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The Four-Fifteen Express Text

express - express, exprimons, exprimez, exprimer, expriment

Amelia - amelia, Amélie

Edwards - edwards, Édouard

The events which I am about to relate took place between nine and ten years ago.

relate - se rapporter, concerner

Sebastopol had fallen in the early spring, the peace of Paris had been concluded since March, our commercial relations with the Russian Empire were but recently renewed; and I, returning home after my first northward journey since the war, was well pleased with the prospect of spending the month of December under the hospitable and thoroughly English roof of my excellent friend Jonathan Jelf, Esq., of Dumbleton Manor, Clayborough, East Anglia. My way lay by the Great East Anglian line as far as Clayborough station, where I was to be met by one of the Dumbleton carriages and conveyed across the remaining nine miles of country. Having arrived some seven minutes before the starting of the train, and, by the connivance of the guard, taken sole possession of an empty compartment, I lighted my travelling-lamp, made myself particularly snug, and settled down to the undisturbed enjoyment of a book and a cigar. Great, therefore, was my disappointment when, at the last moment, a gentleman came hurrying along the platform, glanced into my carriage, opened the locked door with a private key, and stepped in.

Sebastopol - Sebastopol

peace - la paix, paix, tranquillité

concluded - conclu, conclure

Since - depuis lors, depuis, depuis que, puisque, vu que

commercial - publicité, commercial

relations - relations, relation, parent, parente

Russian - russe, ruthénien, langue russe, langue de Tolstoi

Empire - l'empire, empire

recently - dernierement, récemment, ces derniers temps

renewed - renouvelée, renouveler

returning home - le retour a la maison

war - guerre, bataille, entrer en guerre, tfaire la guerre

prospect - prospect, perspective, prospecter

hospitable - hospitalier

thoroughly - a fond, absolument, completement

roof - toit

excellent - excellent

Jonathan - jonathan

Esq - Esq

Manor - manoir, maison-forte, seigneurie

lay by - Mettre de côté

Anglian - Anglian

carriages - les wagons, rench: -neededr, carrosse, port, chariot

conveyed - transmis, transporter, véhiculer, communiquer

remaining - restant, reste, rester, demeurer

connivance - connivence

guard - garde, protection, gardien, arriere, défense, garder

sole - unique, seul, semelle, plante, sole

possession - bien, possession, propriété, possessions

empty - vide, vider, cadavre

compartment - compartiment, terrasse

myself - moi-meme, me, m'

particularly - en particulier

snug - serré, confortable, douillet

settled - réglée, (s')installer

undisturbed - sans etre dérangé

enjoyment - jouissance, plaisir

cigar - cigare

therefore - par conséquent, en conséquence, donc, pour ça

disappointment - déception

Last - derniere, dernier, durer, dernierere, durez, passé, durent

gentleman - gentilhomme, monsieur, messieurs

hurrying - se dépecher, dépechant, (hurry), précipitation, hâte

along - le long de, accompagné, rench: t-needed r

platform - plate-forme, scene, podium, quai, plateforme

glanced - a glissé, jeter un coup d’oil, coup d'oil

locked - verrouillé, serrure

private - personnel, personnelle, privé, privée

stepped - en escalier, steppe

It struck me at the first glance that I had seen him before-a tall, spare man, thin-lipped, light-eyed, with an ungraceful stoop in the shoulders, and scant grey hair worn somewhat long upon the collar. He carried a light waterproof coat, an umbrella, and a large brown japanned deed-box, which last he placed under the seat.

struck - frappé, biffer, rayer, barrer, frapper, battre

glance - regard, jeter un coup d’oil

spare - de rechange, épargner, loisirs, économiser

lipped - lippée, levre

ungraceful - ingrate

stoop - s'arreter, s'incliner, incliner

scant - peu, insuffisant, rare, maigre

somewhat - en quelque sorte, assez, quelque peu

upon - sur, a

collar - col, collier

waterproof - imperméable a l'eau, rench: résistant a l'eau, waterproof

japanned - japanés, Japon

deed - acte, action, ouvre, exploit, haut fait, (dee)

seat - siege, place, siege, assise, séant, fond

I now recognized my companion. I had met him, as I distinctly remembered, some three years before, at the very house for which, in all probability, he was now bound, like myself. His name was Dwerrihouse; he was a lawyer by profession, and, if I was not greatly mistaken, was first cousin to the wife of my host. I thought, observing him by the vague mixture of lamplight and twilight, that Mrs.

recognized - reconnu, reconnaître

companion - compagnon, compagne

distinctly - distinctement

probability - probabilité

bound - lié, entrain, (bind), lier, attacher, nouer, connecter, coupler

lawyer - juriste, homme de loi, femme de loi, avocat

by profession - par profession

greatly - grandement

Host - l'hôte, hote, hôte

observing - l'observation, observer, remarquer, respecter, garder

vague - vague

mixture - mélange, mixture

lamplight - la lumiere de la lampe

twilight - demi-jour, crépuscule, entre chien et loup, pénombre, brumes

Jelf's cousin looked all the worse for the three years'wear and tear which had gone over his head since our last meeting. He was very pale, and had a restless light in his eye that I did not remember to have observed before. The anxious lines, too, about his mouth were deepened, and there was a cavernous, hollow look about his cheeks and temples which seemed to speak of sickness or sorrow.

tear - déchirure, déchirer, fissure, larme, pleur

pale - pâle, hâve

restless - inquiet, agité, checkimpatient

observed - observée, observer, remarquer, respecter, garder

anxious - anxieux, désireux

deepened - approfondi, approfondir, intensifier

cavernous - caverneux

hollow - creux, cavez, caver, cavent, cavons

cheeks - joues, joue, fesse, culot, toupet, potence de bringuebale

temples - temples, temple

seemed - semblait, sembler, paraître, avoir l'air

sickness - maladie

sorrow - peine, chagrin

When he had glanced at me for the third or fourth time I ventured to address him.

third - troisieme, troisieme, trois, tiers, tierce

ventured - s'est aventuré, s'aventurer, risquer, oser

"Mr. John Dwerrihouse, I think?"

Mr - monsieur

"That is my name," he replied.

replied - a répondu, répondre, réponse

"I had the pleasure of meeting you at Dumbleton about three years ago."

pleasure - plaisir, volupté, désir

Mr. Dwerrihouse bowed.

bowed - incliné, (s')incliner devant, saluer d'un signe de tete

"I thought I knew your face," he said; "but your name, I regret to say--"

regret - regretter, regret

"Langford-William Langford. I have known Jonathan Jelf since we were boys together at Merchant Taylor's, and I generally spend a few weeks at Dumbleton in the shooting season. I suppose we are bound for the same destination?"

William - william, Guillaume

merchant - marchand, marchande

Taylor - taylor, Tailler, Couture, Couturier, Sartre, Quemener, Thayer

generally - en général

shooting - le tir, tir, fusillade, (shoot) le tir

season - saison

suppose - supposer, imaginer

destination - destination, destinée, arrivée

"Not if you are on your way to the manor," he replied. "I am travelling upon business. You have heard perhaps that we are about to construct a branch line from Blackwater to Stockbridge."

Perhaps - peut-etre, peut-etre, possiblement

construct - construction, construire

branch line - ligne secondaire

Blackwater - blackwater, eaux noires

"You are an East Anglian director, I presume?"

director - directeur, régisseur

presume - présumer, supposer

"My interest in the company," replied Mr. Dwerrihouse, "is threefold. I am a director, I am a considerable shareholder, and, as the head of the firm of Dwerrihouse, Dwerrihouse & Craik, I am the company's principal solicitor."

threefold - trois fois plus grand, triple, triplement

considerable - considérable

shareholder - actionnaire

firm - ferme, social, robuste, maison de commerce, solide

principal - principal, directeur, directrice

solicitor - avocat, avoué

Loquacious, self-important, full of his pet project, and apparently unable to talk on any other subject, Mr. Dwerrihouse then went on to tell of the opposition he had encountered and the obstacles he had overcome in the cause of the Stockbridge branch. I was entertained with a multitude of local details and local grievances.

loquacious - loquace

self - soi, soi-meme

pet - animal de compagnie, dorloter, choyer

apparently - apparemment, évidemment, en apparence

unable - incapable, inapte, inhabile

opposition - l'opposition, opposition

encountered - rencontré, rencontrer, rencontre

obstacles - obstacles, obstacle

overcome - vaincre, surmonter, envahir

cause - cause, raison, causer

branch - branche, rameau, affluent, filiale, succursale

entertained - divertis, divertir, recevoir

multitude - multitude

grievances - griefs, grief

The rapacity of one squire, the impracticability of another, the indignation of the rector whose glebe was threatened; and so on and on and on, till my head ached and my attention flagged and my eyes kept closing in spite of every effort that I made to keep them open. at length I was roused by these words:

rapacity - rapacité

squire - chaperonner

impracticability - l'impraticabilité

indignation - l'indignation, indignation

rector - recteur

whose - a qui, de qui, dont, duquel (de + lequel), duquel

glebe - glebe

threatened - menacé, menacer

ached - a souffert, douleur

attention - attention, attentions, garde a vous

flagged - signalée, drapeau

spite - dépit, rancune

effort - l'effort, effort

at length - longuement

roused - réveillé, réveiller

"Seventy-five thousand pounds, cash down."

cash - de l'argent liquide, encaisser, percevoir, especes

"Seventy-five thousand pounds, cash down," I repeated, in the liveliest tone I could assume. "That is a heavy sum."

tone - ton, tonalité, tonale

assume - supposer, présupposer, présumer, assumer, adopter, prendre

heavy - lourd, emporté

"A heavy sum to carry here," replied Mr. Dwerrihouse, pointing significantly to his breast-pocket, "but a mere fraction of what we shall ultimately have to pay."

sum - somme

significantly - de maniere significative

breast - sein, poitrine, cour, poitrail, blanc

Pocket - poche, empocher, de poche

mere - simple

fraction - fraction

shall - doit, rench: 'shall' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense'

ultimately - en fin de compte

"You do not mean to say that you have seventy-five thousand pounds at this moment upon your person?" I exclaimed.

exclaimed - s'est exclamé, exclamer

"My good sir, have I not been telling you so for the last half-hour?" said Mr. Dwerrihouse, testily. "That money has to be paid over at half-past eight o'clock this evening, at the office of Sir Thomas's solicitors, on completion of the deed of sale."

testily - de façon provocante

solicitors - avocats, avocat, avoué

completion - l'achevement, achevement, exécution

sale - vente, écouler

"But how will you get across by night from Blackwater to Stockbridge with seventy-five thousand pounds in your pocket?"

by night - la nuit

"To Stockbridge!" echoed the lawyer. "I find I have made myself very imperfectly understood. I thought I had explained how this sum only carries us as far as Mallingford-the first stage, as it were, of our journey-and how our route from Blackwater to Mallingford lies entirely through Sir Thomas Liddell's property."

echoed - en écho, écho

imperfectly - imparfaitement

stage - scene, étape, phase, scene, caleche, platine, mettre en scene

route - itinéraire, parcours, chemin, acheminement

lies - mensonges, mensonge

entirely - entierement, entierement, entierement (1)

property - propriété, accessoire

"I beg your pardon," I stammered. "I fear my thoughts were wandering. So you only go as far as Mallingford tonight?"

beg - mendier, implorer, prier

Pardon - pardon, grâce, pardonner, gracier, désolé, excusez-moi

stammered - balbutié, balbutier, bégayer, bégaiement

fear - peur, angoisse, craignent, crainte, crains, craignons

thoughts - réflexions, idée, pensée

wandering - l'errance, errement, errance, divagation, (wander), errer

"Precisely. I shall get a conveyance from the 'Blackwater Arms.'And you?"

precisely - précisément

"Oh, Jelf sends a trap to meet me at Clayborough! Can I be the bearer of any message from you?"

trap - piege

bearer - porteur, porteuse

"You may say, if you please, Mr. Langford, that I wished I could have been your companion all the way, and that I will come over, if possible, before Christmas."

wished - souhaité, souhait, souhaiter, espérer

if possible - si possible

Christmas - Noël

"Nothing more?"

Mr. Dwerrihouse smiled grimly. "Well," he said, "you may tell my cousin that she need not burn the hall down in my honour this time, and that I shall be obliged if she will order the blue-room chimney to be swept before I arrive."

smiled - souriait, sourire

grimly - sinistre

burn - bruler, s'allumer, brulons, brulez, bruler, cuite, griller

hall - couloir, corridor, salle, salon, manoir, foyer

honour - l'honneur, honorer

be obliged - etre obligé

chimney - cheminée

swept - balayé, balayer, balayage

"That sounds tragic. Had you a conflagration on the occasion of your last visit to Dumbleton?"

tragic - tragique

conflagration - conflagration, incendie, rench: t-needed r

Occasion - occasion

"Something like it. There had been no fire lighted in my bedroom since the spring, the flue was foul, and the rooks had built in it; so when I went up to dress for dinner I found the room full of smoke and the chimney on fire. Are we already at Blackwater?"

flue - conduit

foul - la faute, infâme

rooks - des bleus, corneille

smoke - la fumée, fumons, griller, fumer, fument, fumée, fumez

The train had gradually come to a pause while Mr. Dwerrihouse was speaking, and, putting my head out of the window, I could see the station some few hundred yards ahead. There was another train before us blocking the way, and the guard was making use of the delay to collect the Blackwater tickets. I had scarcely ascertained our position when the ruddy-faced official appeared at our carriage door.

gradually - progressivement

pause - pauser, pause

ahead - a l'avance, devant

blocking - blocage, bloquant, (bloc), bloc

delay - délai, ajourner, décélération, surseoir, retard, retarder

collect - collecter, recueillir, recuellir, recueillez, encaisser

scarcely - a peine, a peine, guere

ascertained - vérifié, constater, définir

position - position, poste

ruddy - ruddy, rougeâtre

official - officielle, officiel, cadre, fonctionnaire

appeared - est apparu, apparaître, paraître, sembler

carriage - transport, rench: t-needed r, carrosse, port, chariot

"Tickets, sir!" said he.

"I am for Clayborough," I replied, holding out the tiny pink card.

holding out - Tenir bon

tiny - minuscule

He took it, glanced at it by the light of his little lantern, gave it back, looked, as I fancied, somewhat sharply at my fellow-traveller, and disappeared.

lantern - lanterne

fancied - aimée, envie, caprice

sharply - brusquement

fellow - un camarade, ensemble, mâle

disappeared - a disparu, disparaître

"He did not ask for yours," I said, with some surprise.

surprise - surprise, surprendre, étonner

"They never do," replied Mr. Dwerrihouse; "they all know me, and of course I travel free."

"Blackwater! Blackwater!" cried the porter, running along the platform beside us as we glided into the station.

cried - pleuré, pleurer, crier, hurler, gueuler, pleur, cri

porter - porter, porteur, (port) porter

beside - a côté, aupres

glided - glissé, glisser, planer

Mr. Dwerrihouse pulled out his deed-box, put his travelling-cap in his pocket, resumed his hat, took down his umbrella, and prepared to be gone.

pulled - tiré, tirer, retirer, tirer un coup, influence

cap - cap, bonnet, calotte, casquette, toque, képi

resumed - reprise, reprendre

"Many thanks, Mr. Langford, for your society," he said, with old-fashioned courtesy. "I wish you a good-evening."

Many thanks - Merci beaucoup.

Society - la société, société

old-fashioned - (old-fashioned) Démodé

courtesy - courtoisie, politesse, indulgence

wish - souhait, souhaiter, espérer

"Good-evening," I replied, putting out my hand.

putting out - a mettre dehors

But he either did not see it or did not choose to see it, and, slightly lifting his hat, stepped out upon the platform. Having done this, he moved slowly away and mingled with the departing crowd.

either - chaque, non plus, ou, soit

slightly - légerement, finement, délicatement, légerement

lifting - de levage, soulever

stepped out - sorti

slowly - lentement

mingled - mélangés, mélanger

departing - en partance, (depart), partir, s’en aller, dévier, quitter

crowd - foule, acculer, amas, marée humaine

Leaning forward to watch him out of sight, I trod upon something which proved to be a cigar-case. It had fallen, no doubt, from the pocket of his waterproof coat, and was made of dark morocco leather, with a silver monogram upon the side. I sprang out of the carriage just as the guard came to lock me in.

leaning - penchant, adossant, (lean) penchant

forward - avant, acheminent, acheminer, avanten, acheminons

sight - vue, quelque chose a voir, truc a voir, mire, viseur

trod - trod, (tread) trod

proved - prouvé, prouver

case - cas, affaire, fouille, étui, chose

doubt - des doutes, douter, doute

morocco - maroc

leather - cuir, de cuir

silver - l'argent, argent

monogram - monogramme

side - côté, parti, flanc

lock - serrure, clôturer, cerrure, arret, obturer, pene

"Is there one minute to spare?" I asked, eagerly. "The gentleman who travelled down with me from town has dropped his cigar-case; he is not yet out of the station."

eagerly - avec empressement, avidement

dropped - a déposé, goutte

"Just a minute and a half, sir," replied the guard. "You must be quick."

I dashed along the platform as fast as my feet could carry me. It was a large station, and Mr. Dwerrihouse had by this time got more than half-way to the farther end.

dashed - en pointillés, tiret, trait, ta, sprint, soupçon, se précipiter

I, however, saw him distinctly, moving slowly with the stream. Then, as I drew nearer, I saw that he had met some friend, that they were talking as they walked, that they presently fell back somewhat from the crowd and stood aside in earnest conversation. I made straight for the spot where they were waiting.

stream - flux, ruisseau, ru, rupt, filet, flot, courant

aside - a part, a côté, en passant, aparté

earnest - sérieux, (earn) sérieux

straight - droit, rectiligne, comme il faut, pur, pure, hétéro, tout droit

spot - spot, tache, bouton, peu, endroit, zone, détecter, trouver

There was a vivid gas-jet just above their heads, and the light fell full upon their faces. I saw both distinctly-the face of Mr. Dwerrihouse and the face of his companion.

vivid - vivante, vivide

jet - jet, avion a réaction, jais

Running, breathless, eager as I was, getting in the way of porters and passengers, and fearful every instant lest I should see the train going on without me, I yet observed that the new-comer was considerably younger and shorter than the director, that he was sandy-haired, moustachioed, small-featured, and dressed in a close-cut suit of Scotch tweed. I was now within a few yards of them.

eager - enthousiaste, désireux

porters - les porteurs, porteur/-euse

passengers - des passagers, passager

fearful - effrayant, redoutable, peureux, craintif, terrible, affreux

instant - instantanée, moment

comer - comer

Considerably - considérablement, largement

haired - cheveux

moustachioed - moustachu

featured - en vedette, caractéristique, particularité, spécialité

suit - complet, costume, tailleur, combinaison, costard, enseigne

Scotch - du scotch, Écossais, scotch

tweed - tweed

within - a l'intérieur, dedans, avant, d'ici

I ran against a stout gentleman, I was nearly knocked down by a luggage-truck, I stumbled over a carpet-bag; I gained the spot just as the driver's whistle warned me to return.

against - contre, face a, pour

stout - stout, solide

nearly - presque

knocked down - renversé

luggage - bagages, bagage

truck - camion, camiono

stumbled - en état de choc, chute, faux pas, bourde, trébucher

carpet - tapis, moquette, tapisser

Gained - gagné, gagner

whistle - sifflet, siffler, sifflement, sifflements

warned - averti, avertir, alerter, prévenir

To my utter stupefaction, they were no longer there. I had seen them but two seconds before-and they were gone! I stood still. I looked to right and left; I saw no sign of them in any direction. It was as if the platform had gaped and swallowed them.

utter - l'utérus, émettre

sign - signe, signent, signez, placard, caractériser

direction - direction

gaped - béante, espace, vide, trou

swallowed - avalé, avaler

"There were two gentlemen standing here a moment ago," I said to a porter at my elbow; "which way can they have gone?"

gentlemen - messieurs, gentilhomme, monsieur, messieurs-p

elbow - coude, coup de coude, jouer des coudes

"I saw no gentlemen, sir," replied the guard.

The whistle shrilled out again. The guard, far up on the platform, held up his arm, and shouted to me to "come on"!

shrilled - strident, criard

held - détenus, (main)tenir

shouted - crié, cri

"If you're going on by this train, sir," said the porter, "you must run for it."

I did run for it, just gained the carriage as the train began to move, was shoved in by the guard, and left breathless and bewildered, with Mr. Dwerrihouse's cigar-case still in my hand.

shoved - poussé, enfoncer, pousser

bewildered - déconcertés, abasourdir, confondre, déconcerter, dérouter

It was the strangest disappearance in the world; it was like a transformation trick in a pantomime. They were there one moment-palpably there, talking, with the gaslight full upon their faces-and the next moment they were gone. There was no door near, no window, no staircase; it was a mere slip of barren platform, tapestried with big advertisements. Could anything be more mysterious?

Strangest - le plus étrange, étrange, anormal, inconnu, étranger

disappearance - disparition

transformation - transformation

trick - tour, astuce, truc, rench: t-needed r, pli, levée, quart, duper

pantomime - pantomime

palpably - de maniere palpable

gaslight - l'éclairage au gaz

staircase - escalier

slip - glisser, fiche, lapsus, patiner

barren - stérile

tapestried - tapisserie, rench: -neededr

advertisements - des publicités, publicité, pub, annonce, avis

more mysterious - plus mystérieux

It was not worth thinking about, and yet, for my life, I could not help pondering upon it-pondering, wondering, conjecturing, turning it over and over in my mind, and beating my brains for a solution of the enigma. I thought of it all the way from Blackwater to Clayborough.

worth - valeur

pondering - réfléchir, songer, interroger

wondering - se demander, (wonder), merveille, conjecturer

conjecturing - des conjectures, conjecture, conjecturer

mind - l'esprit, esprit, raison, intelligence, mémoire

beating - battre, battage, battement, (beat) battre

brains - cerveau, qualifierejorative or when used as food

solution - solution

enigma - énigme

I thought of it all the way from Clayborough to Dumbleton, as I rattled along the smooth highway in a trim dog-cart, drawn by a splendid black mare and driven by the silentest and dapperest of East Anglian grooms.

rattled - secouée, (faire) cliqueter

smooth - lisse, doux, facile, sophistiqué, naturel, souple, régulier

highway - autoroute, grand chemin, grand’route, chaussée

trim - de l'habillage, tailler, compenser, compensation

cart - chariot, charrette

splendid - splendide, fameux

mare - jument

silentest - le plus silencieux, silencieux, qualifier

dapperest - dapperest, chic

grooms - mariés, garçon d'écurie

We did the nine miles in something less than an hour, and pulled up before the lodge gates just as the church clock was striking half-past seven. A couple of minutes more, and the warm glow of the lighted hall was flooding out upon the gravel, a hearty grasp was on my hand, and a clear jovial voice was bidding me "welcome to Dumbleton."

Lodge - cabane, maison du portier, loge, rench: t-needed r, loger

gates - portes, porte, barriere

church clock - L'horloge de l'église

striking - frappant, éclatant, (strike), biffer, rayer, barrer, frapper

couple - couple, paire, époux, quelques, deux ou trois., coupler

glow - l'éclat, briller, luire, irradier, lueur, éclat

flooding - l'inondation, inondation, (flood), inonder

gravel - graviers, gravillons, gravier

hearty - cordial, copieux

grasp - saisir, agripper, comprendre

clear - clair, transparent, libre, dégagé, sans ambiguité, s'éclaircir

jovial - jovial

voice - voix

bidding - impératifs, (bid) impératifs

I am not going to describe either the guests or the dinner that night. All provincial parties bear the strictest family resemblance, and I am not aware that an East Anglian banquet offers any exception to the rule. There was the usual country baronet and his wife; there were the usual country parsons and their wives; there was the sempiternal turkey and haunch of venison. Vanitas vanitatum.

guests - invités, invité, invitée, hôte, client

provincial - provinciale, provincial

bear - ours, endurer, naîs, produire, souffrir, subir

strictest - la plus stricte, strict

resemblance - ressemblance, comparaison, probabilité

aware - conscient, attentif, vigilant, en éveil, en alerte

banquet - banquet, festin

offers - offres, offrir, proposer

exception - exception

usual - habituel/habituelle

parsons - parsons, pasteur, curé

turkey - la dinde, dinde, dindon, viande de dinde

haunch of venison - un cuissot de venaison

There is nothing new under the sun.

At length there came a pause. The entrées had just been removed, and the turkey had come upon the scene. The conversation had all along been of the languidest, but at this moment it happened to have stagnated altogether. Moved by an unlucky impulse, I thought I would relate my adventure.

Length - longueur, durée

removed - supprimée, enlever

scene - scene, scene, scene de ménage

languidest - le plus langoureux, languissant

stagnated - stagné, stagner

altogether - tout a fait, completement, en meme temps, quoi qu'il en soit

unlucky - malchanceux, poissard

impulse - impulsion

adventure - l'aventure, aventure

"By the way, Jelf," I began, "I came down part of the way today with a friend of yours."

"Indeed!" said the master of the feast, slicing scientifically into the breast of the turkey. "With whom, pray?"

indeed - certainement, vraiment, en effet, bien sur, certes

Master - maître, patron, maîtriser, maitre, maîtrisent

feast - la fete, délibéré

slicing - tranchage, piquant, (slice), tranche, tronçon, trancher

scientifically - scientifiquement

whom - que, qui

Pray - prier, prions, priez, prient

"It was no less a person than your wife's cousin, Mr. John Dwerrihouse."

Jonathan Jelf laid down his knife and fork. Mrs. Jelf looked at me in a strange, startled way, and said never a word.

laid down - mis en place

knife - couteau, frapper d'un coup de couteau

fork - fourchette, ramification

strange - étrange, anormal, inconnu, étranger

startled - surpris, sursauter, surprendre

"And he desired me to tell you, my dear madam, that you need not take the trouble to burn the hall down in his honour, this time, but only to have the chimney of the blue room swept before his arrival."

desired - souhaitée, désirer, désir

madam - madame, mere maquerelle, tenanciere

take the trouble - prendre la peine

arrival - arrivée, arrivant, arrivante

Before I had reached the end of my sentence I became aware of something ominous in the faces of the guests. I felt I had said something which I had better have left unsaid, and that for some unexplained reason my words had evoked a general consternation. I sat confounded, not daring to utter another syllable, and for at least two whole minutes there was dead silence round the table.

reached - atteint, arriver/parvenir a

ominous - de mauvais augure

unexplained - inexpliquée

evoked - évoquée, évoquer, remémorer

general - général, communal, en chef, universal, d'ensemble

consternation - consternation, sidération, accablement, prostration

daring - audacieux, courageux, checktéméraire, checkhardi

syllable - syllabe

dead - morts, mort, milieu, cour, profondeurs

silence - le silence, silence

round - ronde, cyclo, arrondissent, arrondis, arrondir

The guests hitherto had been simply dull, but now they were evidently uncomfortable and embarrassed.

hitherto - jusqu'a présent, jusqu'ici, jusqu'alors, jusqu'a maintenant

Simply - tout simplement, simplement

dull - émoussé, ennuyeux, barbant, mat, terne, sot, obtus

evidently - évidemment, de toute évidence, manifestement

uncomfortable - inconfortable

embarrassed - embarrassé, embarrasser, gener

The dessert had scarcely been placed upon the table when the ladies left the room. I seized the opportunity to select a vacant chair next a certain Captain Prendergast.

dessert - dessert

ladies - mesdames, dame, madame, lady

seized - saisi, saisir

opportunity - occasion, opportunité, occasion favorable, chance

select - sélect, choisir, sélectionner

vacant - vacant, vide, niais

Certain - certain, quelconque

captain - capitaine, capitaine de vaisseau, agir en capitaine, piloter

"In Heaven's name," I whispered, "what was the matter just now? What had I said?"

Heaven - le paradis, ciel, paradis, au-dela, cieux

whispered - chuchoté, chuchotement, chuchoter, susurrer, murmurer

matter - matiere, matiere, affaire, question, cause, substance

"You mentioned the name of John Dwerrihouse."

mentioned - mentionnée, mentionner

"What of that? I had seen him not two hours before."

"It is a most astounding circumstance that you should have seen him," said Captain Prendergast. "Are you sure it was he?"

astounding - stupéfiante, étonner, stupéfier, ébahir, épater

circumstance - circonstances, circonstance

"As sure as of my own identity. We were talking all the way between London and Blackwater. But why does that surprise you?"

identity - l'identité, identité

"Because," replied Captain Prendergast, dropping his voice to the lowest whisper-"because John Dwerrihouse absconded three months ago with seventy-five thousand pounds of the company's money, and has never been heard of since."

dropping - de la chute, crotte, fiente, (drop) de la chute

lowest - le plus bas, bas

whisper - chuchotement, chuchoter, susurrer, murmurer

John Dwerrihouse had absconded three months ago-and I had seen him only a few hours back! John Dwerrihouse had embezzled seventy-five thousand pounds of the company's money, yet told me that he carried that sum upon his person! Were ever facts so strangely incongruous, so difficult to reconcile? How should he have ventured again into the light of day? How dared he show himself along the line?

embezzled - détourné, divertir, détourner

strangely - étrangement

incongruous - incongru

reconcile - se réconcilier, réconcilier

dared - osé, oser

Above all, what had he been doing throughout those mysterious three months of disappearance?

throughout - tout au long de l'année, tout au long de, durant

those - ceux-ci, ces, celles-la, ceux-la

mysterious - mystérieux

Perplexing questions these-questions which at once suggested themselves to the minds of all concerned, but which admitted of no easy solution. I could find no reply to them. Captain Prendergast had not even a suggestion to offer. Jonathan Jelf, who seized the first opportunity of drawing me aside and learning all that I had to tell, was more amazed and bewildered than either of us.

perplexing - perplexe, déconcerter, troubler, dérouter

suggested - suggéré, proposer, suggérer

themselves - eux-memes, se, eux-memes, elles-memes

minds - les esprits, esprit, t+raison, t+intelligence, mémoire

concerned - préoccupé, inquiétude, souci, soin, préoccupation

admitted - admis, admettre, avouer, reconnaître

reply - répondre, réponse

suggestion - suggestion, proposition

more amazed - plus étonné

He came to my room that night, when all the guests were gone, and we talked the thing over from every point of view; without, it must be confessed, arriving at any kind of conclusion.

view - vue, vision, regard, point de vue, opinion, regarder

confessed - avoué, avouer, confesser

conclusion - conclusion, fin

"I do not ask you," he said, "whether you can have mistaken your man. That is impossible."

whether - si, que, soit, si oui ou non

impossible - impossible, insupportable

"As impossible as that I should mistake some stranger for yourself."

Stranger - étranger, (strang) étranger

"It is not a question of looks or voice, but of facts. That he should have alluded to the fire in the blue room is proof enough of John Dwerrihouse's identity. How did he look?"

alluded - allusion, alluder, faire allusion, suggérer

Proof - la preuve, preuve, épreuve

"Older, I thought; considerably older, paler, and more anxious."

paler - plus pâle, copain/-ine

"He has had enough to make him look anxious, anyhow," said my friend, gloomily, "be he innocent or guilty."

anyhow - d'une maniere ou d'une autre, de toute maniere

innocent - innocent

guilty - coupable

"I am inclined to believe that he is innocent," I replied. "He showed no embarrassment when I addressed him, and no uneasiness when the guard came round. His conversation was open to a fault. I might almost say that he talked too freely of the business which he had in hand."

embarrassment - de l'embarras, embarras, (etre la) honte (de)

fault - défaut, faute, faille

almost - presque, quasiment

freely - librement

"That again is strange, for I know no one more reticent on such subjects. He actually told you that he had the seventy-five thousand pounds in his pocket?"

reticent - réticent

such - tel, tellement, ainsi

actually - en fait

"He did."

"Humph! My wife has an idea about it, and she may be right--"

Humph - humph, hum

"What idea?"

"Well, she fancies-women are so clever, you know, at putting themselves inside people's motives-she fancies that he was tempted, that he did actually take the money, and that he has been concealing himself these three months in some wild part of the country, struggling possibly with his conscience all the time, and daring neither to abscond with his booty nor to come back and restore it."

fancies - des fantaisies, envie, caprice

clever - habile, agile, adroit, adroite, talentueux, malin, intelligent

inside - a l'intérieur, intérieur, dedans, au-dedans, la-dedans

motives - motivations, motif, mobile, theme, motiver

tempted - tentés, tenter, attirer

actually - en fait, effectivement

concealing - dissimuler, cacher

wild - sauvage, pétulant, grose

struggling - en difficulté, luttant, (struggle), lutte, lutter, s'efforcer

Possibly - peut-etre, possiblement, peut-etre

conscience - conscience

neither - ni l'un ni l'autre, aucun des deux, ni X ni Y, non plus

booty - cul, butin

nor - ni, NON-OU

restore - restaurer, rétablir, rendre, restituer

"But now that he has come back?"

"That is the point. She conceives that he has probably thrown himself upon the company's mercy, made restitution of the money, and, being forgiven, is permitted to carry the business through as if nothing whatever had happened."

conceives - conçoit-elle, concevoir, tomber enceinte

thrown - jeté, jeter, lancer

mercy - la pitié, miséricorde, pitié

restitution - la restitution, restitution

forgiven - pardonné, pardonner

permitted - autorisé, permettre

whatever - quoi qu'il en soit, quel que soit, n'importe quel

"The last," I replied, "is an impossible case. Mrs. Jelf thinks like a generous and delicate-minded woman, but not in the least like a board of railway directors. They would never carry forgiveness so far."

generous - généreux

delicate - délicate, délicat, délicat (1, 2)

minded - mentales, esprit, t+raison, t+intelligence, mémoire

board - conseil d'administration, planche

Railway - chemins de fer, chemin de fer, réseau ferroviaire, voie ferrée

Directors - les directeurs, directeur, régisseur

forgiveness - le pardon, pardon

"I fear not; and yet it is the only conjecture that bears a semblance of likelihood. However, we can run over to Clayborough tomorrow and see if anything is to be learned. By the way, Prendergast tells me you picked up his cigar-case."

conjecture - conjecture, conjecturer

bears - ours, supporter

likelihood - la vraisemblance, vraisemblance

run over - écrasé

picked - choisi, pioche, passe-partout, choix, écran, prendre, cueillir

"I did so, and here it is."

Jelf took the cigar-case, examined it by the light of the lamp, and said at once that it was beyond doubt Mr. Dwerrihouse's property, and that he remembered to have seen him use it.

examined - examinés, examiner

beyond doubt - sans aucun doute

"Here, too, is his monogram on the side," he added-"a big J. transfixing a capital D. He used to carry the same on his note-paper."

note-paper - (note-paper) du papier a lettres

"It offers, at all events, a proof that I was not dreaming."

at all events - a tous les événements

dreaming - en train de rever, revant, (dream), reve, songe, voeu

"Ay, but it is time you were asleep and dreaming now. I am ashamed to have kept you up so long. Good-night."

Ay - il est vrai que

asleep - endormi

ashamed - honteux

"Good-night, and remember that I am more than ready to go with you to Clayborough, or Blackwater, or London, or anywhere, if I can be of the least service."

anywhere - n'importe ou, n'importe ou, ou que ce soit, nulle part

service - service, messe

"Thanks! I know you mean it, old friend, and it may be that I shall put you to the test. Once more, good-night."

So we parted for that night, and met again in the breakfast-room at half-past eight the next morning. It was a hurried, silent, uncomfortable meal; none of us had slept well, and all were thinking of the same subject. Within twenty minutes after we had left the breakfast-table the dog-cart was brought round, and my friend and I were on the road to Clayborough.

met again - rencontré a nouveau

hurried - pressé, précipitation, hâte, dépecher

silent - silencieux

none - aucun, ne nulle

"Tell you what it is, Langford," he said, as we sped along between the wintry hedges, "I do not much fancy to bring up Dwerrihouse's name at Clayborough. All the officials know that he is my wife's relation, and the subject just now is hardly a pleasant one. If you don't much mind, we will take the 11:10 to Blackwater.

sped - sped, vitesse

wintry - hivernal, hibernal

hedges - des haies, haie

fancy - fantaisie, imaginer, songer

officials - fonctionnaires, officiel, cadre, fonctionnaire

relation - relation, parent, parente

hardly - a peine, dur, durement, guere, a peine

pleasant - agréable, plaisant

It's an important station, and we shall stand a far better chance of picking up information there than at Clayborough."

chance - chance, hasard

picking - le prélevement, (pic) le prélevement

So we took the 11:10, which happened to be an express, and, arriving at Blackwater about a quarter before twelve, proceeded at once to prosecute our inquiry.

proceeded - a procédé, avancer, procéder

prosecute - poursuivre en justice

inquiry - demande, enquete

We began by asking for the station-master, a big, blunt, businesslike person, who at once averred that he knew Mr. John Dwerrihouse perfectly well, and that there was no director on the line whom he had seen and spoken to so frequently.

blunt - émoussé

businesslike - professionnel

perfectly - parfaitement

frequently - fréquemment

"He is not known to have been down the line any time yesterday, for instance?"

instance - instance

The station-master shook his head.

shook - secoué, (shake), secouer, agiter, se serrer la main, secousse

"The East Anglian, sir," said he, "is about the last place where he would dare to show himself. Why, there isn't a station-master, there isn't a guard, there isn't a porter who doesn't know Mr. Dwerrihouse by sight as well as he knows his own face in the looking-glass, or who wouldn't telegraph for the police as soon as he had set eyes on him at any point along the line. Bless you, sir!

dare - oser, aventurer

by sight - a vue

Telegraph - télégraphe, télégraphier, dépecher

set - set, Seth

Bless you - Vous bénir

there's been a standing order out against him ever since the 25th of September last."

standing order - Ordre permanent

"Can you tell me who took the Blackwater tickets of that train?"

"I can, sir. It was the guard, Benjamin Somers."

Benjamin - benjamin

"And where can I find him?"

"You can find him, sir, by staying here, if you please, till one o'clock. He will be coming through with the up express from Crampton, which stays at Blackwater for ten minutes."

We waited for the up express, beguiling the time as best we could by strolling along the Blackwater road till we came almost to the outskirts of the town, from which the station was distant nearly a couple of miles. By one o'clock we were back again upon the platform and waiting for the train.

beguiling - séduisante, duper, tromper, induire en erreur, exalter

strolling - se promener, (stroll), promenade, flânerie, balade, promener

outskirts - périphérie, banlieue

distant - distante, distant, lointain, éloigné

It came punctually, and I at once recognized the ruddy-faced guard who had gone down with my train the evening before.

punctually - ponctuellement

"The gentlemen want to ask you something about Mr. Dwerrihouse, Somers," said the station-master, by way of introduction.

introduction - introduction, présentation

The guard flashed a keen glance from my face to Jelf's and back again to mine.

flashed - flashé, éclair, lueur

keen - enthousiaste, désireux, poivré, vif

mine - la mienne, mienne, miniere

"Mr. John Dwerrihouse, the late director?" said he, interrogatively.

interrogatively - de maniere interrogative

"The same," replied my friend. "Should you know him if you saw him?"

"Anywhere, sir."

"Do you know if he was in the 4:15 express yesterday afternoon?"

"He was not, sir."

"How can you answer so positively?"

positively - positivement

"Because I looked into every carriage and saw every face in that train, and I could take my oath that Mr. Dwerrihouse was not in it. This gentleman was," he added, turning sharply upon me. "I don't know that I ever saw him before in my life, but I remember his face perfectly. You nearly missed taking your seat in time at this station, sir, and you got out at Clayborough."

oath - serment, juron, jurer

"Quite true, guard," I replied; "but do you not also remember the face of the gentleman who travelled down in the same carriage with me as far as here?"

"It was my impression, sir, that you travelled down alone," said Somers, with a look of some surprise.

impression - impression

alone - seul

"By no means. I had a fellow-traveller as far as Blackwater, and it was in trying to restore him the cigar-case which he had dropped in the carriage that I so nearly let you go on without me."

dropped in - déposer

"I remember your saying something about a cigar-case, certainly," replied the guard; "but--"

Certainly - certainement, surement, sans nul doute, sans aucun doute

"You asked for my ticket just before we entered the station."

entered - a pénétré, entrer, rench: -neededr, taper, saisir

"I did, sir."

"Then you must have seen him. He sat in the corner next the very door to which you came."

corner - coin, rencogner, piéger, acculer, négocier un prix de gros

"No, indeed; I saw no one."

I looked at Jelf. I began to think the guard was in the ex-director's confidence, and paid for his silence.

ex - ex

confidence - assurance, confiance en soi, confiance, confidence

"If I had seen another traveller I should have asked for his ticket," added Somers. "Did you see me ask for his ticket, sir?"

"I observed that you did not ask for it, but he explained that by saying--" I hesitated. I feared I might be telling too much, and so broke off abruptly.

hesitated - hésité, hésiter

feared - craint, peur

abruptly - brusquement, abruptement, tout d'un coup, précipitamment

The guard and the station-master exchanged glances. The former looked impatiently at his watch.

exchanged - échangé, (é)changer

glances - regards, jeter un coup d’oil, coup d'oil

former - ancien, ancienne, ci devant

impatiently - avec impatience

"I am obliged to go on in four minutes more, sir," he said.

obliged - obligée, imposer, obliger, rendre service

"One last question, then," interposed Jelf, with a sort of desperation. "If this gentleman's fellow-traveller had been Mr. John Dwerrihouse and he had been sitting in the corner next the door by which you took the tickets, could you have failed to see and recognize him?"

interposed - interposée, interposer, intercaler, interrompre, couper

sort - tri, assortir, esrece, assortis, sorte

desperation - le désespoir, désespoir

failed - a échoué, échouer (a)

recognize - reconnaître, reconnaissons, homologuer, reconnaitre, retrouve

"No, sir; it would have been quite impossible."

"And you are certain you did not see him?"

"As I said before, sir, I could take my oath I did not see him. And if it wasn't that I don't like to contradict a gentleman, I would say that I could also take my oath that this gentleman was quite alone in the carriage the whole way from London to Clayborough.

wasn - n'était

contradict - contredire

Why, sir," he added, dropping his voice so as to be inaudible to the station-master, who had been called away to speak to some person close by, "you expressly asked me to give you a compartment to yourself, and I did so. I locked you in, and you were so good as to give me something for myself."

inaudible - inaudible

"Yes, but Mr. Dwerrihouse had a key of his own."

"I never saw him, sir; I saw no one in that compartment but yourself. beg pardon, sir; my time's up."

beg pardon - Je vous demande pardon

And with this the ruddy guard touched his cap and was gone. In another minute the heavy panting of the engine began afresh, and the train glided slowly out of the station.

touched - touché, toucher, émouvoir, contact

panting - haletant, (pant) haletant

engine - moteur

afresh - nouveau, a nouveau

We looked at each other for some moments in silence. I was the first to speak.

"Mr. Benjamin Somers knows more than he chooses to tell," I said.

"Humph! do you think so?"

"It must be. He could not have come to the door without seeing him; it's impossible."

"There is one thing not impossible, my dear fellow."

"What is that?"

"That you may have fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing."

fallen asleep - Tu t'es endormi

dreamed - revé, reve, t+songe, t+voeu, t+souhait, t+vou

"Could I dream of a branch line that I had never heard of? Could I dream of a hundred and one business details that had no kind of interest for me? Could I dream of the seventy-five thousand pounds?"

dream - reve, reve, songe, voeu

"Perhaps you might have seen or heard some vague account of the affair while you were abroad. It might have made no impression upon you at the time, and might have come back to you in your dreams, recalled perhaps by the mere names of the stations on the line."

account - compte, supputation, demande

affair - affaire, aventure, liaison

abroad - a l'étranger, a l'étranger, de tous côtés

dreams - reves, reve, t+songe, t+voeu, t+souhait, t+vou

recalled - rappelée, rappeler, souvenir

"What about the fire in the chimney of the blue room-should I have heard of that during my journey?"

"Well, no; I admit there is a difficulty about that point."

admit - admettre, avouer, reconnaître

difficulty - difficulté

"And what about the cigar-case?"

"Ay, by Jove! there is the cigar-case. That is a stubborn fact. Well, it's a mysterious affair, and it will need a better detective than myself, I fancy, to clear it up. I suppose we may as well go home."

Jove - jove, Jupin

stubborn - tetu, tetu, enteté, borné

Detective - détective, détective f, enqueteur, enqueteuse

A week had not gone by when I received a letter from the secretary of the East Anglian Railway Company, requesting the favour of my attendance at a special board meeting not then many days distant.

gone by - passé

received - reçu, recevoir

secretary - secrétaire, messager serpentaire

requesting - demandant, demander, prier, requete, demande

favour - favorable, faveur, complaisance, favoriser

attendance - l'assiduité, présence

No reasons were alleged and no apologies offered for this demand upon my time, but they had heard, it was clear, of my inquiries anent the missing director, and had a mind to put me through some sort of official examination upon the subject. Being still a guest at Dumbleton Hall, I had to go up to London for the purpose, and Jonathan Jelf accompanied me.

alleged - allégué, prétendre, alléguer

apologies - des excuses, excuse, apologie

offered - proposé, offrir, proposer

demand - demande, exigence, exiger

inquiries - des demandes de renseignements, enquete

examination - l'examen, examen

guest - invité, invitée, hôte, rench: invité(e) g

purpose - objectif, dgssein, dessein, finalité, but

accompanied - accompagné, accompagner

I found the direction of the Great East Anglian line represented by a party of some twelve or fourteen gentlemen seated in solemn conclave round a huge green baize table, in a gloomy board-room adjoining the London terminus.

represented - représentée, représenter

seated - assis, place, siege, assise, séant, fond

solemn - solennel

conclave - conclave

huge - énorme

baize - baize, drap de billard, serge

gloomy - morose, lugubre, sombre, terne, maussade

adjoining - adjacente, adjoindre, toucher

terminus - terminus

Being courteously received by the chairman (who at once began by saying that certain statements of mine respecting Mr. John Dwerrihouse had come to the knowledge of the direction, and that they in consequence desired to confer with me on those points), we were placed at the table, and the inquiry proceeded in due form.

chairman - secrétaire général (for a political party), président

respecting - respecter, respect

knowledge - connaissance, science, connaissances, savoir

consequence - conséquence

confer - se concerter, conférer, accorder, décerner

in due form - en bonne et due forme

I was first asked if I knew Mr. John Dwerrihouse, how long I had been acquainted with him, and whether I could identify him at sight. I was then asked when I had seen him last. To which I replied "On the 4th of this present month, December, 1856.

identify - identifier, s'identifier a

at sight - a vue

" Then came the inquiry of where I had seen him on the fourth day of December; to which I replied that I met him in a first-class compartment of the 4:15 down express, that he got in just as the train was leaving the London terminus, and that he alighted at Blackwater station.

first-class - (first-class) premiere classe

alighted - descendus, descendre (de)

The chairman then inquired whether I had held any communication with my fellow-traveller, whereupon I related, as nearly as I could remember it, the whole bulk and substance of Mr. John Dwerrihouse's diffuse information respecting the new branch line.

inquired - a demandé, enqueter, renseigner

communication - la communication, communication, message

related - en rapport, raconter, relater

bulk - en vrac, grosseur, gros, ensemble, vrac

substance - substance, fond, biens

diffuse - diffuse, répandre, répandez, répandent, répandons, répands

To all this the board listened with profound attention, while the chairman presided and the secretary took notes. I then produced the cigar-case. It was passed from hand to hand, and recognized by all. There was not a man present who did not remember that plain cigar-case with its silver monogram, or to whom it seemed anything less than entirely corroborative of my evidence.

profound - profond

presided - présidé, présider

produced - produit, produire, produits-p

passed - passé, passer (devant), dépasser

plain - simple, unie, net, plaine

corroborative - corroborant

evidence - des preuves, preuve, prouver, démontrer

When at length I had told all that I had to tell, the chairman whispered something to the secretary; the secretary touched a silver hand-bell, and the guard, Benjamin Somers, was ushered into the room. He was then examined as carefully as myself. He declared that he knew Mr.

bell - cloche, sonnette

ushered - huissier, ouvreur, escorte, garçon d'honneur, escorter

carefully - attentivement, soigneusement

declared - déclarée, expliquer, déclarer

John Dwerrihouse perfectly well, that he could not be mistaken in him, that he remembered going down with the 4:15 on the afternoon in question, that he remembered me, and that, there being one or two empty first-class compartments on that special afternoon, he had, in compliance with my request, placed me in a carriage by myself.

be mistaken - se tromper

compartments - compartiments, compartiment, terrasse

compliance - la conformité, conformité, acquiescement, conformisme

request - demander, prier, requete, demande

He was positive that I remained alone in that compartment all the way from London to Clayborough. He was ready to take his oath that Mr. Dwerrihouse was neither in that carriage with me, nor in any compartment of that train.

remained - est restée, reste, rester, demeurer

He remembered distinctly to have examined my ticket at Blackwater; was certain that there was no one else at that time in the carriage; could not have failed to observe a second person, if there had been one; had that second person been Mr. John Dwerrihouse should have quietly double-locked the door of the carriage and have at once given information to the Blackwater station-master.

observe - observer, remarquer, respecter, garder

quietly - paisablement, tranquillement, quietement

double - double, sosie, doublon, doubler

So clear, so decisive, so ready was Somers with this testimony, that the board looked fairly puzzled.

decisive - décisif

testimony - témoignage

fairly - équitable, justement, assez

puzzled - perplexe, mystere, énigme, puzzle, casse-tete, jeu de patience

"You hear this person's statement, Mr. Langford," said the chairman. "It contradicts yours in every particular. What have you to say in reply?"

contradicts - contredit, contredire

particular - particulier

"I can only repeat what I said before. I am quite as positive of the truth of my own assertions as Mr. Somers can be of the truth of his."

truth - la vérité, vérité

assertions - affirmations, assertion, qualifier

"You say that Mr. Dwerrihouse alighted at Blackwater, and that he was in possession of a private key. Are you sure that he had not alighted by means of that key before the guard came round for the tickets?"

"I am quite positive that he did not leave the carriage till the train had fairly entered the station, and the other Blackwater passengers alighted. I even saw that he was met there by a friend."

"Indeed! Did you see that person distinctly?"

"Quite distinctly."

"Can you describe his appearance?"

appearance - l'apparence, apparition, apparence, comparution

"I think so. He was short and very slight, sandy-haired, with a bushy moustache and beard, and he wore a loosely fitting suit of grey tweed. His age I should take to be about thirty-eight or forty."

Slight - insignifiant, léger

moustache - moustache, bacchante

beard - barbe

loosely - en toute liberté, sans serrer

fitting - l'appareillage, approprié, conforme, convenable, coupleur

"Did Mr. Dwerrihouse leave the station in this person's company?"

"I cannot tell. I saw them walking together down the platform, and then I saw them standing aside under a gas-jet, talking earnestly. After that I lost sight of them quite suddenly, and just then my train went on, and I with it."

earnestly - sincerement, sérieusement

suddenly - soudain, soudainement, tout d'un coup

The chairman and secretary conferred together in an undertone. the directors whispered to one another. One or two looked suspiciously at the guard. I could see that my evidence remained unshaken, and that, like myself, they suspected some complicity between the guard and the defaulter.

conferred - conféré, conférer, accorder, décerner

undertone - sous-entendu, nuance

the directors - les directeurs

unshaken - inébranlable

suspected - soupçonné, suspecter, soupçonner

complicity - complicité

defaulter - défaillant

"How far did you conduct that 4:15 express on the day in question, Somers?" asked the chairman.

conduct - comportement, conduite, se comporter, conduire, mener

"All through, sir," replied the guard, "from London to Crampton."

"How was it that you were not relieved at Clayborough? I thought there was always a change of guards at Clayborough."

relieved - soulagé, soulager, relayer, faire ses besoins, se soulager

guards - gardiens, garde, protection, gardien, arriere

"There used to be, sir, till the new regulations came in force last midsummer, since when the guards in charge of express trains go the whole way through."

regulations - des reglements, reglement, réglementation

force - force, forcez, contrainte, forçons, contraindre, forcent

charge - frais, charge, chef d’accusation, chef d’inculpation, meuble

The chairman turned to the secretary.

"I think it would be as well," he said, "if we had the day-book to refer to upon this point."

refer - référent, référons, référer, référez

Again the secretary touched the silver hand-bell, and desired the porter in attendance to summon Mr. Raikes. From a word or two dropped by another of the directors I gathered that Mr. Raikes was one of the under-secretaries.

summon - convoquer, appeler, convoquez, convoquons

gathered - rassemblés, rassembler, ramasser, recueillir

secretaries - des secrétaires, secrétaire

He came, a small, slight, sandy-haired, keen-eyed man, with an eager, nervous manner, and a forest of light beard and moustache. He just showed himself at the door of the board-room, and, being requested to bring a certain day-book from a certain shelf in a certain room, bowed and vanished.

nervous - nerveux

manner - maniere, maniere, façon, mode

forest - foret, foret, brousse, sylve, bois, (fore) foret

requested - demandée, demander, prier, requete, demande

shelf - étagere, rayon, étagere, tablard, rayonnage

vanished - disparue, disparaître, s'évanouir, s'annuler

He was there such a moment, and the surprise of seeing him was so great and sudden, that it was not till the door had closed upon him that I found voice to speak. He was no sooner gone, however, than I sprang to my feet.

sudden - soudain, soudaine, subit

not till - pas avant

"That person," I said, "is the same who met Mr. Dwerrihouse upon the platform at Blackwater!"

There was a general movement of surprise. The chairman looked grave and somewhat agitated.

movement - mouvement

grave - tombe

"Take care, Mr. Langford," he said; "take care what you say."

care - soins, s'occuper, soin, souci

"I am as positive of his identity as of my own."

"Do you consider the consequences of your words? Do you consider that you are bringing a charge of the gravest character against one of the company's servants?"

Consider - envisager, considérer, examiner, réfléchir, songer

consequences - conséquences, conséquence

bringing a - Apporter un / une

gravest - le plus grave, tombe

character - caractere, personnage, caractere

servants - serviteurs, serviteur, domestique, servante, fr

"I am willing to be put upon my oath, if necessary. The man who came to that door a minute since is the same whom I saw talking with Mr. Dwerrihouse on the Blackwater platform. Were he twenty times the company's servant, I could say neither more nor less."

necessary - nécessaire

servant - serviteur, domestique, servante, checkserviteur

The chairman turned again to the guard.

"Did you see Mr. Raikes in the train or on the platform?" he asked.

Somers shook his head.

"I am confident Mr. Raikes was not in the train," he said, "and I certainly did not see him on the platform."

confident - assuré, confiant

The chairman turned next to the secretary.

"Mr. Raikes is in your office, Mr. Hunter," he said. "Can you remember if he was absent on the 4th instant?"

Hunter - hunter, chasseur, chien de chasse, cheval de chasse, chercheur

absent - absente, absent

"I do not think he was," replied the secretary, "but I am not prepared to speak positively. I have been away most afternoons myself lately, and Mr. Raikes might easily have absented himself if he had been disposed."

have been away - etre absent

lately - dernierement

easily - facilement

absented - absents, absent

disposed - disposé, débarrasser

At this moment the under-secretary returned with the day-book under his arm.

"Be pleased to refer, Mr. Raikes," said the chairman, "to the entries of the 4th instant, and see what Benjamin Somers's duties were on that day."

entries - entrées, entrée, acces

duties - fonctions, devoir, obligation, service, travail, taxe

Mr. Raikes threw open the cumbrous volume, and ran a practised eye and finger down some three or four successive columns of entries. Stopping suddenly at the foot of a page, he then read aloud that Benjamin Somers had on that day conducted the 4:15 express from London to Crampton.

threw - jeté, jeter, lancer

cumbrous - cumbrous

volume - volume, tome

finger - doigt, pointer, tripoter, doigter

successive - successifs

columns - colonnes, colonne, colonne (1, 2, 3)

read aloud - Lire a haute voix

conducted - conduite, comportement, se comporter, conduire, mener

The chairman leaned forward in his seat, looked the under-secretary full in the face, and said, quite sharply and suddenly:

leaned - penché, pencher

"And where were you, Mr. Raikes, on the same afternoon?"

"I, sir?"

"You, Mr. Raikes. Where were you on the afternoon and evening of the 4th of the present month?"

"Here, sir, in Mr. Hunter's office. Where else should I be?"

There was a dash of trepidation in the under-secretary's voice as he said this, but his look of surprise was natural enough.

Dash - dash, tiret, trait, ta, sprint, soupçon, se précipiter

trepidation - inquiétude, crainte, appréhension, trépidation

"We have some reason for believing, Mr. Raikes, that you were absent that afternoon without leave. Was this the case?"

"Certainly not, sir. I have not had a day's holiday since September. Mr. Hunter will bear me out in this."

Mr. Hunter repeated what he had previously said on the subject, but added that the clerks in the adjoining office would be certain to know. Whereupon the senior clerk, a grave, middle-aged person in green glasses, was summoned and interrogated.

previously - autrefois, auparavant, antérieurement, précédemment

clerks - commis, greffier

senior clerk - Commis principal

Middle - au milieu, milieu, moyen, central

summoned - convoqué, convoquer

interrogated - interrogé, interroger

His testimony cleared the under-secretary at once. He declared that Mr. Raikes had in no instance, to his knowledge, been absent during office hours since his return from his annual holiday in September.

cleared - autorisé, clair, transparent, libre, dégagé

been absent - a été absent

office hours - Heures de bureau

annual - annuelle, annuel

I was confounded. The chairman turned to me with a smile, in which a shade of covert annoyance was scarcely apparent.

smile - sourire

shade - ombre, store, nuance, ton, esprit, ombrager, faire de l'ombre

covert - secrete, secret, clandestin

annoyance - l'agacement, ennui, nuisance, irritation, checkagacement

apparent - apparente, apparent, visible, manifeste, criant, évident

"You hear, Mr. Langford?" he said.

"I hear, sir; but my conviction remains unshaken."

remains - reste, rester, demeurer

"I fear, Mr. Langford, that your convictions are very insufficiently based," replied the chairman, with a doubtful cough. "I fear that you 'dream dreams,'and mistake them for actual occurrences. It is a dangerous habit of mind, and might lead to dangerous results. Mr. Raikes here would have found himself in an unpleasant position had he not proved so satisfactory an alibi."

insufficiently - insuffisamment

based - sur la base, base

doubtful - douteux, douteuse

cough - tousser, toux

actual - réel, effectif, checkeffectif, checkprésent

occurrences - des événements, occurrence

habit - habitude, configuration

lead - du plomb

unpleasant - déplaisant, pénible, désagréable

satisfactory - satisfaisante, satisfaisant

alibi - alibi

I was about to reply, but he gave me no time.

"I think, gentlemen," he went on to say, addressing the board, "that we should be wasting time to push this inquiry further. Mr. Langford's evidence would seem to be of an equal value throughout. The testimony of Benjamin Somers disproves his first statement, and the testimony of the last witness disproves the second. I think we may conclude that Mr.

wasting - le gaspillage, (wast) le gaspillage

push - pousser, poussons, poussez, poussent, buter, acculer

further - encourager, ultérieur, plus loin, de plus, (furth)

Seem - sembler, paraître, avoir l'air

Equal - l'égalité, égal, égaler a, égale

value - valeur, évaluer, valoriser

disproves - réfute, réfuter, infirmer

witness - témoin

conclude - conclure

Langford fell asleep in the train on the occasion of his journey to Clayborough, and dreamed an unusually vivid and circumstantial dream, of which, however, we have now heard quite enough."

unusually - de façon inhabituelle

There are few things more annoying than to find one's positive convictions met with incredulity. I could not help feeling impatient at the turn that affairs had taken. I was not proof against the civil sarcasm of the chairman's manner.

annoying - ennuyeux, gener, ennuyer, embeter, agacer, asticoter

incredulity - l'incrédulité, incrédulité

impatient - impatient

affairs - affaires, aventure, liaison

civil - civile, civil

sarcasm - sarcasme

most intolerable of all, however, was the quiet smile lurking about the corners of Benjamin Somers's mouth, and the half-triumphant, half-malicious gleam in the eyes of the under-secretary. The man was evidently puzzled and somewhat alarmed. His looks seemed furtively to interrogate me. Who was I? What did I want? Why had I come there to do him an ill turn with his employers?

most intolerable - le plus intolérable

lurking - se cacher, (lurk), s'embusquer, se dissimuler

corners - coins, coin, rencogner, piéger, acculer

triumphant - triomphant, triomphal

malicious - malveillante

gleam - briller, luisent, luisez, brillant, luisons

alarmed - alarmé, alarme, réveille-matin, réveil, alarmer, fr

furtively - furtivement

interrogate - interroger

ill - malade, écouré, écourée

employers - les employeurs, employeur, employeuse

What was it to me whether or no he was absent without leave?

Seeing all this, and perhaps irritated by it more than the thing deserved, I begged leave to detain the attention of the board for a moment longer. Jelf plucked me impatiently by the sleeve.

irritated by - irrité par

deserved - mérité, mériter

begged - supplié, mendier

detain - détenir, arreter

plucked - plumé, tirer, pincer, plumer, voler, abats-p, persévérance

sleeve - manche, chemise (inner), gaine (outer), manchon

"Better let the thing drop," he whispered. "The chairman's right enough; you dreamed it, and the less said now the better."

drop - chute, goutte, tomber

I was not to be silenced, however, in this fashion. I had yet something to say, and I would say it.

silenced - réduit au silence, silence

fashion - la mode, mode, vogue, façon, façonner

It was to this effect: that dreams were not usually productive of tangible results, and that I requested to know in what way the chairman conceived I had evolved from my dream so substantial and well-made a delusion as the cigar-case which I had had the honour to place before him at the commencement of our interview.

effect - effet, effets, effectuer

productive - productif

tangible - tangible, palpable

conceived - conçu, concevoir, tomber enceinte

evolved - évolué, évoluer, progresser, élaborer

substantial - substantielle, substantiel

delusion - illusion, délire

commencement - l'inauguration, commencement, début

"The cigar-case, I admit, Mr. Langford," the chairman replied, "is a very strong point in your evidence. It is your only strong point, however, and there is just a possibility that we may all be misled by a mere accidental resemblance. Will you permit me to see the case again?"

possibility - possibilité

misled - induit en erreur, égarer, mésinformer

accidental - accidentelle, accidentel, altération

permit - permis, permettre, permets, permettons, permettez

"It is unlikely," I said, as I handed it to him, "that any other should bear precisely this monogram, and yet be in all other particulars exactly similar."

unlikely - peu probable, improbable, improbablement

particulars - détails, particulier

exactly - exactement

The chairman examined it for a moment in silence, and then passed it to Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter turned it over and over, and shook his head.

"This is no mere resemblance," he said. "It is John Dwerrihouse's cigar-case to a certainty. I remember it perfectly; I have seen it a hundred times."

certainty - certitude

"I believe I may say the same," added the chairman; "yet how account for the way in which Mr. Langford asserts that it came into his possession?"

asserts - affirme, affirmer, attester, asseoir

"I can only repeat," I replied, "that I found it on the floor of the carriage after Mr. Dwerrihouse had alighted. It was in leaning out to look after him, that I trod upon it, and it was in running after him for the purpose of restoring it that I saw, or believed I saw, Mr. Raikes standing aside with him in earnest conversation."

leaning out - se pencher

look after - s'occuper

restoring - la restauration, restaurer, rétablir, rendre

Again I felt Jonathan Jelf plucking at my sleeve.

plucking - plumer, tirer, pincer, voler, abats-p, persévérance

"Look at Raikes," he whispered; "look at Raikes!"

I turned to where the under-secretary had been standing a moment before, and saw him, white as death, with lips trembling and livid, stealing toward the door.

Death - mort, déces, camarde, la mort, l'arcane sans nom

lips - levres, levre

livid - livide, furieux

stealing - le vol, (steal), voler, vol

toward - vers, envers, pour, pres de

To conceive a sudden, strange, and indefinite suspicion, to fling myself in his way, to take him by the shoulders as if he were a child, and turn his craven face, perforce, toward the board, were with me the work of an instant.

conceive - concevoir, tomber enceinte

suspicion - suspicion, soupçon

fling - flirt, brandir

Craven - craven, lâche, couard

perforce - perforce, forcément, nécessairement

"Look at him!" I exclaimed. "Look at his face! I ask no better witness to the truth of my words."

witness - témoignage, témoin, preuve, témoigner

The chairman's brow darkened.

brow - sourcils, andouiller d'oil, maître andouiller

darkened - assombri, obscurcir, assombrir, foncer

"Mr. Raikes," he said, sternly, "if you know anything you had better speak."

sternly - séverement

Vainly trying to wrench himself from my grasp, the under-secretary stammered out an incoherent denial.

vainly - vainement

wrench - clé a molette, déménager, clef, clé

incoherent - incohérent

denial - négation, dénégation, refus, déni, rejet

"Let me go," he said. "I know nothing-you have no right to detain me-let me go!"

"Did you, or did you not, meet Mr. John Dwerrihouse at Blackwater station? The charge brought against you is either true or false. If true, you will do well to throw yourself upon the mercy of the board and make full confession of all that you know."

throw - lancer, jetent, jetez, jetons, mise bas

confession - confession

The under-secretary wrung his hands in an agony of helpless terror.

wrung - tordus, essorer

agony - l'agonie, agonie, angoisse

helpless - sans défense, désemparé

terror - la terreur, terreur, effroi, terrorisme

"I was away!" he cried. "I was two hundred miles away at the time! I know nothing about it-I have nothing to confess-I am innocent-I call God to witness I am innocent!"

confess - avouer, confesser

God - dieu, idolâtrer, déifier

"Two hundred miles away!" echoed the chairman. "What do you mean?"

"I was in Devonshire. I had three weeks'leave of absence-I appeal to Mr. Hunter-Mr. Hunter knows I had three weeks'leave of absence! I was in Devonshire all the time; I can prove I was in Devonshire!"

absence - absence, manque, absence du fer

appeal - appel, manifeste, vocation, pourvoi

Prove - prouver, éprouvent, éprouvons, éprouvez, prouvent

Seeing him so abject, so incoherent, so wild with apprehension, the directors began to whisper gravely among themselves, while one got quietly up and called the porter to guard the door.

abject - abject, dédaigneux

gravely - gravement

among themselves - entre eux

"What has your being in Devonshire to do with the matter?" said the chairman. "When were you in Devonshire?"

"Mr. Raikes took his leave in September," said the secretary, "about the time when Mr. Dwerrihouse disappeared."

"I never even heard that he had disappeared till I came back!"

"That must remain to be proved," said the chairman. "I shall at once put this matter in the hands of the police. In the meanwhile, Mr. Raikes, being myself a magistrate and used to deal with these cases, I advise you to offer no resistance, but to confess while confession may yet do you service. As for your accomplice--"

remain - reste, rester, demeurer

Meanwhile - pendant ce temps

magistrate - magistrat

deal - accord, dispenser, distribuer

cases - cas

advise - conseiller, renseigner

resistance - résistance

accomplice - complice, comparse, compere

The frightened wretch fell upon his knees.

frightened - effrayé, effrayer, redouter, terrifier

wretch - malheureux, malheureux/-euse

"I had no accomplice!" he cried. "Only have mercy upon me-only spare my life, and I will confess all! I didn't mean to harm him! I didn't mean to hurt a hair of his head! Only have mercy on me, and let me go!"

harm - le mal, mal, tort, dommage, nuire a, faire du mal a

hurt - faire mal, blesser, blessé

The chairman rose in his place, pale and agitated. "Good heavens!" he exclaimed, "what horrible mystery is this? What does it mean?"

rose - Rose, (rise)

Good heavens - Grands dieux

horrible - horrible, affreux, épouvantable

mystery - mystere, mystere

"As sure as there is a God in heaven," said Jonathan Jelf, "it means that murder has been done."

murder - meurtre, homicide, assassinat, occire

"No! no! no!" shrieked Raikes, still upon his knees, and cowering like a beaten hound. "Not murder! No jury that ever sat could bring it in murder. I thought I had only stunned him-I never meant to do more than stun him. Manslaughter-manslaughter-not murder!"

shrieked - a crié, hurlement, crier

cowering - se recroqueviller

beaten - battu, battre

hound - chien de chasse, chien (de chasse)

jury - jury

stunned - stupéfait, étourdir, étonner, époustoufler

Manslaughter - homicide involontaire, homicide involontaire coupable

Overcome by the horror of this unexpected revelation, the chairman covered his face with his hand and for a moment or two remained silent.

horror - l'horreur, horreur, effroi, dégout, aversion

unexpected - inattendu

revelation - révélation

covered - couverts, couvercle, couverture, couvert

"Miserable man," he said at length, "you have betrayed yourself."

miserable - misérable

betrayed - trahi, trahir, livrer

"You bade me confess! You urged me to throw myself upon the mercy of the board!"

bade - Bade

urged - pressé, pulsion, pousser, inciter, provoquer, insister

"You have confessed to a crime which no one suspected you of having committed," replied the chairman, "and which this board has no power either to punish or forgive. All that I can do for you is to advise you to submit to the law, to plead guilty, and to conceal nothing. When did you do this deed?"

crime - délit (max 10 years imprisonment according to law) crime (15 years and more) (nothing strictly between 10 and 15)

committed - engagé, confier, commettre, remettre, consigner

power - pouvoir, puissance, électricité, courant, alimenter

punish - punir, châtier

forgive - pardonner

submit - se soumettre

law - loi

plead - plaider

conceal - dissimuler, cacher

The guilty man rose to his feet, and leaned heavily against the table. His answer came reluctantly, like the speech of one dreaming.

heavily - lourdement

reluctantly - a contrecour

Speech - parole, discours

"On the 22nd of September."

"On the 22nd of September!" I looked in Jonathan Jelf's face, and he in mine. I felt my own paling with a strange sense of wonder and dread. I saw him blanch suddenly, even to the lips.

looked in - regardé

paling - paling, pieu, (pal) paling

sense - sens, acception, sentir

wonder - merveille, se demander, conjecturer

dread - peur, redouter, craindre, crainte

blanch - blanchir

"Merciful heaven!" he whispered. "What was it, then, that you saw in the train?"

merciful - miséricordieux

What was it that I saw in the train? That question remains unanswered to this day. I have never been able to reply to it. I only know that it bore the living likeness of the murdered man, whose body had then been lying some ten weeks under a rough pile of branches and brambles and rotting leaves, at the bottom of a deserted chalk-pit about half-way between Blackwater and Mallingford.

unanswered - sans réponse

bore - l'alésage, rencontrer, naquis, ennuyer, acabit, lasser

murdered - assassiné, meurtre, homicide, assassinat, occire

lying - gisant, sis, mentant, (lie) gisant

rough - rude, rugueux, brut, approximatif, difficile, brutal, ébaucher

pile - pile, tapée, pilotis, foule, amas

branches - branches, branche, t+rameau, affluent, filiale

rotting - la pourriture, pourrir

bottom - fond, bas, dessous, arriere-train, cul

deserted - désertée, abandonner

chalk - craie, magnésie

pit - fosse, écart, précipice, noyau

I know that it spoke and moved and looked as that man spoke and moved and looked in life; that I heard, or seemed to hear, things related which I could never otherwise have learned; that I was guided, as it were, by that vision on the platform to the identification of the murderer; and that, a passive instrument myself, I was destined, by means of these mysterious teachings, to bring about the ends of justice. For these things I have never been able to account.

otherwise - autrement

guided - guidé, guider

vision - vision, vue, aspiration, apparition

identification - l'identification, identification, piece d'identité

murderer - meurtrier, meurtriere, assassin, assassine

passive - passive, passif

instrument - instrument, acte

teachings - des enseignements, (d')enseignement

bring about - Apporter

justice - justice, équité, conseiller

As for that matter of the cigar-case, it proved, on inquiry, that the carriage in which I travelled down that afternoon to Clayborough had not been in use for several weeks, and was, in point of fact, the same in which poor John Dwerrihouse had performed his last journey. The case had doubtless been dropped by him, and had lain unnoticed till I found it.

in use - en cours d'utilisation

several - plusieurs

performed - réalisée, exécuter, performer, jouer ('actor')

doubtless - sans doute, sans aucun doute, sans nul doute, indubitablement

lain - lain, mensonge

unnoticed - inaperçue

Upon the details of the murder I have no need to dwell. Those who desire more ample particulars may find them, and the written confession of Augustus Raikes, in the files of the "Times" for 1856. Enough that the under-secretary, knowing the history of the new line, and following the negotiation step by step through all its stages, determined to waylay Mr.

dwell - s'attarder, résider, s'appesantir sur

desire - désirer, désir

ample - ample

Augustus - auguste

files - fichiers, file

negotiation - négociation

step - étape, marche

stages - étapes, étape, phase, scene, caleche, platine, mettre en scene

determined - déterminé, déterminer

waylay - waylay, comploter

Dwerrihouse, rob him of the seventy-five thousand pounds, and escape to America with his booty.

rob - rob, ravir, piller

escape - échapper, s'échapper, éviter, échapper (a quelqu'un), évasion

In order to effect these ends he obtained leave of absence a few days before the time appointed for the payment of the money, secured his passage across the Atlantic in a steamer advertised to start on the 23rd, provided himself with a heavily loaded "life-preserver," and went down to Blackwater to await the arrival of his victim.

obtained - obtenu, obtenir, se procurer, réussir, avoir succes, avoir

appointed - nommés, fixer, gloss

payment - paiement, payement

secured - sécurisé, sur, sécuriser

passage - passage, corridoir, couloir

Atlantic - atlantique

steamer - vapeur

advertised - annoncé, annoncer, afficher, publier

provided - fourni, fournir, procurer, pourvoir

loaded - chargé, charge, chargement

preserver - conservateur

await - attendre, s'attendre a, servir, guetter

victim - victime

How he met him on the platform with a pretended message from the board, how he offered to conduct him by a short cut across the fields to Mallingford, how, having brought him to a lonely place, he struck him down with the life-preserver, and so killed him, and how, finding what he had done, he dragged the body to the verge of an out-of-the-way chalk-pit, and there flung it in and piled it over with branches and brambles, are facts still fresh in the memories of those who, like the connoisseurs in De Quincey's famous essay, regard murder as a fine art. Strangely enough, the murderer, having done his work, was afraid to leave the country. He declared that he had not intended to take the director's life, but only to stun and rob him; and that, finding the blow had killed, he dared not fly for fear of drawing down suspicion upon his own head. As a mere robber he would have been safe in the States, but as a murderer he would inevitably have been pursued and given up to justice. So he forfeited his passage, returned to the office as usual at the end of his leave, and locked up his ill-gotten thousands till a more convenient opportunity. In the meanwhile he had the satisfaction of finding that Mr. Dwerrihouse was universally believed to have absconded with the money, no one knew how or whither.

pretended - prétendu, prétendre, prétendre a, feindre, faire semblant

fields - champs, champ, t+campo, terrain, corps

lonely - solitaire, seul, désert, abandonné

killed - tué, tuer

dragged - traîné, tirer, entraîner

verge - verge, bord

flung - jeté, lancer

piled - empilés, pile, tas

fresh - frais

memories - des souvenirs, mémoire, souvenir

connoisseurs - les connaisseurs, connaisseur, connaisseuse

essay - essai, manipulation, these, traité, gradin

regard - regard, considérer, égard, estime

intended - prévu, planifié, voulu, (intend), avoir l'intention

stun - l'étourdissement, étourdir, étonner, époustoufler

blow - souffler, soufflons, soufflent, soufflez, coup

robber - voleur, brigand, bandit

safe - sur, en sécurité, o longer in danger, sans danger, sur, sauf

States - les états, état, Etat, déclarer

inevitably - inévitablement

pursued - poursuivie, poursuivre, rechercher

forfeited - perdue, gage, perdre, abandonner, déclarer forfait

gotten - obtenu

more convenient - plus pratique

satisfaction - satisfaction

universally - universellement

whither - ou

Whether he meant murder or not, however, Mr. Augustus Raikes paid the full penalty of his crime, and was hanged at the Old Bailey in the second week of January, 1857. Those who desire to make his further acquaintance may see him any day (admirably done in wax) in the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussaud's exhibition, in Baker Street.

penalty - pénalité, penalisation, peine

hanged - pendu

acquaintance - une connaissance, relation

admirably - admirablement

wax - la cire, cirons, cirez, cire, cirer, cirent

chamber - chambre, piece, salle

horrors - des horreurs, horreur, effroi, dégout, aversion

Madame - madame

exhibition - exposition

Baker - baker, boulanger, boulangere

He is there to be found in the midst of a select society of ladies and gentlemen of atrocious memory, dressed in the close-cut tweed suit which he wore on the evening of the murder, and holding in his hand the identical life-preserver with which he committed it.

midst - centre, milieu

atrocious - atroce

memory - mémoire, souvenir

wore on - a porté

holding - en attente, possession, (hold) en attente

identical - identique, meme

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