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branches - ramo, filiale, succursale, branca, settore

In the year that followed the death of Manus MacCodrum, James Achanna saw nothing of his brother Gloom. He might have thought himself alone in the world, of all his people, but for a letter that came to him out of the west. True, he had never accepted the common opinion that his brothers had both been drowned on that night when Anne Gillespie left Eilanmore with Manus.

Death - morte, dipartita, decesso, morire, la morte

James - Giacomo

gloom - oscurita, tenebre, buio

alone - da solo, soltanto

accepted - accettare, ammettere

been drowned - e stato annegato

In the first place he had nothing of that inner conviction concerning the fate of Gloom which he had concerning that of Marcus; in the next, had he not heard the sound of the feadan, which no one that he knew played except Gloom; and, for further token, was not the tune that which he hated above all others-the "Dance of the Dead"-for who but Gloom would be playing that, he hating it so, and the hour being late, and no one else on Eilanmore? It was no sure thing that the dead had not come back; but the more he thought of it the more Achanna believed that his sixth brother was still alive. Of this, however, he said nothing to any one.

conviction - convinzione, condanna, colpevolezza

concerning - interesse, preoccupazione, impresa, interessare

fate - fato, sorte, destino

feadan - ordine del giorno

Except - salvo, tranne, eccetto, fatto salvo

further - ulteriore, ulteriormente

token - simbolo, segno, gettone

tune - melodia, composizione, regolazione, messa a punto, accordare

dead - morto

sixth - sesto ('before the noun'), ('in names of monarchs and popes') sesto g, sesta g ('after the name') ('abbreviation' VI), sesto

alive - vivo, attivo, animato

It was as a man set free that, at last, after long waiting and patient trouble, with the disposal of all that was left of the Achanna heritage, he left the island. It was a grey memory for him.

set free - liberare

Last - ultimo

patient - paziente

trouble - guaio, problema, impiccio, tumulto

disposal - disposizione

heritage - eredita, retaggio

memory - memoria, ricordo

The bleak moorland of it, the blight that had lain so long and so often upon the crops, the rains that had swept the isle for grey days and grey weeks and grey months, the sobbing of the sea by day and its dark moan by night, its dim relinquishing sigh in the calm of dreary ebbs, its hollow, baffling roar when the storm-shadow swept up out of the sea-one and all oppressed him, even in memory.

bleak - desolato

moorland - landa, brughiera

blight - rovina, rovinare

lain - bugia

upon - su, a

crops - raccolto, pianta coltivata

swept - spazzare, scopare, ramazzare, setacciare, spazzata

Isle - isola

sobbing - singhiozzare

moan - gemito, lamentarsi, gemere

by night - di notte

dim - fioco, incerto

relinquishing - abbandonare, rinunciare, rilasciare, lasciare andare, liberare

sigh - sospirare

Calm - calmo

dreary - melanconico, malinconico

ebbs - riflusso

hollow - vuoto, cavo

baffling - sconcertante, (baffle), sconcertare

roar - ruggire, sganasciarsi dalle risate

storm - tempesta, bufera

shadow - ombra, pedinare

oppressed - opprimere

He had never loved the island, even when it lay green and fragrant in the green and white seas under white and blue skies, fresh and sweet as an Eden of the sea.

lay - posare

fragrant - profumato

skies - cielo

fresh - fresco

sweet - dolcemente, dolcetto, caramella

He had ever been lonely and weary, tired of the mysterious shadow that lay upon his folk, caring little for any of his brothers except the eldest-long since mysteriously gone out of the ken of man-and almost hating Gloom, who had ever borne him a grudge because of his beauty, and because of his likeness to and reverent heed for Alison.

lonely - solo, solitario, malinconico, desolato, isolato

weary - annoiato, tediato, spossato, stanco, annoiare, annoiarsi

folk - gente, autoctono, popolo, abitante

Since - da allora, a partire da, da quando, poiché, giacché, dacché

mysteriously - misteriosamente

gone out - uscire

almost - quasi

borne - sopportare

grudge - rancore, risentimento, astio

beauty - bellezza

likeness - somiglianza

reverent - reverente, riverente

heed - considerazione, riguardo, cura, ossequio, importare

Moreover, ever since he had come to love Katreen Macarthur, the daughter of Donald Macarthur who lived in Sleat of Skye, he had been eager to live near her; the more eager as he knew that Gloom loved the girl also, and wished for success not only for his own sake, but so as to put a slight upon his younger brother.

Moreover - inoltre

more eager - piu disposto/ ansioso

wished - desiderio, voglia, volere, desiderare, augurare

sake - (per amore di)

Slight - insignificante, leggero, debole, lieve, disprezzare, sminuire

So, when at last he left the island, he sailed southward gladly. He was leaving Eilanmore; he was bound to a new home in Skye, and perhaps he was going to his long-delayed, long dreamed-of happiness. True, Katreen was not pledged to him; he did not even know for sure if she loved him.

Sailed - vela

southward - verso sud

gladly - volentieri

bound - vincolato, (bind), legare, connettere, rilegare

Perhaps - forse

delayed - ritardare

dreamed - sogno, sognare

Happiness - felicita, gioia, allegria

pledged - promettere, impegnarsi, promessa solenne, pegno

He thought, hoped, dreamed, almost believed that she did; but then there was her cousin Ian, who had long wooed her, and to whom old Donald Macarthur had given his blessing. Nevertheless, his heart would have been lighter than it had been for long, but for two things. First, there was the letter.

wooed - corteggiare

whom - chi, cui

blessing - benedizione

nevertheless - nondimeno, tuttavia, eppure, nonostante

heart - cuore

Some weeks earlier he had received it, not recognizing the writing, because of the few letters he had ever seen, and, moreover, as it was in a feigned hand. With difficulty he had deciphered the manuscript, plain printed though it was. It ran thus:

received - ricevere

recognizing - riconoscere

feigned - fingere, simulare, immaginarsi, inventarsi, dissimulare

difficulty - difficolta

deciphered - decifrare

manuscript - manoscritto

plain - semplice

printed - stampare, scrivere in stampatello, impronta, stampa

though - comunque, nonostante, in ogni caso, ad ogni modo, anche se

thus - cosi

"Well, Sheumais, my brother, it is wondering if I am dead, you will be. Maybe ay, and maybe no. But I send you this writing to let you know that I know all you do and think of. So you are going to leave Eilanmore without an Achanna upon it? And you will be going to Sleat in Skye? Well, let me be telling you this thing. Do not go. I see blood there.

wondering - chiedersi, (wonder), meraviglia, domandarsi

Ay - Sí

blood - sangue

And there is this, too: neither you nor any man shall take Katreen away from me. You know that; and Ian Macarthur knows it; and Katreen knows it; and that holds whether I am alive or dead. I say to you: do not go. It will be better for you, and for all. Ian Macarthur is away in the north-sea with the whaler-captain who came to us at Eilanmore, and will not be back for three months yet.

neither - nessuno, né X né Y, neanche, nemmeno, neppure, manco

shall - talian: 'shall' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense', talian: ('indicating determination') 'shall' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense, which can be emphasised using ", si c

holds - tenere

whether - se, indipendentemente, sia che, che, no, checkse

North-Sea - (North-Sea) Mare del Nord

whaler - baleniere, baleniera

captain - capitano, capitano di vascello

It will be better for him not to come back. But if he comes back he will have to reckon with the man who says that Katreen Macarthur is his. I would rather not have two men to speak to, and one my brother. It does not matter to you where I am. I want no money just now. But put aside my portion for me. Have it ready for me against the day I call for it.

reckon - considerare

Rather - rato

matter - materia, problema, argomento, questione, faccenda, causa

put aside - mettere da parte

portion - porzione

against - contrario, contro, in cambio di

I will not be patient that day; so have it ready for me. In the place that I am I am content. You will be saying: why is my brother away in a remote place (I will say this to you: that it is not further north than St. Kilda nor further south than the Mull of Cantyre!), and For what reason? That is between me and silence. But perhaps you think of Anne sometimes.

be patient - essere paziente

content - contento, soddisfatto

remote - remoto

nor - neanche, nemmeno

For what reason? - Per quale motivo?

silence - silenzio, silenziare, azzittire, mettere a tacere

Do you know that she lies under the green grass? And of Manus MacCodrum? They say that he swam out into the sea and was drowned; and they whisper of the seal-blood, though the minister is wrath with them for that. He calls it a madness. Well, I was there at that madness, and I played to it on my feadan. And now, Sheumais, can you be thinking of what the tune was that I played?

lies - bugia

grass - erba, tgraminacea, prato, spia, delatore, pentito

swam out - nuotare fuori

drowned - affogare, annegare, sommergere, coprire

whisper - sussurro, sussurrare

seal - sigillo, timbro

minister - ministro

wrath - furore, collera, ira

madness - pazzia, follia, checkpazzia, insanita

played to - giocare per

"Your brother, who waits his own day,


"Do not be forgetting this thing: I would rather not be playing the 'Damhsa-na-Mairbh.'It was an ill hour for Manus when he heard the 'Dan-nan-Ron'; it was the song of his soul, that; and yours is the 'Davsa-na-Mairv.'"

Rather - preferibilmente, piuttosto, abbastanza, meglio

ill - malato

nan - nonna

soul - anima, spirito

This letter was ever in his mind; this, and what happened in the gloaming when he sailed away for Skye in the herring-smack of two men who lived at Armandale in Sleat. For, as the boat moved slowly out of the haven, one of the men asked him if he was sure that no one was left upon the island; for he thought he had seen a figure on the rocks, waving a black scarf.

mind - mente

gloaming - imbrunire

sailed away - salpare

herring - aringa

Smack - dare un ceffone

slowly - lentamente, piano, a rilento

figure - figura, fisico, personaggio, cifra, forma, calcolare, risolvere

rocks - roccia

waving - sventolare

scarf - sciarpa

Achanna shook his head; but just then his companion cried that at that moment he had seen the same thing. So the smack was put about, and when she was moving slowly through the haven again, Achanna sculled ashore in the little coggly punt. in vain he searched here and there, calling loudly again and again. Both men could hardly have been mistaken, he thought.

shook - scossa, (shake), scuotere, agitare, scuotere la testa

companion - amico, compagno

cried - piangere, gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

sculled - remo

ashore - a riva, verso riva

punt - (barca a fondo piatto)

in vain - invano

searched - ricerca, cercare, buscare

loudly - a voce alta, forte

hardly - aspramente, appena, quasi, checkmica

If there were no human creature on the island, and if their eyes had not played them false, who could it be? The wraith of Marcus, mayhap; or might it be the old man himself (his father), risen to bid farewell to his youngest son, or to warn him?

human - umano

creature - creatura

wraith - A ghost or specter, especially seen just after a person's death

mayhap - forse

risen - aumentare, alzarsi, crescere

bid - offrire, fare un'offerta

Farewell - addio

warn - avvertire, avvisare

It was no use to wait longer, so, looking often behind him, he made his way to the boat again, and rowed slowly out toward the smack.

rowed - fila

toward - verso, incontro, per, presso

Jerk-jerk-jerk across the water came, low but only too loud for him, the opening motif of the "Damhsa-na-Mairbh." A horror came upon him, and he drove the boat through the water so that the sea splashed over the bows. When he came on deck he cried in a hoarse voice to the man next him to put up the helm, and let the smack swing to the wind.

jerk - scossa, sobbalzo

low - basso

loud - forte, alto

motif - motivo

horror - orrore

splashed - schizzo, tonfo, sciacquio

bows - archi

deck - ponte (di una nave), insieme (matematico), mazzo (di carte)

hoarse - fioco

voice - voce

helm - timone

swing - oscillare, ondeggiare, altalenare, dondolare, altalena

wind - vento

"There is no one there, Callum Campbell," he whispered.

whispered - sussurro, sussurrare

"And who is it that will be making that strange music?"

strange - strano, anormale

"What music?"

"Sure it has stopped now, but I heard it clear, and so did Anndra MacEwan. It was like the sound of a reed pipe, and the tune was an eery one at that."

clear - trasparente, limpido, pulito, chiaro, nitido

reed - canna, cannuccia

pipe - cornamusa, canna d'organo, condotto, tubo, pipe, barra verticale

eery - spaventoso

"It was the Dance of the Dead."

"And who will be playing that?" asked the man, with fear in his eyes.

fear - paura

"No living man."

"No living man?"

"No. I'm thinking it will be one of my brothers who was drowned here, and by the same token that it is Gloom, for he played upon the feadan. But if not, then-then--"

The two men waited in breathless silence, each trembling with superstitious fear; but at last the elder made a sign to Achanna to finish.

breathless - senza fiato

trembling - tremare, (tremble), tremolare, tremore

superstitious - superstizioso

sign - segno

"Then-it will be the Kelpie."

Kelpie - spirit, sheepdog

"Is there-is there one of the-cave-women here?"

cave - caverna, grotta

"It is said; and you know of old that the Kelpie sings or plays a strange tune to wile seamen to their death."

seamen - marinaio

At that moment the fantastic, jerking music came loud and clear across the bay. There was a horrible suggestion in it, as if dead bodies were moving along the ground with long jerks, and crying and laughing wild. It was enough; the men, Campbell and MacEwan, would not now have waited longer if Achanna had offered them all he had in the world.

jerking - a scatti

bay - baia

horrible - orribile, terribile

suggestion - suggestione, suggerimento, proposta

dead bodies - cadaveri

along - lungo

ground - terra

jerks - scossa, sobbalzo

crying - piangere, (cry), gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

wild - selvaggio, selvatico

offered - offrire

Nor were they, or he, out of their panic haste till the smack stood well out at sea, and not a sound could be heard from Eilanmore.

panic - panico

haste - fretta

They stood watching, silent. Out of the dusky mass that lay in the seaward way to the north came a red gleam. It was like an eye staring after them with blood-red glances.

silent - silenzioso, muto, silente, tranquillo, silenzio

dusky - crepuscolare

mass - massa

lay in - accumulare

seaward - verso il mare

gleam - brillare

glances - dare un'occhiata, sbirciare, occhieggiare, radere, rasentare

"What is that, Achanna?"

"It looks as though a fire had been lighted in the house up in the island. The door and the window must be open. The fire must be fed with wood, for no peats would give that flame; and there were none lighted when I left. To my knowing, there was no wood for burning except the wood of the shelves and the bed."

fed - alimentato

wood - legno

peats - torba

flame - fiamma, flame, fiammeggiare, infiammare

none - nessuno, niente

burning - bruciare

shelves - archiviare, accantonare, riporre

"And who would be doing that?"

"I know of that no more than you do, Callum Campbell."

No more was said, and it was a relief to all when the last glimmer of the light was absorbed in the darkness.

relief - sollievo

glimmer - barlume, filo

absorbed in - assorbito in

darkness - buio, oscurita, tenebre, scuro

At the end of the voyage Campbell and MacEwan were well pleased to be quit of their companion; not so much because he was moody and distraught as because they feared that a spell was upon him-a fate in the working of which they might become involved.

Voyage - viaggio

quit - abbandonare, lasciare

moody - umorale

distraught - distrutto, colpito

feared - temere

Involved - elevare, avvolgere, coinvolgere

It needed no vow of the one to the other for them to come to the conclusion that they would never land on Eilanmore, or, if need be, only in broad daylight, and never alone.

vow - voto, giurare, votare

conclusion - conclusione

broad - largo

daylight - luce del giorno

The days went well for James Achanna, where he made his home at Ranza-beag, on Ranza Water in the Sleat of Skye. The farm was small but good, and he hoped that with help and care he would soon have the place as good a farm as there was in all Skye.

beag - ordine del giorno

care - cura, attenzione

Donald Macarthur did not let him see much of Katreen, but the old man was no longer opposed to him. Sheumais must wait till Ian Macarthur came back again, which might be any day now.

opposed - opporre, obiettare, essere contrari, esibire

For sure, James Achanna of Ranza-beag was a very different person from the youngest of the Achanna-folk, who held by on lonely Eilanmore; moreover, the old man could not but think with pleasure that it would be well to see Katreen able to walk over the whole land of Ranza, from the cairn at the north of his own Ranza-Mňr to the burn at the south of Ranza-beag, and know it for her own.

held - tenere

pleasure - piacere, piacimento, goduria, volutta, preferenza, scelta

cairn - ometto

burn - bruciare

But Achanna was ready to wait. Even before he had the secret word of Katreen he knew from her beautiful dark eyes that she loved him. As the weeks went by they managed to meet often, and at last Katreen told him that she loved him too, and would have none but him; but that they must wait till Ian came back, because of the pledge given to him by her father. They were days of joy for him.

secret - segreto

managed - dirigere, managgiare, riuscire, arrangiarsi, maneggiare

pledge - promettere, impegnarsi, promessa solenne, pegno

joy - Gioia

Through many a hot noon-tide hour, through many a gloaming he went as one in a dream.

many a - molti a

noon - mezzogiorno

tide - marea

dream - sogno, sognare

Whenever he saw a birch swaying in the wind, or a wave leaping upon Loch Laith, that was near his home, or passed a bush covered with wild roses, or saw the moonbeams lying white on the boles of the pines, he thought of Katreen-his fawn for grace, and so lithe and tall, with sunbrown face and wavy, dark mass of hair, and shadowy eyes and rowan-red lips.

whenever - ogni volta che

birch - betulla

swaying - ondeggiare, (sway), ondeggiamento, fluttuazione, dondolio

wave - onda

leaping - saltare

passed - passare

bush - cespuglio

covered - coperto, coperchio, copertura, nascondiglio, copertina, coperta

roses - Rosa

moonbeams - raggio di luna

lying - mentire

boles - tronco

pines - pino

Fawn - daino, cerbiatto

grace - benedicite, ringraziamento, grazia, eleganza, garbo

lithe - agile

sunbrown - marrone solare

wavy - ondulato

shadowy - ombroso

Rowan - sorbo rosso

lips - labbro, beccuccio

It is said that there is a god clothed in shadow who goes to and fro among the human kind, putting silence between lovers with his waving hands, and breathing a Chill out of his cold breath, and leaving a gulf of deep water flowing between them because of the passing of his feet. That shadow never came their way. Their love grew as a flower fed by rains and warmed by sunlight.

God - Dio

clothed - stoffa, tessuto, tela, panno, straccio

among - tra, fra, in mezzo a

lovers - amante

breathing - respirazione, (breath), respiro, lena, alito, fiato

Chill out - Rilassarsi

Gulf - golfo

deep - profondo, spesso, esteso, profondo (1, 2)

flowing - fluire

passing - talian: t-needed

sunlight - luce solare

When midsummer came, and there was no sign of Ian Macarthur, it was already too late. Katreen had been won.

midsummer - mezza estate, solstizio d'estate, di mezza estate

During the summer months it was the custom for Katreen and two of the farm-girls to go up Maol-Ranza, to reside at the shealing of Cnoc-an-Fhraoch: and this because of the hill-pasture for the sheep. Cnoc-an-Fhraoch is a round, boulder-studded hill covered with heather, which has a precipitous corrie on each side, and in front slopes down to Lochan Fraoch, a lochlet surrounded by dark woods.

summer months - mesi estivi

custom - usanza, costume, uso, personalizzato, fatto ad hoc

reside - risiedere

shealing - guarire

Hill - collina, colle

pasture - pastura, pascolo, pascolare

boulder - macigno, masso

studded - scuderia

heather - erica, brugo

precipitous - ripido

corrie - circo

slopes - pendio, pendenza, inclinazione, muso giallo, digradare, loor

lochlet - ordine del giorno

surrounded - circondare, accerchiare, assediare

woods - legno

Behind the hill, or great hillock rather, lay the shealing. At each weekend Katreen went down to Ramza-Mňr, and on every Monday morning at sunrise returned to her heather-girt eerie. It was on one of these visits that she endured a cruel shock. Her father told her that she must marry some one else than Sheumais Achanna.

hillock - collinetta, monticello

sunrise - levar del sole, aurora, alba, primo sole

girt - Cinturón

eerie - misterioso, strano, agghiacciante, spaventevole

endured - durare, restare, resistere, perdurare, tollerare

cruel - crudele

shock - shock, choc

marry - sposare, sposarsi

He had heard words about him which made a union impossible, and indeed, he hoped that the man would leave Ranza-beag. In the end he admitted that what he had heard was to the effect that Achanna was under a doom of some kind, that he was involved in a blood-feud; and, moreover, that he was fey.

Union - unione, talian: t-needed

impossible - impossibile, insopportabile, impossibile (2)

indeed - infatti, davvero, realmente, effettivamente, gia

admitted - far entrare, ammettere, riconoscere, ricoverare

effect - effetto, effettuare

doom - sentenza, giudizio, decisione, penalita

feud - contesa

The old man would not be explicit as to the person from whom his information came, but hinted that he was a stranger of rank, probably a laird of the isles. Besides this, there was word of Ian Macarthur. He was at Thurso, in the far north, and would be in Skye before long, and he-her father-had written to him that he might wed Katreen as soon as was practicable.

explicit - esplicito

hinted - accenno, allusione, indizio, aiuto

Stranger - Straniero

rank - grado, rango

Isles - isola

besides - accanto, vicino

before long - tra poco

wed - sposare, sposarsi

practicable - fattibile

"Do you see that lintie yonder, father?" was her response to this.

yonder - laggiu

response - responso, risposta

"Ay, lass, and what about the birdeen?"

Lass - ragazza

birdeen - ordine del giorno

"Well, when she mates with a hawk, so will I be mating with Ian Macarthur, but not till then."

mates - accoppiarsi

hawk - falco

mating - accoppiamento

not till - non fino a quando

till then - fino ad allora

With that she turned and left the house, and went back to Cnoc-an-Fhraoch. On the way she met Achanna.

It was that night that for the first time he swam across Lochan Fraoch to meet Katreen.

The quickest way to reach the shealing was to row across the lochlet, and then ascend by a sheep-path that wound through the hazel copses at the base of the hill. Fully half an hour was thus saved, because of the steepness of the precipitous corries to right and left.

reach - arrivare a, raggiungere

Row - fila

ascend - salire, riuscire

path - sentiero

wound - ferita

hazel - nocciolo, legno di nocciolo, nocciola

Copses - bosco ceduo, macchia, fratta, boschetto

fully - pienamente, completamente, appieno, ampiamente

saved - salvare, soccorrere, redimere, immagazzinare, risparmiare

steepness - ripidita

corries - circo

A boat was kept for this purpose, but it was fastened to a shore boulder by a padlocked iron chain, the key of which was kept by Donald Macarthur. Latterly he had refused to let this key out of his possession. For one thing, no doubt, he believed he could thus restrain Achanna from visiting his daughter. The young man could not approach the shealing from either side without being seen.

purpose - scopo

fastened - chiudere, fissare, attaccare

shore - spiaggia

padlocked - lucchetto

iron - ferreo, ferroso, ferrico, inflessibile, stirare

chain - catena, incatenare, concatenare

latterly - ultimamente

refused - rifiutare

possession - possesso

doubt - dubitare, dubbio, perplessita

restrain - contenere, frenare

approach - avvicinarsi

either - ciascuno, entrambi, ogni, neanche, nemmeno

side - lato

But that night, soon after the moon was whitening slow in the dark, Katreen stole down to the hazel copse and awaited the coming of her lover. The lochan was visible from almost any point on Cnoc-an-Fhraoch, as well as from the south side.

moon - Luna

whitening - scialbatura

Stole - Rubato, (steal), rubare, derubare, fregare, accattivarsi

copse - bosco ceduo, macchia, fratta, boschetto

awaited - aspettare, attendere, servire

lover - amante

visible - visibile

as from - come da

To cross it in a boat unseen, if any watcher were near, would be impossible, nor could even a swimmer hope to escape notice unless in the gloom of night or, mayhap, in the dusk. When, however, she saw, half-way across the water, a spray of green branches slowly moving athwart the surface, she new that Sheumais was keeping his tryst.

Cross - croce, segno della croce, incrocio, cross, diagonale, irritato

unseen - non visto

watcher - osservatore

swimmer - nuotatore, nuotatrice

escape - scappare, fuggire, darsela a gambe, evitare, eludere

notice - percezione, notifica, avviso, comunicazione, preavviso, notare

Unless - a meno che, se non

dusk - crepuscolo, tramonto, tramontare, crepuscolare

spray - spray, spruzzo, (getto vaporizzato)

athwart - di traverso

surface - superficie, venire a galla, emergere

tryst - appuntamento, incontro, trovarsi, incontrarsi

If, perchance, any one else saw, he or she would never guess that those derelict rowan branches shrouded Sheumais Achanna.

perchance - per caso

those - quelle, quei, quegli

derelict - abbandonato, negligente, trascurato, rifiuto, relitto

shrouded - sindone, (lenzuolo funebre)

It was not till the estray had drifted close to the hedge, where, hid among the bracken and the hazel undergrowth, she awaited him, that Katreen descried the face of her lover, as with one hand he parted the green sprays, and stared longingly and lovingly at the figure he could just discern in the dim, fragrant obscurity.

estray - estrarre

drifted - deriva, direzione, verso, tendenza, indirizzo

hedge - siepe

hid - nascosto

bracken - felce, felce aquilina

undergrowth - sottobosco

descried - discernere

sprays - spray, spruzzo, (getto vaporizzato)

longingly - con desiderio

lovingly - amorevolmente

discern - percepire

obscurity - oscurita

And as it was this night so was it many of the nights that followed. Katreen spent the days as in a dream. Not even the news of her cousin Ian's return disturbed her much.

disturbed - disturbare

One day the inevitable meeting came. She was at Ranza-Mňr, and when a shadow came into the dairy where she was standing she looked up, and saw Ian before her. She thought he appeared taller and stronger than ever, though still not so tall as Sheumais, who would appear slim beside the Herculean Skyeman.

inevitable - inevitabile

dairy - caseificio, latteria, alimentari, latticini, caseario

appeared - apparire

slim - snello, magro, affusolato, dimagrire

beside - accanto, vicino

But as she looked at his close curling black hair and thick bull-neck and the sullen eyes in his dark wind-red face, she wondered that she had ever tolerated him at all.

curling - winter sport where players aim and slide stones down a sheet of ice

thick - spesso, pesante, folto, tonto

Bull - maschio (dei grandi mammiferi), toro

neck - collo

sullen - afflitto, astioso, tetro, cupo, disarmante, lento

wondered - meraviglia, domandarsi, chiedersi

tolerated - tollerare, sopportare, accettare

He broke the ice at once.

"Tell me, Katreen, are you glad to see me back again?"

Glad - contento, felice

"I am glad that you are home once more safe and sound."

safe - sicuro, protetto, cassaforte

"And will you make it my home for me by coming to live with me, as I've asked you again and again?"

ve - ordine del giorno

"No: as I've told you again and again."

He gloomed at her angrily for a few moments before he resumed.

gloomed - oscurita, tenebre, buio

angrily - irosamente, rabbiosamente, con rabbia

resumed - riprendere

"I will be asking you this one thing, Katreen, daughter of my father's brother: do you love that man Achanna who lives at Ranza-beag?"

"You may ask the wind why it is from the east or the west, but it won't tell you. You're not the wind's master."

Master - padrone

"If you think I will let this man take you away from me, you are thinking a foolish thing."

foolish - babbeo, sciocco

"And you saying a foolisher."

foolisher - babbeo, sciocco


"Ah, sure. What could you do, Ian Mhic Ian? At the worst, you could do no more than kill James Achanna. What then? I too would die. You cannot separate us. I would not marry you, now, though you were the last man in the world and I the last woman."

kill - uccidere

separate - separato, separata, separare, dividere

"You are a fool, Katreen Macarthur. Your father has promised you to me, and I tell you this: if you love Achanna you'll save his life only by letting him go away from here. I promise you he will not be here long."

fool - stolto, buffone, giullare, pagliaccio, buffone di corte, matto

promised - promessa, giuramento, voto, promettere, giurare

save - salvare, soccorrere, redimere, immagazzinare, risparmiare

"Ah, you promise me; but you will not say that thing to James Achanna's face. You are a coward."

promise - promessa, giuramento, voto, promettere, giurare

coward - codardo, pusillanime, vigliacco, vile

With a muttered oath the man turned on his heel.

muttered - mormorare

oath - giuramento, bestemmia, giurare

heel - calcagno, tallone

"Let him beware o'me, and you, too, Katreen-mo-nighean-donn. I swear it by my mother's grave and by St. Martin's Cross that you will be mine by hook or by crook."

Beware - temere, guardarsi, fare attenzione

nighean - ordine del giorno

swear - giurare

grave - tomba

Martin - Martino

mine - mio, mia, mie, miei

Hook - gancio, gancetto, uncino, ritornello, parte orecchiabile

crook - bastone da pastore, pastorale

The girl smiled scornfully. Slowly she lifted a milk-pail.

smiled - sorriso, sorridere

scornfully - in modo sprezzante

lifted - alzare, sollevare

pail - secchio

"It would be a pity to waste the good milk, Ian-gňrach, but if you don't go it is I that will be emptying the pail on you, and then you will be as white without as your heart is within."

pity - pieta, peccato, compatire

waste - sprecare

gňrach - gorach

emptying - vuotamento, (empty), vuoto, vuotare, svuotare

within - dentro, all'interno

"So you call me witless, do you? Ian-gňrach! Well, we shall be seeing as to that. And as for the milk, there will be more than milk spilt because of you, Katreen-donn."

witless - senza spirito

spilt - rovesciare, versare

From that day, though neither Sheumais nor Katreen knew of it, a watch was set upon Achanna.

set - Seth

It could not be long before their secret was discovered, and it was with a savage joy overmastering his sullen rage that Ian Macarthur knew himself the discoverer, and conceived his double vengeance. He dreamed, gloatingly, on both the black thoughts that roamed like ravenous beasts through the solitudes of his heart.

discovered - scoprire, trovare

savage - selvaggio, primitivo, brutale, crudele, feroce, impietoso

overmastering - Dominar

rage - rabbia, furia, furore, infuriare, imperversare

Discoverer - scopritore, scopritrice

conceived - concepire, sviluppare, ideare

double - doppio, doppia, sosia, doppione, doppiare

vengeance - vendetta, rivalsa, rappresaglia, ritorsione

gloatingly - gongolante

thoughts - idea, pensata, pensiero

roamed - vagare, girovagare

ravenous - famelico, affamato, vorace

beasts - bestia, belva

solitudes - solitudine

But he did not dream that another man was filled with hate because of Katreen's lover, another man who had sworn to make her his own, the man who, disguised, was known in Armandale as Donald McLean, and in the north isles would have been hailed as Gloom Achanna.

sworn - giurare

disguised - camuffamento, travestimento, mascheramento, camuffarsi

hailed - grandine

There had been steady rain for three days, with a cold, raw wind. On the fourth the sun shone, and set in peace. An evening of quiet beauty followed, warm, fragrant, dusky from the absence of moon or star, though the thin veils of mist promised to disperse as the night grew.

steady rain - pioggia costante

raw - crudo, grezzo, non raffinatato, naturale, aperta, vergine

shone - brillare, far luce con

peace - pace, armonia

absence - assenza, mancanza, difetto, invito aperto, ferro libero

veils - velo

mist - nebbia, foschia

disperse - disperdere, disseminarere, rifrangere, distribuire

There were two men that eve in the undergrowth on the south side of the lochlet. Sheumais had come earlier than his wont. Impatient for the dusk, he could scarce await the waning of the afterglow; surely, he thought, he might venture. Suddenly his ears caught the sound of cautious footsteps.

eve - vigilia

wont - Non e vero

impatient - impaziente

scarce - scarso

await - aspettare, attendere, servire

waning - calante

afterglow - postumi

surely - sicuramente, checkcertamente

Venture - avventura, azzardo, impresa, avventurarsi, azzardare, osare

suddenly - all'improvviso, improvvisamente

caught - presa, conquista, fermaglio, fermaglio di sicurezza, trappola

cautious - cauto, ritenuto, oculato

Footsteps - impronta, pedata, orma, passo, gradino

Could it be old Donald, perhaps with some inkling of the way in which his daughter saw her lover in despite of all; or, mayhap, might it be Ian Macarthur, tracking him as a hunter stalking a stag by the water-pools? He crouched, and waited. In a few minutes he saw Ian carefully picking his way.

inkling - idea, sentore

despite - nonostante, sebbene, malgrado

tracking - monitoraggio, (track), traccia, scia, tracciamento, sentiero

Hunter - cacciatore, cane da caccia, cavallo da caccia, cercatore

stalking - Acoso

stag - cervo, bue

crouched - accucciarsi

carefully - minuziosamente, accuratamente, meticolosamente, puntigliosamente

picking - scegliere

The man stopped as he descried the green branches; smiled as, with a low rustling, he raised them from the ground.

rustling - fruscio, (rustle), crepitare

raised - alzare, innalzare

Meanwhile yet another man watched and waited, though on the farther side of the lochan, where the hazel copses were. Gloom Achanna half hoped, half feared the approach of Katreen. It would be sweet to see her again, sweet to slay her lover before her eyes, brother to him though he was. But, there was chance that she might descry him, and, whether recognizingly or not, warn the swimmer.

Meanwhile - intanto, nel frattempo

Copses - poliziotti

feared - paura

slay - uccidere

chance - caso

descry - discernere

recognizingly - in modo riconoscibile

So it was that he had come there before sundown, and now lay crouched among the bracken underneath a projecting mossy ledge close upon the water, where it could scarce be that she or any should see him.

sundown - il tramonto

underneath - sotto

mossy - muschiato

ledge - ripiano, davanzale

As the gloaming deepened a great stillness reigned. There was no breath of wind. A scarce audible sigh prevailed among the spires of the heather. The churring of a night-jar throbbed through the darkness. Somewhere a corncrake called its monotonous crek-craik; the dull, harsh sound emphasizing the utter stillness.

deepened - approfondire, intensificare

stillness - immobilita

reigned - regno, regnare

breath - respiro, lena, alito, fiato

audible - udibile

prevailed - prevalere, predominare, persuadere

spires - guglia

jar - giara, vaso

throbbed - battere, picchiare, pulsare, battito, palpito, pulsazione

somewhere - da qualche parte, in qualche luogo, in qualche parte

corncrake - re di quaglie, gallinella terrestre

monotonous - monocorde, monotono

craik - ordine del giorno

dull - spuntato, smussato, noioso, soporifero, tedioso

harsh - grossolano, ruvido, rude, aspro (taste), accidentato

emphasizing - enfatizzare, sottolineare, evidenziare

utter - completo, totale

The pinging of the gnats hovering over and among the sedges made an incessant murmur through the warm, sultry air.

pinging - (colpo secco)

gnats - moscerino

hovering - librarsi, volteggiare, aggirarsi, attardarsi, gironzolare

sedges - carice

incessant - incessante

murmur - mormorio, brusio, sussurro, mormorare

sultry - afoso

There was a splash once as of a fish. Then, silence. Then a lower but more continuous splash, or rather wash of water. A slow susurrus rustled through the dark.

splash - schizzo, tonfo, sciacquio

lower - oscurarsi

continuous - continuo

susurrus - susurro

rustled - crepitare

Where he lay among the fern Gloom Achanna slowly raised his head, stared through the shadows and listened intently. If Katreen were waiting there she was not near.

fern - felce

shadows - ombra, pedinare

intently - attentamente, meticolosamente, minuziosamente

Noiselessly he slid into the water. When he rose it was under a clump of green branches. These he had cut and secured three hours before. With his left hand he swam slowly, or kept his equipoise in the water; with his right he guided the heavy rowan bough. In his mouth were two objects, one long and thin and dark, the other with an occasional glitter as of a dead fish.

noiselessly - senza rumore

slid - scivolare, (slide), slittare, derapare, scivolo

rose - Rosa

clump - blocco, gruppo

secured - sicuro, protetto, segreto, stabile, affidabile, garantire

equipoise - counterbalance, act or make to act as equipoise

guided - guida

heavy - pesante

bough - ramo

occasional - occasionale

glitter - glitter, brillantini

His motion was scarcely perceptible. None the less he was near the middle of the loch almost as soon as another clump of green branches. Doubtless the swimmer beneath it was confident that he was now safe from observation.

motion - movimento, mozione, mozioni

scarcely - a malapena

perceptible - percepibile

Middle - mezzo, centro, cintura, checkmeta, medio, mezzano, centrale

doubtless - senza dubbio

beneath - sotto

confident - fiducioso, sicuro

safe from - al sicuro da

observation - osservazione

The two clumps of green branches drew nearer. The smaller seemed a mere estray, a spray blown down by the recent gale. But all at once the larger clump jerked awkwardly and stopped. Simultaneously a strange, low strain of music came from the other.

clumps - blocco, gruppo

seemed - sembrare, parere, apparire

mere - semplice, solo

blown down - abbattuto

recent - recente

gale - burrasca

jerked - scossa, sobbalzo

awkwardly - in modo imbarazzante

simultaneously - simultaneamente, allo stesso tempo

strain - sforzare, sforzarsi, tirare

The strain ceased. The two clumps of green branches remained motionless. Slowly, at last, the larger moved forward. It was too dark for the swimmer to see if any one lay hid behind the smaller. When he reached it he thrust aside the leaves.

ceased - cessare, arrestare, smettere, interrompere

remained - stare, restare, rimanere

motionless - immobile, immoto, inerte

moved forward - andare avanti

reached - arrivare a, raggiungere

thrust - stoccata, spinta

aside - a parte, in disparte

It was as though a great salmon leaped. There was a splash, and a narrow, dark body shot through the gloom. At the end of it something gleamed. Then suddenly there was a savage struggle. The inanimate green branches tore this way and that, and surged and swirled. Gasping cries came from the leaves. Again and again the gleaming thing leaped.

salmon - salmone

leaped - saltare

narrow - stretto

shot through - sparato attraverso

gleamed - brillare

Struggle - lotta, lottare

inanimate - inanimato

tore - strappare

surged - agirarsi, sollevarsi

swirled - vorticare, turbinare, vortice, riccio

gasping - rantolare, (gasp), restare senza fiato, restare a bocca aperta

cries - piangere, gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

gleaming - scintillante

At the third leap an awful scream shrilled through the silence. The echo of it wailed thrice, with horrible distinctness, in the corrie beyond Cnoc-an-Fhraoch. Then, after a faint splashing, there was silence once more. One clump of green branches drifted slowly up the lochlet. The other moved steadily toward the place whence, a brief while before, it had stirred.

third - terzo, terza, atterzare

leap - saltare

awful - pessimo, terribile, orribile, impressionante, tremendamente

scream - urlo, grido, gridare, sbraitare, urlare

shrilled - stridulo, stridore, stridio, stridente

Echo - eco

wailed - lamentarsi

thrice - tre volta

distinctness - distinzione

beyond - oltre, (al) di la di, dall'altra parte di, piu di, dopo

faint - debole

splashing - schizzi, (splash), schizzo, tonfo, sciacquio

steadily - costantemente

whence - onde, donde, da dove

brief - breve

stirred - rimescolare

Only one thing lived in the heart of Gloom Achanna-the joy of his exultation. He had killed his brother Sheumais. He had always hated him because of his beauty; of late he had hated him because he had stood between him, Gloom, and Katreen Macarthur-because he had become her lover. They were all dead now except himself, all the Achannas. He was "Achanna.

exultation - esultanza

killed - uccidere

" When the day came that he would go back to Galloway, there would be a magpie on the first birk, and a screaming jay on the first rowan, and a croaking raven on the first fir; ay, he would be their suffering, though they knew nothing of him meanwhile! He would be Achanna of Achanna again. Let those who would stand in his way beware. As for Katreen: perhaps he would take her there, perhaps not.

Magpie - gazza

screaming - urlo, grido, gridare, sbraitare, urlare

fir - abete

croaking - gracchiare, (croak), gracidio, gracidare, crepare

raven - corvo

suffering - sofferenza, (suffer), soffrire, penare, patire, aggravarsi

He smiled.

These thoughts were the wandering fires in his brain while he slowly swam shoreward under the floating green branches, and as he disengaged himself from them and crawled upward through the bracken. It was at this moment that a third man entered the water from the further shore.

wandering - vagabondaggio, (wander), errare, vagare, girovagare, passeggiare

brain - cervello, or when used as food

shoreward - verso la riva

floating - fluttuante, (float), galleggiare, appianatoia, frattazzo

disengaged - liberare

crawled - strisciare, trascinarsi

upward - verso l'alto

entered - entrare, immettere, digitare

Prepared as he was to come suddenly upon Katreen, Gloom was startled when, in a place of dense shadow, a hand touched his shoulder, and her voice whispered:

startled - scattare, sobbalzare, spaventare, sorprendere, schivare, evitare

dense - denso, pastoso, checkdenso

touched - commosso

"Sheumais, Sheumais!"

The next moment she was in his arms. He could feel her heart beating against his.

beating - bastonatura, bastonata, smacco, sconfitta, sonora sconfitta

"What is it, Sheumais? What was that awful cry?" she whispered.

cry - piangere, gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

For answer he put his lips to hers, and kissed her again and again.

kissed - baciare

The girl drew back. Some vague instinct warned her.

vague - vago

instinct - istinto

warned - avvertire, avvisare

"What is it, Sheumais? Why don't you speak?"

He drew her close again.

"Pulse of my heart, it is I who love you, I who love you best of all; it is I, Gloom Achanna!"

pulse - polso

With a cry she struck him full in the face. He staggered and in that moment she freed herself.

struck - cancellare, colpire, coniare, scioperare, sembrare, arrendersi, sciopero

staggered - barcollare

"You coward!"

"Katreen, I--"

"Come no nearer. If you do, it will be the death of you!"

"The death o'me! Ah, bonnie fool that you are, and is it you that will be the death o'me?"

Bonnie - Gay, merry, frolicsome, cheerful, blithe

"Ay, Gloom Achanna, for I have but to scream and Sheumais will be here, an'he would kill you like a dog if he knew you did me harm."

harm - danno, male, ferita, svantaggio, danneggiare

"Ah, but if there were no Sheumais, or any man to come between me an'my will!"

"Then there would be a woman! Ay, if you over-bore me I would strangle you with my hair, or fix my teeth in your false throat!"

bore - forare, perforare

strangle - strangolare

Fix - aggiustare, riparare, mettere una pezza, sistemare, preparare

throat - gola

"I was not for knowing you were such a wild-cat; but I'll tame you yet, my lass! Aha, wild-cat!" And as he spoke he laughed low.

such - tale

tame - domestico, addomesticato

Aha - a-ha

"It is a true word, Gloom of the black heart. I am a wild-cat, and, like a wild-cat, I am not to be seized by a fox; and that you will be finding to your cost, by the holy St. Bridget! But now, off with you, brother of my man!"

seized - prendere, afferrare, approfittare, sfruttare

fox - volpe, ingannare, lasciare perplesso

holy - sacro, santo, immacolato

Bridget - Brigida, Brigitta

off with you - vattene!

"Your man-ha! ha!"

ha - Ja

"Why do you laugh?"

"Sure, I am laughing at a warm, white lass like yourself having a dead man as your lover!"


No answer came. The girl shook with a new fear. Slowly she drew closer, till her breath fell warm against the face of the other.

He spoke at last:

"Ay, a dead man."

"It is a lie."

lie - bugia

"Where would you be that you were not hearing his good-bye? I'm thinking it was loud enough!"

Good-bye - (Good-bye) arrivederci

"It is a lie-it is a lie!"

"No, it is no lie. Sheumais is cold enough now. He's low among the weeds by now. Ay, by now: down there in the lochan."

weeds - erbacce

"What-you, you devil! Is it for killing your own brother you would be?"

devil - diavolo

killing - uccisione, omicidio, assassinio

"I killed no one. He died his own way. Maybe the cramp took him. Maybe-maybe a Kelpie gripped him. I watched. I saw him beneath the green branches. He was dead before he died. I saw it in the white face o'him. Then he sank. He's dead. Sheumais is dead. look here, girl, I've always loved you. I swore the oath upon you. You're mine. Sure, you're mine now, Katreen! It is loving you I am!

cramp - crampo, forma, calco, stampo, paralizzare, contrarre

gripped - impugnare, avvincere

sank - affondare

look here - guardare qui

swore - giurare

It will be a south wind for you from this day, muirnean mochree! See here, I'll show you how I--"

muirnean - ordine del giorno

mochree - ordine del giorno


murderer - assassino, assassina

"Be stopping that foolishness now, Katreen Macarthur! By the Book, I am tired of it. I am loving you, and it's having you for mine I am! And if you won't come to me like the dove to its mate, I'll come to you like the hawk to the dove!"

foolishness - sciocchezza, stupidita, pazzia

dove - colomba

mate - accoppiarsi

With a spring he was upon her. In vain she strove to beat him back. His arms held her as a stoat grips a rabbit.

vain - vanitoso, vanesio, vano

strove - sforzarsi

beat - battere

stoat - ermellino

grips - impugnare, avvincere

rabbit - coniglio

He pulled her head back, and kissed her throat till the strangulating breath sobbed against his ear. With a last despairing effort she screamed the name of the dead man: "Sheumais! Sheumais! Sheumais!" The man who struggled with her laughed.

pulled - tirare

strangulating - strangolare

sobbed - singhiozzare

despairing - disperazione

effort - sforzo

screamed - urlo, grido, gridare, sbraitare, urlare

struggled with - lottare con

"Ay, call away! The herrin'will be coming through the bracken as soon as Sheumais comes to your call! Ah, it is mine you are now, Katreen! He's dead and cold-an'you'd best have a living man-an'--"

She fell back, her balance lost in the sudden releasing. What did it mean? Gloom still stood there, but as one frozen. Through the darkness she saw, at last, that a hand gripped his shoulder; behind him a black mass vaguely obtruded.

balance - equilibrio, punto di equilibrio, contrappeso, bilanciamento

sudden - improvviso, improvvisa

releasing - liberare, rilasciare

frozen - gelare

vaguely - vagamente

obtruded - invadere

For some moments there was absolute silence. Then a hoarse voice came out of the dark:

absolute - assoluto

"You will be knowing now who it is, Gloom Achanna!"

The voice was that of Sheumais, who lay dead in the lochan. The murderer shook as in a palsy. With a great effort, slowly he turned his head. He saw a white splatch, the face of the corpse; in this white splatch flamed two burning eyes, the eyes of the soul of the brother whom he had slain.

palsy - paralisi

corpse - cadavere, corpo

flamed - fiamma, flame, fiammeggiare, infiammare

slain - uccidere

He reeled, staggered as a blind man, and, free now of that awful clasp, swayed to and fro as one drunken.

reeled - barcollare

blind man - cieco

clasp - fibbia, gancio, fermaglio, stringere, serrare

swayed - ondeggiamento, fluttuazione, dondolio, oscillazione

drunken - ubriaco

Slowly Sheumais raised an arm and pointed downward through the wood toward the lochan. Still pointing, he moved swiftly forward.

downward - verso il basso

Swiftly - Rapidamente

forward - avanti, in avanti

With a cry like a beast, Gloom Achanna swung to one side, stumbled, rose, and leaped into the darkness.

beast - bestia, belva

swung - oscillare, ondeggiare, altalenare, dondolare, altalena

stumbled - scivolone, scivolare, inciampare, imbattersi, incontrare

For some minutes Sheumais and Katreen stood, silent, apart, listening to the crashing sound of his flight-the race of the murderer against the pursuing shadow of the Grave.

apart - separatamente, a pezzi

crashing - frastuono

race - corsa, gara

pursuing - perseguire, (pursue), perseguitare, tormentare

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