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What Was It Text

James - Santiago, Jacobo, Yago, Jaime

It is, I confess, with considerable diffidence that I approach the strange narrative which I am about to relate. The events which I purpose detailing are of so extraordinary a character that I am quite prepared to meet with an unusual amount of incredulity and scorn. I accept all such beforehand. I have, I trust, the literary courage to face unbelief.

confess - confesar, panish: t-needed

considerable - considerable

approach - enfoque; acercarse, aproximarse

narrative - narrativo, narrativa, narración

relate - relacionar; identificarse (con)

extraordinary - extraordinario, descomunal

incredulity - incredulidad

scorn - despreciar, desdenar, menospreciar, rechazar, escarnecer

beforehand - de antemano, anticipadamente, adelantadamente, antes

trust - confiar; confianza, crédito, fiar, consorcio, trust

literary - literaria; literario

courage - coraje, valor, valentía

I have, after mature consideration, resolved to narrate, in as simple and straightforward a manner as I can compass, some facts that passed under my observation, in the month of July last, and which, in the annals of the mysteries of physical science, are wholly unparalleled.

mature - maduro

consideration - consideración

resolved - resuelto; tomar la decisión de, resolver

narrate - narrar, contar

straightforward - directo; franco, sencillo, fácil, francamente, sencillamente

compass - brújula

observation - observación, vigilancia; observancia, anotación, registro

annals - anales; anal

mysteries - misterios; misterio, arcano

wholly - Por completo

unparalleled - sin parangón; sin par, senero

I live at No. - Twenty-sixth Street, in New York. The house is in some respects a curious one. It has enjoyed for the last two years the reputation of being haunted. It is a large and stately residence, surrounded by what was once a garden, but which is now only a green enclosure used for bleaching clothes.

sixth - sexto, sexto

York - York, Yórk

respects - respetos; respeto, respetar

Curious - tienes curiosidad; curioso; extrano, raro

reputation - reputación

haunted - hechizado; frecuentar, espantar, desasosegar, inquietar

stately - enorial; majestuoso

residence - residencia

surrounded - rodeado; circundar, envolver, cercar, rodear

enclosure - encierro, cercamiento, recinto, reparto, clausura

bleaching - blanqueo; Blanquear; (bleach) blanqueo; Blanquear

The dry basin of what has been a fountain, and a few fruit trees ragged and unpruned, indicate that this spot in past days was a pleasant, shady retreat, filled with fruits and flowers and the sweet murmur of waters.

basin - cuenca; pileta, lavabo, lavamanos, jofaina

fountain - fuente, chafariz, fontana

fruit trees - Árboles frutales

ragged - Desgarrado; (rag) Desgarrado

unpruned - Sin podar

indicate - indicar, senalizar, panish: t-needed

spot - unto; mancha, grano, poquito, poquita, zona, paraje, lámpara

pleasant - agradable, placentero

shady - sombra; umbroso, umbrío, turbio, sórdido

retreat - retirarse, batirse en retirada

murmur - murmullo; soplo, murmurar

The house is very spacious. A hall of noble size leads to a large spiral staircase winding through its centre, while the various apartments are of imposing dimensions. It was built some fifteen or twenty years since by Mr. A--, the well-known New York merchant, who five years ago threw the commercial world into convulsions by a stupendous bank fraud. Mr. A--, as every one knows, escaped to Europe, and died not long after, of a broken heart. Almost immediately after the news of his decease reached this country and was verified, the report spread in Twenty-sixth Street that No. - was haunted. Legal measures had dispossessed the widow of its former owner, and it was inhabited merely by a caretaker and his wife, placed there by the house agent into whose hands it had passed for the purposes of renting or sale. These people declared that they were troubled with unnatural noises.

spacious - espacioso, desahogado, amplio

noble - noble

leads - llevar, conducir

spiral - espiral, hélice

staircase - escalera

winding - Devanado; (wind) Devanado

various - varios, diversos, diferentes, distintos

imposing - imponente; imponer

dimensions - dimensiones; dimensión

merchant - comerciante, mercader

commercial - anuncio, comercial

convulsions - convulsiones; convulsión

stupendous - estupendo

fraud - fraude, defraudador

escaped - se escapó; escapar, liberarse, fugarse, eludir

decease - fallecimiento, deceso, óbito, defunción, fallecer

verified - verificado; verificar, constatar

spread - extender, dispersar, esparcir, untar, diseminar, difundir

legal - jurídico, legal

measures - medidas; medición, medida, regla, compás, medir

dispossessed - esposeídos; despojar, desposeer

widow - viuda, enviudar

former - antiguo, anterior

inhabited - habitado; habitar, morar, vivir

merely - simplemente; meramente, puramente, solamente, sólo

caretaker - cuidador; conserje, portero

agent - agente

renting - alquiler

declared - declarado; explicar, aclarar, declarar

unnatural - no es natural; antinatural, contranatural, contra natura

Doors were opened without any visible agency. The remnants of furniture scattered through the various rooms were, during the night, piled one upon the other by unknown hands. Invisible feet passed up and down the stairs in broad daylight, accompanied by the rustle of unseen silk dresses, and the gliding of viewless hands along the massive balusters. The caretaker and his wife declared they would live there no longer. The house agent laughed, dismissed them, and put others in their place. The noises and supernatural manifestations continued. The neighbourhood caught up the story, and the house remained untenanted for three years. Several persons negotiated for it; but, somehow, always before the bargain was closed they heard the unpleasant rumours and declined to treat any further.

agency - albedrío, agencia, oficina

remnants - restos; resto, restante, reliquia, despojo

scattered - dispersión; dispersar, esparcir, desviar

piled - apilado; montón, pila

upon - sobre, en, tras

unknown - ignoto, desconocido, incógnita, desconocido

invisible - invisible

broad - amplio; ancho

accompanied - acompanado; acompanar

rustle - susurro; crujido

unseen - No se ve

silk - seda

viewless - Sin vista

massive - masiva; masivo

balusters - balaustres; balaustre

dismissed - despedido; despedir, echar, disipar, rechazar, expulsar

supernatural - sobrenatural

manifestations - anifestaciones; manifestación

neighbourhood - Vecindario

remained - se quedó; resto, restos, quedarse, sobrar, restar, permanecer

untenanted - Inquilino

negotiated - negociado; negociar

somehow - de algún modo, de alguna manera, de alguna forma

bargain - trato, ganga, bicoca, chollo, regatear

unpleasant - desagradable, desapacible

rumours - rumores; rumor

declined - rechazado; declive, retroceso, decadencia

treat - tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar, sorpresa

It was in this state of things that my landlady, who at that time kept a boarding-house in Bleecker Street, and who wished to move further up town, conceived the bold idea of renting No. - Twenty-sixth Street. Happening to have in her house rather a plucky and philosophical set of boarders, she laid her scheme before us, stating candidly everything she had heard respecting the ghostly qualities of the establishment to which she wished to remove us.

landlady - propietaria; arredataria, casera, terrateniente

boarding-house - (boarding-house) pensión

conceived - concebido; concebir

bold - osado; valiente, audaz, atrevido

plucky - valiente, osado

philosophical - filosófica; filosófico

boarders - nternos; panish: t-needed

laid - tirado; poner, colocar

scheme - squema; régimen, proyecto, ardid, artimana, maquinación

candidly - con franqueza; cándidamente

respecting - respetando; respeto, respetar

ghostly - fantasmal

establishment - establecimiento, establishment

With the exception of two timid persons,-a sea-captain and a returned Californian, who immediately gave notice that they would leave,-all of Mrs. Moffat's guests declared that they would accompany her in her chivalric incursion into the abode of spirits.

exception - excepción, salvedad, ofensa

timid - tímido

captain - capitán, capitanear, pilotar

Californian - californiano, californiano

gave notice - avisar, notificar; presentar la renuncia

accompany - acompanar; acompanar

chivalric - Caballeresco

abode - Morada; (abide); quedar, permanecer, resistir, aguantar

spirits - espíritus; espíritu, alma, onda, alcohol, bebida espirituosa

Our removal was effected in the month of May, and we were charmed with our new residence. The portion of Twenty-sixth Street where our house is situated, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, is one of the pleasantest localities in New York. The gardens back of the houses, running down nearly to the Hudson, form, in the summer time, a perfect avenue of verdure.

removal - remoción, eliminación, mudanza

charmed - encantado; encanto

portion - porción

situated - situado; situar

Eighth - octavo, octavo

avenues - ías; avenida, vía, camino

pleasantest - más agradable; agradable, placentero

localities - localidades; vecindario, vecindarios, localidad

verdure - verdor, vegetación, verdura

The air is pure and invigorating, sweeping, as it does, straight across the river from the Weehawken heights, and even the ragged garden which surrounded the house, although displaying on washing days rather too much clothesline, still gave us a piece of greensward to look at, and a cool retreat in the summer evenings, where we smoked our cigars in the dusk, and watched the fireflies flashing their dark lanterns in the long grass.

pure - pura; puro

displaying - mostrando; espectáculo, exposición, monitor, expositor

clothesline - tendedero; tendal

cigars - puros; puro, cigarro

dusk - oscurecer; anochecer, ocaso, crepúsculo

fireflies - luciérnagas; luciérnaga

flashing - parpadeando; impermeabilización, flaseo

lanterns - linternas; farol, linterna

Of course we had no sooner established ourselves at No. - than we began to expect ghosts. We absolutely awaited their advent with eagerness. Our dinner conversation was supernatural. One of the boarders, who had purchased Mrs. Crowe's "Night Side of Nature" for his own private delectation, was regarded as a public enemy by the entire household for not having bought twenty copies. The man led a life of supreme wretchedness while he was reading this volume. A system of espionage was established, of which he was the victim.

established - establecido; establecer, instaurar, nombrar

ghosts - fantasmas; fantasma, espectro, espíritu, aparecido

absolutely - totalmente, absolutamente

awaited - esperado; esperar, aguantar

advent - advenimiento, venida

eagerness - avidez, ansia

purchased - comprado; compra, adquisición, comprar

private - privado, privado

delectation - deleite, delectación

regarded - considerado; considerar

public enemy - enemigo público

entire - entero

household - hogar, agregado familiar, núcleo familiar, familia, casero

led - llevado; led; (lead) llevado; led

supreme - supremo

wretchedness - desdicha

volume - volumen

espionage - espionaje

victim - víctima, sacrificio

If he incautiously laid the book down for an instant and left the room, it was immediately seized and read aloud in secret places to a select few. I found myself a person of immense importance, it having leaked out that I was tolerably well versed in the history of supernaturalism, and had once written a story the foundation of which was a ghost. If a table or a wainscot panel happened to warp when we were assembled in the large drawing-room, there was an instant silence, and every one was prepared for an immediate clanking of chains and a spectral form.

instant - instantáneo, inmediato

seized - incautado; agarrar, apoderarse de, apresar, aferrar, tomar

read aloud - leer en voz alta

select - selecto, seleccionar

immense - inmenso

importance - importancia

leaked out - se filtró

versed - ersado; estrofa

supernaturalism - Sobrenaturalismo

foundation - fundación, cimiento, base

ghost - fantasma, espectro, espíritu, aparecido

wainscot - El arrimadero

panel - panel, vineta, entrepano

warp - urdimbre; deformar; (madera) alabear, combar

assembled - montado; ensamblar, construir, montar, reunir, juntar

silence - silencio, silenciar, hacer callar

immediate - inmediata; inmediato

clanking - Tocando; (clank) Tocando

chains - cadenas; cadena, encadenar

spectral - espectral

After a month of psychological excitement, it was with the utmost dissatisfaction that we were forced to acknowledge that nothing in the remotest degree approaching the supernatural had manifested itself.

psychological - psicológico

excitement - emoción; entusiasmo

utmost - extremo, descollante, extremado, sobresaliente, sumo, máximo

dissatisfaction - insatisfacción; descontento, malcontento, disgusto, malestar

forced - forzado; fuerza

acknowledge - reconocer, acusar recibo

remotest - el más remoto; remoto, control remoto

approaching - se acerca; acercarse, aproximarse

manifested - manifestado; manifiesto, evidente, declaración de carga

Once the black butler asseverated that his candle had been blown out by some invisible agency while he was undressing himself for the night; but as I had more than once discovered this coloured gentleman in a condition when one candle must have appeared to him like two, I thought it possible that, by going a step further in his potations, he might have reversed this phenomenon, and seen no candle at all where he ought to have beheld one.

butler - sumiller, sommelier, mayordomo

asseverated - asegurado; aseverar

candle - una vela; vela, candela, cirio

blown out - apagar; soplar; echar; romper con alguien

undressing - Desvistiéndote; (undress); desvestirse, desnudarse

gentleman - caballero, senores

potations - potación

reversed - invertido; dar marcha atrás

phenomenon - fenómeno

beheld - ontemplado; contemplar, mirar, observar, he aquí, mirad

Things were in this state when an accident took place so awful and inexplicable in its character that my reason fairly reels at the bare memory of the occurrence. It was the tenth of July. After dinner was over I repaired, with my friend Dr. Hammond, to the garden to smoke my evening pipe. Independent of certain mental sympathies which existed between the Doctor and myself, we were linked together by a vice. We both smoked opium.

inexplicable - inexplicable

fairly - justamente; francamente, abiertamente, bastante

reels - arretes; carrete, enrollar, titubear

bare - desnudo, descubierto

Occurrence - acontecimiento, ocurrencia, suceso

tenth - diez; décimo, décimo, décima

pipe - pipa; caramillo, flauta ), tubo de órgano, tubería, tubo

sympathies - simpatías; compasión, empatía, compasión

vice - vicio; torno de banco

opium - opio, anfión

We knew each other's secret, and respected it. We enjoyed together that wonderful expansion of thought, that marvellous intensifying of the perceptive faculties, that boundless feeling of existence when we seem to have points of contact with the whole universe,-in short, that unimaginable spiritual bliss, which I would not surrender for a throne, and which I hope you, reader, will never-never taste.

respected - respetado; respeto, respetar

expansion - expansión, dilatación

marvellous - maravilloso

intensifying - intensificándose; intensificar

perceptive - perceptivo; perspicaz

faculties - facultades; cuerpo docente, facultad

boundless - ilimitado, sin límites

existence - existencia

contact - contacto, contactar, entrar en contacto con

universe - universo

unimaginable - inimaginable

spiritual - espiritual, espiritual

bliss - euforia, dicha, beatitud

surrender - entregar, rendir, abandonar, rendirse, capitular

throne - trono

Those hours of opium happiness which the Doctor and I spent together in secret were regulated with a scientific accuracy. We did not blindly smoke the drug of paradise, and leave our dreams to chance. While smoking, we carefully steered our conversation through the brightest and calmest channels of thought. We talked of the East, and endeavoured to recall the magical panorama of its glowing scenery.

Happiness - la felicidad; felicidad

regulated - regulado; regular

scientific - científica; científico

accuracy - exactitud, precisión, tino

blindly - ciegamente, a ciegas, a tientas, a tiento

paradise - el paraíso; paraíso

steered - dirigido; buey

calmest - más tranquilo; calmado, sosiego, calma

channels - canales; canal

endeavoured - se esforzó; esforzarse

recall - recordar, evocar, retirada

magical - mágico

panorama - panorama

glowing - resplandeciente; fulgir, fulgurar, iluminar, brillar

scenery - paisaje, decorado

We criticized the most sensuous poets,-those who painted life ruddy with health, brimming with passion, happy in the possession of youth and strength and beauty. If we talked of Shakespeare's "Tempest," we lingered over Ariel, and avoided Caliban. Like the Guebers, we turned our faces to the East, and saw only the sunny side of the world.

criticized - criticado; criticar, culpar, juzgar

poets - poetas; poeta, poetisa

ruddy - rubicundo

brimming - rebosante; borde

passion - pasión

youth - jóvenes; juventud, adolescencia, mocedad, anos mozos, joven

strength - fuerza, neque, potencia, intensidad, fuerte, fortaleza

beauty - belleza, hermosura, preciosidad, preciosura

Shakespeare - Shakespeare

tempest - tormenta; tempestad, temporal

lingered - permaneció; permanecer, demorar, persistir, perdurar, pervivir

Ariel - Ariel

sunny side - Lado soleado

This skilful colouring of our train of thought produced in our subsequent visions a corresponding tone. The splendours of Arabian fairyland dyed our dreams. We paced the narrow strip of grass with the tread and port of kings. The song of the rana arborea, while he clung to the bark of the ragged plum-tree, sounded like the strains of divine musicians. Houses, walls, and streets melted like rain clouds, and vistas of unimaginable glory stretched away before us.

skilful - Hábil

subsequent - subsiguiente, posterior

visions - visiones; vista, visión

corresponding - corresponder, equivaler, corresponderse, cartearse

tone - tono

splendours - esplendor

Arabian - arabe; árabe

dyed - tenido; tenir

paced - a ritmo; paso

strip - tira; quitar, desprender; arrancar; despojar

tread - pisada; pisar, pisotear, hollar

port - puerto

arborea - arbórea

clung - aferrado; engancharse, adherirse

bark - corteza; ladrido

plum - ciruela

strains - correas; estirar, tensar

divine - divino

melted - material fundido, derretirse, fundirse

vistas - istas; vista

glory - gloria

stretched - estirado; estirar, estirarse, dar, extenderse, estirón

It was a rapturous companionship. We enjoyed the vast delight more perfectly because, even in our most ecstatic moments, we were conscious of each other's presence. Our pleasures, while individual, were still twin, vibrating and moving in musical accord.

vast - vasta; vasto, enorme

delight - disfrutar; deleite, regocijo, delicia, placer

perfectly - perfectamente

ecstatic - extasiado

conscious - consciente

presence - presencia

pleasures - laceres; placer, voluptuosidad, gustar

vibrating - vibrando; vibrar

accord - acuerdo, convenio, acordar, conceder, conferir

On the evening in question, the tenth of July, the Doctor and myself drifted into an unusually metaphysical mood. We lit our large meerschaums, filled with fine Turkish tobacco, in the core of which burned a little black nut of opium, that, like the nut in the fairy tale, held within its narrow limits wonders beyond the reach of kings; we paced to and fro, conversing. A strange perversity dominated the currents of our thought. They would not flow through the sun-lit channels into which we strove to divert them. For some unaccountable reason, they constantly diverged into dark and lonesome beds, where a continual gloom brooded. It was in vain that, after our old fashion, we flung ourselves on the shores of the East, and talked of its gay bazaars, of the splendours of the time of Haroun, of harems and golden palaces.

drifted - deriva, derrape, ir a la deriva, vagar, derivar, errar

metaphysical - metafísica; metafísico

mood - estado de ánimo; humor

Turkish - turco

tobacco - tabaco

core - corazón (fruta); núcleo

fairy - hada, marica, mujercita

Tale - cuento; historia, relato

within - dentro de, adentro

limits - límites; límite

wonders - maravillas; maravilla, milagro, genio, asombro, pasmo

beyond - más allá de

conversing - conversando; conversar, charlar

perversity - perversidad

dominated - Dominar

currents - corrientes; corriente, actual

flow through - fluir a través de

strove - se esforzó; esforzarse

divert - divertirse; desviar, entretener, distraer

unaccountable - irresponsable; panish: t-needed

constantly - constantemente

diverged - se separaron; divergir

lonesome - solo; solitario

gloom - pesimismo; penumbra, melancolía

brooded - refrescado; cría, polluelo, prole, empollar, proteger

vain - vanidoso, vano, vacuo

flung - arrojado; arrojar, lanzar

shores - ostas; costa, playa

gay - gay, homosexual

bazaars - bazares; bazar, mercado

harems - harenes; harén

Black afreets continually arose from the depths of our talk, and expanded, like the one the fisherman released from the copper vessel, until they blotted everything bright from our vision. Insensibly, we yielded to the occult force that swayed us, and indulged in gloomy speculation. We had talked some time upon the proneness of the human mind to mysticism, and the almost universal love of the terrible, when Hammond suddenly said to me, "What do you consider to be the greatest element of terror?"

continually - continuadamente, continuamente

arose from - surgir de

depths - profundidades; profundidad

expanded - expandido; ampliar

fisherman - pescador, pescadora

released - liberado; liberar

copper - cobre

vessel - vasija; embarcación, barco, casco, recipiente, receptáculo

blotted - borrado; mancha, desdoro, emborronar, manchar

vision - vista, visión

yielded - cedido; ceder

occult - oculto, ocultismo

force - fuerza

swayed - nfluido; balanceo, influencia, influjo, preponderancia

indulged in - darse el gusto

gloomy - lúgubre; lóbrego, sombrío

speculation - especulación

proneness - Propensión

mysticism - misticismo

universal - universal

element - elemento

terror - terror

The question puzzled me. That many things were terrible, I knew. Stumbling over a corpse in the dark; beholding, as I once did, a woman floating down a deep and rapid river, with wildly lifted arms, and awful, upturned face, uttering, as she drifted, shrieks that rent one's heart while we, spectators, stood frozen at a window which overhung the river at a height of sixty feet, unable to make the slightest effort to save her, but dumbly watching her last supreme agony and her disappearance.

puzzled - rompecabezas, enigma, puzle, acertijo, intrigar, dejar perplejo

stumbling - tropezando; tropezón, traspié, desliz, torpeza, tropiezo

corpse - cuerpo, cadáver

beholding - mirando; contemplar, mirar, observar, he aquí, mirad

floating - flotante, flotador; (float); flotar, carroza

rapid - rápido, rápido, rabión

wildly - alocadamente, salvajemente

upturned - doblado; repunte

uttering - proferir; (utter) proferir

shrieks - gritos; alarido, chillido, chillar

rent - alquiler; (rend); rasgar, destrozar, desgajar, romper

spectators - espectadores; espectador

frozen - congelado; congelar

overhung - en voladizo; protuberancia

unable - incapaz

slightest - lo más mínimo; insignificante, leve, ligero, falta de respeto

effort - esfuerzo

dumbly - Tontamente

agony - agonía, angustia

disappearance - desaparición

A shattered wreck, with no life visible, encountered floating listlessly on the ocean, is a terrible object, for it suggests a huge terror, the proportions of which are veiled. But it now struck me, for the first time, that there must be one great and ruling embodiment of fear,-a King of Terrors, to which all others must succumb. What might it be? To what train of circumstances would it owe its existence?

shattered - destrozado; astillar, estrellar, quebrantar, hacer anicos

wreck - naufragio; cacharro, trasto, guinapo, choque, desastre

visible - visible

encountered - encontrado; encontrar

listlessly - desganadamente

proportions - proporciones; proporción

veiled - velado; velo, velar

struck - golpeado; tachar, borrar, golpear, pegar, acunar

embodiment - encarnación, personificación

terrors - terrores; terror

succumb - sucumbir, rendirse, ceder, morir

circumstances - circunstancias; circunstancia

owe - deber, adeudar, estar en deuda

"I confess, Hammond," I replied to my friend, "I never considered the subject before. That there must be one Something more terrible than any other thing, I feel. I cannot attempt, however, even the most vague definition."

more terrible - más terrible

attempt - intentar, tentativa, intento, ensayo

vague - vago, impreciso

definition - definición

"I am somewhat like you, Harry," he answered. "I feel my capacity to experience a terror greater than anything yet conceived by the human mind;-something combining in fearful and unnatural amalgamation hitherto supposed incompatible elements.

somewhat - algo, un poco, de algún modo, de alguna manera

capacity - capacidad

combining - combinando; combinar, juntar, unir

fearful - miedoso, temeroso, terrible, checkespantoso, checktremendo

hitherto - hasta ahora, hasta aquí, hasta este momento, en ese entonces

incompatible - incompatibles; incompatible, malavenido

elements - elementos; elemento

The calling of the voices in Brockden Brown's novel of 'Wieland'is awful; so is the picture of the Dweller of the Threshold, in Bulwer's 'Zanoni'; but," he added, shaking his head gloomily, "there is something more horrible still than those."

dweller - habitante

threshold - umbral, entrada, límite

more horrible - más horrible

"look here, Hammond," I rejoined, "let us drop this kind of talk, For heaven's sake! We shall suffer for it, depend on it."

look here - mira aquí

rejoined - Reincorporarse

For heaven's sake - Por Dios

suffer - sufrir, penar, empeorar

"I don't know what's the matter with me tonight," he replied, "but my brain is running upon all sorts of weird and awful thoughts. I feel as if I could write a story like Hoffman, tonight, if I were only master of a literary style."

weird - raro

thoughts - pensamientos; pensamiento

Master - maestro; senor, dueno; senora, duena

"Well, if we are going to be Hoffmanesque in our talk, I'm off to bed. Opium and nightmares should never be brought together. How sultry it is! Good night, Hammond."

I'm off - Me voy

nightmares - pesadillas; pesadilla, mal sueno, tormento, suplicio

brought together - reunir

sultry - suave; bochornoso, tórrido, caliente

"Good night, Harry. Pleasant dreams to you."

"To you, gloomy wretch, afreets, ghouls, and enchanters."

wretch - desgraciado, miserable

ghouls - ghouls; gul

We parted, and each sought his respective chamber. I undressed quickly and got into bed, taking with me, according to my usual custom, a book, over which I generally read myself to sleep. I opened the volume as soon as I had laid my head upon the pillow, and instantly flung it to the other side of the room. It was Goudon's "History of Monsters,"-a curious French work, which I had lately imported from Paris, but which, in the state of mind I had then reached, was anything but an agreeable companion.

sought - buscado; buscar

respective - respectivo

chamber - cámara, recámara, compartimento

undressed - desvestido; desvestirse, desnudarse

custom - habituación, costumbre, usanza, a medida, especializado

generally - en general; generalmente, por lo general

pillow - almohada

instantly - al instante, al hilo, al tiro, instantáneamente

monsters - monstruos; monstruo, fiera

French - francés, franceses

lately - últimamente

imported - importado; importar

agreeable - lisonjero, agradable, dispuesto, conforme

companion - companero; companero, companera

I resolved to go to sleep at once; so, turning down my gas until nothing but a little blue point of light glimmered on the top of the tube, I composed myself to rest.

turning down - Rechazar; bajar, reducir

glimmered - resplandeció; luz tenue, titileo

tube - tubo, canuto

composed - compuesto; componer, constituir, conformar, constar

The room was in total darkness. The atom of gas that still remained alight did not illuminate a distance of three inches round the burner. I desperately drew my arm across my eyes, as if to shut out even the darkness, and tried to think of nothing. It was in vain. The confounded themes touched on by Hammond in the garden kept obtruding themselves on my brain. I battled against them. I erected ramparts of would-be blankness of intellect to keep them out. They still crowded upon me. While I was lying still as a corpse, hoping that by a perfect physical inaction I should hasten mental repose, an awful incident occurred.

Total - total, montante, suma

darkness - oscuridad, tinieblas

atom - átomo

alight - se enciende; apearse de

illuminate - iluminar

inches - pulgadas; pulgada

burner - quemador, fogón, fuego, incinerador, grabador de CD

desperately - desesperadamente

confounded - confundido; confundir, empeorar

themes - temas; tema, thema

obtruding - Intruso; (obtrude); imponer, checkimponerse, checksobresalir

battled - luchó; batalla

erected - rigido; erecto, erguido

ramparts - murallas; baluarte, muralla, terraplén, defensa, muro

blankness - en blanco

intellect - intelecto

lying still - quedarse quieto

inaction - inacción

hasten - apresurarse; correr, acelerar, precipitar, anticipar, adelantar

repose - reposo

incident - incidente

occurred - ocurrió; ocurrir, acaecer, presentar

A Something dropped, as it seemed, from the ceiling, plumb upon my chest, and the next instant I felt two bony hands encircling my throat, endeavouring to choke me.

ceiling - techo; (ceil) techo

plumb - A plomo

chest - pecho

bony - huesudo

encircling - Rodeando; (encircle); rodear

throat - garganta, tráquea, cuello

endeavouring - se esfuerza; esforzarse

choke - ahogarse; ahogar, asfixiar

I am no coward, and am possessed of considerable physical strength. The suddenness of the attack, instead of stunning me, strung every nerve to its highest tension. My body acted from instinct, before my brain had time to realize the terrors of my position. In an instant I wound two muscular arms around the creature, and squeezed it, with all the strength of despair, against my chest. In a few seconds the bony hands that had fastened on my throat loosened their hold, and I was free to breathe once more. Then commenced a struggle of awful intensity.

coward - cobarde, gallina

possessed - poseído; poseer

stunning - impresionante; anonadar, aturdir, pasmar, atontar

strung - encordado; cordel, mecate, usic, cadena, cuerda, enhebrar

nerve - nervio, coraje, descaro, frescura, nervios

tension - tensión, tensionar

instinct - instinto

wound - Herida

muscular - muscular, musculoso

creature - criatura

squeezed - exprimido; exprimir, apretar, apretujar, apuro, crisis, apretón

despair - desesperar, desesperanzar, desesperación, desesperanza

fastened - sujetado; atar, abrochar

loosened - aflojado; aflojar, soltar

breathe - respirar

commenced - comenzado; comenzar, empezar, iniciar, principiar

Struggle - lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

intensity - intensidad

Immersed in the most profound darkness, totally ignorant of the nature of the Thing by which I was so suddenly attacked, finding my grasp slipping every moment, by reason, it seemed to me, of the entire nakedness of my assailant, bitten with sharp teeth in the shoulder, neck, and chest, having every moment to protect my throat against a pair of sinewy, agile hands, which my utmost efforts could not confine,-these were a combination of circumstances to combat which required all the strength, skill, and courage that I possessed.

immersed - inmerso; sumergir, sumergirse

most profound - el más profundo

totally - totalmente

ignorant - ignorante, ignaro, inculto

grasp - agarrar, asir, comprender, asimiento, comprensión, alcance

slipping - resbalando; resbalar

nakedness - desnudez

assailant - asaltante, atacante

bitten - mordido; morder, picar, mordida, mordedura, mordisco, picadura

sharp - agudo, afilado, filoso, listo, sostenido, agrio, certero

sinewy - endinoso; correoso, fibroso

agile - ágil

efforts - esfuerzos; esfuerzo

confine - confinar, encorsetar, confín, raya

combination - combinación

combat - batalla, acción, combate, combatir

required - es necesario; requerir, necesitar

possessed - Posees

At last, after a silent, deadly, exhausting struggle, I got my assailant under by a series of incredible efforts of strength. Once pinned, with my knee on what I made out to be its chest, I knew that I was victor. I rested for a moment to breathe. I heard the creature beneath me panting in the darkness, and felt the violent throbbing of a heart.

silent - silencioso, callar, checkcallado

deadly - mortal, letal, mortífero

exhausting - extenuante; agotar, cansar, tubo de escape, gas de escape

pinned - inmovilizado; alfiler

Victor - Víctor

beneath - por debajo; bajo

panting - Jadeando; (pant) Jadeando

violent - violento

throbbing - palpitaciones; (throb); palpitar

It was apparently as exhausted as I was; that was one comfort. At this moment I remembered that I usually placed under my pillow, before going to bed, a large yellow silk pocket handkerchief. I felt for it instantly; it was there. In a few seconds more I had, after a fashion, pinioned the creature's arms.

apparently - evidentemente, obviamente, por lo visto, aparentemente

exhausted - exhausto; agotar, cansar, tubo de escape, gas de escape

comfort - comodidad, consuelo, confortar

handkerchief - panuelo; panuelo

pinioned - pinón

I now felt tolerably secure. There was nothing more to be done but to turn on the gas, and, having first seen what my midnight assailant was like, arouse the household. I will confess to being actuated by a certain pride in not giving the alarm before; I wished to make the capture alone and unaided.

secure - seguro, resguardado, confiable, aplomado

arouse - provocar, incitar, concitar, excitar, despertar

pride - orgullo, soberbia, cachondez, toriondez, verriondez, manada

alarm - alarma, rebato, despertador, alarma, tocar a rebato

capture - captura, capturar

Never losing my hold for an instant, I slipped from the bed to the floor, dragging my captive with me. I had but a few steps to make to reach the gas-burner; these I made with the greatest caution, holding the creature in a grip like a vice. At last I got within arm's length of the tiny speck of blue light which told me where the gas-burner lay. Quick as lightning I released my grasp with one hand and let on the full flood of light.

slipped - se resbaló; resbalar

dragging - arrastrando; llevar a rastras

captive - cautivo, prisionero, preso

gas-burner - (gas-burner) un quemador de gas

caution - advertencia, precaución, cuidado, cautela, fianza, advertir

grip - agarre; empunar, agarrar, aferrar, asir

Length - largo, eslora (nautical: length of a ship from bow to stern)

tiny - pequeno; diminuto, minúsculo, pequenito

speck - mancha; manchita

lay - poner, colocar

lightning - un rayo; relámpago, rayo

let on - soltar, compartir un secreto

flood - inundación; avenida, riada, diluvio, inundar

Then I turned to look at my captive.

I cannot even attempt to give any definition of my sensations the instant after I turned on the gas. I suppose I must have shrieked with terror, for in less than a minute afterward my room was crowded with the inmates of the house. I shudder now as I think of that awful moment. I saw nothing! Yes; I had one arm firmly clasped round a breathing, panting, corporeal shape, my other hand gripped with all its strength a throat as warm, as apparently fleshy, as my own; and yet, with this living substance in my grasp, with its body pressed against my own, and all in the bright glare of a large jet of gas, I absolutely beheld nothing!

sensations - sensaciones; sensación

shrieked - chilló; alarido, chillido, chillar

afterward - después

inmates - reclusos; internado, interno, preso, recluso

shudder - temblor; escalofrío

firmly - con firmeza; firmemente

clasped - agarrado; broche, manija, corchete, hebilla, agarrar

breathing - respirando; respiración; (breath); respiración, aliento, respiro

corporeal - Corpóreo

gripped - agarrado; empunar, agarrar, aferrar, asir

fleshy - carnoso, cachetudo, carnudo, carrilludo

substance - sustancia, enjundia

pressed - presionado; apretar, presionar

glare - resplandor; mirada fulminante

jet - azabache

Not even an outline,-a vapour!

outline - contorno, esbozo, resumen, delinear, resumir

vapour - vapor

I do not, even at this hour, realize the situation in which I found myself. I cannot recall the astounding incident thoroughly. Imagination in vain tries to compass the awful paradox.

astounding - asombroso; asombrar, pasmar

thoroughly - cabalmente, a cabalidad, a fondo, detenidamente

imagination - imaginación, magín

paradox - paradoja, panish: t-needed

It breathed. I felt its warm breath upon my cheek. It struggled fiercely. It had hands. They clutched me. Its skin was smooth, like my own. There it lay, pressed close up against me, solid as stone,-and yet utterly invisible!

breathed - respiró; respirar

cheek - mejilla, cacha, cachete, nalga, glúteo, descoco

struggled - luchado; lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

fiercely - con fiereza; fieramente

clutched - aferrado; agarrar

smooth - liso, sofisticado, constante, tranquilo, apacible, suave, alisar

solid - sólido, masivo, macizo, continuo, junto, sólido, cuerpo

utterly - Completamente

I wonder that I did not faint or go mad on the instant. Some wonderful instinct must have sustained me; for, absolutely, in place of loosening my hold on the terrible Enigma, I seemed to gain an additional strength in my moment of horror, and tightened my grasp with such wonderful force that I felt the creature shivering with agony.

wonder - me pregunto; maravilla, milagro, genio, asombro, pasmo

faint - desmayarse; débil, tenue

go mad - volverse loco

sustained - sostenido; sostener, sustentar

loosening - aflojamiento; aflojar, soltar

enigma - enigma

gain - ganar, adquirir, obtener, conseguir

additional - adicional, extra, de más

horror - horror

tightened - apretado; apretar, tensar, tensarse

shivering - Tiritando; (shiver) Tiritando

Just then Hammond entered my room at the head of the household. As soon as he beheld my face-which, I suppose, must have been an awful sight to look at-he hastened forward, crying, "Great heaven, Harry! what has happened?"

sight - vista, lugar de interés, espectáculo, panorama, visor, mira, ver

hastened - se precipitó; correr, acelerar, precipitar, anticipar, adelantar

Heaven - el cielo; cielo, firmamento, paraíso

"Hammond! Hammond!" I cried, "come here. O, this is awful! I have been attacked in bed by something or other, which I have hold of; but I can't see it,-I can't see it!"

Hammond, doubtless struck by the unfeigned horror expressed in my countenance, made one or two steps forward with an anxious yet puzzled expression. A very audible titter burst from the remainder of my visitors. This suppressed laughter made me furious. To laugh at a human being in my position! It was the worst species of cruelty.

doubtless - indudable, sin duda, indudablemente

unfeigned - Sin fingir

countenance - semblante, apariencia, expresión, rostro

anxious - ansioso, inquieto, deseoso

audible - oíble, audible

titter - teta; reír nerviosamente, dar la risa tonta

burst - reventar, romper, ráfaga, estallo, reventón

remainder - restos; resto, remanente, sobras, restante

suppressed - suprimido; reprimar, contener, ocultar, suprimir

furious - furioso

species - Especie

cruelty - crueldad

Now, I can understand why the appearance of a man struggling violently, as it would seem, with an airy nothing, and calling for assistance against a vision, should have appeared ludicrous. Then, so great was my rage against the mocking crowd that had I the power I would have stricken them dead where they stood.

struggling - con dificultades; (struggle); lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar

violently - violentamente

airy - aireado; airoso

assistance - asistencia

ludicrous - irrisorio, ridículo, disparatado, descabellado

rage - furia; rabia, furor

mocking - burlándose; burlón; (moc) burlándose; burlón

"Hammond! Hammond!" I cried again, despairingly, "For God's sake come to me. I can hold the-the thing but a short while longer. It is overpowering me. Help me! Help me!"

despairingly - desesperadamente

For God's sake - Por el amor de Dios

overpowering - sobrecogedor; dominar, vencer, panish: t-needed

"Harry," whispered Hammond, approaching me, "you have been smoking too much opium."

whispered - susurrado; susurro, rumor, rastro, susurrar

"I swear to you, Hammond, that this is no vision," I answered, in the same low tone. "Don't you see how it shakes my whole frame with its struggles? If you don't believe me, convince yourself. Feel it,-touch it."

swear - jurar

frame - arco; levantar la estructura, armar, enmarcar, concebir

struggles - luchas; lucha, forcejeo, brega, luchar, esforzarse con denuedo

convince - convencer

Hammond advanced and laid his hand in the spot I indicated. A wild cry of horror burst from him. He had felt it!

advanced - avanzado; avanzar, progresar, avance, progreso, adelanto, avance

indicated - indicado; indicar, senalizar, panish: t-needed

In a moment he had discovered somewhere in my room a long piece of cord, and was the next instant winding it and knotting it about the body of the unseen being that I clasped in my arms.

cord - cuerda, cable, hilo, cordón

knotting - Nudos; (knot) Nudos

"Harry," he said, in a hoarse, agitated voice, for, though he preserved his presence of mind, he was deeply moved, "Harry, it's all safe now. You may let go, old fellow, if you're tired. The Thing can't move."

hoarse - ronco

agitated - agitado; agitar, perturbar

though - ero..; no obstante, de todas formas, de todas maneras

preserved - conservado; mermelada, reserva, reserva natural, coto, terreno

deeply moved - profundamente conmovido

fellow - colega; tipo

I was utterly exhausted, and I gladly loosed my hold.

gladly - con gusto; de buena gana

loosed - suelto; flojo

Hammond stood holding the ends of the cord that bound the Invisible, twisted round his hand, while before him, self-supporting as it were, he beheld a rope laced and interlaced, and stretching tightly around a vacant space. I never saw a man look so thoroughly stricken with awe. Nevertheless his face expressed all the courage and determination which I knew him to possess.

bound - atado; (bind); atar, atar (tie), empastar (books), liar

twisted - retorcido; torcer, sacar punta a, torcerse

self - yo; uno mismo

rope - cuerda

interlaced - entrelazado; entrelazar

stretching - estirar, estirarse, dar, extenderse, estirón, estiramiento

tightly - con fuerza; herméticamente

vacant - vacío; vacante

awe - pavor, temor, medrosía, asombro, asombrar, abrumar

nevertheless - a pesar de todo; sin embargo, a pesar de esto, con todo

determination - determinación, decisión, resolución, ahínco

possess - poseer

His lips, although white, were set firmly, and one could perceive at a glance that, although stricken with fear, he was not daunted.

lips - labios; labio, labro

perceive - percibir, entender

glance - mirada; ojear, echar un vistazo, mirar, pispear, vistazo

daunted - asustado; descorazonar, intimidar, amedrentar, amilanar, agobiar

The confusion that ensued among the guests of the house who were witnesses of this extraordinary scene between Hammond and myself,-who beheld the pantomime of binding this struggling Something,-who beheld me almost sinking from physical exhaustion when my task of jailer was over,-the confusion and terror that took possession of the bystanders, when they saw all this, was beyond description. The weaker ones fled from the apartment. The few who remained clustered near the door and could not be induced to approach Hammond and his Charge. Still incredulity broke out through their terror. They had not the courage to satisfy themselves, and yet they doubted.

confusion - confusión

ensued - siguió; seguirse, resultar

witnesses - testigos; testimonio, testigo, prueba, testificar, probar

binding - enlazando; vinculante, lomo, unión; (bind); atar, atar (tie)

sinking - se hunde; hundimiento, naufragio; (sink); hundir, sumergir

exhaustion - agotamiento, cansancio

jailer - carcelero, carcelera, guardiacárcel, guardacárcel

bystanders - ranseúntes; mirón, mirona, transeúnte, espectador

fled - huyó; huir, desvanecerse, checkfugarse

clustered - agrupados; amontonamiento, agrupamiento, aglomeración, racimo

induced - inducido; inducir

charge - cargo, acusación, encargo, figura, acusar, cobrar, cargar

satisfy - satisfacer

doubted - dudaba; dudar, duda, incertidumbre

It was in vain that I begged of some of the men to come near and convince themselves by touch of the existence in that room of a living being which was invisible. They were incredulous, but did not dare to undeceive themselves. How could a solid, living, breathing body be invisible, they asked. My reply was this. I gave a sign to Hammond, and both of us-conquering our fearful repugnance to touch the invisible creature-lifted it from the ground, manacled as it was, and took it to my bed. Its weight was about that of a boy of fourteen.

begged - suplicó; pedir

come near - acercarse

incredulous - incrédulo

dare - te atreves; atraverse, osar

undeceive - Desenganar

conquering - conquistando; conquistar, debelar

manacled - maniatado; esposas, manillas, esposar

"Now, my friends," I said, as Hammond and myself held the creature suspended over the bed, "I can give you self-evident proof that here is a solid, ponderable body, which, nevertheless, you cannot see. Be good enough to watch the surface of the bed attentively."

suspended - suspendido; suspender

evident - es evidente; evidente, constatable

Proof - pruebas; prueba

surface - superficie

attentively - con atención; atentamente

I was astonished at my own courage in treating this strange event so calmly; but I had recovered from my first terror, and felt a sort of scientific pride in the affair, which dominated every other feeling.

astonished - asombrado; asombrar, sorprender, pasmar

treating - Tratando; (treat); tratar, negociar, rogar, invitar, convidar

calmly - con calma; tranquilamente

recovered - recuperado; recuperarse

affair - negocio, asunto, rollo, amorío, aventura

The eyes of the bystanders were immediately fixed on my bed. At a given signal Hammond and I let the creature fall. There was a dull sound of a heavy body alighting on a soft mass. The timbers of the bed creaked. A deep impression marked itself distinctly on the pillow, and on the bed itself. The crowd who witnessed this gave a low cry, and rushed from the room. Hammond and I were left alone with our Mystery.

signal - senal; senal, senalar

dull - sordo; romo, desafilado, embotado, aburrido, soso

alighting - saliendo; apearse de

mass - montón, masa

timbers - madera de construcción

creaked - rujió; crujido, crujir, chirriar, rechinar

impression - impresión

distinctly - laramente; distintamente

witnessed - testigos; testimonio, testigo, prueba, testificar, probar

rushed - apurado; precipitarse, lanzarse, correr, ir rápidamente

mystery - misterio, arcano

We remained silent for some time, listening to the low, irregular breathing of the creature on the bed, and watching the rustle of the bed-clothes as it impotently struggled to free itself from confinement. Then Hammond spoke.

irregular - irregular

impotently - impotentemente; con impotencia

confinement - confinamiento

"Harry, this is awful."

"Ay, awful."

Ay - Sí

"But not unaccountable."

"Not unaccountable! What do you mean? Such a thing has never occurred since the birth of the world. I know not what to think, Hammond. God grant that I am not mad, and that this is not an insane fantasy!"

Grant - otorgar, conceder, subvención, beca, patrocinio

mad - loco, trastornado, zumbado, enfadado, enojado

insane - enfermo mental, loco, demente, enajenado

fantasy - fantasía; fantasia

"Let us reason a little, Harry. Here is a solid body which we touch, but which we cannot see. The fact is so unusual that it strikes us with terror. Is there no parallel, though, for such a phenomenon? Take a piece of pure glass. It is tangible and transparent. A certain chemical coarseness is all that prevents its being so entirely transparent as to be totally invisible.

strikes - huelgas; tachar, borrar, golpear, pegar, acunar

parallel - en paralelo; paralelo, paralelo

tangible - tangible, palpable

transparent - transparente

chemical - química; químico, producto químico

coarseness - Grosura

It is not theoretically impossible, mind you, to make a glass which shall not reflect a single ray of light,-a glass so pure and homogeneous in its atoms that the rays from the sun will pass through it as they do through the air, refracted but not reflected. We do not see the air, and yet we feel it."

theoretically - teóricamente, en teoría

homogeneous - homogéneo

atoms - tomos; átomo

rays - rayos; rayo

refracted - refractada; refractar

reflected - reflejado; reflejar, recapacitar, reflexionar, cavilar

"That's all very well, Hammond, but these are inanimate substances. Glass does not breathe, air does not breathe. This thing has a heart that palpitates,-a will that moves it,-lungs that play, and inspire and respire."

inanimate - inanimado

substances - sustancias; sustancia, enjundia

palpitates - palpitar

lungs - pulmones; pulmón

inspire - inspirar, infundir

respire - respirar

"You forget the phenomena of which we have so often heard of late," answered the Doctor, gravely. "At the meetings called 'spirit circles,'invisible hands have been thrust into the hands of those persons round the table,-warm, fleshly hands that seemed to pulsate with mortal life."

phenomena - fenómenos

gravely - gravemente

meetings - reunión

spirit - espíritu, alma, onda, alcohol, bebida espirituosa

thrust - estocada, empuje, envión, impulso, énfasis, propulsar, asestar

fleshly - carnal

pulsate - pulsar; latir

mortal - mortal

"What? Do you think, then, that this thing is--"

"I don't know what it is," was the solemn reply; "but please the gods I will, with your assistance, thoroughly investigate it."

solemn - solemne

investigate - investigar, pesquisar, indagar, examinar

We watched together, smoking many pipes, all night long, by the bedside of the unearthly being that tossed and panted until it was apparently wearied out. Then we learned by the low, regular breathing that it slept.

pipes - tuberías; caramillo, flauta ), tubo de órgano, tubería, tubo

bedside - al lado de la cama

unearthly - terrenal; sobrenatural, de otro mundo

tossed - lanzado; tiro, lanzamiento, lanzar una moneda al aire

panted - jadeaba; jadear, resollar

wearied - cansado, cansino, cansar

The next morning the house was all astir. The boarders congregated on the landing outside my room, and Hammond and myself were lions. We had to answer a thousand questions as to the state of our extraordinary prisoner, for as yet not one person in the house except ourselves could be induced to set foot in the apartment.

congregated - ongregados; congregar, congregarse

prisoner - prisionero, preso

The creature was awake. This was evidenced by the convulsive manner in which the bed-clothes were moved in its efforts to escape. There was something truly terrible in beholding, as it were, those second-hand indications of the terrible writhings and agonized struggles for liberty which themselves were invisible.

awake - despierto; despertar(se)

convulsive - convulsivo, convulso

escape - escapar, liberarse, fugarse, eludir

truly - de verdad; verdaderamente, realmente

second-hand - (second-hand) de segunda mano

indications - indicaciones; indicación

agonized - agonizó; agonizar

liberty - libertad

Hammond and myself had racked our brains during the long night to discover some means by which we might realize the shape and general appearance of the Enigma. As well as we could make out by passing our hands over the creature's form, its outlines and lineaments were human. There was a mouth; a round, smooth head without hair; a nose, which, however, was little elevated above the cheeks; and its hands and feet felt like those of a boy.

racked - reventado; estante

by passing - al pasar

outlines - contornos; contorno, esbozo, resumen, delinear, resumir

cheeks - mejilla, cacha, cachete, nalga, glúteo, descoco

At first we thought of placing the being on a smooth surface and tracing its outlines with chalk, as shoemakers trace the outline of the foot. This plan was given up as being of no value. Such an outline would give not the slightest idea of its conformation.

tracing - Rastreo; (trace) Rastreo

chalk - creta, tiza, gis

shoemakers - zapateros; zapatero, zapatera

trace - rastrear; rastro, huella, vestigio, indicio

value - valor, importancia, valorar, cifrar, apreciar

conformation - onformación

A happy thought struck me. We would take a cast of it in plaster of Paris. This would give us the solid figure, and satisfy all our wishes. But how to do it? The movements of the creature would disturb the setting of the plastic covering, and distort the mould. Another thought. Why not give it chloroform? It had respiratory organs,-that was evident by its breathing. Once reduced to a state of insensibility, we could do with it what we would. Doctor X-- was sent for; and after the worthy physician had recovered from the first shock of amazement, he proceeded to administer the chloroform. In three minutes afterward we were enabled to remove the fetters from the creature's body, and a modeller was busily engaged in covering the invisible form with the moist clay.

cast - moldear, elenco, castear, sondar, sondear, lanzar, lanzamiento

plaster - esparadrapo; ungüento, yeso, escayola, enlucido, revoque

disturb - perturbar, molestar

setting - configuración, ajustes, poniente; (set); configuración, ajustes

distort - deformar, distorsionar, tergiversar, desvirtuar

mould - moho; mantillo

chloroform - cloroformo, cloroformizar

respiratory - respiratorio

organs - órganos; órgano, publicación oficial

insensibility - insensibilidad

worthy - Digno

physician - médico, médica, facultativo

shock - conmoción, golpe

amazement - asombro, sorpresa

proceeded - procedió; continuar, proceder

administer - administrar

enabled - habilitado; habilitar, posibilitar, activar

fetters - grilletes; grillos, pihuelas, or animals, grillos, pihuela

modeller - Modelador

busily - Ocupado

engaged - comprometido; atraer, trabar conversación con, trabar batalla

moist - húmedo

clay - arcilla, barro

In five minutes more we had a mould, and before evening a rough facsimile of the Mystery. It was shaped like a man,-distorted, uncouth, and horrible, but still a man. It was small, not over four feet and some inches in height, and its limbs revealed a muscular development that was unparalleled. Its face surpassed in hideousness anything I had ever seen. Gustav Doré, or Callot, or Tony Johannot, never conceived anything so horrible. There is a face in one of the latter's illustrations to Un Voyage il vous plaira, which somewhat approaches the countenance of this creature, but does not equal it. It was the physiognomy of what I should fancy a ghoul might be. It looked as if it was capable of feeding on human flesh.

rough - aspero; áspero, aproximado, aproximativo, casi, turbulento

facsimile - facsímil

distorted - distorsionado; deformar, distorsionar, tergiversar, desvirtuar

uncouth - bruto, torpe, grosero, basto, chocarrero

horrible - horrible, horrendo

limbs - miembros; miembro

revealed - revelado; revelar, propalar

development - desarrollo, desenvolvimiento

surpassed - superado; sobrepasar, superar, aventajar

illustrations - ilustraciones; ejemplo, ilustración, instrucción, estampa

Voyage - viaje

- Dónde

approaches - enfoques; acercarse, aproximarse

Equal - igual, igualar, equivaler

fancy - te apetece; capricho, antojo

ghoul - fantasma; gul

capable - capaz

flesh - carne, pellejo, descarnar

Having satisfied our curiosity, and bound every one in the house to secrecy, it became a question what was to be done with our Enigma? It was impossible that we should keep such a horror in our house; it was equally impossible that such an awful being should be let loose upon the world. I confess that I would have gladly voted for the creature's destruction. But who would shoulder the responsibility? Who would undertake the execution of this horrible semblance of a human being? Day after day this question was deliberated gravely.

satisfied - satisfecho; satisfacer

curiosity - curiosidad

secrecy - secreto, sigilo, secretismo

equally - igualmente

loose - suelto; flojo

voted - has votado; voto, votar

destruction - destrucción, destrucción

responsibility - responsabilidad

undertake - emprender, acometer

execution - ejecución

deliberated - deliberó; deliberado, a propósito, prudente, deliberar

The boarders all left the house. Mrs. Moffat was in despair, and threatened Hammond and myself with all sorts of legal penalties if we did not remove the Horror. Our answer was, "We will go if you like, but we decline taking this creature with us. Remove it yourself if you please. It appeared in your house. On you the responsibility rests." To this there was, of course, no answer. Mrs. Moffat could not obtain for love or money a person who would even approach the Mystery.

threatened - amenazado; amenazar

penalties - penalizaciones; pena, castigo

decline - declive, retroceso, decadencia

obtain - obtener, coger

The most singular part of the affair was that we were entirely ignorant of what the creature habitually fed on. Everything in the way of nutriment that we could think of was placed before it, but was never touched. It was awful to stand by, day after day, and see the clothes toss, and hear the hard breathing, and know that it was starving.

singular - singular, único, singular

habitually - habitualmente

nutriment - nutrimento

toss - tiro, lanzamiento, lanzar una moneda al aire, echar un volado

Starving - Muerto de hambre; (starve); morir de hambre, hambrear

Ten, twelve days, a fortnight passed, and it still lived. The pulsations of the heart, however, were daily growing fainter, and had now nearly ceased. It was evident that the creature was dying for want of sustenance. While this terrible life-struggle was going on, I felt miserable. I could not sleep. Horrible as the creature was, it was pitiful to think of the pangs it was suffering.

fortnight - quince días; quincena

pulsations - pulsaciones; pulsación

fainter - Más débil; (faint) Más débil

ceased - esado; cesar, parar, terminar

dying - Muriendo; (dye) Muriendo

miserable - miserable

pitiful - lastimoso, lastimero, lamentable

pangs - angustias; punzada, dolor agudo

suffering - sufrido, sufriente, sufrimiento; (suffer); sufrir, penar

At last it died. Hammond and I found it cold and stiff one morning in the bed. The heart had ceased to beat, the lungs to inspire. We hastened to bury it in the garden. It was a strange funeral, the dropping of that viewless corpse into the damp hole. The cast of its form I gave to Doctor X--, who keeps it in his museum in Tenth Street.

stiff - rígido, duro, tieso, inflexible

hastened to - se apresuró a

bury - enterrar

funeral - funeral

damp - húmedo, humedad, amortiguar

As I am on the eve of a long journey from which I may not return, I have drawn up this narrative of an event the most singular that has ever come to my knowledge.

eve - víspera, vigilia

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