enumeration - Aufzählung

glorious - ruhmvoll, glorreich, herrlich, prachtvoll

vision - Sicht, Sehvermögen, Sehkraft, Augenlicht, Trugbild

'You would like to be a lady?'I said.

Emily looked at me, and laughed and nodded 'yes'.

nodded - abgenickt; nicken, einnicken, Kopfnicken

'I should like it very much. We would all be gentlefolks together, then. Me, and uncle, and Ham, and Mrs. Gummidge. We wouldn't mind then, when there comes stormy weather."-Not for our own sakes, I mean. We would for the poor fishermen's, to be sure, and we'd help 'em with money when they come to any hurt.'This seemed to me to be a very satisfactory and therefore not at all improbable picture.

stormy - stürmisch

sakes - (for your sake) deinetwegen, euretwegen, Ihretwegen, dir zuliebe

satisfactory - befriedigend, zufriedenstellend

improbable - unwahrscheinlich

I expressed my pleasure in the contemplation of it, and little Em'ly was emboldened to say, shyly,

contemplation - Kontemplation; Betrachtung; Meditation; Erwarten

emboldened - ermutigt; ermutigen, fetten, fett setzen

shyly - schüchtern

'Don't you think you are afraid of the sea, now?'

It was quiet enough to reassure me, but I have no doubt if I had seen a moderately large wave come tumbling in, I should have taken to my heels, with an awful recollection of her drowned relations. However, I said 'No,'and I added, 'You don't seem to be either, though you say you are,'"for she was walking much too near the brink of a sort of old jetty or wooden causeway we had strolled upon, and I was afraid of her falling over.

reassure - versichern, beruhigen

moderately - mäßig

heels - Absätze; Hinterende des Hobels, Ferse

recollection - Erinnern Sie sich; Erinnerung

relations - Beziehungen; Beziehung, Relation, Relation, Verwandter

brink - Rande; Rand

jetty - Steg; Pier, Landungsbrücke

causeway - Damm, Dammweg, Dammstraße, Fahrdamm

'I'm not afraid in this way,'said little Em'ly. 'But I wake when it blows, and tremble to think of Uncle Dan and Ham and believe I hear 'em crying out for help. that's why I should like so much to be a lady. But I'm not afraid in this way. Not a bit. look here!'

that's why - darum, deshalb, deswegen

look here - hersehen

She started from my side, and ran along a jagged timber which protruded from the place we stood upon, and overhung the deep water at some height, without the least defence.

jagged - zerklüftet; zackig; (jag) zerklüftet; zackig

timber - Nutzholz, Balken, Bauholz

protruded - hervortreten; herausragen, hervorragen, herausstehen, vorstehen

overhung - überhängend; überhängen, Ăśberhang; hervorstehen

defence - Verteidigung, Abwehr

The incident is so impressed on my remembrance, that if I were a draughtsman I could draw its form here, I dare say, accurately as it was that day, and little Em'ly springing forward to her destruction (as it appeared to me), with a look that I have never forgotten, directed far out to sea.

incident - Vorfall, Begebenheit, Ereignis, Geschehnis

impressed - beeindruckt; beeindrucken, prägen

draughtsman - Zeichner, Bauzeichner, Konstruktionszeichner, Konstrukteur

accurately - genau

destruction - Zerstörung, Vernichtung

The light, bold, fluttering little figure turned and came back safe to me, and I soon laughed at my fears, and at the cry I had uttered; fruitlessly in any case, for there was no one near. But there have been times since, in my manhood, many times there have been, when I have thought, Is it possible, among the possibilities of hidden things, that in the sudden rashness of the child and her wild look so far off, there was any merciful attraction of her into danger, any tempting her towards him permitted on the part of her dead father, that her life might have a chance of ending that day?

bold - kräftig, kühn, klar, keck, heftig, deutlich, fett

fluttering - Flatterhaft; flattern, wedeln

uttered - geäußert; äußerst

fruitlessly - erfolglos; unfruchtbare

manhood - Menschentum, Menschsein, Menschheit, Männlichkeit, Mannsein

rashness - Unbesonnenheit; Hast

merciful - barmherzig

Attraction - Anziehung, Anziehungskraft, Reiz, Liebreiz, Attraktion

tempting - verführerisch, verlockend

permitted - erlaubt; zulassen, erlauben; Erlaubnis, Erlaubnisschein

There has been a time since when I have wondered whether, if the life before her could have been revealed to me at a glance, and so revealed as that a child could fully comprehend it, and if her preservation could have depended on a motion of my hand, I ought to have held it up to save her. There has been a time since"I do not say it lasted long, but it has been"when I have asked myself the question, would it have been better for little Em'ly to have had the waters close above her head that morning in my sight; and when I have answered Yes, it would have been.

revealed - aufgedeckt; enthüllen, offenbaren

fully - vollständig; völlig

comprehend - umfassen; verstehen, begreifen, erfassen, einsehen

preservation - Erhaltung

motion - Bewegung

This may be premature. I have set it down too soon, perhaps. But let it stand.

premature - frühreif; vorzeitig, verfrüht

We strolled a long way, and loaded ourselves with things that we thought curious, and put some stranded starfish carefully back into the water"I hardly know enough of the race at this moment to be quite certain whether they had reason to feel obliged to us for doing so, or the reverse"and then made our way home to Mr.

loaded - geladen; Last, Beschickung (Ladung), Belastung; beladen

stranded - gestrandet; Strand, Ader, Faden, Strähne; auf den Strand setzen

starfish - Seesterne; Seestern

hardly - hart, rau, kaum

reverse - umkehren; invers, umgedreht, Kehrseite

Peggotty's dwelling. We stopped under the lee of the lobster-outhouse to exchange an innocent kiss, and went in to breakfast glowing with health and pleasure.

dwelling - Wohnung, Behausung; (dwell); leben, verbleiben, wohnen

Lee - Windschatten, Lee, Schutz

Exchange - austauschen, umtauschen, tauschen

'Like two young mavishes,'Mr. Peggotty said. I knew this meant, in our local dialect, like two young thrushes, and received it as a compliment.

dialect - Dialekt, Mundart

thrushes - Drosseln; Drossel (Vogel)

compliment - Kompliment, Lob, Anerkennung, Achtungsbezeugung

Of course I was in love with little Em'ly. I am sure I loved that baby quite as truly, quite as tenderly, with greater purity and more disinterestedness, than can enter into the best love of a later time of life, high and ennobling as it is. I am sure my fancy raised up something round that blue-eyed mite of a child, which etherealized, and made a very angel of her.

truly - wirklich, wahrhaft, ehrlich, echt

tenderly - zärtlich, zart, lieb

purity - Reinheit

disinterestedness - Desinteresse; Uneigennützigkeit

ennobling - adeln, veredeln

mite - Milbe; bisschen, Winzigkeit

angel - Engel

If, any sunny forenoon, she had spread a little pair of wings and flown away before my eyes, I don't think I should have regarded it as much more than I had had reason to expect.

sunny - sonnig, heiter

forenoon - am Vormittag; Vormittag

spread - verteilen; spreizen; ausstreuen, verbreiten, auftragen

wings - Flügel, t+Schwinge, Flügel, Flügel, t+Gebäudeflügel, Flügel

flown away - verflogene

We used to walk about that dim old flat at Yarmouth in a loving manner, hours and hours. The days sported by us, as if Time had not grown up himself yet, but were a child too, and always at play. I told Em'ly I adored her, and that unless she confessed she adored me I should be reduced to the necessity of killing myself with a sword. She said she did, and I have no doubt she did.

dim - schummrig; trüb; dämmerig, dunkel

adored - verehrt; anbeten, verehren, anbeten, verehren

confessed - gestanden; gestehen, bekennen, verraten, beichten

necessity - Notwendigkeit, Nezessität, Not, Bedürfnis

sword - Schwert; Schwertkämpfer, Schwertkämpferin

As to any sense of inequality, or youthfulness, or other difficulty in our way, little Em'ly and I had no such trouble, because we had no future. We made no more provision for growing older, than we did for growing younger. We were the admiration of Mrs. Gummidge and Peggotty, who used to whisper of an evening when we sat, lovingly, on our little locker side by side, 'Lor! wasn't it beautiful!

inequality - Ungleichheit; Ungleichung

youthfulness - Jugendlichkeit

provision - Bestimmung; Vorrat

whisper - Geflüster, Flüstern, Wispern

lovingly - liebevoll, lieb, liebende

locker - Spind, Schließfach

Mr. Peggotty smiled at us from behind his pipe, and Ham grinned all the evening and did nothing else. They had something of the sort of pleasure in us, I suppose, that they might have had in a pretty toy, or a pocket model of the Colosseum.

grinned - grinst; (to grin) grinsen, strahlen

Colosseum - Kolosseum

I soon found out that Mrs. Gummidge did not always make herself so agreeable as she might have been expected to do, under the circumstances of her residence with Mr. Peggotty. Mrs.

residence - Wohnsitz, Wohnort, Wohnhaus, Firmensitz

Gummidge's was rather a fretful disposition, and she whimpered more sometimes than was comfortable for other parties in so small an establishment. I was very sorry for her; but there were moments when it would have been more agreeable, I thought, if Mrs. Gummidge had had a convenient apartment of her own to retire to, and had stopped there until her spirits revived.

fretful - unruhig; gereizt, schlechtgelaunt, übelgelaunt, ruhelos

whimpered - gewimmert; Wimmern

establishment - Einrichtung; Verankerung (von Rechten), Feststellung

Convenient - bequem, einfach, gelegen, genehm

retire - in den Ruhestand gehen; pensionieren, zurücktreten

spirits - Geister; Geist, Seele, Geist, Stimmung, Schnaps, qualifier

revived - wiederbelebt; auffrischen, wiederbeleben

Mr. Peggotty went occasionally to a public-house called The Willing Mind. I discovered this, by his being out on the second or third evening of our visit, and by Mrs. Gummidge's looking up at the Dutch clock, between eight and nine, and saying he was there, and that, what was more, she had known in the morning he would go there.

Mrs. Gummidge had been in a low state all day, and had burst into tears in the forenoon, when the fire smoked. 'I am a lone lorn creetur','were Mrs. Gummidge's words, when that unpleasant occurrence took place, 'and everythink goes contrary with me.'

Lone - Einsam; einzeln

unpleasant - unangenehm

Occurrence - Vorkommen; Vorfall

everythink - alles

'Oh, it'll soon leave off,'said Peggotty"I again mean our Peggotty"'and besides, you know, it's not more disagreeable to you than to us.'

'I feel it more,'said Mrs. Gummidge.

It was a very cold day, with cutting blasts of wind. Mrs. Gummidge's peculiar corner of the fireside seemed to me to be the warmest and snuggest in the place, as her chair was certainly the easiest, but it didn't suit her that day at all. She was constantly complaining of the cold, and of its occasioning a visitation in her back which she called 'the creeps'.

blasts - Explosionen; schlagen, vernichten

fireside - Kamingespräch; Kaminecke

snuggest - Kuschelig; wohlig, enganliegend

constantly - ständig; regelmäßig; konstant

occasioning - Veranlassung; Gelegenheit, Gelegenheit, Anlass

visitation - Besuche; Umgangsrecht

creeps - Widerlinge; kriechen, schleichen, schleichen, kriechen

At last she shed tears on that subject, and said again that she was 'a lone lorn creetur'and everythink went contrary with her'.

shed tears - Tränen vergießen

'It is certainly very cold,'said Peggotty. 'Everybody must feel it so.'

'I feel it more than other people,'said Mrs. Gummidge.

So at dinner; when Mrs. Gummidge was always helped immediately after me, to whom the preference was given as a visitor of distinction. The fish were small and bony, and the potatoes were a little burnt. We all acknowledged that we felt this something of a disappointment; but Mrs. Gummidge said she felt it more than we did, and shed tears again, and made that former declaration with great bitterness.

distinction - Unterscheidung; Unterschied; Auszeichnung

bony - knöchern; grätig; knochig

acknowledged - zur Kenntnis nehmen, erkennen, bekennen, anerkennen

disappointment - Enttäuschung, Verdruss, Misserfolg, Fehlschlag, Reinfall

declaration - Erklärung, Deklaration

bitterness - Bitterkeit, Bitternis

Accordingly, when Mr. Peggotty came home about nine o'clock, this unfortunate Mrs. Gummidge was knitting in her corner, in a very wretched and miserable condition. Peggotty had been working cheerfully. Ham had been patching up a great pair of waterboots; and I, with little Em'ly by my side, had been reading to them. Mrs. Gummidge had never made any other remark than a forlorn sigh, and had never raised her eyes since tea.

accordingly - dementsprechend; logischerweise

unfortunate - unglücklich, unglückselig

wretched - unglücklich; sehr schlecht, miserabel, wertlos

miserable - unglücklich; elend, erbärmlich, jämmerlich, miserabel

cheerfully - fröhlich, vergnügt, heiter

patching up - ausflickende

waterboots - Wasserstiefel

forlorn - verloren; verlassen; aussichtslos, hoffnungslos

sigh - Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

'Well, Mates,'said Mr. Peggotty, taking his seat, 'and how are you?'

mates - Kumpels; schachmatt, Kamerad, Kameradin, verbinden; anpassen

We all said something, or looked something, to welcome him, except Mrs. Gummidge, who only shook her head over her knitting.

'What's amiss?'said Mr. Peggotty, with a clap of his hands. 'Cheer up, old Mawther!'(Mr. Peggotty meant old girl.)

amiss - nicht in Ordnung; schlecht, fehlend, verkehrt

clap - Tripper, Beifall; klatschen

Cheer up - Sei guten Mutes!, Kopf hoch!;aufheitern

Mrs. Gummidge did not appear to be able to cheer up. She took out an old black silk handkerchief and wiped her eyes; but instead of putting it in her pocket, kept it out, and wiped them again, and still kept it out, ready for use.

cheer - anfeuern, jauchzen, aufmuntern, jubeln

silk - Seide

wiped - abgewischt; löschen, abstreifen, abwischen, aufreiben, wischen

'What's amiss, dame?'said Mr. Peggotty.

Dame - Dame

'Nothing,'returned Mrs. Gummidge. 'You've come from The Willing Mind, Dan'l?'

'Why yes, I've took a short spell at The Willing Mind tonight,'said Mr. Peggotty.

'I'm sorry I should drive you there,'said Mrs. Gummidge.

'Drive! I don't want no driving,'returned Mr. Peggotty with an honest laugh. 'I only go too ready.'

'Very ready,'said Mrs. Gummidge, shaking her head, and wiping her eyes. 'Yes, yes, very ready. I am sorry it should be along of me that you're so ready.'

wiping - (wipe) löschen, abstreifen, abwischen, aufreiben

'Along o'you! It an't along o'you!'said Mr. Peggotty. 'Don't ye believe a bit on it.'

ye - ja; euch, ihr, dir, du

'Yes, yes, it is,'cried Mrs. Gummidge. 'I know what I am. I know that I am a lone lorn creetur', and not only that everythink goes contrary with me, but that I go contrary with everybody. Yes, yes. I feel more than other people do, and I show it more. It's my misfortun'.'

misfortun - Pech gehabt

I really couldn't help thinking, as I sat taking in all this, that the misfortune extended to some other members of that family besides Mrs. Gummidge. But Mr. Peggotty made no such retort, only answering with another entreaty to Mrs. Gummidge to cheer up.

extended - erweitert; erweitern, ausdehnen, erweitern, ausdehnen, ausweiten

retort - Retorte; erwidern (scharf)

entreaty - Bitten; Flehen

'I an't what I could wish myself to be,'said Mrs. Gummidge. 'I am far from it. I know what I am. My troubles has made me contrary. I feel my troubles, and they make me contrary. I wish I didn't feel 'em, but I do. I wish I could be hardened to 'em, but I an't. I make the house uncomfortable. I don't wonder at it. I've made your sister so all day, and Master Davy.'

hardened - abgehärtet; härten, verhärten, abhärten

Here I was suddenly melted, and roared out, 'No, you haven't, Mrs. Gummidge,'in great mental distress.

roared - gebrüllt; brüllen, brüllen, Tosen

mental - seelisch, geistig

'It's far from right that I should do it,'said Mrs. Gummidge. 'It an't a fit return. I had better go into the house and die. I am a lone lorn creetur', and had much better not make myself contrary here. If thinks must go contrary with me, and I must go contrary myself, let me go contrary in my parish. Dan'l, I'd better go into the house, and die and be a riddance!'

riddance - loswerden; Befreiung, Befreitsein

Mrs. Gummidge retired with these words, and betook herself to bed. When she was gone, Mr. Peggotty, who had not exhibited a trace of any feeling but the profoundest sympathy, looked round upon us, and nodding his head with a lively expression of that sentiment still animating his face, said in a whisper:

retired - im Ruhestand; pensionieren, zurücktreten, sich zurückziehen

betook - wählte; begeben sich

exhibited - ausgestellt; zeigen, zur Schau stellen, ausstellen, vorzeigen

trace - verfolgen; Zeichen, Spur

profoundest - am tiefsten; tiefgehend, tiefgehend, tief, profund

sympathy - Mitleid, Mitgefühl, Empathie, Einfühlungsvermögen, Sympathie

lively - lebendig, munter (lebhaft), lebhaft, quirlig

animating - lebendig, beseelt, bewegt, lebhaft, belebt, beleben, animieren

'She's been thinking of the old 'un!'

un - VN, UN, UNO

I did not quite understand what old one Mrs. Gummidge was supposed to have fixed her mind upon, until Peggotty, on seeing me to bed, explained that it was the late Mr. Gummidge; and that her brother always took that for a received truth on such occasions, and that it always had a moving effect upon him. Some time after he was in his hammock that night, I heard him myself repeat to Ham, 'Poor thing!

truth - Wahrheit, Treue

occasions - Anlässe; Gelegenheit, Gelegenheit, Anlass

hammock - Hängematte; Bauminsel

She's been thinking of the old 'un!'And whenever Mrs. Gummidge was overcome in a similar manner during the remainder of our stay (which happened some few times), he always said the same thing in extenuation of the circumstance, and always with the tenderest commiseration.

remainder - Rest, Teilungsrest, Restposten, runtersetzen

extenuation - Abschwächung

circumstance - Umstand

tenderest - am zartesten; empfindlich, Ausschreibung, Angebot

commiseration - Mitleid, Mitgefühl

So the fortnight slipped away, varied by nothing but the variation of the tide, which altered Mr. Peggotty's times of going out and coming in, and altered Ham's engagements also. When the latter was unemployed, he sometimes walked with us to show us the boats and ships, and once or twice he took us for a row.

slipped - ausgerutscht; Versprecher; Rutschen (geradeaus); Lapsus

varied - abwechslungsreich; variieren, verändern, sich ändern, de

variation - Veränderung; Variante; Variation

engagements - Verpflichtung, Bindung, Verlobung, Verlöbnis

unemployed - arbeitslos; Arbeitsloser

Row - Rudern; Reihe, Zeile

I don't know why one slight set of impressions should be more particularly associated with a place than another, though I believe this obtains with most people, in reference especially to the associations of their childhood. I never hear the name, or read the name, of Yarmouth, but I am reminded of a certain Sunday morning on the beach, the bells ringing for church, little Em'ly leaning on my shoulder, Ham lazily dropping stones into the water, and the sun, away at sea, just breaking through the heavy mist, and showing us the ships, like their own shadows.

Slight - geringfügig, leicht, unbedeutend

associated - verbunden; Weggefährte, vereinigen

obtains - erhält; erlangen, erhalten, bestehen

bells - Glocken; Klingel, Schelle, Glocke

lazily - faul, ruhig, träge

breaking through - durchbrechend

mist - Nebel

At last the day came for going home. I bore up against the separation from Mr. Peggotty and Mrs. Gummidge, but my agony of mind at leaving little Em'ly was piercing. We went arm-in-arm to the public-house where the carrier put up, and I promised, on the road, to write to her.

agony - Qualen; Agonie, Qual, Pein, Todeskampf, Freudenausbruch

piercing - Piercing; durchdringend, stechend, beißend

(I redeemed that promise afterwards, in characters larger than those in which apartments are usually announced in manuscript, as being to let.) We were greatly overcome at parting; and if ever, in my life, I have had a void made in my heart, I had one made that day.

redeemed - erlöst; zurückkaufen, loslösen, freikaufen, befreien, befreien

announced - angekündigt; ankündigen, verkünden, bekanntgeben, verkündigen

manuscript - Handschrift, Manuskript, Handschrift, Manuskript

void - nichtig

Now, all the time I had been on my visit, I had been ungrateful to my home again, and had thought little or nothing about it. But I was no sooner turned towards it, than my reproachful young conscience seemed to point that way with a ready finger; and I felt, all the more for the sinking of my spirits, that it was my nest, and that my mother was my comforter and friend.

ungrateful to - undankbar gegen

reproachful - vorwurfsvoll

conscience - Gewissen

sinking - sinken; Untergang; (sink); sinken; senken, versenken, Spüle

nest - Nest

comforter - Trostspender; Tröster; Bettdecke, Plumeau, Plümo

This gained upon me as we went along; so that the nearer we drew, the more familiar the objects became that we passed, the more excited I was to get there, and to run into her arms. But Peggotty, instead of sharing in those transports, tried to check them (though very kindly), and looked confused and out of sorts.

Gained - Gewonnen; Gewinn, Zunahme, Verstärkung; erwerben, gewinnen

more familiar - familiärere

more excited - aufgeregter

Blunderstone Rookery would come, however, in spite of her, when the carrier's horse pleased"and did. How well I recollect it, on a cold grey afternoon, with a dull sky, threatening rain!

threatening - bedrohlich; drohend; (threaten); drohen, bedrohen, androhen

The door opened, and I looked, half laughing and half crying in my pleasant agitation, for my mother. It was not she, but a strange servant.

'Why, Peggotty!'I said, ruefully, 'isn't she come home?'

ruefully - reumütig; klägliche, reuig

'Yes, yes, Master Davy,'said Peggotty. 'She's come home. Wait a bit, Master Davy, and I'll"I'll tell you something.'

Between her agitation, and her natural awkwardness in getting out of the cart, Peggotty was making a most extraordinary festoon of herself, but I felt too blank and strange to tell her so. When she had got down, she took me by the hand; led me, wondering, into the kitchen; and shut the door.

awkwardness - Unbeholfenheit, Umständlichkeit, Ungeschicklichkeit, Plumpheit

extraordinary - außerordentlich, außergewöhnlich

festoon - Feston, Girlande, Lichterkette

led - geführt; LED; (lead) führen, anführen

'Peggotty!'said I, quite frightened. 'What's the matter?'

'Nothing's the matter, bless you, Master Davy dear!'she answered, assuming an air of sprightliness.

assuming - annehmend, angenommen; (assume); annehmen, voraussetzen

sprightliness - Lebendigkeit; Lebhaftigkeit

'Something's the matter, I'm sure. Where's mama?'

'Where's mama, Master Davy?'repeated Peggotty.

'Yes. Why hasn't she come out to the gate, and what have we come in here for? Oh, Peggotty!'My eyes were full, and I felt as if I were going to tumble down.

tumble - purzeln; Sturz, Fall, Überschlag, Absturz

'Bless the precious boy!'cried Peggotty, taking hold of me. 'What is it? Speak, my pet!'

'Not dead, too! Oh, she's not dead, Peggotty?'

Peggotty cried out No! with an astonishing volume of voice; and then sat down, and began to pant, and said I had given her a turn.

astonishing - Erstaunlich; erstaunen

volume - Volumen; Lautstärke; Jahrgang; Band; Volume

pant - keuchen, hecheln, schnaufen (i. S. v. keuchen)

I gave her a hug to take away the turn, or to give her another turn in the right direction, and then stood before her, looking at her in anxious inquiry.

hug - Umarmung; umarmen

inquiry - Anfrage, Erkundigung, Abfrage, Untersuchung, Erforschung

'You see, dear, I should have told you before now,'said Peggotty, 'but I hadn't an opportunity. I ought to have made it, perhaps, but I couldn't azackly'"that was always the substitute for exactly, in Peggotty's militia of words"'bring my mind to it.'

substitute - ersetzen; auswechseln; Ersatz; Ersatzspieler, Austauschspieler

militia - Miliz; qual

'Go on, Peggotty,'said I, more frightened than before.

more frightened - verängstigtere

'Master Davy,'said Peggotty, untying her bonnet with a shaking hand, and speaking in a breathless sort of way. 'What do you think? You have got a Pa!'

untying - aufbinden; losbinden, losmachen, aufklären, auflösen

breathless - atemlos

Pa - Vati, Papa; US-Bundesstaat

I trembled, and turned white. Something"I don't know what, or how"connected with the grave in the churchyard, and the raising of the dead, seemed to strike me like an unwholesome wind.

trembled - gezittert; zittern, Zittern

unwholesome - ungesund

'A new one,'said Peggotty.

'A new one?'I repeated.

Peggotty gave a gasp, as if she were swallowing something that was very hard, and, putting out her hand, said:

gasp - keuchen; japsen, prusten, Atemzug, Luftholen

swallowing - schlucken, verschlingen, anbeißen, einstecken

'Come and see him.'

'I don't want to see him.'"'And your mama,'said Peggotty.

I ceased to draw back, and we went straight to the best parlour, where she left me. On one side of the fire, sat my mother; on the other, Mr. Murdstone. My mother dropped her work, and arose hurriedly, but timidly I thought.

arose - entstanden ist; sich erheben, aufstehen, entstehen, auftreten

hurriedly - eilig, hastig, schleuning

timidly - ängstlich, schüchtern, scheu

'Now, Clara my dear,'said Mr. Murdstone. 'Recollect! control yourself, always control yourself! Davy boy, how do you do?'

I gave him my hand. After a moment of suspense, I went and kissed my mother: she kissed me, patted me gently on the shoulder, and sat down again to her work. I could not look at her, I could not look at him, I knew quite well that he was looking at us both; and I turned to the window and looked out there, at some shrubs that were drooping their heads in the cold.

suspense - Hängen; Spannung, Anspannung

shrubs - Sträucher; Busch, Strauch, Staude

As soon as I could creep away, I crept upstairs. My old dear bedroom was changed, and I was to lie a long way off. I rambled downstairs to find anything that was like itself, so altered it all seemed; and roamed into the yard. I very soon started back from there, for the empty dog-kennel was filled up with a great dog"deep mouthed and black-haired like Him"and he was very angry at the sight of me, and sprang out to get at me.

creep - Fiesling; kriechen; schleichen; Knilch, Widerling

crept - gekrochen; kriechen, schleichen, schleichen, kriechen, Kriechen

rambled - geschwafelt; Abschweifen, umherziehen, spazieren, bummeln

roamed - durchstreiften; wandern, umherziehen

filled up - aufgefüllt

haired - behaart


disgrace - Ungnade, Schande, Schmach

If the room to which my bed was removed were a sentient thing that could give evidence, I might appeal to it at this day"who sleeps there now, I wonder!"to bear witness for me what a heavy heart I carried to it. I went up there, hearing the dog in the yard bark after me all the way while I climbed the stairs; and, looking as blank and strange upon the room as the room looked upon me, sat down with my small hands crossed, and thought.

sentient - empfindend, empfindungsfähig

appeal - Berufung; Revision, Wirkung, Anziehungskraft; reizen, zusagen

witness - etw. miterleben;erleben, bezeugen, Zeuge sein bei; miterleben

bark - Bellen

I thought of the oddest things. Of the shape of the room, of the cracks in the ceiling, of the paper on the walls, of the flaws in the window-glass making ripples and dimples on the prospect, of the washing-stand being rickety on its three legs, and having a discontented something about it, which reminded me of Mrs. Gummidge under the influence of the old one. I was crying all the time, but, except that I was conscious of being cold and dejected, I am sure I never thought why I cried.

oddest - das merkwürdigste; einzeln, seltsam, merkwürdig, komisch

cracks - Risse; Riss, Knall, Aufbruch, Bresche; aufbrechen, knallen

flaws - Schwachstellen; Fehlerstelle, Fehler

ripples - plätschert; Brummspannung, Welligkeit

dimples - Delle, Beule, Grübchen

rickety - wackelig, wacklig, klapprig, gebrechlich, rachitisch

influence - Einfluss; Beeinflussung, Beeinflusser, beeinflussen

conscious - bei Bewusstsein, wach, aufmerksam

At last in my desolation I began to consider that I was dreadfully in love with little Em'ly, and had been torn away from her to come here where no one seemed to want me, or to care about me, half as much as she did. This made such a very miserable piece of business of it, that I rolled myself up in a corner of the counterpane, and cried myself to sleep.

desolation - Verwüsten, Verwüstung, Verwüstetsein, Verlassenheit

torn away - weggerissen

I was awoke by somebody saying 'Here he is!'and uncovering my hot head. My mother and Peggotty had come to look for me, and it was one of them who had done it.

uncovering - Freilegung; aufdecken, enthüllen

'Davy,'said my mother. 'What's the matter?'

I thought it was very strange that she should ask me, and answered, 'Nothing.'I turned over on my face, I recollect, to hide my trembling lip, which answered her with greater truth. 'Davy,'said my mother. 'Davy, my child!'

trembling - Zittern, Beben; (tremble); zittern; Zittern

lip - Lippe; Auslauf, Überlauf, Schnaupe, Ansatz

I dare say no words she could have uttered would have affected me so much, then, as her calling me her child. I hid my tears in the bedclothes, and pressed her from me with my hand, when she would have raised me up.

bedclothes - Bettwaren; Bettwäsche, Bettzeug

pressed - gedrückt; (pre) vor..

'This is your doing, Peggotty, you cruel thing!'said my mother. 'I have no doubt at all about it. How can you reconcile it to your conscience, I wonder, to prejudice my own boy against me, or against anybody who is dear to me? What do you mean by it, Peggotty?'

reconcile - versöhnen

prejudice - Vorurteile; Vorurteil, Voreingenommenheit, vorgefasste Meinung

Poor Peggotty lifted up her hands and eyes, and only answered, in a sort of paraphrase of the grace I usually repeated after dinner, 'Lord forgive you, Mrs. Copperfield, and for what you have said this minute, may you never be truly sorry!'

paraphrase - Umschreibung, sinngemäße Wiedergabe, umschreiben

grace - Tischgebet; Anmut, Grazie, Aufschub, Fristverlängerung

forgive - vergeben, verzeihen, entschuldigen

'It's enough to distract me,'cried my mother. 'In my honeymoon, too, when my most inveterate enemy might relent, one would think, and not envy me a little peace of mind and happiness. Davy, you naughty boy! Peggotty, you savage creature! Oh, dear me!

distract - ablenken

honeymoon - Flitterwochen; Hochzeitsreise, flittern

inveterate - unverbesserlich

enemy - Feind, Feindin, Gegner, Gegnerin, feindlich

relent - einlenken; nachgeben; (relend) einlenken; nachgeben

envy - Neid; beneiden

Happiness - Glücklich sein; Glück, Glücklichkeit, Fröhlichkeit

savage - Wilde; wild, wüst, unbebaut, unbändig, rasend

cried my mother, turning from one of us to the other, in her pettish wilful manner, 'what a troublesome world this is, when one has the most right to expect it to be as agreeable as possible!'

pettish - kleinlich; empfindlich, launisch

wilful - vorsätzlich, absichtlich, willentlich, eigenwillig, eigensinnig

troublesome - lästig

most right - richtigste

I felt the touch of a hand that I knew was neither hers nor Peggotty's, and slipped to my feet at the bed-side. It was Mr. Murdstone's hand, and he kept it on my arm as he said:

'What's this? Clara, my love, have you forgotten?"Firmness, my dear!'

firmness - Stärke, Festigkeit

'I am very sorry, Edward,'said my mother. 'I meant to be very good, but I am so uncomfortable.'

Edward - Eduard

'Indeed!'he answered. 'That's a bad hearing, so soon, Clara.'

'I say it's very hard I should be made so now,'returned my mother, pouting; 'and it is"very hard"isn't it?'

pouting - schmollene, aufgeworfen, schmollend; (pout) schmollene

isn't it? - gell, gelle, gelt?

He drew her to him, whispered in her ear, and kissed her. I knew as well, when I saw my mother's head lean down upon his shoulder, and her arm touch his neck"I knew as well that he could mould her pliant nature into any form he chose, as I know, now, that he did it.

whispered - geflüstert; Geflüster

lean - knapp, schlank, hager, mager

mould - Schimmel; Heizform, Form; Gussform, Gießform, Moder; formen

pliant - biegsamen, schmiegsam

'Go you below, my love,'said Mr. Murdstone. 'David and I will come down, together. My friend,'turning a darkening face on Peggotty, when he had watched my mother out, and dismissed her with a nod and a smile; 'do you know your mistress's name?'

darkening - Verdunkelung; verdunkeln, verdunkeln

dismissed - entlassen, entlassen, abweisen, einstellen, zurückweisen

nod - nicken; einnicken; Kopfnicken

'She has been my mistress a long time, sir,'answered Peggotty, 'I ought to know it.''That's true,'he answered. 'But I thought I heard you, as I came upstairs, address her by a name that is not hers. She has taken mine, you know. Will you remember that?'

That's true - Das ist schon wahr.

Peggotty, with some uneasy glances at me, curtseyed herself out of the room without replying; seeing, I suppose, that she was expected to go, and had no excuse for remaining. When we two were left alone, he shut the door, and sitting on a chair, and holding me standing before him, looked steadily into my eyes.

glances - blicken, Blick, Streifblick, Glanz, Steinkohle

curtseyed - einen Knicks gemacht; Knicks, knicksen

Excuse - Wie bitte; entschuldigen, verzeihen, sich entschuldigen

remaining - Überrest (2), de

steadily - beständig; stetige, stet, zuverlässig

I felt my own attracted, no less steadily, to his. As I recall our being opposed thus, face to face, I seem again to hear my heart beat fast and high.

attracted - angezogen; anziehen, anziehen (1, 2)

opposed - gegen; ablehnen, widersprechen

'David,'he said, making his lips thin, by pressing them together, 'if I have an obstinate horse or dog to deal with, what do you think I do?'

obstinate - hartnäckig, starrköpfig, stur, widerspenstig, widerborstig

'I don't know.'

'I beat him.'

I had answered in a kind of breathless whisper, but I felt, in my silence, that my breath was shorter now.

'I make him wince, and smart. I say to myself, śI'll conquer that fellowť; and if it were to cost him all the blood he had, I should do it. What is that upon your face?'

wince - Zusammenzucken

smart - klug; pfiffig, pfiffig, fesch, elegant, listig

conquer - erobern

'Dirt,'I said.

dirt - Schmutz; Erde, Boden, Dreck

He knew it was the mark of tears as well as I. But if he had asked the question twenty times, each time with twenty blows, I believe my baby heart would have burst before I would have told him so.

'You have a good deal of intelligence for a little fellow,'he said, with a grave smile that belonged to him, 'and you understood me very well, I see. Wash that face, sir, and come down with me.'

intelligence - Intelligenz, Klugheit, intelligentes Leben

He pointed to the washing-stand, which I had made out to be like Mrs. Gummidge, and motioned me with his head to obey him directly. I had little doubt then, and I have less doubt now, that he would have knocked me down without the least compunction, if I had hesitated.

motioned - einen Antrag gestellt; Bewegung

obey - gehorchen; befolgen

directly - direkt, gerade, unmittelbar

compunction - Gewissensbisse, Reue

hesitated - gezögert; zögern, zögern, stammeln

'Clara, my dear,'he said, when I had done his bidding, and he walked me into the parlour, with his hand still on my arm; 'you will not be made uncomfortable any more, I hope. We shall soon improve our youthful humours.'

humours - Stimmungen; Humor, Laune, Humor, Stimmung, Körpersaft, Saft

God help me, I might have been improved for my whole life, I might have been made another creature perhaps, for life, by a kind word at that season.

A word of encouragement and explanation, of pity for my childish ignorance, of welcome home, of reassurance to me that it was home, might have made me dutiful to him in my heart henceforth, instead of in my hypocritical outside, and might have made me respect instead of hate him. I thought my mother was sorry to see me standing in the room so scared and strange, and that, presently, when I stole to a chair, she followed me with her eyes more sorrowfully still"missing, perhaps, some freedom in my childish tread"but the word was not spoken, and the time for it was gone.

encouragement - Ermutigung

pity - Mitleid; schade; bemitleiden, Mitleid haben mit

ignorance - Unwissenheit, Unwissen, Nichtwissen

reassurance - Beruhigung; Rückversicherung

dutiful - pflichtbewusst

sorrowfully - bedauernd

freedom - Freiheit

tread - Lauffläche; (to tread) betreten, schreiten

We dined alone, we three together. He seemed to be very fond of my mother"I am afraid I liked him none the better for that"and she was very fond of him. I gathered from what they said, that an elder sister of his was coming to stay with them, and that she was expected that evening.

dined - zu Abend gegessen; speisen

fond - (to be fond of sb/sth) jemanden/etwas gerne mögen

gathered - gesammelt; sammeln, versammeln

I am not certain whether I found out then, or afterwards, that, without being actively concerned in any business, he had some share in, or some annual charge upon the profits of, a wine-merchant's house in London, with which his family had been connected from his great-grandfather's time, and in which his sister had a similar interest; but I may mention it in this place, whether or no.

actively - aktiv; active

concerned - besorgt; Sorge, Anliegen

annual - jährlich

charge - Gebühr; Entgelt; Ladung; Last; Rempeln; beauftragen, belasten

profits - Gewinn, Profit, Gewinn, nützen, profitieren, erreichen

merchant - Kaufmann, Kauffrau

great-grandfather - (great-grandfather) Urgroßvater

After dinner, when we were sitting by the fire, and I was meditating an escape to Peggotty without having the hardihood to slip away, lest it should offend the master of the house, a coach drove up to the garden-gate and he went out to receive the visitor. My mother followed him.

meditating - meditieren

escape - entgehen, ausweichen, davonkommen, Flucht

hardihood - Hartnäckigkeit; Kühnheit

slip away - entwischen

offend - beleidigen, checkverletzen, ergern

I was timidly following her, when she turned round at the parlour door, in the dusk, and taking me in her embrace as she had been used to do, whispered me to love my new father and be obedient to him. She did this hurriedly and secretly, as if it were wrong, but tenderly; and, putting out her hand behind her, held mine in it, until we came near to where he was standing in the garden, where she let mine go, and drew hers through his arm.

dusk - Abenddämmerung

Embrace - umarmen; annehmen, Umarmung

obedient - gehorsam, folgsam

secretly - heimlich, insgeheim

It was Miss Murdstone who was arrived, and a gloomy-looking lady she was; dark, like her brother, whom she greatly resembled in face and voice; and with very heavy eyebrows, nearly meeting over her large nose, as if, being disabled by the wrongs of her sex from wearing whiskers, she had carried them to that account. She brought with her two uncompromising hard black boxes, with her initials on the lids in hard brass nails.

gloomy - düster, finster, trübe, dunkel

resembled - ähnelte; ähneln, gleichen

disabled - behindert; außerstand setzen, außerstande setzen

uncompromising - kompromisslos

initials - Initialen; anfänglich, ursprünglich, anfänglich, erster

lids - Deckeln; Deckel

nails - Nägel; nageln (derb. koitieren); annageln, Nagel, nageln

When she paid the coachman she took her money out of a hard steel purse, and she kept the purse in a very jail of a bag which hung upon her arm by a heavy chain, and shut up like a bite. I had never, at that time, seen such a metallic lady altogether as Miss Murdstone was.

coachman - Kutscher

purse - Handtasche; Geldbörse, Geldbeutel

jail - im Gefängnis; Gefängnis

chain - Kette; anketten

bite - beißen; Biss; Stich; Bissen

metallic - metallisch

She was brought into the parlour with many tokens of welcome, and there formally recognized my mother as a new and near relation. Then she looked at me, and said:

tokens - Wertmarken; Zeichen

formally - förmlich; ausdrücklich, formell

relation - Beziehung; Relation; Verwandter, Verwandte, Verwandtschaft

'Is that your boy, sister-in-law?'

My mother acknowledged me.

'Generally speaking,'said Miss Murdstone, 'I don't like boys. How d'ye do, boy?'

Under these encouraging circumstances, I replied that I was very well, and that I hoped she was the same; with such an indifferent grace, that Miss Murdstone disposed of me in two words:

encouraging - ermutigend; ermutigen, ermuntern, empfehlen

indifferent - gleichgültig

disposed - entsorgt; beseitigen, entsorgen, ordnen

'Wants manner!'

As well as I could make out, she had come for good, and had no intention of ever going again. She began to 'help'my mother next morning, and was in and out of the store-closet all day, putting things to rights, and making havoc in the old arrangements. Almost the first remarkable thing I observed in Miss Murdstone was, her being constantly haunted by a suspicion that the servants had a man secreted somewhere on the premises.

havoc - Zerstörung, Verwüstung, Chaos, Durcheinander

haunted - spuken, verfolgen, Treffpunkt

suspicion - Verdacht, Argwohn, Verdächtigung

premises - Prämisse, Voraussetzung, Lokal

Under the influence of this delusion, she dived into the coal-cellar at the most untimely hours, and scarcely ever opened the door of a dark cupboard without clapping it to again, in the belief that she had got him.

delusion - Täuschung, Irreführung, Wahn, Wahnvorstellung

dived - getaucht; tauchen

coal - Kohle, Steinkohle

cellar - Keller

untimely - zur Unzeit; vorzeitig, verfrüht

scarcely - knapp, kaum, wohl nicht, gerade erst

clapping - Klatschen; (clap); Klatschen

belief - Glauben; Glaube

Though there was nothing very airy about Miss Murdstone, she was a perfect Lark in point of getting up. She was up (and, as I believe to this hour, looking for that man) before anybody in the house was stirring. Peggotty gave it as her opinion that she even slept with one eye open; but I could not concur in this idea; for I tried it myself after hearing the suggestion thrown out, and found it couldn't be done.

airy - luftig; belüftet, gelüftet, zugig, umweht

lark - Lerche

stirring - rührend; ergreifend, bewegend

concur - übereinstimmen, zustimmen, zusammentreffen, zusammenwirken

On the very first morning after her arrival she was up and ringing her bell at cock-crow. When my mother came down to breakfast and was going to make the tea, Miss Murdstone gave her a kind of peck on the cheek, which was her nearest approach to a kiss, and said:

arrival - Ankunft

cock-crow - (cock-crow) Hahnenschrei

approach - sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

'Now, Clara, my dear, I am come here, you know, to relieve you of all the trouble I can. You're much too pretty and thoughtless'"my mother blushed but laughed, and seemed not to dislike this character"'to have any duties imposed upon you that can be undertaken by me. If you'll be so good as give me your keys, my dear, I'll attend to all this sort of thing in future.'

relieve - Erleichterung; erleichtern; lindern; entlasten; ablösen; seine Notdurft verrichten

thoughtless - gedankenlos; rücksichtslos

blushed - errötet; Schamröte; erröten, sich schämen

duties - Pflichten; Pflicht, Schicht, Arbeitszeit, Zoll, Einfuhrsteuer

imposed - auferlegt; auferlegen, aufzwingen, auferlegen

undertaken - unternommen; unternehmen, ausführen, verpflichten

From that time, Miss Murdstone kept the keys in her own little jail all day, and under her pillow all night, and my mother had no more to do with them than I had.

pillow - Kopfkissen, Kissen; Ruhekissen

My mother did not suffer her authority to pass from her without a shadow of protest. One night when Miss Murdstone had been developing certain household plans to her brother, of which he signified his approbation, my mother suddenly began to cry, and said she thought she might have been consulted.

suffer - leiden; erleiden

shadow - Schatten; beschatten

protest - protestieren, demonstrieren, Einspruch erheben, Einwände äußern

household - Haushalt

signified - bedeutet; Signifikat; (signify); bedeuten

approbation - Zustimmung, Genehmigung, Billigung

consulted - konsultiert; Rat halten, beraten, beratschlagen, beraten

'Clara!'said Mr. Murdstone sternly. 'Clara! I wonder at you.'

sternly - ernsthaft, streng

'Oh, it's very well to say you wonder, Edward!'cried my mother, 'and it's very well for you to talk about firmness, but you wouldn't like it yourself.'

Firmness, I may observe, was the grand quality on which both Mr. and Miss Murdstone took their stand. However I might have expressed my comprehension of it at that time, if I had been called upon, I nevertheless did clearly comprehend in my own way, that it was another name for tyranny; and for a certain gloomy, arrogant, devil's humour, that was in them both. The creed, as I should state it now, was this. Mr. Murdstone was firm; nobody in his world was to be so firm as Mr.

grand - großartig, prächtig, groß, bedeutend

comprehension - Verständnis, Verstehen

nevertheless - nichtsdestoweniger, trotzdem, lauch wenn, dennoch

tyranny - Tyrannenherrschaft, Tyrannei

devil - dem Teufel; Teufel, Satan, Teufelin, reizen, ärgern

humour - Humor; Laune, Stimmung, Körpersaft

creed - Credo, Kredo, Glaubensbekenntnis; (cree); Credo, Kredo

firm - fest, straff (Busen), Fa. Firma, gesetzt, hart

Murdstone; nobody else in his world was to be firm at all, for everybody was to be bent to his firmness. Miss Murdstone was an exception. She might be firm, but only by relationship, and in an inferior and tributary degree. My mother was another exception. She might be firm, and must be; but only in bearing their firmness, and firmly believing there was no other firmness upon earth.

exception - Ausnahme, Ausnahmebedingung, Exception

inferior - untergeordnet, nachgeordnet, unterlegen, tiefer, minderwertig

tributary - Nebenfluss, Zufluss

firmly - sicher, fest

'It's very hard,'said my mother, 'that in my own house"'

'My own house?'repeated Mr. Murdstone. 'Clara!'

'OUR own house, I mean,'faltered my mother, evidently frightened"'I hope you must know what I mean, Edward"it's very hard that in YOUR own house I may not have a word to say about domestic matters. I am sure I managed very well before we were married. There's evidence,'said my mother, sobbing; 'ask Peggotty if I didn't do very well when I wasn't interfered with!'

evidently - offensichtlich

interfered - eingemischt; eingreifen, einmischen

'Edward,'said Miss Murdstone, 'let there be an end of this. I go tomorrow.'

'Jane Murdstone,'said her brother, 'be silent! How dare you to insinuate that you don't know my character better than your words imply?'

be silent - schweigen

insinuate - andeuten, unterstellen, insinuieren, einschmeicheln

'I am sure,'my poor mother went on, at a grievous disadvantage, and with many tears, 'I don't want anybody to go. I should be very miserable and unhappy if anybody was to go. I Don't ask much. I am not unreasonable. I only want to be consulted sometimes. I am very much obliged to anybody who assists me, and I only want to be consulted as a mere form, sometimes.

grievous - schmerzlich; ernst, ernsthaft, schwerwiegend

disadvantage - Nachteil

Don't ask - Frag lieber nicht!

not unreasonable - zumutbar (Arbeit)

assists - Assistenten; assistieren, helfen, beistehen, unterstützen

mere - einfach; nur, schier, bloß

I thought you were pleased, once, with my being a little inexperienced and girlish, Edward"I am sure you said so"but you seem to hate me for it now, you are so severe.'

inexperienced - unerfahren

girlish - mädchenhaft, Mädchen

severe - schwerwiegend; streng

'Edward,'said Miss Murdstone, again, 'let there be an end of this. I go tomorrow.'

'Jane Murdstone,'thundered Mr. Murdstone. 'Will you be silent? How dare you?'

thundered - gewittert; Donner, Donnern

Miss Murdstone made a jail-delivery of her pocket-handkerchief, and held it before her eyes.

'Clara,'he continued, looking at my mother, 'you surprise me! You astound me! Yes, I had a satisfaction in the thought of marrying an inexperienced and artless person, and forming her character, and infusing into it some amount of that firmness and decision of which it stood in need.

astound - verblüffen, überraschen

artless - kunstlos; schlicht, natürlich

infusing - Aufgießen; ziehen lassen

But when Jane Murdstone is kind enough to come to my assistance in this endeavour, and to assume, for my sake, a condition something like a housekeeper's, and when she meets with a base return"'

assistance - Unterstützung; Hilfe

sake - (for your sake) deinetwegen, euretwegen, Ihretwegen, dir zuliebe

housekeeper - Haushälterin; Hausfrau; (hired) Haushälterin; (hired) Haushälter

base - Grundzahl, Unterlage, Basis, Grund; Bettrost

'Oh, pray, pray, Edward,'cried my mother, 'don't accuse me of being ungrateful. I am sure I am not ungrateful. No one ever said I was before. I have many faults, but not that. Oh, don't, my dear!'

Pray - Bitte bedenken Sie doch!; beten

accuse - beschuldigen, anklagen

ungrateful - undankbar

faults - Fehlern; Fehler, Schuld, Fehler, Charakterschwäche, Verfehlung

'When Jane Murdstone meets, I say,'he went on, after waiting until my mother was silent, 'with a base return, that feeling of mine is chilled and altered.'

chilled - gekühlt; Mutlosigkeit, Frostgefühl

'Don't, my love, say that!'implored my mother very piteously. 'Oh, don't, Edward! I can't bear to hear it. Whatever I am, I am affectionate. I know I am affectionate. I wouldn't say it, if I wasn't sure that I am. Ask Peggotty. I am sure she'll tell you I'm affectionate.'

implored - angefleht; anflehen

piteously - Mitleid erregend; kläglich, erbärmlich

affectionate - zärtlich

'There is no extent of mere weakness, Clara,'said Mr. Murdstone in reply, 'that can have the least weight with me. You lose breath.'

weakness - Schwäche, Faible

'Pray let us be friends,'said my mother, 'I couldn't live under coldness or unkindness. I am so sorry. I have a great many defects, I know, and it's very good of you, Edward, with your strength of mind, to endeavour to correct them for me. Jane, I don't object to anything. I should be quite broken-hearted if you thought of leaving"'My mother was too much overcome to go on.

coldness - Kälte

unkindness - Unfreundlichkeit; Lieblosigkeit

defects - Mängel; Fehler, Defekt, überlaufen, zurückziehen

strength of mind - Seelenstärke

'Jane Murdstone,'said Mr. Murdstone to his sister, 'any harsh words between us are, I hope, uncommon. It is not my fault that so unusual an occurrence has taken place tonight. I was betrayed into it by another. Nor is it your fault. You were betrayed into it by another. Let us both try to forget it. And as this,'he added, after these magnanimous words, 'is not a fit scene for the boy"David, go to bed!'

harsh - rau, harsch, unwirsch, scharf

uncommon - ungebräuchlich; ungewöhnlich

betrayed - verraten, im Stich lassen, verraten, verraten, verraten

magnanimous - großmütig

I could hardly find the door, through the tears that stood in my eyes. I was so sorry for my mother's distress; but I groped my way out, and groped my way up to my room in the dark, without even having the heart to say good night to Peggotty, or to get a candle from her.

groped - befummelt; tasten, tappen, herumtasten, begrapschen, grapschen

When her coming up to look for me, an hour or so afterwards, awoke me, she said that my mother had gone to bed poorly, and that Mr. and Miss Murdstone were sitting alone.

poorly - dürftig, schlecht, arm

Going down next morning rather earlier than usual, I paused outside the parlour door, on hearing my mother's voice. She was very earnestly and humbly entreating Miss Murdstone's pardon, which that lady granted, and a perfect reconciliation took place.

paused - innegehalten; pausieren, innehalten, pausieren, Pause

earnestly - ernsthaft

humbly - demütig

Entreating - Bitten; ersuchen

granted - gewährt; gewähren, erteilen, bewilligen

reconciliation - Aussöhnung, Schlichtung, Versöhnung, Wiederaussöhnung

I never knew my mother afterwards to give an opinion on any matter, without first appealing to Miss Murdstone, or without having first ascertained by some sure means, what Miss Murdstone's opinion was; and I never saw Miss Murdstone, when out of temper (she was infirm that way), move her hand towards her bag as if she were going to take out the keys and offer to resign them to my mother, without seeing that my mother was in a terrible fright.

appealing - ansprechend; Revision, Wirkung, Anziehungskraft; reizen

ascertained - festzustellen; feststellen

infirm - schwach, schwächlich, kränklich, gebrechlich

resign - zurücktreten; aufgeben, resignieren, abdanken, verzichten (auf)

fright - erschrecken; Angst, Schreck, Schrecken

The gloomy taint that was in the Murdstone blood, darkened the Murdstone religion, which was austere and wrathful. I have thought, since, that its assuming that character was a necessary consequence of Mr. Murdstone's firmness, which wouldn't allow him to let anybody off from the utmost weight of the severest penalties he could find any excuse for. Be this as it may, I well remember the tremendous visages with which we used to go to church, and the changed air of the place. Again, the dreaded Sunday comes round, and I file into the old pew first, like a guarded captive brought to a condemned service. Again, Miss Murdstone, in a black velvet gown, that looks as if it had been made out of a pall, follows close upon me; then my mother; then her husband.

taint - beflecken; verderben

darkened - verdunkelt; verdunkeln, verdunkeln

religion - Religion

austere - Streng; schlicht, genügsam

wrathful - zornig, erzürnt

consequence - Konsequenz, Folge

severest - am schwersten; streng

penalties - Sanktionen; Strafe, Strafe

visages - Visagen; Gesicht

dreaded - gefürchtet; schaudern, grauen, gruseln, grausen

file - Datei; Kartei, File, Aktenmappe, Reihe; ablegen (Briefe usw.)

captive - Gefangener, Gefangene

condemned - Verurteilt; verurteilen, verurteilen, verdammen, verurteilen

Pall - übersättigen, schal werden, langweilen; Sargtuch, Bahrtuch

There is no Peggotty now, as in the old time. Again, I listen to Miss Murdstone mumbling the responses, and emphasizing all the dread words with a cruel relish. Again, I see her dark eyes roll round the church when she says 'miserable sinners', as if she were calling all the congregation names. Again, I catch rare glimpses of my mother, moving her lips timidly between the two, with one of them muttering at each ear like low thunder. Again, I wonder with a sudden fear whether it is likely that our good old clergyman can be wrong, and Mr. and Miss Murdstone right, and that all the angels in Heaven can be destroying angels. Again, if I move a finger or relax a muscle of my face, Miss Murdstone pokes me with her prayer-book, and makes my side ache.

mumbling - Nuscheln; Genuschel, murmelnd; (mumble); murmeln, nuscheln

emphasizing - betonen, unterstreichen, hervorheben, akzentuieren

relish - genüsslich; Aroma, Geschmack, Genuß, Qualität

roll - Rolle, Roulade, Walze, Semmel; drehen, wälzen, wickeln, rollen

sinners - Sünder, Sünderin

congregation - Versammeln, Zusammenführen, Gemeindeversammlung

rare - selten; rar, blutig (Steak)

glimpses - flüchtige Einblicke; Blick, Aufblitzen

muttering - Gemurmel; murmeln, brummeln; (mutter) Gemurmel; murmeln

thunder - Donner; Donnern

angels - Engeln; Engel

muscle - Muskeln; Muskel

pokes - stößt; stoßen, stecken, stöbern

prayer - Gebet; (the Lord's Prayer) Paternoster

Yes, and again, as we walk home, I note some neighbours looking at my mother and at me, and whispering. Again, as the three go on arm-in-arm, and I linger behind alone, I follow some of those looks, and wonder if my mother's step be really not so light as I have seen it, and if the gaiety of her beauty be really almost worried away.

whispering - Geflüster; (whisper); Geflüster, Flüstern, Wispern

linger - herumlungern, verzögern, Zeit brauchen, verweilen

gaiety - Fröhlichkeit; Frohsinn, Glücklichsein

Again, I wonder whether any of the neighbours call to mind, as I do, how we used to walk home together, she and I; and I wonder stupidly about that, all the dreary dismal day.

stupidly - dummerweise, blöderweise

dreary - öde, trostlos, trüb, freudlos

dismal - düster; unzureichend, unzulänglich, jämmerlich, kläglich

There had been some talk on occasions of my going to boarding-school. Mr. and Miss Murdstone had originated it, and my mother had of course agreed with them. Nothing, however, was concluded on the subject yet. In the meantime, I learnt lessons at home. Shall I ever forget those lessons! They were presided over nominally by my mother, but really by Mr. Murdstone and his sister, who were always present, and found them a favourable occasion for giving my mother lessons in that miscalled firmness, which was the bane of both our lives. I believe I was kept at home for that purpose. I had been apt enough to learn, and willing enough, when my mother and I had lived alone together. I can faintly remember learning the alphabet at her knee. To this day, when I look upon the fat black letters in the primer, the puzzling novelty of their shapes, and the easy good-nature of O and Q and S, seem to present themselves again before me as they used to do. But they recall no feeling of disgust or reluctance.

boarding-school - (boarding-school) Internat

originated - entstanden ist; entwickeln, erzeugen, entstehen, entspringen

concluded - abgeschlossen; beenden, schließen, zu Ende führen, abschließen

presided - den Vorsitz haben, präsidieren

nominally - nominell

miscalled - falsch genannt; falsch nennen

bane - Fluch; Verderben, Ruin

apt - passend; Hochgeschwindigkeitszug; geeignet, begabt

alphabet - ABC, Alphabet

primer - Grundierung; Primer (Geschütz), Einführung

puzzling - verwirrend, rätselhaft; (puzzle); Rätsel; Puzzle, Geduldspiel

novelty - Neuheit, Neuartigkeit, neues Produkt, Krimskrams

good-nature - (good-nature) Gutartigkeit

disgust - Abscheu; ekeln; Ekel

reluctance - Widerstreben, Widerwillen, Widerwille, Zögern, Zaudern

On the contrary, I seem to have walked along a path of flowers as far as the crocodile-book, and to have been cheered by the gentleness of my mother's voice and manner all the way. But these solemn lessons which succeeded those, I remember as the death-blow of my peace, and a grievous daily drudgery and misery. They were very long, very numerous, very hard"perfectly unintelligible, some of them, to me"and I was generally as much bewildered by them as I believe my poor mother was herself.

path - Weg, Pfad

cheered - bejubelt; anfeuern, jauchzen, aufmuntern, jubeln

drudgery - Plackerei

misery - Misere, Elend

numerous - zahlreich, vielzählig

unintelligible - unverständlich

Let me remember how it used to be, and bring one morning back again.

I come into the second-best parlour after breakfast, with my books, and an exercise-book, and a slate. My mother is ready for me at her writing-desk, but not half so ready as Mr. Murdstone in his easy-chair by the window (though he pretends to be reading a book), or as Miss Murdstone, sitting near my mother stringing steel beads.

second-best - (second-best) zweitbeste

exercise-book - (exercise-book) Ăśbungsheft , Schulheft

slate - Schiefer, Dachschindel

stringing - Bespannung; aufreihend

The very sight of these two has such an influence over me, that I begin to feel the words I have been at infinite pains to get into my head, all sliding away, and going I don't know where. I wonder where they do go, by the by?

infinite - unendlich, endlos, unzählige

I hand the first book to my mother. Perhaps it is a grammar, perhaps a history, or geography. I take a last drowning look at the page as I give it into her hand, and start off aloud at a racing pace while I have got it fresh. I trip over a word. Mr. Murdstone looks up. I trip over another word. Miss Murdstone looks up.

aloud - laut

pace - Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

I redden, tumble over half-a-dozen words, and stop. I think my mother would show me the book if she dared, but she does not dare, and she says softly:

redden - erröten

dozen - Dutzend; Dutzende (''of'': von)

dared - gewagt; sich getrauen, wagen, jemanden herausfordern

'Oh, Davy, Davy!'

'Now, Clara,'says Mr. Murdstone, 'be firm with the boy. Don't say, śOh, Davy, Davy!ť That's childish. He knows his lesson, or he does not know it.'

'He does NOT know it,'Miss Murdstone interposes awfully.

interposes - unterbricht; zwischenschalten, dazwischenstellen

awfully - furchtbar, entsetzlich

'I am really afraid he does not,'says my mother.

'Then, you see, Clara,'returns Miss Murdstone, 'you should just give him the book back, and make him know it.'

'Yes, certainly,'says my mother; 'that is what I intend to do, my dear Jane. Now, Davy, try once more, and don't be stupid.'

I obey the first clause of the injunction by trying once more, but am not so successful with the second, for I am very stupid. I tumble down before I get to the old place, at a point where I was all right before, and stop to think. But I can't think about the lesson. I think of the number of yards of net in Miss Murdstone's cap, or of the price of Mr. Murdstone's dressing-gown, or any such ridiculous problem that I have no business with, and don't want to have anything at all to do with.

clause - Nebensatz; Teilsatz; Klausel

injunction - Unterlassungsanordnung; Verfügung, Verfügen, Anordnen

yards - (der) Yard

dressing-gown - (dressing-gown) Morgenrock , Schlafrock , Morgenmantel ;Bademantel (Morgenmantel)

Mr. Murdstone makes a movement of impatience which I have been expecting for a long time. Miss Murdstone does the same. My mother glances submissively at them, shuts the book, and lays it by as an arrear to be worked out when my other tasks are done.

submissively - unterwürfig

lays - liegt; richten (Tisch)

arrear - im Rückstand; Rückstand, Zahlungsrückstand

There is a pile of these arrears very soon, and it swells like a rolling snowball.

pile - Haufen, Pfahl, Pulk

arrears - Rückstände; Rückstand, Zahlungsrückstand

swells - schwillt an; Schwellen

rolling - rollend, Walzen; (roll) rollend, Walzen

snowball - Schneeball

The bigger it gets, the more stupid I get. The case is so hopeless, and I feel that I am wallowing in such a bog of nonsense, that I give up all idea of getting out, and abandon myself to my fate. The despairing way in which my mother and I look at each other, as I blunder on, is truly melancholy. But the greatest effect in these miserable lessons is when my mother (thinking nobody is observing her) tries to give me the cue by the motion of her lips. At that instant, Miss Murdstone, who has been lying in wait for nothing else all along, says in a deep warning voice:

more stupid - dummere

hopeless - hoffnungslos

wallowing - Schwelgen; (wallow) im Schmutz wälzen; (wallow) Schwelgen; (wallow) im Schmutz wälzen

bog - Sumpf, Morast, Moor; Scheißhaus; im Sumpf versenken

abandon - aufgeben; im Stich lassen, preisgeben, verlassen, abbrechen

fate - Schicksal, Los, Geschick

despairing - verzweifelt; verzweifeln, Verzweiflung

blunder - Patzer, Schnitzer, Fehler, Fehlgriff

observing - Beobachtung; beobachten, beachten, halten, bemerken

cue - Stichwort; Aufruf, Billardstock, Billardqueue

warning - Warnung, Mahnung, Achtung; (warn); warnen, mahnen


My mother starts, colours, and smiles faintly. Mr. Murdstone comes out of his chair, takes the book, throws it at me or boxes my ears with it, and turns me out of the room by the shoulders.

Even when the lessons are done, the worst is yet to happen, in the shape of an appalling sum. This is invented for me, and delivered to me orally by Mr. Murdstone, and begins, 'If I go into a cheesemonger's shop, and buy five thousand double-Gloucester cheeses at fourpence-halfpenny each, present payment'"at which I see Miss Murdstone secretly overjoyed.

appalling - entsetzlich, erschreckend; (appal); entsetzlich, erschreckend

sum - Betrag, Summe, Geldbetrag

delivered - geliefert; erlösen, befreien, gebären, liefern, abliefern

orally - oral; mündlich

fourpence - vier Pence

payment - Bezahlung

overjoyed - überglücklich machen

I pore over these cheeses without any result or enlightenment until dinner-time, when, having made a Mulatto of myself by getting the dirt of the slate into the pores of my skin, I have a slice of bread to help me out with the cheeses, and am considered in disgrace for the rest of the evening.

pore over - (Bücher) wälzen

enlightenment - Erleuchtung; Aufklärung

mulatto - Mulatte, Mulattin

pores - Poren; Pore

slice - Brotscheibe, Anteil

It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if my unfortunate studies generally took this course.

I could have done very well if I had been without the Murdstones; but the influence of the Murdstones upon me was like the fascination of two snakes on a wretched young bird. Even when I did get through the morning with tolerable credit, there was not much gained but dinner; for Miss Murdstone never could endure to see me untasked, and if I rashly made any show of being unemployed, called her brother's attention to me by saying, 'Clara, my dear, there's nothing like work"give your boy an exercise'; which caused me to be clapped down to some new labour, there and then. As to any recreation with other children of my age, I had very little of that; for the gloomy theology of the Murdstones made all children out to be a swarm of little vipers (though there WAS a child once set in the midst of the Disciples), and held that they contaminated one another.

fascination - Faszination

tolerable - erträglich

endure - ertragen, aushalten, dulden, von Bestand sein

untasked - unaufgefordert

rashly - voreilig; vorschnell

clapped - geklatscht; Tripper, Beifall; klatschen

labour - Arbeit; Arbeiter; gebären; arbeiten

recreation - Freizeitgestaltung; Wiederherstellung, Erholung

theology - Theologie

swarm - schwärmen; Schwarm

vipers - Vipern; Kreuzotter, Otter, Viper

midst - mittendrin; Mitten, Mitte, inmitten

disciples - Jünger, Jüngerin, Jünger, Jüngerin

contaminated - verseucht; verunreinigen; verseuchen, kontaminieren

The natural result of this treatment, continued, I suppose, for some six months or more, was to make me sullen, dull, and dogged. I was not made the less so by my sense of being daily more and more shut out and alienated from my mother. I believe I should have been almost stupefied but for one circumstance.

treatment - Behandeln, Behandlung, Umgang

sullen - mürrisch, schlecht gelaunt, sauer, missmutig

alienated - entfremdet; befremden, entfremden, entfremden

stupefied - verblüfft; betäuben

It was this. My father had left a small collection of books in a little room upstairs, to which I had access (for it adjoined my own) and which nobody else in our house ever troubled. From that blessed little room, Roderick Random, Peregrine Pickle, Humphrey Clinker, Tom Jones, the Vicar of Wakefield, Don Quixote, Gil Blas, and Robinson Crusoe, came out, a glorious host, to keep me company. They kept alive my fancy, and my hope of something beyond that place and time,"they, and the Arabian Nights, and the Tales of the Genii,"and did me no harm; for whatever harm was in some of them was not there for me; I knew nothing of it. It is astonishing to me now, how I found time, in the midst of my porings and blunderings over heavier themes, to read those books as I did. It is curious to me how I could ever have consoled myself under my small troubles (which were great troubles to me), by impersonating my favourite characters in them"as I did"and by putting Mr. and Miss Murdstone into all the bad ones"which I did too. I have been Tom Jones (a child's Tom Jones, a harmless creature) for a week together. I have sustained my own idea of Roderick Random for a month at a stretch, I verily believe. I had a greedy relish for a few volumes of Voyages and Travels"I forget what, now"that were on those shelves; and for days and days I can remember to have gone about my region of our house, armed with the centre-piece out of an old set of boot-trees"the perfect realization of Captain Somebody, of the Royal British Navy, in danger of being beset by savages, and resolved to sell his life at a great price.

collection - Sammlung, Kollektion, Menge, Sammeln

little room - Stübchen

access - Zutritt, Zugang, Einsicht, Zugriff; zugreifen

adjoined - angrenzend

blessed - gesegnet; selig; (bless); gesegnet; selig

random - Rando; zufällig; Durchschnitts-; random

pickle - einlegen; Essiggurke, Metallbeize; beizen

clinker - Ziegelstein, Backstein, Klinker

Vicar - Vikar

Quixote - Quijote

Arabian - arabisch; Araber, Araberin

tales - Märchen; Geschichte, Erzählung, Fabel

genii - Genie

blunderings - Fehltritte; pfuschend

themes - Themen; Thema

consoled - getröstet; trösten (mit), vertrösten; Bedienungsfeld, Gerät

impersonating - Nachahmung; sich ausgeben als, nachahmen, verkörpern

harmless - harmlos, unschädlich, ungefährlich

sustained - unterhalten, aufrechterhalten, versorgen, unterhalten

stretch - strecken, dehnen, langziehen, dehnen

verily - wahrhaftig; wahrlich; gewiss, natürlich, sicher

greedy - gierig, habgierig, habsüchtig, gefräßig

volumes - Volumen

voyages - Fahrten; Reise

shelves - Regale; Regal

realization - Realisierung; Erkenntnis; Verwirklichung, Realisation

captain - Stabshauptmann, Kapitän zur See, Kapitän, Flugkapitän

Royal - königlich; Royal; Royalsegel

Navy - Die Marine; Marine, Flotte, Seestreitkräfte, Marineamt

beset - bedrängt; befallen, bedrängen

savages - wild, wild, wüst, unbebaut, unbändig, rasend, wütend, roh

The Captain never lost dignity, from having his ears boxed with the Latin Grammar. I did; but the Captain was a Captain and a hero, in despite of all the grammars of all the languages in the world, dead or alive.

dignity - Würde; Förmlichkeit; Amt

Latin - lateinisch, Latein

despite - trotz

grammars - Grammatiken; Grammatik, Sprachlehre, Grammatik

This was my only and my constant comfort. When I think of it, the picture always rises in my mind, of a summer evening, the boys at play in the churchyard, and I sitting on my bed, reading as if for life. Every barn in the neighbourhood, every stone in the church, and every foot of the churchyard, had some association of its own, in my mind, connected with these books, and stood for some locality made famous in them.

constant - beständig, konstant, regelmäßig, stetig

comfort - Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit, Komfort, Trost, Tröstung

barn - Stadel, Scheune, Baracke

Association - Assoziation, Verknüpfung, Zuordnung, Vereinigung

locality - Ortschaft

I have seen Tom Pipes go climbing up the church-steeple; I have watched Strap, with the knapsack on his back, stopping to rest himself upon the wicket-gate; and I know that Commodore Trunnion held that club with Mr. Pickle, in the parlour of our little village alehouse.

pipes - Rohre; Flöte, Orgelpfeife, Rohr

climbing up - hinaufsteigend

steeple - Kirchturm

strap - Gurt; Riemen; Streichriemen; Achselklappe, Schulterklappe

knapsack - Rucksack, Tornister

wicket - Türchen, Törchen, Pförtchen, Schlupftür, Fensterchen, Schalter

Commodore - Kommodore, Flottillenadmiral, Flottekapitän

Trunnion - Drehzapfen; Zapfen

alehouse - Bierstube; Bierschenke

The reader now understands, as well as I do, what I was when I came to that point of my youthful history to which I am now coming again.

One morning when I went into the parlour with my books, I found my mother looking anxious, Miss Murdstone looking firm, and Mr. Murdstone binding something round the bottom of a cane"a lithe and limber cane, which he left off binding when I came in, and poised and switched in the air.

binding - verbindlich; Bindung; (bind); binden; verbinden, konnektieren

cane - Schilfrohr; Rohr; Rohrstock; Blindenstock, weisser Langstock

lithe - geschmeidig

limber - gelenkig; locker, biegsam

poised - bereit; Gleichgewicht

switched - geschaltet; Schalter, Weiche, Spießrute, Switch, Verteiler

'I tell you, Clara,'said Mr. Murdstone, 'I have been often flogged myself.'

flogged - ausgepeitscht; peitschen

'To be sure; of course,'said Miss Murdstone.

'Certainly, my dear Jane,'faltered my mother, meekly. 'But"but do you think it did Edward good?'

'Do you think it did Edward harm, Clara?'asked Mr. Murdstone, gravely.

harm - Schaden

gravely - ernsthaft; ernst, ernstlich, schwerlich

'That's the point,'said his sister.

To this my mother returned, 'Certainly, my dear Jane,'and said no more.

I felt apprehensive that I was personally interested in this dialogue, and sought Mr. Murdstone's eye as it lighted on mine.

apprehensive - beunruhigt

personally - persönlich, personaliter

sought - gesucht; suchen

'Now, David,'he said"and I saw that cast again as he said it"'you must be far more careful today than usual.'He gave the cane another poise, and another switch; and having finished his preparation of it, laid it down beside him, with an impressive look, and took up his book.

poise - Gleichgewicht, Fassung, Gelassenheit, Haltung, Ausdruck, Poise

switch - Schalter; Weiche; Spießrute; Switch, Verteiler, Netzwerkweiche

preparation - Vorbereitung; Präparat

beside - daneben; neben

This was a good freshener to my presence of mind, as a beginning. I felt the words of my lessons slipping off, not one by one, or line by line, but by the entire page; I tried to lay hold of them; but they seemed, if I may so express it, to have put skates on, and to skim away from me with a smoothness there was no checking.

freshener - Erfrischungsgetränk

slipping off - abrutschend

entire - vollständig; ganz, gesamt

skates - Schlittschuhe; Glattrochen, Schlittschuh, Rochen

skim - springen lassen; hüpfen lassen; q orthern and central Germany; abprallen; überfliegen; abschöpfen

smoothness - Glattheit; Glätte

We began badly, and went on worse. I had come in with an idea of distinguishing myself rather, conceiving that I was very well prepared; but it turned out to be quite a mistake. Book after book was added to the heap of failures, Miss Murdstone being firmly watchful of us all the time. And when we came at last to the five thousand cheeses (canes he made it that day, I remember), my mother burst out crying.

distinguishing - zu unterscheiden; unterscheiden, erkennen, auszeichnen

conceiving - Empfängnis; konzipieren, erdenken, ersinnen, empfangen

failures - Misserfolge; Misserfolg, Ausfall, Verschlechterung, Misslingen

watchful - wachsam

canes - Stöcke; Rohr

'Clara!'said Miss Murdstone, in her warning voice.

'I am not quite well, my dear Jane, I think,'said my mother.

I saw him wink, solemnly, at his sister, as he rose and said, taking up the cane:

wink - zwinkern, blinzeln, funkeln, zuzwinkern

solemnly - feierlich, festlich, ernst

'Why, Jane, we can hardly expect Clara to bear, with perfect firmness, the worry and torment that David has occasioned her today. That would be stoical. Clara is greatly strengthened and improved, but we can hardly expect so much from her. David, you and I will go upstairs, boy.'

torment - Qualen; Qual; quälen, peinigen

occasioned - veranlasst; Gelegenheit, Gelegenheit, Anlass

stoical - stoische

strengthened - gestärkt; verstärken, stärken, bestärken, stärken, verstärken

go upstairs - die Treppe hinaufgehen

As he took me out at the door, my mother ran towards us. Miss Murdstone said, 'Clara! are you a perfect fool?'and interfered. I saw my mother stop her ears then, and I heard her crying.

He walked me up to my room slowly and gravely"I am certain he had a delight in that formal parade of executing justice"and when we got there, suddenly twisted my head under his arm.

delight in - sich freuen an

parade - stolzieren; Exerzierplatz, Korso, Aufzug

executing - hinrichten, ausführen, durchführen, ausführen

justice - Gerechtigkeit, Genugtuung, Justiz

twisted - verdreht; Zwirn, Biegung, Wendung, Twist, verziehen, drehen

'Mr. Murdstone! Sir!'I cried to him. 'Don't! Pray don't beat me! I have tried to learn, sir, but I can't learn while you and Miss Murdstone are by. I can't indeed!'

'Can't you, indeed, David?'he said. 'We'll try that.'

He had my head as in a vice, but I twined round him somehow, and stopped him for a moment, entreating him not to beat me. It was only a moment that I stopped him, for he cut me heavily an instant afterwards, and in the same instant I caught the hand with which he held me in my mouth, between my teeth, and bit it through. It sets my teeth on edge to think of it.

vice - Laster; der Schraubstock

heavily - schwerlich, stark

sets - Seth

edge - Rand; Seite, Kante, Vorsprung, Klinge, Schneide, schieben

He beat me then, as if he would have beaten me to death. Above all the noise we made, I heard them running up the stairs, and crying out"I heard my mother crying out"and Peggotty. Then he was gone; and the door was locked outside; and I was lying, fevered and hot, and torn, and sore, and raging in my puny way, upon the floor.

running up - anlaufend

fevered - Fieberhaft; Fieber

torn - zerrissen; zerreißen, ich/er/sie/es riss, riß

raging - wütend; Wut, Zorn, Raserei, Rage, wüten, rasen, toben, toben

puny - kläglich, klein, kümmerlich, mickrig

How well I recollect, when I became quiet, what an unnatural stillness seemed to reign through the whole house! How well I remember, when my smart and passion began to cool, how wicked I began to feel!

unnatural - unnatürlich

stillness - Stille

reign - Herrschaft, Regentschaft, herrschen, regieren

passion - Leidenschaft, Passion

wicked - verrucht; böse; (wick) verrucht; böse

I sat listening for a long while, but there was not a sound. I crawled up from the floor, and saw my face in the glass, so swollen, red, and ugly that it almost frightened me. My stripes were sore and stiff, and made me cry afresh, when I moved; but they were nothing to the guilt I felt. It lay heavier on my breast than if I had been a most atrocious criminal, I dare say.

crawled - gekrabbelt; kriechen

swollen - geschwollen; Schwellen

ugly - hässlich

stripes - gestreift; Streifen

afresh - von neuem; neu, wieder

guilt - Schuld

breast - Brust; -brust, Entenbrust

atrocious - entsetzlich

It had begun to grow dark, and I had shut the window (I had been lying, for the most part, with my head upon the sill, by turns crying, dozing, and looking listlessly out), when the key was turned, and Miss Murdstone came in with some bread and meat, and milk. These she put down upon the table without a word, glaring at me the while with exemplary firmness, and then retired, locking the door after her.

sill - Schweller; Türschwelle, Schwelle

dozing - dösend; eindösen, einnicken; (doze) dösend; eindösen, einnicken

listlessly - lustlose, lustlos

glaring - grell; Blendung, entrüstetes Starren, missbilligend anstarren

exemplary - vorbildlich

Long after it was dark I sat there, wondering whether anybody else would come. When this appeared improbable for that night, I undressed, and went to bed; and, there, I began to wonder fearfully what would be done to me. Whether it was a criminal act that I had committed? Whether I should be taken into custody, and sent to prison? Whether I was at all in danger of being hanged?

undressed - unbekleidet; erman: sich ausziehen, ausziehen

fearfully - furchtsam, ängstlich

committed - verpflichtet; einweisen, einliefern, begehen, verbrechen

custody - Gewahrsam; Sorgerecht, Obhut, Verwahrung, Aufbewahrung, Haft

hanged - aufgehängt

I never shall forget the waking, next morning; the being cheerful and fresh for the first moment, and then the being weighed down by the stale and dismal oppression of remembrance. Miss Murdstone reappeared before I was out of bed; told me, in so many words, that I was free to walk in the garden for half an hour and no longer; and retired, leaving the door open, that I might avail myself of that permission.

weighed - gewogen; wiegen, wägen, abwiegen, auswiegen, abwägen, erwägen

stale - fad, abgestanden, altbacken

oppression - Unterdrückung

avail - zur Verfügung; ausnutzen; helfen, nützen, Erfolg

I did so, and did so every morning of my imprisonment, which lasted five days.

imprisonment - Freiheitsentzug; Gefangenschaft

If I could have seen my mother alone, I should have gone down on my knees to her and besought her forgiveness; but I saw no one, Miss Murdstone excepted, during the whole time"except at evening prayers in the parlour; to which I was escorted by Miss Murdstone after everybody else was placed; where I was stationed, a young outlaw, all alone by myself near the door; and whence I was solemnly conducted by my jailer, before any one arose from the devotional posture. I only observed that my mother was as far off from me as she could be, and kept her face another way so that I never saw it; and that Mr. Murdstone's hand was bound up in a large linen wrapper.

besought - angefleht; anflehen, ersuchen, bitten

forgiveness - Verzeihung, Vergebung, Versöhnlichkeit, Nachsicht

prayers - Gebete; (the Lord's Prayer) Paternoster

escorted - Eskortiert; Eskorte, Geleit

outlaw - geächtet; Verfemter; Ächtung; ächten; verbannen

jailer - Gefängniswärter, Gefängniswärterin, Gefängnisaufseher

arose from - entsprang

devotional - Andacht; andächtig

posture - Körperhaltung; Haltung

bound - gebunden; Sprung; (bind); binden; verbinden, konnektieren

linen - Wäsche; Leinen; Heimtextilien

wrapper - Verpackung, Umschlag, Wrapper-Klasse; (wrap); Verpackung

'Is that you, Peggotty?'

There was no immediate answer, but presently I heard my name again, in a tone so very mysterious and awful, that I think I should have gone into a fit, if it had not occurred to me that it must have come through the keyhole.

immediate - sofortig; unmittelbar, immediat

tone - Farbton, Klang, Umgangston, Ton

mysterious - geheimnisvoll; mysteriös; rätselhaft

keyhole - Schlüsselloch

I groped my way to the door, and putting my own lips to the keyhole, whispered: 'Is that you, Peggotty dear?'

'Yes, my own precious Davy,'she replied. 'Be as soft as a mouse, or the Cat'll hear us.'

I understood this to mean Miss Murdstone, and was sensible of the urgency of the case; her room being close by.

urgency - Dringlichkeit

'How's mama, dear Peggotty? Is she very angry with me?'

I could hear Peggotty crying softly on her side of the keyhole, as I was doing on mine, before she answered. 'No. Not very.'

'What is going to be done with me, Peggotty dear? Do you know?'

'School. Near London,'was Peggotty's answer. I was obliged to get her to repeat it, for she spoke it the first time quite down my throat, in consequence of my having forgotten to take my mouth away from the keyhole and put my ear there; and though her words tickled me a good deal, I didn't hear them.

throat - Kehle, Rachen, Hals, Flaschenhals

tickled - gekitzelt; Kitzeln

'When, Peggotty?'


'Is that the reason why Miss Murdstone took the clothes out of my drawers?'which she had done, though I have forgotten to mention it.

'Yes,'said Peggotty. 'Box.'

'Shan't I see mama?'

'Yes,'said Peggotty. 'Morning.'

Then Peggotty fitted her mouth close to the keyhole, and delivered these words through it with as much feeling and earnestness as a keyhole has ever been the medium of communicating, I will venture to assert: shooting in each broken little sentence in a convulsive little burst of its own.

medium - Medium; mittelgroß

Venture - Wagnis

assert - behaupten; versichern, zusichern, beteuern

shooting - Schießen, Schießerei; (shoot); Schießen, Schießerei

convulsive - krampfhaft

'Davy, dear. If I ain't been azackly as intimate with you. Lately, as I used to be. It ain't because I don't love you. Just as well and more, my pretty poppet. It's because I thought it better for you. And for someone else besides. Davy, my darling, are you listening? Can you hear?'

intimate - vertraut, innig, intim, vorsichtig andeuten

poppet - Püppchen; Süße (Freundin, Mädchen), Schätzchen

darling - Liebling, Schatz, Schätzchen

'Ye-ye-ye-yes, Peggotty!'I sobbed.

'My own!'said Peggotty, with infinite compassion. 'What I want to say, is. That you must never forget me. For I'll never forget you. And I'll take as much care of your mama, Davy. As ever I took of you. And I won't leave her. The day may come when she'll be glad to lay her poor head.

On her stupid, cross old Peggotty's arm again. And I'll write to you, my dear. Though I ain't no scholar. And I'll"I'll"'Peggotty fell to kissing the keyhole, as she couldn't kiss me.

scholar - Student, Schüler, Schülerin, Studentin, Gelehrter

'Thank you, dear Peggotty!'said I. 'Oh, thank you! Thank you! Will you promise me one thing, Peggotty? Will you write and tell Mr. Peggotty and little Em'ly, and Mrs. Gummidge and Ham, that I am not so bad as they might suppose, and that I sent 'em all my love"especially to little Em'ly? Will you, if you please, Peggotty?'

The kind soul promised, and we both of us kissed the keyhole with the greatest affection"I patted it with my hand, I recollect, as if it had been her honest face"and parted. From that night there grew up in my breast a feeling for Peggotty which I cannot very well define. She did not replace my mother; no one could do that; but she came into a vacancy in my heart, which closed upon her, and I felt towards her something I have never felt for any other human being.

define - bestimmen; definieren

vacancy - Vakanz, freie Stelle, freies Zimmer, freier Platz

It was a sort of comical affection, too; and yet if she had died, I cannot think what I should have done, or how I should have acted out the tragedy it would have been to me.

acted out - (act out) ausleben

tragedy - Tragödie

In the morning Miss Murdstone appeared as usual, and told me I was going to school; which was not altogether such news to me as she supposed. She also informed me that when I was dressed, I was to come downstairs into the parlour, and have my breakfast. There, I found my mother, very pale and with red eyes: into whose arms I ran, and begged her pardon from my suffering soul.

pale - Pfahl, blass; bleich (vor), blass (vor)

suffering - leidend; Leiden; (suffer); leiden; erleiden

'Oh, Davy!'she said. 'That you could hurt anyone I love! Try to be better, pray to be better! I forgive you; but I am so grieved, Davy, that you should have such bad passions in your heart.'

pray to - beten zu

grieved - getrauert; weh tun, kränken, bekümmern; sich grämen (über)

passions - Leidenschaften; Leidenschaft, Passion, Leidenschaft, Passion

They had persuaded her that I was a wicked fellow, and she was more sorry for that than for my going away. I felt it sorely. I tried to eat my parting breakfast, but my tears dropped upon my bread-and-butter, and trickled into my tea. I saw my mother look at me sometimes, and then glance at the watchful Miss Murdstone, and than look down, or look away.

persuaded - überredet; überreden, gewinnen, verführen, bestechen

sorely - schwer; schlimm

trickled - getropft; Rinnsal

'Master Copperfield's box there!'said Miss Murdstone, when wheels were heard at the gate.

I looked for Peggotty, but it was not she; neither she nor Mr. Murdstone appeared. My former acquaintance, the carrier, was at the door. The box was taken out to his cart, and lifted in.

acquaintance - Bekanntschaft, Umgang, Bekannter, Bekannte

'Clara!'said Miss Murdstone, in her warning note.

'Ready, my dear Jane,'returned my mother. 'Good-bye, Davy. You are going for your own good. Good-bye, my child. You will come home in the holidays, and be a better boy.'

Good-bye - (Good-bye) Auf Wiedersehen!;adieu, leb wohl, ade, lebewohl, ciao

'Clara!'Miss Murdstone repeated.

'Certainly, my dear Jane,'replied my mother, who was holding me. 'I forgive you, my dear boy. God bless you!'

'Clara!'Miss Murdstone repeated.

Miss Murdstone was good enough to take me out to the cart, and to say on the way that she hoped I would repent, before I came to a bad end; and then I got into the cart, and the lazy horse walked off with it.

repent - bereuen


sent away - weggeschickt

We might have gone about half a mile, and my pocket-handkerchief was quite wet through, when the carrier stopped short. Looking out to ascertain for what, I saw, to My amazement, Peggotty burst from a hedge and climb into the cart. She took me in both her arms, and squeezed me to her stays until the pressure on my nose was extremely painful, though I never thought of that till afterwards when I found it very tender. Not a single word did Peggotty speak. Releasing one of her arms, she put it down in her pocket to the elbow, and brought out some paper bags of cakes which she crammed into my pockets, and a purse which she put into my hand, but not one word did she say.

amazement - Erstaunen; Staunen, Verwunderung

hedge - Hecke

squeezed - ausgequetscht; drücken, klemmen, pressen, quetschen, quetschen

pressure - Druck; unter Druck setzen

painful - schmerzhaft

tender - zärtlich; empfindlich, Ausschreibung, Angebot, zart; andienen

releasing - Freigabe, Freisetzung, Befreiung, Erlösung

crammed - vollgestopft; stopfen, vollpacken, mästen, vollstopfen, büffeln

After another and a final squeeze with both arms, she got down from the cart and ran away; and, my belief is, and has always been, without a solitary button on her gown. I picked up one, of several that were rolling about, and treasured it as a keepsake for a long time.

treasured - wertgeschätzt; Schatz, Schatz, Schatz, schätzen

keepsake - Andenken, Erinnerung, Liebgewonnenes, Erinnerungsstück

The carrier looked at me, as if to inquire if she were coming back. I shook my head, and said I thought not. 'Then come up,'said the carrier to the lazy horse; who came up accordingly.

Having by this time cried as much as I possibly could, I began to think it was of no use crying any more, especially as neither Roderick Random, nor that Captain in the Royal British Navy, had ever cried, that I could remember, in trying situations.

The carrier, seeing me in this resolution, proposed that my pocket-handkerchief should be spread upon the horse's back to dry. I thanked him, and assented; and particularly small it looked, under those circumstances.

resolution - Entschlossenheit, Standfestigkeit, Vorsatz, Auflösung

assented - zugestimmt; zustimmen, behaupten

I had now leisure to examine the purse. It was a stiff leather purse, with a snap, and had three bright shillings in it, which Peggotty had evidently polished up with whitening, for my greater delight. But its most precious contents were two half-crowns folded together in a bit of paper, on which was written, in my mother's hand, 'For Davy.

leisure - Muße; Freizeit

examine - untersuchen, prüfen, befragen

leather - Leder; ledern

snap - Knacken, Knallen, Schnappen, Zuschnappen, Schnippen, Schnalzen

polished - poliert; polnisch, Polnisch

whitening - Aufhellung; (whiten) weiß machen; (whiten); weißen; erman: weiß werden

delight - Freude, Entzückung, Wohlgefallen, Lust

most precious - kostbarste

Contents - Inhalt; (to be content with) sich mit etwas begnügen

crowns - Kronen; Zenit; krönen; Bombage (ballige Fläche)

folded together - zusammen gefaltet, zusammengefaltet [alt]

With my love.'I was so overcome by this, that I asked the carrier to be so good as to reach me my pocket-handkerchief again; but he said he thought I had better do without it, and I thought I really had, so I wiped my eyes on my sleeve and stopped myself.

sleeve - Ärmel; Hülse, Schutzhülle, Tülle, Köcher

For good, too; though, in consequence of my previous emotions, I was still occasionally seized with a stormy sob. After we had jogged on for some little time, I asked the carrier if he was going all the way.

previous - früher; vorhergehend

emotions - Emotionen; Gefühl

seized with - befallen

sob - schluchzen; Huso

jogged - gejoggt; Joggen, joggen

'All the way where?'inquired the carrier.

'There,'I said.

'Where's there?'inquired the carrier.

'Near London,'I said.

'Why that horse,'said the carrier, jerking the rein to point him out, 'would be deader than pork afore he got over half the ground.'

jerking - Ruckeln; stoßweise, zusammenzuckend

rein - Zügel

pork - Schweinefleisch, Schwein

afore - vor

got over - hinweggekommen

'Are you only going to Yarmouth then?'I asked.

'That's about it,'said the carrier. 'And there I shall take you to the stage-cutch, and the stage-cutch that'll take you to"wherever it is.'

wherever - wo auch immer

As this was a great deal for the carrier (whose name was Mr. Barkis) to say"he being, as I observed in a former chapter, of a phlegmatic temperament, and not at all conversational"I offered him a cake as a mark of attention, which he ate at one gulp, exactly like an elephant, and which made no more impression on his big face than it would have done on an elephant's.

phlegmatic - phlegmatisch

temperament - Temperament, Charakter, Veranlagung, Stimmung

conversational - Gesprächig

gulp - Schluck; schlucken; schlingen, verschlingen

'Did SHE make 'em, now?'said Mr. Barkis, always leaning forward, in his slouching way, on the footboard of the cart with an arm on each knee.

slouching - lümmeln; herumlungern, herumhängen, Durchhänger, Schlafmütze

footboard - Trittbrett

'Peggotty, do you mean, sir?'

'Ah!'said Mr. Barkis. 'Her.'

'Yes. She makes all our pastry, and does all our cooking.'

pastry - Backwerk; Gebäckteig

'Do she though?'said Mr. Barkis. He made up his mouth as if to whistle, but he didn't whistle. He sat looking at the horse's ears, as if he saw something new there; and sat so, for a considerable time. By and by, he said:

whistle - Pfeife, Trillerpfeife, Flöte, Pfeifen, Pfiff

considerable - erheblich, beträchtlich, beachtlich

'No sweethearts, I b'lieve?'

sweethearts - Schätzchen; Schatz, herzensguter Mensch, Seele von Mensch

lieve - glauben

'Sweetmeats did you say, Mr. Barkis?'For I thought he wanted something else to eat, and had pointedly alluded to that description of refreshment.

sweetmeats - Bonbons; Süßigkeiten, Süßwaren, Süßspeisen

pointedly - gezielt

alluded - angedeutet; andeuten, erwähnen

refreshment - Erfrischung

'Hearts,'said Mr. Barkis. 'Sweet hearts; no person walks with her!'

'With Peggotty?'

'Ah!'he said. 'Her.'

'Oh, no. She never had a sweetheart.'

sweetheart - Schätzchen; Schatz, herzensguter Mensch, Seele von Mensch

'Didn't she, though!'said Mr. Barkis.

Again he made up his mouth to whistle, and again he didn't whistle, but sat looking at the horse's ears.

'So she makes,'said Mr. Barkis, after a long interval of reflection, 'all the apple parsties, and doos all the cooking, do she?'

I replied that such was the fact.

'Well. I'll tell you what,'said Mr. Barkis. 'P'raps you might be writin'to her?'

raps - pochen, schlagen; Geplapper

writin - Schreiben

'I shall certainly write to her,'I rejoined.

rejoined - wiedervereinigt; vereinigen

'Ah!'he said, slowly turning his eyes towards me. 'Well! If you was writin'to her, p'raps you'd recollect to say that Barkis was willin'; would you?'

'That Barkis is willing,'I repeated, innocently. 'Is that all the message?'

'Ye-es,'he said, considering. 'Ye-es. Barkis is willin'.'

'But you will be at Blunderstone again tomorrow, Mr. Barkis,'I said, faltering a little at the idea of my being far away from it then, and could give your own message so much better.'

faltering - ins Stocken geraten; schwankend; (falter); Wanken, wackeln

As he repudiated this suggestion, however, with a jerk of his head, and once more confirmed his previous request by saying, with profound gravity, 'Barkis is willin'. That's the message,'I readily undertook its transmission. While I was waiting for the coach in the hotel at Yarmouth that very afternoon, I procured a sheet of paper and an inkstand, and wrote a note to Peggotty, which ran thus: 'My dear Peggotty.

repudiated - abgelehnt; verleugnen (sb./sth.), abstreiten, leugnen

jerk - Trottel; Zuckung, Satz, Reflex, ruckweise; Wichser; erschüttern

confirmed - bestätigt; bestätigen, bestätigen, bekräftigen

profound - tiefgründig; tiefgehend, profund

gravity - Bedenklichkeit, Ernst, Erdanziehung, Gravitation, Schwerkraft

undertook - unternommen hat; unternehmen, ausführen, verpflichten

transmission - Übertragung; Getriebe

procured - beschafft; beschaffen, erwerben, besorgen, aufbringen

inkstand - Tintenfass; Schreibzeug, Tintenzeug

I have come here safe. Barkis is willing. My love to mama. Yours affectionately. P.S. He says he particularly wants you to know"BARKIS IS WILLING.'

When I had taken this commission on myself prospectively, Mr. Barkis relapsed into perfect silence; and I, feeling quite worn out by all that had happened lately, lay down on a sack in the cart and fell asleep. I slept soundly until we got to Yarmouth; which was so entirely new and strange to me in the inn-yard to which we drove, that I at once abandoned a latent hope I had had of meeting with some of Mr.

commission - Auftrag; Kommission, Ausschuss, Abschlußprämie

prospectively - perspektivisch

relapsed - rückfällig geworden; zurückfallen, sich verschlimmern

sack - Sack; plündern, entlassen

entirely - vollständig; ganz, total, entirely

Inn - Gasthaus; Herberge

abandoned - im Stich lassen, preisgeben, verlassen, abbrechen

latent - latent

Peggotty's family there, perhaps even with little Em'ly herself.

The coach was in the yard, shining very much all over, but without any horses to it as yet; and it looked in that state as if nothing was more unlikely than its ever going to London. I was thinking this, and wondering what would ultimately become of my box, which Mr.

unlikely - unwahrscheinlich

ultimately - letztendlich

Barkis had put down on the yard-pavement by the pole (he having driven up the yard to turn his cart), and also what would ultimately become of me, when a lady looked out of a bow-window where some fowls and joints of meat were hanging up, and said:

pavement - Bürgersteig; Asphalt, Pflaster

driven up - vorgefahren

joints - Gelenke; gemeinschaftlich, gemeinsam, gemeinsame, gemeinsamer

hanging - (to hang) hängen, schweben; (hang) (to hang) hängen, schweben

'Is that the little gentleman from Blunderstone?'

'Yes, ma'am,'I said.

'What name?'inquired the lady.

'Copperfield, ma'am,'I said.

'That won't do,'returned the lady. 'Nobody's dinner is paid for here, in that name.'

'Is it Murdstone, ma'am?'I said.

'If you're Master Murdstone,'said the lady, 'why do you go and give another name, first?'

I explained to the lady how it was, who than rang a bell, and called out, 'William! show the coffee-room!'upon which a waiter came running out of a kitchen on the opposite side of the yard to show it, and seemed a good deal surprised when he was only to show it to me.

William - Wilhelm

It was a large long room with some large maps in it. I doubt if I could have felt much stranger if the maps had been real foreign countries, and I cast away in the middle of them. I felt it was taking a liberty to sit down, with my cap in my hand, on the corner of the chair nearest the door; and when the waiter laid a cloth on purpose for me, and put a set of castors on it, I think I must have turned red all over with modesty.

foreign countries - Ausland

cloth - Stoff, Tuch

castors - Räder; positiver Nachlauf, Radnachlauf, Nachlauf; Fahrrolle

modesty - Bescheidenheit; Sittsamkeit

He brought me some chops, and vegetables, and took the covers off in such a bouncing manner that I was afraid I must have given him some offence. But he greatly relieved my mind by putting a chair for me at the table, and saying, very affably, 'Now, six-foot! come on!'

chops - Koteletts; abhacken

bouncing - Springen; abprallen, hüpfen, auf und ab hüpfen, platzen, hüpfen

offence - Vergehen; Angriff, Verstoß (gegen), Beleidigung

affably - freundliche, leutselig

I thanked him, and took my seat at the board; but found it extremely difficult to handle my knife and fork with anything like dexterity, or to avoid splashing myself with the gravy, while he was standing opposite, staring so hard, and making me blush in the most dreadful manner every time I caught his eye. After watching me into the second chop, he said:

dexterity - Fingerfertigkeit, Geschicklichkeit, Gewandtheit

splashing - anspritzend, platschend

gravy - Soße, Bratensoße

blush - Schamröte; erröten, sich schämen

most dreadful - schauderhafteste

'There's half a pint of ale for you. Will you have it now?'

half a pint - Schoppen

ale - Ale

I thanked him and said, 'Yes.'Upon which he poured it out of a jug into a large tumbler, and held it up against the light, and made it look beautiful.

poured - geschüttet; schütten, einschenken, gießen

jug - Kanne, Krug

tumbler - Trinkglas, Tumbler, Glasbecher, Tümmler

'My eye!'he said. 'It seems a good deal, don't it?'

'It does seem a good deal,'I answered with a smile. For it was quite delightful to me, to find him so pleasant. He was a twinkling-eyed, pimple-faced man, with his hair standing upright all over his head; and as he stood with one arm a-kimbo, holding up the glass to the light with the other hand, he looked quite friendly.

twinkling - Funkeln; kurzer Augenblick

pimple - Pickel, Oas

upright - aufrecht; hochkant

'There was a gentleman here, yesterday,'he said"'a stout gentleman, by the name of Topsawyer"perhaps you know him?'

stout - beleibt

'No,'I said, 'I don't think"'

'In breeches and gaiters, broad-brimmed hat, grey coat, speckled choker,'said the waiter.

breeches - Reithosen; Schwanzschraube

gaiters - Gamaschen; Pflaster, Faltenbalg, Gamasche

broad - breit, deutliche, großräumig

brimmed - umrandet; übersprudeln; Rand

Speckled - Fleck, Sprenkel

choker - Kropfband; Halsband, Halskette

'No,'I said bashfully, 'I haven't the pleasure"'

bashfully - verschämte, schüchtern

'He came in here,'said the waiter, looking at the light through the tumbler, 'ordered a glass of this ale"WOULD order it"I told him not"drank it, and fell dead. It was too old for him. It oughtn't to be drawn; that's the fact.'

oughtn - sollte

I was very much shocked to hear of this melancholy accident, and said I thought I had better have some water.

'Why you see,'said the waiter, still looking at the light through the tumbler, with one of his eyes shut up, 'our people don't like things being ordered and left. It offends 'em. But I'll drink it, if you like. I'm used to it, and use is everything. I don't think it'll hurt me, if I throw my head back, and take it off quick. Shall I?'

offends - beleidigt; beleidigen, beleidigen, de

I replied that he would much oblige me by drinking it, if he thought he could do it safely, but by no means otherwise. When he did throw his head back, and take it off quick, I had a horrible fear, I confess, of seeing him meet the fate of the lamented Mr. Topsawyer, and fall lifeless on the carpet. But it didn't hurt him. On the contrary, I thought he seemed the fresher for it.

oblige - verpflichten; einen Gefallen tun

safely - sicher

otherwise - sonst

horrible - schrecklich, abscheulich, fies, makaber

confess - gestehen, bekennen, verraten, beichten

lamented - beklagt; Klage, Wehklage, Klagen

lifeless - leblos

'What have we got here?'he said, putting a fork into my dish. 'Not chops?'

'Chops,'I said.

'Lord bless my soul!'he exclaimed, 'I didn't know they were chops. Why, a chop's the very thing to take off the bad effects of that beer! Ain't it lucky?'


So he took a chop by the bone in one hand, and a potato in the other, and ate away with a very good appetite, to my extreme satisfaction. He afterwards took another chop, and another potato; and after that, another chop and another potato. When we had done, he brought me a pudding, and having set it before me, seemed to ruminate, and to become absent in his mind for some moments.

appetite - Appetit; Begierde, Lust

pudding - Blutwurst; Pudding; Pudding (1; 2; 4) checkAuflauf

ruminate - wiederkäuen; grübeln

absent - (absent-minded) abwesend, geistesabwesend, unaufmerksam

'How's the pie?'he said, rousing himself.

pie - Kuchen

rousing - mitreißend; wachrufen, wecken

'It's a pudding,'I made answer.

'Pudding!'he exclaimed. 'Why, bless me, so it is! What!'looking at it nearer. 'You don't mean to say it's a batter-pudding!'

batter - Teig; zerschlagen, ich/er/sie stieß ab, schlagen

'Yes, it is indeed.'

'Why, a batter-pudding,'he said, taking up a table-spoon, 'is my favourite pudding! Ain't that lucky? Come on, little 'un, and let's see who'll get most.'

The waiter certainly got most. He entreated me more than once to come in and win, but what with his table-spoon to my tea-spoon, his dispatch to my dispatch, and his appetite to my appetite, I was left far behind at the first mouthful, and had no chance with him. I never saw anyone enjoy a pudding so much, I think; and he laughed, when it was all gone, as if his enjoyment of it lasted still.

entreated - angefleht; ersuchen

dispatch - Versand; verschicken, versenden, beeilen, besiegen, entziehen

mouthful - mundvoll

Finding him so very friendly and companionable, it was then that I asked for the pen and ink and paper, to write to Peggotty. He not only brought it immediately, but was good enough to look over me while I wrote the letter. When I had finished it, he asked me where I was going to school.

companionable - kameradschaftlich

ink - Tinte

I said, 'Near London,'which was all I knew.

'Oh! my eye!'he said, looking very low-spirited, 'I am sorry for that.'

spirited - temperamentvoll; Geist, Seele, Geist, Stimmung, Schnaps

'Why?'I asked him.

'Oh, Lord!'he said, shaking his head, 'that's the school where they broke the boy's ribs"two ribs"a little boy he was. I should say he was"let me see"how old are you, about?'

ribs - Rippen; Rippe (Profil); Drehschiene, Spant, Rippe, Lamelle

I told him between eight and nine.

'That's just his age,'he said. 'He was eight years and six months old when they broke his first rib; eight years and eight months old when they broke his second, and did for him.'

rib - Rippe (Profil); Drehschiene, Spant, Rippe, Lamelle

I could not disguise from myself, or from the waiter, that this was an uncomfortable coincidence, and inquired how it was done. His answer was not cheering to my spirits, for it consisted of two dismal words, 'With whopping.'

disguise - Verkleidung; Tarnung; verstellen

coincidence - zufälliges Zusammentreffen, Koinzidenz, Zufall

cheering - anfeuern, jauchzen, aufmuntern, jubeln

consisted - bestand; zusammensetzend, besteht aus; bestehen (aus)

whopping - gewaltig; riesig, enorm; (whop) gewaltig; riesig, enorm

The blowing of the coach-horn in the yard was a seasonable diversion, which made me get up and hesitatingly inquire, in the mingled pride and diffidence of having a purse (which I took out of my pocket), if there were anything to pay.

horn - Horn; Waldhorn; Jagdhorn; Hupe, Trichter, Blech, Muschel

seasonable - saisonal

diversion - Ablenkung, Ablenkungsmanöver, Unterhaltung

hesitatingly - zögernd

mingled - vermengt; vermischen, vermengen, untermischen

pride - Hochmut; Stolz, Trotz, Dünkel, Machtbewusstsein, Rudel

diffidence - Scheu; Zurückhaltung, Verlegenheit, Schüchternheit

'There's a sheet of letter-paper,'he returned. 'Did you ever buy a sheet of letter-paper?'

I could not remember that I ever had.

'It's dear,'he said, 'on account of the duty. Threepence. That's the way we're taxed in this country. There's nothing else, except the waiter. Never mind the ink. I lose by that.'

Duty - Die Pflicht; Pflicht; Schicht, Arbeitszeit, Zoll, Einfuhrsteuer

threepence - drei Pence

taxed - besteuert; strapazieren, besteuern; Steuer (auf); Abgabe

'What should you"what should I"how much ought I to"what would it be right to pay the waiter, if you please?'I stammered, blushing.

stammered - gestottert; stammeln, stottern, Stottern

blushing - errötend; (blush) errötend

'If I hadn't a family, and that family hadn't the cowpock,'said the waiter, 'I wouldn't take a sixpence. If I didn't support a aged pairint, and a lovely sister,'"here the waiter was greatly agitated"'I wouldn't take a farthing. If I had a good place, and was treated well here, I should beg acceptance of a trifle, instead of taking of it. But I live on broken wittles"and I sleep on the coals'"here the waiter burst into tears.

cowpock - Kuhfladen

agitated - aufgewühlt; aufwühlen, aufrühren, rühren, schütteln, umrühren

farthing - Groschen, Heller, Pfifferling, Pfennig

treated - behandelt; behandeln, bewirten, einladen, heilen, kurieren

acceptance - Akzeptanz; Annahme; Vertrag

trifle - eine Lappalie; Trifle; Kleinigkeit, ein bisschen, ein wenig

coals - Kohlen; Kohle, Steinkohle, Kohle, Kohle, Kohle

I was very much concerned for his misfortunes, and felt that any recognition short of ninepence would be mere brutality and hardness of heart. Therefore I gave him one of my three bright shillings, which he received with much humility and veneration, and spun up with his thumb, directly afterwards, to try the goodness of.

misfortunes - Unglücke; Pech

recognition - Erkennen, Wiedererkennen, Erkennung, Anerkennung

ninepence - neun Pence

brutality - Brutalität

hardness - Härte

humility - Bescheidenheit, Demut

veneration - Verehrung

spun - gesponnen; durchdrehen, spinnen

It was a little disconcerting to me, to find, when I was being helped up behind the coach, that I was supposed to have eaten all the dinner without any assistance. I discovered this, from overhearing the lady in the bow-window say to the guard, 'Take care of that child, George, or he'll burst!'and from observing that the women-servants who were about the place came out to look and giggle at me as a young phenomenon. My unfortunate friend the waiter, who had quite recovered his spirits, did not appear to be disturbed by this, but joined in the general admiration without being at all confused.

disconcerting - beunruhigend; verwirren, stören, vereiteln, beunruhigen, de

overhearing - mitgehört; zufällig mit anhören

guard - Wächter; Parierstange; Schutz; schützen, bewachen

George - Georg

giggle - kichern; Gekicher

phenomenon - Phänomen, Erscheinung

recovered - erholt; wiederfinden, sich erholen, beikommen

disturbed - beunruhigt; stören

If I had any doubt of him, I suppose this half awakened it; but I am inclined to believe that with the simple confidence of a child, and the natural reliance of a child upon superior years (qualities I am very sorry any children should prematurely change for worldly wisdom), I had no serious mistrust of him on the whole, even then.

awakened - geweckt; aufwecken, wecken, aufwachen, erwachen, wach werden

inclined - geneigt; neigen, neigen, neigen, Neigung, Anstieg, Gefälle

reliance - Verlass, Vertrauen, Abhängigkeit, Vertrauende, Abhängige

superior - überlegen, höher, höherstehend, übergeordnet, Vorgesetzter

prematurely - verfrüht

worldly - weltlich

wisdom - Weisheit

mistrust - Misstrauen

We had started from Yarmouth at three o'clock in the afternoon, and we were due in London about eight next morning. It was Mid-summer weather, and the evening was very pleasant. When we passed through a village, I pictured to myself what the insides of the houses were like, and what the inhabitants were about; and when boys came running after us, and got up behind and swung there for a little way, I wondered whether their fathers were alive, and whether they were happy at home.

due - fällig

mid - mittler

inhabitants - Einwohner, Einwohnerin, Bewohner, Bewohnerin

swung - geschwungen; schwingen, schaukeln, schwanken, schaukeln

I had plenty to think of, therefore, besides my mind running continually on the kind of place I was going to"which was an awful speculation. Sometimes, I remember, I resigned myself to thoughts of home and Peggotty; and to endeavouring, in a confused blind way, to recall how I had felt, and what sort of boy I used to be, before I bit Mr. Murdstone: which I couldn't satisfy myself about by any means, I seemed to have bitten him in such a remote antiquity.

plenty - viel; Fülle, Überfluss

continually - ständig, andauernd, immer wieder, immerzu

speculation - Spekulationen; Spekulation, Betrachtung

resigned - zurückgetreten; aufgeben, resignieren, abdanken

thoughts - Gedanken; Gedanke

endeavouring - anstreben; sich nach Kräften bemühen; Bestrebung

blind - blind, unkritisch, ignorant, Jalousie, Blind, Blinder, Blinde

satisfy - befriedigen, zufriedenstellen

bitten - gebissen; beißen, beißen, beißen, beißen, Biss, Biss, Stich

remote - ferngesteuert; fern, entfernt, abgelegen, fernbetrieb

antiquity - der Antike; Antike, Altertum

The night was not so pleasant as the evening, for it got chilly; and being put between two gentlemen (the rough-faced one and another) to prevent my tumbling off the coach, I was nearly smothered by their falling asleep, and completely blocking me up. They squeezed me so hard sometimes, that I could not help crying out, 'Oh! If you please!'"which they didn't like at all, because it woke them. Opposite me was an elderly lady in a great fur cloak, who looked in the dark more like a haystack than a lady, she was wrapped up to such a degree. This lady had a basket with her, and she hadn't known what to do with it, for a long time, until she found that on account of my legs being short, it could go underneath me. It cramped and hurt me so, that it made me perfectly miserable; but if I moved in the least, and made a glass that was in the basket rattle against something else (as it was sure to do), she gave me the cruellest poke with her foot, and said, 'Come, don't YOU fidget. YOUR bones are young enough, I'm sure!

chilly - frostig, kalt, kühl

smothered - erdrückt; ersticken

falling asleep - (fall asleep) ich/er/sie schlief ein, einschlafen

blocking - Blockieren; (block) Kloben, Block, Klotz, Trakt; (bloc); Block

elderly - ältere Menschen; älter, bejahrt, betagt

cloak - Umhang, Pelerine, Deckmantel, verhüllen

haystack - Heuschober, Heuhaufen

underneath - darunter; unten; unterhalb

cramped - eingeengt; Krampf, krampfen

rattle - klappern, rasseln, erschüteln, knattern

cruellest - am grausamsten; schrecklich; grausam (gegen)

poke - stoßen, stecken, stöbern

fidget - zappeln, herumzappeln, Zappelphilipp

At last the sun rose, and then my companions seemed to sleep easier. The difficulties under which they had laboured all night, and which had found utterance in the most terrific gasps and snorts, are not to be conceived.

Companions - Gefährten; Begleiter, Freund, Liebhaber, Kamerad, Gefährte

difficulties - Schwierigkeiten; Schwierigkeit

laboured - mühsam; Arbeit, Arbeiter-p, gebären, arbeiten

utterance - Äußerung

terrific - großartig; fürchterlich, furchtbar, schrecklich

gasps - keucht; keuchen, japsen, prusten, keuchen, Atemzug, Luftholen

snorts - schnaubt; Schnauben

conceived - erdacht; konzipieren, erdenken, ersinnen, empfangen, verstehen

As the sun got higher, their sleep became lighter, and so they gradually one by one awoke. I recollect being very much surprised by the feint everybody made, then, of not having been to sleep at all, and by the uncommon indignation with which everyone repelled the charge. I labour under the same kind of astonishment to this day, having invariably observed that of all human weaknesses, the one to which our common nature is the least disposed to confess (I cannot imagine why) is the weakness of having gone to sleep in a coach.

feint - eine Finte; Finte, Verstellung

repelled - abgestoßen; zurückweisen, abweisen, abwehren, zurückdrängen

astonishment - Staunen, Erstaunen, Verwunderung

invariably - ausnahmslos

weaknesses - Schwächen; Schwäche, Schwäche, Faible

The guard's eye lighted on me as he was getting down, and he said at the booking-office door:

getting down - (get down) runterholen, unterkriegen

'Is there anybody here for a yoongster booked in the name of Murdstone, from Bloonderstone, Sooffolk, to be left till called for?'

be left till called for - postlagernd

Nobody answered.

'Try Copperfield, if you please, sir,'said I, looking helplessly down.

helplessly - hilflose

'Is there anybody here for a yoongster, booked in the name of Murdstone, from Bloonderstone, Sooffolk, but owning to the name of Copperfield, to be left till called for?'said the guard. 'Come! IS there anybody?'

No. There was nobody. I looked anxiously around; but the inquiry made no impression on any of the bystanders, if I except a man in gaiters, with one eye, who suggested that they had better put a brass collar round my neck, and tie me up in the stable.

anxiously - ängstlich; besorgt, bang, unruhig

bystanders - Unbeteiligte; Zuschauer, Schaulustiger

collar - Kragen; Halskette; Halsband; Ring

stable - stabil; Rennstall (Pferdesport); dauerhaft, beständig, Stall

A ladder was brought, and I got down after the lady, who was like a haystack: not daring to stir, until her basket was removed. The coach was clear of passengers by that time, the luggage was very soon cleared out, the horses had been taken out before the luggage, and now the coach itself was wheeled and backed off by some hostlers, out of the way. Still, nobody appeared, to claim the dusty youngster from Blunderstone, Suffolk.

ladder - Leiter; Laufmasche

daring - gewagt; mutig; Wagemut, Kühnheit; (dare) gewagt; mutig; Wagemut

stir - erschüttern, bewegen, sich rühren, verrühren; Aufregung

luggage - Gepäck, Gepäckstück, Reisegepäck, etaphorical

cleared out - (clear out) entrümpeln

hostlers - Hostels; Stallknecht

dusty - staubig

youngster - Junger Mann

More solitary than Robinson Crusoe, who had nobody to look at him and see that he was solitary, I went into the booking-office, and, by invitation of the clerk on duty, passed behind the counter, and sat down on the scale at which they weighed the luggage. Here, as I sat looking at the parcels, packages, and books, and inhaling the smell of stables (ever since associated with that morning), a procession of most tremendous considerations began to march through my mind. Supposing nobody should ever fetch me, how long would they consent to keep me there? Would they keep me long enough to spend seven shillings? Should I sleep at night in one of those wooden bins, with the other luggage, and wash myself at the pump in the yard in the morning; or should I be turned out every night, and expected to come again to be left till called for, when the office opened next day? Supposing there was no mistake in the case, and Mr. Murdstone had devised this plan to get rid of me, what should I do?

clerk - Angestellter; Büroangestellte, Buchhalter, Bürokaufmann

counter - Zähler, Ladentisch; kontern

scale - Maßstab; Skala, Kesselsteine, Schuppe; ersteigen, erklettern

parcels - Pakete; Paket

inhaling - einatmen, inhalieren

stables - Ställe; Rennstall (Pferdesport); dauerhaft, beständig, Stall

procession - Prozession, Umzug

considerations - Überlegungen; Erwägung, Überlegung, Überlegung, Rücksicht

fetch - holen, einfangen, abrufen, apportieren

pump - Pumps; Pumpe; aufpumpen, pumpen

devised - erdacht; ausdenken, entwerfen, erdenken, planen

rid - loswerden; befreien

If they allowed me to remain there until my seven shillings were spent, I couldn't hope to remain there when I began to starve. That would obviously be inconvenient and unpleasant to the customers, besides entailing on the Blue Whatever-it-was, the risk of funeral expenses. If I started off at once, and tried to walk back home, how could I ever find my way, how could I ever hope to walk so far, how could I make sure of anyone but Peggotty, even if I got back? If I found out the nearest proper authorities, and offered myself to go for a soldier, or a sailor, I was such a little fellow that it was most likely they wouldn't take me in. These thoughts, and a hundred other such thoughts, turned me burning hot, and made me giddy with apprehension and dismay. I was in the height of my fever when a man entered and whispered to the clerk, who presently slanted me off the scale, and pushed me over to him, as if I were weighed, bought, delivered, and paid for.

remain - Überrest (2); Überreste (3); sterbliche Überreste (3); bleiben

starve - verhungern, Hungers sterben, verhungern lassen, aushungern

Obviously - Offensichtlich; augenscheinlich

entailing - mit sich bringt; nach sich ziehen

Risk - Risiko; riskieren; wagen

funeral expenses - Beerdigungskosten

proper - richtig, passend, angemessen, eigentlich, Eigenname

authorities - Behörden; Autorität, Autorität; Behörde, Autorität, Behörde

burning hot - glühendheiß, stechend heiß

giddy - schwindlig; schwindelig; schwindelerregend; aufgedreht

dismay - Bestürzung; Furcht, Ohnmacht

slanted - Schräge, Hang, Abhang, schiefe Ebene, Neigung, Steigung

As I went out of the office, hand in hand with this new acquaintance, I stole a look at him. He was a gaunt, sallow young man, with hollow cheeks, and a chin almost as black as Mr. Murdstone's; but there the likeness ended, for his whiskers were shaved off, and his hair, instead of being glossy, was rusty and dry.

gaunt - knochig, dünn, hager, mager, abgemagert

sallow - blass; farblos, blässlich, fahl, Salweide, bleich

hollow - hohl, dumpf

likeness - Ähnlichkeit; Gestalt; Abbild

glossy - glänzend

rusty - rostig, verrostet

He was dressed in a suit of black clothes which were rather rusty and dry too, and rather short in the sleeves and legs; and he had a white neck-kerchief on, that was not over-clean. I did not, and do not, suppose that this neck-kerchief was all the linen he wore, but it was all he showed or gave any hint of.

sleeves - Ärmel, Hülse, Schutzhülle, Tülle, Köcher, Hülle, Muffe

kerchief - Halstuch; Kopftuch

hint - Hinweis, Tipp, Wink, Fingerzeig

'You're the new boy?'he said. 'Yes, sir,'I said.

I supposed I was. I didn't know.

'I'm one of the masters at Salem House,'he said.

masters - Haupt.., Grund, Meister, führend, leitend; bewältigen, meistern

I made him a bow and felt very much overawed. I was so ashamed to allude to a commonplace thing like my box, to a scholar and a master at Salem House, that we had gone some little distance from the yard before I had the hardihood to mention it. We turned back, on my humbly insinuating that it might be useful to me hereafter; and he told the clerk that the carrier had instructions to call for it at noon.

overawed - eingeschüchtert; einschüchtern

ashamed - schämen

allude - anspielen; andeuten, erwähnen

commonplace - alltäglich, banal, gang und gäbe, gewöhnlich, Gemeinplatz

insinuating - angedeutet; andeuten, unterstellen, insinuieren, einschmeicheln

hereafter - nachher; künftig

noon - Mittag

'If you please, sir,'I said, when we had accomplished about the same distance as before, 'is it far?'

accomplished - vollendet; vollenden, vollenden, vollenden, vollenden

'It's down by Blackheath,'he said.

'Is that far, sir?'I diffidently asked.

diffidently - schüchtern

'It's a good step,'he said. 'We shall go by the stage-coach. It's about six miles.'

Accordingly we looked in at a baker's window, and after I had made a series of proposals to buy everything that was bilious in the shop, and he had rejected them one by one, we decided in favour of a nice little loaf of brown bread, which cost me threepence. Then, at a grocer's shop, we bought an egg and a slice of streaky bacon; which still left what I thought a good deal of change, out of the second of the bright shillings, and made me consider London a very cheap place.

Baker - Bäcker, Bäckerin

proposals - Vorschläge; Vorschlag, Heiratsantrag

bilious - gallig; widerlich, Gallen.., reizbar

rejected - abgelehnt; verwerfen, ablehnen, zurückweisen

in favour - zugunsten [alt], zu Gunsten, für

loaf - Laib; herumlungern, Zeit verschwenden, trödeln

brown bread - Schwarzbrot

grocer - Lebensmittelhändler, Lebensmittelhändlerin, Kaufmann, Kauffrau

streaky - streifig

bacon - Speck

These provisions laid in, we went on through a great noise and uproar that confused my weary head beyond description, and over a bridge which, no doubt, was London Bridge (indeed I think he told me so, but I was half asleep), until we came to the poor person's house, which was a part of some alms-houses, as I knew by their look, and by an inscription on a stone over the gate which said they were established for twenty-five poor women.

Provisions - Bestimmungen; Vorrat-p

laid in - eingekellert

uproar - Aufruhr

weary - müde

alms - Almosen

inscription - Inschrift; Aufschrift, Münzaufschrift, Widmung

The Master at Salem House lifted the latch of one of a number of little black doors that were all alike, and had each a little diamond-paned window on one side, and another little diamond"paned window above; and we went into the little house of one of these poor old women, who was blowing a fire to make a little saucepan boil.

latch - einrasten; Riegel, Sperre, Klinke

alike - ähneln; gleich; gleichermaßen

paned - verdeckt; Pfanne, Tiegel

saucepan - Kochtopf, Kasserolle

On seeing the master enter, the old woman stopped with the bellows on her knee, and said something that I thought sounded like 'My Charley!'but on seeing me come in too, she got up, and rubbing her hands made a confused sort of half curtsey.

bellows - Faltenbalg; brüllen, röhren, brüllen, grölen

rubbing - Reiben, Polieren; (rub); reiben, abreiben, sich abreiben

curtsey - einen Knicks machen; Knicks; knicksen

'Can you cook this young gentleman's breakfast for him, if you please?'said the Master at Salem House.

'Can I?'said the old woman. 'Yes can I, sure!'

'How's Mrs. Fibbitson today?'said the Master, looking at another old woman in a large chair by the fire, who was such a bundle of clothes that I feel grateful to this hour for not having sat upon her by mistake.

bundle - Bündel

by mistake - irrtümlich, aus Versehen, fälschlicherweise

'Ah, she's poorly,'said the first old woman. 'It's one of her bad days. If the fire was to go out, through any accident, I verily believe she'd go out too, and never come to life again.'

As they looked at her, I looked at her also. Although it was a warm day, she seemed to think of nothing but the fire. I fancied she was jealous even of the saucepan on it; and I have reason to know that she took its impressment into the service of boiling my egg and broiling my bacon, in dudgeon; for I saw her, with my own discomfited eyes, shake her fist at me once, when those culinary operations were going on, and no one else was looking.

impressment - Beeindruckung; Beschlagnahme

broiling - grillen

dudgeon - Ungeduld; Groll

discomfited - beunruhigt; Unbehagen bereiten, aus der Fassung bringen

fist - fausten; Faust

culinary - kulinarisch

operations - Operationen; Betrieb, Betrieb, Operation, Operation, Operation

The sun streamed in at the little window, but she sat with her own back and the back of the large chair towards it, screening the fire as if she were sedulously keeping IT warm, instead of it keeping her warm, and watching it in a most distrustful manner. The completion of the preparations for my breakfast, by relieving the fire, gave her such extreme joy that she laughed aloud"and a very unmelodious laugh she had, I must say.

streamed - gestreamt; Bach, Strom, Datenstrom, strömen, streamen

sedulously - eifrig

most distrustful - misstrauischste

completion - Fertigstellung, Vervollständigung, Vollendung

preparations - Vorbereitungen; Vorbereitung, Präparat

relieving - Erleichternd; erleichtern, lindern, entlasten, ablösen

joy - Wonne (Freude, Vergnügen); Freude (über)

unmelodious - unmelodiös

I sat down to my brown loaf, my egg, and my rasher of bacon, with a basin of milk besides, and made a most delicious meal. While I was yet in the full enjoyment of it, the old woman of the house said to the Master:

rasher - Voreilig; Speckschnitte

basin - Becken

full enjoyment - Vollgenuss

'Have you got your flute with you?'

flute - Flöte, Kannelierung

'Yes,'he returned.

'Have a blow at it,'said the old woman, coaxingly. 'Do!'


The Master, upon this, put his hand underneath the skirts of his coat, and brought out his flute in three pieces, which he screwed together, and began immediately to play. My impression is, after many years of consideration, that there never can have been anybody in the world who played worse. He made the most dismal sounds I have ever heard produced by any means, natural or artificial. I don't know what the tunes were"if there were such things in the performance at all, which I doubt"but the influence of the strain upon me was, first, to make me think of all my sorrows until I could hardly keep my tears back; then to take away my appetite; and lastly, to make me so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open. They begin to close again, and I begin to nod, as the recollection rises fresh upon me. Once more the little room, with its open corner cupboard, and its square-backed chairs, and its angular little staircase leading to the room above, and its three peacock's feathers displayed over the mantelpiece"I remember wondering when I first went in, what that peacock would have thought if he had known what his finery was doomed to come to"fades from before me, and I nod, and sleep.

screwed - verarscht; Schraube, Schraube, Schraube, Schiffsschraube

artificial - künstlich

tunes - Melodien; Melodie, stimmen

performance - Durchführung, Leistung, Aufführung, Auftritt, Performance

strain - Belastung; Spannung, starke Inanspruchnahme, Zug; anstrengen

sorrows - Kummer, Traurigkeit, Trauer, Sorge, Kümmernis, Leiden

Lastly - Und schließlich; schließlich, zuletzt

angular - eckig

staircase - Treppe

peacock - Pfau

feathers - Federn; Feder, Vogelfeder, befiedern

displayed - angezeigt; Vorführung, Vorstellung, Display

mantelpiece - Kaminsims

finery - Prachtstücke; Putz, Glanz, Aufputz

doomed - dem Untergang geweiht; Bann, Urteil

fades - verblasst; Mode, Trend, Modeerscheinung, Fimmel

The flute becomes inaudible, the wheels of the coach are heard instead, and I am on my journey. The coach jolts, I wake with a start, and the flute has come back again, and the Master at Salem House is sitting with his legs crossed, playing it dolefully, while the old woman of the house looks on delighted. She fades in her turn, and he fades, and all fades, and there is no flute, no Master, no Salem House, no David Copperfield, no anything but heavy sleep.

inaudible - nicht hörbar

jolts - Erschütterungen; schütteln, durchrütteln

dolefully - trübsinnig

delighted - erfreut; Freude, Entzückung, Wohlgefallen

fades - verblasst; verfärben, Ausblendung; verblassen, nachlassen

I dreamed, I thought, that once while he was blowing into this dismal flute, the old woman of the house, who had gone nearer and nearer to him in her ecstatic admiration, leaned over the back of his chair and gave him an affectionate squeeze round the neck, which stopped his playing for a moment. I was in the middle state between sleeping and waking, either then or immediately afterwards; for, as he resumed"it was a real fact that he had stopped playing"I saw and heard the same old woman ask Mrs.

ecstatic - ekstatisch

leaned - gelehnt; knapp, schlank, hager, mager

Fibbitson if it wasn't delicious (meaning the flute), to which Mrs. Fibbitson replied, 'Ay, ay! yes!'and nodded at the fire: to which, I am persuaded, she gave the credit of the whole performance.

When I seemed to have been dozing a long while, the Master at Salem House unscrewed his flute into the three pieces, put them up as before, and took me away. We found the coach very near at hand, and got upon the roof; but I was so dead sleepy, that when we stopped on the road to take up somebody else, they put me inside where there were no passengers, and where I slept profoundly, until I found the coach going at a footpace up a steep hill among green leaves.

unscrewed - aufgeschraubt; abschrauben, losschrauben

profoundly - zutiefst; tief

footpace - Fußraum

steep - steil; einweichen, abschüssig

Presently, it stopped, and had come to its destination.

destination - Zielort; Bestimmung; Reiseziel, Bestimmungsort

A short walk brought us"I mean the Master and me"to Salem House, which was enclosed with a high brick wall, and looked very dull.

enclosed - eingeschlossen; beifügen, einschliessen

brick - Ziegelstein; Backstein, Ziegel, externes Netzteil, bricken

Over a door in this wall was a board with SALEM HOUSE upon it; and through a grating in this door we were surveyed when we rang the bell by a surly face, which I found, on the door being opened, belonged to a stout man with a bull-neck, a wooden leg, overhanging temples, and his hair cut close all round his head.

grating - knirschend; Gitter; (grate) knirschend; Gitter

surly - mürrisch, unwirsch, missmutig, verdrießlich

Bull - Bulle, Stier

overhanging - überhängend; überhängen, Ăśberhang; hervorstehen

temples - Schläfen; Tempel, Schläfe, Bethaus, Synagoge

'The new boy,'said the Master.

The man with the wooden leg eyed me all over"it didn't take long, for there was not much of me"and locked the gate behind us, and took out the key. We were going up to the house, among some dark heavy trees, when he called after my conductor. 'Hallo!'

conductor - Dirigent, Dirigentin, Schaffner, Leiter

We looked back, and he was standing at the door of a little lodge, where he lived, with a pair of boots in his hand.

Lodge - Lodge; Loge; Biberburg; feststecken, festklemmen, beherbergen

'Here! The cobbler's been,'he said, 'since you've been out, Mr. Mell, and he says he can't mend 'em any more. He says there ain't a bit of the original boot left, and he wonders you expect it.'

cobbler - Schuster, Flickschuster

mell - mischen

mend - reparieren, flicken

wonders - fragt sich; Wunder

With these words he threw the boots towards Mr. Mell, who went back a few paces to pick them up, and looked at them (very disconsolately, I was afraid), as we went on together. I observed then, for the first time, that the boots he had on were a good deal the worse for wear, and that his stocking was just breaking out in one place, like a bud.

paces - Schritte; Tempo, Stufe, Schritt

disconsolately - untröstlich

breaking out - ausbrechend

bud - Knospe, Knospen treiben

Salem House was a square brick building with wings; of a bare and unfurnished appearance. All about it was so very quiet, that I said to Mr. Mell I supposed the boys were out; but he seemed surprised at my not knowing that it was holiday-time. That all the boys were at their several homes.

bare - knapp, kahl, nackt, bloß; entblößen, abnehmen, freimachen

holiday-time - (holiday-time) Ferienzeit

That Mr. Creakle, the proprietor, was down by the sea-side with Mrs. and Miss Creakle; and that I was sent in holiday-time as a punishment for my misdoing, all of which he explained to me as we went along.

Proprietor - Inhaber, Inhaberin, Besitzer, Besitzerin

sea-side - (sea-side) Seeseite

punishment - Strafe, Bestrafung

misdoing - Fehlverhalten; Vergehen; (misdo) Fehlverhalten; Vergehen

I gazed upon the schoolroom into which he took me, as the most forlorn and desolate place I had ever seen. I see it now. A long room with three long rows of desks, and six of forms, and bristling all round with pegs for hats and slates. Scraps of old copy-books and exercises litter the dirty floor. Some silkworms'houses, made of the same materials, are scattered over the desks. Two miserable little white mice, left behind by their owner, are running up and down in a fusty castle made of pasteboard and wire, looking in all the corners with their red eyes for anything to eat.

gazed - gestarrt; anstarren

schoolroom - Schulzimmer; Klassenzimmer

rows - Reihen; Reihe, Zeile

bristling - sträuben; Borste, Borste

pegs - Pflöcke; Holzdübel, Pflock, Stift, Haltestift, Stöpsel, Zapfen

slates - Schiefertafeln; Schiefer, Dachschindel

scraps - Abfälle; ausrangieren; Abfallholz, Teil, Schrott

litter - Sänfte, Trage, Bahre, Wurf, Streu, Stroh, Abfall; (lit); Sänfte

silkworms - Seidenraupen; Seidenspinner, Seidenraupe

scattered - verstreut; zerstreuen, zerstreuen, streuen, verstreuen

fusty - modrig, muffig, veraltet, verstaubt

pasteboard - Pappe; Pappkarton

wire - Draht, Ader, Wanze, Geld

A bird, in a cage very little bigger than himself, makes a mournful rattle now and then in hopping on his perch, two inches high, or dropping from it; but neither sings nor chirps. There is a strange unwholesome smell upon the room, like mildewed corduroys, sweet apples wanting air, and rotten books. There could not well be more ink splashed about it, if it had been roofless from its first construction, and the skies had rained, snowed, hailed, and blown ink through the varying seasons of the year.

cage - Käfig

mournful - schwermütig; traurig, melancholisch, trübsinnig

hopping - hüpfen; Schwoofen (ugs. Tanzen); Ausfederung; (hop) hüpfen; Schwoofen (ugs. Tanzen); Ausfederung

perch - Vogelstange; Barsch

inches - Zoll (2, 54 cm), Zoll (Längenmaß)

chirps - zwitschert; Pfeifen

mildewed - verschimmelt; Mehltau, Schimmel, schimmeln, verschimmeln

corduroys - Korduroys; Cord

rotten - verrottet; faul, faulig, verfault, morsch

splashed - gespritzt; Spritzen, plätschern, platschen

roofless - dachlos

construction - Bau, Bauarbeit, Bauwerk, Bauwesen, Aufbau, Satzbau, Auslegung

hailed - jdm. zujubeln; (Hail to thee!) Wohl dir!, Sei gegrüßt!

varying - unterschiedlich; variieren, verändern, sich ändern, de

Mr. Mell having left me while he took his irreparable boots upstairs, I went softly to the upper end of the room, observing all this as I crept along. Suddenly I came upon a pasteboard placard, beautifully written, which was lying on the desk, and bore these words: 'TAKE CARE OF HIM. HE BITES.'

irreparable - irreparabel

placard - Plakat

bites - beißt; beißen, beißen, beißen, beißen, Biss, Biss, Stich, Bissen

I got upon the desk immediately, apprehensive of at least a great dog underneath. But, though I looked all round with anxious eyes, I could see nothing of him. I was still engaged in peering about, when Mr. Mell came back, and asked me what I did up there?

engaged - verlobt; beschäftigen, anstellen, angreifen, anlegen, einrasten

peering - spähen; seinesgleichen, Beaufsichtigende; schielen, starren

did up - (do up) nachbessern

'I beg your pardon, sir,'says I, 'if you please, I'm looking for the dog.'

'Dog?'he says. 'What dog?'

'Isn't it a dog, sir?'

'Isn't what a dog?'

'That's to be taken care of, sir; that bites.'

'No, Copperfield,'says he, gravely, 'that's not a dog. That's a boy. My instructions are, Copperfield, to put this placard on your back. I am sorry to make such a beginning with you, but I must do it.'With that he took me down, and tied the placard, which was neatly constructed for the purpose, on my shoulders like a knapsack; and wherever I went, afterwards, I had the consolation of carrying it.

neatly - sauber, ordentlich, geschickt

constructed - konstruiert; bauen, konstruieren

consolation - Trost; Trostpreis

What I suffered from that placard, nobody can imagine. Whether it was possible for people to see me or not, I always fancied that somebody was reading it. It was no relief to turn round and find nobody; for wherever my back was, there I imagined somebody always to be. That cruel man with the wooden leg aggravated my sufferings. He was in authority; and if he ever saw me leaning against a tree, or a wall, or the house, he roared out from his lodge door in a stupendous voice, 'Hallo, you sir! You Copperfield!

suffered - gelitten; leiden, leiden, erleiden

relief - Erleichterung, Befreiung, Linderung, Unterstützung

aggravated - verschlimmert; verschlimmern, erschweren, ärgern, verbittern

sufferings - leidend, Leiden

stupendous - überwältigend

Show that badge conspicuous, or I'll report you!'The playground was a bare gravelled yard, open to all the back of the house and the offices; and I knew that the servants read it, and the butcher read it, and the baker read it; that everybody, in a word, who came backwards and forwards to the house, of a morning when I was ordered to walk there, read that I was to be taken care of, for I bit, I recollect that I positively began to have a dread of myself, as a kind of wild boy who did bite.

badge - Ausweis; Abzeichen

conspicuous - auffallend; auffällig, augenfällig, offensichtlich, sichtbar

playground - Spielwiese, Spielplatz, Kinderspielplatz, Schulhof

gravelled - geschottert; Kies, Schotter, Kiesel, Kies, schottern

butcher - niedermetzeln, niedermachen; Metzger, Schlächter

backwards - zurück, nach hinten, rückwärts, rückwärts, zögerlich, gehemmt

positively - positiv

There was an old door in this playground, on which the boys had a custom of carving their names. It was completely covered with such inscriptions. In my dread of the end of the vacation and their coming back, I could not read a boy's name, without inquiring in what tone and with what emphasis HE would read, 'Take care of him. He bites.'There was one boy"a certain J. Steerforth"who cut his name very deep and very often, who, I conceived, would read it in a rather strong voice, and afterwards pull my hair.

custom - Brauch, Gewohnheit, Sitte, Usus, Zoll, maßgeschneidert

carving - Schnitzen; Schnitzerei; (carve); schneiden; tranchieren

inscriptions - Inschriften; Inschrift, Aufschrift, Münzaufschrift, Widmung

boy's name - Jungenname , männlicher Vorname

inquiring - Erkundigen Sie sich; erkundigen

There was another boy, one Tommy Traddles, who I dreaded would make game of it, and pretend to be dreadfully frightened of me. There was a third, George Demple, who I fancied would sing it. I have looked, a little shrinking creature, at that door, until the owners of all the names"there were five-and-forty of them in the school then, Mr. Mell said"seemed to send me to Coventry by general acclamation, and to cry out, each in his own way, 'Take care of him. He bites!'

pretend - vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun, als ob

shrinking - schrumpfen, schrumpfen, abnehmen, drücken

owners - Eigentümer; Inhaber, Besitzer, Besitzerin

acclamation - Zuruf, Akklamation

In the monotony of my life, and in my constant apprehension of the re-opening of the school, it was such an insupportable affliction! I had long tasks every day to do with Mr. Mell; but I did them, there being no Mr. and Miss Murdstone here, and got through them without disgrace. Before, and after them, I walked about"supervised, as I have mentioned, by the man with the wooden leg. How vividly I call to mind the damp about the house, the green cracked flagstones in the court, an old leaky water-butt, and the discoloured trunks of some of the grim trees, which seemed to have dripped more in the rain than other trees, and to have blown less in the sun!

monotony - Eintönigkeit, Monotonie

insupportable - untragbar

supervised - beaufsichtigt; beaufsichtigen

vividly - anschaulich

damp - feucht; Feuchtigkeit; ersticken, dämpfen

cracked - geknackt; Riss, Knall, Aufbruch, Bresche; aufbrechen, knallen

flagstones - Gehwegplatten; Fliese, Platte, Gehwegplatte, Steinplatte

Court - Hof, Hofstaat, Gericht, Gerichtshof, Platz, werben

leaky - undicht; leck

butt - Hintern; stoßen; Kippe, Po

discoloured - verfärbt; verfärben

trunks - Stamm, Baumstamm, Koffer, Truhe, Schrankkoffer, Schiffskoffer

grim - makaber, grimmig

dripped - getropft; Tropfen; sickern, tröpfeln, träufeln

At one we dined, Mr. Mell and I, at the upper end of a long bare dining-room, full of deal tables, and smelling of fat. Then, we had more tasks until tea, which Mr. Mell drank out of a blue teacup, and I out of a tin pot. All day long, and until seven or eight in the evening, Mr. Mell, at his own detached desk in the schoolroom, worked hard with pen, ink, ruler, books, and writing-paper, making out the bills (as I found) for last half-year. When he had put up his things for the night he took out his flute, and blew at it, until I almost thought he would gradually blow his whole being into the large hole at the top, and ooze away at the keys.

dining - Essen; Lärm, Getöse; dröhnen

teacup - Teetasse

pot - Blumentopf

detached - losgelöst; entfernen, ablösen, lösen, loslösen, abtrennen

ruler - Lineal; Herrscher

writing-paper - (writing-paper) Briefbogen

making out - zusammenreimend [alt], zusammen reimend

ooze - sickern, strotzen vor/von; Schlamm

I picture my small self in the dimly-lighted rooms, sitting with my head upon my hand, listening to the doleful performance of Mr. Mell, and conning tomorrow's lessons. I picture myself with my books shut up, still listening to the doleful performance of Mr. Mell, and listening through it to what used to be at home, and to the blowing of the wind on Yarmouth flats, and feeling very sad and solitary. I picture myself going up to bed, among the unused rooms, and sitting on my bed-side crying for a comfortable word from Peggotty. I picture myself coming downstairs in the morning, and looking through a long ghastly gash of a staircase window at the school-bell hanging on the top of an out-house with a weathercock above it; and dreading the time when it shall ring J.

self - Selbst

conning - betrügen; steuernd; (con) betrügen; steuernd

unused - unbenutzt

ghastly - geisterhaft; grässlich, gespenstisch, haarsträubend

gash - tiefer Schnitt, tiefer Riss, klaffende Wunde; einschneiden

weathercock - Wetterhahn; Wetterfahne

dreading - schaudern, grauen, gruseln, grausen

Steerforth and the rest to work: which is only second, in my foreboding apprehensions, to the time when the man with the wooden leg shall unlock the rusty gate to give admission to the awful Mr. Creakle. I cannot think I was a very dangerous character in any of these aspects, but in all of them I carried the same warning on my back.

apprehensions - Befürchtungen; Greifen

unlock - aufschließen, entriegeln, entsperren (screen, Device, PC

admission - Zulassung, Aufnahme, Einlass, Anerkennung

Aspects - Aspekte; Aspekt, Aspekt, Aktionsart

Mr. Mell never said much to me, but he was never harsh to me. I suppose we were company to each other, without talking. I forgot to mention that he would talk to himself sometimes, and grin, and clench his fist, and grind his teeth, and pull his hair in an unaccountable manner. But he had these peculiarities: and at first they frightened me, though I soon got used to them.

clench - zupacken; ballen

grind - schleifen; radieren (Reifen), ich/er/sie schliff ab; Plackerei

unaccountable - nicht rechenschaftspflichtig

peculiarities - Eigentümlichkeiten; Singularität, Einzigartigkeit, Besonderheit


enlarge - vergrößern

I HAD led this life about a month, when the man with the wooden leg began to stump about with a mop and a bucket of water, from which I inferred that preparations were making to receive Mr. Creakle and the boys. I was not mistaken; for the mop came into the schoolroom before long, and turned out Mr.

stump - Stumpf; Estompe; ratlos sein, verblüfft sein

mop - Mopp; i

bucket - Eimer; ein Eimer voll; Schaufel

inferred - abgeleitet; schlussfolgern, folgern, schließen, Schlüsse ziehen

Mell and me, who lived where we could, and got on how we could, for some days, during which we were always in the way of two or three young women, who had rarely shown themselves before, and were so continually in the midst of dust that I sneezed almost as much as if Salem House had been a great snuff-box.

rarely - selten

sneezed - geniest; niesen, Niesen

snuff - schnüffeln, schnuppern; Butzen, schnupfen, Schnupftabak

One day I was informed by Mr. Mell that Mr. Creakle would be home that evening. In the evening, after tea, I heard that he was come. Before bedtime, I was fetched by the man with the wooden leg to appear before him.

bedtime - Schlafenszeit, Zeit zum Schlafengehen, Zeit ins Bett zu gehen

fetched - geholt; holen, einfangen, abrufen, apportieren

Mr. Creakle's part of the house was a good deal more comfortable than ours, and he had a snug bit of garden that looked pleasant after the dusty playground, which was such a desert in miniature, that I thought no one but a camel, or a dromedary, could have felt at home in it. It seemed to me a bold thing even to take notice that the passage looked comfortable, as I went on my way, trembling, to Mr. Creakle's presence: which so abashed me, when I was ushered into it, that I hardly saw Mrs. Creakle or Miss Creakle (who were both there, in the parlour), or anything but Mr.

miniature - Miniatur, mittelalterliche Buchmalerei

camel - Kamel

dromedary - Dromedar

abashed - beschämt; beschämen

ushered - eingeleitet; Platzanweiser, Gerichtsdiener, zuweisen, anweisen

Creakle, a stout gentleman with a bunch of watch-chain and seals, in an arm-chair, with a tumbler and bottle beside him.

bunch - Bund, lowers, Traube, bündeln, anordnen

Seals - versiegeln; Siegel, Stempel, Seehund

arm-chair - (arm-chair) Sessel

'So!'said Mr. Creakle. 'This is the young gentleman whose teeth are to be filed! Turn him round.'

filed - eingereicht; Kartei, File, Aktenmappe

The wooden-legged man turned me about so as to exhibit the placard; and having afforded time for a full survey of it, turned me about again, with my face to Mr. Creakle, and posted himself at Mr. Creakle's side. Mr. Creakle's face was fiery, and his eyes were small, and deep in his head; he had thick veins in his forehead, a little nose, and a large chin. He was bald on the top of his head; and had some thin wet-looking hair that was just turning grey, brushed across each temple, so that the two sides interlaced on his forehead.

exhibit - zeigen, zur Schau stellen, ausstellen, vorzeigen

afforded - gewährt wird; leisten

veins - Venen; Vene, Ader, Geäder

forehead - Stirn

bald - kahl, glatzköpfig; q

turning grey - ergrauend

Temple - Tempel, Schläfe, Bethaus, Synagoge

interlaced - verschachtelt; Flechtband

But the circumstance about him which impressed me most, was, that he had no voice, but spoke in a whisper. The exertion this cost him, or the consciousness of talking in that feeble way, made his angry face so much more angry, and his thick veins so much thicker, when he spoke, that I am not surprised, on looking back, at this peculiarity striking me as his chief one. 'Now,'said Mr. Creakle. 'What's the report of this boy?'

feeble - kraftlos, schwach, dürftig

chief - Häuptling, Oberhaupt, Chef

'There's nothing against him yet,'returned the man with the wooden leg. 'There has been no opportunity.'

I thought Mr. Creakle was disappointed. I thought Mrs. and Miss Creakle (at whom I now glanced for the first time, and who were, both, thin and quiet) were not disappointed.

disappointed - enttäuscht; enttäuschen, vorenthalten, berauben

'Come here, sir!'said Mr. Creakle, beckoning to me.

beckoning - heranwinken, herbeiwinken, winken, zuwinken, einladen

'Come here!'said the man with the wooden leg, repeating the gesture.

'I have the happiness of knowing your father-in-law,'whispered Mr. Creakle, taking me by the ear; 'and a worthy man he is, and a man of a strong character. He knows me, and I know him. Do YOU know me? Hey?'said Mr. Creakle, pinching my ear with ferocious playfulness.

worthy - würdig

playfulness - Verspieltheit; Munterkeit

'Not yet, sir,'I said, flinching with the pain.

flinching - zusammenzucken; zurückweichen

'Not yet? Hey?'repeated Mr. Creakle. 'But you will soon. Hey?'

'You will soon. Hey?'repeated the man with the wooden leg. I afterwards found that he generally acted, with his strong voice, as Mr. Creakle's interpreter to the boys.

interpreter - Dolmetscher, Dolmetscherin, Dolmetsch, Interpreter

I was very much frightened, and said, I hoped so, if he pleased. I felt, all this while, as if my ear were blazing; he pinched it so hard.

blazing - lodernd; Lohe, Brand, Großbrand, brenne, Glut

pinched - eingeklemmt; kneifen

'I'll tell you what I am,'whispered Mr. Creakle, letting it go at last, with a screw at parting that brought the water into my eyes. 'I'm a Tartar.'

screw - vögeln; Schraube, Schiffsschraube, Wächter, Aufpasser, Wärter

Tartar - Weinstein

'A Tartar,'said the man with the wooden leg.

'When I say I'll do a thing, I do it,'said Mr. Creakle; 'and when I say I will have a thing done, I will have it done.'

'"Will have a thing done, I will have it done,'repeated the man with the wooden leg.

'I am a determined character,'said Mr. Creakle. 'That's what I am. I do my duty. That's what I do. My flesh and blood'"he looked at Mrs. Creakle as he said this"'when it rises against me, is not my flesh and blood. I discard it. Has that fellow'"to the man with the wooden leg"'been here again?'

flesh - Fleisch; Haut, Leib, Fruchtfleisch, Fleischfarbe, zunehmen

discard - verwerfen; abwerfen, ablegen

'No,'was the answer.

'No,'said Mr. Creakle. 'He knows better. He knows me. Let him keep away. I say let him keep away,'said Mr. Creakle, striking his hand upon the table, and looking at Mrs. Creakle, 'for he knows me. Now you have begun to know me too, my young friend, and you may go. Take him away.'

keep away - abhalten, fernhalten

I was very glad to be ordered away, for Mrs. and Miss Creakle were both wiping their eyes, and I felt as uncomfortable for them as I did for myself. But I had a petition on my mind which concerned me so nearly, that I couldn't help saying, though I wondered at my own courage:

petition - Petition, Eingabe

'If you please, sir"'

Mr. Creakle whispered, 'Hah! What's this?'and bent his eyes upon me, as if he would have burnt me up with them.

Hah - Hm; Hah

'If you please, sir,'I faltered, 'if I might be allowed (I am very sorry indeed, sir, for what I did) to take this writing off, before the boys come back"'

Whether Mr. Creakle was in earnest, or whether he only did it to frighten me, I don't know, but he made a burst out of his chair, before which I precipitately retreated, without waiting for the escort of the man with the wooden leg, and never once stopped until I reached my own bedroom, where, finding I was not pursued, I went to bed, as it was time, and lay quaking, for a couple of hours.

frighten - Angst machen, erschrecken, beängstigen

precipitately - überstürzt

retreated - zurückgezogen; Rückzug

escort - Eskorte, Geleit, Begleitperson, eskortieren

pursued - Verfolgt; verfolgen, folgen, beschreiten, nachjagen, nachgehen

quaking - bebend; (quake); Beben

Next morning Mr. Sharp came back. Mr. Sharp was the first master, and superior to Mr. Mell. Mr. Mell took his meals with the boys, but Mr. Sharp dined and supped at Mr.

supped - gegessen; Was ist los?; schlürfen

Creakle's table. He was a limp, delicate-looking gentleman, I thought, with a good deal of nose, and a way of carrying his head on one side, as if it were a little too heavy for him. His hair was very smooth and wavy; but I was informed by the very first boy who came back that it was a wig (a second-hand one HE said), and that Mr. Sharp went out every Saturday afternoon to get it curled.

limp - schlaff; schlapp; hinken, lahmen

wavy - gewellt

wig - Perücke

second-hand - (second-hand) Sekundenzeiger , gebraucht, getragen

curled - gelockt; Locke

It was no other than Tommy Traddles who gave me this piece of intelligence. He was the first boy who returned. He introduced himself by informing me that I should find his name on the right-hand corner of the gate, over the top-bolt; upon that I said, 'Traddles?'to which he replied, 'The same,'and then he asked me for a full account of myself and family.

informing - benachrichtigen, mitteilen, informieren

bolt - Riegel, Ballen, Blitz, Bolzen; durchgehen (Pferd), sausen

It was a happy circumstance for me that Traddles came back first. He enjoyed my placard so much, that he saved me from the embarrassment of either disclosure or concealment, by presenting me to every other boy who came back, great or small, immediately on his arrival, in this form of introduction, 'Look here! Here's a game!'Happily, too, the greater part of the boys came back low-spirited, and were not so boisterous at my expense as I had expected.

embarrassment - Verlegenheit, Peinlichkeit, Betretenheit

disclosure - Offenlegung, Enthüllung, Bekanntmachung, Veröffentlichung

concealment - Verheimlichung; Verborgenheit, Geborgenheit

boisterous - ungestüm, ausgelassen, lebendig, lebhaft

expense - Kosten; Ausgabe, Aufwand, Verlust

Some of them certainly did dance about me like wild Indians, and the greater part could not resist the temptation of pretending that I was a dog, and patting and soothing me, lest I should bite, and saying, 'Lie down, sir!'and calling me Towzer. This was naturally confusing, among so many strangers, and cost me some tears, but on the whole it was much better than I had anticipated.

Indians - indisch, indianisch, Inder, Inderin, Indianer, Indianerin

resist - widerstehen, erwehren;gegen etw. bestehen

temptation - Versuchung, Verführung

pretending - vorgeben, prätendieren, vortäuschen, so tun, als ob, tun

patting - tätscheln; Pat

soothing - erleichternd, lindernd, beruhigend; (sooth); Wahrheit

naturally - natürlich

confusing - verwirrend; verwirren, konfundieren, verwechseln, vermischen

strangers - Fremde, Fremdling, Unbekannte

anticipated - vorweggenommen; vorgreifen, voraussehen, vorausahnen

I was not considered as being formally received into the school, however, until J. Steerforth arrived. Before this boy, who was reputed to be a great scholar, and was very good-looking, and at least half-a-dozen years my senior, I was carried as before a magistrate.

reputed - angesehen; Ruf

senior - älter

magistrate - Magistrat; richterlicher Beamter

He inquired, under a shed in the playground, into the particulars of my punishment, and was pleased to express his opinion that it was 'a jolly shame'; for which I became bound to him ever afterwards.

shame - Schamgefühl; Scham, Schande

'What money have you got, Copperfield?'he said, walking aside with me when he had disposed of my affair in these terms. I told him seven shillings.

affair - Angelegenheit; Scharmützel; Ding; Beziehung, Affäre

'You had better give it to me to take care of,'he said. 'At least, you can if you like. You needn't if you don't like.'

needn - brauchen nicht

I hastened to comply with his friendly suggestion, and opening Peggotty's purse, turned it upside down into his hand.

hastened to - zugeeilt

comply - einhalten; einwilligen, sich fügen

upside - Vorteile; Oberseite; Vorteil, positive Seite, Schokoladenseite

'Do you want to spend anything now?'he asked me.

'No thank you,'I replied.

'You can, if you like, you know,'said Steerforth. 'Say the word.'

'No, thank you, sir,'I repeated.

'Perhaps you'd like to spend a couple of shillings or so, in a bottle of currant wine by and by, up in the bedroom?'said Steerforth. 'You belong to my bedroom, I find.'

currant - Korinthe; Johannisbeere, Ribisel, Johannisbeerstrauch

It certainly had not occurred to me before, but I said, Yes, I should like that.

'Very good,'said Steerforth. 'You'll be glad to spend another shilling or so, in almond cakes, I dare say?'

shilling - Schilling

almond - Mandeln; Mandel; Mandelbaum; Mandelfarbe; mandelfarben

I said, Yes, I should like that, too.

'And another shilling or so in biscuits, and another in fruit, eh?'said Steerforth. 'I say, young Copperfield, you're going it!'

eh - oder

I smiled because he smiled, but I was a little troubled in my mind, too.

'Well!'said Steerforth. 'We must make it stretch as far as we can; that's all. I'll do the best in my power for you. I can go out when I like, and I'll smuggle the prog in.'With these words he put the money in his pocket, and kindly told me not to make myself uneasy; he would take care it should be all right. He was as good as his word, if that were all right which I had a secret misgiving was nearly all wrong"for I feared it was a waste of my mother's two half-crowns"though I had preserved the piece of paper they were wrapped in: which was a precious saving.

smuggle - schmuggeln

When we went upstairs to bed, he produced the whole seven shillings'worth, and laid it out on my bed in the moonlight, saying:

moonlight - Mondlicht, Mondschein, Mondenschein

'There you are, young Copperfield, and a royal spread you've got.'

I couldn't think of doing the honours of the feast, at my time of life, while he was by; my hand shook at the very thought of it. I begged him to do me the favour of presiding; and my request being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he acceded to it, and sat upon my pillow, handing round the viands"with perfect fairness, I must say"and dispensing the currant wine in a little glass without a foot, which was his own property.

feast - Festessen; Fest, Festgelage; feiern

favour - Gefallen; begünstigen, bevorzugen

presiding - den Vorsitz haben, präsidieren

acceded - beigetreten ist; beitreten, anschließen, stattgeben, zustimmen

handing round - herumreichend

fairness - Fairness, Kulanz

dispensing - ausgeben, austeilen, verteilen, dosieren, ausstellen

As to me, I sat on his left hand, and the rest were grouped about us, on the nearest beds and on the floor.

How well I recollect our sitting there, talking in whispers; or their talking, and my respectfully listening, I ought rather to say; the moonlight falling a little way into the room, through the window, painting a pale window on the floor, and the greater part of us in shadow, except when Steerforth dipped a match into a phosphorus-box, when he wanted to look for anything on the board, and shed a blue glare over us that was gone directly!

whispers - Geflüster

respectfully - respektvoll

dipped - getaucht; einfallen, sich senken, sich neigen, färben; Dip

phosphorus - Phosphor

glare - Blendung; entrüstetes Starren; missbilligend anstarren

A certain mysterious feeling, consequent on the darkness, the secrecy of the revel, and the whisper in which everything was said, steals over me again, and I listen to all they tell me with a vague feeling of solemnity and awe, which makes me glad that they are all so near, and frightens me (though I feign to laugh) when Traddles pretends to see a ghost in the corner.

consequent - folgerichtig; folgend

secrecy - Geheimhaltung; Geheimniskrämerei, Geheimnistuerei

revel - schwelgen; feiern, ausgelassen sein

vague - vage; nebelhaft, schwach, unklar, undeutlich

frightens - erschreckt; Angst machen, erschrecken, schrecken, beängstigen

feign - vorgeben, vortäuschen, vormachen, fingieren, ausdenken

I heard all kinds of things about the school and all belonging to it. I heard that Mr. Creakle had not preferred his claim to being a Tartar without reason; that he was the sternest and most severe of masters; that he laid about him, right and left, every day of his life, charging in among the boys like a trooper, and slashing away, unmercifully. That he knew nothing himself, but the art of slashing, being more ignorant (J.

belonging to it - dazugehörend

sternest - am strengsten; ernst, Heck

most severe - strengste

charging - Aufladung; Entgelt

Trooper - Soldat; Reiter

slashing - aufschlitzen; schlitzend; (slash) aufschlitzen; schlitzend

unmercifully - unbarmherzig

ignorant - unwissend; ignorant

Steerforth said) than the lowest boy in the school; that he had been, a good many years ago, a small hop-dealer in the Borough, and had taken to the schooling business after being bankrupt in hops, and making away with Mrs. Creakle's money. With a good deal more of that sort, which I wondered how they knew.

borough - Bezirk, Gemeinde, Burg, Stadtbezirk, Quartier

bankrupt - bankrott; in

hops - tanzen (hüpfen); schwoofen (ugs. tanzen)

I heard that the man with the wooden leg, whose name was Tungay, was an obstinate barbarian who had formerly assisted in the hop business, but had come into the scholastic line with Mr. Creakle, in consequence, as was supposed among the boys, of his having broken his leg in Mr. Creakle's service, and having done a deal of dishonest work for him, and knowing his secrets. I heard that with the single exception of Mr. Creakle, Tungay considered the whole establishment, masters and boys, as his natural enemies, and that the only delight of his life was to be sour and malicious.

barbarian - barbarisch; Barbar, Barbarin

Formerly - früher, ehemals

assisted - assistiert; assistieren, helfen, beistehen, unterstützen

hop - tanzen (hüpfen); schwoofen (ugs. tanzen)

scholastic - Scholastiker, Scholastikerin, akademisch, scholastisch

dishonest - unehrlich

enemies - Feinde; Feind, Feindin, Gegner, Gegnerin, feindlich

sour - sauer, herb, säuerlich, sauer vergoren

malicious - bösartig

I heard that Mr. Creakle had a son, who had not been Tungay's friend, and who, assisting in the school, had once held some remonstrance with his father on an occasion when its discipline was very cruelly exercised, and was supposed, besides, to have protested against his father's usage of his mother. I heard that Mr. Creakle had turned him out of doors, in consequence; and that Mrs. and Miss Creakle had been in a sad way, ever since.

assisting - assistieren, helfen, beistehen, unterstützen, vorlegen, Vorlage

remonstrance - Vorwürfe; Protest, Einspruch, Beschwerde

discipline - Disziplin; Strafe, Bestrafung, disziplinieren

protested - protestiert; protestieren, demonstrieren, Einspruch erheben

usage - Verwendung, Benutzung, Anwendung, Brauch, Gebrauch

But the greatest wonder that I heard of Mr. Creakle was, there being one boy in the school on whom he never ventured to lay a hand, and that boy being J. Steerforth. Steerforth himself confirmed this when it was stated, and said that he should like to begin to see him do it. On being asked by a mild boy (not me) how he would proceed if he did begin to see him do it, he dipped a match into his phosphorus-box on purpose to shed a glare over his reply, and said he would commence by knocking him down with a blow on the forehead from the seven-and-sixpenny ink-bottle that was always on the mantelpiece.

ventured - gewagt; Wagnis

proceed - fortfahren; vorgehen

commence - anfangen, beginnen

We sat in the dark for some time, breathless.

I heard that Mr. Sharp and Mr. Mell were both supposed to be wretchedly paid; and that when there was hot and cold meat for dinner at Mr. Creakle's table, Mr. Sharp was always expected to say he preferred cold; which was again corroborated by J. Steerforth, the only parlour-boarder. I heard that Mr.

wretchedly - erbärmlich

cold meat - Aufschnitt

corroborated - bekräftigt; bestätigen, untermauern, stützen, bekräftigen

boarder - an der Grenze; Internatsschüler, Internatsschülerin, Kostgänger

Sharp's wig didn't fit him; and that he needn't be so 'bounceable'"somebody else said 'bumptious'"about it, because his own red hair was very plainly to be seen behind.

bumptious - anbiedernd; anmaßend

plainly - klar und deutlich; klar

I heard that one boy, who was a coal-merchant's son, came as a set-off against the coal-bill, and was called, on that account, 'Exchange or Barter'"a name selected from the arithmetic book as expressing this arrangement. I heard that the table beer was a robbery of parents, and the pudding an imposition. I heard that Miss Creakle was regarded by the school in general as being in love with Steerforth; and I am sure, as I sat in the dark, thinking of his nice voice, and his fine face, and his easy manner, and his curling hair, I thought it very likely.

barter - Tauschhandel, Tauschgeschäft, Tauschware, tauschen

selected - ausgewählt; auswählen

arithmetic book - Rechenbuch

robbery - Raubüberfall; Raub

imposition - Auferlegung; Zumutung, Belästigung, Bürde, Handauflegen

curling - Curling; (curl); Locke

I heard that Mr. Mell was not a bad sort of fellow, but hadn't a sixpence to bless himself with; and that there was no doubt that old Mrs. Mell, his mother, was as poor as job. I thought of my breakfast then, and what had sounded like 'My Charley!'but I was, I am glad to remember, as mute as a mouse about it.

mute - stumm; sprachlos; abdämpfen, dämpfen

The hearing of all this, and a good deal more, outlasted the banquet some time. The greater part of the guests had gone to bed as soon as the eating and drinking were over; and we, who had remained whispering and listening half-undressed, at last betook ourselves to bed, too.

outlasted - überdauert; überdauern, überleben

banquet - Festmahl, Bankett, Gastmahl, Festessen

'Good night, young Copperfield,'said Steerforth. 'I'll take care of you.''You're very kind,'I gratefully returned. 'I am very much obliged to you.'

gratefully - dankbar

'You haven't got a sister, have you?'said Steerforth, yawning.

yawning - gähnt; (yawn) gähnen; (yawn); gähnen; Gähnen

'No,'I answered.

'That's a pity,'said Steerforth. 'If you had had one, I should think she would have been a pretty, timid, little, bright-eyed sort of girl. I should have liked to know her. Good night, young Copperfield.'

'Good night, sir,'I replied.

I thought of him very much after I went to bed, and raised myself, I recollect, to look at him where he lay in the moonlight, with his handsome face turned up, and his head reclining easily on his arm. He was a person of great power in my eyes; that was, of course, the reason of my mind running on him.

reclining - zurücklehnen, hinlegen, anlehnen

great power - Großmacht

No veiled future dimly glanced upon him in the moonbeams. There was no shadowy picture of his footsteps, in the garden that I dreamed of walking in all night.

veiled - verschleiert; Vorhang, Schleier, verschleiern, verhüllen

moonbeams - Mondstrahl

Footsteps - Fußstapfen; Fußabdruck, Schritt


School began in earnest next day. A profound impression was made upon me, I remember, by the roar of voices in the schoolroom suddenly becoming hushed as death when Mr. Creakle entered after breakfast, and stood in the doorway looking round upon us like a giant in a story-book surveying his captives.

roar - brüllen; Tosen; Brüllen; Aufheulen

hushed - totgeschwiegen; verstummen, still werden, zum Schweigen bringen

doorway - Türöffnung

giant - Riese, Riesin, Gigant, Gigantin

captives - Gefangener, Gefangene, Gefangener, gefangen

Tungay stood at Mr. Creakle's elbow. He had no occasion, I thought, to cry out 'Silence!'so ferociously, for the boys were all struck speechless and motionless.

ferociously - grausam

speechless - sprachlos, fassungslos, stumm

Mr. Creakle was seen to speak, and Tungay was heard, to this effect.

'Now, boys, this is a new half. Take care what you're about, in this new half. Come fresh up to the lessons, I advise you, for I come fresh up to the punishment. I won't flinch. It will be of no use your rubbing yourselves; you won't rub the marks out that I shall give you. Now get to work, every boy!'

advise - raten, beraten, empfehlen, mitteilen, informieren

flinch - zusammenzucken; zurückweichen

Rub - reiben, abreiben, sich abreiben, sich abscheuern, sich ablaufen

When this dreadful exordium was over, and Tungay had stumped out again, Mr. Creakle came to where I sat, and told me that if I were famous for biting, he was famous for biting, too. He then showed me the cane, and asked me what I thought of THAT, for a tooth? Was it a sharp tooth, hey?

stumped - Stumpf, Estompe, ratlos sein, verblüfft sein

Was it a double tooth, hey? Had it a deep prong, hey? Did it bite, hey? Did it bite? At every question he gave me a fleshy cut with it that made me writhe; so I was very soon made free of Salem House (as Steerforth said), and was very soon in tears also.

prong - Zinke, Zacke, Zacken, Stift

fleshy - fleischig

writhe - sich winden; winden, krümmen

Not that I mean to say these were special marks of distinction, which only I received. On the contrary, a large majority of the boys (especially the smaller ones) were visited with similar instances of notice, as Mr. Creakle made the round of the schoolroom.

majority - Mehrheit, Majorität, Erwachsenenalter

instances - Instanzen; Beispiel

Half the establishment was writhing and crying, before the day's work began; and how much of it had writhed and cried before the day's work was over, I am really afraid to recollect, lest I should seem to exaggerate.

writhing - sich winden; gekrümmt; (writhe); winden, krümmen

writhed - verfasst; winden, krümmen

exaggerate - übertreiben

I should think there never can have been a man who enjoyed his profession more than Mr. Creakle did. He had a delight in cutting at the boys, which was like the satisfaction of a craving appetite. I am confident that he couldn't resist a chubby boy, especially; that there was a fascination in such a subject, which made him restless in his mind, until he had scored and marked him for the day. I was chubby myself, and ought to know.

profession - Bekenntnis; Beruf, Profession, Profess, Gelübde

craving - Sehnsucht (nach); flehend, heftiges Verlangen; (crave); sehnen

confident - selbstbewusst; zuversichtlich, sicher

resist - widerstreben; widerstehen; widerstreiten; zuwider sein; Deckmittel

Chubby - mollig; Dickerchen

I am sure when I think of the fellow now, my blood rises against him with the disinterested indignation I should feel if I could have known all about him without having ever been in his power; but it rises hotly, because I know him to have been an incapable brute, who had no more right to be possessed of the great trust he held, than to be Lord High Admiral, or Commander-in-Chief"in either of which capacities it is probable that he would have done infinitely less mischief.

disinterested - desinteressiert; Desinteresse

hotly - heiß; erregt, hitzig

incapable - nicht fähig; unfähig

brute - Tier, brutaler Kerl, brutal, Vieh

more right - richtigere

possessed - besessen; besitzen, besitzen

admiral - Admiral

commander - Befehlshaber, Kommandant, Kommandeur, Kommandör

capacities - Kapazitäten; Kapazität, Befugnis

probable - glaubhaft, wahrscheinlich

infinitely - unendlich

mischief - Unfug, Unheil, Querulantentum

Miserable little propitiators of a remorseless Idol, how abject we were to him! What a launch in life I think it now, on looking back, to be so mean and servile to a man of such parts and pretensions!

remorseless - erbarmungslos; unbarmherzig, hartherzig

idol - Idol, Götze

abject - unterwürfig; verächtlich, demütig, jämmerlich, bitter (Armut)

launch - Markteinführung; anstoßen, starten (Rakete), abschießen, gründen

servile - sklavisch, unterwürfig, servil, hündisch

pretensions - Anmaßungen; Anspruch, Ăśberheblichkeit, Anmaßung

Here I sit at the desk again, watching his eye"humbly watching his eye, as he rules a ciphering-book for another victim whose hands have just been flattened by that identical ruler, and who is trying to wipe the sting out with a pocket-handkerchief. I have plenty to do. I don't watch his eye in idleness, but because I am morbidly attracted to it, in a dread desire to know what he will do next, and whether it will be my turn to suffer, or somebody else's. A lane of small boys beyond me, with the same interest in his eye, watch it too. I think he knows it, though he pretends he don't.

ciphering - Chiffrierung; rechnend; (cipher); Ziffer; Verschlüsselung; Verschlüsselungssystem; Chiffre

victim - Opfer

flattened - abgeflacht; plätten, flachmachen, planieren, plattmachen

sting - stechen; Stachel, brennender Schmerz, Stich; schmerzlich treffen

idleness - Untätigkeit, Stillstand, Müßiggang, Trägheit

morbidly - morbide; morbid, krankhaft

lane - Fahrspur; Gasse; Spur, Route

He makes dreadful mouths as he rules the ciphering-book; and now he throws his eye sideways down our lane, and we all droop over our books and tremble. A moment afterwards we are again eyeing him. An unhappy culprit, found guilty of imperfect exercise, approaches at his command. The culprit falters excuses, and professes a determination to do better tomorrow. Mr. Creakle cuts a joke before he beats him, and we laugh at it,"miserable little dogs, we laugh, with our visages as white as ashes, and our hearts sinking into our boots.

droop - durchhängen, herabhängen, herunterhängen, herabsinken

culprit - Übeltäter; Beschuldigter, Missetäter, Schuldiger

guilty - schuldig

imperfect - unvollkommen, mangelhaft, unvollständig, fehlerhaft, Imperfekt

approaches - Ansätze; sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

Command - Befehl, Kommando, befehlen, kommandieren, gebieten, beherrschen

falters - schwankt; Wanken

excuses - Ausreden; entschuldigen, verzeihen, sich entschuldigen

professes - bekennt; bekennen

determination - Bestimmung; Determination; Bestimmtheit; Feststellung; Entschluss; Unterscheidung

Here I sit at the desk again, on a drowsy summer afternoon. A buzz and hum go up around me, as if the boys were so many bluebottles. A cloggy sensation of the lukewarm fat of meat is upon me (we dined an hour or two ago), and my head is as heavy as so much lead. I would give the world to go to sleep. I sit with my eye on Mr.

buzz - Summen, Brummen, Gemurmel, Raunen, Surren

Hum - Brummen; Summen

bluebottles - Schmeißfliege

cloggy - verstopft

sensation - Gefühl, Empfindung, Sensation

lukewarm - lauwarm

lead - führen, anführen, leiten;aus Blei;Aufmacher ;Anschlussdraht , Blei , Führung

Creakle, blinking at him like a young owl; when sleep overpowers me for a minute, he still looms through my slumber, ruling those ciphering-books, until he softly comes behind me and wakes me to plainer perception of him, with a red ridge across my back.

blinking at - anblinzelnd

Owl - Eule, Uhu, Eulenvogel

overpowers - übermächtig; überwältigen, übermannen

looms - Webstühle; Webstuhl; undeutlich sichtbar werden

perception - Wahrnehmung

ridge - Grat; First; Bergrücken, Kamm, (3) checkBergrücken, checkRücken

Here I am in the playground, with my eye still fascinated by him, though I can't see him. The window at a little distance from which I know he is having his dinner, stands for him, and I eye that instead. If he shows his face near it, mine assumes an imploring and submissive expression. If he looks out through the glass, the boldest boy (Steerforth excepted) stops in the middle of a shout or yell, and becomes contemplative.

fascinated - fasziniert; faszinieren, faszinieren, faszinieren, bezaubern

assumes - vermutet; annehmen, voraussetzen, vermuten, unterstellen

imploring - flehend; anflehen

submissive - unterwürfig

boldest - am kühnsten; kräftig, kühn, klar, keck, heftig, deutlich, fett

yell - kreischen, schreien

contemplative - nachdenklich, kontemplativ

One day, Traddles (the most unfortunate boy in the world) breaks that window accidentally, with a ball. I shudder at this moment with the tremendous sensation of seeing it done, and feeling that the ball has bounded on to Mr. Creakle's sacred head.

most unfortunate - unseligste

accidentally - zufällig, durch Zufall, aus Versehen, versehentlich

shudder - erschaudern; Schauder; (wohliger) Schauder; schaudern; zittern

bounded - begrenzt; Sprung

sacred - heilig

Poor Traddles! In a tight sky-blue suit that made his arms and legs like German sausages, or roly-poly puddings, he was the merriest and most miserable of all the boys. He was always being caned"I think he was caned every day that half-year, except one holiday Monday when he was only ruler'd on both hands"and was always going to write to his uncle about it, and never did. After laying his head on the desk for a little while, he would cheer up, somehow, begin to laugh again, and draw skeletons all over his slate, before his eyes were dry.

tight - knapp, eng, dicht, tight, fest

German - Deutscher, Deutsche, Germane, Germanin, Achtelcicero, Deutsch

sausages - Wurst, Würstchen

puddings - Blutwurst, Pudding, Pudding, Pudding (1, 2, 4) de

merriest - am fröhlichsten; fröhlich, heiter

most miserable - jämmerlichste

caned - Schläge; Rohr

skeletons - Skelette; Not-, Gerippe, provisorisch, Knochengerüst

I used at first to wonder what comfort Traddles found in drawing skeletons; and for some time looked upon him as a sort of hermit, who reminded himself by those symbols of mortality that caning couldn't last for ever. But I believe he only did it because they were easy, and didn't want any features.

Hermit - Einsiedler, Eremit, Klausner

mortality - Sterblichkeit, Mortalität, Sterbeziffer, Mortalitätsziffer

caning - Schläge; (cane); Rohr; Rohrstock; Blindenstock

He was very honourable, Traddles was, and held it as a solemn duty in the boys to stand by one another. He suffered for this on several occasions; and particularly once, when Steerforth laughed in church, and the Beadle thought it was Traddles, and took him out. I see him now, going away in custody, despised by the congregation. He never said who was the real offender, though he smarted for it next day, and was imprisoned so many hours that he came forth with a whole churchyard-full of skeletons swarming all over his Latin Dictionary.

honourable - ehrenhaft

forth - weiter; heraus, hervor

beadle - Büttel, Kirchendiener

despised - verachtet; verachten

offender - Straftäter; Täter

smarted - gerissen; pfiffig, pfiffig, fesch, elegant, listig

imprisoned - inhaftiert; einsperren, einkerkern

swarming - Ausschwärmen; (to swarm) wimmeln, schwärmen

But he had his reward. Steerforth said there was nothing of the sneak in Traddles, and we all felt that to be the highest praise. For my part, I could have gone through a good deal (though I was much less brave than Traddles, and nothing like so old) to have won such a recompense.

Reward - Belohnung, Lohn

sneak - Duckmäuser, Duckmäuserin, Kriecher, Kriecherin, schleichen

Praise - Gelobt; Lob; loben, preisen

recompense - Entschädigung; Rückerstattung; belohnen, zurückerstatten

To see Steerforth walk to church before us, arm-in-arm with Miss Creakle, was one of the great sights of my life. I didn't think Miss Creakle equal to little Em'ly in point of beauty, and I didn't love her (I didn't dare); but I thought her a young lady of extraordinary attractions, and in point of gentility not to be surpassed.

sights - Sehenswürdigkeiten; Sehenswürdigkeit, Gesicht

Equal - Gleichberechtigt; gleich; gleichen; Gleichgestellter

attractions - Attraktionen; Anziehung, Anziehungskraft, Reiz, Liebreiz

gentility - Vornehmheit; vornehme Herkunft, vornehme Lebensart

surpassed - übertroffen; übersteigen, übertreffen, überschreiten

When Steerforth, in white trousers, carried her parasol for her, I felt proud to know him; and believed that she could not choose but adore him with all her heart. Mr. Sharp and Mr. Mell were both notable personages in my eyes; but Steerforth was to them what the sun was to two stars.

adore - anbeten, verehren

notable - bemerkenswert

personages - Persönlichkeiten; Persönlichkeit

Steerforth continued his protection of me, and proved a very useful friend; since nobody dared to annoy one whom he honoured with his countenance. He couldn't"or at all events he didn't"defend me from Mr. Creakle, who was very severe with me; but whenever I had been treated worse than usual, he always told me that I wanted a little of his pluck, and that he wouldn't have stood it himself; which I felt he intended for encouragement, and considered to be very kind of him.

protection - Schutz

proved - er/sie hat/hatte bewiesen, beweisen, erhärten

annoy - stören, ärgern, belästigen, nerven

honoured - geehrt; Ehrung, Ehre; ehren; beehren, akzeptieren, annehmen

defend - verteidigen

pluck - pflücken, abrupfen, zupfen, schlagen, ausrupfen

There was one advantage, and only one that I know of, in Mr. Creakle's severity. He found my placard in his way when he came up or down behind the form on which I sat, and wanted to make a cut at me in passing; for this reason it was soon taken off, and I saw it no more.

I told him no, and explained how it was that I had read it, and all those other books of which I have made mention.

'And do you recollect them?'Steerforth said.

'Oh yes,'I replied; I had a good memory, and I believed I recollected them very well.

recollected - erinnerte; sich erinnern an

'Then I tell you what, young Copperfield,'said Steerforth, 'you shall tell 'em to me. I can't get to sleep very early at night, and I generally wake rather early in the morning. We'll go over 'em one after another. We'll make some regular Arabian Nights of it.'

I felt extremely flattered by this arrangement, and we commenced carrying it into execution that very evening.

flattered - geschmeichelt; schmeicheln

commenced - begonnen; anfangen, beginnen

execution - Ausführung; Hinrichtung

What ravages I committed on my favourite authors in the course of my interpretation of them, I am not in a condition to say, and should be very unwilling to know; but I had a profound faith in them, and I had, to the best of my belief, a simple, earnest manner of narrating what I did narrate; and these qualities went a long way.

ravages - Verwüstungen; verwüsten, zerstören, Verwüstung

interpretation - Interpretation, Auslegung, Deutung, Dolmetschen

narrating - erzählen, berichten

narrate - erzählen; berichten

The drawback was, that I was often sleepy at night, or out of spirits and indisposed to resume the story; and then it was rather hard work, and it must be done; for to disappoint or to displease Steerforth was of course out of the question. In the morning, too, when I felt weary, and should have enjoyed another hour's repose very much, it was a tiresome thing to be roused, like the Sultana Scheherazade, and forced into a long story before the getting-up bell rang; but Steerforth was resolute; and as he explained to me, in return, my sums and exercises, and anything in my tasks that was too hard for me, I was no loser by the transaction.

drawback - Nachteil, Minuspunkt, Schattenseite, Haken, Zollrückvergütung

indisposed - unpässlich; untauglich machen

resume - weiter; Lebenslauf; fortsetzen, wiedererlangen, wiederaufnehmen

disappoint - enttäuschen; vorenthalten, berauben

displease - missfallen

repose - ruhen

tiresome - lästig

roused - geweckt; wachrufen, wecken

Sultana - Sultana

forced - gezwungen; zwingen, forcieren, erzwingen; Stärke, Macht

resolute - entschieden, entschlossen, resolut

sums - Summen; Betrag, Summe, Geldbetrag

loser - Verlierer, Verliererin, Verlierertyp, Versager

transaction - Geschäftsabwicklung, Geschäftsdurchführung, Geschäft

Let me do myself justice, however. I was moved by no interested or selfish motive, nor was I moved by fear of him. I admired and loved him, and his approval was return enough. It was so precious to me that I look back on these trifles, now, with an aching heart.

motive - Motiv, Beweggrund

admired - bewundert; bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

approval - Genehmigung, Billigung, Erlaubnis, Zustimmung

trifles - Lappalien; Trifle

aching - schmerzend, schmerzhaft; (ache) schmerzend, schmerzhaft

Steerforth was considerate, too; and showed his consideration, in one particular instance, in an unflinching manner that was a little tantalizing, I suspect, to poor Traddles and the rest. Peggotty's promised letter"what a comfortable letter it was!"arrived before 'the half'was many weeks old; and with it a cake in a perfect nest of oranges, and two bottles of cowslip wine.

unflinching - unbeirrt

tantalizing - verlockend; quälen, hinhalten (mit), peinigen, aufreizen

suspect - vermuten; misstrauen; verdächtigen; einen Verdacht haben; Verdächtiger

cowslip - Kuhschelle; Schlüsselblume

This treasure, as in duty bound, I laid at the feet of Steerforth, and begged him to dispense.

as in duty bound - pflichtgemäß

dispense - ausgeben, austeilen, verteilen, dosieren, ausstellen

'Now, I'll tell you what, young Copperfield,'said he: 'the wine shall be kept to wet your whistle when you are story-telling.'

I blushed at the idea, and begged him, in my modesty, not to think of it. But he said he had observed I was sometimes hoarse"a little roopy was his exact expression"and it should be, every drop, devoted to the purpose he had mentioned. Accordingly, it was locked up in his box, and drawn off by himself in a phial, and administered to me through a piece of quill in the cork, when I was supposed to be in want of a restorative.

hoarse - heiser

roopy - Kappe

drawn off - abgezapft

phial - Fläschchen

administered - verwaltet; darreichen, verabreichen, verwalten, administrieren

quill - Kiel; Schreibfeder, Federkiel, Stift, Stachel

restorative - erholsam, stärkend, restaurativ, wiederherstellend

Sometimes, to make it a more sovereign specific, he was so kind as to squeeze orange juice into it, or to stir it up with ginger, or dissolve a peppermint drop in it; and although I cannot assert that the flavour was improved by these experiments, or that it was exactly the compound one would have chosen for a stomachic, the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning, I drank it gratefully and was very sensible of his attention.

sovereign - souverän

ginger - mit Ingwer würzen; Ingwer

dissolve - auflösen; auflösen

peppermint - Pfefferminze; Pfefferminzbonbon, Pfefferminz

flavour - Geschmack, Aroma, Sorte

compound - Verbindung; zusammensetzen

stomachic - magenfreundlich

We seem, to me, to have been months over Peregrine, and months more over the other stories. The institution never flagged for want of a story, I am certain; and the wine lasted out almost as well as the matter. Poor Traddles"I never think of that boy but with a strange disposition to laugh, and with tears in my eyes"was a sort of chorus, in general; and affected to be convulsed with mirth at the comic parts, and to be overcome with fear when there was any passage of an alarming character in the narrative. This rather put me out, very often. It was a great jest of his, I recollect, to pretend that he couldn't keep his teeth from chattering, whenever mention was made of an Alguazill in connexion with the adventures of Gil Blas; and I remember that when Gil Blas met the captain of the robbers in Madrid, this unlucky joker counterfeited such an ague of terror, that he was overheard by Mr. Creakle, who was prowling about the passage, and handsomely flogged for disorderly conduct in the bedroom. Whatever I had within me that was romantic and dreamy, was encouraged by so much story-telling in the dark; and in that respect the pursuit may not have been very profitable to me. But the being cherished as a kind of plaything in my room, and the consciousness that this accomplishment of mine was bruited about among the boys, and attracted a good deal of notice to me though I was the youngest there, stimulated me to exertion. In a school carried on by sheer cruelty, whether it is presided over by a dunce or not, there is not likely to be much learnt.

Institution - Institution

flagged - geflaggt; markieren, beflaggen, kennzeichnen; Kennzeichen

chorus - Chor; Refrain, Kehrreim, Chorus

convulsed - verkrampft; erschüttern

mirth - Fröhlichkeit, Belustigung, Freude

comic - komisch; Komiker; Bildergeschichte, Comic, Strip

alarming - beunruhigend; Alarm, Alarm, Alarmsignal

jest - scherzen

chattering - Geplapper; plappernd

connexion - Verbindung; Anbindung, Verbindung

robbers - Räuber, Räuberin

unlucky - Pech gehabt; unglücklich; unglückbringend; ''usually expressed verbally:'' es bringen

joker - Witzbold; Spaßvogel; Joker, Jolly

counterfeited - gefälscht, nachgemacht, unecht, Falsch-, falsch, Fälschung

ague - Schüttelfrost; Schüttelfrost

terror - Schrecken, Grauen, schreckliche Furcht, Terror

overheard - mitgehört; zufällig mit anhören

prowling - herumtreibend; (prowl); durchstreifen, herumstreifen

disorderly - unordentlich

dreamy - verträumt, traumhaft, zum Träumen

encouraged - ermutigt; ermutigen, ermuntern, empfehlen

pursuit - Verfolgung

profitable - gewinnbringend, profitabel, lukrativ, einträglich

plaything - Spielzeug

accomplishment - Ausführung; Fertigkeit, Errungenschaft, Fähigkeit, Leistung

bruited - geprellt; verbreiten

stimulated - stimuliert; stimulieren, stimulieren

sheer - durchsichtig; scheren, ausreißen, gieren; rein, blank

cruelty - Grausamkeit, Quälerei

dunce - Dummkopf, Schwachkopf, Dämel, Einfaltspinsel

I believe our boys were, generally, as ignorant a set as any schoolboys in existence; they were too much troubled and knocked about to learn; they could no more do that to advantage, than any one can do anything to advantage in a life of constant misfortune, torment, and worry. But my little vanity, and Steerforth's help, urged me on somehow; and without saving me from much, if anything, in the way of punishment, made me, for the time I was there, an exception to the general body, insomuch that I did steadily pick up some crumbs of knowledge.

schoolboys - Schuljungen; Schüler, Schuljunge

existence - Existenz, Dasein

vanity - Vergänglichkeit; Eitelkeit; Leere

urged - gedrängt; Drang, drängen, mahnen, treiben, anspornen

insomuch - insoweit

crumbs - (crumb) Krümel, Brösel; (crumb); Krümel

In this I was much assisted by Mr. Mell, who had a liking for me that I am grateful to remember. It always gave me pain to observe that Steerforth treated him with systematic disparagement, and seldom lost an occasion of wounding his feelings, or inducing others to do so. This troubled me the more for a long time, because I had soon told Steerforth, from whom I could no more keep such a secret, than I could keep a cake or any other tangible possession, about the two old women Mr.

systematic - systematisch; System

disparagement - Verunglimpfung, Herabsetzung, Herabwürdigung

wounding - Verwundung; (wound) Verwundung

inducing - auslösen; dazu bringen, anstacheln, bewirken, verursachen

tangible - greifbar, erfühlbar, konkret, erfassbar, begreifbar

Mell had taken me to see; and I was always afraid that Steerforth would let it out, and twit him with it.

twit - Trottel; Schwachkopf; aufziehen, höhnisch aufziehen

We little thought, any one of us, I dare say, when I ate my breakfast that first morning, and went to sleep under the shadow of the peacock's feathers to the sound of the flute, what consequences would come of the introduction into those alms-houses of my insignificant person. But the visit had its unforeseen consequences; and of a serious sort, too, in their way.

consequences - Folgen; Konsequenz, Folge, Konsequenz, Folge, Konsequenz

insignificant - unbedeutend

unforeseen - unvorhergesehen

One day when Mr.

Creakle kept the house from indisposition, which naturally diffused a lively joy through the school, there was a good deal of noise in the course of the morning's work. The great relief and satisfaction experienced by the boys made them difficult to manage; and though the dreaded Tungay brought his wooden leg in twice or thrice, and took notes of the principal offenders'names, no great impression was made by it, as they were pretty sure of getting into trouble tomorrow, do what they would, and thought it wise, no doubt, to enjoy themselves today.

diffused - verbreiten, diffundieren, sich vermischen; diffus (Licht)

thrice - dreimal

offenders - Straftäter; Täter, Täter

wise - weise; klug, vernünftig

It was, properly, a half-holiday; being Saturday. But as the noise in the playground would have disturbed Mr. Creakle, and the weather was not favourable for going out walking, we were ordered into school in the afternoon, and set some lighter tasks than usual, which were made for the occasion. It was the day of the week on which Mr. Sharp went out to get his wig curled; so Mr. Mell, who always did the drudgery, whatever it was, kept school by himself. If I could associate the idea of a bull or a bear with anyone so mild as Mr. Mell, I should think of him, in connexion with that afternoon when the uproar was at its height, as of one of those animals, baited by a thousand dogs.

properly - ordnungsgemäß, ordentlich, richtig, vernünftig

associate - Mitarbeiterin; Weggefährte; vereinigen

baited - geködert; Köder, Luder, Fischköder

I recall him bending his aching head, supported on his bony hand, over the book on his desk, and wretchedly endeavouring to get on with his tiresome work, amidst an uproar that might have made the Speaker of the House of Commons giddy. Boys started in and out of their places, playing at puss in the corner with other boys; there were laughing boys, singing boys, talking boys, dancing boys, howling boys; boys shuffled with their feet, boys whirled about him, grinning, making faces, mimicking him behind his back and before his eyes; mimicking his poverty, his boots, his coat, his mother, everything belonging to him that they should have had consideration for.

bending - beugend, biegend; (bend); beugen; biegen, durchbiegen, Kurve

amidst - inmitten von

Puss - Kater; Miezchen, Mieze

whirled - gewirbelt; wirbeln, wirbeln, lschnell, Wirbeln

grinning - (to grin) grinsen, strahlen

mimicking - Nachahmung; nachahmen, nachäffen

poverty - Armut

'Silence!'cried Mr. Mell, suddenly rising up, and striking his desk with the book. 'What does this mean! It's impossible to bear it. It's maddening. How can you do it to me, boys?'

maddening - wahnsinnig machen; rasend machen

It was my book that he struck his desk with; and as I stood beside him, following his eye as it glanced round the room, I saw the boys all stop, some suddenly surprised, some half afraid, and some sorry perhaps.

Steerforth's place was at the bottom of the school, at the opposite end of the long room. He was lounging with his back against the wall, and his hands in his pockets, and looked at Mr. Mell with his mouth shut up as if he were whistling, when Mr. Mell looked at him.

lounging - faulenzend; (lounge); Lounge, Wartezimmer, Warteraum, Wohnzimmer

'Silence, Mr. Steerforth!'said Mr. Mell.

'Silence yourself,'said Steerforth, turning red. 'Whom are you talking to?'

'Sit down,'said Mr. Mell.

'Sit down yourself,'said Steerforth, 'and mind your business.'


There was a titter, and some applause; but Mr. Mell was so white, that silence immediately succeeded; and one boy, who had darted out behind him to imitate his mother again, changed his mind, and pretended to want a pen mended.

titter - kichern

darted - geworfen; Pfeil, Satz

imitate - imitieren

mended - geflickt; reparieren, flicken

'If you think, Steerforth,'said Mr. Mell, 'that I am not acquainted with the power you can establish over any mind here'"he laid his hand, without considering what he did (as I supposed), upon my head"'or that I have not observed you, within a few minutes, urging your juniors on to every sort of outrage against me, you are mistaken.'

establish - feststellen, etablieren, eröffnen, gründen, niederlassen

urging - drängend; (urge); Drang; drängen, mahnen, treiben, anspornen

juniors - Junioren; jünger

outrage - Empörung; Untat, Gräueltat, (empörendes) Verbrechen

are mistaken - irrst

'I don't give myself the trouble of thinking at all about you,'said Steerforth, coolly; 'so I'm not mistaken, as it happens.'

coolly - kühl; gelassen

'And when you make use of your position of favouritism here, sir,'pursued Mr. Mell, with his lip trembling very much, 'to insult a gentleman"'

favouritism - Günstlingswirtschaft, Vetternwirtschaft

insult - beleidigen; Beleidigung, Kränkung, Verletzung

'A what?"where is he?'said Steerforth.

Here somebody cried out, 'Shame, J. Steerforth! Too bad!'It was Traddles; whom Mr. Mell instantly discomfited by bidding him hold his tongue. "'To insult one who is not fortunate in life, sir, and who never gave you the least offence, and the many reasons for not insulting whom you are old enough and wise enough to understand,'said Mr.

tongue - Zunge, Lasche

fortunate - glücklich; günstig, verheißungsvoll

insulting - beleidigend; beleidigen, Beleidigung, Kränkung, Verletzung

Mell, with his lips trembling more and more, 'you commit a mean and base action. You can sit down or stand up as you please, sir. Copperfield, go on.'

commit - einweisen, einliefern, begehen, verbrechen, verüben

'Young Copperfield,'said Steerforth, coming forward up the room, 'stop a bit. I tell you what, Mr. Mell, once for all. When you take the liberty of calling me mean or base, or anything of that sort, you are an impudent beggar. You are always a beggar, you know; but when you do that, you are an impudent beggar.'

beggar - Bettler, Bettlerin

I am not clear whether he was going to strike Mr. Mell, or Mr. Mell was going to strike him, or there was any such intention on either side. I saw a rigidity come upon the whole school as if they had been turned into stone, and found Mr.

turned into stone - versteinert

Creakle in the midst of us, with Tungay at his side, and Mrs. and Miss Creakle looking in at the door as if they were frightened. Mr. Mell, with his elbows on his desk and his face in his hands, sat, for some moments, quite still.

'Mr. Mell,'said Mr. Creakle, shaking him by the arm; and his whisper was so audible now, that Tungay felt it unnecessary to repeat his words; 'you have not forgotten yourself, I hope?'

audible - hörbar

unnecessary - nicht notwendig, unnötig

'No, sir, no,'returned the Master, showing his face, and shaking his head, and rubbing his hands in great agitation. 'No, sir. No. I have remembered myself, I"no, Mr. Creakle, I have not forgotten myself, I"I have remembered myself, sir. I"I"could wish you had remembered me a little sooner, Mr. Creakle. It"it"would have been more kind, sir, more just, sir. It would have saved me something, sir.'

Mr. Creakle, looking hard at Mr. Mell, put his hand on Tungay's shoulder, and got his feet upon the form close by, and sat upon the desk. After still looking hard at Mr. Mell from his throne, as he shook his head, and rubbed his hands, and remained in the same state of agitation, Mr. Creakle turned to Steerforth, and said:

throne - Thron

rubbed - gerieben; reiben, reiben, abreiben, sich abreiben

'Now, sir, as he don't condescend to tell me, what is this?'

condescend to - geruhe

Steerforth evaded the question for a little while; looking in scorn and anger on his opponent, and remaining silent. I could not help thinking even in that interval, I remember, what a noble fellow he was in appearance, and how homely and plain Mr. Mell looked opposed to him.

evaded - entgangen; ausweichen, meiden, sich entziehen

scorn - verachten; verschmähen; verspotten; Verachtung

anger - Ärger, Zorn, Wut, Groll

opponent - Gegner, Gegnerin, Gegner (1, 3), Gegenspieler

noble - edel; Adeliger, Adliger, Adelige, Adlige

plain - unscheinbar, einfach, vollständige, ehrlich

'What did he mean by talking about favourites, then?'said Steerforth at length.

'Favourites?'repeated Mr. Creakle, with the veins in his forehead swelling quickly. 'Who talked about favourites?'

swelling - Schwellungen; Anschwellen

'He did,'said Steerforth.

'And pray, what did you mean by that, sir?'demanded Mr. Creakle, turning angrily on his assistant.

demanded - gefordert; Nachfrage, Bedarf, Nachfrage, Anspruch, verlangen

angrily - verärgert, wütend

'I meant, Mr. Creakle,'he returned in a low voice, 'as I said; that no pupil had a right to avail himself of his position of favouritism to degrade me.'

pupil - Schülerin; Schulkind, Pupille, Schüler

degrade - abbauen; degradieren, herabstufen, herunterstufen, herabsetzen

'To degrade YOU?'said Mr. Creakle. 'My stars! But give me leave to ask you, Mr. What's-your-name'; and here Mr. Creakle folded his arms, cane and all, upon his chest, and made such a knot of his brows that his little eyes were hardly visible below them; 'whether, when you talk about favourites, you showed proper respect to me?

knot - Knoten, Knäuel

brows - Augenbrauen; Brauen; (brow) Augenbrauen; Brauen

To me, sir,'said Mr. Creakle, darting his head at him suddenly, and drawing it back again, 'the principal of this establishment, and your employer.'

darting - Pfeil, Satz

'It was not judicious, sir, I am willing to admit,'said Mr. Mell. 'I should not have done so, if I had been cool.'

judicious - vernünftig

admit - einlassen, zulassen, zugeben, eingestehen, erlauben, einweisen

Here Steerforth struck in.

'Then he said I was mean, and then he said I was base, and then I called him a beggar. If I had been cool, perhaps I shouldn't have called him a beggar. But I did, and I am ready to take the consequences of it.'

shouldn - sollte

Without considering, perhaps, whether there were any consequences to be taken, I felt quite in a glow at this gallant speech. It made an impression on the boys too, for there was a low stir among them, though no one spoke a word.

glow - glühen; abstrahlen; leuchten; Glühen

gallant - Galan (galanter Mann), galant, Verehrer

'I am surprised, Steerforth"although your candour does you honour,'said Mr. Creakle, 'does you honour, certainly"I am surprised, Steerforth, I must say, that you should attach such an epithet to any person employed and paid in Salem House, sir.'

candour - Offenheit, Aufrichtigkeit

honour - Ehrung, Ehre; ehren; beehren, akzeptieren, annehmen, honorieren

attach - befestigen; anbringen

epithet - Beinamen; Beiwort, Epitheton, Attribut, Beiname

Steerforth gave a short laugh.

'That's not an answer, sir,'said Mr. Creakle, 'to my remark. I expect more than that from you, Steerforth.'

If Mr. Mell looked homely, in my eyes, before the handsome boy, it would be quite impossible to say how homely Mr. Creakle looked. 'Let him deny it,'said Steerforth.

deny - leugnen, bestreiten, dementieren

'Deny that he is a beggar, Steerforth?'cried Mr. Creakle. 'Why, where does he go a-begging?'

begging - bittend, bettelnd; (beg) bittend, bettelnd

'If he is not a beggar himself, his near relation's one,'said Steerforth. 'It's all the same.'

He glanced at me, and Mr. Mell's hand gently patted me upon the shoulder. I looked up with a flush upon my face and remorse in my heart, but Mr. Mell's eyes were fixed on Steerforth. He continued to pat me kindly on the shoulder, but he looked at him.

flush - Wasserspülung, Wallung, Schwall; spülen, ausspülen; rot werden

remorse - Reue, Gewissensbisse

'Since you expect me, Mr. Creakle, to justify myself,'said Steerforth, 'and to say what I mean,"what I have to say is, that his mother lives on charity in an alms-house.'

justify - rechtfertigen; ausrichten, justieren

Mr. Mell still looked at him, and still patted me kindly on the shoulder, and said to himself, in a whisper, if I heard right: 'Yes, I thought so.'

Mr. Creakle turned to his assistant, with a severe frown and laboured politeness:

politeness - Höflichkeit

'Now, you hear what this gentleman says, Mr. Mell. Have the goodness, if you please, to set him right before the assembled school.'

assembled - montiert; zusammensetzen, versammeln, versammeln

'He is right, sir, without correction,'returned Mr. Mell, in the midst of a dead silence; 'what he has said is true.'

correction - Korrektur, Berichtigung, Verbesserung, Besserungsmaßnahme

'Be so good then as declare publicly, will you,'said Mr. Creakle, putting his head on one side, and rolling his eyes round the school, 'whether it ever came to my knowledge until this moment?'

declare - bekanntmachen, bekanntgeben, deklarieren, ausrufen, aussagen

publicly - öffentlich

'I believe not directly,'he returned.

'Why, you know not,'said Mr. Creakle. 'Don't you, man?'

'I apprehend you never supposed my worldly circumstances to be very good,'replied the assistant. 'You know what my position is, and always has been, here.'

apprehend - begreifen, verstehen, fangen, festnehmen

'I apprehend, if you come to that,'said Mr. Creakle, with his veins swelling again bigger than ever, 'that you've been in a wrong position altogether, and mistook this for a charity school. Mr. Mell, we'll part, if you please. The sooner the better.'

'There is no time,'answered Mr. Mell, rising, 'like the present.'

'Sir, to you!'said Mr. Creakle.

'I take my leave of you, Mr. Creakle, and all of you,'said Mr. Mell, glancing round the room, and again patting me gently on the shoulders. 'James Steerforth, the best wish I can leave you is that you may come to be ashamed of what you have done today. At present I would prefer to see you anything rather than a friend, to me, or to anyone in whom I feel an interest.'

James - Jakobus, Jakobus, Jakob

Once more he laid his hand upon my shoulder; and then taking his flute and a few books from his desk, and leaving the key in it for his successor, he went out of the school, with his property under his arm. Mr. Creakle then made a speech, through Tungay, in which he thanked Steerforth for asserting (though perhaps too warmly) the independence and respectability of Salem House; and which he wound up by shaking hands with Steerforth, while we gave three cheers"I did not quite know what for, but I supposed for Steerforth, and so joined in them ardently, though I felt miserable.

successor - Nachfolger, Nachfolgerin, Erbe

asserting - Behaupten; versichern, zusichern, beteuern, beteuern, beteuern

warmly - herzlich

Independence - Unabhängigkeit, checkSelbständigkeit

respectability - Respektabilität; Achtbarkeit

wound - anschießen, verwunden

Cheers - prost, zum Wohl, tschüss, danke; (cheer); prost, zum Wohl

ardently - inbrünstig; feurige, heiß

Mr. Creakle then caned Tommy Traddles for being discovered in tears, instead of cheers, on account of Mr. Mell's departure; and went back to his sofa, or his bed, or wherever he had come from.

departure - Abreise; Abfahrt

sofa - Sofa, Couch

We were left to ourselves now, and looked very blank, I recollect, on one another. For myself, I felt so much self-reproach and contrition for my part in what had happened, that nothing would have enabled me to keep back my tears but the fear that Steerforth, who often looked at me, I saw, might think it unfriendly"or, I should rather say, considering our relative ages, and the feeling with which I regarded him, undutiful"if I showed the emotion which distressed me.

reproach - Vorwürfe; Vorwurf; Schande; vorwerfen

contrition - Reue, Zerknirschung, Zerknirschtheit

enabled - aktiviert; berechtigen, befähigen, ermöglichen, anordnen

unfriendly - unfreundlich, unholde

relative - vergleichsweise, relativ, Verwandter, Blutsverwandter, Verwandte

undutiful - unhöflich

emotion - Emotionen; Gefühl, Empfindung

distressed - verzweifelt; Kummer, Bedrängnis, Drangsal, Bekümmerung, Not

He was very angry with Traddles, and said he was glad he had caught it.

Poor Traddles, who had passed the stage of lying with his head upon the desk, and was relieving himself as usual with a burst of skeletons, said he didn't care. Mr. Mell was ill-used.

'Who has ill-used him, you girl?'said Steerforth.

'Why, you have,'returned Traddles.

'What have I done?'said Steerforth.

'What have you done?'retorted Traddles. 'Hurt his feelings, and lost him his situation.'

retorted - erwiderte; Retorte; erwidern (scharf)

'His feelings?'repeated Steerforth disdainfully. 'His feelings will soon get the better of it, I'll be bound. His feelings are not like yours, Miss Traddles. As to his situation"which was a precious one, wasn't it?"do you suppose I am not going to write home, and take care that he gets some money? Polly?'

disdainfully - verächtlich

We thought this intention very noble in Steerforth, whose mother was a widow, and rich, and would do almost anything, it was said, that he asked her. We were all extremely glad to see Traddles so put down, and exalted Steerforth to the skies: especially when he told us, as he condescended to do, that what he had done had been done expressly for us, and for our cause; and that he had conferred a great boon upon us by unselfishly doing it. But I must say that when I was going on with a story in the dark that night, Mr.

exalted - erhaben; ehren, erhöhen

condescended to - geruhtest

expressly - ausdrücklich

conferred - übertragen, erteilen, verleihen, beraten, konferieren

boon - Segen, Wohltat

unselfishly - uneigennützig

Mell's old flute seemed more than once to sound mournfully in my ears; and that when at last Steerforth was tired, and I lay down in my bed, I fancied it playing so sorrowfully somewhere, that I was quite wretched.

mournfully - trauernd; traurig, klagend, trübsinnig

I soon forgot him in the contemplation of Steerforth, who, in an easy amateur way, and without any book (he seemed to me to know everything by heart), took some of his classes until a new master was found. The new master came from a grammar school; and before he entered on his duties, dined in the parlour one day, to be introduced to Steerforth.

amateur - Amateur, Amateurin, Laie, Laiin

grammar school - Mittelschule ;Gymnasium

Steerforth approved of him highly, and told us he was a Brick. Without exactly understanding what learned distinction was meant by this, I respected him greatly for it, and had no doubt whatever of his superior knowledge: though he never took the pains with me"not that I was anybody"that Mr. Mell had taken.

approved - genehmigt; billigen, genehmigen, zusagen

respected - respektiert; Achtung, Respekt, respektieren, respektieren

no doubt whatever - überhaupt (gar) kein Zweifel

There was only one other event in this half-year, out of the daily school-life, that made an impression upon me which still survives. It survives for many reasons.

survives - überlebt; überleben, überleben, überleben

One afternoon, when we were all harassed into a state of dire confusion, and Mr. Creakle was laying about him dreadfully, Tungay came in, and called out in his usual strong way: 'Visitors for Copperfield!'

harassed - belästigt; belästigen, quälen, verfolgen

dire - schrecklich; düster, böse, fatal, verzweifelt, händeringend

A few words were interchanged between him and Mr. Creakle, as, who the visitors were, and what room they were to be shown into; and then I, who had, according to custom, stood up on the announcement being made, and felt quite faint with astonishment, was told to go by the back stairs and get a clean frill on, before I repaired to the dining-room.

interchanged - ausgetauscht; Autobahnkreuz

announcement - Ankündigung; Bekanntmachung, Mitteilung

faint - leise, schwach, undeutlich, ohnmächtig werden

frill - Schnickschnack; kräuseln

dining - Essen; speisen

These orders I obeyed, in such a flutter and hurry of my young spirits as I had never known before; and when I got to the parlour door, and the thought came into my head that it might be my mother"I had only thought of Mr. or Miss Murdstone until then"I drew back my hand from the lock, and stopped to have a sob before I went in.

flutter - flattern; wedeln

At first I saw nobody; but feeling a pressure against the door, I looked round it, and there, to my amazement, were Mr. Peggotty and Ham, ducking at me with their hats, and squeezing one another against the wall. I could not help laughing; but it was much more in the pleasure of seeing them, than at the appearance they made.

ducking - untertauchend, grinsen

squeezing - abquetschend, quetschend; (squeeze); drücken, klemmen, pressen

We shook hands in a very cordial way; and I laughed and laughed, until I pulled out my pocket-handkerchief and wiped my eyes.

cordial - herzlich; Sirup; Likör

Mr. Peggotty (who never shut his mouth once, I remember, during the visit) showed great concern when he saw me do this, and nudged Ham to say something.

concern - Bedenken; Sorge, Anliegen, Betroffenheit, Besorgnis, Konzern

nudged - geschubst; Stups (leise oder heimlich), Schubs, Stoß, Stupser

'Cheer up, Mas'r Davy bor'!'said Ham, in his simpering way. 'Why, how you have growed!'

simpering - Lächerlich machen; verschmitzt lachen

'Am I grown?'I said, drying my eyes. I was not crying at anything in particular that I know of; but somehow it made me cry, to see old friends.

'Growed, Mas'r Davy bor'? Ain't he growed!'said Ham.

'Ain't he growed!'said Mr. Peggotty.

They made me laugh again by laughing at each other, and then we all three laughed until I was in danger of crying again.

'Do you know how mama is, Mr. Peggotty?'I said. 'And how my dear, dear, old Peggotty is?'

'Oncommon,'said Mr. Peggotty.

'And little Em'ly, and Mrs. Gummidge?'

'On"common,'said Mr. Peggotty.

There was a silence. Mr. Peggotty, to relieve it, took two prodigious lobsters, and an enormous crab, and a large canvas bag of shrimps, out of his pockets, and piled them up in Ham's arms.

prodigious - erstaunlich; ungeheuer, gewaltig, verwunderlich

Crab - Krebs, Krabbe, Winde, Nörgler

canvas - Leinwand, Segeltuch

shrimps - Krabben; Garnele, Shrimp

piled - gestapelt; Haufen, Pfahl, Pulk

'You see,'said Mr. Peggotty, 'knowing as you was partial to a little relish with your wittles when you was along with us, we took the liberty. The old Mawther biled 'em, she did. Mrs. Gummidge biled 'em. Yes,'said Mr. Peggotty, slowly, who I thought appeared to stick to the subject on account of having no other subject ready, 'Mrs. Gummidge, I do assure you, she biled 'em.'

biled - gebraten

stick - stich!, ich/er/sie stäche, ich/er/sie stach; Schläger

assure - sichern; versichern

I expressed my thanks; and Mr. Peggotty, after looking at Ham, who stood smiling sheepishly over the shellfish, without making any attempt to help him, said:

sheepishly - schüchterne

shellfish - Schalentiere; Schalentier, Krustentier

attempt - versuchen; Versuch, Bestreben, Bestrebung, Anschlag, Attentat

'We come, you see, the wind and tide making in our favour, in one of our Yarmouth lugs to Gravesen'. My sister she wrote to me the name of this here place, and wrote to me as if ever I chanced to come to Gravesen', I was to come over and inquire for Mas'r Davy and give her dooty, humbly wishing him well and reporting of the fam'ly as they was oncommon toe-be-sure.

lugs - Nasen; zerren, schleppen; Anschlussklemme, Vorsprung, Ă–se

toe - Zeh, Zehe, Spur, Vorspur (5)

Little Em'ly, you see, she'll write to my sister when I go back, as I see you and as you was similarly oncommon, and so we make it quite a merry-go-rounder.'

similarly - in ähnlicher Weise

merry - fröhlich, heiter

I was obliged to consider a little before I understood what Mr. Peggotty meant by this figure, expressive of a complete circle of intelligence. I then thanked him heartily; and said, with a consciousness of reddening, that I supposed little Em'ly was altered too, since we used to pick up shells and pebbles on the beach?

expressive - ausdrucksvoll, ausdrucksstark

reddening - Rötung; erröten, röten

'She's getting to be a woman, that's wot she's getting to be,'said Mr. Peggotty. 'Ask HIM.'He meant Ham, who beamed with delight and assent over the bag of shrimps.

wot - Was; (wit) nämlich, und zwar; (wit) Was; (wit) nämlich, und zwar

beamed - gebeamt; Balken, Balken, Breite, Pflugbaum, Grindel, Strahl

assent - zustimmen, behaupten

'Her pretty face!'said Mr. Peggotty, with his own shining like a light.

'Her learning!'said Ham.

'Her writing!'said Mr. Peggotty. 'Why it's as black as jet! And so large it is, you might see it anywheres.'

jet - Düsenflugzeug, Strahl, Düse; ausstoßen

It was perfectly delightful to behold with what enthusiasm Mr. Peggotty became inspired when he thought of his little favourite. He stands before me again, his bluff hairy face irradiating with a joyful love and pride, for which I can find no description. His honest eyes fire up, and sparkle, as if their depths were stirred by something bright.

behold - betrachten, sehen, schauen, anschauen

enthusiasm - Begeisterung, Enthusiasmus, Schwärmerei

inspired - inspiriert; inspirieren, inspirieren, beatmen, einhauchen

bluff - bluffen; täuschen; Bluff

irradiating - Bestrahlung; strahlen, bestrahlen

joyful - freudig, erfreulich, erfreut

sparkle - funkeln

depths - Untiefen; Tiefe

stirred - gerührt; erschüttern, bewegen, sich rühren

His broad chest heaves with pleasure. His strong loose hands clench themselves, in his earnestness; and he emphasizes what he says with a right arm that shows, in my pigmy view, like a sledge-hammer.

heaves - hebt; heben, hieven, werfen, wuchten, schleudern

loose - verlassen, lose, locker

emphasizes - unterstreicht; betonen, unterstreichen, hervorheben

pigmy - Schweinchen; Zwerg

sledge-hammer - (sledge-hammer) Fäustel , Vorschlaghammer

Ham was quite as earnest as he. I dare say they would have said much more about her, if they had not been abashed by the unexpected coming in of Steerforth, who, seeing me in a corner speaking with two strangers, stopped in a song he was singing, and said: 'I didn't know you were here, young Copperfield!'(for it was not the usual visiting room) and crossed by us on his way out.

unexpected - unerwartet

I am not sure whether it was in the pride of having such a friend as Steerforth, or in the desire to explain to him how I came to have such a friend as Mr. Peggotty, that I called to him as he was going away. But I said, modestly"Good Heaven, how it all comes back to me this long time afterwards"!

modestly - bescheidene, züchtig, bescheiden

'Don't go, Steerforth, if you please. These are two Yarmouth boatmen"very kind, good people"who are relations of my nurse, and have come from Gravesend to see me.'

boatmen - Schiffer; Ruderer

'Aye, aye?'said Steerforth, returning. 'I am glad to see them. How are you both?'

Aye - gewiss, Ja-Stimme

There was an ease in his manner"a gay and light manner it was, but not swaggering"which I still believe to have borne a kind of enchantment with it. I still believe him, in virtue of this carriage, his animal spirits, his delightful voice, his handsome face and figure, and, for aught I know, of some inborn power of attraction besides (which I think a few people possess), to have carried a spell with him to which it was a natural weakness to yield, and which not many persons could withstand.

swaggering - Prahlerei; schwadronierend; (swagger) Prahlerei; schwadronierend

virtue - Tugend; Keuschheit

carriage - Kutsche; Gang, Haltung, Wagen, Frachtgeld, Fracht, Fuhrlohn

aught - etwas

inborn - angeboren

possess - besitzen

yield - Ertrag; hervorbringen, er/sie hat/hatte ergeben, weichen

withstand - widerstehen; widerstehen (1; 2)

I could not but see how pleased they were with him, and how they seemed to open their hearts to him in a moment.

'You must let them know at home, if you please, Mr. Peggotty,'I said, 'when that letter is sent, that Mr. Steerforth is very kind to me, and that I don't know what I should ever do here without him.'

'Nonsense!'said Steerforth, laughing. 'You mustn't tell them anything of the sort.'

'And if Mr. Steerforth ever comes into Norfolk or Suffolk, Mr. Peggotty,'I said, 'while I am there, you may depend upon it I shall bring him to Yarmouth, if he will let me, to see your house. You never saw such a good house, Steerforth. It's made out of a boat!'

'Made out of a boat, is it?'said Steerforth. 'It's the right sort of a house for such a thorough-built boatman.'

thorough - gründlich

boatman - Bootsmann; Ruderer

'So 'tis, sir, so 'tis, sir,'said Ham, grinning. 'You're right, young gen'l'm'n! Mas'r Davy bor', gen'l'm'n's right. A thorough-built boatman! Hor, hor! That's what he is, too!'

Tis - (it is) es ist; (Ti) (it is) es ist

You're right - Sie haben recht.

gen - (genially) freundlich, heiter

Mr. Peggotty was no less pleased than his nephew, though his modesty forbade him to claim a personal compliment so vociferously.

forbade - verbieten, untersagen, verweigern, vorenthalten, ablehnen

vociferously - lautstark

'Well, sir,'he said, bowing and chuckling, and tucking in the ends of his neckerchief at his breast: 'I thankee, sir, I thankee! I do my endeavours in my line of life, sir.'

bowing - Verbeugung; (bow) sich vorbeugen; (bow) Verbeugung; (bow) sich vorbeugen

chuckling - glucksend, kichernd; (chuckle) glucksend, kichernd

tucking - zurückstreifen, einklemmen; Bundfalte

neckerchief - Halstuch

Thankee - Dankeschön

endeavours - Bestrebungen; sich nach Kräften bemühen; Bestrebung

'The best of men can do no more, Mr. Peggotty,'said Steerforth. He had got his name already.

'I'll pound it, it's wot you do yourself, sir,'said Mr. Peggotty, shaking his head, 'and wot you do well"right well! I thankee, sir. I'm obleeged to you, sir, for your welcoming manner of me. I'm rough, sir, but I'm ready"least ways, I hope I'm ready, you unnerstand. My house ain't much for to see, sir, but it's hearty at your service if ever you should come along with Mas'r Davy to see it.

I'm ready - IHF ich habe fertig (coll.)

unnerstand - nicht verstehen

I'm a reg'lar Dodman, I am,'said Mr. Peggotty, by which he meant snail, and this was in allusion to his being slow to go, for he had attempted to go after every sentence, and had somehow or other come back again; 'but I wish you both well, and I wish you happy!'

snail - Schnecke

attempted - Versucht; versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

Ham echoed this sentiment, and we parted with them in the heartiest manner. I was almost tempted that evening to tell Steerforth about pretty little Em'ly, but I was too timid of mentioning her name, and too much afraid of his laughing at me. I remember that I thought a good deal, and in an uneasy sort of way, about Mr. Peggotty having said that she was getting on to be a woman; but I decided that was nonsense.

echoed - widerhallt; Echo

heartiest - am herzlichsten; herzlich, herzhaft, herzhaft, deftig

tempted - in Versuchung; in Versuchung führen, versuchen, locken

timid of - ängstlich vor

We transported the shellfish, or the 'relish'as Mr. Peggotty had modestly called it, up into our room unobserved, and made a great supper that evening. But Traddles couldn't get happily out of it. He was too unfortunate even to come through a supper like anybody else.

unobserved - unbeobachtet

supper - Abendbrot; Abendessen

He was taken ill in the night"quite prostrate he was"in consequence of Crab; and after being drugged with black draughts and blue pills, to an extent which Demple (whose father was a doctor) said was enough to undermine a horse's constitution, received a caning and six chapters of Greek Testament for refusing to confess.

prostrate - niedergeschlagen; niedergestreckt; niederwerfen, erniedrigen

draughts - Luftzug; Spielstein

pills - Pillen; Medikament, Pille, Tablette; Fluse

undermine - unterlaufen, untergraben, unterminieren, schwächen

chapters - Kapiteln; Kapitel

Greek - griechisch; Griechisch, griechische Sprache, Grieche, Griechin

Testament - Testament, Letzter Wille

refusing - Müll; abweisen, verweigern, abschlagen, ablehnen

I well remember though, how the distant idea of the holidays, after seeming for an immense time to be a stationary speck, began to come towards us, and to grow and grow. How from counting months, we came to weeks, and then to days; and how I then began to be afraid that I should not be sent for and when I learnt from Steerforth that I had been sent for, and was certainly to go home, had dim forebodings that I might break my leg first.

distant - weit entfernt; abgelegen, abstehend, distanziert, entfernt

stationary - stationär, unbeweglich, ortsgebunden, standortgebunden

speck - Fleckchen

learnt from - entnahm

forebodings - Vorahnungen; Ahnung, Vorahnung, bange Ahnung

How the breaking-up day changed its place fast, at last, from the week after next to next week, this week, the day after tomorrow, tomorrow, today, tonight"when I was inside the Yarmouth mail, and going home.

I had many a broken sleep inside the Yarmouth mail, and many an incoherent dream of all these things. But when I awoke at intervals, the ground outside the window was not the playground of Salem House, and the sound in my ears was not the sound of Mr. Creakle giving it to Traddles, but the sound of the coachman touching up the horses.

incoherent - inkohärent

intervals - Intervalle; Abstand, Zwischenraum, Intervall


When we arrived before day at the inn where the mail stopped, which was not the inn where my friend the waiter lived, I was shown up to a nice little bedroom, with DOLPHIN painted on the door. Very cold I was, I know, notwithstanding the hot tea they had given me before a large fire downstairs; and very glad I was to turn into the Dolphin's bed, pull the Dolphin's blankets round my head, and go to sleep.

shown up - aufgekreuzt

dolphin - Delphin

large fire - Großfeuer

blankets - Decke, Wolldecke, Bettdecke, Schicht, Lage, allgemein

Mr. Barkis the carrier was to call for me in the morning at nine o'clock. I got up at eight, a little giddy from the shortness of my night's rest, and was ready for him before the appointed time. He received me exactly as if not five minutes had elapsed since we were last together, and I had only been into the hotel to get change for sixpence, or something of that sort.

shortness - Knappheit; Kürze

appointed time - Termin

elapsed - verstrichen; vergehen, verrinnen

As soon as I and my box were in the cart, and the carrier seated, the lazy horse walked away with us all at his accustomed pace.

'You look very well, Mr. Barkis,'I said, thinking he would like to know it.

Mr. Barkis rubbed his cheek with his cuff, and then looked at his cuff as if he expected to find some of the bloom upon it; but made no other acknowledgement of the compliment.

cuff - Manschette; Hosenaufschlag, Umschlag (an der Hose)

bloom - blühen; Blüte, Blütenpracht, Duft

acknowledgement - Anerkenntnis; Quittung, Bestätigung, Danksagung

'I gave your message, Mr. Barkis,'I said: 'I wrote to Peggotty.'

'Ah!'said Mr. Barkis.

Mr. Barkis seemed gruff, and answered drily.

gruff - ruppig; schroff, grob

drily - trocken

'Wasn't it right, Mr. Barkis?'I asked, after a little hesitation.

hesitation - Zögern

'Why, no,'said Mr. Barkis.

'Not the message?'

'The message was right enough, perhaps,'said Mr. Barkis; 'but it come to an end there.'

Not understanding what he meant, I repeated inquisitively: 'Came to an end, Mr. Barkis?'

inquisitively - neugierig

'Nothing come of it,'he explained, looking at me sideways. 'No answer.'

'There was an answer expected, was there, Mr. Barkis?'said I, opening my eyes. For this was a new light to me.

'When a man says he's willin','said Mr. Barkis, turning his glance slowly on me again, 'it's as much as to say, that man's a-waitin'for a answer.'

waitin - Wartest du

'Well, Mr. Barkis?'

'Well,'said Mr. Barkis, carrying his eyes back to his horse's ears; 'that man's been a-waitin'for a answer ever since.'

'Have you told her so, Mr. Barkis?'

'No"no,'growled Mr. Barkis, reflecting about it. 'I ain't got no call to go and tell her so. I never said six words to her myself, I ain't a-goin'to tell her so.'

growled - geknurrt; Knurren

reflecting - reflektieren, zurückspiegeln, spiegeln, sich spiegeln

goin - gehen

'Would you like me to do it, Mr. Barkis?'said I, doubtfully. 'You might tell her, if you would,'said Mr. Barkis, with another slow look at me, 'that Barkis was a-waitin'for a answer. Says you"what name is it?'

doubtfully - zweifelhaft; voller Zweifel, zweifelnd

'Her name?'

'Ah!'said Mr. Barkis, with a nod of his head.


'Chrisen name? Or nat'ral name?'said Mr. Barkis.

'Oh, it's not her Christian name. Her Christian name is Clara.'

'Is it though?'said Mr. Barkis.

He seemed to find an immense fund of reflection in this circumstance, and sat pondering and inwardly whistling for some time.

fund - Kapital, Fonds, finanzieren

pondering - grübeln, überlegen, nachdenken

inwardly - innerlich

'Well!'he resumed at length. 'Says you, śPeggotty! Barkis is waitin'for a answer.ť Says she, perhaps, śAnswer to what?ť Says you, śTo what I told you.ť śWhat is that?ť says she. śBarkis is willin',ť says you.'

This extremely artful suggestion Mr. Barkis accompanied with a nudge of his elbow that gave me quite a stitch in my side. After that, he slouched over his horse in his usual manner; and made no other reference to the subject except, half an hour afterwards, taking a piece of chalk from his pocket, and writing up, inside the tilt of the cart, 'Clara Peggotty'"apparently as a private memorandum.

artful - kunstvoll; geschickt, trickreich

accompanied - begleitet; begleiten, begleiten, begleiten, begleiten, geleiten

nudge - stupsen; Stups (leise oder heimlich); Schubs, Stoß, Stupser

stitch - Stich (Näh-), Stich (Schmerz); nähen, absteppen

slouched - gekrümmt; herumlungern, herumhängen, Durchhänger, Schlafmütze

chalk - Kreide; Magnesiapulver

tilt - neigen; Schärfedehnung, Höchstleistung

private - privat; privat

memorandum - Memorandum

Ah, what a strange feeling it was to be going home when it was not home, and to find that every object I looked at, reminded me of the happy old home, which was like a dream I could never dream again!

The days when my mother and I and Peggotty were all in all to one another, and there was no one to come between us, rose up before me so sorrowfully on the road, that I am not sure I was glad to be there"not sure but that I would rather have remained away, and forgotten it in Steerforth's company. But there I was; and soon I was at our house, where the bare old elm-trees wrung their many hands in the bleak wintry air, and shreds of the old rooks'-nests drifted away upon the wind.

elm - Ulme

wrung - gewrungen; abbringen, erzwingen

bleak - düster; kahl, öde, Laube (Fischart)

wintry - winterlich

shreds - Schnipsel; Schrot; Schnitzel, Stückchen; fetzen, zerfetzen

drifted - abgetrieben; Drift, driften, treiben, irren, ziellos ziehen

The carrier put my box down at the garden-gate, and left me. I walked along the path towards the house, glancing at the windows, and fearing at every step to see Mr. Murdstone or Miss Murdstone lowering out of one of them. No face appeared, however; and being come to the house, and knowing how to open the door, before dark, without knocking, I went in with a quiet, timid step.

lowering - Senken; Abbau (von Kosten)

God knows how infantine the memory may have been, that was awakened within me by the sound of my mother's voice in the old parlour, when I set foot in the hall. She was singing in a low tone. I think I must have lain in her arms, and heard her singing so to me when I was but a baby. The strain was new to me, and yet it was so old that it filled my heart brim-full; like a friend come back from a long absence.

infantine - infantil

brim - Krempe; übersprudeln; Rand

I believed, from the solitary and thoughtful way in which my mother murmured her song, that she was alone. And I went softly into the room. She was sitting by the fire, suckling an infant, whose tiny hand she held against her neck. Her eyes were looking down upon its face, and she sat singing to it. I was so far right, that she had no other companion.

thoughtful - nachdenklich, bedächtig, aufmerksam

murmured - gemurmelt; Rauschen

suckling - Säugling, säugend; (suckle); stillen; säugen

infant - Säugling, Wickelkind, Kleinkind

tiny - winzig; Kleinkind


I spoke to her, and she started, and cried out. But seeing me, she called me her dear Davy, her own boy! and coming half across the room to meet me, kneeled down upon the ground and kissed me, and laid my head down on her bosom near the little creature that was nestling there, and put its hand to my lips.

bosom - Busen, Brust, der Busenfreund (bosom buddy)

nestling - kuschelnd, Nesthäkchen

I wish I had died. I wish I had died then, with that feeling in my heart! I should have been more fit for Heaven than I ever have been since.

'He is your brother,'said my mother, fondling me. 'Davy, my pretty boy! My poor child!'Then she kissed me more and more, and clasped me round the neck. This she was doing when Peggotty came running in, and bounced down on the ground beside us, and went mad about us both for a quarter of an hour.

fondling - streicheln; liebkosend, Liebkosung; (fondle); liebkosen

clasped - umklammert; Spange, Klammer, Schnalle, Griff, greifen

bounced - geplatzt; abprallen, hüpfen, auf und ab hüpfen, platzen, hüpfen

It seemed that I had not been expected so soon, the carrier being much before his usual time. It seemed, too, that Mr. and Miss Murdstone had gone out upon a visit in the neighbourhood, and would not return before night. I had never hoped for this. I had never thought it possible that we three could be together undisturbed, once more; and I felt, for the time, as if the old days were come back.

undisturbed - ungestört

We dined together by the fireside. Peggotty was in attendance to wait upon us, but my mother wouldn't let her do it, and made her dine with us. I had my own old plate, with a brown view of a man-of-war in full sail upon it, which Peggotty had hoarded somewhere all the time I had been away, and would not have had broken, she said, for a hundred pounds.

by the fireside - am Kamin

attendance - Anwesenheit

wait upon - jdm. seine Aufwartung machen

dine - speisen

hoarded - gehortet; Schatz, Vorrat; horten, sich Vorräte anlegen, hamstern

I had my own old mug with David on it, and my own old little knife and fork that wouldn't cut.

While we were at table, I thought it a favourable occasion to tell Peggotty about Mr. Barkis, who, before I had finished what I had to tell her, began to laugh, and throw her apron over her face.

'Peggotty,'said my mother. 'What's the matter?'

Peggotty only laughed the more, and held her apron tight over her face when my mother tried to pull it away, and sat as if her head were in a bag.

'What are you doing, you stupid creature?'said my mother, laughing.

'Oh, drat the man!'cried Peggotty. 'He wants to marry me.'

Drat - Verdammt; menno

'It would be a very good match for you; wouldn't it?'said my mother.

'Oh! I don't know,'said Peggotty. 'Don't ask me. I wouldn't have him if he was made of gold. Nor I wouldn't have anybody.'

'Then, why don't you tell him so, you ridiculous thing?'said my mother.

'Tell him so,'retorted Peggotty, looking out of her apron. 'He has never said a word to me about it. He knows better. If he was to make so bold as say a word to me, I should slap his face.'

slap - Ohrfeige; Klaps, Schlag, Makeup, Schminke, klatschen

Her own was as red as ever I saw it, or any other face, I think; but she only covered it again, for a few moments at a time, when she was taken with a violent fit of laughter; and after two or three of those attacks, went on with her dinner.

violent - heftig, gewaltig, brutal, gewalttätig, gewaltbereit, grell

I remarked that my mother, though she smiled when Peggotty looked at her, became more serious and thoughtful. I had seen at first that she was changed. Her face was very pretty still, but it looked careworn, and too delicate; and her hand was so thin and white that it seemed to me to be almost transparent.

careworn - abgenutzt

But the change to which I now refer was superadded to this: it was in her manner, which became anxious and fluttered. At last she said, putting out her hand, and laying it affectionately on the hand of her old servant,

'Peggotty, dear, you are not going to be married?'

'Me, ma'am?'returned Peggotty, staring. 'Lord bless you, no!'

'Not just yet?'said my mother, tenderly.

'Never!'cried Peggotty.

My mother took her hand, and said:

'Don't leave me, Peggotty. Stay with me. It will not be for long, perhaps. What should I ever do without you!'

'Me leave you, my precious!'cried Peggotty. 'Not for all the world and his wife. Why, what's put that in your silly little head?'"For Peggotty had been used of old to talk to my mother sometimes like a child.

all the world and his wife - Gott und die Welt

But my mother made no answer, except to thank her, and Peggotty went running on in her own fashion.

'Me leave you? I think I see myself. Peggotty go away from you? I should like to catch her at it! No, no, no,'said Peggotty, shaking her head, and folding her arms; 'not she, my dear. It isn't that there ain't some Cats that would be well enough pleased if she did, but they sha'n't be pleased.

They shall be aggravated. I'll stay with you till I am a cross cranky old woman. And when I'm too deaf, and too lame, and too blind, and too mumbly for want of teeth, to be of any use at all, even to be found fault with, than I shall go to my Davy, and ask him to take me in.'

cranky - gereizt, launisch, schrullig, verschroben, spleenig

deaf - taub, gehörlos, die gehörlos

lame - lähmen; lahm

mumbly - nuschelig

'And, Peggotty,'says I, 'I shall be glad to see you, and I'll make you as welcome as a queen.'

'Bless your dear heart!'cried Peggotty. 'I know you will!'And she kissed me beforehand, in grateful acknowledgement of my hospitality. After that, she covered her head up with her apron again and had another laugh about Mr. Barkis. After that, she took the baby out of its little cradle, and nursed it.

beforehand - vorher

hospitality - Gastfreundlichkeit, Gastfreundschaft, Gastlichkeit, Gastgewerbe

cradle - Wiege; wiegen

After that, she cleared the dinner table; after that, came in with another cap on, and her work-box, and the yard-measure, and the bit of wax-candle, all just the same as ever.

We sat round the fire, and talked delightfully. I told them what a hard master Mr. Creakle was, and they pitied me very much. I told them what a fine fellow Steerforth was, and what a patron of mine, and Peggotty said she would walk a score of miles to see him. I took the little baby in my arms when it was awake, and nursed it lovingly.

delightfully - entzückend

pitied - bemitleidet; Mitleid

patron - Schirmherr, Patron, Mäzen, Kunde, Inhaber, Stammkunde

awake - munter, wach; erwachen, aufwachen

When it was asleep again, I crept close to my mother's side according to my old custom, broken now a long time, and sat with my arms embracing her waist, and my little red cheek on her shoulder, and once more felt her beautiful hair drooping over me"like an angel's wing as I used to think, I recollect"and was very happy indeed.

embracing - umarmen, annehmen, umarmen, Umarmung

Wing - Flügel, Schwinge, Gebäudeflügel, Tragfläche, tTragflügel

While I sat thus, looking at the fire, and seeing pictures in the red-hot coals, I almost believed that I had never been away; that Mr. and Miss Murdstone were such pictures, and would vanish when the fire got low; and that there was nothing real in all that I remembered, save my mother, Peggotty, and I.

vanish - verschwinden, vergehen, sich verflüchtigen

Peggotty darned away at a stocking as long as she could see, and then sat with it drawn on her left hand like a glove, and her needle in her right, ready to take another stitch whenever there was a blaze. I cannot conceive whose stockings they can have been that Peggotty was always darning, or where such an unfailing supply of stockings in want of darning can have come from.

darned - verflixt, ausgebessert; (darn) verflixt, ausgebessert

blaze - lodern; Lohe, Brand, Großbrand, brenne, Glut

stockings - Strümpfe; Strumpf

unfailing - unfehlbar

supply - Stellvertretung, Versorgung, Vorrat; liefern

From my earliest infancy she seems to have been always employed in that class of needlework, and never by any chance in any other.

'I wonder,'said Peggotty, who was sometimes seized with a fit of wondering on some most unexpected topic, 'what's become of Davy's great-aunt?''Lor, Peggotty!'observed my mother, rousing herself from a reverie, 'What nonsense you talk!'

seized - beschlagnahmt; ergreifen, fassen, greifen, packen, ergreifen

most unexpected - unerwartetste

What nonsense - Was für Unsinn!

'Well, but I really do wonder, ma'am,'said Peggotty.

'What can have put such a person in your head?'inquired my mother. 'Is there nobody else in the world to come there?'

'I don't know how it is,'said Peggotty, 'unless it's on account of being stupid, but my head never can pick and choose its people. They come and they go, and they don't come and they don't go, just as they like. I wonder what's become of her?'

'How absurd you are, Peggotty!'returned my mother. 'One would suppose you wanted a second visit from her.'

absurd - absurd

'Lord forbid!'cried Peggotty.

forbid - verbieten, untersagen, verweigern, vorenthalten

'Well then, don't talk about such uncomfortable things, there's a good soul,'said my mother. 'Miss Betsey is shut up in her cottage by the sea, no doubt, and will remain there. At all events, she is not likely ever to trouble us again.'

good soul - Seelengut

'No!'mused Peggotty. 'No, that ain't likely at all."-I wonder, if she was to die, whether she'd leave Davy anything?'

'good gracious me, Peggotty,'returned my mother, 'what a nonsensical woman you are! when you know that she took offence at the poor dear boy's ever being born at all.'

good gracious - oh du liebe Zeit

nonsensical - unsinnig

'I suppose she wouldn't be inclined to forgive him now,'hinted Peggotty.

be inclined - gewillt sein

'Why should she be inclined to forgive him now?'said my mother, rather sharply.

'Now that he's got a brother, I mean,'said Peggotty.

My mother immediately began to cry, and wondered how Peggotty dared to say such a thing.

'As if this poor little innocent in its cradle had ever done any harm to you or anybody else, you jealous thing!'said she. 'You had much better go and marry Mr. Barkis, the carrier. Why don't you?'

don't you? - Du weißt doch, dass ...

'I should make Miss Murdstone happy, if I was to,'said Peggotty.

'What a bad disposition you have, Peggotty!'returned my mother. 'You are as jealous of Miss Murdstone as it is possible for a ridiculous creature to be. You want to keep the keys yourself, and give out all the things, I suppose? I shouldn't be surprised if you did. When you know that she only does it out of kindness and the best intentions! You know she does, Peggotty"you know it well.'

kindness - Freundlichkeit; Liebenswürdigkeit

intentions - Absichten; Absicht

Peggotty muttered something to the effect of 'Bother the best intentions!'and something else to the effect that there was a little too much of the best intentions going on.

muttered - gemurmelt; murmeln

'I know what you mean, you cross thing,'said my mother. 'I understand you, Peggotty, perfectly. You know I do, and I wonder you don't colour up like fire. But one point at a time. Miss Murdstone is the point now, Peggotty, and you sha'n't escape from it. Haven't you heard her say, over and over again, that she thinks I am too thoughtless and too"a"a"'

'Pretty,'suggested Peggotty.

'Well,'returned my mother, half laughing, 'and if she is so silly as to say so, can I be blamed for it?'

blamed - beschuldigt; jemadem die Schuld zuweisen

'No one says you can,'said Peggotty.

'No, I should hope not, indeed!'returned my mother. 'Haven't you heard her say, over and over again, that on this account she wished to Spare me a great deal of trouble, which she thinks I am not suited for, and which I really don't know myself that I AM suited for; and isn't she up early and late, and going to and fro continually"and doesn't she do all sorts of things, and grope into all sorts of places, coal-holes and pantries and I don't know where, that can't be very agreeable"and do you mean to insinuate that there is not a sort of devotion in that?

Spare me - Verschone mich!

grope - betatschen; tasten; tappen, herumtasten, begrapschen

pantries - Vorratskammern; Speisekammer, Vorratskammer

'I don't insinuate at all,'said Peggotty.

'You do, Peggotty,'returned my mother. 'You never do anything else, except your work. You are always insinuating. You revel in it. And when you talk of Mr. Murdstone's good intentions"'

'I never talked of 'em,'said Peggotty.

'No, Peggotty,'returned my mother, 'but you insinuated. That's what I told you just now. That's the worst of you. You WILL insinuate. I said, at the moment, that I understood you, and you see I did. When you talk of Mr. Murdstone's good intentions, and pretend to slight them (for I don't believe you really do, in your heart, Peggotty), you must be as well convinced as I am how good they are, and how they actuate him in everything. If he seems to have been at all stern with a certain person, Peggotty"you understand, and so I am sure does Davy, that I am not alluding to anybody present"it is solely because he is satisfied that it is for a certain person's benefit.

insinuated - angedeutet; andeuten, unterstellen, insinuieren, einschmeicheln

actuate - auslösen; in Gang setzen, aktivieren, antreiben, anstacheln

alluding - anspielend; andeuten, erwähnen

solely - nur; einzig und allein; ausschließlich, exklusiv, alleinig

He naturally loves a certain person, on my account; and acts solely for a certain person's good. He is better able to judge of it than I am; for I very well know that I am a weak, light, girlish creature, and that he is a firm, grave, serious man. And he takes,'said my mother, with the tears which were engendered in her affectionate nature, stealing down her face, 'he takes great pains with me; and I ought to be very thankful to him, and very submissive to him even in my thoughts; and when I am not, Peggotty, I worry and condemn myself, and feel doubtful of my own heart, and don't know what to do.'

engendered - hervorgebracht hat; erzeugen

thankful - dankbar

condemn - verurteilen; verdammen, für abrissreif erklären

Peggotty sat with her chin on the foot of the stocking, looking silently at the fire.

silently - leise; schweigend, still

'There, Peggotty,'said my mother, changing her tone, 'don't let us fall out with one another, for I couldn't bear it. You are my true friend, I know, if I have any in the world. When I call you a ridiculous creature, or a vexatious thing, or anything of that sort, Peggotty, I only mean that you are my true friend, and always have been, ever since the night when Mr. Copperfield first brought me home here, and you came out to the gate to meet me.

fall out with - verkrachen

vexatious - lästig

Peggotty was not slow to respond, and ratify the treaty of friendship by giving me one of her best hugs. I think I had some glimpses of the real character of this conversation at the time; but I am sure, now, that the good creature originated it, and took her part in it, merely that my mother might comfort herself with the little contradictory summary in which she had indulged.

ratify - bestätigen, ratifizieren

Treaty - Vertrag, Bündnis

friendship - Freundschaft

hugs - Umarmungen; Umarmung, umarmen

contradictory - widersprüchlich

indulged - verwöhnt; nachgeben, erliegen, frönen, hätscheln, verwöhnen

The design was efficacious; for I remember that my mother seemed more at ease during the rest of the evening, and that Peggotty observed her less.

efficacious - Wirksam

It was almost ten o'clock before we heard the sound of wheels. We all got up then; and my mother said hurriedly that, as it was so late, and Mr.

and Miss Murdstone approved of early hours for young people, perhaps I had better go to bed. I kissed her, and went upstairs with my candle directly, before they came in. It appeared to my childish fancy, as I ascended to the bedroom where I had been imprisoned, that they brought a cold blast of air into the house which blew away the old familiar feeling like a feather.

ascended - aufgestiegen; steigen, aufsteigen

blast - schlagen, vernichten, sprengen; mit Wucht schießen; Bö

blew away - verwehte

feather - eine Feder; Feder, Vogelfeder, befiedern

I felt uncomfortable about going down to breakfast in the morning, as I had never set eyes on Mr. Murdstone since the day when I committed my memorable offence. However, as it must be done, I went down, after two or three false starts half-way, and as many runs back on tiptoe to my own room, and presented myself in the parlour.

memorable - erinnerungswürdig; denkwürdig, merkwürdig, einprägsam

on tiptoe - auf Zehenspitzen

He was standing before the fire with his back to it, while Miss Murdstone made the tea. He looked at me steadily as I entered, but made no sign of recognition whatever. I went up to him, after a moment of confusion, and said: 'I beg your pardon, sir. I am very sorry for what I did, and I hope you will forgive me.'

'I am glad to hear you are sorry, David,'he replied.

The hand he gave me was the hand I had bitten. I could not restrain my eye from resting for an instant on a red spot upon it; but it was not so red as I turned, when I met that sinister expression in his face.

spot - Fleck, Punkt, Pickel, Pustel, Bisschen, Stelle, Ort, Werbespot

sinister - unheimlich

'How do you do, ma'am?'I said to Miss Murdstone.

'Ah, dear me!'sighed Miss Murdstone, giving me the tea-caddy scoop instead of her fingers. 'How long are the holidays?'

sighed - geseufzt; Seufzen, Seufzer, Säuseln (Wind); säuseln (Wind)

caddy - Teedose; Köcherfliege

Scoop - Schaufel, Schippe, Kelle, Kaffeelöffel, Exklusivmeldung, Scoop

'A month, ma'am.'

'Counting from when?'

'From today, ma'am.'

'Oh!'said Miss Murdstone. 'Then here's one day off.'

She kept a calendar of the holidays in this way, and every morning checked a day off in exactly the same manner. She did it gloomily until she came to ten, but when she got into two figures she became more hopeful, and, as the time advanced, even jocular.

calendar - Kalender

gloomily - düster, finster

more hopeful - hoffnungsvollere

advanced - fortgeschritten; erhöhen, erheben, befördern, vorrücken

jocular - scherzhaft

It was on this very first day that I had the misfortune to throw her, though she was not subject to such weakness in general, into a state of violent consternation. I came into the room where she and my mother were sitting; and the baby (who was only a few weeks old) being on my mother's lap, I took it very carefully in my arms. Suddenly Miss Murdstone gave such a scream that I all but dropped it.

consternation - Bestürzung, Fassungslosigkeit

lap - Schoß

scream - Schrei; schreien

'My dear Jane!'cried my mother.

'Good heavens, Clara, do you see?'exclaimed Miss Murdstone.

heavens - Himmel, Firmament

'See what, my dear Jane?'said my mother; 'where?'

'He's got it!'cried Miss Murdstone. 'The boy has got the baby!'

She was limp with horror; but stiffened herself to make a dart at me, and take it out of my arms. Then, she turned faint; and was so very ill that they were obliged to give her cherry brandy. I was solemnly interdicted by her, on her recovery, from touching my brother any more on any pretence whatever; and my poor mother, who, I could see, wished otherwise, meekly confirmed the interdict, by saying: 'No doubt you are right, my dear Jane.

horror - Angst, Furcht, Horror, Grauen

stiffened - Versteift; aussteifen, versteifen, verstärken, ertüchtigen

dart - Pfeil, Satz

cherry - Kirsche; Kirschbaum, Kirschenbaum, Kirschenholz

brandy - Kognak, Brandy, Weinbrand, Branntwein, Kurzer

interdicted - verbieten; Interdikt

recovery - Wiedererlangung, Wiedergewinnung, Zurückgewinnung, Genesung

pretence - Vortäuschung; Vorwand

On another occasion, when we three were together, this same dear baby"it was truly dear to me, for our mother's sake"was the innocent occasion of Miss Murdstone's going into a passion. My mother, who had been looking at its eyes as it lay upon her lap, said:

'Davy! come here!'and looked at mine.

I saw Miss Murdstone lay her beads down.

'I declare,'said my mother, gently, 'they are exactly alike. I suppose they are mine. I think they are the colour of mine. But they are wonderfully alike.'

wonderfully - Wunderbar

'What are you talking about, Clara?'said Miss Murdstone.

'My dear Jane,'faltered my mother, a little abashed by the harsh tone of this inquiry, 'I find that the baby's eyes and Davy's are exactly alike.'

'Clara!'said Miss Murdstone, rising angrily, 'you are a positive fool sometimes.'

'My dear Jane,'remonstrated my mother.

'A positive fool,'said Miss Murdstone. 'Who else could compare my brother's baby with your boy? They are not at all alike. They are exactly unlike. They are utterly dissimilar in all respects. I hope they will ever remain so. I will not sit here, and hear such comparisons made.'With that she stalked out, and made the door bang after her.

unlike - im Gegensatz zu; ungleichartig, anders, ungleich

utterly - völlig

dissimilar - unähnlich; ungleich

respects - respektiert; Achtung, Respekt, respektieren, respektieren

comparisons - Vergleich, Komparation, Vergleichen

stalked - gestalkt; jdn. belauern; Stiel, Stengel

bang - Peng; Schlag, Knall; knallen (derb koitieren), schlagen

In short, I was not a favourite with Miss Murdstone. In short, I was not a favourite there with anybody, not even with myself; for those who did like me could not show it, and those who did not, showed it so plainly that I had a sensitive consciousness of always appearing constrained, boorish, and dull.

sensitive - empfindlich, sensibel

constrained - gezwungen; behindern, einschränken, limitieren

boorish - ungehobelt, rüpelhaft

I felt that I made them as uncomfortable as they made me. If I came into the room where they were, and they were talking together and my mother seemed cheerful, an anxious cloud would steal over her face from the moment of my entrance. If Mr. Murdstone were in his best humour, I checked him. If Miss Murdstone were in her worst, I intensified it. I had perception enough to know that my mother was the victim always; that she was afraid to speak to me or to be kind to me, lest she should give them some offence by her manner of doing so, and receive a lecture afterwards; that she was not only ceaselessly afraid of her own offending, but of my offending, and uneasily watched their looks if I only moved.

entrance - Eingang, Einfahrt, Antritt

intensified - intensiviert; intensifizieren, intensivieren

ceaselessly - unaufhörlich

offending - beleidigend; beleidigen, beleidigen, de

uneasily - unbehaglich

Therefore I resolved to keep myself as much out of their way as I could; and many a wintry hour did I hear the church clock strike, when I was sitting in my cheerless bedroom, wrapped in my little great-coat, poring over a book.

church clock - Kirchturmuhr , Kirchenuhr

cheerless - freudlos, trostlos

poring - nachhaken; Pore

In the evening, sometimes, I went and sat with Peggotty in the kitchen. There I was comfortable, and not afraid of being myself. But neither of these resources was approved of in the parlour. The tormenting humour which was dominant there stopped them both. I was still held to be necessary to my poor mother's training, and, as one of her trials, could not be suffered to absent myself.

resources - Ressourcen; Betriebsmittel, Hilfsquelle, Ressource

tormenting - gequält; schikanierend, peinigend; (torment); Qual; quälen

dominant - dominant

trials - Versuche; Erprobung, Prozess, Versuch, Probe

'David,'said Mr. Murdstone, one day after dinner when I was going to leave the room as usual; 'I am sorry to observe that you are of a sullen disposition.'

'As sulky as a bear!'said Miss Murdstone.

sulky - mürrisch; schmollend, verdrossen, Sulky

I stood still, and hung my head.

'Now, David,'said Mr. Murdstone, 'a sullen obdurate disposition is, of all tempers, the worst.'

obdurate - verstockt; stur, hartnäckig

tempers - Temperamente; Gereiztheit, Laune, Temperament

'And the boy's is, of all such dispositions that ever I have seen,'remarked his sister, 'the most confirmed and stubborn. I think, my dear Clara, even you must observe it?'

dispositions - Veranlagungen; Neigung, Gesinnung, Hang, Veranlagung

stubborn - starrköpfig; stur, dickköpfig

'I beg your pardon, my dear Jane,'said my mother, 'but are you quite sure"I am certain you'll excuse me, my dear Jane"that you understand Davy?'

'I should be somewhat ashamed of myself, Clara,'returned Miss Murdstone, 'if I could not understand the boy, or any boy. I don't profess to be profound; but I do lay claim to common sense.'

somewhat - etwas, einigermaßen

'No doubt, my dear Jane,'returned my mother, 'your understanding is very vigorous"'

vigorous - kräftig, stark, energisch, lebhaft

'Oh dear, no! Pray don't say that, Clara,'interposed Miss Murdstone, angrily.

'But I am sure it is,'resumed my mother; 'and everybody knows it is. I profit so much by it myself, in many ways"at least I ought to"that no one can be more convinced of it than myself; and therefore I speak with great diffidence, my dear Jane, I assure you.'

profit - Gewinn, Profit, nützen, profitieren, erreichen, gewinnen

'We'll say I don't understand the boy, Clara,'returned Miss Murdstone, arranging the little fetters on her wrists. 'We'll agree, if you please, that I don't understand him at all. He is much too deep for me. But perhaps my brother's penetration may enable him to have some insight into his character. And I believe my brother was speaking on the subject when we"not very decently"interrupted him.'

I don't understand - Ich verstehe nicht.

fetters - Fesseln; Fessel; q

wrists - Handgelenke; Handgelenk

penetration - Durchdringung; Penetration

enable - berechtigen, befähigen, ermöglichen, anordnen, aktivieren

insight - Einblick; Einsicht; Gespür, Kundenverständnis, Ahnung, Eingebung

decently - anständig; annehmbar

interrupted - unterbrochen; unterbrechen

'I think, Clara,'said Mr. Murdstone, in a low grave voice, 'that there may be better and more dispassionate judges of such a question than you.'

dispassionate - leidenschaftslos

judges - urteilen (nach), richten; Richter, Jurist

'Edward,'replied my mother, timidly, 'you are a far better judge of all questions than I pretend to be. Both you and Jane are. I only said"'

'You only said something weak and inconsiderate,'he replied. 'Try not to do it again, my dear Clara, and keep a watch upon yourself.'

inconsiderate - rücksichtslos

My mother's lips moved, as if she answered 'Yes, my dear Edward,'but she said nothing aloud.

'I was sorry, David, I remarked,'said Mr. Murdstone, turning his head and his eyes stiffly towards me, 'to observe that you are of a sullen disposition. This is not a character that I can suffer to develop itself beneath my eyes without an effort at improvement. You must endeavour, sir, to change it. We must endeavour to change it for you.'

stiffly - steif, kräftig

beneath - unter

effort - Anstrengung, Aufwand

improvement - Verbesserung

'I beg your pardon, sir,'I faltered. 'I have never meant to be sullen since I came back.'

'Don't take refuge in a lie, sir!'he returned so fiercely, that I saw my mother involuntarily put out her trembling hand as if to interpose between us. 'You have withdrawn yourself in your sullenness to your own room. You have kept your own room when you ought to have been here.

refuge - Zuflucht; Herberge

involuntarily - unfreiwillig

sullenness - Mürrischheit; Verdrossenheit, Verdruss, Überdruss

You know now, once for all, that I require you to be here, and not there. Further, that I require you to bring obedience here. You know me, David. I will have it done.'

require - erfordern; brauchen, benötigen

obedience - Gehorsam, Folgsamkeit, Gehorsamkeit

Miss Murdstone gave a hoarse chuckle.

chuckle - leises Lachen, Glucksen, glucken (Henne); glucksen

'I will have a respectful, prompt, and ready bearing towards myself,'he continued, 'and towards Jane Murdstone, and towards your mother. I will not have this room shunned as if it were infected, at the pleasure of a child. Sit down.'

prompt - Eingabeaufforderung; anleiten, antreiben, anstacheln

shunned - gemieden; aus dem Weg gehen, ausweichen, meiden, scheuen

infected - infiziert; anstecken, infizieren, anstecken, infizieren

He ordered me like a dog, and I obeyed like a dog.

'One thing more,'he said. 'I observe that you have an attachment to low and common company. You are not to associate with servants. The kitchen will not improve you, in the many respects in which you need improvement. Of the woman who abets you, I say nothing"since you, Clara,'addressing my mother in a lower voice, 'from old associations and long-established fancies, have a weakness respecting her which is not yet overcome.'

attachment - Attachment, Anhang, Dateianhang, Anlage

abets - begünstigt; ermutigen, aufhetzen, anstiften, stützen, helfen

fancies - Lust; extravagant, originell

'A most unaccountable delusion it is!'cried Miss Murdstone.

'I only say,'he resumed, addressing me, 'that I disapprove of your preferring such company as Mistress Peggotty, and that it is to be abandoned. Now, David, you understand me, and you know what will be the consequence if you fail to obey me to the letter.'

disapprove - missbilligen

I knew well"better perhaps than he thought, as far as my poor mother was concerned"and I obeyed him to the letter. I retreated to my own room no more; I took refuge with Peggotty no more; but sat wearily in the parlour day after day, looking forward to night, and bedtime.

wearily - müde

What irksome constraint I underwent, sitting in the same attitude hours upon hours, afraid to move an arm or a leg lest Miss Murdstone should complain (as she did on the least pretence) of my restlessness, and afraid to move an eye lest she should light on some look of dislike or scrutiny that would find new cause for complaint in mine!

irksome - lästig; belastend, verdrießlich, ermüdend

underwent - unterzog; durchmachen

attitude - Haltung; Einstellung, Attitüde, Orientierung, Ausrichtung

restlessness - Ruhelosigkeit, Unruhe

scrutiny - Kontrolle; genaue Untersuchung, genaue Beobachtung

complaint - Beschwerde; Klage, Anzeige, Monierung, Reklamation

What intolerable dulness to sit listening to the ticking of the clock; and watching Miss Murdstone's little shiny steel beads as she strung them; and wondering whether she would ever be married, and if so, to what sort of unhappy man; and counting the divisions in the moulding of the chimney-piece; and wandering away, with my eyes, to the ceiling, among the curls and corkscrews in the paper on the wall!

intolerable - unerträglich

dulness - Langweiligkeit

ticking - Inlett, Inlettstoff, Drell, tickend; (tic); Tic, Zucken

strung - bespannt; Schnur, Zeichenkette, String, Saite, String

divisions - Abteilungen; Teilung, Teil, Division, Abteilung, Division

moulding - Zierleiste, Profil, schimmelnd, gießend; (mould) Zierleiste

wandering - wandernd; (wander) irren, wandern

corkscrews - Korkenzieher

What walks I took alone, down muddy lanes, in the bad winter weather, carrying that parlour, and Mr. and Miss Murdstone in it, everywhere: a monstrous load that I was obliged to bear, a daymare that there was no possibility of breaking in, a weight that brooded on my wits, and blunted them!

Muddy - trübe, schlammig

monstrous - ungeheuerlich, monströs, grotesk, monsterhaft, monsterartig

load - Last, Beschickung (Ladung), Belastung; beladen, ich lüde

daymare - Alptraum

breaking in - einbrechend

brooded - gegrübelt; Brut, brüten, brüten, grübeln

wits - Verstand; nämlich, und zwar

blunted - schonungslos, offen, ungehobelt, sehr deutlich; abstumpfen

What meals I had in silence and embarrassment, always feeling that there were a knife and fork too many, and that mine; an appetite too many, and that mine; a plate and chair too many, and those mine; a somebody too many, and that I!

What evenings, when the candles came, and I was expected to employ myself, but, not daring to read an entertaining book, pored over some hard-headed, harder-hearted treatise on arithmetic; when the tables of weights and measures set themselves to tunes, as 'Rule Britannia', or 'Away with Melancholy'; when they wouldn't stand still to be learnt, but would go threading my grandmother's needle through my unfortunate head, in at one ear and out at the other!

entertaining - unterhaltsam; (entertain); unterhalten

pored - gebohrt; Pore

treatise - Abhandlung, Traktat

measures - Maßnahmen; Maß

Britannia - Britannien

stand still - Stillstandszeit

threading - Einfädeln; Faden, Garn

What yawns and dozes I lapsed into, in spite of all my care; what starts I came out of concealed sleeps with; what answers I never got, to little observations that I rarely made; what a blank space I seemed, which everybody overlooked, and yet was in everybody's way; what a heavy relief it was to hear Miss Murdstone hail the first stroke of nine at night, and order me to bed!

yawns - gähnt; gähnen, Gähnen

dozes - döst; Halbschlaf

lapsed - verjährt; Runden

concealed - versteckt; verbergen, verheimlichen, verschleiern, verschweigen

observations - Beobachtungen; Beobachtung, Bemerkung

overlooked - Übersicht, Überblick, bemerken

hail - jdm. zujubeln;(Hail to thee!) Wohl dir!, Sei gegrüßt!

stroke - Schlaganfall; streicheln; Stoß, Schlag, Streich, Hub

Thus the holidays lagged away, until the morning came when Miss Murdstone said: 'Here's the last day off!'and gave me the closing cup of tea of the vacation.

lagged - verzögert; zurückbleiben, zurückfallen

I was not sorry to go. I had lapsed into a stupid state; but I was recovering a little and looking forward to Steerforth, albeit Mr. Creakle loomed behind him. Again Mr. Barkis appeared at the gate, and again Miss Murdstone in her warning voice, said: 'Clara!'when my mother bent over me, to bid me farewell.

lapsed - verjährt; Entgleisung, Ausrutscher, Verfallen

recovering - wiederfinden, sich erholen, beikommen

albeit - obwohl

loomed - aufgetaucht; Webstuhl; undeutlich sichtbar werden

Farewell - Abschied nehmen; Lebewohl, Adieu, Abschied, Lebewohl sagen

I kissed her, and my baby brother, and was very sorry then; but not sorry to go away, for the gulf between us was there, and the parting was there, every day. And it is not so much the embrace she gave me, that lives in my mind, though it was as fervent as could be, as what followed the embrace.

baby brother - Brüderlein

Gulf - Golf, Meerbusen

fervent - inbrünstig; glühend; glühend (1; 2); checkinbrünstig (1

I was in the carrier's cart when I heard her calling to me. I looked out, and she stood at the garden-gate alone, holding her baby up in her arms for me to see. It was cold still weather; and not a hair of her head, nor a fold of her dress, was stirred, as she looked intently at me, holding up her child.

fold - falten, zusammenlegen, verschränken (Arme); Falte, gefaltete

intently - angespannt, aufmerksam, konzentriert

So I lost her. So I saw her afterwards, in my sleep at school"a silent presence near my bed"looking at me with the same intent face"holding up her baby in her arms.


I pass over all that happened at school, until the anniversary of my birthday came round in March. Except that Steerforth was more to be admired than ever, I remember nothing. He was going away at the end of the half-year, if not sooner, and was more spirited and independent than before in my eyes, and therefore more engaging than before; but beyond this I remember nothing.

pass over - übertreten

anniversary - Jahrestag; Hochzeitstag

more spirited - schneidigere

engaging - engagieren; beschäftigen, anstellen, angreifen, anlegen

The great remembrance by which that time is marked in my mind, seems to have swallowed up all lesser recollections, and to exist alone.

swallowed up - verschluckte

recollections - Erinnern Sie sich; Erinnerung

It is even difficult for me to believe that there was a gap of full two months between my return to Salem House and the arrival of that birthday. I can only understand that the fact was so, because I know it must have been so; otherwise I should feel convinced that there was no interval, and that the one occasion trod upon the other's heels.

How well I recollect the kind of day it was!

I smell the fog that hung about the place; I see the hoar frost, ghostly, through it; I feel my rimy hair fall clammy on my cheek; I look along the dim perspective of the schoolroom, with a sputtering candle here and there to light up the foggy morning, and the breath of the boys wreathing and smoking in the raw cold as they blow upon their fingers, and tap their feet upon the floor. It was after breakfast, and we had been summoned in from the playground, when Mr. Sharp entered and said:

hung about - herumgedrückt

hoar - (hoar frost) Raufrost, Raureif

frost - Reif; Frost; glasieren

ghostly - geisterhaft, spukhaft

clammy - klamm

sputtering - Stottern; plappernd; (sputter); spucken; mit feuchter Aussprache sprechen

foggy - neblig, diesig

wreathing - kränzen; Kranz, Gebinde

raw - roh; Roh-; rau

tap - Wasserhahn; Schlacke abstechen

summoned - vorgeladen; auffordern, vorladen

'David Copperfield is to go into the parlour.'

I expected a hamper from Peggotty, and brightened at the order. Some of the boys about me put in their claim not to be forgotten in the distribution of the good things, as I got out of my seat with great alacrity.

hamper - stören, behindern, hemmen, hindern; Geschenkkorb

brightened - aufgehellt; aufhellen, schönen, aufhellen, aufhellen

distribution - Verteilung; Distribution, Verbreitung, Austeilung, Aufteilung

alacrity - Eilfertigkeit; Eifer; Unverzüglichkeit

'Don't hurry, David,'said Mr. Sharp. 'There's time enough, my boy, don't hurry.'

I might have been surprised by the feeling tone in which he spoke, if I had given it a thought; but I gave it none until afterwards. I hurried away to the parlour; and there I found Mr. Creakle, sitting at his breakfast with the cane and a newspaper before him, and Mrs. Creakle with an opened letter in her hand. But no hamper.

hurried - eilig; Eile, beeilen

'David Copperfield,'said Mrs. Creakle, leading me to a sofa, and sitting down beside me. 'I want to speak to you very particularly. I have something to tell you, my child.'

Mr. Creakle, at whom of course I looked, shook his head without looking at me, and stopped up a sigh with a very large piece of buttered toast.

stopped up - zugestopft

buttered - gebuttert; mit Butter bestreichen; Butter; aufpuffern (aufschweißen)

'You are too young to know how the world changes every day,'said Mrs. Creakle, 'and how the people in it pass away. But we all have to learn it, David; some of us when we are young, some of us when we are old, some of us at all times of our lives.'

pass away - verrauschen, sterben, dahinscheiden, versterben, verscheiden

I looked at her earnestly.

'When you came away from home at the end of the vacation,'said Mrs. Creakle, after a pause, 'were they all well?'After another pause, 'Was your mama well?'

I trembled without distinctly knowing why, and still looked at her earnestly, making no attempt to answer.

distinctly - deutlich

'Because,'said she, 'I grieve to tell you that I hear this morning your mama is very ill.'

grieve - trauern; weh tun, kränken, bekümmern; sich grämen (über)

A mist rose between Mrs. Creakle and me, and her figure seemed to move in it for an instant. Then I felt the burning tears run down my face, and it was steady again.

steady - beständig; stetig; stabilisieren

'She is very dangerously ill,'she added.

dangerously - Gefährlich

I knew all now.

'She is dead.'

There was no need to tell me so. I had already broken out into a desolate cry, and felt an orphan in the wide world.

broken out - ausgebrochen

She was very kind to me. She kept me there all day, and left me alone sometimes; and I cried, and wore myself to sleep, and awoke and cried again. When I could cry no more, I began to think; and then the oppression on my breast was heaviest, and my grief a dull pain that there was no ease for.

grief - Kummer, Gram, Leid

And yet my thoughts were idle; not intent on the calamity that weighed upon my heart, but idly loitering near it. I thought of our house shut up and hushed. I thought of the little baby, who, Mrs.

idle - träge, nicht in Betrieb, faul, nutzlos, untätig; faulenzen

calamity - Verhängnis; Unheil, Kalamität

idly - untätig, träge

loitering - Herumlungern; trödelnd; (loiter); rumlungern, rumhängen

Creakle said, had been pining away for some time, and who, they believed, would die too. I thought of my father's grave in the churchyard, by our house, and of my mother lying there beneath the tree I knew so well. I stood upon a chair when I was left alone, and looked into the glass to see how red my eyes were, and how sorrowful my face. I considered, after some hours were gone, if my tears were really hard to flow now, as they seemed to be, what, in connexion with my loss, it would affect me most to think of when I drew near home"for I was going home to the funeral. I am sensible of having felt that a dignity attached to me among the rest of the boys, and that I was important in my affliction.

pining - Sehnsucht; pineapple = Ananasa

sorrowful - Traurig

flow - Wasserführung; ich flösse, ich/er/sie floss (floß

Loss - Verlust, Ausfall; Kursverlust

attached - befestigt; anbringen

If ever child were stricken with sincere grief, I was. But I remember that this importance was a kind of satisfaction to me, when I walked in the playground that afternoon while the boys were in school. When I saw them glancing at me out of the windows, as they went up to their classes, I felt distinguished, and looked more melancholy, and walked slower.

stricken - angeschlagen; ergriffen, heimgesucht, betroffen

importance - Bedeutung; Wichtigkeit, Belang

distinguished - ausgezeichnet; unterscheiden, erkennen, auszeichnen

When school was over, and they came out and spoke to me, I felt it rather good in myself not to be proud to any of them, and to take exactly the same notice of them all, as before.

I was to go home next night; not by the mail, but by the heavy night-coach, which was called the Farmer, and was principally used by country-people travelling short intermediate distances upon the road. We had no story-telling that evening, and Traddles insisted on lending me his pillow.

principally - grundsätzlich, im Prinzip, hauptsächlich

intermediate - Zwischenstufe; Zwischenprodukt; als Vermittler handeln

insisted - darauf bestanden; auf , bestehen

I don't know what good he thought it would do me, for I had one of my own: but it was all he had to lend, poor fellow, except a sheet of letter-paper full of skeletons; and that he gave me at parting, as a soother of my sorrows and a contribution to my peace of mind.

soother - Schnuller; (sooth); Wahrheit

contribution - Beitrag, finanziell inanzieller Beitrag, Beitrag, Beitragen

I left Salem House upon the morrow afternoon. I little thought then that I left it, never to return. We travelled very slowly all night, and did not get into Yarmouth before nine or ten o'clock in the morning. I looked out for Mr.

morrow - morgen; Morgen

Barkis, but he was not there; and instead of him a fat, short-winded, merry-looking, little old man in black, with rusty little bunches of ribbons at the knees of his breeches, black stockings, and a broad-brimmed hat, came puffing up to the coach window, and said:

winded - verschnupft; (wind) aufspulen, rollen, blasen, aufwickeln

bunches - Trauben; Bund, qualifierlowers, Traube, bündeln, anordnen

ribbons - Bändchen; Band

puffing - schnaufend; Aufblähung; (puff) schnaufend; Aufblähung

'Master Copperfield?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Will you come with me, young sir, if you please,'he said, opening the door, 'and I shall have the pleasure of taking you home.'

I put my hand in his, wondering who he was, and we walked away to a shop in a narrow street, on which was written OMER, DRAPER, TAILOR, HABERDASHER, FUNERAL FURNISHER, &c. It was a close and stifling little shop; full of all sorts of clothing, made and unmade, including one window full of beaver-hats and bonnets.

haberdasher - Kurzwarenhändler; Herrenausstatter

Furnisher - EINRICHTUNG; Lieferant

stifling - erstickend; (stifle) erstickend

unmade - nicht gemacht; beseitigen, aufheben

beaver - Biber

bonnets - Motorhauben; Haube, Motorhaube, Haube

We went into a little back-parlour behind the shop, where we found three young women at work on a quantity of black materials, which were heaped upon the table, and little bits and cuttings of which were littered all over the floor. There was a good fire in the room, and a breathless smell of warm black crape"I did not know what the smell was then, but I know now.

heaped - gehäuft; Menschenmenge, Masse, Haufen, Haufe, Heap, Haufen

cuttings - Stecklinge; Schneiden

littered - verstreut; Sänfte, Trage, Bahre, Wurf, Streu, Stroh

crape - Krepp

The three young women, who appeared to be very industrious and comfortable, raised their heads to look at me, and then went on with their work. Stitch, stitch, stitch. At the same time there came from a workshop across a little yard outside the window, a regular sound of hammering that kept a kind of tune: RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat, without any variation.

industrious - fleißig

workshop - Werkstatt; Workshop

hammering - hämmernd; (hammer); Hammer; Schlagstück, Hahn, Schlaghebel

tune - Melodie; stimmen

rat - Ratte

'Well,'said my conductor to one of the three young women. 'How do you get on, Minnie?'

'We shall be ready by the trying-on time,'she replied gaily, without looking up. 'Don't you be afraid, father.'

trying-on - (trying-on) anprobierend

gaily - fröhlich; unbekümmert

Mr. Omer took off his broad-brimmed hat, and sat down and panted. He was so fat that he was obliged to pant some time before he could say:

panted - keuchte; keuchen, hecheln, schnaufen (i. S. v. keuchen)

'that's right.'

that's right - Das stimmt. Ganz recht.

'Father!'said Minnie, playfully. 'What a porpoise you do grow!'

porpoise - Tümmler, Schweinswal

'Well, I don't know how it is, my dear,'he replied, considering about it. 'I am rather so.'

'You are such a comfortable man, you see,'said Minnie. 'You take things so easy.'

'No use taking 'em otherwise, my dear,'said Mr. Omer.

'No, indeed,'returned his daughter. 'We are all pretty gay here, thank Heaven! Ain't we, father?'

'I hope so, my dear,'said Mr. Omer. 'As I have got my breath now, I think I'll measure this young scholar. Would you walk into the shop, Master Copperfield?'

I preceded Mr. Omer, in compliance with his request; and after showing me a roll of cloth which he said was extra super, and too good mourning for anything short of parents, he took my various dimensions, and put them down in a book. While he was recording them he called my attention to his stock in trade, and to certain fashions which he said had 'just come up', and to certain other fashions which he said had 'just gone out'.

preceded - vorausgegangen; vorangehen, vorausgehen

super - todschick; bombig (ugs.)

various - verschiedene

dimensions - Abmessungen; Dimension, Dimension, Dimension, Dimension

stock - in Bausch und Bogen, Aktien, Inventar

trade - handeln (mit), eintauschen, schachern mit etwas;Handel , Handwerk , Geschäft , Trade;gewerblich {adj};eintauschen (für)

'And by that sort of thing we very often lose a little mint of money,'said Mr. Omer. 'But fashions are like human beings. They come in, nobody knows when, why, or how; and they go out, nobody knows when, why, or how. Everything is like life, in my opinion, if you look at it in that point of view.'

mint - Münzanstalt, Minze; ausprägen

I was too sorrowful to discuss the question, which would possibly have been beyond me under any circumstances; and Mr. Omer took me back into the parlour, breathing with some difficulty on the way.

breathing - Atmen, Atmung; (breath); Atmen, Atmung, Atemzug, Atem, Atempause

He then called down a little break-neck range of steps behind a door: 'Bring up that tea and bread-and-butter!'which, after some time, during which I sat looking about me and thinking, and listening to the stitching in the room and the tune that was being hammered across the yard, appeared on a tray, and turned out to be for me.

range - Reichweite; Gebirgskette, Gebirge, Gebirgszug, Herd, Spanne

stitching - absteppend, nähend; (stitch) absteppend, nähend

hammered - gehämmert; Hammer, Schlagstück

tray - Tablett, Servierbrett

'I have been acquainted with you,'said Mr. Omer, after watching me for some minutes, during which I had not made much impression on the breakfast, for the black things destroyed my appetite, 'I have been acquainted with you a long time, my young friend.'

'Have you, sir?'

'All your life,'said Mr. Omer. 'I may say before it. I knew your father before you. He was five foot nine and a half, and he lays in five-and-twen-ty foot of ground.'

'RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat,'across the yard.

'He lays in five and twen-ty foot of ground, if he lays in a fraction,'said Mr. Omer, pleasantly. 'It was either his request or her direction, I forget which.'

fraction - Fraktion; Bruchteil; Bruch

pleasantly - angenehme, angenehm

'Do you know how my little brother is, sir?'I inquired.

Mr. Omer shook his head.

'RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat, RAT"tat-tat.'

'He is in his mother's arms,'said he.

'Oh, poor little fellow! Is he dead?'

'Don't mind it more than you can help,'said Mr. Omer. 'Yes. The baby's dead.'

My wounds broke out afresh at this intelligence. I left the scarcely-tasted breakfast, and went and rested my head on another table, in a corner of the little room, which Minnie hastily cleared, lest I should spot the mourning that was lying there with my tears.

wounds - anschießen, verwunden

hastily - hastig

She was a pretty, good-natured girl, and put my hair away from my eyes with a soft, kind touch; but she was very cheerful at having nearly finished her work and being in good time, and was so different from me!

Presently the tune left off, and a good-looking young fellow came across the yard into the room. He had a hammer in his hand, and his mouth was full of little nails, which he was obliged to take out before he could speak.

hammer - Hammer; Schlagstück, Hahn, Schlaghebel, tMalleus

'Well, Joram!'said Mr. Omer. 'How do you get on?'

'All right,'said Joram. 'Done, sir.'

Minnie coloured a little, and the other two girls smiled at one another.

'What! you were at it by candle-light last night, when I was at the club, then? Were you?'said Mr. Omer, shutting up one eye.

'Yes,'said Joram. 'As you said we could make a little trip of it, and go over together, if it was done, Minnie and me"and you.'

'Oh! I thought you were going to leave me out altogether,'said Mr. Omer, laughing till he coughed.

coughed - gehustet; husten, husten, Husten, Husten

'"As you was so good as to say that,'resumed the young man, 'why I turned to with a will, you see. Will you give me your opinion of it?'

'I will,'said Mr. Omer, rising. 'My dear'; and he stopped and turned to me: 'would you like to see your"'

'No, father,'Minnie interposed.

'I thought it might be agreeable, my dear,'said Mr. Omer. 'But perhaps you're right.'

I can't say how I knew it was my dear, dear mother's coffin that they went to look at. I had never heard one making; I had never seen one that I know of."but it came into my mind what the noise was, while it was going on; and when the young man entered, I am sure I knew what he had been doing.

coffin - Sarg, einsargen

The work being now finished, the two girls, whose names I had not heard, brushed the shreds and threads from their dresses, and went into the shop to put that to rights, and wait for customers. Minnie stayed behind to fold up what they had made, and pack it in two baskets. This she did upon her knees, humming a lively little tune the while. Joram, who I had no doubt was her lover, came in and stole a kiss from her while she was busy (he didn't appear to mind me, at all), and said her father was gone for the chaise, and he must Make haste and get himself ready.

threads - Fäden; Faden, Garn

fold up - zusammenklappen, zusammenklappen [alt]

baskets - Körbe; Korb

humming - Brummen; (to hum) summen, murmeln; (hum); Summen

lover - Geliebte, Liebhaber, Liebhaberin

Make haste - Beeil dich!

Then he went out again; and then she put her thimble and scissors in her pocket, and stuck a needle threaded with black thread neatly in the bosom of her gown, and put on her outer clothing smartly, at a little glass behind the door, in which I saw the reflection of her pleased face.

scissors - eine Schere; Schere

threaded - mit Gewinde; Faden, Garn

outer clothing - Oberbekleidung

smartly - klug; schlau, elegant

All this I observed, sitting at the table in the corner with my head leaning on my hand, and my thoughts running on very different things. The chaise soon came round to the front of the shop, and the baskets being put in first, I was put in next, and those three followed.

I remember it as a kind of half chaise-cart, half pianoforte-van, painted of a sombre colour, and drawn by a black horse with a long tail. There was plenty of room for us all.

pianoforte - das Klavier

sombre - dunkel, düster, finster, trübe, matt

black horse - Rappe

tail - Schwanz; Zipfel

I do not think I have ever experienced so strange a feeling in my life (I am wiser now, perhaps) as that of being with them, remembering how they had been employed, and seeing them enjoy the ride. I was not angry with them; I was more afraid of them, as if I were cast away among creatures with whom I had no community of nature. They were very cheerful. The old man sat in front to drive, and the two young people sat behind him, and whenever he spoke to them leaned forward, the one on one side of his chubby face and the other on the other, and made a great deal of him.

wiser - weiser; klug, vernünftig

They would have talked to me too, but I held back, and moped in my corner; scared by their love-making and hilarity, though it was far from boisterous, and almost wondering that no judgement came upon them for their hardness of heart.

moped - Moped, sauer; (mop); Mopp; i

hilarity - Fröhlichkeit, Ausgelassenheit, Heiterkeit, Komik, Witz

judgement - Urteilsvermögen; Urteil, Beurteilung

So, when they stopped to bait the horse, and ate and drank and enjoyed themselves, I could touch nothing that they touched, but kept my fast unbroken. So, when we reached home, I dropped out of the chaise behind, as quickly as possible, that I might not be in their company before those solemn windows, looking blindly on me like closed eyes once bright.

bait - Köder, Luder, Fischköder

unbroken - ungebrochen

blindly - blindlings

And oh, how little need I had had to think what would move me to tears when I came back"seeing the window of my mother's room, and next it that which, in the better time, was mine!

I was in Peggotty's arms before I got to the door, and she took me into the house. Her grief burst out when she first saw me; but she controlled it soon, and spoke in whispers, and walked softly, as if the dead could be disturbed. She had not been in bed, I found, for a long time. She sat up at night still, and watched. As long as her poor dear pretty was above the ground, she said, she would never desert her.

Mr. Murdstone took no heed of me when I went into the parlour where he was, but sat by the fireside, weeping silently, and pondering in his elbow-chair. Miss Murdstone, who was busy at her writing-desk, which was covered with letters and papers, gave me her cold finger-nails, and asked me, in an iron whisper, if I had been measured for my mourning.

heed - beachtet; beherzigen, beachten

weeping - weinen; .; (weep) weinen

finger-nails - (finger-nails) Fingernägel

measured - gemessen; Maß

I said: 'Yes.'

'And your shirts,'said Miss Murdstone; 'have you brought 'em home?'

'Yes, ma'am. I have brought home all my clothes.'

This was all the consolation that her firmness administered to me. I do not doubt that she had a choice pleasure in exhibiting what she called her self-command, and her firmness, and her strength of mind, and her common sense, and the whole diabolical catalogue of her unamiable qualities, on such an occasion. She was particularly proud of her turn for business; and she showed it now in reducing everything to pen and ink, and being moved by nothing.

exhibiting - zeigen, zur Schau stellen, ausstellen, vorzeigen, zeigen

diabolical - teuflisch

catalogue - Katalog, Liste, Verzeichnis

unamiable - unliebenswürdig

All the rest of that day, and from morning to night afterwards, she sat at that desk, scratching composedly with a hard pen, speaking in the same imperturbable whisper to everybody; never relaxing a muscle of her face, or softening a tone of her voice, or appearing with an atom of her dress astray.

scratching - sich kratzen, zerkratzen; (scratch); kratzen; zerkratzen

composedly - Gelassenheit

imperturbable - unerschütterlich

whisper to - zuflüstern

softening - Erweichung; weich werdend, aufweichend; (soften); aufweichen

atom - Atom

astray - in die Irre; fehlgeleitet, abwegig, irregeleitet

Her brother took a book sometimes, but never read it that I saw. He would open it and look at it as if he were reading, but would remain for a whole hour without turning the leaf, and then put it down and walk to and fro in the room. I used to sit with folded hands watching him, and counting his footsteps, hour after hour.

leaf - Blatt, Laubblatt, Platte

He very seldom spoke to her, and never to me. He seemed to be the only restless thing, except the clocks, in the whole motionless house.

In these days before the funeral, I saw but little of Peggotty, except that, in passing up or down stairs, I always found her close to the room where my mother and her baby lay, and except that she came to me every night, and sat by my bed's head while I went to sleep. A day or two before the burial"I think it was a day or two before, but I am conscious of confusion in my mind about that heavy time, with nothing to mark its progress"she took me into the room. I only recollect that underneath some white covering on the bed, with a beautiful cleanliness and freshness all around it, there seemed to me to lie embodied the solemn stillness that was in the house; and that when she would have turned the cover gently back, I cried: 'Oh no! oh no!

burial - Beerdigung; Begräbnis

cleanliness - Sauberkeit, Reinlichkeit

embodied - verkörpert; verkörpern, verkörpern

and held her hand.

If the funeral had been yesterday, I could not recollect it better. The very air of the best parlour, when I went in at the door, the bright condition of the fire, the shining of the wine in the decanters, the patterns of the glasses and plates, the faint sweet smell of cake, the odour of Miss Murdstone's dress, and our black clothes. Mr. Chillip is in the room, and comes to speak to me.

decanters - Dekanter

odour - Geruch

'And how is Master David?'he says, kindly.

I cannot tell him very well. I give him my hand, which he holds in his.

'Dear me!'says Mr. Chillip, meekly smiling, with something shining in his eye. 'Our little friends grow up around us. They grow out of our knowledge, ma'am?'This is to Miss Murdstone, who makes no reply.

'There is a great improvement here, ma'am?'says Mr. Chillip.

Miss Murdstone merely answers with a frown and a formal bend: Mr. Chillip, discomfited, goes into a corner, keeping me with him, and opens his mouth no more.

bend - beugen; biegen, durchbiegen, Kurve, Biegung, Schrägbalken

I remark this, because I remark everything that happens, not because I care about myself, or have done since I came home. And now the bell begins to sound, and Mr. Omer and another come to make us ready. As Peggotty was wont to tell me, long ago, the followers of my father to the same grave were made ready in the same room.

wont - nicht

followers - Mitläufer; Nachfolger, Nachfolgerin, Anhänger, Follower

There are Mr. Murdstone, our neighbour Mr. Grayper, Mr. Chillip, and I. When we go out to the door, the Bearers and their load are in the garden; and they move before us down the path, and past the elms, and through the gate, and into the churchyard, where I have so often heard the birds sing on a summer morning.

bearers - Trägern; Träger, Trägerin, Inhaber, Inhaberin, Träger, Trägerin

elms - Ulmen; Ulme

We stand around the grave. The day seems different to me from every other day, and the light not of the same colour"of a sadder colour. Now there is a solemn hush, which we have brought from home with what is resting in the mould; and while we stand bareheaded, I hear the voice of the clergyman, sounding remote in the open air, and yet distinct and plain, saying: 'I am the Resurrection and the Life, saith the Lord!

Hush - Pst; verstummen, still werden, zum Schweigen bringen, Stille

bareheaded - ohne Kopfbedeckung

open air - unter freiem Himmel, im Freiem, Freilicht

resurrection - Wiederauferstehung

Then I hear sobs; and, standing apart among the lookers-on, I see that good and faithful servant, whom of all the people upon earth I love the best, and unto whom my childish heart is certain that the Lord will one day say: 'Well done.'

lookers - Gucker; (look) Blick, siehe

faithful - treu

unto - zu

There are many faces that I know, among the little crowd; faces that I knew in church, when mine was always wondering there; faces that first saw my mother, when she came to the village in her youthful bloom. I do not mind them"I mind nothing but my grief"and yet I see and know them all; and even in the background, far away, see Minnie looking on, and her eye glancing on her sweetheart, who is near me.

It is over, and the earth is filled in, and we turn to come away. Before us stands our house, so pretty and unchanged, so linked in my mind with the young idea of what is gone, that all my sorrow has been nothing to the sorrow it calls forth. But they take me on; and Mr. Chillip talks to me; and when we get home, puts some water to my lips; and when I ask his leave to go up to my room, dismisses me with the gentleness of a woman.

unchanged - unverändert

my sorrow - zu meinem Leidwesen

dismisses - entlässt; entlassen, entlassen, abweisen, einstellen

All this, I say, is yesterday's event. Events of later date have floated from me to the shore where all forgotten things will reappear, but this stands like a high rock in the ocean.

floated - getrieben; treiben, schwimmen, schweben, schwimmen, treiben

shore - Ufer, Stützbalken, Küste, Strebe

reappear - wieder auftauchen; wieder erscheinen, wiederauftreten

I knew that Peggotty would come to me in my room. The Sabbath stillness of the time (the day was so like Sunday! I have forgotten that) was suited to us both. She sat down by my side upon my little bed; and holding my hand, and sometimes putting it to her lips, and sometimes smoothing it with hers, as she might have comforted my little brother, told me, in her way, all that she had to tell concerning what had happened.

Sabbath - Sabbat, Schabbat, Schabbes, Sonntag, Hexensabbat, Hexentanz

smoothing - Glättung; glättend, gleitend

comforted - getröstet; Behaglichkeit, Bequemlichkeit, Komfort, Trost

concerning - Was bedeutet das; Sorge, Anliegen

'She was never well,'said Peggotty, 'for a long time. She was uncertain in her mind, and not happy. When her baby was born, I thought at first she would get better, but she was more delicate, and sunk a little every day. She used to like to sit alone before her baby came, and then she cried; but afterwards she used to sing to it"so soft, that I once thought, when I heard her, it was like a voice up in the air, that was rising away.

uncertain - unsicher

more delicate - zierlichere

sunk - versenkt; nachlassen, untergehen, abgesackt

'I think she got to be more timid, and more frightened-like, of late; and that a hard word was like a blow to her. But she was always the same to me. She never changed to her foolish Peggotty, didn't my sweet girl.'

more timid - furchtsamere

sweet girl - süßes Mädchen

Here Peggotty stopped, and softly beat upon my hand a little while.

'The last time that I saw her like her own old self, was the night when you came home, my dear. The day you went away, she said to me, śI never shall see my pretty darling again. Something tells me so, that tells the truth, I know.ť

'She tried to hold up after that; and many a time, when they told her she was thoughtless and light-hearted, made believe to be so; but it was all a bygone then. She never told her husband what she had told me"she was afraid of saying it to anybody else"till one night, a little more than a week before it happened, when she said to him: śMy dear, I think I am dying

light-hearted - (light-hearted) unbeschwert

bygone - vorbei; vergangen

dying - (to die) sterben, umkommen; (dye) (to die) sterben, umkommen

'śIt's off my mind now, Peggotty,ť she told me, when I laid her in her bed that night. śHe will believe it more and more, poor fellow, every day for a few days to come; and then it will be past. I am very tired. If this is sleep, sit by me while I sleep: don't leave me. God bless both my children! God protect and keep my fatherless boy!ť

fatherless - vaterlos

'I never left her afterwards,'said Peggotty. 'She often talked to them two downstairs"for she loved them; she couldn't bear not to love anyone who was about her"but when they went away from her bed-side, she always turned to me, as if there was rest where Peggotty was, and never fell asleep in any other way.

'On the last night, in the evening, she kissed me, and said: śIf my baby should die too, Peggotty, please let them lay him in my arms, and bury us together.ť (It was done; for the poor lamb lived but a day beyond her.) śLet my dearest boy go with us to our resting-place,ť she said, śand tell him that his mother, when she lay here, blessed him not once, but a thousand times.ť'

bury - vergraben, verbergen, begraben

lamb - Lamm, Lammfleisch

resting-place - (resting-place) Rastplatz

Another silence followed this, and another gentle beating on my hand.

gentle - liebenswürdig; einfühlsam, sanftmütig, gemächlich, sachte

'It was pretty far in the night,'said Peggotty, 'when she asked me for some drink; and when she had taken it, gave me such a patient smile, the dear!"so beautiful!

'Daybreak had come, and the sun was rising, when she said to me, how kind and considerate Mr. Copperfield had always been to her, and how he had borne with her, and told her, when she doubted herself, that a loving heart was better and stronger than wisdom, and that he was a happy man in hers. śPeggotty, my dear,ť she said then, śput me nearer to you,ť for she was very weak. śLay your good arm underneath my neck,ť she said, śand turn me to you, for your face is going far off, and I want it to be near.

daybreak - Tagesanbruch

doubted - bezweifelt; bezweifeln, zweifeln, Zweifel

I put it as she asked; and oh Davy! the time had come when my first parting words to you were true"when she was glad to lay her poor head on her stupid cross old Peggotty's arm"and she died like a child that had gone to sleep!'

Thus ended Peggotty's narration. From the moment of my knowing of the death of my mother, the idea of her as she had been of late had vanished from me. I remembered her, from that instant, only as the young mother of my earliest impressions, who had been used to wind her bright curls round and round her finger, and to dance with me at twilight in the parlour. What Peggotty had told me now, was so far from bringing me back to the later period, that it rooted the earlier image in my mind. It may be curious, but it is true.

narration - Erzählung

rooted - verwurzelt; wurzeln; Haupt, Wurzel, Nullstelle [math.]

In her death she winged her way back to her calm untroubled youth, and cancelled all the rest.

winged - geflügelt; Flügel, t+Schwinge, Flügel, Flügel, t+Gebäudeflügel

untroubled - unbesorgt

cancelled - abgesagt; ausstreichen, durchstreichen, kanzellieren

The mother who lay in the grave, was the mother of my infancy; the little creature in her arms, was myself, as I had once been, hushed for ever on her bosom.


neglected - vernachlässigt; vernachlässigen, verabsäumen, versäumen

The first act of business Miss Murdstone performed when the day of the solemnity was over, and light was freely admitted into the house, was to give Peggotty a month's warning. Much as Peggotty would have disliked such a service, I believe she would have retained it, for my sake, in preference to the best upon earth. She told me we must part, and told me why; and we condoled with one another, in all sincerity.

admitted - zugelassen; einlassen, zulassen, zugeben, eingestehen, erlauben

disliked - nicht mochte; Unbehagen

retained - zurückgehalten; behalten, festhalten

condoled - kondoliert; kondolieren

sincerity - Aufrichtigkeit, Ehrlichkeit

As to me or my future, not a word was said, or a step taken. Happy they would have been, I dare say, if they could have dismissed me at a month's warning too. I mustered courage once, to ask Miss Murdstone when I was going back to school; and she answered dryly, she believed I was not going back at all.

mustered - mustern; antreten lassen

dryly - trocken

I was told nothing more. I was very anxious to know what was going to be done with me, and so was Peggotty; but neither she nor I could pick up any information on the subject.

There was one change in my condition, which, while it relieved me of a great deal of present uneasiness, might have made me, if I had been capable of considering it closely, yet more uncomfortable about the future. It was this. The constraint that had been put upon me, was quite abandoned. I was so far from being required to keep my dull post in the parlour, that on several occasions, when I took my seat there, Miss Murdstone frowned to me to go away.

capable - fähig

more uncomfortable - unbequemere

required - erforderlich; erfordern, brauchen, benötigen

frowned - die Stirn gerunzelt; die Stirn runzeln

I was so far from being warned off from Peggotty's society, that, provided I was not in Mr. Murdstone's, I was never sought out or inquired for. At first I was in daily dread of his taking my education in hand again, or of Miss Murdstone's devoting herself to it; but I soon began to think that such fears were groundless, and that all I had to anticipate was neglect.

warned - gewarnt; warnen, mahnen, warnen

devoting - widmen

groundless - grundlos, unbegründet

anticipate - antizipieren; vorgreifen; voraussehen, vorausahnen

neglect - Vernachlässigung; vernachlässigen, verabsäumen, versäumen

'Peggotty,'I said in a thoughtful whisper, one evening, when I was warming my hands at the kitchen fire, 'Mr. Murdstone likes me less than he used to. He never liked me much, Peggotty; but he would rather not even see me now, if he can help it.'

'Perhaps it's his sorrow,'said Peggotty, stroking my hair.

sorrow - Kummer, Traurigkeit, Trauer, Sorge

stroking - streichelnd; (stroke) streichelnd

'I am sure, Peggotty, I am sorry too. If I believed it was his sorrow, I should not think of it at all. But it's not that; oh, no, it's not that.'

'How do you know it's not that?'said Peggotty, after a silence.

'Oh, his sorrow is another and quite a different thing. He is sorry at this moment, sitting by the fireside with Miss Murdstone; but if I was to go in, Peggotty, he would be something besides.'

'What would he be?'said Peggotty.

'Angry,'I answered, with an involuntary imitation of his dark frown. 'If he was only sorry, he wouldn't look at me as he does. I am only sorry, and it makes me feel kinder.'

involuntary - unabsichtlich, unwillkürlich, ungewollt, unfreiwillig

imitation - Imitation, Nachahmung, Kopie, Imitat

Peggotty said nothing for a little while; and I warmed my hands, as silent as she.

'Davy,'she said at length.

'Yes, Peggotty?''I have tried, my dear, all ways I could think of"all the ways there are, and all the ways there ain't, in short"to get a suitable service here, in Blunderstone; but there's no such a thing, my love.'

suitable - geeignet, passend, angemessen

'And what do you mean to do, Peggotty,'says I, wistfully. 'Do you mean to go and seek your fortune?'

wistfully - wehmütig

seek - suchen

Fortune - Fortuna; Schicksal, Glück, Vermögen

'I expect I shall be forced to go to Yarmouth,'replied Peggotty, 'and live there.'

'You might have gone farther off,'I said, brightening a little, 'and been as bad as lost. I shall see you sometimes, my dear old Peggotty, there. You won't be quite at the other end of the world, will you?'

brightening - Aufhellung; aufhellen, schönen, aufhellen, aufhellen

'Contrary ways, please God!'cried Peggotty, with great animation. 'As long as you are here, my pet, I shall come over every week of my life to see you. One day, every week of my life!'

animation - Belebung, Vitalisierung, Animation

I felt a great weight taken off my mind by this promise: but even this was not all, for Peggotty went on to say:

'I'm a-going, Davy, you see, to my brother's, first, for another fortnight's visit"just till I have had time to look about me, and get to be something like myself again. Now, I have been thinking that perhaps, as they don't want you here at present, you might be let to go along with me.'

If anything, short of being in a different relation to every one about me, Peggotty excepted, could have given me a sense of pleasure at that time, it would have been this project of all others.

The idea of being again surrounded by those honest faces, shining welcome on me; of renewing the peacefulness of the sweet Sunday morning, when the bells were ringing, the stones dropping in the water, and the shadowy ships breaking through the mist; of roaming up and down with little Em'ly, telling her my troubles, and finding charms against them in the shells and pebbles on the beach; made a calm in my heart. It was ruffled next moment, to be sure, by a doubt of Miss Murdstone's giving her consent; but even that was set at rest soon, for she came out to take an evening grope in the store-closet while we were yet in conversation, and Peggotty, with a boldness that amazed me, broached the topic on the spot.

surrounded - umgeben, umringen, umzingeln, umringen

renewing - erneuern, erneuern

peacefulness - Friedlichkeit

dropping in - (drop in) Störsignal

roaming - wandern, umherziehen

charms - Reize; Talisman; Charme, Zauberformel, Lieblichkeit; bezaubern

ruffled - zerzaust; Rüsche, Krause

'The boy will be idle there,'said Miss Murdstone, looking into a pickle-jar, 'and idleness is the root of all evil. But, to be sure, he would be idle here"or anywhere, in my opinion.'

jar - Topf, Krug, Glasgefäß

root - wurzeln; Haupt, Wurzel, Nullstelle [math.]

evil - böse; Sünde, übel, üblen, Ăśbel

Peggotty had an angry answer ready, I could see; but she swallowed it for my sake, and remained silent.

swallowed - verschluckt; schlucken, verschlingen, anbeißen, einstecken

'Humph!'said Miss Murdstone, still keeping her eye on the pickles; 'it is of more importance than anything else"it is of paramount importance"that my brother should not be disturbed or made uncomfortable. I suppose I had better say yes.'

Humph - hm

paramount - hervorragend, höchst, überragend, vorrangig

I thanked her, without making any demonstration of joy, lest it should induce her to withdraw her assent. Nor could I help thinking this a prudent course, since she looked at me out of the pickle-jar, with as great an access of sourness as if her black eyes had absorbed its contents. However, the permission was given, and was never retracted; for when the month was out, Peggotty and I were ready to depart.

demonstration - Demonstration, Vorführung, Kundgebung

induce - einleiten; dazu bringen, anstacheln, bewirken, verursachen

withdraw - zurückziehen; annullieren, entziehen, abziehen, ausscheiden

Prudent - umsichtig, vorsichtig

sourness - sauer; Herbheit, Säure

absorbed - absorbiert; absorbieren, aufnehen

retracted - zurückgezogen; zurückholen, zurückziehen

depart - abreisen; verlassen, aufbrechen, abweichen

Mr. Barkis came into the house for Peggotty's boxes. I had never known him to pass the garden-gate before, but on this occasion he came into the house. And he gave me a look as he shouldered the largest box and went out, which I thought had meaning in it, if meaning could ever be said to find its way into Mr. Barkis's visage.

visage - Gesicht

Peggotty was naturally in low spirits at leaving what had been her home so many years, and where the two strong attachments of her life"for my mother and myself"had been formed. She had been walking in the churchyard, too, very early; and she got into the cart, and sat in it with her handkerchief at her eyes.

low spirits - Niedergeschlagenheit

attachments - Anhänge; Attachment

So long as she remained in this condition, Mr. Barkis gave no sign of life whatever. He sat in his usual place and attitude like a great stuffed figure. But when she began to look about her, and to speak to me, he nodded his head and grinned several times. I have not the least notion at whom, or what he meant by it.

stuffed - ausgestopft; Sachen, Kram, Zeug

notion - Ahnung, Ansicht, Auffassung, Begriff

'It's a beautiful day, Mr. Barkis!'I said, as an act of politeness.

'It ain't bad,'said Mr. Barkis, who generally qualified his speech, and rarely committed himself.

qualified - qualifiziert; qualifizieren, qualifizieren, qualifizieren

'Peggotty is quite comfortable now, Mr. Barkis,'I remarked, for his satisfaction.

'Is she, though?'said Mr. Barkis.

After reflecting about it, with a sagacious air, Mr. Barkis eyed her, and said:

sagacious - klug

'ARE you pretty comfortable?'

Peggotty laughed, and answered in the affirmative.

affirmative - Bejaht; affirmativ; affirmativer Satz

'But really and truly, you know. Are you?'growled Mr. Barkis, sliding nearer to her on the seat, and nudging her with his elbow. 'Are you? Really and truly pretty comfortable? Are you? Eh?'

nudging - Stups (leise oder heimlich), Schubs, Stoß, Stupser, Knuff, Puff

At each of these inquiries Mr. Barkis shuffled nearer to her, and gave her another nudge; so that at last we were all crowded together in the left-hand corner of the cart, and I was so squeezed that I could hardly bear it.

Peggotty calling his attention to my sufferings, Mr. Barkis gave me a little more room at once, and got away by degrees. But I could not help observing that he seemed to think he had hit upon a wonderful expedient for expressing himself in a neat, agreeable, and pointed manner, without the inconvenience of inventing conversation. He manifestly chuckled over it for some time. By and by he turned to Peggotty again, and repeating, 'Are you pretty comfortable though?'bore down upon us as before, until the breath was nearly edged out of my body.

by degrees - nach und nach

hit upon - auf etwas stoßen

expedient - zweckmäßig; angebracht, opportun, hilfreich, passend

neat - ordentlich, sauber, geschickt, hübsch

inconvenience - Unannehmlichkeit; lästig sein, stören

manifestly - offenkundig

edged - kantig; Rand, Seite, Kante, Kante, Vorsprung, Klinge, Schneide

By and by he made another descent upon us with the same inquiry, and the same result. At length, I got up whenever I saw him coming, and standing on the foot-board, pretended to look at the prospect; after which I did very well.

descent - Abstieg, Runterweg, Herkunft, Abstammung, Verschlechterung

Mr. Peggotty and Ham waited for us at the old place. They received me and Peggotty in an affectionate manner, and shook hands with Mr. Barkis, who, with his hat on the very back of his head, and a shame-faced leer upon his countenance, and pervading his very legs, presented but a vacant appearance, I thought.

leer - gehässiges Lächeln

pervading - durchdringend; durchziehen

vacant - unbesetzt; frei, vakant, leer, nichtssagend, ausdruckslos

They each took one of Peggotty's trunks, and we were going away, when Mr. Barkis solemnly made a sign to me with his forefinger to come under an archway.

archway - Torbogen, Arkade, Bogengang

'I say,'growled Mr. Barkis, 'it was all right.'

I looked up into his face, and answered, with an attempt to be very profound: 'Oh!'

'It didn't come to a end there,'said Mr. Barkis, nodding confidentially. 'It was all right.'

confidentially - vertraulich

Again I answered, 'Oh!'

'You know who was willin','said my friend. 'It was Barkis, and Barkis only.'

I nodded assent.

'It's all right,'said Mr. Barkis, shaking hands; 'I'm a friend of your'n. You made it all right, first. It's all right.'

In his attempts to be particularly lucid, Mr. Barkis was so extremely mysterious, that I might have stood looking in his face for an hour, and most assuredly should have got as much information out of it as out of the face of a clock that had stopped, but for Peggotty's calling me away. As we were going along, she asked me what he had said; and I told her he had said it was all right.

attempts - versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

lucid - luzide; klar, übersichtlich, verständlich, einleuchtend

assuredly - Sicherlich

going along - mitgehend

'Like his impudence,'said Peggotty, 'but I don't mind that! Davy dear, what should you think if I was to think of being married?'

impudence - Unverfrorenheit; Flegelei, Frechheit, Unverschämtheit

I don't mind - Meinetwegen!

'Why"I suppose you would like me as much then, Peggotty, as you do now?'I returned, after a little consideration.

Greatly to the astonishment of the passengers in the street, as well as of her relations going on before, the good soul was obliged to stop and embrace me on the spot, with many protestations of her unalterable love.

unalterable - unabänderlich

'Tell me what should you say, darling?'she asked again, when this was over, and we were walking on.

'If you were thinking of being married"to Mr. Barkis, Peggotty?'

'Yes,'said Peggotty.

'I should think it would be a very good thing. For then you know, Peggotty, you would always have the horse and cart to bring you over to see me, and could come for nothing, and be sure of coming.'

horse and cart - Pferdegespann

'The sense of the dear!'cried Peggotty. 'What I have been thinking of, this month back! Yes, my precious; and I think I should be more independent altogether, you see; let alone my working with a better heart in my own house, than I could in anybody else's now. I don't know what I might be fit for, now, as a servant to a stranger.

more independent - unabhängigere

be fit - geeignet sein

And I shall be always near my pretty's resting-place,'said Peggotty, musing, 'and be able to see it when I like; and when I lie down to rest, I may be laid not far off from my darling girl!'

musing - sinnend, grübelnd, nachgrübelnd, nachsinnend; (mus); sinnend

We neither of us said anything for a little while.

'But I wouldn't so much as give it another thought,'said Peggotty, cheerily 'if my Davy was anyways against it"not if I had been asked in church thirty times three times over, and was wearing out the ring in my pocket.'

cheerily - fröhlich; froh

ring in - einläuten, sich telefonisch melden, nach jemandem klingeln

'Look at me, Peggotty,'I replied; 'and see if I am not really glad, and don't truly wish it!'As indeed I did, with all my heart.

'Well, my life,'said Peggotty, giving me a squeeze, 'I have thought of it night and day, every way I can, and I hope the right way; but I'll think of it again, and speak to my brother about it, and in the meantime we'll keep it to ourselves, Davy, you and me. Barkis is a good plain creature,'said Peggotty, 'and if I tried to do my duty by him, I think it would be my fault if I wasn't"if I wasn't pretty comfortable,'said Peggotty, laughing heartily.

This quotation from Mr. Barkis was so appropriate, and tickled us both so much, that we laughed again and again, and were quite in a pleasant humour when we came within view of Mr. Peggotty's cottage.

quotation - Zitat; Angebot, Preisangebot

appropriate - angebracht, angemessen, passend, zugewiesen, anpassen, aneignen

It looked just the same, except that it may, perhaps, have shrunk a little in my eyes; and Mrs. Gummidge was waiting at the door as if she had stood there ever since. All within was the same, down to the seaweed in the blue mug in my bedroom.

shrunk - geschrumpft; schrumpfen, schrumpfen, abnehmen, drücken

I went into the out-house to look about me; and the very same lobsters, crabs, and crawfish possessed by the same desire to pinch the world in general, appeared to be in the same state of conglomeration in the same old corner.

possessed - besessen; Schutzpolizeiaufgebote

pinch - kneifen, zwicken, schnappen, erwischen, Messerspitze, Prise

But there was no little Em'ly to be seen, so I asked Mr. Peggotty where she was.

'She's at school, sir,'said Mr. Peggotty, wiping the heat consequent on the porterage of Peggotty's box from his forehead; 'she'll be home,'looking at the Dutch clock, 'in from twenty minutes to half-an-hour's time. We all on us feel the loss of her, bless ye!'

porterage - Gepäckträger; Transport, Trägerlohn

Mrs. Gummidge moaned.

moaned - gestöhnt; Stöhnen

'Cheer up, Mawther!'cried Mr. Peggotty.

'I feel it more than anybody else,'said Mrs. Gummidge; 'I'm a lone lorn creetur', and she used to be a'most the only thing that didn't go contrary with me.'

Mrs. Gummidge, whimpering and shaking her head, applied herself to blowing the fire. Mr. Peggotty, looking round upon us while she was so engaged, said in a low voice, which he shaded with his hand: 'The old 'un!'From this I rightly conjectured that no improvement had taken place since my last visit in the state of Mrs. Gummidge's spirits.

whimpering - (whimper) winseln, wimmern; (whimper); Wimmern, Gewimmer

shaded - schattiert; Maifisch

rightly - zurecht, zu Recht, richtig

conjectured - vermutet; Vermutung, Verdacht, Mutmaßung, Vermutung, Hypothese

Now, the whole place was, or it should have been, quite as delightful a place as ever; and yet it did not impress me in the same way. I felt rather disappointed with it. Perhaps it was because little Em'ly was not at home. I knew the way by which she would come, and presently found myself strolling along the path to meet her.

impress - beeindrucken; prägen

strolling - spazieren; schlendernd, umherziehend; (stroll); Spaziergang

A figure appeared in the distance before long, and I soon knew it to be Em'ly, who was a little creature still in stature, though she was grown. But when she drew nearer, and I saw her blue eyes looking bluer, and her dimpled face looking brighter, and her whole self prettier and gayer, a curious feeling came over me that made me pretend not to know her, and pass by as if I were looking at something a long way off.

stature - Körpergröße, Statur

dimpled - Delle, Beule, Grübchen

gayer - schwuler; vergnügt, schwul, homosexuell, lustig, heiter

pass by - vorüberziehen, sterben, vorbeigehen

I have done such a thing since in later life, or I am mistaken.

Little Em'ly didn't care a bit. She saw me well enough; but instead of turning round and calling after me, ran away laughing. This obliged me to run after her, and she ran so fast that we were very near the cottage before I caught her.

turning round - umlenkend

run after - nachgelaufen;hinterherlaufen

'Oh, it's you, is it?'said little Em'ly.

'Why, you knew who it was, Em'ly,'said I.

'And didn't YOU know who it was?'said Em'ly. I was going to kiss her, but she covered her cherry lips with her hands, and said she wasn't a baby now, and ran away, laughing more than ever, into the house.

She seemed to delight in teasing me, which was a change in her I wondered at very much. The tea table was ready, and our little locker was put out in its old place, but instead of coming to sit by me, she went and bestowed her company upon that grumbling Mrs. Gummidge: and on Mr. Peggotty's inquiring why, rumpled her hair all over her face to hide it, and could do nothing but laugh.

teasing - necken; neckisch (scherzhaft), Stichelei

bestowed - verliehen; verstauen, einlagern, unterbringen, schenken

grumbling - Grummeln; murrend; (grumble); Gegrummel, Grummeln, Knurren

rumpled - zerknittert; zerknittern

'A little puss, it is!'said Mr. Peggotty, patting her with his great hand.

'So sh'is! so sh'is!'cried Ham. 'Mas'r Davy bor', so sh'is!'and he sat and chuckled at her for some time, in a state of mingled admiration and delight, that made his face a burning red.

Little Em'ly was spoiled by them all, in fact; and by no one more than Mr. Peggotty himself, whom she could have coaxed into anything, by only going and laying her cheek against his rough whisker. That was my opinion, at least, when I saw her do it; and I held Mr.

spoiled - verwöhnt; plündern, ruinieren, verderben, kaputtmachen

coaxed - beschwatzt; schmeicheln, gut zureden; Koaxialkabel

whisker - Barthaar, Barthaare, Schnurrhaar, Vibrisse, Haaresbreite

Peggotty to be thoroughly in the right. But she was so affectionate and sweet-natured, and had such a pleasant manner of being both sly and shy at once, that she captivated me more than ever.

thoroughly - gründlich, vollkommen, total, durch und durch

sly - schlau, gerissen, listig, verschmitzt

Shy - schüchtern, scheu, verlegen

captivated - gefesselt; bestechen, bezaubern, entzücken, faszinieren, fesseln

She was tender-hearted, too; for when, as we sat round the fire after tea, an allusion was made by Mr. Peggotty over his pipe to the loss I had sustained, the tears stood in her eyes, and she looked at me so kindly across the table, that I felt quite thankful to her.

'Ah!'said Mr. Peggotty, taking up her curls, and running them over his hand like water, 'here's another orphan, you see, sir. And here,'said Mr. Peggotty, giving Ham a backhanded knock in the chest, 'is another of 'em, though he don't look much like it.'

backhanded - mit der Rückhand; Rückhand

'If I had you for my guardian, Mr. Peggotty,'said I, shaking my head, 'I don't think I should FEEL much like it.'

guardian - Wächter, Wache, Vormund, Erziehungsberechtigter

'Well said, Mas'r Davy bor'!'cried Ham, in an ecstasy. 'Hoorah! Well said! Nor more you wouldn't! Hor! Hor!'"Here he returned Mr. Peggotty's back-hander, and little Em'ly got up and kissed Mr. Peggotty. 'And how's your friend, sir?'said Mr. Peggotty to me.

ecstasy - Ekstase; Ecstasy, Teile, Pillen

Hoorah - Hurra

hander - händer

'Steerforth?'said I.

'That's the name!'cried Mr. Peggotty, turning to Ham. 'I knowed it was something in our way.'

knowed - gewusst

'You said it was Rudderford,'observed Ham, laughing.

'Well!'retorted Mr. Peggotty. 'And ye steer with a rudder, don't ye? It ain't fur off. How is he, sir?'

steer - steuern, führen, lenken; junger Ochse, Rind

'He was very well indeed when I came away, Mr. Peggotty.'

'There's a friend!'said Mr. Peggotty, stretching out his pipe. 'There's a friend, if you talk of friends! Why, Lord love my heart alive, if it ain't a treat to look at him!'

stretching - strecken, dehnen, langziehen, dehnen

treat to - bewirte

'He is very handsome, is he not?'said I, my heart warming with this praise.

heart warming - Herzwärme

'Handsome!'cried Mr. Peggotty. 'He stands up to you like"like a"why I don't know what he don't stand up to you like. He's so bold!'

'Yes! That's just his character,'said I. 'He's as brave as a lion, and you can't think how frank he is, Mr. Peggotty.'

frank - freimütig, offen

'And I do suppose, now,'said Mr. Peggotty, looking at me through the smoke of his pipe, 'that in the way of book-larning he'd take the wind out of a'most anything.'

'Yes,'said I, delighted; 'he knows everything. He is astonishingly clever.'

astonishingly - Erstaunlicherweise

'There's a friend!'murmured Mr. Peggotty, with a grave toss of his head.

toss - zu werfen; Wurf; Münzwurf; werfen; verwerfen, wegwerfen

'Nothing seems to cost him any trouble,'said I. 'He knows a task if he only looks at it. He is the best cricketer you ever saw. He will give you almost as many men as you like at draughts, and beat you easily.'

cricketer - Kricketspieler

Mr. Peggotty gave his head another toss, as much as to say: 'Of course he will.'

'He is such a speaker,'I pursued, 'that he can win anybody over; and I don't know what you'd say if you were to hear him sing, Mr. Peggotty.'

Mr. Peggotty gave his head another toss, as much as to say: 'I have no doubt of it.'

'Then, he's such a generous, fine, noble fellow,'said I, quite carried away by my favourite theme, 'that it's hardly possible to give him as much praise as he deserves. I am sure I can never feel thankful enough for the generosity with which he has protected me, so much younger and lower in the school than himself.'

generous - großzügig, generös

theme - Thema; Motiv; Theme; Stamm, Wortstamm

deserves - verdient; verdienen

I was running on, very fast indeed, when my eyes rested on little Em'ly's face, which was bent forward over the table, listening with the deepest attention, her breath held, her blue eyes sparkling like jewels, and the colour mantling in her cheeks. She looked so extraordinarily earnest and pretty, that I stopped in a sort of wonder; and they all observed her at the same time, for as I stopped, they laughed and looked at her.

sparkling - glitzernd, funkelnd, prickelnd, sprudelnd; (sparkle); glitzernd

jewels - Juwelen; Edelstein, Juwel

mantling - Umhüllung; Helmdecke; (mantle); Mantel, Hülle, Umhüllung

extraordinarily - außerordentlich

'Em'ly is like me,'said Peggotty, 'and would like to see him.'

Em'ly was confused by our all observing her, and hung down her head, and her face was covered with blushes. Glancing up presently through her stray curls, and seeing that we were all looking at her still (I am sure I, for one, could have looked at her for hours), she ran away, and kept away till it was nearly bedtime.

blushes - errötet; Schamröte; erröten, sich schämen

kept away - ferngehalten

I lay down in the old little bed in the stern of the boat, and the wind came moaning on across the flat as it had done before. But I could not help fancying, now, that it moaned of those who were gone; and instead of thinking that the sea might rise in the night and float the boat away, I thought of the sea that had risen, since I last heard those sounds, and drowned my happy home.

moaning - Stöhnen

fancying - Lust auf; extravagant, originell

float - treiben, schwimmen, schweben, gleiten

I recollect, as the wind and water began to sound fainter in my ears, putting a short clause into my prayers, petitioning that I might grow up to marry little Em'ly, and so dropping lovingly asleep.

fainter - schwächer; (faint) schwach, matt

petitioning - eine Petition; Petition, Eingabe, Petition, Petition

The days passed pretty much as they had passed before, except"it was a great exception"that little Em'ly and I seldom wandered on the beach now. She had tasks to learn, and needle-work to do; and was absent during a great part of each day. But I felt that we should not have had those old wanderings, even if it had been otherwise. Wild and full of childish whims as Em'ly was, she was more of a little woman than I had supposed. She seemed to have got a great distance away from me, in little more than a year. She liked me, but she laughed at me, and tormented me; and when I went to meet her, stole home another way, and was laughing at the door when I came back, disappointed.

wandered - gewandert; umherstreifen, umherstreichen, herumziehen, stromern

wanderings - Wanderungen; (wander) irren, wandern, umherschweifen

whims - Launen; die Grille

tormented - gequält; Qual, quälen, peinigen

The best times were when she sat quietly at work in the doorway, and I sat on the wooden step at her feet, reading to her. It seems to me, at this hour, that I have never seen such sunlight as on those bright April afternoons; that I have never seen such a sunny little figure as I used to see, sitting in the doorway of the old boat; that I have never beheld such sky, such water, such glorified ships sailing away into golden air.

beheld - gesehen; betrachten, sehen, schauen, anschauen, ansehen

glorified - verherrlicht; verherrlichen, glorifizieren, verklären, anbeten

Golden - golden, goldgelb

On the very first evening after our arrival, Mr. Barkis appeared in an exceedingly vacant and awkward condition, and with a bundle of oranges tied up in a handkerchief. As he made no allusion of any kind to this property, he was supposed to have left it behind him by accident when he went away; until Ham, running after him to restore it, came back with the information that it was intended for Peggotty. After that occasion he appeared every evening at exactly the same hour, and always with a little bundle, to which he never alluded, and which he regularly put behind the door and left there.

exceedingly - übermäßig; überaus, äußerst, außerordentlich, ungemein

awkward - peinlich; ungeschickt, unbeholfen, umständlich, tollpatschig

restore - wiederherstellen, restaurieren

every evening - allabendlich

These offerings of affection were of a most various and eccentric description. Among them I remember a double set of pigs'trotters, a huge pin-cushion, half a bushel or so of apples, a pair of jet earrings, some Spanish onions, a box of dominoes, a canary bird and cage, and a leg of pickled pork.

offerings - Angebote; Angebot

eccentric - exzentrisch, elliptisch, eiernd, außermittig, schrullig

trotters - Traber

pin - Zapfen, Bolzen, Schraubendrehereinsatz; feststecken, anheften

bushel - Scheffel

earrings - Ohrringe; Ohrring

Spanish - spanisch; Spanisch; Spanier

dominoes - Dominosteine; Domino, Dominostein, Dominospiel

canary bird - Kanarienvogel

pickled - eingelegt; Essiggurke, Metallbeize; beizen

Mr. Barkis's wooing, as I remember it, was altogether of a peculiar kind. He very seldom said anything; but would sit by the fire in much the same attitude as he sat in his cart, and stare heavily at Peggotty, who was opposite. One night, being, as I suppose, inspired by love, he made a dart at the bit of wax-candle she kept for her thread, and put it in his waistcoat-pocket and carried it off. After that, his great delight was to produce it when it was wanted, sticking to the lining of his pocket, in a partially melted state, and pocket it again when it was done with. He seemed to enjoy himself very much, and not to feel at all called upon to talk. Even when he took Peggotty out for a walk on the flats, he had no uneasiness on that head, I believe; contenting himself with now and then asking her if she was pretty comfortable; and I remember that sometimes, after he was gone, Peggotty would throw her apron over her face, and laugh for half-an-hour.

wooing - (woo) jemanden umwerben, werben

partially - teilweise, teils, zum Teil

contenting - zufriedenstellend; (to be content with) sich mit etwas begnügen

Indeed, we were all more or less amused, except that miserable Mrs. Gummidge, whose courtship would appear to have been of an exactly parallel nature, she was so continually reminded by these transactions of the old one.

courtship - Umwerbung; Brautwerbung, Freien, Liebeswerben

parallel - parallel; parallel zu; Parallele; Breitengrad, Breitenkreis

transactions - Transaktionen; Geschäftsabwicklung, Geschäftsdurchführung

At length, when the term of my visit was nearly expired, it was given out that Peggotty and Mr. Barkis were going to make a day's holiday together, and that little Em'ly and I were to accompany them. I had but a broken sleep the night before, in anticipation of the pleasure of a whole day with Em'ly.

expired - Abgelaufen; ablaufen, erlöschen, verfallen, ausatmen

given out - (give out) austeilen

accompany - begleiten, geleiten, beiliegen

anticipation - Erwartung, Vorausahnung, Vorahnung, Vorfreude

We were all astir betimes in the morning; and while we were yet at breakfast, Mr. Barkis appeared in the distance, driving a chaise-cart towards the object of his affections.

astir - rege

at breakfast - beim Frühstück

Peggotty was dressed as usual, in her neat and quiet mourning; but Mr. Barkis bloomed in a new blue coat, of which the tailor had given him such good measure, that the cuffs would have rendered gloves unnecessary in the coldest weather, while the collar was so high that it pushed his hair up on end on the top of his head.

bloomed - geblüht; Blüte, Blütenpracht, Duft

cuffs - Manschetten; Manschette; Hosenaufschlag, Umschlag (an der Hose)

rendered - erbracht; leisten, wiedergeben

gloves - Handschuhe; Handschuh

His bright buttons, too, were of the largest size. Rendered complete by drab pantaloons and a buff waistcoat, I thought Mr. Barkis a phenomenon of respectability.

drab - trist (Farbe), eintönig, düster

pantaloons - Pantalons; Hose

Buff - starkes Leder, lederfarben, Lederfarbe; abrauen, abrauhen

When we were all in a bustle outside the door, I found that Mr. Peggotty was prepared with an old shoe, which was to be thrown after us for luck, and which he offered to Mrs. Gummidge for that purpose.

bustle - Betriebsamkeit; Hektik; hasten

old shoe - Latschen

'No. It had better be done by somebody else, Dan'l,'said Mrs. Gummidge. 'I'm a lone lorn creetur'myself, and everythink that reminds me of creetur's that ain't lone and lorn, goes contrary with me.'

reminds - Erinnert; erinnern, in Erinnerung bringen

'Come, old gal!'cried Mr. Peggotty. 'Take and heave it.'

gal - Mädchen; Wach auf!; Mädel

heave - heben, hieven, werfen, wuchten, schleudern

'No, Dan'l,'returned Mrs. Gummidge, whimpering and shaking her head. 'If I felt less, I could do more. You don't feel like me, Dan'l; thinks don't go contrary with you, nor you with them; you had better do it yourself.'

But here Peggotty, who had been going about from one to another in a hurried way, kissing everybody, called out from the cart, in which we all were by this time (Em'ly and I on two little chairs, side by side), that Mrs.

Gummidge must do it. So Mrs. Gummidge did it; and, I am sorry to relate, cast a damp upon the festive character of our departure, by immediately bursting into tears, and sinking subdued into the arms of Ham, with the declaration that she knowed she was a burden, and had better be carried to the House at once. Which I really thought was a sensible idea, that Ham might have acted on.

festive - festlich

burden - Belastung; Refrain, Last, Möller (Hüttenwesen); belasten

acted on - eingewirkt

Away we went, however, on our holiday excursion; and the first thing we did was to stop at a church, where Mr. Barkis tied the horse to some rails, and went in with Peggotty, leaving little Em'ly and me alone in the chaise. I took that occasion to put my arm round Em'ly's waist, and propose that as I was going away so very soon now, we should determine to be very affectionate to one another, and very happy, all day.

excursion - Ausflug, Exkursion, Abschweifung, Exkurs, Digression

rails - Schienen; Gleis, Schiene, Reling, Geländer

propose - vorschlagen; einen Heiratsantrag machen; beabsichtigen

determine - bestimmen, eingrenzen, festlegen

Little Em'ly consenting, and allowing me to kiss her, I became desperate; informing her, I recollect, that I never could love another, and that I was prepared to shed the blood of anybody who should aspire to her affections.

consenting - zustimmen, einwilligen, Zustimmung, Konsens, Einverständnis

desperate - verzweifelt bemüht, sehnsuchtsvoll verlangend, aussichtslos

aspire - anstreben; streben, hoffen


How merry little Em'ly made herself about it! With what a demure assumption of being immensely older and wiser than I, the fairy little woman said I was 'a silly boy'; and then laughed so charmingly that I forgot the pain of being called by that disparaging name, in the pleasure of looking at her.

demure - zurückhaltend, ernst, sittsam

assumption - Vermutung; Übernahme; Annahme; Himmelfahrt

charmingly - reizend, charmant, anmutig

disparaging - herabsetzend; nicht standesgemäße Ehe, Missheirat, herabsetzen

Mr. Barkis and Peggotty were a good while in the church, but came out at last, and then we drove away into the country. As we were going along, Mr. Barkis turned to me, and said, with a wink,"by the by, I should hardly have thought, before, that he could wink:

drove away - (drive away) wegjagen, vertreiben

'What name was it as I wrote up in the cart?'

'Clara Peggotty,'I answered.

'What name would it be as I should write up now, if there was a tilt here?'

'Clara Peggotty, again?'I suggested.

'Clara Peggotty BARKIS!'he returned, and burst into a roar of laughter that shook the chaise.

In a word, they were married, and had gone into the church for no other purpose. Peggotty was resolved that it should be quietly done; and the clerk had given her away, and there had been no witnesses of the ceremony. She was a little confused when Mr.

witnesses - Zeugnis

ceremony - Zeremonie, feierliche Handlung, Ritual, Feier

Barkis made this abrupt announcement of their union, and could not hug me enough in token of her unimpaired affection; but she soon became herself again, and said she was very glad it was over.

abrupt - abrupt, jäh, schroff, steil

Union - Vereinigung, Union, Verein, Verband

token - Zeichen, Symbol, Andenken, Souvenir, Erinnerung, Jeton

unimpaired - unbeeinträchtigt

We drove to a little inn in a by-road, where we were expected, and where we had a very comfortable dinner, and passed the day with great satisfaction. If Peggotty had been married every day for the last ten years, she could hardly have been more at her ease about it; it made no sort of difference in her: she was just the same as ever, and went out for a stroll with little Em'ly and me before tea, while Mr. Barkis philosophically smoked his pipe, and enjoyed himself, I suppose, with the contemplation of his happiness.

philosophically - philosophisch

If so, it sharpened his appetite; for I distinctly call to mind that, although he had eaten a good deal of pork and greens at dinner, and had finished off with a fowl or two, he was obliged to have cold boiled bacon for tea, and disposed of a large quantity without any emotion.

sharpened - geschärft; schärfen

fowl - Geflügel

I have often thought, since, what an odd, innocent, out-of-the-way kind of wedding it must have been! We got into the chaise again soon after dark, and drove cosily back, looking up at the stars, and talking about them. I was their chief exponent, and opened Mr. Barkis's mind to an amazing extent.

exponent - Vertreter, Exponent

I told him all I knew, but he would have believed anything I might have taken it into my head to impart to him; for he had a profound veneration for my abilities, and informed his wife in my hearing, on that very occasion, that I was 'a young Roeshus'"by which I think he meant prodigy.

impart - übermitteln; weitergeben, gewähren, mitteilen, vermitteln

prodigy - Orakel; Wunder; Wunderkind

When we had exhausted the subject of the stars, or rather when I had exhausted the mental faculties of Mr. Barkis, little Em'ly and I made a cloak of an old wrapper, and sat under it for the rest of the journey. Ah, how I loved her! What happiness (I thought) if we were married, and were going away anywhere to live among the trees and in the fields, never growing older, never growing wiser, children ever, rambling hand in hand through sunshine and among flowery meadows, laying down our heads on moss at night, in a sweet sleep of purity and peace, and buried by the birds when we were dead! Some such picture, with no real world in it, bright with the light of our innocence, and vague as the stars afar off, was in my mind all the way. I am glad to think there were two such guileless hearts at Peggotty's marriage as little Em'ly's and mine.

faculties - Fakultäten; Kollegium

under it - darunter

rambling - Umherschweifen; langatmig, weitschweifend, abschweifend

sunshine - Sonnenschein

flowery - Blumen-, blumig, blumengeschmückt

meadows - Wiesen; Wiese, Weide, Aue

laying down - Niederlegung , hinlegend

moss - Moos; bemoosen

buried - vergraben, verbergen, begraben

innocence - Unschuld; Harmlosigkeit

afar - in der Ferne; Afar, Danakil

guileless - arglos

I am glad to think the Loves and Graces took such airy forms in its homely procession.

graces - Gnaden; Anmut, Tischgebete; (grace); Tischgebet; Anmut, Grazie

Well, we came to the old boat again in good time at night; and there Mr. and Mrs. Barkis bade us good-bye, and drove away snugly to their own home. I felt then, for the first time, that I had lost Peggotty. I should have gone to bed with a sore heart indeed under any other roof but that which sheltered little Em'ly's head.

bade - geboten

snugly - behaglich, gemütlich, mollig

sheltered - beschützt; Zuflucht, Obdach

Mr. Peggotty and Ham knew what was in my thoughts as well as I did, and were ready with some supper and their hospitable faces to drive it away. Little Em'ly came and sat beside me on the locker for the only time in all that visit; and it was altogether a wonderful close to a wonderful day.

It was a night tide; and soon after we went to bed, Mr. Peggotty and Ham went out to fish. I felt very brave at being left alone in the solitary house, the protector of Em'ly and Mrs. Gummidge, and only wished that a lion or a serpent, or any ill-disposed monster, would make an attack upon us, that I might destroy him, and cover myself with glory.

protector - Beschützer

serpent - Schlange, Serpent

monster - Monster, Ungeheuer

glory - Pracht, Herrlichkeit, Prunk, Gepränge, Ruhm

But as nothing of the sort happened to be walking about on Yarmouth flats that night, I provided the best substitute I could by dreaming of dragons until morning.

dragons - Drachen, Drache

With morning came Peggotty; who called to me, as usual, under my window as if Mr. Barkis the carrier had been from first to last a dream too. After breakfast she took me to her own home, and a beautiful little home it was. Of all the moveables in it, I must have been impressed by a certain old bureau of some dark wood in the parlour (the tile-floored kitchen was the general sitting-room), with a retreating top which opened, let down, and became a desk, within which was a large quarto edition of Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

bureau - Büro; Sekretär, Schreibtisch, Kommode

tile - Kacheln; Kachel, Fliese; Dachziegel

retreating - den Rückzug antreten; Rückzug

let down - niederlassen, herablassen

quarto - Quartformat

edition - Ausgabe; Auflage

martyrs - Märtyrer, Märtyrerin, Märtyrer

This precious volume, of which I do not recollect one word, I immediately discovered and immediately applied myself to; and I never visited the house afterwards, but I kneeled on a chair, opened the casket where this gem was enshrined, spread my arms over the desk, and fell to devouring the book afresh. I was chiefly edified, I am afraid, by the pictures, which were numerous, and represented all kinds of dismal horrors; but the Martyrs and Peggotty's house have been inseparable in my mind ever since, and are now.

casket - Schatulle, Kästchen, Urne

gem - Edelstein, Juwel, Kleinod

enshrined - verankert; in einem Schrein bewahren, verehren, verankern

devouring - verschlingen, fressen, schlingen, herunterschlingen, zerstören

chiefly - hauptsächlich

edified - erbaut; bestärken, erbauen, edifizieren

represented - vorstellen, darstellen, vertreten

horrors - Schrecken; Angst, Furcht, Horror, Grauen

inseparable - untrennbar, unteilbar, unzertrennlich

I took leave of Mr. Peggotty, and Ham, and Mrs. Gummidge, and little Em'ly, that day; and passed the night at Peggotty's, in a little room in the roof (with the Crocodile Book on a shelf by the bed's head) which was to be always mine, Peggotty said, and should always be kept for me in exactly the same state.

passed the night - nächtigte

shelf - Regal; Schelf

'Young or old, Davy dear, as long as I am alive and have this house over my head,'said Peggotty, 'you shall find it as if I expected you here directly minute. I shall keep it every day, as I used to keep your old little room, my darling; and if you was to go to China, you might think of it as being kept just the same, all the time you were away.'

I felt the truth and constancy of my dear old nurse, with all my heart, and thanked her as well as I could. That was not very well, for she spoke to me thus, with her arms round my neck, in the morning, and I was going home in the morning, and I went home in the morning, with herself and Mr.

constancy - Konstanz, Beständigkeit, Ausdauer

Barkis in the cart. They left me at the gate, not easily or lightly; and it was a strange sight to me to see the cart go on, taking Peggotty away, and leaving me under the old elm-trees looking at the house, in which there was no face to look on mine with love or liking any more.

And now I fell into a state of neglect, which I cannot look back upon without compassion. I fell at once into a solitary condition,"apart from all friendly notice, apart from the society of all other boys of my own age, apart from all companionship but my own spiritless thoughts,"which seems to cast its gloom upon this paper as I write.

companionship - Kameradschaft

spiritless - lustlos, geistlos

gloom - Finsternis; Düsternis, Dunkelheit, Trübnis, Schwermut

What would I have given, to have been sent to the hardest school that ever was kept!"to have been taught something, anyhow, anywhere! No such hope dawned upon me. They disliked me; and they sullenly, sternly, steadily, overlooked me. I think Mr. Murdstone's means were straitened at about this time; but it is little to the purpose.

dawned - dämmerte; dämmern, Morgendämmerung, Dämmerung, Morgengrauen

sullenly - mürrisch, mürrischen

straitened - verengt; beschränken

He could not bear me; and in putting me from him he tried, as I believe, to put away the notion that I had any claim upon him"and succeeded.

I was not actively ill-used. I was not beaten, or starved; but the wrong that was done to me had no intervals of relenting, and was done in a systematic, passionless manner. Day after day, week after week, month after month, I was coldly neglected.

starved - verhungert; verhungern, Hungers sterben, verhungern

relenting - Einlenken; nachgebend, mitleidig werdend; (relent); nachgeben

passionless - leidenschaftslos

coldly - kalt

I wonder sometimes, when I think of it, what they would have done if I had been taken with an illness; whether I should have lain down in my lonely room, and languished through it in my usual solitary way, or whether anybody would have helped me out.

languished - geschmachtet; ermatten, erschlaffen, siechen, schmachten

When Mr. and Miss Murdstone were at home, I took my meals with them; in their absence, I ate and drank by myself. At all times I lounged about the house and neighbourhood quite disregarded, except that they were jealous of my making any friends: thinking, perhaps, that if I did, I might complain to someone. For this reason, though Mr.

lounged - gefaulenzt; Lounge, Wartezimmer

disregarded - nicht beachtet; Gleichgültigkeit, Nichtbeachten

Chillip often asked me to go and see him (he was a widower, having, some years before that, lost a little small light-haired wife, whom I can just remember connecting in my own thoughts with a pale tortoise-shell cat), it was but seldom that I enjoyed the happiness of passing an afternoon in his closet of a surgery; reading some book that was new to me, with the smell of the whole Pharmacopoeia coming up my nose, or pounding something in a mortar under his mild directions.

widower - Witwer

tortoise-shell - (tortoise-shell) Schildpatt

surgery - Chirurgie, Operation, Operationssaal, Ordinationsraum

Pharmacopoeia - Pharmakopöe; Arzneibuch

mortar - Mörtel; Mörser

For the same reason, added no doubt to the old dislike of her, I was seldom allowed to visit Peggotty. Faithful to her promise, she either came to see me, or met me somewhere near, once every week, and never empty-handed; but many and bitter were the disappointments I had, in being refused permission to pay a visit to her at her house. Some few times, however, at long intervals, I was allowed to go there; and then I found out that Mr. Barkis was something of a miser, or as Peggotty dutifully expressed it, was 'a little near', and kept a heap of money in a box under his bed, which he pretended was only full of coats and trousers.

disappointments - Enttäuschungen; Enttäuschung, Verdruss, Misserfolg, Fehlschlag

miser - Geizhals, Geizkragen, Geiziger, Geizige

dutifully - pflichtbewusst

In this coffer, his riches hid themselves with such a tenacious modesty, that the smallest instalments could only be tempted out by artifice; so that Peggotty had to prepare a long and elaborate scheme, a very Gunpowder Plot, for every Saturday's expenses.

coffer - Kassette, Geldkassette, Tresor, Schatztruhe

tenacious - hartnäckig

instalments - Ratenzahlungen; Abzahlung, Teilzahlung, Rate

artifice - Kunstgriff

elaborate - ausarbeiten; ausführlich, durchdacht, ausführen

gunpowder - Schießpulver

plot - Handlung, Plot, Ausdruck, Komplott, planen, ausarbeiten

expenses - Ausgaben; Ausgabe, Aufwand, Verlust

All this time I was so conscious of the waste of any promise I had given, and of my being utterly neglected, that I should have been perfectly miserable, I have no doubt, but for the old books. They were my only comfort; and I was as true to them as they were to me, and read them over and over I don't know how many times more.

I now approach a period of my life, which I can never lose the remembrance of, while I remember anything: and the recollection of which has often, without my invocation, come before me like a ghost, and haunted happier times.

invocation - Anrufung; Bittgebet, Aufruf

I had been out, one day, loitering somewhere, in the listless, meditative manner that my way of life engendered, when, turning the corner of a lane near our house, I came upon Mr. Murdstone walking with a gentleman. I was confused, and was going by them, when the gentleman cried:

listless - lasch, lustlos, antriebslos

meditative - meditativ

going by - (go by) vorübergehen, vergehen

'What! Brooks!'

'No, sir, David Copperfield,'I said.

'Don't tell me. You are Brooks,'said the gentleman. 'You are Brooks of Sheffield. That's your name.'

At these words, I observed the gentleman more attentively. His laugh coming to my remembrance too, I knew him to be Mr. Quinion, whom I had gone over to Lowestoft with Mr. Murdstone to see, before"it is no matter"I need not recall when.

attentively - aufmerksam zuhören; aufmerksam

'And how do you get on, and where are you being educated, Brooks?'said Mr. Quinion.

educated - Gebildet; ausbilden, erziehen

He had put his hand upon my shoulder, and turned me about, to walk with them. I did not know what to reply, and glanced dubiously at Mr. Murdstone.

dubiously - zweifelhaft; fraglicherweise

'He is at home at present,'said the latter. 'He is not being educated anywhere. I don't know what to do with him. He is a difficult subject.'

That old, double look was on me for a moment; and then his eyes darkened with a frown, as it turned, in its aversion, elsewhere.

aversion - Abneigung, Vorbehalt, Widerwillen, Aversion

elsewhere - anderswo

'Humph!'said Mr. Quinion, looking at us both, I thought. 'Fine weather!'

Silence ensued, and I was considering how I could best disengage my shoulder from his hand, and go away, when he said:

disengage - auskuppeln; ausklinken, aushaken, entkuppeln

'I suppose you are a pretty sharp fellow still? Eh, Brooks?'

'Aye! He is sharp enough,'said Mr. Murdstone, impatiently. 'You had better let him go. He will not thank you for troubling him.'

On this hint, Mr. Quinion released me, and I made the best of my way home. Looking back as I turned into the front garden, I saw Mr. Murdstone leaning against the wicket of the churchyard, and Mr. Quinion talking to him. They were both looking after me, and I felt that they were speaking of me.

released - freigegeben; Freigabe, Freisetzung, Befreiung, Erlösung

looking after - betreuend

Mr. Quinion lay at our house that night. After breakfast, the next morning, I had put my chair away, and was going out of the room, when Mr. Murdstone called me back. He then gravely repaired to another table, where his sister sat herself at her desk. Mr. Quinion, with his hands in his pockets, stood looking out of window; and I stood looking at them all.

'David,'said Mr. Murdstone, 'to the young this is a world for action; not for moping and droning in.'"'As you do,'added his sister.

moping - Trübsal blasen; Mopp; i

droning - dröhnen, brummen, eintönig reden, herleiern; Drohne, Basspfeife

'Jane Murdstone, leave it to me, if you please. I say, David, to the young this is a world for action, and not for moping and droning in. It is especially so for a young boy of your disposition, which requires a great deal of correcting; and to which no greater service can be done than to force it to conform to the ways of the working world, and to bend it and break it.'

moping - Trübsal blasen, sauer sein

requires - erfordert; erfordern, brauchen, benötigen

force - Kraft; zwingen, forcieren, erzwingen; Stärke, Macht, Einfluss

conform - anpassen; entsprechen, passen, gerecht werden, genügen

'For stubbornness won't do here,'said his sister 'What it wants is, to be crushed. And crushed it must be. Shall be, too!'

stubbornness - Starrköpfigkeit; Sturheit

crushed - erdrückt; Schwarm, zerdrücken

He gave her a look, half in remonstrance, half in approval, and went on:

'I suppose you know, David, that I am not rich. At any rate, you know it now. You have received some considerable education already. Education is costly; and even if it were not, and I could afford it, I am of opinion that it would not be at all advantageous to you to be kept at school. What is before you, is a fight with the world; and the sooner you begin it, the better.'

costly - teuer, kostspielig

advantageous - vorteilhaft

I think it occurred to me that I had already begun it, in my poor way: but it occurs to me now, whether or no.

occurs - auftritt; passieren, vorkommen, stattfinden, vorkommen

'You have heard the ścounting-houseť mentioned sometimes,'said Mr. Murdstone.

'The counting-house, sir?'I repeated. 'Of Murdstone and Grinby, in the wine trade,'he replied.

trade - Handel, Kommerz, Geschäft, Tausch, Facharbeiter, Handwerk

I suppose I looked uncertain, for he went on hastily:

'You have heard the ścounting-houseť mentioned, or the business, or the cellars, or the wharf, or something about it.'

cellars - Weinkeller; Keller

wharf - Werft; Kai, Wharf

'I think I have heard the business mentioned, sir,'I said, remembering what I vaguely knew of his and his sister's resources. 'But I don't know when.'

vaguely - undeutlich

'It does not matter when,'he returned. 'Mr. Quinion manages that business.'

I glanced at the latter deferentially as he stood looking out of window.

deferentially - ehrerbietig

'Mr. Quinion suggests that it gives employment to some other boys, and that he sees no reason why it shouldn't, on the same terms, give employment to you.'

employment - Anstellung; Beschäftigung, Erwerbstätigkeit, Arbeit, Gebrauch

'He having,'Mr. Quinion observed in a low voice, and half turning round, 'no other prospect, Murdstone.'

Mr. Murdstone, with an impatient, even an angry gesture, resumed, without noticing what he had said:

impatient - ungeduldig

'Those terms are, that you will earn enough for yourself to provide for your eating and drinking, and pocket-money. Your lodging (which I have arranged for) will be paid by me. So will your washing"'

lodging - Unterbringung; Unterkunft; (lodge); Lodge; Loge; Biberburg; feststecken

'"Which will be kept down to my estimate,'said his sister.

estimate - Schätzung, Abschätzung, Kostenvoranschlag, abschätzen

'Your clothes will be looked after for you, too,'said Mr. Murdstone; 'as you will not be able, yet awhile, to get them for yourself. So you are now going to London, David, with Mr. Quinion, to begin the world on your own account.'

looked after - betreute

awhile - eine Weile

'In short, you are provided for,'observed his sister; 'and will please to do your duty.'

Though I quite understood that the purpose of this announcement was to get rid of me, I have no distinct remembrance whether it pleased or frightened me. My impression is, that I was in a state of confusion about it, and, oscillating between the two points, touched neither. Nor had I much time for the clearing of my thoughts, as Mr. Quinion was to go upon the morrow.

oscillating - oszillieren; schwingen, pendeln, oszilieren, vibrieren, zittern

Behold me, on the morrow, in a much-worn little white hat, with a black crape round it for my mother, a black jacket, and a pair of hard, stiff corduroy trousers"which Miss Murdstone considered the best armour for the legs in that fight with the world which was now to come off. Behold me so attired, and with my little worldly all before me in a small trunk, sitting, a lone lorn child (as Mrs.

corduroy trousers - Cordhose , Kordhose

armour - Panzer, Rüstung

Attired - Angezogen; Anzug, Aufzug, Kleidung, Tracht, anziehen, bekleiden

trunk - Kofferraum; Stamm, Baumstamm, Koffer, Truhe, Schrankkoffer

Gummidge might have said), in the post-chaise that was carrying Mr. Quinion to the London coach at Yarmouth! See, how our house and church are lessening in the distance; how the grave beneath the tree is blotted out by intervening objects; how the spire points upwards from my old playground no more, and the sky is empty!

lessening - abnehmen; verringern, vermindern, nachlassen, herabsetzen

blotted out - (blot out) ausmerzen (Erinnerung)

intervening - eingreifen, einschreiten, dazwischengehen, dazwischenfahren

spire - Turmspitze, Spitze (Turm-)

upwards - nach oben; ansteigend, aufwärts


I know enough of the world now, to have almost lost the capacity of being much surprised by anything; but it is matter of some surprise to me, even now, that I can have been so easily thrown away at such an age. A child of excellent abilities, and with strong powers of observation, quick, eager, delicate, and soon hurt bodily or mentally, it seems wonderful to me that nobody should have made any sign in my behalf.

thrown away - verscherztem

bodily - körperlich, Körper

mentally - geistig, psychisch, mental

in my behalf - meinetwegen

But none was made; and I became, at ten years old, a little labouring hind in the service of Murdstone and Grinby.

labouring - mühsam; Arbeit, Arbeiter-p, gebären, arbeiten

hind - (hind leg) Hinterbein

Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse was at the waterside. It was down in Blackfriars. Modern improvements have altered the place; but it was the last house at the bottom of a narrow street, curving down hill to the river, with some stairs at the end, where people took boat. It was a crazy old house with a wharf of its own, abutting on the water when the tide was in, and on the mud when the tide was out, and literally overrun with rats. Its panelled rooms, discoloured with the dirt and smoke of a hundred years, I dare say; its decaying floors and staircase; the squeaking and scuffling of the old grey rats down in the cellars; and the dirt and rottenness of the place; are things, not of many years ago, in my mind, but of the present instant.

warehouse - Lager, Lagerhaus, Speicherhaus, Packhaus, lagern

waterside - am Wasser

improvements - Verbesserungen; Verbesserung

curving - Kurve, Kurve, Linie, Kurven, biegen, verbiegen

abutting - grenzen, anlehnen, anstoßen, angrenzen

mud - Schmutz, Schlamm; Rollenspiel im Internet

literally - buchstäblich

overrun - überrannt; befallen, überschwemmen, überhäufen, überziehen

rats - Ratten; Ratte

panelled - getäfelt; Verkleidung, Platte, Tafel, Paneel

decaying - verrotten; Verfall, Verwesung, Fäulnis, verfallen, verderben

squeaking - quietschend, quiekend; (squeak); Gequieke, Gequietsche, Knarren

scuffling - schlurfen; schlurften, raufend; (scuffle) schlurfen; schlurften

rottenness - Fäulnis

They are all before me, just as they were in the evil hour when I went among them for the first time, with my trembling hand in Mr. Quinion's.

Murdstone and Grinby's trade was among a good many kinds of people, but an important branch of it was the supply of wines and spirits to certain packet ships. I forget now where they chiefly went, but I think there were some among them that made voyages both to the East and West Indies. I know that a great many empty bottles were one of the consequences of this traffic, and that certain men and boys were employed to examine them against the light, and reject those that were flawed, and to rinse and wash them.

packet - Päckchen; paketieren; Datenpaket, Paket

reject - verwerfen, ablehnen, zurückweisen

flawed - mangelhaft; Fehlerstelle, Fehler

rinse - ausspülen; spülen

When the empty bottles ran short, there were labels to be pasted on full ones, or corks to be fitted to them, or seals to be put upon the corks, or finished bottles to be packed in casks. All this work was my work, and of the boys employed upon it I was one.

labels - Etiketten; Etikett

corks - Korken; Cork, Cork

casks - Fässer; Fass

There were three or four of us, counting me. My working place was established in a corner of the warehouse, where Mr. Quinion could see me, when he chose to stand up on the bottom rail of his stool in the counting-house, and look at me through a window above the desk. Hither, on the first morning of my so auspiciously beginning life on my own account, the oldest of the regular boys was summoned to show me my business. His name was Mick Walker, and he wore a ragged apron and a paper cap. He informed me that his father was a bargeman, and walked, in a black velvet head-dress, in the Lord mayor's Show.

rail - Gleis, Schiene, Reling, Geländer

stool - Stuhl, Kot, Hocker

hither - her, hierher, hierhin

auspiciously - verheißungsvoll

bargeman - Binnenschiffer

Lord mayor - OB Oberbürgermeister

He also informed me that our principal associate would be another boy whom he introduced by the"to me"extraordinary name of Mealy Potatoes. I discovered, however, that this youth had not been christened by that name, but that it had been bestowed upon him in the warehouse, on account of his complexion, which was pale or mealy. Mealy's father was a waterman, who had the additional distinction of being a fireman, and was engaged as such at one of the large theatres; where some young relation of Mealy's"I think his little sister"did Imps in the Pantomimes.

mealy - mehlig

christened - getauft; taufen, taufen

waterman - Wassermann

additional - zusätzlich

fireman - Feuerwehrmann; Heizer

imps - Kobolde; Wichtel, Schelm, Kobold

Pantomimes - Pantomime, Pantomime, pantomimisieren

No words can express the secret agony of my soul as I sunk into this companionship; compared these henceforth everyday associates with those of my happier childhood"not to say with Steerforth, Traddles, and the rest of those boys; and felt my hopes of growing up to be a learned and distinguished man, crushed in my bosom. The deep remembrance of the sense I had, of being utterly without hope now; of the shame I felt in my position; of the misery it was to my young heart to believe that day by day what I had learned, and thought, and delighted in, and raised my fancy and my emulation up by, would pass away from me, little by little, never to be brought back any more; cannot be written.

associates with - (associate with) verkehren mit

emulation - Nacheiferung, Wetteifer, Emulation

As often as Mick Walker went away in the course of that forenoon, I mingled my tears with the water in which I was washing the bottles; and sobbed as if there were a flaw in my own breast, and it were in danger of bursting.

flaw - Makel; Fehlerstelle, Fehler

The counting-house clock was at half past twelve, and there was general preparation for going to dinner, when Mr. Quinion tapped at the counting-house window, and beckoned to me to go in. I went in, and found there a stoutish, middle-aged person, in a brown surtout and black tights and shoes, with no more hair upon his head (which was a large one, and very shining) than there is upon an egg, and with a very extensive face, which he turned full upon me.

tapped - angezapft; Wasserhahn; Schlacke abstechen

beckoned - winkte; heranwinken, herbeiwinken, winken, zuwinken, einladen

stoutish - gedrungen

tights - Strumpfhosen; knapp, eng, eng, dicht, eng, tight, fest

extensive - umfangreich

His clothes were shabby, but he had an imposing shirt-collar on. He carried a jaunty sort of a stick, with a large pair of rusty tassels to it; and a quizzing-glass hung outside his coat,"for ornament, I afterwards found, as he very seldom looked through it, and couldn't see anything when he did.

shabby - schäbig

imposing - imposant; auferlegen, aufzwingen, auferlegen

jaunty - flott; affektiert, prätentiös, übermütig, fröhlich

quizzing - Quizfragen; ausfragend, abfragenden; (quiz); Ratespiel

ornament - Verzierung; musikalische Verzierung

looked through - durchgeblickte

'This,'said Mr. Quinion, in allusion to myself, 'is he.'

'This,'said the stranger, with a certain condescending roll in his voice, and a certain indescribable air of doing something genteel, which impressed me very much, 'is Master Copperfield. I hope I see you well, sir?'

condescending - herablassen, bevormunden, herablassend behandeln, zustimmen

roll in - einspeichern

indescribable - unbeschreiblich

genteel - vornehm; höflich

I said I was very well, and hoped he was. I was sufficiently ill at ease, Heaven knows; but it was not in my nature to complain much at that time of my life, so I said I was very well, and hoped he was.

'I am,'said the stranger, 'thank Heaven, quite well. I have received a letter from Mr.

Murdstone, in which he mentions that he would desire me to receive into an apartment in the rear of my house, which is at present unoccupied"and is, in short, to be let as a"in short,'said the stranger, with a smile and in a burst of confidence, 'as a bedroom"the young beginner whom I have now the pleasure to"'and the stranger waved his hand, and settled his chin in his shirt-collar.

rear - hinten; Hinter.., hinterster, Heck, Rück..

unoccupied - unbesetzt

beginner - Anfänger, Anfängerin, Neuling

'This is Mr. Micawber,'said Mr. Quinion to me.

'Ahem!'said the stranger, 'that is my name.'

Ahem - Hm; Ahem

'Mr. Micawber,'said Mr. Quinion, 'is known to Mr. Murdstone. He takes orders for us on commission, when he can get any. He has been written to by Mr. Murdstone, on the subject of your lodgings, and he will receive you as a lodger.'

lodgings - Unterbringung; Unterkunft

lodger - Untermieter, Mieter

'My address,'said Mr. Micawber, 'is Windsor Terrace, City Road. I"in short,'said Mr. Micawber, with the same genteel air, and in another burst of confidence"'I live there.'

terrace - Dachterrasse; Häuserreihe; Häuserflucht; Stehtribüne; Stehplätze

I made him a bow.

'Under the impression,'said Mr. Micawber, 'that your peregrinations in this metropolis have not as yet been extensive, and that you might have some difficulty in penetrating the arcana of the Modern Babylon in the direction of the City Road,"in short,'said Mr. Micawber, in another burst of confidence, 'that you might lose yourself"I shall be happy to call this evening, and install you in the knowledge of the nearest way.'

peregrinations - Wanderungen; Wanderschaft, Wanderung

metropolis - Metropole, Weltstadt

penetrating - durchdringend; eindringen, penetrieren, penetrieren

arcana - Arkana

Babylon - Babylon

install - installieren

I thanked him with all my heart, for it was friendly in him to offer to take that trouble.

'At what hour,'said Mr. Micawber, 'shall I"'

'At about eight,'said Mr. Quinion.

'At about eight,'said Mr. Micawber. 'I beg to wish you good day, Mr. Quinion. I will intrude no longer.'

intrude - eindringen, stören, eindrängen

So he put on his hat, and went out with his cane under his arm: very upright, and humming a tune when he was clear of the counting-house.

Mr. Quinion then formally engaged me to be as useful as I could in the warehouse of Murdstone and Grinby, at a salary, I think, of six shillings a week. I am not clear whether it was six or seven. I am inclined to believe, from my uncertainty on this head, that it was six at first and seven afterwards. He paid me a week down (from his own pocket, I believe), and I gave Mealy sixpence out of it to get my trunk carried to Windsor Terrace that night: it being too heavy for my strength, small as it was.

uncertainty - Unsicherheit, Ungewissheit

I paid sixpence more for my dinner, which was a meat pie and a turn at a neighbouring pump; and passed the hour which was allowed for that meal, in walking about the streets.

meat pie - Fleischpastete

At the appointed time in the evening, Mr. Micawber reappeared. I washed my hands and face, to do the greater honour to his gentility, and we walked to our house, as I suppose I must now call it, together; Mr. Micawber impressing the name of streets, and the shapes of corner houses upon me, as we went along, that I might find my way back, easily, in the morning.

appointed - ernannt; bestimmen, festlegen, ausstatten, ausrüsten, festlegen

impressing - beeindruckend; beeindrucken, prägen

Arrived at this house in Windsor Terrace (which I noticed was shabby like himself, but also, like himself, made all the show it could), he presented me to Mrs. Micawber, a thin and faded lady, not at all young, who was sitting in the parlour (the first floor was altogether unfurnished, and the blinds were kept down to delude the neighbours), with a baby at her breast.

faded - verblasst; Mode, Trend, Modeerscheinung, Fimmel

blinds - Jalousien; blind, blind, unkritisch, ignorant, blind, Jalousie

delude - irreführen, täuschen

This baby was one of twins; and I may remark here that I hardly ever, in all my experience of the family, saw both the twins detached from Mrs. Micawber at the same time. One of them was always taking refreshment.

There were two other children; Master Micawber, aged about four, and Miss Micawber, aged about three. These, and a dark-complexioned young woman, with a habit of snorting, who was servant to the family, and informed me, before half an hour had expired, that she was 'a Orfling', and came from St.

complexioned - Teint, Gesichtsfarbe

Luke's workhouse, in the neighbourhood, completed the establishment. My room was at the top of the house, at the back: a close chamber; stencilled all over with an ornament which my young imagination represented as a blue muffin; and very scantily furnished.

Luke - Lukas, Lukas, das Evangelium nach Lukas

workhouse - Arbeitshaus

chamber - Raum, Schlafzimmer, Kammer

stencilled - schabloniert; Schablone

muffin - Muffin, Muffin

scantily - spärlich; knapp

furnished - eingerichtet; möblieren, einrichten, ausrüsten

'I never thought,'said Mrs. Micawber, when she came up, twin and all, to show me the apartment, and sat down to take breath, 'before I was married, when I lived with papa and mama, that I should ever find it necessary to take a lodger. But Mr. Micawber being in difficulties, all considerations of private feeling must give way.'

papa - der Papa

give way - nachgeben, ich/er/sie wich, weichen, abtreten

I said: 'Yes, ma'am.'

'Mr. Micawber's difficulties are almost overwhelming just at present,'said Mrs. Micawber; 'and whether it is possible to bring him through them, I don't know. When I lived at home with papa and mama, I really should have hardly understood what the word meant, in the sense in which I now employ it, but experientia does it,"as papa used to say.'

overwhelming - überwältigend; überwältigen, übermannen, überrumpeln, de

I cannot satisfy myself whether she told me that Mr. Micawber had been an officer in the Marines, or whether I have imagined it. I only know that I believe to this hour that he WAS in the Marines once upon a time, without knowing why. He was a sort of town traveller for a number of miscellaneous houses, now; but made little or nothing of it, I am afraid.

marines - See

miscellaneous - Verschiedenes

'If Mr. Micawber's creditors will not give him time,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'they must take the consequences; and the sooner they bring it to an issue the better. Blood cannot be obtained from a stone, neither can anything on account be obtained at present (not to mention law expenses) from Mr. Micawber.'

creditors - Gläubiger, Kreditor

issue - Problem; ausgehen

obtained - erlangen, erhalten, bestehen

I never can quite understand whether my precocious self-dependence confused Mrs. Micawber in reference to my age, or whether she was so full of the subject that she would have talked about it to the very twins if there had been nobody else to communicate with, but this was the strain in which she began, and she went on accordingly all the time I knew her.

precocious - frühreif

dependence - Abhängigkeit

Poor Mrs. Micawber! She said she had tried to exert herself, and so, I have no doubt, she had. The centre of the street door was perfectly covered with a great brass-plate, on which was engraved 'Mrs. Micawber's Boarding Establishment for Young Ladies': but I never found that any young lady had ever been to school there; or that any young lady ever came, or proposed to come; or that the least preparation was ever made to receive any young lady. The only visitors I ever saw, or heard of, were creditors. THEY used to come at all hours, and some of them were quite ferocious. One dirty-faced man, I think he was a boot-maker, used to edge himself into the passage as early as seven o'clock in the morning, and call up the stairs to Mr. Micawber"'Come! You ain't out yet, you know. Pay us, will you? Don't hide, you know; that's mean. I wouldn't be mean if I was you. Pay us, will you? You just pay us, d'ye hear? Come!'Receiving no answer to these taunts, he would mount in his wrath to the words 'swindlers'and 'robbers'; and these being ineffectual too, would sometimes go to the extremity of crossing the street, and roaring up at the windows of the second floor, where he knew Mr.

exert - anstrengen; ausüben

engraved - eingraviert; gravieren, meißeln, eingravieren

Maker - Schöpfer; Macher, Hersteller, Fabrikant

be mean - knausern

taunts - Sticheleien; sticheln, necken; Spott, Hohn

mount - Reittier, Berg, Lafette (Waffe); einbauen, aufsteigen

wrath - Zorn, Wut, Ärger, Ingrimm, Vergeltung

swindlers - Schwindler, Schwindlerin, Gauner, Gaunerin, Betrüger, Betrügerin

ineffectual - unwirksam

extremity - Extremität, äußerstes Ende, Äußerste, Extremste

roaring - brüllend; Gebrüll; (roar); brüllen; Tosen; Brüllen; Aufheulen

Micawber was. At these times, Mr. Micawber would be transported with grief and mortification, even to the length (as I was once made aware by a scream from his wife) of making motions at himself with a razor; but within half-an-hour afterwards, he would polish up his shoes with extraordinary pains, and go out, humming a tune with a greater air of gentility than ever. Mrs. Micawber was quite as elastic. I have known her to be thrown into fainting fits by the king's taxes at three o'clock, and to eat lamb chops, breaded, and drink warm ale (paid for with two tea-spoons that had gone to the pawnbroker's) at four. On one occasion, when an execution had just been put in, coming home through some chance as early as six o'clock, I saw her lying (of course with a twin) under the grate in a swoon, with her hair all torn about her face; but I never knew her more cheerful than she was, that very same night, over a veal cutlet before the kitchen fire, telling me stories about her papa and mama, and the company they used to keep.

mortification - Kasteiung; Kränkung, Demütigung

razor - Rasiermesser, Rasierapparat, Rasierer

polish - Politur; polnisch; Polnisch

elastic - dehnbar, elastisch, Gummiband

Fainting - Ohnmacht; (faint); Ohnmacht

taxes - Steuern; (taxi) Taxi

pawnbroker - Pfandleiher, Pfandleiherin

grate - Gitter, Feuerrost, Rost; (Käse) reiben, rastern, vergittern

swoon - in Ohnmacht fallen; Ohnmacht, schwinden

more cheerful - fröhlichere

veal - Kalbfleisch

cutlet - Schnitzel, Kotelett

In this house, and with this family, I passed my leisure time. My own exclusive breakfast of a penny loaf and a pennyworth of milk, I provided myself. I kept another small loaf, and a modicum of cheese, on a particular shelf of a particular cupboard, to make my supper on when I came back at night.

exclusive - ausschließlich; exklusiv

modicum - Bisschen, Hauch, Spur, Winzigkeit

This made a hole in the six or seven shillings, I know well; and I was out at the warehouse all day, and had to support myself on that money all the week. From Monday morning until Saturday night, I had no advice, no counsel, no encouragement, no consolation, no assistance, no support, of any kind, from anyone, that I can call to mind, as I hope to go to heaven!

counsel - Ratschläge; Beratung; Rat, Ratschlag, Anwalt, Anwältin

I was so young and childish, and so little qualified"how could I be otherwise?"to undertake the whole charge of my own existence, that often, in going to Murdstone and Grinby's, of a morning, I could not resist the stale pastry put out for sale at half-price at the pastrycooks'doors, and spent in that the money I should have kept for my dinner. Then, I went without my dinner, or bought a roll or a slice of pudding. I remember two pudding shops, between which I was divided, according to my finances. One was in a court close to St. Martin's Church"at the back of the church,"which is now removed altogether. The pudding at that shop was made of currants, and was rather a special pudding, but was dear, twopennyworth not being larger than a pennyworth of more ordinary pudding. A good shop for the latter was in the Strand"somewhere in that part which has been rebuilt since. It was a stout pale pudding, heavy and flabby, and with great flat raisins in it, stuck in whole at wide distances apart. It came up hot at about my time every day, and many a day did I dine off it.

undertake - unternehmen, ausführen, verpflichten

divided - geteilt; aufteilen, teilen, einteilen, teilen, dividieren

finances - Finanz, Finanzen-p, Geldwesen

Martin - Martin

currants - Johannisbeeren; Korinthe, Johannisbeere, Ribisel, Johannisbeere

more ordinary - gewöhnlichere

Strand - Strand, Ader, Faden, Strähne; auf den Strand setzen

rebuilt - wiederhergestellt; wiederaufbauen, umbauen

flabby - schlaff; schlabberig

raisins - Rosinen; Rosine

When I dined regularly and handsomely, I had a saveloy and a penny loaf, or a fourpenny plate of red beef from a cook's shop; or a plate of bread and cheese and a glass of beer, from a miserable old public-house opposite our place of business, called the Lion, or the Lion and something else that I have forgotten. Once, I remember carrying my own bread (which I had brought from home in the morning) under my arm, wrapped in a piece of paper, like a book, and going to a famous alamode beef-house near Drury Lane, and ordering a 'small plate'of that delicacy to eat with it. What the waiter thought of such a strange little apparition coming in all alone, I don't know; but I can see him now, staring at me as I ate my dinner, and bringing up the other waiter to look. I gave him a halfpenny for himself, and I wish he hadn't taken it.

saveloy - Zervelatwurst

fourpenny - Vierpfennig

delicacy - Feinheit, Zartheit, Delikatesse, Leckerbissen, Köstlichkeit

apparition - Erscheinung

We had half-an-hour, I think, for tea. When I had money enough, I used to get half-a-pint of ready-made coffee and a slice of bread and butter. When I had none, I used to look at a venison shop in Fleet Street; or I have strolled, at such a time, as far as Covent Garden Market, and stared at the pineapples. I was fond of wandering about the Adelphi, because it was a mysterious place, with those dark arches.

pint - Pint

venison - Wildbret; Rehfleisch; q

Fleet - Flotte; Fahrzeugpark

pineapples - Ananas, Ananas, Handgranate

arches - Gewölbe; Bogen

I see myself emerging one evening from some of these arches, on a little public-house close to the river, with an open space before it, where some coal-heavers were dancing; to look at whom I sat down upon a bench. I wonder what they thought of me!

emerging - entstehen; erscheinen, auftauchen, herauskommen, davonkommen

space before - Papiertransport vor dem Druck

Bench - Bank, Sitzbank, Richter

I was such a child, and so little, that frequently when I went into the bar of a strange public-house for a glass of ale or porter, to moisten what I had had for dinner, they were afraid to give it me. I remember one hot evening I went into the bar of a public-house, and said to the landlord: 'What is your best"your very best"ale a glass?'For it was a special occasion. I don't know what. It may have been my birthday.

frequently - häufig

porter - Gepäckträger, Pförtner, Portier; (port) Gepäckträger, Pförtner

moisten - anfeuchten, befeuchten, feucht werden

landlord - Vermieter, Hauswirt

'Twopence-halfpenny,'says the landlord, 'is the price of the Genuine Stunning ale.'

genuine - echt, original, genuin

stunning - umwerfend; betäuben, verblüffen

'Then,'says I, producing the money, 'just draw me a glass of the Genuine Stunning, if you please, with a good head to it.'


The landlord looked at me in return over the bar, from head to foot, with a strange smile on his face; and instead of drawing the beer, looked round the screen and said something to his wife. She came out from behind it, with her work in her hand, and joined him in surveying me. Here we stand, all three, before me now. The landlord in his shirt-sleeves, leaning against the bar window-frame; his wife looking over the little half-door; and I, in some confusion, looking up at them from outside the partition.

partition - Partition, Zerlegung, Klasseneinteilung

They asked me a good many questions; as, what my name was, how old I was, where I lived, how I was employed, and how I came there. To all of which, that I might commit nobody, I invented, I am afraid, appropriate answers. They served me with the ale, though I suspect it was not the Genuine Stunning; and the landlord's wife, opening the little half-door of the bar, and bending down, gave me my money back, and gave me a kiss that was half admiring and half compassionate, but all womanly and good, I am sure.

bending down - (bend down) sich bücken

admiring - bewundern, verehren, hochschätzen

compassionate - mitfühlend; mitleidig

womanly - weiblich, fraulich

I know I do not exaggerate, unconsciously and unintentionally, the scantiness of my resources or the difficulties of my life. I know that if a shilling were given me by Mr. Quinion at any time, I spent it in a dinner or a tea. I know that I worked, from morning until night, with common men and boys, a shabby child.

unintentionally - ungewollt

scantiness - Knappheit; Kargheit, Spärlichkeit

I know that I lounged about the streets, insufficiently and unsatisfactorily fed. I know that, but for the mercy of God, I might easily have been, for any care that was taken of me, a little robber or a little vagabond.

insufficiently - unzureichend

unsatisfactorily - unzufriedenstellend

robber - Räuber, Räuberin

vagabond - Vagabund, Landstreicher, Landstreicherin

Yet I held some station at Murdstone and Grinby's too. Besides that Mr. Quinion did what a careless man so occupied, and dealing with a thing so anomalous, could, to treat me as one upon a different footing from the rest, I never said, to man or boy, how it was that I came to be there, or gave the least indication of being sorry that I was there. That I suffered in secret, and that I suffered exquisitely, no one ever knew but I.

occupied - besetzt; in Anspruch nehmen, belegen, bewohnen, besetzen

anomalous - anomal

exquisitely - exquisit

How much I suffered, it is, as I have said already, utterly beyond my power to tell. But I kept my own counsel, and I did my work. I knew from the first, that, if I could not do my work as well as any of the rest, I could not hold myself above slight and contempt. I soon became at least as expeditious and as skilful as either of the other boys. Though perfectly familiar with them, my conduct and manner were different enough from theirs to place a space between us. They and the men generally spoke of me as 'the little gent', or 'the young Suffolker.'A certain man named Gregory, who was foreman of the packers, and another named Tipp, who was the carman, and wore a red jacket, used to address me sometimes as 'David': but I think it was mostly when we were very confidential, and when I had made some efforts to entertain them, over our work, with some results of the old readings; which were fast perishing out of my remembrance. Mealy Potatoes uprose once, and rebelled against my being so distinguished; but Mick Walker settled him in no time.

contempt - Verachtung; Schande, Blamage, Mißachtung, Beamtenbeleidigung

expeditious - zügig

skilful - gewandt, gekonnt, geschickt, erfahren

gent - Herr

Gregory - Gregor

foreman - Vorarbeiter, Polier, Sprecher der Geschworenen

packers - Verpacker, Verpackerin, Packer, Packerin

confidential - vertraulich

efforts - Anstrengungen; Anstrengung, Aufwand

entertain - jdn. zu Gast haben;bewirten, unterhalten

readings - Lesungen; Lesen

perishing - untergehen; verderben, schlecht werden, umkommen

uprose - aufgestiegen; aufstehen

rebelled - rebelliert; Rebell; auflehnen, aufbäumen

My rescue from this kind of existence I considered quite hopeless, and abandoned, as such, altogether. I am solemnly convinced that I never for one hour was reconciled to it, or was otherwise than miserably unhappy; but I bore it; and even to Peggotty, partly for the love of her and partly for shame, never in any letter (though many passed between us) revealed the truth.

rescue from - erretten von

reconciled - versöhnt; versöhnen

miserably - miserabel

Mr. Micawber's difficulties were an addition to the distressed state of my mind. In my forlorn state I became quite attached to the family, and used to walk about, busy with Mrs. Micawber's calculations of ways and means, and heavy with the weight of Mr. Micawber's debts. On a Saturday night, which was my grand treat,"partly because it was a great thing to walk home with six or seven shillings in my pocket, looking into the shops and thinking what such a sum would buy, and partly because I went home early,"Mrs. Micawber would make the most heart-rending confidences to me; also on a Sunday morning, when I mixed the portion of tea or coffee I had bought over-night, in a little shaving-pot, and sat late at my breakfast.

Addition - Zufügung, Hinzufügung, Zusatz, Addition, Summant

attached - befestigt; Aktentasche, Attache, Aktenkoffer

calculations - Berechnungen; Berechnung

debts - Schuld, Verbindlichkeit, Verpflichtung, Schulden

rending - zerreißen

portion - Anteil; Teil

shaving - Rasieren; Span; (shave) Rasieren; Span

It was nothing at all unusual for Mr. Micawber to sob violently at the beginning of one of these Saturday night conversations, and sing about Jack's delight being his lovely Nan, towards the end of it. I have known him come home to supper with a flood of tears, and a declaration that nothing was now left but a jail; and go to bed making a calculation of the expense of putting bow-windows to the house, 'in case anything turned up', which was his favourite expression. And Mrs. Micawber was just the same.

violently - gewaltsam; gewalttätig

Jack - Hans, Hanns, Hannes, Hänsel

flood - Hochwasser; Flut; überschwemmen, überfluten, überfüllen

calculation - Berechnung

A curious equality of friendship, originating, I suppose, in our respective circumstances, sprung up between me and these people, notwithstanding the ludicrous disparity in our years. But I never allowed myself to be prevailed upon to accept any invitation to eat and drink with them out of their stock (knowing that they got on badly with the butcher and baker, and had often not too much for themselves), until Mrs. Micawber took me into her entire confidence.

equality - Gleichheit; Gleichberechtigung

originating - Ursprung; entwickeln, erzeugen, entstehen, entspringen

respective - bzw

ludicrous - lächerlich

disparity - Ungleichheit; Differenz, Unterschiedlichkeit, Unterschied

prevailed - sich durchgesetzt; erman: die Vorherrschaft erringen (''over'' über)

This she did one evening as follows:

'Master Copperfield,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'I make no stranger of you, and therefore do not hesitate to say that Mr. Micawber's difficulties are coming to a crisis.'

hesitate - zögern, stammeln

coming to a crisis - zuspitzend

It made me very miserable to hear it, and I looked at Mrs. Micawber's red eyes with the utmost sympathy.

'With the exception of the heel of a Dutch cheese"which is not adapted to the wants of a young family'"said Mrs. Micawber, 'there is really not a scrap of anything in the larder. I was accustomed to speak of the larder when I lived with papa and mama, and I use the word almost unconsciously. What I mean to express is, that there is nothing to eat in the house.'

adapted - angepasst; anpassen, angleichen, anwenden, einrichten, anpassen

scrap - ausrangieren; Abfallholz, Teil, Schrott

larder - Kühlraum, Speisekammer

eat in - zu Hause essen

'Dear me!'I said, in great concern.

I had two or three shillings of my week's money in my pocket"from which I presume that it must have been on a Wednesday night when we held this conversation"and I hastily produced them, and with heartfelt emotion begged Mrs. Micawber to accept of them as a loan. But that lady, kissing me, and making me put them back in my pocket, replied that she couldn't think of it.

presume - annehmen, mutmaßen, vermuten

heartfelt - herzlich, von Herzen kommend, tief empfunden, innig

loan - ausleihen; Anleihe, Kredit, Darlehen, Leihe

'No, my dear Master Copperfield,'said she, 'far be it from my thoughts! But you have a discretion beyond your years, and can render me another kind of service, if you will; and a service I will thankfully accept of.'

discretion - Diskretion, Takt, Verschwiegenheit, Angemessenheit

render - leisten, wiedergeben

thankfully - zum Glück; Gott sei Dank, glücklich

I begged Mrs. Micawber to name it.

'I have parted with the plate myself,'said Mrs. Micawber. 'Six tea, two salt, and a pair of sugars, I have at different times borrowed money on, in secret, with my own hands. But the twins are a great tie; and to me, with my recollections, of papa and mama, these transactions are very painful. There are still a few trifles that we could part with. Mr. Micawber's feelings would never allow him to dispose of them; and Clickett'"this was the girl from the workhouse"'being of a vulgar mind, would take painful liberties if so much confidence was reposed in her.

dispose - beseitigen, entsorgen, ordnen

vulgar - vulgär, unfein, ungebildet, unanständig

liberties - Freiheiten; Freiheit

reposed - aufbewahrt; ruhen

Master Copperfield, if I might ask you"'

I understood Mrs. Micawber now, and begged her to make use of me to any extent. I began to dispose of the more portable articles of property that very evening; and went out on a similar expedition almost every morning, before I went to Murdstone and Grinby's.

more portable - tragbarere

Mr. Micawber had a few books on a little chiffonier, which he called the library; and those went first. I carried them, one after another, to a bookstall in the City Road"one part of which, near our house, was almost all bookstalls and bird shops then"and sold them for whatever they would bring. The keeper of this bookstall, who lived in a little house behind it, used to get tipsy every night, and to be violently scolded by his wife every morning. More than once, when I went there early, I had audience of him in a turn-up bedstead, with a cut in his forehead or a black eye, bearing witness to his excesses over-night (I am afraid he was quarrelsome in his drink), and he, with a shaking hand, endeavouring to find the needful shillings in one or other of the pockets of his clothes, which lay upon the floor, while his wife, with a baby in her arms and her shoes down at heel, never left off rating him.

bookstalls - Bücherstände; Zeitungsstand

keeper - Hüter; Wächter, Hüter, Torwart, Tormann

get tipsy - sich einen ansäuseln (ugs.)

scolded - gescholten; Beißzange, Xanthippe, beschimpfen, schelten, tadeln

witness - Zeugnis; Zeuge, Zeugin, bezeugen, erman: Zeuge sein

excesses - Exzesse; Überfluss, Überschuss, Übermaß

quarrelsome - zänkisch

needful - nötig, das Nötige, notwendig

down at heel - verwahrlost

Sometimes he had lost his money, and then he would ask me to call again; but his wife had always got some"had taken his, I dare say, while he was drunk"and secretly completed the bargain on the stairs, as we went down together. At the pawnbroker's shop, too, I began to be very well known. The principal gentleman who officiated behind the counter, took a good deal of notice of me; and often got me, I recollect, to decline a Latin noun or adjective, or to conjugate a Latin verb, in his ear, while he transacted my business. After all these occasions Mrs. Micawber made a little treat, which was generally a supper; and there was a peculiar relish in these meals which I well remember.

officiated - amtiert; amtieren

decline - Sinken, Fall, Gefälle, Abnahme, Rückgang, Schwächung

noun - Substantiv; Dingwort, Gegenstandswort, Namenwort, Nennwort

adjective - Adjektiv, Eigenschaftswort, Beiwort, Wiewort

conjugate - konjugieren

transacted - abgewickelt; abwickeln

At last Mr. Micawber's difficulties came to a crisis, and he was arrested early one morning, and carried over to the King's Bench Prison in the Borough. He told me, as he went out of the house, that the God of day had now gone down upon him"and I really thought his heart was broken and mine too. But I heard, afterwards, that he was seen to play a lively game at skittles, before noon.

crisis - Krise

arrested - verhaftet; Verhaftung, Festnahme, Arrest, arretieren

skittles - Sportkegeln, Kegel

On the first Sunday after he was taken there, I was to go and see him, and have dinner with him. I was to ask my way to such a place, and just short of that place I should see such another place, and just short of that I should see a yard, which I was to cross, and keep straight on until I saw a turnkey.

taken there - hingebracht

another place - anderswohin

keep straight on - geradeaus gehen;gehen Sie geradeaus

turnkey - schlüsselfertig; Gefangenenwärter; : r

All this I did; and when at last I did see a turnkey (poor little fellow that I was!), and thought how, when Roderick Random was in a debtors'prison, there was a man there with nothing on him but an old rug, the turnkey swam before my dimmed eyes and my beating heart.

debtors - Schuldner, Schuldnerin

rug - Vorleger; Teppich, Brücke

dimmed - abgeblendet; trüb; dämmerig, dunkel

Mr. Micawber was waiting for me within the gate, and we went up to his room (top story but one), and cried very much. He solemnly conjured me, I remember, to take warning by his fate; and to observe that if a man had twenty pounds a-year for his income, and spent nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and sixpence, he would be happy, but that if he spent twenty pounds one he would be miserable. After which he borrowed a shilling of me for porter, gave me a written order on Mrs.

conjured - beschworen; zaubern, herbeirufen, hervorrufen, heraufbeschwören

income - Einkommen

Micawber for the amount, and put away his pocket-handkerchief, and cheered up.

cheered up - aufgeheitert

We sat before a little fire, with two bricks put within the rusted grate, one on each side, to prevent its burning too many coals; until another debtor, who shared the room with Mr. Micawber, came in from the bakehouse with the loin of mutton which was our joint-stock repast.

bricks - Ziegelsteine; Backstein, Ziegel, Ziegel, externes Netzteil

rusted - verrostet; rosten, verrosten, einrosten; Rost (Eisen)

debtor - Schuldner, Schuldnerin

bakehouse - Backstube

loin - Lende; Rippenstück, Karree

joint-stock - (joint-stock) Gesellschaftskapital , Grundkapital

repast - Mahl, Mahlzeit

Then I was sent up to 'Captain Hopkins'in the room overhead, with Mr. Micawber's compliments, and I was his young friend, and would Captain Hopkins lend me a knife and fork.

overhead - von oben, darüber, Überkopf-

Captain Hopkins lent me the knife and fork, with his compliments to Mr. Micawber. There was a very dirty lady in his little room, and two wan girls, his daughters, with shock heads of hair. I thought it was better to borrow Captain Hopkins's knife and fork, than Captain Hopkins's comb. The Captain himself was in the last extremity of shabbiness, with large whiskers, and an old, old brown great-coat with no other coat below it. I saw his bed rolled up in a corner; and what plates and dishes and pots he had, on a shelf; and I divined (God knows how) that though the two girls with the shock heads of hair were Captain Hopkins's children, the dirty lady was not married to Captain Hopkins.

wan - Großraumnetzwerk

shock - Schock, Betroffenheit, Empörung, Schlag, Stoß

comb - Kamm

shabbiness - Schäbigkeit

plates and dishes - Essgeschirr

divined - geahnt; göttlich

My timid station on his threshold was not occupied more than a couple of minutes at most; but I came down again with all this in my knowledge, as surely as the knife and fork were in my hand.

surely - bestimmt, sicherlich

There was something gipsy-like and agreeable in the dinner, after all. I took back Captain Hopkins's knife and fork early in the afternoon, and went home to comfort Mrs. Micawber with an account of my visit. She fainted when she saw me return, and made a little jug of egg-hot afterwards to console us while we talked it over.

gipsy - Zigeuner

took back - (take back) zurücknehmen

console - Konsole; trösten (mit), vertrösten; Bedienungsfeld, Gerät

I don't know how the household furniture came to be sold for the family benefit, or who sold it, except that I did not. Sold it was, however, and carried away in a van; except the bed, a few chairs, and the kitchen table. With these possessions we encamped, as it were, in the two parlours of the emptied house in Windsor Terrace; Mrs. Micawber, the children, the Orfling, and myself; and lived in those rooms night and day. I have no idea for how long, though it seems to me for a long time. At last Mrs. Micawber resolved to move into the prison, where Mr. Micawber had now secured a room to himself. So I took the key of the house to the landlord, who was very glad to get it; and the beds were sent over to the King's Bench, except mine, for which a little room was hired outside the walls in the neighbourhood of that Institution, very much to my satisfaction, since the Micawbers and I had become too used to one another, in our troubles, to part.

encamped - gelagert; lagern

hired - angestellt; leihen, Entgelt, anstellen, mieten; dingen

The Orfling was likewise accommodated with an inexpensive lodging in the same neighbourhood. Mine was a quiet back-garret with a sloping roof, commanding a pleasant prospect of a timberyard; and when I took possession of it, with the reflection that Mr. Micawber's troubles had come to a crisis at last, I thought it quite a paradise.

accommodated - untergebracht; machen, endigen, in Übereinstimmung bringen

inexpensive - preiswert

garret - Dachboden; Mansarde, Dachwohnung

sloping - schräg; Schmutzwasser

commanding - Befehl, Kommando

timberyard - Holzplatz

paradise - das Paradies; Paradies, Himmel

All this time I was working at Murdstone and Grinby's in the same common way, and with the same common companions, and with the same sense of unmerited degradation as at first. But I never, happily for me no doubt, made a single acquaintance, or spoke to any of the many boys whom I saw daily in going to the warehouse, in coming from it, and in prowling about the streets at meal-times. I led the same secretly unhappy life; but I led it in the same lonely, self-reliant manner. The only changes I am conscious of are, firstly, that I had grown more shabby, and secondly, that I was now relieved of much of the weight of Mr. and Mrs. Micawber's cares; for some relatives or friends had engaged to help them at their present pass, and they lived more comfortably in the prison than they had lived for a long while out of it. I used to breakfast with them now, in virtue of some arrangement, of which I have forgotten the details.

unmerited - unverdient

degradation - Verschlechterung; Degradierung

reliant - abhängen; abhängig, angewiesen

relatives - vergleichsweise, relativ, Verwandter, Blutsverwandter

I forget, too, at what hour the gates were opened in the morning, admitting of my going in; but I know that I was often up at six o'clock, and that my favourite lounging-place in the interval was old London Bridge, where I was wont to sit in one of the stone recesses, watching the people going by, or to look over the balustrades at the sun shining in the water, and lighting up the golden flame on the top of the Monument. The Orfling met me here sometimes, to be told some astonishing fictions respecting the wharves and the Tower; of which I can say no more than that I hope I believed them myself. In the evening I used to go back to the prison, and walk up and down the parade with Mr. Micawber; or play casino with Mrs. Micawber, and hear reminiscences of her papa and mama. Whether Mr. Murdstone knew where I was, I am unable to say. I never told them at Murdstone and Grinby's.

Admitting - einlassen, zulassen, zugeben, eingestehen, erlauben, einweisen

recesses - Pausen; Vertiefung, Winkel, Aushöhlung, qualifier

balustrades - Balustraden; Balustrade

lighting up - aufleuchtend

flame - Flamme, poetic, anmachen

monument - Denkmal, Monument

wharves - Häfen; Kai, Wharf

Casino - Kasino, Spielbank

reminiscences - Reminiszenzen; Erinnern

unable - unfähig, untauglich

Mr. Micawber's affairs, although past their crisis, were very much involved by reason of a certain 'Deed', of which I used to hear a great deal, and which I suppose, now, to have been some former composition with his creditors, though I was so far from being clear about it then, that I am conscious of having confounded it with those demoniacal parchments which are held to have, once upon a time, obtained to a great extent in Germany.

affairs - Angelegenheiten; Angelegenheit, Angelegenheit, Scharmützel

deed - Tat, Akt, Werk, Urkunde, urkundlich übertragen; (dee); Tat, Akt

confounded - verwirrt; verwirren, verschlimmern, verschlechtern, besiegen

demoniacal - dämonisch

parchments - Pergamente; Pergament

Germany - Deutschland

At last this document appeared to be got out of the way, somehow; at all events it ceased to be the rock-ahead it had been; and Mrs. Micawber informed me that 'her family'had decided that Mr. Micawber should apply for his release under the Insolvent Debtors Act, which would set him free, she expected, in about six weeks.

ahead - voraus, vorne, vorn, oben, geradeaus

release - Freigabe, Freisetzung, Befreiung, Erlösung

insolvent - insolvent, zahlungsunfähig

'And then,'said Mr. Micawber, who was present, 'I have no doubt I shall, please Heaven, begin to be beforehand with the world, and to live in a perfectly new manner, if"in short, if anything turns up.'

turns up - (turn up) aufbinden, erscheinen, auftauchen

By way of going in for anything that might be on the cards, I call to mind that Mr. Micawber, about this time, composed a petition to the House of Commons, praying for an alteration in the law of imprisonment for debt.

composed - komponiert; zusammenstellen, zusammensetzen, komponieren

praying - flehend, betend; (pray) flehend, betend

alteration - Abänderung; Änderung, Veränderung

debt - Schuld, Verbindlichkeit, Verpflichtung, Schulden

I set down this remembrance here, because it is an instance to myself of the manner in which I fitted my old books to my altered life, and made stories for myself, out of the streets, and out of men and women; and how some main points in the character I shall unconsciously develop, I suppose, in writing my life, were gradually forming all this while.

There was a club in the prison, in which Mr. Micawber, as a gentleman, was a great authority. Mr. Micawber had stated his idea of this petition to the club, and the club had strongly approved of the same. Wherefore Mr.

wherefore - Weshalb; warum, weswegen, wofür

Micawber (who was a thoroughly good-natured man, and as active a creature about everything but his own affairs as ever existed, and never so happy as when he was busy about something that could never be of any profit to him) set to work at the petition, invented it, engrossed it on an immense sheet of paper, spread it out on a table, and appointed a time for all the club, and all within the walls if they chose, to come up to his room and sign it.

engrossed - vertieft; beschlagnahmen, beanspruchen

When I heard of this approaching ceremony, I was so anxious to see them all come in, one after another, though I knew the greater part of them already, and they me, that I got an hour's leave of absence from Murdstone and Grinby's, and established myself in a corner for that purpose. As many of the principal members of the club as could be got into the small room without filling it, supported Mr. Micawber in front of the petition, while my old friend Captain Hopkins (who had washed himself, to do honour to so solemn an occasion) stationed himself close to it, to read it to all who were unacquainted with its contents. The door was then thrown open, and the general population began to come in, in a long file: several waiting outside, while one entered, affixed his signature, and went out. To everybody in succession, Captain Hopkins said: 'Have you read it?

approaching - sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

small room - Kammer , Stüberl (österr.)

unacquainted - Unbekannt

affixed - aufgeklebt; Anhang, Anhängsel

signature - Unterschrift; Signatur

succession - Nachfolge; Abfolge; Thronfolge

"'No.'"-'Would you like to hear it read?'If he weakly showed the least disposition to hear it, Captain Hopkins, in a loud sonorous voice, gave him every word of it. The Captain would have read it twenty thousand times, if twenty thousand people would have heard him, one by one. I remember a certain luscious roll he gave to such phrases as 'The people's representatives in Parliament assembled,''Your petitioners therefore humbly approach your honourable house,''His gracious Majesty's unfortunate subjects,'as if the words were something real in his mouth, and delicious to taste; Mr. Micawber, meanwhile, listening with a little of an author's vanity, and contemplating (not severely) the spikes on the opposite wall.

weakly - Schwach

sonorous - klangvoll

luscious - üppig; köstlich, lecker, süß und saftig, sinnlich, verführerisch

representatives - repräsentativ, Repräsentant, Repräsentantin, Vertreter

Parliament - Das Parlament; Parlament; Eulenschwarm

petitioners - Bittsteller; Petent, Petentin

gracious - gnädig, gütig

Majesty - Majestät

Meanwhile - In der Zwischenzeit; währenddessen, inzwischen, derweil

contemplating - nachgedacht; nachsinnen

severely - ernsthaft

spikes - Nagel, Spitze, Spitze, Stachel, Ähre, Getreideähre, Ähre


In due time, Mr. Micawber's petition was ripe for hearing; and that gentleman was ordered to be discharged under the Act, to my great joy. His creditors were not implacable; and Mrs. Micawber informed me that even the revengeful boot-maker had declared in open court that he bore him no malice, but that when money was owing to him he liked to be paid. He said he thought it was human nature.

ripe - reif

discharged - entladen, entlassen, entlassen, entladen, Ablauf, Befreiung

implacable - unerbittlich

revengeful - rachsüchtig

declared - erklärt; bekanntmachen, bekanntgeben, deklarieren, ausrufen

owing - geschuldet; schulden, schuldig sein, schulden, schuldig sein

Mr. Micawber returned to the King's Bench when his case was over, as some fees were to be settled, and some formalities observed, before he could be actually released. The club received him with transport, and held an harmonic meeting that evening in his honour; while Mrs. Micawber and I had a lamb's fry in private, surrounded by the sleeping family.

fees - Gebühren; Gebühr

be settled - zum Austrag kommen (Streit)

formalities - Formalitäten; Formalie

harmonic - harmonisch

fry - er/sie hat/hatte gebraten, ich/er/sie briet

'On such an occasion I will give you, Master Copperfield,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'in a little more flip,'for we had been having some already, 'the memory of my papa and mama.'

flip - flippen; wenden, umdrehen; schnellen, schnipsen; Salto (Sport)

'Are they dead, ma'am?'I inquired, after drinking the toast in a wine-glass.

'My mama departed this life,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'before Mr. Micawber's difficulties commenced, or at least before they became pressing. My papa lived to bail Mr. Micawber several times, and then expired, regretted by a numerous circle.'

bail - Kaution; verschwinden, bürgen; Bürgschaft (Strafrecht)

regretted - bedauert; bedauern, bereuen, leidtun, Reue, Bedauern

Mrs. Micawber shook her head, and dropped a pious tear upon the twin who happened to be in hand.

pious - fromm, pietätvoll, scheinheilig

As I could hardly hope for a more favourable opportunity of putting a question in which I had a near interest, I said to Mrs. Micawber:

more favourable - günstigere

'May I ask, ma'am, what you and Mr. Micawber intend to do, now that Mr. Micawber is out of his difficulties, and at liberty? Have you settled yet?'

'My family,'said Mrs. Micawber, who always said those two words with an air, though I never could discover who came under the denomination, 'my family are of opinion that Mr. Micawber should quit London, and exert his talents in the country. Mr. Micawber is a man of great talent, Master Copperfield.'

denomination - Benennung; Bezeichnung; Konfession; Stückelung

quit - kündigen; verlassen; aufgeben, verlassen

talents - Talente; Talent

I said I was sure of that.

'Of great talent,'repeated Mrs. Micawber. 'My family are of opinion, that, with a little interest, something might be done for a man of his ability in the custom house. The influence of my family being local, it is their wish that Mr. Micawber should go down to Plymouth. They think it indispensable that he should be upon the spot.'

talent - Talent, Begabung

custom house - Zollhaus

indispensable - unverzichtbar; ausnahmlos, grundsätzlich, unabdingbar

'That he may be ready?'I suggested.

'Exactly,'returned Mrs. Micawber. 'That he may be ready"in case of anything turning up.'

turning up - aufbindend

'And do you go too, ma'am?'

The events of the day, in combination with the twins, if not with the flip, had made Mrs. Micawber hysterical, and she shed tears as she replied:

combination - Kombinieren; Kombination, Kombinierte, Kombinat, Vereinigung

hysterical - hysterisch

'I never will desert Mr. Micawber. Mr. Micawber may have concealed his difficulties from me in the first instance, but his sanguine temper may have led him to expect that he would overcome them. The pearl necklace and bracelets which I inherited from mama, have been disposed of for less than half their value; and the set of coral, which was the wedding gift of my papa, has been actually thrown away for nothing.

Sanguine - Sanguinisch; blutrot

pearl - Perle

bracelets - Armbänder; Armband

inherited - geerbt; erben, übernehmen, erben, erben, vererben

value - Wert, Wichtigkeit, Notenwert, Tonwert, Werte, schätzen

coral - Korallen; Koralle

But I never will desert Mr. Micawber. No!'cried Mrs. Micawber, more affected than before, 'I never will do it! It's of no use asking me!'

more affected - affektierterem

I felt quite uncomfortable"as if Mrs. Micawber supposed I had asked her to do anything of the sort!"and sat looking at her in alarm.

alarm - Alarm, Alarmsignal, Alarmstimmung, Wecker, Alarm schlagen

'Mr. Micawber has his faults. I do not deny that he is improvident. I do not deny that he has kept me in the dark as to his resources and his liabilities both,'she went on, looking at the wall; 'but I never will desert Mr. Micawber!'

improvident - unvorsichtig

liabilities - Verbindlichkeiten; Schuld, Schulden, Verbindlichkeit

Mrs. Micawber having now raised her voice into a perfect scream, I was so frightened that I ran off to the club-room, and disturbed Mr. Micawber in the act of presiding at a long table, and leading the chorus of

Gee up, Dobbin,

gee - na

Dobbin - Schindmähre, Mähre, Klepper

Gee ho, Dobbin,

Gee up, Dobbin,

Gee up, and gee ho"o"o!

"with the tidings that Mrs. Micawber was in an alarming state, upon which he immediately burst into tears, and came away with me with his waistcoat full of the heads and tails of shrimps, of which he had been partaking.

partaking - teilzunehmen; teilnehmend; (partake); teilnehmen, mitmachen

'Emma, my angel!'cried Mr. Micawber, running into the room; 'what is the matter?'

Emma - Emma

'I never will desert you, Micawber!'she exclaimed.

'My life!'said Mr. Micawber, taking her in his arms. 'I am perfectly aware of it.'

'He is the parent of my children! He is the father of my twins! He is the husband of my affections,'cried Mrs. Micawber, struggling; 'and I ne"ver"will"desert Mr. Micawber!'

struggling - sich abmühen; kämpfend, ringend; (struggle); Kampf, Gefecht

ne - NO Nordost(en)

Mr. Micawber was so deeply affected by this proof of her devotion (as to me, I was dissolved in tears), that he hung over her in a passionate manner, imploring her to look up, and to be calm. But the more he asked Mrs. Micawber to look up, the more she fixed her eyes on nothing; and the more he asked her to compose herself, the more she wouldn't.

Dissolved - AUFLÖSUNG; auflösen, auflösen, auflösen

hung over - überhängte

passionate - leidenschaftlich

compose - zusammenstellen, zusammensetzen, komponieren, enthalten, umfasst

Consequently Mr. Micawber was soon so overcome, that he mingled his tears with hers and mine; until he begged me to do him the favour of taking a chair on the staircase, while he got her into bed. I would have taken my leave for the night, but he would not hear of my doing that until the strangers'bell should ring. So I sat at the staircase window, until he came out with another chair and joined me.

'How is Mrs. Micawber now, sir?'I said.

'Very low,'said Mr. Micawber, shaking his head; 'reaction. Ah, this has been a dreadful day! We stand alone now"everything is gone from us!'

reaction - Reaktion

stand alone - einzig dastehen, einzigartig sein

Mr. Micawber pressed my hand, and groaned, and afterwards shed tears. I was greatly touched, and disappointed too, for I had expected that we should be quite gay on this happy and long-looked-for occasion. But Mr. and Mrs. Micawber were so used to their old difficulties, I think, that they felt quite shipwrecked when they came to consider that they were released from them. All their elasticity was departed, and I never saw them half so wretched as on this night; insomuch that when the bell rang, and Mr.

pressed - gedrückt; Presse (Maschine), Presse (Zeitung); drängen, drücken

groaned - gestöhnt; Stöhnen

shipwrecked - schiffbrüchig; Schiffswrack

elasticity - Elastizität

Micawber walked with me to the lodge, and parted from me there with a blessing, I felt quite afraid to leave him by himself, he was so profoundly miserable.

blessing - Segen, Segnung, Segnen, Segnen; (bless); Segen, Segnung, Segnen

But through all the confusion and lowness of spirits in which we had been, so unexpectedly to me, involved, I plainly discerned that Mr. and Mrs. Micawber and their family were going away from London, and that a parting between us was near at hand.

lowness - Niedergeschlagenheit; Tiefe

unexpectedly - unerwartet, unerwarteterweise

discerned - wahrgenommen; erkennen, wahrnehmen, bemerken, feststellen

It was in my walk home that night, and in the sleepless hours which followed when I lay in bed, that the thought first occurred to me"though I don't know how it came into my head"which afterwards shaped itself into a settled resolution.

sleepless - schlaflos

I had grown to be so accustomed to the Micawbers, and had been so intimate with them in their distresses, and was so utterly friendless without them, that the prospect of being thrown upon some new shift for a lodging, and going once more among unknown people, was like being that moment turned adrift into my present life, with such a knowledge of it ready made as experience had given me.

distresses - Nöte; Kummer, Bedrängnis, Drangsal, Bekümmerung, Not, Notlage

friendless - freundlos

shift - Schicht; Verschiebung, Verlagerung, Verstellung, Gangschaltung

adrift - abtreibend

All the sensitive feelings it wounded so cruelly, all the shame and misery it kept alive within my breast, became more poignant as I thought of this; and I determined that the life was unendurable.

poignant - spitz, zugespitzt, treffend, zutreffend, relevant, ergreifend

unendurable - unerträglich

That there was no hope of escape from it, unless the escape was my own act, I knew quite well. I rarely heard from Miss Murdstone, and never from Mr. Murdstone: but two or three parcels of made or mended clothes had come up for me, consigned to Mr. Quinion, and in each there was a scrap of paper to the effect that J.

consigned - zugestellt; übergeben, verladen

M. trusted D. C. was applying himself to business, and devoting himself wholly to his duties"not the least hint of my ever being anything else than the common drudge into which I was fast settling down.

trusted - vertrauenswürdig; Vertrauen

wholly - ganz

drudge - Hiwi

settling down - einnistend

The very next day showed me, while my mind was in the first agitation of what it had conceived, that Mrs. Micawber had not spoken of their going away without warrant. They took a lodging in the house where I lived, for a week; at the expiration of which time they were to start for Plymouth. Mr. Micawber himself came down to the counting-house, in the afternoon, to tell Mr. Quinion that he must relinquish me on the day of his departure, and to give me a high character, which I am sure I deserved.

warrant - Haftbefehl; Nachweis; Befehl; garantieren

expiration - Verfall, Ende

start for - aufbrechen nach

relinquish - verlassen, aufgeben, überlassen, abtreten, Verzicht leisten

And Mr. Quinion, calling in Tipp the carman, who was a married man, and had a room to let, quartered me prospectively on him"by our mutual consent, as he had every reason to think; for I said nothing, though my resolution was now taken.

calling in - hinzuziehend

I passed my evenings with Mr. and Mrs. Micawber, during the remaining term of our residence under the same roof; and I think we became fonder of one another as the time went on. On the last Sunday, they invited me to dinner; and we had a loin of pork and apple sauce, and a pudding.

fonder - zärtlicher; (to be fond of sb/sth) jemanden/etwas gerne mögen

loin of pork - Schweinelende

I had bought a spotted wooden horse over-night as a parting gift to little Wilkins Micawber"that was the boy"and a doll for little Emma. I had also bestowed a shilling on the Orfling, who was about to be disbanded.

spotted - entdeckt; Fleck, Punkt, Fleck, Pickel, Pustel, Bisschen

disbanded - aufgelöst; auflösen

We had a very pleasant day, though we were all in a tender state about our approaching separation.

'I shall never, Master Copperfield,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'revert to the period when Mr. Micawber was in difficulties, without thinking of you. Your conduct has always been of the most delicate and obliging description. You have never been a lodger. You have been a friend.'

revert to - wieder annehmen, zurückkommen auf

most delicate - zierlichste

obliging - zuvorkommend; verpflichten, einen Gefallen tun

'My dear,'said Mr. Micawber; 'Copperfield,'for so he had been accustomed to call me, of late, 'has a heart to feel for the distresses of his fellow-creatures when they are behind a cloud, and a head to plan, and a hand to"in short, a general ability to dispose of such available property as could be made away with.'

I expressed my sense of this commendation, and said I was very sorry we were going to lose one another.

commendation - Empfehlung, Belobigung

'My dear young friend,'said Mr. Micawber, 'I am older than you; a man of some experience in life, and"and of some experience, in short, in difficulties, generally speaking. At present, and until something turns up (which I am, I may say, hourly expecting), I have nothing to bestow but advice. Still my advice is so far worth taking, that"in short, that I have never taken it myself, and am the'"here Mr.

hourly - stündlich, allstündlich

bestow - verstauen, einlagern, unterbringen, schenken, verleihen

Micawber, who had been beaming and smiling, all over his head and face, up to the present moment, checked himself and frowned"'the miserable wretch you behold.'

beaming - Beamen; strahlend

wretch - Unglückliche; das Wesen

'My dear Micawber!'urged his wife.

'I say,'returned Mr. Micawber, quite forgetting himself, and smiling again, 'the miserable wretch you behold. My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!'

procrastination - Aufschub, Prokrastination

'My poor papa's maxim,'Mrs. Micawber observed.

maxim - Maxime; Grundsatz, Sprichwort, Lebensweisheit

'My dear,'said Mr. Micawber, 'your papa was very well in his way, and Heaven forbid that I should disparage him. Take him for all in all, we ne'er shall"in short, make the acquaintance, probably, of anybody else possessing, at his time of life, the same legs for gaiters, and able to read the same description of print, without spectacles.

disparage - verunglimpfen; nicht standesgemäße Ehe, Missheirat, herabsetzen

possessing - zu besitzen; besitzen, besitzen

spectacles - Brillen; Spektakel

But he applied that maxim to our marriage, my dear; and that was so far prematurely entered into, in consequence, that I never recovered the expense.'Mr. Micawber looked aside at Mrs. Micawber, and added: 'Not that I am sorry for it. Quite the contrary, my love.'After which, he was grave for a minute or so.

'My other piece of advice, Copperfield,'said Mr. Micawber, 'you know. annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the god of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and"and in short you are for ever floored. As I am!'

annual income - Jahreseinkommen

expenditure - Aufwand; Aufwendung

blighted - verdorben; Braunfäule, Geißel, Seuche, Plage, Heimsuchung, Übel

withered - verwelkt; welken, verblühen, verdorren

To make his example the more impressive, Mr. Micawber drank a glass of punch with an air of great enjoyment and satisfaction, and whistled the College Hornpipe.

more impressive - imposantere

Punch - Kasperle; Stanze, Faustschlag

whistled - gepfiffen; Pfeife, Trillerpfeife, Flöte, Pfeifen

I did not fail to assure him that I would store these precepts in my mind, though indeed I had no need to do so, for, at the time, they affected me visibly. Next morning I met the whole family at the coach office, and saw them, with a desolate heart, take their places outside, at the back.

precepts - Gebote; Gebot, Vorschrift, Grundsatz, Maxime

visibly - sichtbar

'Master Copperfield,'said Mrs. Micawber, 'God bless you! I never can forget all that, you know, and I never would if I could.'

'Copperfield,'said Mr. Micawber, 'farewell! Every happiness and prosperity! If, in the progress of revolving years, I could persuade myself that my blighted destiny had been a warning to you, I should feel that I had not occupied another man's place in existence altogether in vain. In case of anything turning up (of which I am rather confident), I shall be extremely happy if it should be in my power to improve your prospects.'

prosperity - Prosperität, Wohlstand

revolving - drehend, rotierend; (revolve); drehen

persuade - überzeugen (zu);überzeugen (von);jdn. breitschlagen

destiny - das Schicksal; Los, Geschick, Schicksal

prospects - Perspektiven; Sicht, Perspektive, Aussicht, Erwartung, Chance

I think, as Mrs. Micawber sat at the back of the coach, with the children, and I stood in the road looking wistfully at them, a mist cleared from her eyes, and she saw what a little creature I really was. I think so, because she beckoned to me to climb up, with quite a new and motherly expression in her face, and put her arm round my neck, and gave me just such a kiss as she might have given to her own boy.

climb up - hinaufklettern, hinaufsteigen, aufsteigen

motherly - mütterlich

I had barely time to get down again before the coach started, and I could hardly see the family for the handkerchiefs they waved. It was gone in a minute. The Orfling and I stood looking vacantly at each other in the middle of the road, and then shook hands and said good-bye; she going back, I suppose, to St. Luke's workhouse, as I went to begin my weary day at Murdstone and Grinby's.

barely - kaum; gerade noch

handkerchiefs - Taschentücher; Taschentuch

vacantly - unbesetzt

But with no intention of passing many more weary days there. No. I had resolved to run away.

-To go, by some means or other, down into the country, to the only relation I had in the world, and tell my story to my aunt, Miss Betsey. I have already observed that I don't know how this desperate idea came into my brain. But, once there, it remained there; and hardened into a purpose than which I have never entertained a more determined purpose in my life. I am far from sure that I believed there was anything hopeful in it, but my mind was thoroughly made up that it must be carried into execution.

entertained - unterhalten

more determined - zielstrebigere

hopeful - hoffnungsvoll

As I did not even know where Miss Betsey lived, I wrote a long letter to Peggotty, and asked her, incidentally, if she remembered; pretending that I had heard of such a lady living at a certain place I named at random, and had a curiosity to know if it were the same.

incidentally - zufällig

curiosity - Neugier, Neugierde, Kuriosität, Kuriosum

In the course of that letter, I told Peggotty that I had a particular occasion for half a guinea; and that if she could lend me that sum until I could repay it, I should be very much obliged to her, and would tell her afterwards what I had wanted it for.

repay - zurückzahlen; zurückbezahlen

Peggotty's answer soon arrived, and was, as usual, full of affectionate devotion. She enclosed the half guinea (I was afraid she must have had a world of trouble to get it out of Mr. Barkis's box), and told me that Miss Betsey lived near Dover, but whether at Dover itself, at Hythe, Sandgate, or Folkestone, she could not say.

Dover - Dover

One of our men, however, informing me on my asking him about these places, that they were all close together, I deemed this enough for my object, and resolved to set out at the end of that week.

deemed - als; halten, erachten, erachten, ansehen

Being a very honest little creature, and unwilling to disgrace the memory I was going to leave behind me at Murdstone and Grinby's, I considered myself bound to remain until Saturday night; and, as I had been paid a week's wages in advance when I first came there, not to present myself in the counting-house at the usual hour, to receive my stipend. For this express reason, I had borrowed the half-guinea, that I might not be without a fund for my travelling-expenses.

wages - Löhne; führen

advance - erhöhen, erheben, befördern, vorrücken, Fortschritt, Vorschuss

stipend - Stipendium, Besoldung, Gehalt

travelling-expenses - (travelling-expenses) Reisekosten , Reisespesen

Accordingly, when the Saturday night came, and we were all waiting in the warehouse to be paid, and Tipp the carman, who always took precedence, went in first to draw his money, I shook Mick Walker by the hand; asked him, when it came to his turn to be paid, to say to Mr. Quinion that I had gone to move my box to Tipp's; and, bidding a last good night to Mealy Potatoes, ran away.

precedence - Vorrang

My box was at my old lodging, over the water, and I had written a direction for it on the back of one of our address cards that we nailed on the casks: 'Master David, to be left till called for, at the Coach Office, Dover.'This I had in my pocket ready to put on the box, after I should have got it out of the house; and as I went towards my lodging, I looked about me for someone who would help me to carry it to the booking-office.

nailed on - angenagelt

There was a long-legged young man with a very little empty donkey-cart, standing near the Obelisk, in the Blackfriars Road, whose eye I caught as I was going by, and who, addressing me as 'Sixpenn'orth of bad ha'pence,'hoped 'I should know him agin to swear to'"in allusion, I have no doubt, to my staring at him. I stopped to assure him that I had not done so in bad manners, but uncertain whether he might or might not like a job.

donkey - Esel; Grauchen

obelisk - Obelisk; Kreuz

'Wot job?'said the long-legged young man.

'To move a box,'I answered.

'Wot box?'said the long-legged young man.

I told him mine, which was down that street there, and which I wanted him to take to the Dover coach office for sixpence.

'Done with you for a tanner!'said the long-legged young man, and directly got upon his cart, which was nothing but a large wooden tray on wheels, and rattled away at such a rate, that it was as much as I could do to keep pace with the donkey.

tanner - Gerber; (tan) Gerber

rattled - verunsichert; klappern, rasseln, erschüteln, knattern

There was a defiant manner about this young man, and particularly about the way in which he chewed straw as he spoke to me, that I did not much like; as the bargain was made, however, I took him upstairs to the room I was leaving, and we brought the box down, and put it on his cart. Now, I was unwilling to put the direction-card on there, lest any of my landlord's family should fathom what I was doing, and detain me; so I said to the young man that I would be glad if he would stop for a minute, when he came to the dead-wall of the King's Bench prison.

defiant - keck, frech, trotzig

chewed - Gekaut; kauen

straw - Halm, Strohhalm, Stroh, strohfarben, strohgelb, Stroh-

fathom - ergründen, Faden, Klafter (Längenmaß)

detain - festhalten; verhaften

The words were no sooner out of my mouth, than he rattled away as if he, my box, the cart, and the donkey, were all equally mad; and I was quite out of breath with running and calling after him, when I caught him at the place appointed.

Being much flushed and excited, I tumbled my half-guinea out of my pocket in pulling the card out. I put it in my mouth for safety, and though my hands trembled a good deal, had just tied the card on very much to my satisfaction, when I felt myself violently chucked under the chin by the long-legged young man, and saw my half-guinea fly out of my mouth into his hand.

safety - Sicherheit, Gefahrlosigkeit, Griffsicherung, Safety

chucked - weggeschmissen; Spannfutter, Ansaugvorrichtung; erbrechen

fly out - ausfliegen

'Wot!'said the young man, seizing me by my jacket collar, with a frightful grin. 'This is a pollis case, is it? You're a-going to bolt, are you? Come to the pollis, you young warmin, come to the pollis!'

seizing - (to seize) erfassen, ergreifen, anpacken; (seize); ergreifen

frightful - schrecklich

grin - (to grin) grinsen, strahlen

warmin - Aufwärmen

'You give me my money back, if you please,'said I, very much frightened; 'and leave me alone.'

'Come to the pollis!'said the young man. 'You shall prove it yourn to the pollis.'

yourn - Ihr

'Give me my box and money, will you,'I cried, bursting into tears.

The young man still replied: 'Come to the pollis!'and was dragging me against the donkey in a violent manner, as if there were any affinity between that animal and a magistrate, when he changed his mind, jumped into the cart, sat upon my box, and, exclaiming that he would drive to the pollis straight, rattled away harder than ever.

dragging - Planierschleppe; nachschleppen, schleppen, ziehen

affinity - Affinität; Verwandtschaft, Schwägerschaft

exclaiming - ausrufen

I ran after him as fast as I could, but I had no breath to call out with, and should not have dared to call out, now, if I had. I narrowly escaped being run over, twenty times at least, in half a mile. Now I lost him, now I saw him, now I lost him, now I was cut at with a whip, now shouted at, now down in the mud, now up again, now running into somebody's arms, now running headlong at a post.

escaped - entkommen; entgehen, entgehen, ausweichen, davonkommen, Flucht

whip - Peitsche, Knute, Zagel, peitschen, auspeitschen

headlong - kopflos; mit dem Kopf zuerst; kopfüber; Hals über Kopf

At length, confused by fright and heat, and doubting whether half London might not by this time be turning out for my apprehension, I left the young man to go where he would with my box and money; and, panting and crying, but never stopping, faced about for Greenwich, which I had understood was on the Dover Road: taking very little more out of the world, towards the retreat of my aunt, Miss Betsey, than I had brought into it, on the night when my arrival gave her so much umbrage.

doubting - zweifelnder, anzweifelnd, zweifelnd; (doubt); bezweifeln

panting - hechelnd; hecheln, keucheln

umbrage - Anstoß, Schatten


sequel - Fortsetzung, Folge

For anything I know, I may have had some wild idea of running all the way to Dover, when I gave up the pursuit of the young man with the donkey-cart, and started for Greenwich. My scattered senses were soon collected as to that point, if I had; for I came to a stop in the Kent Road, at a terrace with a piece of water before it, and a great foolish image in the middle, blowing a dry shell.

Kent - Kent

Here I sat down on a doorstep, quite spent and exhausted with the efforts I had already made, and with hardly breath enough to cry for the loss of my box and half-guinea.

doorstep - Eingangsstufe, Türschwelle

It was by this time dark; I heard the clocks strike ten, as I sat resting. But it was a summer night, fortunately, and fine weather. When I had recovered my breath, and had got rid of a stifling sensation in my throat, I rose up and went on. In the midst of my distress, I had no notion of going back. I doubt if I should have had any, though there had been a Swiss snow-drift in the Kent Road.

Swiss - schweizerisch

snow-drift - (snow-drift) Schneeverwehung

But my standing possessed of only three-halfpence in the world (and I am sure I wonder how they came to be left in my pocket on a Saturday night!) troubled me none the less because I went on. I began to picture to myself, as a scrap of newspaper intelligence, my being found dead in a day or two, under some hedge; and I trudged on miserably, though as fast as I could, until I happened to pass a little shop, where it was written up that ladies'and gentlemen's wardrobes were bought, and that the best price was given for rags, bones, and kitchen-stuff.

trudged - gestapft; stapfen, schleppen

wardrobes - Schränke; Garderobe, Kleiderschrank

rags - Fummel, Lumpen, Putzlappen, Unfug

stuff - Sachen, Kram, Zeug, Ding, Stoff, Material

The master of this shop was sitting at the door in his shirt-sleeves, smoking; and as there were a great many coats and pairs of trousers dangling from the low ceiling, and only two feeble candles burning inside to show what they were, I fancied that he looked like a man of a revengeful disposition, who had hung all his enemies, and was enjoying himself.

My late experiences with Mr. and Mrs. Micawber suggested to me that here might be a means of keeping off the wolf for a little while. I went up the next by-street, took off my waistcoat, rolled it neatly under my arm, and came back to the shop door.

wolf - Wolf, Meister Graubein, herunterschlingen

'If you please, sir,'I said, 'I am to sell this for a fair price.'

fair price - angemessener Preis

Mr. Dolloby"Dolloby was the name over the shop door, at least"took the waistcoat, stood his pipe on its head, against the door-post, went into the shop, followed by me, snuffed the two candles with his fingers, spread the waistcoat on the counter, and looked at it there, held it up against the light, and looked at it there, and ultimately said:

door-post - (door-post) Torpfosten

snuffed - verschnupft; schnüffeln, schnuppern; Butzen, schnupfen

'What do you call a price, now, for this here little weskit?'

'Oh! you know best, sir,'I returned modestly.

'I can't be buyer and seller too,'said Mr. Dolloby. 'Put a price on this here little weskit.'

buyer - Käufer, Käuferin, Einkäufer, Einkäuferin

seller - Verkäufer; Anbieter

'Would eighteenpence be?'"I hinted, after some hesitation.

eighteenpence - achtzehn Pence

Mr. Dolloby rolled it up again, and gave it me back. 'I should rob my family,'he said, 'if I was to offer ninepence for it.'

rob - rauben, berauben, Raubbau treiben, ausrauben

This was a disagreeable way of putting the business; because it imposed upon me, a perfect stranger, the unpleasantness of asking Mr. Dolloby to rob his family on my account. My circumstances being so very pressing, however, I said I would take ninepence for it, if he pleased. Mr. Dolloby, not without some grumbling, gave ninepence. I wished him good night, and walked out of the shop the richer by that sum, and the poorer by a waistcoat. But when I buttoned my jacket, that was not much. Indeed, I foresaw pretty clearly that my jacket would go next, and that I should have to make the best of my way to Dover in a shirt and a pair of trousers, and might deem myself lucky if I got there even in that trim.

perfect stranger - hergelaufene

unpleasantness - Unannehmlichkeiten; Unannehmlichkeit, Unangenehmheit

foresaw - vorhersehen, voraussehen

deem - halten, erachten, ansehen

trim - trimmen; kürzen, nachschneiden, stutzen

But my mind did not run so much on this as might be supposed. Beyond a general impression of the distance before me, and of the young man with the donkey-cart having used me cruelly, I think I had no very urgent sense of my difficulties when I once again set off with my ninepence in my pocket.

urgent - dringend, dringlich, eilig

A plan had occurred to me for passing the night, which I was going to carry into execution. This was, to lie behind the wall at the back of my old school, in a corner where there used to be a haystack. I imagined it would be a kind of company to have the boys, and the bedroom where I used to tell the stories, so near me: although the boys would know nothing of my being there, and the bedroom would yield me no shelter.

shelter - Unterkunft; Zuflucht, Obdach, Zufluchtsort, Schutzraum

I had had a hard day's work, and was pretty well jaded when I came climbing out, at last, upon the level of Blackheath. It cost me some trouble to find out Salem House; but I found it, and I found a haystack in the corner, and I lay down by it; having first walked round the wall, and looked up at the windows, and seen that all was dark and silent within.

jaded - abgestumpft; Jade

Never shall I forget the lonely sensation of first lying down, without a roof above my head!

Sleep came upon me as it came on many other outcasts, against whom house-doors were locked, and house-dogs barked, that night"and I dreamed of lying on my old school-bed, talking to the boys in my room; and found myself sitting upright, with Steerforth's name upon my lips, looking wildly at the stars that were glistening and glimmering above me. When I remembered where I was at that untimely hour, a feeling stole upon me that made me get up, afraid of I don't know what, and walk about. But the fainter glimmering of the stars, and the pale light in the sky where the day was coming, reassured me: and my eyes being very heavy, I lay down again and slept"though with a knowledge in my sleep that it was cold"until the warm beams of the sun, and the ringing of the getting-up bell at Salem House, awoke me.

outcasts - Ausgestoßene; verstoßen; ausgestoßen

barked - gebellt; Bellen

wildly - wild

glistening - glitzern, glänzen, gleißen

glimmering - schimmernd, flimmernd; (glimmer); Schimmer; glimmern

reassured - beruhigt; versichern, beruhigen

If I could have hoped that Steerforth was there, I would have lurked about until he came out alone; but I knew he must have left long since. Traddles still remained, perhaps, but it was very doubtful; and I had not sufficient confidence in his discretion or good luck, however strong my reliance was on his good nature, to wish to trust him with my situation. So I crept away from the wall as Mr. Creakle's boys were getting up, and struck into the long dusty track which I had first known to be the Dover Road when I was one of them, and when I little expected that any eyes would ever see me the wayfarer I was now, upon it.

lurked - lauerte; lauern, lauern

sufficient - genügend, ausreichend, hinreichend

wayfarer - Wanderer; Wandersmann

What a different Sunday morning from the old Sunday morning at Yarmouth! In due time I heard the church-bells ringing, as I plodded on; and I met people who were going to church; and I passed a church or two where the congregation were inside, and the sound of singing came out into the sunshine, while the beadle sat and cooled himself in the shade of the porch, or stood beneath the yew-tree, with his hand to his forehead, glowering at me going by. But the peace and rest of the old Sunday morning were on everything, except me. That was the difference.

plodded - geschuftet; trotten, tapsen, schuften

shade - Schatten; Vorhang; Farbton; schattieren

yew - die Eibe

glowering - glühend; Leuchter; finster blicken

I felt quite wicked in my dirt and dust, with my tangled hair. But for the quiet picture I had conjured up, of my mother in her youth and beauty, weeping by the fire, and my aunt relenting to her, I hardly think I should have had the courage to go on until next day. But it always went before me, and I followed.

tangled - verwickelt; Wirrwarr, Gewirr

conjured up - beschwörtest, beschwörte

I got, that Sunday, through three-and-twenty miles on the straight road, though not very easily, for I was new to that kind of toil. I see myself, as evening closes in, coming over the bridge at Rochester, footsore and tired, and eating bread that I had bought for supper. One or two little houses, with the notice, 'Lodgings for Travellers', hanging out, had tempted me; but I was afraid of spending the few pence I had, and was even more afraid of the vicious looks of the trampers I had met or overtaken. I sought no shelter, therefore, but the sky; and toiling into Chatham,"which, in that night's aspect, is a mere dream of chalk, and drawbridges, and mastless ships in a muddy river, roofed like Noah's arks,"crept, at last, upon a sort of grass-grown battery overhanging a lane, where a sentry was walking to and fro.

footsore - fußkrank

vicious - bösartig; gewalttätig, destruktiv, grausam, aggressiv, böse

overtaken - überholt; überholen, aufholen, überholen

toiling - schuftend, quälend; (toil); Mühe; schuften, sich plagen

aspect - Aspekt, Aktionsart

drawbridges - Zugbrücken; Zugbrücke

mastless - mastlos

arks - Archen; Arche

sentry - Wache, Wachposten, Schildwache, Wachturm

Here I lay down, near a cannon; and, happy in the society of the sentry's footsteps, though he knew no more of my being above him than the boys at Salem House had known of my lying by the wall, slept soundly until morning.

cannon - Kanone

Very stiff and sore of foot I was in the morning, and quite dazed by the beating of drums and marching of troops, which seemed to hem me in on every side when I went down towards the long narrow street. Feeling that I could go but a very little way that day, if I were to reserve any strength for getting to my journey's end, I resolved to make the sale of my jacket its principal business.

dazed - Benommenheit, betäuben

drums - Schlagzeug; Trommel

troops - Truppe-p

hem - säumen, einfassen, einsäumen, einschließen [Mil.]; Saum

reserve - Reservieren, Bedenken, Vorbehalt, Reserviertheit, Reserve

Accordingly, I took the jacket off, that I might learn to do without it; and carrying it under my arm, began a tour of inspection of the various slop-shops.

inspection - Inspektion, Prüfung

slop - Schlamm; Schmutzwasser

It was a likely place to sell a jacket in; for the dealers in second-hand clothes were numerous, and were, generally speaking, on the look-out for customers at their shop doors. But as most of them had, hanging up among their stock, an officer's coat or two, epaulettes and all, I was rendered timid by the costly nature of their dealings, and walked about for a long time without offering my merchandise to anyone.

dealers - Händler, Geber

epaulettes - Epauletten; Schulterstück

dealings - Geschäfte; handelnd

offering - Angebot, Anerbieten, Opfer, Opfergabe; (offer); Angebot

merchandise - Waren; Handelsware, Ware; handeln, Handel treiben

This modesty of mine directed my attention to the marine-store shops, and such shops as Mr. Dolloby's, in preference to the regular dealers.

marine - See

At last I found one that I thought looked promising, at the corner of a dirty lane, ending in an enclosure full of stinging-nettles, against the palings of which some second-hand sailors'clothes, that seemed to have overflowed the shop, were fluttering among some cots, and rusty guns, and oilskin hats, and certain trays full of so many old rusty keys of so many sizes that they seemed various enough to open all the doors in the world.

enclosure - Anlage, Beilage, Beilegen, Beifügen, Hinzufügen, Gehege

stinging - stechend; (sting) Stachel, brennender Schmerz

nettles - Nesseln; Nessel, Brennnessel

palings - Palisaden; Staket, umschließend

Sailors - Matrosen; Matrose, Matrosin, Seemann, Seefrau, Seemännin

overflowed - übergelaufen; überfließen, überlaufen, überfließen, de

cots - Kinderbetten; Hütte; Feldbett

oilskin - Ölhäute

trays - Tabletts; Tablett, Servierbrett

Into this shop, which was low and small, and which was darkened rather than lighted by a little window, overhung with clothes, and was descended into by some steps, I went with a palpitating heart; which was not relieved when an ugly old man, with the lower part of his face all covered with a stubbly grey beard, rushed out of a dirty den behind it, and seized me by the hair of my head.

palpitating - Herzklopfen; unregelmäßig schlagen, pochen, klopfen

stubbly - stoppelig

rushed - überstürzt; stürzen, drängen, hetzen, rasen; Eile, Andrang

He was a dreadful old man to look at, in a filthy flannel waistcoat, and smelling terribly of rum. His bedstead, covered with a tumbled and ragged piece of patchwork, was in the den he had come from, where another little window showed a prospect of more stinging-nettles, and a lame donkey.

filthy - dreckig, verdreckt, versifft, schmutzig, widerlich

flannel - Flanell

rum - Rum

'Oh, what do you want?'grinned this old man, in a fierce, monotonous whine. 'Oh, my eyes and limbs, what do you want? Oh, my lungs and liver, what do you want? Oh, goroo, goroo!'

monotonous - eintönig

whine - Jaulen, Heulen, Jammern, Gejammer

limbs - Gliedmaßen; Schenkel (geol. Falte), Glied

lungs - Lunge

I was so much dismayed by these words, and particularly by the repetition of the last unknown one, which was a kind of rattle in his throat, that I could make no answer; hereupon the old man, still holding me by the hair, repeated:

dismayed - konsterniert; Furcht, Ohnmacht

repetition - Wiederholung, Wdh(lg). Wiederholung

hereupon - hierauf

'Oh, what do you want? Oh, my eyes and limbs, what do you want? Oh, my lungs and liver, what do you want? Oh, goroo!'"which he screwed out of himself, with an energy that made his eyes start in his head.

'I wanted to know,'I said, trembling, 'if you would buy a jacket.'

'Oh, let's see the jacket!'cried the old man. 'Oh, my heart on fire, show the jacket to us! Oh, my eyes and limbs, bring the jacket out!'

With that he took his trembling hands, which were like the claws of a great bird, out of my hair; and put on a pair of spectacles, not at all ornamental to his inflamed eyes.

claws - Krallen; zerkratzen; Kralle, Fang (Vogelkralle), Klaue

ornamental - Zier-, dekorativ, Zierpflanze

inflamed - entzündet; anzünden, entflammen, anregen, aufregen, erzürnen

'Oh, how much for the jacket?'cried the old man, after examining it. 'Oh"goroo!"how much for the jacket?'

'Half-a-crown,'I answered, recovering myself.

'Oh, my lungs and liver,'cried the old man, 'no! Oh, my eyes, no! Oh, my limbs, no! Eighteenpence. Goroo!'

Every time he uttered this ejaculation, his eyes seemed to be in danger of starting out; and every sentence he spoke, he delivered in a sort of tune, always exactly the same, and more like a gust of wind, which begins low, mounts up high, and falls again, than any other comparison I can find for it.

ejaculation - Ejakulation, Samenerguss

gust - Böe; Windstoß, Bö

mounts - Reittiere; Reittier, Berg, Lafette (Waffe); einbauen

comparison - Vergleich, Komparation, Vergleichen, Vergleichung

'Well,'said I, glad to have closed the bargain, 'I'll take eighteenpence.'

'Oh, my liver!'cried the old man, throwing the jacket on a shelf. 'Get out of the shop! Oh, my lungs, get out of the shop! Oh, my eyes and limbs"goroo!"don't ask for money; make it an exchange.'I never was so frightened in my life, before or since; but I told him humbly that I wanted money, and that nothing else was of any use to me, but that I would wait for it, as he desired, outside, and had no wish to hurry him.

So I went outside, and sat down in the shade in a corner. And I sat there so many hours, that the shade became sunlight, and the sunlight became shade again, and still I sat there waiting for the money.

There never was such another drunken madman in that line of business, I hope. That he was well known in the neighbourhood, and enjoyed the reputation of having sold himself to the devil, I soon understood from the visits he received from the boys, who continually came skirmishing about the shop, shouting that legend, and calling to him to bring out his gold. 'You ain't poor, you know, Charley, as you pretend. Bring out your gold. Bring out some of the gold you sold yourself to the devil for. Come! It's in the lining of the mattress, Charley. Rip it open and let's have some!'This, and many offers to lend him a knife for the purpose, exasperated him to such a degree, that the whole day was a succession of rushes on his part, and flights on the part of the boys.

drunken - betrunken, trunken

madman - Irrer, Wahnsinniger, Verrückter

skirmishing - Geplänkel; plänkelnd; (skirmish); Scharmützel, Geplänkel

mattress - Matratze

rip - zerreißen; Riss; reißen, der Länge nach auftrennen

offers to - erbietet

exasperated - verärgert; verärgern, aufbringen, auf die Palme bringen

rushes - eilt; stürzen, drängen, hetzen, rasen; Eile, Andrang

Sometimes in his rage he would take me for one of them, and come at me, mouthing as if he were going to tear me in pieces; then, remembering me, just in time, would dive into the shop, and lie upon his bed, as I thought from the sound of his voice, yelling in a frantic way, to his own windy tune, the 'Death of Nelson'; with an Oh! before every line, and innumerable Goroos interspersed. As if this were not bad enough for me, the boys, connecting me with the establishment, on account of the patience and perseverance with which I sat outside, half-dressed, pelted me, and used me very ill all day.

rage - Wut, Zorn, Raserei, Rage, wüten

dive - tauchen

yelling - (yell) kreischen, schreien; (yell) (yell) kreischen, schreien

frantic - verzweifelt; außer sich, rasend

windy - windig

innumerable - Unzählige

interspersed - eingestreut; einstreuen

patience - Geduld

perseverance - Beharrlichkeit, Ausdauer, Durchhaltevermögen

pelted - geplättet; Fell (ungegerbt); bombardieren (ugs. bewerfen)

He made many attempts to induce me to consent to an exchange; at one time coming out with a fishing-rod, at another with a fiddle, at another with a cocked hat, at another with a flute. But I resisted all these overtures, and sat there in desperation; each time asking him, with tears in my eyes, for my money or my jacket. At last he began to pay me in halfpence at a time; and was full two hours getting by easy stages to a shilling.

fishing-rod - (fishing-rod) Angel , Angelrute

fiddle - fiedeln; Schiffsgeländer; fummeln

resisted - widerstanden; widerstreben, widerstehen, widerstreiten

overtures - Ouvertüren; Angebot

in desperation - verzweifelt

'Oh, my eyes and limbs!'he then cried, peeping hideously out of the shop, after a long pause, 'will you go for twopence more?'

hideously - scheußlich, abscheuliche

'I can't,'I said; 'I shall be starved.'

'Oh, my lungs and liver, will you go for threepence?'

'I would go for nothing, if I could,'I said, 'but I want the money badly.'

'Oh, go-roo!'(it is really impossible to express how he twisted this ejaculation out of himself, as he peeped round the door-post at me, showing nothing but his crafty old head); 'will you go for fourpence?'

peeped - gepiepst; (peep hole) Schauloch; (to peep through) durchgucken

crafty - raffiniert; geschickt; gerissen, schlau, listig

I was so faint and weary that I closed with this offer; and taking the money out of his claw, not without trembling, went away more hungry and thirsty than I had ever been, a little before sunset. But at an expense of threepence I soon refreshed myself completely; and, being in better spirits then, limped seven miles upon my road.

claw - zerkratzen; Kralle, Fang (Vogelkralle), Klaue

sunset - Sonnenuntergang; Lebensabend

refreshed - erfrischt; erfrischen, erquicken, auffrischen, aktualisieren

limped - gehumpelt; schlapp; hinken, lahmen

My bed at night was under another haystack, where I rested comfortably, after having washed my blistered feet in a stream, and dressed them as well as I was able, with some cool leaves. When I took the road again next morning, I found that it lay through a succession of hop-grounds and orchards. It was sufficiently late in the year for the orchards to be ruddy with ripe apples; and in a few places the hop-pickers were already at work.

blistered - blasig; Blase, Blase, kritisieren, Blasen werfen

stream - Bach; Strom; Datenstrom; strömen; streamen

orchards - Obstplantagen; Obstgarten, Obstwiese, Obstbaum

ruddy - rot, rötlich, verdammt, verflixt

I thought it all extremely beautiful, and made up my mind to sleep among the hops that night: imagining some cheerful companionship in the long perspectives of poles, with the graceful leaves twining round them.

perspectives - Perspektiven; Aussicht, Perspektive, Perspektive, Perspektive

graceful - anmutig, ansprechend, elegant, graziös

The trampers were worse than ever that day, and inspired me with a dread that is yet quite fresh in my mind. Some of them were most ferocious-looking ruffians, who stared at me as I went by; and stopped, perhaps, and called after me to come back and speak to them, and when I took to my heels, stoned me.

ruffians - Raufbolde; Raubein

took to my heels - (take to one's heels) die Beine in die Hand nehmen

I recollect one young fellow"a tinker, I suppose, from his wallet and brazier"who had a woman with him, and who faced about and stared at me thus; and then roared to me in such a tremendous voice to come back, that I halted and looked round.

tinker - basteln; Kesselflicker, Kesselflickerin, tüfteln, frickeln

wallet - Portemonnaie, Portmonee; Brieftasche; Geldbeutel; Geldbörse

brazier - Kohlenpfanne

halted - angehalten; unterbrechen, halten; Halt

'Come here, when you're called,'said the tinker, 'or I'll rip your young body open.'

I thought it best to go back. As I drew nearer to them, trying to propitiate the tinker by my looks, I observed that the woman had a black eye.

propitiate - beschwichtigen; besänftigen

'Where are you going?'said the tinker, gripping the bosom of my shirt with his blackened hand.

gripping - fesselnd; packen, fassen; Griffigkeit, Heft (von Säge, Feile)

blackened - geschwärzt; schwärzen

'I am going to Dover,'I said.

'Where do you come from?'asked the tinker, giving his hand another turn in my shirt, to hold me more securely.

securely - sicher

'I come from London,'I said.

'What lay are you upon?'asked the tinker. 'Are you a prig?'

prig - Schwachkopf; Tugendbold, Musterknabe

'N-no,'I said.

'Ain't you, by G"? If you make a brag of your honesty to me,'said the tinker, 'I'll knock your brains out.'

Brag - angeben, prahlen

honesty - Ehrlichkeit; Mondviole, Silberblatt

With his disengaged hand he made a menace of striking me, and then looked at me from head to foot.

disengaged - losgelöst; ausklinken, aushaken, entkuppeln

menace - Bedrohung; Landplage, androhen

'Have you got the price of a pint of beer about you?'said the tinker. 'If you have, out with it, afore I take it away!'

I should certainly have produced it, but that I met the woman's look, and saw her very slightly shake her head, and form 'No!'with her lips.

slightly - ein wenig, leicht

'I am very poor,'I said, attempting to smile, 'and have got no money.'

attempting - versuchen, Versuch, Bestreben

'Why, what do you mean?'said the tinker, looking so sternly at me, that I almost feared he saw the money in my pocket.

'Sir!'I stammered.

'What do you mean,'said the tinker, 'by wearing my brother's silk handkerchief! Give it over here!'And he had mine off my neck in a moment, and tossed it to the woman.

tossed - geworfen; Wurf, Münzwurf, werfen, werfen, verwerfen, wegwerfen

The woman burst into a fit of laughter, as if she thought this a joke, and tossed it back to me, nodded once, as slightly as before, and made the word 'Go!'with her lips. Before I could obey, however, the tinker seized the handkerchief out of my hand with a roughness that threw me away like a feather, and putting it loosely round his own neck, turned upon the woman with an oath, and knocked her down.

roughness - Rauheit, Grobheit

loosely - locker

I never shall forget seeing her fall backward on the hard road, and lie there with her bonnet tumbled off, and her hair all whitened in the dust; nor, when I looked back from a distance, seeing her sitting on the pathway, which was a bank by the roadside, wiping the blood from her face with a corner of her shawl, while he went on ahead.

backward - zurück, nach hinten, rückwärts, zögerlich, gehemmt, rückständig

whitened - geweißt; weißen, erman: weiß werden

pathway - Weg; Bahn, Pfad

roadside - am Straßenrand; Straßenrand

This adventure frightened me so, that, afterwards, when I saw any of these people coming, I turned back until I could find a hiding-place, where I remained until they had gone out of sight; which happened so often, that I was very seriously delayed. But under this difficulty, as under all the other difficulties of my journey, I seemed to be sustained and led on by my fanciful picture of my mother in her youth, before I came into the world. It always kept me company. It was there, among the hops, when I lay down to sleep; it was with me on my waking in the morning; it went before me all day. I have associated it, ever since, with the sunny street of Canterbury, dozing as it were in the hot light; and with the sight of its old houses and gateways, and the stately, grey Cathedral, with the rooks sailing round the towers. When I came, at last, upon the bare, wide downs near Dover, it relieved the solitary aspect of the scene with hope; and not until I reached that first great aim of my journey, and actually set foot in the town itself, on the sixth day of my flight, did it desert me.

hiding-place - (hiding-place) Schlupfwinkel

seriously - ernst, ernsthaft

delayed - verzögert; Verspätung, Verzögerung, Verzug

fanciful - phantasievoll

gateways - Einfahrt, Tor

stately - stattlich

sailing round - umschiffend

aim - zielen (auf); Ziel, Zweck; beabsichtigen

sixth - sechste; Sechster; Sechstel; Sexte

But then, strange to say, when I stood with my ragged shoes, and my dusty, sunburnt, half-clothed figure, in the place so long desired, it seemed to vanish like a dream, and to leave me helpless and dispirited.

sunburnt - sonnenverbrannt; (sunburn); Sonnenbrand; Sonnenbrand bekommen

dispirited - entmutigt; entmutigen

I inquired about my aunt among the boatmen first, and received various answers. One said she lived in the South Foreland Light, and had singed her whiskers by doing so; another, that she was made fast to the great buoy outside the harbour, and could only be visited at half-tide; a third, that she was locked up in Maidstone jail for child-stealing; a fourth, that she was seen to mount a broom in the last high wind, and make direct for Calais. The fly-drivers, among whom I inquired next, were equally jocose and equally disrespectful; and the shopkeepers, not liking my appearance, generally replied, without hearing what I had to say, that they had got nothing for me.

Foreland - Vorland

singed - versengt; versengen

buoy - Boje, Tonne, aufbojen, flott erhalten

harbour - Hafen, Zufluchtsort

broom - Auskehrer, Besen

jocose - scherzhaft; drollig, launig, scherzend

disrespectful - respektlos

shopkeepers - Ladenbesitzer, Ladenbesitzerin, Ladeninhaber, Ladeninhaberin

I felt more miserable and destitute than I had done at any period of my running away. My money was all gone, I had nothing left to dispose of; I was hungry, thirsty, and worn out; and seemed as distant from my end as if I had remained in London.

more miserable - jämmerlichere

The morning had worn away in these inquiries, and I was sitting on the step of an empty shop at a street corner, near the market-place, deliberating upon wandering towards those other places which had been mentioned, when a fly-driver, coming by with his carriage, dropped a horsecloth.

deliberating - Überlegungen; absichtlich, bewusst, vorsätzlich, wohlerwogen

horsecloth - Pferdetuch

Something good-natured in the man's face, as I handed it up, encouraged me to ask him if he could tell me where Miss Trotwood lived; though I had asked the question so often, that it almost died upon my lips.

'Trotwood,'said he. 'Let me see. I know the name, too. Old lady?'

'Yes,'I said, 'rather.'

'Pretty stiff in the back?'said he, making himself upright.

'Yes,'I said. 'I should think it very likely.'

'Carries a bag?'said he"'bag with a good deal of room in it"is gruffish, and comes down upon you, sharp?'

gruffish - ruppig

My heart sank within me as I acknowledged the undoubted accuracy of this description.

sank - gesunken; sinken, senken, senken, versenken, Spüle, Spülbecken

undoubted - unzweifelhaft

'Why then, I tell you what,'said he. 'If you go up there,'pointing with his whip towards the heights, 'and keep right on till you come to some houses facing the sea, I think you'll hear of her. My opinion is she won't stand anything, so here's a penny for you.'

she won't - sie wird nicht

I accepted the gift thankfully, and bought a loaf with it. Dispatching this refreshment by the way, I went in the direction my friend had indicated, and walked on a good distance without coming to the houses he had mentioned. At length I saw some before me; and approaching them, went into a little shop (it was what we used to call a general shop, at home), and inquired if they could have the goodness to tell me where Miss Trotwood lived.

dispatching - Abfertigung; verschicken, versenden, beeilen, besiegen

indicated - angezeigt; anzeigen, anweisen, andeuten, anzeigen, andeuten

I addressed myself to a man behind the counter, who was weighing some rice for a young woman; but the latter, taking the inquiry to herself, turned round quickly.

weighing - Wiegen; (weigh); wiegen, wägen, abwiegen, auswiegen, abwägen

'My mistress?'she said. 'What do you want with her, boy?'

'I want,'I replied, 'to speak to her, if you please.'

'To beg of her, you mean,'retorted the damsel.

damsel - Mädchen, Jungfrau

'No,'I said, 'indeed.'But suddenly remembering that in truth I came for no other purpose, I held my peace in confusion, and felt my face burn.

in confusion - durcheinander

My aunt's handmaid, as I supposed she was from what she had said, put her rice in a little basket and walked out of the shop; telling me that I could follow her, if I wanted to know where Miss Trotwood lived. I needed no second permission; though I was by this time in such a state of consternation and agitation, that my legs shook under me.

handmaid - Dienstmädchen; Dienerin, Zofe

I followed the young woman, and we soon came to a very neat little cottage with cheerful bow-windows: in front of it, a small square gravelled court or garden full of flowers, carefully tended, and smelling deliciously.

tended - gepflegt; abzielen

deliciously - köstlich

'This is Miss Trotwood's,'said the young woman. 'Now you know; and that's all I have got to say.

'With which words she hurried into the house, as if to shake off the responsibility of my appearance; and left me standing at the garden-gate, looking disconsolately over the top of it towards the parlour window, where a muslin curtain partly undrawn in the middle, a large round green screen or fan fastened on to the windowsill, a small table, and a great chair, suggested to me that my aunt might be at that moment seated in awful state.

shake off - abschütteln

responsibility - Verantwortung, Verantwortlichkeit

muslin - Musselin

curtain - Vorhang

fastened - befestigen, festmachen

windowsill - Fensterbank; Fensterbrett, Brüstung, Sims, Fensterbrüstung

My shoes were by this time in a woeful condition. The soles had shed themselves bit by bit, and the upper leathers had broken and burst until the very shape and form of shoes had departed from them. My hat (which had served me for a night-cap, too) was so crushed and bent, that no old battered handleless saucepan on a dunghill need have been ashamed to vie with it. My shirt and trousers, stained with heat, dew, grass, and the Kentish soil on which I had slept"and torn besides"might have frightened the birds from my aunt's garden, as I stood at the gate. My hair had known no comb or brush since I left London. My face, neck, and hands, from unaccustomed exposure to the air and sun, were burnt to a berry-brown. From head to foot I was powdered almost as white with chalk and dust, as if I had come out of a lime-kiln.

woeful - bedauernswert

soles - Sohlen; Seezunge, Sohle, einzig

leathers - Leder

battered - ramponiert; zerschlagen, ich/er/sie stieß ab, schlagen

handleless - grifflos

dunghill - Misthaufen

vie - wetteifern, konkurrieren

stained - gefärbt; Fleck, Schandfleck, Fleck, beflecken, beizen

dew - tauen; Tau

Kentish - Kentisch

soil - Boden, (Erd-) Boden; beflecken, beschmutzen, schmutzig machen

unaccustomed - ungewohnt

exposure - Exposition; Kontakt, Einwirkung, Lage, Witterung, Belichtung

berry - Beere

powdered - pulverisiert; Puder, g

lime - Limette, Kalk, Linde, Lindenholz

kiln - Brennofen

In this plight, and with a strong consciousness of it, I waited to introduce myself to, and make my first impression on, my formidable aunt.

plight - Notlage; sich verloben; Misere, schlimmer Zustand, Verlobung

The unbroken stillness of the parlour window leading me to infer, after a while, that she was not there, I lifted up my eyes to the window above it, where I saw a florid, pleasant-looking gentleman, with a grey head, who shut up one eye in a grotesque manner, nodded his head at me several times, shook it at me as often, laughed, and went away.

grotesque - grotesk

I had been discomposed enough before; but I was so much the more discomposed by this unexpected behaviour, that I was on the point of slinking off, to think how I had best proceed, when there came out of the house a lady with her handkerchief tied over her cap, and a pair of gardening gloves on her hands, wearing a gardening pocket like a toll-man's apron, and carrying a great knife.

discomposed - verwirrt; aufregen

slinking - schleichend; schleichen, Frühgeburt

Toll - Maut; Zoll, Gebühr

I knew her immediately to be Miss Betsey, for she came stalking out of the house exactly as my poor mother had so often described her stalking up our garden at Blunderstone Rookery.

stalking - stelzend; (stalk) stelzend


'Go away!'said Miss Betsey, shaking her head, and making a distant chop in the air with her knife. 'Go along! No boys here!'

I watched her, with my heart at my lips, as she marched to a corner of her garden, and stooped to dig up some little root there. Then, without a scrap of courage, but with a great deal of desperation, I went softly in and stood beside her, touching her with my finger.

dig up - umgraben, roden (Kartoffeln)

desperation - Verzweiflung

'If you please, ma'am,'I began.

She started and looked up.

'If you please, aunt.'

'EH?'exclaimed Miss Betsey, in a tone of amazement I have never heard approached.

approached - angesprochen; sich nähern, nahekommen, ähnlich sein

'If you please, aunt, I am your nephew.'

'Oh, Lord!'said my aunt. And sat flat down in the garden-path.

'I am David Copperfield, of Blunderstone, in Suffolk"where you came, on the night when I was born, and saw my dear mama. I have been very unhappy since she died. I have been slighted, and taught nothing, and thrown upon myself, and put to work not fit for me. It made me run away to you. I was robbed at first setting out, and have walked all the way, and have never slept in a bed since I began the journey.

slighted - beleidigt; geringfügig, leicht, gering, unbedeutend, wenig

setting out - aussetzend

Here my self-support gave way all at once; and with a movement of my hands, intended to show her my ragged state, and call it to witness that I had suffered something, I broke into a passion of crying, which I suppose had been pent up within me all the week.

pent - gefesselt

My aunt, with every sort of expression but wonder discharged from her countenance, sat on the gravel, staring at me, until I began to cry; when she got up in a great hurry, collared me, and took me into the parlour. Her first proceeding there was to unlock a tall press, bring out several bottles, and pour some of the contents of each into my mouth. I think they must have been taken out at random, for I