The Were-Wolf with English-Italian Dictionary by H. B. Marryatt (online free books)

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The Were-Wolf Text

wolf - lupo, donnaiolo, divorare

My father was not born, or originally a resident, in the Hartz Mountains; he was the serf of an Hungarian nobleman, of great possessions, in Transylvania; but, although a serf, he was not by any means a poor or illiterate man.

originally - in origine, all'origine, originariamente, originalmente

resident - residente

serf - servo della gleba

Hungarian - ungherese

nobleman - nobiluomo, nobile

possessions - possesso

although - sebbene, benché (both always followed by the subjunctive)

illiterate - analfabeta, illetterato, checkilletterata

In fact, he was rich, and his intelligence and respectability were such, that he had been raised by his lord to the stewardship; but, whoever may happen to be born a serf, a serf must he remain, even though he become a wealthy man; such was the condition of my father.

intelligence - intelligenza

respectability - rispettabilita, perbenismo

such - tale

raised - alzare, innalzare

Lord - castellano, signore, nobile, nobiluomo, nobildonna, dominare

stewardship - steward

Whoever - chiunque

remain - stare, restare, rimanere

though - comunque, nonostante, in ogni caso, ad ogni modo, anche se

wealthy - benestante, abbiente, agiato, facoltoso

condition - condizione, influenzare, condizionare

My father had been married for about five years; and, by his marriage, had three children-my eldest brother Cćsar, myself (Hermann), and a sister named Marcella. Latin is still the language spoken in that country; and that will account for our high-sounding names.

marriage - matrimonio, nozze, sposalizio

myself - mi

Latin - Latino

account - conto

My mother was a very beautiful woman, unfortunately more beautiful than virtuous: she was seen and admired by the lord of the soil; my father was sent away upon some mission; and, during his absence, my mother, flattered by the attentions, and won by the assiduities, of this nobleman, yielded to his wishes. It so happened that my father returned very unexpectedly, and discovered the intrigue.

unfortunately - sfortunatamente, purtroppo, malauguratamente

more beautiful - piu bello

virtuous - virtuoso

admired - ammirare

soil - suolo, terreno, terra

sent away - mandato via

upon - su, a

mission - missione

absence - assenza, mancanza, difetto, invito aperto, ferro libero

flattered - adulare, lusingare

attentions - attenzione, allerta, sull'attenti

assiduities - assiduita

yielded - cedere

wishes - desiderio, voglia, volere, desiderare, augurare

unexpectedly - inaspettatamente

discovered - scoprire, trovare

intrigue - intrigo, intrigare

The evidence of my mother's shame was positive: he surprised her in the company of her seducer! carried away by the impetuosity of his feelings, he watched the opportunity of a meeting taking place between them, and murdered both his wife and her seducer.

evidence - prova, evidenza

shame - vergogna

surprised - sorpresa, stupire, sorprendere, meravigliare

seducer - seduttore

carried away - rapire

impetuosity - impetuosita

feelings - sentimenti

opportunity - occasione, opportunita, possibilita, chance

murdered - assassinio, omicidio, uccisione, assassinare, massacrare

Conscious that, as a serf, not even the provocation which he had received would be allowed as a justification of his conduct, he hastily collected together what money he could lay his hands upon, and, as we were then in the depth of winter, he put his horses to the sleigh, and taking his children with him, he set off in the middle of the night, and was far away before the tragical circumstance had transpired. Aware that he would be pursued, and that he had No chance of escape if he remained in any portion of his native country (in which the authorities could lay hold of him), he continued his flight without intermission until he had buried himself in the intricacies and seclusion of the Hartz Mountains. Of course, all that I have now told you I learned afterwards. My oldest recollections are knit to a rude, yet comfortable cottage, in which I lived with my father, brother, and sister. It was on the confines of one of those vast forests which cover the northern part of Germany; around it were a few acres of ground, which, during the summer months, my father cultivated, and which, though they yielded a doubtful harvest, were sufficient for our support. In the winter we remained much in doors, for, as my father followed the chase, we were left alone, and the wolves, during that season, incessantly prowled about. My father had purchased the cottage, and land about it, of one of the rude foresters, who gain their livelihood partly by hunting, and partly by burning charcoal, for the purpose of smelting the ore from the neighbouring mines; it was distant about two miles from any other habitation. I can call to mind the whole landscape now: the tall pines which rose up on the mountain above us, and the wide expanse of forest beneath, on the topmost boughs and heads of whose trees we looked down from our cottage, as the mountain below us rapidly descended into the distant valley. In summer time the prospect was beautiful; but during the severe winter, a more desolate scene could not well be imagined.

conscious - cosciente, conscio, consapevole

provocation - provocazione

received - ricevere

allowed - lasciare, permettere, concedere, consentire

justification - giustificazione, ragione, spiegazione, scusa

conduct - conduzione, comportamento, condotta, condurre, comportarsi

hastily - frettolosamente, precipitatamente

collected - riunirsi

lay - posare

depth - profondita

sleigh - slitta

set - Seth

Middle - mezzo, centro, cintura, checkmeta, medio, mezzano, centrale

tragical - tragico

circumstance - circostanza, dettaglio, caso, circonlocuzione, situazione

transpired - trapelare

aware - all'erta, consapevole, conscio, checkconsapevole

pursued - perseguire, perseguitare, tormentare, inseguire, cercare

No chance - Nessuna possibilita

escape - scappare, fuggire, darsela a gambe, evitare, eludere

remained - stare, restare, rimanere

portion - porzione

native country - paese d'origine

authorities - autorita

hold - tenere

continued - continuare

intermission - intervallo, pausa, intermezzo, intermedio

buried - seppellire

intricacies - complessita

seclusion - isolamento

afterwards - dopo

recollections - ricordo

knit - lavorare a maglia, sferruzzare, legare, saldarsi, compattare

rude - rude, maleducato, oscena, offensivo

comfortable - comodo, confortevole

cottage - casolare, rustico

confines - limitare

those - quelle, quei, quegli

vast - ampio, vasto, esteso, grande

Forests - bosco, selva, foresta

cover - copertura, copertina, copriletto

Northern - settentrionale, nordico, boreale

Germany - Germania

acres - acro

ground - terra

summer months - mesi estivi

cultivated - coltivare

doubtful - dubbio, discutibile, incerto, improbabile, sospetto

harvest - stagione della mietitura, mietitura, messe, raccolto, frutto

sufficient - appropriato, sufficiente, idoneo, adeguato, congruo

support - sostenere

alone - da solo, soltanto

wolves - lupo, donnaiolo, divorare

season - stagione

incessantly - incessantemente

prowled - aggirarsi

purchased - compra, acquisto, compravendita, acquisizione, comprare

foresters - guardaboschi

gain - acquistare, conseguire

livelihood - mezzo di sussistenza

partly - in parte

hunting - caccia, (hunt), cacciare, essere a caccia, essere alla ricerca

burning - bruciare

charcoal - carbone, carbonella, antracite

purpose - scopo

smelting - fusione

mines - mio, mia, mie, miei

distant - distante, remoto

habitation - abitazione

mind - mente

landscape - paesaggio, panorama, orizzontale, scenario

pines - pino

rose - Rosa

wide - largo, ampio, vasto, laterale

expanse - distesa

beneath - sotto

topmost - piu in alto

boughs - ramo

whose - talian: di chi, cui

rapidly - rapidamente

descended - scendere

Valley - valle

prospect - prospettiva, lungimiranza, possibilita, eventualita

severe - rigido, duro, grave, severo

desolate - desolato, deserto, abbandonato, nero

scene - scena

I said that, in the winter, my father occupied himself with the chase; every day he left us, and often would he lock the door, that we might not leave the cottage.

occupied - occupare

chase - dare la caccia a

lock - serratura

He had no one to assist him, or to take care of us-indeed, it was not easy to find a female servant who would live in such a solitude; but, could he have found one, my father would not have received her, for he had imbibed a horror of the sex, as a difference of his conduct toward us, his two boys, and my poor little sister, Marcella, evidently proved.

assist - assistere, aiutare, assistenza, aiuto, assist

care - cura, attenzione

indeed - infatti, davvero, realmente, effettivamente, gia

female - femminile, femmina

servant - servo, servitore, domestico, famiglio

solitude - solitudine

imbibed - assorbire

horror - orrore

sex - sesso

toward - verso, incontro, per, presso

evidently - evidentemente

proved - provare, dimostrare

You may suppose we were sadly neglected; indeed, we suffered much, for my father, fearful that we might come to some harm, would not allow us fuel, when he left the cottage; and we were obliged, therefore, to creep under the heaps of bears'-skins, and there to keep ourselves as warm as we could until he returned in the evening, when a blazing fire was our delight.

suppose - supporre, immaginare

sadly - tristemente

neglected - mancare, negligere, omettere, ignorare, tralasciare, negligenza

suffered - soffrire, penare, patire, aggravarsi, subire, lasciare

fearful - impaurito, spaventato, pavido

harm - danno, male, ferita, svantaggio, danneggiare

allow - lasciare, permettere, concedere, consentire

fuel - carburante, combustibile, rifornimento, rifornire, alimentare

obliged - obbligare, forzare, costringere, fare un favore, indebitarsi

therefore - dunque, quindi, percio, pertanto

creep - abbarbicarsi, insinuarsi, strisciare, scorrimento, spostamento

heaps - folla, massa, moltitudine, pila, cumulo

bears - sopportare

skins - pelle, interfaccia, scuoiare

ourselves - noi stessi

blazing - incendio

delight - delizia, piacere, deliziare

That my father chose this restless sort of life may appear strange, but the fact was that he could not remain quiet; whether from remorse for having committed murder, or from the misery consequent on his change of situation, or from both combined, he was never happy unless he was in a state of activity.

restless - instancabile, irrequieto

sort - sorta, tipo

appear strange - apparire strano

whether - se, indipendentemente, sia che, che, no, checkse

remorse - rimorso

committed - affidare, impegnarsi, arrestare, imprigionare, ricoverare

murder - assassinio, omicidio, uccisione, assassinare, massacrare

misery - miseria, accidente

consequent - conseguente

combined - combinare, mischiare, abbinare, unire, kombinat, combinat

Unless - a meno che, se non

state - Stato

Children, however, when left much to themselves, acquire a thoughtfulness not common to their age. So it was with us; and during the short cold days of winter we would sit silent, longing for the happy hours when the snow would melt, and the leaves burst out, and the birds begin their songs, and when we should again be set at liberty.

themselves - essi stessi

acquire - acquisire

thoughtfulness - premurosita

silent - silenzioso, muto, silente, tranquillo, silenzio

longing for - desiderare qualcosa, volere qualcosa

melt - sciogliere, fondere

burst - scoppiare, esplodere, strappare, separare, scoppio, esplosione

liberty - liberta

Such was our peculiar and savage sort of life until my brother Cćsar was nine, myself seven, and my sister five, years old, when the circumstances occurred on which is based the extraordinary narrative which I am about to relate.

peculiar - strano, peculiare, particolare

savage - selvaggio, primitivo, brutale, crudele, feroce, impietoso

circumstances - circostanza, dettaglio, caso, circonlocuzione, situazione

occurred - verificarsi, sovvenire, venire in mente

based - base

extraordinary - straordinario, straordinaria, eccezionale, fantastico

narrative - descrizione

relate - riferire

One evening my father returned home rather later than usual; he had been unsuccessful, and, as the weather was very severe, and many feet of snow were upon the ground, he was not only very cold, but in a very bad humour.

returned home - e tornato a casa

Rather - rato

usual - solito, usuale, consueto, abituale

unsuccessful - fallito, vano, senza successo

humour - humour, umorismo, umore, accontentare, assecondare

He had brought in wood, and we were all three of us gladly assisting each other in blowing on the embers to create the blaze, when he caught poor little Marcella by the arm and threw her aside; the child fell, struck her mouth, and bled very much. My brother ran to raise her up. Accustomed to ill usage, and afraid of my father, she did not dare to cry, but looked up in his face very piteously.

wood - legno

gladly - volentieri

assisting - assistere, aiutare, assistenza, aiuto, assist

blowing - colpo

embers - braci, splendore, favilla

blaze - incendio

caught - presa, conquista, fermaglio, fermaglio di sicurezza, trappola

threw - gettare, lanciare

aside - a parte, in disparte

struck - cancellare, colpire, coniare, scioperare, sembrare, arrendersi, sciopero

bled - sanguinare

raise - alzare, innalzare

accustomed - assuefarsi, abituarsi, adattarsi, familiarizzare

ill - malato

usage - uso, checkutilizzo

dare - osare

cry - piangere, gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

piteously - in modo pietoso

My father drew his stool nearer to the hearth, muttered something in abuse of women, and busied himself with the fire, which both my brother and I had deserted when our sister was so unkindly treated. A cheerful blaze was soon the result of his exertions; but we did not, as usual, crowd round it.

stool - sgabello

hearth - focolare, letto della fornace, focolare domestico

muttered - mormorare

abuse - abusare

deserted - abbandonare

unkindly - scortese

treated - trattare, trattenimento, festeggiamento, sorpresa

cheerful - allegro, felice, gioioso, luminoso

exertions - sforzo, fatica

crowd round - accumularsi

Marcella, still bleeding, retired to a corner, and my brother and I took our seats beside her, while my father hung over the fire gloomily and alone. Such had been our position for about half-an-hour, when the howl of a wolf, close under the window of the cottage, fell on our ears.

bleeding - sanguinamento, (bleed), sanguinare

retired - (andare in pensione)

corner - angolo, sporgenza, angolo sporgente, pietra d'angolo

seats - posto, seduta, sedile, scranno

beside - accanto, vicino

hung over - sbornia

gloomily - cupamente

position - posizione, posto, lavoro, piazzare, posizionare

howl - ululato, uggiolio, latrato, guaito, ululare, gannire

My father started up, and seized his gun; the howl was repeated, he examined the priming, and then hastily left the cottage, shutting the door after him.

started up - avviato

seized - prendere, afferrare, approfittare, sfruttare

gun - arma da fuoco

examined - esaminare

priming - imprimación

shutting - chiudere

We all waited (anxiously listening), for we thought that if he succeeded in shooting the wolf, he would return in a better humour; and although he was harsh to all of us, and particularly so to our little sister, still we loved our father, and loved to see him cheerful and happy, for what else had we to look up to?

anxiously - ansiosamente

succeeded - succedere, riuscire

shooting - sparatoria

harsh - grossolano, ruvido, rude, aspro (taste), accidentato

particularly - in particolare, estremamente

And I may here observe, that perhaps there never were three children who were fonder of each other; we did not, like other children, fight and dispute together; and if, by chance, any disagreement did arise between my elder brother and me, little Marcella would run to us, and kissing us both, seal, through her entreaties, the peace between us.

observe - osservare

Perhaps - forse

fonder - tenero

fight - lottare, battersi

dispute - disputa, lite, bega

by chance - per caso

disagreement - discussione, disaccordo

arise - sorgere, apparire, nascere

kissing - baciare

seal - sigillo

entreaties - supplichevole

peace - pace, armonia

Marcella was a lovely, amiable child; I can recall her beautiful features even now-Alas! poor little Marcella.

lovely - bella

amiable - amabile, affabile, affettuoso

recall - ritirare, revocare, richiamare, rammentare, ricordare

features - caratteristica, prestazione, peculiarita, proprieta

Alas - ahime!, ohime!

We waited for some time, but the report of the gun did not reach us, and my elder brother then said, "Our father has followed the wolf, and will not be back for some time. Marcella, let us wash the blood from your mouth, and then we will leave this corner, and go to the fire and warm ourselves."

reach - arrivare a, raggiungere

blood - sangue

We did so, and remained there until near midnight, every minute wondering, as it grew later, why our father did not return. We had no idea that he was in any danger, but we thought that he must have chased the wolf for a very long time. "I will look out and see if father is coming," said my brother Cćsar, going to the door.

wondering - chiedersi, (wonder), meraviglia, domandarsi

danger - pericolo

chased - dare la caccia a

"Take care," said Marcella, "the wolves must be about now, and we cannot kill them, brother." My brother opened the door very cautiously, and but a few inches; he peeped out.-"I see nothing," said he, after a time, and once more he joined us at the fire.

kill - uccidere

cautiously - cautamente, prudentemente

inches - pollice

peeped - sbirciatina

"We have had no supper," said I, for my father usually cooked the meat as soon as he came home; and during his absence we had nothing but the fragments of the preceding day.

supper - cena

fragments - frammento, frammentare

preceding - precedere

"And if our father comes home after his hunt, Cćsar," said Marcella, "he will be pleased to have some supper; let us cook it for him and for ourselves." Cćsar climbed upon the stool, and reached down some meat-I forget now whether it was venison or bear's meat; but we cut off the usual quantity, and proceeded to dress it, as we used to do under our father's superintendence.

hunt - cacciare, essere a caccia, essere alla ricerca, caccia

reached - arrivare a, raggiungere

venison - carne di cervo, cacciagione

bear - sopportare

quantity - grandezza, quantita, numero

proceeded - procedere

superintendence - sovrintendenza

We were all busied putting it into the platters before the fire, to await his coming, when we heard the sound of a horn. We listened-there was a noise outside, and a minute afterwards my father entered, ushering in a young female, and a large dark man in a hunter's dress.

platters - piatto (ovale)

await - aspettare, attendere, servire

horn - corno, clacson

noise - rumore, strepito

entered - entrare, immettere, digitare

ushering - maschera, cerimoniere, usciere, messo, accompagnare, guidare

Hunter - cacciatore, cane da caccia, cavallo da caccia, cercatore

Perhaps I had better now relate, what was only known to me many years afterwards. When my father had left the cottage, he perceived a large white wolf about thirty yards from him; as soon as the animal saw my father, it retreated slowly, growling and snarling.

perceived - percepire

yards - iarda

retreated - ritirarsi

slowly - lentamente, piano, a rilento

growling - ringhiare, (growl), ringhio, brontolio

snarling - ringhiando

My father followed; the animal did not run, but always kept at some distance; and my father did not like to fire until he was pretty certain that his ball would take effect: thus they went on for some time, the wolf now leaving my father far behind, and then stopping and snarling defiance at him, and then again, on his approach, setting off at speed.

distance - distanza

Certain - certo, sicuro, tale, determinato

effect - effetto, effettuare

thus - cosi

defiance - sfida

approach - avvicinarsi

setting off - partire

Speed - velocita

Anxious to shoot the animal (for the white wolf is very rare), my father continued the pursuit for several hours, during which he continually ascended the mountain.

anxious - ansioso, preoccupante, bramoso, impaziente

shoot - sparare, scoccare

rare - raro

pursuit - ricerca, perseguimento, caccia, passatempo

several - diversi, vari

continually - continuamente

ascended - salire, riuscire

You must know that there are peculiar spots on those mountains which are supposed, and, as my story will prove, truly supposed, to be inhabited by the evil influences; they are well known to the huntsmen, who invariably avoid them. Now, one of these spots, an open space in the pine forests above us, had been pointed out to my father as dangerous on that account.

spots - macchia, brufolo, foruncolo, zona, area, pubblicita, individuare

supposed - supporre, immaginare

Prove - provare, dimostrare

truly - accuratamente, veramente, molto

inhabited - abitare

evil - cattivo, maligno

influences - influenza, ascendente, influenzare, influire

huntsmen - cacciatore

invariably - invariabilmente

avoid - schivare, evitare

pine - pino

on that account - per questo motivo

But, whether he disbelieved these wild stories, or whether, in his eager pursuit of the chase, he disregarded them, I know not; certain, however, it is that he was decoyed by the white wolf to this open space, when the animal appeared to slacken her speed. My father approached, came close up to her, raised his gun to his shoulder, and was about to fire, when the wolf suddenly disappeared.

disbelieved - non credere

wild - selvaggio, selvatico

eager - desideroso

disregarded - ignorare, non considerare

decoyed - esca, richiamo, zimbello

slacken - allentare

approached - avvicinarsi

close up - chiudere, ricucire

suddenly - all'improvviso, improvvisamente

disappeared - sparire, scomparire

He thought that the snow on the ground must have dazzled his sight, and he let down his gun to look for the beast-but she was gone; how she could have escaped over the clearance, without his seeing her, was beyond his comprehension. Mortified at the ill success of his chase, he was about to retrace his steps, when he heard the distant sound of a horn.

dazzled - abbagliare, abbacinare, impressionare

sight - vista, spettacolo, mirino, vedere, avvistare, mirare

let down - sgonfiare

beast - bestia, belva

escaped - scappare, fuggire, darsela a gambe, evitare, eludere

clearance - sgombero, repulisti, piazza pulita, luce, spazio

beyond - oltre, (al) di la di, dall'altra parte di, piu di, dopo

comprehension - comprensione

mortified - mortificare

retrace - ripercorrere, (tornare indietro)

steps - passo

Astonishment at such a sound-at such an hour-in such a wilderness, made him forget for the moment his disappointment, and he remained riveted to the spot. In a minute the horn was blown a second time, and at no great distance; my father stood still, and listened: a third time it was blown.

astonishment - stupore, meraviglia, sorpresa, sbigottimento

wilderness - natura

disappointment - delusione, disappunto

riveted - rivetto, ribattino, chiodare

spot - macchia, brufolo, foruncolo, zona, area, pubblicita, individuare

blown - colpo

third - terzo, terza, atterzare

I forget the term used to express it, but it was the signal which, my father well knew, implied that the party was lost in the woods. In a few minutes more my father beheld a man on horseback, with a female seated on the crupper, enter the cleared space, and ride up to him.

term - periodo, durata, mandato

express - esprimere

signal - segnale, campo, segnalare, indicare

implied - implicare

woods - legno

beheld - guardare, ecco

on horseback - a cavallo

seated - posto, seduta, sedile, scranno

crupper - strap stopping saddle from slipping

enter - entrare, immettere, digitare

cleared - trasparente, limpido, pulito, chiaro, nitido

At first, my father called to mind the strange stories which he had heard of the supernatural beings who were said to frequent these mountains; but the nearer approach of the parties satisfied him that they were mortals like himself. As soon as they came up to him, the man who guided the horse accosted him.

strange - strano, anormale

supernatural - soprannaturale, sovrannaturale, ultraterreno

beings - essere, creatura, esistenza

frequent - frequente

satisfied - soddisfare, accontentare, saziare

mortals - mortale

guided - guida

accosted - affrontare, aggredire, inveire, molestare, accostare, salutare

"Friend Hunter, you are out late, the better fortune for us: we have ridden far, and are in fear of our lives, which are eagerly sought after. These mountains have enabled us to elude our pursuers; but if we find not shelter and refreshment, that will avail us little, as we must perish from hunger and the inclemency of the night.

Fortune - sorte, destino, fortuna, dote

fear - paura

eagerly - impazientemente

sought - cercare, ricercare

enabled - permettere, attivare, abilitare

elude - eludere

pursuers - inseguitore

shelter - rifugio, riparo, dare rifugio, rifugiarsi, ripararsi

refreshment - rinfrescarsi

avail - (2) inutile

perish - perire

hunger - fame

inclemency - inclemenza

My daughter, who rides behind me, is now more dead than alive-say, can you assist us in our difficulty?"

dead - morto

alive - vivo, attivo, animato

difficulty - difficolta

"My cottage is some few miles distant," replied my father, "but I have little to offer you besides a shelter from the weather; to the little I have you are welcome. May I ask whence you come?"

replied - rispondere, replicare, ripetere, risposta, replica

besides - accanto, vicino

whence - onde, donde, da dove

"Yes, friend, it is no secret now; we have escaped from Transylvania, where my daughter's honour and my life were equally in jeopardy!"

secret - segreto

honour - onore

equally - altrettanto, parimenti

jeopardy - pericolo, rischio

This information was quite enough to raise an interest in my father's heart. He remembered his own escape: he remembered the loss of his wife's honour, and the tragedy by which it was wound up. He immediately, and warmly, offered all the assistance which he could afford them.

heart - cuore

Loss - perdita

tragedy - tragedia

wound - ferita

immediately - immediatamente, subito, su due piedi

warmly - con calore

offered - offrire

assistance - assistenza

afford - permettersi

"There is no time to be lost, then, good sir," observed the horseman; "my daughter is chilled with the frost, and cannot hold out much longer against the severity of the weather."

be lost - perdersi

observed - osservare

horseman - cavaliere

chilled - freddo

frost - brina, gelata, gelo, checkgalaverna, checkgelo, brinare

hold out - resistere

against - contrario, contro, in cambio di

severity - severita, gravita, serieta

"Follow me," replied my father, leading the way towards his home.

leading - che conduce

towards - verso, incontro, per, presso

"I was lured away in pursuit of a large white wolf," observed my father; "it came to the very window of my hut, or I should not have been out at this time of night."

lured - richiamo, lusinga

hut - capanna

"The creature passed by us just as we came out of the wood," said the female in a silvery tone.

creature - creatura

passed - passare

silvery - argenteo, argentato, argentino

tone - tono

"I was nearly discharging my piece at it," observed the hunter; "but since it did us such good service, I am glad that I allowed it to escape."

nearly - quasi, praticamente, circa

discharging - secrezione, emissione, discarico, scarica, dimissioni, congedo

Since - da allora, a partire da, da quando, poiché, giacché, dacché

service - servizio, di servizio

Glad - contento, felice

In about an hour and a half, during which my father walked at a rapid pace, the party arrived at the cottage, and, as I said before, came in.

rapid - rapido, deciso, rapida, cataratta

pace - passo

"We are in good time, apparently," observed the dark hunter, catching the smell of the roasted meat, as he walked to the fire and surveyed my brother and sister, and myself. "You have young cooks here, Mynheer." "I am glad that we shall not have to wait," replied my father. "Come, mistress, seat yourself by the fire; you require warmth after your cold ride.

in good time - in tempo utile

apparently - chiaramente, evidentemente, apparentemente, sembra che

catching - catturare, (catch), presa, conquista, fermaglio

smell - odore, olfatto, odorato, sentire l'odore, fiutare, odorare

Roasted - arrostire, arrosto, arrosti, al forno

surveyed - sondaggio, inchiesta, indagine, ricognizione

shall - talian: 'shall' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense', talian: ('indicating determination') 'shall' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense, which can be emphasised using ", si c

Mistress - signora, padrona, maestra, amante, dominatrice

seat - posto, seduta, sedile, scranno

require - esigere, prevedere, richiedere, necessitare, domandare

warmth - calore

" "And where can I put up my horse, Mynheer?" observed the huntsman. "I will take care of him," replied my father, going out of the cottage door.

huntsman - cacciatore

The female must, however, be particularly described. She was young, and apparently twenty years of age. She was dressed in a travelling dress, deeply bordered with white fur, and wore a cap of white ermine on her head. Her features were very beautiful, at least I thought so, and so my father has since declared.

deeply - in profondita, estremamente, profondamente, intensamente

bordered - confine, frontiera, orlo

fur - pelo, pelliccia

cap - berretto

ermine - ermellino, armellino

declared - dichiarare

Her hair was flaxen, glossy and shining, and bright as a mirror; and her mouth, although somewhat large when it was open, showed the most brilliant teeth I have ever beheld.

flaxen - lino

glossy - lucido, patinato, luccicante

shining - brillare, far luce con

bright - luminoso, brillante

mirror - specchio, copia speculare

somewhat - in qualche modo

most brilliant - il piu brillante

But there was something about her eyes, bright as they were, which made us children afraid; they were so restless, so furtive; I could not at that time tell why, but I felt as if there was cruelty in her eye; and when she beckoned us to come to her, we approached her with fear and trembling. Still she was beautiful, very beautiful.

furtive - furtivo

cruelty - crudelta

beckoned - accennare

trembling - tremare, (tremble), tremolare, tremore

She spoke kindly to my brother and myself, patted our heads, and caressed us; but Marcella would not come near her; on the contrary, she slunk away, and hid herself in the bed, and would not wait for the supper, which half an hour before she had been so anxious for.

kindly - gentilmente

patted - colpetto, buffetto

caressed - accarezzare

come near - avvicinarsi

contrary - contrario, opposto

slunk - sgattaiolare

hid - nascosto

My father, having put the horse into a close shed, soon returned, and supper was placed upon the table. When it was over, my father requested that the young lady would take possession of his bed, and he would remain at the fire, and sit up with her father.

shed - capannone, rimessa

requested - chiedere, richiesta, talian: t-needed

lady - signora, dama, lady

take possession of - prendere possesso

sit up - sedersi

After some hesitation on her part, this arrangement was agreed to, and I and my brother crept into the other bed with Marcella, for we had as yet always slept together.

hesitation - esitazione

arrangement - arrangiamento, sistemazione, incontro, composizione

crept - abbarbicarsi, insinuarsi, strisciare, scorrimento, spostamento

as yet - ancora

But we could not sleep; there was something so unusual, not only in seeing strange people, but in having those people sleep at the cottage, that we were bewildered. As for poor little Marcella, she was quiet, but I perceived that she trembled during the whole night, and sometimes I thought that she was checking a sob.

unusual - insolito, particolare, inusuale

bewildered - confondere, disorientare, sconcertare

trembled - tremare, tremolare, tremore

sob - singhiozzare

My father had brought out some spirits, which he rarely used, and he and the strange hunter remained drinking and talking before the fire. Our ears were ready to catch the slightest whisper-so much was our curiosity excited.

brought out - portato fuori

spirits - spirito

rarely - raramente

catch - presa, conquista, fermaglio, fermaglio di sicurezza, trappola

slightest - insignificante, leggero, debole, lieve, disprezzare, sminuire

whisper - sussurro, sussurrare

curiosity - curiosita

"You said you came from Transylvania?" observed my father.

"Even so, Mynheer," replied the hunter. "I was a serf to the noble house of--; my master would insist upon my surrendering up my fair girl to his wishes; it ended in my giving him a few inches of my hunting-knife."

noble - nobile, aristocratico, splendido

Master - padrone

insist - insistere

surrendering - arrendersi, capitolare

fair - biondo, chiaro

hunting-knife - (hunting-knife) coltello da caccia

"We are countrymen, and brothers in misfortune," replied my father, taking the huntsman's hand, and pressing it warmly.

countrymen - connazionale

misfortune - malasorte, disgrazia

pressing - urgente, imminente, pressante, insistente, persistente

"Indeed! Are you, then, from that country?"

"Yes; and I too have fled for my life. But mine is a melancholy tale."

fled - fuggire

mine - mio, mia, mie, miei

melancholy - malinconia

Tale - storia, resoconto

"Your name?" inquired the hunter.

inquired - domandare, chiedere


"What! Krantz of-I have heard your tale; you need not renew your grief by repeating it now. Welcome, most welcome, Mynheer, and, I may say, my worthy kinsman. I am your second cousin, Wilfred of Barnsdorf," cried the hunter, rising up and embracing my father.

renew - rinnovare

grief - dolore, pena, sofferenza

most welcome - benvenuto

worthy - degno

kinsman - parente

cried - piangere, gridare, urlare, pianto, urlo, verso

rising - in aumento

embracing - abbracciare, aderire, inglobare, abbraccio

They filled their horn mugs to the brim, and drank to one another, after the German fashion. The conversation was then carried on in a low tone; all that we could collect from it was, that our new relative and his daughter were to take up their abode in our cottage, at least for the present. In about an hour they both fell back in their chairs, and appeared to sleep.

mugs - tazza

brim - orlo

German - tedesco, tedesca, germano, germana

fashion - moda, voga, stile, maniera, modo, tendenza, fabbricare

low - basso

collect - riunirsi

relative - relativo, parente, congiunto, congiunta, familiare

abode - residenza, (abide), sopportare, tollerare, dimorare, risiedere

appeared - apparire

"Marcella, dear, did you hear?" said my brother in a low tone.

"Yes," replied Marcella, in a whisper; "I heard all. Oh! brother, I cannot bear to look upon that woman-I feel so frightened."

frightened - spaurire, spaventare

My brother made no reply, and shortly afterwards we were all three fast asleep.

reply - rispondere, replicare, ripetere, risposta, replica

shortly - subito, tra poco, in breve

asleep - addormentato

When we awoke the next morning, we found that the hunter's daughter had risen before us. I thought she looked more beautiful than ever. She came up to little Marcella and caressed her; the child burst into tears, and sobbed as if her heart would break.

awoke - svegliarsi

risen - aumentare, alzarsi, crescere

caressed - si preoccupa

Tears - lacrima

sobbed - singhiozzare

But, not to detain you with too long a story, the huntsman and his daughter were accommodated in the cottage. My father and he went out hunting daily, leaving Christina with us. She performed all the household duties; was very kind to us children; and, gradually, the dislike even of little Marcella wore away.

detain - detenere, trattenere

accommodated - alloggiare, accogliere

daily - quotidiano, giornaliero

performed - eseguire, comportarsi con correttezza, adempiere, recitare

household - famiglia, nucleo familiare, domestico, casalinghi

duties - dovere, obbligo, servizio, attivita, tassa, dazio

gradually - gradualmente

dislike - antipatia, avversione, non piacersi

But a great change took place in my father; he appeared to have conquered his aversion to the sex, and was most attentive to Christina. Often, after her father and we were in bed, would he sit up with her, conversing in a low tone by the fire.

conquered - conquistare, sconfiggere, vincere

aversion - avversione

most attentive - il piu attento

conversing - conversare

I ought to have mentioned, that my father and the huntsman Wilfred, slept in another portion of the cottage, and that the bed which he formerly occupied, and which was in the same room as ours, had been given up to the use of Christina. These visitors had been about three weeks at the cottage, when, one night, after we children had been sent to bed, a consultation was held.

mentioned - cenno, accenno, menzione, menzionare

Formerly - In passato

consultation - consultazione

held - tenere

My father had asked Christina in marriage, and had obtained both her own consent and that of Wilfred; after this a conversation took place, which was, as nearly as I can recollect, as follows:

obtained - ottenere, riuscire, avere, stabilirsi

consent - consentire, consenso

recollect - ricordarsi

"You may take my child, Mynheer Krantz, and my blessing with her, and I shall then leave you and seek some other habitation-it matters little where."

blessing - benedizione

seek - cercare, ricercare

matters - materia, problema, argomento, questione, faccenda, causa

"Why not remain here, Wilfred?"

"No, no, I am called elsewhere; let that suffice, and ask no more questions. You have my child."

elsewhere - altrove

suffice - bastare, essere sufficiente, soddisfare, fornire

"I thank you for her, and will duly value her; but there is one difficulty."

duly - debitamente

value - valore, valutare, stimare, apprezzare, valorizzare

"I know what you would say; there is no priest here in this wild country: true, neither is there any law to bind; still must some ceremony pass between you, to satisfy a father. Will you consent to marry her after my fashion? if so, I will marry you directly."

priest - prete, sacerdote, mazza, (prey), preda, squartamento

neither - nessuno, né X né Y, neanche, nemmeno, neppure, manco

law - legge

bind - legare, connettere, rilegare

ceremony - cerimonia

pass - passare

satisfy - soddisfare, accontentare, saziare

marry - sposare, sposarsi

directly - direttamente

"I will," replied my father.

"Then take her by the hand. Now, Mynheer, swear."

swear - giurare

"I swear," repeated my father.

"By all the spirits of the Hartz Mountains--"

"Nay, why not by Heaven?" interrupted my father.

Nay - anzi, o per meglio dire

Heaven - cielo, paradiso

interrupted - interrompere, celare, ricoprire, tagliare

"Because it is not my humour," rejoined Wilfred; "if I prefer that oath, less binding perhaps, than another, surely you will not thwart me."

rejoined - ricongiungersi

oath - giuramento, bestemmia, giurare

binding - vincolante, rilegatura, legame, (bind), legare, connettere, rilegare

surely - sicuramente, checkcertamente

thwart - sventare, bloccare, arcaccia

"Well, be it so then; have your humour. Will you make me swear by that in which I do not believe?"

"Yet many do so, who in outward appearance are Christians," rejoined Wilfred; "say, will you be married, or shall I take my daughter away with me?"

outward appearance - aspetto esteriore

Christians - cristiano, cristiana

"Proceed," replied my father, impatiently.

proceed - procedere

impatiently - con impazienza

"I swear by all the spirits of the Hartz Mountains, by all their power for good or for evil, that I take Christina for my wedded wife; that I will ever protect her, cherish her, and love her; that my hand shall never be raised against her to harm her."

power - potere, influenza, potenza, forza, elettricita, corrente

wedded - sposare, sposarsi

protect - proteggere

cherish - custodire, curare, apprezzare

My father repeated the words after Wilfred.

"And if I fail in this, my vow, may all the vengeance of the spirits fall upon me and upon my children; may they perish by the vulture, by the wolf, or other beasts of the forest; may their flesh be torn from their limbs, and their bones blanch in the wilderness; all this I swear."

fail - fallire

vow - voto, giurare, votare

vengeance - vendetta, rivalsa, rappresaglia, ritorsione

vulture - avvoltoio

beasts - bestia, belva

forest - bosco, selva, foresta

flesh - carne

torn - lacrima

limbs - membro, arto

bones - osso, lisca, spina

blanch - Palidecer

My father hesitated, as he repeated the last words; little Marcella could not restrain herself, and as my father repeated the last sentence, she burst into tears. This sudden interruption appeared to discompose the party, particularly my father; he spoke harshly to the child, who controlled her sobs, burying her face under the bed-clothes.

hesitated - esitare, titubare

Last - ultimo

restrain - contenere, frenare

sudden - improvviso, improvvisa

interruption - interruzione

discompose - scomporsi

harshly - aspramente, severamente, duramente

controlled - controllare, influenzare, dirigere, controllo, comando

sobs - singhiozzare

burying - seppellire

Such was the second marriage of my father. The next morning, the hunter Wilfred mounted his horse and rode away.

mounted - montare, salire

My father resumed his bed, which was in the same room as ours; and things went on much as before the marriage, except that our new mother-in-law did not show any kindness towards us; indeed, during my father's absence, she would often beat us, particularly little Marcella, and her eyes would flash fire, as she looked eagerly upon the fair and lovely child.

resumed - riprendere

as before - come prima

Except - salvo, tranne, eccetto, fatto salvo

kindness - bonta, gentilezza, cortesia, garbo

beat - battere

flash - lampo

One night, my sister awoke me and my brother.

"What is the matter?" said Cćsar.

matter - materia, problema, argomento, questione, faccenda, causa

"She has gone out," whispered Marcella.

gone out - uscire

whispered - sussurro, sussurrare

"Gone out!"

"Yes, gone out at the door, in her night-clothes," replied the child; "I saw her get out of bed, look at my father to see if he slept, and then she went out at the door."

What could induce her to leave her bed, and all undressed to go out, in such bitter wintry weather, with the snow deep on the ground, was to us incomprehensible; we lay awake, and in about an hour we heard the growl of a wolf, close under the window.

induce - persuadere, incitare, indurre, provocare

undressed - svestirsi

Bitter - amaro, aspro

wintry - invernale

deep - profondo, spesso, esteso, profondo (1, 2)

incomprehensible - incomprensibile

awake - svegliarsi

growl - ringhio, brontolio, ringhiare

"There is a wolf," said Cćsar, "she will be torn to pieces."

"Oh, no!" cried Marcella.

In a few minutes afterwards our mother-in-law appeared; she was in her night-dress, as Marcella had stated. She let down the latch of the door, so as to make no noise, went to a pail of water, and washed her face and hands, and then slipped into the bed where my father lay.

stated - stato, dichiarare, statuire, esporre, indicare

latch - chiavistello

pail - secchio

slipped - scivolare

We all three trembled, we hardly knew why, but we resolved to watch the next night: we did so-and not only on the ensuing night, but on many others, and always at about the same hour, would our mother-in-law rise from her bed, and leave the cottage-and after she was gone, we invariably heard the growl of a wolf under our window, and always saw her, on her return, wash herself before she retired to bed. We observed, also, that she seldom sat down to meals, and that when she did, she appeared to eat with dislike; but when the meat was taken down, to be prepared for dinner, she would often furtively put a raw piece into her mouth.

hardly - aspramente, appena, quasi, checkmica

resolved - decidere

ensuing - seguire, conseguire

rise - aumentare, alzarsi, crescere

seldom - raramente, di rado

taken down - tolto, scritto, annotato

furtively - furtivamente

raw - crudo, grezzo, non raffinatato, naturale, aperta, vergine

My brother Cćsar was a courageous boy; he did not like to speak to my father until he knew more. He resolved that he would follow her out, and ascertain what she did.

courageous - coraggioso

ascertain - accertare, appurare, stabilire, constatare

Marcella and I endeavoured to dissuade him from this project; but he would not be controlled, and, the very next night he lay down in his clothes, and as soon as our mother-in-law had left the cottage, he jumped up, took down my father's gun, and followed her.

endeavoured - tentare

dissuade - dissuadere

jumped up - saltare su

You may imagine in what a state of suspense Marcella and I remained, during his absence. After a few minutes, we heard the report of a gun. It did not awaken my father, and we lay trembling with anxiety. In a minute afterwards we saw our mother-in-law enter the cottage-her dress was bloody. I put my hand to Marcella's mouth to prevent her crying out, although I was myself in great alarm.

state - stato, dichiarare, statuire, esporre, indicare

suspense - trepidazione

awaken - svegliare, svegliarsi

anxiety - ansia, ansieta, bramosia

bloody - sanguinosa

prevent - impedire, prevenire

crying out - gridare

alarm - allarme

Our mother-in-law approached my father's bed, looked to see if he was asleep, and then went to the chimney, and blew up the embers into a blaze.

chimney - camino, ciminiera, fumaiolo, bulbo

blew up - saltare in aria

"Who is there?" said my father, waking up.

waking up - svegliarsi

"Lie still, dearest," replied my mother-in-law, "it is only me; I have lighted the fire to warm some water; I am not quite well."

lie - bugia

My father turned round and was soon asleep; but we watched our mother-in-law. She changed her linen, and threw the garments she had worn into the fire; and we then perceived that her right leg was bleeding profusely, as if from a gun-shot wound. She bandaged it up, and then dressing herself, remained before the fire until the break of day.

round - rotondo, tondo

linen - lino

garments - vestito, indumento, capo, abito

profusely - abbondantemente

shot - colpo

bandaged - fasciatura, bendaggio, benda, benderella

Poor little Marcella, her heart beat quick as she pressed me to her side-so indeed did mine. Where was our brother, Cćsar? How did my mother-in-law receive the wound unless from his gun? At last my father rose, and then, for the first time I spoke, saying, "Father, where is my brother, Cćsar?"

beat - colpire, percuotere

pressed - premere, pigiare

side - lato

receive - ricevere

"Your brother!" exclaimed he, "why, where can he be?"

exclaimed - esclamare

"Merciful Heaven! I thought as I lay very restless last night," observed our mother-in-law, "that I heard somebody open the latch of the door; and, Dear me, husband, what has become of your gun?"

merciful - misericordioso

Dear me - Caro me

My father cast his eyes up above the chimney, and perceived that his gun was missing. For a moment he looked perplexed, then seizing a broad axe, he went out of the cottage without saying another word.

cast - gettare, posare, lanciare, addizionare, sommare, calcolare

perplexed - confondere, rendere perplesso

seizing - sequestro, (seize), prendere, afferrare, approfittare, sfruttare

broad - largo

axe - ascia

He did not remain away from us long: in a few minutes he returned, bearing in his arms the mangled body of my poor brother; he laid it down, and covered up his face.

bearing - cuscinetto

mangled - fracassare

laid - posare

covered up - coperto

My mother-in-law rose up, and looked at the body, while Marcella and I threw ourselves by its side wailing and sobbing bitterly.

wailing - lamenti

sobbing - singhiozzare

bitterly - amaramente

"Go to bed again, children," said she sharply. "Husband," continued she, "your boy must have taken the gun down to shoot a wolf, and the animal has been too powerful for him. Poor boy! He has paid dearly for his rashness."

sharply - in modo acuto

powerful - potente, efficace

Dearly - Con affetto

rashness - imprudenza

My father made no reply; I wished to speak-to tell all-but Marcella, who perceived my intention, held me by the arm, and looked at me so imploringly, that I desisted.

wished - desiderio, voglia, volere, desiderare, augurare

intention - intenzione, intento

imploringly - implorante

desisted - desistere

My father, therefore, was left in his error; but Marcella and I, although we could not comprehend it, were conscious that our mother-in-law was in some way connected with my brother's death.

error - errore, sbaglio, vizio, mostrare un errore, mostrare errori

comprehend - comprendere, capire

connected - connettere, connettersi, cablare, collegare

Death - morte, dipartita, decesso, morire, la morte

That day my father went out and dug a grave, and when he laid the body in the earth, he piled up stones over it, so that the wolves should not be able to dig it up. The shock of this catastrophe was to my poor father very severe; for several days he never went to the chase, although at times he would utter bitter anathemas and vengeance against the wolves.

dug - scavato

grave - tomba

earth - terra, massa, tana, mettere a terra, tcollegare a terra

piled up - accumulare

stones - pietra, roccia, sasso, tsassolino, gemma

dig - scavare

shock - shock, choc

catastrophe - catastrofe

utter - completo, totale

anathemas - anatema

But during this time of mourning on his part, my mother-in-law's nocturnal wanderings continued with the same regularity as before.

mourning - dolore, dispiacere, lutto

nocturnal - notturno

wanderings - vagabondaggio

regularity - regolarita

At last, my father took down his gun, to repair to the forest; but he soon returned, and appeared much annoyed.

repair - riparare

annoyed - infastidirsi, infastidire, importunare, disturbare

"Would you believe it, Christina, that the wolves-perdition to the whole race-have actually contrived to dig up the body of my poor boy, and now there is nothing left of him but his bones?"

perdition - perdizione

race - corsa, gara

actually - in realta

contrived - combinare, programmare, intrigare, complottare

dig up - scavare

"Indeed!" replied my mother-in-law. Marcella looked at me, and I saw in her intelligent eye all she would have uttered.

intelligent - intelligente

uttered - completo, totale

"A wolf growls under our window every night, father," said I.

growls - ringhio, brontolio, ringhiare

"Aye, indeed?-why did you not tell me, boy?-wake me the next time you hear it."

Aye - si

I saw my mother-in-law turn away; her eyes flashed fire, and she gnashed her teeth.

turn away - allontanarsi

flashed - lampo

gnashed - digrignare, dirugginire, sbattere, scuotere

My father went out again, and covered up with a larger pile of stones the little remnants of my poor brother which the wolves had spared. Such was the first act of the tragedy.

covered - coperto, coperchio, copertura, nascondiglio, copertina, coperta

pile - pila, mucchio

remnants - resto, rimanenza, avanzo, residuo, scampolo

spared - asta

act - atto, legge, numero, scena, messinscena, agire, recitare, fare

The spring now came on: the snow disappeared, and we were permitted to leave the cottage; but never would I quit, for One moment, my dear little sister, to whom, since the death of my brother, I was more ardently attached than ever; indeed I was afraid to leave her alone with my mother-in-law, who appeared to have a particular pleasure in ill-treating the child.

permitted - permettere

quit - abbandonare, lasciare

One moment - Un momento

whom - chi, cui

ardently - ardentemente

attached - legare

particular - specifico, proprio, particolare, speciale, minuzioso

pleasure - piacere, piacimento, goduria, volutta, preferenza, scelta

treating - curare, (treat), trattare, trattenimento, festeggiamento

My father was now employed upon his little farm, and I was able to render him some assistance.

employed - impiegare, ingaggiare

render - rendere

Marcella used to sit by us while we were at work, leaving my mother-in-law alone in the cottage. I ought to observe that, as the spring advanced, so did my mother decrease her nocturnal rambles, and that we never heard the growl of the wolf under the window after I had spoken of it to my father.

advanced - avanzare, progredire, anticipare, migliorare, avvicinarsi

decrease - diminuire, calare, far calare, ribassare

rambles - vagare

One day, when my father and I were in the field, Marcella being with us, my mother-in-law came out, saying that she was going into the forest, to collect some herbs my father wanted, and that Marcella must go to the cottage and watch the dinner.

field - campo, ambito

herbs - erba aromatica, erba, erba medicinale

Marcella went, and my mother-in-law soon disappeared in the forest, taking a direction quite contrary to that in which the cottage stood, and leaving my father and I, as it were, between her and Marcella.

direction - direzione, senso di marcia, regia, conduzione

About an hour afterwards we were startled by shrieks from the cottage, evidently the shrieks of little Marcella. "Marcella has burnt herself, father," said I, throwing down my spade. My father threw down his, and we both hastened to the cottage. Before we could gain the door, out darted a large white wolf, which fled with the utmost celerity.

startled - scattare, sobbalzare, spaventare, sorprendere, schivare, evitare

shrieks - gridare, strillare

burnt - bruciato, arso

throwing down - buttare giu

spade - vanga

hastened to - affrettarsi

darted - dardo

utmost - estremo, massimo

celerity - celerita

My father had no weapon; he rushed into the cottage, and there saw poor little Marcella expiring; her body was dreadfully mangled, and the blood pouring from it had formed a large pool on the cottage floor.

weapon - arma

rushed - precipitarsi, portare d'urgenza

expiring - finire

dreadfully - terribilmente

pouring - versare

My father's first intention had been to seize his gun and pursue, but he was checked by this horrid spectacle; he knelt down by his dying child, and burst into tears: Marcella could just look kindly on us for a few seconds, and then her eyes were closed in death.

seize - prendere, afferrare, approfittare, sfruttare

pursue - perseguire, perseguitare, tormentare, inseguire, cercare

horrid - orrido

spectacle - spettacolo

knelt - inginocchiarsi

dying - morire

My father and I were still hanging over my poor sister's body, when my mother-in-law came in. At the dreadful sight she expressed much concern, but she did not appear to recoil from the sight of blood, as most women do.

hanging over - sbornia, appendere

dreadful - terribile

expressed - esprimere

concern - interesse, preoccupazione, impresa, interessare

appear - apparire

recoil - rinculo, ritrarsi, rinculare

"Poor child!" said she, "it must have been that great white wolf which passed me just now, and frightened me so-she's quite dead, Krantz."

"I know it-I know it!" cried my father in agony.

agony - dolore, agonia, parossismo

I thought my father would never recover from the effects of this second tragedy: he mourned bitterly over the body of his sweet child, and for several days would not consign it to its grave, although frequently requested by my mother-in-law to do so.

recover from - recuperare

effects - effetto, effettuare

mourned - rimpiangere, essere (in) lutto

sweet - dolcemente, dolcetto, caramella

consign - consegnare

frequently - frequentemente, spesso, continuamente

At last he yielded, and dug a grave for her close by that of my poor brother, and took every precaution that the wolves should not violate her remains.

precaution - precauzione

violate - violare

remains - stare, restare, rimanere

I was now really miserable, as I lay alone in the bed which I had formerly shared with my brother and sister. I could not help thinking that my mother-in-law was implicated in both their deaths, although I could not account for the manner; but I no longer felt afraid of her: my little heart was full of hatred and revenge.

miserable - infelice

implicated - implicare

deaths - morte, dipartita, decesso, morire, la morte

manner - maniera, modo

hatred - odio, risentimento

revenge - vendetta, rivincita, rivalsa, ritorsione, vendicarsi

The night after my sister had been buried, as I lay awake, I perceived my mother-in-law get up and go out of the cottage. I waited for some time, then dressed myself, and looked out through the door, which I half-opened.

The moon shone bright, and I could see the spot where my brother and my sister had been buried; and what was my horror, when I perceived my mother-in-law busily removing the stones from Marcella's grave.

moon - Luna

shone - brillare, far luce con

busily - intentamente

removing - rimuovere, asportare, levare, togliere

She was in her white night-dress, and the moon shone full upon her. She was digging with her hands, and throwing away the stones behind her with all the ferocity of a wild beast. It was some time before I could collect my senses and decide what I should do. At last, I perceived that she had arrived at the body, and raised it up to the side of the grave.

digging - scavare

throwing away - buttare via

ferocity - ferocia

senses - senso, coscienza, sensazione, significato, tocco

I could bear it no longer; I ran to my father and awoke him.

"Father! father!" cried I, "dress yourself, and get your gun."

"What!" cried my father, "the wolves are there, are they?"

He jumped out of bed, threw on his clothes, and in his anxiety did not appear to perceive the absence of his wife. As soon as he was ready, I opened the door, he went out, and I followed him.

jumped out - saltato fuori

perceive - percepire

Imagine his horror, when (unprepared as he was for such a sight) he beheld, as he advanced towards the grave, not a wolf, but his wife, in her night-dress, on her hands and knees, crouching by the body of my sister, and tearing off large pieces of the flesh, and devouring them with all the avidity of a wolf. She was too busy to be aware of our approach.

unprepared - impreparati

crouching - accucciarsi

tearing off - strappare, allontanarsi

devouring - divorare, trangugiare, ingurgitare, ingozzarsi

avidity - avidita

My father dropped his gun, his hair stood on end; so did mine; he breathed heavily, and then his breath for a time stopped. I picked up the gun and put it into his hand. Suddenly he appeared as if concentrated rage had restored him to double vigour; he levelled his piece, fired, and with a loud shriek, down fell the wretch whom he had fostered in his bosom.

dropped - goccia

breathed - respirare

heavily - pesantemente, fortemente, intensamente

picked - piccone, stuzzicadenti, scelta, barriera, prendere, raccogliere, scegliere

concentrated - concentrare, concentrarsi, incentrare, focalizzare, puntare

rage - rabbia, furia, furore, infuriare, imperversare

restored - ristabilire, restaurare, riportare, rimettere

double - doppio, doppia, sosia, doppione, doppiare

vigour - vigore

levelled - piano, orizzontale, livellato, costante, uniforme, a posto

loud - forte, alto

shriek - gridare, strillare

wretch - disgraziato, infelice

fostered - allevare

bosom - seno, intimita, intimo

"God of Heaven!" cried my father, sinking down upon the earth in a swoon, as soon as he had discharged his gun.

God - Dio

sinking down - affondare, sprofondere, cadere

swoon - svenire

discharged - secrezione, emissione, discarico, scarica, dimissioni, congedo

I remained some time by his side before he recovered. "Where am I?" said he, "what has happened?-Oh!-yes, yes! I recollect now. Heaven forgive me!"

recovered - rimettersi, riprendersi

forgive - perdonare

He rose and we walked up to the grave; what again was our astonishment and horror to find that instead of the dead body of my mother-in-law, as we expected, there was lying over the remains of my poor sister, a large, white she wolf.

instead - in luogo di, invece, al posto di

dead body - cadavere

expected - aspettarsi, pensare

lying - mentire

"The white wolf!" exclaimed my father, "the white wolf which decoyed me into the forest-I see it all now-I have dealt with the spirits of the Hartz Mountains."

dealt - accordo

For some time my father remained in silence and deep thought. He then carefully lifted up the body of my sister, replaced it in the grave, and covered it over as before, having struck the head of the dead animal with the heel of his boot, and raving like a madman. He walked back to the cottage, shut the door, and threw himself on the bed; I did the same, for I was in a stupor of amazement.

silence - silenzio, silenziare, azzittire, mettere a tacere

carefully - minuziosamente, accuratamente, meticolosamente, puntigliosamente

lifted - alzare, sollevare

replaced - sostituire, rimpiazzare, riporre

heel - calcagno, tallone

raving - farneticare

madman - matto, pazzo

shut - chiudere

stupor - stupore, stordimento

amazement - stupore

Early in the morning we were both roused by a loud knocking at the door, and in rushed the hunter Wilfred.

roused - svegliare

knocking at - bussare a

"My daughter!-man-my daughter!-where is my daughter!" cried he in a rage.

"Where the wretch, the fiend, should be, I trust," replied my father, starting up and displaying equal choler; "where she should be-in hell!-Leave this cottage or you may fare worse."

fiend - demonio

trust - fiducia, confidenza, speranza, credito, affidabilita, trust

displaying - rappresentazione, saggio, schermo, video, espositore, mostrare

Equal - uguale, pari, eguagliare

choler - coler

hell - inferno

fare - biglietto

"Ha-ha!" replied the hunter, "would you harm a potent spirit of the Hartz Mountains? Poor mortal, who must needs wed a were wolf."

ha - Ja

potent - potente

spirit - spirito

mortal - mortale

wed - sposare, sposarsi

"Out, demon! I defy thee and thy power."

demon - demone, demonio, talian: Il Demonio g

defy - sfidare, abiurare

thee - te, ti, tu

thy - tuo, tua, tuoi, tue

"Yet shall you feel it; remember your oath-your solemn oath-never to raise your hand against her to harm her."

solemn - solenne

"I made no compact with evil spirits."

compact - compatto

"You did; and if you failed in your vow, you were to meet the vengeance of the spirits. Your children were to perish by the vulture, the wolf--"

failed - fallire, non riuscire

"Out, out, demon!"

"And their bones blanch in the wilderness. Ha!-ha!"

My father, frantic with rage, seized his axe, and raised it over Wilfred's head to strike.

frantic - frenetico, esagitato

strike - cancellare, colpire, coniare, scioperare, sembrare, arrendersi, sciopero

"All this I swear," continued the huntsman, mockingly.

mockingly - in modo beffardo

The axe descended; but it passed through the form of the hunter, and my father lost his balance, and fell heavily on the floor.

passed through - passare

balance - equilibrio, punto di equilibrio, contrappeso, bilanciamento

"Mortal!" said the hunter, striding over my father's body, "we have power over those only who have committed murder. You have been guilty of a double murder-you shall pay the penalty attached to your marriage vow. Two of your children are gone; the third is yet to follow-and follow them he will, for your oath is registered. Go-it were kindness to kill thee-your punishment is-that you live!"

striding - (camminare a grandi passi)

guilty - colpevole

penalty - penalita

attached - addetto

registered - registrare

punishment - punizione, pena, castigo

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