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I took the house of Brentwood on my return from India in 18-, for the temporary accommodation of my family, until I could find a permanent home for them. It had many advantages which made it peculiarly appropriate.

India - Imola, India

temporary - temporaneo

accommodation - alloggio, sistemazione

permanent - permanente, fisso, messa in piega

peculiarly - in modo particolare

appropriate - apposito, appropriato

It was within reach of Edinburgh; and my boy Roland, whose education had been considerably neglected, could ride in and out to school; which was thought to be better for him than either leaving home altogether or staying there always with a tutor. The lad was doubly precious to us, being the only one left to us of many; and he was fragile in body, we believed, and deeply sensitive in mind.

within - dentro, all'interno

Edinburgh - Edimburgo, Edinburgo

Considerably - considerevolmente, notevolmente

neglected - mancare, negligere, omettere, ignorare, tralasciare, negligenza

altogether - del tutto, nel complesso

lad - ragazzo, ragazzino

doubly - doppiamente

precious - prezioso, adorato, unico

fragile - fragile

deeply - in profondita, estremamente, profondamente, intensamente

sensitive - ricettivo, sensibile, delicato

The two girls also found at Brentwood everything they wanted. They were near enough to Edinburgh to have masters and lessons as many as they required for completing that never-ending education which the young people seem to require nowadays.

masters - padrone

required - esigere, prevedere, richiedere, necessitare, domandare

nowadays - oggidi, oggigiorno

Brentwood stands on that fine and wealthy slope of country-one of the richest in Scotland-which lies between the Pentland Hills and the Firth. In clear weather you could see the blue gleam of the great estuary on one side of you; and on the other the blue heights.

wealthy - benestante, abbiente, agiato, facoltoso

slope - pendio, pendenza, inclinazione, muso giallo, digradare, loor

Scotland - Scozia

gleam - brillare

estuary - estuario

Edinburgh-with its two lesser heights, the Castle and the Calton Hill, its spires and towers piercing through the smoke, and Arthur's Seat lying crouched behind, like a guardian no longer very needful, taking his repose beside the well-beloved charge, which is now, so to speak, able to take care of itself without him-lay at our right hand.

spires - guglia

piercing - foro, piercing, pungente, penetrante

crouched - accucciarsi

guardian - guardiano, custode, tutore, tutrice

needful - necessario

repose - riposo

beside - accanto, vicino

beloved - amato, carissimo, squisito

charge - costo, prezzo, carico, accusa, imputazione, carica, incarico

lay - posare

The village of Brentwood, with its prosaic houses, lay in a hollow almost under our house. Village architecture does not flourish in Scotland.

prosaic - prosastico, prosaico, terra terra

hollow - vuoto, cavo

flourish - fiorire, crescere, svilupparsi, prosperare, sventolio

Still a cluster of houses on different elevations, with scraps of garden coming in between, a hedgerow with clothes laid out to dry, the opening of a street with its rural sociability, the women at their doors, the slow wagon lumbering along, gives a centre to the landscape.

cluster - gruppo, grappolo

elevations - elevazione

scraps - pezzetto

hedgerow - siepe

laid - posare

rural - rurale

sociability - socievolezza

wagon - carro

lumbering - legnoso, (lumber), legname, arrancare

landscape - paesaggio, panorama, orizzontale, scenario

In the park which surrounded the house were the ruins of the former mansion of Brentwood,-a much smaller and less important house than the solid Georgian edifice which we inhabited. The ruins were picturesque, however, and gave importance to the place. Even we, who were but temporary tenants, felt a vague pride in them, as if they somehow reflected a certain consequence upon ourselves.

surrounded - circondare, accerchiare, assediare

ruins - rovina, rovinare

former - precedente, passato

mansion - reggia, dimora, palazzo, villa

solid - solido, massiccio, compatto, continuo, unito, tinta unita

Georgian - Georgiano

edifice - edificio

inhabited - abitare

picturesque - pittoresco

importance - importanza

tenants - affittuario, inquilino

vague - vago

pride - superbia, orgoglio, essere orgoglioso

somehow - in qualche modo

reflected - riflettere, essere riflesso, seguire, evidenziare, riportare

consequence - conseguenza

upon - su, a

The old building had the remains of a tower,-an indistinguishable mass of masonwork, overgrown with ivy; and the shells of the walls attached to this were half filled up with soil. At a little distance were some very commonplace and disjointed fragments of buildings, one of them suggesting a certain pathos by its very commonness and the complete wreck which it showed.

old building - vecchio edificio

remains - stare, restare, rimanere

indistinguishable - indistinguibile

mass - massa

masonwork - muratura

overgrown - crescere eccessivamente

ivy - edera

shells - conchiglia, guscio, carapace, esoscheletro, mallo, baccello

attached - legare

filled up - riempito

soil - suolo, terreno, terra

commonplace - ordinario, banale, luogo comune, fatto normale

disjointed - disgiunto

fragments - frammento, frammentare

buildings - edificio

pathos - the quality or property of anything which touches the feelings or excites emotions

commonness - comune

wreck - relitto, rottame, carcassa, carretta

This was the end of a low gable, a bit of grey wall, all incrusted with lichens, in which was a common door-way. Probably it had been a servants'entrance, a backdoor, or opening into what are called "the offices" in Scotland.

gable - timpano

incrusted - incrostazioni

lichens - lichene

servants - servo, servitore, domestico, famiglio

entrance - entrata

No offices remained to be entered,-pantry and kitchen had all been swept out of being; but there stood the door-way open and vacant, free to all the winds, to the rabbits, and every wild creature. It struck my eye, the first time I went to Brentwood, like a melancholy comment upon a life that was over.

remained - stare, restare, rimanere

pantry - dispensa

swept - spazzare, scopare, ramazzare, setacciare, spazzata

vacant - vacante

winds - vento

rabbits - coniglio

creature - creatura

struck - cancellare, colpire, coniare, scioperare, sembrare, arrendersi, sciopero

melancholy - malinconia

A door that led to nothing,-closed once, perhaps, with anxious care, bolted and guarded, now void of any meaning. It impressed me, I remember, from the first; so perhaps it may be said that my mind was prepared to attach to it an importance which nothing justified.

led - LED

anxious - ansioso, preoccupante, bramoso, impaziente

bolted - catenaccio

guarded - guardia, piantone, custode, elsa

void - nullo

impressed - impressionare, imprimere, confiscare, requisire

attach - legare

justified - giustificare

The summer was a very happy period of repose for us all; and it was when the family had settled down for the winter, when the days were short and dark, and the rigorous reign of frost upon us, that the incidents occurred which alone could justify me in intruding upon the world my private affairs.

settled - sistemarsi, mettersi

rigorous - rigoroso

reign - regno, regnare

frost - brina, gelata, gelo, checkgalaverna, checkgelo, brinare

Incidents - imprevisto, inconveniente, incidente

occurred - verificarsi, sovvenire, venire in mente

justify - giustificare

intruding - irrompere

my private affairs - i miei affari privati

I was absent in London when these events began. In London an old Indian plunges back into the interests with which all his previous life has been associated, and meets old friends at every step. I had been circulating among some half-dozen of these and had missed some of my home letters. It is never safe to miss one's letters.

absent - assente

Indian - indiano

plunges - tuffarsi

previous - previo

associated - associare

circulating - circolare

dozen - dozzina, centinaio

In this transitory life, as the Prayer-book says, how can one ever be certain what is going to happen? All was well at home. I knew exactly (I thought) what they would have to say to me: "The weather has been so fine, that Roland has not once gone by train, and he enjoys the ride beyond anything.

transitory - transitorio

prayer - preghiera

beyond - oltre, (al) di la di, dall'altra parte di, piu di, dopo

" "Dear papa, be sure that you don't forget anything, but bring us so-and-so, and so-and-so,"-a list as long as my arm. Dear girls and dearer mother! I would not for the world have forgotten their commissions, or lost their little letters!

papa - Padova

commissions - missione, incarico, mandato, commissione, incaricare

When I got back to my club, however, three or four letters were lying for me, upon some of which I noticed the "immediate," "urgent," which old-fashioned people and anxious people still believe will influence the post-office and quicken the speed of the mails. I was about to open one of these, when the club porter brought me two telegrams, one of which, he said, had arrived the night before.

immediate - immediato, prossimo, stretto, diretto

urgent - urgente

old-fashioned - (old-fashioned) vecchio stile

influence - influenza, ascendente, influenzare, influire

quicken - accelerare

porter - facchino

Telegrams - telegramma

I opened, as was to be expected, the last first, and this was what I read: "Why don't you come or answer? For God's sake, come. He is much worse." This was a thunderbolt to fall upon a man's head who had one only son, and he the light of his eyes!

For God's sake - Per l'amor di Dio

thunderbolt - fulmine, folgore, saetta, lampo

The other telegram, which I opened with hands trembling so much that I lost time by my haste, was to much the same purpose: "No better; doctor afraid of brain-fever. Calls for you day and night. Let nothing detain you.

telegram - telegramma

trembling - tremare, (tremble), tremolare, tremore

haste - fretta

fever - febbre

detain - detenere, trattenere

" The first thing I did was to look up the time-tables to see if there was any way of getting off sooner than by the night-train, though I knew well enough there was not; and then I read the letters, which furnished, alas! too clearly, all the details. They told me that the boy had been pale for some time, with a scared look.

though - comunque, nonostante, in ogni caso, ad ogni modo, anche se

furnished - fornire

Alas - ahime!, ohime!

pale - pallido

His mother had noticed it before I left home, but would not say anything to alarm me. This look had increased day by day; and soon it was observed that Roland came home at a wild gallop through the park, his pony panting and in foam, himself "as white as a sheet," but with the perspiration streaming from his forehead.

alarm - allarme

observed - osservare

gallop - galoppo, galoppare

panting - ansimare

foam - schiuma, gomma piuma

perspiration - sudore

streaming - treaming, (stream), corrente, ruscello, rivo, flusso

forehead - fronte

For a long time he had resisted all questioning, but at length had developed such strange changes of mood, showing a reluctance to go to school, a desire to be fetched in the carriage at night,-which was a ridiculous piece of luxury,-an unwillingness to go out into the grounds, and nervous start at every sound, that his mother had insisted upon an explanation.

resisted - resistere

Length - lunghezza

mood - umore

reluctance - riluttanza

desire - desiderare, volere, desiderio, voglia

fetched - andare a prendere, portare

carriage - carrozza, portamento, postura, carrello

ridiculous - ridicolo

luxury - lusso

unwillingness - riluttanza

insisted - insistere

When the boy-our boy Roland, who had never known what fear was-began to talk to her of voices he had heard in the park, and shadows that had appeared to him among the ruins, my wife promptly put him to bed and sent for Dr. Simson, which, of course, was the only thing to do.

shadows - ombra, pedinare

promptly - prontamente

I hurried off that evening, as may be supposed, with an anxious heart. How I got through the hours before the starting of the train, I cannot tell. We must all be thankful for the quickness of the railway when in anxiety; but to have thrown myself into a post-chaise as soon as horses could be put to, would have been a relief.

hurried - fretta, premura, furia, affrettarsi, precipitarsi

thankful - riconoscente, grato

quickness - rapidita

anxiety - ansia, ansieta, bramosia

relief - sollievo

I got to Edinburgh very early in the blackness of the winter morning, and scarcely dared look the man in the face, at whom I gasped, "What news?" My wife had sent the brougham for me, which I concluded, before the man spoke, was a bad sign. His answer was that stereotyped answer which leaves the imagination so wildly free,-"Just the same." Just the same! What might that mean?

blackness - nerezza

scarcely - a malapena

dared - osare

whom - chi, cui

gasped - restare senza fiato, restare a bocca aperta

concluded - finire, concludere

stereotyped - stereotipo, stereotipare

imagination - immaginazione

wildly - selvaggiamente

The horses seemed to me to creep along the long dark country road. As we dashed through the park, I thought I heard some one moaning among the trees, and clenched my fist at him (whoever he might be) with fury. Why had the fool of a woman at the gate allowed any one to come in to disturb the quiet of the place?

creep - abbarbicarsi, insinuarsi, strisciare, scorrimento, spostamento

country road - strada di campagna

dashed - lineetta, linea, scatto, spruzzo, pizzico, goccio, saltare

moaning - gemito, lamentarsi, gemere

clenched - stringere

fist - pugno

Whoever - chiunque

fury - furia, furore

fool - stolto, buffone, giullare, pagliaccio, buffone di corte, matto

disturb - disturbare

If I had not been in such hot haste to get home, I think I should have stopped the carriage and got out to see what tramp it was that had made an entrance, and chosen my grounds, of all places in the world,-when my boy was ill!-to grumble and groan in. But I had no reason to complain of our slow pace here.

tramp - vagabondo, barbone, puttana, sgualdrina

grumble - protestare, borbottare, checkbrontolare, checkronzare

groan - gemito, gemere

pace - passo

The horses flew like lightning along the intervening path, and drew up at the door all panting, as if they had run a race. My wife stood waiting to receive me, with a pale face, and a candle in her hand, which made her look paler still as the wind blew the flame about. "He is sleeping," she said in a whisper, as if her voice might wake him.

lightning - fulmine, folgore, saetta, lampo

intervening - intervenire, interagire, interferire, trovarsi

path - sentiero

candle - candela

paler - pallido

wind - vento

flame - fiamma, flame, fiammeggiare, infiammare

whisper - sussurro, sussurrare

And I replied, when I could find my voice, also in a whisper, as though the jingling of the horses'furniture and the sound of their hoofs must not have been more dangerous.

jingling - tintinnio, sonaglio, motivetto

hoofs - zoccolo, zampa

I stood on the steps with her a moment, almost afraid to go in, now that I was here; and it seemed to me that I saw without observing, if I may so say, that the horses were unwilling to turn round, though their stables lay that way, or that the men were unwilling.

observing - osservare

unwilling - non vuole

turn round - girare

stables - stabile

These things occurred to me afterwards, though at the moment I was not capable of anything but to ask questions and to hear of the condition of the boy.

afterwards - dopo

capable - capace

I looked at him from the door of his room, for we were afraid to go near, lest we should disturb that blessed sleep. It looked like actual sleep, not the lethargy into which my wife told me he would sometimes fall.

blessed - beato, benedetto, checkbenedetto

actual - reale, effettivo, concreto, esistente, attuale, corrente

lethargy - letargia

She told me everything in the next room, which communicated with his, rising now and then and going to the door of the communication; and in this there was much that was very startling and confusing to the mind.

communication - comunicazione, avviso, trasmissione, collegamento, comunione

startling - sconvolgente, sorprendente, (startle), scattare, sobbalzare

confusing - confondere

It appeared that ever since the winter began-since it was early dark, and night had fallen before his return from school-he had been hearing voices among the ruins; at first only a groaning, he said, at which his pony was as much alarmed as he was, but by degrees a voice. The tears ran down my wife's cheeks as she described to me how he would start up in the night and cry out.

groaning - gemiti, (groan), gemito, gemere

alarmed - allarme

by degrees - gradualmente

Tears - lacrima

cheeks - guancia, gota, chiappa, faccia tosta, sfrontatezza, impudenza

"Oh, mother, let me in! oh, mother, let me in!" with a pathos which rent her heart. And she sitting there all the time, only longing to do everything his heart could desire! But though she would try to soothe him, crying, "You are at home, my darling. I am here. Don't you know me? Your mother is here!" he would only stare at her, and after a while spring up again with the same cry.

rent - affitto, (rend), spaccare

soothe - calmare, placare, lenire, alleviare, mitigare

darling - tesoro, amore

stare - fissare

spring up - sorgere,crescere, rimbalzare

At other times he would be quite reasonable, she said, asking eagerly when I was coming, but declaring that he must go with me as soon as I did so, "to let them in." "The doctor thinks his nervous system must have received a shock," my wife said. "Oh, Henry, can it be that we have pushed him on too much with his work-a delicate boy like Roland? And what is his work in comparison with his health?

reasonable - ragionevole, moderato

eagerly - impazientemente

declaring - dichiarare

shock - shock, choc

delicate - delicato (1, 2)

comparison - paragone, confronto, comparazione

Even you would think little of honours or prizes if it hurt the boy's health." Even I!-as if I were an inhuman father sacrificing my child to my ambition. But I would not increase her trouble by taking any notice.

honours - onore

inhuman - inumano, disumano

sacrificing - sacrificare, sacrificio

Ambition - ambizione, ambizione (1-4)

There was just daylight enough to see his face when I went to him; and what a change in a fortnight! He was paler and more worn, I thought, than even in those dreadful days in the plains before we left India. His hair seemed to me to have grown long and lank; his eyes were like blazing lights projecting out of his white face.

daylight - luce del giorno

fortnight - (periodo di) due settimana

paler - amico

dreadful - terribile

plains - semplice

lank - (liscio e floscio)

blazing - incendio

He got hold of my hand in a cold and tremulous clutch, and waved to everybody to go away. "Go away-even mother," he said; "go away." This went to her heart; for she did not like that even I should have more of the boy's confidence than herself; but my wife has never been a woman to think of herself, and she left us alone. "Are they all gone?" he said eagerly. "They would not let me speak.

tremulous - tremolante

clutch - afferrare

confidence - fiducia, autostima, certezza, sicurezza di sé, confidenza

The doctor treated me as if I were a fool. You know I am not a fool, papa."

treated - trattare, trattenimento, festeggiamento, sorpresa

"Yes, yes, my boy, I know. But you are ill, and quiet is so necessary. You are not only not a fool, Roland, but you are reasonable and understand. When you are ill you must deny yourself; you must not do everything that you might do being well."

deny - negare

He waved his thin hand with a sort of indignation. "Then, father, I am not ill," he cried. "Oh, I thought when you came you would not stop me,-you would see the sense of it! What do you think is the matter with me, all of you? Simson is well enough; but he is only a doctor. What do you think is the matter with me? I am no more ill than you are.

indignation - indignazione

A doctor, of course, he thinks you are ill the moment he looks at you-that's what he's there for-and claps you into bed."

claps - battere le mani, applaudire

"Which is the best place for you at present, my dear boy."

"I made up my mind," cried the little fellow, "that I would stand it till you came home. I said to myself, I won't frighten mother and the girls. But now, father," he cried, half jumping out of bed, "it's not illness: it's a secret."

fellow - uomo, tipo

frighten - spaurire, spaventare

jumping out - saltare fuori

His eyes shone so wildly, his face was so swept with strong feeling, that my heart sank within me. It could be nothing but fever that did it, and fever had been so fatal. I got him into my arms to put him back into bed.

shone - brillare, far luce con

sank - affondare

fatal - fatale

"Roland," I said, humouring the poor child, which I knew was the only way, "if you are going to tell me this secret to do any good, you know you must be quite quiet, and not excite yourself. If you excite yourself, I must not let you speak."

humouring - humour, umorismo, umore, accontentare, assecondare

excite - stimolare, eccitare, riaccendere, provocare

"Yes, father," said the boy. He was quiet directly, like a man, as if he quite understood. When I had laid him back on his pillow, he looked up at me with that grateful, sweet look with which children, when they are ill, break one's heart, the water coming into his eyes in his weakness. "I was sure as soon as you were here you would know what to do," he said.

directly - direttamente

pillow - guanciale, cuscino, testiera

grateful - grato

weakness - debolezza, cagionevolezza, fievolezza, punto debole

"To be sure, my boy. Now Keep quiet, and tell it all out like a man." To think I was telling lies to my own child! for I did it only to humour him, thinking, poor little fellow, his brain was wrong.

Keep quiet - Tacere

lies to - bugie

humour - humour, umorismo, umore, accontentare, assecondare

"Yes, father. Father, there is some one in the park,-some one that has been badly used."

"Hush, my dear; you remember there is to be no excitement. Well, who is this somebody, and who has been ill-using him? We will soon put a stop to that."

Hush - zitto!, silenzio!

excitement - eccitamento, orgasmo, fregola

"Ah," cried Roland, "but it is not so easy as you think. I don't know who it is. It is just a cry. Oh, if you could hear it! It gets into my head in my sleep. I heard it as clear-as clear; and they think that I am dreaming, or raving perhaps," the boy said, with a sort of disdainful smile.

raving - farneticare

disdainful - sprezzante, disdegnoso

This look of his perplexed me; it was less like fever than I thought. "Are you quite sure you have not dreamed it, Roland?" I said.

perplexed - confondere, rendere perplesso

"Dreamed?-that!" He was springing up again when he suddenly bethought himself, and lay down flat, with the same sort of smile on his face. "The pony heard it, too," he said. "She jumped as if she had been shot. If I had not grasped at the reins-for I was frightened, father--"

bethought - pensare

shot - colpo

grasped - afferrare, avvinghiare, avvinghiarsi, agguantare

reins - redine, briglia

frightened - spaurire, spaventare

"No shame to you, my boy," said I, though I scarcely knew why.

shame - vergogna

"If I hadn't held to her like a leech, she'd have pitched me over her head, and never drew breath till we were at the door. Did the pony dream it?" he said, with a soft disdain, yet indulgence for my foolishness. Then he added slowly, "It was only a cry the first time, and all the time before you went away. I wouldn't tell you, for it was so wretched to be frightened.

leech - sanguisuga

pitched - piantare, fissare

breath - respiro, lena, alito, fiato

disdain - sdegno, disdegno, disprezzo, sdegnare, sprezzare

indulgence - vizio, indulgenza

foolishness - sciocchezza, stupidita, pazzia

wretched - misero

be frightened - essere spaventato

I thought it might be a hare or a rabbit snared, and I went in the morning and looked; but there was nothing. It was after you went I heard it really first; and this is what he says." He raised himself on his elbow close to me, and looked me in the face: "Oh, mother, let me in! oh, mother, let me in!

Hare - lepre

rabbit - coniglio

snared - laccio, trappola, tagliola, richiamo, insidia

elbow - gomito, raccordo, gomitata, sgomitare

" As he said the words a mist came over his face, the mouth quivered, the soft features all melted and changed, and when he had ended these pitiful words, dissolved in a shower of heavy tears.

mist - nebbia, foschia

quivered - tremare, tremolare

melted - sciogliere, fondere

pitiful - pietoso

Dissolved - dissolvere, dissolversi, dissolvenza

Was it a hallucination? Was it the fever of the brain? Was it the disordered fancy caused by great bodily weakness? How could I tell? I thought it wisest to accept it as if it were all true.

hallucination - allucinazione

disordered - disordine, disturbo

fancy - capriccio

bodily - corporale, corporeo, corporalmente

wisest - saggio

"This is very touching, Roland," I said.

"Oh, if you had just heard it, father! I said to myself, if father heard it he would do something; but mamma, you know, she's given over to Simson, and that fellow's a doctor, and never thinks of anything but clapping you into bed."

clapping - applausi

"We must not blame Simson for being a doctor, Roland."

blame - incolpare

"No, no," said my boy, with delightful toleration and indulgence; "oh, no: that's the good of him; that's what he's for; I know that. But you-you are different; you are just father; and you'll do something-directly, papa, directly; this very night."

delightful - delizioso

toleration - tolleranza

"Surely," I said. "No doubt it is some little lost child."

surely - sicuramente, checkcertamente

doubt - dubitare, dubbio, perplessita

He gave me a sudden, swift look, investigating my face as though to see whether, after all, this was everything my eminence as "father" came to,-no more than that. Then he got hold of my shoulder, clutching it with his thin hand: "look here," he said, with a quiver in his voice: "suppose it wasn't-living at all!"

sudden - improvviso, improvvisa

swift - rapido, veloce, pronto, agile

investigating - investigare, indagare

whether - se, indipendentemente, sia che, che, no, checkse

eminence - eminenza

clutching - afferrare

look here - guardare qui

quiver - tremare, tremolare

wasn - era

"My dear boy, how then could you have heard it?" I said.

He turned away from me with a pettish exclamation,-"As if you didn't know better than that!"

pettish - Pequeno

exclamation - esclamazione

"Do you want to tell me it is a ghost?" I said.

ghost - fantasma, spettro, spirito, larva

Roland withdrew his hand; his countenance assumed an aspect of great dignity and gravity; a slight quiver remained about his lips. "Whatever it was-you always said we were not to call names. It was something-in trouble. Oh, father, in terrible trouble!"

withdrew - ritirare, ritirarsi

countenance - sembianza, apparenza, espressione

assumed - presupporre, ritenere, assumere

aspect - aspetto

dignity - dignita

gravity - gravita

Slight - insignificante, leggero, debole, lieve, disprezzare, sminuire

lips - labbro, beccuccio

whatever - qualunque, qualsiasi, qualsivoglia, come vuoi

"But, my boy," I said (I was at my wits'end), "if it was a child that was lost, or any poor human creature-but, Roland, what do you want me to do?"

wits - spirito

"I should know if I was you," said the child eagerly. "That is what I always said to myself,-Father will know. Oh, papa, papa, to have to face it night after night, in such terrible, terrible trouble, and never to be able to do it any good! I don't want to cry; it's like a baby, I know; but what can I do else? Out there all by itself in the ruin, and nobody to help it! I can't bear it!

ruin - rovina, rovinare

" cried my generous boy. And in his weakness he burst out, after many attempts to restrain it, into a great childish fit of sobbing and tears.

generous - magnanimo, generoso, abbondante

burst - scoppiare, esplodere, strappare, separare, scoppio, esplosione

attempts - tentare, cercare, provare, attentare, tentativo

restrain - contenere, frenare

childish - infantile, bambinesco, puerile

sobbing - singhiozzare

I do not know that I was ever in a greater perplexity in my life; and afterwards, when I thought of it, there was something comic in it too. It is bad enough to find your child's mind possessed with the conviction that he had seen, or heard, a ghost; but that he should require you to go instantly and help that ghost was the most bewildering experience that had ever come my way.

perplexity - perplessita

comic - comico, fumetto, striscia, giornaletto, giornalino

possessed - possiede

conviction - convinzione, condanna, colpevolezza

require - esigere, prevedere, richiedere, necessitare, domandare

instantly - istantaneamente

bewildering - confondere, disorientare, sconcertare

I did my best to console my boy without giving any promise of this astonishing kind; but he was too sharp for me; he would have none of my caresses. With sobs breaking in at intervals upon his voice, and the rain-drops hanging on his eyelids, he yet returned to the charge.

console - consolare

astonishing - sorprendere, stupire

sharp - affilato, aguzzo, intelligente, acuto, appuntito, diesis, acre

caresses - si preoccupa

sobs - singhiozzare

breaking in - entrare in azione

intervals - intervallo

hanging - appeso

eyelids - palpebra

"It will be there now!-it will be there all the night! Oh, think, papa,-think if it was me! I can't rest for thinking of it. Don't!" he cried, putting away my hand,-"don't! You go and help it, and mother can take care of me."

putting away - mettere via

"But, Roland, what can I do?"

My boy opened his eyes, which were large with weakness and fever, and gave me a smile such, I think, as sick children only know the secret of. "I was sure you would know as soon as you came. I always said, 'Father will know.'And mother," he cried, with a softening of repose upon his face, his limbs relaxing, his form sinking with a luxurious ease in his bed,-"mother can come and take care of me."

softening - ammorbidimento, (soften), ammorbidire, addolcire

limbs - membro, arto

sinking - affondamento, naufragio, (sink), affondare

luxurious - lussuoso, lussurioso

ease - facilita, riposo, attenuare

I called her, and saw him turn to her with the complete dependence of a child; and then I went away and left them, as perplexed a man as any in Scotland. I must say, however, I had this consolation, that my mind was greatly eased about Roland. He might be under a hallucination; but his head was clear enough, and I did not think him so ill as everybody else did.

dependence - dipendenza

consolation - consolazione

greatly - molto, grandemente, assai, oltremodo

eased - facilita, riposo, attenuare

The girls were astonished even at the ease with which I took it. "How do you think he is?" they said in a breath, coming round me, laying hold of me. "Not half so ill as I expected," I said; "not very bad at all." "Oh, papa, you are a darling!

astonished - sorprendere, stupire

laying - posa

" cried Agatha, kissing me, and crying upon my shoulder; while little Jeanie, who was as pale as Roland, clasped both her arms round mine, and could not speak at all. I knew nothing about it, not half so much as Simson; but they believed in me: they had a feeling that all would go right now. God is very good to you when your children look to you like that. It makes one humble, not proud.

kissing - baciare

clasped - fibbia, gancio, fermaglio, stringere, serrare

humble - umile

proud - orgoglioso, fiero

I was not worthy of it; and then I recollected that I had to act the part of a father to Roland's ghost,-which made me almost laugh, though I might just as well have cried. It was the strangest mission that ever was intrusted to mortal man.

worthy - degno

recollected - ricordarsi

mission - missione

mortal - mortale

It was then I remembered suddenly the looks of the men when they turned to take the brougham to the stables in the dark that morning. They had not liked it, and the horses had not liked it. I remembered that even in my anxiety about Roland I had heard them tearing along the avenue back to the stables, and had made a memorandum mentally that I must speak of it.

tearing - lacrima

avenue - viale, corso

memorandum - nota

mentally - mentalmente

It seemed to me that the best thing I could do was to go to the stables now and make a few inquiries. The coachman was the head of this little colony, and it was to his house I went to pursue my investigations.

inquiries - inchiesta, indagine

coachman - cocchiere

colony - colonia

pursue - perseguire, perseguitare, tormentare, inseguire, cercare

investigations - investigazione

He was a native of the district, and had taken care of the place in the absence of the family for years; it was impossible but that he must know everything that was going on, and all the traditions of the place.

native - nativo, natio, indigeno, autoctono

district - distretto

absence - assenza, mancanza, difetto, invito aperto, ferro libero

The men, I could see, eyed me anxiously when I thus appeared at such an hour among them, and followed me with their eyes to Jarvis's house, where he lived alone with his old wife, their children being all married and out in the world. Mrs. Jarvis met me with anxious questions. How was the poor young gentleman?

anxiously - ansiosamente

thus - cosi

gentleman - gentiluomo, galantuomo, signore, signor

But the others knew, I could see by their faces, that not even this was the foremost thing in my mind.

foremost - primo, piu importante

After a while I elicited without much difficulty the whole story. In the opinion of the Jarvises, and of everybody about, the certainty that the place was haunted was beyond all doubt. As Sandy and his wife warmed to the tale, one tripping up another in their eagerness to tell everything, it gradually developed as distinct a superstition as I ever heard, and not without poetry and pathos.

elicited - provocare, suscitare

difficulty - difficolta

certainty - certezza

haunted - infestare, tormentare, ritrovo

Sandy - covered with sand, containing sand, like sand, sand-coloured

Tale - storia, resoconto

eagerness - desiderio

gradually - gradualmente

distinct - chiaro, distinto, diverso

superstition - superstizione

poetry - poesia

How long it was since the voice had been heard first, nobody could tell with certainty. Jarvis's opinion was that his father, who had been coachman at Brentwood before him, had never heard anything about it, and that the whole thing had arisen within the last ten years, since the complete dismantling of the old house; which was a wonderfully modern date for a tale so well authenticated.

arisen - sorgere, apparire, nascere

dismantling - smontare

wonderfully - meravigliosamente

authenticated - autenticare

According to these witnesses, and to several whom I questioned afterwards, and who were all in perfect agreement, it was only in the months of November and December that "the visitation" occurred. During these months, the darkest of the year, scarcely a night passed without the recurrence of these inexplicable cries.

witnesses - testimonianza, testimone, prova, testimoniare, constatare, essere testimone

agreement - consenso, accordo, convenzione, patto, contratto, concordanza

visitation - diritto di visita

recurrence - recidiva

inexplicable - inspiegabile, incomprensibile, inesplicabile

Nothing, it was said, had ever been seen,-at least, nothing that could be identified. Some people, bolder or more imaginative than the others, had seen the darkness moving, Mrs. Jarvis said, with unconscious poetry. It began when night fell, and continued at intervals till day broke.

bolder - ardito, coraggioso

more imaginative - piu fantasioso

darkness - buio, oscurita, tenebre, scuro

unconscious - svenuto, subconscio

Very often it was only an inarticulate cry and moaning, but sometimes the words which had taken possession of my poor boy's fancy had been distinctly audible,-"Oh, mother, let me in!" The Jarvises were not aware that there had ever been any investigation into it.

inarticulate - inarticolato

distinctly - distintamente

audible - udibile

aware - all'erta, consapevole, conscio, checkconsapevole

investigation - investigazione

The estate of Brentwood had lapsed into the hands of a distant branch of the family, who had lived but little there; and of the many people who had taken it, as I had done, few had remained through two Decembers. And nobody had taken the trouble to make a very close examination into the facts. "No, no," Jarvis said, shaking his head, "No, no, Cornel.

estate - asse ereditario, beni, proprieta, tenuta, possedimento

lapsed - giri

distant - distante, remoto

branch - ramo, filiale, succursale, branca, settore

examination - esame, visita

Cornel - corniolo, corniola

Wha wad set themsels up for a laughin'-stock to a'the country-side, making a wark about a ghost? Naebody believes in ghosts. It bid to be the wind in the trees, the last gentleman said, or some effec'o'the water wrastlin'among the rocks. He said it was a'quite easy explained; but he gave up the hoose. And when you cam, Cornel, we were awfu'anxious you should never hear.

wha - Cosa

set - Seth

themsels - loro

laughin - ridere

stock - stock, merce

ghosts - fantasma, spettro, spirito, larva

bid - offrire, fare un'offerta

effec - ordine del giorno

wrastlin - ordine del giorno

hoose - ordine del giorno

awfu - ordine del giorno

What for should I have spoiled the bargain and hairmed the property for no-thing?"

spoiled - rovinare, viziare, andare a male, bottino

bargain - trattativa, accordo, mercanteggiamento, mercanteggiare, trattare

hairmed - acconciato

property - proprieta, beni, possesso, beni immobili

"Do you call my child's life nothing?" I said in the trouble of the moment, unable to restrain myself. "And instead of telling this all to me, you have told it to him,-to a delicate boy, a child unable to sift evidence or judge for himself, a tender-hearted young creature--"

unable - incapace

sift - setacciare, discernere, esaminare minuziosamente

judge - giudicare

tender - tenero

I was walking about the room with an anger all the hotter that I felt it to be most likely quite unjust. My heart was full of bitterness against the stolid retainers of a family who were content to risk other people's children and comfort rather than let a house lie empty.

anger - ira, rabbia, collera

unjust - ingiusto

bitterness - amarezza

stolid - stolido

retainers - mantenimento

content - contento, soddisfatto

Risk - rischio, rischiare

comfort - agio, comodita, benessere

If I had been warned I might have taken precautions, or left the place, or sent Roland away, a hundred things which now I could not do; and here I was with my boy in a brain-fever, and his life, the most precious life on earth, hanging in the balance, dependent on whether or not I could get to the reason of a commonplace ghost-story!

warned - avvertire, avvisare

precautions - precauzione

most precious - il piu prezioso

balance - equilibrio, punto di equilibrio, contrappeso, bilanciamento

dependent - dipendente

ghost-story - (ghost-story) storia di fantasmi

"Cornel," said Jarvis solemnly, "and she'll bear me witness,-the young gentleman never heard a word from me-no, nor from either groom or gardner; I'll gie ye my word for that. In the first place, he's no a lad that invites ye to talk. There are some that are, and that arena. Some will draw ye on, till ye've tellt them a'the clatter of the toun, and a'ye ken, and whiles mair.

solemnly - solennemente

witness - testimone

nor - neanche, nemmeno

groom - stalliere

ye - voi

arena - arena, teatro

ve - ordine del giorno

tellt - ordine del giorno

clatter - lo sbattere

But Maister Roland, his mind's fu'of his books. He's aye civil and kind, and a fine lad; but no that sort. And ye see it's for a'our interest, Cornel, that you should stay at Brentwood. I took it upon me mysel to pass the word,-'No a syllable to Maister Roland, nor to the young leddies-no a syllable.'The women-servants, that have little reason to be out at night, ken little or nothing about it.

Aye - si

civil - civile

mysel - ordine del giorno

syllable - sillaba

leddies - ordine del giorno

And some think it grand to have a ghost so long as they're no in the way of coming across it. If you had been tellt the story to begin with, maybe ye would have thought so yourself."

grand - grandioso

coming across - suscitare apprezzamento

This was true enough. I should not have been above the idea of a ghost myself! Oh, yes, I claim no exemption. The girls would have been delighted. I could fancy their eagerness, their interest, and excitement. No; if we had been told, it would have done no good,-we should have made the bargain all the more eagerly, the fools that we are.

claim - reclamo, rivendicazione, diritto, dichiarazione, affermazione

exemption - esenzione

delighted - delizia, piacere, deliziare

fools - stolto, buffone, giullare, pagliaccio, buffone di corte, matto

"Come with me, Jarvis," I said hastily, "and we'll make an attempt at least to investigate. Say nothing to the men or to anybody. Be ready for me about ten o'clock."

hastily - frettolosamente, precipitatamente

attempt - tentare, cercare, provare, attentare, tentativo

investigate - investigare, indagare

"Me, Cornel!" Jarvis said, in a faint voice. I had not been looking at him in my own preoccupation, but when I did so, I found that the greatest change had come over the fat and ruddy coachman. "Me, Cornel!" he repeated, wiping the perspiration from his brow. "There's nothin'I wouldna do to pleasure ye, Cornel, but if ye'll reflect that I am no used to my feet.

faint - debole

preoccupation - preoccupazione

ruddy - rubicondo

wiping - pulendo

brow - ciglio, orlo, cima, passerella da sbarco

nothin - niente

wouldna - non lo farebbe

pleasure - piacere, piacimento, goduria, volutta, preferenza, scelta

reflect - riflettere, essere riflesso, seguire, evidenziare, riportare

With a horse atween my legs, or the reins in my hand, I'm maybe nae worse than other men; but on fit, Cornel-it's no the-bogles;-but I've been cavalry, ye see," with a little hoarse laugh, "a'my life. To face a thing ye dinna understan'-on your feet, Cornel."

atween - tra

cavalry - cavalleria

hoarse - fioco

dinna - ordine del giorno

understan - capire

"He believes in it, Cornel, and you dinna believe in it," the woman said.

"Will you come with me?" I said, turning to her.

She jumped back, upsetting her chair in her bewilderment. "Me!" with a scream, and then fell into a sort of hysterical laugh. "I wouldna say but what I would go; but what would the folk say to hear of Cornel Mortimer with an auld silly woman at his heels?"

upsetting - sconvolgente, (upset), sconvolto, turbamento, sorpresa, innervosire, sconvolgere

bewilderment - confusione, perplessita, disorientamento

scream - urlo, grido, gridare, sbraitare, urlare

hysterical - isterico, esilarante, da morire dal ridere

folk - gente, autoctono, popolo, abitante

silly - sciocco

heels - calcagno, tallone

The suggestion made me laugh too, though I had little inclination for it. "I'm sorry you have so little spirit, Jarvis," I said. "I must find some one else, I suppose."

inclination - inclinazione, dislivello

spirit - spirito

Jarvis, touched by this, began to remonstrate, but I cut him short. My butler was a soldier who had been with me in India, and was not supposed to fear anything,-man or devil,-certainly not the former; and I felt that I was losing time. The Jarvises were too thankful to get rid of me. They attended me to the door with the most anxious courtesies.

remonstrate - rimostrare

butler - costituente, maggiordomo

devil - diavolo

rid - sbarazzare

courtesies - cortesia, talian: di cortesia g

Outside, the two grooms stood close by, a little confused by my sudden exit. I don't know if perhaps they had been listening,-at least standing as near as possible, to catch any scrap of the conversation. I waved my hand to them as I went past, in answer to their salutations, and it was very apparent to me that they also were glad to see me go.

grooms - stalliere

confused - confondere

exit - uscita

scrap - pezzetto

salutations - saluto

apparent - apparente, visibile, evidente, chiaro

Glad - contento, felice

And it will be thought very strange, but it would be weak not to add, that I myself, though bent on the investigation I have spoken of, pledged to Roland to carry it out, and feeling that my boy's health, perhaps his life, depended on the result of my inquiry,-I felt the most unaccountable reluctance, now that it was dark, to pass the ruins on my way home.

bent - piegato, (bend), curvare, piegare, piegarsi, curvarsi

pledged - promettere, impegnarsi, promessa solenne, pegno

inquiry - inchiesta, indagine

unaccountable - inspiegabile

My curiosity was intense; and yet it was all my mind could do to pull my body along. I dare say the scientific people would describe it the other way, and attribute my cowardice to the state of my stomach. I went on; but if I had followed my impulse, I should have turned and bolted.

curiosity - curiosita

intense - intenso

dare - osare

scientific - scientifico

attribute - attributo, caratteristica, attribuire

cowardice - codardia, vilta, pusillanimita, vigliaccheria

impulse - impulso, aire, slancio, abbrivo

Everything in me seemed to cry out against it; my heart thumped, my pulses all began, like sledge-hammers, beating against my ears and every sensitive part. It was very dark, as I have said; the old house, with its shapeless tower, loomed a heavy mass through the darkness, which was only not entirely so solid as itself.

thumped - colpo

pulses - polso

sledge - slitta

hammers - martello, cane, percussore, martellare, colpire, picchiare

shapeless - senza forma

loomed - telaio

entirely - completamente

On the other hand, the great dark cedars of which we were so proud seemed to fill up the night. My foot strayed out of the path in my confusion and the gloom together, and I brought myself up with a cry as I felt myself knocked against something solid. What was it? The contact with hard stone and lime and prickly bramble-bushes restored me a little to myself.

cedars - cedro

strayed - allontanarsi, smarrirsi

confusion - confusione, disordine, disorientamento, sbandamento

gloom - oscurita, tenebre, buio

contact - contatto, aggancio, contattare

lime - calce

prickly - permaloso, suscettibile

bramble - rovo

bushes - cespuglio

restored - ristabilire, restaurare, riportare, rimettere

"Oh, it's only the old gable," I said aloud, with a little laugh to reassure myself. The rough feeling of the stones reconciled me. As I groped about thus, I shook off my visionary folly. What so easily explained as that I should have strayed from the path in the darkness? This brought me back to common existence, as if I had been shaken by a wise hand out of all the silliness of superstition.

aloud - a voce alta, ad alta voce

reassure - rassicurare, tranquillizzare

rough - ruvido, rugoso, scabro, approssimato, mosso, difficile, rude

reconciled - riconciliare, rappacificare, riunire

groped - tastare, palpeggiare, palpare

shook off - scrollarsi di dosso, dimenticare, calmarsi

visionary - visionario, lungimirante, illusorio, immaginario, chiaroveggente

folly - follia, stravaganza, unicum, eccentricita

existence - esistenza

wise - saggio

silliness - stupidita

How silly it was, after all! What did it matter which path I took? I laughed again, this time with better heart, when suddenly, in a moment, the blood was chilled in my veins, a shiver stole along my spine, my faculties seemed to forsake me. Close by me, at my side, at my feet, there was a sigh. No, not a groan, not a moaning, not anything so tangible,-a perfectly soft, faint, inarticulate sigh.

chilled - freddo

veins - vena, venatura

shiver - rabbrividire, tremare

spine - colonna vertebrale, costa, dorso, spina dorsale

faculties - facolta

forsake - abbandonare, rinunciare

sigh - sospirare

tangible - tangibile, palpabile

perfectly - perfettamente, propriamente, totalmente

I sprang back, and my heart stopped beating. Mistaken! no, mistake was impossible. I heard it as clearly as I hear myself speak; a long, soft, weary sigh, as if drawn to the utmost, and emptying out a load of sadness that filled the breast. To hear this in the solitude, in the dark, in the night (though it was still early), had an effect which I cannot describe.

weary - annoiato, tediato, spossato, stanco, annoiare, annoiarsi

utmost - estremo, massimo

load - carico

sadness - tristezza

breast - mammella, poppa, petto, seno

solitude - solitudine

I feel it now,-something cold creeping over me up into my hair, and down to my feet, which refused to move. I cried out, with a trembling voice, "Who is there?" as I had done before; but there was no reply.

creeping - abbarbicarsi, insinuarsi, strisciare, scorrimento, spostamento

refused - rifiutare

I got home I don't quite know how; but in my mind there was no longer any indifference as to the thing, whatever it was, that haunted these ruins. My scepticism disappeared like a mist. I was as firmly determined that there was something as Roland was.

indifference - indifferenza

scepticism - scetticismo

firmly - fermamente, decisamente, sicuramente, saldamente

determined - determinare, stabilire, capire, verificare, accertarsi

I did not for a moment pretend to myself that it was possible I could be deceived; there were movements and noises which I understood all about,-cracklings of small branches in the frost, and little rolls of gravel on the path, such as have a very eerie sound sometimes, and perplex you with wonder as to who has done it, when there is no real mystery; but I assure you all these little movements of nature don't affect you one bit when there is something. I understood them. I did not understand the sigh. That was not simple nature; there was meaning in it, feeling, the soul of a creature invisible. This is the thing that human nature trembles at,-a creature invisible, yet with sensations, feelings, a power somehow of expressing itself. Bagley was in the hall as usual when I went in. He was always there in the afternoon, always with the appearance of perfect occupation, yet, so far as I know, never doing anything. The door was open, so that I hurried in without any pause, breathless; but the sight of his calm regard, as he came to help me off with my overcoat, subdued me in a moment. Anything out of the way, anything incomprehensible, faded to nothing in the presence of Bagley. You saw and wondered how he was made: the parting of his hair, the tie of his white neckcloth, the fit of his trousers, all perfect as works of art: but you could see how they were done, which makes all the difference. I flung myself upon him, so to speak, without waiting to note the extreme unlikeness of the man to anything of the kind I meant. "Bagley," I said, "I want you to come out with me tonight to watch for--"

pretend - fingere, fare finta, far credere

be deceived - essere ingannato

cracklings - scoppiettii

branches - ramo, filiale, succursale, branca, settore

rolls - rotolo

gravel - ghiaia, calcolo, agghiaiare

eerie - misterioso, strano, agghiacciante, spaventevole

perplex - confondere, rendere perplesso

mystery - mistero, arcano, enigma

assure - assicurare, garantire

soul - anima, spirito

invisible - invisibile, dietro le quinte

trembles - tremare, tremolare, tremore

sensations - sensazione, senso, impressione

feelings - sentimenti

occupation - occupazione

pause - mettere in pausa, pausa

breathless - senza fiato

sight - vista, spettacolo, mirino, vedere, avvistare, mirare

Calm - calmo

regard - considerare

overcoat - soprabito, cappotto

subdued - sottomettere, soggiogare

incomprehensible - incomprensibile

faded - affievolirsi

presence - presenza

wondered - meraviglia, domandarsi, chiedersi

neckcloth - collare

flung - lanciare

unlikeness - somiglianza

"Poachers, Colonel?" he said, a gleam of pleasure running all over him.

Poachers - bracconiere

Colonel - colonnello

"No, Bagley; a great deal worse," I cried.

"Yes, Colonel; at what hour, sir?" the man said; but then I had not told him what it was.

It was ten o'clock when we set out. All was perfectly quiet indoors. My wife was with Roland, who had been quite calm, she said, and who (though, no doubt, the fever must run its course) had been better ever since I came. I told Bagley to put on a thick greatcoat over his evening coat, and did the same myself, with strong boots; for the soil was like a sponge, or worse.

indoors - al chiuso

greatcoat - cappotto

sponge - spugna

Talking to him, I almost forgot what we were going to do. It was darker even than it had been before, and Bagley kept very close to me as we went along. I had a small lantern in my hand, which gave us a partial guidance. We had come to the corner where the path turns.

lantern - lanterna

partial - parziale

guidance - guida, direzione, orientamento, consiglio, suggerimento

On one side was the bowling-green, which the girls had taken possession of for their croquet-ground,-a wonderful enclosure surrounded by high hedges of holly, three hundred years old and more; on the other, the ruins. Both were black as night; but before we got so far, there was a little opening in which we could just discern the trees and the lighter line of the road.

croquet - pallamaglio

enclosure - allegato, recinto, clausura

hedges - siepe

holly - agrifoglio

discern - percepire

I thought it best to pause there and take breath. "Bagley," I said, "there is something about these ruins I don't understand. It is there I am going. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you. Be ready to pounce upon any stranger you see,-anything, man or woman. Don't hurt, but seize-anything you see.

I don't understand - Non capisco

pounce - balzare

seize - prendere, afferrare, approfittare, sfruttare

" "Colonel," said Bagley, with a little tremor in his breath, "they do say there's things there-as is neither man nor woman." There was no time for words. "Are you game to follow me, my man? that's the question," I said. Bagley fell in without a word, and saluted. I knew then I had nothing to fear.

tremor - tremore

saluted - salutare

We went, so far as I could guess, exactly as I had come, when I heard that sigh. The darkness, however, was so complete that all marks, as of trees or paths, disappeared. One moment we felt our feet on the gravel, another sinking noiselessly into the slippery grass, that was all. I had shut up my lantern, not wishing to scare any one, whoever it might be.

paths - sentiero

noiselessly - senza rumore

slippery - scivoloso, sdrucciolevole

scare - spaventare

Bagley followed, it seemed to me, exactly in my footsteps as I made my way, as I supposed, towards the mass of the ruined house. We seemed to take a long time groping along seeking this; the squash of the wet soil under our feet was the only thing that marked our progress. After a while I stood still to see, or rather feel, where we were.

Footsteps - impronta, pedata, orma, passo, gradino

ruined - rovina, rovinare

groping - tastare, palpeggiare, palpare

seeking - cercare, ricercare

squash - schiacciare, pigiare

The darkness was very still, but no stiller than is usual in a winter's night.

The sounds I have mentioned-the crackling of twigs, the roll of a pebble, the sound of some rustle in the dead leaves, or creeping creature on the grass-were audible when you listened, all mysterious enough when your mind is disengaged, but to me cheering now as signs of the livingness of nature, even in the death of the frost.

crackling - crepitio, (crackle), scoppiettio, crepitare

twigs - ramoscello, rametto

roll - rotolo

pebble - ciottolo, acciottolare

rustle - crepitare

mysterious - misterioso, ignoto

disengaged - liberare

cheering - urra, acclamazione

livingness - vivibilita

As we stood still there came up from the trees in the glen the prolonged hoot of an owl. Bagley started with alarm, being in a state of general nervousness, and not knowing what he was afraid of. But to me the sound was encouraging and pleasant, being so comprehensible. "An owl," I said, under my breath. "Y-es, Colonel," said Bagley, his teeth chattering.

glen - secluded and narrow valley

prolonged - prologo

hoot - ululo

Owl - gufo

nervousness - nervosismo

encouraging - incoraggiare, raccomandare, esortare, favorire

pleasant - piacevole, gradito, gradevole

comprehensible - comprensibile

chattering - chiacchierare

We stood still about five minutes, while it broke into the still brooding of the air, the sound widening out in circles, dying upon the darkness. This sound, which is not a cheerful one, made me almost gay. It was natural, and relieved the tension of the mind. I moved on with new courage, my nervous excitement calming down.

brooding - malinconico, meditabondo, cupo, (brood), nidiata, prole

widening - allargarsi, allargare

dying - morire

cheerful - allegro, felice, gioioso, luminoso

gay - gay, omosessuale

relieved - risollevare, risollevarsi, lenire, alleviare, mitigare

tension - tensione

courage - coraggio

calming down - calmarsi

When all at once, quite suddenly, close to us, at our feet, there broke out a cry. I made a spring backwards in the first moment of surprise and horror, and in doing so came sharply against the same rough masonry and brambles that had struck me before. This new sound came upwards from the ground,-a low, moaning, wailing voice, full of suffering and pain.

backwards - indietro, retromarcia, riluttante, antiquato, fuori moda

horror - orrore

sharply - in modo acuto

masonry - muratura

brambles - rovo

upwards - verso l'alto

wailing - lamenti

suffering - sofferenza, (suffer), soffrire, penare, patire, aggravarsi

The contrast between it and the hoot of the owl was indescribable,-the one with a wholesome wildness and naturalness that hurt nobody; the other, a sound that made one's blood curdle, full of human misery. With a great deal of fumbling,-for in spite of everything I could do to keep up my courage my hands shook,-I managed to remove the slide of my lantern.

contrast - contrasto, diversita

indescribable - indescrivibile

wholesome - salubre

wildness - ferinita, sfrenatezza, selvaticita, scapestrataggine

naturalness - naturalita, naturalezza

curdle - cagliare

misery - miseria, accidente

fumbling - armeggiare, frugare

spite - dispetto, rancore

slide - scivolare, slittare, derapare, scivolo, discesa, smottamento

The light leaped out like something living, and made the place visible in a moment. We were what would have been inside the ruined building had anything remained but the gable-wall which I have described. It was close to us, the vacant door-way in it going out straight into the blackness outside.

leaped - saltare

visible - visibile

The light showed the bit of wall, the ivy glistening upon it in clouds of dark green, the bramble-branches waving, and below, the open door,-a door that led to nothing. It was from this the voice came which died out just as the light flashed upon this strange scene. There was a moment's silence, and then it broke forth again.

glistening - luccicante

died out - si e estinto

flashed - lampo

silence - silenzio, silenziare, azzittire, mettere a tacere

forth - avanti

The sound was so near, so penetrating, so pitiful, that, in the nervous start I gave, the light fell out of my hand. As I groped for it in the dark my hand was clutched by Bagley, who, I think, must have dropped upon his knees; but I was too much perturbed myself to think much of this. He clutched at me in the confusion of his terror, forgetting all his usual decorum.

penetrating - penetrare

clutched - afferrare

perturbed - turbare

terror - terrore

decorum - decoro

"For God's sake, what is it, sir?" he gasped. If I yielded, there was evidently an end of both of us. "I can't tell," I said, "any more than you; that's what we've got to find out. Up, man, up!" I pulled him to his feet. "Will you go round and examine the other side, or will you stay here with the lantern?" Bagley gasped at me with a face of horror. "Can't we stay together, Colonel?

sake - (per amore di)

yielded - cedere

evidently - evidentemente

go round - fermarsi, girare, circolare

examine - esaminare

" he said; his knees were trembling under him. I pushed him against the corner of the wall, and put the light into his hands. "Stand fast till I come back; shake yourself together, man; let nothing pass you," I said. The voice was within two or three feet of us; of that there could be no doubt.

I went myself to the other side of the wall, keeping close to it. The light shook in Bagley's hand, but, tremulous though it was, shone out through the vacant door, one oblong block of light marking all the crumbling corners and hanging masses of foliage. Was that something dark huddled in a heap by the side of it?

oblong - (figura di forma oblunga)

block - blocco

crumbling - sgretolarsi, (crumble), crollare, ridursi

masses - massa

foliage - fogliame

huddled - calca, folla, accalcarsi

heap - folla, massa, moltitudine, pila, cumulo

I pushed forward across the light in the door-way, and fell upon it with my hands; but it was only a juniper-bush growing close against the wall. Meanwhile, the sight of my figure crossing the door-way had brought Bagley's nervous excitement to a height; he flew at me, gripping my shoulder. "I've got him, Colonel! I've got him!" he cried, with a voice of sudden exultation.

pushed forward - spinto in avanti

juniper - ginepro

bush - cespuglio

Meanwhile - intanto, nel frattempo

gripping - impugnare, avvincere

exultation - esultanza

He thought it was a man, and was at once relieved. But at the moment the voice burst forth again between us, at our feet,-more close to us than any separate being could be. He dropped off from me, and fell against the wall, his jaw dropping as if he were dying. I suppose, at the same moment, he saw that it was me whom he had clutched. I for my part, had scarcely more command of myself.

jaw - mascella, mandibola

Command - comando, ordine, padronanza, maestria, perizia, ordinare

I snatched the light out of his hand, and flashed it all about me wildly. Nothing,-the juniper-bush which I thought I had never seen before, the heavy growth of the glistening ivy, the brambles waving. It was close to my ears now, crying, crying, pleading as if for life. Either I heard the same words Roland had heard, or else, in my excitement, his imagination got possession of mine.

snatched - agguantare, scippare, strappare

growth - crescita, accrescimento

pleading - supplichevole, (plead), dichiararsi (lcolpevole o lnoncolpevole)

The voice went on, growing into distinct articulation, but wavering about, now from one point, now from another, as if the owner of it were moving slowly back and forward. "Mother! mother!" and then an outburst of wailing.

articulation - articolazione

wavering - vacillare

outburst - esplosione, scoppio, scroscio

As my mind steadied, getting accustomed (as one's mind gets accustomed to anything), it seemed to me as if some uneasy, miserable creature was pacing up and down before a closed door. Sometimes-but that must have been excitement-I thought I heard a sound like knocking, and then another burst, "Oh, mother! mother!

steadied - fermo, saldo, fidato, sicuro, costante

accustomed - assuefarsi, abituarsi, adattarsi, familiarizzare

uneasy - ansioso, agitato

miserable - infelice

pacing - passo

" All this close, close to the space where I was standing with my lantern, now before me, now behind me: a creature restless, unhappy, moaning, crying, before the vacant door-way, which no one could either shut or open more.

restless - instancabile, irrequieto

"Do you hear it, Bagley? do you hear what it is saying?" I cried, stepping in through the door-way. He was lying against the wall, his eyes glazed, half dead with terror. He made a motion of his lips as if to answer me, but no sounds came; then lifted his hand with a curious imperative movement as if ordering me to be silent and listen. And how long I did so I cannot tell.

glazed - gelicidio, velatura

motion - movimento, mozione, mozioni

Curious - curioso

imperative - imperativo, necessario, necessaria

be silent - tacere

It began to have an interest, an exciting hold upon me, which I could not describe. It seemed to call up visibly a scene any one could understand,-a something shut out, restlessly wandering to and fro; sometimes the voice dropped, as if throwing itself down, sometimes wandered off a few paces, growing sharp and clear. "Oh, mother, let me in! oh, mother, mother, let me in! oh, let me in.

visibly - visibilmente

restlessly - irrequieto

wandering - vagabondaggio, (wander), errare, vagare, girovagare, passeggiare

wandered - errare, vagare, girovagare, passeggiare

paces - passo

" Every word was clear to me. No wonder the boy had gone wild with pity. I tried to steady my mind upon Roland, upon his conviction that I could do something, but my head swam with the excitement, even when I partially overcame the terror. At last the words died away, and there was a sound of sobs and moaning. I cried out, "In the name of God who are you?

wonder - meraviglia, domandarsi, chiedersi

pity - pieta, peccato, compatire

steady - fermo, saldo, fidato, sicuro, costante

partially - parzialmente

overcame - superare, sconfiggere

" with a kind of feeling in my mind that to use the name of God was profane, seeing that I did not believe in ghosts or anything supernatural; but I did it all the same, and waited, my heart giving a leap of terror lest there should be a reply. Why this should have been I cannot tell, but I had a feeling that if there was an answer it would be more than I could bear.

profane - sconsacrato, profano, secolare, blasfemo, sacrilego

supernatural - soprannaturale, sovrannaturale, ultraterreno

leap - saltare

But there was no answer, the moaning went on, and then, as if it had been real, the voice rose a little higher again, the words recommenced, "Oh, mother, let me in! oh, mother, let me in!" with an expression that was heart-breaking to hear.

recommenced - ricominciare

As if it had been real! What do I mean by that? I suppose I got less alarmed as the thing went on. I began to recover the use of my senses,-I seemed to explain it all to myself by saying that this had once happened, that it was a recollection of a real scene. Why there should have seemed something quite satisfactory and composing in this explanation I cannot tell, but so it was.

recover - rimettersi, riprendersi

recollection - ricordo

satisfactory - soddisfacente

composing - comporre

I began to listen almost as if it had been a play, forgetting Bagley, who, I almost think, had fainted, leaning against the wall. I was started out of this strange spectatorship that had fallen upon me by the sudden rush of something which made my heart jump once more, a large black figure in the door-way waving its arms. "Come in! come in! come in!

fainted - debole

leaning - appoggiarsi

spectatorship - spettatore

rush - precipitarsi, portare d'urgenza

" it shouted out hoarsely at the top of a deep bass voice, and then poor Bagley fell down senseless across the threshold. He was less sophisticated than I,-he had not been able to bear it any longer. I took him for something supernatural, as he took me, and it was some time before I awoke to the necessities of the moment.

hoarsely - raucamente

bass voice - voce di basso

senseless - svenuto, senza capo né coda

threshold - soglia, soglia di casa, entrata, uscio

sophisticated - sofisticato

awoke - svegliarsi

necessities - necessita, bisogno

I remembered only after, that from the time I began to give my attention to the man, I heard the other voice no more. It was some time before I brought him to. It must have been a strange scene: the lantern making a luminous spot in the darkness, the man's white face lying on the black earth, I over him, doing what I could for him.

luminous - luminoso

spot - macchia, brufolo, foruncolo, zona, area, pubblicita, individuare

Probably I should have been thought to be murdering him had any one seen us. When at last I succeeded in pouring a little brandy down his throat, he sat up and looked about him wildly. "What's up?" he said; then recognizing me, tried to struggle to his feet with a faint "Beg your pardon, Colonel." I got him home as best I could, making him lean upon my arm.

murdering - assassinio, omicidio, uccisione, assassinare, massacrare

pouring - versare

brandy - brandy

throat - gola

What's up? - Che succede?

Struggle - lotta, lottare

beg - elemosinare, chiedere l'elemosina

Pardon - perdono, grazia, come

lean - pendere

The great fellow was as weak as a child. Fortunately he did not for some time remember what had happened. From the time Bagley fell the voice had stopped, and all was still.

"You've got an epidemic in your house, Colonel," Simson said to me next morning. "What's the meaning of it all? Here's your butler raving about a voice. This will never do, you know; and so far as I can make out, you are in it too."

epidemic - epidemia, checkcontagio, epidemico

"Yes, I am in it, Doctor. I thought I had better speak to you. Of course you are treating Roland all right, but the boy is not raving, he is as sane as you or me. It's all true."

treating - curare, (treat), trattare, trattenimento, festeggiamento

sane - sano (di mente), ragionevole

"As sane as-I-or you. I never thought the boy insane. He's got cerebral excitement, fever. I don't know what you've got. There's something very queer about the look of your eyes."

insane - insano, pazzo, folle

cerebral - cerebrale

queer - strano, bizzarro

"Come," said I, "you can't put us all to bed, you know. You had better listen and hear the symptoms in full."

symptoms - sintomo

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders, but he listened to me patiently. He did not believe a word of the story, that was clear; but he heard it all from beginning to end. "My dear fellow," he said, "the boy told me just the same. It's an epidemic. When one person falls a victim to this sort of thing, it's as safe as can be,-there's always two or three."

shrugged - spalluccia, fare spallucce

patiently - pazientemente

victim - vittima

"Then how do you account for it?" I said.

account - conto

"Oh, account for it!-that's a different matter; there's no accounting for the freaks our brains are subject to. If it's delusion, if it's some trick of the echoes or the winds,-some phonetic disturbance or other--"

accounting - contabilita, bilancio

freaks - fenomeno, capriccio

delusion - illusione

trick - trucco, imbrogliare

Echoes - eco

phonetic - fonetico

disturbance - disturbo

"Come with me tonight and judge for yourself," I said.

Upon this he laughed aloud, then said, "That's not such a bad idea; but it would ruin me forever if it were known that John Simson was ghost-hunting."

forever - per sempre

hunting - caccia, (hunt), cacciare, essere a caccia, essere alla ricerca

"There it is," said I; "you dart down on us who are unlearned with your phonetic disturbances, but you daren't examine what the thing really is for fear of being laughed at. That's science!"

dart - dardo

unlearned - disimparare

disturbances - disturbo

"It's not science,-it's common-sense," said the Doctor. "The thing has delusion on the front of it. It is encouraging an unwholesome tendency even to examine. What good could come of it? Even if I am convinced, I shouldn't believe."

unwholesome - malsano, insalubre, sfavorevole, corrotto

tendency - tendenza

Convinced - convincere

shouldn - dovrebbe

"I should have said so yesterday; and I don't want you to be convinced or to believe," said I. "If you prove it to be a delusion, I shall be very much obliged to you for one. Come; somebody must go with me."

Prove - provare, dimostrare

obliged - obbligare, forzare, costringere, fare un favore, indebitarsi

"You are cool," said the Doctor. "You've disabled this poor fellow of yours, and made him-on that point-a lunatic for life; and now you want to disable me. But, for once, I'll do it. To save appearance, if you'll give me a bed, I'll come over after my last rounds."

disabled - disabilitare, disattivare

lunatic - demente

I'll do it - Lo faro io

It was agreed that I should meet him at the gate, and that we should visit the scene of last night's occurrences before we came to the house, so that nobody might be the wiser. It was scarcely possible to hope that the cause of Bagley's sudden illness should not somehow steal into the knowledge of the servants at least, and it was better that all should be done as quietly as possible.

occurrences - occorrenza

wiser - saggezza

The day seemed to me a very long one. I had to spend a certain part of it with Roland, which was a terrible ordeal for me, for what could I say to the boy? The improvement continued, but he was still in a very precarious state, and the trembling vehemence with which he turned to me when his mother left the room filled me with alarm. "Father?" he said quietly.

ordeal - calvario, tortura, ordalia

improvement - miglioramento, salto di qualita

precarious - precario

vehemence - veemenza

"Yes, my boy, I am giving my best attention to it; all is being done that I can do. I have not come to any conclusion-yet. I am neglecting nothing you said," I cried. What I could not do was to give his active mind any encouragement to dwell upon the mystery. It was a hard predicament, for some satisfaction had to be given him.

conclusion - conclusione

neglecting - mancare, negligere, omettere, ignorare, tralasciare, negligenza

encouragement - incoraggiamento

dwell - abitare, checkdimorare

predicament - situazione difficile

satisfaction - soddisfazione

He looked at me very wistfully, with the great blue eyes which shone so large and brilliant out of his white and worn face. "You must trust me," I said. "Yes, father. Father understands," he said to himself, as if to soothe some inward doubt. I left him as soon as I could.

wistfully - malinconicamente

trust - fiducia, confidenza, speranza, credito, affidabilita, trust

inward - intimo

He was about the most precious thing I had on earth, and his health my first thought; but yet somehow, in the excitement of this other subject, I put that aside, and preferred not to dwell upon Roland, which was the most curious part of it all.

aside - a parte, in disparte

most curious - piu curioso

That night at eleven I met Simson at the gate. He had come by train, and I let him in gently myself. I had been so much absorbed in the coming experiment that I passed the ruins in going to meet him, almost without thought, if you can understand that. I had my lantern; and he showed me a coil of taper which he had ready for use. "There is nothing like light," he said in his scoffing tone.

gently - soavemente, dolcemente, blandamente, delicatamente

absorbed in - assorbito in

coil - attorcigliarsi

taper - cero, (tape), nastro, audiocassetta, videocassetta

Scoffing - Sfotto

tone - tono

It was a very still night, scarcely a sound, but not so dark. We could keep the path without difficulty as we went along. As we approached the spot we could hear a low moaning, broken occasionally by a bitter cry. "Perhaps that is your voice," said the Doctor; "I thought it must be something of the kind.

approached - avvicinarsi

Occasionally - occasionalmente, saltuariamente, talvolta

Bitter - amaro, aspro

That's a poor brute caught in some of these infernal traps of yours; you'll find it among the bushes somewhere." I said nothing. I felt no particular fear, but a triumphant satisfaction in what was to follow. I led him to the spot where Bagley and I had stood on the previous night.

brute - bestia, bruto

infernal - infernale

traps - trappola

triumphant - trionfante

All was silent as a winter night could be,-so silent that we heard far off the sound of the horses in the stables, the shutting of a window at the house. Simson lighted his taper and went peering about, poking into all the corners. We looked like two conspirators lying in wait for some unfortunate traveller; but not a sound broke the quiet.

silent - silenzioso, muto, silente, tranquillo, silenzio

peering - Pari

poking - cacciare, dare un colpetto

conspirators - congiurato, congiurata, cospiratore, cospiratrice

unfortunate - sfortunato, iellato, sfigato, scalognato

The moaning had stopped before we came up; a star or two shone over us in the sky, looking down as if surprised at our strange proceedings. Dr. Simson did nothing but utter subdued laughs under his breath. "I thought as much," he said. "It is just the same with tables and all other kinds of ghostly apparatus; a sceptic's presence stops everything. When I am present nothing ever comes off.

proceedings - procedimento

utter - completo, totale

ghostly - spettrale, fantasmatico, spiritico

apparatus - impianto, attrezzatura, apparecchio, sistema

sceptic - scettico

How long do you think it will be necessary to stay here? Oh, I don't complain; only when you are satisfied I am-quite."

satisfied - soddisfare, accontentare, saziare

I will not deny that I was disappointed beyond measure by this result. It made me look like a credulous fool. It gave the Doctor such a pull over me as nothing else could. I should point all his morals for years to come; and his materialism, his scepticism, would be increased beyond endurance.

deny - negare

disappointed - deludere, dispiacere, contrariare

measure - misurazione, misura, righello, regolo, funzione di misura

credulous - credulo

morals - morale

materialism - materialismo

endurance - resistenza, sopportazione, durata, autonomia

"It seems, indeed," I said, "that there is to be no--" "Manifestation," he said, laughing; "that is what all the mediums say. No manifestations, in consequence of the presence of an unbeliever." His laugh sounded very uncomfortable to me in the silence; and it was now near midnight. But that laugh seemed the signal; before it died away the moaning we had heard before was resumed.

indeed - infatti, davvero, realmente, effettivamente, gia

mediums - medium

manifestations - manifestazione

unbeliever - miscredente

uncomfortable - scomodo

signal - segnale, campo, segnalare, indicare

resumed - riprendere

It started from some distance off, and came towards us, nearer and nearer, like some one walking along and moaning to himself. There could be no idea now that it was a hare caught in a trap. The approach was slow, like that of a weak person, with little halts and pauses. We heard it coming along the grass straight towards the vacant door-way. Simson had been a little startled by the first sound.

trap - trappola

approach - avvicinarsi

halts - fermare, fermarsi

pauses - mettere in pausa, pausa

coming along - Andiamo!, unirsi

startled - scattare, sobbalzare, spaventare, sorprendere, schivare, evitare

He said hastily, "That child has no business to be out so late." But he felt, as well as I, that this was no child's voice. As it came nearer, he grew silent, and, going to the door-way with his taper, stood looking out towards the sound. The taper being unprotected blew about in the night air, though there was scarcely any wind.

unprotected - improtetto

I threw the light of my lantern steady and white across the same space. It was in a blaze of light in the midst of the blackness. A little icy thrill had gone over me at the first sound, but as it came close, I confess that my only feeling was satisfaction. The scoffer could scoff no more. The light touched his own face, and showed a very perplexed countenance.

blaze - incendio

midst - in mezzo a*

icy - ghiacciato

thrill - eccitare, elettrizzare

confess - confessare

scoffer - Bufón

If he was afraid, he concealed it with great success, but he was perplexed. And then all that had happened on the previous night was enacted once more. It fell strangely upon me with a sense of repetition. Every cry, every sob seemed the same as before. I listened almost without any emotion at all in my own person, thinking of its effect upon Simson. He maintained a very bold front, on the whole.

concealed - nascondere, celare

enacted - promulgare, approvare, interpretare, realizzare, apportare

strangely - stranamente

repetition - ripetizione

sob - singhiozzare

emotion - emozione

maintained - mantenere

bold - ardito, coraggioso

All that coming and going of the voice was, if our ears could be trusted, exactly in front of the vacant, blank door-way, blazing full of light, which caught and shone in the glistening leaves of the great hollies at a little distance. Not a rabbit could have crossed the turf without being seen; but there was nothing.

trusted - fiducia, confidenza, speranza, credito, affidabilita, trust

hollies - agrifoglio

turf - erba, zolla, zolla d'erba, torba, piotare, zollare

After a time, Simson, with a certain caution and bodily reluctance, as it seemed to me, went out with his roll of taper into this space. His figure showed against the holly in full outline. Just at this moment the voice sank, as was its custom, and seemed to fling itself down at the door.

caution - cautela, prudenza

outline - contorno, sagoma, descrizione, sunto, bozza, contornare

custom - usanza, costume, uso, personalizzato, fatto ad hoc

fling - lanciare

Simson recoiled violently, as if some one had come up against him, then turned, and held his taper low, as if examining something. "Do you see anybody?" I cried in a whisper, feeling the chill of nervous panic steal over me at this action. "It's nothing but a-confounded juniper-bush," he said. This I knew very well to be nonsense, for the juniper-bush was on the other side.

recoiled - rinculo, ritrarsi, rinculare

violently - violentemente

examining - esaminare

chill - freddo

panic - panico

confounded - confondere

nonsense - sciocchezza, senza senso, priva di significato, ridicolaggine

He went about after this, round and round, poking his taper everywhere, then returned to me on the inner side of the wall. He scoffed no longer; his face was contracted and pale. "How long does this go on?" he whispered to me, like a man who does not wish to interrupt some one who is speaking.

scoffed - deridere

contracted - contrarre

whispered - sussurro, sussurrare

interrupt - interrompere, celare, ricoprire, tagliare

I had become too much perturbed myself to remark whether the successions and changes of the voice were the same as last night. It suddenly went out in the air almost as he was speaking, with a soft reiterated sob dying away. If there had been anything to be seen, I should have said that the person was at that moment crouching on the ground close to that door.

remark - osservazione, commento

successions - successione

reiterated - ribadire

dying away - morire, cessare

crouching - accucciarsi

We walked home very silent afterwards. It was only when we were in sight of the house that I said, "What do you think of it?" "I can't tell what to think of it," he said quickly. He took-though he was a very temperate man-not the claret I was going to offer him, but some brandy from the tray, and swallowed it almost undiluted.

temperate - temperato

claret - wine, wine-red color

tray - vassoio

swallowed - inghiottire, ingoiare

undiluted - non diluito

"Mind you, I don't believe a word of it," he said, when he had lighted his candle; "but I can't tell what to think," he turned round to add, when he was half-way upstairs.

I don't believe a word of it - Non credo a una sola parola

All of this, however, did me no good with the solution of my problem. I was to help this weeping, sobbing thing, which was already to me as distinct a personality as anything I knew; or what should I say to Roland? It was on my heart that my boy would die if I could not find some way of helping this creature. You may be surprised that I should speak of it in this way.

weeping - piangere

I did not know if it was man or woman; but I no more doubted that it was a soul in pain than I doubted my own being; and it was my business to soothe this pain,-to deliver it, if that was possible. Was ever such a task given to an anxious father trembling for his only boy?

doubted - dubitare, dubbio, perplessita

deliver - consegnare

I felt in my heart, fantastic as it may appear, that I must fulfil this somehow, or part with my child; and you may conceive that rather than do that I was ready to die. But even my dying would not have advanced me, unless by bringing me into the same world with that seeker at the door.

fulfil - adempiere, mantenere

conceive - concepire, sviluppare, ideare

advanced - avanzare, progredire, anticipare, migliorare, avvicinarsi

Unless - a meno che, se non

seeker - cercatore

Next morning Simson was out before breakfast, and came in with evident signs of the damp grass on his boots, and a look of worry and weariness, which did not say much for the night he had passed. He improved a little after breakfast, and visited his two patients,-for Bagley was still an invalid. I went out with him on his way to the train, to hear what he had to say about the boy.

evident - evidente

damp - umido, bagnato, madido, umidita, grisu, smorzare, soffocare

weariness - stanchezza

invalid - non valido*

"He is going on very well," he said; "there are no complications as yet. But mind you, that's not a boy to be trifled with, Mortimer. Not a word to him about last night." I had to tell him then of my last interview with Roland, and of the impossible demand he had made upon me, by which, though he tried to laugh, he was much discomposed, as I could see.

complications - complicazione

trifled - zuppa inglese, un tantino, un po', bagattella, briciola

demand - domanda, richiesta, rivendicazione, bisogno, necessita

discomposed - scomporsi

"We must just perjure ourselves all round," he said, "and swear you exorcised it"; but the man was too kind-hearted to be satisfied with that. "It's frightfully serious for you, Mortimer. I can't laugh as I should like to. I wish I saw a way out of it, for your sake. By the way," he added shortly, "didn't you notice that juniper-bush on the left-hand side?

perjure - spergiurare

swear - giurare

exorcised - esorcizzare

frightfully - spaventosamente

shortly - subito, tra poco, in breve

" "There was one on the right hand of the door. I noticed you made that mistake last night." "Mistake!" he cried, with a curious low laugh, pulling up the collar of his coat as though he felt the cold,-"there's no juniper there this morning, left or right. Just go and see." As he stepped into the train a few minutes after, he looked back upon me and beckoned me for a parting word.

pulling up - tirando su

collar - bavero, bavera, collo, colletto, collare

beckoned - accennare

"I'm coming back tonight," he said.

I don't think I had any feeling about this as I turned away from that common bustle of the railway which made my private preoccupations feel so strangely out of date. There had been a distinct satisfaction in my mind before, that his scepticism had been so entirely defeated. But the more serious part of the matter pressed upon me now.

bustle - viavai, andirivieni, sottana, affaccendarsi, pullulare

private - personale, riservato, privato, privata

preoccupations - preoccupazione

defeated - sconfiggere

pressed - premere, pigiare

I went straight from the railway to the manse, which stood on a little plateau on the side of the river opposite to the woods of Brentwood. The minister was one of a class which is not so common in Scotland as it used to be.

manse - casa

plateau - altopiano

opposite to - opposto

minister - ministro

He was a man of good family, well educated in the Scotch way, strong in philosophy, not so strong in Greek, strongest of all in experience,-a man who had "come across," in the course of his life, most people of note that had ever been in Scotland, and who was said to be very sound in doctrine, without infringing the toleration with which old men, who are good men, are generally endowed.

educated - istruire, educare

Scotch - scozzesi

Philosophy - filosofia

Greek - greco, greca

doctrine - dottrina

infringing - infrangere

generally - in genere, generalmente, di solito, in generale, a grandi linee

endowed - dotare, finanziare, foraggiare, provvedere

He was old-fashioned; perhaps he did not think so much about the troublous problems of theology as many of the young men, nor ask himself any hard questions about the Confession of Faith; but he understood human nature, which is perhaps better. He received me with a cordial welcome.

troublous - problematico

theology - teologia

confession - confessione

Faith - fede, fiducia

cordial - cordiale

"Come away, Colonel Mortimer," he said; "I'm all the more glad to see you, that I feel it's a good sign for the boy. He's doing well?-God be praised,-and the Lord bless him and keep him. He has many a poor body's prayers, and that can do nobody harm."

Praised - elogio, lode, complimento, adorazione, gloria

Lord - castellano, signore, nobile, nobiluomo, nobildonna, dominare

bless - benedire

prayers - preghiera

harm - danno, male, ferita, svantaggio, danneggiare

"He will need them all, Dr. Moncrieff," I said, "and your counsel, too." And I told him the story,-more than I had told Simson. The old clergyman listened to me with many suppressed exclamations, and at the end the water stood in his eyes.

counsel - consiglio, avvocato

clergyman - chierico, prete, sacerdote, ecclesiastico

suppressed - sopprimere

exclamations - esclamazione

"That's just beautiful," he said. "I do not mind to have heard anything like it; it's as fine as Burns when he wished deliverance to one-that is prayed for in no kirk. Ay, ay! so he would have you console the poor lost spirit? God bless the boy! There's something more than common in that, Colonel Mortimer. And also the faith of him in his father!-I would like to put that into a sermon.

deliverance - liberazione, consegnato, checkverdetto, checkparto

prayed - pregare

sermon - sermone, predica

" Then the old gentleman gave me an alarmed look, and said, "No, no; I was not meaning a sermon; but I must write it down for the 'Children's Record.'" I saw the thought that passed through his mind. Either he thought, or he feared I would think, of a funeral sermon. You may believe this did not make me more cheerful.

funeral - funerale

more cheerful - piu allegro

I can scarcely say that Dr. Moncrieff gave me any advice. How could any one advise on such a subject? But he said, "I think I'll come too. I'm an old man; I'm less liable to be frightened than those that are further off the world unseen. It behooves me to think of my own journey there. I've no cut-and-dry beliefs on the subject.

advise on - consigliare

liable - responsabile, punibile, passibile

unseen - non visto

behooves - conviene

journey there - viaggiare li

beliefs - credito, credenza, convinzione, opinione, fede

I'll come too; and maybe at the moment the Lord will put into our heads what to do."

This gave me a little comfort,-more than Simson had given me. To be clear about the cause of it was not my grand desire. It was another thing that was in my mind,-my boy. As for the poor soul at the open door, I had no more doubt, as I have said, of its existence than I had of my own. It was no ghost to me. I knew the creature, and it was in trouble.

That was my feeling about it, as it was Roland's. To hear it first was a great shock to my nerves, but not now; a man will get accustomed to anything. But to do something for it was the great problem; how was I to be serviceable to a being that was invisible, that was mortal no longer? "Maybe at the moment the Lord will put it into our heads.

nerves - nervo, nervatura, coraggio, faccia tosta, sfacciataggine

serviceable - utilizzabile

" This is very old-fashioned phraseology, and a week before, most likely, I should have smiled (though always with kindness) at Dr. Moncrieff's credulity; but there was a great comfort, whether rational or otherwise I cannot say, in the mere sound of the words.

phraseology - fraseologia

kindness - bonta, gentilezza, cortesia, garbo

credulity - credulita

rational - razionale

otherwise - altrimenti, differentemente, in altre circostanze, tuttavia

mere - semplice, solo

The road to the station and the village lay through the glen, not by the ruins; but though the sunshine and the fresh air, and the beauty of the trees, and the sound of the water were all very soothing to the spirits, my mind was so full of my own subject that I could not refrain from turning to the right hand as I got to the top of the glen, and going straight to the place which I may call the scene of all my thoughts. It was lying full in the sunshine, like all the rest of the world. The ruined gable looked due east, and in the present aspect of the sun the light streamed down through the door-way as our lantern had done, throwing a flood of light upon the damp grass beyond. There was a strange suggestion in the open door,-so futile, a kind of emblem of vanity: all free around, so that you could go where you pleased, and yet that semblance of an enclosure,-that way of entrance, unnecessary, leading to nothing. And why any creature should pray and weep to get in-to nothing, or be kept out-by nothing! You could not dwell upon it, or it made your brain go round. I remembered, however, what Simson said about the juniper, with a little smile on my own mind as to the inaccuracy of recollection which even a scientific man will be guilty of. I could see now the light of my lantern gleaming upon the wet glistening surface of the spiky leaves at the right hand,-and he ready to go to the stake for it that it was the left! I went round to make sure. And then I saw what he had said. Right or left there was no juniper at all! I was confounded by this, though it was entirely a matter of detail: nothing at all,-a bush of brambles waving, the grass growing up to the very walls. But after all, though it gave me a shock for a moment, what did that matter? There were marks as if a number of footsteps had been up and down in front of the door, but these might have been our steps; and all was bright and peaceful and still. I poked about the other ruin-the larger ruins of the old house-for some time, as I had done before. There were marks upon the grass here and there-I could not call them footsteps-all about; but that told for nothing one way or another. I had examined the ruined rooms closely the first day. They were half-filled up with soil and debris, withered brackens and bramble,-no refuge for any one there. It vexed me that Jarvis should see me coming from that spot when he came up to me for his orders. I don't know whether my nocturnal expeditions had got wind among the servants. But there was a significant look in his face. Something in it I felt was like my own sensation when Simson in the midst of his scepticism was struck dumb. Jarvis felt satisfied that his veracity had been put beyond question. I never spoke to a servant of mine in such a peremptory tone before. I sent him away "with a flea in his lug," as the man described it afterwards. Interference of any kind was intolerable to me at such a moment.

sunshine - luce del sole

beauty - bellezza

soothing - calmante

spirits - spirito

refrain - refrain, ritornello

thoughts - idea, pensata, pensiero

due - dovuto

streamed - corrente, ruscello, rivo, flusso, semestre

flood - inondazione, alluvione

futile - futile

emblem - emblema, raffigurazione, simbolo

vanity - vanita

semblance - sembianza, parvenza, apparenza

unnecessary - superfluo, eccessivo, inutile

leading - che conduce

Pray - pregare

weep - piangere

inaccuracy - inesattezza

guilty - colpevole

gleaming - scintillante

surface - superficie, venire a galla, emergere

spiky - spigoloso

stake - palo, paletto, picchetto, piolo

peaceful - pacifico

poked - cacciare, dare un colpetto

examined - esaminare

closely - strettamente, da vicino, a stretto contatto

debris - macerie, rovine, calcinacci, ruderi, residui

withered - seccarsi, far appassire

brackens - felce, felce aquilina

refuge - rifugio, riparo

vexed - vessare, innervosire, tormentare, infastidire

nocturnal - notturno

expeditions - spedizione

significant - significativo, eloquente, epocale, rimarchevole

sensation - sensazione, senso, impressione

dumb - muto

veracity - veridicita

beyond question - oltre ogni dubbio

servant - servo, servitore, domestico, famiglio

peremptory - irrefutabile, inconfutabile, perentorio, imperioso, tassativo

flea - pulce

lug - trascinare

interference - intromissione

intolerable - intollerabile, insopportabile

But what was strangest of all was, that I could not face Roland. I did not go up to his room, as I would have naturally done, at once. This the girls could not understand. They saw there was some mystery in it. "Mother has gone to lie down," Agatha said; "he has had such a good night." "But he wants you so, papa!

naturally - naturalmente

" cried little Jeanie, always with her two arms embracing mine in a pretty way she had. I was obliged to go at last, but what could I say? I could only kiss him, and tell him to keep still,-that I was doing all I could. There is something mystical about the patience of a child. "It will come all right, won't it, father?" he said. "God grant it may! I hope so, Roland.

embracing - abbracciare, aderire, inglobare, abbraccio

kiss - baciare

keep still - rimanere fermo

mystical - mistico

patience - pazienza

Grant - permettere, concedere, conferire, ammettere, garantire

" "Oh, yes, it will come all right." Perhaps he understood that in the midst of my anxiety I could not stay with him as I should have done otherwise. But the girls were more surprised than it is possible to describe. They looked at me with wondering eyes. "If I were ill, papa, and you only stayed with me a moment, I should break my heart," said Agatha. But the boy had a sympathetic feeling.

wondering - chiedersi, (wonder), meraviglia, domandarsi

sympathetic - sensibile

He knew that of my own will I would not have done it. I shut myself up in the library, where I could not rest, but kept pacing up and down like a caged beast. What could I do? and if I could do nothing, what would become of my boy? These were the questions that, without ceasing, pursued each other through my mind.

pacing - Paso

caged - gabbia, cabina

beast - bestia, belva

ceasing - cessare, (cease), arrestare, smettere, interrompere

pursued - perseguire, perseguitare, tormentare, inseguire, cercare

Simson came out to dinner, and when the house was all still, and most of the servants in bed, we went out and met Dr. Moncrieff, as we had appointed, at the head of the glen. Simson, for his part, was disposed to scoff at the Doctor. "If there are to be any spells, you know, I'll cut the whole concern," he said. I did not make him any reply.

appointed - fissare, costituire, nominare, designare, assegnare

disposed - eliminare, disporre, mettere, depositare, distribuire

scoff at - deridere

concern - interesse, preoccupazione, impresa, interessare

I had not invited him; he could go or come as he pleased. He was very talkative, far more so than suited my humour, as we went on. "One thing is certain, you know; there must be some human agency," he said. "It is all bosh about apparitions. I never have investigated the laws of sound to any great extent, and there's a great deal in ventriloquism that we don't know much about.

talkative - loquace, chiacchierino, garrulo

agency - agenzia

apparitions - apparizione

investigated - investigare, indagare

extent - estensione, misura

ventriloquism - ventriloquio

" "If it's the same to you," I said, "I wish you'd keep all that to yourself, Simson. It doesn't suit my state of mind." "Oh, I hope I know how to respect idiosyncrasy," he said. The very tone of his voice irritated me beyond measure. These scientific fellows, I wonder people put up with them as they do, when you have no mind for their cold-blooded confidence. Dr.

respect - rispetto, riguardo, materia, rispettare

idiosyncrasy - idiosincrasia, mania, fissazione, insofferenza

irritated - irritare

fellows - uomo, tipo

cold-blooded - (cold-blooded) sangue freddo

Moncrieff met us about eleven o'clock, the same time as on the previous night. He was a large man, with a venerable countenance and white hair,-old, but in full vigour, and thinking less of a cold night walk than many a younger man. He had his lantern, as I had. We were fully provided with means of lighting the place, and we were all of us resolute men.

venerable - venerabile, venerando, onorevole, rispettabile, sacro

full vigour - pieno vigore

fully - pienamente, completamente, appieno, ampiamente

resolute - risoluto

We had a rapid consultation as we went up, and the result was that we divided to different posts. Dr. Moncrieff remained inside the wall-if you can call that inside where there was no wall but one. Simson placed himself on the side next the ruins, so as to intercept any communication with the old house, which was what his mind was fixed upon. I was posted on the other side.

rapid - rapido, deciso, rapida, cataratta

consultation - consultazione

divided - dividere, spartire, spartirsi

intercept - intercettazione

To say that nothing could come near without being seen was self-evident. It had been so also on the previous night. Now, with our three lights in the midst of the darkness, the whole place seemed illuminated. Dr.

come near - avvicinarsi

self - stesso

illuminated - illuminare, chiarire, miniare

Moncrieff's lantern, which was a large one, without any means of shutting up,-an old-fashioned lantern with a pierced and ornamental top,-shone steadily, the rays shooting out of it upward into the gloom. He placed it on the grass, where the middle of the room, if this had been a room, would have been.

pierced - trapassare, trafiggere

ornamental - ornamentale

steadily - costantemente

rays - raggio

shooting - sparatoria

upward - verso l'alto

The usual effect of the light streaming out of the door-way was prevented by the illumination which Simson and I on either side supplied. With these differences, everything seemed as on the previous night.

illumination - illuminazione

supplied - fornire

And what occurred was exactly the same, with the same air of repetition, point for point, as I had formerly remarked.

Formerly - In passato

remarked - osservazione, commento

I declare that it seemed to me as if I were pushed against, put aside, by the owner of the voice as he paced up and down in his trouble,-though these are perfectly futile words, seeing that the stream of light from my lantern, and that from Simson's taper, lay broad and clear, without a shadow, without the smallest break, across the entire breadth of the grass.

declare - dichiarare

paced - passo

stream - corrente, ruscello, rivo, flusso, semestre

broad - largo

shadow - ombra, pedinare

entire - intero, intera

breadth - larghezza

But just as it threw itself sobbing at the door (I cannot use other words), there suddenly came something which sent the blood coursing through my veins, and my heart into my mouth. It was a voice inside the wall,-my minister's well-known voice. I would have been prepared for it in any kind of adjuration, but I was not prepared for what I heard.

adjuration - adjurazione

It came out with a sort of stammering, as if too much moved for utterance. "Willie, Willie! Oh, God preserve us! is it you?"

stammering - balbettio, balbettamento, ciangottio

utterance - pronunciamento

preserve - riserva, preservare, proteggere, salvaguardare, conservare

I made a dash round to the other side of the wall. The old minister was standing where I had left him, his shadow thrown vague and large upon the grass by the lantern which stood at his feet. I lifted my own light to see his face. He was very pale, his eyes wet and glistening, his mouth quivering with parted lips. He neither saw nor heard me.

Dash - lineetta, linea, scatto, spruzzo, pizzico, goccio, saltare

quivering - tremare, tremolare

His whole being seemed absorbed in anxiety and tenderness. He held out his hands, which trembled, but it seemed to me with eagerness, not fear. He went on speaking all the time. "Willie, if it is you,-and it's you, if it is not a delusion of Satan,-Willie, lad! why come ye here frighting them that know you not? Why came ye not to me? Your mother's gone with your name on her lips.

absorbed - assorbire, incorporare, includere, assorbere, assorto

tenderness - tenerezza

trembled - tremare, tremolare, tremore

Satan - Satana

frighting - spavento

Do you think she would ever close her door on her own lad? Do ye think the Lord will close the door, ye faint-hearted creature? No!-I forbid ye! I forbid ye!" cried the old man. The sobbing voice had begun to resume its cries. He made a step forward, calling out the last words in a voice of command. "I forbid ye! Cry out no more to man. Go home, ye wandering spirit! go home! Do you hear me?

forbid - proibire, vietare, negare, smentire

resume - riprendere

-me that christened ye, that have struggled with ye, that have wrestled for ye with the Lord!" Here the loud tones of his voice sank into tenderness. "And her too, poor woman! poor woman! her you are calling upon. She's no here. You'll find her with the Lord. Go there and seek her, not here. Do you hear me, lad? go after her there. He'll let you in, though it's late. Man, take heart!

christened - battezzare, inaugurare

struggled - lotta, lottare

wrestled - lottare

tones - tono

poor woman - povera donna

seek - cercare, ricercare

take heart - sentirsi piu sicuro, trovare conforto

if you will lie and sob and greet, let it be at heaven's gate, and no your poor mother's ruined door."

Heaven - cielo, paradiso

He stopped to get his breath; and the voice had stopped, not as it had done before, when its time was exhausted and all its repetitions said, but with a sobbing catch in the breath as if overruled. Then the minister spoke again, "Are you hearing me, Will? Oh, laddie, you've liked the beggarly elements all your days. Be done with them now. Go home to the Father-the Father! Are you hearing me?

exhausted - esaurire

repetitions - ripetizione

overruled - annullare

laddie - small boy

beggarly - mendicante

elements - elemento, elementi, ambiente

" Here the old man sank down upon his knees, his face raised upwards, his hands held up with a tremble in them, all white in the light in the midst of the darkness. I resisted as long as I could, though I cannot tell why; then I, too, dropped upon my knees.

tremble - tremare, tremolare, tremore

Simson all the time stood in the door-way, with an expression in his face such as words could not tell, his under lip dropped, his eyes wild, staring. It seemed to be to him, that image of blank ignorance and wonder, that we were praying. All the time the voice, with a low arrested sobbing, lay just where he was standing, as I thought.

lip - labbro, beccuccio

ignorance - ignoranza

praying - pregare

arrested - arresto, arrestare

"Lord," the minister said,-"Lord, take him into Thy everlasting habitations. The mother he cries to is with Thee. Who can open to him but Thee? Lord, when is it too late for Thee, or what is too hard for Thee? Lord, let that woman there draw him inower! Let her draw him inower!"

thy - tuo, tua, tuoi, tue

everlasting - eterno, imperituro, immortale

habitations - abitazione

thee - te, ti, tu

inower - ordine del giorno

I sprang forward to catch something in my arms that flung itself wildly within the door. The illusion was so strong, that I never paused till I felt my forehead graze against the wall and my hands clutch the ground,-for there was nobody there to save from falling, as in my foolishness I thought. Simson held out his hand to me to help me up.

illusion - illusione

paused - mettere in pausa, pausa

graze - sbucciatura, escoriazione, pascolare, pascere, brucare

He was trembling and cold, his lower lip hanging, his speech almost inarticulate. "It's gone," he said, stammering,-"it's gone!"

lower lip - labbro inferiore

As long as I live I will never forget the shining of the strange lights, the blackness all round, the kneeling figure with all the whiteness of the light concentrated on its white venerable head and uplifted hands. I never knew how long we stood, like sentinels guarding him at his prayers.

shining - brillare, far luce con

kneeling - in ginocchio, (kneel), inginocchiarsi

whiteness - bianchezza, biancore

concentrated - concentrare, concentrarsi, incentrare, focalizzare, puntare

uplifted - elevare, esaltare

sentinels - sentinella

guarding - guardia, piantone, custode, elsa

But at last the old minister rose from his knees, and standing up at his full height, raised his arms, as the Scotch manner is at the end of a religious service, and solemnly gave the apostolical benediction,-to what? to the silent earth, the dark woods, the wide breathing atmosphere; for we were but spectators gasping an Amen!

religious - religioso

apostolical - apostolico

benediction - benedizione

breathing - respirazione, (breath), respiro, lena, alito, fiato

atmosphere - atmosfera

spectators - spettatore

gasping - rantolare, (gasp), restare senza fiato, restare a bocca aperta

Amen - amen, cosi sia

It seemed to me that it must be the middle of the night, as we all walked back. It was in reality very late. Dr. Moncrieff himself was the first to speak. "I must be going," he said; "I will go down the glen, as I came."

reality - realta

"But not alone. I am going with you, Doctor."

"Well, I will not oppose it. I am an old man, and agitation wearies more than work. Yes; I'll be thankful of your arm. Tonight, Colonel, you've done me more good turns than one."

oppose - opporre, obiettare, essere contrari, esibire

agitation - agitazione

wearies - annoiato, tediato, spossato, stanco, annoiare, annoiarsi

I pressed his hand on my arm, not feeling able to speak. But Simson, who turned with us, and who had gone along all this time with his taper flaring, in entire unconsciousness, became himself, sceptical and cynical. "I should like to ask you a question," he said. "Do you believe in Purgatory, Doctor? It's not in the tenets of the Church, so far as I know."

gone along - e andato avanti

flaring - bagliore, sfolgorare, brillare, scintillare

unconsciousness - incoscienza

sceptical - scettico

cynical - cinico

Purgatory - Purgatorio

tenets - principio, fondamento, cardine

"Sir," said Dr. Moncrieff, "an old man like me is sometimes not very sure what he believes. There is just one thing I am certain of-and that is the loving-kindness of God."

"But I thought that was in this life. I am no theologian--"

theologian - teologo, teologa

"Sir," said the old man again, with a tremor in him which I could feel going over all his frame, "if I saw a friend of mine within the gates of hell, I would not despair but his Father would take him by the hand still, if he cried like you."

frame - incorniciare, incastrare, impalcatura, incastellatura, armatura

hell - inferno

despair - disperazione

"I allow it is very strange, very strange. I cannot see through it. That there must be human agency, I feel sure. Doctor, what made you decide upon the person and the name?"

The minister put out his hand with the impatience which a man might show if he were asked how he recognized his brother. "Tuts!" he said, in familiar speech; then more solemnly, "How should I not recognize a person that I know better-far better-than I know you?"

Impatience - Impazienza

familiar - familiare, spirito famigliare, famiglio

"Then you saw the man?"

Dr. Moncrieff made no reply. He moved his hand again with a little impatient movement, and walked on, leaning heavily on my arm. We parted with him at his own door, where his old housekeeper appeared in great perturbation, waiting for him. "Eh, me, minister! the young gentleman will be worse?" she cried.

impatient - impaziente

heavily - pesantemente, fortemente, intensamente

housekeeper - governante, casalinga

perturbation - perturbazione

eh - eh

"Far from that-better. God bless him!" Dr. Moncrieff said.

I think if Simson had begun again to me with his questions, I should have pitched him over the rocks as we returned up the glen; but he was silent, by a good inspiration. And the sky was clearer than it had been for many nights, shining high over the trees, with here and there a star faintly gleaming through the wilderness of dark and bare branches. We went up to the boy's room when we went in.

inspiration - inspirazione, inalazione, respiro, ispirazione, illuminazione

shining - stinco

faintly - debolmente, tenuemente, fiocamente, fievolmente

wilderness - natura

bare - nudo

There we found the complete hush of rest. My wife looked up out of a doze, and gave me a smile; "I think he is a great deal better; but you are very late," she said in a whisper, shading the light with her hand that the Doctor might see his patient. The boy had got back something like his own colour. He woke as we stood all round his bed.

doze - sonnecchiare

shading - ombreggiatura, (shad), agone, alosa

His eyes had the happy, half-awakened look of childhood, glad to shut again, yet pleased with the interruption and glimmer of the light. I stooped over him and kissed his forehead, which was moist and cool. "All is well, Roland," I said. He looked up at me with a glance of pleasure, and took my hand and laid his cheek upon it, and so went to sleep.

awakened - svegliare, svegliarsi

childhood - infanzia

interruption - interruzione

glimmer - barlume, filo

stooped - chinarsi, abbassarsi

kissed - baciare

moist - umido

glance - dare un'occhiata, sbirciare, occhieggiare, radere, rasentare

cheek - guancia, gota, chiappa, faccia tosta, sfrontatezza, impudenza

For some nights after, I watched among the ruins, spending all the dark hours up to midnight patrolling about the bit of wall which was associated with so many emotions; but I heard nothing, and saw nothing beyond the quiet course of nature; nor, so far as I am aware, has anything been heard again. Dr. Moncrieff gave me the history of the youth, whom he never hesitated to name.

patrolling - pattugliare

emotions - emozione

youth - gioventu, giovinezza, giovane, giovanotto, ragazzo

hesitated - esitare, titubare

I did not ask, as Simson did, how he recognized him. He had been a prodigal,-weak, foolish, easily imposed upon, and "led away," as people say. All that we had heard had passed actually in life, the Doctor said.

prodigal - prodigo, generoso

foolish - babbeo, sciocco

imposed - imporre, abusare

The young man had come home thus a day or two after his mother died,-who was no more than housekeeper in the old house,-and distracted with the news, had thrown himself down at the door and called upon her to let him in. The old man could scarcely speak of it for tears. He was not terrified, as I had been myself, and all the rest of us.

distracted - distrarre

terrified - terrificare

It was no "ghost," as I fear we all vulgarly considered it, to him,-but a poor creature whom he knew under these conditions, just as he had known him in the flesh, having no doubt of his identity. And to Roland it was the same. This spirit in pain,-if it was a spirit,-this voice out of the unseen,-was a poor fellow-creature in misery, to be succoured and helped out of his trouble, to my boy.

vulgarly - volgarmente

flesh - carne

identity - identita

succoured - soccorso

helped out - aiutato

He spoke to me quite frankly about it when he got better. "I knew father would find out some way," he said. And this was when he was strong and well, and all idea that he would turn hysterical or become a seer of visions had happily passed away.

frankly - francamente

visions - vista, acutezza visiva, visione, allucinazione, miraggio

I must add one curious fact, which does not seem to me to have any relation to the above, but which Simson made great use of, as the human agency which he was determined to find somehow.

relation - relazione, parente

One Sunday afternoon Simson found a little hole,-for it was more a hole than a room,-entirely hidden under the ivy and ruins, in which there was a quantity of straw laid in a corner, as if some one had made a bed there, and some remains of crusts about the floor.

straw - festuca, pagliuzza, paglia

laid in - accumulare

crusts - crosta

Some one had lodged there, and not very long before, he made out; and that this unknown being was the author of all the mysterious sounds we heard he is convinced. "I was puzzled myself,-I could not make it out,-but I always felt convinced human agency was at the bottom of it. And here it is,-and a clever fellow he must have been," the Doctor says. There is no argument with men of this kind.

lodged - casino, guardiola, portineria, loggia, alloggiare

unknown - ignoto, sconosciuto, carneade

puzzled - mistero, rompicapo, indovinello, rendere perplesso

Bagley left my service as soon as he got well. He assured me it was no want of respect, but he could not stand "them kind of things"; and the man was so shaken and ghastly that I was glad to give him a present and let him go. For my own part, I made a point of staying out the time-two years-for which I had taken Brentwood; but I did not renew my tenancy.

assured - assicurato, (assure), assicurare, garantire

ghastly - terrificante, spaventoso, agghiacciante, terribile, pessimo

renew - rinnovare

tenancy - locazione

By that time we had settled, and found for ourselves a pleasant home of our own.

I must add, that when the Doctor defies me, I can always bring back gravity to his countenance, and a pause in his railing, when I remind him of the juniper-bush. To me that was a matter of little importance. I could believe I was mistaken. I did not care about it one way or other; but on his mind the effect was different.

defies - sfidare, abiurare

railing - ringhiera

remind - ricordare

The miserable voice, the spirit in pain, he could think of as the result of ventriloquism, or reverberation, or-anything you please: an elaborate prolonged hoax, executed somehow by the tramp that had found a lodging in the old tower; but the juniper-bush staggered him. Things have effects so different on the minds of different men.

reverberation - riverbero

elaborate - elaborato, dettagliato, intricato, approfondire, dettagliare

prolonged - prolungare

hoax - frodare, frode, inganno, bufala

executed - giustiziare, lanciare

lodging - alloggio, allettamento, (lodge), casino, guardiola, portineria

staggered - barcollare

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