sign - signo; senal

Chapter I - The Science of Deduction

Chapter - capítulo, sede, sección

deduction - deducción

Sherlock Holmes took his bottle from the corner of the mantel-piece and his hypodermic syringe from its neat morocco case. With his long, white, nervous fingers he adjusted the delicate needle, and rolled back his left shirt-cuff. For some little time his eyes rested thoughtfully upon the sinewy forearm and wrist all dotted and scarred with innumerable puncture-marks.

corner - ángulo, checkrincón, esquina, acorralar, girar, virar, maniobrar

hypodermic - hipodérmica; hipodérmico

syringe - jeringa, jeringuilla

neat - bien; pulcro, ordenado

morocco - Marruecos

case - caso

nervous - nervioso

fingers - dedos; apuntar, senalar, hurgar, dedear

adjusted - ajustado; ajustar, arreglar, regular, adaptar

delicate - delicado, delicado (1, 2)

needle - aguja, acícula

rolled - rodando; rollo

cuff - muneca; puno

rested - descansado; descanso, reposo

thoughtfully - Pensadamente

upon - sobre, en, tras

sinewy - endinoso; correoso, fibroso

forearm - antebrazo

wrist - muneca; muneca

scarred - con cicatrices; cicatriz

innumerable - innumerables; innumerable, incontable

puncture - pinchazo, perforar

marks - marcas; Marcos, Evangelio según San Marcos

Finally he thrust the sharp point home, pressed down the tiny piston, and sank back into the velvet-lined arm-chair with a long sigh of satisfaction.

finally - por fin, finalmente, por fin

thrust - estocada, empuje, envión, impulso, énfasis, propulsar, asestar

sharp point - punto afilado

pressed down - Presionar

tiny - pequeno; diminuto, minúsculo, pequenito

piston - pistón, émbolo

sank - se hundió; hundir, sumergir, sumergirse, lavamanos, fregadero

velvet - terciopelo

arm-chair - (arm-chair) sillón

sigh - suspiro; suspirar

satisfaction - satisfacción, satisfacción

Three times a day for many months I had witnessed this performance, but custom had not reconciled my mind to it. On the contrary, from day to day I had become more irritable at the sight, and my conscience swelled nightly within me at the thought that I had lacked the courage to protest. Again and again I had registered a vow that I should deliver my soul upon the subject, but there was that in the cool, nonchalant air of my companion which made him the last man with whom one would care to take anything approaching to a liberty.

witnessed - testigos; testimonio, testigo, prueba, testificar, probar

performance - endimiento; actuación, cumplimiento, ejecución, desempeno

custom - habituación, costumbre, usanza, a medida, especializado

reconciled - reconciliado; reconciliar, avenir

mind - mente, concentración, opinión, juicio, propósito, voluntad

contrary - contrario

more irritable - más irritable

sight - vista, lugar de interés, espectáculo, panorama, visor, mira, ver

conscience - conciencia

swelled - hinchado; hinchar(se), inflar(se)

nightly - Cada noche

within - dentro de, adentro

lacked - le faltaba; carecer de

courage - coraje, valor, valentía

protest - protestar, proclamar, oponerse, objetar, protesta, manifestación

registered - registrado; registro, registro, registrar, registrarse

vow - voto, manda, promesa

deliver - cumplir; liberar, parir, dar a luz, entregar

soul - alma, espíritu

nonchalant - casual, relajado, indiferente

companion - companero; companero, companera

Last - el último; último

whom - a quién; quién, quiénes, cuyo, quien

care - te importa; cuidado

approaching - se acerca; acercarse, aproximarse

liberty - libertad

His great powers, his masterly manner, and the experience which I had had of his many extraordinary qualities, all made me diffident and backward in crossing him.

powers - poderes; poder, potencia, corriente, electricidad, potenciar

masterly - Magistral

manner - de qué manera; manera, modo, forma, actitud

Experience - experiencia, vivencia, experimentar, vivir

extraordinary - extraordinario, descomunal

qualities - ualidades; calidad, cualidad, de calidad

diffident - diferente; difidente, apocado, tímido

backward - hacia atrás; atrasado, rezagado, subdesarrollado

Crossing - cruzando; cruce, crucero, edestrian; (cross); cruz, aspa

Yet upon that afternoon, whether it was the Beaune which I had taken with my lunch, or the additional exasperation produced by the extreme deliberation of his manner, I suddenly felt that I could hold out no longer.

whether - si, si , o, ya sea

additional - adicional, extra, de más

exasperation - exasperación

produced - producido; producir, realizar, producto, producción, cosecha

extreme - extremo

deliberation - deliberación

suddenly - de repente, repentinamente, de pronto, súbitamente

hold out - aguantar, mantenerse firme

"Which is it to-day?" I asked,-"morphine or cocaine?"

morphine - morfina

cocaine - cocaína

He raised his eyes languidly from the old black-letter volume which he had opened. "It is cocaine," he said,-"a seven-per-cent. solution. Would you care to try it?"

raised - levantado; levantar

languidly - lánguidamente

volume - volumen

per - por

solution - solución

"No, indeed," I answered, brusquely. "My constitution has not got over the Afghan campaign yet. I cannot afford to throw any extra strain upon it."

indeed - de verdad; de hecho, realmente, efectivamente, verdaderamente

brusquely - bruscamente

constitution - constitución, constituciones

got over - superar, recuperarse

Afghan - afgano, afgana

campaign - campana; campana, sondear

afford - pagar; costear, permitirse

throw - lanzar, tirar

strain - tensión; estirar, tensar

He smiled at my vehemence. "Perhaps you are right, Watson," he said. "I suppose that its influence is physically a bad one. I find it, however, so transcendently stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its secondary action is a matter of small moment."

smiled - sonrió; sonrisa, sonreír

vehemence - vehemencia, hervor

Perhaps - acaso, quizá, quizás, tal vez

suppose - supongo; suponer

influence - influencia, influir, influenciar

physically - físicamente

transcendently - trascendentalmente

stimulating - estimulante; estimular

clarifying - aclarando; clarificar, aclarar, esclarecer, poner en claro

secondary - secundaria; secundario, suplente

matter - importa; materia, asunto, cuestión, tema

"But consider!" I said, earnestly. "count the cost! Your brain may, as you say, be roused and excited, but it is a pathological and morbid process, which involves increased tissue-change and may at last leave a permanent weakness. You know, too, what a black reaction comes upon you. Surely the game is hardly worth the candle. Why should you, for a mere passing pleasure, risk the loss of those great powers with which you have been endowed?

Consider - considerar, barajar, sopesar, observar

count the cost - contar el coste

brain - cerebro, seso, sesudez

roused - despertado; despertar

pathological - patológico, malsano, enfermizo, morboso

morbid - mórbida; mórbido, morboso

process - proceso

involves - implica; elevar, envolver, envolverse con, involucrarse

increased - aumentado; aumentar, acrecentar, incrementar, subir

tissue - tejido, panuelo, panuelo de papel, clínex

permanent - permanente

weakness - debilidad, flaqueza, punto débil, debilidad por, carino

reaction - reacción

surely - seguro; seguramente, checksin duda

hardly - apenas, a duras penas

worth - vale la pena; valor

candle - una vela; vela, candela, cirio

mere - simple, mero

passing - pasando; pasajero, excelente, superficial, somero

pleasure - placer, voluptuosidad, gustar

Risk - riesgo, checkpeligro, arriesgar, poner en riesgo

Loss - pérdida

those - esos, esas, aquéllos, aquellas

endowed - dotar, costear, financiar, ser bendecido, ser dotado

Remember that I speak not only as one comrade to another, but as a medical man to one for whose constitution he is to some extent answerable."

comrade - companero, colega, camarada, correligionario, camarada

medical - médico

whose - de quién; quién, quien, cuyo, cuya, cuyas

extent - en qué medida; extensión

answerable - responsable

He did not seem offended. On the contrary, he put his finger-tips together and leaned his elbows on the arms of his chair, like one who has a relish for conversation.

Seem - parecer

offended - ofendido; ofender

finger-tips - (finger-tips) punta de dedo; dedil

leaned - apoyado; inclinarse

elbows - codos; codo, codazo, panish: t-needed

relish - saborear

"My mind," he said, "rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. That is why I have chosen my own particular profession,-or rather created it, for I am the only one in the world."

rebels - rebeldes; rebelde

stagnation - estancamiento

abstruse - abstruso

cryptogram - criptograma

intricate - intrincado, complejo

analysis - análisis

proper - bien; adecuado, conveniente, preciso, propio

atmosphere - atmósfera, aire, clima, ambiente

dispense - dispensar

artificial - artificial

stimulants - estimulantes; estimulante

abhor - aborrecer, detestar, abominar

dull - sordo; romo, desafilado, embotado, aburrido, soso

existence - existencia

crave - anhelar, ansiar, implorar

particular - particular

profession - profesión, gremio, profesión de fe

"The only unofficial detective?" I said, raising my eyebrows.

unofficial - no oficial; extraoficial, oficioso

Detective - detective, inspector, investigador privado

eyebrows - cejas; ceja

"The only unofficial consulting detective," he answered. "I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection. When Gregson or Lestrade or Athelney Jones are out of their depths-which, by the way, is their normal state-the matter is laid before me. I examine the data, as an expert, and pronounce a specialist's opinion. I claim no credit in such cases.

consulting - consultoría; consultar

court of appeal - tribunal de apelaciones

detection - detección

depths - profundidades; profundidad

normal - normal, bien, sano, normal

state - Estado, declarar, indicar

laid - tirado; poner, colocar

examine - examinar, analizar, auscultar

data - datos; dato

expert - experto, pericial, perito, experto, conocedor

pronounce - pronunciar

claim - reclamación, declaración, proposición, afirmación, concesión

credit - acreditar, reconocer, crédito, crédito académico

such - cómo; así, tal, semejante, tan, qué

cases - asos; caso

My name figures in no newspaper. The work itself, the pleasure of finding a field for my peculiar powers, is my highest reward. But you have yourself had some experience of my methods of work in the Jefferson Hope case."

figures - cifras; figura, cifra, ocurrírsele

itself - en sí; se, solo, a si mismo, por si mismo, sí mismo

field - campo, agro, cancha, terreno

peculiar - particular; peculiar, raro, específico

Reward - recompensa

methods - métodos; método, forma

"Yes, indeed," said I, cordially. "I was never so struck by anything in my life. I even embodied it in a small brochure with the somewhat fantastic title of 'A Study in Scarlet.'"

cordially - cordialmente

struck - golpeado; tachar, borrar, golpear, pegar, acunar

embodied - encarnado; personificar, encarnar, incorporar

brochure - folleto

somewhat - algo, un poco, de algún modo, de alguna manera

scarlet - escarlata, escarlatina

He shook his head sadly. "I glanced over it," said he. "Honestly, I cannot congratulate you upon it. Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner. You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which produces much the same effect as if you worked a love-story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid."

shook - Sacudido; (shake); agitar, sacudir, checksacudir, sacudida

sadly - tristemente, con alma en pena, luctuosamente

glanced - mirada; ojear, echar un vistazo, mirar, pispear, vistazo

honestly - honestamente, francamente

congratulate - felicitar

exact - exacto, exigir

treated - tratado; tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar, sorpresa

unemotional - Sin emociones

attempted - intentado; intentar, tentativa, intento, ensayo

tinge - toque, tinte, matiz, retocar, matizar

romanticism - romanticismo

produces - producir, realizar, producto, producción, cosecha

effect - efecto, efectos, efectos especiales, vigencia, vigor

love-story - (love-story) historia de amor

elopement - fuga; panish: t-needed

proposition - propuesta, proposición

Euclid - Euclides

"But the romance was there," I remonstrated. "I could not tamper with the facts."

romance - romance

remonstrated - remonstrated; quejarse

tamper - manipular; tocar; entrometerse, meterse

"Some facts should be suppressed, or at least a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them. The only point in the case which deserved mention was the curious analytical reasoning from effects to causes by which I succeeded in unraveling it."

suppressed - suprimido; reprimar, contener, ocultar, suprimir

sense - sentido, sensación, significado, acepción, significación, sentir

proportion - proporción

observed - observado; observar, seguir, tomar en cuenta

treating - Tratando; (treat); tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar

deserved - merecido; merecer, meritar

mention - mención, mencionar, mentar

Curious - tienes curiosidad; curioso; extrano, raro

analytical - analítica; analítico

effects - efecto, efectos, efectos especiales, vigencia, vigor

causes - causas; causa, causar

succeeded - tuvo éxito; suceder, conseguir, tener éxito, heredar

unraveling - desenredando; desenmaranar, desenredar, deshilar

I was annoyed at this criticism of a work which had been specially designed to please him. I confess, too, that I was irritated by the egotism which seemed to demand that every line of my pamphlet should be devoted to his own special doings. More than once during the years that I had lived with him in Baker Street I had observed that a small vanity underlay my companion's quiet and didactic manner.

annoyed - molesto; molestar, agobiar, jorobar

criticism - críticas; crítica

specially - especialmente

confess - confesar, panish: t-needed

irritated by - Irritado por

seemed - parecía; parecer

demand - demanda, exigencia, exigir, demandar

pamphlet - folleto, panfleto

devoted - dedicado; dedicar

doings - Haciendo

Baker - panadero, panadera

vanity - vanidad

underlay - Subyacente; (underlie); subyacer

didactic - didáctico

I made no remark, however, but sat nursing my wounded leg. I had a Jezail bullet through it some time before, and, though it did not prevent me from walking, it ached wearily at every change of the weather.

remark - observación, comentario

wounded - Herida

bullet - bala

though - ero..; no obstante, de todas formas, de todas maneras

prevent - impedir, prevenir

ached - te dolía; dolor

wearily - cansado; cansadamente

"My practice has extended recently to the Continent," said Holmes, after a while, filling up his old brier-root pipe. "I was consulted last week by Francois Le Villard, who, as you probably know, has come rather to the front lately in the French detective service. He has all the Celtic power of quick intuition, but he is deficient in the wide range of exact knowledge which is essential to the higher developments of his art. The case was concerned with a will, and possessed some features of interest.

extended - extendido; extender, ampliar

recently - recientemente, hace poco, últimamente, recién

Continent - continente

filling up - se está llenando

root - raíz

pipe - pipa; caramillo, flauta ), tubo de órgano, tubería, tubo

consulted - consultado; consultar

lately - últimamente

French - francés, franceses

service - servicio

Celtic - celta, céltico

power - poder, potencia, corriente, electricidad, potenciar

intuition - intuición

deficient - deficiente

wide - ancho, amplio, lateral

range - rango; sierra, cordillera, hornillo, estufa, escala, gama

knowledge - conocimiento, conocimientos, sabiduría, checkconocimiento

essential - esencial

developments - desarrollos; desarrollo, desenvolvimiento

concerned - preocupado; preocupación, referirse a, ataner, concernir, tocar

possessed - poseído; poseer

features - aracterísticas; característica, atracción, atractivo, reportaje

I was able to refer him to two parallel cases, the one at Riga in 1857, and the other at St. Louis in 1871, which have suggested to him the true solution. Here is the letter which I had this morning acknowledging my assistance." He tossed over, as he spoke, a crumpled sheet of foreign notepaper. I glanced my eyes down it, catching a profusion of notes of admiration, with stray "magnifiques," "coup-de-maitres," and "tours-de-force," all testifying to the ardent admiration of the Frenchman.

refer - referirse

parallel - en paralelo; paralelo, paralelo

suggested - sugerido; insinuar, sugerir, recomendar

acknowledging - reconociendo; reconocer, acusar recibo

assistance - asistencia

tossed - lanzado; tiro, lanzamiento, lanzar una moneda al aire

crumpled - arrugado; arrugar, colapsar

sheet - hoja, folio, pliego, lámina, capa, escota

foreign - extrano, extranjero, forastero, foráneo, exterior

notepaper - Papel de carta

catching - Atrapando; (catch); pega, traba, truco, cuestión

profusion - profusión

admiration - admiración

stray - perderte; extraviarse, perderse

magnifiques - Magníficos

tours - viajes; viaje, excursión

force - fuerza

testifying - testificando; testificar, atestiguar, aseverar

ardent - ardiente, ferviente

Frenchman - francés

"He speaks as a pupil to his master," said I.

pupil - alumno

Master - maestro; senor, dueno; senora, duena

"Oh, he rates my assistance too highly," said Sherlock Holmes, lightly. "He has considerable gifts himself. He possesses two out of the three qualities necessary for the ideal detective. He has the power of observation and that of deduction. He is only wanting in knowledge; and that may come in time. He is now translating my small works into French."

rates - tasas; tasa, índice

highly - altamente

lightly - a la ligera; ligeramente

considerable - considerable

gifts - regalos; regalo, obsequio, don, talento, regalar, dar

possesses - poseer

necessary - es necesario; necesario, menester

Ideal - ideal, ideal

power of observation - poder de observación

translating - traduciendo; traducir, trasladar, verter

"Your works?"

"Oh, didn't you know?" he cried, laughing. "Yes, I have been guilty of several monographs. They are all upon technical subjects. Here, for example, is one 'Upon the Distinction between the Ashes of the Various Tobaccoes.'In it I enumerate a hundred and forty forms of cigar-, cigarette-, and pipe-tobacco, with colored plates illustrating the difference in the ash. It is a point which is continually turning up in criminal trials, and which is sometimes of supreme importance as a clue.

cried - lloró; llorar, gritar, panish: t-needed

guilty - culpable

several - varios, varias

monographs - monografías; monografía

technical - técnica; técnico, artillado

distinction - distinción

ashes - cenizas; ceniza

various - varios, diversos, diferentes, distintos

enumerate - enumerar

cigarette - un cigarrillo; cigarrillo, pitillo

tobacco - tabaco

plates - placas; plato

illustrating - ilustrando; ilustrar

continually - continuadamente, continuamente

turning up - Aparecer, presentarse; subir, aumentar

criminal - criminal

trials - pruebas; proceso, juicio

supreme - supremo

importance - importancia

clue - una pista; pista, indicio

If you can say definitely, for example, that some murder has been done by a man who was smoking an Indian lunkah, it obviously narrows your field of search. To the trained eye there is as much difference between the black ash of a Trichinopoly and the white fluff of bird's-eye as there is between a cabbage and a potato."

definitely - definitivamente, indudablemente

murder - asesinato, asesinar, cepillarse, devorar

smoking - Fumar; (smoke) Fumar

Indian - indio, hindú, indígena, indio, india

Obviously - obviamente

narrows - se estrecha; estrecho

search - búsqueda, buscar, inspeccionar, cachear, allanar

ash - cenizas; ceniza

Fluff - pelusa, checkplumón

cabbage - repollo

"You have an extraordinary genius for minutiae," I remarked.

genius - genio, genia

minutiae - minucias; detalle, pequenez, mezquindad, trivialidad

remarked - remarcado; observación, comentario

"I appreciate their importance. Here is my monograph upon the tracing of footsteps, with some remarks upon the uses of plaster of Paris as a preserver of impresses. Here, too, is a curious little work upon the influence of a trade upon the form of the hand, with lithotypes of the hands of slaters, sailors, corkcutters, compositors, weavers, and diamond-polishers.

appreciate - apreciar; agradecer, valorar, comprender, hacerse cargo de

monograph - monografía

tracing - Rastreo; (trace) Rastreo

Footsteps - pasos; huella, paso

remarks - observaciones; observación, comentario

plaster of Paris - yeso de París

preserver - Conservador

impresses - impresionar, impresión, impresión

trade - comercio

lithotypes - Litotipos

slaters - pizarreras; pizarrero

Sailors - marineros; marinero, marinera

corkcutters - cortacorchos

weavers - tejedores; tejedor, tejedora

diamond - diamante

polishers - pulidoras; pulidora

That is a matter of great practical interest to the scientific detective,-especially in cases of unclaimed bodies, or in discovering the antecedents of criminals. But I weary you with my hobby."

practical - práctico

scientific - científica; científico

especially - especialmente, sobre todo, máxime, más

unclaimed - sin reclamar; mostrenco

discovering - descubriendo; descubrir, destapar

antecedents - antecedentes; antecedente, antecedente, antepasado, ancestro

criminals - delincuentes; criminal

weary - cansado, cansino, cansar

"Not at all," I answered, earnestly. "It is of the greatest interest to me, especially since I have had the opportunity of observing your practical application of it. But you spoke just now of observation and deduction. Surely the one to some extent implies the other."

Since - desde cuándo; desde entonces, desde que, ya que, dado que

opportunity - oportunidad

observing - observando; observar, seguir, tomar en cuenta

practical application - aplicación práctica

observation - observación, vigilancia; observancia, anotación, registro

implies - implicar, acarrear, conllevar, insinuar, dar a entender

"Why, hardly," he answered, leaning back luxuriously in his arm-chair, and sending up thick blue wreaths from his pipe. "For example, observation shows me that you have been to the Wigmore Street Post-Office this morning, but deduction lets me know that when there you dispatched a telegram."

leaning - Inclinado; (lean) Inclinado

luxuriously - lujosamente

thick - gruesa; grueso, espeso

wreaths - coronas; guirnalda, corona, burelete, rodear

dispatched - enviado; despachar, privar, despacharse, despacho

telegram - telegrama

"Right!" said I. "Right on both points! But I confess that I don't see how you arrived at it. It was a sudden impulse upon my part, and I have mentioned it to no one."

sudden - de repente; repentino, súbito, brusco

impulse - impulso, capricho

mentioned - mencionado; mención, mencionar, mentar

"It is simplicity itself," he remarked, chuckling at my surprise,-"so absurdly simple that an explanation is superfluous; and yet it may serve to define the limits of observation and of deduction. Observation tells me that you have a little reddish mould adhering to your instep. Just opposite the Seymour Street Office they have taken up the pavement and thrown up some earth which lies in such a way that it is difficult to avoid treading in it in entering.

simplicity - simplicidad, sencillez, llano

chuckling - Risas; (chuckle) Risas

my surprise - Mi sorpresa

absurdly - absurdamente

simple - simple, sencillo, simple

explanation - explicación

superfluous - superfluo

serve - servicio, servir, desempenar, fungir, operar, cernir

define - determinar, definir, definirse, aclarar, describir

limits - límites; límite

reddish - rojizo, rubescente

mould - moho; mantillo

adhering to - adherirse a

instep - el empeine; empeine

taken up - se ha tomado

pavement - pavimento, asfalto

thrown - tirado; lanzar, tirar

earth - tierra, suelo, terreno, madriguera, aterrar

lies - mentiras; mentira

avoid - evitar, esquivar

treading - Pisando; (tread) Pisando

entering - Entrando; (enter); entrar

The earth is of this peculiar reddish tint which is found, as far as I know, nowhere else in the neighborhood. So much is observation. The rest is deduction."

tint - tinte, matiz

nowhere - en ninguna parte, en ningún lugar, en ningún sitio

neighborhood - vecindad, barrio, vecindario, cercanía

rest - descansar; descanso, reposo

"How, then, did you deduce the telegram?"

deduce - deducir

"Why, of course I knew that you had not written a letter, since I sat opposite to you all morning. I see also in your open desk there that you have a sheet of stamps and a thick bundle of post-cards. What could you go into the post-office for, then, but to send a wire? Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth."

opposite to - lo contrario de, opuesto a

stamps - sellos; estampado, sello, timbrar, franquear

bundle - haz, atado, fajo, atar, liar

wire - alambre, hilo, cable

eliminate - eliminar, matar

factors - factores; factor, factorizar

remains - resto, restos, quedarse, sobrar, restar, permanecer, continuar

truth - verdad

"In this case it certainly is so," I replied, after a little thought. "The thing, however, is, as you say, of the simplest. Would you think me impertinent if I were to put your theories to a more severe test?"

Certainly - seguro; ciertamente, sin duda, a todas luces, por supuesto

replied - respondió; responder, repetir, respuesta

simplest - más sencillo; simple, sencillo, simple

impertinent - impertinente, maleducado

theories - teorías; teoría

more severe - más grave

severe test - una prueba severa

"On the contrary," he answered, "it would prevent me from taking a second dose of cocaine. I should be delighted to look into any problem which you might submit to me."

dose - dosis

delighted - encantado; deleite, regocijo, delicia, placer

submit - enviar; entregar; presentar; someterse; dar argumento

"I have heard you say that it is difficult for a man to have any object in daily use without leaving the impress of his individuality upon it in such a way that a trained observer might read it. Now, I have here a watch which has recently come into my possession. Would you have the kindness to let me have an opinion upon the character or habits of the late owner?"

daily - diariamente; diario

impress - impresionar, impresión, impresión

individuality - individualidad

observer - observador

possession - posesión, posesión natural, tenencia, posesión civil, posesiones

kindness - amabilidad, bondad

character - personaje, característica, carácter

habits - hábitos; hábito, costumbre

I handed him over the watch with some slight feeling of amusement in my heart, for the test was, as I thought, an impossible one, and I intended it as a lesson against the somewhat dogmatic tone which he occasionally assumed. He balanced the watch in his hand, gazed hard at the dial, opened the back, and examined the works, first with his naked eyes and then with a powerful convex lens.

Slight - insignificante, leve, ligero, falta de respeto

amusement - divertimiento, esparcimiento, diversión

heart - corazón

impossible - imposible, insoportable, imposible

intended - pretendías; planeado; (intend); pretender, planear, intencionar

against - contra, cerca de, frente, en contra, enfrente, en pugna

dogmatic - dogmático

tone - tono

Occasionally - ocasionalmente, de vez en cuando, a veces

assumed - asumido; suponer, dar por sentado, asumir

balanced - equilibrado; equilibrio, balance, balanza, balancear

gazed - mirada; observar, mirar fijamente

dial - marcar

examined - examinado; examinar, analizar, auscultar

naked - desnudo

powerful - poderoso

convex - convexo

lens - lente, cristalino

I could hardly keep from smiling at his crestfallen face when he finally snapped the case to and handed it back.

keep from - abstenerse de, evitar que

smiling - sonriendo; sonriente; (smile); sonrisa, sonreír

crestfallen - cabizbajo; alicaído, abatido, cariacontecido, de capa caída

snapped - se rompió; chasquido, crujido, chasquido de dedos, fotografía

"There are hardly any data," he remarked. "The watch has been recently cleaned, which robs me of my most suggestive facts."

robs - robos; robar

suggestive - sugerente; sugestivo

"You are right," I answered. "It was cleaned before being sent to me." In my heart I accused my companion of putting forward a most lame and impotent excuse to cover his failure. What data could he expect from an uncleaned watch?

accused - acusado; acusar, denunciar

forward - hacia adelante; hacia delante

lame - cojo

Excuse - disculpe; excusar, perdonar, panish: t-needed

cover - Cubierta

failure - fallo, fracaso, fiasco, fracasado, avería

expect - esperar, checkaguardar

uncleaned - Sin limpiar

"Though unsatisfactory, my research has not been entirely barren," he observed, staring up at the ceiling with dreamy, lack-lustre eyes. "Subject to your correction, I should judge that the watch belonged to your elder brother, who inherited it from your father."

unsatisfactory - insatisfactorio

research - investigación, investigación, investigar, indagar, documentarse

barren - yermo; estéril, infértil

ceiling - techo; (ceil) techo

dreamy - Ensonador

lack - falta; carecer de

lustre - brillo

correction - corrección

judge - juez; juzgar

belonged - pertenecía; pertenecer, ser propiedad (de)

inherited - heredado; heredar

"That you gather, no doubt, from the H. W. upon the back?"

gather - reunirnos; juntar, recoger, recolectar, acumular, reunir

doubt - dudas; dudar, duda, incertidumbre

"quite so. The W. suggests your own name. The date of the watch is nearly fifty years back, and the initials are as old as the watch: so it was made for the last generation. Jewelry usually descends to the eldest son, and he is most likely to have the same name as the father. Your father has, if I remember right, been dead many years. It has, therefore, been in the hands of your eldest brother."

quite so - Así es

suggests - sugiere; insinuar, sugerir, recomendar

nearly - casi

initials - las iniciales; inicial, iniciales

generation - generación, generación, linaje

jewelry - joyas

Descends - desciende; descender, bajar

Likely - Es probable

dead - muerto

therefore - por qué; por eso, por consiguiente, por lo tanto, por ende

"Right, so far," said I. "Anything else?"

"He was a man of untidy habits,-very untidy and careless. He was left with good prospects, but he threw away his chances, lived for some time in poverty with occasional short intervals of prosperity, and finally, taking to drink, he died. That is all I can gather."

untidy - desordenado; descuidado, desorganizado

careless - descuidado, irresponsable, negligente, dejado

prospects - perspectivas; perspectiva, vista, panorama, expectativa

threw away - se tiró a la basura

chances - oportunidades; suerte, by chance: por casualidad

poverty - pobreza, pauperismo

occasional - ocasional, esporádico

intervals - intervalos; intervalo

prosperity - prosperidad

taking to - ponerse a; interesarse en

I sprang from my chair and limped impatiently about the room with considerable bitterness in my heart.

limped - cojeaba; flojo, flácido, mustio, débil

impatiently - impacientemente

bitterness - amargo, amargura, amargor, acíbar

"This is unworthy of you, Holmes," I said. "I could not have believed that you would have descended to this. You have made inquires into the history of my unhappy brother, and you now pretend to deduce this knowledge in some fanciful way. You cannot expect me to believe that you have read all this from his old watch! It is unkind, and, to speak plainly, has a touch of charlatanism in it."

unworthy - indigno

descended - descendió; descender, bajar

inquires - preguntas; investigar, informarse

unhappy - infeliz

pretend - fingir, de mentirijillas

fanciful - antasioso; imaginado, fantástico

unkind - desagradable; cruel, duro

touch - tocar, conmover, toque, toque, tacto, pizca

charlatanism - charlatanería

"My dear doctor," said he, kindly, "pray accept my apologies. Viewing the matter as an abstract problem, I had forgotten how personal and painful a thing it might be to you. I assure you, however, that I never even knew that you had a brother until you handed me the watch."

kindly - amablemente

Pray - rezar, orar

Accept - aceptas; aceptar

apologies - disculpas; disculpa, excusa

viewing - Viendo; (view); vista, reproducción, visualización, visitas

abstract - resumen, extracto, abstracción, arte abstracto, extraído

painful - doloroso, dolorido, adolorido, panish: t-needed

assure - asegurar

"Then how in the name of all that is wonderful did you get these facts? They are absolutely correct in every particular."

absolutely - totalmente, absolutamente

"Ah, that is good luck. I could only say what was the balance of probability. I did not at all expect to be so accurate."

luck - suerte

balance - equilibrio, balance, balanza, balancear, equilibrar

probability - probabilidad

accurate - preciso, exacto, justo, correcto

"But it was not mere guess-work?"

"No, no: I never guess. It is a shocking habit,-destructive to the logical faculty. What seems strange to you is only so because you do not follow my train of thought or observe the small facts upon which large inferences may depend. For example, I began by stating that your brother was careless. When you observe the lower part of that watch-case you notice that it is not only dinted in two places, but it is cut and marked all over from the habit of keeping other hard objects, such as coins or keys, in the same pocket.

shocking - impresionante; conmoción, golpe

habit - hábito, costumbre

destructive - destructivo

logical - lógico

faculty - cuerpo docente, facultad

Seems - te parece; parecer

strange - extrano; extrano, raro, anormal, desconocido

observe - observar, seguir, tomar en cuenta

inferences - inferencias; inferencia, ilación

Depend - depender, confiar, atender

stating - declarando; Estado, declarar, indicar

lower part - la parte inferior

notice - aviso; comunicación, notificación, darse cuenta, advertir

dinted - dinted; abolladura

marked - marcado; Marcos, Evangelio según San Marcos

coins - monedas; moneda, acunar

Pocket - bolsillo, bolsa, tronera, embolsar

Surely it is no great feat to assume that a man who treats a fifty-guinea watch so cavalierly must be a careless man. Neither is it a very far-fetched inference that a man who inherits one article of such value is pretty well provided for in other respects."

feat - hazana, proeza

assume - suponer, dar por sentado, asumir

treats - golosinas; tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar, sorpresa

guinea - Guinea

cavalierly - con displicencia

neither - ninguno de los dos; ninguno, ningún, ni X ni Y, tampoco

fetched - conseguido; ir por, ir a buscar, traer

inference - inferencia, ilación

inherits - heredar

value - valor, importancia, valorar, cifrar, apreciar

provided - proporcionado; proveer

respects - respetos; respeto, respetar

I nodded, to show that I followed his reasoning.

nodded - asintió; asentir, cabecear, cabezada

"It is very customary for pawnbrokers in England, when they take a watch, to scratch the number of the ticket with a pin-point upon the inside of the case. It is more handy than a label, as there is no risk of the number being lost or transposed. There are no less than four such numbers visible to my lens on the inside of this case. Inference,-that your brother was often at low water. Secondary inference,-that he had occasional bursts of prosperity, or he could not have redeemed the pledge. Finally, I ask you to look at the inner plate, which contains the key-hole. Look at the thousands of scratches all round the hole,-marks where the key has slipped. What sober man's key could have scored those grooves? But you will never see a drunkard's watch without them. He winds it at night, and he leaves these traces of his unsteady hand.

customary - costumbre; acostumbrado, consuetudinario, sólito

pawnbrokers - restamistas; prestamista

pin - alfiler

inside - interior, dentro, adentro, dentro de

handy - a mano, cercano

label - etiqueta, rótulo, panish: t-needed

transposed - transponer

visible - visible

low - bajo

bursts - ráfagas; reventar, romper, ráfaga, estallo, reventón

redeemed - edimido; redimir, rescatar, liberar, libertar, redimirse

pledge - prometer, comprometerse, hipotecar, empenar, pignorar

plate - placa; plato

contains - contiene; contener, dominar

hole - agujero

scratches - rayaduras; rascar, raspar, aranar, rasgunar, rayar, aranazo

round - ronda; redondo

slipped - se resbaló; resbalar

sober - sobrio, sereno, apagado

scored - puntuó; tantos

grooves - ranuras; ranura, acanaladura, canal, estría

drunkard - Borracho

winds - vientos; viento, aire

traces - rastros; rastro, huella, vestigio, indicio

unsteady - inestable; irregular

Where is the mystery in all this?"

mystery - misterio, arcano

"It is as clear as daylight," I answered. "I regret the injustice which I did you. I should have had more faith in your marvellous faculty. May I ask whether you have any professional inquiry on foot at present?"

clear as daylight - tan claro como la luz del día

regret - lamentar, pena, pesar, arrepentimiento

injustice - injusticia

Faith - fe, confianza

marvellous - maravilloso

professional - profesional, profesionista

inquiry - investigación; inquisición, indagatoria, pesquisa

"None. Hence the cocaine. I cannot live without brain-work. What else is there to live for? Stand at the window here. Was ever such a dreary, dismal, unprofitable world? See how the yellow fog swirls down the street and drifts across the dun-colored houses. What could be more hopelessly prosaic and material?

none - ninguna; ninguno

hence - de aquí, por lo tanto, por eso, de ahí

brain-work - (brain-work) trabajo cerebral

dreary - aburrido, triste

dismal - lúgubre; mísero, miserable, triste, deprimente

unprofitable - no es rentable; desaventajado

Fog - niebla

swirls - remolinos; girar, rotar, remolino

drifts - derivas; deriva, derrape, ir a la deriva, vagar, derivar, errar

prosaic - prosaico

material - material, significativo, material

What is the use of having powers, doctor, when one has no field upon which to exert them? Crime is commonplace, existence is commonplace, and no qualities save those which are commonplace have any function upon earth."

exert - esforzar, ejercer, aplicar

crime - delito, crimen, delincuencia, criminalidad

commonplace - lugar común, tópico, cliché, clisé

save - salvar, rescatar, redimir, parar, ahorrar, guardar, reservar

function - función, cargo, fungir, servir, funcionar, marchar

I had opened my mouth to reply to this tirade, when with a crisp knock our landlady entered, bearing a card upon the brass salver.

reply - responder, repetir, respuesta

tirade - diatriba, invectiva, catilinaria

crisp - crujiente, preciso, burbujeante, efervescente

knock - golpe, golpear

landlady - propietaria; arredataria, casera, terrateniente

entered - entró; entrar

bearing - Rodamiento; (bear) Rodamiento

brass - latón

salver - bandeja (de plata)

"A young lady for you, sir," she said, addressing my companion.

lady - senora; ama, senora, dama, bano de damas

"Miss Mary Morstan," he read. "Hum! I have no recollection of the name. Ask the young lady to step up, Mrs. Hudson. Don't go, doctor. I should prefer that you remain."

Mary - María

Hum - tararear, canturrear

recollection - Recuerdo

step - paso

Mrs - Senor

remain - resto, restos, quedarse, sobrar, restar, permanecer, continuar

Chapter II - The Statement of the Case

Miss Morstan entered the room with a firm step and an outward composure of manner. She was a blonde young lady, small, dainty, well gloved, and dressed in the most perfect taste. There was, however, a plainness and simplicity about her costume which bore with it a suggestion of limited means. The dress was a sombre grayish beige, untrimmed and unbraided, and she wore a small turban of the same dull hue, relieved only by a suspicion of white feather in the side. Her face had neither regularity of feature nor beauty of complexion, but her expression was sweet and amiable, and her large blue eyes were singularly spiritual and sympathetic.

firm - firma; firme, sólido

outward - hacia fuera

composure - compostura, entereza

dainty - delicado, manoso

gloved - enguantado; guante, gorro

most perfect - el más perfecto

taste - gusto, gusto, gustos, muestra, gustar, probar, catar, saber

costume - traje, disfraz

bore - perforar; (bear) perforar

suggestion - sugerencia, propuesta, sugestión

limited - limitado; (limit); limitado

sombre - sombrío, grave

grayish - grisáceo, entrecano, rucio

beige - beis, beige

untrimmed - Sin recortar

unbraided - Desbridar

turban - turbante

hue - color; matiz

relieved - aliviado; aliviar, relevar

suspicion - sospecha, suspicacia

feather - pluma

side - lado

regularity - regularidad, periodicidad

feature - Característica, distintivo; presentar, incluir

beauty - belleza, hermosura, preciosidad, preciosura

complexion - tez

expression - expresión, frase hecha

sweet - dulcemente, dulce, caramelo, chuche, confite

amiable - amable, afable

singularly - Singularmente

spiritual - espiritual, espiritual

sympathetic - simpático; compasivo, comprensivo, amable

In an experience of women which extends over many nations and three separate continents, I have never looked upon a face which gave a clearer promise of a refined and sensitive nature. I could not but observe that as she took the seat which Sherlock Holmes placed for her, her lip trembled, her hand quivered, and she showed every sign of intense inward agitation.

extends - se extiende; extender, ampliar

nations - aciones; nación

separate - separado, separar, disgregar

continents - continentes; continente

clearer - Más claro; (clear); transparente, claro, despejado, libre

promise - promesa, prometer

refined - refinado; refinar, perfeccionar

sensitive - sensible, sensitivo, susceptible

nature - naturaleza, natura

seat - asiento, seato, sede

lip - labio, labro

trembled - tembló; tiritar, temblar, temblor, vibración, temblequera

quivered - tembló; estremecer(se)

intense - intenso

inward - hacia dentro; interior, adentro

agitation - agitación, desasosiego, inquietud

"I have come to you, Mr. Holmes," she said, "because you once enabled my employer, Mrs. Cecil Forrester, to unravel a little domestic complication. She was much impressed by your kindness and skill."

Mr - Senor

enabled - habilitado; habilitar, posibilitar, activar

employer - empleador

unravel - desentranar; desenmaranar, desenredar, deshilar

domestic - doméstico, nacional, empleada doméstica, empleada, malos tratos

complication - complicación

impressed - impresionado; impresionar, impresión, impresión

"Mrs. Cecil Forrester," he repeated thoughtfully. "I believe that I was of some slight service to her. The case, however, as I remember it, was a very simple one."

"She did not think so. But at least you cannot say the same of mine. I can hardly imagine anything more strange, more utterly inexplicable, than the situation in which I find myself."

mine - (el) mío, (la) mía, (los) míos, (las) mías

more strange - más extrano

utterly - Completamente

inexplicable - inexplicable

myself - yo mismo; me

Holmes rubbed his hands, and his eyes glistened. He leaned forward in his chair with an expression of extraordinary concentration upon his clear-cut, hawklike features. "state your case," said he, in brisk, business tones.

rubbed - frotado; frotación, frotamiento, frote, frotar

glistened - brillaba; relucir, rielar

concentration - concentración

clear-cut - (clear-cut) caso claro, corte perfecto

hawklike - como un halcón

state - el estado

brisk - brioso, enérgico, vital, vigorizante, brusco

tones - tonos; tono

I felt that my position was an embarrassing one. "You will, I am sure, excuse me," I said, rising from my chair.

position - posición, puesto, postura

embarrassing - vergonzoso; avergonzar, abochornar, sonrojar, humillar

rising - subiendo; rebelión, levantamiento, alzamiento, ascensión

To my surprise, the young lady held up her gloved hand to detain me. "If your friend," she said, "would be good enough to stop, he might be of inestimable service to me."

surprise - sorpresa, sorprender

held - sostenida; tener en las manos, agarrar, asir

detain - panish: t-needed

I relapsed into my chair.

relapsed - recayó; reincidir, recaer, recaída, recidiva, reincidencia

"Briefly," she continued, "the facts are these. My father was an officer in an Indian regiment who sent me home when I was quite a child. My mother was dead, and I had no relative in England. I was placed, however, in a comfortable boarding establishment at Edinburgh, and there I remained until I was seventeen years of age. In the year 1878 my father, who was senior captain of his regiment, obtained twelve months'leave and came home. He telegraphed to me from London that he had arrived all safe, and directed me to come down at once, giving the Langham Hotel as his address. His message, as I remember, was full of kindness and love.

briefly - revemente; concisamente

continued - continuamos; continuar, seguir

officer - oficial

regiment - regimiento

relative - relativo, familiar, pariente, parienta, parentela

comfortable - cómodo, confortable, checkcómodo

boarding - abordando; embarque; (board) abordando; embarque

establishment - establecimiento, establishment

Edinburgh - Edimburgo

remained - se quedó; resto, restos, quedarse, sobrar, restar, permanecer

senior - superior; anciano, alto cargo, experimentado, senor

captain - capitán, capitanear, pilotar

obtained - obtenido; obtener, coger

telegraphed - telegrafiado; telégrafo, telegrafiar

safe - seguro, salvo, checkseguro, caja fuerte, cofre

directed - dirigido; directo, dirigir

On reaching London I drove to the Langham, and was informed that Captain Morstan was staying there, but that he had gone out the night before and had not yet returned. I waited all day without news of him. That night, on the advice of the manager of the hotel, I communicated with the police, and next morning we advertised in all the papers. Our inquiries led to no result; and from that day to this no word has ever been heard of my unfortunate father. He came home with his heart full of hope, to find some peace, some comfort, and instead-" She put her hand to her throat, and a choking sob cut short the sentence.

reaching - llegando; llegar (a)

informed - informado; informar

gone out - marcharse, salir, apagarse

manager - director, gerente, gestor, jefe, representante, administrador

communicated - comunicado; comunicar, compartir, comulgar

advertised - publicitado; anunciar, hacer publicidad, publicitar

inquiries - consultas; inquisición, indagatoria, pesquisa

led - llevado; led; (lead) llevado; led

unfortunate - desafortunado, desgraciado

peace - paz, sosiego

comfort - comodidad, consuelo, confortar

instead - en su lugar; en vez de, en lugar de

throat - garganta, tráquea, cuello

choking - ahogar, asfixiar

sob - sollozar; hdp

cut short - interrumpir, acortar

"The date?" asked Holmes, opening his note-book.

"He disappeared upon the 3d of December, 1878,-nearly ten years ago."

disappeared - desapareció; desaparecer

"His luggage?"

luggage - equipaje

"Remained at the hotel. There was nothing in it to suggest a clue,-some clothes, some books, and a considerable number of curiosities from the Andaman Islands. He had been one of the officers in charge of the convict-guard there."

suggest - insinuar, sugerir, recomendar

curiosities - curiosidades; curiosidad

officers - oficiales; oficial

charge - cargo, acusación, encargo, figura, acusar, cobrar, cargar

convict - convicto; condenar

guard - guarda, guardia, guardés, guarda, tapador, bloque

"Had he any friends in town?"

"Only one that we know of,-Major Sholto, of his own regiment, the 34th Bombay Infantry. The major had retired some little time before, and lived at Upper Norwood. We communicated with him, of course, but he did not even know that his brother officer was in England."

Major - mayor, comandante, mayor, mayor de edad, asignatura principal

Bombay - Bombay

infantry - infantería, regimiento de infantería, tercio

retired - jubilado; retirarse, jubilarse

"A singular case," remarked Holmes.

singular - singular, único, singular

"I have not yet described to you the most singular part. About six years ago-to be exact, upon the 4th of May, 1882-an advertisement appeared in the Times asking for the address of Miss Mary Morstan and stating that it would be to her advantage to come forward. There was no name or address appended. I had at that time just entered the family of Mrs. Cecil Forrester in the capacity of governess. By her advice I published my address in the advertisement column. The same day there arrived through the post a small card-board box addressed to me, which I found to contain a very large and lustrous pearl. No word of writing was enclosed.

appeared - apareció; aparecer, comparecer

stating - Estado

advantage - ventaja, beneficio, provecho

come forward - ponerse a disposición; presentarse

appended - anexo; agregar, anadir, adjuntar

capacity - capacidad

governess - gobernanta; institutriz

published - publicado; publicar, divulgar

advertisement column - columna publicitaria

board - junta; tabla, plancha

contain - contiene; contener, dominar

lustrous - brillante; lustroso

pearl - perla, parisienne

Since then every year upon the same date there has always appeared a similar box, containing a similar pearl, without any clue as to the sender. They have been pronounced by an expert to be of a rare variety and of considerable value. You can see for yourselves that they are very handsome." She opened a flat box as she spoke, and showed me six of the finest pearls that I had ever seen.

containing - conteniendo; contener, dominar

sender - remitente

pronounced - pronunciado; pronunciar

rare - raro, poco común

variety - variedad

handsome - apuesto, guapo, de buen parecer, lindo

pearls - perlas; perla, parisienne

"Your statement is most interesting," said Sherlock Holmes. "Has anything else occurred to you?"

most interesting - lo más interesante

occurred - ocurrió; ocurrir, acaecer, presentar

"Yes, and no later than to-day. That is why I have come to you. This morning I received this letter, which you will perhaps read for yourself."

received - recibido; recibir

"Thank you," said Holmes. "The envelope too, please. Postmark, London, S.W. Date, July 7. Hum! Man's thumb-mark on corner,-probably postman. Best quality paper. Envelopes at sixpence a packet. Particular man in his stationery. No address. 'Be at the third pillar from the left outside the Lyceum Theatre to-night at seven o'clock.

postmark - matasellos, timbre, matasellar, matar

thumb - pulgar

postman - cartero

quality - calidad, cualidad, de calidad

envelopes - sobres; sobre

sixpence - seis peniques; Moneda de 6 Peniques

packet - paquete

Stationery - Papelería

third - la tercera; tercero, tercio, tercera

pillar - pilar

If you are distrustful, bring two friends. You are a wronged woman, and shall have justice. Do not bring police. If you do, all will be in vain. Your unknown friend.'Well, really, this is a very pretty little mystery. What do you intend to do, Miss Morstan?"

distrustful - desconfiado, receloso

shall - sí; panish: ''shall followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense''

justice - justicia, justedad, justeza, justicia

in vain - en vano

unknown - ignoto, desconocido, incógnita, desconocido

intend - pretender, planear, intencionar, intentar

"That is exactly what I want to ask you."

exactly - exactamente, exacto

"Then we shall most certainly go. You and I and-yes, why, Dr. Watson is the very man. Your correspondent says two friends. He and I have worked together before."

correspondent - corresponsal

"But would he come?" she asked, with something appealing in her voice and expression.

appealing - apetecible; suplicar, rogar

voice - voz

"I should be proud and happy," said I, fervently, "if I can be of any service."

proud - orgulloso

fervently - con fervor; fervientemente, fervorosamente

"You are both very kind," she answered. "I have led a retired life, and have no friends whom I could appeal to. If I am here at six it will do, I suppose?"

appeal - apelación; suplicar, rogar

"You must not be later," said Holmes. "There is one other point, however. Is this handwriting the same as that upon the pearl-box addresses?"

handwriting - escritura manuscrita, letra; (handwrite); panish: t-needed

"I have them here," she answered, producing half a dozen pieces of paper.

producing - produciendo; producir, realizar, producto, producción, cosecha

dozen - docena, decenas

"You are certainly a model client. You have the correct intuition. Let us see, now." He spread out the papers upon the table, and gave little darting glances from one to the other. "They are disguised hands, except the letter," he said, presently, "but there can be no question as to the authorship. See how the irrepressible Greek e will break out, and see the twirl of the final s. They are undoubtedly by the same person.

client - cliente

spread - extender, dispersar, esparcir, untar, diseminar, difundir

darting - dardo, flechilla

glances - miradas; ojear, echar un vistazo, mirar, pispear, vistazo

disguised - disfrazado; disfraz, pantalla, tapadera, disfrazar

Except - exceptuar, excepto, salvo, exceptuando, menos, salvo que

authorship - autoría

irrepressible - irreprimible, irrefrenable

Greek - griego, griego, griega

break out - estallar; escapar; librar(se)

twirl - pirueta, girar

Undoubtedly - sin duda

I should not like to suggest false hopes, Miss Morstan, but is there any resemblance between this hand and that of your father?"

resemblance - semejanza, similitud, similaridad, parecido

"Nothing could be more unlike."

unlike - a diferencia de; diferente

"I expected to hear you say so. We shall look out for you, then, at six. Pray allow me to keep the papers. I may look into the matter before then. It is only half-past three. Au revoir, then."

expected - esperado; esperar, checkaguardar

allow - dejar, permitir, conceder

"Au revoir," said our visitor, and, with a bright, kindly glance from one to the other of us, she replaced her pearl-box in her bosom and hurried away. Standing at the window, I watched her walking briskly down the street, until the gray turban and white feather were but a speck in the sombre crowd.

bright - luminoso, resplandeciente, brillante

glance - mirada; ojear, echar un vistazo, mirar, pispear, vistazo

replaced - reemplazado; reemplazar, sustituir

bosom - seno, pechera, busto

hurried - con prisas; prisa, apuro, apresurarse, apurarse, darse prisa

briskly - enérgicamente; con brío, brioso; rápido, enérgico, briosamente

Gray - Gris

speck - mancha; manchita

crowd - gente; multitud, muchedumbre

"What a very attractive woman!" I exclaimed, turning to my companion.

attractive - atractivo, atrayente

exclaimed - exclamó; exclamar

He had lit his pipe again, and was leaning back with drooping eyelids. "Is she?" he said, languidly. "I did not observe."

eyelids - párpados; párpado

"You really are an automaton,-a calculating-machine!" I cried. "There is something positively inhuman in you at times."

automaton - autómata, autómata

calculating - calculando; calcular

positively - ositivamente; inequívocamente, terminantemente, de todas maneras

inhuman - inhumano

He smiled gently. "It is of the first importance," he said, "not to allow your judgment to be biased by personal qualities. A client is to me a mere unit,-a factor in a problem. The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning. I assure you that the most winning woman I ever knew was hanged for poisoning three little children for their insurance-money, and the most repellant man of my acquaintance is a philanthropist who has spent nearly a quarter of a million upon the London poor.

gently - suavemente; mansamente, suave

judgment - juicio

biased - sesgada; inclinación, predisposición, parcialidad, prejuicio

unit - unidad

factor - factor, factorizar

emotional - emocional, emotivo

antagonistic - antagonista, hostil, antagónico

clear - está claro; transparente, claro, despejado, libre

hanged - Colgado

poisoning - envenenar, envenenamiento; (poison); veneno, ponzona, envenenar

insurance - seguro

repellant - Repelente

acquaintance - conocido; amistad, conocimiento, junta, relación

philanthropist - filántropo

"In this case, however-"

"I never make exceptions. An exception disproves the rule. Have you ever had occasion to study character in handwriting? What do you make of this fellow's scribble?"

exceptions - excepciones; excepción, salvedad, ofensa

Occasion - ocasión, ocasionar

fellow - colega; tipo

scribble - garabatear

"It is legible and regular," I answered. "A man of business habits and some force of character."

legible - legible

regular - regular, parroquiano

Holmes shook his head. "Look at his long letters," he said. "They hardly rise above the common herd. That d might be an a, and that l an e. Men of character always differentiate their long letters, however illegibly they may write. There is vacillation in his k's and self-esteem in his capitals.

rise - aumentar; subir

herd - rebano, manada, piara

differentiate - diferenciar

illegibly - Ilegible

vacillation - vacilación

self - yo; uno mismo

esteem - estima

I am going out now. I have some few references to make. Let me recommend this book,-one of the most remarkable ever penned. It is Winwood Reade's 'Martyrdom of Man.'I shall be back in an hour."

references - referencias; referencia, referencia, referenciar

recommend - recomendar

most remarkable - el más notable

penned - Enviado

martyrdom - martirio

I sat in the window with the volume in my hand, but my thoughts were far from the daring speculations of the writer. My mind ran upon our late visitor,-her smiles, the deep rich tones of her voice, the strange mystery which overhung her life. If she were seventeen at the time of her father's disappearance she must be seven-and-twenty now,-a sweet age, when youth has lost its self-consciousness and become a little sobered by experience. So I sat and mused, until such dangerous thoughts came into my head that I hurried away to my desk and plunged furiously into the latest treatise upon pathology.

thoughts - pensamientos; pensamiento

daring - atrevido, audaz, osado; (dare); atrevido, audaz, osado

speculations - especulaciones; especulación

smiles - sonrisas; sonrisa, sonreír

deep - profundo, hondo, fondo, ancho, bajo, grave, oscuro

overhung - en voladizo; protuberancia

disappearance - desaparición

youth - jóvenes; juventud, adolescencia, mocedad, anos mozos, joven

consciousness - conciencia

sobered - sobrio, sereno, apagado

by experience - por experiencia

mused - musitó; Musa

plunged - se hundió; lanzarse, zambullirse, tirarse de cabeza

furiously - furiosamente

treatise - tratado

pathology - patología

What was I, an army surgeon with a weak leg and a weaker banking-account, that I should dare to think of such things? She was a unit, a factor,-nothing more. If my future were black, it was better surely to face it like a man than to attempt to brighten it by mere will-o'-the-wisps of the imagination.

army - ejército, multitud

surgeon - cirujano, cirujana

weaker - más débil; débil, feble, flaco, flojo

account - cuenta

dare - te atreves; atraverse, osar

attempt - intentar, tentativa, intento, ensayo

wisps - w wisps; brizna, mechón, voluta, jirón

imagination - imaginación, magín

Chapter III - In Quest of a Solution

quest - busca, búsqueda

It was half-past five before Holmes returned. He was bright, eager, and in excellent spirits,-a mood which in his case alternated with fits of the blackest depression.

eager - ávido, ansioso, deseoso

excellent - excelente, sobresaliente, prominente, excelso

spirits - espíritus; espíritu, alma, onda, alcohol, bebida espirituosa

mood - estado de ánimo; humor

alternated - alternado; alterno, sustituta, sustituto, alternar

fits - encaja; sano, en forma

depression - depresión, área de baja presión

"There is no great mystery in this matter," he said, taking the cup of tea which I had poured out for him. "The facts appear to admit of only one explanation."

poured out - desbordar, inundar, hablar sin parar sobre algo

appear - aparecer, comparecer

admit of - admitirlo

"What! you have solved it already?"

solved - resuelto; resolver, solucionar, solventar

"Well, that would be too much to say. I have discovered a suggestive fact, that is all. It is, however, VERY suggestive. The details are still to be added. I have just found, on consulting the back files of the Times, that Major Sholto, of Upper Norword, late of the 34th Bombay Infantry, died upon the 28th of April, 1882."

discovered - descubierto; descubrir, destapar

be added - anadido

files - ficheros; fila

"I may be very obtuse, Holmes, but I fail to see what this suggests."

obtuse - obtuso, romo

fail - fracasar, fallar, suspender

"No? You surprise me. Look at it in this way, then. Captain Morstan disappears. The only person in London whom he could have visited is Major Sholto. Major Sholto denies having heard that he was in London. Four years later Sholto dies. WITHIN A WEEK OF HIS DEATH Captain Morstan's daughter receives a valuable present, which is repeated from year to year, and now culminates in a letter which describes her as a wronged woman.

disappears - desaparecer

denies - niega; negar

Death - muerte, la muerte, el arcano de la muerte

Receives - recibe; recibir

valuable - valioso

culminates - culminar

What wrong can it refer to except this deprivation of her father? And why should the presents begin immediately after Sholto's death, unless it is that Sholto's heir knows something of the mystery and desires to make compensation? Have you any alternative theory which will meet the facts?"

deprivation - privación

immediately - inmediatamente, de inmediato, ya, sin demora

Unless - menos que..; a menos que, a no ser que, salvo

heir - heredero, sucesor, checkheredera

desires - deseos; desear, deseo, gana

compensation - compensación; contrapartida

alternative - alternativo, alternativa

theory - teoría

"But what a strange compensation! And how strangely made! Why, too, should he write a letter now, rather than six years ago? Again, the letter speaks of giving her justice. What justice can she have? It is too much to suppose that her father is still alive. There is no other injustice in her case that you know of."

strangely - extranamente; extranamente

alive - vivo, viviente

"There are difficulties; there are certainly difficulties," said Sherlock Holmes, pensively. "But our expedition of to-night will solve them all. Ah, here is a four-wheeler, and Miss Morstan is inside. Are you all ready? Then we had better go down, for it is a little past the hour."

difficulties - dificultades; dificultad

pensively - pensativo; pensativamente

expedition - expedición

solve - resolver, solucionar, solventar

wheeler - Rueda

I picked up my hat and my heaviest stick, but I observed that Holmes took his revolver from his drawer and slipped it into his pocket. It was clear that he thought that our night's work might be a serious one.

picked - elegido; pico, ganzúa, hurgar, recoger

heaviest - el más pesado; pesado

stick - palo; clavar

revolver - revólver

drawer - cajón

serious - en serio; serio

Miss Morstan was muffled in a dark cloak, and her sensitive face was composed, but pale. She must have been more than woman if she did not feel some uneasiness at the strange enterprise upon which we were embarking, yet her self-control was perfect, and she readily answered the few additional questions which Sherlock Holmes put to her.

muffled - silenciado; mufla

cloak - capa, embozo, velo, capa, embozar

composed - compuesto; componer, constituir, conformar, constar

pale - pálido

uneasiness - inquietud; desazón

enterprise - empresa, emprendimiento, empuje, iniciativa

embarking - embarcando; embarcar, embarcarse

self-control - (self-control) autocontrol

readily - listo; fácilmente, en seguida, pronto

"Major Sholto was a very particular friend of papa's," she said. "His letters were full of allusions to the major. He and papa were in command of the troops at the Andaman Islands, so they were thrown a great deal together. By the way, a curious paper was found in papa's desk which no one could understand. I don't suppose that it is of the slightest importance, but I thought you might care to see it, so I brought it with me.

papa - papá

allusions - alusiones; alusión

Command - orden, mandato, mando, comando, dominio

deal - trato, acuerdo, pacto

slightest - lo más mínimo; insignificante, leve, ligero, falta de respeto

It is here."

Holmes unfolded the paper carefully and smoothed it out upon his knee. He then very methodically examined it all over with his double lens.

unfolded - desplegado; desplegar

carefully - con cuidado; cuidadosamente, a conciencia, minuciosamente

smoothed - alisado; liso, sofisticado, constante, tranquilo, apacible

methodically - metódicamente

double - doble, doblado, bicapa, encorvado, doble, sosias, duplicar

"It is paper of native Indian manufacture," he remarked. "It has at some time been pinned to a board. The diagram upon it appears to be a plan of part of a large building with numerous halls, corridors, and passages. At one point is a small cross done in red ink, and above it is '3.37 from left,'in faded pencil-writing. In the left-hand corner is a curious hieroglyphic like four crosses in a line with their arms touching.

native - natal, indígena, originario, nativo, oriundo, indígena

manufacture - fabricar, producir

pinned - inmovilizado; alfiler

diagram - diagrama

Appears - aparecer, comparecer

numerous - numerosos; numeroso

halls - pasillos; pasillo, salón, vestibulo

corridors - pasillos; pasillo, corredor

passages - pasajes; pasillo, pasadizo

ink - tinta, entintar, firmar, tatuar

faded - desvanecido; apagarse, debilitarse; destenir

crosses - cruces; cruz, aspa, sotuer, santiguamiento, senal de la cruz

touching - Tocando; (touch); tocar, conmover, toque, toque, tacto, pizca

beside it is written, in very rough and coarse characters, 'The sign of the four,-Jonathan Small, Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, Dost Akbar.'No, I confess that I do not see how this bears upon the matter. Yet it is evidently a document of importance. It has been kept carefully in a pocket-book; for the one side is as clean as the other."

beside it - junto a

rough - aspero; áspero, aproximado, aproximativo, casi, turbulento

coarse - grosero; tosco, rústico, rudo, bruto

characters - personajes; personaje, característica, carácter

Mahomet - Mahoma

bears - osos; aguantar, soportar

evidently - evidentemente

document - documento, pliego, anotar, registrar, documentar

pocket-book - (pocket-book) libro de bolsillo

"It was in his pocket-book that we found it."

"Preserve it carefully, then, Miss Morstan, for it may prove to be of use to us.

preserve - mermelada, reserva, reserva natural, coto, terreno, dominio

Prove - probar

I begin to suspect that this matter may turn out to be much deeper and more subtle than I at first supposed. I must reconsider my ideas." He leaned back in the cab, and I could see by his drawn brow and his vacant eye that he was thinking intently. Miss Morstan and I chatted in an undertone about our present expedition and its possible outcome, but our companion maintained his impenetrable reserve until the end of our journey.

suspect - barruntar, sospechar, sospechoso

deeper - más profundo; profundo, hondo, fondo, ancho, bajo, grave, oscuro

subtle - sutil

supposed - se supone; suponer

reconsider - reconsiderarlo; reconsiderar

cab - taxi

vacant - vacío; vacante

intently - con atención; atentamente

chatted - chateado; charlar, hablar

outcome - resultado, consecuencia, desenlace, objetivos

maintained - mantenido; mantener, sostener

impenetrable - impenetrable

reserve - reserva, reservar

It was a September evening, and not yet seven o'clock, but the day had been a dreary one, and a dense drizzly fog lay low upon the great city. Mud-colored clouds drooped sadly over the muddy streets. Down the Strand the lamps were but misty splotches of diffused light which threw a feeble circular glimmer upon the slimy pavement. The yellow glare from the shop-windows streamed out into the steamy, vaporous air, and threw a murky, shifting radiance across the crowded thoroughfare. There was, to my mind, something eerie and ghost-like in the endless procession of faces which flitted across these narrow bars of light,-sad faces and glad, haggard and merry. Like all human kind, they flitted from the gloom into the light, and so back into the gloom once more.

dense - denso, compacto, macizo, espeso, tupido, obscuro

drizzly - Llovizna

lay - poner, colocar

clouds - nubes; nublar

Muddy - Fango

Strand - varar

misty - niebla; con neblina, neblinoso

splotches - Mancha

diffused - difusa; difundir(se)

threw - tiró; lanzar, tirar

feeble - débil, endeble, feble, deficiente

circular - circular

glimmer - resplandor; luz tenue, titileo

slimy - pelusa; viscoso, baboso, pegajoso, gelatinoso

glare - resplandor; mirada fulminante

shop-windows - (shop-windows) escaparates

streamed - en streaming; corriente, flujo, arroyo, fluir, recibir flujo

steamy - vaporoso; humeante, apasionado, fogoso, tórrido

vaporous - vaporoso

murky - turbio

shifting - Cambiando; (shift); turno, cambio, desviación, deslizamiento

radiance - resplandor, brillo, fulgor

crowded - abarrotado; multitud, muchedumbre

thoroughfare - pasaje, vía pública, vía de comunicación, canal

eerie - extrano; misterioso, extrano

ghost - fantasma, espectro, espíritu, aparecido

endless - interminable, sin fin, infinito

procession - procesión

flitted - evoloteó; revolotear

narrow - estrecho

bars - bares; barra; tableta; barrote, reja

Glad - feliz, alegre, contento

haggard - macilento, ojeroso, demacrado

merry - contento; alegre

human - humano

gloom - pesimismo; penumbra, melancolía

I am not subject to impressions, but the dull, heavy evening, with the strange business upon which we were engaged, combined to make me nervous and depressed. I could see from Miss Morstan's manner that she was suffering from the same feeling. Holmes alone could rise superior to petty influences. He held his open note-book upon his knee, and from time to time he jotted down figures and memoranda in the light of his pocket-lantern.

impressions - impresiones; impresión

heavy - pesado

engaged - comprometido; atraer, trabar conversación con, trabar batalla

combined - combinado; combinar, juntar, unir

depressed - deprimido; deprimir

suffering - sufrido, sufriente, sufrimiento; (suffer); sufrir, penar

alone - solo, a solas

superior - superior, superior

petty - pequeno; baladí, de pitiminí, detallista, insignificante

influences - influencias; influencia, influir, influenciar

jotted down - anotado

memoranda - Memorandos

lantern - farol, linterna

At the Lyceum Theatre the crowds were already thick at the side-entrances. In front a continuous stream of hansoms and four-wheelers were rattling up, discharging their cargoes of shirt-fronted men and beshawled, bediamonded women. We had hardly reached the third pillar, which was our rendezvous, before a small, dark, brisk man in the dress of a coachman accosted us.

crowds - muchas personas; multitud, muchedumbre

entrances - entradas; entrada

continuous - continuo

stream - corriente, flujo, arroyo, fluir, recibir flujo, (2) checkcorrer

wheelers - Rueda

rattling - traqueteo; (rattle) traqueteo

discharging - descargando; cumplir, completar, despedir, descargar, descargo

cargoes - cargas; carga

reached - alcanzado; llegar (a)

rendezvous - un encuentro; encuentro, cita

coachman - Cochero

accosted - acosado

"Are you the parties who come with Miss Morstan?" he asked.

"I am Miss Morstan, and these two gentlemen are my friends," said she.

gentlemen - caballeros; caballero, senores

He bent a pair of wonderfully penetrating and questioning eyes upon us. "You will excuse me, miss," he said with a certain dogged manner, "but I was to ask you to give me your word that neither of your companions is a police-officer."

bent - Doblado; (bend); doblar, curvar, doblarse, agacharse

wonderfully - maravillosamente, a las mil maravillas

penetrating - penetrante; penetrar

Certain - seguro; cierto, cierto, cierta

Companions - companeros; companero, companera

"I give you my word on that," she answered.

He gave a shrill whistle, on which a street Arab led across a four-wheeler and opened the door. The man who had addressed us mounted to the box, while we took our places inside. We had hardly done so before the driver whipped up his horse, and we plunged away at a furious pace through the foggy streets.

shrill - chillón; estridente

whistle - silbar; silbato, pito, chifle, pitido

Arab - árabe, árabe

mounted - montado; montar

whipped - batido; fusta, látigo, flagelo, panish: t-needed

furious - furioso

pace - paso

foggy - niebla; brumoso

The situation was a curious one. We were driving to an unknown place, on an unknown errand. Yet our invitation was either a complete hoax,-which was an inconceivable hypothesis,-or else we had good reason to think that important issues might hang upon our journey. Miss Morstan's demeanor was as resolute and collected as ever. I endeavored to cheer and amuse her by reminiscences of my adventures in Afghanistan; but, to tell the truth, I was myself so excited at our situation and so curious as to our destination that my stories were slightly involved. To this day she declares that I told her one moving anecdote as to how a musket looked into my tent at the dead of night, and how I fired a double-barrelled tiger cub at it. At first I had some idea as to the direction in which we were driving; but soon, what with our pace, the fog, and my own limited knowledge of London, I lost my bearings, and knew nothing, save that we seemed to be going a very long way.

an unknown - un desconocido

errand - recado

invitation - invitación

either - cada, tampoco, o , o, ya sea...o

hoax - broma; engano, fraude, embuste, bulo

inconceivable - inconcebible

hypothesis - hipótesis

issues - problemas; flujo, emisión, envío, incisión, herederos

hang - colgar

demeanor - comportamiento, conducta, proceder

resolute - decidido; resoluto

collected - recogido; reunir, recopilar

endeavored - se esforzó; tentativa, esfuerzo, empeno, empresa

cheer - animar; viva, hurra

amuse - entretener, distraer, divertir

reminiscences - recuerdos; reminiscencia

adventures - Aventuras; (adventure) Aventuras

Afghanistan - Afganistán

destination - destino

slightly - un poco; levemente, ligeramente

Involved - involucrado; elevar, envolver, envolverse con, involucrarse

declares - explicar, aclarar, declarar

anecdote - anécdota, chascarrillo

musket - mosquete

tent - tienda (de campana)

barrelled - con barriles; barril, tonel, canón, cano, embarrilar

tiger - tigre; tigresa

cub - cachorro

direction - dirección

bearings - Rodamiento

Sherlock Holmes was never at fault, however, and he muttered the names as the cab rattled through squares and in and out by tortuous by-streets.

fault - defecto, falla, culpa, falta

muttered - murmuró; hablar entre dientes, murmurar

rattled - molesto; hacer sonar, hacer vibrar

squares - cuadrados; cuadro, cuadrado, escuadra, cartabón, plaza, casilla

tortuous - tortuoso

"Rochester Row," said he. "Now Vincent Square. Now we come out on the Vauxhall Bridge Road. We are making for the Surrey side, apparently. Yes, I thought so. Now we are on the bridge. You can catch glimpses of the river."

Row - hilera, fila

square - cuadro, cuadrado, escuadra, cartabón, plaza, casilla

Bridge - puente

Surrey - Surrey

apparently - evidentemente, obviamente, por lo visto, aparentemente

catch - coger; pega, traba, truco, cuestión

glimpses - atisbos; atisbo, entrever, atisbar, vislumbrar, ojear

We did indeed get a fleeting view of a stretch of the Thames with the lamps shining upon the broad, silent water; but our cab dashed on, and was soon involved in a labyrinth of streets upon the other side.

fleeting - fugaz; flota

view - vista, reproducción, visualización, visitas, visión, mirada, ver

stretch - estirar, estirarse, dar, extenderse, estirón, estiramiento

Thames - Támesis

shining - brillante; brillar

broad - amplio; ancho

silent - silencioso, callar, checkcallado

dashed - dashed; raya, guion largo, carrerita, gota, pizca, lanzarse

labyrinth - laberinto, dédalo

"Wordsworth Road," said my companion. "Priory Road. Lark Hall Lane. Stockwell Place. Robert Street. Cold Harbor Lane. Our quest does not appear to take us to very fashionable regions."

Priory - priorato, priorazgo

lark - alondra

hall - pasillo, salón, vestibulo

lane - camino, carril

Robert - Roberto

harbor - puerto

fashionable - a la moda, de moda

regions - regiones; región

We had, indeed, reached a questionable and forbidding neighborhood. Long lines of dull brick houses were only relieved by the coarse glare and tawdry brilliancy of public houses at the corner. Then came rows of two-storied villas each with a fronting of miniature garden, and then again interminable lines of new staring brick buildings,-the monster tentacles which the giant city was throwing out into the country. At last the cab drew up at the third house in a new terrace.

questionable - dudoso, cuestionable, controvertible, sospechoso

brick - ladrillo

tawdry - de mal gusto; hortera, chabacano, charro

public - público, público

rows - filas; hilera, fila

villas - villas; villa, quinta, casa de campo

miniature - miniatura

interminable - interminable

buildings - Edificio

monster - monstruo, fiera

tentacles - tentáculos; tentáculo

giant - gigante, gigantesco

throwing out - descartar, echar fuera, deshacerse de algo; despedir a alguien

terrace - terraza, terrado, bancal, azotea, terraplenar, aterrazar

None of the other houses were inhabited, and that at which we stopped was as dark as its neighbors, save for a single glimmer in the kitchen window. On our knocking, however, the door was instantly thrown open by a Hindoo servant clad in a yellow turban, white loose-fitting clothes, and a yellow sash. There was something strangely incongruous in this Oriental figure framed in the commonplace door-way of a third-rate suburban dwelling-house.

inhabited - habitado; habitar, morar, vivir

neighbors - vecinos; vecino

single - solo, único, soltero, sencillo, soltero, soltera

knocking - Golpeando; (knock); golpe, golpear

instantly - al instante, al hilo, al tiro, instantáneamente

servant - sirviente, criado, mozo, doméstico

clad - vestido; (clothe); vestir

loose - suelto; flojo

sash - faja; fajín (militar)

incongruous - incongruente

figure - figura, cifra, ocurrírsele

framed - enmarcado; levantar la estructura, armar, enmarcar, concebir

rate - tasa, índice

Suburban - suburbano

dwelling-house - (dwelling-house) vivienda

"The Sahib awaits you," said he, and even as he spoke there came a high piping voice from some inner room. "Show them in to me, khitmutgar," it cried. "Show them straight in to me."

awaits - te espera; esperar, aguantar

piping - Tuberías; (pip) Tuberías

straight - recto, liso, franco, directo, puro, convencional, hetero

Chapter IV - The Story of the Bald-Headed Man

bald - calvo, pelón

We followed the Indian down a sordid and common passage, ill lit and worse furnished, until he came to a door upon the right, which he threw open. A blaze of yellow light streamed out upon us, and in the centre of the glare there stood a small man with a very high head, a bristle of red hair all round the fringe of it, and a bald, shining scalp which shot out from among it like a mountain-peak from fir-trees. He writhed his hands together as he stood, and his features were in a perpetual jerk, now smiling, now scowling, but never for an instant in repose.

sordid - sórdido

passage - pasaje; pasillo, pasadizo

ill - enfermo, mareado, mal

furnished - amueblado; amoblar, amueblar, suministrar, proporcionar, dotar

blaze - arde; llamarada, incendio; resplandor

bristle - erizarse; cerda, erizar, ponerse a la defensiva

fringe - flecos; orla, extremista, radical, periferia, marginal, orlar

shining - brillante; espinilla

scalp - cabellera; cuero cabelludo, descabellar

shot - tiro, disparo; (shoot) tiro, disparo

among - entre

mountain-peak - (mountain-peak) pico de la montana

fir-trees - (fir-trees) abetos

writhed - se retorció; contorsionar

perpetual - perpetua; perpetuo

jerk - imbécil; sacudida

scowling - frunciendo el ceno; (scowl) frunciendo el ceno

instant - instantáneo, inmediato

repose - reposo

Nature had given him a pendulous lip, and a too visible line of yellow and irregular teeth, which he strove feebly to conceal by constantly passing his hand over the lower part of his face. In spite of his obtrusive baldness, he gave the impression of youth. In point of fact he had just turned his thirtieth year.

pendulous - colgante

irregular - irregular

strove - se esforzó; esforzarse

feebly - Tímidamente

conceal - esconder, ocultar

constantly - constantemente

lower - más bajo; oscurecerse, encapotarse; (low) más bajo; oscurecerse

spite - rencor

obtrusive - obstrusivo; protuberante, sobresaliente

baldness - calvicie

impression - impresión

thirtieth - trigésimo, treintavo

"Your servant, Miss Morstan," he kept repeating, in a thin, high voice. "Your servant, gentlemen. Pray step into my little sanctum. A small place, miss, but furnished to my own liking. An oasis of art in the howling desert of South London."

sanctum - Sanctasanctórum

oasis - oasis

howling - aullando; (howl); aullido, aullar, ganir

desert - desierto; abandonar

We were all astonished by the appearance of the apartment into which he invited us. In that sorry house it looked as out of place as a diamond of the first water in a setting of brass. The richest and glossiest of curtains and tapestries draped the walls, looped back here and there to expose some richly-mounted painting or Oriental vase. The carpet was of amber-and-black, so soft and so thick that the foot sank pleasantly into it, as into a bed of moss.

astonished - asombrado; asombrar, sorprender, pasmar

appearance - aparición, apariencia, hechura, estampa, aire

invited - invitado; invitar

setting - configuración, ajustes, poniente; (set); configuración, ajustes

glossiest - más brillante; brillante, lustroso, reluciente

curtains - cortinas; cortina, telón

tapestries - tapices; tapiz

draped - cubrir

looped - en bucle; lazo, lazada, gaza, recodo

expose - exponer, revelar, descubrir, exhibir

vase - un jarrón; jarrón, florero, vasija

carpet - alfombra, moqueta, alfombrar, cubrir

amber - ámbar, ambarino, de color ámbar

soft - suave; blando

pleasantly - agradablemente

moss - musgo

Two great tiger-skins thrown athwart it increased the suggestion of Eastern luxury, as did a huge hookah which stood upon a mat in the corner. A lamp in the fashion of a silver dove was hung from an almost invisible golden wire in the centre of the room. As it burned it filled the air with a subtle and aromatic odor.

skins - pieles; piel, máscara, despellejar, desollar

athwart - a través de; a través, de lado a lado

eastern - oriental, esteno

luxury - lujo, capricho, extravagancia

huge - enorme, grandote

hookah - narguile, shisha

fashion - moda, manera, modo

silver - plata

dove - paloma; (dive) paloma

hung - colgado; colgar

almost - casi, por poco

invisible - invisible

wire in - conectar

burned - quemado; quemar

aromatic - aromático

odor - olor

"Mr. Thaddeus Sholto," said the little man, still jerking and smiling. "That is my name. You are Miss Morstan, of course. And these gentlemen-"

little man - hombrecito

jerking - Dando tirones; (jerk) Dando tirones

"This is Mr. Sherlock Holmes, and this is Dr. Watson."

"A doctor, eh?" cried he, much excited. "Have you your stethoscope? Might I ask you-would you have the kindness? I have grave doubts as to my mitral valve, if you would be so very good. The aortic I may rely upon, but I should value your opinion upon the mitral."

eh - no, qué, cómo

stethoscope - estetoscopio

grave - tumba

doubts - dudas; dudar, duda, incertidumbre

mitral - mitral

valve - válvula, llave

aortic - aórtica; aórtico

rely - confiar; contar con, atenerse

I listened to his heart, as requested, but was unable to find anything amiss, save indeed that he was in an ecstasy of fear, for he shivered from head to foot. "It appears to be normal," I said. "You have no cause for uneasiness."

as requested - según lo solicitado

unable - incapaz

amiss - algún problema; mal

ecstasy - éxtasis

fear - miedo, temor

shivered - tembló; temblar, tiritar, estremecerse

cause - por qué; causa, causar

"You will excuse my anxiety, Miss Morstan," he remarked, airily. "I am a great sufferer, and I have long had suspicions as to that valve. I am delighted to hear that they are unwarranted. Had your father, Miss Morstan, refrained from throwing a strain upon his heart, he might have been alive now."

anxiety - zozobra, ansiedad, inquietud

airily - en el aire

sufferer - nfermo; sufridor

suspicions - sospechas; sospecha, suspicacia

refrained - se abstuvo; estribillo

throwing - Lanzamiento; (throw) Lanzamiento

I could have struck the man across the face, so hot was I at this callous and off-hand reference to so delicate a matter. Miss Morstan sat down, and her face grew white to the lips. "I knew in my heart that he was dead," said she.

callous - insensible, cruel, desconsiderado, calloso

reference - referencia, referencia, referenciar

lips - labios; labio, labro

"I can give you every information," said he, "and, what is more, I can do you justice; and I will, too, whatever Brother Bartholomew may say. I am so glad to have your friends here, not only as an escort to you, but also as witnesses to what I am about to do and say. The three of us can show a bold front to Brother Bartholomew. But let us have no outsiders,-no police or officials. We can settle everything satisfactorily among ourselves, without any interference.

whatever - qué; cualquier, lo que sea que, cualquier cosa que, no importa

escort - acompanante; escolta, acompanante, escoltar

witnesses - testigos; testimonio, testigo, prueba, testificar, probar

bold - osado; valiente, audaz, atrevido

outsiders - extranos; marginado, persona de fuera, outsider, lego, novato

officials - funcionarios; oficial, funcionario

settle - nos conformamos; instalar, colocar

satisfactorily - satisfactoriamente

interference - interferencias; injerencia, interferencia, intromisión

Nothing would annoy Brother Bartholomew more than any publicity." He sat down upon a low settee and blinked at us inquiringly with his weak, watery blue eyes.

annoy - molestar, agobiar, jorobar

publicity - publicidad

settee - sofá

blinked at - parpadeó

inquiringly - preguntando

weak - débil, feble, flaco, flojo

watery - agua; acuoso, lloroso

"For my part," said Holmes, "whatever you may choose to say will go no further."

further - más allá; fomentar, asistir, exhortar, desarrollar

I nodded to show my agreement.

nodded to - asintió

agreement - acuerdo, convenio, contrato, concordancia

"That is well! That is well!" said he. "May I offer you a glass of Chianti, Miss Morstan? Or of Tokay? I keep no other wines. Shall I open a flask? No? Well, then, I trust that you have no objection to tobacco-smoke, to the mild balsamic odor of the Eastern tobacco. I am a little nervous, and I find my hookah an invaluable sedative.

flask - frasco; petaca, licorera disfrazado

trust - confiar; confianza, crédito, fiar, consorcio, trust

objection - objeción, protesta

tobacco-smoke - (tobacco-smoke) Humo de tabaco

mild - suave, leve, cálido

invaluable - inestimable; invalorable

sedative - sedante, sedativo

He applied a taper to the great bowl, and the smoke bubbled merrily through the rose-water. We sat all three in a semicircle, with our heads advanced, and our chins upon our hands, while the strange, jerky little fellow, with his high, shining head, puffed uneasily in the centre.

applied - plicado; aplicar

taper - cónico; cerilla; (tape); cinta, atar, grabar

bowl - bola

smoke - fumar; humo

bubbled - burbuja, pompa, burbujear

rose - Rosa; (rise); Rosa

semicircle - semicírculo

advanced - avanzado; avanzar, progresar, avance, progreso, adelanto, avance

chins - barbillas; barbilla, mentón

jerky - cecina

puffed - inflado; soplo, racha, ráfaga; bocanada

uneasily - Inquieta

"When I first determined to make this communication to you," said he, "I might have given you my address, but I feared that you might disregard my request and bring unpleasant people with you. I took the liberty, therefore, of making an appointment in such a way that my man Williams might be able to see you first. I have complete confidence in his discretion, and he had orders, if he were dissatisfied, to proceed no further in the matter. You will excuse these precautions, but I am a man of somewhat retiring, and I might even say refined, tastes, and there is nothing more unaesthetic than a policeman.

determined - determinado; determinar

communication - comunicación, comunicado

feared - Miedo

disregard - desprecio; descuidar, desatender, ignorar

request - solicitud; pedir, solicitar, demandar, checkpedir

unpleasant - desagradable, desapacible

appointment - nombramiento, cita, compromiso

Williams - williams; Guillermo

confidence - confianza; certeza, certeza propia, certidumbre, confidencia

discretion - discreción

dissatisfied - insatisfecho; descontentar

proceed - continuar, proceder

precautions - precauciones; precaución

retiring - retirarse, jubilarse

tastes - sabores; gusto, gusto, gustos, muestra, gustar, probar, catar

unaesthetic - Inestético

I have a natural shrinking from all forms of rough materialism. I seldom come in contact with the rough crowd. I live, as you see, with some little atmosphere of elegance around me. I may call myself a patron of the arts. It is my weakness. The landscape is a genuine Corot, and, though a connoisseur might perhaps throw a doubt upon that Salvator Rosa, there cannot be the least question about the Bouguereau. I am partial to the modern French school."

shrinking - ncogiendo; contraerse, encogerse, achicarse, mermar

materialism - materialismo, materialismo

seldom - raramente, rara vez

contact - contacto, contactar, entrar en contacto con

elegance - elegancia, checkchic

patron - patrón, mecenas, patrocinador, auspiciador, cliente, parroquiano

landscape - paisaje, apaisado, horizontal

genuine - genuino, auténtico, legítimo, verdadero

connoisseur - conocedor; connaisseur; connoisseur

partial - parcial

"You will excuse me, Mr. Sholto," said Miss Morstan, "but I am here at your request to learn something which you desire to tell me. It is very late, and I should desire the interview to be as short as possible."

desire - desear, deseo, gana

"At the best it must take some time," he answered; "for we shall certainly have to go to Norwood and see Brother Bartholomew. We shall all go and try if we can get the better of Brother Bartholomew. He is very angry with me for taking the course which has seemed right to me. I had quite high words with him last night. You cannot imagine what a terrible fellow he is when he is angry."

"If we are to go to Norwood it would perhaps be as well to start at once," I ventured to remark.

ventured - se aventuró; aventura, arriesgar

He laughed until his ears were quite red. "That would hardly do," he cried. "I don't know what he would say if I brought you in that sudden way. No, I must prepare you by showing you how we all stand to each other. In the first place, I must tell you that there are several points in the story of which I am myself ignorant. I can only lay the facts before you as far as I know them myself.

ignorant - ignorante, ignaro, inculto

"My father was, as you may have guessed, Major John Sholto, once of the Indian army. He retired some eleven years ago, and came to live at Pondicherry Lodge in Upper Norwood. He had prospered in India, and brought back with him a considerable sum of money, a large collection of valuable curiosities, and a staff of native servants.

Lodge - cabana, barraca, caseta, logia, madriguera, panish: t-needed

prospered - rosperó; prosperar

India - India

brought back - traído de vuelta

sum - suma

collection - colección, conjunto, recogida, recolección, colecta, recaudación

staff - personal, empleados

servants - sirvientes; sirviente, criado, mozo, doméstico

With these advantages he bought himself a house, and lived in great luxury. My twin-brother Bartholomew and I were the only children.

advantages - ventajas; ventaja, beneficio, provecho

twin-brother - (twin-brother) hermano gemelo

"I very well remember the sensation which was caused by the disappearance of Captain Morstan. We read the details in the papers, and, knowing that he had been a friend of our father's, we discussed the case freely in his presence.

sensation - sensación

caused - causado; causa, causar

freely - libremente

presence - presencia

He used to join in our speculations as to what could have happened. Never for an instant did we suspect that he had the whole secret hidden in his own breast,-that of all men he alone knew the fate of Arthur Morstan.

join in - participar en, unirse

secret - secreto, arcano

hidden - ocultos; esconder(se), ocultar

breast - pecho, seno, teta, corazón, pechuga

fate - destino, azar

"We did know, however, that some mystery-some positive danger-overhung our father. He was very fearful of going out alone, and he always employed two prize-fighters to act as porters at Pondicherry Lodge. Williams, who drove you to-night, was one of them. He was once light-weight champion of England. Our father would never tell us what it was he feared, but he had a most marked aversion to men with wooden legs.

danger - peligro; (dang); peligro

fearful - miedoso, temeroso, terrible, checkespantoso, checktremendo

employed - empleado; contratar, emplear

prize - premio; abrir/levantar con palanca, forzar

fighters - luchadores; guerrero, combatiente, luchador, guerrero, caza

act - acto, ley, acción, hecho, actuar

porters - porteros; mozo de equipajes, maletero

weight - peso, pesa, pesar, ponderar

champion - campeón, campeona, adalid, valedor, abanderado

feared - miedo, temor

aversion - aversión

wooden - de madera, acartonado

On one occasion he actually fired his revolver at a wooden-legged man, who proved to be a harmless tradesman canvassing for orders. We had to pay a large sum to hush the matter up. My brother and I used to think this a mere whim of my father's, but events have since led us to change our opinion.

actually - realmente

proved - probado; probar

harmless - inocuo, inofensivo

tradesman - obrero; artesano

canvassing - consultas; hacer propaganda, hacer campana

Hush - callar, callarse, calmar, acallar, silencio

whim - capricho

"Early in 1882 my father received a letter from India which was a great shock to him. He nearly fainted at the breakfast-table when he opened it, and from that day he sickened to his death. What was in the letter we could never discover, but I could see as he held it that it was short and written in a scrawling hand.

shock - conmoción, golpe

fainted - desmayado; débil, tenue

discover - descubrir, destapar

scrawling - Garabateando; (scrawl) Garabateando

He had suffered for years from an enlarged spleen, but he now became rapidly worse, and towards the end of April we were informed that he was beyond all hope, and that he wished to make a last communication to us.

suffered - sufrido; sufrir, penar, empeorar

enlarged - aumentado; ampliar, agrandar, engrandecer

spleen - bazo, esplín

rapidly - rápidamente

towards - hacia, sobre, para

beyond - más allá de

wished - deseaba; deseo, gana, desear

"When we entered his room he was propped up with pillows and breathing heavily. He besought us to lock the door and to come upon either side of the bed. Then, grasping our hands, he made a remarkable statement to us, in a voice which was broken as much by emotion as by pain. I shall try and give it to you in his own very words.

propped - apoyado; puntal

pillows - almohadas; almohada

breathing - respirando; respiración; (breath); respiración, aliento, respiro

heavily - pesadamente

besought - pidió; rogar, implorar, suplicar

lock - cerradura

grasping - agarrando; agarrar, asir, comprender, asimiento, comprensión

remarkable - notable, remarcable, destacable

emotion - afecto, emoción

pain - dolor

"'I have only one thing,'he said, 'which weighs upon my mind at this supreme moment. It is my treatment of poor Morstan's orphan. The cursed greed which has been my besetting sin through life has withheld from her the treasure, half at least of which should have been hers. And yet I have made no use of it myself,-so blind and foolish a thing is avarice. The mere feeling of possession has been so dear to me that I could not bear to share it with another. See that chaplet dipped with pearls beside the quinine-bottle.

weighs - pesar, levar, desancorar

treatment - trato, tratamiento

orphan - huérfano, huérfana

cursed - Maldito; (curs) Maldito

greed - codicia, avaricia, gula; (gree); codicia, avaricia, gula

besetting - acosando; cercar, sitiar, asediar

sin - pecado

withheld - retenido; retener, negar, rehusar

treasure - tesoro, atesorar

blind - ciego, invidente, celosía, persiana, ciega, ciego, cegar

foolish - tonto, necio, imprudente

avarice - avaricia, codicia

bear - oso; aguantar, soportar

chaplet - Capilla

dipped - sumergido; mojar

beside - al lado de, cabe

quinine - quinina

Even that I could not bear to part with, although I had got it out with the design of sending it to her. You, my sons, will give her a fair share of the Agra treasure. But send her nothing-not even the chaplet-until I am gone. After all, men have been as bad as this and have recovered.

although - unque..; aunque, a pesar de

fair - justo; rubio, claro, blanco

recovered - recuperado; recuperarse

"'I will tell you how Morstan died,'he continued. 'He had suffered for years from a weak heart, but he concealed it from every one. I alone knew it. When in India, he and I, through a remarkable chain of circumstances, came into possession of a considerable treasure. I brought it over to England, and on the night of Morstan's arrival he came straight over here to claim his share. He walked over from the station, and was admitted by my faithful Lal Chowdar, who is now dead. Morstan and I had a difference of opinion as to the division of the treasure, and we came to heated words.

concealed - ocultos; esconder, ocultar

chain - cadena, encadenar

circumstances - circunstancias; circunstancia

arrival - llegada, venida, arribo, arribada

admitted - admitido; admitir, dar entrada, dejar entrar, reconocer

faithful - fieles; fiel, leal

Division - división, parte

heated - calentado; calor; temperatura

Morstan had sprung out of his chair in a paroxysm of anger, when he suddenly pressed his hand to his side, his face turned a dusky hue, and he fell backwards, cutting his head against the corner of the treasure-chest. When I stooped over him I found, to my horror, that he was dead.

paroxysm - paroxismo

anger - ira, enfado, enojo, rabia

pressed - presionado; apretar, presionar

dusky - Oscuro

backwards - hacia atrás; atrasado, rezagado, subdesarrollado

chest - pecho

stooped - encorvado; inclinarse, agacharse

horror - horror

"'For a long time I sat half distracted, wondering what I should do. My first impulse was, of course, to call for assistance; but I could not but recognize that there was every chance that I would be accused of his murder. His death at the moment of a quarrel, and the gash in his head, would be black against me. Again, an official inquiry could not be made without bringing out some facts about the treasure, which I was particularly anxious to keep secret. He had told me that no soul upon earth knew where he had gone.

distracted - distraído; distraer, despistar

wondering - Te preguntas; (wonder); maravilla, milagro, genio, asombro

recognize - reconoces; reconocer

chance - oportunidad; suerte, by chance: por casualidad

quarrel - discutir; pelea, rina

gash - raja, hendidura, corte

official - oficial, funcionario

bringing out - sacar; lanzar

particularly - en particular; particularmente

anxious - ansioso, inquieto, deseoso

keep secret - Guardar el secreto

There seemed to be no necessity why any soul ever should know.

necessity - necesidad, menester

"'I was still pondering over the matter, when, looking up, I saw my servant, Lal Chowdar, in the doorway. He stole in and bolted the door behind him. "Do not fear, Sahib," he said. "No one need know that you have killed him. Let us hide him away, and who is the wiser?" "I did not kill him," said I. Lal Chowdar shook his head and smiled. "I heard it all, Sahib," said he. "I heard you quarrel, and I heard the blow. But my lips are sealed. All are asleep in the house. Let us put him away together." That was enough to decide me. If my own servant could not believe my innocence, how could I hope to make it good before twelve foolish tradesmen in a jury-box? Lal Chowdar and I disposed of the body that night, and within a few days the London papers were full of the mysterious disappearance of Captain Morstan. You will see from what I say that I can hardly be blamed in the matter. My fault lies in the fact that we concealed not only the body, but also the treasure, and that I have clung to Morstan's share as well as to my own.

pondering - reflexionando; considerar, meditar, cavilar, discurrir, ponderar

doorway - puerta; entrada

Stole - Robar; (steal); robar, hurtar, robo

bolted - atornillado; pestillo

killed - asesinado; matar, asesinar

hide - esconderse; esconder(se), ocultar

wiser - más sabio; sabio

blow - soplar; golpe

sealed - sellado; sello

asleep - dormido

innocence - inocencia

tradesmen - omerciantes; artesano

jury - jurado

disposed of - se eliminó

mysterious - misterioso

blamed - culpado; culpar, responsabilizar, echar la culpa

clung to - Aferrarse a

I wish you, therefore, to make restitution. Put your ears down to my mouth. The treasure is hidden in-'At this instant a horrible change came over his expression; his eyes stared wildly, his jaw dropped, and he yelled, in a voice which I can never forget, 'Keep him out! For Christ's sake keep him out!'We both stared round at the window behind us upon which his gaze was fixed. A face was looking in at us out of the darkness. We could see the whitening of the nose where it was pressed against the glass. It was a bearded, hairy face, with wild cruel eyes and an expression of concentrated malevolence. My brother and I rushed towards the window, but the man was gone. When we returned to my father his head had dropped and his pulse had ceased to beat.

wish - deseo, gana, desear

horrible - horrible, horrendo

wildly - alocadamente, salvajemente

jaw - mandíbula; maxilar

dropped - se cayó; gota

yelled - gritó; grito, alarido

Christ - Cristo, Jesucristo, Cristo

sake - por, por motivo de; por el bien de

gaze - mirada; observar, mirar fijamente

fixed - arreglado; arreglar, reparar, componer, fijar, pregar, preparar

looking in - mirar dentro; buscar en

darkness - oscuridad, tinieblas

whitening - blanqueamiento, blanqueo; (whiten); blanquear

bearded - con barba; barba, jotera, pantalla, barbar, provocar, mortificar

hairy - peludo, velludo, lanudo

concentrated - concentrar, concentrarse, concentrado

malevolence - maldad; malevolencia

rushed - apurado; precipitarse, lanzarse, correr, ir rápidamente

pulse - pulso

ceased - esado; cesar, parar, terminar

beat - Golpear; latir

"We searched the garden that night, but found no sign of the intruder, save that just under the window a single footmark was visible in the flower-bed. But for that one trace, we might have thought that our imaginations had conjured up that wild, fierce face. We soon, however, had another and a more striking proof that there were secret agencies at work all round us. The window of my father's room was found open in the morning, his cupboards and boxes had been rifled, and upon his chest was fixed a torn piece of paper, with the words 'The sign of the four'scrawled across it. What the phrase meant, or who our secret visitor may have been, we never knew.

searched - buscado; búsqueda, buscar, inspeccionar, cachear, allanar

intruder - intruso, intrusa

footmark - Marca del pie

trace - rastrear; rastro, huella, vestigio, indicio

imaginations - imaginaciones; imaginación, magín

conjured up - conjurado

wild - salvaje, bravío

fierce - fiero, feroz, enconado

more striking - más impactante

Proof - pruebas; prueba

agencies - agencias; albedrío, agencia, oficina

cupboards - armarios; armario, vitrina, alacena

rifled - fusil, rifle

torn - desgarrado; lágrima

scrawled - arabateado; garabatear

As far as we can judge, none of my father's property had been actually stolen, though everything had been turned out. My brother and I naturally associated this peculiar incident with the fear which haunted my father during his life; but it is still a complete mystery to us."

property - propiedad, posesión, inmueble, bien

actually - de verdad; en realidad, de hecho, realmente, de veras

stolen - robado; robar, hurtar, robo

naturally - naturalmente

associated - sociados; asociado, companero, asociar, frecuentar, alternar

incident - incidente

haunted - hechizado; frecuentar, espantar, desasosegar, inquietar

The little man stopped to relight his hookah and puffed thoughtfully for a few moments. We had all sat absorbed, listening to his extraordinary narrative. At the short account of her father's death Miss Morstan had turned deadly white, and for a moment I feared that she was about to faint. She rallied however, on drinking a glass of water which I quietly poured out for her from a Venetian carafe upon the side-table. Sherlock Holmes leaned back in his chair with an abstracted expression and the lids drawn low over his glittering eyes.

relight - Volver a encender

absorbed - absorbido; absorber

narrative - narrativo, narrativa, narración

deadly - mortal, letal, mortífero

faint - desmayarse; débil, tenue

rallied - reunidos; reagrupar

quietly - en silencio; mansamente, despacio

poured - vertido; verter, derramar; chorrear; manar, salir

venetian - veneciano, veneciano, veneciana, véneto

carafe - jarra

side-table - (side-table) mesa auxiliar

abstracted - abstraído; resumen, extracto, abstracción, arte abstracto

lids - tapas; tapa

glittering - resplandeciente; chispeante; (glitter); brillo, purpurina

As I glanced at him I could not but think how on that very day he had complained bitterly of the commonplaceness of life. Here at least was a problem which would tax his sagacity to the utmost. Mr. Thaddeus Sholto looked from one to the other of us with an obvious pride at the effect which his story had produced, and then continued between the puffs of his overgrown pipe.

complained - se quejó; quejarse, alegar, reclamar, protestar

bitterly - con amargura; amargamente

commonplaceness - común

tax - impuestos; impuesto

sagacity - sagacidad, sagaz

utmost - extremo, descollante, extremado, sobresaliente, sumo, máximo

obvious - obvio, evidente

pride - orgullo, soberbia, cachondez, toriondez, verriondez, manada

puffs - inhalaciones; soplo, racha, ráfaga; bocanada

overgrown - crecer en exceso

"My brother and I," said he, "were, as you may imagine, much excited as to the treasure which my father had spoken of. For weeks and for months we dug and delved in every part of the garden, without discovering its whereabouts. It was maddening to think that the hiding-place was on his very lips at the moment that he died. We could judge the splendor of the missing riches by the chaplet which he had taken out. Over this chaplet my brother Bartholomew and I had some little discussion.

delved - rofundizar

whereabouts - dónde; paradero; (whereabout) dónde; paradero

maddening - enloquecedor; enloquecer

hiding-place - (hiding-place) escondite

splendor - esplendor

discussion - discusión

The pearls were evidently of great value, and he was averse to part with them, for, between friends, my brother was himself a little inclined to my father's fault. He thought, too, that if we parted with the chaplet it might give rise to gossip and finally bring us into trouble. It was all that I could do to persuade him to let me find out Miss Morstan's address and send her a detached pearl at fixed intervals, so that at least she might never feel destitute."

averse - averso; opuesto

gossip - chismoso, chismosa, chisme, chismear, cotillear, chismorrear

trouble - problemas; marrón, berenjenal, dificultad, problema, molestia

persuade - persuadir

detached - desprendido; desacoplar

destitute - indigente

"It was a kindly thought," said our companion, earnestly. "It was extremely good of you."

extremely - extremadamente, sumamente, harto

The little man waved his hand deprecatingly. "We were your trustees," he said. "That was the view which I took of it, though Brother Bartholomew could not altogether see it in that light. We had plenty of money ourselves. I desired no more. Besides, it would have been such bad taste to have treated a young lady in so scurvy a fashion. 'Le mauvais gout mene au crime.'The French have a very neat way of putting these things. Our difference of opinion on this subject went so far that I thought it best to set up rooms for myself: so I left Pondicherry Lodge, taking the old khitmutgar and Williams with me.

waved - saludó; ola

deprecatingly - con desprecio

trustees - ideicomisarios; fiduciario, fiduciaria

altogether - todos juntos; totalmente, completamente, en general, en suma

plenty - bastante; abundancia

desired - deseado; desear, deseo, gana

besides - además; al lado de, cabe

scurvy - escorbuto

gout - gota

Yesterday, however, I learn that an event of extreme importance has occurred. The treasure has been discovered. I instantly communicated with Miss Morstan, and it only remains for us to drive out to Norwood and demand our share. I explained my views last night to Brother Bartholomew: so we shall be expected, if not welcome, visitors."

drive out - marcharse; expulsar, echar algo/a alguien

views - opiniones; vista, reproducción, visualización, visitas, visión

Mr. Thaddeus Sholto ceased, and sat twitching on his luxurious settee. We all remained silent, with our thoughts upon the new development which the mysterious business had taken. Holmes was the first to spring to his feet.

twitching - Tic; (twitch) Tic

luxurious - lujoso

new development - nuevo desarrollo

mysterious business - negocio misterioso

"You have done well, sir, from first to last," said he. "It is possible that we may be able to make you some small return by throwing some light upon that which is still dark to you. But, as Miss Morstan remarked just now, it is late, and we had best put the matter through without delay."

is late - retrasarse, llegar con retraso

delay - retraso; aplazar, retrasar

Our new acquaintance very deliberately coiled up the tube of his hookah, and produced from behind a curtain a very long befrogged topcoat with Astrakhan collar and cuffs. This he buttoned tightly up, in spite of the extreme closeness of the night, and finished his attire by putting on a rabbit-skin cap with hanging lappets which covered the ears, so that no part of him was visible save his mobile and peaky face.

deliberately - deliberadamente, concienzudamente

coiled - en espiral; enroscarse

tube - tubo, canuto

curtain - cortina, telón

befrogged - frogged

topcoat - Capa de acabado

astrakhan - astracán

collar - cuello, collar, yugo

cuffs - esposas; puno

buttoned - botonada; botón

tightly - con fuerza; herméticamente

attire - atuendo, atavío, ataviar

putting on - poniendo

rabbit-skin - (rabbit-skin) Piel de conejo

cap - gorra

hanging - Colgando; (hang) Colgando

lappets - Papel

covered - cubierto; tapa, cubierta, escondrijo, guarida, tapa

mobile - móvil, celular, movible, móvil

peaky - Pico

"My health is somewhat fragile," he remarked, as he led the way down the passage. "I am compelled to be a valetudinarian."

fragile - frágil

compelled - obligado; obligar, forzar, compeler

valetudinarian - valetudinario, hipocondríaco

Our cab was awaiting us outside, and our programme was evidently prearranged, for the driver started off at once at a rapid pace. Thaddeus Sholto talked incessantly, in a voice which rose high above the rattle of the wheels.

awaiting - esperando; esperar, aguantar

prearranged - Preorganizar

rapid - rápido, rápido, rabión

incessantly - incesantemente, sin cesar

rattle - sonajero; hacer sonar, hacer vibrar

wheels - ruedas; rueda, pez gordo, llanta, rodar, circunvolar

"Bartholomew is a clever fellow," said he. "How do you think he found out where the treasure was? He had come to the conclusion that it was somewhere indoors: so he worked out all the cubic space of the house, and made measurements everywhere, so that not one inch should be unaccounted for. Among other things, he found that the height of the building was seventy-four feet, but on adding together the heights of all the separate rooms, and making every allowance for the space between, which he ascertained by borings, he could not bring the total to more than seventy feet.

clever - inteligente; ágil, hábil, listo, talentoso, habiloso

conclusion - conclusión

somewhere - en alguna parte, en algún lugar, en algún sitio, a alguna parte

cubic - Cúbico

measurements - medida, medición, medidas, mediciones

everywhere - en todas partes; todos lados, todo lugar, por todas partes

inch - pulgada

unaccounted - en paradero desconocido

heights - alturas; altura, estatura, cumbre, cima

allowance - permiso; paga

ascertained - averiguado; averiguar, determinar, establecer, definir

Total - total, montante, suma

There were four feet unaccounted for. These could only be at the top of the building. He knocked a hole, therefore, in the lath-and-plaster ceiling of the highest room, and there, sure enough, he came upon another little garret above it, which had been sealed up and was known to no one. In the centre stood the treasure-chest, resting upon two rafters. He lowered it through the hole, and there it lies. He computes the value of the jewels at not less than half a million sterling."

top - cima, parte superior, parte de más arriba, cabecera, tapa

knocked - golpeado; golpe, golpear

lath - torneado; listón

plaster - esparadrapo; ungüento, yeso, escayola, enlucido, revoque

sure enough - seguro; como era de esperar, en efecto

garret - buhardilla

sealed up - sellado

resting upon - apoyarse en; depender de; basarse en

rafters - las vigas; viga

lowered - bajado; oscurecerse, encapotarse

computes - computar, calcular

jewels - joyas; gema, joya, alhaja, rubí

At the mention of this gigantic sum we all stared at one another open-eyed. Miss Morstan, could we secure her rights, would change from a needy governess to the richest heiress in England. Surely it was the place of a loyal friend to rejoice at such news; yet I am ashamed to say that selfishness took me by the soul, and that my heart turned as heavy as lead within me. I stammered out some few halting words of congratulation, and then sat downcast, with my head drooped, deaf to the babble of our new acquaintance. He was clearly a confirmed hypochondriac, and I was dreamily conscious that he was pouring forth interminable trains of symptoms, and imploring information as to the composition and action of innumerable quack nostrums, some of which he bore about in a leather case in his pocket.

gigantic - gigante, gigantesco

secure - seguro, resguardado, confiable, aplomado

needy - necesitado, pobre, menesteroso

heiress - heredera

loyal - leal, fiel

rejoice - alegrarse, regocijarse

ashamed - avergonzado, abochornado, apenado

selfishness - egoísmo

lead - llevar; liderar; guiar, dirigir; provocar; encabezar; principal; plomo

stammered - tartamudeó; tartamudear, balbucir, balbucear, gaguear

halting - detenido; titubeante, vacilante

congratulation - felicidades; felicitación

downcast - alicaído, abatido

deaf - sordo, sordos, sordas

babble - balbuceo; mascullar, farfullar, charlar, charlatanear

Clearly - está claro; claramente, por lo claro

confirmed - confirmado; confirmar

hypochondriac - hipocondríaco, hipocondriaco, hipocóndrico, hipocondríaco

dreamily - ensonadoramente

conscious - consciente

pouring - Vaciando; (pour) Vaciando

forth - adelante

symptoms - síntomas; síntoma

imploring - implorando; implorar

composition - composición, panish: t-needed

quack - urandero; graznido

nostrums - nostrums; remedio milagroso, droga de charlatán

leather - piel; cuero

I trust that he may not remember any of the answers which I gave him that night. Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil, while I recommended strychnine in large doses as a sedative. However that may be, I was certainly relieved when our cab pulled up with a jerk and the coachman sprang down to open the door.

overheard - oído por casualidad; oír por casualidad, oír sin querer

caution - advertencia, precaución, cuidado, cautela, fianza, advertir

drops - gotas; gota

castor oil - aceite de ricino

recommended - recomendado; recomendar

strychnine - estricnina

doses - dosis

pulled - sacado; tirar, jalar, halar, tirón, ligar

"This, Miss Morstan, is Pondicherry Lodge," said Mr. Thaddeus Sholto, as he handed her out.

Chapter V - The Tragedy of Pondicherry Lodge

tragedy - tragedia

It was nearly eleven o'clock when we reached this final stage of our night's adventures. We had left the damp fog of the great city behind us, and the night was fairly fine. A warm wind blew from the westward, and heavy clouds moved slowly across the sky, with half a moon peeping occasionally through the rifts.

final stage - etapa final

damp - húmedo, humedad, amortiguar

fairly - justamente; francamente, abiertamente, bastante

wind - viento, aire

blew - sopló; golpe

slowly - lentamente, despacio

sky - cielo

moon - Luna

peeping - espiando; espiar

rifts - fisuras; hendedura, grieta

It was clear enough to see for some distance, but Thaddeus Sholto took down one of the side-lamps from the carriage to give us a better light upon our way.

distance - distancia, lejanía, distanciarse, alejarse

carriage - coche, carruaje

Pondicherry Lodge stood in its own grounds, and was girt round with a very high stone wall topped with broken glass. A single narrow iron-clamped door formed the only means of entrance. On this our guide knocked with a peculiar postman-like rat-tat.

grounds - uelo

girt - Cinturón; (gird) Cinturón

stone - piedra, roca, gema, piedra preciosa, hueso, cálculo, lapidar

topped - topado; cima, parte superior, parte de más arriba, cabecera

iron - hierro; férreo, planchar

clamped - con abrazaderas; grapa, clip

entrance - entrada

Guide - guía; guiar, dirigir

rat - rata

"Who is there?" cried a gruff voice from within.

gruff - grunón; ronco

"It is I, McMurdo. You surely know my knock by this time."

There was a grumbling sound and a clanking and jarring of keys. The door swung heavily back, and a short, deep-chested man stood in the opening, with the yellow light of the lantern shining upon his protruded face and twinkling distrustful eyes.

grumbling - refunfunando; (grumble); refunfunar, rezongar

clanking - Tocando; (clank) Tocando

jarring - excitante; discorde; (jar) excitante; discorde

swung - se balanceó; balancear, mecer, columpiar, oscilar, columpio

chested - Pecho

protruded - salió; sobresalir, protruir

twinkling - parpadeando; (twinkle); titilar, fulgurar, refulgir

"That you, Mr. Thaddeus? But who are the others? I had no orders about them from the master."

"No, McMurdo? You surprise me! I told my brother last night that I should bring some friends."

"He ain't been out o'his room to-day, Mr. Thaddeus, and I have no orders. You know very well that I must stick to regulations. I can let you in, but your friends must just stop where they are."

regulations - reglamentos; reglamento, regulación

This was an unexpected obstacle. Thaddeus Sholto looked about him in a perplexed and helpless manner. "This is too bad of you, McMurdo!" he said. "If I guarantee them, that is enough for you. There is the young lady, too. She cannot wait on the public road at this hour."

unexpected - inesperado, inopinado

obstacle - obstáculo, óbice, traba, estorbo

perplexed - perplejo; confundir, desconcertar

helpless - desamparado; indefenso, incapaz

guarantee - garantía, garante, garantizar, garantir, asegurar

wait on - esperar para; atender a

public road - vía pública

"Very sorry, Mr. Thaddeus," said the porter, inexorably. "Folk may be friends o'yours, and yet no friends o'the master's. He pays me well to do my duty, and my duty I'll do. I don't know none o'your friends."

porter - portero; mozo de equipajes

inexorably - inexorablemente, despiadadamente, inevitablemente

folk - pueblo, gente

be friends - Ser amigos

Duty - deber, obligación, cometido, menester, arancel

"Oh, yes you do, McMurdo," cried Sherlock Holmes, genially. "I don't think you can have forgotten me. Don't you remember the amateur who fought three rounds with you at Alison's rooms on the night of your benefit four years back?"

genially - Genialmente

amateur - amateur, aficionado, diletante, inadaptado

fought - luchó; pelear (se), luchar

rounds - rondas; redondo

benefit - beneficio, ventaja, prestación, beneficiar

"Not Mr. Sherlock Holmes!" roared the prize-fighter. "God's truth! how could I have mistook you? If instead o'standin'there so quiet you had just stepped up and given me that cross-hit of yours under the jaw, I'd ha'known you without a question. Ah, you're one that has wasted your gifts, you have! You might have aimed high, if you had joined the fancy."

roared - rugía; rugir, bramar, rugido, bramido

fighter - guerrero, combatiente, luchador, guerrero, caza

God - endiosar, idolatrar, deificar

ha - Ja

stepped - pisado; estepa

Cross - cruz, aspa, sotuer, santiguamiento, senal de la cruz, cruce

hit - golpear, pegar, chocar

wasted - desperdiciado; desperdiciar, malgastar

aimed high - apuntar alto

fancy - te apetece; capricho, antojo

"You see, Watson, if all else fails me I have still one of the scientific professions open to me," said Holmes, laughing. "Our friend won't keep us out in the cold now, I am sure."

fails - fracasar

professions - rofesiones; profesión, gremio, profesión de fe

"In you come, sir, in you come,-you and your friends," he answered. "Very sorry, Mr. Thaddeus, but orders are very strict. Had to be certain of your friends before I let them in."

strict - estricto

Inside, a gravel path wound through desolate grounds to a huge clump of a house, square and prosaic, all plunged in shadow save where a moonbeam struck one corner and glimmered in a garret window. The vast size of the building, with its gloom and its deathly silence, struck a chill to the heart. Even Thaddeus Sholto seemed ill at ease, and the lantern quivered and rattled in his hand.

gravel path - camino de grava

wound - Herida

desolate - desierto, desolado, devastado

clump - montón; grumo, matorral, mechón, plop, amontonar, marchar

shadow - sombra

glimmered - resplandeció; luz tenue, titileo

vast - vasta; vasto, enorme

size - tamano, magnitud

deathly silence - silencio sepulcral

chill - relajarme; frío

at ease - a gusto

"I cannot understand it," he said. "There must be some mistake. I distinctly told Bartholomew that we should be here, and yet there is no light in his window. I do not know what to make of it."

distinctly - laramente; distintamente

"Does he always guard the premises in this way?" asked Holmes.

premises - ocales; premisa

"Yes; he has followed my father's custom. He was the favorite son, you know, and I sometimes think that my father may have told him more than he ever told me. That is Bartholomew's window up there where the moonshine strikes. It is quite bright, but there is no light from within, I think."

favorite - favorito, preferido

Moonshine - bebida alcohólica; alcohol ilegal

strikes - huelgas; tachar, borrar, golpear, pegar, acunar

"None," said Holmes. "But I see the glint of a light in that little window beside the door."

glint - brillo

"Ah, that is the housekeeper's room. That is where old Mrs. Bernstone sits. She can tell us all about it. But perhaps you would not mind waiting here for a minute or two, for if we all go in together and she has no word of our coming she may be alarmed. But hush! what is that?"

housekeeper - ama de llaves, ama de casa

be alarmed - alarmarse

He held up the lantern, and his hand shook until the circles of light flickered and wavered all round us. Miss Morstan seized my wrist, and we all stood with thumping hearts, straining our ears. From the great black house there sounded through the silent night the saddest and most pitiful of sounds,-the shrill, broken whimpering of a frightened woman.

circles - círculos; círculo, circunferencia, esfera, curva, grupo

flickered - parpadeó; vacilar

wavered - aciló; balancearse

seized - incautado; agarrar, apoderarse de, apresar, aferrar, tomar

thumping - golpeando; golpe sordo, ruido sordo, golpear, azotar

hearts - corazones; corazón

straining - esforzándose; (strain) esforzándose

pitiful - lastimoso, lastimero, lamentable

whimpering - Gimoteo; (whimper); gimoteo, lloriquear

frightened - asustado; atemorizar

"It is Mrs. Bernstone," said Sholto. "She is the only woman in the house. Wait here. I shall be back in a moment." He hurried for the door, and knocked in his peculiar way. We could see a tall old woman admit him, and sway with pleasure at the very sight of him.

admit - admitir, dar entrada, dejar entrar, reconocer, permitir

sway - maniobrar; balanceo, influencia, influjo, preponderancia

"Oh, Mr. Thaddeus, sir, I am so glad you have come! I am so glad you have come, Mr. Thaddeus, sir!" We heard her reiterated rejoicings until the door was closed and her voice died away into a muffled monotone.

reiterated - reiterado; reiterar

rejoicings - alegría

monotone - monótono

Our guide had left us the lantern. Holmes swung it slowly round, and peered keenly at the house, and at the great rubbish-heaps which cumbered the grounds. Miss Morstan and I stood together, and her hand was in mine. A wondrous subtle thing is love, for here were we two who had never seen each other before that day, between whom no word or even look of affection had ever passed, and yet now in an hour of trouble our hands instinctively sought for each other.

peered - miró; par, noble

keenly - con entusiasmo

heaps - montones; pila, montón, cúmulo, montículo, checkpila, amontonar

stood together - mantenerse juntos

wondrous - maravilloso

affection - afecto, carino, apego

passed - pasó; pasar(por), dejar atrás

instinctively - instintivamente

sought - buscado; buscar

I have marvelled at it since, but at the time it seemed the most natural thing that I should go out to her so, and, as she has often told me, there was in her also the instinct to turn to me for comfort and protection. So we stood hand in hand, like two children, and there was peace in our hearts for all the dark things that surrounded us.

most natural - el más natural

instinct - instinto

protection - protección

surrounded - rodeado; circundar, envolver, cercar, rodear

"What a strange place!" she said, looking round.

"It looks as though all the moles in England had been let loose in it. I have seen something of the sort on the side of a hill near Ballarat, where the prospectors had been at work."

moles - unares; lunar

sort - cómo; clase, tipo, género

Hill - cerro, loma, colina, collado

"And from the same cause," said Holmes. "These are the traces of the treasure-seekers. You must remember that they were six years looking for it. No wonder that the grounds look like a gravel-pit."

seekers - buscadores; buscador

wonder - me pregunto; maravilla, milagro, genio, asombro, pasmo

gravel-pit - (gravel-pit) gravera

At that moment the door of the house burst open, and Thaddeus Sholto came running out, with his hands thrown forward and terror in his eyes.

burst open - abrir de golpe

terror - terror

"There is something amiss with Bartholomew!" he cried. "I am frightened! My nerves cannot stand it." He was, indeed, half blubbering with fear, and his twitching feeble face peeping out from the great Astrakhan collar had the helpless appealing expression of a terrified child.

nerves - nervio, coraje, descaro, frescura, nervios

terrified - aterrorizado; aterrar

"Come into the house," said Holmes, in his crisp, firm way.

"Yes, do!" pleaded Thaddeus Sholto. "I really do not feel equal to giving directions."

pleaded - suplicado; rogar

Equal - igual, igualar, equivaler

directions - direcciones; dirección

We all followed him into the housekeeper's room, which stood upon the left-hand side of the passage. The old woman was pacing up and down with a scared look and restless picking fingers, but the sight of Miss Morstan appeared to have a soothing effect upon her.

pacing - itmo; paso

scared - asustado; (scar); asustado

restless - inquieto

picking - Recogiendo; (pic) Recogiendo

soothing - calmante; tranquilizador, tranquilizante; (sooth); verdad

"God bless your sweet calm face!" she cried, with an hysterical sob. "It does me good to see you. Oh, but I have been sorely tried this day!"

bless - bendecir

Calm - calmado, sosiego, calma

sorely - Dolorosamente

Our companion patted her thin, work-worn hand, and murmured some few words of kindly womanly comfort which brought the color back into the others bloodless cheeks.

patted - palmaditas; palmadita, caricia

murmured - murmuró; soplo, murmurar

womanly - femenino, mujeril, femenil, femíneo

bloodless - sin sangre; exangüe, incruento, sin efusión de sangre, exánime

cheeks - mejilla, cacha, cachete, nalga, glúteo, descoco

"Master has locked himself in and will not answer me," she explained. "All day I have waited to hear from him, for he often likes to be alone; but an hour ago I feared that something was amiss, so I went up and peeped through the key-hole. You must go up, Mr. Thaddeus,-you must go up and look for yourself. I have seen Mr. Bartholomew Sholto in joy and in sorrow for ten long years, but I never saw him with such a face on him as that."

locked - cerrado; cerradura

peeped - spiado; espiar

joy - alegría, júbilo

sorrow - pena; tristeza, aflicción, infelicidad, pesar

Sherlock Holmes took the lamp and led the way, for Thaddeus Sholto's teeth were chattering in his head. So shaken was he that I had to pass my hand under his arm as we went up the stairs, for his knees were trembling under him. Twice as we ascended Holmes whipped his lens out of his pocket and carefully examined marks which appeared to me to be mere shapeless smudges of dust upon the cocoa-nut matting which served as a stair-carpet.

chattering - Charlando; (chatter) Charlando

shaken - sacudido; agitar, sacudir, checksacudir, sacudida, batido

pass - pasar(por), dejar atrás

stairs - escaleras; peldano, escalera

ascended - ascendió; subir, ascender

smudges - manchas; mancha, borrón

dust - polvo, desempolvar, limpiar el polvo, espolvorear

Nut - nueces; fruto seco

matting - estera; (mat) estera

served - servido; servicio, servir, desempenar, fungir, operar, cernir

He walked slowly from step to step, holding the lamp, and shooting keen glances to right and left. Miss Morstan had remained behind with the frightened housekeeper.

shooting - disparando; tiroteo, tiro; (shoot) disparando; tiroteo, tiro

keen - con ganas; entusiasta

The third flight of stairs ended in a straight passage of some length, with a great picture in Indian tapestry upon the right of it and three doors upon the left. Holmes advanced along it in the same slow and methodical way, while we kept close at his heels, with our long black shadows streaming backwards down the corridor. The third door was that which we were seeking. Holmes knocked without receiving any answer, and then tried to turn the handle and force it open.

Length - largo, eslora (nautical: length of a ship from bow to stern)

tapestry - tapiz

along - a lo largo, a lo largo de, por

methodical - metódico

heels - tacones; talón

shadows - sombras; sombra

streaming - treaming; (stream); corriente, flujo, arroyo, fluir

corridor - pasillo, corredor

seeking - buscando; buscar

receiving - recibir

handle - manejar; mango; asa; manilla, pomo(puerta)

It was locked on the inside, however, and by a broad and powerful bolt, as we could see when we set our lamp up against it. The key being turned, however, the hole was not entirely closed. Sherlock Holmes bent down to it, and instantly rose again with a sharp intaking of the breath.

bolt - perno; pestillo

sharp - agudo, afilado, filoso, listo, sostenido, agrio, certero

intaking - Ingesta

breath - respiración, aliento, respiro

"There is something devilish in this, Watson," said he, more moved than I had ever before seen him. "What do you make of it?"

devilish - endiablado; diabólico

What do you make of it? - ?Qué te parece?

I stooped to the hole, and recoiled in horror. Moonlight was streaming into the room, and it was bright with a vague and shifty radiance. Looking straight at me, and suspended, as it were, in the air, for all beneath was in shadow, there hung a face,-the very face of our companion Thaddeus. There was the same high, shining head, the same circular bristle of red hair, the same bloodless countenance.

recoiled - retrocedió; retroceso, echarse atrás, recular

moonlight - la luz de la luna; luz de la luna, lunada, pluriemplearse

vague - vago, impreciso

suspended - suspendido; suspender

beneath - por debajo; bajo

countenance - semblante, apariencia, expresión, rostro

The features were set, however, in a horrible smile, a fixed and unnatural grin, which in that still and moonlit room was more jarring to the nerves than any scowl or contortion. So like was the face to that of our little friend that I looked round at him to make sure that he was indeed with us. Then I recalled to mind that he had mentioned to us that his brother and he were twins.

smile - sonrisa, sonreír

unnatural - no es natural; antinatural, contranatural, contra natura

grin - sonreír abiertamente, sonreír de oreja a oreja

scowl - ceno fruncido; fruncir el ceno/entrecejo

contortion - contorsión

recalled - recordado; recordar, evocar, retirada

twins - gemelos; gemelo

"This is terrible!" I said to Holmes. "What is to be done?"

"The door must come down," he answered, and, springing against it, he put all his weight upon the lock. It creaked and groaned, but did not yield. Together we flung ourselves upon it once more, and this time it gave way with a sudden snap, and we found ourselves within Bartholomew Sholto's chamber.

creaked - rujió; crujido, crujir, chirriar, rechinar

groaned - gimió; gemido, grunido, gemir, grunir

yield - ceder

flung - arrojado; arrojar, lanzar

gave way - ceder el paso

snap - chasquido, crujido, chasquido de dedos, fotografía, foto

chamber - cámara, recámara, compartimento

It appeared to have been fitted up as a chemical laboratory. A double line of glass-stoppered bottles was drawn up upon the wall opposite the door, and the table was littered over with Bunsen burners, test-tubes, and retorts. In the corners stood carboys of acid in wicker baskets. One of these appeared to leak or to have been broken, for a stream of dark-colored liquid had trickled out from it, and the air was heavy with a peculiarly pungent, tar-like odor. A set of steps stood at one side of the room, in the midst of a litter of lath and plaster, and above them there was an opening in the ceiling large enough for a man to pass through.

fitted - encajado; sano, en forma

chemical - química; químico, producto químico

laboratory - laboratorio

littered - limpiado; litera, artolas, camada, cama, lecho, detritus

Bunsen burners - Mecheros Bunsen

test-tubes - (test-tubes) tubos de ensayo

retorts - replicas; replicar

corners - esquinas; ángulo, checkrincón, esquina, acorralar, girar, virar

carboys - cuba

acid - agrio, ácido, malhumorado, ácido

wicker - mimbre

baskets - cestas; cesta, cesto, canasta

leak - fuga; gotera, agujero, rotura, vía, pérdida, filtración, gotear

liquid - líquido, líquida

trickled - goteado; riachuelo, chorreo, instilar, chorrear, gotear

pungent - picante; acre, punzante

tar - alquitrán, brea, chapapote

steps - pasos; paso

midst - en medio; centro

pass through - pasar por, atravesar

At the foot of the steps a long coil of rope was thrown carelessly together.

coil - bobina; enroscarse

rope - cuerda

By the table, in a wooden arm-chair, the master of the house was seated all in a heap, with his head sunk upon his left shoulder, and that ghastly, inscrutable smile upon his face. He was stiff and cold, and had clearly been dead many hours. It seemed to me that not only his features but all his limbs were twisted and turned in the most fantastic fashion. By his hand upon the table there lay a peculiar instrument,-a brown, close-grained stick, with a stone head like a hammer, rudely lashed on with coarse twine.

seated - sentado; asiento, seato, sede

heap - pila, montón, cúmulo, montículo, checkpila, amontonar

sunk - Hundido; (sink); hundir, sumergir, sumergirse, lavamanos

ghastly - fantasmal, cadavérico, espantoso, horripilante, malísimo

inscrutable - incrutable; inescrutable, impenetrable, incomprensible

stiff - rígido, duro, tieso, inflexible

limbs - miembros; miembro

twisted - retorcido; torcer, sacar punta a, torcerse

turned in - entregado, devuelto

most fantastic - el más fantástico

instrument - instrumento, herramienta

grained - granulado; grano

hammer - martillo, percutor, malleus, martillar; (ham); martillo

rudely - groseramente

lashed - azotado; pestana

twine - torzal; bramante

Beside it was a torn sheet of note-paper with some words scrawled upon it. Holmes glanced at it, and then handed it to me.

note-paper - (note-paper) papel (carta)

"You see," he said, with a significant raising of the eyebrows.

significant - significativo, importante

In the light of the lantern I read, with a thrill of horror, "The sign of the four."

thrill - emoción; excitar; emocionar, conmover

"In God's name, what does it all mean?" I asked.

"It means murder," said he, stooping over the dead man. "Ah, I expected it. look here!" He pointed to what looked like a long, dark thorn stuck in the skin just above the ear.

stooping - inclinarse, agacharse

look here - mira aquí

thorn - espina, thorn

stuck - atascado; clavar

skin - piel, máscara, despellejar, desollar

"It looks like a thorn," said I.

"It is a thorn. You may pick it out. But be careful, for it is poisoned."

pick - pico, ganzúa, hurgar, recoger

careful - cauto, cuidadoso, tener cuidado

poisoned - envenenado; veneno, ponzona, envenenar, emponzonar

I took it up between my finger and thumb. It came away from the skin so readily that hardly any mark was left behind. One tiny speck of blood showed where the puncture had been.

finger - dedo; apuntar, senalar, hurgar, dedear

mark - Marcos, Evangelio según San Marcos

blood - ensangrentar

"This is all an insoluble mystery to me," said I. "It grows darker instead of clearer."

insoluble - insoluble

"On the contrary," he answered, "it clears every instant. I only require a few missing links to have an entirely connected case."

clears - transparente, claro, despejado, libre

require - necesitas; requerir, necesitar

links - enlaces; eslabón

connected - conectados; conectar

We had almost forgotten our companion's presence since we entered the chamber. He was still standing in the door-way, the very picture of terror, wringing his hands and moaning to himself. Suddenly, however, he broke out into a sharp, querulous cry.

wringing - Escurriendo; (wring) Escurriendo

moaning - gimiendo; gemido, quejido, quejar, gemir

broke out - estallar; escapar; librar(se)

querulous - quejoso, quejicoso, quejumbroso

cry - llorar, gritar, panish: t-needed

"The treasure is gone!" he said. "They have robbed him of the treasure! There is the hole through which we lowered it. I helped him to do it! I was the last person who saw him! I left him here last night, and I heard him lock the door as I came down-stairs."

robbed - robado; robar

"What time was that?"

"It was ten o'clock. And now he is dead, and the police will be called in, and I shall be suspected of having had a hand in it. Oh, yes, I am sure I shall. But you don't think so, gentlemen? Surely you don't think that it was I? Is it likely that I would have brought you here if it were I? Oh, dear! oh, dear! I know that I shall go mad!" He jerked his arms and stamped his feet in a kind of convulsive frenzy.

suspected - sospechas; barruntar, sospechar, sospechoso

go mad - volverse loco

jerked - sacudido; sacudida

stamped - Sellado; (stamp); estampado, sello, timbrar, franquear

convulsive - convulsivo, convulso

frenzy - frenesí, manía

"You have no reason for fear, Mr. Sholto," said Holmes, kindly, putting his hand upon his shoulder. "Take my advice, and drive down to the station to report this matter to the police. Offer to assist them in every way. We shall wait here until your return."

Take my advice - escucha mi consejo, hazme caso

assist - ayudar, asistir

The little man obeyed in a half-stupefied fashion, and we heard him stumbling down the stairs in the dark.

obeyed - obedecer

stupefied - estupefacto; pasmar, entorpecer, embotar

stumbling - tropezando; tropezón, traspié, desliz, torpeza, tropiezo

Chapter VI - Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration

demonstration - demostración, manifestación

"Now, Watson," said Holmes, rubbing his hands, "we have half an hour to ourselves. Let us make good use of it. My case is, as I have told you, almost complete; but we must not err on the side of over-confidence. Simple as the case seems now, there may be something deeper underlying it."

rubbing - Frotar; (rub); frotación, frotamiento, frote, frotar

err - error; errar, equivocarse

underlying - subyacente; subyacer

"Simple!" I ejaculated.

ejaculated - yaculado; expeler, expulsar, eyacular, checkacabar

"Surely," said he, with something of the air of a clinical professor expounding to his class. "Just sit in the corner there, that your footprints may not complicate matters. Now to work! In the first place, how did these folk come, and how did they go? The door has not been opened since last night. How of the window?" He carried the lamp across to it, muttering his observations aloud the while, but addressing them to himself rather than to me. "Window is snibbed on the inner side. Framework is solid. No hinges at the side.

clinical - clínica; clínico

professor - profesor, profesora

expounding - exponiendo; exponer, explayar, disertar

footprints - huellas; pisada, huella, pasos

complicate - complicar

matters - importa; materia, asunto, cuestión, tema

observations - observaciones; observación, vigilancia; observancia, anotación

aloud - en voz alta, de viva voz

snibbed - nib

framework - entramado, infraestructura, marco

solid - sólido, masivo, macizo, continuo, junto, sólido, cuerpo

hinges - bisagras; bisagra, gozne, charnela, quicio, abisagrar, depender

Let us open it. No water-pipe near. Roof quite out of reach. Yet a man has mounted by the window. It rained a little last night. Here is the print of a foot in mould upon the sill. And here is a circular muddy mark, and here again upon the floor, and here again by the table. See here, Watson! This is really a very pretty demonstration."

roof - techo

reach - llegar (a)

print - imprimir

sill - alféizar, umbral

I looked at the round, well-defined muddy discs. "This is not a footmark," said I.

defined - efinido; determinar, definir, definirse, aclarar, describir

discs - discos; disco

"It is something much more valuable to us. It is the impression of a wooden stump. You see here on the sill is the boot-mark, a heavy boot with the broad metal heel, and beside it is the mark of the timber-toe."

stump - tocón, tueco, estaca, poste

metal - metal

heel - tacón; talón

timber - madera de construcción

toe - dedo del pie, ortejo

"It is the wooden-legged man."

"Quite so. But there has been some one else,-a very able and efficient ally. Could you scale that wall, doctor?"

efficient - eficiente, eficaz

ally - aliado; aliarse (con)

scale - escala

I looked out of the open window. The moon still shone brightly on that angle of the house. We were a good sixty feet from the ground, and, look where I would, I could see no foothold, nor as much as a crevice in the brick-work.

shone - brilló; brillar

angle - ángulo; anglo

ground - uelo; (grind) uelo

foothold - un punto de apoyo; punto de apoyo

"It is absolutely impossible," I answered.

"Without aid it is so. But suppose you had a friend up here who lowered you this good stout rope which I see in the corner, securing one end of it to this great hook in the wall. Then, I think, if you were an active man, You might swarm up, wooden leg and all. You would depart, of course, in the same fashion, and your ally would draw up the rope, untie it from the hook, shut the window, snib it on the inside, and get away in the way that he originally came.

aid - ayuda, auxilio

stout - cerveza; sólido, fuerte

securing - asegurando; seguro, resguardado, confiable, aplomado

Hook - gancho, garfio, enganchar

active - activo

swarm - enjambre, nube, multitud, muchedumbre, masa

depart - irse, salir, partir, panish:

draw up - redactar; acercar(se)

Untie - desatar, desamarrar, desligar, soltar, desatarse

shut - cerrar

snib - nib

originally - originalmente, originariamente

As a minor point it may be noted," he continued, fingering the rope, "that our wooden-legged friend, though a fair climber, was not a professional sailor. His hands were far from horny. My lens discloses more than one blood-mark, especially towards the end of the rope, from which I gather that he slipped down with such velocity that he took the skin off his hand."

minor - menor, menor, menor de edad

fingering - insertar

climber - escalador

sailor - marinero, marinera

horny - córneo, jodontón, cachondo, caliente, arrecho

discloses - revelar, divulgar

I gather that - Comprendo que

velocity - velocidad

"This is all very well," said I, "but the thing becomes more unintelligible than ever. How about this mysterious ally? How came he into the room?"

unintelligible - ininteligible

"Yes, the ally!" repeated Holmes, pensively. "There are features of interest about this ally. He lifts the case from the regions of the commonplace. I fancy that this ally breaks fresh ground in the annals of crime in this country,-though parallel cases suggest themselves from India, and, if my memory serves me, from Senegambia."

lifts - elevadores; levantar, alzar

fresh - fresco

annals - anales; anal

themselves - se, ellos mismos, ellas mismas

memory - memoria, recuerdo

serves - sirve; servicio, servir, desempenar, fungir, operar, cernir

"How came he, then?" I reiterated. "The door is locked, the window is inaccessible. Was it through the chimney?"

inaccessible - inaccesible

chimney - chimenea, tubo

"The grate is much too small," he answered. "I had already considered that possibility."

grate - rejilla

considered - onsiderado; considerar, barajar, sopesar, observar

possibility - posibilidad

"How then?" I persisted.

persisted - ersistió; persistir

"You will not apply my precept," he said, shaking his head. "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains, HOWEVER IMPROBABLE, must be the truth? We know that he did not come through the door, the window, or the chimney. We also know that he could not have been concealed in the room, as there is no concealment possible. Whence, then, did he come?"

apply - aplicar

precept - precepto

shaking - Temblando; (shake); agitar, sacudir, checksacudir, sacudida

eliminated - eliminado; eliminar, matar

improbable - improbable, inverosímil

concealment - ocultación; ocultamiento

whence - de dónde; de donde, desde donde, de ahí

"He came through the hole in the roof," I cried.

"Of course he did. He must have done so. If you will have the kindness to hold the lamp for me, we shall now extend our researches to the room above,-the secret room in which the treasure was found."

hold - sostener; tener en las manos, agarrar, asir

extend - extender, ampliar

researches - investigaciones; investigación, investigación, investigar

He mounted the steps, and, seizing a rafter with either hand, he swung himself up into the garret. Then, lying on his face, he reached down for the lamp and held it while I followed him.

seizing - incautando; (seize); agarrar, apoderarse de, apresar, aferrar

rafter - jácena; viga

lying - Mentir; (lie) Mentir

The chamber in which we found ourselves was about ten feet one way and six the other. The floor was formed by the rafters, with thin lath-and-plaster between, so that in walking one had to step from beam to beam. The roof ran up to an apex, and was evidently the inner shell of the true roof of the house. There was no furniture of any sort, and the accumulated dust of years lay thick upon the floor.

beam - rayo; viga, timón, radio

ran up - venir corriendo; incrementar la deuda

apex - ápice, cima, cúspide, apogeo

shell - cascarón; concha, cáscara, vaina, caparazón, casquete, terminal

furniture - muebles; mobiliario

accumulated - acumulado; acumular, amontonar, acumularse

"Here you are, you see," said Sherlock Holmes, putting his hand against the sloping wall. "This is a trap-door which leads out on to the roof. I can press it back, and here is the roof itself, sloping at a gentle angle. This, then, is the way by which Number One entered. Let us see if we can find any other traces of his individuality."

sloping - inclinado; derramar(se), verter(se)

trap-door - (trap-door) Trampa

leads - llevar, conducir

press - prensa; apretar, presionar

gentle - tierno, suave, tranquilo, medido, gradual, amable

He held down the lamp to the floor, and as he did so I saw for the second time that night a startled, surprised look come over his face. For myself, as I followed his gaze my skin was cold under my clothes. The floor was covered thickly with the prints of a naked foot,-clear, well defined, perfectly formed, but scarce half the size of those of an ordinary man.

startled - sorprendido; sobresaltarse, alarmarse, espantarse, evitar

surprised - sorprendido; sorpresa, sorprender

prints - impresiones; imprimir

perfectly - perfectamente

scarce - escaso

ordinary - pieza, ordinario, del montón

"Holmes," I said, in a whisper, "a child has done the horrid thing."

whisper - susurro, rumor, rastro, susurrar

horrid - horrible; hórrido, horrendo

He had recovered his self-possession in an instant. "I was staggered for the moment," he said, "but the thing is quite natural. My memory failed me, or I should have been able to foretell it. There is nothing more to be learned here. Let us go down."

staggered - escalonada; tambalearse

failed - falló; fracasar

foretell - predecir, pronosticar, vaticinar

"What is your theory, then, as to those footmarks?" I asked, eagerly, when we had regained the lower room once more.

footmarks - Marca del pie

eagerly - con ganas; ansiosamente

regained - recuperado; recobrar

"My dear Watson, try a little analysis yourself," said he, with a touch of impatience. "You know my methods. Apply them, and it will be instructive to compare results."

Impatience - impaciencia

instructive - informativo, instructivo, aleccionador

"I cannot conceive anything which will cover the facts," I answered.

conceive - concebir

cover - tapa, cubierta, escondrijo, guarida, tapa

"It will be clear enough to you soon," he said, in an off-hand way. "I think that there is nothing else of importance here, but I will look.

He whipped out his lens and a tape measure, and hurried about the room on his knees, measuring, comparing, examining, with his long thin nose only a few inches from the planks, and his beady eyes gleaming and deep-set like those of a bird. So swift, silent, and furtive were his movements, like those of a trained blood-hound picking out a scent, that I could not but think what a terrible criminal he would have made had he turned his energy and sagacity against the law, instead of exerting them in its defense. As he hunted about, he kept muttering to himself, and finally he broke out into a loud crow of delight.

tape measure - cinta métrica

measuring - Medir; (measure); medición, medida, regla, compás, medir

examining - examinando; examinar, analizar, auscultar

inches - pulgadas; pulgada

planks - placas; tablón, artículo, entablar

swift - rápido, veloz, célere, pronto

furtive - furtivo, sigiloso

movements - movimientos; movimiento

hound - sabueso; perro de caza

picking out - elegir, seleccionar, identificar

scent - olor, esencia, olfato, fragancia, oler

energy - energía

law - ley

exerting - ejerciendo; esforzar, ejercer, aplicar

defense - defensa, panish: t-needed

hunted - cazado; cazar, buscar, caza

loud - en voz alta; alto

crow - cuervo, grajo

delight - disfrutar; deleite, regocijo, delicia, placer

"We are certainly in luck," said he. "We ought to have very little trouble now. Number One has had the misfortune to tread in the creosote. You can see the outline of the edge of his small foot here at the side of this evil-smelling mess. The carboy has been cracked, You see, and the stuff has leaked out."

misfortune - infortunio, gafe, mala suerte, desgracia

tread in - pisar

creosote - creosota, creosotar

outline - contorno, esbozo, resumen, delinear, resumir

edge - orilla, borde, lado, arista, ventaja, filo

evil - malo, malvado

smelling - Oliendo; (smell); olor, olfato, oler, husmear, oler a

mess - desastre, enredo, lío

carboy - cuba

cracked - roto; rajarse, resquebrajarse

stuff - cosas, bártulos, cosa, coso, materia, atiborrar, rellenar

leaked out - se filtró

"What then?" I asked.

"Why, we have got him, that's all," said he. "I know a dog that would follow that scent to the world's end. If a pack can track a trailed herring across a shire, how far can a specially-trained hound follow so pungent a smell as this? It sounds like a sum in the rule of three. The answer should give us the-But halloo! here are the accredited representatives of the law."

pack - paquete; fardo, bulto

track - pista; rastro, huella, trilla, trillo, sendero, curso

trailed - rastrado; seguir, arrastrar, rastro, pista, sendero

herring - arenque

shire - comarca; condado

smell - olor, olfato, oler, husmear, oler a

rule of three - Regla de tres

accredited - acreditado; acreditar

representatives - representantes; representante, representativo, representante

Heavy steps and the clamor of loud voices were audible from below, and the hall door shut with a loud crash.

clamor - clamor, alarido, clamar

voices - voces; voz

audible - oíble, audible

crash - chocar; estruendo, estrépito

"Before they come," said Holmes, "just put your hand here on this poor fellow's arm, and here on his leg. What do you feel?"

"The muscles are as hard as a board," I answered.

muscles - músculos; músculo

"Quite so. They are in a state of extreme contraction, far exceeding the usual rigor mortis. Coupled with this distortion of the face, this Hippocratic smile, or 'risus sardonicus,'as the old writers called it, what conclusion would it suggest to your mind?"

contraction - contracción, contracción

exceeding - excediéndose; sobrepasar, pasarse, exceder

usual - lo de siempre; usual, habitual

rigor mortis - Rigor mortis

coupled - acoplado; pareja, par, un par de, unos, par de fuerzas, acoplar

distortion - distorsión

risus - isus

"Death from some powerful vegetable alkaloid," I answered,-"some strychnine-like substance which would produce tetanus."

alkaloid - alcaloide

substance - sustancia, enjundia

produce - producir, realizar, producto, producción, cosecha

tetanus - tétanos

"That was the idea which occurred to me the instant I saw the drawn muscles of the face. On getting into the room I at once looked for the means by which the poison had entered the system. As you saw, I discovered a thorn which had been driven or shot with no great force into the scalp. You observe that the part struck was that which would be turned towards the hole in the ceiling if the man were erect in his chair. Now examine the thorn.

looked for - buscar

poison - veneno, ponzona, envenenar, emponzonar

system - sistema

erect - erecto, erguido

I took it up gingerly and held it in the light of the lantern. It was long, sharp, and black, with a glazed look near the point as though some gummy substance had dried upon it. The blunt end had been trimmed and rounded off with a knife.

gingerly - con cautela; cautelosamente, cuidadosamente, delicadamente

glazed - esmalte, frita, vidriado, veladura, barniz, glasé

gummy - Gomoso

dried - secado; seco, secarse, enjugar

blunt - desafilado, despuntado

trimmed - recortado; recortar, orlar, ribetear

rounded off - Redondeado

knife - cuchillo, punal, acuchillar

"Is that an English thorn?" he asked.

"No, it certainly is not."

"With all these data you should be able to draw some just inference. But here are the regulars: so the auxiliary forces may beat a retreat."

regulars - regulares; regular, parroquiano

Auxiliary - auxiliar, auxiliar, ayudante

forces - fuerzas; fuerza

beat - batir, golpear, percutir

retreat - retirarse, batirse en retirada

As he spoke, the steps which had been coming nearer sounded loudly on the passage, and a very stout, portly man in a gray suit strode heavily into the room. He was red-faced, burly and plethoric, with a pair of very small twinkling eyes which looked keenly out from between swollen and puffy pouches. He was closely followed by an inspector in uniform, and by the still palpitating Thaddeus Sholto.

loudly - en voz alta, ruidosamente

suit - traje, terno, palo, convenir

strode - caminó; andar a zancadas

burly - gordo; corpulento

plethoric - Pletórico

swollen - inflamado; hinchar(se), inflar(se)

puffy - inflado, expresivo

pouches - bolsas; bolsa, saquito, marsupio, bolsa marsupial, petaca

closely - de cerca; cercanamente

inspector - inspector

uniform - uniforme, uniforme

palpitating - palpitaciones; palpitar

"Here's a business!" he cried, in a muffled, husky voice. "Here's a pretty business! But who are all these? Why, the house seems to be as full as a rabbit-warren!"

husky - ronco

rabbit-warren - (rabbit-warren) madriguera

"I think you must recollect me, Mr. Athelney Jones," said Holmes, quietly.

recollect - recuerdas; recordar, acordarse de

"Why, of course I do!" he wheezed. "It's Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the theorist. Remember you! I'll never forget how you lectured us all on causes and inferences and effects in the Bishopgate jewel case. It's true you set us on the right track; but you'll own now that it was more by good luck than good guidance."

wheezed - sibilancias; jadear, silbido, sibilancia, estertor sibilante

theorist - teórico, teórica

lectured - dado lecciones; conferencia

jewel case - Estuche de joyas

guidance - dirección, orientación, consejo

"It was a piece of very simple reasoning."

"Oh, come, now, come! Never be ashamed to own up. But what is all this? Bad business! Bad business! Stern facts here,-no room for theories. How lucky that I happened to be out at Norwood over another case! I was at the station when the message arrived. What d'you think the man died of?"

stern - severo, austero, serio

lucky - suerte; afortunado, suertudo

"Oh, this is hardly a case for me to theorize over," said Holmes, dryly.

theorize - teorizar

dryly - secamente

"No, no. Still, we can't deny that you hit the nail on the head sometimes. Dear me! Door locked, I understand. Jewels worth half a million missing. How was the window?"

deny - Negar

nail on - clavar en

Dear me - !Vaya!

"Fastened; but there are steps on the sill."

fastened - sujetado; atar, abrochar

"Well, well, if it was fastened the steps could have nothing to do with the matter. That's common sense. Man might have died in a fit; but then the jewels are missing. Ha! I have a theory. These flashes come upon me at times.-Just step outside, sergeant, and you, Mr.

fit - sano, en forma

flashes - flashes; destello

sergeant - sargento

Sholto. Your friend can remain.-What do you think of this, Holmes? Sholto was, on his own confession, with his brother last night. The brother died in a fit, on which Sholto walked off with the treasure. How's that?"

confession - confesión

"On which the dead man very considerately got up and locked the door on the inside."

considerately - con consideración; consideradamente

"Hum! There's a flaw there. Let us apply common sense to the matter. This Thaddeus Sholto WAS with his brother; there WAS a quarrel; so much we know. The brother is dead and the jewels are gone. So much also we know. No one saw the brother from the time Thaddeus left him.

flaw - defecto

His bed had not been slept in. Thaddeus is evidently in a most disturbed state of mind. His appearance is-well, not attractive. You see that I am weaving my web round Thaddeus. The net begins to close upon him."

disturbed - molesto; perturbar, molestar

weaving - tejer; tejido; (weave) tejer; tejido

web - red, alma, membrana

net - et; red, malla

"You are not quite in possession of the facts yet," said Holmes. "This splinter of wood, which I have every reason to believe to be poisoned, was in the man's scalp where you still see the mark; this card, inscribed as you see it, was on the table; and beside it lay this rather curious stone-headed instrument. How does all that fit into your theory?"

splinter - Esquirla

wood - madera

inscribed - inscrito; inscribir

"Confirms it in every respect," said the fat detective, pompously. "House is full of Indian curiosities. Thaddeus brought this up, and if this splinter be poisonous Thaddeus may as well have made murderous use of it as any other man. The card is some hocus-pocus,-a blind, as like as not.

confirms - confirmar

respect - respeto, respetar

pompously - pomposamente

poisonous - venenosas; tóxico, venenoso, ponzonoso

murderous - asesino, homicida

The only question is, how did he depart? Ah, of course, here is a hole in the roof." With great activity, considering his bulk, he sprang up the steps and squeezed through into the garret, and immediately afterwards we heard his exulting voice proclaiming that he had found the trap-door.

considering - onsiderando..; en consideración de; (consider); considerar

bulk - masa, corpulencia, grueso, bulto, a granel, masivo

sprang up - brotar; aparecer; alzarse

squeezed through - colarse por, meterse

afterwards - después

exulting - exultante; exultar

proclaiming - proclamando; proclamar

trap - trampa

"He can find something," remarked Holmes, shrugging his shoulders. "He has occasional glimmerings of reason. Il n'y a pas des sots si incommodes que ceux qui ont de l'esprit!"

shrugging - encogimiento de hombros, encogerse de hombros

glimmerings - Resplandeciente

sots - sots; tomador, borracho, bebedor

Si - Sí; (Sus) Sí

incommodes - Incomodar

que - Qué

"You see!" said Athelney Jones, reappearing down the steps again. "Facts are better than mere theories, after all. My view of the case is confirmed. There is a trap-door communicating with the roof, and it is partly open."

reappearing - reapareciendo; reaparecer

communicating - comunicando; comunicar, compartir, comulgar

partly - en parte, en cierto modo

"It was I who opened it."

"Oh, indeed! You did notice it, then?" He seemed a little crestfallen at the discovery. "Well, whoever noticed it, it shows how our gentleman got away. Inspector!"

discovery - descubrimiento, hallazgo

Whoever - a quién; cualquier, cualesquiera, cualquiera, quien

noticed - te has dado cuenta; comunicación, notificación, darse cuenta

gentleman - caballero, senores

got away - escapar; hacer una escapada

"Yes, sir," from the passage.

"Ask Mr. Sholto to step this way.-Mr. Sholto, it is my duty to inform you that anything which you may say will be used against you. I arrest you in the queen's name as being concerned in the death of your brother."

inform - informar

arrest - paro, arresto, detenido, parar, detener, arrestar, prender

Queen - reina, loca, reinona, gata, coronar

"There, now! didn't I tell you!" cried the poor little man, throwing out his hands, and looking from one to the other of us.

didn't I - ?no es así?

"Don't trouble yourself about it, Mr. Sholto," said Holmes. "I think that I can engage to clear you of the charge."

engage - participar; atraer, trabar conversación con, trabar batalla

"Don't promise too much, Mr. Theorist,-don't promise too much!" snapped the detective. "You may find it a harder matter than you think."

"Not only will I clear him, Mr. Jones, but I will make you a free present of the name and description of one of the two people who were in this room last night. His name, I have every reason to believe, is Jonathan Small. He is a poorly-educated man, small, active, with his right leg off, and wearing a wooden stump which is worn away upon the inner side.

poorly - Mal

educated - educado; educar, instruir

His left boot has a coarse, square-toed sole, with an iron band round the heel. He is a middle-aged man, much sunburned, and has been a convict. These few indications may be of some assistance to you, coupled with the fact that there is a good deal of skin missing from the palm of his hand. The other man-"

toed - dedos; dedo del pie, ortejo

sole - suela; planta

Middle - medio, centro, cintura, central

sunburned - quemado por el sol; quemadura solar, quemadura de piel

indications - indicaciones; indicación

palm - palma

"Ah! the other man-?" asked Athelney Jones, in a sneering voice, but impressed none the less, as I could easily see, by the precision of the other's manner.

sneering - con desprecio; (sneer) con desprecio

easily - fácilmente

precision - exactitud, precisión

"Is a rather curious person," said Sherlock Holmes, turning upon his heel. "I hope before very long to be able to introduce you to the pair of them.-A word with you, Watson."

He led me out to the head of the stair. "This unexpected occurrence," he said, "has caused us rather to lose sight of the original purpose of our journey."

stair - peldano, escalera

Occurrence - acontecimiento, ocurrencia, suceso

original - original, original, único

purpose - propósito, fin; razón

"I have just been thinking so," I answered. "It is not right that Miss Morstan should remain in this stricken house."

"No. You must escort her home. She lives with Mrs. Cecil Forrester, in Lower Camberwell: so it is not very far. I will wait for you here if you will drive out again. Or perhaps you are too tired?"

"By no means. I don't think I could rest until I know more of this fantastic business. I have seen something of the rough side of life, but I give you my word that this quick succession of strange surprises to-night has shaken my nerve completely. I should like, however, to see the matter through with you, now that I have got so far."

succession - sucesión

surprises - sorpresas; sorpresa, sorprender

nerve - nervio, coraje, descaro, frescura, nervios

completely - completamente, totalmente, rematadamente, de todo punto

"Your presence will be of great service to me," he answered. "We shall work the case out independently, and leave this fellow Jones to exult over any mare's-nest which he may choose to construct. When you have dropped Miss Morstan I wish you to go on to No. 3 Pinchin Lane, down near the water's edge at Lambeth.

independently - independientemente

exult - exultar

mare - yegua

nest - nido

construct - construcción, constructo, construir

The third house on the right-hand side is a bird-stuffer's: Sherman is the name. You will see a weasel holding a young rabbit in the window. Knock old Sherman up, and tell him, with my compliments, that I want Toby at once. You will bring Toby back in the cab with you."

stuffer - Relleno

weasel - comadreja, mustela, turón, checkmostela

rabbit - conejo

compliments - cumplidos; cumplido, felicitar, cumplimentar

"A dog, I suppose."

"Yes,-a queer mongrel, with a most amazing power of scent. I would rather have Toby's help than that of the whole detective force of London."

queer - raro, extrano, trucha, marica, maricón

mongrel - perro callejero, perro mestizo, cacri

most amazing - el más asombroso

"I shall bring him, then," said I. "It is one now. I ought to be back before three, if I can get a fresh horse."

"And I," said Holmes, "shall see what I can learn from Mrs. Bernstone, and from the Indian servant, who, Mr. Thaddeus tell me, sleeps in the next garret. Then I shall study the great Jones's methods and listen to his not too delicate sarcasms. 'Wir sind gewohnt das die Menschen verhoehnen was sie nicht verstehen.'Goethe is always pithy."

sarcasms - sarcasmos; sarcasmo

sind - Son

verstehen - erstehen

Goethe - Goethe

pithy - conciso, sentencioso, lacónico, lapidario

Chapter VII - The Episode of the Barrel

episode - episodio, incidente, capítulo

barrel - barril, tonel, canón, cano, embarrilar

The police had brought a cab with them, and in this I escorted Miss Morstan back to her home. After the angelic fashion of women, she had borne trouble with a calm face as long as there was some one weaker than herself to support, and I had found her bright and placid by the side of the frightened housekeeper. In the cab, however, she first turned faint, and then burst into a passion of weeping,-so sorely had she been tried by the adventures of the night. She has told me since that she thought me cold and distant upon that journey. She little guessed the struggle within my breast, or the effort of self-restraint which held me back. My sympathies and my love went out to her, even as my hand had in the garden. I felt that years of the conventionalities of life could not teach me to know her sweet, brave nature as had this one day of strange experiences.

escorted - con escolta; escolta, acompanante, escoltar

borne - soportado; aguantar, soportar

support - apoyo; aguantar, sostener

placid - pacido; plácido

burst - reventar, romper, ráfaga, estallo, reventón

passion - pasión

weeping - Llorando; (weep) Llorando

distant - distante, a distancia, hurano, remoto

Struggle - lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

effort - esfuerzo

restraint - restricción, limitación, reserva, moderación, autocontrol

sympathies - simpatías; compasión, empatía, compasión

conventionalities - convencionalismo

Brave - valiente, valeroso, corajudo

experiences - experiencias; experiencia, vivencia, experimentar, vivir

Yet there were two thoughts which sealed the words of affection upon my lips. She was weak and helpless, shaken in mind and nerve. It was to take her at a disadvantage to obtrude love upon her at such a time. Worse still, she was rich. If Holmes's researches were successful, she would be an heiress. Was it fair, was it honorable, that a half-pay surgeon should take such advantage of an intimacy which chance had brought about? Might she not look upon me as a mere vulgar fortune-seeker? I could not bear to risk that such a thought should cross her mind. This Agra treasure intervened like an impassable barrier between us.

disadvantage - desventaja

obtrude - obstruir; imponer, checkimponerse, checksobresalir

successful - éxito; exitoso, logrado, afortunado

honorable - honorable, honroso

intimacy - intimidad

brought about - provocar

vulgar - vulgar, chabacano, ramplón

Fortune - fortuna

seeker - buscador

intervened - intervino; intervenir, involucrarse, interceder, meterse

impassable - intransitable; infranqueable

barrier - barrera, límite

It was nearly two o'clock when we reached Mrs. Cecil Forrester's. The servants had retired hours ago, but Mrs. Forrester had been so interested by the strange message which Miss Morstan had received that she had sat up in the hope of her return. She opened the door herself, a middle-aged, graceful woman, and it gave me joy to see how tenderly her arm stole round the other's waist and how motherly was the voice in which she greeted her. She was clearly no mere paid dependant, but an honored friend. I was introduced, and Mrs. Forrester earnestly begged me to step in and tell her our adventures. I explained, however, the importance of my errand, and promised faithfully to call and report any progress which we might make with the case. As we drove away I stole a glance back, and I still seem to see that little group on the step, the two graceful, clinging figures, the half-opened door, the hall light shining through stained glass, the barometer, and the bright stair-rods.

graceful - gracia; grácil, gracioso

tenderly - con ternura; tiernamente

waist - cintura

greeted - saludado; saludar

dependant - dependiente

honored - honrado; honor, privilegio, honrar, ajustarse, acatar, respetar

begged - suplicó; pedir

promised - prometido; promesa, prometer

faithfully - fielmente

progress - progreso

drove away - se alejó

clinging - aferrándose; engancharse, adherirse

shining through - Brillar a través de; notarse, lucir

stained - manchado; mancha, lamparón, tacha, mancilla, colorante

barometer - barómetro

rods - barras; barra, rodillo, cana, vara, bastón, verga, barra

It was soothing to catch even that passing glimpse of a tranquil English home in the midst of the wild, dark business which had absorbed us.

Glimpse - un vistazo; atisbo, entrever, atisbar, vislumbrar, ojear

tranquil - tranquilo, apacible

Pinchin Lane was a row of shabby two-storied brick houses in the lower quarter of Lambeth. I had to knock for some time at No. 3 before I could make my impression. At last, however, there was the glint of a candle behind the blind, and a face looked out at the upper window.

shabby - desalinado; raído, astroso, zarrapastroso, cutre, harapiento

"Go on, you drunken vagabone," said the face. "If you kick up any more row I'll open the kennels and let out forty-three dogs upon you."

drunken - Borracho

vagabone - Vagabundo

kick - patear; dar un puntapié, golpear con el pie, dar una patada a

kennels - perreras; caseta de perro

let out - dejar salir, soltar, liberar

"If you'll let one out it's just what I have come for," said I.

"Go on!" yelled the voice. "So help me gracious, I have a wiper in the bag, an'I'll Drop it on your 'ead if you don't Hook it."

wiper - Limpiaparabrisas

Drop it - Soltarlo; dejarlo

ead - Cabeza

Hook it - Engancharlo

"But I want a dog," I cried.

"I won't be argued with!" shouted Mr. Sherman. "Now stand clear, for when I say 'three,'down goes the wiper."

argued - rgumentado; argumentar, debatir, discutir

shouted - gritó; grito

"Mr. Sherlock Holmes-" I began, but the words had a most magical effect, for the window instantly slammed down, and within a minute the door was unbarred and open. Mr. Sherman was a lanky, lean old man, with stooping shoulders, a stringy neck, and blue-tinted glasses.

magical - mágico

slammed - golpeado; cerrar de golpe

unbarred - sin barrera; desatrancar

lanky - larguirucho

lean - esbelta; inclinarse

neck - cuello

tinted - tintado; tinte, matiz

"A friend of Mr. Sherlock is always welcome," said he. "Step in, sir. Keep clear of the badger; for he bites. Ah, naughty, naughty, would you take a nip at the gentleman?" This to a stoat which thrust its wicked head and red eyes between the bars of its cage. "Don't mind that, sir: it's only a slow-worm. It hain't got no fangs, so I gives it the run o'the room, for it keeps the beetles down.

badger - tejón

bites - mordiscos; morder, picar, mordida, mordedura, mordisco, picadura

naughty - pícaro; cachondo, travieso, maleducado, obsceno, picante

nip - pellizco; pellizcar

stoat - el armino; armino

wicked - malvado, cruel, insoportable; (wick) malvado, cruel

cage - jaula, cabina, enjaular

worm - gusano, lombriz, alimana, rata

fangs - colmillos; colmillo

beetles - escarabajos; escarabajo, coleóptero

You must not mind my bein'just a little short wi'you at first, for I'm guyed at by the children, and there's many a one just comes down this lane to knock me up. What was it that Mr. Sherlock Holmes wanted, sir?"

guyed - guyed; tipo, tío, individuo

many a - mucho(s)

"He wanted a dog of yours."

"Ah! that would be Toby."

"Yes, Toby was the name."

"Toby lives at No. 7 on the left here." He moved slowly forward with his candle among the queer animal family which he had gathered round him. In the uncertain, shadowy light I could see dimly that there were glancing, glimmering eyes peeping down at us from every cranny and corner.

gathered - reunidos; juntar, recoger, recolectar, acumular, reunir

uncertain - incierto

shadowy - sombra; sombroso, sombreado, sombrío, umbroso

dimly - tenuemente

glancing - echando un vistazo; (glance); ojear, echar un vistazo, mirar

glimmering - Resplandeciente; (glimmer); luz tenue, titileo

cranny - rincón; recoveco

Even the rafters above our heads were lined by solemn fowls, who lazily shifted their weight from one leg to the other as our voices disturbed their slumbers.

solemn - solemne

fowls - gallinas; ave de corral

lazily - perezosamente

shifted - desplazado; turno, cambio, desviación, deslizamiento

slumbers - dormir; adormecimiento, adormilamiento, adormecer, adormilar

Toby proved to be an ugly, long-haired, lop-eared creature, half spaniel and half lurcher, brown-and-white in color, with a very clumsy waddling gait.

ugly - feo, callo

haired - Pelo

lop - podar, recortar

creature - criatura

spaniel - paniel; perro de aguas

clumsy - patoso, torpe, desmanado, bruto

waddling - caminando de un lado a otro; tambalearse, dar traspiés, anadear

gait - caminar; andar

It accepted after some hesitation a lump of sugar which the old naturalist handed to me, and, having thus sealed an alliance, it followed me to the cab, and made no difficulties about accompanying me. It had just struck three on the Palace clock when I found myself back once more at Pondicherry Lodge. The ex-prize-fighter McMurdo had, I found, been arrested as an accessory, and both he and Mr. Sholto had been marched off to the station. Two constables guarded the narrow gate, but they allowed me to pass with the dog on my mentioning the detective's name.

accepted - aceptado; aceptar

hesitation - hesitación, vacilación, dudas, titubeo

lump - un bulto; bulto, grumo, chichón, cúmulo, agrupación

naturalist - naturalista

thus - así

alliance - alianza

accompanying - acompanando; acompanar

Palace - palacio

arrested - arrestado; paro, arresto, detenido, parar, detener, arrestar

accessory - accesorio

guarded - guardado; guarda, guardia, guardés, guarda, tapador, bloque

Gate - puerta; verja

allowed - permitido; dejar, permitir, conceder

mentioning - mencionando; mención, mencionar, mentar

Holmes was standing on the door-step, with his hands in his pockets, smoking his pipe.

pockets - bolsillos; bolsillo, bolsa, tronera, embolsar

"Ah, you have him there!" said he. "Good dog, then! Atheney Jones has gone. We have had an immense display of energy since you left. He has arrested not only friend Thaddeus, but the gatekeeper, the housekeeper, and the Indian servant. We have the place to ourselves, but for a sergeant up-stairs. Leave the dog here, and come up."

immense - inmenso

display - mostrar; espectáculo, exposición, monitor, expositor

gatekeeper - portero, portera

We tied Toby to the hall table, and reascended the stairs. The room was as he had left it, save that a sheet had been draped over the central figure. A weary-looking police-sergeant reclined in the corner.

tied - atado; amarrar, atar

reascended - reascender

draped - cubierto; cubrir, colocar, acomodar

central - central

reclined - reclinado; reclinarse

"Lend me your bull's-eye, sergeant," said my companion. "Now tie this bit of card round my neck, so as to hang it in front of me. Thank you. Now I must kick off my boots and stockings.-Just you carry them down with you, Watson. I am going to do a little climbing. And dip my handkerchief into the creasote. That will do. Now come up into the garret with me for a moment."

lend - prestar

Bull - toro

tie - corbata; amarrar, atar

bit - oco; pedacito; (bite); morder, picar, mordida, mordedura

kick off - arrancar, empezar, dar la patada inicial; estirar la pata; estallar

stockings - medias; media

dip - mojar

handkerchief - panuelo; panuelo

We clambered up through the hole. Holmes turned his light once more upon the footsteps in the dust.

clambered - trepado; trepar

"I wish you particularly to notice these footmarks," he said. "Do you observe anything noteworthy about them?"

"They belong," I said, "to a child or a small woman."

belong - pertenecer, ser propiedad (de)

"Apart from their size, though. Is there nothing else?"

apart - aparte, separadamente

"They appear to be much as other footmarks."

"Not at all. Look here! This is the print of a right foot in the dust. Now I make one with my naked foot beside it. What is the chief difference?"

chief - jefe, principal

"Your toes are all cramped together. The other print has each toe distinctly divided."

toes - dedos de los pies; dedo del pie, ortejo

cramped - estrecho; calambre, rampa, acalambrarse, coartar, inmovilizar

divided - dividido; desunir, dividir, repartir, división, divisoria

"Quite so. That is the point. Bear that in mind. Now, would you kindly step over to that flap-window and smell the edge of the wood-work? I shall stay here, as I have this handkerchief in my hand."

flap - solapa; faldón

I did as he directed, and was instantly conscious of a strong tarry smell.

tarry - tardar

"That is where he put his foot in getting out. If YOU can trace him, I should think that Toby will have no difficulty. Now run down-stairs, loose the dog, and look out for Blondin."

difficulty - dificultad

By the time that I got out into the grounds Sherlock Holmes was on the roof, and I could see him like an enormous glow-worm crawling very slowly along the ridge. I lost sight of him behind a stack of chimneys, but he presently reappeared, and then vanished once more upon the opposite side. When I made my way round there I found him seated at one of the corner eaves.

enormous - enorme, ingente

glow - resplandor; fulgir, fulgurar, iluminar, brillar

crawling - Arrastrándose; (crawl) Arrastrándose

ridge - cresta, arista, cumbrera, caballete, cordillera, sierra, dorsal

stack - pila, montón, apilar

chimneys - chimeneas; chimenea, tubo

reappeared - reapareció; reaparecer

vanished - desaparecido; desvanecerse, desaparecer, anularse

opposite side - el lado opuesto

eaves - Alero

"That you, Watson?" he cried.


"This is the place. What is that black thing down there?"

"A water-barrel."

"Top on it?"


"No sign of a ladder?"

ladder - escalera, escalafón, carrera


"Confound the fellow! It's a most break-neck place. I ought to be able to come down where he could climb up. The water-pipe feels pretty firm. Here goes, anyhow."

Confound - confundir, empeorar

climb up - subir

anyhow - de todos modos; de todas maneras, de todas formas, comoquiera

There was a scuffling of feet, and the lantern began to come steadily down the side of the wall. Then with a light spring he came on to the barrel, and from there to the earth.

steadily - De forma constante

"It was easy to follow him," he said, drawing on his stockings and boots. "Tiles were loosened the whole way along, and in his hurry he had dropped this. It confirms my diagnosis, as you doctors express it."

tiles - tejas; teja; baldosa, azulejo

loosened - aflojado; aflojar, soltar

hurry - prisa, apuro, apresurarse, apurarse, darse prisa

diagnosis - diagnóstico, diagnosis

express - expresar

The object which he held up to me was a small pocket or pouch woven out of colored grasses and with a few tawdry beads strung round it. In shape and size it was not unlike a cigarette-case. Inside were half a dozen spines of dark wood, sharp at one end and rounded at the other, like that which had struck Bartholomew Sholto.

pouch - bolsa, saquito, marsupio, bolsa marsupial, petaca, checkcebador

woven - tejido; (weave); tejido

grasses - hierbas; pasto, hierba, grama, césped

beads - perlas; cuenta, gota

strung - encordado; cordel, mecate, usic, cadena, cuerda, enhebrar

shape - forma, estado, modelar, formar

cigarette-case - (cigarette-case) cigarrera

spines - espinas; columna vertebral, espinazo, lomo, espina

rounded - redondeado; redondo

"They are hellish things," said he. "Look out that you don't prick yourself. I'm delighted to have them, for the chances are that they are all he has. There is the less fear of you or me finding one in our skin before long. I would sooner face a Martini bullet, myself. Are you game for a six-mile trudge, Watson?"

hellish - infernal

prick - idiota; pinchar, perforar

before long - En breve

Martini - martini

"Certainly," I answered.

"Your leg will stand it?"

"Oh, yes."

"Here you are, doggy! Good old Toby! Smell it, Toby, smell it!

doggy - Perrito

He pushed the creasote handkerchief under the dog's nose, while the creature stood with its fluffy legs separated, and with a most comical cock to its head, like a connoisseur sniffing the bouquet of a famous vintage. Holmes then threw the handkerchief to a distance, fastened a stout cord to the mongrel's collar, and led him to the foot of the water-barrel. The creature instantly broke into a succession of high, tremulous yelps, and, with his nose on the ground, and his tail in the air, pattered off upon the trail at a pace which strained his leash and kept us at the top of our speed.

pushed - empujado; empujar

fluffy - esponjoso; peludo, suave, fofo, panish: t-needed

separated - separados; separado, separar, disgregar

comical - cómico

cock - polla; gallo, macho

sniffing - Olfateando; (sniff); olfatear, esnifar, husmear, checksorber

bouquet - ramo de flores; ramo, ramita, buqué, aroma

vintage - vendimia, cosecha, clásico, antiguo

cord - cuerda, cable, hilo, cordón

tremulous - tembloroso; trémulo

yelps - gritos; ganir

tail - cola

pattered - patinado; repiquetear, golpear, corretear

trail - seguir, arrastrar, rastro, pista, sendero

strained - estirar, tensar

leash - correa

Speed - velocidad

The east had been gradually whitening, and we could now see some distance in the cold gray light. The square, massive house, with its black, empty windows and high, bare walls, towered up, sad and forlorn, behind us. Our course led right across the grounds, in and out among the trenches and pits with which they were scarred and intersected.

gradually - gradualmente, poco a poco, paulatinamente

massive - masiva; masivo

empty - vacío, vaciar

bare - desnudo, descubierto

towered - torreado; torre

forlorn - abandonado, desamparado, desesperado

trenches - rincheras; trinchera

pits - fosas; hoyo, foso, fosa

intersected - se cruzaron; intersecar

The whole place, with its scattered dirt-heaps and ill-grown shrubs, had a blighted, ill-omened look which harmonized with the black tragedy which hung over it.

scattered - dispersión; dispersar, esparcir, desviar

dirt - suciedad, mugor, tierra, mugre, trapos sucios

shrubs - arbustos; arbusto

blighted - rruinado; mildiu, tizón, mal, plaga

omened - omened; presagio

harmonized - armonizado; harmonizar

hung over - resaca

On reaching the boundary wall Toby ran along, whining eagerly, underneath its shadow, and stopped finally in a corner screened by a young beech. Where the two walls joined, several bricks had been loosened, and the crevices left were worn down and rounded upon the lower side, as though they had frequently been used as a ladder. Holmes clambered up, and, taking the dog from me, he dropped it over upon the other side.

boundary - frontera, límite, linde, lindero

whining - Gimoteo; (whin) Gimoteo

underneath - abajo, por debajo, bajos

screened - mampara, pantalla, biombo, tamiz, malla

beech - haya, pellín

bricks - ladrillos; ladrillo

frequently - con frecuencia; frecuentemente

"There's the print of wooden-leg's hand," he remarked, as I mounted up beside him. "You see the slight smudge of blood upon the white plaster. What a lucky thing it is that we have had no very heavy rain since yesterday! The scent will lie upon the road in spite of their eight-and-twenty hours'start."

smudge - manchar; mancha, borrón

heavy rain - lluvia copiosa

lie - mentira

I confess that I had my doubts myself when I reflected upon the great traffic which had passed along the London road in the interval. My fears were soon appeased, however. Toby never hesitated or swerved, but waddled on in his peculiar rolling fashion. Clearly, the pungent smell of the creasote rose high above all other contending scents.

reflected - reflejado; reflejar, recapacitar, reflexionar, cavilar

interval - intervalo

fears - miedos; miedo, temor

appeased - paciguado; apaciguar, calmar, aplacar

hesitated - vaciló; vacilar, dudar, hesitar

swerved - se desvió; volantazo

waddled - caminó; tambalearse, dar traspiés, anadear

rolling - rodando; rolar; (roll) rodando; rolar

contending - Contendiente; (contend); contender, sostener

scents - esencias; olor, esencia, olfato, fragancia, oler

"Do not imagine," said Holmes, "that I depend for my success in this case upon the mere chance of one of these fellows having put his foot in the chemical. I have knowledge now which would enable me to trace them in many different ways. This, however, is the readiest and, since fortune has put it into our hands, I should be culpable if I neglected it.

fellows - companeros; tipo

enable - permitir; habilitar, posibilitar, activar

culpable - culpable

neglected - desatendida; descuidar, negligir, desoír, hacer caso omiso

It has, however, prevented the case from becoming the pretty little intellectual problem which it at one time promised to be. There might have been some credit to be gained out of it, but for this too palpable clue."

prevented - prevenido; impedir, prevenir

intellectual - intelectual

Gained - ganado; ganar, adquirir, obtener, conseguir

palpable - palpable

"There is credit, and to spare," said I. "I assure you, Holmes, that I marvel at the means by which you obtain your results in this case, even more than I did in the Jefferson Hope Murder. The thing seems to me to be deeper and more inexplicable. How, for example, could you describe with such confidence the wooden-legged man?"

spare - de repuesto; prescindir, pasar sin

obtain - obtener, coger

more inexplicable - más inexplicable

"Pshaw, my dear boy! it was simplicity itself. I don't wish to be theatrical. It is all patent and above-board. Two officers who are in command of a convict-guard learn an important secret as to buried treasure. A map is drawn for them by an Englishman named Jonathan Small. You remember that we saw the name upon the chart in Captain Morstan's possession. He had signed it in behalf of himself and his associates,-the sign of the four, as he somewhat dramatically called it.

theatrical - teatral

patent - patente

buried - enterrado; enterrar

Englishman - inglés

signed - firmado; senal

associates - asociados; asociado, companero, asociar, frecuentar, alternar

dramatically - dramáticamente

Aided by this chart, the officers-or one of them-gets the treasure and brings it to England, leaving, we will suppose, some condition under which he received it unfulfilled. Now, then, why did not Jonathan Small get the treasure himself? The answer is obvious. The chart is dated at a time when Morstan was brought into close association with convicts. Jonathan Small did not get the treasure because he and his associates were themselves convicts and could not get away."

aided - ayudado; ayuda, auxilio

condition - stado; condición, situación, acondicionar

unfulfilled - insatisfecho

Association - asociación

convicts - convictos; condenar

"But that is mere speculation," said I.

speculation - especulación

"It is more than that. It is the only hypothesis which covers the facts. Let us see how it fits in with the sequel. Major Sholto remains at peace for some years, happy in the possession of his treasure. Then he receives a letter from India which gives him a great fright. What was that?"

covers - cubiertas; tapa, cubierta, escondrijo, guarida, tapa

sequel - secuela

fright - miedo; susto

"A letter to say that the men whom he had wronged had been set free."

set free - liberar, poner en libertdad

"Or had escaped. That is much more likely, for he would have known what their term of imprisonment was. It would not have been a surprise to him. What does he do then? He guards himself against a wooden-legged man,-a white man, mark you, for he mistakes a white tradesman for him, and actually fires a pistol at him.

escaped - se escapó; escapar, liberarse, fugarse, eludir

term of imprisonment - (duración de) la condena de prisión

guards - guardias; guarda, guardia, guardés, guarda, tapador, bloque

pistol - pistola

Now, only one white man's name is on the chart. The others are Hindoos or Mohammedans. There is no other white man. Therefore we may say with confidence that the wooden-legged man is identical with Jonathan Small. Does the reasoning strike you as being faulty?"

identical - idénticos; idéntico

strike - tachar, borrar, golpear, pegar, acunar, hacer la huelga

faulty - defectuoso, imperfecto

"No: it is clear and concise."

concise - conciso, breve, sucinto, escueto

"Well, now, let us put ourselves in the place of Jonathan Small. Let us look at it from his point of view. He comes to England with the double idea of regaining what he would consider to be his rights and of having his revenge upon the man who had wronged him. He found out where Sholto lived, and very possibly he established communications with some one inside the house. There is this butler, Lal Rao, whom we have not seen. Mrs. Bernstone gives him far from a good character. Small could not find out, however, where the treasure was hid, for no one ever knew, save the major and one faithful servant who had died. Suddenly Small learns that the major is on his death-bed. In a frenzy lest the secret of the treasure die with him, he runs the gauntlet of the guards, makes his way to the dying man's window, and is only deterred from entering by the presence of his two sons. Mad with hate, however, against the dead man, he enters the room that night, searches his private papers in the hope of discovering some memorandum relating to the treasure, and finally leaves a momento of his visit in the short inscription upon the card. He had doubtless planned beforehand that should he slay the major he would leave some such record upon the body as a sign that it was not a common murder, but, from the point of view of the four associates, something in the nature of an act of justice.

Regaining - recuperando; recobrar

revenge - venganza

Possibly - es posible; posiblemente

established - establecido; establecer, instaurar, nombrar

communications - comunicaciones; comunicación, comunicado

butler - sumiller, sommelier, mayordomo

hid - Se escondió; (hide) Se escondió

gauntlet - Guantelete

dying - Muriendo; (dye) Muriendo

deterred - disuadido; evitar, prevenir, disuadir, desalentar

mad - loco, trastornado, zumbado, enfadado, enojado

enters - entrar

searches - búsquedas; búsqueda, buscar, inspeccionar, cachear, allanar

private - privado, privado

memorandum - memorándum

relating - relacionando; identificarse (con)

inscription - inscripción, dedicatoria

doubtless - indudable, sin duda, indudablemente

beforehand - de antemano, anticipadamente, adelantadamente, antes

slay - matar

record - récord; constancia (escrita); archivos; registro

act of justice - un acto de justicia

Whimsical and bizarre conceits of this kind are common enough in the annals of crime, and usually afford valuable indications as to the criminal. Do you follow all this?"

whimsical - caprichosa; caprichoso, antojadizo

bizarre - raro, extrano, estrafalario, bizarro

conceits - conceptos; engreimiento, vanidad, presunción, ego

"Very clearly."

"Now, what could Jonathan Small do? He could only continue to keep a secret watch upon the efforts made to find the treasure. Possibly he leaves England and only comes back at intervals. Then comes the discovery of the garret, and he is instantly informed of it. We again trace the presence of some confederate in the household.

continue - continuar, seguir

efforts - esfuerzos; esfuerzo

household - hogar, agregado familiar, núcleo familiar, familia, casero

Jonathan, with his wooden leg, is utterly unable to reach the lofty room of Bartholomew Sholto. He takes with him, however, a rather curious associate, who gets over this difficulty, but dips his naked foot into creasote, whence comes Toby, and a six-mile limp for a half-pay officer with a damaged tendo Achillis."

lofty - altivo; majestuoso

associate - asociado, companero, asociar, frecuentar, alternar, tratar

gets over - superar, recuperarse

dips - dips; mojar

limp - cojea; flojo, flácido, mustio, débil

damaged - danado; dano

"But it was the associate, and not Jonathan, who committed the crime."

committed - comprometido; encomendar, cometer

"Quite so. And rather to Jonathan's disgust, to judge by the way he stamped about when he got into the room. He bore no grudge against Bartholomew Sholto, and would have preferred if he could have been simply bound and gagged. He did not wish to put his head in a halter. There was no help for it, however: the savage instincts of his companion had broken out, and the poison had done its work: so Jonathan Small left his record, lowered the treasure-box to the ground, and followed it himself.

disgust - repugnar, dar asco, asquear, asco, repugnancia

grudge - rencor, manía

Simply - simplemente, sencillamente

bound - atado; (bind); atar, atar (tie), empastar (books), liar

gagged - amordazado; mordaza, tener arcadas, amordazar

halter - cabestro, ronzal; (halt) cabestro, ronzal

savage - salvaje

instincts - instintos; instinto

broken out - roto

That was the train of events as far as I can decipher them. Of course as to his personal appearance he must be middle-aged, and must be sunburned after serving his time in such an oven as the Andamans. His height is readily calculated from the length of his stride, and we know that he was bearded. His hairiness was the one point which impressed itself upon Thaddeus Sholto when he saw him at the window. I don't know that there is anything else."

decipher - descifrar, decodificar, interpretar, resolver

serving - sirviendo; servicio, porción; (serve); servicio, servir

oven - horno

height - altura, estatura, cumbre, cima

calculated - calculado; calcular

stride - andar a zancadas

hairiness - vellosidad

"The associate?"

"Ah, well, there is no great mystery in that. But you will know all about it soon enough. How sweet the morning air is! See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo. Now the red rim of the sun pushes itself over the London cloud-bank.

cloud - nube; nublar

floats - flotadores; flotar, carroza

flamingo - flamenco

rim - (rueda) llanta; borde, canto

pushes - empujones; empujar

It shines on a good many folk, but on none, I dare bet, who are on a stranger errand than you and I. How small we feel with our petty ambitions and strivings in the presence of the great elemental forces of nature! Are you well up in your Jean Paul?"

shines - brillar

bet - apostar

Stranger - Extrano; (strang) Extrano

feel with - Sentirse con

ambitions - mbiciones; ambición

strivings - esforzándose

elemental - elemental

Paul - Pablo

"Fairly so. I worked back to him through Carlyle."

"That was like following the brook to the parent lake. He makes one curious but profound remark. It is that the chief proof of man's real greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. It argues, you see, a power of comparison and of appreciation which is in itself a proof of nobility. There is much food for thought in Richter. You have not a pistol, have you?"

brook - rok; arroyo

lake - lago

profound - profundo

greatness - grandeza

perception - percepción

smallness - pequenez; pequenez, menudencia

argues - argumentar, debatir, discutir

comparison - comparación

appreciation - apreciación

nobility - nobleza

"I have my stick."

"It is just possible that we may need something of the sort if we get to their lair. Jonathan I shall leave to you, but if the other turns nasty I shall shoot him dead." He took out his revolver as he spoke, and, having loaded two of the chambers, he put it back into the right-hand pocket of his jacket.

lair - guarida

nasty - asqueroso; sucio, menospreciable, obsceno, grosero, peligroso

shoot - disparar, lanzar

loaded - cargado; carga

chambers - cámaras; cámara, recámara, compartimento

We had during this time been following the guidance of Toby down the half-rural villa-lined roads which lead to the metropolis. Now, however, we were beginning to come among continuous streets, where laborers and dockmen were already astir, and slatternly women were taking down shutters and brushing door-steps.

rural - rural

villa - villa, quinta, casa de campo

lead - plomo; llevar, conducir

metropolis - urbe, metrópolis

laborers - trabajadores; trabajador, obrero, currito

dockmen - los estibadores

slatternly - perezoso

taking down - quitar(se), retirar; anotar; desmontar; derribar; bajar los humos a alguien; arruinar; hacer mofa de alguien

shutters - persianas; postigo, contraventana, obturador

brushing - cepillado; (brush); pincel, cepillo, escobilla, brocha

At the square-topped corner public houses business was just beginning, and rough-looking men were emerging, rubbing their sleeves across their beards after their morning wet. Strange dogs sauntered up and stared wonderingly at us as we passed, but our inimitable Toby looked neither to the right nor to the left, but trotted onwards with his nose to the ground and an occasional eager whine which spoke of a hot scent.

emerging - emergente; emerger, aparecer, surgir, aparecer, aflorar

sleeves - mangas; manga, funda, enfundar

beards - barbas; barba, jotera, pantalla, barbar, provocar, mortificar

wet - húmedo, mojado, húmeda, mojada, mojar, mearse, orinarse, mojarse

sauntered - paseó; pasear, paseo

wonderingly - Asombrada

inimitable - inimitable

trotted - trotó; trotar

onwards - en adelante; hacia adelante, para adelante

whine - gimoteo, lloriqueo, gimotear, lloriquear, gemir

We had traversed Streatham, Brixton, Camberwell, and now found ourselves in Kennington Lane, having borne away through the side-streets to the east of the Oval. The men whom we pursued seemed to have taken a curiously zigzag road, with the idea probably of escaping observation. They had never kept to the main road if a parallel side-street would serve their turn. At the foot of Kennington Lane they had edged away to the left through Bond Street and Miles Street.

traversed - travesado; atravesar, recorrer

side-streets - (side-streets) calle lateral

oval - óvalo, oval, ovalado

pursued - perseguido; perseguir, apuntar a

curiously - con curiosidad; curiosamente

zigzag - zigzag, en zigzag, zigzaguear

escaping - escapando; escapar, liberarse, fugarse, eludir

edged - con bordes; orilla, borde, lado, arista, ventaja, filo

bond - bono; vínculo

Where the latter street turns into Knight's Place, Toby ceased to advance, but began to run backwards and forwards with one ear cocked and the other drooping, the very picture of canine indecision. Then he waddled round in circles, looking up to us from time to time, as if to ask for sympathy in his embarrassment.

turns into - Convertirse en, girar

Knight - caballero

advance - avanzar, progresar, avance, progreso, adelanto, avance

forwards - hacia delante

cocked - agachado; gallo, macho

canine - canino, perruno

indecision - indecisión, irresolución

sympathy - simpatía; compasión, empatía, compasión

embarrassment - vergüenza, corte g

"What the deuce is the matter with the dog?" growled Holmes. "They surely would not take a cab, or go off in a balloon."

What the deuce - ?Qué diablos?

growled - grunó; rugido, grunir

balloon - globo, vejiga, bomba

"Perhaps they stood here for some time," I suggested.

"Ah! it's all right. He's off again," said my companion, in a tone of relief.

relief - alivio

He was indeed off, for after sniffing round again he suddenly made up his mind, and darted away with an energy and determination such as he had not yet shown. The scent appeared to be much hotter than before, for he had not even to put his nose on the ground, but tugged at his leash and tried to break into a run. I cold see by the gleam in Holmes's eyes that he thought we were nearing the end of our journey.

darted - dardo, flechilla

determination - determinación, decisión, resolución, ahínco

tugged - tiró; tirar, halar

gleam - resplandor; relucir, brillar, destellar

Our course now ran down Nine Elms until we came to Broderick and Nelson's large timber-yard, just past the White Eagle tavern. Here the dog, frantic with excitement, turned down through the side-gate into the enclosure, where the sawyers were already at work. On the dog raced through sawdust and shavings, down an alley, round a passage, between two wood-piles, and finally, with a triumphant yelp, sprang upon a large barrel which still stood upon the hand-trolley on which it had been brought.

ran down - agotarse; reducir; leer

elms - olmos; olmo

eagle - águila

tavern - taberna

frantic - frenético

excitement - emoción; entusiasmo

turned down - Rechazado

enclosure - encierro, cercamiento, recinto, reparto, clausura

sawyers - serradores; aserrador

raced - corriste; carrera

sawdust - serrín, aserrín

shavings - virutas; viruta

alley - callejón; callejuela

piles - pilas; montón, pila

triumphant - triunfante, triunfador

yelp - ganir

With lolling tongue and blinking eyes, Toby stood upon the cask, looking from one to the other of us for some sign of appreciation. The staves of the barrel and the wheels of the trolley were smeared with a dark liquid, and the whole air was heavy with the smell of creasote.

lolling - acostarse; recostarse, arrellanarse, repanchingarse

tongue - lengua, tsinhueso, lengüeta

blinking - parpadeando; parpadear, guinar, destellar, titilar, parpadeo

cask - barril; cuba, tonel

staves - duelas; duela, estrofa, pentagrama

smeared - untado; manchar, untar, embadurnar, aplicar

Sherlock Holmes and I looked blankly at each other, and then burst simultaneously into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

blankly - en blanco

simultaneously - simultáneamente

uncontrollable - incontrolable

laughter - risas; risa, risa

Chapter VIII - The Baker Street Irregulars

Irregulars - irregulares; irregular

"What now?" I asked. "Toby has lost his character for infallibility."

infallibility - infalibilidad

"He acted according to his lights," said Holmes, lifting him down from the barrel and walking him out of the timber-yard. "If you consider how much creasote is carted about London in one day, it is no great wonder that our trail should have been crossed. It is much used now, especially for the seasoning of wood. Poor Toby is not to blame."

acted - actuado; acto, ley, acción, hecho, actuar

according - de acuerdo; acuerdo, convenio, acordar, conceder, conferir

lifting - levantando; levantar, alzar

carted - cargado; carro, carreta

crossed - cruz, aspa, sotuer, santiguamiento, senal de la cruz, cruce

seasoning - Sazonador; (season) Sazonador

blame - culpar, responsabilizar, echar la culpa

"We must get on the main scent again, I suppose."

"Yes. And, fortunately, we have no distance to go. Evidently what puzzled the dog at the corner of Knight's Place was that there were two different trails running in opposite directions. We took the wrong one. It only remains to follow the other."

fortunately - afortunadamente, dichosamente

puzzled - rompecabezas, enigma, puzle, acertijo, intrigar, dejar perplejo

trails - senderos; seguir, arrastrar, rastro, pista, sendero

There was no difficulty about this. On leading Toby to the place where he had committed his fault, he cast about in a wide circle and finally dashed off in a fresh direction.

leading - dirigiendo; (lead) dirigiendo

cast - moldear, elenco, castear, sondar, sondear, lanzar, lanzamiento

circle - círculo, circunferencia, esfera, curva, grupo, tertulia

"We must take care that he does not now bring us to the place where the creasote-barrel came from," I observed.

"I had thought of that. But you notice that he keeps on the pavement, whereas the barrel passed down the roadway. No, we are on the true scent now."

keeps on - seguir

whereas - ientras que..; mientras que, siendo que, por cuanto, visto que

roadway - carretera, calzada

It tended down towards the river-side, running through Belmont Place and Prince's Street. At the end of Broad Street it ran right down to the water's edge, where there was a small wooden wharf. Toby led us to the very edge of this, and there stood whining, looking out on the dark current beyond.

tended - tendido; guardar

prince - príncipe, conde, príncipe

wharf - embarcadero, muelle

current - corriente, actual

"We are out of luck," said Holmes. "They have taken to a boat here." Several small punts and skiffs were lying about in the water and on the edge of the wharf. We took Toby round to each in turn, but, though he sniffed earnestly, he made no sign.

punts - punts; batea

sniffed - olfateado; olfatear, esnifar, husmear, checksorber

Close to the rude landing-stage was a small brick house, with a wooden placard slung out through the second window. "Mordecai Smith" was printed across it in large letters, and, underneath, "Boats to hire by the hour or day." A second inscription above the door informed us that a steam launch was kept,-a statement which was confirmed by a great pile of coke upon the jetty.

rude - rudo, grosero, descortés, soez

landing-stage - (landing-stage) muelle; embarcadero; pista de aterrizaje

placard - pancartas; letrero, pancarta

slung - colgado; cabestrillo

Smith - Herrera, Herrero

printed - impreso; imprimir

hire - contratar; alquilar

steam - Vapor; vaporear; de vapor; al vapor

launch - lanzar; botar, echar al mar

pile - montón, pila

coke - cola, cola

jetty - embarcadero

Sherlock Holmes looked slowly round, and his face assumed an ominous expression.

ominous - ominoso, siniestro, agorero

"This looks bad," said he. "These fellows are sharper than I expected. They seem to have covered their tracks. There has, I fear, been preconcerted management here."

sharper - más nítida; (sharp); agudo, afilado, filoso, listo, sostenido

tracks - pistas; rastro, huella, trilla, trillo, sendero, curso

preconcerted - preconcierto

management - Gestión

He was approaching the door of the house, when it opened, and a little, curly-headed lad of six came running out, followed by a stoutish, red-faced woman with a large sponge in her hand.

curly - rizado, chino, crespo, rizado

lad - nino, chico, mozo, mozalbete

stoutish - Rechoncho

sponge - esponja, cafiche, gorrón, cafichear, gorronear, gallofear

"You come back and be washed, Jack," she shouted. "Come back, you young imp; for if your father comes home and finds you like that, he'll let us hear of it."

Jack - Juanito, Jacobo, Santiago

imp - diablillo

hear of - oír de, escuchar de

"Dear little chap!" said Holmes, strategically. "What a rosy-cheeked young rascal! Now, Jack, is there anything you would like?"

chap - chico; tío, tipo

strategically - estratégicamente

rosy - Rosa

cheeked - con mejillas; mejilla, cacha, cachete, nalga, glúteo, descoco

rascal - granuja; pícaro, bribón, canalla

The youth pondered for a moment. "I'd like a shillin'," said he.

pondered - pensado; considerar, meditar, cavilar, discurrir, ponderar

"Nothing you would like better?"

"I'd like two shillin'better," the prodigy answered, after some thought.

prodigy - prodigio; presagio, augurio, agüero, auspicio, maravilla

"Here you are, then! Catch!-A fine child, Mrs. Smith!"

"Lor'Bless you, sir, he is that, and forward. He gets a'most too much for me to manage, 'specially when my man is away days at a time."

Bless you - !Jesús!, !Salud!

manage - manejar, conseguir, lograr, apanárselas, arreglárselas

"Away, is he?" said Holmes, in a disappointed voice. "I am sorry for that, for I wanted to speak to Mr. Smith."

disappointed - decepcionado; decepcionar, desilusionar, defraudar, quedar mal

"He's been away since yesterday mornin', sir, and, truth to tell, I am beginnin'to feel frightened about him. But if it was about a boat, sir, maybe I could serve as well."

mornin - Manana

beginnin - empezando

"I wanted to hire his steam launch."

Steam - vapor

"Why, bless you, sir, it is in the steam launch that he has gone. That's what puzzles me; for I know there ain't more coals in her than would take her to about Woolwich and back. If he'd been away in the barge I'd ha'thought nothin'; for many a time a job has taken him as far as Gravesend, and then if there was much doin'there he might ha'stayed over. But what good is a steam launch without coals?"

puzzles - puzzles; rompecabezas, enigma, puzle, acertijo, intrigar

coals - carbones; carbón, hulla, brasa

Barge - lancha a remolque, barcaza

nothin - Nada

doin - Haciendo

"He might have bought some at a wharf down the river."

"He might, sir, but it weren't his way. Many a time I've heard him call out at the prices they charge for a few odd bags. Besides, I don't like that wooden-legged man, wi'his ugly face and outlandish talk. What did he want always knockin'about here for?"

weren - lo eran

ve - e

call out - llamar; pedir explicación

odd - raro; guacho, desparejado, desemparejado, suelto, extrano

outlandish - extravagante; estrambótico, estrafalario, insólito, peregrino

knockin - Golpeando

"A wooden-legged man?" said Holmes, with bland surprise.

bland - soso; de sabor imperceptible, insípido

"Yes, sir, a brown, monkey-faced chap that's called more'n once for my old man. It was him that roused him up yesternight, and, what's more, my man knew he was comin', for he had steam up in the launch. I tell you straight, sir, I don't feel easy in my mind about it."

monkey - mono, chango

yesternight - Ayer por la noche

comin - Vienes

"But, my dear Mrs. Smith," said Holmes, shrugging his shoulders, "You are frightening yourself about nothing. How could you possibly tell that it was the wooden-legged man who came in the night? I don't quite understand how you can be so sure."

frightening - asustante; atemorizar

"His voice, sir. I knew his voice, which is kind o'thick and foggy. He tapped at the winder,-about three it would be. 'Show a leg, matey,'says he: 'time to turn out guard.'My old man woke up Jim,-that's my eldest,-and away they went, without so much as a word to me. I could hear the wooden leg clackin'on the stones."

tapped - intervenido; golpecito, palmadita

winder - bobinador

stones - piedras; piedra, roca, gema, piedra preciosa, hueso, cálculo

"And was this wooden-legged man alone?"

"Couldn't say, I am sure, sir. I didn't hear no one else."

"I am sorry, Mrs. Smith, for I wanted a steam launch, and I have heard good reports of the-Let me see, what is her name?"

"The Aurora, sir."

aurora - aurora

"Ah! She's not that old green launch with a yellow line, very broad in the beam?"

"No, indeed. She's as trim a little thing as any on the river. She's been fresh painted, black with two red streaks."

trim - recortar, orlar, ribetear

streaks - vetas; raya, trazo, sarta, racha, ristra

"Thanks. I hope that you will hear soon from Mr. Smith. I am going down the river; and if I should see anything of the Aurora I shall let him know that you are uneasy. A black funnel, you say?"

uneasy - inquieta; inquieto

funnel - embudo

"No, sir. Black with a white band."

"Ah, of course. It was the sides which were black. Good-morning, Mrs. Smith.-There is a boatman here with a wherry, Watson. We shall take it and cross the river.

sides - lados; lado

boatman - barquero, balsero

wherry - werry; chalana

"The main thing with people of that sort," said Holmes, as we sat in the sheets of the wherry, "is never to let them think that their information can be of the slightest importance to you. If you do, they will instantly shut up like an oyster. If you listen to them under protest, as it were, you are very likely to get what you want."

sheets - sábanas; hoja, folio, pliego, lámina, capa, escota

oyster - ostra, ostra, tumba

"Our course now seems pretty clear," said I.

"What would you do, then?"

"I would engage a launch and go down the river on the track of the Aurora."

"My dear fellow, it would be a colossal task. She may have touched at any wharf on either side of the stream between here and Greenwich. Below the bridge there is a perfect labyrinth of landing-places for miles. It would take you days and days to exhaust them, if you set about it alone."

colossal - colosal

task - tarea

touched - tocado; tocar, conmover, toque, toque, tacto, pizca

Greenwich - Greenwich

for miles - por millas

exhaust - agotar, cansar, tubo de escape, gas de escape

set about - Empezar a

"Employ the police, then."

employ - contratar, emplear

"No. I shall probably call Athelney Jones in at the last moment. He is not a bad fellow, and I should not like to do anything which would injure him professionally. But I have a fancy for working it out myself, now that we have gone so far."

injure - herir, lastimar

professionally - profesionalmente

"Could we advertise, then, asking for information from wharfingers?"

advertise - anunciar, hacer publicidad, publicitar

"Worse and worse! Our men would know that the chase was hot at their heels, and they would be off out of the country. As it is, they are likely enough to leave, but as long as they think they are perfectly safe they will be in no hurry. Jones's energy will be of use to us there, for his view of the case is sure to push itself into the daily press, and the runaways will think that every one is off on the wrong scent."

chase - persecución; perseguir

be off - estar ausente, ausentarse

push - empujar

daily press - la prensa diaria

runaways - fugitivos; fugitivo, desbocado

"What are we to do, then?" I asked, as we landed near Millbank Penitentiary.

penitentiary - cárcel; penitenciaría

"Take this hansom, drive home, have some breakfast, and get an hour's sleep. It is quite on the cards that we may be afoot to-night again. Stop at a telegraph-office, cabby! We will keep Toby, for he may be of use to us yet."

drive home - llevar a casa; hacer entender

afoot - a pie, andando, en curso, en pie, de pie, en marcha

telegraph-office - (telegraph-office) Oficina de telégrafos

We pulled up at the Great Peter Street post-office, and Holmes despatched his wire. "Whom do you think that is to?" he asked, as we resumed our journey.

Peter - Pedro, Pedro

despatched - despachar

resumed - se reanuda; reanudar

"I am sure I don't know."

"You remember the Baker Street division of the detective police force whom I employed in the Jefferson Hope case?"

employed - Empleado

"Well," said I, laughing.

"This is just the case where they might be invaluable. If they fail, I have other resources; but I shall try them first. That wire was to my dirty little lieutenant, Wiggins, and I expect that he and his gang will be with us before we have finished our breakfast."

fail - fracasar

resources - recursos; recurso

lieutenant - teniente, lugarteniente, checklugarteniente

gang - pandilla; grupo, cuadrilla, equipo

It was between eight and nine o'clock now, and I was conscious of a strong reaction after the successive excitements of the night. I was limp and weary, befogged in mind and fatigued in body. I had not the professional enthusiasm which carried my companion on, nor could I look at the matter as a mere abstract intellectual problem. As far as the death of Bartholomew Sholto went, I had heard little good of him, and could feel no intense antipathy to his murderers. The treasure, however, was a different matter. That, or part of it, belonged rightfully to Miss Morstan. While there was a chance of recovering it I was ready to devote my life to the one object.

successive - sucesivo

excitements - emociones; entusiasmo

fatigued - fatigado; fatiga, fatigar, acosar

enthusiasm - entusiasmo

antipathy - antipatía, aversión

murderers - asesinos; asesino, asesina, victimario, victimaria

rightfully - verdad

recovering - recuperándose; recuperarse

devote - devota; dedicar

True, if I found it it would probably put her forever beyond my reach. Yet it would be a petty and selfish love which would be influenced by such a thought as that. If Holmes could work to find the criminals, I had a tenfold stronger reason to urge me on to find the treasure.

forever - para siempre, por siempre, constantemente, sin cesar, eternidad

Selfish - egoísta

influenced - influenciado; influencia, influir, influenciar

tenfold - diez veces; decuplicar, decuplar

urge - te urge; impulso, impulsar, urgir, aguijonear, apresurar

A bath at Baker Street and a complete change freshened me up wonderfully. When I came down to our room I found the breakfast laid and Homes pouring out the coffee.

freshened - Refrescar

pouring out - desbordar, inundar, hablar sin parar sobre algo

"Here it is," said he, laughing, and pointing to an open newspaper. "The energetic Jones and the ubiquitous reporter have fixed it up between them. But you have had enough of the case. Better have your ham and eggs first."

energetic - enérgico, energético

ubiquitous - mnipresente; ubicuo, común

reporter - periodista; reportero, reportera

Ham - jamón

I took the paper from him and read the short notice, which was headed "Mysterious Business at Upper Norwood."

"About twelve o'clock last night," said the Standard, "Mr. Bartholomew Sholto, of Pondicherry Lodge, Upper Norwood, was found dead in his room under circumstances which point to foul play. As far as we can learn, no actual traces of violence were found upon Mr. Sholto's person, but a valuable collection of Indian gems which the deceased gentleman had inherited from his father has been carried off. The discovery was first made by Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who had called at the house with Mr. Thaddeus Sholto, brother of the deceased. By a singular piece of good fortune, Mr. Athelney Jones, the well-known member of the detective police force, happened to be at the Norwood police station, and was on the ground within half an hour of the first alarm. His trained and experienced faculties were at once directed towards the detection of the criminals, with the gratifying result that the brother, Thaddeus Sholto, has already been arrested, together with the housekeeper, Mrs. Bernstone, an Indian butler named Lal Rao, and a porter, or gatekeeper, named McMurdo.

Standard - estándar, estándar, dechado, padrón, nivel

foul - falta; asqueroso, fétido

actual - real, existente, verdadero, efectivo, actual

violence - violencia

gems - gemas; joya, alhaja, piedra preciosa, gema

deceased - fallecido; fallecimiento, deceso, óbito, defunción, fallecer

carried off - se lo han llevado

police station - la estación de policía

alarm - alarma, rebato, despertador, alarma, tocar a rebato

experienced - con experiencia; experiencia, vivencia, experimentar, vivir

faculties - facultades; cuerpo docente, facultad

It is quite certain that the thief or thieves were well acquainted with the house, for Mr. Jones's well-known technical knowledge and his powers of minute observation have enabled him to prove conclusively that the miscreants could not have entered by the door or by the window, but must have made their way across the roof of the building, and so through a trap-door into a room which communicated with that in which the body was found. This fact, which has been very clearly made out, proves conclusively that it was no mere haphazard burglary. The prompt and energetic action of the officers of the law shows the great advantage of the presence on such occasions of a single vigorous and masterful mind. We cannot but think that it supplies an argument to those who would wish to see our detectives more decentralized, and so brought into closer and more effective touch with the cases which it is their duty to investigate."

thief - ladrón, caco

thieves - ladrones; ladrón, caco

acquainted - conocido; dar a conocer, familiarizar

conclusively - concluyentemente; conclusivamente

miscreants - delincuentes; facineroso

proves - prueba; probar

haphazard - al azar; a su aire, inconsistente, sin ton ni son, fortuito

burglary - robo; allanamiento de morada

prompt - rápido, pronto, puntual, pie, entrada, senal, incitar, apuntar

occasions - ocasiones; ocasión, ocasionar

vigorous - vigoroso

masterful - Maestro

supplies - suministros; proporcionar, abastecer

argument - argumento

Detectives - detectives; detective, inspector, investigador privado

decentralized - descentralizado; descentralizar

effective - efectivo, eficaz

investigate - investigar, pesquisar, indagar, examinar

"Isn't it gorgeous!" said Holmes, grinning over his coffee-cup. "What do you think of it?"

gorgeous - guapa; guapísimo

grinning - sonriendo; sonreír abiertamente, sonreír de oreja a oreja

coffee-cup - (coffee-cup) Taza de café

"I think that we have had a close shave ourselves of being arrested for the crime."

shave - afeitarse

"So do I. I wouldn't answer for our safety now, if he should happen to have another of his attacks of energy."

answer for - responder por

safety - seguridad, seguro

attacks - ataques; ataque, atacar

At this moment there was a loud ring at the bell, and I could hear Mrs. Hudson, our landlady, raising her voice in a wail of expostulation and dismay.

ring - anillo

bell - campana

wail - aullido; llorar, gimotear; ulular; planir

expostulation - expostulación

dismay - espanto, estupefacción, consternación

"By heaven, Holmes," I said, half rising, "I believe that they are really after us."

Heaven - el cielo; cielo, firmamento, paraíso

"No, it's not quite so bad as that. It is the unofficial force,-the Baker Street irregulars."

As he spoke, there came a swift pattering of naked feet upon the stairs, a clatter of high voices, and in rushed a dozen dirty and ragged little street-Arabs. There was some show of discipline among them, despite their tumultuous entry, for they instantly drew up in line and stood facing us with expectant faces.

pattering - pattering; repiquetear, golpear, corretear

clatter - ruido; trapalear

ragged - Desgarrado; (rag) Desgarrado

Arabs - árabes; árabe, árabe

discipline - disciplina, castigo, ramo, disciplinar

despite - pesar de..; a pesar de, pese a, no obstante, maguer

tumultuous - tumultuoso, bullicioso, tempestuoso

entry - entrada, acceso, recibidor

expectant - esperando; expectante

One of their number, taller and older than the others, stood forward with an air of lounging superiority which was Very funny in such a disreputable little scarecrow.

lounging - Descansando; (lounge); relajarse, sala de estar, estancia

superiority - superioridad

Very funny - Muy divertido

disreputable - De mala reputación

Scarecrow - espantapájaros, espantajo

"Got your message, sir," said he, "and brought 'em on sharp. Three bob and a tanner for tickets."

Bob - Beto

tanner - Curtidor; (tan) Curtidor

"Here you are," said Holmes, producing some silver. "In future they can report to you, Wiggins, and you to me. I cannot have the house invaded in this way. However, it is just as well that you should all hear the instructions. I want to find the whereabouts of a steam launch called the Aurora, owner Mordecai Smith, black with two red streaks, funnel black with a white band.

invaded - invadido; invadir

instructions - instrucciones; instrucción

She is down the river somewhere. I want one boy to be at Mordecai Smith's landing-stage opposite Millbank to say if the boat comes back. You must divide it out among yourselves, and do both banks thoroughly. Let me know the moment you have news. Is that all clear?"

stage - etapa, fase, estadio, escenario, escena, calesa

divide - desunir, dividir, repartir, división, divisoria

thoroughly - cabalmente, a cabalidad, a fondo, detenidamente

all clear - Todo está claro

"Yes, guv'nor," said Wiggins.

"The old scale of pay, and a guinea to the boy who finds the boat. Here's a day in advance. Now off you go!" He handed them a shilling each, and away they buzzed down the stairs, and I saw them a moment later streaming down the street.

shilling - chelines; chelín; (shill); testaferro, hombre de paja

buzzed - zumbado; zumbido, zurrido, suspiro, zumbar, abejorrear, zurrir

"If the launch is above water they will find her," said Holmes, as he rose from the table and lit his pipe. "They can go everywhere, see everything, overhear every one. I expect to hear before evening that they have spotted her. In the mean while, we can do nothing but await results. We cannot pick up the broken trail until we find either the Aurora or Mr. Mordecai Smith."

overhear - escuchar; oír por casualidad, oír sin querer

spotted - manchado; mancha, grano, poquito, poquita, zona, paraje

await - esperar, aguantar

"Toby could eat these scraps, I dare say. Are you going to bed, Holmes?"

scraps - restos; pedacito, retazo

"No: I am not tired. I have a curious constitution. I never remember feeling tired by work, though idleness exhausts me completely. I am going to smoke and to think over this queer business to which my fair client has introduced us. If ever man had an easy task, this of ours ought to be. Wooden-legged men are not so common, but the other man must, I should think, be absolutely unique."

idleness - ociosidad; inactividad, holganza, indolencia

exhausts - escapes; agotar, cansar, tubo de escape, gas de escape

think over - piensa en ello

unique - único, senero

"That other man again!"

"I have no wish to make a mystery of him,-to you, anyway. But you must have formed your own opinion. Now, do consider the data. Diminutive footmarks, toes never fettered by boots, naked feet, stone-headed wooden mace, great agility, small poisoned darts. What do you make of all this?"

anyway - aún así, a pesar de todo, igualmente, de todos modos

diminutive - diminuto, diminutivo

fettered - encadenado; grillos, pihuelas, or animals, grillos, pihuela

mace - maza

agility - agilidad

darts - dardos; dardo, flechilla

"A savage!" I exclaimed. "Perhaps one of those Indians who were the associates of Jonathan Small."

Indians - indios; indio, hindú, indígena, indio, india

"Hardly that," said he. "When first I saw signs of strange weapons I was inclined to think so; but the remarkable character of the footmarks caused me to reconsider my views. Some of the inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula are small men, but none could have left such marks as that. The Hindoo proper has long and thin feet.

signs - senales; senal

weapons - armas; arma

inhabitants - habitantes; habitante, residente, lugareno, lugarena

Peninsula - península

The sandal-wearing Mohammedan has the great toe well separated from the others, because the thong is commonly passed between. These little darts, too, could only be shot in one way. They are from a blow-pipe. Now, then, where are we to find our savage?"

sandal - sandalia

thong - tanga; calipso

commonly - comúnmente

"South American," I hazarded.

hazarded - arriesgado; riesgo, peligro, arriesgar, peligrar, aventurar

He stretched his hand up, and took down a bulky volume from the shelf. "This is the first volume of a gazetteer which is now being published. It may be looked upon as the very latest authority. What have we here? 'Andaman Islands, situated 340 miles to the north of Sumatra, in the Bay of Bengal.'Hum! hum! What's all this? Moist climate, coral reefs, sharks, Port Blair, convict-barracks, Rutland Island, cottonwoods-Ah, here we are. 'The aborigines of the Andaman Islands may perhaps claim the distinction of being the smallest race upon this earth, though some anthropologists prefer the Bushmen of Africa, the Digger Indians of America, and the Terra del Fuegians. The average height is rather below four feet, although many full-grown adults may be found who are very much smaller than this. They are a fierce, morose, and intractable people, though capable of forming most devoted friendships when their confidence has once been gained.

stretched - estirado; estirar, estirarse, dar, extenderse, estirón

bulky - grande; voluminoso, abultado

shelf - estante, balda, anaquel, entrepano, estantería, arrecife

Gazetteer - gacetero; diccionario geográfico

authority - autoridad, policía, autoridades, fuerzas del orden, autorización

situated - situado; situar

Sumatra - Sumatra, Sumatera

bay - bahía

Bengal - Bengala

moist - húmedo

climate - clima

coral reefs - arrecifes de coral

sharks - tiburones; tiburón

port - puerto

Barracks - cuartel; (barrack) cuartel

cottonwoods - algodoncillo; álamo

race - carrera

anthropologists - antropólogos; antropólogo, antropóloga

Africa - África

Fuegians - fuegianos; fueguino, fueguino, fueguina

average - promedio; media

morose - moroso; malhumorado

intractable - inmanejable, obstinado, intratable

capable - capaz

most devoted - el más devoto

friendships - amistades; amistad

Mark that, Watson. Now, then, listen to this. 'They are naturally hideous, having large, misshapen heads, small, fierce eyes, and distorted features. Their feet and hands, however, are remarkably small. So intractable and fierce are they that all the efforts of the British official have failed to win them over in any degree. They have always been a terror to shipwrecked crews, braining the survivors with their stone-headed clubs, or shooting them with their poisoned arrows. These massacres are invariably concluded by a cannibal feast.'Nice, amiable people, Watson! If this fellow had been left to his own unaided devices this affair might have taken an even more ghastly turn. I fancy that, even as it is, Jonathan Small would give a good deal not to have employed him."

hideous - horrible, odioso, chocante, atemorizante

misshapen - Malformar

distorted - distorsionado; deformar, distorsionar, tergiversar, desvirtuar

remarkably - otablemente; extraordinariamente

British - británica; británicos, inglés británico

degree - título, diploma, grado

shipwrecked - náufragos; pecio, naufragio, naufragar

crews - tripulaciones; tripulación

braining - cerebro, seso, sesudez

survivors - sobrevivientes; sobreviviente

arrows - flechas; flecha

massacres - masacres; masacre, masacrar

invariably - invariablemente

concluded - concluido; concluir

cannibal - caníbal

feast - fiesta; banquete, festín

devices - dispositivos; dispositivo, mecanismo, aparejo

affair - negocio, asunto, rollo, amorío, aventura

"But how came he to have so singular a companion?"

"Ah, that is more than I can tell. Since, however, we had already determined that Small had come from the Andamans, it is not so very wonderful that this islander should be with him. No doubt we shall know all about it in time. Look here, Watson; you look regularly done. Lie down there on the sofa, and see if I can put you to sleep."

Islander - isleno; isleno, islena

regularly - con regularidad; regularmente, comúnmente

sofa - sofá, sillón

He took up his violin from the corner, and as I stretched myself out he began to play some low, dreamy, melodious air,-his own, no doubt, for he had a remarkable gift for improvisation. I have a vague remembrance of his gaunt limbs, his earnest face, and the rise and fall of his bow.

violin - violín

melodious - melódico; melodioso

gift - regalo, obsequio, don, talento, regalar, dar

improvisation - improvisación

remembrance - recuerdo, memoria, recordatorio, remembranza

gaunt - enjuto; demacrado, chupado, macilento

earnest - en serio; serio; (earn) en serio; serio

bow - arco; inclinar(se), hacer una reverencia

Then I seemed to be floated peacefully away upon a soft sea of sound, until I found myself in dream-land, with the sweet face of Mary Morstan looking down upon me.

floated - flotó; flotar, carroza

peacefully - pazmente; pacíficamente

dream - sueno; sueno, ensueno, sonar

Chapter IX - A break in the Chain

break in - forzar la puerta; interrumpir

It was late in the afternoon before I woke, strengthened and refreshed. Sherlock Holmes still sat exactly as I had left him, save that he had laid aside his violin and was deep in a book. He looked across at me, as I stirred, and I noticed that his face was dark and troubled.

strengthened - fortalecido; fortalecer, animar

refreshed - refrescado; refrescar

aside - aparte, a un lado, aparte

stirred - agitado; remover, revolver

troubled - con problemas; marrón, berenjenal, dificultad, problema

"You have slept soundly," he said. "I feared that our talk would wake you."

soundly - a fondo; profundo

"I heard nothing," I answered. "Have you had fresh news, then?"

"Unfortunately, no. I confess that I am surprised and disappointed. I expected something definite by this time. Wiggins has just been up to report. He says that no trace can be found of the launch. It is a provoking check, for every hour is of importance."

unfortunately - desafortunadamente, desgraciadamente, lamentablemente

definite - definitiva; definido, indudable

provoking - provocando; provocar

"Can I do anything? I am perfectly fresh now, and quite ready for another night's outing."

"No, we can do nothing. We can only wait. If we go ourselves, the message might come in our absence, and delay be caused. You can do what you will, but I must remain on guard."

absence - ausencia, falta, ausencia de hierro

"Then I shall run over to Camberwell and call upon Mrs. Cecil Forrester. She asked me to, yesterday."

run over - derramarse; repasar; atropellar

"On Mrs. Cecil Forrester?" asked Holmes, with the twinkle of a smile in his eyes.

Twinkle - titilar, fulgurar, refulgir

"Well, of course Miss Morstan too. They were anxious to hear what happened."

"I would not tell them too much," said Holmes. "Women are never to be entirely trusted,-not the best of them."

trusted - de confianza; confianza, crédito, fiar, consorcio, trust

I did not pause to argue over this atrocious sentiment. "I shall be back in an hour or two," I remarked.

pause - receso, checkdescanso, pausar, interrumpir, suspender

argue - argumentar, debatir, discutir

atrocious - atroz, malvado, ofensivo

sentiment - sentimiento

"All right! Good luck! But, I say, if you are crossing the river you may as well return Toby, for I don't think it is at all likely that we shall have any use for him now."

I took our mongrel accordingly, and left him, together with a half-sovereign, at the old naturalist's in Pinchin Lane. At Camberwell I found Miss Morstan a little weary after her night's adventures, but very eager to hear the news. Mrs. Forrester, too, was full of curiosity.

accordingly - en consecuencia, por consiguiente, consecuentemente

sovereign - soberano

curiosity - curiosidad

I told them all that we had done, suppressing, however, the more dreadful parts of the tragedy. Thus, although I spoke of Mr. Sholto's death, I said nothing of the exact manner and method of it. With all my omissions, however, there was enough to startle and amaze them.

suppressing - suprimiendo; reprimar, contener, ocultar, suprimir

more dreadful - más terrible

method - método, forma

omissions - omisiones; omisión

startle - susto; sobresaltarse, alarmarse, espantarse, evitar, impedir

amaze - pasmar, sorprender, asombrar

"It is a romance!" cried Mrs. Forrester. "An injured lady, half a million in treasure, a black cannibal, and a wooden-legged ruffian. They take the place of the conventional dragon or wicked earl."

injured - lastimado; herir, lastimar

ruffian - rufián

conventional - convencional

Dragon - dragón

earl - conde

"And two knight-errants to the rescue," added Miss Morstan, with a bright glance at me.

errants - rrantes; errante

rescue - salvamento; rescatar, rescate

"Why, Mary, your fortune depends upon the issue of this search. I don't think that you are nearly excited enough. Just imagine what it must be to be so rich, and to have the world at your feet!"

depends - depender, confiar, atender

issue - problema; flujo, emisión, envío, incisión, herederos

Just imagine - imaginarse

It sent a little thrill of joy to my heart to notice that she showed no sign of elation at the prospect. On the contrary, she gave a toss of her proud head, as though the matter were one in which she took small interest.

elation - euforia

prospect - prospecto; perspectiva, vista, panorama, expectativa, prospectar

toss - tiro, lanzamiento, lanzar una moneda al aire, echar un volado

"It is for Mr. Thaddeus Sholto that I am anxious," she said. "Nothing else is of any consequence; but I think that he has behaved most kindly and honorably throughout. It is our duty to clear him of this dreadful and unfounded charge."

consequence - consecuencia

behaved - se comportó; comportarse

honorably - onorablemente

throughout - en todo; a lo largo de, durante, de arriba abajo

dreadful - terrible; espantoso, espantosa

unfounded - sin fundamento; infundado, que no tiene ni pies ni cabeza

It was evening before I left Camberwell, and quite dark by the time I reached home. My companion's book and pipe lay by his chair, but he had disappeared. I looked about in the hope of seeing a note, but there was none.

lay by - desatender, descuidar; ahorrar

"I suppose that Mr. Sherlock Holmes has gone out," I said to Mrs. Hudson as she came up to lower the blinds.

blinds - persianas; ciego, invidente, celosía, persiana, ciega, ciego

"No, sir. He has gone to his room, sir. Do you know, sir," sinking her voice into an impressive whisper, "I am afraid for his health?"

sinking - se hunde; hundimiento, naufragio; (sink); hundir, sumergir

impressive - impresionante, impresionable, halagüeno

"Why so, Mrs. Hudson?"

"Well, he's that strange, sir. After you was gone he walked and he walked, up and down, and up and down, until I was weary of the sound of his footstep. Then I heard him talking to himself and muttering, and every time the bell rang out he came on the stairhead, with 'What is that, Mrs. Hudson?

footstep - pisada; huella, paso

stairhead - Cabeza de escalera

And now he has slammed off to his room, but I can hear him walking away the same as ever. I hope he's not going to be ill, sir. I ventured to say something to him about cooling medicine, but he turned on me, sir, with such a look that I don't know how ever I got out of the room."

Medicine - medicina

"I don't think that you have any cause to be uneasy, Mrs. Hudson," I answered. "I have seen him like this before. He has some small matter upon his mind which makes him restless." I tried to speak lightly to our worthy landlady, but I was myself somewhat uneasy when through the long night I still from time to time heard the dull sound of his tread, and knew how his keen spirit was chafing against this involuntary inaction.

worthy - Digno

tread - pisada; pisar, pisotear, hollar

spirit - espíritu, alma, onda, alcohol, bebida espirituosa

chafing - rozaduras; calor friccional, escocimiento, irritación, cocedura

against this - contra esto

involuntary - involuntario

inaction - inacción

At breakfast-time he looked worn and haggard, with a little fleck of feverish color upon either cheek.

fleck - mota, salpicadura

feverish - fiebre; febril

cheek - mejilla, cacha, cachete, nalga, glúteo, descoco

"You are knocking yourself up, old man," I remarked. "I heard you marching about in the night."

"No, I could not sleep," he answered. "This infernal problem is consuming me. It is too much to be balked by so petty an obstacle, when all else had been overcome. I know the men, the launch, everything; and yet I can get no news. I have set other agencies at work, and used every means at my disposal.

infernal - infernal

consuming - Consumiendo; (consume); consumir, panish: t-needed

balked - Impedirlo

overcome - vencer, superar

disposal - liminación; desecho

The whole river has been searched on either side, but there is no news, nor has Mrs. Smith heard of her husband. I shall come to the conclusion soon that they have scuttled the craft. But there are objections to that."

scuttled - undido; echar a correr

craft - artesanía; pericia, oficio, nave, labrar, hacer a mano

objections - objeciones; objeción, protesta

"Or that Mrs. Smith has put us on a wrong scent."

"No, I think that may be dismissed. I had inquiries made, and there is a launch of that description."

dismissed - despedido; despedir, echar, disipar, rechazar, expulsar

"Could it have gone up the river?"

gone up - subir, levantar

"I have considered that possibility too, and there is a search-party who will work up as far as Richmond. If no news comes to-day, I shall start off myself to-morrow, and go for the men rather than the boat. But surely, surely, we shall hear something."

search-party - (search-party) equipo de búsqueda

work up - trabajar; corregir; prepararse

start off - empezar

morrow - manana; manana

We did not, however. Not a word came to us either from Wiggins or from the other agencies. There were articles in most of the papers upon the Norwood tragedy. They all appeared to be rather hostile to the unfortunate Thaddeus Sholto. No fresh details were to be found, however, in any of them, save that an inquest was to be held upon the following day. I walked over to Camberwell in the evening to report our ill success to the ladies, and on my return I found Holmes dejected and somewhat morose.

hostile - hostil

inquest - investigación, pesquisa

ladies - senoritas; ama, senora, dama, bano de damas

on my return - después de mi regreso

dejected - desanimado

He would hardly reply to my questions, and busied himself all evening in an abstruse chemical analysis which involved much heating of retorts and distilling of vapors, ending at last in a smell which fairly drove me out of the apartment. Up to the small hours of the morning I could hear the clinking of his test-tubes which told me that he was still engaged in his malodorous experiment.

heating - calefacción, calentamiento; (heat); calefacción, calentamiento

distilling - Destilación; (distil); destilar, alambicar

vapors - vapores; vapor

the small hours - horas de la madrugada

clinking - tintineo

tubes - tubos; tubo, canuto

malodorous - maloliente

experiment - experimento, experimentar

In the early dawn I woke with a start, and was surprised to find him standing by my bedside, clad in a rude sailor dress with a pea-jacket, and a coarse red scarf round his neck.

dawn - amanecer, alba, amanecer, aurora, madrugada

standing by - estar preparado; apoyar a alguien; mantenerse firme en; en espera

bedside - al lado de la cama

pea - guisante

scarf - bufanda

"I am off down the river, Watson," said he. "I have been turning it over in my mind, and I can see only one way out of it. It is worth trying, at all events."

at all events - En todo caso

"Surely I can come with you, then?" said I.

"No; you can be much more useful if you will remain here as my representative. I am loath to go, for it is quite on the cards that some message may come during the day, though Wiggins was despondent about it last night. I want you to open all notes and telegrams, and to act on your own judgment if any news should come. Can I rely upon you?"

representative - representante, representativo, representante

loath - Odiar

despondent - desanimado; abatido, descorazonado

Telegrams - telegramas; telegrama

act on - actuar, hacer efecto; ley de

"Most certainly."

"I am afraid that you will not be able to wire to me, for I can hardly tell yet where I may find myself. If I am in luck, however, I may not be gone so very long. I shall have news of some sort or other before I get back."

I had heard nothing of him by breakfast-time. On opening the Standard, however, I found that there was a fresh allusion to the business. "With reference to the Upper Norwood tragedy," it remarked, "we have reason to believe that the matter promises to be even more complex and mysterious than was originally supposed. Fresh evidence has shown that it is quite impossible that Mr. Thaddeus Sholto could have been in any way concerned in the matter. He and the housekeeper, Mrs.

allusion - alusión

promises - promesas; promesa, prometer

complex - complicado, complejo, complexo, complejo

evidence - pruebas; prueba, prueba, evidencia, evidenciar

Bernstone, were both released yesterday evening. It is believed, however, that the police have a clue as to the real culprits, and that it is being prosecuted by Mr. Athelney Jones, of Scotland Yard, with all his well-known energy and sagacity. Further arrests may be expected at any moment."

released - liberado; liberar

culprits - culpables; culpable

prosecuted - rocesado; procesar

Scotland - Escocia

arrests - arrestos; paro, arresto, detenido, parar, detener, arrestar

"That is satisfactory so far as it goes," thought I. "Friend Sholto is safe, at any rate. I wonder what the fresh clue may be; though it seems to be a stereotyped form whenever the police have made a blunder."

satisfactory - satisfactorio

stereotyped - estereotipado; estereotipo, tópico

whenever - cuándo; cuando quiera, siempre que, siempre y cuando

blunder - una metedura de pata; error

I tossed the paper down upon the table, but at that moment my eye caught an advertisement in the agony column. It ran in this way:

caught - atrapado; pega, traba, truco, cuestión

advertisement - anuncio, publicidad, reclamo, aviso

agony - agonía, angustia

column - columna

"Lost.-Whereas Mordecai Smith, boatman, and his son, Jim, left Smith's Wharf at or about three o'clock last Tuesday morning in the steam launch Aurora, black with two red stripes, funnel black with a white band, the sum of five pounds will be paid to any one who can give information to Mrs. Smith, at Smith's Wharf, or at 221b Baker Street, as to the whereabouts of the said Mordecai Smith and the launch Aurora."

stripes - rayas; franja, raya, línea, lista, galón

This was clearly Holmes's doing. The Baker street address was enough to prove that. It struck me as rather ingenious, because it might be read by the fugitives without their seeing in it more than the natural anxiety of a wife for her missing husband.

street address - dirección de la calle

ingenious - ingenioso

fugitives - fugitivos; fugitivo, prófugo, fugaz

It was a long day. Every time that a knock came to the door, or a sharp step passed in the street, I imagined that it was either Holmes returning or an answer to his advertisement. I tried to read, but my thoughts would wander off to our strange quest and to the ill-assorted and villainous pair whom we were pursuing. Could there be, I wondered, some radical flaw in my companion's reasoning. Might he be suffering from some huge self-deception? Was it not possible that his nimble and speculative mind had built up this wild theory upon faulty premises? I had never known him to be wrong; and yet the keenest reasoner may occasionally be deceived.

wander - vagar, divagar, errar, deambular, enganar

assorted - surtido; clasificar, ordenar

pursuing - Persiguiendo; (pursue); perseguir, apuntar a

wondered - se preguntaba; maravilla, milagro, genio, asombro, pasmo

deception - engano; engano, socalina

nimble - diestro, ágil, hábil, despierto

speculative - especulativo

built up - construido, edificado

keenest - el más entusiasta; entusiasta

reasoner - Razonador

be deceived - enganado

He was likely, I thought, to fall into error through the over-refinement of his logic,-his preference for a subtle and bizarre explanation when a plainer and more commonplace one lay ready to his hand. Yet, on the other hand, I had myself seen the evidence, and I had heard the reasons for his deductions. When I looked back on the long chain of curious circumstances, many of them trivial in themselves, but all tending in the same direction, I could not disguise from myself that even if Holmes's explanation were incorrect the true theory must be equally outre and startling.

error - error, yerro, checkyerro, panish: t-needed

logic - lógica

preference - Preferencia

plainer - más claro; sencillo; liso; sin ornamentos; llano (persona)

deductions - deducciones; deducción

trivial - trivial

tending - tendiendo; guardar

disguise - disfraz, pantalla, tapadera, disfrazar

incorrect - incorrecto

equally - igualmente

startling - sorprendente, alarmante; (startle); sobresaltarse, alarmarse

At three o'clock in the afternoon there was a loud peal at the bell, an authoritative voice in the hall, and, to my surprise, no less a person than Mr. Athelney Jones was shown up to me. Very different was he, however, from the brusque and masterful professor of common sense who had taken over the case so confidently at Upper Norwood. His expression was downcast, and his bearing meek and even apologetic.

peal - repique, toque de campanas

authoritative - autoritativo, oficial, fidedigno, autorizado, autoritario

shown up - aparecer; ser visible

brusque - brusco

confidently - con confianza; confidentemente

meek - dócil; modesto, humilde, resignado, sumiso, manso

apologetic - lleno de disculpas

"Good-day, sir; good-day," said he. "Mr. Sherlock Holmes is out, I understand."

"Yes, and I cannot be sure when he will be back. But perhaps you would care to wait. Take that chair and try one of these cigars."

cigars - puros; puro, cigarro

"Thank you; I don't mind if I do," said he, mopping his face with a red bandanna handkerchief.

I don't mind - No me importa.

mopping - fregando; chascona, fregar

bandanna - Panuelo

"And a whiskey-and-soda?"

whiskey - whisky, wiski, güisqui

soda - sosa, soda, gaseosa, bebida

"Well, half a glass. It is very hot for the time of year; and I have had a good deal to worry and try me. You know my theory about this Norwood case?"

worry - preocuparse, estar preocupado, inquietarse, comerse la cabeza

"I remember that you expressed one."

expressed - expresado; expresar

"Well, I have been obliged to reconsider it. I had my net drawn tightly round Mr. Sholto, sir, when pop he went through a hole in the middle of it. He was able to prove an alibi which could not be shaken. From the time that he left his brother's room he was never out of sight of some one or other.

obliged - obligado; obligar

alibi - coartada, excusa

So it could not be he who climbed over roofs and through trap-doors. It's a very dark case, and my professional credit is at stake. I should be very glad of a little assistance."

he who - Él que

roofs - echos; techo

stake - estaca, participación, estacar, poner en juego

"We all need help sometimes," said I.

"Your friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful man, sir," said he, in a husky and confidential voice. "He's a man who is not to be beat. I have known that young man go into a good many cases, but I never saw the case yet that he could not throw a light upon. He is irregular in his methods, and a little quick perhaps in jumping at theories, but, on the whole, I think he would have made a most promising officer, and I don't care who knows it. I have had a wire from him this morning, by which I understand that he has got some clue to this Sholto business. Here is the message.

confidential - confidencial

jumping - saltando; saltar

most promising - Más prometedor

He took the telegram out of his pocket, and handed it to me. It was dated from Poplar at twelve o'clock. "Go to Baker Street at once," it said. "If I have not returned, wait for me. I am close on the track of the Sholto gang. You can come with us to-night if you want to be in at the finish."

poplar - álamo, chopo

"This sounds well. He has evidently picked up the scent again," said I.

"Ah, then he has been at fault too," exclaimed Jones, with evident satisfaction. "Even the best of us are thrown off sometimes. Of course this may prove to be a false alarm; but it is my duty as an officer of the law to allow No chance to slip. But there is some one at the door. Perhaps this is he."

evident - es evidente; evidente, constatable

No chance - No hay posibilidad

slip - resbalón; resbalar

A heavy step was heard ascending the stair, with a great wheezing and rattling as from a man who was sorely put to it for breath. Once or twice he stopped, as though the climb were too much for him, but at last he made his way to our door and entered. His appearance corresponded to the sounds which we had heard. He was an aged man, clad in seafaring garb, with an old pea-jacket buttoned up to his throat. His back was bowed, his knees were shaky, and his breathing was painfully asthmatic.

ascending - ascendente; subir, ascender

wheezing - Sibilancias; (wheeze); jadear, silbido, sibilancia

as from - como de

corresponded - correspondían; corresponder, equivaler, corresponderse

seafaring - marinero

garb - Atuendo

buttoned up - abotonado

bowed - inclinado; inclinar(se), hacer una reverencia

shaky - tembloroso

painfully - dolorosamente

asthmatic - asmático, asmático

As he leaned upon a thick oaken cudgel his shoulders heaved in the effort to draw the air into his lungs. He had a colored scarf round his chin, and I could see little of his face save a pair of keen dark eyes, overhung by bushy white brows, and long gray side-whiskers. Altogether he gave me the impression of a respectable master mariner who had fallen into years and poverty.

heaved - pesado; ondular

lungs - pulmones; pulmón

chin - barbilla, mentón

bushy - tupido, poblado

brows - cejas; (brow) cejas

whiskers - bigotes; vibrisa, bigote

respectable - respetable

mariner - marinero; (marine); marítimo, marino, infante de marina

"What is it, my man?" I asked.

He looked about him in the slow methodical fashion of old age.

"Is Mr. Sherlock Holmes here?" said he.

"No; but I am acting for him. You can tell me any message you have for him."

acting - actuando; interino, en funciones, suplente

"It was to him himself I was to tell it," said he.

"But I tell you that I am acting for him. Was it about Mordecai Smith's boat?"

"Yes. I knows well where it is. An'I knows where the men he is after are. An'I knows where the treasure is. I knows all about it."

"Then tell me, and I shall let him know."

"It was to him I was to tell it," he repeated, with the petulant obstinacy of a very old man.

obstinacy - testarudez, porfía, terquedad, obstinación

"Well, you must wait for him."

"No, no; I ain't goin'to lose a whole day to please no one. If Mr. Holmes ain't here, then Mr. Holmes must find it all out for himself. I don't care about the look of either of you, and I won't tell a word."

goin - Te vas

He shuffled towards the door, but Athelney Jones got in front of him.

shuffled - barajado; barajar, mezclar, barajear, arrastrar

"Wait a bit, my friend," said he. "You have important information, and you must not walk off. We shall keep you, whether you like or not, until our friend returns."

The old man made a little run towards the door, but, as Athelney Jones put his broad back up against it, he recognized the uselessness of resistance.

recognized - reconocido; reconocer

resistance - resistencia

"Pretty sort o'treatment this!" he cried, stamping his stick. "I come here to see a gentleman, and you two, who I never saw in my life, seize me and treat me in this fashion!"

stamping - Sello; (stamp); estampado, sello, timbrar, franquear

seize - incautar; agarrar, apoderarse de, apresar, aferrar, tomar

treat - tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar, sorpresa

"You will be none the worse," I said. "We shall recompense you for the loss of your time. Sit over here on the sofa, and you will not have long to wait."

recompense - recompensa

He came across sullenly enough, and seated himself with his face resting on his hands. Jones and I resumed our cigars and our talk. Suddenly, however, Holmes's voice broke in upon us.

sullenly - Hoscamente

resting - Descansando; (rest) Descansando

"I think that you might offer me a cigar too," he said.

cigar - un puro; puro, cigarro

We both started in our chairs. There was Holmes sitting close to us with an air of quiet amusement.

"Holmes!" I exclaimed. "You here! But where is the old man?"

"Here is the old man," said he, holding out a heap of white hair. "Here he is,-wig, whiskers, eyebrows, and all. I thought my disguise was pretty good, but I hardly expected that it would stand that test."

holding out - aguantar, Mantenerse firme

wig - peluca

"Ah, You rogue!" cried Jones, highly delighted. "You would have made an actor, and a rare one. You had the proper workhouse cough, and those weak legs of yours are worth ten pound a week. I thought I knew the glint of your eye, though. You didn't get away from us so easily, You see."

rogue - canalla, granuja, vago

workhouse - Trabajo

cough - toser, tos

"I have been working in that get-up all day," said he, lighting his cigar. "You see, a good many of the criminal classes begin to know me,-especially since our friend here took to publishing some of my cases: so I can only go on the war-path under some simple disguise like this. You got my wire?"

war - guerra, guerrear, hacer la guerra

path - camino, sendero

"Yes; that was what brought me here."

"How has your case prospered?"

"It has all come to nothing. I have had to release two of my prisoners, and there is no evidence against the other two."

come to nothing - quedarse en nada

release - liberación; liberar

prisoners - prisioneros; prisionero, preso

"Never mind. We shall give you two others in the place of them. But you must put yourself under my orders. You are welcome to all the official credit, but you must act on the line that I point out. Is that agreed?"

"Entirely, if you will help me to the men."

"Well, then, in the first place I shall want a fast police-boat-a steam launch-to be at the Westminster Stairs at seven o'clock."

"That is easily managed. There is always one about there; but I can step across the road and telephone to make sure."

managed - manejado; manejar, conseguir, lograr, apanárselas

"Then I shall want two stanch men, in case of resistance."

stanch - puntalar

"There will be two or three in the boat. What else?"

"When we secure the men we shall get the treasure. I think that it would be a pleasure to my friend here to take the box round to the young lady to whom half of it rightfully belongs. Let her be the first to open it.-Eh, Watson?"

belongs - pertenecer, ser propiedad (de)

"It would be a great pleasure to me."

"Rather an irregular proceeding," said Jones, shaking his head. "However, the whole thing is irregular, and I suppose we must wink at it. The treasure must afterwards be handed over to the authorities until after the official investigation."

wink at - hacer la vista gorda, guinar

authorities - autoridad, policía, autoridades, fuerzas del orden, autorización

investigation - investigación

"Certainly. That is easily managed. One other point. I should much like to have a few details about this matter from the lips of Jonathan Small himself. You know I like to work the detail of my cases out. There is no objection to my having an unofficial interview with him, either here in my rooms or elsewhere, as long as he is efficiently guarded?"

elsewhere - En otro sitio

efficiently - eficientemente

"Well, you are master of the situation. I have had no proof yet of the existence of this Jonathan Small. However, if you can catch him I don't see how I can refuse you an interview with him."

refuse - rechazar; negarse (a)

"That is understood, then?"

"Perfectly. Is there anything else?"

"Only that I insist upon your dining with us. It will be ready in half an hour. I have oysters and a brace of grouse, with something a little choice in white wines.-Watson, you have never yet recognized my merits as a housekeeper."

insist - insistir

dining - cenar; jaleo

Oysters - ostras; ostra, ostra, tumba

brace - brazo; braza, abrazadera, tensor, tirante, pareja, tirantes

grouse - gurogallo; urogallo

choice - selección, decisión, opción, exquisito

merits - méritos; mérito, merecimiento, meritar

Chapter X - The End of the Islander

Our meal was a merry one. Holmes could talk exceedingly well when he chose, and that night he did choose. He appeared to be in a state of nervous exaltation. I have never known him so brilliant. He spoke on a quick succession of subjects,-on miracle-plays, on medieval pottery, on Stradivarius violins, on the Buddhism of Ceylon, and on the war-ships of the future,-handling each as though he had made a special study of it.

exceedingly - excesivamente; extremadamente, sumamente, sobremanera, asaz

brilliant - brillante, perla

miracle - milagro

medieval - medieval

pottery - cerámica, loza, alfarería

Stradivarius - stradivarius

violins - violines; violín

Buddhism - budismo

Ceylon - Ceilán

ships - barcos; barco, buque, navío, embarcación

handling - manipulación; (handle) manipulación

His bright humor marked the reaction from his black depression of the preceding days. Athelney Jones proved to be a sociable soul in his hours of relaxation, and faced his dinner with the air of a bon vivant. For myself, I felt elated at the thought that we were nearing the end of our task, and I caught something of Holmes's gaiety. None of us alluded during dinner to the cause which had brought us together.

preceding - precedente; preceder, anteceder

sociable - comerciable, gregario

relaxation - relajación, relax

elated - feliz

gaiety - felicidad, alegría

alluded - aludido; aludir, referirse

When the cloth was cleared, Holmes glanced at his watch, and filled up three glasses with port. "One bumper," said he, "to the success of our little expedition. And now it is high time we were off. Have you a pistol, Watson?"

cloth - tela, pedazo de tela, trozo de tela, trapo, pano, facha

cleared - transparente, claro, despejado, libre

filled up - lleno

bumper - parachoques, bómper

"I have my old service-revolver in my desk."

service-revolver - (service-revolver) Revólver de servicio

"You had best take it, then. It is well to be prepared. I see that the cab is at the door. I ordered it for half-past six."

It was a little past seven before we reached the Westminster wharf, and found our launch awaiting us. Holmes eyed it critically.

critically - críticamente

"Is there anything to mark it as a police-boat?"

"Yes,-that green lamp at the side."

"Then take it off."

The small change was made, we stepped on board, and the ropes were cast off. Jones, Holmes, and I sat in the stern. There was one man at the rudder, one to tend the engines, and two burly police-inspectors forward.

small change - pequeno cambio

stepped - pisado; paso

ropes - cuerdas; cuerda

rudder - timón; (rud); timón

tend - tender; guardar

engines - motores; motor

inspectors - inspectores; inspector

"Where to?" asked Jones.

"To the Tower. Tell them to stop opposite Jacobson's Yard."

tower - torre

Our craft was evidently a very fast one. We shot past the long lines of loaded barges as though they were stationary. Holmes smiled with satisfaction as we overhauled a river steamer and left her behind us.

barges - barcazas; lancha a remolque, barcaza

stationary - estacionaria; estacionario, inamovible

overhauled - revisado; revisión, repaso, ajuste, reparación general, revisar

steamer - al vapor

"We ought to be able to catch anything on the river," he said.

"Well, hardly that. But there are not many launches to beat us."

launches - lanzamientos; botar, echar al mar

"We shall have to catch the Aurora, and she has a name for being a clipper. I will tell you how the land lies, Watson. You recollect how annoyed I was at being balked by so small a thing?"

clipper - clíper


"Well, I gave my mind a thorough rest by plunging into a chemical analysis. One of our greatest statesmen has said that a change of work is the best rest. So it is. When I had succeeded in dissolving the hydrocarbon which I was at work at, I came back to our problem of the Sholtos, and thought the whole matter out again. My boys had been up the river and down the river without result. The launch was not at any landing-stage or wharf, nor had it returned. Yet it could hardly have been scuttled to hide their traces,-though that always remained as a possible hypothesis if all else failed.

thorough - completo; minucioso, exhaustivo

plunging - en picado; (plunge) en picado

statesmen - stadistas; estadista

dissolving - Se disuelve; (dissolve); disolver

hydrocarbon - hidrocarburo

I knew this man Small had a certain degree of low cunning, but I did not think him capable of anything in the nature of delicate finesse. That is usually a product of higher education. I then reflected that since he had certainly been in London some time-as we had evidence that he maintained a continual watch over Pondicherry Lodge-he could hardly leave at a moment's notice, but would need some little time, if it were only a day, to arrange his affairs. That was the balance of probability, at any rate."

cunning - astucia; astuto

finesse - sutileza; fineza, panish: t-needed

education - educación

at a moment's notice - En cualquier momento

arrange - organizar

affairs - asuntos; negocio, asunto, rollo, amorío, aventura

"It seems to me to be a little weak," said I. "It is more probable that he had arranged his affairs before ever he set out upon his expedition."

more probable - es más probable

arranged - arreglado; disponer, poner en orden, arreglar

"No, I hardly think so. This lair of his would be too valuable a retreat in case of need for him to give it up until he was sure that he could Do without it. But a second consideration struck me. Jonathan Small must have felt that the peculiar appearance of his companion, however much he may have top-coated him, would give rise to gossip, and possibly be associated with this Norwood tragedy. He was quite sharp enough to see that. They had started from their head-quarters under cover of darkness, and he would wish to get back before it was broad light. Now, it was past three o'clock, according to Mrs.

Do without it - prescindirse de eso

consideration - consideración

Smith, when they got the boat. It would be quite bright, and people would be about in an hour or so. Therefore, I argued, they did not go very far. They paid Smith well to hold his tongue, reserved his launch for the final escape, and hurried to their lodgings with the treasure-box. In a couple of nights, when they had time to see what view the papers took, and whether there was any suspicion, they would make their way under cover of darkness to some ship at Gravesend or in the Downs, where no doubt they had already arranged for passages to America or the Colonies."

reserved - reservado; reserva, reservar

escape - escapar, liberarse, fugarse, eludir

lodgings - alojamiento, hospedaje, encamado

couple - pareja, par, un par de, unos, par de fuerzas, acoplar

ship - barco, buque, navío, embarcación

colonies - colonias; colonia

"But the launch? They could not have taken that to their lodgings."

"Quite so. I argued that the launch must be no great way off, in spite of its invisibility. I then put myself in the place of Small, and looked at it as a man of his capacity would. He would probably consider that to send back the launch or to keep it at a wharf would make pursuit easy if the police did happen to get on his track. How, then, could he conceal the launch and yet have her at hand when wanted?

invisibility - invisibilidad

send back - devolver, enviar de vuelta

pursuit - persecución

I wondered what I should do myself if I were in his shoes. I could only think of one way of doing it. I might land the launch over to some boat-builder or repairer, with directions to make a trifling change in her. She would then be removed to his shed or yard, and so be effectually concealed, while at the same time I could have her at a few hours'notice."

builder - constructor, constructora, constructor civil, constructora civil

repairer - reparador, reparadora

trifling - tan insignificante; trivial, de pitiminí

removed - eliminado; quitar, remover, detraer

shed - cobertizo, nave

effectually - eficazmente

"That seems simple enough."

"It is just these very simple things which are extremely liable to be overlooked. However, I determined to act on the idea. I started at once in this harmless seaman's rig and inquired at all the yards down the river. I drew blank at fifteen, but at the sixteenth-Jacobson's-I learned that the Aurora had been handed over to them two days ago by a wooden-legged man, with some trivial directions as to her rudder. 'There ain't naught amiss with her rudder,'said the foreman. 'There she lies, with the red streaks.'At that moment who should come down but Mordecai Smith, the missing owner? He was rather the worse for liquor. I should not, of course, have known him, but he bellowed out his name and the name of his launch.

liable - responsable

overlooked - pasado por alto; mirador, pasar por alto, otear

Rig - arreglar; aparejar

inquired - preguntó; investigar, informarse

blank - en blanco, virgen, de fogueo, espacio en blanco, espacio

Sixteenth - dieciséis; decimosexto, dieciseisavo

naught - nada

foreman - capataz, presidente del jurado, presidenta del jurado

liquor - jugo, licor

bellowed - bramó; bramido, berrido, bramar, berrear

'I want her to-night at eight o'clock,'said he,-'eight o'clock sharp, mind, for I have two gentlemen who won't be kept waiting.'They had evidently paid him well, for he was very flush of money, chucking shillings about to the men. I followed him some distance, but he subsided into an ale-house: so I went back to the yard, and, happening to pick up one of my boys on the way, I stationed him as a sentry over the launch. He is to stand at water's edge and wave his handkerchief to us when they start. We shall be lying off in the stream, and it will be a strange thing if we do not take men, treasure, and all."

flush - lanzar; rubor

chucking - chupar; tirar

shillings - chelines; chelín

subsided - se calmó; calmarse

ale - cerveza inglesa, ale, cerveza ale

sentry - centinela

wave - ola

"You have planned it all very neatly, whether they are the right men or not," said Jones; "but if the affair were in my hands I should have had a body of police in Jacobson's Yard, and arrested them when they came down."

"Which would have been never. This man Small is a pretty shrewd fellow. He would send a scout on ahead, and if anything made him suspicious lie snug for another week."

shrewd - perspicaz, astuto

scout - explorador

ahead - al frente de, delante de, adelante

suspicious - sospechoso, suspicaz, desconfiado

snug - cómodo, confortable, ajustado, cenido

"But you might have stuck to Mordecai Smith, and so been led to their hiding-place," said I.

stuck to - seguir algo, apegarse a, cenirse a

hiding - Escondiéndote; (hid) Escondiéndote

"In that case I should have wasted my day. I think that it is a hundred to one against Smith knowing where they live. As long as he has liquor and good pay, why should he ask questions? They send him messages what to do. No, I thought over every possible course, and this is the best."

wasted - Desperdiciar

While this conversation had been proceeding, we had been shooting the long series of bridges which span the Thames. As we passed the City the last rays of the sun were gilding the cross upon the summit of St. Paul's. It was twilight before we reached the Tower.

series - eries; serie, serie de televisión

bridges - puentes; puente

span - luz, palmo

rays - rayos; rayo

summit - cumbre, cima, cúspide; punto álgido

twilight - crepúsculo, penumbra

"That is Jacobson's Yard," said Holmes, pointing to a bristle of masts and rigging on the Surrey side. "Cruise gently up and down here under cover of this string of lighters." He took a pair of night-glasses from his pocket and gazed some time at the shore. "I see my sentry at his post," he remarked, "but no sign of a handkerchief."

masts - mástiles; mástil

rigging - Arreglar; (rig) Arreglar

cruise - hacer un crucero

string - cordel, mecate, usic, cadena, cuerda, enhebrar, encordar

lighters - Mechero

shore - oribera; costa, playa

"Suppose we go down-stream a short way and lie in wait for them," said Jones, eagerly. We were all eager by this time, even the policemen and stokers, who had a very vague idea of what was going forward.

stokers - fogoneros; fogonero, atizador

"We have no right to take anything for granted," Holmes answered. "It is certainly ten to one that they go down-stream, but we cannot be certain. From this point we can see the entrance of the yard, and they can hardly see us. It will be a clear night and plenty of light. We must stay where we are. See how the folk swarm over yonder in the gaslight."

granted - concedido; otorgar, conceder, subvención, beca, patrocinio

yonder - de allá, aquel, aquella

gaslight - Luz de gas

"They are coming from work in the yard."

"Dirty-looking rascals, but I suppose every one has some little immortal spark concealed about him. You would not think it, to look at them. There is no a priori probability about it. A strange enigma is man!"

rascals - gamberros; pícaro, bribón, canalla

immortal - inmortal, inmortal

spark - chispa

priori - a priori

enigma - enigma

"Some one calls him a soul concealed in an animal," I suggested.

"Winwood Reade is good upon the subject," said Holmes. "He remarks that, while the individual man is an insoluble puzzle, in the aggregate he becomes a mathematical certainty. You can, for example, never foretell what any one man will do, but you can say with precision what an average number will be up to. Individuals vary, but percentages remain constant.

puzzle - rompecabezas, enigma, puzle, acertijo, intrigar, dejar perplejo

aggregate - agregado, conjunto, resultado global, total

mathematical - matemáticas; matemático

certainty - seguridad; certeza

individuals - individuos; individuo, individual

vary - variar

percentages - porcentajes; porcentaje

constant - constante, perseverante, firme, constante

So says the statistician. But do I see a handkerchief? Surely there is a white flutter over yonder."

statistician - estadístico

flutter - leteo; ondear, aletear

"Yes, it is your boy," I cried. "I can see him plainly."

"And there is the Aurora," exclaimed Holmes, "and going like the devil! Full speed ahead, engineer. Make after that launch with the yellow light. By heaven, I shall never forgive myself if she proves to have the heels of us!"

devil - demonio; diablo

engineer - ingeniero, ingeniera, maquinista, manipular genéticamente

forgive - perdonar, disculpar

She had slipped unseen through the yard-entrance and passed behind two or three small craft, so that she had fairly got her speed up before we saw her. Now she was flying down the stream, near in to the shore, going at a tremendous rate. Jones looked gravely at her and shook his head.

unseen - No se ve

speed up - acelerar

tremendous - tremendo

gravely - gravemente

"She is very fast," he said. "I doubt if we shall catch her."

"We MUST catch her!" cried Holmes, between his teeth. "Heap it on, stokers! Make her do all she can! If we burn the boat we must have them!"

burn - quemar

We were fairly after her now. The furnaces roared, and the powerful engines whizzed and clanked, like a great metallic heart. Her sharp, steep prow cut through the river-water and sent two rolling waves to right and to left of us. With every throb of the engines we sprang and quivered like a living thing. One great yellow lantern in our bows threw a long, flickering funnel of light in front of us.

furnaces - hornos; horno, caldera, calefacción

whizzed - zumbado; pasar zumbando/silbando/volando

metallic - metálico, metalizado

steep - mpinada; empinado

prow - proa

cut through - cortar camino, cortar, ir al grano

waves - olas; ola

throb - palpitar

bows - arcos; (bow) arcos

flickering - parpadeo; vacilar

Right ahead a dark blur upon the water showed where the Aurora lay, and the swirl of white foam behind her spoke of the pace at which she was going. We flashed past barges, steamers, merchant-vessels, in and out, behind this one and round the other. Voices hailed us out of the darkness, but still the Aurora thundered on, and still we followed close upon her track.

blur - borroso; desdibujar, difuminar, borrar, manchar, esfumarse

swirl - girar, rotar, remolino

foam - espuma, espumar

flashed - flasheado; destello

steamers - al vapor

merchant-vessels - buque mercante

hailed - aclamado; granizo

thundered - tronado; trueno, estruendo, fragor, tronar

"Pile it on, men, pile it on!" cried Holmes, looking down into the engine-room, while the fierce glow from below beat upon his eager, aquiline face. "Get every pound of steam you can."

engine-room - (engine-room) Sala de máquinas

"I think we gain a little," said Jones, with his eyes on the Aurora.

gain - ganar, adquirir, obtener, conseguir

"I am sure of it," said I. "We shall be up with her in a very few minutes."

At that moment, however, as our evil fate would have it, a tug with three barges in tow blundered in between us. It was only by putting our helm hard down that we avoided a collision, and before we could round them and recover our way the Aurora had gained a good two hundred yards. She was still, however, well in view, and the murky uncertain twilight was setting into a clear starlit night. Our boilers were strained to their utmost, and the frail shell vibrated and creaked with the fierce energy which was driving us along. We had shot through the Pool, past the West India Docks, down the long Deptford Reach, and up again after rounding the Isle of Dogs. The dull blur in front of us resolved itself now clearly enough into the dainty Aurora. Jones turned our search-light upon her, so that we could plainly see the figures upon her deck. One man sat by the stern, with something black between his knees over which he stooped. Beside him lay a dark mass which looked like a Newfoundland dog. The boy held the tiller, while against the red glare of the furnace I could see old Smith, stripped to the waist, and shovelling coals for dear life. They may have had some doubt at first as to whether we were really pursuing them, but now as we followed every winding and turning which they took there could no longer be any question about it. At Greenwich we were about three hundred paces behind them. At Blackwall we could not have been more than two hundred and fifty. I have coursed many creatures in many countries during my checkered career, but never did sport give me such a wild thrill as this mad, flying man-hunt down the Thames. Steadily we drew in upon them, yard by yard.

tug - tirón; tirar, halar

tow - remolque; remolcar

blundered - se equivocó; error

helm - yelmo; timón

avoided - evitado; evitar, esquivar

collision - colisión

recover - recuperarse

boilers - Caldera

frail - frágil; débil, delicado

vibrated - vibró; vibrar

shot through - se ha disparado a través de

docks - muelles; muelle

rounding - redondeo; (round); redondeo

Isle - isla

resolved - resuelto; tomar la decisión de, resolver

deck - baraja

mass - montón, masa

Newfoundland - Terranova, Tierra Nueva, terranova

tiller - cultivador; cana del timón

furnace - horno, caldera, calefacción

stripped - despojado; quitar, desprender; arrancar; despojar

shovelling - palear; (shovel); pala, traspalar, palear

winding - Devanado; (wind) Devanado

paces - pasos; paso

creatures - criaturas; criatura

checkered - Comprobador

hunt - cazar, buscar, caza

In the silence of the night we could hear the panting and clanking of their machinery. The man in the stern still crouched upon the deck, and his arms were moving as though he were busy, while every now and then he would look up and measure with a glance the distance which still separated us. Nearer we came and nearer. Jones yelled to them to stop. We were not more than four boat's lengths behind them, both boats flying at a tremendous pace. It was a clear reach of the river, with Barking Level upon one side and the melancholy Plumstead Marshes upon the other. At our hail the man in the stern sprang up from the deck and shook his two clinched fists at us, cursing the while in a high, cracked voice. He was a good-sized, powerful man, and as he stood poising himself with legs astride I could see that from the thigh downwards there was but a wooden stump upon the right side. At the sound of his strident, angry cries there was movement in the huddled bundle upon the deck. It straightened itself into a little black man-the smallest I have ever seen-with a great, misshapen head and a shock of tangled, dishevelled hair. Holmes had already drawn his revolver, and I whipped out mine at the sight of this savage, distorted creature. He was wrapped in some sort of dark ulster or blanket, which left only his face exposed; but that face was enough to give a man a sleepless night. Never have I seen features so deeply marked with all bestiality and cruelty. His small eyes glowed and burned with a sombre light, and his thick lips were writhed back from his teeth, which grinned and chattered at us with a half animal fury.

silence - silencio, silenciar, hacer callar

the panting - el jadeo

machinery - máquinas, maquinaria, checkmecánica

crouched - agacharse, ponerse/estar en cuclillas

deck - cubierta

measure - medición, medida, regla, compás, medir

lengths - longitudes; largo

barking - ladrando; ladrido

level - nivelado, al ras, nivel, niveles, llano, piso

melancholy - melancolía

marshes - antanos; ciénaga, marisma, pantano, ciénega

hail - Granizo, granizar; llamar, saludar

clinched - seguro; panish: t-needed

fists - punos; puno

cursing - maldecir; (curs) maldecir

sized - de tamano; tamano, magnitud

poising - apuntando; contrapeso, ponderación, poise

astride - a horcajadas

thigh - muslo, muslamen

downwards - hacia abajo

strident - estridente

cries - llorar, gritar, panish: t-needed

movement - movimiento

huddled - acurrucados; chusma, amontonarse, acurrucarse

straightened - nderezado; estirar (hair), desencorvar, destorcer, enderezar

tangled - enredado; desorden, marana, enredo

dishevelled - desgrenado; desordenar

wrapped - envuelto; enrollar

blanket - manta, capa, general

exposed - Exposiciones

sleepless - sin dormir; insomne, (noche) en vela

deeply - profundamente; a fondo

bestiality - bestialidad, bestialismo, zoofilia

cruelty - crueldad

glowed - brillaba; fulgir, fulgurar, iluminar, brillar

thick lips - Los labios gruesos

grinned - sonrió; sonreír abiertamente, sonreír de oreja a oreja

chattered - charló; chacharear, parlotear

fury - furia

"Fire if he raises his hand," said Holmes, quietly. We were within a boat's-length by this time, and almost within touch of our quarry. I can see the two of them now as they stood, the white man with his legs far apart, shrieking out curses, and the unhallowed dwarf with his hideous face, and his strong yellow teeth gnashing at us in the light of our lantern.

raises - aumenta; levantar

quarry - cantera

shrieking - Gritos; (shriek); alarido, chillido, chillar

curses - maldiciones; maldecir

unhallowed - Deshacerse

dwarf - enano, enano

gnashing - rechinando

It was well that we had so clear a view of him. Even as we looked he plucked out from under his covering a short, round piece of wood, like a school-ruler, and clapped it to his lips. Our pistols rang out together. He whirled round, threw up his arms, and with a kind of choking cough fell sideways into the stream. I caught one glimpse of his venomous, menacing eyes amid the white swirl of the waters. At the same moment the wooden-legged man threw himself upon the rudder and put it hard down, so that his boat made straight in for the southern bank, while we shot past her stern, only clearing her by a few feet. We were round after her in an instant, but she was already nearly at the bank. It was a wild and desolate place, where the moon glimmered upon a wide expanse of marsh-land, with pools of stagnant water and beds of decaying vegetation. The launch with a dull thud ran up upon the mud-bank, with her bow in the air and her stern flush with the water. The fugitive sprang out, but his stump instantly sank its whole length into the sodden soil. In vain he struggled and writhed. Not one step could he possibly take either forwards or backwards.

plucked - desplumado; herir, desplumar, perseverancia

covering - Cubriendo; (cover); tapa, cubierta, escondrijo, guarida, tapa

ruler - regla, gobernante

clapped - aplaudió; aplaudir

pistols - pistolas; pistola

choking cough - Tos ahogante

sideways - de lado

venomous - venenenoso; venenoso, maléfico

menacing - amenazante; amenaza, peligro

amid - en medio de, entre

southern - del sur, sureno, meridional, austral

clearing - despejando; clarificando, desmonte, claro

expanse - extensión

Marsh - ciénaga, marisma, pantano, ciénega

stagnant - estancada; estancado, atascado

decaying - decayendo; descomposición, deterioración, putrefacción

vegetation - vegetación

thud - golpe sordo, darse un batacazo

mud - barro, lodo

fugitive - fugitivo, prófugo, fugaz

sodden - empapado; (seethe); hervir, cocer

soil - tierra, suelo

vain - vanidoso, vano, vacuo

struggled - luchado; lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

He yelled in impotent rage, and kicked frantically into the mud with his other foot, but his struggles only bored his wooden pin the deeper into the sticky bank. When we brought our launch alongside he was so firmly anchored that it was only by throwing the end of a rope over his shoulders that we were able to haul him out, and to drag him, like some evil fish, over our side. The two Smiths, father and son, sat sullenly in their launch, but came aboard meekly enough when commanded. The Aurora herself we hauled off and made fast to our stern. A solid iron chest of Indian workmanship stood upon the deck. This, there could be no question, was the same that had contained the ill-omened treasure of the Sholtos. There was no key, but it was of considerable weight, so we transferred it carefully to our own little cabin. As we steamed slowly up-stream again, we flashed our search-light in every direction, but there was no sign of the Islander. Somewhere in the dark ooze at the bottom of the Thames lie the bones of that strange visitor to our shores.

rage - furia; rabia, furor

kicked - pateado; dar un puntapié, golpear con el pie, dar una patada a

struggles - luchas; lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

sticky - pegajoso, adherente, adherible, peliagudo, escabroso

alongside - al costado, al lado, junto a, al lado de

firmly - con firmeza; firmemente

anchored - anclado; ancla

drag - arrastrar; llevar a rastras

smiths - herreros; Herrera, Herrero

aboard - a bordo, a bordo de

meekly - dócilmente; mansamente

commanded - mandado; orden, mandato, mando, comando, dominio

hauled - arrastrado; empujar, tirar fuerte, llevar

workmanship - trabajo; calidad de artesano, calidad de fabricación, hechura

contained - contenido; contener, dominar

transferred - transferido; transferir, trasladar, calcar, imprimir

cabin - barraca, cabana, cabina, camarote

steamed - al vapor; vapor

ooze - manar, rezumar

bottom - fondo, culo, pasivo

bones - huesos; hueso

shores - ostas; costa, playa

"See here," said Holmes, pointing to the wooden hatchway. "We were hardly quick enough with our pistols.

There, sure enough, just behind where we had been standing, stuck one of those murderous darts which we knew so well. It must have whizzed between us at the instant that we fired. Holmes smiled at it and shrugged his shoulders in his easy fashion, but I confess that it turned me sick to think of the horrible death which had passed so close to us that night.

shrugged - se encogió de hombros; encogimiento de hombros

Chapter XI - The Great Agra Treasure

Our captive sat in the cabin opposite to the iron box which he had done so much and waited so long to gain. He was a sunburned, reckless-eyed fellow, with a net-work of lines and wrinkles all over his mahogany features, which told of a hard, open-air life. There was a singular prominence about his bearded chin which marked a man who was not to be easily turned from his purpose. His age may have been fifty or thereabouts, for his black, curly hair was thickly shot with gray. His face in repose was not an unpleasing one, though his heavy brows and aggressive chin gave him, as I had lately seen, a terrible expression when moved to anger.

captive - cautivo, prisionero, preso

reckless - imprudente, temerario, desconsiderado

wrinkles - arrugas; arruga

mahogany - caoba

open-air - (open-air) al aire libre

prominence - protagonismo; prominencia, protuberancia

thereabouts - algo por ahí

curly hair - pelo rizado

unpleasing - Desagradable

aggressive - agresivo

He sat now with his handcuffed hands upon his lap, and his head sunk upon his breast, while he looked with his keen, twinkling eyes at the box which had been the cause of his ill-doings. It seemed to me that there was more sorrow than anger in his rigid and contained countenance. Once he looked up at me with a gleam of something like humor in his eyes.

handcuffed - esposado; esposas, esposar

lap - vuelta; lamer

rigid - rígido

"Well, Jonathan Small," said Holmes, lighting a cigar, "I am sorry that it has come to this."

"And so am I, sir," he answered, frankly. "I don't believe that I can swing over the job. I give you my word on the book that I never raised hand against Mr. Sholto. It was that little hell-hound Tonga who shot one of his cursed darts into him. I had no part in it, sir. I was as grieved as if it had been my blood-relation. I welted the little devil with the slack end of the rope for it, but it was done, and I could not undo it again."

frankly - francamente

swing - balanceo; balancear, mecer, columpiar, oscilar, columpio

hell - infierno

grieved - penado; afligirse, acongojarse

blood-relation - (blood-relation) Relación de sangre

welted - rodado; vira

Slack - flojo

undo - deshacer

"Have a cigar," said Holmes; "and you had best take a pull out of my flask, for you are very wet. How could you expect so small and weak a man as this black fellow to overpower Mr. Sholto and hold him while you were climbing the rope?"

pull - tirar, jalar, halar, tirón, ligar

overpower - avasallar; dominar, vencer, panish: t-needed

"You seem to know as much about it as if you were there, sir. The truth is that I hoped to find the room clear. I knew the habits of the house pretty well, and it was the time when Mr. Sholto usually went down to his supper. I shall make no secret of the business. The best defence that I can make is just the simple truth. Now, if it had been the old major I would have swung for him with a light heart.

supper - cenar; cena

defence - defensa

I would have thought no more of knifing him than of smoking this cigar. But it's cursed hard that I should be lagged over this young Sholto, with whom I had no quarrel whatever."

knifing - apunalar; cuchillo, punal, acuchillar

lagged - retrasado; demora, retraso, lag, rezagar, retrasar

"You are under the charge of Mr. Athelney Jones, of Scotland Yard. He is going to bring you up to my rooms, and I shall ask you for a true account of the matter. You must make a clean breast of it, for if you do I hope that I may be of use to you. I think I can prove that the poison acts so quickly that the man was dead before ever you reached the room."

acts - actos; acto, ley, acción, hecho, actuar

"That he was, sir. I never got such a turn in my life as when I saw him grinning at me with his head on his shoulder as I climbed through the window. It fairly shook me, sir. I'd have half killed Tonga for it if he had not scrambled off. That was how he came to leave his club, and some of his darts too, as he tells me, which I dare say helped to put you on our track; though how you kept on it is more than I can tell. I don't feel no malice against you for it. But it does seem a queer thing," he added, with a bitter smile, "that I who have a fair claim to nigh upon half a million of money should spend the first half of my life building a breakwater in the Andamans, and am like to spend the other half digging drains at Dartmoor.

turn in - acostarse, ir a la cama; devolver, entregar

grinning at - sonreír a

scrambled - revuelto; gatear, revolver, arrebato, arrebatina

malice - malicia

Bitter - amargo

nigh - cerca, cabe, cercano

breakwater - divisadero; rompeolas, espigón

digging - Cavando; (dig) Cavando

drains - esagües; desagüe, drenaje, aliviadero, tubo abierto, sangría

It was an evil day for me when first I clapped eyes upon the merchant Achmet and had to do with the Agra treasure, which never brought anything but a curse yet upon the man who owned it. To him it brought murder, to Major Sholto it brought fear and guilt, to me it has meant slavery for life."

merchant - comerciante, mercader

curse - maldición; maldecir

guilt - culpa, culpabilidad

slavery - Esclavitud

At this moment Athelney Jones thrust his broad face and heavy shoulders into the tiny cabin. "Quite a family party," he remarked. "I think I shall have a pull at that flask, Holmes. Well, I think we may all congratulate each other. Pity we didn't take the other alive; but there was no choice. I say, Holmes, you must confess that you cut it rather fine. It was all we could do to overhaul her."

pity - compasión, piedad, lástima, pena, tener lástima

overhaul - revisión, repaso, ajuste, reparación general, revisar

"All is well that ends well," said Holmes. "But I certainly did not know that the Aurora was such a clipper."

"Smith says she is one of the fastest launches on the river, and that if he had had another man to help him with the engines we should never have caught her. He swears he knew nothing of this Norwood business."

swears - jurar

"Neither he did," cried our prisoner,-"not a word. I chose his launch because I heard that she was a flier. We told him nothing, but we paid him well, and he was to get something handsome if we reached our vessel, the Esmeralda, at Gravesend, outward bound for the Brazils."

prisoner - prisionero, preso

vessel - vasija; embarcación, barco, casco, recipiente, receptáculo

Brazils - Brasil

"Well, if he has done no wrong we shall see that no wrong comes to him. If we are pretty quick in catching our men, we are not so quick in condemning them." It was amusing to notice how the consequential Jones was already beginning to give himself airs on the strength of the capture. From the slight smile which played over Sherlock Holmes's face, I could see that the speech had not been lost upon him.

condemning - condenando; condenar, clausurar

amusing - divertido; entretener, distraer, divertir

consequential - consecuente; consiguiente

strength - fuerza, neque, potencia, intensidad, fuerte, fortaleza

capture - captura, capturar

Speech - habla, discurso

"We will be at Vauxhall Bridge presently," said Jones, "and shall land you, Dr. Watson, with the treasure-box. I need hardly tell you that I am taking a very grave responsibility upon myself in doing this. It is most irregular; but of course an agreement is an agreement. I must, however, as a matter of duty, send an inspector with you, since you have so valuable a charge. You will drive, no doubt?"

responsibility - responsabilidad

most irregular - más irregular

"Yes, I shall drive."

"It is a pity there is no key, that we may make an inventory first. You will have to break it open. Where is the key, my man?"

inventory - inventario, inventariar

"At the bottom of the river," said Small, shortly.

shortly - pronto, en breve

"Hum! There was no use your giving this unnecessary trouble. We have had work enough already through you. However, doctor, I need not warn you to be careful. Bring the box back with you to the Baker Street rooms. You will find us there, on our way to the station."

unnecessary - innecesario

warn - alertar, avisar, advertir

They landed me at Vauxhall, with my heavy iron box, and with a bluff, genial inspector as my companion. A quarter of an hour's drive brought us to Mrs. Cecil Forrester's. The servant seemed surprised at so late a visitor. Mrs.

bluff - un farol; directo

genial - genial, amable, formidable, bueno, simpático

quarter of an hour's - un cuarto de hora

Cecil Forrester was out for the evening, she explained, and likely to be very late. Miss Morstan, however, was in the drawing-room: so to the drawing-room I went, box in hand, leaving the obliging inspector in the cab.

obliging - complaciente; obligar

She was seated by the open window, dressed in some sort of white diaphanous material, with a little touch of scarlet at the neck and waist. The soft light of a shaded lamp fell upon her as she leaned back in the basket chair, playing over her sweet, grave face, and tinting with a dull, metallic sparkle the rich coils of her luxuriant hair.

diaphanous - défano; diáfano

shaded - sombreado; alosa, sábalo

basket - cesta, cesto, canasta

tinting - tintado; (tint) tintado

sparkle - brillo; centelleo, destello

Coils - bobinas; enroscarse

One white arm and hand drooped over the side of the chair, and her whole pose and figure spoke of an absorbing melancholy. At the sound of my foot-fall she sprang to her feet, however, and a bright flush of surprise and of pleasure colored her pale cheeks.

pose - postura, pose

absorbing - absorbente; absorber

"I heard a cab drive up," she said. "I thought that Mrs. Forrester had come back very early, but I never dreamed that it might be you. What news have you brought me?"

dreamed - sonado; sueno, ensueno, sonar

"I have brought something better than news," said I, putting down the box upon the table and speaking jovially and boisterously, though my heart was heavy within me. "I have brought you something which is worth all the news in the world. I have brought you a fortune."

jovially - jovialmente

boisterously - ..bulliciosamente.

A fortune - una fortuna

She glanced at the iron box. "Is that the treasure, then?" she asked, coolly enough.

coolly - con frialdad

"Yes, this is the great Agra treasure. Half of it is yours and half is Thaddeus Sholto's. You will have a couple of hundred thousand each. Think of that! An annuity of ten thousand pounds. There will be few richer young ladies in England. Is it not glorious?"

annuity - anualidad

glorious - glorioso

I think that I must have been rather overacting my delight, and that she detected a hollow ring in my congratulations, for I saw her eyebrows rise a little, and she glanced at me curiously.

detected - detectado; detectar, sentir

hollow - hueco

ring in - llamar

congratulations - felicidades; felicitación

"If I have it," said she, "I owe it to you."

owe - deber, adeudar, estar en deuda

"No, no," I answered, "not to me, but to my friend Sherlock Holmes. With all the will in the world, I could never have followed up a clue which has taxed even his analytical genius. As it was, we very nearly lost it at the last moment."

taxed - impuesto

"Pray sit down and tell me all about it, Dr. Watson," said she.

I narrated briefly what had occurred since I had seen her last,-Holmes's new method of search, the discovery of the Aurora, the appearance of Athelney Jones, our expedition in the evening, and the wild chase down the Thames. She listened with parted lips and shining eyes to my recital of our adventures. When I spoke of the dart which had so narrowly missed us, she turned so white that I feared that she was about to faint.

Narrated - narrado; narrar, contar

recital - recitación, recital, considerando

dart - dardo, flechilla

"It is nothing," she said, as I hastened to pour her out some water. "I am all right again. It was a shock to me to hear that I had placed my friends in such horrible peril."

hastened to - se apresuró a

pour - verter, derramar; chorrear; manar, salir

peril - peligro, riesgo

"That is all over," I answered. "It was nothing. I will tell you no more gloomy details. Let us turn to something brighter. There is the treasure. What could be brighter than that? I got leave to bring it with me, thinking that it would interest you to be the first to see it."

more gloomy - más sombrío

brighter - más brillante; luminoso, resplandeciente, brillante

"It would be of the greatest interest to me," she said. There was no eagerness in her voice, however. It had struck her, doubtless, that it might seem ungracious upon her part to be indifferent to a prize which had cost so much to win.

eagerness - avidez, ansia

ungracious - ingrato; descortés, grosero, poco amable

indifferent - indiferente

"What a pretty box!" she said, stooping over it. "This is Indian work, I suppose?"

"Yes; it is Benares metal-work."

"And so heavy!" she exclaimed, trying to raise it. "The box alone must be of some value. Where is the key?"

raise - subir; levantar

"Small threw it into the Thames," I answered. "I must borrow Mrs. Forrester's poker." There was in the front a thick and broad hasp, wrought in the image of a sitting Buddha. Under this I thrust the end of the poker and twisted it outward as a lever. The hasp sprang open with a loud snap. With trembling fingers I flung back the lid. We both stood gazing in astonishment. The box was empty!

borrow - pedir prestado; tomar prestado

poker - póquer

hasp - aspa

image - imagen

Buddha - Buda

lever - palanca

lid - tapa

gazing - mirando; observar, mirar fijamente

astonishment - asombro, estupefacción, sorpresa, extraneza

No wonder that it was heavy. The iron-work was two-thirds of an inch thick all round. It was massive, well made, and solid, like a chest constructed to carry things of great price, but not one shred or crumb of metal or jewelry lay within it. It was absolutely and completely empty.

thirds - tercios; tercero, tercio, tercera

constructed - construido; construcción, constructo, construir

shred - destrozar; triza, jirón

crumb - miga, cacho, migaja, empanar

"The treasure is lost," said Miss Morstan, calmly.

calmly - con calma; tranquilamente

As I listened to the words and realized what they meant, a great shadow seemed to pass from my soul. I did not know how this Agra treasure had weighed me down, until now that it was finally removed. It was selfish, no doubt, disloyal, wrong, but I could realize nothing save that the golden barrier was gone from between us. "Thank God!" I ejaculated from my very heart.

realized - te has dado cuenta; realizar, darse cuenta, caer en la cuenta

weighed - pesado; pesar, levar, desancorar

disloyal - desleal

She looked at me with a quick, questioning smile. "Why do you say that?" she asked.

"Because you are within my reach again," I said, taking her hand. She did not withdraw it. "Because I love you, Mary, as truly as ever a man loved a woman. Because this treasure, these riches, sealed my lips. Now that they are gone I can tell you how I love you. That is why I said, 'Thank God.'"

withdraw - retirarse; retirar(se)

truly - de verdad; verdaderamente, realmente

"Then I say, 'Thank God,'too," she whispered, as I drew her to my side. Whoever had lost a treasure, I knew that night that I had gained one.

whispered - susurrado; susurro, rumor, rastro, susurrar

Chapter XII - The Strange Story of Jonathan Small

A very patient man was that inspector in the cab, for it was a weary time before I rejoined him. His face clouded over when I showed him the empty box.

patient - paciente, paciente

rejoined - Reincorporarse

clouded - nublado; nublar

"There goes the reward!" said he, gloomily. "Where there is no money there is no pay. This night's work would have been worth a tenner each to Sam Brown and me if the treasure had been there."

"Mr. Thaddeus Sholto is a rich man," I said. "He will see that you are rewarded, treasure or no."

rewarded - recompensado; recompensa

The inspector shook his head despondently, however. "It's a bad job," he repeated; "and so Mr. Athelney Jones will think."

despondently - Con desánimo

bad job - Mal trabajo

His forecast proved to be correct, for the detective looked blank enough when I got to Baker Street and showed him the empty box. They had only just arrived, Holmes, the prisoner, and he, for they had changed their plans so far as to report themselves at a station upon the way.

forecast - predecir, pronosticar, pronóstico, previsión

only just - por poco

My companion lounged in his arm-chair with his usual listless expression, while Small sat stolidly opposite to him with his wooden leg cocked over his sound one. As I exhibited the empty box he leaned back in his chair and laughed aloud.

lounged - tumbado; relajarse, sala de estar, estancia, reposera

listless - lánguido; apático, indiferente

stolidly - con firmeza

exhibited - exhibido; exhibir, exponer, prueba documental

"This is your doing, Small," said Athelney Jones, angrily.

angrily - enfadado; furiosamente, con ira

"Yes, I have put it away where you shall never lay hand upon it," he cried, exultantly. "It is my treasure; and if I can't have the loot I'll take darned good care that no one else does. I tell you that no living man has any right to it, unless it is three men who are in the Andaman convict-barracks and myself. I know now that I cannot have the use of it, and I know that they cannot. I have acted all through for them as much as for myself. It's been the sign of four with us always.

exultantly - exultantemente

loot - botín

darned - Maldito; (darn) Maldito

Well I know that they would have had me do just what I have done, and throw the treasure into the Thames rather than let it go to kith or kin of Sholto or of Morstan. It was not to make them rich that we did for Achmet. You'll find the treasure where the key is, and where little Tonga is. When I saw that your launch must catch us, I put the loot away in a safe place. There are no rupees for you this journey."

kin - familia, parientes

rupees - rupias; rupia

"You are deceiving us, Small," said Athelney Jones, sternly. "If you had wished to throw the treasure into the Thames it would have been easier for you to have thrown box and all."

deceiving - enganar; enganar, decebir

sternly - con severidad

"Easier for me to throw, and easier for you to recover," he answered, with a shrewd, sidelong look. "The man that was clever enough to hunt me down is clever enough to pick an iron box from the bottom of a river. Now that they are scattered over five miles or so, it may be a harder job.

sidelong - De reojo

It went to my heart to do it, though. I was half mad when you came up with us. However, there's no good grieving over it. I've had ups in my life, and I've had downs, but I've learned not to cry over spilled milk."

grieving - duelo; afligirse, acongojarse

spilled - erramado; derramar, verter

"This is a very serious matter, Small," said the detective. "If you had helped justice, instead of thwarting it in this way, you would have had a better chance at your trial."

thwarting - Frustrando; (thwart); frustrar, contrariar, bancada

trial - proceso, juicio

"Justice!" snarled the ex-convict. "A pretty justice! Whose loot is this, if it is not ours? Where is the justice that I should give it up to those who have never earned it? Look how I have earned it! Twenty long years in that fever-ridden swamp, all day at work under the mangrove-tree, all night chained up in the filthy convict-huts, bitten by mosquitoes, racked with ague, bullied by every cursed black-faced policeman who loved to take it out of a white man. That was how I earned the Agra treasure; and you talk to me of justice because I cannot bear to feel that I have paid this price only that another may enjoy it!

snarled - grunó; grunir

earned - ganado; ganar

fever - fiebre, calentura

swamp - embalsadero, pantano, ciénaga, embalse

mangrove - mangle, manglar

chained up - encadenado

filthy - sucio, mugriento, mugroso, inmundo

huts - cabanas; cabana

bitten - mordido; morder, picar, mordida, mordedura, mordisco, picadura

mosquitoes - mosquitos; mosquito

racked - reventado; estante

ague - fiebre intermitente, escalofrío

bullied - cosado; bravucón, abusón, matón, abusador

I would rather swing a score of times, or have one of Tonga's darts in my hide, than live in a convict's cell and feel that another man is at his ease in a palace with the money that should be mine." Small had dropped his mask of stoicism, and all this came out in a wild whirl of words, while his eyes blazed, and the handcuffs clanked together with the impassioned movement of his hands. I could understand, as I saw the fury and the passion of the man, that it was no groundless or unnatural terror which had possessed Major Sholto when he first learned that the injured convict was upon his track.

score - puntuación; tantos

cell - célula; celda

ease - facilidad; aliviar

mask - máscara, careta, mascarilla

stoicism - estoicismo

blazed - arde; llamarada, incendio; resplandor

handcuffs - esposas, esposar

impassioned - pasión

groundless - infundado, sin fundamento

possessed - Posees

"You forget that we know nothing of all this," said Holmes quietly. "We have not heard your story, and we cannot tell how far justice may originally have been on your side."

"Well, sir, you have been very fair-spoken to me, though I can see that I have you to thank that I have these bracelets upon my wrists. Still, I bear no grudge for that. It is all fair and above-board. If you want to hear my story I have no wish to hold it back. What I say to you is God's truth, every word of it. Thank you; you can put the glass beside me here, and I'll put my lips to it if I am dry.

bracelets - pulseras; brazalete, pulsera

wrists - munecas; muneca

dry - seco, secarse, enjugar

"I am a Worcestershire man myself,-born near Pershore. I dare say you would find a heap of Smalls living there now if you were to look. I have often thought of taking a look round there, but the truth is that I was never much of a credit to the family, and I doubt if they would be so very glad to see me. They were all steady, chapel-going folk, small farmers, well known and respected over the country-side, while I was always a bit of a rover.

look round - mirar alrededor

steady - estable; firme, liso, fijo

chapel - capilla

farmers - agricultores; granjero, granjera

respected - respetado; respeto, respetar

At last, however, when I was about eighteen, I gave them no more trouble, for I got into a mess over a girl, and could only get out of it again by taking the queen's shilling and joining the 3d Buffs, which was just starting for India.

Buffs - buffs; color de ante

"I wasn't destined to do much soldiering, however. I had just got past the goose-step, and learned to handle my musket, when I was fool enough to go swimming in the Ganges. Luckily for me, my company sergeant, John Holder, was in the water at the same time, and he was one of the finest swimmers in the service. A crocodile took me, just as I was half-way across, and nipped off my right leg as clean as a surgeon could have done it, just above the knee.

wasn - Era

soldiering - Soldado; (soldier); soldado, campión, soldado, militar

goose - ganso

fool - idiota; bobo, imbécil, necio, pendejo, bufón, loco

Ganges - Ganges

luckily - afortunadamente, por suerte, por fortuna, dichosamente

holder - soporte, tenedor, titular, poseedor

swimmers - nadadores; nadador, nadadora

crocodile - cocodrilo

nipped - nipped; pellizcar

above the knee - Por encima de la rodilla

What with the shock and the loss of blood, I fainted, and should have drowned if Holder had not caught hold of me and paddled for the bank. I was five months in hospital over it, and when at last I was able to limp out of it with this timber toe strapped to my stump I found myself invalided out of the army and unfitted for any active occupation.

loss of blood - Pérdida de sangre

drowned - hogado; ahogarse

paddled - emado; chapotear, mojarse los pies

strapped - correas; correa, cincha, tirante

invalided - invalidado; nulo, inválido, no válido

unfitted - inadaptado; impropio

occupation - ocupación

"I was, as you can imagine, pretty down on my luck at this time, for I was a useless cripple though not yet in my twentieth year. However, my misfortune soon proved to be a blessing in disguise. A man named Abelwhite, who had come out there as an indigo-planter, wanted an overseer to look after his coolies and keep them up to their work. He happened to be a friend of our colonel's, who had taken an interest in me since the accident. To make a long story short, the colonel recommended me strongly for the post and, as the work was mostly to be done on horseback, my leg was no great obstacle, for I had enough knee left to keep good grip on the saddle.

useless - inútil, negado

cripple - lisiado, lisiado, lisiada

twentieth - el vigésimo; vigésimo, veinteno, veinteavo

blessing - bendición; (bless); bendición

in disguise - disfrazado

indigo - índigo, anil, turquí

overseer - supervisor; capataz

look after - Cuidar

coolies - Guay

Colonel - coronel

accident - accidente

strongly - con fuerza; fuertemente

mostly - principalmente, sobre todo

on horseback - a caballo

grip - agarre; empunar, agarrar, aferrar, asir

saddle - silla de montar; (bici) sillín, silla (de montar)

What I had to do was to ride over the plantation, to keep an eye on the men as they worked, and to report the idlers. The pay was fair, I had comfortable quarters, and altogether I was content to spend the remainder of my life in indigo-planting. Mr. Abelwhite was a kind man, and he would often drop into my little shanty and smoke a pipe with me, for white folk out there feel their hearts warm to each other as they never do here at home.

plantation - plantación

idlers - rodillos; ocioso, holgazán, flojo, remolón, comodón

content - contenido; satisfecho

remainder - restos; resto, remanente, sobras, restante

drop - dejar caer; gota

shanty - chabola, barraca

smoke a pipe - fumar una pipa

"Well, I was never in luck's way long. Suddenly, without a note of warning, the great mutiny broke upon us. One month India lay as still and peaceful, to all appearance, as Surrey or Kent; the next there were two hundred thousand black devils let loose, and the country was a perfect hell. Of course you know all about it, gentlemen,-a deal more than I do, very like, since reading is not in my line. I only know what I saw with my own eyes. Our plantation was at a place called Muttra, near the border of the Northwest Provinces. Night after night the whole sky was alight with the burning bungalows, and day after day we had small companies of Europeans passing through our estate with their wives and children, on their way to Agra, where were the nearest troops. Mr. Abelwhite was an obstinate man. He had it in his head that the affair had been exaggerated, and that it would blow over as suddenly as it had sprung up. There he sat on his veranda, drinking whiskey-pegs and smoking cheroots, while the country was in a blaze about him. Of course we stuck by him, I and Dawson, who, with his wife, used to do the book-work and the managing. Well, one fine day the crash came.

warning - advertencia, aviso, precaución, cuidado; (warn); alertar

mutiny - motín, sedición, amotinarse

peaceful - Pacífico

Kent - Kent

devils - demonios; diablo

border - frontera, borde, cenefa, orla, parterre

northwest - noroeste

provinces - provincias; provincia

alight - se enciende; apearse de

burning - quemando; ardiente; (burn) quemando; ardiente

Europeans - europeos; europeo, europea

passing through - pasar por, atravesar

estate - patrimonio; propiedad, inmueble, bien, estamento, finca

obstinate - obstinado, obcecado, porfiado

exaggerated - exagerado; exagerar

veranda - porche, galería

pegs - pinzas; clavija, tarugo, colgador, perchero, gancho, fijar

managing - gestionando; manejar, conseguir, lograr, apanárselas

I had been away on a distant plantation, and was riding slowly home in the evening, when my eye fell upon something all huddled together at the bottom of a steep nullah. I rode down to see what it was, and the cold struck through my heart when I found it was Dawson's wife, all cut into ribbons, and half eaten by jackals and native dogs. A little further up the road Dawson himself was lying on his face, quite dead, with an empty revolver in his hand and four Sepoys lying across each other in front of him. I reined up my horse, wondering which way I should turn, but at that moment I saw thick smoke curling up from Abelwhite's bungalow and the flames beginning to burst through the roof. I knew then that I could do my employer no good, but would only throw my own life away if I meddled in the matter. From where I stood I could see hundreds of the black fiends, with their red coats still on their backs, dancing and howling round the burning house. Some of them pointed at me, and a couple of bullets sang past my head; so I broke away across the paddy-fields, and found myself late at night safe within the walls at Agra.

ribbons - cintas; cinta, mono, lazo, galón

jackals - chacales; chacal

Sepoys - sepoys; cipayo

reined - reinado; rienda

curling up - acurrucarse

flames - llamas; flama, llama

meddled - se entrometió; entrometerse, inmiscuirse, injerirse, mangonear

fiends - demonios; diablo, diablillo, demonio, malvado

pointed at - Apuntar a

bullets - balas; bala

broke away - separarse, distanciarse

paddy-fields - Campos de arroz

"As it proved, however, there was no great safety there, either. The whole country was up like a swarm of bees. Wherever the English could collect in little bands they held just the ground that their guns commanded. Everywhere else they were helpless fugitives. It was a fight of the millions against the hundreds; and the cruellest part of it was that these men that we fought against, foot, horse, and gunners, were our own picked troops, whom we had taught and trained, handling our own weapons, and blowing our own bugle-calls. At Agra there were the 3d Bengal Fusiliers, some Sikhs, two troops of horse, and a battery of artillery.

swarm of bees - Enjambre de abejas

wherever - dónde; adondequiera, doquier

collect - cobrar; reunir, recopilar

guns - armas; arma de fuego; pistola

fight - pelear (se), luchar

cruellest - el más cruel; cruel

gunners - Artillero

blowing - soplando; golpe

bugle - corneta

Fusiliers - fusileros; fusilero

Sikhs - sijs; sij

Battery - pila, lesiones, golpes, batería

Artillery - artillería

A volunteer corps of clerks and merchants had been formed, and this I joined, wooden leg and all. We went out to meet the rebels at Shahgunge early in July, and we beat them back for a time, but our powder gave out, and we had to fall back upon the city. Nothing but the worst news came to us from every side,-which is not to be wondered at, for if you look at the map you will see that we were right in the heart of it. Lucknow is rather better than a hundred miles to the east, and Cawnpore about as far to the south. From every point on the compass there was nothing but torture and murder and outrage.

volunteer - voluntaria; voluntario, voluntario

corps - cuerpo; (corp) cuerpo

clerks - ficinistas; clérigo, oficinista, secretario, escribiente

merchants - comerciantes; comerciante, mercader

powder - polvo, reducir a polvo, pulverizar, triturar, espolvorear

gave out - emitir; repartir; fallar; faltar

fall back - quedarse atrás, retrasarse, retirarse, caerse

compass - brújula

torture - tortura, suplicio, torturar

outrage - atrocidad, ultraje, desafuero, atropello, indignación, rabia

"The city of Agra is a great place, swarming with fanatics and fierce devil-worshippers of all sorts. Our handful of men were lost among the narrow, winding streets. Our leader moved across the river, therefore, and took up his position in the old fort at Agra. I don't know if any of you gentlemen have ever read or heard anything of that old fort. It is a very queer place,-the queerest that ever I was in, and I have been in some rum corners, too. First of all, it is enormous in size. I should think that the enclosure must be acres and acres.

swarming - Enjambre; (swarm); enjambre, nube, multitud, muchedumbre, masa

fanatics - anáticos; fanático, fanático

worshippers - doradores; adorador, devoto, fiel

sorts - clases; clase, tipo, género

handful - manojo, punado, checkmanojo, poca cantidad

leader - líder, dirigente, jefe, caudillo

fort - fuerte, fortaleza

queerest - queerest; raro, extrano, trucha, marica, maricón

rum - ron

acres - acres; acre

There is a modern part, which took all our garrison, women, children, stores, and everything else, with plenty of room over. But the modern part is nothing like the size of the old quarter, where nobody goes, and which is given over to the scorpions and the centipedes. It is all full of great deserted halls, and winding passages, and long corridors twisting in and out, so that it is easy enough for folk to Get lost in it. For this reason it was seldom that any one went into it, though now and again a party with torches might go exploring.

garrison - guarnición, apostar

stores - tiendas; depósito, almacenar, conservar

scorpions - escorpiones; escorpión, alacrán

centipedes - centipedos; ciempiés, escolopendra

deserted - desierta; abandonar

twisting - Torciendo; (twist); torcer, sacar punta a, torcerse

Get lost - perderse; !vete!

torches - linternas; antorcha, incendiar

exploring - explorando; explorar

"Well, I was pretty proud at having this small command given me, since I was a raw recruit, and a game-legged one at that. For two nights I kept the watch with my Punjaubees. They were tall, fierce-looking chaps, Mahomet Singh and Abdullah Khan by name, both old fighting-men who had borne arms against us at Chilian-wallah. They could talk English pretty well, but I could get little out of them. They preferred to stand together and jabber all night in their queer Sikh lingo.

raw recruit - candidato en bruto

chaps - chaps; tío, tipo

by name - por nombre

fighting - luchando; lucha, guerra; (fight) luchando; lucha, guerra

stand together - mantenerse juntos

jabber - farfullar

Sikh - sij

lingo - lengua; jerga

For myself, I used to stand outside the gate-way, looking down on the broad, winding river and on the twinkling lights of the great city. The beating of drums, the rattle of tomtoms, and the yells and howls of the rebels, drunk with opium and with bang, were enough to remind us all night of our dangerous neighbors across the stream. Every two hours the officer of the night used to come round to all the posts, to make sure that all was well.

beating - golpeando; paliza, latido; (beat) golpeando; paliza, latido

drums - tambores; tambor

yells - grita; grito, alarido

howls - aullidos; aullido, aullar, ganir

opium - opio, anfión

bang - portazo, golpe estrepitoso

remind - recordar

"The third night of my watch was dark and dirty, with a small, driving rain. It was dreary work standing in the gate-way hour after hour in such weather. I tried again and again to make my Sikhs talk, but without much success. At two in the morning the rounds passed, and broke for a moment the weariness of the night. Finding that my companions would not be led into conversation, I took out my pipe, and laid down my musket to strike the match.

laid down - ponerse, acostarse, tumbarse

match - coincide; cerilla, fósforo

In an instant the two Sikhs were upon me. One of them snatched my firelock up and levelled it at my head, while the other held a great knife to my throat and swore between his teeth that he would plunge it into me if I moved a step.

snatched - arrebatado; agarrar, arrebatar, arrancada, arranque

firelock - Bloqueo de fuego

levelled - nivelado, al ras, nivel, niveles, llano, piso

swore - lo juraste; jurar

plunge - saltar; lanzarse, zambullirse, tirarse de cabeza

"My first thought was that these fellows were in league with the rebels, and that this was the beginning of an assault. If our door were in the hands of the Sepoys the place must fall, and the women and children be treated as they were in Cawnpore. Maybe you gentlemen think that I am just making out a case for myself, but I give you my word that when I thought of that, though I felt the point of the knife at my throat, I opened my mouth with the intention of giving a scream, if it was my last one, which might alarm the main guard.

League - liga

assault - asalto, acometimiento, agresión, ataque, asaltar

making out - fingir, distinguir, salir bien, salir ganando

intention - intención

scream - grito, gritar

The man who held me seemed to know my thoughts; for, even as I braced myself to it, he whispered, 'Don't make a noise. The fort is safe enough. There are no rebel dogs on this side of the river.'There was the ring of truth in what he said, and I knew that if I raised my voice I was a dead man. I could read it in the fellow's brown eyes. I waited, therefore, in silence, to see what it was that they wanted from me.

braced - apuntalado; braza, abrazadera, tensor, tirante, pareja

make a noise - hacer ruido

rebel - rebelde

"'Listen to me, Sahib,'said the taller and fiercer of the pair, the one whom they called Abdullah Khan. 'You must either be with us now or you must be silenced forever. The thing is too great a one for us to hesitate. Either you are heart and soul with us on your oath on the cross of the Christians, or your body this night shall be thrown into the ditch and we shall pass over to our brothers in the rebel army.

fiercer - más feroz; fiero, feroz, enconado

silenced - silenciado; silencio, silenciar, hacer callar

hesitate - vacilar, dudar, hesitar

oath - juramento, jurar

Christians - cristianos; cristiano, cristiana, Cristián

ditch - zanja, foso, cuneta

pass over to - pasar a

There is no middle way. Which is it to be, death or life? We can only give you three minutes to decide, for the time is passing, and all must be done before the rounds come again.'

"'How can I decide?'said I. 'You have not told me what you want of me. But I tell you now that if it is anything against the safety of the fort I will have no truck with it, so you can drive home your knife and welcome.'

truck - camión

"'It is nothing against the fort,'said he. 'We only ask you to do that which your countrymen come to this land for. We ask you to be rich. If you will be one of us this night, we will swear to you upon the naked knife, and by the threefold oath which no Sikh was ever known to break, that you shall have your fair share of the loot. A quarter of the treasure shall be yours. We can say no fairer.'

countrymen - ompatriotas; paisano, paisana, compatriota, campesino, campesina

swear - jurar

threefold - tres veces; triple, por triplicado

fairer - más justo; rubio, claro, blanco

"'But what is the treasure, then?'I asked. 'I am as ready to be rich as you can be, if you will but show me how it can be done.'

"'You will swear, then,'said he, 'by the bones of your father, by the honor of your mother, by the cross of your faith, to raise no hand and speak no word against us, either now or afterwards?'

honor - honor, privilegio, honrar, ajustarse, acatar, respetar

"'I will swear it,'I answered, 'provided that the fort is not endangered.'

provided that - siempre y cuando

"'Then my comrade and I will swear that you shall have a quarter of the treasure which shall be equally divided among the four of us.'

"'There are but three,'said I.

"'No; Dost Akbar must have his share. We can tell the tale to you while we await them. Do you stand at the gate, Mahomet Singh, and give notice of their coming. The thing stands thus, Sahib, and I tell it to you because I know that an oath is binding upon a Feringhee, and that we may trust you.

Tale - cuento; historia, relato

give notice - dar aviso

binding - enlazando; vinculante, lomo, unión; (bind); atar, atar (tie)

Had you been a lying Hindoo, though you had sworn by all the gods in their false temples, your blood would have been upon the knife, and your body in the water. But the Sikh knows the Englishman, and the Englishman knows the Sikh. Hearken, then, to what I have to say.

sworn - jurado; jurar

gods - dioses; endiosar, idolatrar, deificar

temples - templos; templo

"'There is a rajah in the northern provinces who has much wealth, though his lands are small. Much has come to him from his father, and more still he has set by himself, for he is of a low nature and hoards his gold rather than spend it. When the troubles broke out he would be friends both with the lion and the tiger,-with the Sepoy and with the Company's Raj. Soon, however, it seemed to him that the white men's day was come, for through all the land he could hear of nothing but of their death and their overthrow. Yet, being a careful man, he made such plans that, come what might, half at least of his treasure should be left to him. That which was in gold and silver he kept by him in the vaults of his palace, but the most precious stones and the choicest pearls that he had he put in an iron box, and sent it by a trusty servant who, under the guise of a merchant, should take it to the fort at Agra, there to lie until the land is at peace.

rajah - rajá

Northern - septentrional, norteno, boreal

wealth - prosperidad, riqueza

hoards - acaparamientos; provisión

gold - oro

troubles - problemas; marrón, berenjenal, dificultad, problema, molestia

Sepoy - cipayo

overthrow - derrocar, derribar

vaults - bóvedas; sótano; bodega

most precious - el más preciado

choicest - el más selecto; selección, decisión, opción, exquisito

guise - guisa; apariencia, forma, aspecto

Thus, if the rebels won he would have his money, but if the Company conquered his jewels would be saved to him. Having thus divided his hoard, he threw himself into the cause of the Sepoys, since they were strong upon his borders. By doing this, mark you, Sahib, his property becomes the due of those who have been true to their salt.

conquered - conquistado; conquistar, debelar

saved - salvado; salvar, rescatar, redimir, parar, ahorrar, guardar

hoard - acumular; provisión

borders - fronteras; frontera, borde, cenefa, orla, parterre

due - debido; salir de cuentas, mérito

been true - ser cierto, sincero

"'This pretended merchant, who travels under the name of Achmet, is now in the city of Agra, and desires to gain his way into the fort. He has with him as travelling-companion my foster-brother Dost Akbar, who knows his secret. Dost Akbar has promised this night to lead him to a side-postern of the fort, and has chosen this one for his purpose.

pretended - fingido; fingir, de mentirijillas

foster - acoger, criar

postern - poterna, portillo, checkpostigo, poterna

Here he will come presently, and here he will find Mahomet Singh and myself awaiting him. The place is lonely, and none shall know of his coming. The world shall know of the merchant Achmet no more, but the great treasure of the rajah shall be divided among us. What say you to it, Sahib?'

lonely - solo; solitario, desolado, desierto

"In Worcestershire the life of a man seems a great and a sacred thing; but it is very different when there is fire and blood all round you and you have been used to meeting death at every turn. Whether Achmet the merchant lived or died was a thing as light as air to me, but at the talk about the treasure my heart turned to it, and I thought of what I might do in the old country with it, and how my folk would stare when they saw their ne'er-do-well coming back with his pockets full of gold moidores.

sacred - sagrado

er - r; em

stare - mirar fijamente

ne - No

I had, therefore, already made up my mind. Abdullah Khan, however, thinking that I hesitated, pressed the matter more closely.

"'Consider, Sahib,'said he, 'that if this man is taken by the commandant he will be hung or shot, and his jewels taken by the government, so that no man will be a rupee the better for them. Now, since we do the taking of him, why should we not do the rest as well? The jewels will be as well with us as in the Company's coffers.

commandant - comandante

government - Gobierno

rupee - rupia

coffers - cofre, casetón, arcas

There will be enough to make every one of us rich men and great chiefs. No one can know about the matter, for here we are cut off from all men. What could be better for the purpose? Say again, then, Sahib, whether you are with us, or if we must look upon you as an enemy.'

chiefs - jefes; jefe, principal

enemy - enemigo, enemiga

"'I am with you heart and soul,'said I.

"'It is well,'he answered, handing me back my firelock. 'You see that we trust you, for your word, like ours, is not to be broken. We have now only to wait for my brother and the merchant.'

be broken - estar roto

"'Does your brother know, then, of what you will do?'I asked.

"'The plan is his. He has devised it. We will go to the gate and share the watch with Mahomet Singh.'

devised - deado; concebir, inventar, tramar, maquinar, legar

"The rain was still falling steadily, for it was just the beginning of the wet season. Brown, heavy clouds were drifting across the sky, and it was hard to see more than a stone-cast. A deep moat lay in front of our door, but the water was in places nearly dried up, and it could easily be crossed. It was strange to me to be standing there with those two wild Punjaubees waiting for the man who was coming to his death.

season - temporada; estación

drifting - deriva, derrape, ir a la deriva, vagar, derivar, errar

moat - fosa, foso

lay in - recoger; estar tumbado en

dried up - seco, resecado, desecado

"Suddenly my eye caught the glint of a shaded lantern at the other side of the moat. It vanished among the mound-heaps, and then appeared again coming slowly in our direction.

shaded - sombreado; sombra, persiana, umbral, tono, matiz, sombrear

mound - túmulo, montículo, base, orbe, apilar, amontonar

"'Here they are!'I exclaimed.

"'You will challenge him, Sahib, as usual,'whispered Abdullah. 'Give him no cause for fear. Send us in with him, and we shall do the rest while you stay here on guard. Have the lantern ready to uncover, that we may be sure that it is indeed the man.'

challenge - desafío, reto, disputa, impedimento, incompatibilidad, recurso

uncover - descubrir; destapar

"The light had flickered onwards, now stopping and now advancing, until I could see two dark figures upon the other side of the moat. I let them scramble down the sloping bank, splash through the mire, and climb half-way up to the gate, before I challenged them.

advancing - avanzando; avanzar, progresar, avance, progreso, adelanto

scramble - discutir; gatear, revolver, arrebato, arrebatina

sloping - inclinado; pendiente, cuesta, desnivel, inclinación, ojo chueco

splash - salpicaduras; salpicadura, chapotear, salpicar

mire - lodos

challenged - desafiado; desafío, reto, disputa, impedimento

"'Who goes there?'said I, in a subdued voice.

subdued - sumiso; someter, doblegar, domenar, debelar

"'Friends,'came the answer. I uncovered my lantern and threw a flood of light upon them. The first was an enormous Sikh, with a black beard which swept nearly down to his cummerbund. Outside of a show I have never seen so tall a man. The other was a little, fat, round fellow, with a great yellow turban, and a bundle in his hand, done up in a shawl. He seemed to be all in a quiver with fear, for his hands twitched as if he had the ague, and his head kept turning to left and right with two bright little twinkling eyes, like a mouse when he ventures out from his hole.

uncovered - descubierto; destapar

flood - inundación; avenida, riada, diluvio, inundar

beard - barba, jotera, pantalla, barbar, provocar, mortificar

swept - barrido; barrer, peinar

cummerbund - faja ancha

done up - abrochar, renovar, decorar, envolver

shawl - un chal; chal, panolón

quiver - tiemblo; estremecer(se)

twitched - se movió; crispar(se), mover(se) convulsivamente

ventures - aventuras; aventura, arriesgar

It gave me the chills to think of killing him, but I thought of the treasure, and my heart set as hard as a flint within me. When he saw my white face he gave a little chirrup of joy and came running up towards me.

chills - escalofríos; frío

killing - matando; mortal, asesinato; (kill) matando; mortal, asesinato

Flint - pedernal, sílex, piedra

running up - venir corriendo; generar; aumentar deuda

"'Your protection, Sahib,'he panted,-'your protection for the unhappy merchant Achmet. I have travelled across Rajpootana that I might seek the shelter of the fort at Agra. I have been robbed and beaten and abused because I have been the friend of the Company. It is a blessed night this when I am once more in safety,-I and my poor possessions.'

panted - jadeaba; jadear, resollar

seek - buscar

shelter - refugio, abrigo, amparo, asilo

beaten - golpeado; batir, golpear, percutir

abused - abusado; Abuso

blessed - bendecido; bendito; (bless) bendecido; bendito

possessions - posesión, posesión natural, tenencia, posesión civil, posesiones

"'What have you in the bundle?'I asked.

"'An iron box,'he answered, 'which contains one or two little family matters which are of no value to others, but which I should be sorry to lose. Yet I am not a beggar; and I shall reward you, young Sahib, and your governor also, if he will give me the shelter I ask.'

be sorry - sentir, lamentar

beggar - mendigo, mendiga, pordiosero, mendicante

governor - gobernador, gobernadora

"I could not trust myself to speak longer with the man. The more I looked at his fat, frightened face, the harder did it seem that we should slay him in cold blood. It was best to get it over.

"'Take him to the main guard,'said I. The two Sikhs closed in upon him on each side, and the giant walked behind, while they marched in through the dark gate-way. Never was a man so compassed round with death. I remained at the gate-way with the lantern.

compassed - compasado; brújula

"I could hear the measured tramp of their footsteps sounding through the lonely corridors. Suddenly it ceased, and I heard voices, and a scuffle, with the sound of blows. A moment later there came, to my horror, a rush of footsteps coming in my direction, with the loud breathing of a running man. I turned my lantern down the long, straight passage, and there was the fat man, running like the wind, with a smear of blood across his face, and close at his heels, bounding like a tiger, the great black-bearded Sikh, with a knife flashing in his hand. I have never seen a man run so fast as that little merchant. He was gaining on the Sikh, and I could see that if he once passed me and got to the open air he would save himself yet. My heart softened to him, but again the thought of his treasure turned me hard and bitter.

measured - medido; medición, medida, regla, compás, medir

tramp - vagabundo, vagabunda, golfa, ramera, puta

scuffle - rina, pelea, escaramuza

blows - Golpes; (blow) Golpes

rush - prisa; precipitarse, lanzarse, correr, ir rápidamente

smear - manchar, untar, embadurnar, aplicar

bounding - atado

flashing - parpadeando; impermeabilización, flaseo

gaining - Ganando; (gain) Ganando

softened - suavizado; ablandar, suavizar

I cast my firelock between his legs as he raced past, and he rolled twice over like a shot rabbit. Ere he could stagger to his feet the Sikh was upon him, and buried his knife twice in his side. The man never uttered moan nor moved muscle, but lay were he had fallen. I think myself that he may have broken his neck with the fall. You see, gentlemen, that I am keeping my promise. I am telling you every work of the business just exactly as it happened, whether it is in my favor or not."

stagger - trastabillar; tambalearse; (stag); ciervo, potro, potra

uttered - ronunciado; absoluto, total

moan - gimotear; gemido, quejido, quejar, gemir

muscle - músculo

favor - favor, favor, preferir, favorecer

He stopped, and held out his manacled hands for the whiskey-and-water which Holmes had brewed for him. For myself, I confess that I had now conceived the utmost horror of the man, not only for this cold-blooded business in which he had been concerned, but even more for the somewhat flippant and careless way in which he narrated it. Whatever punishment was in store for him, I felt that he might expect no sympathy from me.

manacled - maniatado; esposas, manillas, esposar

brewed - preparado; elaborar bebidas fermentadas

conceived - concebido; concebir

cold-blooded - (cold-blooded) sangre fría

flippant - frivolidad; fresco, insolente

punishment - castigo, penitencia, checkpenitencia

in store - en la tienda

Sherlock Holmes and Jones sat with their hands upon their knees, deeply interested in the story, but with the same disgust written upon their faces. He may have observed it, for there was a touch of defiance in his voice and manner as he proceeded.

defiance - desafío

proceeded - procedió; continuar, proceder

"It was all very bad, no doubt," said he. "I should like to know how many fellows in my shoes would have refused a share of this loot when they knew that they would have their throats cut for their pains. Besides, it was my life or his when once he was in the fort.

refused - rechazado; negarse (a)

throats - argantas; garganta, tráquea, cuello

pains - dolores; dolor

If he had got out, the whole business would come to light, and I should have been court-martialled and shot as likely as not; for people were not very lenient at a time like that."

Court - patio, callejón, corte, tribunal, juzgado

martialled - Martirizado

lenient - indulgente; tolerante, laxo, leniente

"Go on with your story," said Holmes, shortly.

"Well, we carried him in, Abdullah, Akbar, and I. A fine weight he was, too, for all that he was so short. Mahomet Singh was left to guard the door. We took him to a place which the Sikhs had already prepared. It was some distance off, where a winding passage leads to a great empty hall, the brick walls of which were all crumbling to pieces. The earth floor had sunk in at one place, making a natural grave, so we left Achmet the merchant there, having first covered him over with loose bricks.

crumbling - Desmoronándose; (crumble); desmigajarse, desmoronarse

This done, we all went back to the treasure.

"It lay where he had dropped it when he was first attacked. The box was the same which now lies open upon your table. A key was hung by a silken cord to that carved handle upon the top. We opened it, and the light of the lantern gleamed upon a collection of gems such as I have read of and thought about when I was a little lad at Pershore. It was blinding to look upon them. When we had feasted our eyes we took them all out and made a list of them. There were one hundred and forty-three diamonds of the first water, including one which has been called, I believe, 'the Great Mogul'and is said to be the second largest stone in existence.

attacked - atacado; ataque, atacar

silken - panish: de seda, sedoso

carved - tallado; cortar, trinchar, tallar, esculpir

gleamed - brillaba; relucir, brillar, destellar

blinding - cegador; (blind); ciego, invidente, celosía, persiana, ciega

feasted - se dio un festín; banquete, festín

Diamonds - diamantes; diamante

Mogul - magnate

second largest - el segundo más grande

Then there were ninety-seven very fine emeralds, and one hundred and seventy rubies, some of which, however, were small. There were forty carbuncles, two hundred and ten sapphires, sixty-one agates, and a great quantity of beryls, onyxes, cats'-eyes, turquoises, and other stones, the very names of which I did not know at the time, though I have become more familiar with them since. Besides this, there were nearly three hundred very fine pearls, twelve of which were set in a gold coronet. By the way, these last had been taken out of the chest and were not there when I recovered it.

emeralds - esmeraldas; esmeralda

rubies - rubíes; rubí

carbuncles - los carbuncos; carbunclo, carbúnculo

sapphires - zafiros; zafiro, esmeralda gorgiazul

agates - Agata

quantity - cantidad, cuantía

beryls - berilos; berilo, berilio

onyxes - ónices; ónix, ónice, ónique

turquoises - turquesas; turquesa, turquesa

more familiar - más familiar

"After we had counted our treasures we put them back into the chest and carried them to the gate-way to show them to Mahomet Singh. Then we solemnly renewed our oath to stand by each other and be true to our secret. We agreed to conceal our loot in a safe place until the country should be at peace again, and then to divide it equally among ourselves. There was no use dividing it at present, for if gems of such value were found upon us it would cause suspicion, and there was no privacy in the fort nor any place where we could keep them.

counted - contado; conde

treasures - tesoros; tesoro, atesorar

solemnly - solemnemente

renewed - renovado; reanudar, renovar, reiniciar, recomenzar

dividing - dividiendo; (divide); desunir, dividir, repartir, división

privacy - intimidad, privacidad

We carried the box, therefore, into the same hall where we had buried the body, and there, under certain bricks in the best-preserved wall, we made a hollow and put our treasure. We made careful note of the place, and next day I drew four plans, one for each of us, and put the sign of the four of us at the bottom, for we had sworn that we should each always act for all, so that none might take advantage. That is an oath that I can put my hand to my heart and swear that I have never broken.

preserved - conservado; mermelada, reserva, reserva natural, coto, terreno

act for - actuar para

"Well, there's no use my telling you gentlemen what came of the Indian mutiny. After Wilson took Delhi and Sir Colin relieved Lucknow the back of the business was broken. Fresh troops came pouring in, and Nana Sahib made himself scarce over the frontier. A flying column under Colonel Greathed came round to Agra and cleared the Pandies away from it.

pouring in - verter, llegar a raudales

frontier - frontera

Peace seemed to be settling upon the country, and we four were beginning to hope that the time was at hand when we might safely go off with our shares of the plunder. In a moment, however, our hopes were shattered by our being arrested as the murderers of Achmet.

settling - asentarse; sedimento, decantación

safely - seguro; seguramente

plunder - saquear, saqueo, botín

shattered - destrozado; astillar, estrellar, quebrantar, hacer anicos

"It came about in this way. When the rajah put his jewels into the hands of Achmet he did it because he knew that he was a trusty man. They are suspicious folk in the East, however: so what does this rajah do but take a second even more trusty servant and set him to play the spy upon the first? This second man was ordered never to let Achmet out of his sight, and he followed him like his shadow. He went after him that night and saw him pass through the doorway. Of course he thought he had taken refuge in the fort, and applied for admission there himself next day, but could find no trace of Achmet. This seemed to him so strange that he spoke about it to a sergeant of guides, who brought it to the ears of the commandant.

came about - ocurrir, suceder, desviar

spy upon - Espiar

refuge - refugio, refugiarse

applied for - se ha solicitado

admission - admisión, admisión, confesión

guides - Guía

A thorough search was quickly made, and the body was discovered. Thus at the very moment that we thought that all was safe we were all four seized and brought to trial on a charge of murder,-three of us because we had held the gate that night, and the fourth because he was known to have been in the company of the murdered man. Not a word about the jewels came out at the trial, for the rajah had been deposed and driven out of India: so no one had any particular interest in them. The murder, however, was clearly made out, and it was certain that we must all have been concerned in it. The three Sikhs got penal servitude for life, and I was condemned to death, though my sentence was afterwards commuted into the same as the others.

murdered - asesinado; asesinato, asesinar, cepillarse, devorar

driven out - marcharse; expulsar, echar algo/a alguien

penal servitude - servidumbre penal

condemned - condenado; condenar, clausurar

commuted - onmutado; desplazarse diariamente al lugar de trabajo

"It was rather a queer position that we found ourselves in then. There we were all four tied by the leg and with precious little chance of ever getting out again, while we each held a secret which might have put each of us in a palace if we could only have made use of it. It was enough to make a man eat his heart out to have to stand the kick and the cuff of every petty jack-in-office, to have rice to eat and water to drink, when that gorgeous fortune was ready for him outside, just waiting to be picked up.

precious - preciosos; precioso

It might have driven me mad; but I was always a pretty stubborn one, so I just held on and bided my time.

stubborn - testarudo, obstinado, cabezota

held on - agarrar, esperar, aguantar

bided - pidió; esperar el momento oportuno

"At last it seemed to me to have come. I was changed from Agra to Madras, and from there to Blair Island in the Andamans. There are very few white convicts at this settlement, and, as I had behaved well from the first, I soon found myself a sort of privileged person. I was given a hut in Hope Town, which is a small place on the slopes of Mount Harriet, and I was left pretty much to myself. It is a dreary, fever-stricken place, and all beyond our little clearings was infested with wild cannibal natives, who were ready enough to blow a poisoned dart at us if they saw a chance. There was digging, and ditching, and yam-planting, and a dozen other things to be done, so we were busy enough all day; though in the evening we had a little time to ourselves.

Madras - madrás; Madras

settlement - poblado, asentamiento, finiquito, acuerdo

privileged - privilegiado; privilegio, privilegiar

hut - cabana

slopes - cuestas; pendiente, cuesta, desnivel, inclinación, ojo chueco

mount - montar

clearings - despejes; clarificando, desmonte, claro, compensación

natives - nativos; natal, indígena, originario, nativo, oriundo, indígena

ditching - abandonar; zanja, foso, cuneta

Yam - name, batata, camote

Among other things, I learned to dispense drugs for the surgeon, and picked up a smattering of his knowledge. All the time I was on the lookout for a chance of escape; but it is hundreds of miles from any other land, and there is little or no wind in those seas: so it was a terribly difficult job to get away.

drugs - drogas; medicamento

smattering - Un poco; (smatter); charlar, parlotear, chapurrar, chapurrear

lookout - mirador; vigía

Terribly - terriblemente; rematadamente

"The surgeon, Dr. Somerton, was a fast, sporting young chap, and the other young officers would meet in his rooms of an evening and play cards. The surgery, where I used to make up my drugs, was next to his sitting-room, with a small window between us. Often, if I felt lonesome, I used to turn out the lamp in the surgery, and then, standing there, I could hear their talk and watch their play.

surgery - operación, cirugía, cirugía, quirófano, pabellón, consulta

sitting-room - (sitting-room) sala de estar

lonesome - solo; solitario

I am fond of a hand at cards myself, and it was almost as good as having one to watch the others. There was Major Sholto, Captain Morstan, and Lieutenant Bromley Brown, who were in command of the native troops, and there was the surgeon himself, and two or three prison-officials, crafty old hands who played a nice sly safe game. A very snug little party they used to make.

fond - carinoso, afectuoso

prison - cárcel, prisión, penitenciaría, chirona

crafty - diestro, manoso, habiloso, astuto, pillo, listo

sly - astuto, pillo, listo, habilidoso

"Well, there was one thing which very soon struck me, and that was that the soldiers used always to lose and the civilians to win. Mind, I don't say that there was anything unfair, but so it was. These prison-chaps had done little else than play cards ever since they had been at the Andamans, and they knew each other's game to a point, while the others just played to pass the time and threw their cards down anyhow. Night after night the soldiers got up poorer men, and the poorer they got the more keen they were to play.

soldiers - soldados; soldado, campión, soldado, militar

civilians - civiles; civil, paisano

unfair - injusto

played to - se ha jugado a...

Major Sholto was the hardest hit. He used to pay in notes and gold at first, but soon it came to notes of hand and for big sums. He sometimes would win for a few deals, just to give him heart, and then the luck would set in against him worse than ever. All day he would wander about as black as thunder, and he took to drinking a deal more than was good for him.

pay in - Pagar en

sums - suma

deals - ratos; trato, acuerdo, pacto

wander about - vagar por ahí

thunder - trueno, estruendo, fragor, tronar

"One night he lost even more heavily than usual. I was sitting in my hut when he and Captain Morstan came stumbling along on the way to their quarters. They were bosom friends, those two, and never far apart. The major was raving about his losses.

bosom friends - amigos íntimos

losses - pérdidas; pérdida

"'It's all up, Morstan,'he was saying, as they passed my hut. 'I shall have to send in my papers. I am a ruined man.'

send in - enviar

ruined - arruinado; ruina, desbaratar, arruinar, estropear, dar al traste

"'Nonsense, old chap!'said the other, slapping him upon the shoulder. 'I've had a nasty facer myself, but-'That was all I could hear, but it was enough to set me thinking.

nonsense - tonterías; tontería, tontada, tontuna, disparate

slapping - abofetadas; bofetada, cachetada, abofetear, cachetear, golpear

facer - Faceer

"A couple of days later Major Sholto was strolling on the beach: so I took the chance of speaking to him.

strolling - Paseando; (stroll); paseo, caminata, garbeo, vuelta, pasearse

"'I wish to have your advice, major,'said I.

"'Well, Small, what is it?'he asked, taking his cheroot from his lips.

"'I wanted to ask you, sir,'said I, 'who is the proper person to whom hidden treasure should be handed over. I know where half a million worth lies, and, as I cannot use it myself, I thought perhaps the best thing that I could do would be to hand it over to the proper authorities, and then perhaps they would get my sentence shortened for me.'

shortened - acortado; acortar, abreviar, reducir, acortarse

"'Half a million, Small?'he gasped, looking hard at me to see if I was in earnest.

gasped - jadeó; jadear, bocanada, calada

"'Quite that, sir,-in jewels and pearls. It lies there ready for any one. And the queer thing about it is that the real owner is outlawed and cannot hold property, so that it belongs to the first comer.'

outlawed - prohibido; forajido, ilegalizar

comer - vienes; puntero, delantero, puntera, delantera

"'To government, Small,'he stammered,-'to government.'But he said it in a halting fashion, and I knew in my heart that I had got him.

Government - gobierno, rección

"'You think, then, sir, that I should give the information to the Governor-General?'said I, quietly.

general - general, general

"'Well, well, you must not do anything rash, or that you might repent. Let me hear all about it, Small. Give me the facts.'

rash - sarpullido; imprudente

repent - arrepentirse

"I told him the whole story, with small changes so that he could not identify the places. When I had finished he stood stock still and full of thought. I could see by the twitch of his lip that there was a struggle going on within him.

identify - identificar, identificarse

stock still - inmóvil

twitch - crispar(se), mover(se) convulsivamente

"'This is a very important matter, Small,'he said, at last. 'You must not say a word to any one about it, and I shall see you again soon.'

"Two nights later he and his friend Captain Morstan came to my hut in the dead of the night with a lantern.

"'I want you just to let Captain Morstan hear that story from your own lips, Small,'said he.

"I repeated it as I had told it before.

"'It rings true, eh?'said he. 'It's good enough to act upon?'

It rings true - sonar/parecer sincero

"Captain Morstan nodded.

"'Look here, Small,'said the major. 'We have been talking it over, my friend here and I, and we have come to the conclusion that this secret of yours is hardly a government matter, after all, but is a private concern of your own, which of course you have the power of disposing of as you think best.

concern - preocupación, referirse a, ataner, concernir, tocar, preocupar

disposing - Deshacerse; (dispose); deshacerse

Now, the question is, what price would you ask for it? We might be inclined to take it up, and at least look into it, if we could agree as to terms.'He tried to speak in a cool, careless way, but his eyes were shining with excitement and greed.

be inclined - tender a

terms - condiciones; período, etapa

"'Why, as to that, gentlemen,'I answered, trying also to be cool, but feeling as excited as he did, 'there is only one bargain which a man in my position can make. I shall want you to help me to my freedom, and to help my three companions to theirs. We shall then take you into partnership, and give you a fifth share to divide between you.'

bargain - trato, ganga, bicoca, chollo, regatear

freedom - libertad

partnership - asociación, colaboración, companía, sociedad

"'Hum!'said he. 'A fifth share! That is not very tempting.'

tempting - tentador; (tempt); tentar

"'It would come to fifty thousand apiece,'said I.

apiece - cada uno

"'But how can we gain your freedom? You know very well that you ask an impossibility.'

impossibility - imposibilidad

"'Nothing of the sort,'I answered. 'I have thought it all out to the last detail. The only bar to our escape is that we can get no boat fit for the voyage, and no provisions to last us for so long a time. There are plenty of little yachts and yawls at Calcutta or Madras which would serve our turn well.

bar - barra; tableta; barrote, reja

fit for - apto para

Voyage - viaje

Provisions - provisiones; provisión, aprovisionar, avituallar

yachts - yates; yate, ir en yate

Calcutta - Calcuta

Do you bring one over. We shall engage to get aboard her by night, and if you will drop us on any part of the Indian coast you will have done your part of the bargain.'

by night - de noche

coast - costa, litoral

"'If there were only one,'he said.

"'None or all,'I answered. 'We have sworn it. The four of us must always act together.'

"'You see, Morstan,'said he, 'Small is a man of his word. He does not flinch from his friend. I think we may very well trust him.'

flinch - inclinarse; encogerse, estremecerse

"'It's a dirty business,'the other answered. 'Yet, as you say, the money would save our commissions handsomely.'

commissions - comisiones; misión, cometido, destino, cargo, comisión, encargo

handsomely - enerosamente

"'Well, Small,'said the major, 'we must, I suppose, try and meet you. We must first, of course, test the truth of your story. Tell me where the box is hid, and I shall get leave of absence and go back to India in the monthly relief-boat to inquire into the affair.'

monthly - mensual, mensualmente

inquire - preguntar; investigar, informarse

"'Not so fast,'said I, growing colder as he got hot. 'I must have the consent of my three comrades. I tell you that it is four or none with us.'

consent - consentir, consentimiento, venia, anuencia

comrades - camaradas; companero, colega, camarada, correligionario

"'Nonsense!'he broke in. 'What have three black fellows to do with our agreement?'

"'Black or blue,'said I, 'they are in with me, and we all go together.'

go together - Ir juntos

"Well, the matter ended by a second meeting, at which Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, and Dost Akbar were all present. We talked the matter over again, and at last we came to an arrangement. We were to provide both the officers with charts of the part of the Agra fort and mark the place in the wall where the treasure was hid. Major Sholto was to go to India to test our story. If he found the box he was to leave it there, to send out a small yacht provisioned for a voyage, which was to lie off Rutland Island, and to which we were to make our way, and finally to return to his duties.

arrangement - arreglo, disposición, preparativos, planes, arreglo, acuerdo

provide - proporcionar; proveer

send out - enviar

yacht - yate, ir en yate

provisioned - provisto; provisión, aprovisionar, avituallar

duties - deberes; deber, obligación, cometido, menester, arancel

Captain Morstan was then to apply for leave of absence, to meet us at Agra, and there we were to have a final division of the treasure, he taking the major's share as well as his own. All this we sealed by the most solemn oaths that the mind could think or the lips utter. I sat up all night with paper and ink, and by the morning I had the two charts all ready, signed with the sign of four,-that is, of Abdullah, Akbar, Mahomet, and myself.

most solemn - el más solemne

oaths - juramentos; juramento, jurar

utter - totalmente; absoluto, total

"Well, gentlemen, I weary you with my long story, and I know that my friend Mr. Jones is impatient to get me safely stowed in chokey. I'll make it as short as I can. The villain Sholto went off to India, but he never came back again. Captain Morstan showed me his name among a list of passengers in one of the mail-boats very shortly afterwards. His uncle had died, leaving him a fortune, and he had left the army, yet he could stoop to treat five men as he had treated us. Morstan went over to Agra shortly afterwards, and found, as we expected, that the treasure was indeed gone. The scoundrel had stolen it all, without carrying out one of the conditions on which we had sold him the secret.

impatient - impaciente

stowed - guardado; guardar, poner, colocar

villain - villano

passengers - pasajeros; pasajero

mail - correo, cartas, correspondencia

stoop - inclinarse, agacharse

scoundrel - sinvergüenza; bribón, canalla, bellaco, villano

carrying out - llevar a cabo

conditions - ondiciones; condición, situación, acondicionar

From that day I lived only for vengeance. I thought of it by day and I nursed it by night. It became an overpowering, absorbing passion with me. I cared nothing for the law,-nothing for the gallows. To escape, to track down Sholto, to have my hand upon his throat,-that was my one thought. Even the Agra treasure had come to be a smaller thing in my mind than the slaying of Sholto.

vengeance - venganza

overpowering - sobrecogedor; dominar, vencer, panish: t-needed

gallows - la horca; horca; (gallow) la horca; horca

track down - Rastrear

slaying - Cazando; (slay) Cazando

"Well, I have set my mind on many things in this life, and never one which I did not carry out. But it was weary years before my time came. I have told you that I had picked up something of medicine. One day when Dr. Somerton was down with a fever a little Andaman Islander was picked up by a convict-gang in the woods. He was sick to death, and had gone to a lonely place to die.

woods - bosques; madera

sick to death - estar hasta la coronilla de; enfermo terminal

I took him in hand, though he was as venomous as a young snake, and after a couple of months I got him all right and able to walk. He took a kind of fancy to me then, and would hardly go back to his woods, but was always hanging about my hut. I learned a little of his lingo from him, and this made him all the fonder of me.

hanging about - frecuentar, esperar, pasar el tiempo

fonder - con más carino; carinoso, afectuoso

"Tonga-for that was his name-was a fine boatman, and owned a big, roomy canoe of his own. When I found that he was devoted to me and would do anything to serve me, I saw my chance of escape. I talked it over with him. He was to bring his boat round on a certain night to an old wharf which was never guarded, and there he was to pick me up.

roomy - espacioso, amplio, desahogado

canoe - canoa

devoted - Devoto

I gave him directions to have several gourds of water and a lot of yams, cocoa-nuts, and sweet potatoes.

gourds - calabazas; calabaza, calabacino, bangana

yams - camotes; name, batata, camote

nuts - nueces; fruto seco

"He was stanch and true, was little Tonga. No man ever had a more faithful mate. At the night named he had his boat at the wharf. As it chanced, however, there was one of the convict-guard down there,-a vile Pathan who had never missed a chance of insulting and injuring me. I had always vowed vengeance, and now I had my chance. It was as if fate had placed him in my way that I might pay my debt before I left the island. He stood on the bank with his back to me, and his carbine on his shoulder. I looked about for a stone to beat out his brains with, but none could I see. Then a queer thought came into my head and showed me where I could lay my hand on a weapon. I sat down in the darkness and unstrapped my wooden leg. With three long hops I was on him. He put his carbine to his shoulder, but I struck him full, and knocked the whole front of his skull in.

more faithful - más fieles

mate - colega; aparear, acoplar

chanced - suerte, by chance: por casualidad

vile - vil

Pathan - Patán

insulting - insultante; insultar, insulto, ofensa, improperio

injuring - herir, lastimar

vowed - prometido; voto, manda, promesa

debt - deuda, pufo

Carbine - carabina

brains - cerebros; cerebro, seso, sesudez

weapon - arma

unstrapped - sin correa; quitar/soltar la correa

hops - lúpulo; saltar a la pata coja

skull - cráneo; calavera

You can see the split in the wood now where I hit him. We both went down together, for I could not keep my balance, but when I got up I found him still lying quiet enough. I made for the boat, and in an hour we were well out at sea. Tonga had brought all his earthly possessions with him, his arms and his gods. Among other things, he had a long bamboo spear, and some Andaman cocoa-nut matting, with which I made a sort of sail. For ten days we were beating about, trusting to luck, and on the eleventh we were picked up by a trader which was going from Singapore to Jiddah with a cargo of Malay pilgrims. They were a rum crowd, and Tonga and I soon managed to settle down among them. They had one very good quality: they let you alone and asked no questions.

split - fisura, escisión, partir, dividir, escindir, repartir

earthly - terrenal

bamboo - bambú

spear - lanza, jabalina

sail - velas; vela

trusting - confiado; confianza, crédito, fiar, consorcio, trust

eleventh - undécimo, decimoprimero, undécimo, undécima, onceavo

trader - comerciante; (trade); comercio, gremio, compraventa, comerciar

Singapore - Singapur

cargo - carga

Malay - malayo, malayo

pilgrims - peregrinos; peregrino, colonista

settle down - echar raíces, asentarse

"Well, if I were to tell you all the adventures that my little chum and I went through, you would not thank me, for I would have you here until the sun was shining. Here and there we drifted about the world, something always turning up to keep us from London. All the time, however, I never lost sight of my purpose. I would dream of Sholto at night. A hundred times I have killed him in my sleep. At last, however, some three or four years ago, we found ourselves in England.

chum - companero; colega

drifted - deriva, derrape, ir a la deriva, vagar, derivar, errar

I had no great difficulty in finding where Sholto lived, and I set to work to discover whether he had realized the treasure, or if he still had it. I made friends with someone who could help me,-I name no names, for I don't want to get any one else in a hole,-and I soon found that he still had the jewels. Then I tried to get at him in many ways; but he was pretty sly, and had always two prize-fighters, besides his sons and his khitmutgar, on guard over him.

made friends - hacer amigos

"One day, however, I got word that he was dying. I hurried at once to the garden, mad that he should slip out of my clutches like that, and, looking through the window, I saw him lying in his bed, with his sons on each side of him. I'd have come through and taken my chance with the three of them, only even as I looked at him his jaw dropped, and I knew that he was gone.

clutches - embragues; agarrar

looking through - revisar, buscar entre; mirar sin ver, ignorar; mirar por

I got into his room that same night, though, and I searched his papers to see if there was any record of where he had hidden our jewels. There was not a line, however: so I came away, bitter and savage as a man could be. Before I left I bethought me that if I ever met my Sikh friends again it would be a satisfaction to know that I had left some mark of our hatred: so I scrawled down the sign of the four of us, as it had been on the chart, and I pinned it on his bosom. It was too much that he should be taken to the grave without some token from the men whom he had robbed and befooled.

bethought - Pensar

hatred - odio

token - sena, recuerdo, ficha, prenda, símbolo, simbólico, cosmético

"We earned a living at this time by my exhibiting poor Tonga at fairs and other such places as the black cannibal. He would eat raw meat and dance his war-dance: so we always had a hatful of pennies after a day's work. I still heard all the news from Pondicherry Lodge, and for some years there was no news to hear, except that they were hunting for the treasure. At last, however, came what we had waited for so long. The treasure had been found. It was up at the top of the house, in Mr. Bartholomew Sholto's chemical laboratory. I came at once and had a look at the place, but I could not see how with my wooden leg I was to make my way up to it. I learned, however, about a trap-door in the roof, and also about Mr. Sholto's supper-hour. It seemed to me that I could manage the thing easily through Tonga.

exhibiting - exhibir, exponer, prueba documental, prueba instrumental

fairs - erias; rubio, claro, blanco

raw - cruda; crudo, en carne viva, bruto

hatful - sombrero; panish: t-needed

pennies - céntimos; penique

hunting - Cazar; (hunt); cazar, buscar, caza

I brought him out with me with a long rope wound round his waist. He could climb like a cat, and he soon made his way through the roof, but, as ill luck would have it, Bartholomew Sholto was still in the room, to his cost. Tonga thought he had done something very clever in killing him, for when I came up by the rope I found him strutting about as proud as a peacock. Very much surprised was he when I made at him with the rope's end and cursed him for a little blood-thirsty imp. I took the treasure-box and let it down, and then slid down myself, having first left the sign of the four upon the table, to show that the jewels had come back at last to those who had most right to them. Tonga then pulled up the rope, closed the window, and made off the way that he had come.

strutting - Presumiendo; (strut) Presumiendo

peacock - pavo real, pavorreal

slid - Se deslizó; (slide); deslizar, resbalar, tobogán, resbaladilla

most right - el más correcto/adecuado/idóneo

made off - marcharse, desaparecer

"I don't know that I have anything else to tell you. I had heard a waterman speak of the speed of Smith's launch the Aurora, so I thought she would be a handy craft for our escape. I engaged with old Smith, and was to give him a big sum if he got us safe to our ship. He knew, no doubt, that there was some screw loose, but he was not in our secrets.

screw - tornillo, tirafondo, hélice, atornillar, enroscar, follar, joder

secrets - secretos; secreto, arcano

All this is the truth, and if I tell it to you, gentlemen, it is not to amuse you,-for you have not done me a very good turn,-but it is because I believe the best defence I can make is just to hold back nothing, but let all the world know how badly I have myself been served by Major Sholto, and how innocent I am of the death of his son."

hold back - disimular, retener, contener

badly - malamente

innocent - inocente

"A very remarkable account," said Sherlock Holmes. "A fitting wind-up to an extremely interesting case. There is nothing at all new to me in the latter part of your narrative, except that you brought your own rope. That I did not know. By the way, I had hoped that Tonga had lost all his darts; yet he managed to shoot one at us in the boat."

"He had lost them all, sir, except the one which was in his blow-pipe at the time."

"Ah, of course," said Holmes. "I had not thought of that."

"Is there any other point which you would like to ask about?" asked the convict, affably.

ask about - preguntar por

"I think not, thank you," my companion answered.

"Well, Holmes," said Athelney Jones, "You are a man to be humored, and we all know that you are a connoisseur of crime, but duty is duty, and I have gone rather far in doing what you and your friend asked me. I shall feel more at ease when we have our story-teller here safe under lock and key.

humored - humorado; humor

teller - cajero, cajera

The cab still waits, and there are two inspectors down-stairs. I am much obliged to you both for your assistance. Of course you will be wanted at the trial. Good-night to you."

"Good-night, gentlemen both," said Jonathan Small.

"You first, Small," remarked the wary Jones as they left the room. "I'll take particular care that you don't club me with your wooden leg, whatever you may have done to the gentleman at the Andaman Isles."

wary - eceloso; cauteloso

Isles - islas; isla

"Well, and there is the end of our little drama," I remarked, after we had set some time smoking in silence. "I fear that it may be the last investigation in which I shall have the chance of studying your methods. Miss Morstan has done me the honor to accept me as a husband in prospective."

drama - drama, obra teatral

prospective - prospectiva; prospectivo

He gave a most dismal groan. "I feared as much," said he. "I really cannot congratulate you."

groan - gimoteo; gemido, grunido, gemir, grunir

I was a little hurt. "Have you any reason to be dissatisfied with my choice?" I asked.

hurt - doler, lastimar, hacer dano, herido, dolido

"Not at all. I think she is one of the most charming young ladies I ever met, and might have been most useful in such work as we have been doing. She had a decided genius that way: witness the way in which she preserved that Agra plan from all the other papers of her father.

most charming - el más encantador

witness - Testigo

But love is an emotional thing, and whatever is emotional is opposed to that true cold reason which I place above all things. I should never marry myself, lest I bias my judgment."

opposed - oponerse; oponer

marry - casarse

bias - prejuicios; inclinación, predisposición, parcialidad, prejuicio

"I trust," said I, laughing, "that my judgment may survive the ordeal. But you look weary."

survive - sobrevivir

ordeal - un calvario; calvario, suplicio, prueba del fuego, ordalía

"Yes, the reaction is already upon me. I shall be as limp as a rag for a week."

rag - trapo

"Strange," said I, "how terms of what in another man I should call laziness alternate with your fits of splendid energy and vigor."

laziness - pereza, desidia

alternate - suplente; alterno, sustituta, sustituto, alternar

splendid - espléndido

"Yes," he answered, "there are in me the makings of a very fine loafer and also of a pretty spry sort of fellow. I often think of those lines of old Goethe,-

makings - Haciendo

loafer - Mocasín

Schade dass die Natur nur EINEN Mensch aus Dir schuf,

natur - naturaleza

Denn zum wuerdigen Mann war und zum Schelmen der Stoff.

wuerdigen - uerdigen

"By the way, a propos of this Norwood business, you see that they had, as I surmised, a confederate in the house, who could be none other than Lal Rao, the butler: so Jones actually has the undivided honor of having caught one fish in his great haul."

propos - Propuesta

surmised - suponer, conjeturar, presumir

undivided - individual; todo, entero

haul - empujar, tirar fuerte, llevar

"The division seems rather unfair," I remarked. "You have done all the work in this business. I get a wife out of it, Jones gets the credit, pray what remains for you?"

"For me," said Sherlock Holmes, "there still remains the cocaine-bottle." And he stretched his long white hand up for it.

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